The NSA Snooped On Then-Senator Obama In 2004

You ever wonder why politicians never follow through with their campaign promises? A lot of it does have to do with the irresistible bribes they are enticed with once they get into office, the back-room deals and that fact that these politicians don’t have backbones. But there might be another reason. They’re being snooped on by the NSA too. It’s a way to ensure these politicians keep playing the game and are compliant with their “handlers,” lest they be exposed, humiliated, and forced to resign.

Russ Tice is a former intelligence analyst and whistleblower during the George W. days. He said that the intelligence community kept surveillance over all sorts of politicians, ranging from military officials to judges to congressmen and senators. Here are some of the things he pointed out:

 “They went after–and I know this because I had my hands literally on the paperwork for these sort of things–they went after high-ranking military officers; they went after members of Congress, both Senate and the House, especially on the intelligence committees and on the armed services committees and some of the–and judicial… But they went after other ones, too. They went after lawyers and law firms. All kinds of–heaps of lawyers and law firms. They went after judges. One of the judges is now sitting on the Supreme Court that I had his wiretap information in my hand. Two are former FISA court judges. They went after State Department officials. They went after people in the executive service that were part of the White House–their own people… Here’s the big one… [T]his was in summer of 2004, one of the papers that I held in my hand was to wiretap a bunch of numbers associated with a 40-something-year-old wannabe senator for Illinois. You wouldn’t happen to know where that guy lives right now would you? It’s a big white house in Washington, D.C. That’s who they went after, and that’s the president of the United States now.”

 If they’ve got a secret they desperately want kept, but they’re also not doing as they’re told, they’re at risk of being “exposed” and then forced to resign. Think David Petraeus. He must have known something or was uncooperative in some way for them to expose him the way they did. And they claimed Petraeus was already “under investigation.” I don’t think they ever said what exactly he was under investigation for. That’s because in reality, the majority of higher profile politicians in all branches of government are “under investigation.” Or, under surveillance, that is.

I wonder what they have on Obama. Did he really have a homosexual relationship with Larry Sinclair, with whom he also allegedly smoked crack? Did he really frequent the “gay” bars back in the day? Did he really prefer older, white men? Boy, those things would be embarrassing if they ever got out in any official capacity. But as long as he does as he’s told, they will remain secret, and any accounts given by Sinclair himself or eyewitnesses will be ignored or discredited.

Maybe that would explain why he is the way he is. He was supposed to be this “anti-war” democrat who was so concerned with people’s civil liberties. Now, look at him. He looks like the rest of them, and he claims he just didn’t understand the issues back then in his senator days. Is that really it, or is he just afraid of being exposed?



  • Barbaracvm

    NSA / TSA gets away with groping and raping in the airport lines. Now we find out they blackmail all levels of judicial, military and legislators. So who is running the country?
    Past time for the house to pull the financial budget from this mafia. I would not believe anything they say about house members. They lie to bully anyone they do not like.

    • FireMall

      I say tough Sheet when the ones who created this Patriot & NDAA Monster get a taste of their own Illegally Legislated bills that were meant for the sole purpose of Transforming America into a Communist controlled Dictatorship Nation.

      Personally : I Really ,Really, Really Hope that at least the 500+ Congress members, aka Traitors , are on the same Human cattle cars as "We The Peasants" are riding in on the way to the FEMA camps. And for some strange reason, these Traitors just up & Disappeared during the Ride .

      Who knows , Maybe there will be also be a few Excommunicated Radical Muslim Cannibal cull outs on the same Human cattle cars who are Hungry enough to eat for their last meals..the hearts & Yellow Livers out of these Proven Tainted Congressional Cowardly Traitors

      • Bobseeks

        Eventually they will be. Every megalomaniac from Hitler to Stalin to Mao eventually turned on many of those who helped him to power. Mao-bama will be no different and many of those who love him now will die cursing his name.

        • Ray - Jesus is the Son of God.

          There are no loyalties among the wicked.

