“The Tenth Amendment is a Bunch of Baloney”

MSNBC’s David Shuster insists the “general welfare” clause in Article 1 of the Constitution “unambiguously authorizes” social welfare spending like “social security, Medicare, veterans’ care, etc.” Yeah, right. This is the same guy who claims “the Tenth Amendment is a bunch of baloney.” You can hear Shuster’s constitutional expertise here. The Tenth Amendment is very clear:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Now here’s the “general welfare” provision in Article I, section 8:

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

We are to believe, following Shuster, that the Founders at the direction of the states gave unlimited power to the Federal government when the states were suspicious and reluctant to give even a little authority to a national governing body. In addition to the body of enumerated powers in the body of the Constitution, the states insisted on an added Bill of Rights that included the Tenth Amendment that defined the limited authority of the Federal government. James J. Kilpatrick is correct when he writes, “And so long as the Tenth Amendment remains a part of the Constitution, it is elementary that it must be given full meaning — that the intention of its framers must be acknowledged and respected. Plainly, the intention of the Tenth Amendment was to restrict the Federal government—to hold it within the strict boundaries of the delegated powers.”1 Shuster is more closely aligned with the government of Hugo Chavez than the United States Constitution.

A careful reader will note that “general welfare” did not mean aid to some at the expense of others, as James Madison was quick to point out in Federalist 41: “But what color can the objection have [that the phrase ‘general welfare’ is not specified by particulars], when a specification of the objects alluded to by these general terms immediately follows and is not even separated by a longer pause than a semicolon? . . . Nothing is more natural nor common than first to use a general phrase, and then to explain and qualify it by a recital of particulars . . . .”2

In the entire list that follows the semicolon, there is nothing that even remotely resembles the social welfare programs promoted by people like Schuster. Following modern-day proponent’s of General Welfare, the national government has unlimited authority to do anything it defines as General Welfare. This is impossible. Madison points out that the phrase is found in the Articles of Confederation, and it has a particular meaning:

Article III. The said States hereby severally enter into a firm league of friendship with each other, for their common defense, the security of their liberties, and their mutual and general welfare, binding themselves to assist each other, against all force offered to, or attacks made upon them, or any of them, on account of religion, sovereignty, trade, or any other pretense whatever.

You can see by how “general welfare” is used to mean what applies to everyone generally and has nothing to do with wealth redistribution which a national healthcare care program would be. You can find similar uses of “general welfare” in Articles VIII and IX. Madison continues:

Construe either of these articles by the rules which would justify the construction put on the new Constitution, and they vest in the existing Congress a power to legislate in all cases whatsoever. But what would have been thought of that assembly, if, attaching themselves to these general expressions, and disregarding the specifications which ascertain and limit their import, they had exercised an unlimited power of providing for the common defense and general welfare? I appeal to the objectors themselves, whether they would in that case have employed the same reasoning in justification of Congress as they now make use of against the convention. How difficult it is for error to escape its own condemnation!

The modem concept of general welfare is most often defined in terms of wealth redistribution where some members of society (“the rich”) are taxed heavily in order to benefit the “welfare” of others (“the poor”). General welfare, according to the Constitution, means welfare that benefits everybody more or less equally. This can be clearly seen in providing “for the common Defense.” Taxes collected to defend the nation benefit everybody generally. Taxing some people so other people can have decent housing or an education or healthcare is not general welfare; it’s particular welfare.

  1. James Jackson Kilpatrick, The Sovereign States: Notes of a Citizen of Virginia (Chicago: Henry Regnery Com., 1957), 47. []
  2. The Federalist No. 41: General View of the Powers Conferred by The Constitution,  No. 41 (January 19, 1788). []



  • dragonfFIRE01


    • R H Lehmuth

      Are you kidding ?? Constitution taught in schools. The majority of the schools, and their unions, have abolished any concept of teaching the Constitution at any level

      • NancyJ

        More to the point "shall be uniform throughout the United States". Does this mean that the government employee and the House, Senate, White House, all government officials are bound to have the same retirement and health care as the seniors??
        That would save a lot of money, wouldn't it?

      • Buddell

        Or, it IS taught in the schools--by a progressive socialist disguised as a teacher, who picks and chooses what to teach.

      • sid

        where do most college students get their political views from... their high priced proffessors!!! also as young as elementary, they get a full dose of, you can never loose!!! that really sets them up, for the reality slap in the face, when they leave school, with their massive debts!!!

      • lisa

        I know only a limited number of our rights and limits of the national government (untill self-taught) and graduated High School 13 years ago. The constitution has not been taught for at least 15 years. Civics classes are more or less about the history of you home state and how the government is "benefical" for the everyday person and not so lucky unemployed and homeless individuals and families. Sadly this is an old problem with a new face and it will not get fixed as we just watch and hope that with the next election we'll have smarter and bolder independents and conservatives, republicans come into office and correct this godawful education system (and other areas that need attention and repairs). True, politicians are getting some pressure to change, but it's still not enough once they get into office.

    • defendConstitution

      The current educational system is the real shame. There is NOTHING in the Constitution requiring a separation of church and state. Religion and the Constitution must be re-introduced to our schools. Liberals have for many years been chipping away at the Constitution, little by little but very effectively. The trend must be reversed right now before it is too late. Anyone who finds fault with the Constitution is free to move to the Middle East or China and live under those conditions.

      • Paul R

        Yep; I sure you would help pay for their one way ticket to Venzuela.

      • NancyJ

        It isn't only a shame, it is so sad.
        I had the occasion to talk to a very upset young black girl to was registering at a nearby University. She had just found out that she was going to have to take remedial reading in order to go to school there. She told me that she had always had good grades in English, at least high B's.
        The educators and the government are doing the students no favors by lowering standards. They should stop all the testing and go back to teaching, real teaching.
        Reading, writing, arithmetic, history and the story of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are as necessary today as it was 100 years ago.
        I have met young black children that have never even heard of the Underground Railroad and were surprised when I told them about it. I suggested that they go to the library and read up.

      • voted against carter

        "The current educational system is the real shame."

        This has been the intention all along from the beginning of the Dept. of Ed. by the Carter administration until now.

        Just WHY do you think the public US education system is turning out such a poor quality product?


        What they forgot to "chip away" is the huge facade above the entry to our U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington, DC with all the Biblical figures chiseled in stone for all "WITH EYES" to see! ~ The PROBLEM is too many Americans aren't LOOKING UP for their ANSWERS!!!

      • rocky

        Yes!!!! Amen to all of that.

    • Stan

      3 Simple Questions......

      1) Why do we expect CONgress to protect the Constitution? They are as guilty as the President of trampling on it.

      2) Where is the Supreme Court and why can't the Court step in to defend and uphold the sacred document?

      3) When will We the People get onough of the trampling and say "NO" to this insanity?


      • Howie

        I think the people who are aware of what's happening have already had enough of what's going on. The biggest problem now is all the rest of the people... who are asleep or just too lazy to care. So long as they don't feel an immediate threat they are comfortable. They have had it too good for way too long...especially the ones who have not had to work all their lifes but had most of their needs given to them. Why should they care? They continue to believe the Feds will take care of them the rest of their life and that's exactly what the Feds wants them to believe. Just like young adults who refuse to leave home and live off of mom and pop.

        • ANTICRIME

          Howie, Those so foolish to not care and PREPARE will suffer the pains of their ignorance, my friend! ~ People like this have always been among us, going back to the time of Noah! ~ Fortunately there will also be those of us that heed the warnings of the loudly blaring trumpets; thus shall WE be the survivors to continue forth upon God's creation, called Earth!

        • Howie

          AMEN, my friend

        • lisa

          Maybe the solution than is for all of us to live off of good old "uncle sam" for a while. If no one is working, than poor old uncle sam will have no money to redistribute. 😉

      • RENEGADE


        • ANTICRIME

          What ALL FEDERAL JUDGES should be asking themselves is; WHAT KIND OF LIFE am I helping to create for myself and my family?!!! ~ TOO MANY people in authority fail to realize that one day they will no longer have that authority and will have to live under the very tyranny they helped create!!! ~ An old Italian saying: "He that spits into the wind gets it right back in the face"!!! (Viva Italia for originality!)

        • dolores tamoria

          You have that righyt and that is another place that we need to clean up.

    • Insurgent

      If a teacher honestly taught the Constitution as it was written, then explained how it was being abused and ignored by the current administration, Congress, and the US Supreme Court---------------------------------------that teacher would be fired in a
      heartbeat !!!

      I used to teach history, civics, and government, and I count my blessings everyday that it is in the past !!!

      • Tom Mize

        Thank you for your service. I wish you were still actively teaching.

