North Colorado: the 51st State?

In the past few years, liberal Democrats have taken over the state legislature and governor’s mansion in the beautiful state of Colorado.  Once known for its ski slopes, hunting, fishing and picturesque landscapes, Colorado is now known for passing strict anti-firearms and anti-Second Amendment laws, greater reliance on renewable energy sources and stricter handling of livestock.  The actions of the liberal Democrats have driven several firearms companies out of the state and have caused the Outdoor Channel to cancel 4 programs filmed in Colorado and push for a boycott of all visits to the state.

A number of conservatives in the state are vowing to take whatever drastic action necessary to preserve what they can of their dignity and American way of life.  They have launched recall petitions against several of the leading Democrats in hopes of ousting them from office, but the liberal Dems seem to have a firm grasp on the politics in Denver.

What else is there left to do?  A number of northern rural counties are starting to talk about banding together to launch an initiative to secede from the rest of the state of Colorado and form their own new state.

Douglas Rademacher, a Weld County Commissioner, stated:

“Our vision and our morals are no longer represented by the state [Legislature] and the current [governor’s] administration, and we think it’s time that we do take seriously what our options are.  This is just one of our options, but we will be moving forward with it.”

If the northern counties do decide to secede and form North Colorado, they face a difficult, but not impossible task.  First they would have to get a majority vote from all counties involved with the secession.  Then, according to Article 4, Section 3 of US Constitution, they would need the Colorado State Legislature to approve the petition to secede and then the approval of the US Congress.

“Article 4: Section 3:

New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new State shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or Parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.”

Though daunting, the effort to secede and form a new state has been successful five times in US history.  In 1791, a section of New York seceded and formed the state of Vermont.  In 1792, a section of Virginia seceded and formed the state of Kentucky.  In 1796, a section of North Carolina seceded and formed the state of Tennessee.  In 1820, a section of Massachusetts seceded and formed the state of Maine.  The last successful secession took place in 1863 during the Civil War, when a section of Virginia seceded and formed the new state of West Virginia.

More often than naught, secession movements have met with failure rather than success.  Some of the more classic attempts for secession have been made by Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota to form the new state of Superior.  During the 1850s, there were three attempts by Southern California to secede from the northern part of the state, but they all met with failure.

More recent secession attempts were made in 2008 when it was proposed that Long Island secede from New York over tax issues.  In 2011, it was proposed that Pima County secede from Arizona to become Baja Arizona.  Also in 2011, a drive was launched to get most of the southern and eastern counties of California to secede from the rest of the state.

On more than one occasion, the idea of splitting a state in two has been discussed by the state legislature of Washington.  Using the Cascade Mountains as the dividing line to form East and West Washington, they cited differences in climate, population and political interests.

It will be interesting to see what the northern Colorado counties decide to do.  I see one of their biggest hurdles being the approval of the Democratic controlled state legislature.  History is against them, but stranger things have happened in the past few years, so I would never rule out the possibility of North Colorado becoming the 51st state.  If they do succeed, I expect to see a number of other secession attempts being made in some of the more liberal states.  I wonder how many stars the American flag can hold?



  • Sharps Rifle

    The leftards are scattered all over Colorado...mostly in the more touristy places. Take for example Pagosa Springs. It was once a perfectly normal mining and cattle town. Now all the Californicators and Nueva Yorkers have moved there and ruined's Berkeley East! What kind of normal western town has a "no nukes coffee house" or "consciousness-raising sessions" in public parks? And now those eastern and California losers are ruining my beloved New Mexico!!!!

    • David in Dallas

      They are making inroads in Texas, too.

    • Little John

      One time in past history of Western Kansas, Panhandle of Oklahoma, and Panhandle Texas were going to form a new state because The Eastern parts of their states left them with low tax funds. They were going to call the new state -- K - O - TEX.

  • Ruggedlark

    I'm all for certain counties seceeding from their state. In fact, I wish my state of Oregon was divided into two states. I would have to move tho, because my county is most certainly the 2nd largest hotbed of liberal ideas here. Maybe when all the hard workers move out, or have just given up to start somewhere else, well then, that might prod our planners in our government to plan for success, rather than stagnant failure.

    • CherryAnn1000

      I live on the west side of Oregon, too, and in a liberal county. I was born and raised here and wouldn't want to live in any other state. I have also lived on the east side and wouldn't hesitate to move there again if they try and secede again.

      • Ruggedlark

        Its just frustrating. Everyone I know owns land or a home and has a job. And nobody is living high. Not everyone is struggling, but most definitely working to hold on. Some homeless panhandler on the corner. Every corner. And the bums riding bikes on the road collecting cans. Our county does not cater to hard workers.