    • lilolady

      You did ask the right question. So, who is running the country? What is the answer? The House and Senate don't count. Keep guessing ....
      tick/tock .. tick tock ... Your time is up ..... As is our time up.

  • Bigolfascist

    I'd love to have a gay/lesbian conservative or libertarian in charge right now......

    • TAM44

      Go for it obama lover.

      • Bigolfascist

        Sure would be better than what we have now. If he could run for a third term, he'd probably win. Sad commentary on the America we've become.

  • gbandy

    IF the NSA really investigated Obama in 2004 why did they not uncover the fact he is Kenyan? Or used a false SS Number to get into college? Or traveled to restricted countries as a foreign student? Seems the NSA is just as incompetent as the President.

    • MikeyParks

      Very good question.

    • 1NJNurse1

      I agree with you.

    • Ray - Jesus is the Son of God.

      What makes you think the NSA, the FBI, CIA and the Supreme Court
      do not know he was born in Kenya??? They knew.

      • TAM44

        Yes and they turned their backs on American citizens after taking an oath.

        • Ray - Jesus is the Son of God.

          They were never on our side.

          Please remember a politician is
          a professional liar.

    • lilolady

      What makes you think any of the Alphabet Soup gives a rat's patootie about the survival, security, and success of this Nation? Better get real and smell the coffee. We are running out of time, and we don't need anyone dragging their feet trying to figure out why we are infiltrated by our enemies in every branch of our government. It is enough to know that we are alone in the coming battle.

    • Physick

      If he was "groomed" to be president, I don't think they cared one bit that he was not a natural born American citizen (if that's the case). The more skeletons in one's closet, the better politician that person makes. Much more easily controlled.

      This is also why Ron Paul was so demonized even by conservatives. They fell for all the media propaganda. Ron Paul didn't have any adulterous relationships to worry about, no drug use, no criminal record. The worst they could come up with were those newsletters that had his name on them that weren't really even racist. Questionable, sure. But racist? No.

      Ron Paul is the world's worst politician, because he had nothing to lose by being uncompromising.

  • yennikcm

    "Mary" Hoover was a schoolgirl compared to this

  • MikeyParks

    If anyone ever deserved snooping on, it's that anti-American piece of crud. That's what the program was designed for.

  • Sterling Wulff

    So they must have know then that this worthless piece of crap as a senator (joke) never once voted on any single piece of legislation.... good job Mr. Wet Dream

    • splink

      Actually there is one vote credited to him. He voted against banning partial birth abortions. (BAIPA)

      • Sterling Wulff

        Too bad he didn't vote to approve HIS OWN partial birth abortion. We'd all be in a better place right now

  • 1NJNurse1

    I'm thinking that is garbage because they would have found out what his butt was up to such as, the takeover of this country and replacing it with communism.

    • lilolady

      He's the one they were were waiting for.

      • David Lakatos

        You got that right. The Liberal White's have been waiting for Obama like he was there Messiah

  • 7papa7

    The lesson to learn from this is that if you live your life in an acceptable manner, they can't blackmail you now can they? It is only a problem if you have a closet full of skeletons. I bet that if you looked into the background of Cruz or Lee or a few others you wouldn't find anything to blackmail them with or keep them in line. All this proves is that we have a lot of scum in politics.

    • TAM44

      One bad apple in a bushel will spoil the rest is the old saying. those who side with obama have much to hide and we know it. Cruz and Lee are putting distant from the rest of those who live and breathe obama, and we should thank them.

      • 7papa7

        Amen to that. I have the greatest respect for both of these men and a few others like Trey Gowdy in the house. I haven't heard any negatives on him either.

        • TAM44

          Trey Gowdy is remarkable and when he says answer the question he sticks to his guns. He knows how to hold these liars feet in the fire.

        • 7papa7

          These are the kind of representatives we need at ALL levels from president on down through congress and on SCOTUS etc.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Trey Gowdey is a wonderful, honest man who has no problem speaking the truth despite the consequence. We need about 534 more like him in the Congress.

        • 7papa7

          I really like everything I have seen from him. He is a true patriot who loves the Constitution and the country and wants what is only best. How about a President Gowdy? At this point I could definitely go for that.

