Ammunition Purchases by Homeland Security Does Not Make Sense

Janet Napolitano, head of the Department of Homeland Security, has finally responded to a letter dated November 13, 2012 from Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) regarding the agency's high volume of ammunition purchases.

Her response was published by Sen. Coburn on the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs website.

The letter states that the high volume of purchases is designed to “significantly lower costs.”

The letter goes on to say that the “DHS estimates it will spend $37,263,698 on ammunition in FY 2013. Last year [2012], DHS spent $36,535,910, a decrease from 2011's ammunition expense of $38,237,305.”

The government never purchases anything at a lower cost. Governments have very little regard for cost since it’s not their money.

Biden’s two-day limousine service when he was in Europe cost we the tax payers $321,665. Are we to assume that this was a volume discount?

Biden’s London lodging cost us $459,388 for “136 hotel rooms for 893 room nights” at the Hyatt Regency London.

His one-night stay at the Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand was at a cost savings of $585,000. I don’t even want to know what the low volume rate would have been.

There is another problem with Napolitano’s explanation. She claims the bullets are for training purposes. When I purchase ammunition for training purposes, I use less expensive practice rounds. The following is from Infowars:

“Most of the bullets purchased are hollow point rounds which are twice as expensive as full metal jacket bullets, rendering the claim the agency is buying in bulk to save money redundant.”

“As former Marine Richard Mason told reporters with WHPTV News in Pennsylvania earlier this month, ‘We never trained with hollow points, we didn’t even see hollow points my entire four and a half years in the Marine Corps.’”

There’s another possibility here. I try to avoid conspiracy theories, but I had the thought as others have had that maybe the high volume of ammunition purchases is a backdoor way of restricting gun use. No ammo = no gun use.

Government officials have tens of millions of dollars to spend. Remember, it’s not their money. By buying up available supplies, it’s harder for the guy in the street to find ammo to buy.

“Earlier this week, a weapons manufacturer who supplies ammunition to the federal government told the nationally syndicated Savage Nation radio show that the ammo purchases were an attempt to ‘control the amount of market that’s available on the commercial market at any time,’ by forcing manufacturers to hold back stock.”

We've got drones traversing the skies of America. Email mining. A 20 million-name donor list being compiled by Obama for who knows what. Executive Orders coming out of the wazoo. A coverup of Benghazi. A push for further limits on the Second Amendment. With these suspicious activities, somehow we're supposed to trust "Big Sis" Napolitano.



  • Screeminmeeme

    Its obvious to even a blind man that the Obama administration is planning something and they apparently need alot of ammo to do it.

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a's a Marxist duck doing what Marxist ducks do.

    • John

      Can you explain why they having been buying less ammunition than in previous years?

      Fiscal year 2010 - 148,314,825 rounds purchased at a cost of $47,945,115
      Fiscal year 2011 - 108,664,054 rounds purchased at a cost of $38,237,305
      Fiscal year 2012 - 103,178,200 rounds purchased at a cost of $36,535,910

      Projections for FY 2013 - Budget for ammo = $37,263,698

      Looks pretty much in line with what the have been doing. Just like everyone has been saying all along.

      By the way, this response was given Feb 5 by the DHS office.

      • ThomNJ

        John, it appears that the federal government never ordered more than 800,000 rounds in a year prior to obama - and in those two years where the orders were that high seem to be an exception. You are focusing on too small a window. They have not been ordering less, but ordering more.

        • John

          First off, that article starts off with a quote that was made up and Hitler never said.

          I don't have the time to verify the information on there as it would involve me finding all the ammunition purchases done in the past 9 years.

          Let's assume this article is correct. Then what? What's the reason for it? Gearing up for a war on republicans? Come on, no theories make any sense.

        • ThomNJ

          I think the market argument to make gun ownership expensive makes a great deal of sense when coupled with the current efforts to force owners to have insurance policies, pay higher taxes on guns and ammo, raise prices on licensing and registration, requirements to pay for expensive training (no more parent teachers), etc. - it all fits as just another piece of the progressives' desire for gun control. That theory makes perfect sense. Make owning a gun prohibitively expensive.

          I don't have the time right now either to verify past purchases, but I will have the time one night soon, I hope. But I still suggest that you need to consider the argument - regardless of the Hitler quote (which I would have left out of the article had I written it).

          Whether or not the added benefit is the availability to fight back a revolution remains to be seen.

        • John

          Right, except it's only been since Sandy Hook that ammo has gone up, right? At least from what I've read. Yet the article you listed has made the case that since 2008 we've been buying up all the ammo. Doesn't make sense.

          I definitely do consider all the arguments I read about, conspiracy theory or not.

        • Hawkerone

          "We've been buying up all the ammo" You are a Goverment employee?
          must be nice digs the basement of the White House.

        • NM Leon

          "Right, except it's only been since Sandy Hook that ammo has gone up, right?"

          Wrong, ammo prices have been going up since Odumbo was elected, and there's been a real shortage since last spring/summer when DHS issued a RFP for 1.6 billion rounds (since increased).

        • John

          Proof for the ammo prices going up since 2008?

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          What the heck would you know about the price of ammo? The H2O in your water pistol is virtually free. Pound salt.

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          You are going to confuse John. A rational discourse where John will call you names. What revolution?

        • fliteking

          John demonstrates his excellent knowledge of Hitler's dogma.

        • NM Leon

          Learn to read, troll.

