Arizona College Suspends Nursing Student for Wanting Classes Taught in English, Not Spanish

I lived in Arizona for 36 years and still believe that it is God’s country.  But sadly, it is quickly becoming northern Mexico, just like California, New Mexico and Texas are.  Hispanics are still illegally flooding over the border and turning many family friendly communities into neighborhoods of drugs, crime and lowering property values.

The neighborhood I lived in before moving to northern Kentucky in 1996 was still a nicely cared for family friendly neighborhood.  The stores in the area reflected the neighborhoods around them.  It was a great place to raise a family and live.  Last summer, I went back to Arizona to visit my parents that live up in the White Mountains.  Before heading back to the airport in Phoenix, I took time to drive through the old neighborhood.  I was shocked and saddened by what I saw, but warned about it by family and friends.

Virtually the entire neighborhood had been overtaken by Hispanics, with some homes housing over 20 individuals.  The yards looked terrible and trashy.  The cars in the driveways looked the same.  I stopped into the local grocery store where we had always shopped and found that it had not only changed its name, but it had also changed the items it carried.  Most of the signs in the store were in Spanish along with many of the labels.  I felt more like I was in Mexico rather than in America.  I was looked down on and obviously watched and shunned by those in the store.  In fact, I was the only non-Hispanic in the store.

Terri Bennett experienced a similar situation this year, only it may have ruined her chances of pursuing the nursing degree she wanted.

Bennett enrolled in the nursing program at Pima Community College in Tucson.  She soon found herself assigned to a small student group of which she was the only one where English was their first language.  They were supposed to work together, but all of the others spoke Spanish, not English and Bennett had no clue what was going on.  The class was asked to fill out anonymous evaluation forms and on her form, she wrote that she would prefer that there would be no Spanish spoken in the classroom.

Shortly after filling out the evaluation, Bennett found herself in a classroom where Spanish was the predominate language, including the instructions and lessons.  She requested a meeting with David Kutzler, the Director of the Nursing Program to talk about how her learning environment was so challenging because of all of the Spanish spoken in the classroom.  According to Bennett, Kutzler accused her of discriminating against Mexican-Americans and referred to her a bigot and a bitch.

The very next day, Bennett was called into a meeting with other college staff.  She was again accused of being discriminating to the point that even if she stayed at PCC to complete her degree that she would never get a job afterwards.  During the meeting, Kutzler confronted her with her ‘anonymous’ evaluation.

Eleven days later, Bennett received a progress report that stated that she had ineffective communication skills.  A week later, Bennett was greeted by college security upon her arrival at the campus and told her that she needed to leave the campus immediately.  She received a letter stating that her:

“…presence on College property [posed] a significant risk of disruption of educational activities,” and that she “engaged in discriminatory conduct.”

According to a lawsuit that has been filed against the college:

“Then on Monday morning, April 22, 2013, Ms. Bennett arrived on campus. … She immediately noticed Mr. Kutzler running from his car into the Nursing Office building. She also noticed there were several law enforcement vehicles in the parking lot. … As Ms. Bennett entered the building, she was approached by a man who identified himself as head of PCC security, and who requested whether she was Terri Bennett and requested her to show her identity card, which Ms. Bennett did. … Ms. Bennett was given a sealed envelope, informed that she was immediately suspended from PCC, and instructed to leave campus immediately. … Upon information and belief, a police vehicle followed her to the freeway. Mr. Kutzler sent an email to PCC staff advising them that they were not allowed to talk to Ms. Bennett.”

Basically, Terri Bennett was expelled from Pima Community College for wanting to have her classes conducted in English, not Spanish.  Her lawsuit is based upon the school labeling her as a bigot, being discriminatory and for being indefinitely suspended from her studies.  In her lawsuit, they point out that Article 28 of the Arizona State Constitution established English as the official language of the state.  Section 3 of Article 28 states:

“A person shall not be discriminated against or penalized in any way because the person uses or attempts to use English in public or private.”

