Can The GOP Win Back the Senate in 2014?

At the moment, the US Senate is controlled by the Democrats who hold 53 of the 100 seats.  Republicans hold 45 of the 100 seats and two remaining seats are held by Independents who are really Democrats who don’t want to admit it.

In order for the GOP to gain control of the Senate, they would have to win 5 additional seats in the 2014 election.  In today’s political climate, that may be a daunting task, but as we all know, political climates can change almost overnight because of just one event.

One thing that may give the GOP a ray of hope in 2014 is that six current Democratic senators have announced that they are retiring at the end of their terms in 2014.  Sen. Max Baucus from Montana is the latest make such announcement.  Other states with retiring Democratic senators are Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, South Dakota and West Virginia.

One thing that could sway the election toward the GOP side is gun control.  Even though President Barack Obama keeps trying to convince the American people that over 90% of the people want more gun control, it’s just not true.  I suspect his poll was taken from a high Democratic inner city that is also largely ethnic.

In New York, support for Gov. Andrew Cuomo has dropped drastically in the past month or so and it has been largely attributed to his strong anti-gun laws that he rammed through the state’s congress.  According to the Siena College poll, his overall support has dropped from 72% to 62% stateside.

However, in upstate New York, his support has dropped.  The Siena College Poll asked voters if they would prefer to see Cuomo re-elected or would they support someone else.  A month ago, 45% of upstaters said they would favor Cuomo and 47% said someone else.  In the most recent poll, only 34% of upstaters say they would favor Cuomo and 57% said they would favor someone else.

If Cuomo is taking a big hit due to his anti-gun and anti-constitutional laws, the same should be happening to all of the Democrats that voted for the gun control laws last week.  Once the people begin to realize that these men and women are violating the US Constitution by passing stricter gun laws that will have no significant impact on the amount of violent crime, I expect to see their support begin to dwindle.

This needs to be a key campaign issue with every Republican running for office in 2014.  They need to hammer the public with ads telling them that they’re Democratic senators and representatives are destroying the Constitution and the very foundations of America.  They need to be labeled as the traitors and criminals they are.  Then maybe, just maybe the GOP will be able to pick up 5 more seats in the Senate and change the way business is done in Washington.



  • James White, M.D.

    Good article, Dave, to which I really only wish to make one comment: "from your lips, to God's ear."

    Many years ago, I had a country philosopher patient who told me this: "doc, 'hope' in one hand, pee in the other, and see which one fills up first." In America, 50% pay no taxes, almost that percent are "on the dole", and "thinking people" are roughly equal to the number of hemophiliacs in the population. All that awaits this nation, unless God Almighty decides to intervene--yes, miracles do happen--is the final paperwork, which will be about economics and decline, and civil disobedience as some point. Dominus vobiscum.

    • Ted Crawford

      I, saddly share your pessimism James. Since november 6, 2012 two phrases have been predominant in my thoughts; Event Horizion and Nostrum Fortunia Est Paro!

  • George J

    I think the Republicans can take the Senate in 2014, my question is what kind of Senate will we have then? Will the Republican Establishment run a bunch of milquetoast middle of the road Mitt Romney types, who just want to go along to get along? Will Mitch McConnell suddenly grow a backbone once he is anointed Senate Majority leader?
    Or will, as has so often happened in the past, the new Republican majority in the House and the Senate simply sit on their thumbs and continue to let the minority party set the agenda, and control the narrative?

    If that is the kind of Senate and Senate Majority Leader we can look forward to, I say, let the Democrats keep the Senate (and you might as well give them the House too!).

    • seravo

      George, I think people here understand where you are coming from though I doubt many are ready to throw in the towel. So far everyone seems to be observing and waiting, and there hasn't been any real push back so far. I don't think it is over by a long shot.

    • Chuck

      The majority of the country is now solidly socialist and they wiil add another 12,000,000 plus through amnesty. That makes the Democrats a permanent majority and leaves the Republicans as a 'loyal opposition' party. They were destroyed by the Tea Party bashing and splintering their own candidates. Poor candidates lost seats in the Senate and there is little hope of regaining any ground, except in unusual situations. They elected a Canadian-American to the Senate from Texas. Even though he was everything they said they were against. Rafael Cruz was born in Canada in 1970 to an American mother and immigrant Cuban father, he attended Harvard Law School, and has never held public office. At one time he represented the Peoples Republic of China in DC, he has denied that association many times, but court documents prove otherwise.

