McCain-Obama Alliance Exposes The Partisan Charade

The struggle between Republicans and Democrats isn’t entirely fake, but there is much less substance to it than is portrayed in the infotainment industry. Much of the real struggle (not all) is between the American populace and the political ruling class. They are substantially one party and they know they are one party. Dividing into teams is a way of dividing the opposition (us) so they stay in power.

The theory articulated above has been said before by many people and mocked as untrue by many people. I bring it up as an issue worth revisiting in light of Politico’s recent story that McCain is Obama’s “newest ally.”

“…during one of Obama’s toughest times as president, there was McCain, sitting down last week with him in the Oval Office for a private strategy session. At the urging of new White House chief of staff Denis McDonough, who has sought better ties with Republicans, Obama has had more substantive discussions with McCain in the past five months than he did in his first four years in office, according to associates of both men. Suddenly, the two are working together on issues ranging from immigration to the deficit. ‘I’m getting nervous,’ said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), McCain’s closest friend in the Senate. ‘I told Denis McDonough, “I don’t know what you’ve done: You’ve hijacked him.”’”

Ha ha. Let’s all have a good chuckle. “Hijacked.” How funny.

The supposed differences between McCain and Obama have mainly been cover for Obama to continue Bush’s wars while pretending to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner. No matter how much Obama expands the drone war and other interventions that are neither right nor affordable, McCain was out there trying to pretend that Obama was not being aggressive enough. He was understandably upset about Benghazi but he was himself a great advocate of our intervention there which empowered the terrorist forces that killed our ambassador.

But that game is no longer working.

“Others think that McCain is driven by his latest grudge: a desire to beat his new Senate adversaries, the conservative firebrands Ted Cruz of Texas, Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul of Kentucky, all of whom are determined to thwart the Obama agenda and share views — particularly on war policy — that run counter to McCain’s.”

This isn’t just about a grudge. Rand Paul’s anti-drone filibuster exposed Obama as a dangerous war usurper. It ended the “Democrats are anti-war” myth. Even if Rand Paul is really more amenable to the GOP mainstream than was his father, Ron Paul, the fact remains that he has exposed the Republican/Democrat Punch and Judy show on foreign policy and war for the game that it is.

Furthermore, the Tea Party was never part of McCain’s agenda. While Politico portrays McCain’s opposition to Ted Cruz and Mike Lee as mostly emotional, I think McCain is making a political calculation. If the Tea Party will not go away then McCain is going to work with Obama to defeat their agenda.

So while the media will portray McCain as changing his stance, I think it is closer to the truth to say that McCain’s public opposition to Obama is no longer fooling as much of the electorate. McCain sees no need to hide his common ground with Obama.

That common ground, now being publicly admitted, provides a teachable moment for us about the two-party system in the United States.



  • Robalou01

    I wish McLame would just come out and confess he has been a stealth deomocrat working for Odumbo ever since he lost in 2008

  • Bobseeks

    We need a new party that is rabidly opposed to government and the ruling class of parasites we call the political elite - that elite being politicians, lawyers, judges, high ranking bureaucrats, and the politically connected. We need to put an end to political privilege in all its forms.

    • LeSellers

      Several such parties exist. The Libertarian party, the Constitution Party and a couple of others.

      I doubt you've ever seen them on the ballot, or, having seen them, voted for them.

      The reason you've not seen them is that the Gotn0Principles and the Dummycraps have combined to keep them off the ballot through a number of restrictive laws and regulations.

      Mr. O'bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

      • Karll

        The messiah does not WANT unemployment to go down. The plan is to break America's back socioeconomically as per Cloward-Piven.

      • ReformSchool

        Sure. Steve Jobs!

        • LeSellers

          Sorry. Mr. Jobs is dead; just like the Jobs of USmerica while a Communist is in the White House (ad the Senate, and the House of Representative).

          Mr. O'bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

    • don

      we don't need elite we need common sense.

