Federal Government Destroying Education with the Common Core

BIOGRAPHY: Karen Schroeder is President of Advocates for Academic Freedom, a member of Wisconsin’s Educational Communications Board, an experienced public school teacher, and an educational consultant.

Wisconsin legislators invited Kathleen Porter-Magee of the Fordham Institute to testify before a joint committee about Common Core Standards. The author of “The Truth about Common Core” lacks a basic understanding of the reasons that tax payers are opposed to Common Core. Parents and teachers reject Common Core because federalizing education will severely limit local control of schools and make reforming education nearly impossible.

The federal government has used its power and tax dollars to develop curricula guidelines even though the Constitution, The General Education Provisions Act, the Department of Education Act, and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 place limits on the federal government’s authority to direct or supervise instructional materials. The federal government has used federal tax dollars to motivate textbook publishers and testing consortiums to create texts and tests that align with Common Core. Leaders from both parties fail to recognize the relationship between lower academic achievement and each new federal program.

For example, during the 1970s, our history book contained two sentences about a republic. The rest of the chapter focused on democracies. Teachers were free to provide supplementary material on the historical significance of a republic. Our students understood that the American Constitutional Republic provided God-given freedoms which could not be taken away, and that many founders warned future generations that democracies become self-destructive.

The final exam included the question, “What form of government was shaped by the American Constitution?” Students who chose democracy as their answer remembered the emphasis on the positive aspects of democracies provided by their history book and were led to that mistaken belief.

Citizens and teachers across the United States tell Advocates for Academic Freedom that textbooks no longer identify America as a republic; they refer to “American Democracy”.

These changes are seen by parents and teachers as a direct result of educational standards shaped by the federal government. Many private and public schools across Wisconsin are using the text American Pageant, fourteenth edition, which defines republicanism as collectivism.test

Now that the federal government has provided federal tax dollars to consortiums to shape tests (including ACT and SAT college-entrance exams) to be aligned with CCS, home-school parents or teachers in any educational setting will be unable to teach children the truth when falsehoods are being tested.

Parents who believe that the educational system plays a significant role in protecting and defending America’s republic and her founding documents, object to the federal government’s imposition of greater control over every aspect of education. Taxpayers reject standards that do NOT provide the academic rigor promised while spending educational time creating students with a “world view”, a prominent goal of every federal educational program since Bloom and Skinner began pushing national goals in the late 1950s.

Parents reject control by experts who have not been required to carry responsibility for their failed policies. Parents and teachers no longer accept blame for those failed academic policies.

The American educational system was once the envy of the world before educational experts surrendered our children’s academic future to ever-increasing federal control.



  • Screeminmeeme

    Lies in......lies out.
    Liberalism in.......liberalism out.
    Truth in.........truth out.

  • Bobseeks

    Our mantra should be: End godless, brainless public ed, end godless, brainless public ed
    Now, repeat after me: end . . .

    • acronymous

      Repeat endlessly and brainlessly.

      Good grief. Public ed must of necessity be "godless" in the sense that it is free of preaching and religious instruction. Which religion, after all, would be the official State religion?

      Any honest education, one that instills mastery of reading and basic mathematics and includes a healthy serving of history and science, is far from "godless" in the wider sense. This is worthy work, and it particularly benefits the children of the working poor, who cannot so easily get it at home.

      • Bobseeks

        All education should include Biblical teaching. The lack of it has led to the depraved society we have today. You are a liar or a fool if you contend that "worthy work" is being performed in the liberal indoctrination centers we call public schools.

      • Ernest L. Abel

        Actually if we let all forms of religion be discussed and even debated , let the children critically think about all points, you might be surprised at how many of the current generation ARE falling back to Christian biblical beliefs over Atheism and other misguided forms of indoctrination. I know for a fact, several "Atheist" parents who were demonstratively shot down in their "beliefs" by their children who went out, and sought clarification and found GOD. See there are in the majority of Americans who DO believe in GOD, the god of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and in Jesus Christ, the son of God, yet the minority of Americans who claim Atheism, somehow have gotten just enough people in power AFRAID of telling them to shut up, be respectful and wait till the pray is over, then go on with their ignorant blather about being no God.
        Isnt it odd when good people use God's way of handling money, family and government bad things tend to quit happening and good things DO happen, yet when Atheists removed God, and morality from schools, teaching and life, the country falls apart and we have a liar in the White House who has done more to destroy a great country, let alone having the blood of 4 brave Americans on their hands. Grow up. Gods way DOES work and doesnt hurt anyone. But if you dont believe instead of shooting your mouth off and showing your stupidity, keep it closed.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/CfsINEYDoex3fXYF.FLFCPOcXaFQros-#f30f8 jong

    Some good news on this front is that Michigan has allocated not a penny for "Common Core" education this coming up year. Snyder is a good Gov. but, like most officials good or bad needs a swift kick in the kiester to get it into gear.

  • Libertarian Soldier

    School districts spend too much time and money locking freedom of religion out of schools, contrary to the intent of the framers of the Compact and not enough time or money teaching the compact and keeping the federal government out of its educational focus and standards.

    Kids are taught that what the federal government thinks is important is what is important and that citizens are drones whose sole purpose is to contribute, to feed and to support the government and that the federal government, while not a party to the Compact is the ultimate and prevailing arbiter of conflicting rights above states rights when the opposite is the case.

    They tell our children question authority but they don't mean question their authority or the federal government's authority; they mean question your parents, your grandparents, your founders and your clergy.

  • ForrestHorn

    When states impose significant jail time for teaching CORE in public schools, that's when your children will be ( at least temporarily ) safe from socialist brainwashing. Keeping them safe is a never-ending job.

  • babsan

    Education is already destroyed by PC,Commie influence and Sick Democrat agenda

  • Stan

    As an educator for 29 years I have to agree with the fact
    that the federal government never had the power, under the Constitution, to
    regulate education. President Johnson had a better idea, and here we are with a
    bunch of children not being tested on what is taught, but taught what is on the

    We have destroyed the vocational part of education, in
    Texas, Ross Perot is to blame. Not everyone needs to be in college. We however
    do not teach them how much a welder, house framer, refrigerator, automotive, and
    an electronic technician make. A large majority of computer jobs do not need a
    college diploma just a certification, which cost a lot less and has the same
    effect as a college degree.

    We spend too much time dealing with English Language
    Learners and the other special population within the normal classroom setting. If
    we agree that English is the language of the land then make them speak it
    before they get to regular classes, in Europe they would. The counselors lie to
    students that have special needs and tell them they can go to college when in reality
    there is no way they can pass college. They have skated through classes because
    of their labeling ‘cause teachers do not want to mess with the paper work if
    they fail them. It’s a Catch 22 with the special population. Let’s be honest no
    one teacher can plan for 150 individual student lessons for each day, but that
    is what they want. These children are being done an injustice by allowing them
    to be main-streamed and they do not have the tools for it. I know my youngest was
    one of the special population, now he has no trade and doesn’t belong in

    It all comes down to government telling people what they
    need to do and not the people telling the government. We did it to ourselves, complacency
    over the years and we let them take and take and take, real hard to get back.
    It will take people in the right places with enough intestinal fortitude and
    not worrying about being re-elected to chance it and we must see these people
    through the heartaches. It will be hard, and people will fight it. They do not
    realize that receiving government funds they are no more than slaves to the
    system. The government does not want to get people off of subsidies for they
    would lose control and a lot of them their overpaid job.