      • George J

        Chuck, you do a great job of parroting DNC talking points, but most people here are too well informed to fall for that kind of B.S. Also the law says that anyone born to American parent(s) even if they are out of the country is an American citizen, unless the parent or the person themselves decide otherwise. That is why the whole "birther" argument was so stupid.

    • Gary

      It really doesn't matter who takes the Senate or the House. They are all One Party working for George Soros. Take them all out and hang them for Treason!

    • Bobseeks

      You are right - if we get a bunch of big government Republicans, we might as well have democrats. The only way things are going to change is if we get people in office who have a rabid hatred for government and who will work to dismember the malignant government we now have.

    • Ted Crawford

      We clearly didn't do ourselves or our cause any favors with the Crying Ohioian in the House did we!

    • Ann Rand

      You are sooo right... Let's hope they have learned something. If not, shame on us for electing them.

  • Bobseeks

    It is a shame that America has fallen so low that there can be any doubt that the democrats will be thrown out of office in 2014. The democrat party is the greatest evil that the world has seen since satan approached Eve in the Garden of Eden. By attempting to extinguish the lights of freedom and Christianity. the democrats, with the help of tens of millions of human vermin, are poised at the very brink of dragging the entire world down into the moral abyss and a new Dark Ages of totalitarian government.

    • seravo

      Bob, don't you think if they are headed there anyway, maybe we should just give them hell (at the polls) sooner than expected?

  • seravo

    We can only hope, but it is looking more possible as time goes on. The midterm elections this time around will, I believe, serve as a bellweather toward where we will be by the next Presidential election. The political cycle we are in must be broken. Continuance of the path we are on is self-destructive.

  • j dare

    I think the Obama empire is on the verge of crumbling into a pile of rubble and some leftwing nuts are beginning to realize it and are trying to appear sane and conservative just a little bit so that after the crash, they can point to some of their most recent comments and say "I'm with you. I'm not with Obama!"
    Example: Bob Beckle and Bill Maher amongst others.
    I think it's possible and will keep hoping for change. LOL

  • j dare

    Really, think about it. What's the democrat party stand for now. Their tired old education, old people, children, women, blacks, Hispanics, poor they claim they care so much about, yet they are causing misery for all these people. Taxing everybody or thing that moves.

    still high unemployment
    live birth murders
    free birth control for rich young college girls paid for by old people, children, women, blacks, Hispanics, poor
    disability claims going through the roof.
    homes prices still underwater with little improvement despite low interest rates
    terrorist attacks still going on
    fast and furious mystery
    Benghazi mystery
    gas prices still almost doubled
    printing $80 billion per month and stealing the value of our savings (stealing from old people)
    a ruined health care system that almost 70% of the people didn't want.
    God removed from the democrat platform
    do I really need to go on?
    Can the Republicans take over the senate? I think it's possible, especially if more TEA Party and Libertarian conservatives run for office.

  • HarryTC

    Why does anyone care? The RepublicanRINO's wouldn't do anything different anyway. Until there is a legitimate third Party, here is no hope for this Country! There isn't a new tax that a Democrat or a Republican will vote against. They are becoming just like the Democrats,

    What ever Mr. Obama says, he will do the opposite! This was what I was told five years ago by someone. When the President( Mr. Obama) was pushing ObamaCare, he stated on many occasions, that it (ObamaCare), "wouldn't cost middle class one dime". He later stated that he would not raise taxes on the middle class, another statement he stated "He would work with both Party's to reduce the deficit", later stating he would not take away our second amendment rights. I now read that Biden has stated that Mr. Obama will act more like a dictator and use "executive orders to eliminate the Second Amendment.
    The scariest revaluation from Mr. O, a statement of "I am not a Dictator", now that we see more clearly the meaning of his words, we now know his intent.

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    Republicans can win Senate elections in 2014, if they keep moving to the Right on candidate selection, and their picks are unflawed candidates who are good honest men. They cannot run irrational fanatics. State's Rights and Economic Conservatism are paramount to controlling Social Issues, and that needs to be the focus when vetting candidates. Focusing on Social Issues to the exclusion of other issues nets oddball fanatics, not rational problem solvers. Our country needs honest rational problem solvers who will down-size our bloated Federal Government and move control back to the people on the State and Local levels.

    • Gail Filerino


  • VanceJ

    I don't think so, not with all the nuts who vote for this regime, they haven't had enough yet.

  • Fleendar the magnificent

    If we want to save our 2nd amendment, we had better. If the dems take over majority on both sides, they'll go for the throat.

    • Gail Filerino

      America will be finished. There will be blood in the streets. Obama will go fir a 3rd term and the law abiding citizens of this country will be massacred.

