Opposition to Immigration Reform Bill Growing – 150 Sign Letter Saying NO!

Senate Bill 744 (SB 744) is better known as the immigration reform bill.  It is the brainchild of the infamous Gang of 8 (Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer (NY), Dick Durbin (IL), Bob Menendez (NJ), Michael Bennet (CO) and Republican Senators Marco Rubio (FL), Lindsey Graham (SC), John McCain (AZ), Jeff Flake (AZ)).

Similar to the Patient Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) passed by the Democrats in 2009, SB 744 is huge and contains so many different provisions that it’s almost impossible to know what’s really contained in the bill.

Analysts have been wading through the 800+ pages of the bill and they are telling us that it is going to cost over $6 trillion in benefits to all of the illegals covered by it.  They are also telling us that the bill lacks the necessary measures to secure our international borders prior to extending the path to citizenship to over 11 million criminals.

Earlier this week, immigration enforcement unions and law enforcement officials sent a letter of warning to every member of Congress.  Their letter warned the politicians that the immigration reform bill will make it more difficult to establish a safe legal immigration system.

Now, a group of more than 150 conservative leaders and organizations have signed a letter stating their opposition to SB 744 and insistence that it not be passed because of so many design flaws and loopholes.  They state that it would be better to scrap the entire bill and start from scratch rather than try to fix the current immigration reform bill.]

Among the signers of the letter are:

  • Monica Crowley – Fox News
  • Erick Erickson – Red State
  • Victor Davis Hanson – Hoover Institution
  • Laura Ingraham – radio host
  • Mark Levin – radio host
  • Mickey Kaus – The Daily Caller

In part, their letter reads:

“We write to express our serious concerns regarding the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill, S. 744. We oppose this bill and urge you to vote against it when it comes to the Senate floor.  No matter how well intentioned, the Schumer-Rubio bill suffers from fundamental design flaws that make it unsalvageable. Many of us support various parts of the legislation, but the overall package is so unsatisfactory that the Senate would do better to start over from scratch.”

“Reforming our immigration system is an important priority. But S.744 is such a defective measure that it would do more harm than good. We urge you to vote against it and against any cloture vote to bring up the bill. Only then can a constructive, measured debate take place on how to improve America’s immigration policy.”

Contained in their letter was a list of some of the problems they found with the bill:

  • Is bloated and unwieldy along the lines of Obamacare or Dodd-Frank;

  • Cedes excessive control over immigration law to an administration that has repeatedly proven itself to be untrustworthy, even duplicitous;

  • Legalizes millions of illegal immigrants before securing the borders, thus ensuring future illegal immigration;

  • Rewards law breakers and punishes law enforcement, undermining the rule of law;

  • Hurts American job-seekers, especially those with less education;

  • Threatens to bankrupt our already strained entitlement system;

  • Expands government by creating new bureaucracies, authorizing new spending, and calling for endless regulations;

  • Contains dangerous loopholes that threaten national security;

  • Is shot through with earmarks for politically connected interest groups;

  • Overwhelms our immigration bureaucracy, guaranteeing widespread fraud.

One of the signers of the letter, radio host Laura Ingraham explained further why she signed the letter:

“[The] heroes of battle for our sovereignty [have been Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley and Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions] who are fighting every day in the Senate to expose the glaring inadequacies of this legislation, which affords huge and unreviewable discretion to DHS to waive admissibility and deportation rules.”

“The Republicans who parrot the mindless ‘we must do something’ mantra might wish to review how the Democrats responded to Obamacare criticism in 2010. I recall the liberal cries of ‘We must do something…the health care system is broken….What is broken is our system of government whereby the elites in both parties consistently ignore the will of the people on an issue as important as border enforcement.  This bill will make life more difficult for middle class Americans and legal immigrants who are already struggling to find decent-paying jobs that cover the bills.  Some Republicans are desperate to agree to anything in hopes of winning the Latino vote.  They are on a fool’s errand, will infuriate their grass roots supporters, and will compromise their remaining credibility as a ‘law and order’ party.”

Immigration agents and law enforcement officials see SB 744 as being a dangerous piece of legislation and now over 150 conservative leaders and organizations have also come out against it.  The Heritage Foundation has also come out against the bill stating it will cost trillions of dollars that we don’t have.

From everything I’ve read and seen so far, SB 744 could be a worse nightmare than Obamacare as it not only will further bankrupt the country, but it also allows millions of illegals to legally take jobs away from Americans and the bill fails to secure our borders.  It’s a very bad piece of legislation and you need to let your Senator and Representative know that you insist they vote NO.  Do it now before you forget!



