Benghazi Whistleblowers Threatened By Obama Administration

The fiasco surrounding the attack last year of the US Consulate in Benghazi has all of the makings of another Watergate cover-up.  As information continues to leak out, it appears that President Barack Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton not only lied to the American people about what happened, but they may have broken a number of federal and possibly international laws that they are trying to desperately cover up.

Even though the US has federal laws to protect whistleblowers, it seems that the Obama administration has been threatening the whistleblowers concerning Benghazi, adding to their list of crimes.

According to the latest reports, at least four people from the State Department and CIA have or are obtaining legal counsel to protect themselves.  All four individuals are career federal workers who are preparing to testify before Congress and present them with sensitive information regarding the events connected with the Benghazi attack.

One of those four has retained the services Victoria Toensing, a former official with the Justice Department and a Republican counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee.  She is not releasing the name of her client, but did tell Fox News:

“I'm not talking generally, I'm talking specifically about Benghazi – that people have been threatened, and not just the State Department. People have been threatened at the CIA.”

In her interview below, Toensing says that her client has information that contradicts what the Accountability Review Board reported.  The client’s information covers what happened prior, during and after the attack on the consulate and it all differs what we have been told.

She went on to say that her client and others at both the State Department and CIA have been told that if they talk that they may as well retire because they’ll never get that next promotion and things like that.  This is a clear violation of the federal laws to protect whistleblowers.

Toensing also says that State Department officials have lied to the general public when they recently stated that they have received no requests from any lawyers to allow them to receive classified information.  She has copies of two requests that were sent to them from her prior to the State Department’s statement.  Her client cannot release any of the classified information until they and the attorneys have been cleared to do so and the State Department is purposely not clearing them which is also a violation of federal law.

The Boston bomber was given access to attorneys within hours after being captured and these attorneys are being paid for by taxpayers.  Toensing is handling this case free of charge but cannot receive the necessary clearance to talk with her client.  She points out that the law says that whistleblowers have the right to legal counsel, but in this case, the State Department is purposely denying her client that legal right.

View Interview with attorney Victoria Toensing here.

The Watergate scandal resulted in the resignation of President Richard Nixon, the only president ever to resign from office.  We can only hope and pray that once the real story of Benghazi comes out and how the Obama administration has been breaking laws to cover it up that it will either lead to Obama’s resignation or his impeachment.

Obama has broken so many laws that I can no longer count them.  I don’t understand how Congress has allowed him to do so without any attempt to stop him from repeatedly breaking one federal law after another.  In reality, Obama is worse than any mob boss that ever walked the streets of America and he should be treated no differently than they have.  He needs to be arrested, convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole and without his pension for the multitude of crimes against the American people of which includes treason as defined by the United States Constitution.



  • James White, M.D.

    Think of the value of all those "whistleblower laws" as applied to the string of dead people the Clinton's left trailing behind them in their "ascent to aristocracy." Now, consider the number of already-vanished people following the current junta's "ascent to dictatorship", reportedly even including threats to Chelsea Clinton, to shut Bill Clinton up during the last election.

    One has only to ponder the purpose of the over 2 billion rounds of hollow-point ammo, and the 2700 armored vehicles purchased by the junta, to ascertain their intentions for the rest of us who will arise in protest at some near point in the future. Maintain your faith in God Almighty, and keep your powder dry, American patriots. We are long past the point of protection from "Whistleblower Laws." Dominus vobiscum.

    • patriotusa2

      Doc., I have said the same thing myself many times over. This revolution that Van Jones has talked about for so long, is in my opinion, the reason for stockpiling so much weaponry and ammunition. Something is going to come down, Jim, that will force the American people into a revolt, and Obama and his henchmen are preparing themselves for that day. Although, I am delighted that someone has finally come forward with pertinent information against our captor-in-chief, I too, think we are past the point where even the Whistleblowers will have much of an affect. This administration has almost the entire country in the clutches of liberal control.

    • texan texan

      I only have two words....poison darts. You know what I mean. Be very very careful. Got your RF micro chip yet? New and old black panthers distributing as we read. Watch yiur back.

      • Screeminmeeme

        You leftists just don't get it. We are not afraid and we will not be cowed by thinly veiled threats.

        United we stand, divided we fall. If God be for us, who can be against us?

        Whether you consider these things to be true or not is irrelevant because these rock-solid convictions drive us to oppose tyranny with great resolve and certainty.

      • jong

        You seem to reuse the same line over and over. Truly mentally deficient

    • 7papa7

      Even after these whistle blowers come forward nothing will happen because we have a bunch of chumps who are to scared to fight this evil Marxist Muslim dictator. It requires guts and a backbone and both are seriously lacking in our congress. I agree doc that we need to start packing up on ammo and be ready to move at a moments notice. We just need to make sure that the ones who claim to be with us really are and not a traitor put in by the traitors administration.

