911 Dispatcher To Sexual Assault Victim: “Can You Ask Him to Go Away?”

Gun control is supposed to be about safety. Proponents argue that if only no one had guns, we’d all be better off. But as we all know, that only applies to those not inclined nor determined to commit crimes. It doesn’t apply to those that are bent on breaking the law.

Just look at the horrific attack in London. If England weren’t so foolish with their gun laws, someone could have done something to stop the Muslim in the act. And those odds are a lot better than knowing that nothing at all could have been done.

And when bad things do happen that could have been prevented by a firearm-wielding citizen, we’re supposed to condemn the gun. Or the sword and meat cleaver.

In Oregon, the Joesphine County Police Department is facing budget cuts and are not able to be on call over the weekends. So, when an unidentified Josephine County woman called 911, her call was forwarded to the Oregon State Police. She was calling because her ex-boyfriend was breaking into her house, and she was sure that she was going to be assaulted. He had already put her in the hospital before, and she knew it was going to happen again. Here’s what the dispatcher told her:

 “Uh, I don’t have anybody to send out there. You know, obviously, if he comes inside the residence and assaults you, can you ask him to go away? Do you know if he’s intoxicated or anything?... Once again it’s unfortunate you guys don’t have any law enforcement out there.”

 I’m sure the woman felt quite reassured. She responded, “Yeah, it doesn’t matter, if he gets in the house I’m done.”

Sure enough, the guy broke in, choked the woman and sexually assaulted her.

This isn’t the police department’s fault. If they’re facing budget cuts and layoffs, there really isn’t anything they could have done. But would have they been there in time anyway if they weren’t facing budget cuts? When seconds count, police are minutes away. The only way they could have been there to help the woman is if there was an officer already close by patrolling the area. CBS reported:

“The sheriff’s department had to cut 23 deputies and the entire major crimes unit after it lost a multi-million dollar federal subsidy, according to Oregon Public Radio. There are now only six deputies left. The sheriff’s department even put out a press release warning domestic violence victims to ‘consider relocating to an area with adequate law enforcement services.’”

I’ll go ahead and state the obvious. If the woman had been armed, there likely would have been no assault and maybe even no break-in. She would have been safe. If she had shot the guy dead when he tried to hurt her, he would have never been a threat to her again. But liberals resort to calling on women to urinate or vomit on their assaulters. Or in the case of the police dispatcher, having the woman ask the guy to go away.



  • Screeminmeeme

    Well, this is just sickening. To think that a woman cried out for help and was ignored is awful.
    What I want to know is why the dispatcher didn't send the State Police to help her. If she'd had a gun and used it to protect herself by killing the guy, the police surely would have somehow miraculously arrived and arrested her. That's they way things work in this twisted world.

    • ICOYAR

      To liberals, that would be "justice" for shooting an "innocent" rapist.

      • podunk1

        Sounds like another sequesterization from the obamanation

    • Clint

      That part of Oregon is more rural than Slapout, Alabama. Yes there is a Slapout, Al. Anyone living in the rural counties of the north west needs personal protection for sure. They simply cannot depend on law enforcement.



    • xoxozo

      EXCELLENT!!! I want one

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/CfsINEYDoex3fXYF.FLFCPOcXaFQros-#f30f8 jong

      Go to Jan Morgan for more information.

    • barkingbird

      Good idea !

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pamela-Dunn/100000108092512 Pamela Dunn

      Just buy a Ruger SR9c which is a nice little compact. It holds 10 rounds in its magazine and is shaped nicely for a ladies hand; I know, I have one that is ALWAYS with me. An old Lady can't wait for the police to decide to show up. They can always draw a chalk outline around the Bad guy's body.

    • CharlieFromMass

      Sadly, I can hear the screams of sexism now.....

      Really go all the way and offer the handle grips in pink or a variety of other pastel colors.:)

      On that subject, are Derringers or a similar type of little revolver like that still being made? Might not be big, but one shot in the right place will either leave the wretch in too much pain to do anything, or...well, dead is dead.

      • OzzWorx

        You are from Mass so we can forgive your lack of information. The derringer is a .45 cal with two rounds. A compact with 10 rnds is more controllable and doesn't go dormant after two shots,

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    If I was that woman I would have moved out of the area after the first assault and I would have bought a gun for protection.
    I wonder if there was something else the city could have done to preserve the police department too. What left wing crazy plans could have been cut for citizen safety?

    • Dan Wolfe

      Well the article stated that the cuts were due to loss of federal money. The powers that be in Oregon, as in most other states, should have known better than to depend on fed money for their basic needs. Why put yourself in such a position? What a bunch of bozos!

      • ReconVeteran

        I agree

    • Clint


    • ReconVeteran

      These cities always cut police, fire and education first so the people will comply to their wishes such as raising taxes to advoid these cuts. It is a political game to them, when in fact they could have cut a lot of other departments first.

  • Jake Green

    This what you get in the People's Republic of Oregon with Democrats "In charge," I mean public safety and law enforcement are the first things to go when money is "needed" for things like Art, making sure illegal aliens are able to drive (uninsured of course) or expanding the number of folks on public assistance, implanting Obamacare, and lining the pockets of bureaucrats. Here in Oregon we have a "Brand new" (10 years old) jail that still sits empty to this day. What's tell you about the F*cked up priorities of liberals. In typical liberal fashion, "just ask him to go away" and if he doesn't and he didn't, liberals just say, "uh sorry, don't know why he wouldn't leave when asked, I don't understand. LIBERALISM is a serious mental disorder for sure.

    • Clint

      You pretty much summed up the western coastal states. Maybe the new jail would be a good place to house liberal politicians, that is of course with meager meals and utilities (heat and AC). Budget cuts you know.

      • Lorene Cribbins Kesler

        They don't call it the Left Coast for nothin'! I was born and raised in Oregon, lived as a Californnicator from '87 till '09, then split OR & CA till a year ago. Today? No difference, but I hope my conservative vote will go a little further in OR than it did in CA. :(

        • fatman45

          Don't hold your breath!

        • Clint

          I was in Yakima, Washington in 1980 when Mt. Saint Helens blew her top. I was considering moving to the north west because it is so beautiful. After meeting a liberal lady in Yakima it didn't take long for me to change my plans. I determined that I, being a conservative redneck, didn't have much chance of fitting in socially with the liberal crowd, no matter how attractive they are physically. Beautiful with mouth shut, but the beauty faded fast when that liberal crap spilled forth. So I moved to LA (lower Alabama) and married another redneck. No liberal craptrap to listen to. I'm happy as a dead hog in the sunshine, ya'll.

    • Marlin208

      Well maybe she didn't pea on her self. Isn't that their answer to stop an attacker.
      And public safety is not only going away in Oregon, take a look at Colorado now. Little by little the stupid liberal Democrats are moving in, taking over and throwing common sense out the window.
      When you have some ahole tell you to pea on the attacker or throw up I think it is pretty much over for public safety in any state.
      God help us they are moving into Texas now too.

  • xoxozo

    Welcome to Utopia

    • scot_belle

      Yes. A Utopia........for criminals. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      • Clint

        Maybe we can thin them out. :<)

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/CfsINEYDoex3fXYF.FLFCPOcXaFQros-#f30f8 jong

    Well guess what. This to is covered if they are willing to go just one step. For all those that been fired swear in citizens of good moral character to serve as auxiliary officers. I am sure that there are plenty of vets that would be more than happy to lend a hand for next to nothing. They have already been trained and would take very little to bring them up to speed and get them out on the streets. Besides they are probably better shots. It once again is not what you do but, how you do it.

    • dntmkmecomoverther

      Very true. Great idea. (we used to do that...called 'em 'Posses'. I'd say it's time to reengage them.

      • vicki

        It is a good idea but posses were for hunting (human predators) not for emergency response. The victim is ALWAYS the first on the scene. Give them back the tools they need to handle emergencies.

        • dntmkmecomoverther

          Vicki, actually, 'posses' were 'sheriff's helpers': especially in the western United States in the 19th-century, a group of citizens assembled by a sheriff to assist in maintaining law and order. There will always be some in society who either refuse to protect themselves or are mentally or physically unable; so the question during economic hardship for communities has become, "How can we maintain law and order on our own?" The answer is that each citizen ought to be armed (whether that is with a knife, hammer, gun, baseball bat, etc.) and then those who are willing and able can band together and be duly elected as sheriff's posses. Each county can do this.

        • vicki
        • AZ BOB

          NOT TRUE, Posses guard schools, search and rescue, major disaster control and many other etc. This ain't the WILD WILD WEST!!!!!

        • StandardX

          But in this case - in Oregon - it is the WILD WILD WEST!!!!!

        • Marlin208

          So true because the police could not get there and she was on her own.
          It is time that everyone started to carry and at the very least ladies, have a gun at home in easy reach.
          If you are afraid of a hand gun then by all means get a shot gun. All you have to do it point it and shoot from the hip if you have to.

        • DenverKitty

          AZ: Really??