  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/CfsINEYDoex3fXYF.FLFCPOcXaFQros-#f30f8 jong

    This actually breaks down very simply. First obey the 1986 and have a real wall with only two entry points on it. Secondly have either National Guard troops or Regular Army patrol it. Orders are like any other border in the world you shoot to kill. Period. Now you can start rounding up undocumented demoncrats (also known as illegals or the invading mexican army) and ship them all back. Now with this you will spend about 600 billion. But you will also take care of the problem on a permament basis. Now you can start talking about letting undocumented demoncrats in on our terms not theirs. With this current bill we spend 7 trillion and the problem with be with as worse than ever. And we have just moved closer to giving away our national identity. Where do you think Obama will house all these people. If you guessed your house by seizing it through legal trickery you would be right. And for those who think that this is nonsense I would point you towards the news of the day that proves my point.

    • Randy Renu

      Myself and a good friend in the Border Patrol agrees with your statement, "...have a real wall with only two entry points on it. Secondly have either National Guard troops or Regular Army patrol it. Orders are like any other border in the world you shoot to kill."

      We agreed that we could save more money and send a stronger message if the bodies were just left to rot in the sun.

      My 13 year old son qualified as a Marksman (he had a great teacher).. I'm grooming him for a job as a behavioral modification consultant with a "special" branch of the military, law enforcement or, if he wants, the Border Patrol.

      • seravo

        Careful with the photos Randy. You wouldn't want someone at your son's school sending the cops....

        • Randy Renu

          True. Thank goodness this program is sponsored by the military, but since when does that make any difference?

          I'm very proud of my little man. He WILL serve and make a contribution to this country, and it won't be as an expert in XBox.

        • 57girl

          Once your child signs on the dotted line, he becomes the property of the US Government. He won't have any say in where he is stationed. And I hate to tell you, but all of our guys in uniform, fighting all of those undeclared wars, and stationed all over the world, are forced to wear the UN insignia on their uniforms. I think your child would serve this Nation better by studying our Constitution, then running for office, where he might be able to make a difference in restoring our National Heritage. Otherwise, I fear he will simply become expendable cannon fodder. I honestly don't see where our Military is fighting for America these days. Our goal, these days, seems to be in 'policing the world, and guarding everyone else's borders, but our own.

        • Randy Renu

          Nothing is in concrete...he is just a boy.

  • 57girl

    If the Senate passes this Bill, we should all simply quit paying taxes. Maybe then, the Government will hear us saying 'NO!'.

    • Shane

      Kill the bill - go to http://www.numbersusa.com/actionbuffet There is no way that an adequate background check can be done on over 11 million illegal aliens! It's freaking impossible. Criminals and Jihadists will be allowed to become citizens.

  • ste1021

    If the Republicans assist in passing Rubio's amnesty bill, they will be committing political suicide. I, for one, will change my registration to "Independent" and will not support a party that REWARDS criminal aliens. We can still keep trying to stop this giveaway. Go to NUMBERSUSA and send free faxes. Stop Rubio! Stop amnesty!

    • http://www.facebook.com/sam.wicksjr.5 Sam Wicks Jr

      I want to know each and every slim that votes for amnesty (or knowingly breaking the law) so that I can vote against them!!!! A vote for amnesty is a vote for CRIME. You are voting to wipe clean a record of a criminal that has entered the USA without proper authorization. Many from Europe and elsewhere wait patiently their turn to be allowed entry. But to just authorize illegal entry from Mexico is WRONG and CRIMINAL!

  • jerry1944

    I want be voteing for anyone that supports the gang of 8s bill But he isn't for it thanks goodness but there are a couple from here that will say yes. They want are haven't get anysupport from me
    I don't get what they don't understand about NO AMANSTY You and never trust a lib Put the laws we have to work With the irs , deq andall the goverments funded jobs and the cant get fired I mean doesn't anyone pay attention to what they say are then what they do

  • Ron Powell

    4 ultra liberals and 4 RINOs deciding for the millions of taxpayers how we're going to support 11 to 30 million illegals and ten years from now it would be the same thing. I have na idea---let's just adopt Mexico's immigration policy ver batim and ENFORCE it.

  • http://www.GodAuthoredBible.com geneww1938

    These legislators love themselves, their graft from lobbyist, power, fame, wealth, but not their constituents. They are blatant liars. They sold their souls to the One World Government and the Devil.

  • Gldngrnize


    Amnesty will allow all illegal aliens who are over 65 or disabled of any
    age to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) which isissued by Socia
    lSecurity for citizens who have never worked or who have not paid into SSA and
    they wiil be eligible for Food Stamps and Medicaid/free medical.

    The parents of children born in the US wiill be able to be added to the
    children's welfare cases entitled to food stamps and medical/Medicaid .

    Social Security will be inundated with applications for valid Social
    Security Cards and Financial benefits. Hundreds will have to be hired and
    larger offices built throughout the states. The same will be necessary for
    Welfare Offices..more offices and more workers.


    ( I worked for welfare for 25 years. Be sure to check out what I state and
    pass it on)

  • johntvalentine

    What is said in the Bill S744 that would secure America's boarders 110%???