    • alnga

      It can be taught and the opportunity should be made available to get it done. All you have to do is to get the teachers and the school principles at your PTA meetings and let them know this information is available. Then raise the money for buying the materials needed. contact Glenn Beck and or Hannity or more directly the Heritage Foundation for bulk rates on the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence as well as Becks book on the Federalist Papers. A wealth of Knowledge just waiting tp inspire our nation again.

      • dolores tamoria

        Check this out: National Center For Constitutional Studies at http://www.nccs.net. Your answer is there and you and a bunch of you friends can hold a Constitution Seminar with a true Constitutionalist as your speaker.

      • lisa

        except teachers and principlas are afraid of the teachers unions to teach the constitution correctly. I bet we would see a huge change in teaching styles if we could disperse the teachers unions. My mom is a teacher in a state where unions are little bit more in check (for the time being) and we no send our son to her for teaching (she teaches 4th and 5th grade, the same grades my son is in). Which is a shame because they live 3 states away so we can only see our son twice during the school year. But he is learning through an intigrative approach of the child's capabilities rather than the no child left behind (NCLB). He does still have to take the NCLB test, but up till now he "hated" school and now he says, "I love school mom. We learn so much. Well, most days I love school, some days are not so fun. I don't like the tests." My mom has even writen to her state government about NCLB and has had her PhD thesis published in ecademic journals. Its just sad that teachers cannot feel unthreatened to speak out until they are close to retirement and are not as afraid of being fired to speak out the way my mom is.

    • 808lavaboy

      Aloha e dragonFIRE01, I totally got what you said. And the answer is yes and no. It all depends on what part of the country you live in. That is the whole problem with the nation. It wants to be American, yet no one seems to want to follow the constitution as written. The present white house guest and entourage does not believe in following the constitution. They want to be accommodating to everyone at the expense of the people. American leaders in Washington D.C. are a disgrace
      to their constituents. We need to vote out these crooks.

    • George

      You can't teach a fence post!

      • Insurgent

        You can take a donkey to water, but you can't make him drink!!!

    • Daniel from TN

      As a former public school teacher (A mistake I will NEVER make again) I can state these things are not taught in public schools for two reasons.
      #1 If they were taught then students would be anti-Liberal on or before high school graduation.
      #2 Schools today are focused on the next standardized test instead of education. I know teachers who state they now spend more days per school year testing their students than teaching their students. This change of focus is a direct result of interference from Washington via the US Dept. of Education. Point of fact. No Child Left Behind may have had noble intents but it is the biggest insult to teachers in American history. It has only produced MORE unnecessary testing. I recognize some standardized testing is needed, but the country has definately gone overboard on this issue.

      • Insurgent

        NCLB was implemented during the Bush administration by a former superintendent from Houston who Bush put in charge of the Federal Deparment of Education; appointed him the secretary. After all of this was mandated nationally, 48 Hours did an investigation into this Houston school district and found that the superintendent has altered test scores, did not count scores of illegals, and doctored the facts and figures to make his district appear to be a front runner in educational reform.
        Today, education still suffers from NCLB because of a liar who suckered George Bush. We need the federal gubmint to butt out of education and leave it in the hands of the states and local school districts.
        This country has way, way too much federal gubmint BS !!!!!

    • Robert Bullock

      I'm 52 years old and I remember my 5th and 6th grade social studies were mostly about the constitution.

    • andrewnappi

      Want to do something about this? Help restore the Framers federalism. Join us! http://www.nullifynow.com/jacksonville/

    • ron yurchak

      They do'nt teach anything anymore, except, how bad and how wrong a nation we are. These kids do'nt stand a chance. They do'nt know the real truth, they do'nt know the constitution.

    • Iceman47

      Unfortunately Civics has been removed from most high school curriculums. I doubt if the average high school student of today could even begin to understand the Federalist Papers anyway. In case you are interested Glenn Beck's book "The Original Argument" does a great job of translating the Papers into everyday language and putting things in context with todays environment as well as what they were originally.

    • Iceman47

      In case anyone is interested, you might want to go to http://www.americancivicliteracy.org and take the Civic literacy exam. Also there is a lot of good reading available.

    • StevenI

      Just it's liberal, socialist interpretation. An "Educated" people in the context of knowing their Constitutional rights are a threat to modern liberalism.

    • Doug Andriese

      The article titled “The Tenth Amendment is a bunch of baloney, David Shuster --- is absolutly correct it seems, all except the part that David Shuster said The tenth Amendment is a bunch of baloney. None of the links to the so-called sourse seen to work. Can you tell me why that is???

    • John

      Schools are no longer for education they are for indoctrination of the Federal Governments purposes and the Homosexuals agendas. My children are adults now but if I had school age children today I would NEVER let them attend a public school. I would either home teach or send them to a private school of my choice if I had to work 3 jobs to pay for it.

  • TTM

    Good work, thanks for no vulgarity and name calling.

    • Paul R

      Vulgarity and name calling is the last refuge for those who have no interest in a healthy debate, namely the progressive/communists/radicals that are aligned with Obambo!

    • John

      True , but sometimes to get a point across , to someone or an entity , the words needed to put said situation in prospective , don't/can't qualify as "nice" words ... "shock effect!" Now back on topic . I believe each time you threaten "any" part of the Constitution , it weakens the whole document , period ! Libs. want nothing more than to see that happen . When we have "no" Constitution , they will then , proceed to blame the "LIVING HELL" out of the Conservatives ... You don't think that deserves a few "cuss" words ! That's most likely our biggest problem we're too PROPER in times like this , where they are pulling EVERY trick in the book and we just sit here and say , that is not fair , stop beating on us "please?"...

    • Co-opted Confederate

      What we need is a citizens appointed/ elected Constitution Overwatch committee, in each state charged with validating the Constitutionality of every thing ALL THREE Branches of the Government does. I have been campaigning for this since 1963. I am only one person and as you quite well know I'm sure that No one person unless he can walk on water and raise the dead could ever effect such a change in our governing ov our selves. I do have a plan and un like Boobus Obumus I do not want to rule the worl I just want my governmenrt to play by the rules.

  • EdinNOLA

    People who want to twist things around to their own liking and don't mind lying, can make any statement say anything they want. The phrase General Welfare applies specifically in reference to how taxes are to be used. There is absolutely no justification for any sort of legislation associated with "general welfare". Any use of this phrase, (and it's not a clause), for the purpose of justifying legislation is flat out a LIE.

    When the Executive branch considers itself to be a dictator, which is what we now see, the question is moot.

    • Paul R

      My so called representative, Doris "chopsui" Matsui, used that very argument for passing the health care bill. I tried to set her straight but she is too stupid to understand plain logic,

      • Tom Mize

        Or too liberal to understand what she is doing to the country. Logical thought seems to carry little weight with liberal mentality. (Just one person's experience talking)



  • Lloyd

    Our Founding Fathers meant the general welfare, or well being, of the citizens of this nation, not the type of welfare, alms, that we spend so much money on today. There are families that been on welfare (alms) for all their life, their parents were on welfare, and their children and their children will be on welfare. It is a way of life for some of our citizens, and they have lived this way for so long, that they feel they are entitled to it. They believe that those who work and earn a living, must also provide for them. Our present administration encourages this proctice, and, at the present time is bringing thousands of muslim immigrants into this country, so they will have support for their programs and get reelected. Our own Congress is aiding in this illegal activity, and appear perfectly willing to allow our country to become a socialist nation, controlled by Islamic law. The President continues to violate our constitution time after time, and Congress does nothing. Unless the honest and patriotic citizens of this country stand up and defend their rights, they will their freedom. During the past two and a half yers they have attacked our religion, our school system, our labor laws, our immigration laws, our financial system, and everything else that we hold dear. It is time for us to stop it. if we find that revolt is all that is left, so be it.

    • CDriver

      Right on Lloyd. Great observation and truth telling. Particularly where Congress does nothing about violations of the Constitution by the President, or anyone for that matter. They(all of them) could care less about adherence to the Constitution. The only solution is to vote them out and replace them with people who promise to serve strictly by every word of the Constitution. Also in order to ensure they do so, we the People must keep up with all they do and hold their feet to the fire.

      • Tom Wiegand

        Congress dose nothing because as Lloyd exemplified they too are on welfare. Making their living off our backs also. So as long as we let them the system will be static. We need to do something to discharge this static. We need to shake up the system with relieving them of all the power the constitution allows them and to modify it to make them have only one vote and to allow for a system where we vote on everyone of their hair brained schemes. This would be easy with the advanced communications of the 21st century . And in doing that away all the power they presently wield. Making them unattractive to the lobbyists. Which in turn would make lobbyists dinosaurs of a system past. This would restore the value of the individual voter. I think that it should come with a republican philosophy rather than a pure democracy. Making voters eligible to cast more votes per election based on age and experience. This would negate the practice of groups wooing the young naive voters whom are easily swayed because of lack of life experience. I'd appreciate your or any readers thoughts. We have a representative form of government today based on the communication and transportation system available at the time of the writing and ratification of our Constitution. It was the best and only workable system to apply back in that time based on the vastness of the areas that were to be governed. This ins't the case today and the representative portion of our Constitution should be amended as it is no longer necessary.