          "...the ammo purchases were an attempt to ‘control the amount of market that’s available on the commercial market at any time,’ by forcing manufacturers to hold back stock.”

        • John

          Let's see the proof that they have had to hold back stock.

        • NM Leon

          Educate your own sorry self on federal contracting.

        • John

          So no proof? Next.

        • NM Leon

          Oh yeah, the proof is there. Here's the specific part, but to understand it in context you need to understand Indefinite-Delivery Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) contracts in general as well as what a Undefinitized Delivery Order (UDO) is and how it's implemented.

          217.7404-3 Definitization schedule.

          (a) UCAs shall contain definitization schedules that provide for definitization by the earlier of—

          (1) The date that is 180 days after issuance of the action (this date may be extended but may not exceed the date that is 180 days after the contractor submits a qualifying proposal); or

          (2) The date on which the amount of funds obligated under the contract action is equal to more than 50 percent of the not-to-exceed price.

          (b) Submission of a qualifying proposal in accordance with the definitization schedule is a material element of the contract. If the contractor does not submit a timely qualifying proposal, the contacting officer may suspend or reduce progress payments under FAR 32.503-6, or take other appropriate action.

        • John

          All looks good to me. What are you trying to prove, comrade?

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          Do you know what "comrade" means? I don't see that you have one on this site Cupcake.

        • NM Leon

          "the proof that they have had to hold back stock."
          You are an idiot, troll.

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          Your Mamma is next. Believe in retroactive abortions? Try it; You will like it.

        • Randy Renu

          Because John has his head up his anal port ALL the time, his view is always myopic and shi***. He absolutely is NOT capable of understanding your position or logic.

          It's your time, but my suggestion is you completely ignore anything this psycho writes and focus your comments to those people that really care, and will carry on an intelligent and productive (adult) conversation.

        • ThomNJ

          He does seem to be missing things.....thanks for the note!

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          John is an expert on "hollow" and "shallow" His Mommy let's him play with the computer so give the moron a break. {Left arm is a good starting point}

        • Randy Renu

          HA HA HO true. I know what he is doing with his right hand and arm while typing with one finger on his left hand.

        • Randy Renu

          John was hired as a phase 3 clinical test subject for the Monsanto-DuPont collaboration in their efforts to come us with a new anal suppository.

          This new product, designed to replace the oral laxative, would effectively clean out the lower bowel by using small nuclear explosions while leaving the bowel smelling fresh as a daisy.

          Unfortunately, John failed to follow the instructions and placed the product in his left ear....anus and ear are the same in Johns mind as he relates to where his head is located most of the time.

          After placing the device in his ear and upon detonation, part of Johns left brain, the areas for logical, sequential, rational, analytical and objectivity were severely damaged and never returned to normal.

          As you can see from the attached picture, after a number of trial and errors, the damage has been done, but we all hope that with continued therapy, he will make a full partial recovery.

      • fliteking

        John points out the ammo stockpiling has been an initiative for the Ob*ma Admin since 2010.

        Well, not really what he hoped to highlight . . . but still the end result is evidence of a buildup.

      • Carl Stevenson

        You don't REALLY believe that you're getting honest numbers, do you?

        Obama and his minions PROVABLY lie about everything else, why would you possibly expect a straight, honest answer on their preparations for war against the American people (at least those of us who oppose their destruction of our country, stealing of our wealth, and stripping us of our liberty ... you know, those of us who don't have "Obama phones")

        Regarding gun grabbers like Obama, Biden, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Cuomo, and the other control freak citizen disarmament/government monopoly on violence tyrants, their problem is our hands -- they'e not cold and dead yet. But the Obama regime is working on it.

        DHS and other alphabet agencies have recently contracted for over 1.8 BILLION rounds of ammo – enough to shoot every man, woman, and child in the country 5 times or more - enough for over 20 years of warfare here in the homeland at the intensity of the Iraq/Afghanistan conflict - most of it hollow point ammo that’s illegal for military use under international law, and have just ordered more and an additional 7,000 FULLY AUTOMATIC "personal defense" weapons. They have also recently purchased almost 3,000 armored fighting vehicles for use on the streets of America, in addition to the many already obtained from DoD. How does anyone with the capability of rational thought escape the conclusion that our government is preparing for a war on its own citizens?

        They're just waiting for an opportunity -- most likely one of their own manufacture -- to play with their new toys. Ever seen the Bruce WIllis movie "The Siege" ??? Their dream world will make that look like a good day in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

        However, they miscalculate ... they won't win. They will lose and they will be punished for their crimes. There are enough loyal Americans to make sure of that, no matter what they try.

        • boondoggles

          There are many, many patriots in this country. Most of them do not even blog but their hearts will protect our constitution and our country. Perhaps Obama is getting ammo because he knows that the truth will come out about his fake birth certificate, social security number, then a whole lot of people that validated him being able to run for the office of president will be in deep do do knowing he did not meet the constitutional requirements to run for office.But something is most certainly in the air, it is tangible and one can feel it. Only time will tell.

        • boondoggles

          The bible says the wicked flee where noone pursues. When you know you are doing wrong and you continue to do it most of the time the truth will come out.

      • Donald York

        John, could it be that your leaders are buying up huge amounts of bullets from American manufactures to send over to the rebels?(Morsis Muslim brotherhood? Personally, i don't trust ANYTHING comrade Obama does. The stooges working for him are as evil as he is.