      • Fleendar the magnificent

        I agree. People NEED to see and understand this document online: The 45 declared goals of the United States communist party. Circa 1963. This document outlines their plans since 63, one of which was to take over 1 of the 2 political parties of the USA, and they did. The democratic party. Now, they're working on the Republican party as well. Another goal is to make all people believe that the UN is mankind's only hope of survival and to surrender our sovereignties over to them.
        People need to see this. It's massive and has had 50 years to be implemented gradually into American society. It's all here NOW!

        • Ted Crawford

          This should have been plain when in 2012, CPUSA declared they had no need to field a Candidate and instead threw all their support and money behind Obama's re-election!

      • Ted Crawford

        Even as Churchill warned; "...You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves"
        There is no need to include the first portions of his statement, we passed that point on November 6, 2012!

    • Ted Crawford

      Never mind the Second Amendment, the Progressive goal is to shread the entire Constitution within the next decade!

  • Ted R. Weiland

    Dave Jolly: "They need to hammer the public with ads telling them that they’re
    Democratic senators and representatives are destroying the Constitution
    and the very foundations of America."

    Dave, it's true that they may be destroying the Constitution, but it's the Constitution that destroyed America's true 1600 Christian foundations. I appreciate your passion. But how I wish you would turn and use it for the Kingdom. In trying to save the Republic, Christians (if that's what you are) have all but lost the kingdom to the antichrists and non-Christians.

    For more, see "5 Reasons the Constitution is Our Cutting-Edge Issue" at

    • Gail Filerino

      I agree they need to be conservative constitutionalist.. They need to declare boldly the the liberal leftist democrat party is now THE COMMUNIST PARTY DESTROYING AMERICA & OUR CONSTITUTION.
      They need to call on all Americans to come and fight for FREEDOM FROM THE TYRANNY OF THE DEMOCRATS.
      That are taking our guns, our family values our freedom of speech. They need to talk about 90 Million people unemployed.

  • mudguy1

    If they keep listening McLame, Spineless Graham and Carl Rove and they keep Reince Priebus as RNC chairman.They will lose the Senate. They will not gain any seats in the House as long as Bone Head Boehner is speaker of the house.

  • ste1021

    If the Republicans follow Rubio's lead and vote for amnesty, they not only won't take the Senate, but will no doubt lose the House. They will of course, be irrelevent on the national level.

  • jerry1944

    I don't think they can being they want to be more mod in there thinking. rove and mc cain, grammice , and a few leaders of the gop don't like the Tea Party are conservatives. The gop cave on so many things. And now they want to let illegals cross our borders. They don't even want to protect our borders really. Just let the illegals that broke the laws already stay. No I don't see how they even expect to win. If I have to and they put up mods I will vote 3rd party. I want hole my nose to vote for someone I don't like. But the gop don't want to win is why they put Romney the father of healthcare up for pres

  • Jay Markes

    The GOP in control of the Senate only makes sense if the TEA Party controls the GOP.

  • Gail Filerino

    I think they can but the need to stick to conservative constitutional values and they need to speak boldly. They need to relate to people how the liberal leftist democrats ARE NOW THE COMMUNIST PARTY. THE LIBS COMMUNIST PARTY WANTS TO TAKE
    4 TAXES RAIN, THE INTERNET anything they can tax
    5 TAKE YOUR GOOD HEALTHCARE FOR obamcare that doesn't wk.
    6 TAKE AWAY FREE SPEECH politically correct
    THEY need to show people how S. DAKOTA'S booming with the oil. We need oil and how billions if dollars lost in green energy. THEY NEED TO CALL ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO HELP THEM FIGHT THIS COMMUNIST REGIME. TO HELP THEM FIGHT FOR FREEDOM AGAINST THE TYRANNY OF OBAMA.
    They need to tell America how the flood if immigrants has hurt our economy, it has hurt Americans chances of work.
    They also need to get boots on the ground in Black & hispanic neighborhoods explaining freedom & liberty & family. Our core valued.

  • dominke

    G.O.P. are out to lunch. They have caved on almost everything since illegal invaded the white house. Look at all investigation criminal charges brought by G.O.P.,nothing folks. It sounds like many have sounded hope and change Obama had in 2008. Hope and change,with prayer is used up folks. If we want country backs we can't play nice anymore. We have been to many fights with water pistols and democrats are using cannons. We are backed into corner and know it is fight or turn your FAMILY into slaves and your country into 3rd world status and bow down to KING OBAMA.

