Rhode Island Joins Other States in Giving Benefits to Illegal Immigrants

Monday night, the Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education voted in favor of extending the right to high school graduates that are in the country illegally to pay in-state tuition.  Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee supported the measure saying: “This policy change will improve the intellectual and culture life of Rhode Island while strengthening our workforce and helping our economy.”

There were numerous opponents to the measure present at the Board of Governors meeting Monday night, but obviously their voices fell on deaf ears.  Among them was Terry Gorman, executive director of Rhode Island for Immigration Law Enforcement who equated the measure to aiding and abetting illegal immigrants.

I have to ask what these people were thinking when they voted for this measure.  Why should someone who is in the country illegally be allowed to pay in-state tuition while legal US citizens living just across a state border have to pay out-of-state tuition.  Not only is this aiding a foreign national but it is discriminating against US citizens.

Rhode Island joins 12 other states that have similar laws.

One of the issues starting to plague presidential candidate Rick Perry is his stance on illegal immigrants.  As governor of Texas, Perry signed into law a bill that allows the children of illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition to public colleges and universities.

We should be making it harder and more difficult on illegals instead of giving them more benefit than US citizens receive.



  • Treason
    • Le Tigre

      R.I. is broken state.They are more supportive of illegals, than their own citizens.No wonder they are broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Roger

      I'm so glad I left R.I. over Ten Years ago. The Demos always spend the money they don't have and tthen raise taxs.

      I just love the Conservative ways of Florida. Low taxes and just a great Political Attituate.

  • Treason


    Liberalism is a mental disorder

    Let me say this, you ain't seen nothing yet.
    Now the Hispanic's will not like you any more for free bennies
    you go anywhere and their nasty looks tell you when you get to be a senior you
    will be in the streets.. What nation in the world gives illegals more bennie's that its citizens?
    How is it Rhode Island will not allow someone from New Jersey the same tuition?

    The country who tried this experiment first was GREECE
    Albanian and Romanian citizens were given equal rights for cheap labor
    and the politicians gave the rights to vote .... Now read about Greece in the news

    • Diann

      The same way Texas does it. They don't allow other states free tuition either. What a bunch of crap. Anything for a crooked vote.

      • Dave N' tejas

        Texas does not give away anything to anybody, they let students that graduated from a Texas high school, pay "in state"

        • OneCitizen

          These "students" should never have received 1st-12th education either. They, and their illegal parents should have been evicted on day one. Wake up and smell the coffee burning...that is to say your own social security burning up...What part of illegal don't you understand? Don't you understand why there are immigration standards and requirements...didn't you go to school and learn what citizenship is and why it is important?

        • TooToo

          IN STATE RATES to ILLEGALS IS a GIVEAWAY!! They should go to the back of the line and become legal like sincere immigrants that value being American citizens. Then they can pay in-state rates like other legal citizens. Perry is revealing what a sham he is!! I'm truly disappointed.

    • Bill

      What is needed now is an out of state student in each of these states to file a discrimination suit against the state. Once it is started it would become a class action suit and the states would see the only way out is to stop offering a bonus to illegals who are in fact law breakers.

  • http://adrianvance.blogspot.com adrianvance

    On "Meet The Press" Mary Matalan made the argument that these kids would be legal state residents in spite of their lack of citizenship as these are two issues legally and they have to graduate in the top tier of their high schools so we have two choices. We either: educate them and tax their improved productivity or create a bunch new, smart criminals.

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    science and humor. Now in the top 3% on Kindle.

    My recent post Best Supped Cold

    • Beebop

      Why don't we just send them back across the border they were brought across. They are illegally in this country, just like Barack Barry Sore-Toe O Bummer. If you ain't legal, you gotta go! It worked for over 200 years and it will work today. If we could get rid of the Dimwitocrats and the LippylIberals. Come on Nov. 2012 so we can clean out Washington and put some real Americans in there.

    • Fort Worth Yankee

      So, we not only give in state tuition to someone who is in the US illegally, but grant him/her citizenship in the state where they are, and after we pay for their education, we give them a job? In order to be a citizen in any of the 50 (or is it 57?) US states, the person first must be a US citizen in order to receive the rights granted by the US Constitution.