Her list of complaints against the school are:

1)    Violation of Art. 28, Arizona Constitution

2)    Violation of Right to Free Speech

3)    Unlawful Suspension

4)    Defamation

5)    Violation of Right to Privacy: False Light

6)    Discrimination

7)    Retaliation

8)    Harassment

9)    Breach of Contract

10) Breach of Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing

11) Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

Since when is it discriminatory to want your college classes to be taught in English anywhere in the United States?  I hope that Terri Bennett not only wins her lawsuit, but that David Kutzler loses his job for being discriminatory against Bennett and for defaming her character.  A victory should also force the school to actually teach their courses in English and not Spanish.

This is America and our Founding Fathers selected English as the official language of our nation.  I have never seen anything that indicates this has been repealed.  Until that time, everything needs to be done in English and people coming to our nation need to make an effort to learn the language.  After all, if any of us move to another country, we are forced to learn the language, so should they.



  • Screeminmeeme

    I pray she wins....but expect more of the same as many groups push to make the Hispanic culture dominate in America.

  • jong

    Good luck with your case. At least in Arizona you have a chance. If this had been brought up in California we would already have Jackson and Sharpton calling for justice for the mexicans many of which I would put good money on are not paying for it and are illegal.

    • Another Guest

      Jackson and Sharpton only protest black causes,other than that I agree.

      • jong

        Good point. However with it being slow you never know when they will branch out. :)

    • romney2011

      Ms. Bennett, I am with you heart, soul, and prayer. I pray to God to stop this literal zealous treason against America and citizens. These ILLEGALS come to OUR country and demand rights they have no just reason to claim. Then they crap all over our country, the Constitution, laws, culture to the point of criminal and subversive acts. Of course, they could not do this if it weren't for obama the evil, hateful Anti-American who is a Muslim and Communist. Also, our elected officials take our votes and then betray us. It is time to stop this dumbass voting for those who will not protect us and America. If we can't stop this treason then we will be facing an internal war with the feds, Hispania, and Islam. Will some of you fools wake up. Ms. Bennett today. You are your family next. Fight back NOW.


    Libturds are doing the best they can in order to change the national language as Spanish, since they were successful in not having ANY to begin with, due to "political correctness".

    • romney2011

      Will it be Spanish or Arabic? Both are running all over America. If you think Ms. Bennett has gotten a raw deal wait until the ILLEGALS AND MUSLIMS TAKE OVER WITH HELP FROM OBAMA. You and I will be treated far, far worse than slaves in the 17th and 18th centuries. The American welfare slugs (black and white), ILLEGALS and Muslims will spit on us, imprison us, we will be jobless except for slave labor. And do you understand how the Muslims deal with those who don't agree with them? If you are stupid, apathetic, or ignorant just search for "muslim beheadings"! Watch a few and decide, is this how you want to die. As for me I will NOT do as the Jews did in WWII and get on a train willingly to a place called "nowhere. America, wake up, fight back, begin civil disobedience. Have you ever seen a nation prosper in any way in a totalitarian government and under a gun?

  • annette

    I am in no way surprised. I went to a vocational school to apply for a
    medical tech class and was told there weren't many openings left, then
    told there was NO financial aid at all. The women speaking to me was
    hispanic and she did everything to get her point across that I truly
    wasn't welcomed there and I should be on my way. I walked outside in
    tears and there were about 300 students milling around at the end of the
    day and I have to say in all honesty I did not see any white students
    anywhere. The reception desk, other office people walking around all
    looked at me when I entered the building like I must have gotten lost
    and found myself in the wrong place, now I know why all the stares and
    cold quiet shoulder treatment when I walked in there. This was in
    Florida. I still don't understand why and how this happens in the United

    • Marie Bethamn

      Hmmm, let me guess, South Florida? Or perhaps Osceola county? My Central Florida employer has hired a Chief Diversity Officer and issued employee conduct guidelines which include prohibiting us from telling someone, "sorry, I don't speak Spanish, can you bring someone with you to translate?" Oh no, WE have to stop what we are doing to find a translator for them. Florida is quickly going down the tubes with immigrants and Northeasterners dragging us towards liberalism and "wealth redistribution". What's left of my "wealth" and I will be moving soon.