  • tncdel

    EFF the GOP's political ambitions. Will gaining control of the senate make the GOP finally take action to remove the usurper?

    Obama's social security number failed E-Verify, and anyone with enough intelligence to follow the simple instructions of this video can prove to themselves beyond any doubt that the document Obama claims is his birth certificate was amateurishly created using Adobe layering techniques. Please see:

    Obama should be PROSECUTED and removed from office. A non-U.S. citizen is not constitutionally-entitled to impeachment proceedings.

  • Joseph Jack

    Would be nice to take it back. If we don't this country will be in worse than bad shape. I see problems for this president with the boston bombings, our 4 dead heros and Islam.

  • Louis Zakar


  • tsmiths

    The Tea Party is making three major mistakes: The first is its effort to “take out” Republicans who aren’t considered “conservative” enough. The second is injecting itself into races Republicans could win and thereby sabotaging Republican efforts to win those races. The third is driving people away with their stridency, thereby narrowing their voter base instead of expanding it.

    Look at the US Senate races in 2010 and 2012. In 2010, the Tea Party injected candidates into races which Republicans had good chances to win, yet the results were disasters. In the 2010 races:

    Colorado –Ken Buch (TP) beat GOP candidate Jane Norton in the primary then lost the general election to Michael Bennett (D) keeping the seat Democrat.

    Delaware – Christine O’Donnell (TP) beat GOP candidate Mike Castle in the primary then lost the general election to Chris Cooms (D) keeping the seat Democrat. At the time of this election, this seat was held by Ted Kaufman (D) who was appointed to replace Joe Biden after he was elected VP.

    Nevada – Sharron Angle (TP) beat GOP candidate Sue Lowden in the primary then lost the general election to Harry Reid (D) keeping the seat Democrat and Reid as Senate Majority Leader. The Tea Party got Harry Reid reelected.

    In the 2012 US Senate Race in Indiana, Richard Mourdock (TP) beat incumbent Republican US Senator Richard Lugar in the primary then lost the general election to Joe Donnelly, a Blue-Dog Democrat. It was Colorado, Delaware and Nevada all over again, only this time, we lost a Republican seat.

    The Tea Party candidates won the primaries because their hyper-conservatism appealed to the more conservative Republicans who outnumbered the moderate and liberal ones. However, the Tea Party candidates lost the general elections because their voter base was too narrow. Moderates, liberals and Democrats wouldn’t vote for them.

    Look what happens when we have Republican candidates who can draw from a bigger base.

    In New Hampshire, the Senate seat was held by Republican Senator Judd Gregg who was
    retiring. Kelly Ayotte, the GOP candidate and a more moderate conservative defeated Ovide Lamontagne (TP) in the primary. Ayotte got 48K (38%); Lamontagne got 47K (37%). But in the general election, Ayotte got (60%) and Paul Hodes (D) got only (36.8%).

    Why did Ayotte do so well? Because, as a more moderate, she appealed to a broader range of voters
    and the results show it. In Colorado, Delaware, Nevada and Indiana, the Tea Party candidates made up the majority of the primary voters, but their appeal was too narrow to carry the general elections because the voters considered them too radical or just plain nuts.

    From now on, the Tea Parties should focus their attention on defeating Democrat Office holders and stay out of the way of competent Republicans who have chances to win those seats. The TPs need to understand that you need to capture the votes of a broader base of voters than your opponent. You don’t win by driving voters away with your stridency or uber-conservative purity. But, most important, you can’t do anything in public office unless you win the general elections.

    • jerry1944

      They put in good candidate but the rinos gop are should I say the mods that put Romney the father of healthcare up wouldn't back them and are the ones that caused them to lose. I want vote for another JUST a gop candidate no matter what

  • Lawrence Ekdahl

    Do you really expect there will be any change i f the GOP wins the senate? They have not done anything worthwhile with their majority in the house. When they took control in2010 the y could have stopped all deficit spending. The house controls the purse strings. Even now they can defund Obamacare and many other uncostitutional laws if they truly believe in their oath to uphold and defend the constitution. I for one don't believe there will be any change.

  • LetsJustVoidTheBillOfRights

    Not a snowball's chance in Hell of winning... UNLESS We-The-People TAKE BACK CONTROL of MONITORING the COLLECTION and COUNTING of the votes. Any questions? Any questions at all?

  • geneww1938

    It would be a dream come true if "Republicans" without any RINOs were to attain control of Congress. Unfortunately, the RINO's have sold their souls to the NeoCons or the One World Order.
    Life is too Short and eternity too Long to be wrong about God, His Bible, Jesus and Salvation.