        • Clint

          Many folks are finding that the Wild, Wild West has moved to town. Even more law-abiding citizens are now forced to come to grips with the fact that we are living in a lawless society, and the law makers want us to be unarmed. For many in America this is really new territory, therefore they are searching for answers. Very few have experience with groups like a Posse.

        • fatman45

          The "Wild Wild West" wasn't even the wild wild west! Except in the movies, that is. You were far safer there than in the "civilized" cities of the east. That's because an armed society is a polite society.

        • vicki


          Perhaps you have some cites to support the additional functions? None of which change my point. :) The (intended) victim is Always. 100%. No exceptions the first responder and must have access to the proper tools for self and community defense.

        • Clint

          Wise lady. You get 10 attagirls.

      • https://me.yahoo.com/a/CfsINEYDoex3fXYF.FLFCPOcXaFQros-#f30f8 jong

        Or those that are Vigilant. Vigilantes are just that and have gotten a bad name over the years. I blame Obama.(LOL)

    • CharlieFromMass

      A wonderful way to continue service. I'm surprised that more rural areas don't do exactly something like this.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Nothing says, 'Go Away' like a double tap with a Glock 27 and a load of Federal Hydrashoks.

    • Dave Kline

      Also effective is a short barreled, open choke shotgun loaded with, say, number 4 buckshot. No need for double tap but okay if you just want to make sure.

      • dntmkmecomoverther

        Well, that WOULD be a waste of ammo wouldn't it?
        Oh, and my suggestion would leave less of a mess; one must think of the 'cleanup', right? 😛

        • Marlin208

          Not if you shoot the Ba---d on the outside. And if that causes a problem drag his ass a little bit inside the door.

        • DenverKitty

          Martin: Mom, I know that's not you, but it sure sounds like it! LOL!

        • Marlin208

          LOL, you never know.

        • tellmeanotherone

          Do NOT drag him inside. The cops will eventually show up and get you for tampering with the evidence.

        • Marlin208

          Not if you make it look like the sob was crawling to get out and died in the doorway. Spin his ass around and make blood skid marks, whatever it takes.

  • http://blaze.com/ mathchopper

    Wouldn't it be interesting to learn who DIDN'T lose their jobs rather than law enforcement?

    • Lorene Cribbins Kesler

      All the bureaucrats at the Department of Redundancy Department!

      • CharlieFromMass

        What scares (and upsets) me is you're probably more right than you'll ever know!

  • bless2live

    Always protect self to protect family and third party! How to protect , be able to provide a quick response to the perpetrator(s) with death! One can delivery death to a perpetrator in manys ways, but a gun is a good pick in most instances! You as a individual must take that position in order to live and make life more comfortable for you and your loved ones! God Bless America ,her Constitution and her citizens!

  • Marlin208

    Well he did go away after he assaulted her and choked her. Nice going dispatcher, you were right on.

    So much of this goes on in this country and you will not hear about it OR will you hear about the times they were stopped dead in their tracks by having a gun.

    Now it is not only the crooks, robbers, rapists and murders you have to fear but it is also the Muslims that this usurper is letting into the country by the thousands.

    I can guarantee they might make it into my house by they will not be walking out of my house. And they will not be hacking my head off either after I BLOW their head off.

  • 7papa7

    If that doesn't work maybe she can just pee on him. How about emptying a 9MM magazine in his chest and head with HP rounds then throw in another magazine and repeat.

    • Marlin208

      Oh the libs would have a fit with that. Their only response would be, "Why did you shoot him so many times"? And then they would throw her in jail for using excessive force.

      • 7papa7

        Wouldn't surprise me in the least. If someone broke into my house and threatened my family, they would get multiple rounds and I would risk it. They broke into my house, they weren't invited and they put my family at risk and since I am a disabled vet I think it would give me grounds for making sure they never move again. It would be the same for this lady. She would have every right to defend herself.

        • Clint

          Don't count on it Vet, and thanks for your service. The government is trying to stop disabled Vets from being armed because of their "Disability" and nothing more. Word of caution, if the VA doctors ask you if you have a gun, keep it to yourself. A concerned Vet.

        • 7papa7

          I appreciate your concern. I do not have any disability that would inhibit me owning or firing a gun of any kind. If I need to get guns off the street then so be it, but I will not allow myself or my family be without protection. I fought to preserve America and the Constitution and I will continue to do so until the day of my death or until I am not able to fight because I am bed ridden, my country comes first not like liberals who believe they come way before country. They don't get it that it is because our sacrifices that they have the freedoms they have and no stinking little dictator will take them from me. Thank you also for your service.

        • Clint

          I'm with you Vet 100%. I haven't had any of them ask me if I have a weapon, which is good because they won't find that out from me, about my own weapons nor information about my fellow vets weapons. I am fortunate to live in a neighborhood where even the hummingbirds carry concealed. ;<).
          By the way, I am also a disabled vet. Semper Fi.

        • 7papa7

          The sad part is they will put us into a position where we have to lie to them possibly. I find lying to be unacceptable but may have to do so in order to protect myself. If they check it out they will find out I do have a CC license and would not give up my guns for anything. The good thing is that the sheriffs refuse to obey any unlawful orders and they all believe that we have the right to own and bare arms. The state is also passing legislation to not allow any law enforcement to obey laws like violating the second amendment. Kansas is really great that way in protecting us against unlawful orders from the federales.

        • Clint

          I agree, lying is unacceptable and I resent someone putting we vets into that position. It may not work but I plan to tell them up front, don't ask because you have no need to know, one way or the other. If the VA refuses to treat me, so be it. It wouldn't be the first time my government has lied or given me a hard time. Have a blessed Memorial Day as we honor those who gave all.
          Semper Fi and God bless.

        • 7papa7

          For me to even consider answering them they will have to tell me exactly how me having a weapon would improve or damage my health, if they can't I will refuse to answer. Lord Bless you my brother in arms. Semper Fi.

    • hpinnc

      Peeing on him might be politically correct,but shooting him with a 9mm pistol .This would just be down-right unacceptable by the libiturds.It might deny him his rriiigght to assault this woman,who by the way,was his x-wife.There are still dumasses out there who support taking up our guns.Criminals will always have guns, & you can bet they know where to go to get them.

      • 7papa7

        You are indeed right. I am working on being able to get weapons under the table so to speak if it ends up I must do that.

  • Daniel Gray

    Had the same thing happen to me here. Was in my home and heard screaming, looked out the door and saw a guy kicking at the door of a neighbor across the street. Grabbed my AR-15 with a 30 round clip and laser site, and placed a nice red dot on the door in front of the guy off his left shoulder. When he and his buddies turned around, I placed the dot right between his eyes and yelled "Dont have to be accurate here people, I can take all 4 of you down in less time then you can raise your weapons. So choose...kiss the ground or say hello to Satan when you meet him in about 5 seconds." They wisely decided to lay down their weapons and lay down. They were cussing and threatening me with a terrible death and my reply back was "I was in the military and have been shot at, had explosives thrown at me and been shot at by a sniper who was bad at his job. Do you REALLY think for one second I am scared of you? If you want to come back, please do. I can take off the top of a 2ltr bottle at 80 yards and not move the bottle and my job in the military was demolitions. So with you scroats, I wont even break a sweat. Better yet you wanna get up and try for one of your guns?" The cops showed up and they complained to the cops I was threatening to kill them and wanted me arrested. The Cops just laughed and told them that if I had intended to kill them, they would not be talking right now as I was one of the most dangerous men in this town. Not to mention if they came back the Cops would make sure it was a very short trip.

    Sounds like this town needs some people with a set and is willing to do something about people like this attacker. My military oath is as valid to me today as it was when I served back in the 80's and it will be till the day I die. And thanks to Ohio's government, we have the famed "Castle Doctrine" law here so before any criminals decide they want to attack people here, they had better think twice as they might have a terminal case of lead poisoning. Maybe its time this "Castle Doctrine" law was a federal law? Wanna bet stuff like this would either stop or it would lower the number of cases REAL fast?

    • Marlin208

      Glad you were there. We need more like you in this now pansy Obamaland. If he was half the woman he thinks he is, we wouldn't be in this shape now.

    • DenverKitty

      Daniel, I think I love you! A REAL MAN, with a AR-15 (trained), not afraid to use it, with a military history!!

    • ConservaDave2

      There are houses for sale in my neighborhood, want to relocate? Oh, wait... Gov. Malloy, the Demoncraps and the RHINO's in state have just made us all "safer" by making your AR-15 illegal....

    • Driver_S

      Very good response to a bad situation. Thanks for Your Service and God Bless America and all who serve in the military for our freedom.

    • barkingbird

      I am shocked.....I didn't know there were men like you left !!!!!!! God Bless you !!!

    • darlingrats

      MARRY ME! God bless you sir and THANK YOU for your military service and saving your neighbors. It's so nice to see that there are ppl like you still around. You need to be cloned..have about ..ohhh...50 million of you made to live all over the US.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Daniel......Great story. It's always good to hear when the good guys win.

      And thank you sincerely for your service. As discouraging as the future can look with the Muslim-in-Chief running things, and an impotent Congress, I always take heart when I think of vets like yourself...true patriots....who love America, who have sworn to defend her to the death.