    • Wyatt

      Well said Lloyd

    • Max Willsey

      I couldn't agree with you more and you have said it very will. Our very own country which I love so dearly is under attack at this very moment and it is from own government and this President Mr. Obama. He is this countries worst enemy and will destroy everything we hold dearly and have fought all these years to have. I love this country and would defend it with my very life but am sorry to say we are being destroyed from within by the our own leaders. Whether a person is Christian or not every moral value we have is under attack and being slowly taken away from us and we need to stand and fight these lawless thugs in Washington with all that we have before it is to late. I believe in one nation under God, not one nation under Obama. Wake up America and voice your opinions and fight this Man and his thugs now.

    • Bonecrusher

      No doubt, during my career as a cop I always volunteered for duty stations in rural/poor counties because they were generally short on manpower and therefor busy. The Troops around the Capital could wait hours for a call. They had way to much manpower cause the politicians knew there were mass voters in these areas. I met many families that were "Generational Welfare" or "Career Welfare" cases. I arrested a mom and dad one evening for dope and couldn't fin anyone to come out for their ten year old boy so I took him with me. I was asking him what he wanted to do when he grew up and about school etc. He said he skipped school as much as he could and planned on being on welfare and SSI like his dad and uncle. These people are the vast majority of the 30 million that obamacare is taking care of at our expense.

      • Howie

        Yes Indeed, you are so right!!! There is a whole generation of them out there.
        But, on the other hand, where are all the collage graduates coming out of school going to go to work (many many of them)? And how are they going to pay back their school loans? How are they going to raise a family of their own? So many difficult ?'s to answer. I am now retired and I know I'd hate to be looking for that job I was expecting to get when I finished school. Where dose their future lie. Are they going to end up as the next wave of recipents of entitlements? For their sakes and ours, I hope not. Something is going to have to give in this country. I don't want to end up like Greece has. But...?

        • warchief

          You know , school is where you get your degree in whatever , but , you can't learn your job in a classroom . How are they going to get over the hump ? Easy , they have to suck it up and take whatever they can when ever a job comes , the same way that we did . But , if they are too proud to take a job that makes you get you're hands dirty , it's their problem , not mine . I got what I have my working my but off . I didn't get a hand out . And no body ever gave me one . As far as Comrade Obama goes , he isn't no leader , that's for sure . He doesn't listen to the people of this country . He is turning this country into a " Police State " , because he is the president . What he says goes . Sorry . It doesn't work that way . He is trying to make his own rules . And telling us that he knows the Constitution better than us . Why do the Congress doesn't do anything ? I don't know , but , it is harder to charge him with a crime , when you don't have any proof . But they started to call for an investigation . That's a start .

    • Howie

      The UN is what is driving nearly all of the Liberals view. In order for the NWO to take complete hold it "has" to eat away at our Constitution until it no longer exists.

      And so-far as entitlements, this country has been on a roll with entitlements to other counties for decades. Entitlements to countries that absolutely hate America. And, the wars which we have no bussiness being involved in (as the worlds police) , we end up having to rebuild the war-torn country which costs us billions even to some of the counties that have the $$$ to rebuild theirself but our corrupt government feels obligated to foot the the bill. These wars which we get involved with which do not threaten our national security and have not had the congressional approval to declare the war still go on and on. This is not to speak of the $$$ we spend and the losses of young lives and the mental and physical handicaps our soilders come back with.
      So, it's not altogether the american population at fault but this corrupt government that is promoting all of our problems.

    • time traveller

      the president and his liberal progressive democrats use political correctness to help subvert the founders writings,
      a common ploy is changing the subject entirely or the premise on which it was written, tell a joke in a bar, then change the scene to a church, and it can change everything, like on fox news they always will want to change things to something that sounds similar, and then compare the two, or remember, it depends on what "is", means, whatever derails the point of the question, they don't answer questions they deflect them or answer with another question, that changes the intent of the original question.

    • Curtis

      "proctice" ??? I'm sure this must be a Freudian slip. Better look behind you. Here comes Obama.

      Anyway, you made some good points, Lloyd.

    • Pineapple

      Viva la revolucion!!

    • Hunter Patton

      Kind of reminds you of the Mexican populace we have here overtaking El Paso doesn't it? Like a virus out of controk they spread and spread and spread and spread and.....

    • me1537

      The first thing that needs to be done to stop this welfare, "entitlement" society, is term limits on congress. Then, and only then, will congress do what is right for the country and not worry about re-election. They won't do anything now, because they would loose their nice job and all their entitlements they have given themselves over the years. The entitlement crowd are where many in gov. get their votes. All you have to do, is look at who voted Obama into office. They voted for the change because they thought they would get a bigger welfare tax. I hope the change is working well for them. NOT!!!!!

  • Insurgent

    Washington DC is a haven for liars, whores, and thieves !!!

    • paul

      Can I get that on a shirt!!!

    • TheEkstaza


    • Reverseproof

      OH, you mean Obuma, Hillary and the Unions........................................

    • Gray Beard

      "Insurgent, I could not have put it better with a dictionary under my arm! Simple, to the point and, SO TRUE! "...LIARS, WHORES AND THIEVES!" So True, So True! Please, let's vote all these PROGRESSIVE IDIOTS out of Office in 2012 and bring our CONSTITUTION back to the PEOPLE.

    • Uncle Pat

      Why insult the whores ?

  • charleydan

    As long as a President uses his executive powers for anything and everything. Congress will do the same. Leaving Americans with a socialist society if not a dictatorship.

    When will Americans wake up. That the power is by the people and for the people. Does not meaning voting rights.

    • Cincinnatus

      Please Charleydan, before you push "submit" re-read your post. I essentially agree with what you are saying, but your last sentence confuses me. "Does not meaning voting rights." "When will Americans wake up." (Needs a question mark) The answer to that is: probably never. "That the power is by the people and for the people." True, but without the waking up, so what? The power that the people have will not be realized if any fool can and will vote for another fool. (By fool, I mean a someone that has no idea of the greatness of this country, safeguarded by the constitution.) And it is true that socialism is not dictatorship, but it inevitably leads to the downfall of the country that supports it.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      As long as No one is appointed or elected to the position of Constitutional watch dog , the government will continue to run amok and spend us all into indentured servitude.

  • John

    Excellent article. I have been preaching this for ages! I have even quoted Madison. It was FDR that stacked the Supreme Court with justices who voted to allow social programs under the "general welfare" clause.

    • Tom Mize

      FDR was the culmination of a socialist agenda espoused by Teddy R. and Woodrow Wilson. I thought Bill Clinton would push this agenda further, but he became too obsessed with re-election to continue. Obama probably was planned to be the absolute culmination by "fundamentally transforming" America to socialism and dictatorship. I now do not believe he will succeed unless he is re-elected. If he is, he will complete that transformation. If not him, Hillary Clinton will. If not her, then the next Progressive Democrat elected will unless we can undo some of the undergirding put into law by previous administrations e.g. Obamacare, government ownership of private property, government involvement in education, government involvement in business ventures, social security (and yes, it IS a Ponzi scheme!), medicare, medicade, unemployment benefits, farming, EPA, etc. ad nauseaum.

      • Sam Fox

        Sounds to me like we really need some one like Ron Paul, usually the only defender of the Constitution for some 30 years.

        He is a strict original intent Constitutionalist. Gary Johnson is a good Constitutionalist as well.


        • Victor Barney

          NOT JUST YES, BUT HELL YES! BUT HOW can "we the people" really go about creating that agenda? These marxist's are just so great at gaining our "gatherer's to their voting machine!

        • prsmith

          http://www.tenthamendmentcenter.com and http://www.oathkeepers.org

          Become a Precinct Captain or find and help the one already there.
          Attend your Precinct Convention that immediately follows the close of the polls!
          Become an Alternate Poll Judge and work the swing precincts that will be most vulnerable to vote tampering.
          Support Dr. Ron Paul, the only candidate for POTUS that has any chance of righting our listing ship of state.
          Attend EVERY State congresscritter's town hall meetings and ask questions about how they're going to handle federal issues./mandates.

          There are more ways to get involved but if every constitutionally oriented person would do those simple things, we could take back this country at the very next election!

        • Cincinnatus

          I agree. Problem: politics is the art of the possible. Ron Paul may be the best candidate, but... how in the world do we get him elected? The Republican party has consistently chosen the least electable candidate as nominee, and between the two parties, the American electorate has chosen the least "American" for President (and other offices.) By least "American" I mean least likely to follow the constitution. Since Reagan, 1988, we have had two Bushes, a Clinton and Obama. The first Bush was an admitted Big Government man, the second was just barely elected over Gore but was almost totally incompetent, and had a big government bent, (see above re Republican nominees) and with Clinton and Obama, we are well on the way to socialism. I am certainly no fan of Clinton but his push (or was it her, Hilary's, push) was far more subtle than the overt action of our current president. And with Obama, Clinton seems like the good old days.