  • jong

    First of all we have everything coming to roost with Obama including this and Syria and all the domestic matters either that he has done nothing with or has screwed the pooch with. Now we have brave people willing to come forward with the truth. I would not so much be worried about the legal ramifications but, that King Barry might put out contract on them before their names are known. Stepping in the light will give them some protection, But, with the number of deaths associated with him they will always to have to look over their shoulders.

    • seb27

      Hillary is involved too! People died when Bill was President too of un- know causes.Vince Foster!

      • jong

        I seriously think Hillary was involved with that. Out of the two of them she is much more vicious.

        • ezekiel22

          Couldn't agree more. The only reason she is not president is that she has one weak spot.

        • jong

          And her muslim girlfriend knows were it is.

  • Screeminmeeme

    ''In reality, Obama is worse than any mob boss that ever walked the streets of America and he should be treated no differently than they have. He needs to be arrested, convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole and without his pension for the multitude of crimes against the American people of which includes treason as defined by the United States Constitution.''

    If found guilty of treason, he deserves nothing less than the death penalty, and should the executioner be reluctant to carry out the sentence, I'm sure there'd be a very long line of volunteers....myself included.

    • whoselineisitanyway

      @Screeminmeeme:disqus I'll be right along side of you. I can certainly put a bullet where it will do the most good. Heck, I've had to put down dogs that meant more to me that the Liar-in-Thief.

  • Bobseeks

    The soul of the democrat is the essence of evil. That evil cannot allow truth to escape. We have little hope that the truth about Benghazi will ever come out because the media is controlled by the democrats. The hope we do have is that, as powerful as the godfather of the modern democrat party (Hitler) was, his life ended by suicide in a bunker surrounded by his fellow monsters. We can only hope a similar fate awaits his spiritual descendants - the democrats.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      If things keep going down the same path that they are now, they will, one way or the other.

    • Doodlebug

      Let's not give up, that would be the very worse thing we could do. There are a few in Washington that are digging in and now with FOX News breaking the news of the one person who gave information on FOX programs and telling us that he has informaton but that the WH is NOT letting HIM TALK, gives me hope, even though obuummer denies that he knows anything about it. This is the lyingest (is that a word?) administration ever and people, SEEM TO ME, to be waking up, at least a few here and there. Can obummer really get away with this? Our representative was in our area on Monday and I went for the 1.5 hours he was here and he said that they are not giving up and I hear Lindsey Graham trying to get on top up getting to the truth.... so..... Let's not lose hope!

    • seb27

      If ,we want the media back we need to let the cpmpanies who advertise in their crappy news papers and on their communist tv stations that we the people will no longer buy their products? This would work . The Companies would loose money. But how do we organize this?

  • Randy Renu

    The "Mob" has the resources to fix any leadership issues....if there is enough money.

    I'm sure no one wants to "get-in-bed" with those guys, but I think were about as close as one can get to a criminal running this it really makes no difference.

  • WhatConstitution

    Congress isn't going to do anything about Obama because nearly all of them are just as guilty of treason for letting Obama hold office in the first place. By declaring him to be an eligible candidate they all committed treason by breaching their oath of office to support and defend the constitution. If they try to impeach Obama the truth will become blatant and all of them will go down with him and since they don't want to lose any of that precious power they have, they ignore the constitution and laws and go right on breaking them at will.

    • texan texan

      Congress has nothing to do, say about a presidential candidate being eligible. They never certified him eleibile or not. Presidential elections are not something voted on by Senor Cruz. Where do you get such info. Of course, they could impeach and all the thousands of high crimes and misdemeanors are fax blasted to them daily. Again, Obama got elected by 52% vote. All judges turned down Orly and others natural born, illegal guy suits. Threw them out. Even Supremes refused. Come up with another excuse. Pronto. Been after impeachment for 4+ years. Nada, nothng, nada

  • A concerned american

    If we are real fortunate, the Benghazi murders and the one giving orders will be brought to light. But this administration is guilty as those attacking the besieged men at the consulate in Benghazi if they deliberately block testimony and whistle blowing.
    Congress won't do anything because of Obama's pigmentation and the fear of racial backlash on their political careers. The entire bunch of politicians in DC save a few shouldn't even be in office. They are not serving the country, they are serving themselves-at our expense.

    • texan texan

      Aw John, the old tried and true race card. That's why you guys can't make any, nada, progress on the 1000 and 1000 of impeachable offenses. How sad. I, myself, think it is poison darts.

      • Taskmasterendgame

        texan texan
        Comrade you are so cute!

      • michael lawless

        dont you mean mexan texan

      • Centurian2010

        The truth really does hurt huh TT. John is absolutely correct.

  • Anthony Miller

    What else is new,if that ILLEGAL POS doesn't get his way he threatens people.It's about time those people gots some balls and spoke up then our military can go and drag him out of the White House.