      The "holy bible" of liberals is the 14th Amendment (which was passed by the southern states in the late 1860s while under duress and state governments controlled/approved by military occup[ation forces), des not grant the states the right to grant citizenship. That is the federal governments job.

      We do not create criminals out of them as they are already criminals, by breaking US law.

      Liberals like to ignor the fact illegal aliens have already broken the law. Many go on to break additional laws like the 6 time DUI driver who just got busted, again in Massachusetts.

    • Doris Carman

      They are already criminals. It is not our fault their parents brought them here. It is our fault for allowing them to stay and get more benefits than our own students.


      Does the word illegal mean anything to you.


      • http://adrianvance.blogspot.com adrianvance

        Please do not personalize an argument on which I am only reporting and not promoting. Mary Matalan is a national figure and I find it interesting as a point she is making. In the past the Democrats have failed to enforce the law as they saw illegal Mexicans as taxpayer paid voters for them and Republicans saw them as cheap labor for their businesses. For your idea to prevail those attitudes have to change. In this you have no idea how I may feel about it.

        The Two Minute Conservative at http://adrianvance.blogspot.com has political analysis, science and humor. Now in the top 3% on Kindle.
        My recent post The Last Socialist

    • marysteeleyorktownva

      For every illegal that goes to school, college or works, they are taking those things or other resources from legal immigrants and citizens, and they lose out! So we are making the illegal smarter at the expense of legal immigrants and citizens that deserve those jobs and benefits so they can reach their own American Dream instead of it being stolen by illegals that could have applied for citizenship once they reached 18, but chose not to!!

      • http://adrianvance.blogspot.com adrianvance

        Yes, but the problem is that the Governors are working in an environment where the Federal officials will not enforce their own laws as the international socialist (Communist) concept of no borders appeals to them as they always think they will be in charge when it becomes "One World." Too bad they do not read history to find these kinds of revolutions never turn out that way. Some little skunk with a mustache always prevails.

        The Two Minute Conservative at http://adrianvance.blogspot.com has political analysis, science and humor. Now in the top 3% on Kindle.

        My recent post The Last Socialist

  • Carmelo Junior

    We need to make sure liberal hacks like Romney or Perry never get the GOP nomination.

    • Deportation

      What right do the illegals have to even ask for a turd? Sponge, virus on society, they should be deported immediately. Lets Pray a Great consevative gets in Buils a 20 wall, electrified on the borders and cuts off all non tax paying sponges on society, unless they are disabled and deserve it. See to many athletes living in the projects, and getting a paycheck for selling drugs. Rhode Island is a sorry example of the Socialist Obama regime. Shall your State Be washed into the sea.

  • wfwilson

    As long as it doesn't cost me or my state, what the hell. Go ahead Rhode Island, tax tourselves to death.

    • http://aol.com the spanish Jew

      But it does cost u, they take it out of the tax money that u pay on your home, so u are takeing care of the mexican's and etc.

    • PaulRevere

      So, the $80 BILLION PER YEAR in social benefits (that come from Social Security and other "public" welfare programs) which go to illegals instead of American Citizens...doesn't impact you...what, are you already on Obama money?

    • Beebop

      Typical Yankee mentality.

    • wfwilson

      Guys, I am a died in the wool conservative republican from Idaho. Don't like Obama, democrats, liberals, illegals, etc. But if you lib-tard states want to tax yourselves to death, have at it. More jobs for Idaho and other states like us, as US corporations will locate here instead of there, as they won't like your high taxes either. For me, I would deport all illegals, except maybe those who join the military and fight in Iraq or Afghanistan.

      Viet Nam Vet, DADT, Hooyah.

      • wfwilson

        Interesting "my users reputation" score went down 3-pts, from 62 to 59, with the above reply to my post. ????????????

      • wfwilson

        Oh, re-read my post. DADT. I'm not one, just meant that the recent policy change sucks, sickens me.

    • P'O'D American

      And when Rhode Island goes broke....they will be the first with their hands out begging for a Federal bailout from us taxpayers....

  • CaptTurbo

    Way to go Rodent Island.

