Louisiana Democrat: If You Oppose Obamacare, You’re a Racist

Louisiana State Senator Karen Carter Peterson took to the floor earlier this week to explain to everyone the real reason people are opposed to Obamacare and specifically the Medicaid expansion provision:

 “…[I]t shouldn’t be about this administration at the state level, nor should it be about the federal administration when it comes to Obamacare. But in fact it is. And why is that? Why is that? I have talked to so many members in the House and the Senate, and you know what? You ready? You ready [for] what it comes down to? It’s not about how many federal dollars we can receive. It’s not about that. You ready? It’s about race. No, nobody wants to talk about that. It’s about the race of this African-American president, because this same thing has been offered by whom? By former Speaker Newt Gingrich in the past. Yeah, he had a similar bill to what President Obama has offered. Similar legislation was offered. It comes down to the race of the President of the United States, which causes people to disconnect and step away from the substance of the bill…”

 Maybe she supports Obamacare because she’s black. Would she have supported Gingrich’s plan that she referenced? Would she have supported Romneycare? I’m sure she could easily find reasons not to support either of those plans. Would she oppose them because Gingrich and Romney are both white? Would she take offense if Republicans claimed she opposed those plans because the authors were white?

I’d agree that a lot of opposition to Obamacare may not be completely founded on principle. Much of the opposition is partisan. If someone opposes Obamacare, that person should also oppose similar overreaches by Republicans. Socialism under a GOP administration is no better than socialism under a Democrat administration.

But saying things are merely “partisan” just isn’t all that shocking anymore. It’s to be expected. Politics is all about playing a game and being a good team player. The more principled politicians are mocked and ridiculed for not playing the game.

For whatever reason, liberals think the race card isn’t quite overplayed yet. They don’t like it that conservatives don’t favor socialism. Fortunately for them, the President happens to have darker skin than most white people, so they claim the reason conservatives don’t like wealth redistribution and the idea of government-run healthcare is that the President’s skin hue is darker. As if we’d all be perfectly fine with Clintoncare or Kerrycare or Liebermancare. Or Romneycare for that matter.



  • Gary

    When all else fails for the left, play the race card

    • $9913635

      Might as well lose big! Negroes are losers anyway, in their mind.

  • Friscolady

    The only racist I see here are those that support Obamacare - Progressives

  • James White, M.D.

    Oh, groan and spit. I'm from Louisiana, but don't tell. Anyway, a "racist" is just a regular guy who is winning an argument with a liberal. Apologies from the swamp about this idiot, and her soul-sister, the bimbo-idiot darling of the left, Mary Landrieu.

    • JCW

      No worries - those who see what is going on know where to place the blame. I wonder if these useful idiots know they are leading themselves to destruction by the very evil they support. Sadly, they won't realize it until they have that "deer in the headlights look" just before they get run over by it. Cheers my friend!

    • tlc11532

      Doc, you are so right. I hope Landrieu loses big if she runs again. Louisiana would be much better off in my opinion, if they got their "VOTE SELLERS" out of office and elected someone with brains, rather than the takers they seem to put in office. The Landrieu's have been in office too long. Jefferson (cold hard cash) was on the take and I'd bet more are too. Not to worry though, we know who to blame for the sorry mess there.


    Liberals focus on skin color, because they have no other base to back their claims.

  • Bobseeks

    The strange thing is, I don't see maobama as being black. I see him as worthless white trash raised by an immoral, trashy white tramp. I see past his skin color to his worthless, evil, white liberal soul.

  • Screeminmeeme

    The only thing that the left has is the race-card.

    • blaineiac

      And they have 52 race cards in their deck, and 2 jokers in the White House.

    • $9913635

      And on the right negroes!

  • patriotusa2

    Well, I got a good look at your picture, Senator Peterson, and I contend that because you are also Black, your support for Obamacare must be motivated by the racial element of its promoter. After all, if the white man's objection to this entire program can be attributed to his racism, then it's fair to assume that your approval of this monstrosity is motivated by the sheer fact that you too are of the same racial heritage as Obama.

    • 7papa7

      This ding dong can't get it through her fat head that we disagree with it on obamacare because it is lousy policy and no other reason. I think most of us conservatives would be happy to see someone like Dr. Carson enter the white house. If the left doesn't pull the old race card I guess they figure they are not following the left wing agenda they have sworn to follow.

      • patriotusa2

        I like Dr. Carson, too. He seems like a good man, and one who actually loves this country.

        • 7papa7

          It is because of his love of country I think he would be a good president. He just needs some real solid people around him.

      • fliteking

        Carson is excellent. Much to offer.

        According the the liberals criteria though, Dr. Carson is likely a racist.

        • 7papa7

          Have you noticed that those the most racist, like obama and holder, yell racism the loudest? It appears this little idiot falls right into that group.

      • azrt1

        Alinsky handbook page 305, when all else fails, all your other sound bytes, I have installed you with are used up, scream racist. scream loud, scream often, my little useful idiots .
        "God, I love me my stupid people, Barry is my favorite right now"-Alinsky

        • 7papa7

          Good ole alinsky, the lefts favorite little idiot.

      • tlc11532

        I'd vote for Dr. Carson today, so I guess I must be a racist too. I'd bet this sow wouldn't though, because to her, he "isn't the right kind of black!" His mother didn't believe in the democratic plantation, being a slave to welfare etc. She believed in hard work and insisted her children learn. She raised two good, professional sons, something this sow would never know. She is still on the plantation, and will never have the brain power to get off. Unlike Obama, Dr. Carson loves and appreciates this country and his God.

        • 7papa7

          I would also. The left doesn't believe in hard work to get ahead, they just want to do the ole Robin Hood thing by stealing (tax) the rich to give to the sluggards.

    • tlc11532

      She is still on the plantation and doesn't have sense enough to know it.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/CfsINEYDoex3fXYF.FLFCPOcXaFQros-#f30f8 jong

    I am also quite sure that she believes that Trayvon Martin should have been allowed to rob and kill and how dare Zimmerman try to stop him exercising his rights as a black man. I look forward to the riots sooner than later. I know they are coming and just want to get them over with.

    • ESQ

      Yea! I also believe that America is at her cross roads! Might as well get done with it! Makes one tired doesn't it?

      • https://me.yahoo.com/a/CfsINEYDoex3fXYF.FLFCPOcXaFQros-#f30f8 jong

        Problems never solve themselves or get better. It takes as you said a cross roads or a focal point in history to change things. For better or worse. Obama was another "cross road" and as Bugs Bunny often says we should have taken a right turn at Albuquerque

    • Always_RIGHT2

      In a somewhat related (well, not really, but on the same subject), something disgusting I thought I'd share... it's what happened to a white guy who wasn't armed recently. He was a victim of a bunch of black punks who punched him and kicked him to the point where his eye came out of its socket - and they laughed at that! The guy died. Not a peep out of Obama, Jackson, Sharpton or the media. But had he been armed and shot the black punks, oh, we'd be hearing about it, front page, 24/7!

      Michael Daniels doesn't dwell on the fact the mob who beat him so badly his eye was knocked out of its socket was made up of black youths. He can't -- the beating killed him ... the latest victim of the Knockout Game. But why won't the police chief or the local paper in his city point out the obvious? http://www.wnd.com/2013/05/knockout-game-victims-eye-kicked-out-of-socket/

      • https://me.yahoo.com/a/CfsINEYDoex3fXYF.FLFCPOcXaFQros-#f30f8 jong

        I drive a bus and I do know how to use it as a "anti-personal" device. Even a good size crowd would not slow me down if I saw this kind of thing happening. And I have a good lawyer that would claim either I was a gay or a muslim either would get me off.

  • jim_wright

    Why is it that with democrats, especially black democrats everything comes down to RACE. The real racist here are the democrats starting with Mr. Obama.

    • Bigolfascist

      Playing the race card ends the argument of the issue at hand. They have no other argument.

    • Sue

      Because it usually shuts people up. Getting right down to it what's the difference whether you are or not? Liking or not liking one's skin tone has little to do with bad policies.

    • fatman45

      Bingo! The real racists are those who see everything through the lens of skin color! They constantly harp about "diversity" and how it is "our strength", but it is a falsehood meant to destroy us. Our true strength comes from our unity as AMERICANS! Not hyphenated (or, as I like to call it, "minus sign") Americans.

      • $9913635

        According to Charles Davis Taylor Romans were white blond blue-eyed people and everyone else had a hue. Thus, they called them "humans".

    • Bobseeks

      The "dimocrats" have found that the race card always shuts up the gutless RINOs and draws the media like flies. That is why they use it.

    • $9913635

      You must have been reading all my replies throughout the years. As far as I know I have been the ONLY ONE saying this for many, many years.

      Obviously, my comments all over the internet have subjugated into everyone's consciousness in subtle ways.

  • ESQ

    Well I guess that I'm a Racist then cause I sure do Oppose Obama Care!

  • JohnC3Freeport

    This so-called State Senator Karen whatever is just another Marxist demoncrap. I have probably 20 close friends who happen to be black. All of them, except one person oppose obamacare. These Marxists like to play the race card, but it is not going to work anymore. It is people like her who try to pit minorities against each other. Democrats are the real racists. They constantly pander for minority votes. This Country is coming so close to Revolutionary War #2.

  • babsan

    These slimy Liberals have to come up with something new now.That RACIST thing is worn out and they are the ones who ARE racist when it comes to it.Just tossing words around won't help any longer,it just sounds VERY STUPID

  • DenverKitty

    Okay, Karen, I'm a racist...and you're a fat, overpaid pig.

    • Ann Rand

      Hi, Denver... Guess you know where the fat pig can put her race card, don't you?

      • DenverKitty

        ...same place that when she farts, bystanders yell, THAR' SHE BLOWS!"

        • Ann Rand

          LOL.... Yep and I hope ovomit is standing there.

    • $9913635

      All pigs are overpaid and fat. You're gonna have to do better.

      • DenverKitty

        Ku: Why waste good time? I'm off to the beach! Woot!!

  • dragon lady

    Once again, no mention of the fact that Obama is 1/2 White. Seems it is all about race whenever a democrat speaks.

    • Ann Rand

      Well, don't tell anybody that he is 1/2 white... We don't want to claim him.... Let them keep him and wookie, too.

  • Walt

    Democrats are getting to be like the atheists. They do not tolerate anyone who has an opinion other than theirs. with them it is their way or no way. Between the gays, the atheists and the democrats; this country is going to 3rd world status at a horrific rate and it has nothing to do with race.

  • UDX

    IT's quite obvious to me that the real racist here is this Louisiana Democrat.

  • $23154113

    Whatever i'm tired of playing their game. Call whatever you want I still oppose muslim obami care.

  • Marine68

    Dear Idiot Peterson,
    Just two points which I am sure you are not interested in: first, I hate Muggers, and you are an official thief. Second, I rather like using my meager income to sustain myself and my family. I am not obligated by you or any other Communist government tyrant to do otherwise, and refuse to do otherwise. There is nothing you can say or do that will compel me to see it your way.

    • 529_Barb

      It'll be interesting to see where Holder is going to incarcerate all of us that refuse to pay for this albatross.....

  • Always_RIGHT2

    Another clueless duhmocrap libturd. Saying conservatives hate Obama and ObamaCare simply because of the color of his skin (because, as you know, he's half white, so you can't really say it's about race!), is about as dumbass stupid as saying the reason we don't approve of Hitler was because of his mustache. Had nothing to do with killing 10s of millions of Christians/Jews, it was because of his mustache. Right. Oh, here's another analogy - it would be like saying the reason everyone who reads this article thinks Karen Carter Peterson is a clueless fool is because of her gender or her race - no, it's because she's a clueless race-baiting fool.

    Final point - if we are so racist, Karen, then how do you explain how we like/support Alan Keys, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell (a great guy), and Alan West? If we're all racists, shouldn't we immediately "hate" these guys, too? Hmmm, I'll give you a hint, we "dispise" you and Obama and Holder, not because of your color, but because of the content of your character - and the total lack of worthwhile ideas! From healthcare, to guns, to free speech, to corruption, to welfare, to food stamps, to economical issues - liberals have never had a good idea about anything! Everything they start begins as a bad idea then turns into a disaster, bankrupt, corrupt, and utter failure.

  • freedixie

    If you support Obamacare, you're a socialist.

    • jb80538

      And if you voted for Obama, you're an idiot. If you voted for him twice...you're a freakin moron!

      • Marine68

        Sure wish I could like this Comment a thousand times!!!!!

      • $9913635

        No, you are being a racist. If you voted for the negro once you are a racist, if you voted for him twice, you affirm it.

  • 529_Barb

    I cannot believe the people of state of Louisiana could be that stupid to elect someone of her negative intelligence.

    • gvette

      Well Barb, Nancy, and Harry are still in. Common sense. Does it exist?

    • sebastianwoof

      93% of the Black vote going to Obama
      got him into OUR White House

    • [email protected]

      A lot of people don't know the background of the ones they vote for I believe they go down the ballot and the one their eye lands on that's who they vote for.

    • $9913635

      They wanted to prove they were not bias by being biased. Make sense? Racist never do.

  • sebastianwoof

    What a disgraceful statement.
    Perhaps Peterson should explain why
    93% of the black vote going to Obama
    was not a racist vote.

    • $9913635

      Shhhh...... liberals don't want you to know negroes are the greatest racist.

  • rchguns

    Will the Democrats ever stopped depending on THE RACE CARD? If the illustrious senator Peterson is to be believed that just because you are pro-American you are racists I believe our Congress is even in more trouble than it is. Senator Peterson is a prime example of how far the Democratic Party has slipped into the the dark and dingy realm of stupidity.

    It would seem that every few weeks some idiot who was elected to Congress by whatever means is to stand up in front of their peers in the rest of the world and SHOUT LOOK AT ME I'M AN IDIOT ! Congress is always been noted as a storage place for the stupid and completely useless. Not long ago Sen. Peterson's, partners and stupidity, probably said and proclaimed that global warming is going to turn that women into prostitutes. How do these people even get elected?

  • Frank

    This lady is out of touch with the rest of the USA. She only talked to senators and congressmen how sad, she is not talking with real people in her state. Tooo baaaad

  • johnstephano

    It is people like her that make people become a racist. Obamacare has nothing to do we race, color of a persons skin or religion. It has to do with forcing someone to take obamacare against their will. It is that simple.

    • $9913635

      Ohh, but it does have everything to do with racism. It is started by racist, and it is for the racist.

      How you say? Look at the bill what it does. It should be obvious and if it is not you must be "colored" blind.

  • sm273

    What an lazy, uneducated idiot (no surprise). When morons like Karen Peterson have nothing intelligent to add to the discourse, they fall back on the worn out lie of Racism. The really sad part of it all is that there still a lot more uneducated fools that will take this lie and run with it, believing it to be true. Sad but true. We are on a sinking ship, my friends, and idiots like this Bozo are throwing us life rings made of lead.

    • [email protected]

      No wonder this country is in the shape it is in people like her getting voted in she is so un educated.

  • jb80538

    Well I guess I'm a racist.

    • $9913635

      If you voted for the negro, yes! You did it because you look down on negroes. All racist do. This is the real truth. Think about it.

      • jb80538

        I didn't vote for the negro for sure!

  • HarryTC

    Louisiana State Senator Karen Carter Peterson isn't taking a position of an atheist, but more like an Islamic Muslim, because she believes that should you disagree with her anti-Christ position.

    ObamaCare was an unconstitutional law, and the RINO Supreme Court Judge errored in his position that it was a tax, therefore Constitutional. The ObamaCare Bill was voted on(without reading or review mind you) as a HealthCare Bill, NOT a TAX. This in itself rendered the Bill unconstitutional. No judge has the right to declare a thing legal without Congressionsl approval, so when it was openly commented that it was "passed" without reading, the Bill is automatically unapproved, irregardless of a statement by a judge.
    When judges as agents for foreign interests, they must be removed.

  • Ken Bragg

    Don't you find it interesting that she calls Obama an African American? Obama had a white and a black parent. I've noticed that this is common among blacks and liberals. This is also a common practice in the media................Tiger Woods is a good example. He has one Asian and one black parent, but he is called an "African American" by many. What kind of chutzpah these people must have to think they are entitled to assign racial identity!

    • TexasOlTimer

      Exactly! Actually Obama had a white parent and another of mixed race. Obama has said that his grandmother was black (Kenyan black) and his grandfather was Arabic. If that's the case, Obama is half white, a quarter Arabic and a quarter Kenyan black. There are rumors that his grandmother is not black but Arabic. If that's the case, then he is half white and half Arabic.

      However, in any event, Obama is NOT black nor African-American as I have been given the definition by the blacks I know (who actually prefer to be called black). An African-American is the descendant of slaves and Obama's ancestry (the black/Arabic side) were ironically more likely slave owners.

      That blacks in this country who were convinced to vote for him as a 'bro' as they characterize him was one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on a race of people to gain power.

    • $9913635

      Barry identifies with his negro side. He said so in his diaryhea! He knows he looks negro. Tiger Woods I don't know about what side he claims but he looks more negro than anything but he sure likes Caucasian women. Very telling.....

  • Annette Rose Giesbrecht

    It seems she is the racist. She knows that many AFrican=Americans are poor and wishes them to get free health care. AS it was said, she would have been against Romneycare and what was proposed by any white senator or president elect based on their race. Therefore she is being hypcritical She also does not realize that once you get free health care, it is not free and those who cannot affoird it have to pay for it through taxes.

    • $9913635

      Negroes left alone will starve to death. Negroes live off of whites.