        • John

          Sure. Could it be that they are not doing that? Sure. See where we've gotten? Nowhere.

      • NM Leon

        You are not only a libtard troll, you are a lying libtard troll.

        2010, 375,722,520 rounds
        2011, 475,774,000 rounds
        2012, 235,206,450 rounds

  • james White, M.D.

    We have arrived at precisely the moment that has been coming for decades, probably since the "New Deal." That would be the moment when all reasonable people realize that the real enemy is our own government. The men and women that "are" the government are largely lower-intelligence, super-compliant party drones, with a "greedy streak" a mile wide, and whose loyalties and votes can easily be "arranged" by the proper insider trading schemes, and other morally repugnant activities.

    This collapsing house of cards that is 21st century America, could only have happened after decades of dumbing-down public intellect by manipulated school curricula, so as to arrive at this point when the public is too stupid/apathetic to know or understand what has happened.

    If this situation had happened a hundred or a hundred fifty years ago, public outrage would have had Washington D.C. in flames. Now, younger people walk around hypnotized, with thumbs on some electric gadget, and the rest are working three jobs just to pay the mortgage, raise the kids, and keep the lights on and cars running (with expensive gas). Us old people who remember better times are dying off so fast (faster, with obambcare) as to soon be only a memory. Dominus vobiscum.

    • ThomNJ

      Spot on.

    • Doodlebug

      It's time for the American people to stockpile ammo too only, it's becoming harder to get. With obummer supporting the UN gun treaty we probably will not be able to get any more period. We are looking at another war right on our own doorstep so we better be prepared. Get all the ammo you can find and afford.

      • Remington 870

        Plan to get ammo off the DHS who invade our towns and cities. And our cowardly GOP Congress will give Big Fat Bull Dyke Sis a pass. America's enemies are those politicians who stand by and do nothing..or..those who help The Kenyan destroy America. Better start learning how to make an IED and start stocking up.

        • NM Leon

          Yep, DHS is just storing ammo and weapons for the insurrection.

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          Thank you Brother. The IED idea is starting to get traction. Did someone say their new "toys" will be their coffins? By the way; Adolph Cuomo is plummeting in the polls. Seems his Bill made cops outlaws as they had weapons that carried more than 7 bullets. New group called SALAD Shoot A Liberal A Day People are making a list and checking it twice. Don't you just love Christmas?

    • Roy Clingenpeel

      Ditto Doc.
      I believe that our politicians and bureaucrats must have been test tube conceived. Our DHS secretary does not seem to know anything about US and international law concerning steel jacket and hollow point ammunition have been banned for a long time. All past and present military do. She must also thinks we all have had lobotomies to think that we would swallow her explanation
      of purchasing such a volume of ammunition and various civilian control weapons also. As soon as the first anti gun legislation landed on the cutting room floor, the all out removal of all
      ammunition from the public market began. Thus using policy to subvert the legislative
      process on gun control. They believe in their own minds that that American
      people are totally stupid and uninformed will accept anything that drools out
      of their mouths. That might work in intercity community organizing but not in
      the most of the general population.

    • jong

      Of course the catch-22 with this is that they have plenty of "drones" or "zombies" that will carry out orders with out thinking. But with out thought they will soon be defeated once cut off from their orders. In this case cut off the head of the snake and the body will wither away.

      • Truth goes 100 MPH

        Some of the drone jockeys are blabbing. That nonsense about receiving medals has ticked off some people. They won't give a Purple Hurt to the Fort Hood victims because then it wouldn't be work place violence. I assume you were military so you know what a Purple Hurt is.

        • jong

          Yes I do and I never got in the way of a bullet. I determined that it would hurt. As for drone I was speaking more like a drone bee that only can do a very limited amount of action by themselves. Although I agree with you bout Fort Hood but, not only with Purple Hearts they should also give out Bronze Stars at the very least these were unarmed personnel that trusted each other and officers that was betrayed.

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          I DID get your meaning concerning drones. I just turned it around to tell you the "Fly Boys", who risk carpal tunnel syndrome", are not happy that they are being used as pawns and are starting to whisper. Never know when a stray drone will make a pass over Washington. I am waiting for some Congressman to grow a set and DEMAND these soldiers get Purple HURTS. I also agree with the bronze stars but Obama may just court martial them for bleeding on government property. Didn't he say they volunteered so they should pay for their health care if they are injured? Then he wants to give free "Obamacare" to illegals. Strange times we live in. I enjoyed your post Vietnam 68-69

        • jong

          Sorry must be getting a little dense up stairs. I enjoyed your also. Grenada and Panama.

  • John

    So now that they have formally answered, will you guys move to the next conspiracy theory? Can I pick which one we go to next? I'd say FEMA camps is probably one of my favorites, or Obama not being born in Hawaii. Which do you guys prefer?

    On another note, this is my favorite part of the article:

    "There’s another possibility here. I try to avoid conspiracy theories, but"


    • Seravo

      I see where you are coning from and would like an opportunity to agree that there is nothing to worry about here. So for the sake of clarification, please explain why the purchases are so much larger than necessary, and why the ammunition purchased has hollow point bullets? Hollow points are banned by Nato treaty and under the Geneva Convention because of the damage they cause to people, and they are not the round of choice for target practice or training.

      Hollow points are significantly MORE expensive than "ball" ammo (FMJ). Under the Geneva convention, hollow points are illegal to use in war because they cause far greater tissue damage, too. So they can only be used domestically, inside the United States in a civil action, not an international war.