        • Mindy

          @ Sam Fox...you may be right about Ron Paul. Our nation has been pushed so far to the left that it will take someone as far right as Paul, just to get us back to middle ground.

    • prsmith

      But it was the STATES who failed to correct the problems as they occurred. We LET them socialize the country!

  • 1minuteman

    the vast majority of main stream media has been pushing a socialist,communist ideology for quite a few years. the days of unbiased media are gone unfortunately. we used to be able to trust our media to keep government honest. those days are gone and if it was not for the internet we would have lost the constitution a long time ago. i would never trust msnbc or cnn. they are pushing the real radical agenda's of people like george soros and they seem lately to be trying to wipe out christianity from our country. teach your kids if the government wont.

    • Pineapple

      George Soros owns the main stream media and intends to use it to indoctrinate the masses into following the one world government agenda.

    • prsmith

      Media runs on money and money comes from advertisers. We need to stop supporting biased media and we do that by refusing to support their advertisers. Start campaigns in your community to boycott advertisers. Start blogs where people can meet and share notes. Publish letters to the editor in friendly media about the socialist leanings of such and such newspaper/TV station/etc. Let advertisers know that you refuse to use their products and services so long as they support biased media and find alternatives for them. Get your people together and go for the 10 biggest advertisers for maximum impact.

  • Big Ugly

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

    Re-read the 10th Amendment - those powers not granted to the 'federal government' are reserved to the states or the people.
    Re-read the "General Welfare Clause" - Congress may lay and collect taxes from the 'federal government' as long as the taxes are uniform though out the 'federal government'.

    Note the use of the term "United States" in both of these articles.
    It does NOT say "United States of America", but, "United States.
    I does NOT say "States", but, "United States".
    "United States" is a corporate entity that is the 'government' of the United States of America, or, the 50 Sovereign States Several.

    • paul

      It also says all duties, imports and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States - Is that what we have? Uniform taxes throughout the entity you refer to as the United States?
      Far from it when the top 10% of wage earners pay 70% of all federal taxes.

    • http://yahoo.com Thomas Martin

      What happened to the other 7 state obama talked about when he was running for office?

      • Pineapple

        I believe these were states of confusion, which O'Vomit seems to lost in.

  • Slyfox

    Well, when Obama was running didn't he say......"(W)e need to change the Constitution, it's a living document, and it needs to be changed", and when he was doing all of that change talk, not one politico, said wait a !@#$%^& min, just what in the hell are you talking about?!. Well, since no one asked the question(s), now were getting the fall out of our failure to hold his feet to the fire!. Don't blame him, look at yourselfs.

    • jb80538

      Clinton made the same comment when he was the occupant of the WH. My personal belief is that it only needs to be interpreted not changed unless we add a 28th ...Congress shall pass no laws that apply to the people but not to congress....

    • Aubie64

      Looking at myself, at the outset, I didn't buy the hopie changie stuff because I bothered to look at his record in Congress and knew his liberal approach to the Federal government wasn't my approach.

    • grandmaliberty

      Hey, I did not vote for him...and I don't think many people posting here did either... your preaching to the choir....

    • Sam Fox

      Captain Zero called the Constitution a document of negative liberties. That it does hot say what govt should do for you. Perhaps so on the surface, but if you look at the Constitution more deeply, you find it's a positive document. Positive because it limits the fed govt. Limits that lib progs, 1st in the D 'party' now in the R 'party as well, have cast off using misinterpretation to promote socialist style central planned govt. When &if the fed govt is prevented from establishing total control over We The People, that is very positive!!

      In the last video 0 gets it wrong on blacks during the 1700's.

      Only some one who wants to change the US Constitution would say it's a flawed document. Only a power hungry progressive control freak would want to add a socialistic type of redistribution of wealth where it does not exist in our founding documents. If they can control our money the can control us. That's their game plan.

      The 'progressive' movement is a much larger threat to the US than any terrorist country. At YouTube look up GB Shaw & Margaret Sanger. The progs are much more subtle now, but they have the same agenda that was expressed by Shaw & Sanger. NOT a good thing nor any where near in line with what the US Founders had in mind.


    • Howie

      Indeed you are so right. But I believe that when Barry was talking all that reteric, most people didn't realize the kind of change he was talking about. The people were fooled by his mischevious talk. If we ever manage to get rid of this arab socialist, I don't think we will be so easily fooled the next time someone talks about "Change" If they do, they better be meaning "Change" back to the "Rule Of Law" and re-instate our Constitution back to it's original intent. That's the only kind of "Change" we need now!

    • Co-opted Confederate

      The Constitution has worked fairly well for the better part of 235 years. with some modifications by the lunatic fringe (prohibitionists, a few Presidents, (FDR, LBJ, JFK, Col Teddy , Abe Lincoln).It hase bee n ammended mostly for the Godd of ALL but As we all know those with agendas contrary to the Constitution have more politiocal clout than the vast majorityu of taxpaying legitimate citizen. It is Up to "We the People to act as the Overseers, and enforcers of our Constitution. Some thing we are guilty of not doing (shame on us). and those who vote for those whose intent is to ignore the Constitution in pursuit of their political agendas, and ambitions.


    There are MORE people TODAY that have found a profound interest in learning the words on all the important documents that our country's founders penned, especially the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration Of Independence, where lies the REMEDY to America's return to SANITY...AND OUR LONG LOST REPUBLIC!!! ~ "The Federalist Papers" is a book that is again in vogue as a guide to UNDERSTANDING our founders ORIGINAL INTENTIONS while penning our country's governing documents! ~ THINK ABOUT THIS for a moment; NONE OF THIS RENEWED INTEREST WOULD HAVE HAPPENED HAD OBAMA NOT BEEN ELECTED...to wake up "We The People"!!! ~ God sometimes works in strange ways in giving us a ROSE in the form of a LEMON....thus pulling a "fast one" on Satan and his worldly minions!!! ~ KNOWLEDGE IS POWER....that is why the Marxist "Progressives" desperatly gained control of both mainstream media and public "education" in America! ~ The KEY to any problem is knowing what the remedy is! ~ WHEN STATES SECEDE AMERICA WILL SUCCEED!!!

    • time traveller

      I agree, however it is not the states that need to secede, its the federal government in its present form and function that needs to go


        TT, THAT is the objective, my friend, but you have it backwards! ~ The Federal Government DID NOT form the STATES, it was the states that formed the federal government! ~ Picture it this way; the states are the SUPPORTING spokes in a wheel that SUPPORT the central hub; remove the spokes and the hub will NO LONGER turn the wheel!

    • http://jaderevelation.disqus.com Rosemarytearoom

      Seceding is not really important. However, a knowledgable and determined people can reverse or nullify any action our hired (vote) representatives (paid by taxation) decree an order or law. Its when we allow ourselves to be lulled into a false, deceiving complacency that our employees (elected representatives) run amuck. Become a member of the TAKE BACK AMERICA warriors -aka- TEA PARTY; they are found in every State, every community. They are YOU average citizen, fed up and alarmed with the direction of country has been incrementally, systematically ushered towards. We the people, must do more than BE ANGRY. NO!!! is the most viable and effective word we should be uttering. Get a copy of the US Constitution; have a Constitution reading, discussing, comprehending get together in your house, library or church. Begin conversations about the state of Affairs in America, the lack of Constitutional government-seek like minds. Stop letting professional politicians, would be opinion shaper/kingmakers, PC / R.I.N.O. dictate what you think. Do not allow those who seek to maintain the status quo select the next president. KNOW what YOU want in the next President. Know the changes YOU want to see IN YOUR GOVERNMENT!!! Seek/Select a candidate that LOVES AMERICA, believes in CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT and the RULE OF LAW. Talk to friends and neighbors, join the conversations on the INTERNET and keep both your Faith that you can bring about CHANGE by keeping the CONVERSATION going! Bring back faith, nationalism, morality, character, work ethic, self-reliance, personal responsibility and a guiding philosophy. WE can make a difference in 2012. Keep the faith and the conversation going.

  • Robert, TX

    Yes, it has become fried bologna! Every State lost the Civil War over this very issue: would powerful interests in New York City and Boston be able to dictate to the entire nation? And would all of the states be forced to beg and grovel for money, loans, business financing and distribution for their products. New York City has been corrupt since before the Revolutionary War - and people simply saved up enough money to leave, and then they moved West or South. People were still moving toward more freedom in the 1970's and 1980's. But now the federal government has finished strangling the freedom out of the frontier. Where can we go now to escape the tyranny of D.C.?