    • PaulRevere

      Wow...who left the obamabots cattlegates open. There's liberal-tards all over the place...watch where you step

  • Jason

    What Part Of "Illegal Immigrants" Does The Rhode Island Board of Governors Do Not Understand? Traitors All Of Them!! Fire Them All...NOW!

    • Fort Worth Yankee

      A black man or woman living in Roxbury, Mass. has to pay out of state tuition in order to attend the URI (why would anyone want to go to this 3rd rate school?) but an illegal Mexican who attended his/her last year of high school in Providence get the cheaper rate (if anything at all)?

  • Ken

    So let me get this straight....I'm a U.S. citizen living in MA, 5 miles from the Rhode Island border, but if I wanted to send my kid to U RI I'd have to pay the full out-of-state rate. Meanwhile, the kid whose parents aren't US citizens and who isn't even supposed to be here gets to pay the in-state rate.

    Makes perfect sense to me...

  • No fool

    Looks like RI taxes will be going up again. A dumb thing to do in this economy.

    I see dumb people... they're everywhere. They walk around like everyone else. They don't even know that they're dumb.

  • Jim

    Just proves the point of where society as a whole is anymore. Do whatever you can get away with these days. As long as it is benefial to you in some way it is okay.

  • DrRGP

    While it's important that we still get these kinds stories, informing us, as they do, that insanity is still the national norm, I'm only sorry that the situation is all but hopeless. There's just not enough resistance to stem the stem the rising tide of illegal immigration and "political correctness." What "will" there is, is not sufficiently present in the current or likely future houses of power.

  • alegalcitizen

    These treason acts is what CREATES racism from LEGAL citizens with just cause. FED UP WITH THIS CRAP, has to STOP.

    • Bev

      We are having one last push to ask Congressman Allen West to please run for POTUS. So if you would like Congressman West to run, please send him an e-mail at his Washington DC office. Also, you can call him or fax him at his other offices. Please go to: http://www.allenwest2012.ning.com

  • Wil

    hmm, deleted my post, you must be a liberal democrat

  • Dave N' Tejas

    Boy people in Rhode Island must be really stupid, but hey I live in Texas, and our stupid legislators did the same thing 10 years ago. I hope most of our "immigrants" will move to your state and enrich your lives like they have ours in Texas, and thanks for your help in lowering our state budget.

    • TooToo

      You let 'em in, YOU KEEP THEM!!


    Discrimination against US citizens! Any attorney from NJ (number well above 80 thousands) will be wiling to OPEN LAW SUITS> US CITIZEN VERSUS GOVERNMENT <?
    I DOUBT IT! They so busy to ’ROBBERY HOUSES’ from people, process call FORECLOSURE, to busy work for BANKS MAFIA and Credit Cards CARTEL –calls themselves DEBT COLLECTORS

  • http://aol.com the Spanish Jew

    where is the KKK when u need them!!!!

  • Carol

    How frustrating to have people in power who just do not understand that people here illegally should be sent home, not given benefits and rewards for breaking the law. These people cost us citizens too much money. We need to reenforce the borders and stop the flow of illegals coming across. Legal immigration is fine. Just stop ALL entitlements to the illegals. Remove them.

    • grandmaliberty

      Carol, because the democrats will not be re-elected unless they have the black and hispanic vote... mark my words... Obama will try to give illegals citizenship by executive order before the 2012 election... it is the only way he can win by promising that path to citizenship....


    Discrimination against US citizens! Any attorney from NJ (number well above 80 thousands) will be wiling to OPEN LAW SUITS> US CITIZEN VERSUS GOVERNMENT <?
    I DOUBT IT! They so busy to ’ROBBERY HOUSES’ from people, process call FORECLOSURE, to busy work for BANKS MAFIA and Credit Cards CARTEL –calls themselves DEBT COLLECTORS

  • alegalcitizen

    I always stated years ago that MEXICO would be our #1 enemy, not only do they get billions of our dollars from our government, they allow their LOWLIFE citizens to cross our borders to continue to rape our country, along with terrorists & drug dealers. The mexican government DOES NOT put a stop on their side to any of this, as they really DO NOT want it to stop. We HAVE to have a President that will put a STOP to this, MEXICO IS DUMPING ON US.