  • Ripper10

    I'd be happy just to see him swinging from a rope.

    • SUSANM621


  • Clyde Griffin

    Truth, (cannot/willnot) be defeated...Lock n' load

  • texan texan

    Depends on your definition of "threat". Surely Stare and CIA have contracts that regulate divulging facts related to national security. There have been a few Federal whistleblower but they are generally associated with corporations. Issa will be investigating and he's had a lot of experience, people investigating him. So these people can speak and will why not wait. Petraeus, Clinton, Panetta, Kerry have testified and provided 1000s of documents. Hopefully, Issa has read these so he doesn't waste time. Call rand and ask him. Clinton provided written answers to all Senate and House questions. Remember the conspiracy that Patreus and Clinton would never testify. Well let's hear more. Nothi g will ever satisfy you guys. impeachable offense. For sure. Fax blast everyone.

    • whoselineisitanyway

      @ Texan Texan: You're not real, you're a troll and a ugly nasty one at that. Go back under your bridge and await your justice, because it surely will come.

      • mudguy1

        No nobody in Texas wants him. All the people that are under bridges don't want him. Real Texans are smarter than him. Maybe he needs to move to California where the rest of the fruits and the nuts are. He would fit right in with Piglose,Finless Boxless and Brown Nose.

    • michael lawless

      wake up libtard

    • Pebbles

      I pray that the Lord will open your mind and heart to the truth. What you have mentioned is dillusional at best.

  • gbandy

    It would be the standard of the Administration to hide the facts of Benghazi. I just cannot imagine how good a job they have done this far to keep the Media firmly on the cover up and also the clueless ignorant already forgetting the entire story. Now these revelations of insiders spilling the truth and also being threatened certainly is not a surprise to me. What is really going on is the Media has been 1000% in Obama's camp and soon I would expect one or two mainstream media people to also defect from the Obama camp. Now imagine the media outrage had Benghazi occurred on the Bush watch and Bush found it more important to fly off to campaign in Las Vegas the media would of gone totally wild. Again Obama gets a MSNBC pass.

    • Jim Buzzell

      CPUSA is the true puppet master now; they control both the Progressive Movement, RNC (75%) and DNC (100%) they said over 50 years ago they our take over the United States and never fire a shot of the battlefield. Communism is here folkd the only thing standing the way of the final assult is our Constitutional Republic and that is constantly being usurped by the white house and congress. Wake up America it should a call to arms!

  • Bud Slater

    Get the from your satellite or cable provider and find out the truths about what is really going on in this administration.

  • James Mcmahan


  • Benjamin Fox

    I hope these people put fear aside and tell the truth, I'm going to pray for their safety and well being. If we all do, God will back them, he loves the truth.

  • bless2live

    If I were to have knowledge that was needed to counter a enemy within my goverment, then please have me spill the beans! God Bless America! God Bless our Soldiers!

  • VanceJ

    Lying is a way of life for these people, breaking laws, What laws ? they don't apply to me, I'm king (King of fools) I DO WHAT I WANT TO DO !!!! what should happen to him and what does are two different things, congress wants the same things Obozo does or they are to gutless to move on him, perhaps afraid of being called a Racist, maybe but no excuse for their ignoring the laws he has broken as well as the laws he refuses to uphold because he does not like them. Not to mention all his cover up's.


    You left out Prosecution. NO ONE should be exempt from our Laws.

  • Luckyme52

    The worst lying and cheating administration in the history of this country

  • Ben Burton

    I will be delighted if this poem I wrote in December reaches a different end and needs updating!!!

    © Ben Burton 12-30-2012

    Twas Watergate which proved once more
    The pen is mightier than the Sworn
    With pomp and circumstance imbibed
    The deed did not, they said, but lies
    Though exile begs for sterner stuff
    The cover-up proved quite enough
    And with that vaunted victory
    The fourth estate, filled with esprit
    Entitled now to win them all
    Does cover up their leftist flaws
    Benghazi wrought a flood of lies
    Unworthy of a bloody "Why"
    Four fallen innocents ignored
    Obama's press an undead 'corpse'
    Yet, if the shoe had shifted feet
    They'd headline every word and deed
    Though cover-up once ruled the day
    With democrats in charge, that changed
    Fox News and Limbaugh stand and fight
    But are decried for being right
    Benghazigate? Don't hold your breath
    Truth won't inspire the mainstream press
    And stealing secrets always trumps four deaths

  • joshuasweet

    I want to know if the The February 17th Martyrs Brigade, that was hired to protect the Ambassador were the ones that actually carried out the killings?

  • Capt. Norman

    It seems as though the obama administration has it out for anyone that doesn't think like he does. I only wish that he would get his head out of his butt and start thinking like a real person, with morals, principles, virtues and ethically. .......I guess I can dream, can't I???