  • jong

    The problem with McCain and several others is that they have fossilized in the Senate and in the House. They have for so long been willing to come to a agreement that they no longer realize that they are being taken. Time to go. I really like Cruz and Rubio for that matter(I think he is being used by Durbin and Schumer and needs to realize that he will be left holding the bag with nothing while they play their games.) We need more. With all the scandals this is becoming more and more possible because Obama refuses to admit blame and the American People regardless of politics have the same enemy. The IRS which is universally hated and Obama appears to be supporting. Justin Amash (although I do not like all his libertarian leanings) would do very well taking Levins place(who is retiring) and would give further help to people already there. Obama's time is shorter than he thinks. In 2014 we must insure that he becomes a lame duck for his last two years.

    • Karll

      "willing to come to a agreement"

      Exactly. There can be no capitulation to Marxists! No agreement on anything that comes out of the mouths of communist scum like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or the Marxist messiah himself! We don't need more ****ing laws, we need to repeal a few thousand!

      • jong

        Or just enforce what is on the books.

  • Screeminmeeme

    McCain is one the strongest arguments for term limits in Congress.

  • [email protected]

    Washington is all Kabuki theater

  • stevor

    Obviously, both are PUPPET and the "election" of 2008 was a SHAM, having a choice of one puppet or the other. (the "election" of 2012 wasn't any better)

  • Tony Ruiz

    I'd have preferred McCain remain a highly esteemed vet because he isn't worth a damn as a politician. I voted for him because he isn't obama and low and behold here he is becoming another obamanite. I'm not wild about the young republican bunch who fiddle while Rome burns. We need a man on fire against obama's illegal regime. I'm thinking there are a few quietly resisting but we need an alive campaign going after his legitimacy and cancellation of every stinking thing he's signed off on

    • don

      tony you got it eeeeehaaaa

  • $1340197

    Proof positive that Sarah Palin was destroyed by both political parties. As VP nominee she was not defended by McCainiac. She stood loyal to him and the party. No more. They feared that she would ride into D.C. and break up the "club." Sarah Palin is the only one with the determination to get this Great Nation back on track. All of those who disagree have bought the hype of both parties! She is America's Man On Horseback. She'll bring in other reformers like Paul, Cruz and even right minded Democrats (they are there).

  • Ron Powell

    I never had much trust in McCain. His state suffers from illegals an d yet he was always trying to make it easier for them to get into this country. They should have recalled him long ago.

  • RoryT

    The challenge for any Republican is always the bias media coverage. If the Tea Party ended unemployment tomorrow the media would complain how more workers pollute, use more energy and cause global warming. Conservatives can never win in the current entertainment and media climate. Pune intended.

  • mariesnylife

    I have NO RRSPECT for Mc Cain, the worse RINO out there! Watching him run against B HUSSEIN O was just as bad as ROMNEY. Both lacked the CAJONES to run against BHO. Though I do prefer Romney. Really the ILLUMINITI decides who will win. FUBAR.

  • George Wentzel

    I don't care about the miserable conditions that McCain suffered in Vietnam, his dishonesty and undermining of the freedoms that our Founding Fathers fought so hard for and for which some paid so greatly have tipped the scale so negative in his direction that he can never be more than a common piece of excrement! May he be condemned to suffer even more greatly than all of his past.

  • Hotnike

    I wish McCain would resign too.

  • don

    nothing has really changed mc cain has all ways been left leaning when not trying to get relected. we did not name him a rino for nothing . an he needs to retire he has done this nation enough damage

  • TheTexasCooke

    I've said it party....two names. Maybe folks will get it now.

  • Mike Purdin

    lol mccain has always been a rino, he never was and never will be a conservative or a true American.He has always be a democrat.

    • Karll

      Exactly. A neoconservative is simply another definition of a liberal. (See dubya, Boehner, Mcconnel, etc) Ron and Rand Paul are the closest thing to actual Conservatives that we've got in Congress.

  • DandBA

    McCain is NOT a rino. He is a liberal through and through. The 2008 election spoke volumes about McCain. He tries to play both sides of the fence. That may work some of the time but when you are playing with a devout Communist like Obama, he always has the winning hand. Somebody needs to take McCain out behind the woodshed for a long talk! And soon!