    • Sarge

      I think it is time to stock up on ammo and whatever else you may need. Water, can goods, weapons. etc., because brother, it is coming and fast. The American people will sooner or later wake up and realize it is time to take arms. The government won't protect us from the border crossers, we will have to do it ourselves. I survived Vietnam, I'll survive this so my grand kids won't have to go through it.....

    • grandmaliberty

      I vote we adopt MExico's immigration laws and enforce them as firmly as they do.....

  • Robert R

    And I thought Texas was bad. What is wrong with all these Governors giving in school tuitition rates to illegal aliens? That is a welcome mat to allow more illegals into this country. Let's stop the dam insanity. They'll get their education, then take it to other countries. Can't they see that? The Governors are complete morons that want to give educations to illegal aliens. We will have to pay for their education, not the state. The Grants these unwanteds receive will only take away from the citizens of this country. Stop giving away our money without letting us vote on it. Texas did the same thing and it is now going to be next to impossible to stop the illegals from coming into our state. Doesn't any politicians see what is wrong with this program? GET THE ILLEGALS THE HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY, DON'T LET THEM BURDEN OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM..

  • Mildred

    There should be a law against it.!

  • Joe Kingeroff

    If RINORick intends to win the Republican nomination he better not intend to play up to our bleeding hearts. He's in the wrong party and the wrong time. We need a leader who is willing to round up all the illegals (some of the legals as well) and send them all home. We need a leader who will stand up to the greedy geezers and cut off socialist benefits. We need a leader who will stop union thugs from extorting high wages and benefits from honest job creators. We need a leader who will kick the greedy and lazy povery stricken SOBs in the butt and tell them to work harder, we are not supporting your lazy liberal ass. I know RINORick is trying to be that kind of leader but I don't know if I trust him to follow through.

    • Bev

      We are having one last push to ask Congressman Allen West to please run for POTUS. So if you would like Congressman West to run, please send him an e-mail at his Washington DC office. Also, you can call him or fax him at his other offices. Please go to: http://www.allenwest2012.ning.com

    • jackie38

      Yep...Rick Perry should stop now and save his money. He's no conservative and I would bet my life he wouldn't win the Presidency. He was a democrat and under Al Gores campaign camp! What do you expect? As soon as I heard Rick Perry's stance on the Immigration...he lost my vote immediately. Unfortunately, Reagan started all the B.S. of Amnesty...which opened up a can of worms in the 80's. Worst move Reagan ever made!!! I would say it was the beginning of the destruction of America. Ughh!!!

    • grandmaliberty

      I agree whole heartedly with every word you posted... I don't know who the heck I am going to vote for....I want this nonsense to stop......

  • OneCitizen

    RE: Constitution Of The United States of America: Section 4. The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

    10-20 million illegal aliens is an invasion. When shall our Government perform its duty? When will our elected representatives obey their oaths of office? WHEN WILL WE THE PEOPLE TAKE OUR GOVERNMENT BACK?

    • Lois

      An enemy within has taken the helm of the country. There is treason from top to bottom of our government...federal, state, local.

      The enemy within do not recognize our Constitution...rewriting it to their agenda.

      All of this is communism. We as American taxpaying citizens are paying for illegals to stab us in the back.

      The enemy within has open the gates to barbarism. The enemy within wants to destroy us, and they're doing it in many ways...redistributing our wealth throughout the world, to illegals, and newly unsponsored immigrants.

      We're dealing with the serpent seed.

  • Joyceann

    We shouldn't be giving illegals anything but a ride back home.

    • CarolandV

      Forget the ride...give them a "leave" date and then jail them and prosecute them! Sheriff Arpaio needs more hands to break rocks!

  • me1537

    It doesn't matter whether they get educated or not, they are still illegals. Some how we have got to do something about the liberal loons in government.

  • Rick Tallent

    This indicates that the Federal Government is failing to fulfill its Constitutional responsibility in two areas: foreign nationals invading the states due to an unprotected national border, and the gang violence in our streets peerpetuated by the drug lords and foreign cartels that supply them. Let's face it: the reason for the failure to act is political and financial. The financial benefit of low-cost foreign labor that is paid cash under the table without taxes being paid, and the illegal monies that come to politicians thru sources that could probably be traced to illegally-earned monies, be it drugs, prostitution, gambling, etc. Why do you think all of these politicians are so eager to get legalized gambling approved in all fifty states regardless of the moral and psychological (not to mention financial) consequences? It's all about the monies they receive from the ones who own them---not the ones who elect them.