    • Bennie Stephens

      Capt. that's about all the freedoms he and the democratic party has left us .Dreams of what it was like when this country was free. Not under dictator ship. it's time for Boehner to act get off his butt and impeach this fraud from Kenya Africa in our white House. and the polititions need to wake up and help do this there all a bunch of Sponges that have been on Capital over 20 years.

  • dnav

    The reason The House of Representatives cannot hold the President (fraud president) accountable is because Congress at large is made up of both the House and the Senate, and the Senate is blocking and will continue to block every measure by the House. Also, the entire Judicial Branch of our government is effectively in Obama's back pocket, both from the Justice Department perspective and the actual high courts that matter. Finally, the CIA, FBI, DHS and every other policing agency is also beholden to Obama. He is, effectively, the Dictator of America and if it weren't for the Tea Party victories in the 2010 election cycle, all glimmer of hope would have been already lost. But as it is, we still have one small house, the House of Representatives, where reform can happen if enough good men rise up and if we turn the tables in the Senate. Once we get back to some balance in government, we need the honest statesmen and stateswomen to rise up and make new laws that limit the power in government and guarantee that no such situation as currently exists can happen again. The President and his cabinet have to be held more accountable to the people through a powerful policing/judiciary system that will not allow this usurpation of power to happen again.

    • Bennie Stephens

      I as a Native American citizen agree 100% with every word De Navarro has printed above. it is time the leadership no mater how small it is, In the house they are the ones to recall the fraud President and impeach him along with all involved.

  • Ralph Statum

    Its time we get rid of 'our muslim socialist president'. No pun intended; but he needs to go. The 'Old Huzzy" has already retired and the Train left the Station and she wasn't on it.

  • Ross Baxter

    This Dictator & Thief needs removing from office immediately. By either judicial focre or armed force, but for the good of the country and its citzenery, he MUST go, NOW!!!!!

  • Donna Worley

    Better act quickly on this, or Obama will be out of office and possibly Hillary in. We won't be able to do anything about it at that point...

  • Bennie Stephens

    Obama and his cohorts Eric Holder, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, And Hillary Clinton. These are the people involved in the cover up. But the actual culprits are Obama, Holder, Clinton. And Obama is the culprit that is still trying to keep it a cover up so as not to be proven involved. As well as Holder., and Clinton. these people are guilty as hell and they lied at all the inquests that have been done. and Hillary even insulted the integrity of the American people when questioned she made the statement when being asked about the ones killed ,she stated what difference doe's it make' well Bubba Jr. it makes a hell of a lot of difference there were Americans killed on each of the ones above mentioned watch. they were notified 3 weeks a head of the actual Raid. Your all Guilty.

  • Tony Chaney

    "The only people who dont want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide." Famous quote by the Mesiah, himself. Ooops, I guess he's telling something about himself. How long will the left keep defending this POS? WTFU.

    • grassroot

      Yup, and this is termed a " Fruedian slip," As he made right after being, " elected,".
      He was being interviewed by Geo, Stephanopolis, that leftist toady, and OBmer was droning
      on about himself, Mentioning, " My muslim faith,' at which point Goe. stupidly stopped him
      and said, " don't you mean your Christian faith?" And he says, " Oh yeah, I meant my Christian faith." Yeah, sure,, Actions speak louder and more correctly than words.

  • Whackotex

    Obama is GOD! Deal with it, the media has already anointed him & he will walk from this unscathed!

  • grassroot

    For dishonest people on power, the truth must be suppressed, or their machinations will be

  • Whackotex

    OMG! I think I almost threw up in my mouth for posting that!

  • eight11

    The Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussien Obama should be impeached or removed from office by the military! The Democrats are now becoming the new Nazi Party .

  • hughcapet

    Where are all those so-called "heroic" reporters like Bernstein & Woodward and his ilk who were all over Richard Nixon during his imperial regime? One look the other day at that presidential press briefing with Obongo and all of those cowed and yellow reporters is just shameless. Any one working for the press nowadays should be tarred and feathered. They are a blight on their once honorable profession. Disreputable and repugnant coupled with arrogance and cowardice. Journalism being taught in major universities today are a disgrace and nothing more than organs for propaganda and disinformation. Just shameful!

    • DrZarkov99

      Woodward is now a pariah, and no longer invited to the White House, after his honest look at how shallow and incompetent Obama is. You can blame the editors more than the reporters, as the sacred cow has become "access", and the truth be damned. Any reporter that risks access to government higher ups is removed from plum assignments. Where courage and risk-taking used to be the talents worthy of reward for a reporter, those qualities are treated like a disease. Why do you think some talented news personnel have "jumped ship" to Fox?

  • jdbixii

    It has occurred to me that if all this crap were true, there wouldn't be a fan big enough.....

  • jdbixii

    Whatever happened to the "team mentality?"

  • 7PastorCarmine7

    Impeach Them Now.