  • sebastianwoof

    the Obamacare VIRUS

    Expect all sorts of arshole attacks from the Obama White House crowd
    against those who reject Obamacare. The Idiotic Peterson statement is
    one perfect example of this stupidity.
    It won't be long before the Obama WH zeroes in on their one big target:
    "the Greedy Insurance Companies"
    who have to increase their rates to cover the financial mess
    that the Obamacare VIRUS will be creating.

  • Nameless App 1989

    If I do anything, I'm "racist.", yet if I do nothing, I'm still "racist...."

    I chose to be the former "racist," to hell with Obonercare!

  • fideux

    Lets see, the president is a mulatto, meaning of mixed (ethnicities) parents. So why doesn't he champion the white heritage of his background like he does his black heritage? Oh yeah, then he couldn't play the race card!
    One would think the fact that he has a mixed heritage would give him the opportunity to be a uniter. The fact is, he's the most racist, and decisive president to hold the office of the presidency and he should be ashamed, as should anyone who supported him!

    • gvette

      If you remember, when he was running for president, they said that's what
      he'd be. Funny,

      he's done more to divide!!

      • fideux

        No doubt, he and his minions have set blacks back 50 years! Way to go, Obama!

      • $9913635

        Negroes make good runners!

  • Four more years of misery

    Actually, if the truth were known, to blindly be in favor of Obummercare (and not even know what's in it....) is "racist" too. Think about it....

  • Noah2Jonah

    Karen Carter Peterson it comes down to this: I can't afford obummercare and I don't like you and I don't care if you are yellow, brown, red, black white or aqua. I have heard that some of the people from Louisiana are pretty stupid. Glad to hear you testify.

  • Baxter4315

    Stupid people, who have more in common with the ten planks of Marxism than they do with the U.S. Constutution have no business being legislators. This is how we got into this mess in the first place.
    Does anyone else find it interesting that these liberal "legislators," almost to the man or woman support Margret Sanger's Abortion plans, which were ment to eliminate blacks. Yeah, I'm a racist and you are?

    • $9913635

      I don't know what I am per racist standards but I know you are not a racist per your standards.

  • Tutu

    It will be another 500 years and we are all brown when this nonsense ends. I am sick of it.

    • $9913635

      We will all have the last surname of "Mudd".

  • Albert Maslar

    Ever notice that only racists play the race card with the only card they have in the deck?

    • $9913635

      It's hard to deal with one card.

  • gavinwca

    Racist, idiot , legislator who never had a thought in her life only lives off calling someone else racist because they push back against the Fascist take over of their country

    • $9913635

      Nuth'n but more fun than to get "whitey" out of the way. So the negro thought goes.....

  • Hoodoo H

    F U !

  • gwedem5995

    No, I am not a racist even though I am white. However, I detest stupid blacks, latinos, whites, muslims and any other race and especially when someone uses race for everything just because we have an unintelligent and inept president and I don't care if he is black, green, white or yellow.
    I opposed the health care bill under Hillary and now I guess you will say I don't like blacks or women.
    I happen to be a woman. I would oppose universal health care no matter what party brought it up. This woman also makes me realize that our education system needs a lot of work. She sounds uneducated.

    • $9913635

      Thank you for affirming Asians as the smartest people. You did not include them in as most racist don't. And thank you for being bias by labeling yourself as a woman.

  • USARetired

    This ugly 'Box of Rocks' is also ignorant!

    • $9913635

      Watch it! You are insulting the box of rocks.

    • DrSique

      Pretty sure she is just a box.

  • Tutu

    I doubt seriously if Ms Peterson has even looked at the law. Most folks on the street cannot even tell you what it is about. That is how it passed and that is how it will be implemented. Only when it begins to hit their pocketbooks and they loose jobs and their current health care will they begin to look into it. Sad.

  • sara34243

    If you make a statement like that you're a Moron -

  • scootersbikeshop

    She mentioned that Newt had the same idea. he was speaker of the house and it didn't pass then. bad then and bad now

  • foxxybey

    When all else fails, the Demo-rats resort to the race card, Dumb, stupid and blind. LOL

    • $9913635

      You end up with what you start with, duhhhhhh........

  • Mort Leith

    Louisiana Dummycrat: If You Support Obamacare, You’re an ignorant & totally clueless Liberal Communist

  • SpendusMaximus

    If not supporting Nobama Care makes me a racist then sign me up and I want to buy an extra T-shirt while I'm at it. Ms Peterson, you are one of the reasons that Louisiana is last in almost every category!

  • John Johnson

    Karen, you are nothing but trash in my book, you want to see a real racist look in the mirror.

    • $9913635

      Don't say that, otherwise we all qualify!

  • LittleMoose

    She must not have noticed that Newt's healthcare bill was defeated. It must have been because of race. After all Newt is white and blacks voted against it. What is it with these liberal blacks? Is everything racist to them. They love to keep members of their own race down because it gives them more power.

  • RHINO48

    New definition of Racism in this Politically Correct world:

    Racism - A last ditch effort to be hurled against a person who refuses to go along with a liberal or refuses to believe any degree of liberal crap!

    It has just become an intimidation technique of the liberal establishment to try and stop any dissent against them.

    • $9913635

      Racist are people that look down on negroes. This proven by their actions such as:

      Affirmative Action programs.

      Putting in an unqualifed and illegal negro because that's the only way a negro would qualify thus making the people that put them in racist.

      Any Caucasian radio host that put negroes as sidekicks. No real reason too. So that makes Rush Limbawl and Mancow as practicing racist! SHOCKING!

      Crying foul everytime a negro don't get his way. Pssst.... it is because most don't qualify. (gaping mouth).

  • Donald York

    Sorry to burst your bubble there good Senator, but you are wrong! Your race thing isn't working sis. Most people don't want our Government to be in charge of this part of our economy. Obama care will become an albatross around Americans neck. It will be an agency of what will become a Gestapo arm of the Government, and take away our freedoms as we now know them. You are dead wrong in your tracks lady, and please don't pull that racist thing on us, we are getting tired of it!

  • $9913635

    The racist using negroes as bait again. That's the only way they can get anything illegal done. And why are nearly all the women leaders so ugly and fat???? Mean looking too???

    Yeah, check it out near you. Look at all the liberal women leaders around your area. All ugly fat bitchy mean looking. They all look like pitbulls!

    "The only reason why we have an illegal and unqualified negro president is the only way a negro can become one" - Anonymous

  • randykyle

    Looky there...the parade just keeps marching on. ANOTHER baby killing, communist POS sock puppet for the BOY king. It has taken 50 years for me to finally come to the realization that at least 97% of the African Amer....well, africans, in this country simply CANNOT consider ANY subject or issue without first consulting their stinking skins. Nothing else matters. So be it. Frauds like this Lousiana (slave state) "senator" pretend to actually care about her VOTERS and the gibbering imbeciles just keep right on helping her tighten up the chains. Phenomenal.

  • Art Hock

    This is typical left bull, when they don't know what is going on or if they can''t come up with a sensible answer they call it racist. She is a goof anyway and has a IQ of about 20.

    • barry1817

      her comments indicate that you are far too generous in your assessment of her IQ

  • PFG

    So is she saying that Congress & their aids are racist? Because they made themselves exempt from obongocare.

  • southie55

    What a schock A black Democrapt saying something that dumb.

    • DrSique

      She don't hold a candle to Hank Johnson. :-)

      • southie55

        You are 100% correct! I am really glad Guam didn't tip over.

    • $9913635

      Negroes have general lower IQ of any race. Including negroes.

    • Cami W

      Democrats aren't known to be the brightest bul in the box.

      • southie55

        People like Peterson are an insult to the back race.

  • sgtshel

    I'll make this real short.
    If you support Obambe, you are a soicalist and a traitor! And you should be invited to leave the country on your own 'free' will or real Americans can help you!

  • redrover

    Ignorance grows greater every day! Senator Peterson, look up the meaning of racism and then say again that patriotism and standing for America and not wanting the ruination of our country means racism!? Obama could green with purple dots for all I care about color; it is his MUSLIM MARXIST mind and determination to take us all into Islamic communism that bothers me!! Get over your self and READ the blasted thing (Obamacare) and see how it harms all of us and our nation! Obama care is for control and that man sitting in the Whitehouse is no president and is a horrible lying person.....evil to the bone! Anyone that stands with Obama on anything is a traitor to the nation! Help to unify- not split the nation! THAT is your job to be in service TO US and the COUNRT, NOT OBAMA! Once we were united under God and patriotism for our country; now we are split and the divide is getting greater and if it does not stop, there will be another civil war...is that what you want!? Now that would be stupid for the once greatest nation in the world wouldn't it?? None of what is happening today is anything that we were founded to be......God forgive all stupidity and sin!
    Wake up to the truth Senator or get out of office, because one day the patriots are going to clean house and straighten out Washington to the way it is supposed to be!

    • Ron Powell

      Is she related to the black senator who thought that Guam might tip over if too many people were on one side of it?

  • Gizmo51

    What else? If you don't want the disadvantaged to have adequate health care just say so. Otherwise your racial prejudice speaks louder than words.

    • DrSique

      What race, exactly, is disadvantaged??? Only a devoted leftist can see the whole world throught the tinted glasses of race. Liberals did, at one time, attempt to debate an issue before throwing the race card. Now, it is the first one dealt from their impotent deck.

      • blaineiac

        Their deck has 52 race cards, and two jokers in the White House.

  • MadmaxUSA

    Unfortunately, Karen Carter Peterson's racism is what causes otherwise moderate conservatives to think of her as a ni??er.

  • BlueViolets

    So I guess that makes you un-American Ms Peterson since the Constitution doesn't advocate forced purchases of any product or service. Just sayin'.

    • llellc

      You must be a true lady because you are much to easy on dear Ms. Peterson. Poor soul is daft.

      • barry1817

        that poor lady isn't daft, her comments speak of an vile/evil person

      • BlueViolets

        Thank you. I always try to conduct myself as such but usually I am a bit more acidic in my comments. I was feeling rather mellow today or I might just have really let loose.

  • Bob McCormick

    Exactly what is obama's race any way?
    I didn't know homosexual fudge packin commie muslim dictator was a race

    • $9913635

      He is negro. Black is not a race. He is also gay, a narcissist, Marxist, a racist and a Mooslim.

      • blaineiac

        And illegitimate to boot – no record that his commie slut mommy was ever married to obama sr., or frank marshall davis, or who knows…

  • llellc

    Well, Ms. Peterson, this message is for you. You obviously believe in Obamacare. That indicates you probably are sympathetic to all of Mr. Obama's actions and the direction he is taking this country. Ms. Peterson, you are ignorant and easily lead. At best, you are part of the evil system. How does it feel to know that you are not well accepted by most of us? You can tout the socialist regime all you want, it only makes you look more stupid. That's right. Anyone who believes what Obama is doing is STUPID. Plain and simple. No discussion needed. It's easy for us with a mind of our own to see how bad you look. So glad we were able to have this little talk. Please feel free to contact me if you want to rebut this statement. PLEASE DO!!

    • barry1817

      and she is racist, because she only likes this because the president is black

      wish someone would question her on the taxes that are to be raised, the costs that have tripled without the plan even being implemented

      and how do you get better health care, when all themoney that goes to this plan is to pay for bureaucrats and IRS personal, and not for increasing any doctors/nurses/medical technicians.

  • VoteLoud

    Come on Mzzz P!


    Throw the whole Prog invective book at people you disagree with...


    We will just call you...


    "There are fools and there are damned fools"!

  • Bankster Fables

    Cultural Marxism.. After WWI it became clear to the Marxists that they could not rely on the workers of the world to pursue their agenda. So they executed a plan of multiculturalism, preying on the black community, drugs, sex education amoral behavior, attack family values, pursue gay rights, crush religious values and any opposition were to be characterized as racist, bigoted and extremist. We see where it has taken us. Just browsing through the legislation in the several states and federal government is a trek through a dimensional warp into a sociopath culture of corruption and madness incomprehensible to rational thinking,



    """""MOLON LABE!!!"""""

  • Doctor_M7

    Not all, but almost all, blacks are racists, and see every issue as a race issue.

    • $9913635

      IF they marry a white woman it's about race. When they marry a black woman it's about race.

      What a bunch of losers!

  • bowtonoone2

    I MUST be a racist because I oppose ANYTHING that socialist does to MY country - especially telling me what I can and can't do with my money, healthcare or anything else "I built" along the way.

    • $9913635

      So, do you oppose socialism or what. You did not say?

  • MikeO48

    Ok. I guess I am a racist. I've heard it enough that I can no longer argue with the argument. I oppose not only Obamacare, but everything else the guy is doing to this great nation. I oppose Obama Bin-Lyin's brothers the radical muslims. I oppose Obama Bin-Lyin, and his entire administration which is nothing but a criminal enterprise. I oppose gangs of black thugs roaming the streets attacking white people and other innocent black people. I oppose the ruination of this country by allowing the uneducated, worthless, criminal hoards of mexicans to steal it from us. I oppose violent gang warfare; mostly black, in Chicago and other big cities. I oppose idiots, be they black like Karen Peterson, or white like Diane Feinstein or Nancy Pelosi, who make such stupid, inflammatory comments.

    I am sick of racism being the answer to everything and everyone anti-Obama Bin-Lyin

    Yup. I must be a racist.

    • $9913635

      I read your reply. NO, you are not a racist. You are a realist. Congratulations!

  • John

    Fine... So now that you have factually established that all Conservatives are racists, pray tell me what you niggers plan on doing about it? Oh my! Did I use the N word? May as well get some practice in, given that I have properly been labeled a racist by such an intelllectual as this Senator.

  • barry1817

    nothing more than a racist, trying to excuse and defend the indefensible.

    Sort of like Julian Bond trying to call the tea party racist, and using the term self described, which is such a blatant lie, because that would mean that blacks that are members of the Tea Party are racists as well,

    When you have nothing to argue, you shout racism, but times are changing, and this woman is a pitiful excuse for what the democrats try to pass off as leadership.

    And how is one to compromise when if you object to a bill, it is because you are racist, not because the bill is bad.

  • AlRetd

    And we hear from another Dumbocrat!

  • benfaust

    If you don't like socialized medicine, that means you're racist? Really? I'll have to point that out to my dark-skinned friends who strongly oppose just about everything Obama's doing, including Obamacare. Either she's dishonest or incredibly ignorant (dare I say stupid), either of which should exclude her from being in a position of power. But, then, if people were denied such positions because of those two little details, almost everyone currently in the government........ wouldn't be.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gene.stone.733 Gene Stone

    Sen. Carter, I would love to see Allen West as President. Put that in your racist pipe and smoke it.

    • $9913635

      You will be sorry with Allen West. All mouth and pout, like Barry Saetoro and Herman Cain.

      It is a Negroid trait.

  • pops1954

    Hell yes, I am a born racist. Born White and stuck with it. So I guess I am a White Racist. But Gee is Barry Obama half White and half Black. So I must be against Obama's half White Obama Care, not his half Black Obama care. I am confused, but who really cares?

    • Gary

      Is this Congressman a Black racist or just ignorant?

      • Gary

        When someone can't defend an issue with an honest answer they just resort to name calling (such as racist, etc.) Their can be no reason to support Obamacare, NDAA Bill, etc. etc. etc. Neither are Constitutional and any Congressman who supports or voted for either one should be removed from office and Tried for Treason which also includes John Roberts who failed to uphold the Constitution. He too, along with others on the Supreme Court who supported this horrible abominable bill should also pay a severe penalty. It's called justice and must be carried out so we can restore the Republic and Constitution!!!!

      • Cami W


      • $9913635

        She is colored-blind. You are born that way. It is genetic.

    • Cami W

      LOL.....hey, Joe Biden is white and I don't like him either.

    • $9913635

      You are only a racist if you see in color! According to one guy all the rest are Hue-mans.

  • billyjshafer

    The reason I oppose it. Is because it is a train wreck waiting to happen. The the man who helped write the bill has said so. I have cancer and my doctor has already closed his office. Nearest one I can find to take me. Is in Dallas Texas. 140 miles away. The plan is not going to lower cost,you will not be able to keep your current insurance. Plus it is not going to cover everyone.What good is having insurance if there are no doctors that will take it.

  • doza

    Obama has always been about race. That's why 99% of all blacks voted for him. That's why they support ANYTHING he does. It's RACE. It's always been race. It will always be about race as long as there is a negro in charge. People waste their time talking about the federal deficit, unemployment, Constitutional rights, etc. It is impossible to communicate with a racist bunch of blacks who refuse to listen to the facts and see Obama as a means of revenge against whites.

    • Hotnike

      Just wait until Obama pushes the blacks under the bus. It will happen, eventually.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      A once highly respected pillar of decency and honor mortgaged his integrity by endorsing obama, absent a reasonable, factual or truthful argument in support of his decision, I'm going to flat out call him a racist and a liar. You must know I mean Colon Powell. He gave the disingenuous excuse for going outside his party and voting for obama, that his party, the republicans had been going in a direction of radical right and he believed his party had lost its way. I'm not going to call BS on that.

      I don't believe there is a radical right in America. Factually, the democrats have been steering the country hard left and you can't sustain a sane argument to the contrary. Their worship of government as the panacea of all ills in the world is just too inclusive. The founding fathers spoke specifically about the dangers of big government. It embodies the philosophies of defunct USSR, except illegal aliens, there were shot.

      Libertarians, Conservatives, Tea Party and some Republicans are not right wing by any definition I'm aware of unless the founding fathers were right wing extremists, like the left likes to label. I'm also not aware of how the democrats, who attack the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th 8th, 9th 10th and 14th amendments could ever label themselves as liberal, progressive or open minded. They frame the conversation with the labels so it is up to us to clarify and correctly redefine the language.