  • Rick Tallent

    As for "in-state tuition" for illegal aliens because it is 'morally right' doesn't float the boat for me. A CRIMINAL is defined as one who violates the law for their own personal gain. I guess since our politicians are doing this to get the votes and influence of this demographic, that makes them criminals, too. It also makes them WHORES AND PROSTITUTES for selling out their souls for the power, money, and other benefits. And that is who (and what) is running our government.

  • Bob Basher

    What we need is a real TEA PARTY...a tax revolt....we just stop paying taxes...do things for cash barter if you smoke roll your own...to hell with this...it is we the people not we the few bloody idiots who decide for us all against the constitution I say TAX REVOLT....screw em all...it is not enough to just complain...it is not enough to vote in some few new conservatives..it will take too long for the change we need right now......WE HAVE THE POWER to wake the idiots up and let them no in no uncertain terms..enough is enough!

    • Peaches

      Vote for Newt Gingrich. He has a detailed plan and knows how to operate in the Washington DC snake pit. He also understands how serious our situation is, and how much hard work there is to do to turn around 20-30 years of assault on our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Our elected officials are using our money to shoot us in the foot.

      God have mercy on and bless America

  • thomas pardue

    There isn't any explanation for those who pass foolish bills. Except, those same people believe that the end result will not affect them. As previously stated; how bright can a person or group be when benefits to people who break our laws are rewarded far and above legal residents. Hey, the pot is only so big. But, these people will simply go to the bottomless tax well.

  • Rick Tallent

    The current Administration's FCC is working hard to schedule an "Auction" for all of the tv channels above #30 for the TELEPHONE COMPANIES to seize the spectrum for "wireless internet and associated services", basically, putting free-over-the-air television off-the air and out of business. They just recently 'took' everything above channel 51 and did the same thing. Any tv station that was on the taken channels had to move to another one at their own expense and with no compensation. This was in addition to having to go digital. TV stations are being forced into bankruptcy. The reason? So that the Obama Administration can keep the people from knowing what is happening. If you strip the nation of its local tv stations, then the only way people can get info is from the government controlled internet. THIS IS George Orwell's "1984", only 30 years later.

  • jgore

    And another one bites the dust....................

  • Judy

    If somebody really wants to help a deserving mexican student thru college. Than go to Mexico and give a student from one of their schools. A chance at a college education.Maybe then they would not break our laws (illegals) To attain the American dream ---. But to offer college to a illegal only encourages more illegal entry into the USA. And of course they will head straight to the states/towns/districts that offer it. Now when the states/towns/districts go bankrupt do not expect the
    rational people to bail you out.

  • Jeanne D.

    DELETED??? Guess YOU are also on the side of the lawbreakers.......wow... some administrator YOU are...FAIRNESS??? ONLY if YOU call ALL the shots...

  • Carol

    What makes me ill my family came from another country The Panama, Canal Zone as Americans and could get no help when my mother truely needed it but yet all the Cubans that came here illegally were given everything they needed to live and we as Americans couldn't get a thing does that sound fair to anyone?

  • Jeanne D.

    YOU delete my comments about making the GOVERNORS who WANT to ABET LAWBREAKERS by GIVING THEM RIGHTS THEY ARE NOT ENTITLED TO!!! WHAT did I say that YOU didn't think anyone else had the right to read??? I was no more inflammatory than some of the other's who believe that this lawbreaking by the governors has to stop, yet you deleted MY statement, with no reason given.

  • Don

    Those states that have adopted this new illegal immigration rule must now give the same benefit to all of the US citizens, otherwise Rhode Island is discriminating against US citizens. Come now you Rhode Island sympathizers pay up or shut up.

    • http://HiTekRescue.com Daniel

      I believe that now would be a great time for all those out of state tuition paying students to get together and file a class action law suit for discrimination and demand equal rights status as U.S. Taxpaying, voting, Citizens! I'm sure that there would be lots of attornies that would just jump at the chance to make a name for themselves or their business.