      Robert, Look at NATURE for your answer, my friend; when cornered you ATTACK YOUR AGGRESSOR HEAD ON! ~ If you have God-fearing American Patriots running your state government then THEY are our FIRST line of defense against tyranny! ~ Should they FAIL; then we have the RIGHT and DUTY to protect, defend and secure the safety and liberty to both ourselves and our families through the LAST RESORT employment of our Second Amendment under our U.S. Constitution... with the blessings of GOD! ~ Always remember that our enemy can destroy "their copy" of our U.S. Constitution, but as long as we retain OUR COPY it remains in FULL FORCE....due to WE THE PEOPLE, being the true owners and defenders thereof!!! ~ OOH RAH!!!

      • Lee

        Interesting how "conditioned" we have become to accepting whatever comes out of DC as "authority" and compusory. We've been taught to think of Social Security as normal. We believe that we are genuinely entitled to be supported by the federal government when we get old. Exactly where did such ideas come from? They came directly from Marx's playbook, that's where. Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare, etc - it's all Marxist thinking. We believe that we can cherry-pick the best of Liberty and Marxist socialism and "modernize" our country. We'll never get our country back truly until we remove all of these Marxist programs and entitlements in their entirety. Is that possible?? I don't know. All I know is that if we don't do it, we're done.

      • Howie

        I couldn't have said it any better than that Anticrime. I have been following all your posts and you have a good way with putting words in proper perspective.

        I might add that soon as Barry is gone, we the poeople need to have a re-call of the corrupt Justices in the high courts that are backing this socialist agenda as well as Obamas pupit congress people. We need a clean sweep in Washington,DC.

      • Robert, TX

        Good reply. But I live in Texas and we do not have God-Fearing American Patriots running our state. Perry is a fraud, in more ways than one. And our Speaker of the House: Joe Strauss makes Boehner look like Barry Goldwater. Strauss actually put liberal democrats in leadership positions to keep the "conservative" caucus in check. And, while Strauss was not unanimously elected (like Boehner) he did win with a sizeable (and complicit) majority.

    • grandmaliberty

      We can go to the polls in 2012 and clean up our white house congress and senate.....

    • GUEST


      • Howie

        RIGHT ON!!! GUEST :-)

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Well Robert, the only place I can think of right off the top of my head is Antarctica!

    • Robert Wayne

      I've been looking at New Zealand if things get too bad here. Because it looks like every serious presidential candidate both Republican and Democrat are always a member of the CFR (council on foreign relations) which is a group intent on pushing for a one world govt. and doing away with the United States. These are the same atheist scum who are always fighting tooth and nail to have all Christianity removed from all public schools. And anybody who knows anything about the Bible knows this is because the Bible forwarns about the coming mark of the beast and one world govt.

  • http://godfatherpolics.com Sheila

    Did you know that most offical of the government fail the quiz on the Constition or even citizenship tests?
    They swear on a bible that they will hold up the constitution of the US.
    Then they do not even know what is in the Constitution or how to answer a simple cititzenship test,
    Do you know what that makes tea party so mad!!
    Do you know what are swearing about? Go to a site and take a constitution quiz yoursef!!

  • http://jesusnamebaptism.webs.com blissJesus1

    According to his understanding, the "general welfare" means "cut me a check"...well, who's gonna pay for my welfare?
    No one eventually!!

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Doesn't Shuster get fired from every job he shows up on?

  • http://blog.edgewebware.com Jerritte Couture

    This may be the best article I have read on this topic -- concise, well-written, and spot on. Now if only more people would read this and come to understand the importance of this topic.
    My recent post HTC Thunderbolt Battery Consumption Issue SOLVED!

  • http://www.kidon.com/media-link MalikTous

    The only amendment that was 'a bunch of baloney' was Prohibition. The 10th - and the rest of the Bill of Rights - needs to be properly restored to its proper position as our Law of the Land. Gun control laws need to be abolished, 'gag orders' rescinded, and the punctures in our economy and legislature need to be patched. Government needs to be trimmed back, minimised, to the amount actually needed to do the job.

    • Republicrat


    • grandmaliberty

      YES and let' s start with O's 24 czars!!!!


    a lot here is agreed upon. what actually should happen is, the population should shut down the federal government. and have mashall mititia [by the people] law declared on washington. get a number of the finest heads of colleges from across the country to actually sort out this mess in our capital. get rid of all the dunder heads and start fresh.appoint a tempory congress and president also making sure that the constitution is adhered to. and the total mandatory teaching of the constitution the articles of confederation and the declaration of independence is brought back into high schools and colleges.


      OH NO YOU DON"T!!!! I don't want no stinking heads of colleges trying to sort out this Obama/democrat mess, they were part of the problem all along!
      Give me plain old common patriotic folk, the kind you find at work, with a family, and who take full responsibility for themselves without an eye to filling their own pockets . . . . . THAT"S who I want sorting out this mess

    • GMG

      Except all the "Collage People" are COMMIES!!!

    • Co-opted Confederate

      I was with you until the"heads of colleges" part._ Any Constitutional Over watchEnforcement, sugested amendments punitive measures/punishment for violations there of should be in the Hands of the general citizenry. not a buch of eclectic, self efacing Liberal collegenere do wells . with their own agendas and concepts and theories on "how the government should be to them" . _Evfery state should have two Committiees one for the states' constitution and one for the Federal Constitution. These committees would be task specific, bypartisan, Vouluteers, Once the task given yoiu is validated you move on and some one else moves in. To Serve one of these committees you must Prove you are a Legitimate Tax paying law abiding natural born citizen, with no criminal history , and have have been Honorably discharged or retired from any Branch of the United States Military. that tou have at least a High school diploma and can read write and comprehend at the 12th grade level.. Work form homE is the prefered method of serving , how ever if the state offers office space gratis, all the better, the only remuneration would be for actual expenes incured while doing your assigned task, .Cheaters will be prosicuted

  • Virgil Lloyd

    We have truly become the land of the "Golden Rule", Oh, I don't mean to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I mean the liberal one where "The one with the gold makes the rules.!"... As it stands now, it is mostly "Do unto others, then split!"
    When anyone asks questions, just consult the TELEPROMPTERS for the latest spin answers.! Chicago and the rest of the Mob world makes our country now. Just ask the UNION BOSSES, the ones terrorizing anyone questioning the system. As long as they get their gold and rules they want, the world won't be ravaged by the "Brown Shirts". Jimmy Hoffa Jr. says so.!


      ya, didn't you notice that obama and hoffa jr. were acting like butt buds.

    • Allan

      There was Obama yesterday on TV, giving his "this isn't class warfare" speech; looking to the left, looking to the right, with teleprompters the dominant entities on the screen. This is the best leader our great country could manage? I'm not embarrassed because we have a great country. I'm embarrassed because we have such a horrendous leader. A loudspeaker in his place would be fine. That anyone "believes" in this man is hard to comprehend, but as Paul Simon said: "A man sees what he wants to see and disregards the rest."


    We the people, have the combined power to do this. not the states and surelly not the federal gov. because of way too much corrupt activity. it can be done.. only by the power of the people.

    • Mindy

      @ANAMVET...you are so right, especially as many of the states have been thoroughly corrupted by "free" money from the federal government. We the People must take back our communities, our cities, our counties and wean our state governments off the federal teat. It will be a long uphill battle, but we can do it!

  • Larry E

    This moron must have gone to the Nancy Pelousi School of Government. What a bunch of morons. I only hope that the tax paying workers in this country discover they're being and have been scammed by their union bosses, the Demorat Party, and the left in general and rise up against them and chuck 'em out on their ears.

  • Jerry F.

    It's funny how the left can take any words from our founding fathers,and redirect the meaning of those words and statements to fit their goal.

    • Republicrat


      • Jerry F.

        I agreev republicrat that they both stir their words,but percent wise the left is way ahead of the right,And we got to vote the right person in or we may never get another chance.One thing I do know,Obama needs to go.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      That's because of political correctness and Seseme street.

      Wanted dead or alive
      the Criminal known only as
      "Political correctness' Reward :
      to be paid over a life time of better government

  • Glenn

    Leave it to a lawyer to construe the facts!!!!!


      Glenn, Not too many people realize that the root form of the word ATTORNEY comes from the ancient Sanskrit meaning; TO TWIST AND TURN!!! ~ NOW you know how they got their name, my friend!

  • Donald Mc Guigan

    Was our government formation to be run by people that preach their own laws,or the laws that the Fathers of our Nation set down? Our government has taken our Nation to the brink of collapse. What is the end product that the elected congress of this Nation after?? It looks as though they want us to divide as a people so they can declare marshal law and take control even more so. If the people don't wake up soon there will not be anything to wake up too.Voting a small amount out of office will not work as that leaves worms behind to corrupt the newly elected. The whole bunch has to go at one time other wise we as a Nation gain nothing at all.