      Conservatives, Libertarians, The Tea Party, many Republicans have one thing in common; we are a centralist concern. We care about the Constitution. We study it. We stick to it. We don't go right and with some exceptions, like the Republicans sometimes go further left than they should, we don't go that way, either.

      Patriots, don't let them call you radical, extremest or right wing and don't let them call themselves liberal. Just remember how liberal they are when you wish to voice your opinion when it doesn't coincide with theirs.

      With the left, everybody else is racist and if you act racist against whites male America, you're just exercising your right to freedom of expression.

    • azrt1

      Again, a population so stupid, so used to playing the "victim", that they don't even realize that all his high minded policies, are going to kick them in the nads.

  • robertdavidhummel

    Ms. Karen Carter Peterson...The Black ink on the White paper that has letters, words, and multiple incomplete sentences , that formed a "FAIL TO CITIZEN FREEDOM of CHOICE, bill.... that is Titled OBAMA SCARE", that was passed by the DEMONCRATRIC House and Senate is only ONE of the Real Problems we face....whether the Pres. is black or white, or whether I like it or not...IS NOT THE PROBLEM........As I see it the Problem is the Fundamental Failure to Lead and make Sense of a very basic premise...NEEDS V/S WANTS, and TRUTH V/S LIES. The President Constantly Lies and truly WANTS to destroy America...you and all your socialist comrades have enjoyed the same..."until the 2014 elections ..."You can continue your lies, hate and destruction...after the 2014 elections Real Honest Electorates will Rectify and correct the present FAILURES of LEADERSHIP.

    • $9913635

      Uhhhh... this is what racism does. So you should care whether he is black or white!

  • tagdogs

    This woman is got to be one of dumbest dipsh*ts I have ever heard. How did she ever get elected? Must have been by those racists voters in the state of Louisiana. I want her to explain how Obama got such a large white vote in his elections, but now that people realize his incompetence and his dumb ideas, these voters are all of a sudden "racist". Somebody needs to slap here along side her head and wake her up!

    • $9913635

      "Somebody needs to slap here along side her head and wake her up!"

      They did. This is how she is AWAKE!

  • Gary

    Trust me, you don't want Allen West as President. He's been far less than honest with us although he qualifies since he is an American Citizen who is Constitutionally eligible but be careful. Allen West is a snake as are many, many Republicans! They have become nothing more than an extension of the Democrats.

    • SpudPicker

      Do you prefer Obama?
      Obama has never been honest with us and is not Constitutionally qualified to be POTUS.
      When you say that Allen West has not been honest, are you saying that from what you have heard him say or from what the MSM press, the propaganda arm of the democrat party, says he said? Big difference! Lying about conservatives is the bread and butter of the MSM.

    • JoeB

      Sounds like you have a personal experience? What are some of his lies? Did he say he wanted us to be socialists like Maxine Waters? Please enlighten us concerning his being labeled a SNAKE?

    • $9913635

      Please no more negro politicians. They are obviously serving up Allen West simply because he is negro. Showing they are practicing racism on the RINO side.

      Look at Cain. He turned out to be another phony. The only way a negro can be qualified to be president it seems.

  • llellc

    I believe that when a person screams "racist" it is projection. Look at the person who is screaming "racist" and more often than not you will see the real racist. It is the first thing out of their mouth, so what does that tell us? It means it is the MAIN thing on their mind. Spewing it out on us is a form of projection, psychologically speaking. Check this theory out the next time you hear someone declaring racism. You'll see.

  • GeoInSD

    I am not White yet I am SOOOOO tired of Dems crying racist or racism. Almost never is there ANY reasonable evidence to support the claim. When I hear a Dem say "racist" or "racism", I have a Pavlovian response where I stop listening. There is no point in listening further. I have noticed they trot out those words to shutdown debate because they have no reasonable arguments to make.

  • Harold

    Evidently if you are a LA. democrat you are a moron! If you want to live under a socialistic healthcare plan go to Canada or England.

  • Fixthatgigline

    Just because Newt Gingrich had a similar bill that he wanted to introduce does not mean that he ever introduced the bill or got much Republican support for the bill. Remember, the Republicansin this country spoke and they decided that Newt would not be their representative in the last elections.
    Peopledo not dislike Obama because of his race, they dislike Obama because he is a dishonest, treasonous Hack!

  • catnip24

    it's absolutely clear this broad is herself the perfect racist.

    • $9913635

      But what does that make you?

      • DCW16

        I know what it makes you . . . . stooooopid ! ! !

        All the racists are in the WH . . . and most of the dimmicrap party ! ! !

        • $9913635

          So? But what does that statement make you?

        • okihadit

          for dam sure!

      • okihadit

        that makes him or her the person that can see who is racist!

  • rivahmitch

    OOOOO... the little commie dropped it's big bomb... the "R" word. Frankly, my dear, I just don't give a fat flying rat's rear end. Your semantic "bomb" is worthless.

  • Hotnike

    I guess I am a racist, big time. If you stand by Obama, I would call you a traitor,

    • $9913635

      Yes, but what about you? What do you call yourself?

      • Hotnike

        Sorry, I don't understand what you are questioning? I said I was a racist according to Senator Peterson.

        • $9913635

          If I stand by Barry I am a traitor according to you. So? But what about you?

  • fort9erdon

    OK, ya got me. I hate communists! Is communist a race? Obama is a communist, so it must be his race. WAIT! Obama is a Muslim. Is "Muslim" a race. So, which is it, that is getting me labeled a racist, ..... the fact I hate communists, or the fact that I see 98% of the terrorist woes in the world are caused by the vermin Muslims? You tell me? What is it that gets me labeled, my mistrust and dislike for Muslims or Communists? Karen Peterson, you are frikkin, completely nutso, and YOU are the racists!

  • Peggy

    I don't give a flying fig about the color of his skin. My only concern is the color of his political persuasion, which is commie red!

    • $9913635

      Another racist remark. If you are not a racist you would have not said, I don't give a flying fig about the color of his skin". But, ohh you do!

  • dashandra monika

    I guess i am standing in line with all thew other racists.

    • $9913635

      Are you sure you are a racist? Make sure that your are not being fooled by the real racist.

  • Cami W

    I don't care what color a politician is, it's Socialism and Communisim I hate, and so far, Obama's agenda is to "transform" America into a Socialist nation. Of course he couldn't do a thing without the help of the socialist Democrats.

    • $9913635

      Another racist remarks. If you are not a racist you would have not said, "I don't care what color a politician is...."

  • JoeBideyourtime

    I think Hillarycare lost in a landslide and Obamacare is just a warmed over version. I guess the racist were just getting warmed up back then.


    Louisiana Democrat: If You Oppose Obamacare, You’re a Racist

    karen carpenter peterson, what the hell does race have anything to do with a huge pile of manure known as obamacare? obama should be embarassed to have his name attached to one of the most incompetent pieces of legislation to ever be forced down the throats of taxpayers, a majority of who did not want in the first place.

    You cannot explain it.

    So pull out the race card and see where that takes you. No, your GPS will not find it. GPS runs on logical programs that doesn't give a $$$hit what color the user is. You dwell in the land of the illogical, uncredible universe of liberal gibberish and tingles up the leg of chris matthews.

    You, obama, holder, rangel, jesse, sharpton, farrakan, waters, etc can stick the race card we you keep your head!

    • $12994363

      Yep, the Black calling the kettle black, and the Black calling the pot black. Guess my pots and kettles are racist too, since both of them tend to be copper colored as opposed to charcoal black or tawny yaller. But then, neither my pots not my kettles are Democrat State Senators from the great state of Mardi Gras lunacy.

    • John Whiteside

      Maybe those that want Obama Care are racists!

    • okihadit

      lol, and wheres that, just kidding. it's where all the fools have their heads suck , and it sure is not pretty, and don't smell too good either.

    • $9913635

      If you are FOR Obamacared? you are a racist. Obamacared? is about racism. It's not the other way around.

      Don't let an idiot fool you. Take for instance getting Barry Saetoro elected twice. Fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice and we get a negro president.

  • Libertarian Soldier

    I, factually hate that I have to side with republicans but I do because, well, I guess Karen Carter Peterson says we have to talk about it and it's true, I fit the description of a racist. Damn! I didn't think I was a racist. I didn't want to be a racist. It thought that i looked at everybody on their own merit and I don't like Newt Gingrich, at all but still:
    1. I'm not a democrat, so I'm a racist
    2. I don't like, respect, trust obama, so I'm a racist
    3. I vote along Libertarian, Tea Party, Republican lines, so I'm a racist
    4. I own weapons, so I'm a racist
    5. I think obamacare is another socialistic rights and money grab of government, so I'm a racist
    6. I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman and any other mix is incompetent, so I'm a racist, oh and homophobic, too....

    I always thought that accepting or discriminating whom I align with on the content of their character was what kept me from being a racist and a bigot but I now find that the thought police now designate my status in society.

    That means if I believe in enforcing the law on immigration, I'm a racist, that if I believe in the first amendment and shun the intolerance and bigotry of those that condemn Christianity, I'm homophobic, racist and a hater.

    That means that if i believe in free speech of everybody and don't stifle freedom of thought, freedom of religion and freedom of speech I'm a hater, a racist and homophobic.

    Thanks for clearing that up for me. One more thing, do I have to hate myself because I'm not a white man? Should I divorce myself from my family and some of my friends and associates so that I can continue to be a racist and hater? Do I have to choose, now, while obamacare is still the law of the land?

    I didn't want to be a racist but I sure thank you for bringing it out in the open so I can see the errors of my ways

    • Charles

      I wouldn't worry to much about what Karen Peterson says.
      She is a complete idiot !!!!!

      • $9913635

        Idiots only come in one variety.

    • $9913635

      Do not be worried about being labeled a racist by the racist themselves. Go to 7-11 eat your hot dog and be happy. Or go to Starkbucks drink coffee and by hippy.

      • azrt1

        don't go to starbucks, they are a leftist nightmare.

    • azrt1

      I hate to break it to you, but based on your above comment- your government ,as it squats, considers you are a terrorist. Unlike the good muslim folk, who just want to be loved, but are forced to try and kill us at every turn, cuz Americans are meanies. You know, if they were just an average religion rather than a cult, no kill everyone else, then destroy the planet and end yourself so you can get you some virgins in the great beyond, I would still not trust anyone who prays with their rump to the sky.

  • jvb1980808

    Let a black Republican run and see what happens to all this talk about Republicans being racist. I am white and married to a black man...I couldn't care less what his skin color is but his hatred for the wealthy, the independent, the strong workers willing to make their own way so long as government will let them...yeah....if being opposed to a President who wants to weaken this nation to the point EVERYONE is dependent on him...yes...that I am against. If he happens to be black...that's the liberal using the race card to bully.

    • okihadit

      a black republican is brought down just like a white republican., so there is no race card, thats how they would see it. they would say it's not racist, when it really is!

    • $9913635

      Uhhhh, black is not a race. Did you know you married a negro? I'm quite sure you knew.

  • jvb1980808

    She needs as escort to the edge of the state, given a bus ticket to where ever it will take her and told BY THE VOTERS never to run in their state again. Then she needs a disclaimer where ever she decides to put down stakes that she is a bully and race baiter.

  • craig

    every time some dumb ignorant black person calls it race driven.. guess what it just became racial...to be the accuser race today I believe you have to be black....because it's the blacks that are filled with the hate..sense of entitlement ....I would not want to have to live with all that hate .

    • $9913635

      Negroes if left alone will starve to death. Negroes live off of "whites" which is why they thrive in America, except Chicago and Detroit where all the "whites" left.

    • okihadit

      they should get down on their hands and knees to thank us whites for getting them out of the dam jungles!

  • CajunPatriot

    Let us see. His mother was a flaming communist--white. His real father was a radical Muslim Arab communist. His step father was a African communist.

    Barack Hussein Obama is at most 50 percent white, 25 percent Arab Muslim communist and 25 percent African communist. So at best, one can say is that one may be against a communist legislation, the first major legislation passed in the history of the U.S. which was passed solely by one political party and signed into law by the first mixed race president in U.S. history.

    The Affordable Care Act, which is neither affordable or care, he swore over and over again it was not a tax, but it was heading toward being declared unconstitutional until Chief Justice Roberts declared it a tax, and thus constitutional. That judgment made any tax, any time, for any reason, passed by Congress and signed by the POTUS as being legal....ObamaTax....oppose it and be a racist? What an idiot!

    • $9913635

      Let us see. His mother was a flaming communist--white. His real father
      was a radical Muslim Arab communist. His step father was a African

      And it adds up to all negro!

      • relayman

        Can't argue with your math.

  • HappyDog1

    The reality is that whoever made that kind of statement is a racist. Let's turn it around and say that imposing Obamacare upon the populace is racist and communist.

    • llellc

      Hey, I like the way you think!! That's excellent!!

      • $9913635

        Signing in with two names is not fair!

  • DEfromDC

    In my opinion, having read and studied the law, it eventually puts black and other Americans on plantations as slaves to the government. Which side is racist? the one pushing us or the one trying to stop the train.

  • $12994363

    And if you're a Louisiana Democrat State Senator, you're what comes out of my anal orifice. And get about as much attention.

  • johnanaguski

    Tell me lady which race am I a racist against his white mother or his Kenyan father, just another liberal idiot.

    • relayman

      Since one gets most of their DNA from mammy, this makes Barry Soetoro more white than black. Therefore, to answer your question you must be racist against the white race if you oppose soetorocare.

    • $9913635

      It's about looks. The negro looks negro as most negroes do.

  • CincyMike27

    O.K., then I guess if you are a Louisiana Democrat, you're Racist also. BTW, he should be the 1st Bi-Racial President, he is not a pure bred Afro-Amercan, (whatever the hell that is) Check the heritage/lineage. Karen, lets have another inspiring intellectual conservation, by sticking to the facts

  • ColonelDrapes

    If I use common sense does that make me a racist?

    • $39132868

      Yes. If you are White, you are automatically "racist".

      • $9913635

        Even though negroes started it all?

      • okihadit


        • jeffro

          here is an example of dumbing down - this muttonhead, okihadit, 'thinks' he/she is being hip/flip/cute/glib when he or she says "I could care less" as an expression of indifference...If he or she really thought about it, "I couldn't care less" expresses indifference, while "I could care less" means that the item or idea has some importance - but hey, sure sounds cute, and maybe martin sheen will come over to your house and lay in your driveway....

        • $39132868

          OKidait has the right spirit. Don't be a petty martinet.

        • jeffro

          Saying the opposite of what is meant is hardly 'petty' - it's a huge part of the problem - 'presidential' in fact...

        • $39132868

          Bless you, my dear!

    • craig

      common sense today is not that common

    • GQ4U

      No Colonel it doesn't... except to the racists.

      Sadly there are racists posting here to complain about a racists.

  • $39132868

    She's right. If you really study "Obamacare" - it's a tax. It's designed to re-direct White tax dollars (Whites pay taxes, in the USA) to Blacks and Browns. It has nothing to do with "healthcare".
    White people - stop trying to be Everything to Everybody. Non-Whites are NOT grateful for your efforts, and take EVERYTHING you have. They do not care about you AT all. They will spit on your dessicated corpse. Research "South African Farm Murders" is you want to see your Fate. Take care of YOUR People. No one esle will. YOU don't owe anything to any-one besides your Own Kind.
    Lay your burden down....

    • DEfromDC

      Obamacare is about one thing, government power over the people. It destroys the US health care system in the process as a means to the end. That's racist?

    • okihadit


    • GQ4U

      I see your every bit as RACIST as Louisiana State Senator Karen Carter Peterson.

      "Take care of YOUR People; No one else will; YOU don't owe anything to any-one besides your Own Kind"

      It seems you've found your KIND; Cairan = Peterson = RACIST. Sad.

  • junkmailbin

    lil missy malato be trash talking folks about being racist when she is where she is solely because she is black and on the democrat plantation. Barry is north african arab and white trash.
    this little piece of work needs to go to a racial sensitivity class for the next 5 years. During Veitman, we had a class on race relations that was mandatory. The black officer who taught it started the class with " welcome to Water Mellon U."

  • $39132868

    How many of you know where the term "racist" comes from? Who invented this tactic (it's a political tactic) and "why"?

    • $9913635

      If you see everything in color you are a racist.

      • $39132868

        Wrong. Amusing, but wrong. Try again.

        • $9913635

          Racist always deny they are racist. You are very amusing and very wrong.

  • Paul Leslie

    Newsflash Karen Carter Peterson: if you support ObamaCare you're an un-American socialist.

  • drattastic

    Does this crap never end ?

    • $9913635

      If more and more people oppose this thing we can call it OBAMASCARED?

  • okihadit

    well, you know where they can tell the ass where to go.

  • MIKE6080

    always about race , next bring up the children , how much of the bill has she read let alone understood

    • relayman

      Are you giving someone so brain dead stupid a pass that she can actually read?

      • MIKE6080

        could always hire an aid at about 1oo grand of taxpayers money to read and explain it to her, its the demonratic way

  • GQ4U

    "But saying things are merely “partisan” just isn’t all that shocking anymore."

    Neither is saying things are merely "RACIST" all that shocking anymore.
    Louisiana State Senator Karen Carter Peterson is RACIST, does anyone find that shocking?

  • donl

    Well I must be a RACIST ! I'm not politically correct, I don't like queers (gay's) and I hate Obamacare, because so far I have lost two doctors due to obamacare and about to lose my cardiologist, on top of that one of my relatives came out of the closet. Good news is, the ENTIRE families ( both sides ) have discarded this sleaze bag. So yeah, I must be a racist. Oh yeah, I have a lot of black friends who totally agree with me!!