      If DHS really wanted to "significantly lower costs" on ammunition, it would have purchased FMJ rounds (full metal jacket), not hollow points. But in April of 2012, ammunition manufacturer ATK announced it had been awarded a DHS purchase contract for 450 million rounds of hollow point .40 caliber ammo. That's almost half a billion rounds right there, and they're all hollow point rounds.

      It doesn't add up.

      • John
        • maisy

          keep repeating..... believe...I believe ..I believe .....yeah the jews in the ghetto spent a lot of time denying reality before they were loaded onto trains .

        • fliteking

          John continues to stand his ground, while earning the most negative votes in godfather history.

        • John

          I don't even bother to upvote my own stuff. Do you post to make friends?

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          I didn't think we were allowed to vote for our own post. You finally gave me a piece of useful information. There is hope for you.

        • John

          Welcome :)

        • Kent2012

          John is from Sweden where all is nirvana.....he has not had enough "sperience" with ammo. No one has bothered to suggest that you do not train with hollow points (mafia nickname "dum dums) nor do you train with full metal jacket under most conditions. You train with "ball ammo" and police your brass for processing....

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          John hunts for chocolate moose. He worked on a charter boat as a Master Baiter. He is a real bargain: 50% OFF He dislikes those evil gun thingies but fully supports abortion. He thought the word default was originated in Brooklyn "Default is all yours" He took shop so he could play with tools. They threw him out of a sewing class because he didn't give a darn. He thinks a racist is someone who runs the 100 yard dash. He voted obama MVP of the National Basketball Association after seeing his recent performance. If he was wise he would be like the Chinese sheep herder and get the flock out of here. Otherwise he is a swell guy.

        • Hawkerone

          "everything YOU need to know" WOW so do you know more than we . Is that statement anything like Senator from CAL. Findstink when she got into it with Senator Cruz and stated " WE , get it , WE allow you allready to have a lot of guns what more do you want" Well I have news for you johnboy IE puzzie neither you nor findstink will ever put your thumb on Americans and live to tell about it.
          I and many like me are fed up with the likes of you and findstink .
          My gun club has over 1500 members that feel the same and other gun clubs associated with us across this state and states next door have more than 20 ,repeat 20 thousand members and they like us are talking to one and all and all feel the same.

        • Hawkerone

          Average gun ownership per member of my Gun club is 20 to 25 various rifles,shotguns and various pistols. Rifiles that includes all sorts of so called assult with mags that hold upwards of 30 ,60 or more . X 20 ,000 = 400 thousand plus guns . That is just three states. So let them start something , looking forward to it.

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          Stay calm Brother. Sammy is listening. John is a punk and couldn't find his butt in a broom closet. Stay the course.

      • Randy Renu

        Because John has his head up his anal port ALL the time, his view is always myopic and shi***. He absolutely is NOT capable of understanding your position or logic.

        It's your time, but my suggestion is you completely ignore anything this psycho writes and focus your comments to those people that really care, and will carry on an intelligent and productive (adult) conversation.

    • gearjammer2000


      • patriot2

        worse than that,Mark.

    • maisy

      You are the guy at the end of the movie who is apopletic when reality slaps him in the face....that's the only good part of this horror movie to look forward to.

  • talljohn777

    The number of bullets they are purchasing is more than 15 times what they have ever purchased in a single year and they have never bought multiple years of bullets at one time... Maybe they are trying to limit law abiding gun owners ability to have access to ammunition or they are planning to go to war against the citizens of the US....

  • Mangus Colorado

    Just do this project and all this BS will be gone. The States will have the power and the Federal government will be small, weak and limited to the Article I section 8 enumerated powers with the courts being limited to the Article III powers given. Small weak and the liberties and freedoms will be returned to the States for we the people. No more financial slaves to the Federal overseer.

  • SWB

    Quite frankly, I have to think that adults will eventually retake control of this idiotic government, and most of this ammunition will be resold to the public at a steep discount as government surplus!

    • patriot2

      that would be nice but only if most dems are gone because they will just bury it & call it a loss.(for us)

    • maisy

      There are not many adults in government and those that are...Jeff Sessions for one.... are being drowned out and ignored.

  • ThomNJ

    Agreed - who uses the expensive stuff at the range? I am not concerned with the effect of a hollow point bullet on my paper target - and I am quite sure there is no effect other than to leave the same size hole as cheaper ball ammo would leave. There can only be three reasons in my view: 1) to affect the marketplace and make this hollow point ammo more expensive to purchase by the public, 2) to tie up ammo manufacturers lines in producing ammo for the government and reducing the availability of ball ammo production for the rest of us and thereby driving up prices due to shortages, and/or 3) planning to use the hollow point stuff on us "terrorist Tea Party types".
    The two-year cumulative savings of less than $2 million is a JOKE when considering the profligate spending of this administration and Congress. For an administration screaming about the so-called hugely deleterious effects of a less than 3% sequestration cut to future spending for base-line budgeting that allows for automatic annual increases to tell us that this is for saving money - well I can only offer two words to napolitano and her boss: BULLSHIT.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      When are they going to "sequester" ammo purchases for Janet N? No White House tours and the Marines are experiencing an ammo shortfall. We must all be paranoid.

  • Bob

    Maybe they are preparing for the collapse of the dollar

    • oldcoyote

      The jews have already collapsed the dollar. Where have you been???