        I would move to Eastern Ore. Or any of another of pretty rural places. I love it here, tho.

  • elton123

    It is sad that liberals have ruined the State of Colorado ------- it used to be so beautiful. They had better not invade my state!!!!!!

  • Kreinhe

    Unfortunately I do not think they will succeed although I would love to see them pull it off. If by my surprise they do, it might give some much needed enthusiasm for some other states to split, such as California, New York, Pennsylvania and maybe a couple others.

  • Beepster

    Technically, those elected officials supporting gun controls are committing treason. When they took office, they swore to uphold the US Constitution/State Constitution. A State Constitution cannot superceed the US Constitution. If you don't support these constitutions, you are guilty of treason. Take 'em to court!!!

  • [email protected]
  • elmcqueen3

    The East Coast and West Coast Liberals have moved into and or have taken over Colorado with all their Liberalism, Progressivism, Socialism, Marxism, and Communism and other Gobbely Gookism...This state is no longer the easy going state it used to be when I moved into Colorado during the 60's...Denver, Colorado is now a sanctuary state for illegal aliens...The Mexican drug cartels, their lieutenants and foot soldiers use Denver as their base of illegal operations to include drug and human trafficking...Our Colorado CommieCrats turn a blind eye to these operations...Instead blaming responsible gun owners for the gun violence in this city and then passing frivolous gun laws that have nothing to do with stopping gun crime in Denver and surronding suburbs...Feel good laws and Gun Free Zone signs will not stop the crime...What an embarassment to the good citizens of Colorado this state has become!

  • CherryAnn1000

    I totally support N. Colorado in their endeavor. Here in Oregon, our eastern half of the state beyond the Cascades is primarily very conservative, and yet our state has been demolished by liberals for the last 40 years, both in the state house and legislature. They have talked more than once about secession, and this time I hope it comes up again and they follow through.

  • GeorgeHarris7

    HMMMMM. Now all of a sudden, the Constitution matters. Go figure!!!!!

  • aemoreira81

    The way the COTUS is written---the desire to leave and the votes to allow a departure are almost never going to be in sync (they were in sync for West Virginia because Virginia had seceded, but 50 counties had opposed secession). But the real issue I see would be at the U.S. Senate; I do not see Senate Democrats permitting a vote on North Colorado unless Puerto Rico's statehood is also voted on it together.

    At the state level, if Republicans are in power, the votes to let the eight counties desiring secession go would be there, but the desire to secede would probably be gone.

  • jcgreen2

    I hope they go for it! I've written Governor Hickenlooper of Colorado and expressed the nation's utter disgust with his support of their unconstitutional rulings against the lawful ownership of some guns and high-capacity magazines. My Son, a Physician/Surgeon who lives there is sad he decided to move to CO. The State is going to pay a seriously punishing price for their stupidity. I hope it comes to either ousting all the traitors in leadership capacities there or forming a new State where the proper rule of law can be established and maintained.

  • rick0857

    If Colorado is successful in this endeavor then I would recommend to the new State government that it's first law passed should be NO WORK NO WELFARE. You could even make it your New State Motto "No Freeloaders Allowed"

  • Ole SC

    All of those liberal nuts came from California where they had already screwed that state up and now they are doing the same thing in Colorado and expecting different results. That is by definition insanity!! Should have never let the California Nuts in to begin with. Colorado citizens loved the California money influx too much so they looked the other way. Well, Colorado can now kiss it's butt goodbye!!

    • fatman45

      Unfortunately this is a pattern that is repeating itself all over the west; indeed, all over the country! CA or NY or (insert favorite idiot liberal-run state here) is hopelessly screwed up so the morons leave for a Red State where things are better, but when they get there, they vote for the same DemocRAT idiots that ruined the place they came from. Soon, there won't be any place left for them to go. Or the rest of us!

  • acronymous

    This is ridiculous. What's to then stop Northeast Colorado from separating out because wheat farming is given too little attention in Northern Colorado?

    How will the US operate when every state is frantically splitting itself in two and then more in an effort to maximize its senatorial heft?

    There is no end to the mischief and confusion that would follow.

  • YellowJacket2

    I have another option. I think we should tell Colorado that since they have elected to violate the US Constitution Colorado's statehood is hereby removed. At that point the citizens of Colorado have two choices: They can get their state laws back in line with the Constitution and reapply for statehood. Or, they can apply for a visa to immigrate to the US.
    I would suggest the same for California, Oregon, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Rhode Island, Illinois, New Hampshire, and all the other so called Blue states. But I'm no so sure that I would allow any of them to reapply for statehood. And I darn sure wouldn't allow any of them to immigrate to the US unless they can prove that they have never been a registered Democrat.
    What a wonderful world that would be. Oh well, back to the real world.