      Don, If you have read any of my past posts on this subject, you certainly understand my calling for Articles of Secession by the STATES and the ABOLISHMENT of the ENTIRE Federal Government as per the doctrine of our U.S. Declaration of Independence! ~ READ that document and you will clearly see that we have come to a time in our nations history for REAL CHANGE...back to the REPUBLIC we lost in 1861!!! ~ (Google: "SEASON OF TREASON" for a great video primer on WHO is running our country and how they stole it from us!)

  • Elaine

    I agree completely with ANAMVET. By the way, thank you sir for your service. I know when you came back the same POSes that are in congress now are the ones who howled at you and called you baby killers and all sorts of garbage. I am afraid that it will take an uprising by Patriots who will follow the constitution to march upon WDC and pull those in power out of their comfy seats and immediately seat patriots in their stead. Let me know when the fires start because I am willing to put my feeble body on the line for this country BUT NOT FOR THE IDIOTS IN WDC. And while we are at it, take over Bershire Hathaway and get rid of Buffet. He is as bad as Soros. Opens his mouth and says he doesn't pay enough taxes when his company is going to court to try to not pay over $1 million the IRS says he owes. Apparently he doesn't pay attention to what he says, because he isn't paying the $1 million, he has his lawyers trying to get him out of paying. Buffet is a demonrat and a lousy husband.

    • Mattwm

      i agree, those in WDC need to realize that the same thing that happening around the world, in Greece, Lybia, and Yeman, could very well come to WDC, so we can physically removed those who would take away our constitutional rights

      • grandmaliberty

        Elaine, are you his wife???? just asking....

    • Hans

      Buffet's brain is going soft and he should shut up with this crap!

  • Tom

    The Shuster audio link in the 1st paragraph is broken or has been taken down


      don't you really mean shuster the shiester.

  • buellfooll

    Is there anything that would prevent parents from forming study groups that would teach the principles of our Constitution privately in a neutral location? Taught by parents, or even by hired professionals, with a thorough understanding of the interpretation of our Constitution. Parents MUST get involved in their childrens education. It's as obvious the public schools aren't doing their job either by lesson plans or actual knowlege of the subject. How far back does this problem go? Were YOU taught the Constitution? Were the TEACHERS taught the Constitution in either their public primary schools OR even their secondary college education? Do the teachers and parents even care? Maybe they feel, or were taught that, computer language is more important than the brain.

  • buellfooll

    Page 2
    I'm 67 years old and watching my 2 grand daughters grow up. They are very young with one just starting school and the other a few years later but, God willing I should live long enough, I'll be able to influence their education even if just through their mother. Personally, I don't even remember if I studied the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of rights or any other of our founding documents. I guess, at the time, it wasn't taught interestingly enough to make it stick. Kids taught by parents in their basement play rooms in a rotating schedule with all sharing the duties of teacher and locations for an hour once or twice a week, or even more WHEN the kids start showing an interest. 'm sure there are programs like this all over the country but there HAS TO BE MORE. It might not have been important THEN but it surely is NOW.

    Just my humble opinion.


    THE "GOLDEN RULE" has tarnished,these days it's DO UNTO OTHERS BEFORE THEY DO UNTO YOU. don't blame the people and the City of Chicago for the Sins of it's Traitors in Office. most of the people hate living under the nazi thumb but, feel they cannot change it, and No the world will not be ravaged by the Brown Shirts, Mussalinni's troups never really made an impression, but if Obama has his way the Black Uniforms of His SS will make an impression we will not soon forget, WAKE UP AMERICA, get all of the Traitors out of Office in the next several election dates, "CITY,STATE,FEDERAL" the time is now GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND VOTE-WITH NO EXCUSES.!!!!!!!

  • Kathy

    The only "CHANGE" we need in America is to know, and obey our Constitution. That would "CHANGE" what we should believe in!

  • time traveller

    how is it they can construe well fare of the state as the people there of, and yet with the 2nd amendment its the state not the individual

  • James360

    People who "twist the (OUR) Constitution"--operate on the basis that you have never read it.

    Like the Bible---if you have never actually read it--then it's easy for people to impose their ideas---because you simply DO NOT KNOW.

    But, on the other hand --if you have read it, then you know exactly what it states! You can not be fooled by fools.

  • http://www.fastnesteggs.com Bob in Dallas

    See fairtax.org and shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    The current President complains that the Constitution is all about what the government cannot do, not what it can do. He is usurping the Constitution on a daily basis with his executive orders through his minion Czars. In fact, he just hired two more Czars to carry out his misdeeds. I think he is up to about 35 Czars now. Unaccountable, not vetted and doing things that go around Congress. The founding fathers set this government up with three equal branches. He is desiring that the Executive Branch be more equal than the others and dictate policy. Time to put a stop to that approach, but we may have to wait until election since there are no calls for impeachment.

  • John

    I had an "excellent post and was deleted !" You want everyone to speak truth about libs. "you are on the wrong track !" DO NOT E-MAIL ME ANYMORE , IF YOU DO I'LL JUST SEND IT TO "JUNK MAIL !"

  • E.T.

    It's apparent that few of the "Liberal" Congressmen ever attended any English comprehension or structure courses. They have, however, taken extensive training in circular logic and any other "ism" other than American Constitutionalism.

  • possumgal

    It is the General Welfare OF THE UNITED STATES. Not of individual people IN the United States.

  • George_S

    To interpret the general welfare clause as an authorization for the Federal government to engage in any particular activity is a total misreading of the section (perhaps connected with schools no longer teaching the ability to read). The general welfare clause states the purpose of all other activities and does not itself authorize any activity.

  • Mattwm

    it says GENERAL welfare, not SPECIFIC welfare. so no, the constitution does not authorize socialism at all. and welfare was meant for people in need, socialism is force upon everyone.

  • VeeDub

    Quite by accident I have come across something that has my head spinning as I try to get wrapped around it.
    Specifically it's the "District of Columbia Act of 1871".
    If I'm looking at the evidence correctly, the U.S. is NOT a country, but rather THE U.S. IS A CORPORATION OWNED BY INTERNATIONAL BANKERS! And the head of the corporation - the U.S. Congress has unlimited powers to do what it will, when and where it will, as long is it imposes it's will within the 10 mile square of D.C.
    Congress wrote: "That all that part of the territory of the United States included within the limits of the District of Columbia be, and the same is hereby, created into a government by the name of the District of Columbia, by which name it is hereby constituted a body corporate for municipal purposes … and exercise all other powers of a municipal corporation"
    I've found some postings that support what I believe to be true. http://www.teamlaw.org/Mythology-CorpUS.htm
    As I understand it (been wrong before) even if a nullification were to take place, it would have no authority or affect on Congress or what they've done.

    • Howie

      Well, so long as it imposes it's "Will" with-in that 10 mile boarder maybe that wouldn't be so bad. But, when that "Will" exceeds that 10 mile limit, then it's well past time to eradicate the District of Columbia from the United States of America. Maybe the whole population of the US needs to surround it and drive out "all" the occupants that resides there!!! And "We The People" could erect a shrine there saying "This is what is left of the corruption in the U.S. of A.

  • richard holmes

    There are some people that will say and do what ever it takes to destroy something they don't want everyone else to have. These sort of people are mentally unstable. The rest of the worlds population does not have to endure the depravity of these twisted ideas. How to silence them totally is a good question.

  • wiliam weiss

    Everyone posting comments here must also voice thier opinions to all they encounter.

  • shipley130

    It seems to me that social welfare programs such as Food Stamps is a specific welfare program, not a general welfare program, therefore, it violates the US Constitution. All the Obama healthcare waivers violate the general welfare clause, because if it's claimed under general welfare, they should be participating.

  • Pointdan

    Folks - if you are interested in a daily education on the Constitution, tune into MarkLevinShow.com - he is
    fantastic. There is noone who comes close to his knowledge of the document. In addition, he is tremendously entertaining, sincere and a compassionate human being.




  • Winston

    The ignorance of the "big government controllers" is appalling and inexcusable, but even more frightening and should be of concern is their blatant dumbing down of Americans into believing their LIES AND DECEPTION for it is straight from HELL. The Founders had amazing insight into creating the Constitution and its Amendments, the Bill of Rights, and Rule of Law to protect future generations from an errant government.

  • Ron

    Amen brothers and sisters. when the revolution starts I'llm be there with my flag and gun . marching with you . God save and bless the U S A

  • premonition010

    Any argument for the "General Welfare" which does not take into consideration the detriment of any single person is based on a falsehood. When a detriment is perpetrated upon one, then by extension, it may be perpetrated upon us all. "Case In Point" . . . . the UNBRIDLED Welfare System, having its intention based upon the Welfare of one at the Expense of another is detrimental to both as it is detrimental to the ones being forcibly burdened to supply the revenue necessary for its existence by reducing their ability to provide for Themselves, Their Families, and through charity ( a voluntary action ) Others as well. Simultaneously the unbridled give away program is detrimental to those who receive it, through the deterioration of their moral character and unintended consequences of labeling of those recipients as unworthy of "Better Consideration" both in their own minds and the minds of those who might otherwise employ a means to properly educate those recipients so they too may achieve the success we all aspire to.