      May God help us in defense of liberty....and may God bless you and every vet as this weekend we remember the blood and treasure that has been spent to keep us all free.

    • CharlieFromMass


  • fideux

    I'll bet that if the woman had of told the 911 dispatcher that a man broke into her home and she shot him in the groin twice then in the head to stop his screaming, they would have been able to find an officer to send. Then, when the cop is perp-walking the assailant out to the squad car, and asked the would-be victim, "why did you say you shot and killed this guy?" She could answer why did you guys "say there was no one available?"

  • DenverKitty

    Lady, get a Concealed Carry Weapons Permit (with training), then a gun and ammunition. I suggest hollow points. Then get used to packing...ALL the time. It's your life or his.

  • sgt524

    Federal assistance is great for hiring new officers but the funds sunset and the localities just don't have the tax base to support them. The officers are laid off and forced to look for another department to hook up with which often results in moving to another community.

    • rivahmitch

      I don't disagree with your statement (localities should NOT accept federal funds for essential services EVER). However, since they apparently fired 80% of their police force after the Federal money went away, it seems obvious that they had used the federal bucks to allow diversion of their local funds to "other" less vital services. A government that chooses to NOT provide physical security for its citizens should be disbanded.

      • CharlieFromMass

        Second that statement! Or, the state should step in and re-organize the county or provide state police coverage in lieu of until the county get its act together. This is inexcusable.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Perry-Wall/100002811879244 Perry Wall

      they have the tax base. its cause they pay the mayor,manager, chief of police to much and then all the pensiens they pay to all city/county workers and they get to retire early,let them have 401ks like the rest of us

  • liberty49

    Liberals want us all to be at the MERCY of criminals!

  • rivahmitch

    If she'd had a pistol or Uncle Joe's shotgun, she'd have been fine. Her poor decision to trust someone else for her safety has, unfortunately, exacted it's price. However, cutting police and public safety instead of welfare benefits or other "social" programs was the decision of the local politicians. They should also be held accountable.

  • ConservaDave2

    Who would have reported had she said her house was on fire and how long would it have taken for someone to get there? I bet they have plenty of money for the local Board of Education.

  • hpinnc

    I would just like to urge each blogger today to go on facebook & look this up.I don't know how to copy & paste it for all to see.Look this up Proud to be a Democrat Letter to the Editor.You will be amazed at this fellow's ignorance & stupidity. I just want my fellow-bloggers to see this. MORE MODERN WAY

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Orson-Ciaccio/100001016735990 Orson Ciaccio

    The dude had to be a liberal, progressive democrap.

  • barkingbird

    The woman should sue Ovomit !!!!!!!

  • FSHNT21

    Maybe if we ask Nancy and Harry to go away....

  • mari

    Could they cut the free phones, food stamp money that goes to buy fast food and booze, or any other vote-getting freebe that is unnecessary? Of course not, they cut things that are essential. They want the citizens to suffer to ensure that they will get more money. Heartless, lying liberals. They pretend to care, but really they don't give a damn about anyone but themselves. The government promises everything and can't deliver. Get ready for Obama care.
    She needs to sue.

  • Paul Brown

    Where she lives is an open carry county and she could have had a CCW, however she assumed that law enforcement would protect her. She now knows that the answer is get a gun and carry it for her own protection. Never depend on someone else for your own protection.

  • dgdenton

    The "budget cuts" are designed to hurt the most citizens possible. You will notice that managers and administrators are not cut. The common sense thing to do is to cut the big salaries and leave the local services in place. When enough women are raped and killed, the big government figures the citizens will demand a return of services. In this way the big wigs will keep their high salaried jobs.

    • Clint

      One rape is too many. Anyone who is a rapist needs to be taken out of the gene pool immediately. It still comes down to self protection. I think if we law abiding citizens start taking matters into our own hands we would all be better off. When it comes to my family and they are in danger of attack, I will shoot to kill and worry about the law later. That is just the way it is with us rednecks.

      • dgdenton

        Self protection is the only option left.

  • http://www.InformingChristians.com/ DebraJMSmith

    But you can count on it, all those people that are living off of handouts that they never paid into, are still getting their money!

  • The Oracle

    In these rural areas, why can't the Sheriff's hire some some local volunteer deputies, for say $1 a day, give them decals for their pick-ups and lights behind the grill.
    You would be surprises how crime would drop, when the lawbreakers know that the REDNECK Deputies are on patrol and will be answering those 911 calls with shotguns in hand.
    We did good in the old west with part time deputies or volunteer deputies. Why won't it work in 2013?

    • Lorene Cribbins Kesler

      Some places use retiree volunteers for community patrols, just take it one step further and ARM them! But everyone needs to be prepared to defend home & family. My vacation plan this year: get my CC permit!

    • leadfoot320

      GOOD IDEA!

    • Clint

      It'll give the liberals diarrhea and heart attacks but that would not be so bad. I think it is a great idea for all counties in every state. Redneck Posse. Has a nice ring to it.

    • CharlieFromMass

      I can see some possible liability concerns, but if the volunteers are properly trained, duly certified and have a clear explanation of duties in their commissions, there shouldn't be too much of a problem, either.

  • Chuck

    The socialists want you to let anyone molest you and if that means you get killed, sorry. The laws in the U.S. protect the criminals. If you live in a dangerous neighborhood, feel threatened by harassing calls, or any other reason that makes you fear for your safety - get a gun and learn how to use it. You might get arrested, but it's a helluva lot better than being dead.

    • darlingrats

      You got it, SO FAR here in Colorado,we still CANNOT be arrested,sued..nothing if the sheriff,DA consider it a legal kill. in Wyoming, you cant be charged but can face civil suits, then its up to the judge reading the entire circumstances behind the shooting to decide if the defendant will win or lose. So in Wyoming, make damn sure you are totally in the right to prevail over a civil suit. ( thats what wyoming police told me when i inquired about the lawsuit part since we are saving to move there IF Colorado keeps getting Mexifornia STUPID)

      • leadfoot320


        • glock 19 fan

          Or, as Massad Ayoob puts it, keep shooting until the perp is incapable of harming you. Jeff Cooper used to say that you shoot to stop; killing the perp is useless if he kills you before he dies. Ayoob's info is newer and addresses the perp who is high on drugs.

      • Clint

        Colorado is beautiful, it is too bad that the liberals from California are moving in and turning it into California/North East..

  • glock 19 fan

    When I first started reading this I was guessing it was Colorado in view of what is going on there lately. Now I see that Oregon is just as bad. If she had had a gun and said that he would get a .38 caliber vasectomy if he broke in the cops would have been there before she could hang up the phone.

    When seconds count the police are minutes away. Or maybe longer.

    • Madmax1450

      In Oregon anyone that can pass a background check can get a concealed carry permit for a gun. She should go get one asap.

    • darlingrats

      I live in Colorado,and these FIDIOTS in state govt are doing everything possible to take away our 2nd rights..over 2 doz sheriffs have filed lawsuits against some of the state's more recent asinine laws. pray that we win!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1132616097 Carmen A. Cantalupo

    Lady get a big gun and when he comes back Shoot him till he does not move.

    • yankg

      shoot him in the balls, he won't ever have sex again

      • Clint

        Naw. Take out his whole tool shed including tools.

    • leadfoot320


      • Clint

        Good for her, baaaad for the attacker.

      • CharlieFromMass

        That'll drive the message home PDQ. That's no small arm, no matter what your size.

  • GinoV

    Pee your pants and ask him to go away........this really tops them all.... don't try it here cause my wife will blow your brains out, this 911 dispatcher needs an education.

  • darlingrats

    Thanks 911! that's EXACTLY what i will do! as i am on the phone with you, my .45 staring that person in the face, i will tell them 911 says that they are VERY BUSY, cant get to my house for atleast 30 mins, for me to ask you to just go away. so if you dont mind LEAVING you're going somewhere right now...TO HELL! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!BOOM! well 911, hows that? i did just what you told me to do............watch them be at my house within 2 mins

  • James Maxwell

    All the cops do in the vast majority of our cities across the nation is investigate the crime after
    it has been committed and the chalk outline is on the ground. Very few if any cities, except
    for Washington DC, has enough cops to protect the citizens. Even the supermen court said
    their job was to investigate not prevent crimes. And the fools in the White House and Congress
    want to take away our weapons? My answer to them is "Go pound sand", I will keep my
    weapons and insure that ever member of my family know where they are and how to use
    them when need arises. Better a dead criminal than one hair on my family be harmed. Thru
    the grace of GOD I live in Texas where reason still abides unlike the fools in Cali, Colorado and
    other libitad controlled states where they have been brain washed by the mindless loonely

    • David S. McQueen

      The problem is that our laws protect the criminals. Citizens, not the police, are responsible for protecting ourselves. All the LEOs (law enforcement officers) do is ENFORCE the law. Legally, they do not have to provide you with personal protection. That is why the gun-grabbers are so unbelievably WRONG when they want to disarm law-abiding citizens.