    • $9913635

      Yeah, you are a racist. Whenever one says "I have a lot of black fiends". They are racist to the core.

      • donl

        Come to augusta ga. I will be glad to introduce you to them. Bring it on.

        • $9913635

          Nahhh, I see the negro on TV everyday. You seen one you seen 'em all. But thanks for the invite.

          You do know we have a negro president? He is illegal and unqualifed. The only way they could get the negro to be president.

      • jeffro

        so what? I am entitled to be a racist, as much as abu-dabu-dhu is entitled to be a muslim, or dick durbin is entitled to be a socialist, etc....get over it...believe me, the blacks here in the heart of the south are as racist as the day is long...betcha don't have the quasi-balls to preach tolerance and colorblind utopia to them...

  • Dennis Campbell

    I really do feel some sympathy for these people. They are so intellectually defeated they must fall back on inane tropes such as racist, hater, etc.

    • GQ4U

      I'm a PROUD homophobe.

  • Mongocutwood

    Is that all black Democrats have is the race card? How pathetic is that?

    • RAYAKE

      NOT just black's,,BUT all demidog's,,IT'S all they have..

    • $9913635

      They know losers bring down the whole deck. Why not let it be negroes?

    • GQ4U

      When facts fail what else is there?

  • Jack Parker

    The last resort of any libtard losing an argument: "You're a racist!" Actually, it's the libtards that are racist. They believe that any non-white is inferior to whites. That's why they argue the need or "affirmative action", set-asides and preferential treatment. They truly believe that "minorities" are incapable of competing for what they want.

    • GQ4U

      The half that live on the dole may be incapable. Democrats foster mediocrity. Welfare destroys incentive and self-esteem. ObamaCare accomplishes all these democrat goals.

  • Cuz

    Obama hasn't done a thing to help this country but everything to make us look bad. I support nothing Obama call me what you want i don't care and i'm shamefully a democrat

    • GQ4U

      You're stuck with Obama (for now) but you can do something about being a democrat.

      If you don't like the GOP (and why should we) look into becoming Libertarian.

      • Cuz

        i would stay dem but vote how i feel which is usually rep. just in case this country really goes nuts. I didn't vote dem and I will not vote dem while these commie's are in office. Libertarian never get a strong person in position most Republicans can't be trusted there are exceptions like Cruz, Gowdy, Assa etc.

        • GQ4U

          Cruz, Gowdy, Issa + Mike Lee & Rand Paul.
          "Libertarian never get a strong person in position" True, but that's because the two party system controls the SYSTEM. With the aid of the agenda driven media the Constitutionalists are maligned and reduce to "nut-jobs."

          Ron Paul was an excellent & strong candidate who is Libertarian but ran mostly as a Republican. The GOP hates him, the DNC hates him, the Military Industrial Complex hates him, the bureaucratic machine hates him and the media hates him. All good reasons to pay close attention to his TRUE governing philosophy; it is very similar to George Washington's with a hint of Jefferson.


    EVERY TIME a black can't have there way they yell RACEISM at the top of there lung's !!! the DAMNED democrats use the race card all the time..AND thinking people are sick and tired of it..HAY DEMOCRAT'S,,GROW THE F$&K UP...

  • GQ4U

    Diarrhea of the brain: Useless $hit talk that belongs in the sewer.
    Louisiana State Senator Karen Carter Peterson just lost in in her panties. Whew what a stench.

  • $2398599

    O.K., then, I am a racist, so what ahole?

  • RedMeatState

    If you oppose Marxism you're a racist! If you oppose Islamic tyranny and murder you're a racist! If you're for fiscal responsibility you're a racist! If you think the Democrats commit voter fraud you're a racist!! If you think Eric Holder broke the law and violated his office, you're a racist!! If you're a Republican you're a racist! If you like white girls you're a racist! If you watch NASCAR and listen to country music you're a racist!!
    If you defend your life with a gun against a black teenage thug you're a racist! BUT if you are a black teenage thug and murder a young black father in your own neighborhood, you're a victim of an oppressive white society!!
    Sometimes I think it would be just a whole lot easier if we could just have a civil-race war and get this garbage over with. I wonder who would win??

    • Dennis Campbell

      You just about covered it.

  • RedMeatState

    Consider this: IF YOU believe in Darwinian Evolution, YOU ARE A RACIST BY DEFAULT!!!!

  • Richard A Betts

    I am against it. But she don't know my race or which of his races I would be protesting.if that was my reason. It is pitiful that the only defense of this atrocity is to attack ones supposed race attitude. But that is their only ammo this fraud in the Offal office has left them he is so bad

  • Dennis Campbell

    Obama had a white mother. So, protesting Obamacare is racist against white people? I don't get it....

  • cae973

    Well little miss know nothing but speak anyway I m find with our black american citizens getting any help they need including medical....but I am not fine with all the illegal immigrants getting any help at all....so I guess that means I like black people but not brown people lol Or maybe it just means exactly what I said I m fine with helping american citizens of all colors but refuse to help illegal aliens who come here and steal from us by taking benefits they should not get along with taking our jobs which results in taking the food off our tables!

  • M. Fazio

    Well, Ms Karen Carter Peterson, can it be said, it's racist if you push it onto those who don't want it? Us WHITE people who don't want the Damn ObonzoCare forced on us is a Racist thing as well. I believe it's a 2 way street here. I can't wait to get a NEW Conservative Congress and President in office and over turn the crap that was forced on the American people. Then impeach Chief Justice Roberts and put a man in there that will uphold the Constitution. This man with rubber legs fell to the threats of Obonzo, and voted with some real bad Justices (which also should be impeached).

    • GQ4U

      If we can finally prove (make transparent) Obama is a usurper then his judicial appointments will be nullified along with everything else done during his illegal administration.

      By the way, if supporting the U.S. Constitution makes me a terrorist or RACIST so be it.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Read one of my earlier posts, he actually did us a favor in his ruling, however subtle it was! You need to remember where taxes start! The House of Legislation, NOT the senate where obamacare came from. An overreach by the senate, plain and simple. Now someone get the balls to attack that point that Justice Roberts laid out covertly!

  • jerry1944

    I for sure don't care about obambocare are Romney care and you can call me what you want but I still don't like to listen to stupid ideas. Being a conservative and not a dem lib area gop mod it does make it hard to find a person to vote for Maybe this lady is about as racist as Jackson lee from Texas. OO but she is a lib isn't she so she cant be racist

  • Jakebrake

    No surprise. Like all Demorats when they open their mouths out comes Lies or more bull sh$t. Like the man said" You can't fix stupid '

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      What about that black senator, I think he is a senator, Johnson that said if more troops were put on the base at Guam, the island would capsize!
      If this is the IQ of the average black legislator, we are in deep kimshee!
      Stupid people electing even dumber persons than themselves!
      God help this Country of mine that I protected for 13.5 yrs.!

  • smljones

    That is such a cop out! Is that the best she can do? How original!

  • downs1

    Louisiana State Senator Karen Carter Peterson is the racist! The fact that Obamacare is the worst, most destructive piece of legislation ever written, the fact that it will ultimately bankrupt the nation, the fact that it will absolutely ruin the best medical care system in the world, the fact that it will cause many excellent doctors to close their doors because of the inability to comply with all the regulations entailed, the fact that is will shut down many small businesses, the fact that it has essentially nothing to do with providing health care and everything to do with controlling the people's personal lives including putting an end to the lives of some who are old through the use of "death panels" staffed by non-medical bureaucrats doesn't seem to register with this woman! Her only concern is RACE! If you say anything against any Black person, for any reason, at any time, you are a racist! Meanwhile the New Black Panthers have free reign to intimidate whites, call Whites "crackers", "honkies", and "wmf's", but this doesn't seem to register with Ms. Peterson as being racist! "Political correctness" is the enemy of truth! This woman is obviously by her actions and statements against the Constitution of the United States of America! May God Almighty deal with her!

  • retroranger

    This fool is a bigger racist than the ones she is calling racist. Anything that does not go her way is bound to be because of racism. What is that old saying? "Takes one to know one!!"

  • jeffro

    Suppose this idiot congresswoman is right, and Gingrich did propose such a thing...why didn't it pass? It was a bad idea? People didn't want it? could be, could be...the notion that baracko should have every effin marxist world gubmint thing he wants, just because he's somewhat dark is much, MUCH more racist than opposition to an unconstitutional monument to economic idiocy and retrograde evolution....

  • Al Chemist

    Want to know why people still use the racist line? It works!
    I am not a racist. I don't like Biden either.

    • $9913635

      Yep it works, white hater!

  • Walt

    You have to remember that she is from Lousyanna, which is mostly a 3rd generation welfare state. They will elect anyone who will keep the freebies flowing.

  • Debbie Pearl

    Another Demagogue. And A Thoughtless One Like All Of Them. And A RacIst To ToP It All. She Has Not Learned That The Rest Of Us Actually Think Critically And Are Not Mindles Drones Who Conform To Their Bosses. The Democrat Grassroots Just FollOw TheIr Leaders BeCause "The Boss Said So."

  • llellc

    Someone named Kukye just sent me a nasty little e-mail. He/she said, "signing in with two names is not fair." First of all, I have several e-mail accounts (but that is really none of your business), second, I get notices every time there is an entry on this site (again, none of your business), and lastly, who in the hell do you think you are to scold me??? Are you sure you should be on this site? Won't miss you, but either way, I don't care.

  • Ron

    Lady I'm not racist, I don't like Biden either. And I don't like Obama's white half.

    • $9913635

      Sounds like you hate whites by 1 1/2 more than negroes. I guess that doesn't make you a racist afterall.

      • Ron

        No. Just can't stand liberals or Obama manics. Color has nothing to do with it.

  • biker

    It's always about race when the Lib-tards can't come up with rational discussion to defend their positions... eff them all!!!

    • dad666

      And here al this time I thought it was started by BUSH. Are you sure its about race or could it possibly be that she is to stupid to come up with an intelligent argument???????

  • Chuck

    ObamaCare is not a healthcare system. It is simply a "tax" as Chief Justice Roberts correctly pointed out. It is a way for Obama to control 20% of the economy and put unqualified people in government heathcare jobs. It is a disaster that is not serving anyone correctly and places your life in the hands of bureaucrats.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Chief Justice Roberts actually gave us the way out of Obamacare, contrary to popular belief, if the right people/ attorney's noticed it! He ruled obamacare a "Tax," and according to our Governmental makeup and structure, All taxes have to start in the House of Legislation, NOT The Senate!
      The Senate overstepped it's authority!

  • Smokewagon1984

    According to wiki..answers Obama is 50% caucasion, 43.75% arab and 6.25% black. So if I didn't like having to pass Obamacare to find out what was in it does that only make me 6.25% racist according to this genius?

    • $9913635

      Who cares about percentages. He looks negro and that's good enough for everyone.

  • 57girl

    Let's see now, George Bush said, "If you're not for us, you're against us", and both sides have been chanting, "Fear,fear,fear, terror, terror, terror," since 911 occurred. You'd think by now, the people would be immune to our Government's attempted manipulation of defining us, according to their terms... at least, I'd hope so.

    Then again, the reason our Government has gotten away with their BS to date, is because the Nation evidently needs our Government's guidance to go potty, or so we're told, and we get our checkbooks out, and we pay them to take away a little more of our National Heritage. At least it seems that way, with each new right we lose and each new tax imposed upon us.

    If we fall for Obamacare in any way, shape, or form, we should plan on kissing our borders goodbye. The entire Nation will fail, I have no doubt. While we're nixing Obamacare, we should nix the jobs of the Morons who dreamed it up and/or who support it.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Let's see, that would be all of the Democrats, as not 1 Republican voted for it!

      • 57girl

        And?... don't kid yourself. There is scum on both sides of the Isle. The two party system is just one more way our Government keeps us divided.

  • Charlie

    If this Karen Carter is representing the legislative branch in Louisiana God help this state !! This woman's remarks are just flat out stupid. Obamacare is a big government grab, AHC is a socialistic "train wreck" for our country. This senator should be ashamed of herself for trying to promote racism just as some of the dolts in Washington D.C. have done in the last five years. There is very little racism in our country in this year of our lord 2013 AD . These democrat politicians really need to stop trying to play the racism card when their agenda is challenged and/or stopped dead in it's tracks . Actually think that people like this senator are the racist trying to cover up their racism by stating others are racist .

    • $9913635

      Women should not be politicians. Nearly ALL of them are MAN-HATERS. We should not have women leaders (above children) and we should not have them EVER leading a nation.

      The same description can be applied to negroes. Nearly all of them are WHITE-HATERS and none of them should ever be leading a "white" nation.

      Did you know women and negroes are often treated as 2nd class citizens worldwide?

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    Obama and all who back him are criminals! If it's a Democrat and it's in office then like Obama it's, a God hater, a homosexual and or a homosexual lover and a soon to be Muslim, needs to go to hell!

  • dlzimbelman

    Then more than half of the country is racist. How stupid can a person be? Obamacare is nothing less than the control of the populace and money.

    • $9913635

      Let's turn it from Obamacared(?) to ObamaScared!

  • God Loving Patriot

    She like all that support the 2700 page roll of toilet paper have not read the law which by the way has NOTHING to do with healthcare. The law has everything to do with CONTROL much like gun control which has nothing to do with guns but everything to do with CONTROL.

    Awaken people obama and his merry band of USEFUL IDIOTS wish only to do harm to you and your family. Once August 2013 comes around you will very likely see Martial Law enacted because the True Christians and the Catholic Church will not comply with the mandate of public funded abortions and public funded contraception by organizations that are faith conscientiously opposed to a law that forces these faith conscience groups to commit murder and to promote immoral acts with their tax money.

    Because obama and the power behind obama have now boxed the American people in with
    the passage of NDAA, the Affordable Care Act (obamacare) and executive order 13603 "We the People" are totally trapped like rats on a sinking ship. The only opportunity "We the People" have left is to PRAY to God the Father and ask his forgiveness for the sins we have committed against him (abortion, homosexuality, pornography etc.) repent of these sins and return to the founders principles. There is one more line of defense "We the People" have in addition to our PRAYERS and REPENTANCE of our sins against God the Father and that is our County Sheriffs. You are now saying what authority does a County Sheriff have? Read the United States Constitution and you will learn County Sheriffs have more power and authority then even the President of the United States when it comes to the county he or she has been entrusted by the people of the county they preside over. Do not take my word for this READ the CONSTITUTION and learn for yourself.

    Time is running short as obama has given the Catholic Church and all Christians until August of this year to comply with the ultimatum of funding abortion and providing contraception to all that
    may be in the employ of any Christian organization or face the consequences of this REGIMES wrath which will very likely be Martial Law. Realize also that the IRS scandal, Bengahzi, the 1st Amendment scandal are all diversions to keep "We the People" sidetracked while the EVIL that is obama and his CRIMINAL REGIME of USEFUL IDIOTS put the finishing touches in place to be completely ready for the August 2013 enactment of Martial Law.

    Again do not take my word for these things read and understand executive order 13603 research NDAA and the Affordable Care Act (obamacare) what you find will frighten the HELL right out of you. Pride is ruling America, in lay terms this means EVIL has taken over and there is nothing "We the People" can do apart from Pray to God the Father that he will heal our nation and hope you have a God Fearing County Sheriff that knows his or her level of authority and that they will use their authority for the purposes of God the Father and not the EVIL that is Pridefully Ruling America.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      The only good thing about obamacare IS it's size, in amount of pages. Sears no longer prints it very large Christmas catalog, so I need an alternative in the outhouse!

    • $9913635

      Did you know if any law is NOT Constitutional it not be obeyed? In fact if obey you are complicit with tyranny?

      Many people do not realize this but would rather just fall in line. This is the definition of SHEEPLE and your politicians like excellent cattleman prey, er play on this.

      You need not be so gullible by being a sheeple armed with teeth.

      • God Loving Patriot

        Assuredly I do know this, otherwise why would I be trying to educate the sheeple on sights like this?

  • Dalgast

    These people drop the race card at the drop of the hat. It's to the point now, where I just say yes. They have called me racist so much that now they have got their wish, I am racist. I just don't care, it rolls off my back like water off a ducks back. I honestly believe that is why we are having so many problems. People are just so afraid to be labeled something that is so politically correct. So, to you, I say go urinate up your race card rope.

  • Les Schlensker

    she's not even smart enough to know obama is arab american
    she's a prefect example of why the founding fathers put in requirements to vote

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      If brains were C-4, she wouldn't be able to blow her own nose!

  • govtrumbull

    Every time conservatives; and even some liberal Democrats for that matter; oppose one of Obama's socialist schemes, either the Administration, or its backers, pull out the "race card." What this means is that there is only freedom of speech if you agree with Obama. Such behavior is actually communism or fascism inn the raw. The attitude of the Obama Administration and liberal supporters of Obama is: "Either you agree with us, and support us, or you will be very, very sorry. We will use the power of the Federal and/or State governments to destroy you one way or another. Keep your mouths shut OR ELSE!"

    Obama's attitude towards towards basic American constitutional rights is that they do not exist any more. They are gone. Claim them and end up destroyed. How much farther can this attitude go? Obama's attitude is the same as Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and every other dictator that has ever ruled. If they cannot force the opposition to change their minds and support their policies, you will eventually end up in a gulag, a concentration camp, a FEMA Camp, or dead. This is the eventual direction where this attitude takes total government, and Obama represents the attitude of totalitarianism.

    • $9913635

      Obama's attitude is the same as Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Idi Ami....

      I wish that were true. Barry is just exhibiting negro behavior and nothing more.