  • Centurian2010

    When do we bring this thug obama and his administration to justice? They have broken their Constitutional vows at will, and now we find out they may have broken multiple federal and international laws. Time to impeach this bast...d. Will any of our Republican congress have the guts to do anything about this?

  • hughcapet

    Fox reporter Ed Henry asked the Obummer about government witnesses to Benghazi being blocked from higher ups at the state department, and the Obummer denies anyone being blocked? Are you kidding me? What a liar he is. Why didn't the other scum bag cowards at that press conference follow up that line of questioning? Those reporters aren't reporters but a herd of sheep.

    • boondoggles

      And when the reporters and these people laugh at what he says rather than question or rebuke it they sin more and more against the Lord. That is my comfort. If they are so willing to sell their souls for their job there is nothing we can do about it.

  • JBQ21

    In regard to any Benghazi investigation, it is similar to what Mia the dancer told Charlie on "Two and a Half Men". "Ain't gonna happen". This should tell you that there is a central authority for the media which approves or rejects controversial reports. This is something out of Joseph Goebbels.

  • downs1

    The truth will come out! It always does. The question is, when it does are there people with the intellectual honesty and moral strength to do something about it, or will it be more of the same foolishness! Will the truth be reported or will the journalists water it down and cover it up as so many today are prone to do?

  • DrZarkov99

    The plain, bald fact is that not even the most rabid Republican wants to be identified with any effort to kick Obama out of the White House. If he was white, they'd be all over him, but because of the fear that an effort to kick out the "first black President" would result in race war, no one wants to risk it.

    As for a resignation, forget it. His ego wouldn't make that possible. The best thing anyone can do at this point is to let him disgrace his own legacy, block his every move, and look to emphasize the Democrat perfidy for the 2014 and 2016 elections.

    • jong

      I believe you are right except for one thing that might change things and not for the better. I believe that he is treading water as it were right now in his last hope to take the House back in order to accomplish his agenda. If we not only keep the House but, take the Senate I think things might get some what ugly.

      • Ann Rand

        Hi Jong.... Bring on the UGLY..

        • patriotusa2

          I was wondering where you were. Guess the weather in Florida has been so great you've been spending time outdoors. There's no doubt you're feeling well, as you are just as frisky and witty as ever. Take care!

        • Ann Rand

          Hi Pat... Been watching the Arias trial... It's almost over. sure hope that justice prevails there. If so, I will consider that there was more justice there than in politics.... LOL

        • jong

          It is here alright. Seems to be more shills recently. Good to "see" you

        • Ann Rand

          It sure is here already... So many shills I can't keep up with them...As I told patusa below, I have been watching the Jodi Arias trial... Should be over today and then go to the jury..... I hope that woman gets her "just desserts" ...

      • boondoggles

        They are prepared to use vote fraud to take back the house I think. Look what they did to Allen West where there were more votes in some precincts than registered voters. The electorate as a whole are cooked with this administration and its lawlessness.

        • jong

          I agree they grow more desperate every day and they are losing. We must be vigilant were ever we are to try to ensure that either it is fair or to bring in a friendly judge

        • carolisme

          It has gotten to the point where an election seems like a waste of time and money...Obama and friends were able to pull it off for the presidency, and this coming election will be easy pickings for these con artists.

        • jong

          I agree but. let us not despair for that is another liberal tool

    • Thomas Kanary

      let's have the war.

    • Apolloone

      John McCain's reason he didn't bring up Obama not being qualified for president during his campaign for the presidency was that he was afraid of race riots. I agree with your stetement about if he were a white man and also that his huge ego will keep him from resigning. This story will probably die and nothing will be done about it, if these people can be bought they will do it, we can only hope this Congress has had enough and begin to act this wanabe dictator needs to go

  • Jeff of Duncan

    All true Americans must contact their representatives in the Senate and Congress to press for the punishment of these thugs who blatantly are shredding our constitution and constantly abuse their power to achieve the small and large steps in their socialist agendas. Let's get with it people. Have the courage to inform the uninformed or the culturally blind individuals we all know in our circle of acquaintances, with the FACTS. My best interests as an American citizen aren't being represented and I can't understand how the erosion of our freedoms and our personal finances keeps continuing with no appearance of ANYONE having enough power to stop it, I love my country, and am very fearful of the future of America, as we've known it in the past. It's overwhelming to think about taking on every battle. The Republicans are clueless, and the progressive-controlled mass media refuses to report and give the coverage of the back-door deals exposed in respectable, conservative, and patrioitic forums. We can vote or we can revolt. I choose voting for truly American candidates and against the socialist progressives' agenda candidates who align themselves with immorality and lies.
    Let's hope more people get their heads out of the sand, start paying attention to what these thugs are accomplishing, and demand to know what other fundamental changes Obama has planned for us - before it's too late to reverse the momentum "The Amateur" has created.