  • Lorene Cribbins Kesler

    I checked the map, and as I suspected Josephine is a rural county, down by Grants Pass, much less populated than the urban centers of Portland Salem & Eugene. Of course the liberals in charge will take care of the welfare class of the cities over the country folks, who are much more likely to be conservative, libertarian, or Republican!

    • beowulf32

      Don't you mean lidertards. This where she should of had a gun and as soon as he steped in her house she should of put 6 rounds in his A$$.

      • leadfoot320


    • http://www.facebook.com/loran.carlson Loran Carlson

      Yes, Yes, Exactly. Thank you.

    • leadfoot320


    • Clint

      Beautiful country.

  • Victor Pirie

    Sounds like that Dispatcher needs to be Assaulted by a HOCKY TEAM. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Hey, all she has to do is ASK THEM TO QUIT AND GO AWAY, RIGHT?

    Problem is, that Dumb Scumbag would probably like it.

    • leadfoot320


      • Caulfieldgirl

        In rural areas in Arkansas and Missouri when they have towns and budget problems, they have an officer on call and will get comp time or paid if they need a cop. It sounds like the Police Department was making the people feel some pain so they could ask for a sales tax increase to fund them. This is why taking money from the Federal Government is bad. It runs out and then they couldn't pay for it own their own. Same thing with Obama-care and medicaid. The Government will pay for it for I think 3 years and then it is left up to the people and if you don't have money you can't pay for it. How do you tell someone half way though a cancer treatment you don't have money to pay for the rest of it? It is about time we start taking care of ourselves and that means policing ourselves if necessary........We have to become responsible.....

      • popps52

        Did he go away when she asked him to ???

  • Gman

    How do these brain dead people get these jobs? Doesn't the stupid flag come up when they interview for the job? This joker needs to be fired and sued for not getting the police involved immediately while trying to carry a conversation with the caller and the supervisor for having such a dumbass operator employed at the station.

    • http://www.facebook.com/loran.carlson Loran Carlson

      Ya Get What You Pay For!!!

    • leadfoot320


      • Gman

        Really leadfoot, the comment from the dispatcher and why is the 911 operator even has a job is what is in question here. Why do they even have the 911 system there if no one will come? Tell the caller to get or do anything to protect yourself because there is no one coming. She might as well as told her what the congressman said was to just lay there and when they're done go clean yourself up. They layoff all the police but not the 911 operators? Come on. Not what I call the best bang for the taxpayer's buck. I hope you are not one of those anti gun nuts out there. Hopefully you never have to go to an emergency room and the clerk at the desk tells you, "Come back later because all the doctors retired or stopped practicing because of Obamacare and there aren't any here right now. Maybe in a few days some will volunteer to see patients here. You want to give us a callback number?"

      • oldguy

        Having been a 9-11 dispatcher I can tell you that the dispatchers advice was the stupidest thing I've ever heard. The first priority is that ladies safety. Get her as far away from him as possible. If he's breaking in the front then get out the back and into the woods ( assuming rural which was stated) or to one of the neighbors as quickly as possible. If this lady is standing inside the house listening to him break in and doesn't have sense enough to run like hell then there is no amount of "advice" that will help her but the dispatcher should have been clear headed enough to help her get away from him instead of having her ask him to leave. If escape isn't possible then go quietly into the kitchen, grab your largest butcher knife and the second you can see his head through the door or window thrust it into him with all your might. The dispatcher needs to be fired yesterday.

        • David S. McQueen

          If she voted for Obama, she'll get a big pay raise and promotion.

        • CharlieFromMass

          If I was the district attorney elected to that county, or assigned to the case, I'd be naming her an as an accomplice before the fact for making such a foolish suggestion. That poor lady was too panicked to think straight- having had several of my girl friends (that is, friends that are girls), and an ex-girlfriend that have been the victims of sexual assault or rape, I've seen what goes through their minds and the aftermath. Such recklessness must never be allowed to stay in a postion of authority.

      • Victor Pirie

        You CAN Blame the Dispatcher. She has access to all sorts of HELP, she could have even called the FIRE Dept, instead of suggesting such an Absurd thing to a woman in Distress.

  • samuelafugglas

    You forgott to mention the lifeguards of the obama, 24/7/365 at taxpayers expence.

    • texan texan

      Abolish secret service is your solution to deficit spending. Brilliant Rep.

      • Caulfieldgirl

        Once they get out of office let them spend their own money they "lawfully" got at the expense of the taxpayer while in office. Let them pay for their own healthcare. Do you realize when Obama leaves office we will be paying for secret service for Obama, his wife, 2 kids and a Mother-in-law? Why do we pay anyone who leaves Congress after a certain amount of time, their salary with cost of living increases for the rest of their lives? Our fore-fathers expected Congress to be a part time jobs from business leaders because they had business to run most of the year. As today "By law, former presidents are entitled to a pension, staff and office
        expenses, medical care or health insurance, and Secret Service
        protection". So what else are we paying for? Right now we are paying for Carter, Daddy George Bush, Clinton, Son George Bush and Obama's family in a couple of years. In 1974, the Justice Department ruled that presidents who resign from
        office before their official terms of office expire are entitled to the
        same lifetime pension and benefits extended to other former presidents.
        However, presidents who are removed from office due to impeachment forfeit all benefits. So unless a President is impeached we have to pay.

      • popps52

        who needs them ?? they are ONLY for the usage of girls in South America. Did you forget about that ?? I'm sure you did......YET ANOTHER.....ovomit administration STUPID act.

      • ezekiel22

        Judging by your posts we could throw in the Dept. of Education.

  • jvb1980808

    And liberals blame REPUBLICANS for SEQUESTRATION!

  • http://www.facebook.com/loran.carlson Loran Carlson

    If, if, if. What's with all the if's? I'll give you another if. If some one were to investigate how the city and the county boards spent the taxpayers money, they would discover that the boards are dominated by bleeding heart liberals who have absolutely no idea how to manage those funds. Their ideologies have their sense of priorities upside down. Their philosophy is spend, spend spend. Look at California. The state is broker than broke. Yet the Gov'ner and all the politicians in Sacrotomato are celebrating a surplus. Really. Where?

    • texan texan

      As in money in bank account. Y can't believe a FTC that doesn't meet your preconceived belief. Look it up. Surplus. uS deficit going down. duh

      • Centurian2010

        We are bankrupt in CA, no surplus...look it up. All lies based on a one party system of corrupt liberal politicians with no accountability and no checks and balances.

        • dad666

          Your job is obvious. Get rid of the idiots that have allowed you to get in this condition and then shut down all the stupid programs they have initiated.
          I couldn't believe you idiots re-elected Jerry Brown for a second time. He sucked the first time. Don't you ever learn?????

        • Doc

          Everyone with a brain moved out of Kalifornia years ago.

        • MadMax327

          But we're going to have high speed rail service between no where and no where.

      • popps52

        Pelosi lives in Calif. ONLY she would spin the truth for you RETARDS to believe. Everything she says.....must be gospel truth. Are you beliefs in the Kuran ?? If so...you know where your going. !!!!

  • junkmailbin

    the armed citizen is a safe citizen. the gay arab is all for his life time body guards at your expense

  • iliad007

    Come on now seriously? Only a retard would believe this.

  • Enrique4

    The people of Joesphine County Oregon need to buckup and pay for their own police protection, and then arm themselves accordingly.

    • dad666

      The hell with the police they are never around when you need them anyway. Just buy a gun and be prepared call thep olice after and let them do their part and handle the paper work.
      Just make sure that if you drop him or her let them get inside the front door first.

    • GQ4U

      What an idiot you are; this situation clearly calls for more citizen awareness about the need to defend yourself and choosing the best tools to do that. Josephine County residents have a 2nd. amendment honoring sheriff who is generous in training and granting full carry permits. It would have been wise for this woman to have learned from her prior encounters with this dirt bag and arm herself. If she had, this story would be "Man Killed Attempting To Assault EX-Girlfriend." Enrique4 I hope you never need a cop in a hurry because you won't get one... no matter where you live.

  • luvzforplay

    Maybe the dispatcher could have vollenteered to be his victem if he would wait around till she got there...The woman in question needs a neighbor with a gun !! Or buy one herself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/judy.ratliff.94 Judy Ratliff

    must be a union bobblehead dispatcher.

  • freedixie

    Yes, most criminals respond nicely to being asked to go away and leave the victim alone.
    Is this 911 operator smoking crack or what? If asking the criminal to go away worked, there would be no need for the police, and no need to be armed. But guess what, that is fairytale land. In the real world we need to be armed to protect ourselves from these animals.

  • Doc

    911 response, sometimes never. 357 mag response, 0.015 seconds. Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6. . .

  • $5905143

    If you do not go away... I will Blow you away... I know.,, everyone has rights ... I'm SO DAMN glad I do not live in that screwed up state... morons !!!!

    • GQ4U

      What screwed up state are you from.

  • Mort Leith

    What if it was THIS nitwits daughters and babies ? ?

