U.S. Aid Goes to ISIS, One Way or Another

obama-smiling-on-phone- From the moment President Obama said the U.S. would "degrade and ultimately destroy" ISIS, I refused to believe it. Obama has spent years creating the monster. Should we believe that now, like Dr. Frankenstein, he rejects the results of his hard work and wants to destroy it? ISIS is too useful to what appears to […] Read Article →

Christian School Told to Have Muslim Imam Lead Assemblies

christ_inst "A successful Christian school could face closure for failing to uphold British values,' The Daily Telegraph has reported." Sowing the seeds of self-destruction. __________________ Regulators have informed a Christian school that it needs to have a Muslim imam come in to lead assemblies for its students in order to teach “British values” including diversity, or […] Read Article →

The Old Testament and Resisting the Government

moses basket Charles Ryrie, author of the notes in the Ryrie Study Bible, argues that “Scripture teaches complete civil obedience on the part of Christians and does not indicate any exceptions to this principle.” Is he right? Many Christians believe he is. There is no doubt that Christians are to submit “for the Lord’s sake to every […] Read Article →

Is It Ever Right to Resist the Government?

Schindler's Ark Since the courts have ruled that states can’t bar homosexuals from marrying, it has had an effect on businesses that offer wedding related services. Civil officials are mandating that these business owners serve same-sex clients. Because of their personal beliefs, some have refused. All of them are Christians. A number of Christians following these stories […] Read Article →