    • Perry Wall

      there is to much voter fraud to get the bastads out of office

  • Thomas Kanary

    Amen . He is a chicago criminal. no more.

  • Radman414

    More supporting information to support the fact that the Benghazi betrayal may well constitutute treasonable acts:

  • Pegs No

    Satan has no intentions on resigning and or being impeached

    • Tea_Lady_Elaine

      But we can wish, hope, dream and pray about it can't we Peg?

      • Pegs No

        Amen Elaine and millions are :o)

  • huddy

    Right on!

  • ginjit.dw

    Let's see. We have hear no evil see no evil speak no evil, our esteemed leader, and "what's the big deal" clinton, two of the best prevaricators our country has ever produced. These two yokels are backed up by our herald msm which couldn't verify a story if the editors life was dependent on it. Then we get the second stringers lead by chucky from NY etal. And people wonder why we have problems.

  • Jerry Clinkingbeard

    Whistleblowers---Please speak up for all Americans to hear the real truth of Benghazi---If any thing happens to you in any way we can point the blame straight at Obama,Clinton & Obama's Administration. The only thing now we can do is block his every political move, cut of funding for Obamacare, complain to our congress representatives, keep the heat on his admionistration with point blank questions--demanding for an answer & no whitewash B>S. If Congress fails to act we can look for replacements in each and every district in each & every State---We can ask around for someone to recommend to run against these incubents that think they are safe & then get beghind those who will push for answers & justice.

    • boondoggles

      And, we are supposed to be surprised when the Obama, Axelrod team threatens someone. I don't think we will ever know how many people have been threatened by this administration. Justice Roberts, Allen West, Michelle Bachman. WE heard on national televison what Obama said to the supreme court justices. The only thing this administration knows to do is threaten and intimidate. But, more and more people are waking up to what is going on. The sequester that Obama wanted and then tried to deny backfired on him. Close WH tours and then take million dollar taxpayer funded vacations. You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.

  • robert

    to victory toensing,what can we the people do to help you victoria,and to help these whistleblowers,to bring there storys to the american people,and the world,so we can get the truth about the bengazi coverup.victoris toensing let we the people know,we want to bring justice out.for the 4 heroes of bengazi.god bless you victoria toensing,we the people are not afraid.yea thou i walk in the valley of the shadow of death,i will fear no evil/ovomit

  • Tea_Lady_Elaine

    I'll bet the Obutthead administration has threatened a lot of people. My list would start out, The Blagovich family, the Breitbart family...

    Perhaps a deep throat will finally have the guts to appear and tell the truth and bring this BS administration down!

    • ¡El Poder de Cristo te obliga!

      A deep throat coming? Yes, that will be the feature presentation by this time next week. 0-zer0 knows it and he probably has the same look on his face as my profile picture from The Exorcist when the demon finally realized help was on the way. Hang in there is on the way to "exorcise" demons from this administration!

      • Ann Rand

        I hope that you are right.

        • ¡El Poder de Cristo te obliga!

          Its all about the Power of Christ compelling these events to overtake all things evil.

    • Nadine

      Oh God I hope so! I know this is bigger than we the people, but we must stay vigilant and get rid of the traitors in this country...somehow!

  • Nadine

    I am sooooo sick of the BO administration just saying..THEY KNOW NOTHING! Some one PLEASE call out these lies & get to the TRUTH...which I hope will end it for BO! He has crossed the line FAR to many times to play DUMB & the MSM lets him get a PASS!

    • Tea_Lady_Elaine

      AMEN Nadine, I am with you!

  • ¡El Poder de Cristo te obliga!

    At this point, his resignation is not nearly enough!
    These people allowed Americans to die then they continue to cover it up and lie about it for political purposes. For Heaven's sake, they said it flared up from a video then later blamed it on the "system"!!! Correct me if I am wrong but isn't the guy that made the video still locked up? And for what?

    We've got four dead Americans in Libya; another recently murdered American diplomat in Afghanistan; and if you want to include the U.S. Border Patrol Agent and I.C.E. Agent along the southern border that makes 7....all on 0-zer0's watch!
    And now, we find out what many of us have reluctantly surmised for so long. This entire administration is in multiple criminal violations if they knew about it but did nothing to stop it. Their actions are treasonous.....plain and simple! They supplied the enemy while allowing Americans to die....alone!

  • CaptTurbo

    I'm hopeful that O'vote Fraud has stepped into a steaming pile of High Treason here. It's lot to hope for though.

    • Apolloone

      Yes we can hope if this doesn't get Congress off their behinds I don't think there is anything that will, unless it is a million man march on Washington.