    What a moron

  • GQ4U

    Budget cuts in Josephine County Oregon and the economic collapse causing these drastic cut-backs in law enforcement are directly the fault of ENVIRONMENTALISTS who lied about the "SPOTTED OWL" and other "CRITTERS" to persuade the Federal Government to reduce logging and areas where logging is allowed its met with endless law suits so costly the logging companies eventually walkaway. As a result logging is down about 90% in the region as are revenues and jobs. (Google; "Rough and Ready Mill"). Logging revenue paid for nearly all of the Counties expenses for decades until the ENVIRONMENTALIST Lobby presented false "ENDANGERED SPECIES" documents to Congress and pressured them to make the logging cutbacks. Congress stated at that time they would subsidize all the affected Counties for the $Million$ in lost revenue. They are now bailing out on those counties. What should be done is the Congressional decision to curtail logging should be reversed and those ENVIRONMENTALISTS who issued false reports should be tried for conspiracy, found guilty, forced to pay for all the lost revenue and jailed for the pain and suffering caused by their self-righteous quasi-religious motives.

    • Caulfieldgirl

      I really hope that someone will get some damaging evidence against EPA so it can be dismantled. It is a farce of an organization that puts animal,insects and plant life before human without any compassion. I guarantee they live with their big houses, expensive clothes, best fossil fuel cars and fly airplanes polluting more than the average American and they are not doing without eating at the best restaurants.......I believe they lie pretty good too....

      • GQ4U

        Caulfieldgirl, according to Al Gore everything you just posted is way off base.

        I agree about dismantling the EPA it does 100 times more harm than good.

        • Caulfieldgirl

          I never liked Al Gore anyway. I have seen pictures of his house, planes, pools and he sold his TV station to Middle Eastern OIL.......They are probably with terrorists and will do harm to us in some way....

        • GQ4U

          1) Agenda 21 - (heinous take over of private property)

          2) Global Governance

          3) Climate Change / Global Warming

          These exist to give a few the power and profits through domination.

      • MadMax327

        EPA, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Energy, and the list can go on and on and on.

    • ginger

      So..why do they even have a dispatcher if they have no law enforcement on the week-ends??? This is a true case for owning a gun and knowing how to use it ...and the guts to use it...it is call SELF- defense!!!

      • GQ4U

        They still dispatch firefighters and ambulances on the weekend. They don't have law enforcement funding because logging has been banned by Congress to protect a sub-species of owls; this removed 10'$ of $Million$ in revenue and cost thousands of jobs in just this one county. Everyone should own and know how to use a gun.

        Josephine County Sheriff is good about issuing permits to carry.

        • Clint

          Make sure the sheriff knows that all patriots appreciate that no matter what state we live in.

        • ginger

          Glad to know the permits are easy to obtain,,,cannot get one in Cal unless your name is Feinstein,,,,,glad to know that our second amendment rights are granted by the Josephine County Sheriff...forget "government" and back to our rights granted by God ...along with some good sense.

      • MadMax327

        If any, ANY sheriff, marshal or police chief ask for volunteers to make up posses for weekend protection the line would stretch for miles with able, willing, capable people happy to protect the communities and rural areas. Most will have all of their own equipment too.

        • David S. McQueen

          That's what is strange about the story. No cops for a 40-mile radius, no volunteers with firearms anywhere in the vicinity. No weapon in the house although the girl was battered previously.

    • CajunPatriot

      Tree hugging, creature worshipping miscreants killing a viable and flourishing industry affecting so many direct and indirect jobs.
      Their leftist agenda continues to advance throughout the country, especially with our present Administration.

  • Jerry_Morgan

    “You will never see my concealed
    carry until you force me to use it
    ….you won't like what comes next”
    - - Jerry Morgan

    • CajunPatriot

      Amen! Mine either.

  • ginger

    Wonder what the dispatcher's response would have been if the woman had said "I have a gun and I am going to shoot the sorry excuse for a human ...??? Just asking.

    • GQ4U

      In Josephine County she would have been told to aim carefully.

      • Clint

        And don't forget, double tap!!!!

      • MadMax327

        As long as there are 7 or less so she doesn't run out of bullets.

  • Brabado

    No doubt that 911 Dispatcher voted for Obama... No brains!


    • GQ4U

      Its not the dispatchers fault the cops were unavailable and the dink who was facing at least a second assault from her ex-boyfriend was unarmed. Don't you remember the motto "Be Prepared" from the FORMER Boy Scouts Of America?

      "IN GOD WE TRUST! THE SCANDALS, LIES AND COVER UPS WILL END SOON. BE PATIENT!" What is this, some terrorist threat against America? You seem to have no brains!!!

      • Brabado

        Why, do you think you have some to spare? Not based on what you wrote!
        Please, go back to your cave and wate till King Obama calls on your services...

        • GQ4U

          I;m so wounded. <:-)


    There are probably 100 employees of Josephine Co, that could be layed off and no one would ever know the difference. But in order to coerce their citizens into giving them more money they only cut services that have a public impact, and the public buys it every time. Also, I will just bet that the police have gotten a raise in pay in the last year and will continue to get them it's a union thing you know..

    • MadMax327

      Right on, and they are probably hiring dog catchers and park employees.

  • Dave

    Could the problem be , all those retirement packages that most cities couldn't afford in the first place ....

    • MadMax327


    • CharlieFromMass

      Well...if government had stayed with reasonable salaries and a reasonable size, they wouldn't have the pension problem to begin with.

      Instead, we wanted government to do everything, grow, more-and-more, and the Federal government grew, and everything fell apart because the Ponzi schemes that most of the financial world became ran out of people paying in in adequate quantities.

  • leadfoot320


    • David S. McQueen

      40 minutes at 60 MPH would leave us to believe that there were zero cops within a 40-mile radius. No state cops, county sheriffs or even the next town? I find that literally incredible.

      • RedMeatState

        the bad guy found it incredibly convenient.

  • Judy

    I would have been standing behind the door with a baseball bat and laid his head open.

    • MadMax327

      Good idea; but they, law enforcement, would have been there "in a second" and arrested her. We have a Zero Tolerance policy when it comes to spousal abuse. All we here is about being tolerant. Tolerant of the students who beat up a teacher, no suspensions; no tolerance of a little kid chewing a pop tart into the shape of a gun, alleged shape of a gun - he got expelled. Tolerant of BS leaders in this country.

  • CajunPatriot

    With the previous assault this woman experienced, could she not have received a carry permit to carry a loaded gun. Even if they would not grant a carry permit, if I were her, I would contact numerous discount Internet gun sources, or get one on the local "street market" for about 1/3 the retail price or less. I would set up some cans in my back yard and maybe spend a few dollars to take a proficiency course.

    At best, law enforcement can arrive between 20 minutes and an hour later (sort of like a tow truck sent by AAA). Meanwhile, you are facing the armed home invasion by yourself. Meanwhile, you are facing the rapist, the car jacker, the robber, and criminally insane, without the benefit of law enforcement. At that time, during those minutes, you need to know how t defend yourself to prevent you from becoming another statistic.

    I bought my wife, my mother, my sister-in-law, my niece, and myself a life time membership in Front Sight, Nevada. Recommend it strongly. I always see ex-military there (many of the instructors are ex-military) and current law enforcement there.

    Ladies, learn to protect yourselves!

    • rwp24382

      What needs to be found out is whether or not the woman was advised not to get a weapon and defend herself. A lot of times police will inform people that they are on watch 24/7 and just give a call, if they need help. They give citizens a false sense of security. If the woman lived so far out in the county, there would have been no way for them to have helped her in this situation. Best idea is to have a concealed weapons permit. For someone like this woman, her boyfriend could attack her at any place he chooses. It wouldn't have been limited to just her house.

      If you are in the house and need to defend yourself and have a pistol, be sure and use hearing protection. In closed areas, it does ring your ears to get off a couple shots.

      • vicki

        Best idea is to have a concealed weapons permit

        Why do you need permission to exercise a Constitutionally protected right?

        • rwp24382

          That is true. If you have a permit, it allows you to carry at any time. Hopefully you will have enough sense to use the gun properly and not pull the gun at an improper time. This could get you in trouble for brandishing a weapon. If you pull the weapon, have a situation that you think your life is in danger before you get it out, and then be ready to use it.
          It is people that don't exercise proper useage that gives others a bad name. Take training and follow up with target practice.

        • vicki

          Though I agree with your points about firearm usage and training, I ask again. Why do you need permission (that is what a permit is) to exercise a Constitutionally protected RIGHT.