  • djw663

    The only reason someone would need enough ammo for 8 wars or 25+ years of normal consumption along with light duty tanks and another 7,000 AR-15's is for offense not defense.


    Ammunition Purchases by Homeland Security Does Not Make Sense?? SURE IT DOES!! It will be needed during the next Civil War soon to take place in this country. It will be needed during a time of martial law. It will be needed when North Korea and China try to invade this country. it will be needed when people awake to the fact that our government is the enemy and the enemy fights back. remember the civil Army that Obama wanted to establish that he talked about during his first term President's acceptance speech. The time is here. And certain law enforcement agencies are on board to kill fellow Americans. Sorry.....but this is all fact and if you have not recognized it, you head has been in the sand.

  • Politically Incorrect

    Their buying it to shoot Wile E. Coyote, oversized rabbits that bite off heads, wild rabbid dogs, small ferocious deer, and monster squirrels. These are live moving targets, please feel free to add to this list of ridiculous reasons to buy HP ammo.

    • Nameless App 1989

      Chiropterans, Lycanthropes, Shikabane, Furukimono, Shinigami, Karakuri, Metatron, Gnomes, Ifrit, Sylphs, Undine, Asura, Bahamut, Odin, Fenrir, and various other deities or mythological creatures. Those also warrant the purchase.... /sarcasm.

      Seriously, though. Has anything that our current administration done ever made sense?

  • maisy

    They either are planning a military coup, they already have a bloodless coup thus executive orders behind closed doors....or they are planning more moves like opening the borders or stealing your money outright like in Cyprus . If they do this and you resist they have plans to deal with you.

  • Michael Williams

    Anyone that believe Old Jan's answer to purchasing Billions of rounds of Ammo needs a Government Job...!!!

  • Carl Stevenson

    A "conspiracy theorist" is someone who notices things without official permission -- and a "domestic terrorist" is anybody who challenges the government's monopoly on violence.

    The tyrants and their bankster, globalist cronies are getting ready for the collapse that they’ve deliberately created as an excuse to try to grab total control. It won’t work. There is a growing push towards resistance, and it is not constrained to the fringes – the first mistake the tyrants in DC make is to assume that.

    Practically every militarily significant weapon made in the last 100 years has sold. 4.6 million weapon sales in 30 days and empty ammo shelves is not a panic – it’s battlespace preparation.

    The second mistake they make is to try to assert that this trend is about racism because Obama is half-black. That’s a cop-out used to demonize and divide – It’s an easy excuse to ignore another person’s points, and justify doing bad things to them; it's an attempt to convince people that those who oppose the regime's policies and actions are evil or deranged.

    Their final mistake is to assume that the military and law enforcement agencies will follow orders to disarm their fellow Americans. The military and police are a sub-section of the total population, and will break along the same ideological lines.

    Some police and military members will follow orders. Many, probably most, will disobey, desert, and rebel against orders to attack, imprison, or murder their families, neighbors, and fellow patriots to prop up a corrupt and tyrannical regime.

    This has been played out time and time again in human history.

    Statist politicians should not assume an insurrection will end easily, nor that those they've demonized will go quietly into the dark night, nor that they personally will not suffer if it blows up.

    Never let your government disarm you and render you defenseless against their excesses.

    It will be up to the American people to solve the problems the tyrants and banisters have created as a means to steal our wealth and strip us of our liberty.

    After the tyrants are removed from power, they and their partners in crimes against the Constitution and the American people need to be tried in a modern day version of the Nuremberg Trials, here on American soil, by American citizens who are loyal to the Constitution, then punished according to their crimes. Treason is punishable by death. Keep the faith, justice will ultimately be served.

  • Bobby1952

    Since when does it take 2 billion hallow point bullets to train anybody? That's enough bullets to fight a protracted 20 year war on American citizens and more bullets than the entire US Amy used in the Iraq War.There is no other name for this treachery than treason!

  • darylj46

    I will put odds that only 5% of the population in our USA know anything about what is going on and how our rights and freedoms are being taken. Just think, people, if 5% were the didn't know and 95% were the ones knowing, can you imagine what would be happening? How do we get the truth out and if those that don't want to do anything then they can suffer and be left holding the bag. I don't respect ignorance and self centered gimme people. I am a vet and this all is making me angry and disgusted. Every time I ask when we as American God fearing loving citizens are going to stand up and start fighting the answer is the same, "the time is coming". How long are we going to wait?

  • Randy Renu

    As you know, the Social Security Department ordered 174,000 rounds of ammo. The rounds they ordered are 357mag Sig 125 grain hollow points, which could stop a Kenworth truck.

    I heard there is a crime organization of senior citizens smuggling illegal Chinese made bed pans, walkers and adult diapers into the US from Mexico. Most of these seniors are well armed with sub-machine gun walkers, rocket launching wheel chairs, C4 loaded Cains, and oxygen cannula flame throwers.

    Mort Wonderduck, a Social Security regional manager stated in an interview with Mad Magazine, "Yes we really have our butts up against the wall on this one. With the help of our Social Security Swat Team, (SSST) we served an arrest warrant just last week on a 84 year old female who we believed was one of the top leaders in the crime organization. She was unable to produce a valid sales receipt for her Depends and her nasal cannula appeared to be suspicious. SSST was able to restrain the suspect without injury to any of the team members."

