The Democrats Hypocrite Oath

Have you ever noticed that those hollering the loudest about others are usually the ones that are the guiltiest of doing the same thing themselves?

Starting back in early summer, the Democrats started pointing fingers and accusing Republicans of partisan politics.  Oh, they yelled and hollered and pounded the podiums as they accused the GOP of being unwilling to work together for the good of the nation.

Those same Democrats, standing at the same podiums, then said that whatever the Republican controlled House passed would not even be considered by the Democratic controlled Senate.  At one juncture, the House Republicans were in the process of re-writing their debt ceiling bill and its terms were not yet put to paper when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid publicly stated that no matter what they (House Republicans) came up with, would not see the light of day in the Senate.

The old saying that history has a tendency to repeat itself is already being proven as the President, Harry Reid and other Democratic leaders have been pointing fingers at the Republicans concerning their unwillingness to pass the jobs bill.  They are already placing all blame for failure squarely on the shoulders of the Republicans.

Even President Obama has laid the heavy weight of this bill on the backs of House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.  If the jobs bill isn’t passed, then all of the unemployed in the nation will be their fault.  Obama will accept no blame or responsibility for the high rate of unemployment if his jobs bill is not passed.

Just a week ago the President mocked Boehner by claiming the House Speaker was saying it was his way or no way.  Obama said that kind of attitude is unacceptable and will only cause things to get worse in this country.  Then only two or three breaths later, the President tells Boehner that he must pass the President’s jobs bill or else it will all be Boehner’s fault.

What Harry Reid and President Obama fail to tell the public is that the House has passed 12 jobs bills that have gone to the Senate.  Eleven of those bills have never even been considered by the Democratic Senate.  The Senate wouldn’t even look at most of the House’s jobs bills because they were written and passed by the House Republicans.

In other words, the Democrats are constantly telling the Republicans that it’s the Democrats’ way or no way while at the same time criticizing the Republicans for doing the very same thing.

Is must be part of the Democrat’s oath of office for all of them to swear to lie, accuse others of doing what they do and to be a hypocrite every chance they get.



  • Steve Burri

    C'mon! Only people with standards can be hypocritical!
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  • Shane

    Yes, the Dems are hypocrites. Why didn't Obama work with Speaker Boehner and Mitch McConnel before he gave his job speech to create a plan that actually had a chance of being passed?

  • William Del Dotto

    There is NO JOBS PLAN from the President;

    The senate has already said they are going to wait and delay any bill, till the President travels around the county, for personal campaigning to shore up public support for him for the next election. He has no intension of letting Congress off the hook at GREAT expense to the unemployed.

    All that the President has proposed is more of the same Union pay checks and Union Jobs for Teachers, Police and firemen. That is 6% of the population and he can't buy enough votes doing that.

    STUPIDITY is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

    If BRIDGE building was so imparitive, then why wasn't it done out of the $850 Billion of the last stimulus?? Because after he paid off all his doners tere wasn't any thing left!

    My recent post The Democrats Hypocrite Oath

    • Handyman

      Ther is a jobs plan that has been working for years, the plan is to send American jobs to China and all over the world! Any questions?

  • choochoo

    No facts - just BS as always!!!

  • samtman

    Speaker Boehner, what did the Job creators do with tax cut money they got from Bush, where are those Jobs. Apperntly the Job creators said thanks Prs. Bush hit me again and bought some more stocks on wall street,, ________________________________________________________________

    • Harold

      GWB created more jobs in his last year than O ever will

    • JerryM

      You're not really very smart are you, samtman? You show your ignorance when you don't know Bush's Congress was Democratic. You can slip that over on the stupid people who put Obama in office but that's a hard sell to anyone with over a double digit IQ.

  • captelaine

    The Democrats THINK, and HOPE that the American public are STUPID!!! They and their union buddies in the teachers unions have certainly done their best to graduate good little Marxists (see them marching on Wall Street and getting arrested last weekend). Folks it is TIME to wake up... these lies only work if WE allow them to work... time to FIGHT BACK! Call Harry Reid's office and tell him to PASS THE BILL that the House sent him. Start looking into which Democrats in the Senate need to GO!!! Send money to their opponents... we must get the Senate OUT OF THE HANDS of Harry Reid and his Marxist cronies.

    • Harold

      I agree, Reid and his cronies in the Senate have to GO

      • CDriver

        Very good idea. Next election cycle for the Senate the Tea Party needs to put out nationwide who is running against each Democrat and work to get those elected. Much the same way Mississippi Tea Party is doing in regard to the House here. We need majority Tea Party in both U.S. House and Senate.

  • Mutantone

    better yet where is the Budget that the democratically controlled congress should have passed, and now blame the Republicans in the House from keeping them from spending even more money that we do not have?

  • Alice

    We are under the control of a Marxist Administration !
    God help this country !! I think we are living in the Tribulation !!


    we the people are not stupid it is thedemo commies that are stupid,look what they have done to this country.

  • Anna

    CAIN in 2012!!!! He's worked hard, owned a business, has paid all his taxes. And he knows what America needs to get back on her feet again. We the People already know what we'll get if Obozo is re-elected. JUST MORE SPENDING AND TAXES.

  • Arlene

    Aren't we all tired of the Lies by Obama, Harry Reid, and the rest of the Democrats, and the government unions.
    ..They deserve to be besmirched for their Foolishness.We need to Pray out the UNgodly in this Gov't and pray Godly people in..... This is for any American who believes in God Almighty, and Jesus Christ , His Son.....
    If we get on our knees and repent for the sins in this Country, God will hear and forgive our sins and be merciful. Otherwise we are under Judgement.

  • allosaur

    What? Comrade citizens, do you people here actually think that Our Most Precious Anointed Him On High and our Progressive Elite Betters would be hypocrites?> I'm telling Nanny on all of you, you, you racists, you.
    AttackWatch! AttackWatch! AttackWatch! Bwahaha!
    Be afraid. Be very afraid.
    Yeah, consider yourselves on report.
    Maybe you'll all get a Bill Clinton kinda IRS audit.
    Or at least union thugs all over your front lawn, come to terrorize your children.
    Now excuse me while I go spend my way out of household debt, following the example of my collective masters..

  • Joe8435

    There is one way to settle this,a couple of more Parties for people too have a choice for some thing different good or bad we'll see! The Green Party sounds very good ,and theres others,check them out ! Can't be any worse than what we've had?

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  • Texas Ed

    Those who want to join another party because the Republicans will not give the Democrats all the socialism they want, with gridlock resulting, should find a hill of sand and stick their head in it. 

    The GOP had better be vigilant, as they are our first line of defense against Marxism, with Joe Stalin's type of dictatorship.  And if you don't believe Obama wants to be a dictator just look at what he has done and how much he has spent without Congressional authorization.

    We do need stronger GOP leadership that would keep Obama from going so far, illegally.

  • Lewis Stewart

    I do not want to live in a world where the only people calling the shots are obama and Harry Reid.Nancy Polose would love to be the final say on what America does and thinks.