    • Physick

      I think you're right. Same goes with Ron Paul as you noted with Cruz and Lee.

      • 7papa7

        Paul just terrifies me with his illegal immigration stance. He is being pragmatic rather than right. If it wasn't such a major issue Paul would be pretty good.

    • lilolady

      There is no shortage of liars who will say anything about anybody and make it stick ...... for enough money, power, or prestige. If one can photoshop a puppy singing camp songs, it is not much of a problem photoshopping you into a kiddy porn site.

      • 7papa7

        It is also pretty easy to identify things that were photoshopped. You will have those liars but it usually falls by the side pretty quickly.

  • foxxybey

    Obozo the illegal from Kenya deserved to be spied on as he is a hate America Nazi and son of satan who needs his children to believe all his lie's and that is the reason obozo only lie's when his lips are moving and proud like his father satan.

    • TAM44

      What good is spying on the enemy if your on their side?

      • foxxybey

        Have a good point TAM44, and obozo is the enemy for sure.

      • lilolady

        Keeps everybody on the same page, can't permit anyone to leave the ranch now, can we? All the work it took to indoctrinate a person, we can't allow them thinking outside of Our box.

  • Phillipe Violette

    Abolish NSA and while you are at it privatize TSA

    • TAM44

      And also the IRS and the planed parenthood, the EPA and the UN to start then weed through the rest of these corrupt groups.

  • JoanBarry

    Too bad the main-stream media never exposed Obama's true character and agenda prior to his election as President. I never could understand why those that knew Obama's history and his views did not expose him to the public, I guess because they were and are still afraid of what he and his powerful friends have on them. Article is correct, they definitely used Petreaus and then exposed his affair. Are all in government corrupt and untrustworthy?

    • VanceJ

      Pretty much corrupt. But if people were interested, they could have done a little research on Obozo and found out exactly what and who he was, I know because I did.

      • del

        It was right out in front except the low informed and most of the blacks were going to vote on skin color and not aholeism

        • Patriot

          He was elected for many reasons. MSM lied constantly and still does. Skin color had much to do with it but then again they still new nothing about him. Hollywood being mostly "LIBERAL" wanted to cover there butts and get there agendas passed because if they do like it they can afford to leave the country.
          There kids are in "Private" schools not controlled by the government. Why would they care what happens?

  • Ray - Jesus is the Son of God.

    And another reason is they are evil.

    • foxxybey

      As always Raymond my Marine and Born Again Believer Brother you hit the nail on the head. God Bless Brother:

      • Ray - Jesus is the Son of God.

        May I ask you your first name?

      • Brendajanetorres

        Yes, foxxybey....Another admirer of Brother Raymond! There should be more 'REAL MEN FOR GOD' like this young man! The Nation, the world would be a better place, AMEN

        • foxxybey

          Raymond and I have been friends for a few years now and I agree, he is a good man on the eastern seaboard, don't want to give evil people any clue's and glad your a friend of his Brendajanetorres, a Godly man who I love in the Lord.

        • Ray - Jesus is the Son of God.

          The days of my youth are long gone, i'm 59.

          Someday The Lord Jesus will give me a new
          body, one that will never get sick or experience
          pain. Someday all my ugly scars will be gone.

        • Brendajanetorres

          AMEN....I've taken a couple more laps around in this race at 70+, don't have any physical scars but plenty of lumps....and I, too, am not rushing it, but looking forward to the day that we can spend all of our time with our Lord and Savior! KNOW JESUS, NO FEAR, AMEN

        • Ray - Jesus is the Son of God.

          The night is almost over, for the King of kings is at
          the door, ready to receive us home. I look forward
          to meeting you in Heaven. We shall celebrate, dance
          and sing.

        • Brendajanetorres

          AMEN, Looking forward to meeting you Raymond....Amazing, how even thinking about it brings a certain amount of excitement in the air, you can feel His loving presence.

        • Ray - Jesus is the Son of God.

          Question: What will Heaven be like?