    Social Security agents, now heavily armed, are rumored to be working undercover as nurses, orderly's, janitors and kitchen cooks in retirement and assisted living centers. Additional agents are also being placed at key Social Security offices throughout the nation in an attempt to eradicate this crime organization.

    The rationale for the Department of Homeland Security to purchase 1.6 billion rounds of ammo is quite simple. Janet Napolitano is planning a coup d' etat against President Obama and Congress to install herself and the new Supreme Ruler of the United States.

    Apparently the sequester has not effected the ammo budget.

    Buying 1.6 billion rounds of ammo and deploying armored personnel carriers runs contrary, in every way, to what “homeland security” really means.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      If you wrote for Leno he would not be leaving. GOOD STUFF! Can I pass it on?

      • Randy Renu

        Oh sure. I have a bunch of nonsense like this. My favorite is the British food more triangle shaped pizza and the duck penis study. I crack myself up.

    • Bluff Bunny

      wow! Thanks for posting the BEST photo ever taken, of that sorry excuse for a human -old 'Nappy'.
      He/She/it and Eric BEholder are two of the worst of the worst in this sorry mess called 'the administration'. It will take us DECADES to seek out and get rid of all those treasonous bedbugs entrenched in government, today.
      I hope I live long enough to see the whole rotten bunch out of our FACE, out of the government and out of this country! Although I believe none of the other countries would accept them.

      • Randy Renu

        Give them to Sheriff Joe...he knows what to do with criminals.

  • $20587230

    Obama is sticking his nose up into the air because of his plan to become Dictator.

  • Brabado

    Perhaps to un-informed or naive Citizens, the absurd "overpurchase of Ammo" , might not make any sense - today - but, to Napo and the Obama Regime, it does, and a lot of it....
    Just read the explanation she gave Sen. Coburn (R-Okla)... Do you feel better now?
    Stay tune for new developments...


      Don't put all your trust in God.. Be nice to vets, we'll let God sort it all out in the end.

  • USA Lover

    Heres a thought Janet (you retard) If you wanted to save some money on training ammo, why not have some overpaid idiots re-packing your casings from last year? Just a thought since you are being so cost conscious. Perhaps its because you probably still have at least half of what was purchase last year and the year before if you really spent that much those two years. And maybe its just not that cost effective to be purchasing hollow point ammo for training in the first place, retard! I'd really like to see the numbers from what was spent on hollow point in the last two purchases put beside this years

  • Margaret Brewer

    DHS stocking so they can keep our illegal president in charge and the people under control. Obama born in Kenya and has never even been naturalized. He would not be president if it were not for Pelosi who also wants to start a Hitler Youth Group!

  • Northman56

    I admit that I do not understand why there is such a dramatic shortage of ammo available for purchase by the shooting public. My only problem with the theory that DHS is buying up all of the available stock of ammo is that the stories keep saying that they are buying the more expensive hollow point ammunition.
    So, where is all of the target FMJ ammo at? THAT is the type of ammo that most sports shooters buy in bulk for plinking, practice shooting, AND competition shooting. Seems like there should be tons of target ammo available but there isn't ANY available from the usual sources for public purchase. Again, why is that?
    You can still find at least small amounts of the more expensive "self-defense carry" ammo that are generally some form of Hollow Point ammo that DHS is supposedly buying up. But target ammo? Forget it.
    And then there is the total lack of availability of .22 ammo. DHS has no use for this small caliber plinking/varmit ammo and yet it is almost impossible to find. Again, why? Again, I admit that I do not know. I do know that a manager at my local firearms dealer that I frequently purchase pistols from told me today that a major supplier of .22 ammo told him that "X" number of rounds of .22 ammo was manufactured on a yearly basis(I forget how many hundreds of millions of rounds that he quoted). The supplier told him that all it would take for this "shortage" of .22 ammo to manifest itself would be for people who are scared about the shortage to start buying .22 ammo ten bricks at a time which is apparently what he says has been happening.
    Is this same phenomenon also happening with 9mm, 40 S&W, .45 ACP, etc.? Again, I don't know. But, I believe that it is possible that many, many more people than "normal" have finally become concerned enough about the current administration's obvious intentions to limit and/or eliminate our 2nd Amendment Rights, that true panic buying has ensued by a much large pool of ammo buyers than in the recent past. Do the manufacturers increase their manufacturing capacity go meet this new demand? Maybe. But maybe not right away.
    What if the "demand" tanks after Obama and crew fail to achieve their goals? The ammo manufacturers could be left holding an expensive "bag" of increased capacity with now decreased(normal) demand. Again, I do NOT know if this is what is happening or not. I certainly do NOT trust the DHS or anyone else in the Obama administration at ALL! I am afraid that only time will tell.
    I, fortunately, had already stockpiled a decent supply of ammo over the last few years so I am not in danger of immediately running out as I continue to participate in competitive shooting. But, if this shortage continues, eventually I will have to stop. I'll still have adequate amounts of self-defense ammo(whatever that means), but my sports shooting competitions will have to stop at some point unless this issue resolves itself. Only time is likely to tell. My 2 cents.

  • Joe Severa

    Big Sis lies, of course you don't use the most expensive ammunition to train folks, you really want to dominate whomever the bullets are intended for, like us American citizens. WHERE ARE YOU CONGRESS, GET OFF YOUR DUFFS & INVESTIGATE THESE SOCIALIST/MARXISTS NOW!!! We don't believe anyone in the Obama admin., we want investigations & results long before 2014, got that Obama?