      • netandyawho

        That would be great to have a million or five million man march on D.C. But remember the Federal Government has purchased 1.4 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition which is designed to shatter on impact in order to tear human flesh apart and break bones of those that are hit by them. Compare it to the pain that 1,300,000 preborn babies experience each year at the hands of tax payed Planned Parenthood abortionists and other purveyors of infanticide that Obama so vehemently encourages and protects. He has no respect for human life. He has no conscience because he has freely turned himself over to the works of Satan! He is an abomination!

  • urbisoler

    I live for the day that they haul Hillary and BHO off to Rikers Island. Hillary at least is within walking distance.

  • RoscoeBonifitucci

    Let's get this right...the petulant narcissistic Control Freak in the White House has NO idea what the hell happened to 4 American Heroes in Benghazi when an American Embassy was being attacked by Al-Qaeda rag-heads? More so, he had the Anti-American power in the White House, Valerie Jarrett, get the Marxist thugs & goons out on the survivors and those in the know, to shut the Patriots down. Then he LIES to America and the suck-up Main Stream Media kiss his ass more by NOT asking him more pointed questions...and the little worm Jay Carney states that Benghazi happened "a long time ago" it was another century.

    No Mr. Propaganda Carney, it happened on your freaking hero's watch! Obama is complicit in the murder of the Benghazi Heroes and should be Impeached.

    • 848484


    • okihadit

      right on!

    • Apolloone

      I can't stand that little pompous boot licking Carney, that arrogant jerk is typical of the snot nosed Liberals that are in our government now and the thought of my tax dollars going to pay for this scum for the rest of their lives is sickening to say the least.

  • Brabado

    Where are the 30 survivors of the Bengazhi Massacre, the Obama Administration keeps hidden from the American Public?

    No more lies or cover ups. American demands to know the truth.


  • Tricia65

    Fer fecks sake...I have had it up to here!! (hand hovering over my head)

    If the Joint Chiefs can't see that they have more than enough to call that secret meeting and do what they have to arrest the POTUS and the VP for Treason and whole host of other crimes against this country and it citizens, then, I don't know what else can be done to save this nation.


  • Michael Giounotti

    Victoria Toensing, you might start looking into the fact that this attack was reportedly caused by a video that offended Islam, by the American Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice after the fact that it was a terrorist attack. It made me wonder why she would lie, but on further research I found out that she invests in companies that do business with Iran. It was this conflict of interest that caused her to withdraw from Obama's tap for her to become the Secretary of State. And now he wants to put her in his administration as National Security Advisor. With our sanctions on Iran for making nukes and for funding terrorism, like arming Hamas, how can she invest in Iran as a Federal Government employee? Let alone be considered as Sec. of State, or Nat'l Security Advisor? In addition, through further research I have discovered that Sen. John McCain also has investments in companies that do business in Iran! And I am sure Obama knows all this. In truth they are funding terrorism as US Government officials. Could this be a motive to not intervene in the terrorist attack in Benghazi? I personally don't understand how they could get away with this, and I think this needs to be exposed.


    • Apolloone

      John McShame the Arizona Liberal who has done nothing to stop the invasion from Mexico, i'm not surprised in the least, Rice, McCain and many others in that cesspool we call Washington, D.C have no allegiance to the people of this country most of them only have allegiance to self. Thanks for the information.

  • gepops58

    its high time for this childish nonsense to stop,we can stop this if we put lots of pressure on these spineless elected officials,its time for them to put their collective feet on obama's throat and drag his butt through the courts, god knows they can find enough evidence to nail the lid tightly shut on his air tight coffin and send him somewhere the he can become useful like making very small rocks out of very large rocks

  • Kenneth Bowman

    All Criminals seek to cover up their CRIMES. Why should the CRIMINAL in Chief be any different?

  • wildeagleone

    I believe the leaders of the House and the Senate are just as guilty of this cover up, as they go merrily along and turn the other cheek, ignoring the dastardly crime perpetrated by these individuals.
    What the hell are we waiting for? To save this country we need someone to stand against this radical and take him to the courts in shackles along with his Vice President. Enough is enough before we end up in a heap as we see the Jewish people in the pictures of the atrocities against them in WWII

  • RayR55

    Does anyone really expect that anything, anything at all is going to happen to Obama, Clinton or Holder over this mess? If you do then you need to wake up and face the truth. Or is it that you can't handle the truth. I got news for you folks, you don't live in a free nation anymore. Before the end of 2015 you will all be nothing more than political slaves. By complacently standing by and doing nothing more then ranting on some blog site this once great nation has been sold out by the ignorant masses. I keep hearing the same lame crap, God well save us, over and over. Well guess what, he/she/it isn't. We have refused to take strong action and this is the result. This POS in the WH should have been dragged out of the peoples WH and tarred and feathered along with every other POS politician in DC. No need to call for revolt, its way to late now. Bye bye Miss American pie.