          Revelation 21:14
          And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and
          in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

          Revelation 21:15
          And he that talked with me had a golden reed to measure
          the city, and the gates thereof, and the wall thereof.

          Revelation 21:16
          And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the
          breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand
          furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal.

          Revelation 21:17
          And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits,
          according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel.

          Revelation 21:18
          And the building of the wall of it was of jasper: and the city was pure
          gold, like unto clear glass.

          Revelation 21:19
          And the foundations of the wall of the city were garnished with all manner
          of precious stones. The first foundation was jasper; the second, sapphire;
          the third, a chalcedony; the fourth, an emerald;

          Revelation 21:20
          The fifth, sardonyx; the sixth, sardius; the seventh, chrysolyte; the eighth, beryl;
          the ninth, a topaz; the tenth, a chrysoprasus; the eleventh, a jacinth; the twelfth,
          an amethyst.

          Revelation 21:21
          And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl:
          and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass.

          Revelation 22:1
          And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding
          out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.

          Revelation 22:2
          In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree
          of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month:
          and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

          Revelation 22:3
          And there shall be no more curse: but the throne of God and of the
          Lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him:

          Revelation 22:4
          And they shall see his face; and his name shall be in their foreheads.

          Revelation 22:5
          And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun;
          for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever.

        • Brendajanetorres

          Thank You Raymond....There is a song we sing at Church, that I just love...It goes:
          The more I seek You,
          The more I find You,
          The more I find You, the more I love You.
          I wanna sit at Your Feet.
          Drink from the cup in Your Hand.
          Lay back against You and breath, feel Your heart beat.
          This love is so deep, it's more than I can stand.
          I melt in Your Peace, it's overwhelming to me.
          God Bless You Raymond, until we meet Him Face to Face, AMEN

  • Jewel2b

    This makes you wonder about the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. It is reported that he changed his decision on Obamacare at the last moment. Maybe they had something on him as a result of this spying. Hummmmmm!

    • grumpy3625

      I think you have made a very good and possibly correct assumption.

    • Ginnie

      They did have something on him from what I heard and were going to make it public if he voted against Obamacare. It had to do with the adoption of his kids. They were supposedly paid for in Ireland and then handed over to them in Costa Rica, which was against the law. This was in an article I ran across recently, but can't for the life of me remember where. So, it came down to protecting his family from the DC slime. I wouldn't be suprised if the NSA was involved.............

      • Jewel2b

        Ginnie, If there is any truth to what you read then the Justice should be ashamed of himself. He sent over 300million people into the hell that is Obamacare just to save himself. How selfish and sinful of him (that is if what you read is true).

        • Ginnie

          There is alot more of the blackmail theory out there now than when I read about it last week. Just google "judge roberts blackmail with adopted kids" and you will find quite a few websites about it.....I don't know if it's a conspiracy or not, but it is being talked about..

        • jammin10

          It's true--I read the same thing in several places---so that solves the mystery of why Roberts changed his vote---obama DID have something to do with it---and I'm not sure if I had been in Roberts' shoes that I would not have done the same thing---a person's children's safety can cause one to do things that normally they would not do---BUT GINNIE SPEAKS THE TRUTH ABOUT ROBERTS--

        • Screeminmeeme

          I could not agree more. Roberts is culpable in the economic decline of America because of Obamacare. It was an evil deed done that will affect incalculable numbers of families. Because of him, the juggernaut of Obamacare is moving full speed ahead and I believe is unstoppable.

  • Brendajanetorres

    Goes to show....They failed to uncover this Traitor before he (Obama) destroyed America's Constitution!

  • foxxybey

    Raymond you know my first name as we email all the time friend, I'm on your contact list and you on mine, we have talked on the phone. God Bless Brother:

  • johna650

    Intelligence official in he USA, Russia, he EU and China all know the truth about Obamas birth and upbringing. They have dossiers thick with incriminating information and they get compliance, they get concessions, they simply get their way with him and the rest of our judges, congressional members, governors,etc., which is why they all walk in unison deaf and dumb and complete puppets of their intelligence handlers. Their only fear they have is of the Snowdens, Mannings and Assanges who expose lies and wicked plans.

