Obama Finds Another Muslim Brotherhood Group To Arm

What could possibly go wrong? From our President:

“I hereby find that the furnishing of defense articles and defense services to the Federal Republic of Somalia will strengthen the security of the United States and promote world peace.”

Thus wrote Obama to Secretary of State John Kerry. The idea that Obama has “found” that arming the group currently occupying Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia—or rather, the “capital” of “Somalia,” a territory under various opposed governments/gangs—will promote “world peace” is almost funny. Despite the lack of sovereignty over more than a tiny fraction of the land of Somalia, Western powers are acting like the “election” of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as “President” is some kind of “great step forward.”

This is, at best, a huge gamble where our President has more or less become a dictator and kingmaker overseas. Did the Founding Fathers envision a nation state with a single popularly elected leader who could send money and weapons to favored nations to help those governments overcome all opposition? The New American points out that the memo shows no sign of how Obama can claim this sort of authority:

“It was not immediately clear what section or language in the Constitution the president believes would authorize arming the leftist Somali regime or any other foreign governments. However, as Obama has made clear throughout his administration — in both foreign and domestic policy — the Supreme Law of the Land appears to be of little concern. Like previous presidents, the current White House occupant has been lawlessly arming and training various regimes and militant groups around the world despite the lack of any constitutional authority to do so.”

This is bad enough, but the new “Somali” regime is not just leftist. It is associated with al-Islah, Somalia's branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. We are assured that the new president is a “moderate” Islamist, but it is not clear what “moderate” means other than: willing to support US objectives with US weapons, training, and money.

Just a reminder of what we all know: Christians in the Middle East are getting persecuted in new and more horrible ways thanks to “the Arab Spring” and US support for Sunni-related terrorist regimes. In Egypt, under their Muslim Brotherhood regime, churches are being destroyed and Christians murdered. Syria had a long tradition of tolerating Christians, but now they are fleeing for refuge to churches and monasteries in Turkey, to escape persecution from the “Muslim extremists” who are the Syrian rebels. These are the same rebels the CIA is working with the Muslim Brotherhood to arm.

So now we’re arming the same ideology in Somalia to bring about “world peace.” Seriously.

For the record, I’m not saying I care what branch of Islam governs in what part of the region we call Somalia. What I am saying is that it is not our business, and we can use the money at home. My suggestion would be that Obama cease trying to arm any Muslim Brotherhood faction and, at the same time, desist trying to disarm his own people.



  • Screeminmeeme

    This is going to keep happening. Obama is thoroughly committed to the Muslim Brotherhood and its goal to see all nations living under the rule of Islam and sharia law.

    Our government officials are lying to the American people about the so called non-violent and secular nature of the Muslim Brotherhood,...that it has 'reformed' (This is in spite of what has happened to the burgeoning democracy in Egypt since Morsi, a MB member, won the election). Either our elected officials are blithering idiots, or they are intentionally involved in a national disinformation and propaganda campaign designed to mislead the American people.

    Keep in mind...this remains the motto of the ''reformed'' Muslim Brotherhood:

    Allah is our objective
    The Prophet is our leader
    The Quran is our law
    Jihad is our way
    Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope

    If you want to deepen your knowledge base about Islam and the MB as well as strengthen your resolve to fight it, go here for an in depth presentation of the facts. Videos 2,8, and 9 in particular are about the MB penetration of government agencies and how Obama is aiding and abetting them.


  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/CfsINEYDoex3fXYF.FLFCPOcXaFQros-#f30f8 jong

    Once again the CIA is not arming people this time and there is no evidence to prove this. However, people that we have armed are such as Jordan and Saudi Arabia while Assad gets help from Iran. And you also missed the point that Obama did not give help to Ethiopia which is fighting Al-Shabab in this region

    • Shane

      Sequester the Muslim Brotherhood
      To: President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, and the U.S. Congress
      American taxpayers should not fund Shariah dictatorships under any circumstances, much less when America’s military faces deep budget cuts. All U.S. funding to Egypt should be cut until the Sequester is ended and Egypt demonstrates through its actions – not just its words – that it is our ally, not our enemy.
      Click here: http://aclj.org/radical-islam/sequester-muslim-brotherhood

  • KellyKAFIR

    I so hate this guy!! He is doing everything he can to destroy our country. I don't see how we are going to survive him!