  • Mitchell

    Rhode ISland. has join other states giving benefits to Illegals,that is against Americans wish, lets see how many votes,they are gonnna get.?I think Perry found out going against the voters of Texas.

  • alphamom

    ...ergo, ALL students should be given in-state tuition! [what about our own, "home-grown", american born, 100% US citizens whose parents work hard, save, pinch pennies,deny themselves luxuries in order to pay for the education of their children?] who will ease their burdens?

  • Dean

    Some states are populated with stupid people. I feel sorry for the state. I hope you people enjoy paying for their benefts.

  • richard holmes

    Pee on illegal immigrants then throw them in a pit and cover them with dirt.

  • Mark

    When do the impeachment procedings begin??? Demand it

  • Mike

    President Obama says that if you graduate from school here you become a citizen. Now the states are saying that illegal alliens can go to school here with lower tuitions. Guess if you want the cheapest education you can get, just jump the fence and enroll. Too bad we can't jump the fence in some other nation and get a cheap education. We're being discriminated against.

  • kitty

    what about us americans that was born an raised in this country an we can not get insurance,we have worked for years an our goverment does not want to help us,the goverment acts like us seniors r worth nothing,we do not have a goverment that will do right for americans an work to get our country back in order the way it should be an was.We need to get a whole new goverment that will work for america I hope God will come an help us out soon

  • samtman

    It would be a shame to waist a good mind that can handle college level work no matter where they come from, many were even born here.

    • Vera Harrall

      Hey, I don't think we should "waste a good mind". They can take their good mind with them when we deport them. As for you, personally, samtman, were you educated in the USA? What a WAIST of an education!! WAIST=the part around your middle, and, if they were born here, they ARE a citizen, not an illegal!

  • zac

    He should be FIRED for stealing from the American people!


    If liberism is a mental disease then here in Ill we have a lot of them.

  • http://www.reformdc.com nax777

    This makes 13 states braking federal law. The Presidential debates need this question asked clear up to election night. “Will you enforce federal immigration laws on local and state lawmakers that aid, promote or provide sanctuary of any type to illegal immigrants?”

    Ten million, 20 million, 30 million, 40 million… Hello Sharia flag, for English please press 2!
    P.S. Did you vote this week at “you cut”? http://majorityleader.gov/YouCut/

  • Rene

    Since Rhode Island has no problem it seems with those that enter the country illegally - I know more than a few here in Texas that would like to send them ours!


    Freedom friends,This is Far from over here in Rhode Island.The Opponet out numbered the Pro people at the meeting.The board rubber stamped it anyway.Then almost instantally the Governer announced he was going to GIVE the Aliens Drivers Licences............Everyone here wants to Take him out of office over this Tom Foolery.The Talk radio is Blowing up here over the 2 decesions.So Maybe there is Hope in Little Rhody................................................Charles

  • Texas Pete

    And some of us in TX don't like what perry did here in giving money to children of illegal immigrants! We have many legal Texas that have to go deep into debt to go to school and some cant even go! If you are here illegally you are breaking the law and ya need to get out!!!!!!!

    • Peaches

      The word "illegal" has no meaning any more. These education subsidies we are giving out to "illegals" discriminates against citizens, and those immigrants who worked to become legitimate American citizens. We should all take note and vote the incumbents out, starting with the "good ole boy" network in the Tx. State Legislature that was responsible for holding up conservative legislation in spite of the conservatives having a super majority. How convenient for Perry, and how wrong, it is for him to say that the citizens of Texas voted for this support of illegals. Fortunately, the Tea Party Caucus in Texas has asked Perry to call a special session of the legislature (again) to take another vote. We'll see what happens.

      God have mercy on and bless Texas

  • Abby

    I want to know why states will provide in state tuition to illegals and not to legal citizens. this is discrimination at its worse. Certainly we have enough lawyers who can fight this discrimination. something has to be done.
    If the States still do this, then it is up to the state's population to pay this difference to help those illegals. Not the Federal Government and not my tax dollars.
    This isn't even political correctness but radical conduct against legal citizens.

  • Daphney

    what the hell1 is this country coming too. Who pay for the free benefits?