  • DouglasDauntless

    McCain has always been in B.O.'s pocket, McCain is a Rhino Republican a Progressive who does not believe in the 2nd Amendment, who believes in a two language Country, open borders. McCain was the set up by George Soros to bring B.O. into the Presidency, doesn't anyone remember on National TV when McCain said that a B.O. Presidency wouldn't be bad . Where do think he was then. McCain is a Traitor to this Country and one of B.O.'s lover boys.

  • Gail Steelhammer-Cohen

    McCain took money from George Soros a while back - probably still works for him...

  • Eva Kolosiek

    McCain is washed up as a Republican, so he's doing whatever he can to try to remain relevant, even if it means sleeping with the enemy! Yes, I just called him the whore that he is, folks, as I don't believe in mincing words, or in fairy tales!

  • edgineer

    The two party system is proving too vulnerable to consolidation into a ruling class charade.

  • Silas Longshot

    McCain is the traitorous author of most of the most onerous, Constitutional rights infringing BS legislation that has ever been passed into "law". The 'patriot act' and the last NDAA bills come to mind. The 0bama / McCain tag team has signed into law a provision which allows the president (I promise to never use this) to grab ANY AMERICAN CITIZEN and disappear them into the nearest FEMA camp or military prison WITHOUT CHARGES, representation or warrant on SUSPICION of 'terrorist activity' (so vaguely described it would probably cover farting without a permit) for as long as he damnwell pleases. When HE was picked by the elite to 'run against' 0bama, the die was cast for 0bama's sure and certain reelection as a huge chunk of the republican base just said the 'ell with it and stayed home instead of wasting a vote on McCain. And we might indeed have come out worse if McCain had been elected.

  • sicandtired

    Time for the good people of Az to recall John...he clearly has lost his mind.

  • DustyFae

    McCain is rewarded ,l am sure for keeping his mouth shut,he needs to be removed

  • David Lakatos

    It's gone way pass the lesser of two evil's. The voting boxes are rigged by to Big to Fail Bank's, Large Global Corporations, Corrupt Politicians, And various other Elite's. That one reason half of America didn't even go vote this last time.

  • ReformSchool

    For the 20-odd years since the Pennsylvania Election Code forced its Department of State to recognize the spontaneous, grass-roots movement called Pennsylvanians for Perot as a minor political party (based upon the 19% of the total vote he received from that effort) we have tried unsuccessfully to convince voters of the veracity of your story. Despite court decision after court decision supporting the right of citizens to free association, the 'proof of the pudding' is that no independent nor minor-party candidate placed upon the Pennsylvania ballot since 1992 has successfully defended a legal challenge by a Republican or Democrat to have him or her removed from the ballot by Election Day. Pennsylvania's elected officials are so brazenly-corrupt about the illegal practice that back in 2003, Commonwealth Court Senior Judge Kelley stated on the record, removing the name of the Honorable 'Art Zulick,' that "[it is] my duty to protect the two-party system." Most outrageous is Judge Zulick was nominated by a hostile governor and confirmed unanimously by the Pennsylvania Senate, on condition he was no longer a minor party candidate, to fill a vacant judgeship created after the former district-attorney/judge-elect, convicted of child molestation, hired a notary to administer his oath of office and the voters decided "enough-was-enough" and revolted. Your assessment that the real chasm is between electorate and the ruling class is 'on-the-money.'

    Good luck convincing the American electorate and the Liberal, Lamestream Media, both of which [like the Energizer Bunny] seem to get Dumber---and Dumber---and Dumber---and Dumber!

  • Barb Patton

    Of course this comes as no surprise.

  • VicBailey

    They should have left McCain in Viet Nam! He is turning out to be a Royalty Ass just like the rest! He is just an angry old man! These Senators and Congressmen that think that, we should be seen and not heard, need kicked out of office, THEY WORK FOR US, and when they don't, they need thrown out and RIGHT THEN, not later! Termination needs to be sped up for the crooks in Washington! We can't wait years to get rid of an enemy! That is why we are in the shape we are now! Their games have to stop, it is killing America! Semper Fi.