Blasphemy in one dictionary is defined as ‘a contemptuous or profane act, utterance, or writing concerning God or a sacred entity.’

Recently, there has been a website launched to monitor any profane or sacred writing about a specific sacred entity – Barack Hussein Obama.  The website called was set up for the worshippers of the almighty Obama to report anyone who writes or says anything against his lordship.  They are asked to provide detailed reports and email addresses of any blasphemy so that the most high’s elders can counter the lies and contact the blasphemer with the guise of providing them with ‘accurate’ information.

I believe Hitler and Nazi Germany used a similar tactic to get family and friends to report on each other to the authorities.  And the Gestapo, like Obama handled the situation and provided the guilty parties with proper instruction.

This is a very devious and dangerous form of socialism and/or fascism that is being used by minions of the Oval Office deity to subvert any form of free speech being used against him.

Not only is being used to squelch the 1st Amendment, but it is also being used to promote the anti-truths the divine one wants us to believe about him.  One of those anti-truths is his stand on the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.  The site quotes his majesty as saying, ‘President Obama believes in common sense gun control laws compatible with Second Amendment rights.’

Note the words he uses very carefully.  ‘Common sense gun control laws’ equates to new and more restrictive gun control per his uncommon sense, not that of the lowly mortals throughout the nation.  His holy deceitfulness has never been supportive of gun ownership by mere mortals and his cleverly chosen utterances are only a guise that he believes will win him more of our unquestionable loyalty. is nothing more than lies and propaganda being coupled with Nazi tactics to eliminate any free speech and open criticism of someone who thinks of himself as a god, but is no more than a delusional Marxist. should be a warning to everyone just how dangerous and anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-gun, anti-free speech Obama is.  Anyone that continues to support him and vote for will surely get their due for their stupidity and blindness.



  • blackpowder

    here is a news flash for ya obama "BITE ME" you suck and always will

    • Ray

      My sentiments exactly (with emphasis!)

  • muse1876

    I think O is an elitest the poor and the so called middle class better wake-up. He will give you EVERYTHING for nothing, he just wants your soul.

  • samuel

    BRAINWASHING worx! HOLLYWOOD is crafting this art to seduce all of us under their spell. AWAKE find the SAVIOR! All comfort and JOY are found in BEING in fellowship with our MESSIAH! Dont turn your back and be against our MESSIAH. Jus one BELIEVER!

    • Jackie

      And exactly who is your Messiah?

  • AuntieCoosa

    Try explaining all that, especially the final paragraph to a Ron Paul supporter! They'll vote Obama unless the GOP capitulates and nominates Ron Paul. They worship at his altar as if he were more important than the future of the USofA.

  • George

    And remember, Jesus said that the rich will not get into heaven.

    • Tim Hays

      Jesus said that it is easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of the needle than enter the gates of heaven. The eye of the needle was a tiny door/gate used only at night to let people into the walled city; where guards stood with weapons at ready. A rich man traveled in caravan with horse and camel loaded heavy; which would only fit through the eye of the needle if unloaded and on their bellies. Rather than deal with the eye of the needle they would camp outside the gates until sunrise and the main gates were opened. Jesus taught this while sitting just outside the gate. A rich man had to be willing to take off his wealth, trust the guards, then of course he would get his wealth passed through. Most rich men trust their wealth more than God, and to do otherwise is difficult not impossible.

  • michaelle50

    One of these days obama will have his haughty high head slapped down by God.

    but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he knows their day is coming.
    Psalm 37:13

    • Bible

      The BIBLE B asic I nstructions B efore L eaving E arth

      Bless those who bless Israel


    it is a joke they want people to eat cheese on you in other words turning your nieghbor in.

  • T Lady

    There's probably going to be a week's worth of partying by American Taxpayers when this man FINALLY leaves office.

  • Government grifters
  • Government grifters

    This website issued a warning label about Texas Perry, no relation to Texas Pete hot sauce.

    In the beginning it was a Ron Paul win for sure up in Ethanol Iowa, the old government, shakedown before the 500MUSD

    Then along came Carolina Rice and Perry announced. Now after hearing the Perry free 100K for 4 years tuition
    afforded to illegals but, NOT OUT OF STATE US CITIZENS, you wonder how long his Lone Star will shine?

    Even the great radio hosts were snookered. Savage, was one. Then Kuhner of the Washington Time fell as
    well as the FOXless news organ.

    We have to say thanks to Godfather politics for screening the fakes. The press wants you to run Romney and Perry