Obamacare Cost Purdue University $2.8 Million & Others To Cut Staff Hours

When I first attended college, I went to Mesa Community College in Mesa, AZ that cost me $45 a semester for 12 or more hours credit.  Two years later I attended Arizona State University.  I forget how much it cost when I first hit ASU, but I do recall that my last semester before graduation cost me an outrageous sum of $212 a semester for 12 or more hours credit.

Forty years later you can’t even pay for one hour’s credit for $212, let alone a full semester load.  I just checked and for 7 or more hours at the ASU main campus in Tempe now costs $4,742.  Part time students taking one class worth 3 hours credit will pay $2,031 for that single class.  The cost of a college education today in some schools is more than the price of an average home which is why we now have over $1 trillion dollars worth of student loans, all owed to the government.

Now thanks to Obamacare, the cost of a college education is going to take another significant jump.  For example, Purdue University says that the cost of the Obamacare mandated health insurance for their 27,000 employees and their families will run around $2.8 million.

Even though the employer mandate had been pushed back a year, Purdue and many other colleges are already taking steps to comply with the socialist demands of Obamacare.  Purdue’s Board of Trustees is exploring several healthcare options, but regardless of what option they take, the school is still facing a cost of around $2.8 million dollars to comply.

Other schools such as Florida’s Hillsborough Community College and St. Petersburg College are facing costs of $777, 000 to comply with the employer mandated.  Both schools have begun cutting the hours of adjunct faculty members to below the 30 hour per week limit so that they do not have to provide the mandated coverage.

A member of the Republican National Committee sent an email that stated:

“Americans and students should not be punished for this train wreck of a law, but that is exactly what is happening while President Obama and leading Democrats pretend the law is ‘wonderful.’”

Obamacare isn’t the only mandate from the First Family that is hurting schools financially.  The Carmel Clay School District in Indiana is reporting a $300,000 loss as a result of having to comply with Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move!’ program that mandates school lunch menus.

Obamacare is going to drive the cost of education to go higher and higher.  But what really upsets me is that NONE of the mainstream media is carrying this kind of news.  When I did a Google search for ‘Purdue University Obamacare, these were the top ten results: Red Alert Politics, WeeklyStandard.com, Nation.FoxNews.com, TheCollegeFix.com, Uneditedpolitics.com, FreeBeacon.com, LibertyNews.com, YouTube.com, TeaPartyOrg.Nig.com, Amazon.com/forum/politics.

Notice that none of them are part of the mainstream media.  Why?  Because it’s too negative and they can’t allow negative reporting concerning anything Obama has done.  The mainstream media treats any negative press of Obama the same as many religions treat blasphemy.  They don’t want to be part of anything that might cast a shadow on their black god in the White House, even if he is intent on using Obamacare to force the economic collapse of America so he can rise up and establish his socialistic nation.  And with the majority of American’s supporting him, it’s exactly what we deserve!



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    And of course these universities are just the tip of the iceberg. Now lets go to states and state workers and every single business that is privately owned. You will see soon that the vast amount of workers will be working twenty hours or less. Just like the Soviet Union everyone will have a job but, no one will be making any money.

    • greyhound44

      Perfect response!
      ret expat MD

    • $2398599

      But, the Soviets, were given all the Vodka they could drink, to drown their sorrow, while here, they want us to give details, of whatever is IN THE VODKA.

      • https://me.yahoo.com/a/CfsINEYDoex3fXYF.FLFCPOcXaFQros-#f30f8 jong

        Ah true, But, do you remember what some of the Vodka was made of?? Here we dont even get rot gut (literally) booze we are made to eat the bull crap

        • posthuf

          BUT we do have 'legalized' pot to keep the idiot masses happy!

        • https://me.yahoo.com/a/CfsINEYDoex3fXYF.FLFCPOcXaFQros-#f30f8 jong

          And with pot unlike vodka we have no rules. There is not a single rule on how much you can have and not be considered under the influence.

  • greyhound44

    All in DC and All in the Lame stream media need to be eliminated!
    ret expat
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  • LawrenceO

    So, do you think tuition will go down once ObamaCare is in place? Chat fance! Like everything else, you'll pay the same and get less for it. Are there no economists yelling at Obama yet?

  • fliteking

    Article: "Obamacare Cost Purdue University $2.8 Million & Others To Cut Staff Hours"

    No . . . it is going to cost them a lot more than that.

  • posthuf

    IF any major business has half a brain, instead of firing everybody and closing doors, they'll declare all employees 'independent contractors.' That will make them individually responsible for their own taxes, healthcare, retirement program, education and everything else employers pay for.

    And if the employees don't like it, THEN close the doors. obama will be so happy.

  • ed357

    My hope is that 0bamaCare inflicts the maximum pain possible across the board........

    Then the Liberals can feel our pain........

    BTW......exempting anyone from 0bamaCare should be against the law.....if it's not already under the Equal Opportunity Laws.

  • carolchristine

    What did all of these Liberals expect when they voted for Obama? The whole mess he and the Dems have created is disgusting . There were other ways to approach healthcare besides destroying our healthcare system and destroying businesses and schools etc.

  • Kent2012

    What is going to come of education when all the parasites fall off........

  • Benton Bain

    Since a majority of these universities' students and faculty voted for Obama I do not feel a bit sorry them.
    I feel sorry for those that are forced to comply by these liberals.

  • SFS444

    You voted for him now you take it. Its good to see those who supported this creature feel the pain as well. Besides, they let a large majority of non citizens go to their schools free while the rest of us pay for our American kids. My friend has a neighbor who is a Chinese immigrant whos two daughters were given scholarships to college and they can barely speak English. I dont feel anything for the colleges that are raping our kids wallets and letting foreigners get by free.

  • http://www.slabaugh.org Joseph Slabaugh

    Actually Fox Nation is MSM, but the rest is not...