  • Kreinhe

    Any and all politicians and talking heads who so carelessly play the race card like this should be forever shunned, dismissed and ridiculed. Then maybe some will finally get the point that they will no longer be involved in the opinions and decision making of this country for as long as they shamefully exploit these types of bogus accusations.

  • WardMD

    ANYONE (Like YOU, Senator Carter) who accuses those who oppose Liberal POLICIES of being racists, are Bigoted MORONS!

    I opposed Radical Liberal POLICIES whether they are proposed by, supported by, voted for, or signed into law by: A White; a Black; an Hispanic; an Asian; or ANY (even Elizabeth Warren's IMAGINARY 1/32 Native American) ethnic origin!

    It is the RECKLESS and Economically DANGEROUS POLICIES I oppose, NOT the Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation of those who SUPPORT those BAD POLICIES!

    WHEN are you Democrats going to STOP playing the Race Card, and debate the MERITS of your policies (if, that is, you can articulate any MERITS to your policies)?!

    • $9913635

      If you ignore race and gender you will be forever in the laps of bigoted morons.

  • edgineer

    What is wrong with being racist? Everyone knows there are substantial differences between the races, but now it is wrong to acknowledge that fact? Bigot, cheuvinist, homophobic etc. I am tired of normal people running and hiding for being normal.

    • Jeff Horton

      I agree the term dosen't mean anything any more, It is way over used. And to use on another person whom doesn't agree is just a different opinion. These people do not know the meaning of racist. So call me a racist if the meaning of a racist is that I do not agree with you socialist Idiots. When this card is over used the person using the term is exactly what they are calling some else. After all when the question comes up of who farted. It is usually the first person that asked the question.

      • Combat Veteran Seabee

        Who farted? Oblowhole, everytime he opens his pie hole!

    • axmickl

      I am obviously racist. I detest anyone who hates me because I am white. I guess that means I detest most of the black race. Not because I want to detest them but because they beg for our hatred every day, especially during elections.

      • $9913635

        Negroes don't only dislike you, they hate each other as well. More negroes kill each other than any other race.

        They are like Mooslims.

    • $9913635

      You are NOT a racist.

  • Herkpilot

    Wondering if she has done a thorough Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) regarding the Affordable Care Act. This hyperbola clearly illustrates how divisive this law is, a complete CBA would clearly illustrate how badly this very expensive legislation was labeled.

    Hence the slang monicker, Obamacare. With her attitude and the spiraling cost all is right with left-leaners (hype, emotion, maximum erosion of liberties and rock star thinking (live for today and count on forgiveness tomorrow)).

  • Kreinhe

    She should be laughed at and treated as a joke. These people love all the other reactions from support to distain. They even relish in receiving threats, it serves their self absorbed, self constructed myth of persecution. But the one thing they can't stand is being laughed at and ridiculed. So I say we do more to let these leaches know just how ridiculously hilarious we think they are.

    • Caulfieldgirl

      Yes, you should never argue with an idiot. It only gives them a false sense of equality....

      • $9913635

        As one idiot to another, I agree!

  • Caulfieldgirl

    If State Senator Karen Carter Peterson is right that we all are "Racist" because we don't like Obama-care then I can say she is an "Atheist" because her party denied God at her party's Convention this year three times. I didn't realize that Hillary was black because I disapproved of her healthcare the same as Obama's. Socialist Programs are Socialist Programs, whether black, white or green. Lloyd Marcus is awfully dark for a Racist. He very vocally disapproves of Obama-care and I very vocally approve of Lloyd Marcus a "Black" Tea-party spokes person who is quite articulate in reasons not to accept Obama-care.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      What about Dr. Ben Carson? What's her answer that very educated mans opinion of oblowhole? He's got more integrity and intelligence in his little toe than the whole fabric of her very being!

      • Caulfieldgirl

        Ben Carson by nature is not a political man, but a man who sees a terrible wrong who is not afraid to stand up and fight for his Country and Constitution. We need more men like him too.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    She is an ignorant bovine! Plain and simple!

    • The duck

      No she is stupid. There is a difference.

      • BGills

        Your right, there is a difference, but Ignorance, and stupidity, often go hand in hand.
        I believe the Senator displays both in her public statements.

        Obviously the senator has never heard the old adage:

        "Better to remain silent, and be thought a fool, than to speak out, and remove all doubt"?

        • $9913635

          What difference does it make?

          For he sees that even the wise die; the fool and the stupid alike must perish and leave their wealth to others. (Psa 49:10)

    • $9913635

      I heard she eats grass-fed beef.

  • AZ BOB

    Actually I am Pleased with Obamacare and all those who have publicly endorsed it . As I believe until this Socialism hits the pubic idiots who voted for these Obama supporters it will never change there opinion. It has to hurt before the voting idiot can realize he is was wrong, then we might be able to get these Liberal racist idiots out of office???

  • BGills

    So, if Senator chuckle-head made any sense at all, the reason previous failed attempts to pass healthcare legislation like Obamacare, was because the presidents at the time were white? It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that most Americans are not interested in having a single payer, government run, healthcare system. It is typically the small minded that resort to race bating when they're loosing an argument, or find something they can't understand. I'm surprised she didn't follow this up with a rant about how racism is the cause of "climate change!" It's true that ignorance is at the core of racism, and this Senator is a perfect example of race baiting at it's finest.

  • DJ_Fisher

    Racist = BORING!!

    • $9913635

      An amazing comment!

  • wisewoman

    I sent the following to Ms. Peterson:

    Dear Senator Peterson

    I saw the video of your speech about why many of us are opposed to what is
    euphemistically called “Obamacare”. For your information, and the information
    of others who believe as you do, race has NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING to do with
    my opposition to “Obamacare”. My objection to “Obamacare” has everything in the
    world to do with my personal choices as to how, what, when, why, and where I get
    my health care, and who will be making those choices for me; and therein lies
    my opposition to “Obamacare”.

    I repeat. Race has NOTHING to do with my objection to “Obamacare”, and I
    would appreciate it if you (and people like you) would stop pretending that you
    know what I think. You don’t. I can think for myself, and believe me “race” is
    the last thing I think about where President Obama is concerned, or where anyone
    else of ANY race is concerned. What I do think and care about are the actions
    of any individual person who impacts my life in any way no matter their

    If anyone is racist here it is you because you are tarring a lot of people
    with the term “racist”, when in fact they are not. That isn’t to say that there
    are no people who are racist because there are. But I, and many others of my
    fellow conservatives, are not among them. On the other hand, the fact that you
    are trying to put the label “racist” on others whom you don’t know, and who’s
    thoughts you don’t know, is in and of itself “racist”. Please think about what
    I have written before you again call me a racist.

    • medic2003

      Perfectly put. I would have also stated that I didnt vote for Hillary Clinton or John Edwards or any of the other WHITE communists running for office either. I didnt support Mitt Romney, or John Huntsman or any of the other globalist, socilaist neo cons running for office. I would like to ask her HOW that makes me a racist. It makes me a patriot and someone who wants the government to realize I DONT WANT THEM IN EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE. They take and they take and it is all to control me, you and everyone else and I for one am sick of it.

      • wisewoman

        Write that to her. I got her e-mail address on-line. Perhaps if she gets enough e-mails like this she might wake up.

        But I forget. She is a "progressive". Maybe nothing will wake her up, but it doesn't hurt to try.

    • $9913635

      They do not read any of your e-mails. The only one reading is you, yourself.

    • azrt1

      Ah, now if only she had a brain and could understand your logic. Send her to the wizard

  • The duck

    Russia tried Marxcare, didn't work. Germany tried Hitlercare, didn't work. Obamacare is just as socialistic as any other sicialistcare and has proven to date to be a failure. So what is racist about that? Failure of socialism has been proven so many times to be a failure race not with standing that race is not the issue. The issue is far to many people never learn from history due to the fact they either never read any or chose to ignore history lessons they might have learned from. An then the ignorant or rather the stupid get to elect them into office. There is just no cure for stupid.

  • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

    I guess that this tubby libtard omitted to read the implications with the ObamaNightmare Health Care Plan...She....as a rotund hater will have to pay almost double for her health insurance as obesity and smoking will be treated on a higher pay scale...nevermind...not...the pot head...the alcoholics..the felons......but...wait...she's black...racist...government employee...affirmative action graduate...friend of Obama...she will be EXEMPT from it...

  • ste1021

    If you're a Louisiana State Senator, you're an idiot. (and a racist)

  • dmbunce

    If you voted for obama because he's black you're a racist!

    • $9913635

      What about the people that voted for his "white" side?

      • azrt1

        you mean his steeped in evil, hatred of America, communism, Marxism side? As opposed to his whinging, loser, drunkard, "its not my fault, the western Countries are to blame for my failure" father?

      • dmbunce

        Yeah, right. How about an original thought?

  • hughcapet

    What an ignorant & stupid woman. Why doesn't she wake up and get over the race card. It reveals what a moron she is. Is this the kind of representatives communities send up to their capitals?

  • allen goldberg

    Race? So I am no longer allowed to disagree with anyone?? The man is a socialist, an Imposter AND A SERIAL LIAR...BUT HEY, dEMOCRATS ARE libTARDS....

  • $14832922


    Nor did he scream "racist" every time we said "No".

  • alio

    How DARE that idiot state senator call anyone a racist for not liking obamacare...........Honey, I was born in Louisiana and if I'm a racist, it's because I don't like your kind. Stick that in your pipe & smoke it, sis.

    • Ray - Jesus is the Son of God.

      She is a communist.

  • fliteking

    Ye Old Liberal charges of racism are nothing more than a joke anymore.

    If a logical argument for racism were to be constructed the finger would point directly at the liberals / democrats.

    • 7PastorCarmine7

      Hey I'm all that Yes.

    • Ann Rand

      Good shot Flite....... I am getting a little concerned about Bree.... Haven't heard from her since just before the storms.... Possibly, her power is out... Maybe I'll hear from her tonight or tomorrow.....

      • fliteking

        I prayed this AM and will again tonight , hope all turns out OK.

        We had discussed putting in a full sized generator . . . hate to spend the money but we might just do it.

        • Ann Rand

          Thanks for the prayers..She is probably ok... I know that she is busy with her church, also.....The whole house generators are nice.. I have just a portable one... But it will handle quite a load.. I bought a portable A/C unit.... 14,000 btu, so that will cool the bedrooms, if needed.... We had several hurricanes in 2005 and were without power for a few days. Miserable... no A/C..........You would probably get more use of the generator because of winter storms.... Funny thing, we have never used the A/C unit or the GEN. since we got them, just after that miserable time in 2005.... I have a feeling that this may be the year, though... Gonna watch Huckabee and Judge Jeanine later.. They are pretty good..... Mike Wallace on Sun. is usually good, too.. Hope your wife is better. Ann

        • fliteking

          Huckabee is great, he reminds me of what America should be.

          Just recently began watching Judge Jeanine, she has a BRILLIANT mind and any smart democ-rat should know to stay off her radar scope!

        • Ann Rand

          Ok, Flite.... Had a message when I got up this am... She is ok.. Said she had some damage, but minor, compared to others... Said 2 tornadoes tracked through her area... Lots of water and huge hail..... We had 5 in. of rain here, during the night... Looks like we have more coming this week. ... Yesterday was the beginning of hurricane season for us......They are predicting that it is going to be a busy one.... Yes, Judge Jeanine was ripping Holder a new one last night .... He deserves it. LOL

        • fliteking

          Good news on Bree. The last time we had 5" of rain we had our basement become a swimming pool! Although we got past it I lost thousand of dollars in books . . . . soon they'll be banning books anyway so it was probably a good thing. I hope there is no flooding on your end.

        • Ann Rand

          The Fla. sand is like a huge sponge.. It absorbs the water pretty fast.... Most homes here are built on cement slabs (Concrete block construction)... No basements, unfortunately.... If you dig down a little ways you will find water....I am on high, dry land... The streets may flood, but it soon runs off... Eventually, it runs out into the bay....

        • fliteking

          Good to know you are safe.

        • patriotusa2

          I love Judge Jeanine! She's not only intelligent, spunky and honest, she's also very beautiful. I have listened to all her videos and I just wish we had someone else in congress that could come close to her standards and intellect. I watch Wallace on Sunday's too, although Juan Williams on the panel, drives me bonkers.

      • patriotusa2

        I've been scouring the net, in particular, PU, and she has not posted anywhere. I haven't been able to find anything for at least a week. Usually she drops a line here and there and we exchange a few comments, but I can't find anything she's written. I could be wrong but I thought she lived in Minnesota, although, she does travel to Texas every once in awhile. She does a lot of work for her church, as you said, and this could be the reason why she hasn't been on the computer. Hopefully, all is okay.

        • Ann Rand

          Hi, Pat... As you can see from my post to Flite, Bree is ok... Said she had some damage and lots of water.... She was without power, so that is why we didn't hear from her.....Glad that everyone was praying for her. "These are the times that try the souls of men".... Truer words were never spoken.... Those people in OK. probably are not out of the woods yet... Ithink that I would give relocation a serious thought.

        • patriotusa2

          I went back to look at PU again, and I found a comment she had written two days ago. Considering I had checked that site and found nothing, she had to post after I had checked it out. Obviously you two must talk on the phone because I haven't been able to find anything else unless I'm not looking in the right place. Previously I did check CB but didn't see any of her posts there either. I thought Bree lived in Minnesota far away from the trouble, but it looks like I'm wrong. It's easy to get confused when you talk to a few people on these blogs. Where does she live, Ann? Obviously near OK. I'm am glad that she's okay and doing fine. Yes, If I lived in or near OK., I would think of relocation myself. You're not kidding, Ann. "These are the times that try the souls of men." Sometimes you wonder what's coming next. Take care, Ann, and thanks for letting me know.

        • Ann Rand

          We have become friends through P.U. so yes, we do correspond occasionally.I think she may be closer to St Louis..... She is pretty busy with her church and volunteer work.... Bree is a devout Christian...... Of course i am a Christian, too... We have many things in common and yet, still we have our own individual thoughts on other things, too....All I can say to that is that I am just not quite as devout..

        • patriotusa2

          Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I've been on the phone since this morning trying to get my computer fixed as something went haywire. The information I was getting was making the entire computer worse. I was ready to blow the darn thing up! Yes, I concur with you, as to having our own individual thoughts which is the way it should be. I have grown very fond of her and I do know that she is very devout. I don't have the time to do as much for my Church as I would like, because I still work at home and go away occasionally on business. (Although, I go faithfully on Sunday.) I guess we are all devout in our own way especially when we voice our religious opinions on these blogs. Some people are too embarrassed to say anything religious so I feel that I am trying to do my part in whatever way I can. I'm sure we all do in our own way. I'm glad that Bree is okay. Thanks for getting back to me, Ann. I appreciate it.

  • guide7

    If you hate obamacare then you love free enterprise, freedom, and liberty. This lady is just another pygmy-brain racist liberal!!!

  • susanwho

    They need to find a new excuse...'racist' is overused, and doesn't mean anything anymore...because that's the standard name calling for anyone in disagreement...

    • $9913635

      I see, negroes don't exist anymore.

  • azrt1

    No dear sweet moron Karen, YOU are a racist. YOU support obamanationcare? You are also brain dead, deluded, well just plain crazy stupid. Sorry again for that. Sorry also that you have a population around you apparently stupid enough to vote you into office. You should not be allowed to make any sort of a decision. You need some meds, some therapy, and an education.

    • 7PastorCarmine7

      Think of the People that Voted for Her.

  • 7PastorCarmine7

    OK Milk Chocolate I'm a Racist just like Obama is Dork!

    • $9913635

      What a profound comment! So deep, so thoughtful and elucidating. I'm impressed!

      • 7PastorCarmine7

        Thank you just like her.

        • $9913635

          This comment was not as profound as the first one. You need to get your mind off of Karen Peterson.

  • 7PastorCarmine7

    Why is it that if you disagree with Leftist your Racist? I disagree with him not because of his Being Half and Half Black and White I disagree with him for he is an Illegal and Anti-American and a Communist?

  • paul

    where in the world do these people come from.. race ? are you kidding me.. and you people voted for this numbskull ? .. ya gotta wonder what's wrong with folks from La... this is one of the dumbest comments made to date... jeez I just cannot believe that someone is this desperate

    • alio

      It's just another ignorant game they play to show their base they are on their side..........except the base is getting smart enough to realize this is all bull crapo, and this senator is the dumb bell.

  • Jerry

    AND YOU, FEMALE, ARE AN IDIOT and a racist of the highest magnatude. By the way in case no told you obama is just as much white as he is black.

    • azrt1

      And it was his crazy and evil white mama, and crazy evil commie white grams and gramps, that started steeping the young barry in hate. Especially hatred for America. A Country they loathed, yet used for all its benefits.

  • Dale

    Dear Senator Peterson, if you think I'm a racist because I oppose Obamacare, then you are an idiot. I have many reasons for opposing Obamacare, but in the end, after we discuss my reasons, you will remain an idiot.

  • rridgsr

    And any one that is for

  • slickzip

    That dumb racist dumbocrat needs a brain transplant

  • rridgsr

    I would not say the words this lowlife idiot is but you can bet your butt it is bad but ignorance can not be help it .

  • grannylake

    The one that uses the "racist" word first is a true racist whose goal is to keep racism alive and well in America.

    But finally Americans are beginning to regain their ability to think for themselves and use their own common sense. We have cast aside the false notion of "political correctness".

    • $9913635

      Believe you me we do not want multiculturalism either. They are playing you on both sides granny!

  • Carline D. Long Jr.

    The left consistantly pull the race card when they absolutely no talking proof of their desired situation. Obamacare will SUCK worse than a Kirby Vaccum Cleaner!