    • Sam Wicks Jr

      Hollow points are NOT needed for paper targets when training. Hollow points ARE "KILLER BULLETS"! Small entry wound and the exit wound is so MUCH larger (huge is more descriptive). Hollow points are KILLER bullets meant to KILL! WHY is the government buying hollow points?

  • oldcoyote

    "A pen........ in the hand of this
    president is far more dangerous than

    a gun in the hands of 200 million
    law-abiding citizens."

    • Sam Wicks Jr

      A pen in this dictator wannabe is a bad thing; but he have very FEW followers and they are dropping like flies. He has to make a move soon or he will be long gone AND FORGOTTEN! NO demoncrap should be voted in for at least the next 7 years to flush this scum OUT OF THE GOVERNMENT!


    Otay, here I go again...

    I've had comments "moderated" apparently, so I will try to say what I gotta say "moderately".

    The Second Amendment to the Constitution, that old out of date piece of parchment, that drives leftists crazy, Goes as follows (my emphasis added):

    A well-regulated militia being necessary to the SECURITY of a FREE State, the right of the PEOPLE to KEEP AND BEAR arms shall NOT be infringed.

    Now, since 9/11/2001 (or soon thereafter...) we (the people ) have been burdened by this so called "Department of Homeland Security".

    #1. I just REALLY DISLIKE the term "Homeland" as it sounds so, I don't know... European..for want of a better term. NAZI would be better. You all get my drift here...

    #2.Hero's are people who see the danger, and then go ahead and do what they know needs to be done. We, as a country, use the term "Hero" way too much. My feeling is that people who were serving their country on the morning of Dec. 7 1941, and died were ALL called "Hero's",some were, yes, there were many that did prove to be "Hero's" that morning, but most were just unlucky schmucks in the wrong place, right time. Most people that died in the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001 were also schmucks, caught in the wrong place, wrong time, not the firefighters/police/EMT's that ran in to assist. Maybe I shouldn't call the others "schmucks", innocent bystander" is better. Dunno.

    What I am saying is that the biggest hero's since the revolutionary war, in my eye were the passengers on Flight 93 on 9/11/2001.

    They showed us ALL what it means to be a HERO! They quickly learned the new rules of the game, they showed us ALL what it meant to be the "militia", they, more than any air marshal, TSA agent or DHS person could EVER possibly do, made us safe in an airplane. They, by themselves, took charge of their destinies, secured our country from hijacked aircraft. No one will ever succeed in hijacking a plane in this country, they (the hijacker(s)) will die, the plane may go down, but they will not succeed in using our planes against us again!

    Because of them, we Americans do not need a nanny state to "secure" our safety, that's OUR job! And Flt. 93 showed that "the Militia" and ONLY "the Militia" can keep us safe! Our mighty Air Force didn't do it, hell they couldn't even defend the Pentagon!

    We never needed "Homeland Security", WE ARE THE "WELL REGULATED MILITIA"!

    Get out of our way! Give me my MA DEUCE, Give me my M4! You, Janet Napolitano cannot be trusted with them!

    That's all for now, Thank you..

  • Joe

    While I agree with some of this, there are two major things that actually do explain the use of hollow-point ammunition. 1) Military and Law Enforcement generally train with whatever rounds they will use on duty or in combat, simply because they want every possible factor to be the same to reduce the possibility of weapons failures, maintain consistent accuracy, and consistent recoil. 2) Military is not allowed to have hollow-point rounds, so the whole testimonial from that Marine is misleading. I was in the Army as a Scout for 5 years. The Geneva Convention does not allow for the use of hollow-point ammunition by military.

  • Kenneth Bowman

    The Kenyan said publicly he planned a Civilian National Defense Force [NAZI SS] army to equal any army in the entire world. Outfitting this army requires all sorts of arms and ammunition. This behavior supports this plan of Obama's!

  • greyhound44

    Amen James!
    Nothing any government in the USA does makes any sense.
    Every Politician is clinically Insane, starting, of course, at the very top in DC.
    Sure glad I retired 31 Aug 2003, and became an expat and soon to be a dual citizen.
    ret expat MD: NBME; ABIM; ABNM; ABR w/spec comp NR and 46 years in medicine
    fmr LCDR MC USNR NUKE (8.5 years active/4.5 years as a LCDR) - resigned 4 July 1978

  • Jude O'Connor

    Why in the world would we believe anything from the media? There's not enough room here to list all the lies they swear too.

  • Whisper Atnight


    • The duck

      I agree except Obama would be found innocent by the Democratic Senate that would sit in judgement. You and I would find him guilty and sentance him to the death penalty that is due him. Until we get rid of Harry Ried and company Obamais innocent.

  • Harvey817

    This is part of odumba's working behind the scenes for his gun control as he stated All that needs to be done is the government has to purchase enormous amounts of ammunition to prevent the peasants]s from having any left to purchase. The ammunition makers are having a hard time buying the primers and other parts necessary for loading ammunition. Big sis is lying! Maybe the ammo makers will refuse to sell this massive amount of ammo to her. Her massive ammo purchase has limited the amount of ammo available for us and the US House should cut off funding for her actions. Anything to keep the peasants under control! When or if the war starts there will be a target rich environment for freedom loving people that support our Constitution unlike the domestic terrorist in DC.