  • Carl Goss

    Total nonsense. The arms were shipped to stabilize the existing government. The president declared it was in the best interests of the US to ship the arms. It had nothing to do with arming any Islamic group nor was it intended for that purpose.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Right...wink wink.

  • joshuasweet

    With Obama admitting his travels to "Pakistan while it was in turmoil in 1981 and ruled of martial law. Millions of Afghan refugees were living in Pakistan, while the Afghan Mujahedeen
    operated from bases inside Pakistan in their war with the Soviets. One
    of the leaders that based his operation in Quetta, Pakistan was Usama
    Bin Laden (The Sheik).
    Pakistan was on the banned travel list for US Citizens at the time and all non-Muslim visitors were not welcome unless sponsored by their embassy for official business.
    The would be only a few reasons a young Westerner of the Muslim faith would travel to Pakistan in 1981:
    To Participate in Jihad, which is the duty of every “True Believer”.
    For religious education in a Wahabbi sect, Saudi funded, Madrassa.
    In order to purchase drugs from the drug marketplace.
    Pakistan was not a tourist stop nor the place to hang out with someone’s family in 1981."
    Could this be why Obama is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood world wide he is one of the following?

  • http://twitter.com/billcasey46 Bill Casey Sr.

    You need to get these stories out of the computer and into the mainstream media. Expecting us to get this stuff out there is useless. Only subscribers are getting this detail , and facebook and twitter . That isn't enough. you've got to get these stories on Television.

  • babsan

    Our Muslim Dictator will spend us into oblivion ,arm all Muslim Terrorists so the take over will be swift and bloody when him and his Pals The Muslim Brotherhood are ready

  • jrcooke

    Well, we were warned! Whether liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, real people or Muslim, the Indonesian Idiot told us in his "biography" that when things get tight or hot or difficult, he would stand with his Muslim brothers. [To any Trolls out there, don't bother telling me "Oh, that's not a quote!" If it were a word-for-word quote, I would have said so.] And here we have in the news - again - that the Kenyan Klutz is supporting one brand after another, one chapter after another, one variety after another of aggressive, overbearing, fascist ragheads. So, once again I ask - What are we going to do? Talk the matter to death? (And I ask it not to be snotty but because I am getting more nervous and more worried about any course of action that MUST be taken in the near-term future.) I never have been one for confrontation, neighbors. Just hope and pray I've got what it takes though to stand up the the Hawaiian homo when the time comes.

  • mydogpopo

    Please do something.....please...someone

  • mydogpopo

    Make your aim true.........

  • john4637

    I don't have much to say about this, I probably have too much venom built up inside, so all I want to say is this. Piracy on the high seas and Blackhawk down!! I don't even want to imagine the amount of venom this action taken by this Marxist cretin Obama will create in myself and others!!

  • Randy Renu

    PORTLAND, Oregon (Reuters) - A Somali-American man was found guilty on Thursday of trying to blow up a Christmas-tree lighting ceremony in Oregon using a fake bomb supplied to him by undercover agents posing as Islamist militants, the public defender's office said.

    Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a naturalized U.S. citizen and former Oregon State University student,
    faces a possible life term in prison on his conviction on a charge of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction linked to the 2010 plot.

    Mohamud was arrested after attempting to use his cell phone to remotely detonate an artificial car bomb planted in a van parked near a downtown Portland square crowded with thousands of people
    attending the ceremony the day after Thanksgiving.

    No one was hurt, and authorities say the public was never in real danger.

    During a three-week trial in U.S. District Court in Portland, defense attorneys argued that their client was charged with a crime that was essentially the creation of overzealous law enforcement

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Ethan Knight has said that the college student made "a single and remarkable choice" to "take the lives of thousands of people he had never met before."

  • fideux

    I hope all of the dumbasses that voted for this traitor are happy with themselves. There is no justification for virtually anything this idiot does. It just totally flies in the face of reason (or at least what would benefit Americans)