        • rwp24382

          There was a time that people were accidentally shot from those that were not responsible gun owners. I guess that is where it came from. It probably started from the days of the Civil War or before by people in the East wanting to portray citizens as more civilized, unlike those in the Wild West. Back then, people were trustworthy and respectful, more so than today. I can only assume that since the days of Prohibition, crime has gotten gradually worse. The laws had been watered down to protect the rights of criminals, that it has been more profitable to have a life of crime. The gun laws have for the most part to harm the citizen, rather than help the victims.
          There shouldn't be any reason other than being a felon, that you shouldn't be able to carry if you desire. Losing this privilege could be an incentive for those committing crimes. You get out, your on your own. Get caught with a gun and an automatic 10 year sentence. There has been a stigma for years about carrying a gun. There is a need to relax the laws for carry. CCP holders have had the affect of reducing violent crimes be 50%, over the last twenty years. They have had pistols with high capacity magazines that haven't been in the first robbery. This might be an incentive for reducing drive by's and flash mobs. The majority of violent crime in US is done in cities with populations of 250,00 or more. That is also where the more restrictive gun laws are as well.
          It is good in a way to have CCPs. It makes people more aware of being a good citizen. In my state, you can lose your privilege for three years to be caught drinking and driving, drunk in public, and several other misdemeanors. Knowing this keeps you on your toes. For this reason, laws have been relaxed for people to carry in bars, convenience stores, and churches. Churches, you say? There have been churches that have been robbed by crack heads. I know a preacher in a church that packs heat, as well as his deacons. They did thwart a robbery by a crack head that came in at the time of the offering plate passing. The deacons had the situation in hand before the preacher could draw his weapon. The sad thing was that the police could see the guy's car in the parking lot and did nothing to arrest the perp.

          At the time I got my CCP, it was mandatory to be finger printed. I also had to be fingerprinted again, even though it had already been done for a DCJS card I had. Now, because of the reduction in crime, there is no more reason for fingerprinting. So things are getting more relaxed, because CCP holders are getting the training and are responsible gun owners.

        • vicki

          There was a time that people were
          accidentally shot from those that were not responsible gun owners.</blockquote)

          Still happens. And it is just as rare now as it was then.

          There shouldn't be any reason other than being a felon,
          that you shouldn't be able to carry if you desire.

          Felon (I.E. Convict) or ex-felon? People often confuse the 2.

          Losing this privilege
          could be an incentive for those committing crimes. You get out, your on
          your own. Get caught with a gun and an automatic 10 year sentence.

          What privilege are you talking about? I am talking about your rights.

          The majority of violent crime in US is done in cities with
          populations of 250,00 or more. That is also where the more restrictive
          gun laws are as well.

          The majority of innocent Americans who have not shot anyone are in cities too. So why do we continue to punish the ~300 MILLION Americans who did not shoot anyone for the acts of a VERY few?

          It is good in a way to have CCPs. It makes
          people more aware of being a good citizen.

          Can we have that for other rights too? Like vote, speech, 5th amendment etc?

          In my state, you can lose your privilege for three years to be caught drinking and driving, drunk in public, and several other misdemeanors.

          What privilege? I was discussing rights.

          At the time I got my CCP, it was mandatory to be finger printed. I also had to be fingerprinted again, even though it had already been done for a DCJS card I had.

          Do you like being treated as a felon when you are wanting to exercise your God given, Constitutionally PROTECTED rights?

          So things are getting more relaxed, because CCP holders are getting the training and are responsible gun owners.

          Attempt to draw the false conclusion that you have to get permission from a government bureaucrat to responsibly exercise your God Given rights.

          Yet ~300 MILLION Americans didn't behave irresponsibly with firearms.

          Stop punishing the innocent for the acts of a VERY few.

          Stop it
          Stop it NOW.

        • rwp24382

          It's true that there shouldn't be gun restrictions, but they have been done since Revolutionary War days. the passed gun control to first make sure that indentured servants didn't up rise against their sponsors. It was done again by Dems after the Civil War to restrain blacks from defending themselves against a bunch of Dems called the KKK. You had the days of Prohibition when Capone, Dillinger, Nelson, Bonnie and Clyde, and other criminals used the Tommy Gun and the BAR to their advantage. This prompted Congress to pass legislation to limit people to have to have a Class 3 license to own such firearms. It has been the goal of liberals to take away guns for some time, it was only until '94 and now that the push has been so prevalent. This is the reason for these restrictive policies that for the most part. With the assignations of the liberal icons of the Kennedys and MLK, liberals have done everything they could to take away gun rights.

          Only in '94 and now have the people that believe in gun rights have spoken out, as they have. No one has ever taken on the Constitutionality of these gun restrictions for years. With the increase of crime in the US, people finally started standing up for their right to protect themselves. Mostly they found out that it is their own responsibility to protect themselves. It is a God given right that should not be taken away for any reason, because most people can't afford to carry a cop on their back to protect themselves. Really, the laws in DC, Chicago, NYC, and other cities are unconstitutional, but there is the argument of state's rights. The Congress can pass laws to further restrict gun rights, but states can refuse to enforce them, as they have done lately. By the same token, they can also pass more restrictive laws if they want. This is an interesting argument. It is frustrating on both sides of the fence. Congress wants to pass laws that are unconstitutional, because all 50 states did not ratify an amendment to the Constitution. Congress has gotten by with it a few times, until it is contested in court. Of course, it all depends upon the type judges are in our court system as well.

      • TexasOlTimer

        Our local sheriff, when talking to a local concerned group about whether or not he'd enforce any federal gun control laws (he won't), told us he likes having the local citizens armed. it cuts down on crime and they're available to help him in a pinch, particularly now with ammo so hard to get - they are bartering with other agencies to get it. He acknowledges that with a very large county to cover, there's no way he can have enough deputies on duty at all hours to be where needed in minutes. It's just not possible and there are times when minutes would even be too late. There's no need for a permit in Texas to have a gun in your home or your car and we have the Castle Doctrine. However, if I lived in a state where they don't like you even having a gun in your home - I'd prefer to be judged by a jury of my peers than carried by 6 of my friends.

    • RedMeatState

      you don't need a permit to carry in your home.

  • mngriz

    This shouldn't come as a surprise...after all these are the same folks that think a sign identifying the premises as a gun free zone will deter armed criminals. It is sad that we have become a society where the criminal has more rights than his victim. And if an armed citizen does defend himself by using deadly force, he or she will more than likely face a lengthy series of criminal and civil trials.

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      My recommendation is that if you have a CCW permit, to disregard those stupid "Gun Free Zone" signs. Nobody will know you're packing heat, anymore than they'd know that a criminal was packing a gun. My Credit Unon is run by a bunch of Liberals. When I asked them if they thought that a criminal intent on robbing the place would not enter because of the "Guns Not Allowed on These Premises" sign, all I got was blank stare. My comment was beyond comprehension to those idiots.

      • mngriz

        I disagree...anyone with a permit caught carrying in one of these zones will become the whipping boy for the anti-gunners and draw lots of negative publicity. When I encounter the signs, I turn around get in my car and drive away. Then I either make a phone call or write a letter telling them exactly why I won't do business with them and if it is a retail business, I'll go somewhere else and make my purchase. I then enclose a copy of my receipt in the letter to show the amount of business they lost. If everyone would do this, some of them might wake up when we start affecting their bottom line.

  • MadMax327

    In the old days, the good old days, when a sheriff needed help he'd swear in a posse. Back in the days when they had no cars, radios, fewer deputies and a lot more territory to cover. They didn't tell people to "relocate", they didn't let the bad guys win not by forfeit. Now they're telling soldiers not to wear their uniforms out in public too. What is the deal, what's going on here, who the "BLEEP" is in charge?

  • CharlieFromMass

    When something like this happens: first step is to cut welfare programs drastically and re-allocate that to public safety- police, fire, EMS. This is the fault of the State of Oregon and its reputed very, very left-of-center policies and practices.

    This is a shameful failure of the allocation of public resources. The State of Oregon ought to be ashamed of itself for leaving an entire county unprotected.

  • got243kids

    Relocate???? How about this instead; dial 1911, assess and scan, then.... relocate and perform a tactical reload. Places the term dispatch back into perspective doesn't it?!

  • slickzip

    PUT an ounce of lead in the scumbags forehead and he will leave you alone ,,,,,,

  • petroskhan

    And yet once again we see the idiocy of NOT owning a gun, and the result of left-wing "feel good" laws.

    The entire state of Oregon shares the blame on this one. Each and every resident should be humiliated by this.

    • Richard Gibbard

      I'll bet that at least one of the involved parties was an ex-Californian.

      • petroskhan

        As a future ex-Californian, I concur wholeheartedly. 😛

    • RedMeatState

      if the cops can't protect me perhaps the pizza delivery man can??

    • Ron Powell

      They probably didn't have the money because of all the liberal programs they fund. Maybe she should have told the dispatcher that she was an illegal alien. the governor of Oregon is a bleeding heart liberal that commuted the death sentence of a man scheduled to be executed because he said he didn't believe in the death penalty. Apparently what the judge, jury, and citizens believe in doesn't matter to that Demonrat.

  • Rubygirl

    i was watching one of the reenactments of true police stories. A mom and her little boy were in their apartment and some guy was trying to break in her door. She grabbed her phone and she and her little boy hid in her closet. She was on the phone with the 911 operator as the guy was breaking in. The dispatcher notified the police and they were quickly on their way. However, the apartment complex was huge and the police couldn't find her apartment. Now here is the kicker.