    This is NOT an attack on Welfare Recipients, but an indictment of a poorly conceived and / or poorly executed idea which has proven ineffective by history as evidenced in the growing PERCENTAGE of welfare bound families even before the recent financial turmoil

    This brings me to "Case In Point #2" , the Dept. of Education . . . based upon the mistaken belief that EQUAL education justifies less educated, the Dept. of Education, as History is showing, has consistently defaulted to the position of reducing achievement to obtain the goal of Equality. In that regard they (Dept. of education) have succeeded exceedingly well. But, for a greater number of America's Children, they (DOE) have been much more detrimental and should be viewed by all parents as a destructive force which has enslaved their children through the diminishment of the opportunity for success, thereby condemning them to sub-par jobs and dependency upon a failing Welfare System.

    America's dreams and achievements are a result of The Pursuit of Excellence. This Excellence is evident in the great strides and achievements of the last two centuries. Society has, of recent, disregarded these achievements and taken for granted the sacrifices and labors of its ancestors in providing for the "General Welfare" of this Great Nation in an ineffectual attempt to provide for the "General Welfare" of the ignorant. Ignorance is a choice. A choice which is increasingly rewarded by a political class in the hope of retaining its elite status. A choice promoted by ignorant parents who don't know how to lead through example, which is the primary means by which the Wealthy teach their children to be wealthy. They don't depend upon others to impart those lessons.

    • justanobserver

      Reply to premonition010:
      As a former Drill Instructor and Viet Nam Vet, I too have seen the deterroriation. I firmly believe that the dumbing down of America has created a citizenship of those who lack basic skills. By the time I finally retired from the Army in 1993, the incoming troops were lacking in reading, writing amd basic mathmatical skills. They also had an air of indifference to those combat skills that were being taught. The skills that are absolutely necessary on the battlefield.
      Their indifference to any kind of authority, along with the absence of any structure at home made it difficult to train them.
      I did a tour on Recruiting Duty in the early 80's, and I had to put people into the Army that I knew would never make it. I had to do this in order to make my numbers for mission or face the consequences.
      When I returned to regular Army duty, I saw many of those that lacked the sufficient drive and education to accomplish basic tasks.
      After I retired, I substituted in the local school systems to supplement my income. I did this for 10 years then gave up ! Finally, I refused to substitute above the 5th grade because of the lack of discipline in the classroom and the fact that students were being passed that were not prepared for the next grade. (Social Promotion)
      So, in a nutshell, I agree with everything you said and woe unto America for the politically correct theme we have embraced.
      Thats my opinion and I am sticking to it !

      • Sharon in VA

        I just wanted to say more than just "thumbs up" the comments from you and premonition10......TRULY exellent comments, BOTH of them.

  • Ray

    Excellent article, great comments. I know there is not enough time, but we truly need to impeach Obama! Just the effort would be worthwhile.

  • Am I The Only One?

    David Shuster is the Perfect example of what a Government Educated, Dumbed-Down Liberal American, Revised History Student Talks Like!

    "The Only People Left In America That Think We Should Still Use The Constitution As The Supreme Law Of The Land, Are Those Of Us that See It's Original Intent Meanings Trampled Upon!"

  • John Stewart

    It is really unbelievable how progressive/socialists can interpret something so clear, into something that seems to be nothing more than a misfire of a synapse. How do you just open your mouth and let so much intelligence come out, without choking on it?

  • Fre

    It reads that "Congress ...to provide for the general welfare of the United States" It does not say the "citizens of the United States". To provide for the general welfars of the US, Congress should stop wreckless spending.

    The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

    Read more: “The Tenth Amendment is a Bunch of Baloney” | Godfather Politics http://godfatherpolitics.com/1023/the-tenth-amend...

  • Budman

    Shuster is no different than the rest of the liberals in the White House, Congress, media and the courts who choose to interpret the constitution to suit their own agenda. The 9th Circuit Court is a perfect example and they get their hands slapped by a higher court overturning their decisions. It seems they all follow the Socialist ploy of saying something that sounds like a truth but in fact is a lie. If a liberal says something, it should always be checked out because it probably will be a lie.

    Did you ever notice they ignore a fact in the news they can't refute?

  • stephenfroweblog

    I am amazed that you missed the most prominent part of the Article, "but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States." Which literally means that any expenditure to or collection from the people must be uniform, or equal. So if the Government gives one person $100, then, according to our Constitution, they owe every American citizen $100. This was done to prevent the concept of the government as the "keeper" of the people. Further, by its very nature it means that a graduated income tax is, in and of itself, by its very definition, unconstitutional. But that is an argument for another day.

  • john whittington


  • guest on this planet


  • Paul Woolgar

    The big problem is that most people cannot read. A period is a full siop next thought is in order. Now a smicolon indicates that there are options or conditions following. mostly indicated to be enumerated. I have had this problem as a Union steward where the rank and file cannot read a contract properly. There fore when I write something that has options or conditions following, I always use a - (dash) indicating that a number of next seperate statements will immediatly follow i.e :- (1) (2), (3), (4) etc. I will admit most legal?? heads elected to Congress, used to courttroom politics cannot read or understand the printed word at all. SLW

  • G Quick

    The basic problem that we are having with the interpretation of the Phrase "General Welfare" of the United States of America is

    Lawyers.....Any fifth grade Student can understand that it simply means "the Well Being", nothing more or less. Most of our problems are People twisting the meanings

    to suit the occasion. Lawyers will screw up

    anything and everything on any given Day.

    And amazingly he will appear in the same

    court at a later date and argue for a point that he argued against yesterday. The Constitution and its Amendments are clear, and the Bill of Rights are not hard for the average American to understand as written.

    This is why Lawyers should not be allowed to be a part of our Congress.....G

  • 2WarAbnVet

    I see that David Shuster is wiser than the author of the Constitution James Madison, who wrote, "If Congress can do whatever in their discretion can be done by money, and will promote the General Welfare, the Government is no longer a limited one, possessing enumerated powers, but an indefinite one."

  • http://http:/youcanbuild.it ChuckBartok

    Good to see someone explain HOW THINGS CAN GET DONE to change some direction in the school systems
    There is still sway in LOCAL Districts.
    Most weak-kneed administrators do not LIKE to be put on the spot....
    We the People can still be HEARD, if we get off our Duffs and go public
    My recent post Is this Constitutional? Who knows or cares?

  • 28th Amendment!!

    "Or to the people" I believe this phrase is the basis for majority rule. Something the courts (sometimes at the whim of a single judge) routinely ignore and dismiss. The judicial branch has become tyrannical and out-of-control. Congress has the power to abolish courts. They should use it. I'm also in favor of reconfirmation of justices, all the way up to the SCOTUS! Remember, reconfirmation is based on performance and not rhetoric!

  • Kate

    Excuse me, but I don't call social security an entitlement or welfare. My husband and I have been paying them money every time we earn a penny!!! We will never get back all we have paid in! If the government wouldn't have mismanaged the money there would be tons of it in there. If this were a private business that took our money, mismanaged it, and I can never get back my principal there would be law suits and investigations like crazy! I am not going to take this money as welfare. After all it is my money that I am taking out!!!! If the government wants to give me my money back I would welcome it!!! Even without the interest I would have made over the last 30 years.

  • reginald zenkewich

    The X Amendment is a bunch of baloney when the President Obamanation and all of Congress and the Senate want to twist it to what they want it to mean. These elected representatives are the most cowardly yellow backed bunch of ass kissers that ever were elected to represent The People!

  • Mamaduck

    I would just like to know why none of these crooks are being charged....and I'm including the main stream media in that! They are more guilty of stealing the truth of this presidency than anyone else. Are they so hard up for a pay check they would sell their souls for a lie?

  • Ballistic45

    Three things have to happen to destroy America from within.

    First- Destruction of its Economy by over burdening it with Entitlements and bureaucratic Red Tape.
    Second- To start the Circumventing of the Constitution while also starting moves to disarm the citizenry.
    Third- To Disarm the Citizens then revamp the Constitution to reflect the Marxist Agenda..

  • catfish

    General Welfare was intended for natural disasters. No intent was ever meant to take care of freeloaders. We have these idiots in charge that don't know the definition of general, only welfare.