    • lilolady

      Thank you for telling us what we need to hear. Answers so many questions we puzzled over for so long. There are many of us who have had no experience with the ways of the world and the extent to which evil has expanded. It is hard to admit to ourselves the truth you speak here.

  • grumpy3625

    This is seriously creepy. I read "Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins and he said that he was hired by the NSA because they found out that he had cheated on an exam (I think it was in college). They prefer to hire people with no integrity and no morals. John seems to lean left but he has provided an in-depth view of what goes on globally.

    I also watched an interview with the late Aaron Russo--a true patriot--about his shocking relationship with Nick Rockefeller who divulged that the comings and goings of the world are controlled by the bankers.

    This article fits another piece in the puzzle; I completely missed the connection between the bankers and the NSA. Now I know that it just isn't oligarchies money alone that places and controls politicians in office, they have somehow subverted the worlds creepiest and scariest agency into being their enforcers. Just how many politicians do they control? All of them? If this is true, who can we trust? Or, if they do not have control of some, do they engineer a derisive tactical campaign against them to just shut them down? I wonder if the NSA is just a shill for an even darker, more malignant group of people who are in the shadows so deep that we don't even think about the possibility of their existence?

    Google Aaron Russo's YouTube interview with Alex Jones. It really is a must see.

  • $21111328

    so we do have a shadow gov't known as the nsa...

  • edgineer

    Problem with government is if it has an opportunity to go bad it will. And thanks to the narcissism of the American people, our government has gone bad.

  • sandy2249

    I'm sorry but I don't believe it at all ! I think their saying they snooped in on democrats & liberal groups to act like they weren't targeting Republicans/ Conservatives & Christians . The gay groups they targeted didn't have names that showed they were liberal or gay and if anything they sounded like a Conservative site so that were targeted because they thought they were on the right and that's the only reason BUT NO WAY DO I BELIEVE THEY TARGETED KING OBAMA OR ANY DEMOCRAT OR LIBERAL HATE GROUP OR ANY ABORTION GROUP OR ANY GAY RIGHTS PEOPLE the media is just trying to make like Republicans weren't the only ones targeted !

    • stevor

      So many GOP are just RINOs so they can truthfully say they look at both parties. THey have to keep their puppets in line. (but do they just threaten them with blackmail or also threaten their lives?)

  • stevor

    as I've been saying, the NSA seems to control the world. So, who runs NSA and who does that person answer to?

  • Gene Stone

    Is it possible the N(o) S(ecrets) A(llowed)--pun intended-- found out where he was really from and hid it from the American people?

  • newyorker


    • Patriot

      The IRS and NSA need to be replaced and stay OUT of our business. These same people can't or won't catch welfare fraud, food stamp fraud but will come after people the work for a living. We need to make sure we fight to get the IRS out of this o Health Care plan. They will be biased when they treat people - you watch and see. This is why they need to be replaced period.

  • AppraisHer

    OK, so NSA knew he was a Marxist, pot smoking, muslim traitor before I did and they didn't disdcredit him before he destroyed our country.

    Even more reason to hate the NSA.


    Now is the time the real truth comes out. We the American citizens deserve the truth. This nation is in trouble and we deserve to know why and how, so we can repair the damage before it is too late. If no one will take this bull by the horns soon, it may come down to the people taking matters into their own hands! I promise if it comes to that, it will be worse than the riots in Brazil. It will be mayhem nation wide!

  • 57girl

    Hmmmp, Maybe the NSA could earn some brownie points with the populace in general if they can come up with a valid birth certificate, and some credentials for the POTUS? Nobody else has ever seemed to achieve that goal, yet. Let's see how good the NSA really is. Or, is it just the little people they harass?

  • ann

    This SOB is making enemies every place he goes. No one likes him anymore. He makes us look like fools to the world. He doesn't have the smarts to do anything right and how he got elected is by his cronies like Winfrey and other blacks or else he wouldn't have made it on his own merits. So now we are stuck with this dumbass just because he convinced the country that it was time to elect a black man who cries when no one kisses his butt. He is a narcisstic and stupid man who fooled us all.