      • Marvin Standridge

        Since we have lost control of any hope, where will you go because they are in all States and growing, so learn Arabic or Spanish and you will be just fine.
        Or we could come together as a people not divided and vote these worthless politicians out while they only really control Romney's 47 percent.

    • Marvin Standridge

      Which politicians did you vote for?

  • posthuf

    Seems to me this it the EXACT same way Spanish education was introduced into our education system. If lawsuits were allowed to be used to force minority Spanish speakers onto a majority English education system, they should be allowed to be used to force minority English speakers onto a majority Spanish education system.

    The like for pro-bono lawyers starts on the left:


    Like that'll ever happen. No money or notoriety in supporting a white English minority.

  • RJohnston

    The Balkanization of the US. By design a house divided can not stand. The left has been pushing this since the 60s.



  • Remag1

    NO Problem. Obama will make a speech............when pigs fly.

    • Marvin Standridge

      The only thing Obama knows how to do is read monitors and spend tax dollars flying around this Country and the World in Air Force One!

  • wabbitno2

    I also live in Arizona and the changes I have seen in my state are sad but it will continue to be that way because Obozo and his administration and the lefties want it that way. They refuse to send these illegals back to where they came from and we that are true Americans get to support these illegals. Enough is enough but don't count on anything changing in the near future. Arizona is becoming northern Mexico just like several other border states and that's exactly what these Mexicans want. I don't mind them wanting to live in our country but do it the legal way and become a real American and speak English. I hope this student will fight and fight hard with a big win on her side.

    • Marvin Standridge

      What Obama and like minded politicians don't understand or realize is as soon as they get enough votes to elect their own people these worthless politicians will be removed from office. There is a city in Southern California where the Mexicans have taken over and were inviting all illegals to move there and they required all business to be conducted in Spanish. I wrote the worthless politicians in Sacramento and told them that they needed to revoke their charter, and you guessed it, my suggestion fell on def ears.

  • Jakebrake

    Can somebody tell me when AZ move into Mexico?? I thought this was part of the USA and ENGLISH is spoken here.

    • Marvin Standridge

      They moved there just before California did!


    Where in the HELL is the ACLU on this one.......................* crickets *.........................Yah that is what I thought. GOD dammed SOCIALIST have screwed America to the wall and still want more blood. There is a reason why people like me do not win 4 and 500 million dollar power-ball jackpots, I would use ALL OF it to rid America of the scumbag Socialists. Ashes to ashes people, dust to dust for the Socialists.

  • klorber

    any class taught in us should be taught in english period unless it is an language class of course get a grip

  • Mac Boy



    land of the free and home of the brave.

    How may I help you?

    Press '1' for English.

    Press '2' to disconnect until you learn to speak English

    2013 IS HERE

    A Nation of Sheep - Breeds a Government of Wolves!

    Borders are Closed...

    Language is ENGLISH only...

    Culture: Constitution and the Bill of Rights!!!

    Drug Free: Drug screen mandatory for anyone on welfare and/or food stamps!

    NO freebies to Non-Citizens!

    We the People are waking up!!


    • SuperFly2000

      AMEN MAC! We are waking UP! Its a slow process but we are waking up! Lets send these Mexican Bastards out on the ASS they rode in on! WE pushed them across the border once we can DO IT AGAIN!

  • netandyawho

    The communists must be proud of comrade Kutzler just as they revere Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin.

    • grenadier388

      @netandyawho: You forgot Barrie Sutoero a.k.a. as Obama.

  • txlady706

    The PROGRESSIVES are anything but inclusionary.

    They want want the tower of Babel. If we segment the country so that people have LESS communication, then they won't be able to come together for REAL issues. Did the Mexicans come here legally? Was this a foreign school inside the US - maybe the school is known as a Mexican school, but they forgot to mention that when they invaded. Does this constitute an invasion? A country is defined by what? What are the ways to define a territory of any sort? How does Mexico define itself? Are there PUBLIC schools in Mexico that are taught in ANY other language and Mexican Spanish is NOT permitted?