    The mother and son are in the closet and the mother has a GUN...she got it loaded and told the dispatcher she had a loaded gun. The dispatcher told her to PUT THE GUN DOWN, that the police were there at her apartment and she didn't want her to shoot them (they were still in parking lot looking for her apartment!). By this time, the burglar had reached the closet and found them. He opened the door and grabbed her by the legs, drug her out of the closet and was choking her before the police ever got to her door. The were able to subdue him and save her when they finally got there.

    NEVER WOULD I HAVE PUT THAT GUN DOWN. THE POLICE WOULD HAVE IDENTIFIED THEMSELVES!! And that burglar (who was later identified as looney-tunes and had been stalking her w/o her knowing) would have been DEAD!! I just was stunned to hear the dispatcher tell her to put the gun down!!!

    • RedMeatState

      that's real life. liberals live in fantasyland.

    • jimbo124816

      Empty the magazine into his chest, then put the gun down.

  • Al Chemist

    If someone breaks into your home. Empty your magazine into him and then dial 911. It will be a lot safer. Police ALWAYS identify themselves before entering.

  • Harold

    If this 911 dispatcher was a woman, the person being attacked should have asked her what her address was and sent the attacker to that address.( Ha HA). This 911 dispatcher must have been hired off the streets, with an IQ of about 20.

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      Dispatchers have been known to giver very bad advise. Some dispatchers tell an armed about to be victim to put the gun down while their door is being broken in. Is that asinine or what?

      • TexasOlTimer

        Apparently this dispatcher's idea of the problem being handled would have gone something like this:
        Victim to guy breaking in: Please, sir, will you please just go away? I would prefer not to be assaulted today and we have no police who can come and help me. So, please sir, just leave. [Door slams as he leaves.]

        Dispatcher: See, it works every time.

        The police can't be everywhere to protect us every minute - their job is to help deter crime but come in afterwards to (hopefully) catch the bad guys - and even if available, can't always arrive in time. Our solution is to protect ourselves. Thank goodness I live in Texas! If I lived in Oregon or any of the 'no protection for you' states, I'd move in a heartbeat!

        • Douglas W. Rodrigues

          It's even worse than that. How many people know that the Supreme Court of the US ruled, "The only duty of the police is to investigate crime and bring the perpetrator to justice."....period. The ruling came about after three women sued a police department for not responding to their 911 call for help. They lost the suit. All three women were beaten and raped over a period of 8 hours by two men who had broken in to their home. The police never did respond to the call because they had other calls pending, and the dispatcher forgot about their call! People assume that the police are there to protect them. Legally, they are not required to, but they do offer protection if it doesn’t take away time from other duties. Let’s say that you wanted a cop to patrol near your home because of threats. You enter your information on a “House Watch” program. On the average, a cop will patrol past your home once or twice per shift. He isn’t required to park there just to be your body guard, nor does he/she have the time to do that. Okay, so for the remainder 7 hours and fifty minutes of the shift, there will be no police around to protect you. What then? The biggest joke is a “Restraining Order.” Naïve people actually believe that a Restraining Order, a piece of paper, will protect them from a threat. The only protection a person really has is themselves. I’ve personally told many, many people to go buy a gun and learn how to use it. You are your first line of defense, and no one else. Don’t count on the government or the police to protect you. They’ll only be there AFTER the crime happens to take the report. That's reality

        • TexasOlTimer

          I agree. I was raised to depend on yourself - tornado country, have everything you need for a minimum of three days as it'll be at least that long before the rescue people can get in. We understood that meant protecting ourselves as well. We still do this - as anyone that attempts to come into my home uninvited will quickly find out.

          The only advantage (and a lousy one) is that with a Restraining Order you might (slim but maybe) get a cop to come and arrest the person that defies it - hopefully before he kills you and it only gives them a lead as to where to start looking for your murderer. A piece of paper - whether a court order, a statute or any other - has no effect on the person that wants to break the law by harming you.

  • Richard Gibbard

    Thank you for calling 911. For English, press one. Para Espanol, oprima dos.

  • RedMeatState

    the lesson to be taken away from this, other than they should hire qualified personnel as 911 dispatchers, is that the police cannot protect you. Neither are they there to protect you. The police carry guns for one reason and one reason only: to protect themselves!
    Private citizens can lumber along through life in "Code White", being completely oblivious and unaware of their surrounding and happenings, and proceed through life taking everything for granted.
    No one can protect you but yourself! Better get a grip and figure out how!!

    • jimbo124816

      Was the pun intended?

      I get a grip, it's on the handle of a 45.
      The best grip is a two-handed one to keep the 45 steady.

  • shagnasty

    When seconds count, the cops are minutes away.

    • 2War Abn Vet

      Or, in this case, days.

  • Josie

    Time to set up some auxilary police depts as there have been in the past. Volunteer trained police to keep our neighborhoods safe.

  • podunk1

    Sounds like Oregon might learn the solution - protect yourself! Shot gun or good old 45 is the best way to send them on home if they decide to come in uninvited. There's no excuse for police to not respond & come ASAP. In the boondocks ASAP may take a half hour or more - maybe days if you're snowed in.

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    Protect yourself! Buy arms and ammunition. There is no longer a police station manned with cops to help WE THE PEOPLE. But the latte one and the Moooo can go on endless holidays!!!

  • apen

    The police state demands money for protection. You on the other hand were freed from the grip of money hungry tyrants long ago and are not required to ask permission to use a gun in self defense. After you use it to lawfully protect yourself do not make any statements to the police.

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      It's not the police...it's the politicians who don't have any common sense. The police don't make the laws that they are required to enforce.

      • apen

        I'm sorry if it is confusing but a "police state" is established by politicians and as you point out correctly, the police follow the paycheck. In our situation we have a constitution which police should follow but their allegiance test may cost you dearly. The situation I alluded to in my previous post has already passed the supreme court test. You have an inalienable right to use a gun to defend yourself despite the politicians craftiness in making it illegal for you to own one. So, as I said, if you happen to find a gun in a time of need that you don't own then don't say anything to the police about it at all. Look at the fellow that saved the kid from a pack of dogs. He had a gun "illegally" but will not be prosecuted. The reason is the state knows all too well that it can't but doesn't want the average citizen to know it..

  • David S. McQueen

    Sometimes, these stories just have to be looked at with a critical eye. The Oregon State Police apparently had NO resources whatsoever to respond to the call? Does anyone really believe that there were ZERO city, county or state law enforcement officers of any type who could respond to the call? There was NO ONE even near the residence who could respond? Yes, I know that people are responsible for their own protection and she should have had a gun, but the fact remains that this story smells of badly of fraud.

    • luwokoveheh

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      • Phillip_in_TX

        So, without the internet working, she's screwed.

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      The story, although rare, is believable. Where I worked, there were a few times over many years that all Deputies were busy on other as important calls. Too bad that the victim didn't have a gun to shoot her attacker in the chest. Of course, with similar domestic violence situations, the women almost always go back to the boyfriend and make up???? Never made any sense to me? I had a buddy get shot upon responding to a phone call from a woman who had called for help. My buddy arrived alone, looked through the screen door, and saw a woman being beaten by a rather large man. He entered, and pulled the attacker off the woman (who had called). Almost immediately while wrestling with the man, he heard the woman say, "You can't do that to him!) She then shoots my buddy in the back with a.22 pistol. Most domestic violence calls make absolutely no sense. I used to have an almost regular call from a woman who claimed that her husband hit her. He hit her because she'd always try stabbing him with a butcher knife when arguing. Each time she'd say, "I can't take it anymore!." I asked why she didn't get a divorce? Her answer, "Divorce??? I can't divorce him. I love him." Basically, there is a fraction of society who are nuts, and the police deal with them on a daily basis. Sure glad I retired!

      Ret. Dep. Sheriff

      • David S. McQueen

        Let's say ALL the deputies were on other, more important calls. There are local and state police who could have responded. In Texas, people can make arrests if there's a breach of the peace or a felony and there are no cops around to handle the situation. They have full police authority (until the cops actually get to the scene). Maybe Oregon is so completely liberal that they've done away with law enforcement entirely.


          that's correct at one time in this nation it was considered your civic duty to assist in preventing the commission of felonies, law enforcement should be the duty of the citizens as well, not just make a phone call and expect a miracle to happen in time. But of course the liberal courts protect the criminal these days and prosecute the law abiding citizen.

    • rams375

      Do you live in Oregon? If you do, you do not know much about SW Oregon and the coverage by Police. If you do not, you must live in a void since response times are very inadequate under normal conditions to stop any type of violence. This could be a fraud by this time I chose to believe it.

      • David S. McQueen

        I don't have to live in Oregon to know that there are city police, county deputy sheriffs, state troopers and many other law enforcement people authorized to enforce the law. I think Stevie is the kid who lives in a void. I do know that Oregon continues to vote for Democrat-Socialists who use the police powers for political purposes, not for law enforcement.

        • tionico

          I know that area fairly well. Yes, budget cuts have been made, starting with essential public services like policing. No, police will not respond in county areas. OUtside their jurisdicition. It falls to the PEOPLE, through their conty governments, to take hold of county funding and allocation once more. You can bet there are hundreds of thousands spent on stupid things at the county level in Josephine (and neighbouring Jackson) county. But NBO sheriffs on duty over a while weekend? It falls to the PEOPLE to rise up and DEMANd conty government reallocate what funds are available to provide better protection.