    • lfhpueblo

      Fooled us all, speak for only for those who want to be included in the all statement. He never fooled me or my husband from the get go.

    • rollervic

      He never fooled me.

    • Patriot

      Sorry Ann, not all of us. Mostly guilty people and uninformed voters. Voters that just pulled the lever and new nothing. This is why blogging is great but getting outside of this computer and speaking up with facts works very well. You hear a lot of "Wow! I did not know that". All you have to say is look it up.

      • redstingray74

        The elections were fixed with crooked machines .....The whole process was fixed ... They faked Petitions to get him on ballots ( Some court cases are just over for Fraud, People found guilty) Also multiple voting and Illegal voting ... One woman said on the news LIVE that she voted FIVE times for Obama and was proud of it !!!!

  • jfmor

    So many innuendos, so little substance. Sometimes I think they just enjoy pulling our strings to keep us riled. What are the proven facts, beyond doubt? There are may..
    I have begun to discount the ones which attempt to promote knee jerk reactions by supposition.

  • Ginnie

    Evidentally they did not snoop enough, otherwise they would have found out he was not eligible to become president....I guess anti-American, gay, Muslim Marxists pass with flying colors....

  • lfhpueblo

    Even if they did, two wrongs don't make a right, and over a 100 million wrongs definitely still doesn't make it right.

  • Mulligan's pal

    What good did the spying bring? They've never been able to disclose his college transcripts . Information that may have been beneficial to avoid the Boston bombers and the Fort Hood shootings weren't evident or helpful to have prevented such evil. If the judge now sitting on the Supreme Court was aware of this ability of tapping and revealing very personal information, how effective can we expect this judge to be and to have been in making proper decisions based on the Constitution if he feels that he and his family can be threatened by having his personal information revealed? We are under the pall of Chicago style politics now that Obama realizes his vast power! This type of access was available to him through judges acquiring surprise information leaks that aided him in winning his seat in the Senate, so imagine what can he achieve over the populace in three more years!?!? (particularly after recognizing the depth and longevity of the IRS harrassment of groups since 2010) We'd like our Constitutional liberties back!

  • Patriot

    Obviously the NSA did not do a very good job on {or they new and were paid off by money people} Senator Obama in 2004. WHY? He was elected POTUS under circumstances that are questionable. NO records - NO nothing period. Hillary, when she ran against him said he was a "Fraud" and was not qualified and Nancy Pelosi still vetted him and the Democrats in the house. There are so many qualified people that really care about America that Americans could and I believe would support over the RINO and DINO parties. Over the big money {Millions spent to elect someone they know nothing about is insane} Remember, at the time o ran there was mostly DINOS in power in both houses. Maybe we ought to see who is supporting these people and refuse to vote for them. Hey, that might really work.

    • 32eagle

      I know what i need to from lucas daniel smith-obviously BORAX was born in Mombasa Kenya-even a blind man could see it

  • louluna

    sure they did we would all know he was a gay phony if they did

  • dnav

    I think the point the article is making is that the NSA has been in control for decades and all our Presidents and Congress and Supreme Court are all puppets.

    So we have been living in a regime of puppet leaders controlled by the all-powerful NSA.

    Who's in charge of the NSA? Who can fire the NSA Chief? Who's pulling all the strings in America?

  • Nicholi Tesla

    That is nice, then a "Freedom of Information" request would produce all B0's secret hidden records.

  • sgtshel

    Then the people in charge of NSA at that time should be arrested for allowing a dictator in the WH!

  • Donald York

    I never bought into the Kenyans BS. I can't stand to hear the guy speak much less look at him.

  • Renee Amber Hollister

    _ "Ø" ( Zer Ø ) HUSSEIN's is obviously...
    Dead drunk with unrestricted power...
    Under the illusion that he is genuinely
    Worthy of every accolade and special
    Consideration that has come his way in life.