    • Goober

      You do!!!!! Who do you think pays????

  • Jack

    What is hard for our taxpaid politicians and govt workers to understand that illegal means a criminal and to enforce the laws not break them. They should be arrested for breaking the law them selves by passing a law legalizing illegal immigrants to go to college!!! GGGEEEZZZ!!! We want the illegals out of the country arrest them and transport them out,build the fence,provide security on the fence and protect our borders and our citizens. Outlaw all lobbyists,public unions, foreign aid, term limits, stop this insane crossing of criminals into our country!!!

  • surj1936
  • robert l craft

    i think those states supporting illegals should be made to put on ballet before the people, before they can make that decision.that's what is wrong with our city,state and federal government now,making decisions with out the people of this country giving their say so.i know all you politicians have forgotten you work for us.

  • billstanley1

    A 2001 Texas law signed by Perry allows illegal aliens, non-citizen immigrants and non-permanent residents to pay in-state tuition at state post-secondary schools, colleges and universities. During the 2009 fall semester, 12,138 students benefited from the law, including 3725 at universities. Because of the law, taxpayers paid $33.6 million in state and institutional financial aid between the fall of 2004 and the summer of 2008. Each seat occupied by an illegal alien is a seat not occupied by a citizen. http://www.newsandopinions.net.

  • Mike

    Hey legals stop paying state taxes and see where the money come from then for the illegals.

  • donjusko

    You said, “This policy change will improve the intellectual and culture life of Rhode Island while strengthening our workforce and helping our economy.”
    I though R.I. was better than that. I was wrong. If you continue with those policies you better be sure those illegals stay in R.I. You're a turncoat Governor Lincoln Chafee, you're board has been infiltrated. It must have been easy to do or they wouldn't have done it. An illegal is an illegal, I hate to see a state fail but you will learn why the Constitution was set up the way it was.

  • libra

    resident in state tuition is not the only bennie the illegals receive.. when an illegal female comes to the welfare office--she gets food stamps.low cost or free rent , her choice of several health care ins.( also free )companies.. she is then asked if she is pregnant--they then direct her for free prenatal care. rhode island now has anchor fetuses. doesn't it just warm your heart the politicians can direct such uses of your hard earned tax dollars. what ever happened to family and friends of legally arriving newcomers being responsible for supporting them? i do not understand the logic of such largesse to lawbreakers.. illegal aliens need to face charges greater than a misdemeanor for entering the usa illegally. start riding these complicit politicians to change the law on penalties for entering illegally--send the illegals to the iranian border--the iranians know what to do with these criminals.

  • Rick Tallent

    I have started contacting my state representatives to ask them if they were the ones who voted for and approved teh in-state tuition deal here in Texas. If they did, I will tell them---regardless of their party affiliation or personal friendship--that I will aggressively seek to remove them from public office. I am also notifying Gov. perry's people that I cannot support him because of this issue. It is pandering to the illegals to the inth degree.

  • spiderlip

    Im glad that im getting older and some day I want be here to see our great Unites States turn into a socialist government. Who knows at that time the government will no longer put up with this crap.

    Government leaders don't care and the American citizens will not stand up to their leaders like the rest of the world does. Rhode island I hope your debt gets larger and ypu go bankrupt.

    Good for the great state of Texas. Where they can vote to suceed the union. I wish we had a strong governor here in NC instead of a weakest link

  • http://impeachobamacampaign.com Raymond

    Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill
    H.R. 3200 - Key Points. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcBaSP31Be8

  • frederick bronson

    what would ghappen if an American stold services they would be arrested, if you are a illegal hispanic you get a pat on the back, you are American and don' pay your taxes you have your accounts froze, lose every thing you have and good chances go to prison, illegal hispanic you get to claim dependents you do not have in mexico, American you must buy insurence, illegal hispanic you cann't spit out kids any quicker so you get more food stamps so you can sell your food and pay for that truck, you take an Americans future make them feel they have no future and sooner or later you will have a revolt, a war and this country as we know it will fall if we let hispanics keep up the way we are we need to do some thing.

    frederick bronson

  • Bev

    We are having one last push to ask Congressman Allen West to please run for POTUS. So if you would like Congressman West to run, please send him an e-mail at his Washington DC office. Also, you can call him or fax him at his other offices. Please go to: http://www.allenwest2012.ning.com

  • Lee

    Well at least they are paying SOMETHING instead of getting something for free.