  • AppraisHer

    You overused the racist crap, it has no meaning anymore.
    Get a Thesaurus, find another put-down.
    I got over the white-guilt, I just laugh at you now.

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    When you believe that communism, fascism, totalitariansim are desirable forms of government, YOU are an uncomprehending IDIOT!

  • atmorefaye

    If you agree with obamacare you are an idiot and very stupid what is the matter with you dimoslats you all have gone crazy can't you read go to school or get someone to read that trash in obamacare to you I have read it and the nuts that wrote this and the nuts that passed this need to be placed in a mental institution. NOW IDIOT GET REAL AND SHUT UP

  • Graywolf12

    If he were African American she might find some way to justify that crap, but since he is NOT she should drop the the typical progressive babble of accusing the Conservatives of what they DO. We in Texas will help get her retired at the next election. We will help finance anyone that runs against her.

  • George Wentzel

    Here we have another useless stupid democrap. She needs to stop breathing so we can terminate her wasting oxygen.

  • jaxtom

    Want to bet she's not going to be on it?

  • Conservative320

    Another hard leftwing nutjob race-bating troll. It is beyond annoying to see a conservative publication giving time to these pourous-brained libtards. Enough with the racist crap. We've heard all of it before. Please, let us read quality stuff; not this garbage coming from another leftist loon black face with a black heart.

  • 19greg45

    Only losers who can't argue for their point of view on its merits play the race card.

    • alio

      Thank you for the common sense, this is exactly true, the race card game is long gone and tiring to hear.

      • $9913635

        The race card may be gone but we still have a negro president who is enlarging his tribe with Mexicans, Mooslims and Africkans.

        I have noticed an increase in all of them where I live. And they breed like roaches. Soon we will be infested with them and America will on longer exist as one nation. We shall be like fractured palm oil sold as 0 grams of trans fat.

        • Marj0120

          Now that is racist and it reflects badly on the conservatives that are trying to make rational statements and improve our image with the voters. I'm positive you didn't intend to hurt the cause. There are many conservative blacks and hispanics, legal mexicans that are just as concerned as any white person, probably not Muslim that I've ever seen, but I have not seen all there is to see..

    • Pebbles

      You're 100% correct. I am a former resident of Louisiana, and glad I no longer live there. I was originally from Massachusetts, and both of these states are democratic majorities. I will never live in them again. I became so sick and tired of the racist card being played in La I happily packed my bags and left the state. Still own property there and hated leaving our friends, but the generational welfare culture there made me want to hurl. Another note, they are an amnesty state and the Mexican drug culture has entered the state. The gangs, killings and drug culture were so bad that the state is beginning to suffer since the tourists aren't traveling there as before, and they aren't because of the rampant crime and escalating murder rate. If you think Detroit and Chicago are bad, look at the national rating of LA. I thought I would faint when I read in the New Orleans paper, that prisioners were checking themselves out of the prison for 2-3 days and it wasn't even noticed. They were getting drugs and phones and taking them back into the prison. This is a real eye opener and proves the democrats don't know what in the H they are doing - the prison system is under democratic authority. And they want America to accept Obamacare???????????
      Remember, now, the state of LA is DEMOCRATIC, and the majority of the people "in charge" are also. Another fact, LA is in the top 5 states best know for politically corrupt politicians, and so is MA. (Obama started the race card in the very beginning of his administration, and stated it publicly more than once, and it just escalates. If anyone calls me a racist, I ask them to prove it.)

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Of course anyone who would dare to oppose the Marxist agenda would have to be a "racist".

    • HappyDog1

      Hey, fellow "Sky Soldier". I served in the 11th Air Assault Division (Test) at Ft. Benning too (1963-64).

      • 2War Abn Vet

        It's always good to hear from a brother. we were few on the ground, and unfortunately are getting fewer.

  • Paul Huggins

    every time some one voices disapproval of one of Obamas hair brained ideas, the democrats label them as racists. Is that all you got democrats is to label everyone a racist. this name calling of the democrats is why i changed my party affiliation years ago. im sick to death of hearing the racist card being played by the democrats and "it's Bush's fault"

  • Kaitty

    Another ignorant politician who should not have been elected to office. Very few care about the colo of anyone's skin but we who are well informed do care greatly about the huge unnecessary growth of government, the wasteful unnecessary spending of money we do not have, the enormous debt America has gotten into, the excess printing of unbacked paper money, a system of government that has become crooked to the core and anyone can be bought for their vote. No morality, no Honor, no self-esteem, no interest in what is best for all the USA and her legal citizens, but bow only to paying interests paying into their open pockets one way or the other. Get informed, read, learn, be prepared to nominate and vote as best as you can. Write, call, FAX, etc and make your opinions known. Do not let them threaten you for we are still free to voice our opinions. Let each one do what they can with many prayers for God and country in spite of the ignorant voters and all the crookedness around us, persist.

  • bless2live

    She spits into the wind and thinks that there is no better way!

  • Bunky

    Oh Karen, that's "rasisits". That's the "knee-grow" pronunciation;.
    Idiot libtwat politician.

  • mathis1689

    I oppose Obamacare because I'm not a Communist. The color of his skin is totally beside the point.

  • DocJimmy

    Senator Karen Carter Peterson is one of the most articulate women of color, ever to speak about Obamacare. She has joined the ranks "Well Spoken Women" with the likes of Boxer, Clinton, Feinstein, Pelosi et al, who have managed to create a Whole new category of "Stupid Idiot" in the political arena. Could I be declared a "Racist" for including her (Peterson) with four "Whitey's"???

  • Dandy

    Well call me a proud racist Karen. Now go pound sand up your big dumb a#%.

    • newyorker

      very well said my friend !m a korean war vet and can't stand the sight of this woman , along with obama,his wife also and his whole bunch of commies.

    • Apolloone

      Add some dried very finely crushed hot peppers to that sand.

  • Nikita63

    I AM DEATHLY OPPOSED TO OBAMACARE BECAUSE IT DEMEANS ME AND MY NEED FOR MEDICAL CARE, WOULD DENY ME UNDER SOME CIRCUMSTANCES REPLACEMENT OF A MEDICAL DEVICE I NEED TO SURVIVE THOUGH MY PACEMAKER IS NECESSITATED BY EXPOSURE TO AGENT ORANGE IN SERVICE TO MY COUNTRY, BECAUSE IT DENIES A DOCTOR'S RIGHT TO PRACTICE HIS TRADE IN FULL COMPLIANCE WITH A 3000 YEAR OLD HIPPOCRATIC OATH HONORED wORLD WIDE BY ALL IN THAT PROFESSION! Let me ask you, Karen Carter Petersen, what jeopardy you have been placed in? Have you EVER served anything but yourself and a twisted political agenda designed to take from those who have paid a lifetime for care they expected to recieve in their elder years when they would be DEPENDENT on it to the habitually indigent and the ineligible who are here illegally and whose first act on our soil is to violate American Law? If so, then I AM a racist by your definition and I am PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN RACIST who fought to preserve, defend and uphold all that you and your criminally complicit congress members are fighting to destroy in total violation of YOUR SWORN OATHS OF OFFICE. You make me sick and disgust me and in my view; EVERY ONE OF YOU SO MINDED, SHOULD BE REMOVED FOR CAUSE.I AM A 100% DISABLED VIETNAM VETERAN , DISABLED BY EXPOSURE TO AGENT ORANGE BY MY OWN GOVERNMENT!! THEY COULD AT LEAST HONOR THE SERVICE PROVIDED BY MYSELF AND MY CONTEMPORARIES BUT, LIKE YOU, THEY HAVE NO HONOR, NO RESPONSIBILITY OR ACCOUNTABILITY and think themselves to be better than the rest of us. You are wrong and shortly, time and circumstance will prove to you just how wrong you are.

    • Marj0120

      Thank you for your service and sacrifices seems so inadequate, but I don't know the words to show you and all of you that serve or have served how deeply I respect and appreciate what you've done.

      • Nikita63

        I am appreciative of your concerns but, in the light of public comments by treasonous parasites like Petersen, I AM FAR MORE CONCERNED FOR THE FATE OF THE COUNTRY FOR WHICH I FOUGHT AND THE LEGACY TO BE LEFT FOR OUR PROGENY! We are fifth class citizens in our OWN COUNTRY and it CANNOT be allowed to continue indefinitely, as seems to be the plan by this totally INCOMPETENT AND CRIMINAL ADMINISTRATION WITHOUT HONOR, DUTY, OBLIGATION, RESPONSIBILITY OR ACCOUNTABILITY to ANYONE but itself.

    • Apolloone

      Well said fellow Veteran and I agree one hundred percent. What this Vermin said I really doubt she believes it but it's all they have is race, which the many fools will believe her.

      • Nikita63

        Shhhh! Be careful what you say. Big Brother has decided you are not allowed to be critical of Islam or Muslims and if you are, you face unspecified charges of "civil rights violations". All that indicates to me is that THEY have first Amendment rights and we under this President and hs criminally compromised and constitutionally challenged Congress: DO NOT! Well, I was disabled in service to my country and I will NOT be intimidated. I WILL speak my mind as is my Constitutional right based on evidence of wrongdoing and published FACTS! This or any other governmemnt has not the right to deny me this right, or ANYONE ELSE WHO Chooses to EXERCISE IT under the Bill of rights and the Rule of Law.: something ignored , disparaged and disdained by all those in Washington who should ALL: be impeached for violation of their sworn oaths of office! D. C. is infested with vermin. e need a professional cleansing of such.

  • joshuasweet

    actually it is the substance of the Obama care that I am against. It cost more than it provides, it has death panels and does not do what Obama said it would. And did I mention it cost far more than he said? His race only matters to you! the program is a bastardization of of socialistic Marxist over reach into the affairs of people and the states, beyond the scope of the constitution as a tax it was illegal made into law avoiding the proper procedures for such a tax.

  • VanceJ

    If that is a requirement, you bet your sweet bippy I am.

  • sandy2249


  • Jude O'Connor

    Does color give you a license to have your way wither it's right or wrong to others?

    • Katana

      Yes to the apologists it most certainly does, there is never to be any criticism or disagreement with any "person of color" if you are white. That's racist. I treat everyone of every race or ethnicity the same and if you are right you are right if wrong you are wrong if good, you are good, if bad you are bad - simple as that

  • Marj0120

    Anyone who thinks disagreeing with obam on obamacare, or any issue makes you a racist is ignorant. Anyone ignorant to share these thoughts out loud in front of Congress, is an imbecile. To say you've heard racism from your Congressional colleagues, (fellow Dems?) is absolutely moronic. I guess this allows her to fit in nicely with her colleagues on her side of the isle. Anyone who agrees with her, shares all of the criteria for a total loser listed above.

  • Jerry_Morgan

    If being opposed to Obamacare is all it takes to be a raciest, Well....Count me in!

  • Devasahayam

    By her logic, 90% of the US must be racist -- as 0bamacare has been shown to be an abomination of several magnitude-orders worse than Canada's Gouge-and-S###w-Tax!

  • carlton goodson

    That is one line I am sick of. The only thing wrong with Obama care is the print witch is in black and white. So I don't like the print that makes me racist?

  • spidermike

    “I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.”
    ~ My Larger Education (1911) Booker T. Washington (1856–1915)

    • RobertNorwood

      Now, he's a real embarrassment for them. Born into slavery he becomes a world class figure, educator, all that without government help, affirmative action - and he's got currency, he understands the issue from all angles. No one, black, white or otherwise can put the guy down.

  • JohnGaltTexas

    Thats all they got. They can't defend their obamanation or anything else they do. So the only response they have is to call us names, piss down their leg, cry, spit, pull out their own hair, stomp their feet, and slither off back under the rocks they live under.

  • ryandist


  • djw663

    Well then I must be a racist, I'll have to tell my black son in law that I am a racist and that he and my daughter cannot be together anymore because I am against obamacare.

  • sashamanda

    I'm proud to be a racist!

  • MrCReed54

    Well then so be it, I'm a racist! And along with obamacare lets get rid of Obama too! Boy I'm a racist because I don't want obamacare, WOW!

  • James Rowe

    Why is it that if anyone disagrees with a liberal that they are racists? Why do liberals think about racism so much? Could it be, a fact actually, that they are the true racists?

  • USMC and America proud

    I'd kindly like to point out to this "democrat" that SHE'S racist!
    She's racist for calling Obama a black man!! You see, he is NOT even half black! He's only one quarter black, and THAT doesn't qualify him as black, vs he IS half white! So THAT makes him a dark skinned evil whitey!!

  • MalikTous

    Here's my response: If you support Obamacare, you're a traitor. And that includes Louisiana State Senator Karen Carter Peterson. She should step down and catch a slow boat to China, her US citizenship should be voided!

  • bayman61

    What else would a black woman say? Just another one throwing the race card up in the air. Racism is to blame for everything wrong that happens to them. She likes him because he is black. Would that not be called racist?

  • Indiana Conservative

    WHAT a stupid jerk!

  • wmagg

    FASCIST is as FASCIST does Face facts the only way back to
    freedom is a path doused in the blood of tyrants and criminals Perhaps
    We The People should take a page from the Book of Islam
    Those who oppose freedom should be drug into the streets and put to death.

  • drikk

    I must be even worse because I oppose Louisiana democrats.

  • chuck

    I don't recall any black person being called a racist when they disagreed with Bush.

  • kenhowes

    They say patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. The cry of racism is the first.

  • Tom Townsend II

    I personally do not care what "race" obama or any other politician or person for that matter is. Obamacare was foisted upon the citizens of this republic unethically, illegally and in total violation of due political process and the U.S. Constitution. As such, I would and do absolutely reject it and all its parts now and forever in every way regardless of who supports it. I also refuse to submit in any way to obamacare, legislation supporting the same, penalties and fines, court summons or rulings concerning the same, fees or anything else. May I and all those who similarly do not recognize this unconstitutional and unlawful monstrocities resist until those creating, enforcing and locking us up for standing up for our God given canstitutional rights choke on what they are doing and the courts and prisons we who will likely become political prisoners under obamacare collapse the judicial system in their failure to uphold the law and U.S. Constitution and uphold our guaranteed rights and stand against tyranny under the same.

  • TheBigGeezer

    what a racist black POS. Nothing else to say.

  • James Crawford

    She's still stuck in that old banging-the-bottom-of-the-pan-with-a-wooden-spoon stage...and just trying to look pretty dumb & needy.

  • Employed101

    If your name is Karen Carter Peterson, you are very very stuipd. Please do not reproduce.

    • alio

      It's people like this Karen Carter Peterson that make me ashamed to tell anyone I'm from Louisiana. She makes the state seem so backwards.
      I can remember my mother telling us (years ago) that the most corrupt person in La. was Gov. Huey Long and his family.

      And folks are ignorant enough to keep voting for these types over & over and they get what they vote for as the example of this state senator. Louisiana is shameful allowing this corruption and backwardness to continue to flourish.

  • john4637

    Someone please keep an eye on Ms. Karen and make sure she stops abusing her medication!

  • fwiw

    Voters tolerate ignorant hate-mongers like Peterson because they agree with her. What other reason could there be and how is her rhetoric and tactics really aren't much different than those used in mid-30's Germany? "Our problems are caused by one group of people and I can solve our problems."

  • James Maxwell

    I wonder what pile of swamp grass she crawled from under? Like all demos they voted for osociaoist care before it was even written. Remember Nancy Pelosi said you have to vote for it to read it
    because it wasn't even written when it was pass in the middle of the nighty behind closed doors.
    No discussion was allowed and now that it is coming home to roost they are trying to find a way
    to get the American people, Unions and others to accept the shaft they are being given while
    Congress passed a law to excuse themselves from it. If there is racism it is fools like this tryng
    to shove this down United States.

  • BobinCA

    The contempt of this woman to think that all people of all races are ignorant enough to believe what she stated is only out done by her own lack of ability to produce a substantial argument that supports her way of thinking on any subject. But speaking as she did does provide proof of the need to remove these elected officials and their current administration. Besides that, who is she speaking of? It can't be the guy in the white house in DC, he only thinks he's black by association, because he has predominate genes from only one of his parents. Which as we all know does not make you what you are not, we must all consider both of our parents when wondering who we are. So, with that in mind, her point of stupidity is mute, other than in her own mind and that of her believers.

  • podunk1

    The dingbat needs to be hinnie high in the tomato patch, sun up till sun down - could be possibly trained to discriminate between the green & red ones - a job she might get good at, if she could understand discrimination is a good or bad choice!.

    I really don't know any racist people other than progressive democrats, who work night & day to foment racial division & hatred, especially those with an IQ & disposition of a snake. 5 years & all we hear is the bulldozer clearing houses & land in Chicago, Detroit, & other 98% progressive slums, still no hope, jobs, purpose, or dignity. just lots of people lined up to be fed, get their shots, & be wormed... just like cattle waiting for a trip to the processing plant! Tons of money for Solyndra, Libya, muslim terrorists (not the good ones), Egypt, and everybody, except citizens. It's an abomination! Send some jobs and opportunity to Detroit & Chicago. Send the army in if necessary to make it safe and free of crime. Aren't they condemned to their little hell holes because they are predominately black & believe they have to vote black or starve?

    Send the bulldozers to Washington with instructions to flatten it! Give the residents sweat equity in the worthless property - send the 75% of auto production back & let them start from scratch to rebuild those cities - remember films of people working in bombed out factories with walls & roofs gone, but still putting stuff out to save their country! Put a $1,000 dead or alive bounty on anyone from OSHA, EPA, PITA, building codes, tax assessors, Chamber of Commerce, UAW, or anyone else who wants to get in the way! It needs good determined mentors who can make broken things work.