  • dcartmill

    The comments below from atty Victoria T ,are my thoughts exactly. Congress do NOT take no for an answer. At some point you have to step up and do your job. You have allowed your authority to be usurped to the extent ,that I have to believe you have been brain washed. Congress remember the old adage ,"If you don't use it you could lose it"

    Victoria Toensing here.

    Watch the latest video at

    The Watergate scandal resulted in the resignation of President Richard Nixon, the only president ever to resign from office. We can only hope and pray that once the real story of Benghazi comes out and how the Obama administration has been breaking laws to cover it up that it will either lead to Obama’s resignation or his impeachment.

    Obama has broken so many laws that I can no longer count them. I don’t understand how Congress has allowed him to do so without any attempt to stop him from repeatedly breaking one federal law after another. In reality, Obama is worse than any mob boss that ever walked the streets of America and he should be treated no differently than they have. He needs to be arrested, convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole and without his pension for the multitude of crimes against the American people of which includes treason as defined by the United States Constitution

    Read more:

    • louluna

      I rather he get Impeached so that tax payers don't have to pay his pension

      • Ann Rand

        Not to worry. No way this creep will resign. he would barricade himself in the W.H. first.Or declare war on the rest of us.

  • Leslie Gajzer

    This slimy Dim Owebamasshat administration is up to it's neck in this fiasco and it WON'T go away! The MURDERS of these 4 Americans are to be revengefully executed and anyone in the way should be eradicated whether domestically or internationally! That's the way conspiracies and TERRORISM are reduced to the simple playing field for all to understand - Justice overrides all political and imagined rights or empowerment!

  • Denise

    Wake up people! We are living in the end of days. Obama might be the king "who does as he pleases," in the book of Daniel, the Antichrist, or a type and shadow of the Antichrist, a forerunner.
    This is a time when satanic power is being unleashed upon the earth. G-d has allowed this to happen, and has forewarned us of this time of calamity.
    In His word, the Bible, He has given us instructions on how to be eternally saved, through the blood of His Son Jesus. He was the Free Will Offering, the Sin Offering, G-d's perfect Lamb. It is a free gift! Call on Him while you still can.
    He has told us that at the appointed time we will go through great tribulation, and will be hated because we carry the testimony of Jesus on our lips. Obama becomes more and more wicked as each hour passes. We will know soon enough, if he is the Antichrist or not.

  • jagyusa

    Bravo I said these same words the night the Benghazi incident occurred. Left out are the accomplices and co conspirators to this and many more soon to be revealed atrocities. Those that aided the cover up, and those that knew of the potential of this event happening. Clean all houses and fill the jails. Criminal charges and financial law suit repercussions from this and other BHO fiascos should devastate the Democratic Party for at least a generation or two.
    Goodbye liberal immoral and illogical chaos, under educated children, laws that protect the guilty over the rights of the innocent, immorality in our courts, drugs and drug addicts across America, free abortions, gun control over quality citizens ad nauseum
    Hello to an upright, industrial, prosperous America again.

  • underthewire

    And then his mouth piece says it was a long time ago. Like Hillary said ...who cares who did it. This is our administration representation by traitors hand picked by Obama.
    Accordingly, if the government can put truth off long enough, it's no longer worth pursuit. Lying is acceptable as a means to an end.
    Survivors fear...............Fort hood goes away..........Islamic terrorists no longer exist.
    And the wicked witch of the east disappears.

  • Chiefbuck

    This fiasco is a classic, why and when was security denied for the Benghazi embassy and by who? A concern was the shoulder fired ground to air missiles and weapons that were scattered in Libya and who had control of them. On 9/11 of all days, little security was present in the compound, this is unbelievable. After the first presidential debate clearly Obama was faltering, then the attack happened. He had previously made statements to the effect that the enemy was in decline. His main concern was getting reelected. Using a video to deflect criticism was a bizarre move. At that point he should have done something unusual, reverted to being truthful. The sandbagging that followed and the pathetic effort at cover up even with a major effort by the media to help obviously failed. That nasty bulldog named Fox News just wouldn't let go and now it's only a matter of time until the full container of beans is spilled. It is amusing to watch Jay Carney try to spin this fiasco. But when Carney drops the line "Benghazi happened a long time ago" and the video clip of Mrs Clinton, "At this point, what difference does it make"? is wearing out, you know that the sharks smell blood on the water. Fortunately there are several courageous elected officials and folks who were previously 'ignored' are willing to step up to expose this dreadful event. Remember, FOUR Americans died, several were seriously hurt and it is well past the time when the facts must be known.

    • daves

      Okay - pop quiz. What question was Ms. Clinton asked when she replied "what difference does it make"?

      and - What difference does it make?

  • cecile

    Where are the 30 survivors? why are they being hidden? If this wasn't a cover-up, why don't they just come clean with the truth about what really happened instead of blaming it on a stupid YouTube. Obama must be impeached - the corruption in his administration is mind-boggling and must be stopped before America is ruined beyond repair.