  • DocJimmy

    Withhold funds, suspend School Charter, etc, etc, etc. This type of thing SHOULD NOT happen in the United States of America. Ah Yes, dismiss the Faculty involved as well. JUST DO IT!!!

  • neomatsu

    If you dont want to speak english, then you need to leave!!!! So tired of this liberal crap and all of this PC. If i went to france or germany or greece or any other country, i better learn how to speak a minimum of their language! I will not learn to speak a foreign language as a citizen of the US. If you want to talk to me, learn english and i will not do business with you if you dont speak english! I have dropped services because they off shored their customer service or their tech support and i have no problem stoppin business with any other business that dosent speak English! Its time we stand up and take a stand and make English the official language of this great nation! the people at this college needs to be fired from their jobs and i too hope she wins her lawsuit, because that college is getting federal funds, hurts to think my tax dollars are going to people that run this country and have no business running it!!!!

    • Marvin Standridge

      Remember all of the administrations and faculty at almost all colleges in the USA are very liberal in their agenda and will attack any non-liberal, I know this for a fact because I was one of the very few non-liberal teachers in the Community College system in the State of California and was discriminated against and no Administrator would defend me as a matter of fact one administrator told me that they could do anything to me as long as it didn't affect the students "no harm no foul" was his commit and then he asked "Marvin how old are you? we shouldn't even be having this conversation.
      Because of all of the anxiety I suffered and the toll it was taking on my health I was forced to give in and retire at the age of 74. They couldn't fire me because all of my student evaluations were B+.

  • joshuasweet

    We need a law passed at the congressional level that English is the official language of this nation. It will save money in the long run because we will no longer have to make forms for each language any more. Classes would be taught in English because it is the national language and the only acceptable form of communication.

    • Marvin Standridge

      Never going to happen because the politicians need votes and are afraid if they offend anybody other than English Speaking Legal USA Citizens then they will get removed from office.
      We must unit and quit being led to the slaughter house by the corrupt politicians. The Democrats turn their party against all none Democrats and the rest of the parties follow suit.
      All you have to do to see this in action is read the comments posted and the name calling that goes with it.

      • rosemarienoa

        It's called pandering!!!

        • joshuasweet

          so true and the democrats are great panderers

  • Joseph A. Nagy, Jr

    Um, I support Ms. Bennett as well but this country has no official language.

    • John OMalia

      Arizona does, it is English!

      • Joseph A. Nagy, Jr

        Arizona does, but the United States of America doesn't have an official language. Never has.

  • doximom

    I live in Mexico. Classes in all schools are taught in Spanish! What a concept! The USA is a joke anymore. They are sooooooooooooo politically correct as to be laughable.

  • rosemarienoa

    I live in Tucson so I know what you are talking about!!! AZ has been taken over by Mexicans thanks to Janet (no clue) Napolitano!!!

  • Joe Sabin

    Ms Bennett must win this case. If what occurred is true the college administrators should be fired. Was the school educating students to be nurses in Mexico or in the US? This is ,shows how the US has fallen with PC crap

  • Unimoggers

    This is only the beginning. As Mexicans get elected into public office by illegal aliens, no English will be allowed anywhere in Tucson, Phoenix, Flagstaff, Prescott, or the rest of Arizona. My madre is turning over in her grave. "I hope that Terri Bennett not only wins her lawsuit, but that David Kutzler loses his job for being discriminatory against Bennett and for defaming her character," is an understatement.

  • grenadier388

    I live in Canada. Same situation here when you live in Quebec.

    My condolences. But it could be worse: The language could be Arabic, with sharia law where women can not even be educated.

    God (not allah) bless America and Canada.

    • Joseph A. Nagy, Jr

      Except in Quebec French and English are the official languages, are they not?

  • 2egypt

    This is the USA. We speak english, not spanish....Arizona is part of the USA, not Mexico. Hope Terri wins her lawsuit and goes on to sue the rest of the SOB that are catering to the Mexicans. If they don't want to speak our language, then go back to their country.