    Skin color doesn't mean anything - it's what's between the ears, within your hands and feet, and the ability to make it giddy-up & go do something productive!

  • Fred_K

    It is amazing how the worst racists are the first to yell racism. She is most likey a racist for wanting obummercare. It is supposed to insure low income people at the expense of higher income people. Most of the low income people it is suppose to insure are of color, and the higher income people are not. This means she wants to steal from the whites to support those of color. That is racist if I have ever heard the definition of racist. She needs to have his thinking rearranged. The one who yells racist first is the true racist. Especially if they are biased toward all races except one.

  • sovereigntyofone

    Maybe IF Karen Carter Peterson had talked to the WE THE PEOPLE instead of the Senate and Congress, she'd have found out that it's not about race at all. For the most part most decent Americans don't like ANYTHING rammed down their throats.. anything. When we hear the words " You have to vote on it to know what's in it " we become very suspicious and untrusting. That would be like buying a house or car without knowing what it looks like or what shape it's in. Another words buying " a pig in the poke ". And finally most of us don't trust our politicians any further than we could toss them. The only one that seems to be " racist " here is Karen Carter Peterson for even accusing anyone of being racist when it has nothing to do with the issue at all.

  • Neal Avery

    She needs to get a new deck. All of her race cards are played out. Race, Race, Race=Wolf, Wolf, Wolf.

  • not a fool

    Karen, holding up your flash card 'racist' will not work.
    Not this time. It is immature, childish and you need to
    grow up or get out of the way. We have better things
    to do.

  • LLinLa

    As a New Orleanian, I must agree that the whole issue of Obamacare IS a racial issue! It has been that way leading up to the 2008 election year and following. Eminent racists (probably associated with the KKK, no doubt) Herman Cain and Thomas Sowell have actively criticized the 50% white half of our current President (while never touching his Black half!) in a bigoted assault on a rightfully teflon Emperor from Chicago . . .

    First off, my apologies to the good readers of this discussion for my racist legislator. The Party of Unintended Consequences does accomplish some good things, though. Like State Senator Elbert Guillory-D, Black (100%):

    "After the event, Guillory shed some light on his decision, saying remarks by the [Democrat] state party chair this week influenced his decision. During debate Wednesday on a bill to expand Medicaid coverage in Louisiana, Sen. Karen Carter Peterson said fellow lawmakers had told her
    they based their opposition to the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, on the race of the president and not on policy.

    "The accusations of racism this week certainly helped push me over
    the edge. I thought that they were over the edge," Guillory said in an
    interview Friday. "It just showed me just how far out of tune I was, I
    am, with the Democrat Party." --State Senator Elbert Guillory-R

    Thank you, Madam Peterson! Welcome to sanity, Sen. Guillory!

    • Jeff

      It's about Money FOOL!

  • Upset Voter

    Karen you are stupid. He is not Black he is 1/2 black and 1/2 white. So don't pull this race card bullshit out. I don't care if Obama is black, yellow, green or white. This Obama care is a total nightmare. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE AT ALL. I AM NOT RACIST. I have many friends of African American decent that I am very close friends with. I judge people by who they are and not the color of their skin. You are just as low as all other stupid black people that always want to pull the race card. That won't work with us CARING AMERICANS. This just proves you are a racist!

    • lifeissogood

      With all due respect, according to the failure himself, he is 1/2 White, 1/8th Black and 3/8th Arabic.
      Techinally, this makes the failure a White 'man'.
      That is unless people follow the old racist "law" that says one drop of Black blood makes you Black.
      This means Peterson is a racist for calling him Black.

  • richcarro

    With all you liberals, every thing is about race. Now you're throwing in the president which screwed up this whole country and made it a Socialist state. Get to the real truth and let us know Obamas real reason for this health care bill. I tell you what it is, it's to make us go broke so he can let his Muslims brothers take over our country.

  • siquijorisland

    the arrogance of the delusional libral doesn’t change reality no matter how desperately liberals want it to.
    As Ignorance of the law is not a defense against breaking the law. Neither is ignorance an excuse for a a lack common sense . Ignorance is also not a excuse for not seeing what is right in front to of you.
    I would have to describe people like this a arrogantly, willfully, ignorant contributors to the white noise of misinformation.

  • Jeff

    What is she, Jimmy Carters daughter, Carter who said "If your against Obama, your a Racist"!
    Where do these 'people' come from?!


      They all come from the PIT OF HELL. They are driven by DEMONIC spirits. The sad thing is, they don't even know it. Because, they are all BLIND leading the BLIND. And they all will fall into the OVEN.

      • https://www.facebook.com/kamaut.longbabilon Kamaut Longbabilon

        Too true, but so are most churches, if you read what God required, and what MAN practices... all are under the spell of a very old edict that insulted God The Creator, and even Yeshua (Jesus) tried to fix that problem.... and got framed for it, and then suffered a worse death than almost any human could bear. The churches that follow the "other path" instead of God's, would, if they could, also kill Yeshua if He came back as a Human again... which is why He won't come AGAIN in any mortal body.... Nukes will have no effect on HIS "Alien" invasion.... (coming from the "eye" of Orion would look like an Alien invasion, right? Read scripture properly, start with Gen-2 (understand it) and Ex-20 (understand it) and Matthew 5-17, and understand that too. The Law was NEVER done away with, just asked to follow from our hearts... and what are we doing? - decided to NOT follow at all! And so we live with the "curses" of the 2nd. Commandment! - About time we all REPENTED and did those "works of faith".

        • alio

          Sorry. I live under Grace and forgiveness.

    • horseradish

      who knows?? and who really cares where they come from--they need to leave the USA

    • alio

      ole' jimmy carter is the laughing stock of this USA, and he can thank God for obama, cause now he's become the 2nd worst president. Lost his 1st place designation.

      • emerutil

        His 2nd place position is no indication that he was any better. His pursuit of socislist utopia was only less aggressive. Nothing more.

  • ccalreds

    She doesn't even deserve to be heard. When will she and the others wake up.

  • grmarshallpe

    Bullfeathers. If you support CommieCare, you're an idiot and a moron. Your only other choice is that you're as corrupt as NObama.

  • https://www.facebook.com/kamaut.longbabilon Kamaut Longbabilon

    She supported Obama but opposed the last white guy to introduce such a bill.... looks like it is SHE who is RACIST, and should never be allowed to enter Washington! - No room there in power for people with a psychological disorder (see "Racism" as a psychological term)... enough lunatics in power already in this World!

  • danimal

    I guess I'm a raciest, as a mater of fact, I,m going to watch them on the telly, and after that, I'm going to the track to see them live. With a little luck, she will wander onto the track and get plowed

  • Scott Puckett

    If you cannot defend or justify you position you resort to name calling. The Democrats have been doing this for years.

    • alio

      It's their only defense. Most aren't smart enough to discuss; they're like school drop-outs who tear you down with nasty words hoping it will hurt your feelings. NO, it hurts their credibility and shows their ignorance, like Karen Peterson.

  • SSMcDonald

    Losers, when they realize they are losing an argument, ALWAYS play the race card. You'd think after half a century of repeatedly playing the race card that even the loser would get tired of this phony ploy

    • alio

      She is such an idiot, she actually thinks she can hurt our feelings by calling us racists. Is she black or white?
      What a laugh to see fools like her try to set policy when she probably still wipes with pages of a sears catalog.


    If you support Obamacare you are an idiot.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Can you say BLITHERING IDIOT??????????????????????????? She is the racist as is Obammy since he is also half white but NEVER acknowledges that FACT.

    • emerutil

      His behavior makes him all black, in my book.

  • G W

    Karen Carter you are the racist.

  • darlene

    is this America I can disagree with you that's my right you say racist you don't know me if you did you would know I live in a black neighborhood own my house and I am white

    • alio

      How did anyone this ignorant get to be a state senator?
      Brain-Dead Karen Carter Peterson, a know-nothing broad who thinks she can pull the race card if you don't agree with her stupidity. Stupid is as stupid does, she's the classic example.

      • Ann Rand

        Good question, but you might check with the people in Houston, Tex. Sheila Jackson Lee and Los Angeles Calif.. (watts) Maxine Waters...They seem to come from the same muddy end of the gene pool.

    • emerutil

      You have far more coourage than I do. I got the hell out as fast as I could. The mental scars will haunt me until I go to my final reward!

  • horseradish

    then it's good to be a "racist"--take it as a compliment

    • emerutil

      It IS a compliment if you are white, or think white. The highest compliment from that ilk!

  • horseradish

    is the name "racist" suppose to put fear into me??? it does not

  • RobertNorwood

    If you keep on repeating a really stupid thing long enough it only becomes stupider.

  • tlc11532

    This sow can throw the race card around all she likes, but it has absolutely no effect on me. I know who I am and my heart and I am not a racist because I do oppose Obamacare. I can't wait for this opinionated sow to be saddled with it and see if her attitude changes. Bet she has no idea what is in it, other than she THINKS it is free. It isn't and it will be very detrimental to healthcare. BUT THEY DO KEEP THAT RACE CARD HANDY DON'T THEY? WONDER IF THEY REALIZE HOW WORN OUT IT IS. SCREW THEM!

  • Charlie

    "Go home you free-loading, benefit-grabbing,
    resource-sucking, baby-making, non-English-speaking jackasses and take those
    other hairy-faced, sandal-wearing, bomb-making, camel-riding, goat-loving,
    raggedy-ass bastards with you."

  • wisewoman

    I sent the following to Ms. Peterson:

    Dear Senator Peterson

    I saw the video of your speech about why many of us are opposed to what is
    euphemistically called “Obamacare”. For your information, and the information
    of others who believe as you do, race has NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING to do with
    my opposition to “Obamacare”. My objection to “Obamacare” has everything in the
    world to do with my personal choices as to how, what, when, why, and where I get
    my health care, and who will be making those choices for me; and therein lies
    my opposition to “Obamacare”.

    I repeat. Race has NOTHING to do with my objection to “Obamacare”, and I
    would appreciate it if you (and people like you) would stop pretending that you
    know what I think. You don’t. I can think for myself, and believe me “race” is
    the last thing I think about where President Obama is concerned, or where anyone
    else of ANY race is concerned. What I do think and care about are the actions
    of any individual person who impacts my life in any way no matter their

    If anyone is racist here it is you because you are tarring a lot of people
    with the term “racist”, when in fact they are not. That isn’t to say that there
    are no people who are racist because there are. But I, and many others of my
    fellow conservatives, are not among them. On the other hand, the fact that you
    are trying to put the label “racist” on others whom you don’t know, and who’s
    thoughts you don’t know, is in and of itself “racist”. Please think about what
    I have written before you again call me a racist.

  • noweareman

    The last refuge of a liberal losing an argument-You're RACIST!!!

    • emerutil

      Wear that label proudly!

      • noweareman

        You didn't have to prove my point!

  • hookemowls

    So true! Noweareman. That's all they got....racism charges to defund an unconstitutional, control-grabbing, overreach of a bunch of Marxist Commies....they know it'll destroy the best healthcare system in the world and they are mentally deranged enough to support anyway.....commie, liberal POS. somebody should slap some common sense into this joke.

    • hookemowls

      That's "defend"not defund although that truly needs to happen!

  • rocketjl

    If you like obamacare, you are un-American and stupid. Under the 1se Amendment, anyone can say anything and lie. My God forgive those that are trying to destroy this nation.

    • http://www.facebook.com/nunyer.binnis.18 Nunyer Binnis

      Forgive them AFTER you fry them, please.

    • emerutil

      I disagree. Treason must never be allowed to go unpunished!

  • icemancold

    WELL"" I Guess that I and thousands like me are racist because we oppose OBAMA CARE because it does not allow us to choose our Dr, it does not allow our Drs to treat us,it fines us for not having insurance in the form of a tax.IT WAS SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS WITH OUT OUR BEING ASKED IF WE WANTED IT OR NOT !!!.I and the thousands like me are NOT RACIST.

    • emerutil

      I, however am. Was made so by the blacks themselves.

  • $19959988

    I guess I must fall into that "racist" category, along with over half the population of the U,S.! It's obvious she got a brain transplant from an IDIOT! LOL :)

    • Libertarian Soldier

      Oldest living brain transplant failure

  • Cindy Mccoy

    This woman is an idiot if that is what she thinks. Lady this is going to make our healthcare system so bad people will be dying before their time. What the he** is wrong with you. Oh, you must be one of those liberal educated dumbies. You people slay me hey Karen if it is so good why don't you have it???? It's great remember. I think if it is not repealed then all the people in Washington including the president should have the same insurance we all have. Then we will see who calls for a repeal.

  • Carol

    Shes got to be kidding. That race thing is getting old. And the right in Washington just seems to go along with them. They are all insane. All the progress the left has made is do to the right just bowing down and kissing their feet. Im sick of them all. And the right never undoes anything. Fakers all of them.

  • WhiteFalcon

    Any time a Commieonazicrat doesn't have an argument about something they will call their opponents racist. That is because commieonazicrats are racist. They call others racist in order to deflect the truth from themselves and to indicate that they can't debate a point because they don't have an argument. It is the commieonazicrat way.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      I'm a racist
      you're a racist
      if you like obama
      you're not racist
      wouldn't you like to be a racist, too?

      Same old song

  • Henry

    somebody should tell this idiot that playing the race card whenever somebody objects to obamas agenda is getting mighty old.

    • Barbaree

      It was old 40 years ago!

  • Marion Baker

    The Louisiana state senator Keren Carter Perterson is plum STUPID. She is 100% DEMOCRAT, because all she knows and hears is RACIST!
    I and most of the people who oppose Obamacare, oppose it because it increases government and government control over the people and it won't stop with Obamacare.
    I am a Conservative, and I have problems with the Republicians that do stupid things as well. There should be term limits on both the House and the Senate. You would be one that I would vote out of office, and John McCain would be another, just so you won't feel like I am a racist.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      That's what America's teachers have been doing to our kids for three or four generations. They start them off believing they live in a racist world, that their parents are stupid and they should question authority, not them, just your parents, your clergy, your scouting, the police...

      Then, they teach that the only thing that's really important is the illusion of fairness and that the government is the official arbiter of fairness.

      A few generations later and an illegal alien is in the White House and you can't question his eligibility because "that's not fair".

  • CCblogging


    There are African Americans,
    Mexican Americans,
    Asian Americans,
    Arab Americans,
    Native Americans, etc.
    ...And then there are just -

    You have the United Negro College Fund.
    You have Martin Luther King Day.
    You have Black History Month.
    You have Cesar Chavez Day.
    You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi.
    You have the NAACP.
    And you have BET.

    If we had WET
    (White Entertainment Television)
    ... We'd be racists.

    If we had a White Pride Day
    ... You would call us racists.

    Then there is so-called
    gay pride day

    If we had White History Month
    ... We'd be racists.

    If we had a White Miss America Contest
    ...We'd be racists

    If we had any organization for only whites
    To "advance" OUR lives
    ... We'd be racists.

    We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce,
    A Black Chamber of Commerce,
    And then we just have the plain
    Chamber of Commerce.
    Wonder who pays for that?

    If we had a college fund that only gave
    White students scholarships
    ... You know we'd be racists.

    There are over 60 openly proclaimed
    Black-only Colleges in the US,
    Yet if there were "White-only Colleges"
    ... THAT would be a racist college.

    In the Million Man March,
    You believed that you were
    Marching for your race and rights.
    If we marched for our race and rights,
    ... You would call us racists.

    You are proud to be black,
    Brown, yellow and orange,
    And you're not afraid to announce it.
    But when we announce our white pride
    ...You know we would be racists

    If a white police officer
    Shoots a black gang member
    Or beats up a black drug-dealer
    Who is running from the LAW and
    Posing a threat to ALL of society
    ... You call him a racist.

    ...If you are white and don't support Obama's Radical Marxist change, then you are a racist.

    ...If you are black and don't support Obama's Marxist change, then you are an Uncle Tom

    ...If you are black and you voted for Obama because he is considered black, what are you?

    You call me a racist.

    I call you a Hypocrite!

    • Kyle

      Don't forget the black caucus, black association of mayors, etc, etc, etc... The list of useless, racist organizations goes on and on.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      Isn't it disingenuous that Americans, I mean real Americans, not illegal aliens if gay or lesbian or family originating from a different country's first identifyer if gay or lesbian is their sexual preference, before any other identifier, then race?

      For gays, it's before gender or any other meaningful discriptor. For others, they're, to use your convention, African, Mexican, Asian, Arab... That's before gender, relationship status, religion, political affiliation but party lines are their first loyalty, with democrats, its party first, just below hatred of other ideologies,

      A man once asked what was man's most important instinct. His answer was survival to which he was admonished that he was wrong because were that so, a man would not go to war and risk life as he would his God. Absent God in the democrat ick party, I submit the party is their God and they'd rather be right about their party, their religion in their Godless country than be alive or free. That's the mindset of the democrat and its scary that freedoms mean so little.

  • Art Hock

    Typical lefttie bs. The news doesn't cover all the knockout gangs around all the big cities. The black on white in St.Louis is getting as bad as Chicago and Detroit.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      We have Chicago in the White House and Chicago politics in the executive branch. 'We'll punish our enemies and reward our friends'. The Resident of the United States.

      The three scandals in the executive: That's typical Chicago politics! Ask anybody from Chicago. Of course you don't know anything and you've never done anything if you're not from Chicago. Ask them; they'll tell you.

  • camdenme2

    Let me see here. I'll take a wild guess that she is BLACK !!!! Oh gee,she is BLACK ! What a surprise !!! Screw PresboCare !!