    When Did Public Servants Become Royalty??

    What he Really IS,
    IS a Tinhorn Charlatan Dictator & Shameless Liar
    Sometimes it is not good to be the king.
    Remember King Louis XVI... Hmmm?¿
    Ø- Failure turned the American eagle
    Into a Buzzard that is Picking the bones
    Of this Once Great Nation.
    To Øbama Huϟϟein and his stripe
    Goes the Universal American hand sign
    Of Extreme Disapproval..
    My Raised Middle Finger'S
    Nobody has to make him look bad
    he's doing that it all by himself

    "Ø" (Zer0) HUϟϟEIN my president ?¿?

  • jarnkm

    WELL, now this gives the NSA a very good standing, doesn't it?? Obviously, had they been doing the job that they should have been doing for America and "We the Sheeple", Obama would have been exposed at an early date and probably not finished his Senatorial Position! Apparently, finding that HE was just the man that was needed, he was left in position and quietly allowed to follow through as he has! What we seem to have, rather than quality security ... is just a group of Foxes guarding the Big Hen House and the Big Muslim Rooster............................!! God gave us eyes to see and ears to hear, but I have never witnessed a nation that refused to learn from history and is so blind and deaf to daily Governmental/Normal happenings around them!

  • Renee Amber Hollister

    Øbama and Emanuel:

    Were Members of same gay bath house club in Chicago
    Of the membership data on Øbama and Emanuel.
    Members of Man's Country are also issued
    Club identification cards.
    Obama and Emanuel possessed
    The ID cards, Which were required for entry."

    The Øbama administration took steps to ensure

    That the information gathered under Bush-appointed
    U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald would FOCUS on


    And Not them.


    Essentially Became the

    *FALL GUY*

    For the Øbama White House.
    When Øbama and Emanuel became aware
    That their phone calls were intercepted by the FBI,

    They moved fast to have Fitzgerald arrest..


    In the early morning of December 9, 2009.
    The White House transition team wanted to ensure that it was *Blagojevich*
    (NOT Øbama) who was at the center of the FBI wiretaps.

    You Know These Lies Of Øbama

    Are Just The TIP of The ICEBURG!!


    >> *WE THE PEOPLE*


  • Renee Amber Hollister

    _In the hot seat:

    White House’s Jay Carney

    Dodges questions More Than 9,000 times:

    The breakdown, according to Yahoo!, includes:

    I don’t have the answer (1905 times)

    I would refer you to someone else (1383 times)

    You already know the answer (1125 times)

    I’m not going to tell you (939 times)

    Not that I know of (927 times)

    I don’t want to (588 times)

    I’m not sure (549 times)

    I won’t speculate (525 times)

    No comment (429 times)

    I’ll get back to you (387 times)

    It’s a good question (381 times)

    See yesterday’s non-response (231 times)

    The president won’t tell me (117 times)

    And Who's his BOSS????


    Paid To Lie His Ass Off By Non Other

    Than Pathological Liar Mulatto Half-Rican

    Barack huϟϟein ϟaebarkah Øbama Barry ϟoetoro..

  • jdbixii

    If the guy didn't have a clue in 2007, he has definitely had to learn fast OJT. It has to be tough to be the guy at the top and not know what anybody below you is doing, or might do. Surprise, deal with it!

  • Traditionist

    The NSA certainly failed on that one.

  • Richard Hoover

    This is the first  reference I have seen, beyond on the originating blog, 'Hillbuzz," to Obama's alleged homosexuality. It seems that Rush, Hannity, Ingraham and the others won't touch the subject, whether to confirm or deny.  But here it is in the penultimate paragraph of this Godfather Politics article. Perhaps we are looking at a media groundbreaker, at things to come. I have always wondered why prominent media personalities and blogs, who claim to have serious responsibilities to the public, have not done a little objective digging in order to substantiate these accusations, or lay them to rest.

  • luvlifesance


  • astrojohn

    So why didn't the NSA let it be known what it discovered? Yet more evidence of politicization? Are they storing O's records and keeping them out of sight?