  • Kevin in TN

    This is a very good article on the 10th Amendment, a much-ignored but not quite forgotten (thank God) CONSTITUTIONAL provision. Based on this article and in reference to a much earlier article (re. winners/losers in GOP second round), I must ask the obvious: Isn't polygamy indeed up to the states ? I suspect many will pillory me. Polygamy is disgusting and wrong. But in our CONSTITUTIONAL system (esp. 10th Amendment) this is one of many decisions left to State governments/voters. Anything else is "big government conservatism". So, Paul was right on that, and Santorum was wrong, CONSTITUTIONALLY speaking.

  • Denny

    Forget it that our colleges will teach Constut Law!
    They are all liberal left! Left over from protesting the VN war!

  • Libertarian58

    How do people actually get into journalism when they can't read or understand plain English??

  • Downs1

    English is a great language! Lawyers love it, because they can twist words and phrases to change the original meaning from what the writers intended. Good reason to know the rules of grasmmar and to employ them when writing a law or a constitution. Men who are intellectually honest will interpret the writing correctly; however, there are those who are dishonest and will employ deceit and other tactics to make the language of the law say politically what they wish it to say. That's too bad, because when you start to lie, it eventually comes back to destroy you.



  • http://wildblue C. Derr

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with someone disagreeing with my constituition but when they take action to disregard the same and force me to abandon what most of us hold dear, there are going to be some serious issues to deal with. If you want to live in this country, then adhere to the constituition or get the hell out. It has served us quite well for 231 years so i say ,if it isn`t broke, don`t fix it. It`s well past time that all AMERICANS stand up and pay attention to what is happening to our country and get ready to defend her with your life if necessary. Most of us know who the enemy is and if you don`t, you need to start asking some questions and educating yourself. Lets go America.

  • Gary Cook

    This nonsense is precisely why we need to elect a true Constitutional Conservative presidential candidate like Michele Bachmann. Perry and Romney have already proven by their past performance, that they will continue this type of language-spin if elected.

  • http://wildblue C. Derr

    You are absolutely right Mr. Cook. The only candidates that we should vote for is Michelle Bachman, Ron Paul or Sara Palin. Any one of them is a good choice.

  • prsmith

    Sorry, that's not true. The Constitution is a construct of the States and it is they who control the central government. We The People, in turn, control our States per the State Constitutions which WE ratified. We should be (figuratively) beating the hell out of our State legislators to do the job they were hired to do and get the central government in control!

  • Mindy

    “With respect to the two words ‘general welfare,’
    I have always regarded them as qualified
    by the detail of powers connected with them.
    To take them in a literal and unlimited sense
    would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution
    into a character which there is a host of proofs
    was not contemplated by its creators.”
    — James Madison in a letter to James Robertson

  • mikey

    If you have an Agenda you can Read the Law until you find the words you want and redefine them to say what your Agenda Proposes. Never mind that the Language and Meanings are around two hundred years old and are confusing to our present day Vocabulary. We should remember to keep in mind what the Authors intended them to mean.

  • saajoo

    The worse our job situation gets in this country, the louder the unions holler for more pay. They should shut up and be thankful to even have a job. And because of the unions, we have lost thousands of jobs in the first place. In a local car part supplier nearby, a large plant employing hundreds, the sweeper make over 45 dollars an hour and that was 10 years ago. That plant has gone to Mexico, but no one who lost their job is hollering at the union bosses. I wonder why. Alot are now on welfare and not even looking for a job. Of course this area I live in is over 50% black, so getting on welfare is way tooooo easy. Welfare is one of the worst things ever undertaken in this country. It was never intended to be a JOB. I saw kids at school where I taught for 30 years, laughing about having to take tests, or being held back, etc. They were only there to eat and visit. Welfare, the word, has been corrupted in thought, and I doubt that we can ever make some people believe that it was intended to give a hand up, not a hand out. Vote all the democrats out and lets start over. God Bless America and the troops....my sons are marines....ooooh rah.

  • R Stone

    Well it is also clear from this that the states are to help each other from enemies that attack us in any way. We ARE under attack and it is the high jacked office of the president being used by the bankster corporate monster to bring a police state.
    So the people of the states need to band together and fight in every peaceful way , to expose them, and resist their attacks on liberties, business on every front

  • Rev. Alvin Cordes

    Crazy traitors will be crazy traitors, after they are blasphemers.

  • randall

    After 9/11 - watching the 'mainstream media' and doing intense research on Islam - I realized that ALL DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS ARE LIARS, HYPOCRITES AND WHORES. The everyday Democrat - our neighbors and family and co-workers - are brainwashed ignorant dupes who don't even know what the issues are. And the politicians - and their media collaborators - are doing everything they can to keep it that way. I left the Democrat party, became Independent - follow the Tea Party, and spread the word to everybody, and to Hell with the Dem/Socialist/Progressive-Socialists who think they have the better way.

  • spxz

    I carry with me, a nice little booklet containing the Constitution and the Declaration of independence. It is amazing how many times I have shut off ridiculous drivil from the mouths of those claiming to be 'experts' when they recite ridiculous attributions to the Constitution. (Many claims of 'Constitutional authority' are actually lines from the Declaration of Independence). What is pathetically funny is how many people mindlessly recite talking points that are written by equally mindless morons who never check original sources or are trying to spread perverted interpretations of simple language.
    Today, we have politicians who routinely lie to us, fabricate their own interpretations of our Constitution, disregard laws they find inconvenient, and completely disregard the specific limitations of power as specified in our Constitution. Yet Congress does nothing. The House must defund the salaries of the 'Czars' (who do not answer to Congress or the people), and also defund the various agencies who have been ordered to far overstep their assigned authority. We also need term limits in both houses. There are two words that must never appear in the same sentence. 'Career' and 'politician'.

  • Will

    What a complete idiot, a real LIBERAL ! !

  • skipfoss

    The tenth amendment means just what it say's ,the states have the power to shut down government spending ,it does not give the US government the right to take from the rich and give to the poor. As a matter of fact they are actually to ask the states what they can set for tax percentages.This stupid half breed that liberls call president is supposedly a constitutional expert (which I have failed to see) ,if he would release his records on his education which we probably paid for we could actually find out if he was educated in any thing. All I have heard from him is what he learned from Saul Lewincy and Pivon and bunch,the same old communist BS that his white trash communist whore mother taught him and his Muslim education while he was in his HOME country of Kenya

  • Jim Welch

    And, which presidential candidate do you think would do the best job in restoring the original intend of the Founders expressed in the Constitution?

    Don't you think it would be to not only your advantage, but to the advantage of the nation for you to support him?

  • Iceman47

    The language of the Constitution of the United States of America clearly spells out who does what to who, so to speak and explains the limitations placed on those resposibilities. Publius clearly explained the whys and wherefores of the critics concerns during the ratification process. Over the years, pundits who thought they were far more intelligent than the Framers and with a boat load of special interests in tow, managed to convince people that what the Framers had in mind wasn't really what they meant and that they meant something else.
    Well, we are paying for this arrogance and self serving behavior today. We must get back to basics and return this country to who it was intended for. "We the People".

  • http://Knightsofgod.org Morgan Stone

    My friends: It seems we are focusing on the wrong things. Instead of talking of the ever increasing injustices and wrong doing, we should be asking what we can do to put an end to all of this wickedness. What would George Washington and Thomas Jefferson do in our situation?

  • Melik

    That's why charities exist and are exempt from paying tax on the money or resources that they use to help people because it's not the responsibility of government to care for people. The only purpose of government is instituted, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, is to secure our rights so we can take care of ourselves.

  • Larry D. Swicegood

    The problem we have with our leaders today, in conparison to our founding leaders, is todays leaders are not as smart as our founders. While our founders looked after the peoples general welfare, todays leaders are only interested in their own general welfare and the political power for their own political agenda. Mr. Obama, it's time for you and your liberal left buddies to go back home and get yourselves a real job to see how real Americans live. Life in America is not in Washington, or the halls of congress, but in the small local communities through out this country. You guys have no idea as what America is all about. So to you I say, "GET A LIFE AND LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE."

  • subdjoe

    About the "general welfare" clause, by the author:

    ""With respect to the two words 'general welfare,' I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators." --James Madison

    I think that says all that needs to be said about it.

  • johnny

    warren buffoonet,is just that.My,MY isn't easy to be gracious when your loaded.All these left wing extremist losers like buffet,run their mouths about taxes,but I don't see them sending in extra in excess of [quote],their fair share.No they think we the people who make this country strong should pay,to support those that refuse to contribute to society and have the idea that their owed a living because they were born here and those that aren;t even citizens.Buffet feels so strongly about it he might invite some of these unfortunate individuals to come live with him.after all isn't that the American way Warren?

  • jimpeel

    "I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on the objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents." 

    -- James Madison (1751-1836), Father of the Constitution for the USA, 4th US President

  • JT

    This is why the 17th amendment should be repealed. The States no longer have any representation in the Federal Government. That was the original concept of the Senate. Congress represented the interests of the people, the Senate represented the interests of the States. Then when a bill came through and passed, it would be an agreement of the people and the States.