  • CCblogging

    Is anyone else here sick and tired of the black victimhood mentality?

    • Barbaree

      ME!!!!! I've had it with this "racism" garbage!

      • Libertarian Soldier

        The democrat ick party is racist. They attract anybody of color (so called minorities), anybody challenged (people without family structure), anybody with sickness or oddities (learning disabilities, sexual afflictions, gays) and they say, "we represent you. The others aren't like us and they hate us. They're racist (usually a lie), sexist (we're men and women and we believe in the sanctity of life), homophobic(face it, they know it and we know it, they're queer), they're trying to take us back to Victorianism (we believe in freedom of thought, speech religion and understand the relationship in our laws and our lives)".

        We're not racists and we're tired of being called racists. Conservatives (I'm Libertarian) & Republicans freed the slaves against the hard fought political battle and a civil war against democrats.

        We are the moral people in a Godless land and it may very well be a religious war with the attack of the left on God, the Church, morals and family values, the Charter (Declaration..) and the Compact (Constitution; federal government is a creature of the compact, not a party to it).

        The democrats are racist, race-warmongers and demagogues. I'm tired of being called racist, based on my writing. If I identified myself, which i seldom do as not white, they'd call me something else. This is the world that's been framed for us by the democrat ick party.

        • larrygrant876

          The liberal democrats created that entire first paragraph of the hopelss and downtrodden themselves. Commie 101: Destroy the morality of the country. That alone should tell us how evil these people are, of course they package it up as progress, as we watch the slide into hell.

    • larrygrant876

      Everyone but the black man and the democrats.

  • monacall

    Who votes for these idiots. Obozo care is racist. It's going after the hard working middle class workers and giving it to stupid people like u. Remember racism can go both ways stupid.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      Government is so big, they vote for mother jones so they can stay on that teat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nunyer.binnis.18 Nunyer Binnis

    If you're a Democrat, you're an idiot.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      Right! I don't want to say I hate anybody, but these people are obnoxious. They take non-facts, use some faulty logic to back it into a predisposed opinion and arrogantly act as if smarter, more informed people are stupid if they don't agree with them. Give them the facts and wait for the race card!

      Then, the rest of the people agree with the answer because it's politically correct, based on the presentation of half of the country that wants to call fair, moral, educated, free thinkers racist because their party has invented the wedge.

      With the subversive school systems in America for three to four generations, this is another reason not to fold under 'common core' in the school systems. Can you imagine where we're headed with that?

  • runing


  • Jude O'Connor

    If you voted for the man because of his skin color your the racist, because he is a fraud and I don't care for frauds no matter what color they are they still will call me racist. Ignoring the facts puts you back being a racist.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      Colon Powell is a fraud!

  • Wmichaelmic

    Business as usual, when all else fails, sling that race card!

    • larrygrant876

      democrats don't have any "good ideas or plans" for the country so they need this to keep some control. Plus it keeps the division and strife going so even if people want to get along they are forced to have a little hatred in their hearts, and these evil democrats understand the power of hatred, it is their specialty. If one analyses all of the democrat accomplishments with a fine tooth comb, every single one is a failure or can be linked to something that caused poverty and misery. The reason is liberals do try to do good by replacing God with themselves but they are just not equiped mentally or otherwise for such a task.

      • Libertarian Soldier

        "liberals" are missed labeled. They're only liberal with their opinions. Say something that's not consistent with their jack boot propaganda and see what happens.

        An Indiana basketball player had to pay a $75,000.00 fine for using a term many use to describe a flaming, sissified homosexual on the court. He could have said his mother was a whore or implied incest or told someone to do something sexual with one's self that's anatomically impossible, as has happened unnumbered times but he said something usually used derogatorily toward gay boys and that's just not acceptable behavior!

        That's really liberal!

    • Don39

      Damnocrat SOP for many years!

  • sicandtired

    In Illinois the black caucus(dems) stopped the passage of the gay marriage bill. These are the real racist homophobes yet they call Tea Party members or anyone else who opposes the crap the left throws up against the wall racist. She is the racist, always thinking about race always claiming race is the reason people oppose her destructive bills. Pathetic. Time to split the union...the experiment has run it's course. I'd say recall her but figure that won't happen.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      Homophobia is a mental condition in which a patient suffers an irrational fear of homosexuals , homosexuality and homosexual behavior.

      The gay agenda, not just made up of gays and other deviants has become a ministry of propaganda to normalize and make homosexuality extralegal with negative rights conflicting our own moral way of life for a moralistic one based on a twisted illusion of fairness, and our God given 1st amendment rights

      The gay agenda has sought to and has been fairly successful at inaccurately rewriting that definition to suit their propaganda toward the proliferation of homosexuality. Although we know and they certainly know (since they call themselves "queer nation") what they do is not ok, not natural and not normal, their propaganda machine calls us crazy, calls us haters, attack our religion and the moral people that love and pray for the guilty souls of their neighbors and even their enemies are accused of hate-speak and lose their free thoughts and free faith.

      Under the attack of the gay agenda, marriage and family values, free thinking, free speech and freedom of religion have been marginalized and perverted under the guise of the illusion of fairness.

      • emerutil

        My disgust and loathing of queers is not a disease. It is a NATURAL reflex!

        • mpdmd

          To which you are entitled, acceptible to you. Nothing wrong with that. Actually I have no opinion on gays as long as they keep their proclivities under the sheets so to speak. Why they should get special treatment is what makes me ill. Gay is okay for them like straight is okay with me. I do not want to be forced to hire someone even is they are incompetent just because they use parts of their bodies in the manner for which they were not formed.

        • Libertarian Soldier

          I hope that means you got my point because I can't tell. You wrote what I meant in different words. I added more explanation. Hope that suits you.

  • larrygrant876

    It is very sad to see how effective the democrats "victimization" mindset of the black man has been. After they fought tooth and nail to keep him "separate but equal" and scared for his life with their other program, the kkk, they finally saw the writing on the wall in '65, and enough democrats voted with the Republicans, who had fought for decades to get civil rights, to finally get it done. But being democrats no one gets set free from their control so they remodeled the plantation and told the black man he was not able to be a success unless they helped him, then they built a prison of eternal poverty with their compassionate programs, i.e, welfare, govt subsidized housing, food stamps and medi-care-medi-cal. Anyway the point is they try to make it look like they allways were the good guys but they never were. And they call anyone who threatens any of their vote buying programs a racist, yet it is they who enslaved the black man, it is they who created an endless cycle of poverty and misery, it is they who destroyed the black home by making it better for the male to leave the home for the good of the mother and children, that is, so they would qualify for more government assistance. Well it might just be better to endure the label and get on with saving whats left of the country. I can't for the life of me understand why the racist history of the democratic party and their utter hypocrisy isn't being screamed from the mountain tops. Abe Lincoln and Martin Luther King are the party of civil rights for the black man, allways were, and that party is Republican. Blacks have sold their souls for a few crumbs off the democrats table in return for a vote and it has destroyed them.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      For the purposes of this argument we're speaking of african americans (AA) but it's not just they that have been exploited by the racist democrats.

      The reality of today is that the middle classed, tax payer is disenfranchised. We face taxation without representation in favor of preferential representation without taxation! No wonder it's so easy to tell the "disadvantaged" they deserve more while villifying and demonizing the financially independent! They've been saved a seat at the table of entitlements for a simple vote. No wonder we want accountability for our taxation!

      If we find a way, against current odds, in this country, to make it to the middle class, we're taxed more with less resources available to us. As AAs reach the middle class, meritoriously or discriminatorily, this executive's policies will disenfranchise them in favor of illegal aliens (his people), given amnesty. Are American Latinos, AAs, Asians paying attention? The seating chart is about to change. This may turn into musical chairs where not everybody gets a seat. You voted for him! You screamed racist; you sat by, patting yourselves on the back, rubbing on each other while he vetoed Congress' no vote on the "dream act".

      "He can't veto a Congressional NO vote! That's unconstitutional!" you're going to say, when it's too late and if you know what hit you. You let him. You said, forward about backward or you didn't say anything. You thought he was on your side.

      Soon, most Illegal aliens will be legal, documented but likely not naturalized. They'll still have stolen their way in and they won't learn what it means to be American but they'll be considered disadvantaged, too and while there will still be preferential treatment for AAs and other races above whites, they'll move to a different seat at the table, the table that will limit their resources compared to "the more disadvantaged", the illegal aliens. There's only going to be so much to go around in jobs, education and living subsidies since government has choked out (overtaxed and over-regulated) employers until they inevitably tapped out and moved most of the jobs offshore. "If you're not at the table, you're on the menu."

      The latest demagoguery is being perpetrated, by and for the new minority, justified by the new moralistic view (the "that's not fair" contingent, democrats, that perverted our Constitution to mean freedom from speech, freedom from religion, from marriage and family values), that supports the new minority that doesn't have a specific race but has majorities of that group, the amnestied, illegal alien. Race is so not the issue,as you've been led to believe by the Resident of the United States. He does not share the traditional, Constitutional values of Americans because he's not one of us, not because he's only half white, because he's an illegal alien. To date, he's been Teflon with the many scandals, beginning with his eligibility.

      Cry race! Cry racist! Cry, cry, cry! Get used to it. The democrat ick party will have used the Americans of all races, including whites they'll shame, trying to prove their not racist. Unless their in the inner-circle, they'll still be told they're special, be thrown a bone but they'll be outside, on the porch, like a loyal hound that doesn't know what he's done wrong, remembering what it was like when they sat at the table or at least under it, next to the head of the table. There's going to be a lot more crying and the democrats that said, "the buck stops here," while blaming "the past administration...low level employees...the obstructionist republicans...The Tea Party, 'enemies of democracy'", will have found that that while obama is only half white, he sure doesn't represent any American born citizens of any color that participate and contribute to the process, unless they're in the inner-circle.

      That's what the race-warmongering democrats will have earned themselves by backing the wrong horse. If the democrats can't find a way to convince their gullible base that it's some way it's George W Bush's and/or republicans' or the fictitious 1%'s fault, you're likely to see a third party or a fractionalizing of the two party system. Who you gonna call?

  • 82d

    I live in Ma. and opposed Romney's version too. I must be against Mormons. This woman is a moron.

  • Elton Robb

    Racist is a word that is getting grossly overused. Why doesn't she just tell the truth? If you oppose ObamaCare, you're against Big Government.

    • sicandtired

      That's being truthful. Truth to the left is like sun to the Count. Evil, evil, evil.

  • Gman

    That maybe you congresstrash. But if you are for Obamacare then your a brain dead idiot.

    • mpdmd

      finally someone gets it. Obamacare is Euthanasia. Think about it. I am sure many of the obamaphiles must look that word up if they can find it in any book they may have handy. The union run schools have made folks so dumb anything over three or four letters is above their intellectual level. Way to go obama.

  • Don39

    Peterson being a Louisiana damnocrat, we full well know who the racist is! To approve and promote and support something just because it carries the name and credit of a black is about as racist as one can get! Furthermore to support a POS legislation that is unconstitutional and anti-American and pro sociocommunist is treasonous! So go lecture someone else somewhere else you traitorous POS.

  • mick

    At least I am not a stupid "useful fool" as you seem to be by saying crap like that.

  • emerutil

    Finally waking up, are we? Too little. Too late!!!

  • mpdmd

    I became a racist when Obama became president and so should all people of color. He has re instituted slavery and the blacks are flocking to be slaves. I abhor anyone who believes slavery is in. Lest you miss how Obama has instituted slavery think about it. More and more are government dependent and less independent.
    Schools require less from blacks and Hispanics and therefore in other than Obama land they cannot compare to well trained and therefore cannot perform. The only thing they do with great ability is reproduce like rabbits and get more welfare for their grunting and spreading In order to be free one must independent. No way are blacks free now nor are any of the folks on government dole.

  • Johnny Morris


  • anoesis

    We weren't racists when we refused Clintoncare because it would bankrupt the nation but just because Oidiot is black? we are racist. No.1, he is NOT black and No. 2, the only thing she said that is absolutely on the mark is that he is an African. He is NOT an American though. In no way,form or fashion. You get this? You get this? You ready for this? Do you want to hear this? You want to know what the problem is? HE IS AN AMERICA HATING SOCIALIST BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY AMERICA HATERS and people like this stupid sack of absolute nothing are too RACIST to see it.

    • starblue

      AMEN ! AMEN ! AMEN !

  • Iam Hernandez

    I would love to vote for Allen West for our president. If Senator Peterson would not vote for him, does that make her a racist?

  • emerutil

    I am a racist. So what?

  • Alfred Neuman

    This is the most pathetic response of liberals to ANY criticism of Obama and is simply a toxic accusation in our society.
    People like her who play the race card without any evidence should be loudly ridiculed and disgraced by continuing to inject this painful and irrelevant accusation--the goal of which is tgo of course stop the conversation and ANY criticism iof their fallen idol Obama.

  • SeekTruthOverAll

    I'll speak to the issue of the article. Yeh she played the race card. Majority of anti-"Obamacare" delegates do so for partisan issues, fewer do so for economic issues, and even fewer do so due to his race. The race issue is greatly understated, but is not the overlying cause of protest to "Obamacare".

    For the general public, I would say (pulling numbers out my butt): 85-90% oppose for partisan issues, 14.99-9% oppose due to his race, .1% oppose for purely economic purposes. Let's face it, the average american is too biased to make a purely unbiased choice and most Americans don't understand Macroeconomics.

  • underground

    Message to the underground……………….execute

    To the violators and the chain of command who allows this is now targets.....share this info pass it on the video of violations of the 4th amendment.......this info was relayed to me and I am supposed to show and expose them- if you notice in the video, there not telling what agency. Could be an act but it needs to be looked into to underground. If violations proven hold these accountable for actions and set them as an example for our nation-

    Your dictionary is in violation and you’re taught that, there is no exception to the rule; clearly it was a violation if it was not an act. According to Legal Dictionary:

    There are no exceptions

    There are some exceptions to these general rules. Police may briefly detain and conduct a limited search of a person in a public place if they have a reasonable suspicion that the person has committed a crime. Reasonable suspicion is a level of belief that is less than probable cause. A police officer possesses reasonable suspicion if he has enough knowledge to lead a reasonably cautious person to believe that criminal activity is occurring and that the individual played some part in it. In practice this requirement means that an officer need not possess the measure of knowledge that constitutes probable cause to Stop and Frisk a person in a public place. In any case, an officer may not arrest a person until the officer possesses probable cause to believe that the person has committed a crime. fkkkk you……..underground set an example.


    If this videos is real and the investigators find you in violation it will be exposed and if proven you will be deleted.

    Mission statement May our god be with you, thanks to underground network who is the over watch. Supported by special forces of America that question its chain of command, we chose to not follow orders when it violates the constitutional laws like the bill of rights and over all laws pertaining to each individual states constitutional laws in correlation with supreme laws. That’s a fact to the enemies of our four fathers that are a sleep in their Graves, and to all those troops that battled and did not come home, we will care the torch for you and for our future and it will be passed for our contingences to existence. The underground

    Underground messages to the Special Forces in place, urgent response

    Opening statement

    As any person serving the public in any authority position should be accountable for their actions. I would make sure that the people I select for any matter would be educated and specialize in that field. And to make sure that the law is implemented to the letter of law.

    No law should be put into action due to the fact of self-interest for democratic or republic or any other large self-interest group less than the majority of the population of the United States.

    Opening statement pass it on

    Who is responsible to protect the United States and to build the defenses up for the protection of our people and are nation as whole?

    What separations of powers are obligated to this by our constitutional laws that were implemented through the history of the making of the United States of America?

    Why are the branches not implementing the building up of our military?

    What I see because- I see what others don’t see.

    Americas counter kill list any American leader that tries to enforce to abolish any bill of rights or constitutional rights of the people will be on the a underground list, and if proven and exposed by the people the underground special forces and alongside believers of the rights will implement the procedures to kill the leader who is against the United STATES WE THE PEOPLE AT THE LOWER CLASSES WILL EXICUT THE FIRST TIME OF An ELEMENT OF SURPRISE AT OUR TIME.

    TO THE SUPPORTS elementsSTREAM THIS NOTICE AND PUT THE INFO OUT……..11BR-Bill of rights-1-10 set the example and attack. But when you execute make sure you keep in mind that to hold unions together, our mission is to remove all who are against its people and supreme law, and each individual states constitution. Orders sent out from the commander underground, no matter the attack keep in consider preserving the unions and holding the colonies together. May our God be with the underground?

    Media underground in correlation put the list out and the evidence to the Special Forces that support our American rights and oath.


  • A_Nobody

    She was probably educated in the public school system and it's the only word she learned. To a liberal it explains everything. It's obvious she never learned the words stupid liberal which apply to them all.

  • downs1

    Senator Karen Carter Peterson, you are the racist! Like so many Black people, the only thing you can see is "racism" in other people, but you fail to look at yourselves! It is you who are the worst racists! It is you who spawn hatred! You kill your own people wantonly! It is you who raise your fist in "Black Power" hatred! It is the Black gangs that beat up on innocent Whites and who rape White girls and women! It is your New Black Panthers who have been recorded saying, "I hate crackers and honkys" and who openly threaten to kill Whites! Don't spew your diabolical hatred and then blame us! You are an embarrassment to the majority of fine upstanding, hard-working, God-fearing Black people! You blaspheme God Almighty with your vile hatred and your violence! So many of you think the world owes you a living simply because of your race! You are the ones who make it impossible to integrate and live in peace! Wake up!

  • LroF5LFjiB

    Her very statement makes her the racist!

  • astrojohn

    Ok, I confess - I'm an unrepentant racist...