  • jackie38

    Ok.....this is so ridiculous and treasonous!! This is all a conspiracy people... Our way of life is being ripped out from underneath Americans....because of this reverse discrimination and politically correct era. It has ruined this Country to its core. I knew it would years ago when it started. I am so disgusted. OMG!!! Our government argues that AZ law was unconstitutional. What a bunch of hypocrits!! They are blatantly passing laws that are unconstitutional. Illegal is illegal. It's simple and logical. Kick out every single politician that doesn't follow our rule of law. I am sorry to say...I guess we really need to hit rock bottom before these idiots finally realize that they are idiots and they are destroying our Country COMPLETELY. I don't give a rats butt that these people came into this country by their parents. It's irrelevant. They should not be given any of our taxpayers money or any of our resources. Ughh!!!!!!

  • GDC

    We need a president that will enforce the law. Send in the FBI and National Guard, arrest the Governors and everyone else that refuse to follow the Federal Laws.

  • Bien

    -Maybe it’s the christian thing to do!
    RE: 3 American Hikers Now In The NEWS











    AND, IN MANY INSTANCES, YOU CAN VOTE. as long as you vote democrat.



  • obamaisafraud

    Here's the thing that MOST of you are missing! All across this country in EVERY state, we are educating for Free illegal immigrants because Federal law does NOT allow a school to ask a parent to show proof of citizenship when they enroll their child in K to 12th grade! So, if we're educating illegal immigrants for free through High School, just based on their residence in the area/state, how are those young people NOT eligible for in-state tuition? They simply are. And I guarantee colleges merely ask anyone to prove that they have lived in the state for one year, in order to get in-state tuition, no college forces someone to prove their citizenship. The whole issue with Perry is a straw man and distraction. He's doing nothing wrong, and his state wanted that to be acknowledged in the Texas Legislature and by law. There is really nothing wrong with what he/they did. If we want to change this, we have to accept the premise that we ALL will have to prove our citizenship. Perry is not a liberal for God's sake. I work for a college in Florida, I know what I'm talking about.

  • Sue

    No illegal should be rewarded with any benefits. Maybe then they would go home.

  • Beth

    Horray for RL. Now we know where to send the ones in our state. Loading the buses now. I hope they are ready because we don't want them in our state.

  • CarolandV

    The crazies are running the asylum...we need a brain check for all politicians as a pre-requesite for running for office! NOW!


    Once again, Idiot politicians like Linc stick it to AMERICAN CITIZENS, while lavishing yet more largesse upon the ILLEGAL ALIENS. What is wrong with this picture? We have MILLIONS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS OUT OF WORK, and I suspect there are alot of AMERICAN YOUNGSTERS who are having a rather tough time during this crummy economy paying for the high cost of their tuition. Chaffee and other like minded Americans (If you can call them Americans) should be thrown out of office, and OUT OF THE COUNTRY WITH THE ILLEGAL ALIENS THEY LOVE SO MUCH. Sickening and outrageous.

  • Co-opted Confederate

    A pox ( a purtrid, cancerous pox on the Governor of Rhode Island and all who grant ANY taxpayer funded support for any ILLEGAL , Unlawful Undocumented persons caught living in ANY of The United States of America. Why don' they just wipe their commie pinko bed wetting asses with the Constitution.

  • William

    If i lived in that state it would be a slap in the face to me. Some law breakers can come in and get help where a native can't get it. The goverment of the state needs to be given a lesson on being the american way.

  • D Ferry

    Another Demonrat Party stronghold and everything that comes with it including loss of gun rights, high taxes, corruption, crime but best of all illegal aliens. All illegal aliens should flock to this Demonrat paradise. Could not happen to a nicer group of progressive liberal socialists.

  • D Ferry

    dont bother posting on this sight as every comment must be approved. Stop sending me these as a email scumbags

  • Jeff

    This is discrimination against bankrobbers , murderers, and thieves. They ought to have benifits also how dare they.