Can Red State “Rebels” Make Beltway Face Truth About Syria?

So we (i.e. the US government) are going to start arming “rebels” and interfering in other ways in Syria. The mainstream media and mainstream politicians are all pretending that, by doing so, we can empower the “moderates” and marginalize the Islamic jihadists. But this is all nonsense. And the same media people who allow our politicians to get away with fairy tales about how there are “good guys” we can support to change Syria for the better, also sometimes find themselves forced to admit that this is all science fiction. Working with journalists across the globe, inevitably media companies feel some professional pressure to allow the truth to come out, at least partially.

Thus, the special report: “How Islamists govern with guile and guns.”

“Using a mix of intimidation and organization, alliances of Islamist brigades are filling the vacuum in areas where Assad's army has withdrawn and more secular rebels have failed to provide order, a 10-day visit to rebel-held Syria by Reuters journalists showed. The Islamist groups include al Qaeda affiliates and more moderate partners, so the nature of their rule is complex. They administer utilities, run bakeries and, in a town near Raqqa, operate a hydroelectric dam. They are also setting up courts and imposing punishments on those judged transgressors. The United States and other Western powers support the Syrian National Coalition, a group of opposition figures based in Cairo. But the coalition has very little influence on the ground in Syria, so locals are increasingly turning to the Islamists as their best alternative to chaos.”

All of this is happening because no one in Washington will admit that declaring Assad illegitimate was a hasty move. Now, either to save face or some other sinister purpose, the US government is effectively causing the Islamization of the country.

The good news is that people are pushing back. For example:

“A state lawmaker will lead an anti-war rally on the south steps of the Oklahoma State Capitol at 7 p.m. Friday, July 12. The public is invited. The rally’s theme is ‘Not Our War!’ and will be held to reflect the views of those who oppose U.S. intervention in the Syrian civil war, state Rep. Paul Wesselhöft said. ‘The U.S. has no political or moral obligation to intervene in Syria’s intractable civil war. It’s none of our business,’ said Wesselhöft, R-Moore. ‘Our involvement in shipping arms to the Syrian rebels commits us to a proxy war with Russia. This is not good, not wise, not acceptable, so we object.’ Wesselhöft said the rally will be bipartisan in nature. Musical entertainment will precede the speakers from 6-7 p.m. There will be co-sponsors representing both the left and right political spectrum. Each spectrum will be given equal time, he said. Wesselhöft hopes the Oklahoma rally will spark similar events in other state capitols and Washington, D.C.”

Meanwhile, A group of Democratic and Republican Senators are sponsoring a bill to kill the funding for a military venture in Syria. Right now it doesn’t seem to have much chance. But if Red State voters can wake up from unthinking support for unilateral military action and liberals can remember Obama’s broken promises to govern with less bloodshed and more respect for civil liberties than Bush, perhaps we can push back the War Hawks nesting in D. C.



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  • Screeminmeeme

    It's suicide to pick a side when both are determined to kill you.

    I repeat.
    The Syrian government is our enemy
    The Muslim Brotherhood (the Islamist Jihadist group) is our enemy.
    They are slaughtering each other.
    A win-win for America.

    Not one cent, not one bullet, not one drop of American blood should be spent helping either side.

  • Bobseeks

    I am amazed that anyone can be so deluded to believe that there is any such thing as a moderate among any muslim group. They are all radical killers. Let them fight amongst themselves until the murderers have all murdered each other.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Real, un-Americanized Islam is homicidal mania, misogyny, and pedophilia at its worse.

    • Shane

      The definition of a moderate Muslim is - "A Muslim who has run out of ammunition."

  • Tom22ndState

    Too late, President Dupe already has boots on the ground in Jordan. When this goes regional it will be painful and expensive.

    • Bobseeks

      And bloody, and heartbreaking, and useless.

  • YellowJacket2

    I'm in agreement with all of the comments that I've read here so far. President Assad of Syria is a tyrant. But he is also a secularist who has kept a check on the Muslims in his country. The so called rebel faction fighting to take over Syria are Taliban, and the Taliban are Sunni's. That's important to know if you want to understand what's going on because there has been a nonstop war going on between the Sunni and Shiite Muslims for the past thousand years. And it has devastated any hope of peace in the Mideast for centuries. So, that means that what Barak Obama is doing is aiding and abetting the Sunni Taliban in their battle to turn secularist Syria into another radical Sunni hotbed run by the Taliban and sworn to uphold the jihad against Israel and America. I can find no upside for America by Obama taking sides with our sworn enemies. So what is behind his decision to throw in with the Sunni rebels? Think about this: We know that Barak Obama was a student of Islam when he attended a Wahhabi madrassa in Indonesia. The Wahhabi's are an extremely radical subgroup of the Sunni faction. They are supported by the rulers of Saudi Arabia, who are also Sunni's. So, could it be possible that the man who connived his way into the Whitehouse is in fact a dedicated Sunni and he is conspiring to provide American aid and military support for his Sunni masters. Remember how he bowed and kissed the hand of the king of Saudi Arabia. Considering that this is exactly what Obama did in both Egypt and Libya when he threw his support behind the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood and created two more hotbeds of Muslim terrorism. I would say that it's hard to ignore the facts when they stare you right in the face. If this is indeed what's going on in Washington, Then we are looking at one more questionable decision by Obama in a growing list of disastrous decisions by the President of the United States that ended up providing aid and comfort to an enemy. And I'm talking about an enemy that has openly declared war on the United States of America. I do believe that Daniel Webster would call that treason. So, since declaring war is the exclusive responsibility of the Congress, and not the President. Why is John Boehner asleep at his post again? He should be raising holy hell with Obama and the Democrats for committing American treasure and blood to an alliance with our enemies. A bill of Impeachment is in order and long overdue. We should not allow another drop of American blood to be shed. Or a single dollar to be spent on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood.
    So what can we do about it? It's fine to express ourselves on these web sites. But I suggest that, while we still have a first amendment, we should also bombard the Congress and the news media with our angry demands for justice. This old vet is getting really fed up with what's being done in our name by this administration.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Boehner is an impotent, apathetic Speaker who doesn't have the cojones to do his job. If the Congress, who holds the purse strings, would only admit the obvious......that Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood is our enemy (tho the head of the CIA, the Muslim John Brenner, insists that is has reformed).. ...they could stop the funding of the MB today. But they don't have the guts to speak out strongly and DO something about it.

      It's nothing but suicide to give millions and weapons to people who have SWORN to kill us.

      • Bobseeks

        You nailed it on Boehner - he might as well be a democrat.

  • Shane

    No U.S. weapons for Islamic jihadists. LEt them kill each other. Egyptian Former Muslim: “The Goal of Islam is to Conquer the World”

  • dad666

    Obozzo is dead set on aiding and abetting his Islamic Brotherhood in takingover the world. It is his DREAM. Impeach him now for war crimes.

  • netandyawho

    I wish them success. We need to get a grip on this Country's problems instead of financing a war for the benefit of the international bankers and industrialists. And possibly wasting our blood for a threat that does not exist to our well being.

  • gavinwca

    The rebels in Syria are the Muslim Brotherhood, Alquida , and other Jehadist who eat the organs of their enemies, murder Christians, behead their suspected collaborators and shoot their women on tape. These. Are the people Baracko Clause wants to arm. These arm's will be turned on our own soldiers and Israel. What is wrong with this stupid government who wants to arm people worse than the. Ones already in power. Our administration is run by the Muslim Brotherhood. Let them kill each other and let God sort them out.