          Nothing is mentioned about whether the perp was identified and prosecuted. He SHOULD be. If not, the fire the prosecuting attorney. Get someone who will use the justice system for JUSTICE. A serious crime was committed, and needs to be addressed. Seems the perp was known to the victim.

          ANd next time, that victim needs to have a firearm available in her home. I'll wager long odds that, had the OSP been told "I have a gun and WILL use it", they'd have rolled.

  • gatorbait88

    You can bet one thing...The scum that calls for "Gun Control'' on lawful citizens have enough protection to thwart such an attack.Why in the world do we allow these moronic idiots to control our lives only to call for our destruction.I'm sure Obama and his ilklings must realize that sooner or later thier solcialistic attempts will be condemend by true Americans.This should be a wake up call to the voters who should think before they cower to political correctness.Obviously it seems that the funding was just a carrot on a stick to keep the "King in power.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    I recall reading an articlein the 60's in the san francisco chronicle, about these teens in oregon shooting too close to an eagles nest, and were to be summoned and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, An article below that covered the story of the manson gang, thought to be holed up in an area covering about 10 miles, near I think Salem. Point being, these people have always had priority issues on application of laws. Butcher folks, let them soak, just don't run a red light or shoot within 100 yds of an eagles nest..

  • nvrat

    Are you $hit`n me?

  • a_redrunner

    911.......Another good idea ment to give the Peons comfort in an emergency. It does work------- sometimes, after the fifty questions the dispatcher will send out the word. But not when money is a concern. So tell me again why an Oregon "County Sheriff" department had to eliminate 96% of their Deputies because of the 'loss' of "Federal" tax dollars? That is right, Oregon is a green state where conservatives are scarce and Liberals spend other peoples money freely! Maybe there is a pattern of disasters in liberal states run by 'Ds', like Oregon and Washington and California?

  • S. Ploughman

    I heard this entire dispatch on the radio. After she was attacked, a friend called the state
    patrol and asked for help for her. They said she(woman assaulted) should call the sheriff. Amazing how uninterested they were in her condition. The woman calling in finally asked for a supervisor.
    He had the same attitude and when the woman calling in got totally frustrated with his cavalier
    responses, she called him a moron, (which he was) and the nice, public servant hung up on her!
    None of the people on dispatch offered to contact any other department in order to help her.
    So what the heck do they need dispatchers for if they won't do anything to help. Unbelievable!
    If they can't afford the police officers, they sure don't need the dispatchers.

    • Kaitty

      Good analysis, right on!

  • Kaitty

    God save us from all the inept law makers.

  • whoopsmybad

    Every person in these areas that do not have police coverage should be given a GUN to protect them and their family...I bet you this assault would not have happened if the rapist knew the woman had a gun that she would not hesitate to use. Where I live even if I called 911 we would not see them for at least 15 to 30 minutes. I will not hesitate and not care what the 911 operator suggestions are, I'll let GOD lead me to do the right thing.

  • wizard

    The dispatcher must be related to Biden.

  • 1pappap

    When the people say, "No more taxes," the people are punished by the politicians by threatening to cut Public Safety Departments. They do this all the time in Pittsburgh, PA. They never cut non-essential services first, like their own jobs.When I went to school Pittsburgh had over 900,000 residents which has declined to 300,000 over that time. They never cut their own jobs or those of their cronies. Citizen safety is never their first priority.

  • Justthinkin54

    If the cops can't come call the fire department. Even if they are volunteer most of them are packing out in rural communities especially if they know there is a lack of police protection. In fact it may be a good idea to call them first since they are usually more sincere about their jobs. They are truly interested in saving lives. Highway patrols are worthless and should all be dis-banded sort of the same for the IRS. With all the agencies packing there days tit should be mandatory for them to assist.

  • http://www.facebook.com/detroitheat Tom Sweet

    To hell with them, Get a Firearm simple as that....

  • KittyKittyKit

    FOOLS !!! When are we going to TAKE BACK THE COUNTRY AND DO RIGHT????


    The ONLY WAY to stop ALL of this ridiculous NONSENSE is for the nation to step up together on July 4, 2013, at 9 a.m. EST (6 a.m. PST).

    This is the DAY, DATE, and TIME real Americans can reclaim America from this OVERTHROW of all of our American values, and restore the freedom of the people. Only those with guns have power to rule, and that POWER belongs to the We the People.............not the public servants.

    Every year, on the SAME day, date, and time, 80 to 90 MILLION fully armed Americans step out into the public. It's called "opening day" of hunting season, and NONE of those armed men and women go about trying to kill each other. We are Americans, and we have morals, and we know how to handle our weapons.

    We CAN DO THIS, America. Pass the word via e-mail, twitter, facebook, face to face, make flyers, call your talk show hosts.............get the word out. JULY 4, 2013....9 a.m. EST (6 a.m. PST) we ALL sling our rifles over our shoulders and strap on our pistols (fully loaded), wearing them as every day APAREL, and NEVER take them off again.

    Wear them in ALL PUBLIC VENUES...........it is our RIGHT...........the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE.

    We will NOT go around shooting each other, and the CRIMINALS who decide they want to commit crimes while everyone around them is armed would be FOOLS and we will bring them down.

    Any cop trying to take our guns from us, we will charge with TREASON for actively engaging in the overthrow of the U.S. Constitutions 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 10th amendments by trying to enforce UNLAWFUL ORDERS, because these amendments to the Constitution have NOT EVER BEEN REPEALED, and they are SWORN to uphold the Constitution............not their senior officers or some communist bureaucrat.

    The GOOD COPS, and there's plenty of them out there, will CUFF them, AFTER WE MAKE A CITIZEN'S ARREST on the TREASONIST cops, and take them to jail, book'em, and let the courts deal with it from there.

    We the PEOPLE, will PROSECUTE these officers and politicians to the fullest extent of the law for TREASON and SEDITION, and we will PREVAIL!!!

    We can do this America. 80 - 90 MILLION of us TOGETHER against a total of 6 MILLION cops and active military...............and the MAJORITY of the cops and military want to be on OUR SIDE, standing with the Constitution.

    Once the PATRIOT COPS and SOLDIERS, see the 80 MILLION PATRIOT HUNTERS standing with them, they WILL step up and we WILL TAKE DOWN what is a TRUE MINORITY of cops and soldiers and the TREASONIST POLITICIANS and bureaucrats, and JAIL THEM.

    We can do it ALL without having to fire a single shot. We can have America back in less than 30 days but ONLY IF WE STEP OUT TOGETHER ON INDEPENDANCE DAY.......................ANYONE INTERESTED???............................ANYONE GOT A BETTER IDEA ?????

  • http://www.il-ccw.com/ Paladin

    The FULL transcripts from the call...

    9-11 operator: Can you ask him to leave?

    Caller: Yes, I've asked him politely and even said please.

    9-11 Operator: I suggest you urinate on yourself then.

    Caller" Okay, I'm peeing my pants in fear right now.

    9-11 Operator: Did that help? Did he leave?

    Caller: No he's laughing at me as we speak. Can't you hear him?

    9-11 Operator: Uhh... yes I can. Why don't you try excreting in your pants?

    Caller: You want me to sh!t in my pants.

    9-11 Operator: They're already dirty from your urine so you have to change them anyway.

    Caller: Yeah, I guess your right... okay... pooping myself now (pfffhhhhtttt heard in back ground).

    Caller: Ok, I just shite myself.

    9-11 Operator: Why don't you try vomiting also. Can you stick your finger down your throat?

    Caller: It's not necessary anymore... he's already shoved something else down my throat and I vomited all over him. He's beating me mercilessly now.

    Caller: Thanks you for trying to help, but I think I'm just going to hang up now because I'm done for anyway.

    9-11 Operator: No problem, I'm sorry you guys don't have any law enforcement out there. You rty and have a nice day anyway okay?

    Caller: (unconscious)

  • Arizona Don

    Why does anyone think calling 911 can solve any problems. It doesn’t. In the final analysis the only person that can protect you is you! If your not capable or don’t want to be responsible for protecting yourself ask yourself this question "If I can’t or won’t protect myself and I get killed or badly injured who is the victim"? The police that didn’t answer my distress or me? If your answer was correct you better start becoming able to protect yourself. Buy a gun and get trained to use it properly. Just buying it is not enough, get comfortable with handling it through training, the NRA usually has good training available, if not contact Cheaper then Dirt and they will advise you on where to find good training. Keep in mind in a high stress situation proficiency declines considerably. Always remember that.

  • Tigress for Liberty

    Idiotic 911 dispatcher!! Since when do criminals comply with the wishes of their victims?

  • Rich - Missouri

    I wonder... If she had a gun and shot him in the chest and killed him, When she called that in do you think that they could have found a cop to come out? Or maybe the corpse would have sat there all weekend until a cop came on duty on Monday.