    • The duck

      I wish everyone would stop calling the Old Bummer odumba, odumbo, because he is not dumb. He is dangerous, ill tempered, agendized, a hater of white people and Christians. He knows what he can get away with and how to convince the uninformed how much he likes them and wants to help them. That takes some smarts. He convinced one huge majority he likes them and those he could not convince with briliance he bought. He belongs to the worlds largest politicalised groups of all time. He has BSed his way to prominance within that group also. No Obama is not dumb. HE IS DANGEROUS as dangerous as any Talaban or Al-Quida around. Think about it.

      • TNUGA

        Duck, I think I agree with everything you just said!

  • Ron Wieder

    Her comments are called "Creative Lying", Trademark of the Socialist anti-American Obama Administration !

    • FirstShirt

      I'm trying to remember the last time a politician told the truth... Hummm.... When was that?

      • The duck

        I'm 82 and I can not recall either..

  • darkcyder

    I say we find out and publishwhere they are storing it. We should find it and "redistribute" it. After all, it is essentially the property of the citizens of the USA.

    • The duck

      Yeah They ammo is being delivered to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, New Mexico. I would nottry to scale those fences though without at least a regiment size group in very close reserve. But now you know.

      • TNUGA

        It's actually delivered to several FLETCs as well as other locations that DHS designates.

  • FirstShirt

    I believe the Gov't is buying HUGE quantities of popular ammo to cause supply & demand dilemmas for we citizens. Seems to be working, too.

    • Chuck

      Correct. Local law enforcement in many states has suspended target practice and training of new recruits due to lack ammunition.


    Can any of you substantiate the alleged 1.6 billion rounds? I've been all through the orders and only see about 650 million rounds since January 2011 and most of that is on 5-year contracts. Can any of you substantiate it other than quoting HuffPo, Infowars, etc? I think somebody has exaggerated this.

    • The duck

      I got the same as you when I read that report. I just have one question about it. Can Obama really be trusted since it takes a congressional hearing to get informtion at the request of congress? Or how about his stance on Lybia when he was going after Qadoffy and congress asked him what his agnda was waring against Lybia. Do you recall his answer? He said,"I do not have to answer to congress in this instance." and he didn't either. Since then he has done everything he can to circumvent our constitution to suit his agenda to make law abiding citizens suffer whenever he doesnot get his way. Discontinued veterans eduction funding, and foughloughed FAA Air Traffic Controllers forthe stated reason to make the most people suffer for his sequester. Yes, His sequester he suggested and signed into law for political reasons. Think that reporton ammo from DHS might be rigged? Think about it. Who can you trust in this administration. DOJ Holder? HA its rigged alright.

      • TNUGA

        No, I do not trust BHO or most of his minions in the administration. Benghazi, and other examples come to mind. His team is arrogant and dishonest. They will say whatever they need to to accomplish total change of our country.

        They positioned the sequester as something that would hurt America and tried to push the cuts to things that were most visible. You know what I'm talking about.

        However, this whole ammo issue is a farce that I believe has been promoted to the hilt by Alex Jones and the goons at Infowars. You want an example? It will take a few minutes. but consider it a math test, OK?

        Go to

        On August 13, 2012, this was posted. It's still there. It talks about a solicitation for 750 MILLION rounds of ammo, and toward the end of the article, they deftly use the term "purchase."

        In paragraph 3, there's a link to "The PDF file" to further convince the reader of the "authenticity" of their claim. Apparently, few of AJ's devotees bothered to examine the PDF file. I did. I've added it up several times and checked my math.

        Let's see how good you are at reading a solicitation and then using basic math to add it up. Then post YOUR number below. If you get 750 million rounds, be brave enough to post your findings and explain how you got that number. Unlike Alex Jones, I'm not always right, so if you can prove me wrong here, I"ll OWN it!

  • CelticRune

    "Ammunition Purchase by Homeland Security Does Not Make Sense"..........not much of anything this administration has done in the past 4 years does make sense.

    • Shane Lechner

      can you say MARTIAL LAW ?? rounding up all the sheeple ?? and all you internet rambos with your tough talk,over my dead body or from my cold dead fingers..yea right.. 99% will hide under there bed.. thats what i see..we should have been in a civil war right after fast and furious witch lame ass Obama is in MX right now blaming us gun dealers as the reason for all the crime in that s;it hole sorry but we as a nation are weak..meaning all you men out there with your tough about PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS

  • VanceJ

    Sure it makes sense, if they are going to come after American citizens with Gun's or what they are doing in Washington is going to cause a revolution.!!!! they want to be prepared.

  • john4637

    This horse is being beaten over and over again. It has been beaten so much there is no more whinny left in the nag!! The ammo is purchased, it is not for sale to the public, the manufacturers are not killing themselves to make more available in great quantity, why not?? Who knows, maybe fear of someone!! Face it, your guns are being controlled via economics and supply and demand. Live with it or stand up and fight the Islamic socialist democrats back!!

  • Shane Lechner

    oh it makes perfect sense..let me draw you morons a picture.. DHS lots of ammo..Obama muslim marxist.. PUPPET of the nwo,martial law, fema camps for Christians and gun owners .. get it yet you dumb a;s sheeple

  • Chuck

    DHS is buying ammunition so the citizens can't get it. All you had to do to stop this nonsense was to vote against Obama, but instead the Republicans stayed home by the millions. You got what you deserve by not voting, pathetic!