How Long Will Muslim Brotherhood Force Huma Abedin to Stay Married to Anthony Weiner?

Anthony Weiner was a promising Democratic congressman from New York’s 9th District which is located entirely within Brooklyn.  First elected in 1999, Weiner easily won re-elections with no less than 59% of the vote.  In 2005, he ran for Mayor of New York City and lost, but still remained a very popular congressman.

In 2009, Weiner, a Jew, got engaged to Huma Abedin, a Muslim and aide to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  They married in 2010 and now have a son named Jordan Zain Weiner.

Last year, Weiner was caught sexting messages and nude images of himself, forcing him to resign from Congress in shame, but Abedin stood by him.  Weiner is now running for Mayor of New York City again and he has been caught with even more sexting with over half a dozen different women.  Weiner refuses to withdraw from the race and his popularity in New York does not seem to be diminished by the scandal.  Once again, Abedin stands by her husband.

Huma Abedin is a devout Muslim from a powerful Muslim family.  Her mother is Saleha Mahmoud Abedin, a professor and dean at Dar El-Hekma College in Saudi Arabia.  She is also a prominent official in the Muslim Sisterhood, the female counterpart to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Although Huma married a Jew, a mortal enemy of all Muslims, she is still accepted by her Muslim family and friends.  Normally her marriage would have constituted her being disowned by the family and subjected to an honor killing.

So one has to beg the question why she had been allowed to marry a Jew and not face disgrace from her family and fellow Muslims?

I believe the answer can be found in a Muslim word ‘Muruna’.  There are times when Muslim leadership believe it is more important to plant a spy to gain valuable information than it is for that spy to follow all Muslim law.  It is not uncommon for Muslim leadership to push a woman into a relationship with a non-Muslim in order to gain the confidence and trust of an infidel.  Once that trust has been gained, the Muslim woman can begin to exert some influence into the dealings of her husband and in the process learn important secrets that she can pass on to her Muslim handlers back home.

I believe Huma Abedin is a Muruna and that her marriage to the Rep. Anthony Weiner was planned and sanctioned by the Muslim Brotherhood.  At the time, Weiner had high expectations of furthering his political career, possibly a run for senate seat once held by Hillary Clinton or even higher.  Having a husband in the US Congress would be a great asset to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Then Weiner was disgraced and ended up resigning from Congress.  If that was the end of his political career, it would seem that a divorce would have been proper, but for some reason, it wasn’t to be.  This makes me wonder if Weiner’s run for mayor could have been prompted by the strong encouragement of his wife, Abedin.  The Muslim Brotherhood has invested too much into Abedin’s marriage with Weiner to throw it down the tubes so soon, so he is being advised or pressured to run for office again.

If Weiner loses the mayoral election, then perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood will advise her to get a divorce and concentrate on her position as an advisor to the State Department.  Abedin will still be a valuable asset to the Muslim Brotherhood, even without Weiner because of her relationship with Hillary Clinton.  She was Clinton’s number one confidant while she was Secretary of State.  If Hillary manages to win the presidential election in 2016, you can bet your bottom dollar that Abedin will be by her side in some key role, enabling her to pass many state secrets back to her Muslim Brotherhood family.

In my opinion, Huma Abedin is a dangerous enemy of the United States and should be treated as such.



  • Screeminmeeme

    Huma is practicing al taquiyya......lying sanctioned by allah in order to advance the faith. It would be a particularly satisfying triumph for Islam if her husband becomes mayor of the very city where nearly 3000 people were slaughtered on 911 by Jihadists. It would be like planting another flag of victory there.

    Huma would be in a position of influence and advocacy for Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. (She already has influence in the State Department). The MB has successfully infiltrated many levels of government throughout the country and its the stated goal of the organization to destroy America from within.

    MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MOTTO: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope. Allahu akbar!”

    “It is in the NATURE OF ISLAM TO DOMINATE, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.” —Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna

    The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD advocates a DECEPTIVE STRATEGY IN DEMOCRACIES---To appear moderate and use existing institutions to gain power. “The civilizational-Jihad process is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and DESTROYING THE WESTERN CIVILIZATION FROM WITHIN and ''sabotaging’ its miserable house…so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious overall other religions,” reads a US Muslim Brotherhood 1991 document.

    The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD uses DEMOCRACY, but once in power it will replace democracy with fundamentalist SHARIAH LAW because it is the “true democracy.” —Former Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Muhammed Mahdi Akef, Nov. 2007.

    • fliteking

      Great post my friend

      • Screeminmeeme

        Thank you.

    • Poodleguy

      You are spot on with clarity as well!! The satanic animals have figured out how to use our laws & our Constitution to their benefit & to our detriment!! We have but one choice & that is to kill them before they kill us............

    • notislam

      Islam-the Brotherhood and all those who back it are the CANCER of our time and if the USA doesn't wake up and exterminate them - good bye
      to this life!. I never thought that this country would be in such a mess.
      Here we have a CONSTITUTION but what good is it when the traitors are
      not punished?

    • Bundoker

      Seeing these beliefs makes it easier to understand how a Muslim is allowed to be a Communist or viz a viz ,,, at least until any objectives like destroying America are complete.

      • Devasahayam

        Muslim and commie are rather similar anyway -- both doctrines formed by The Serpent (Old Nick) -- more so than the coincidental resemblance of Islam's crescent to communism's scythe.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Yup. Both totalitarian.

    • Karl Dulaff

      Heck, they've even got one of their own in the White House.

      • Screeminmeeme

        Ya got that right.

  • fliteking

    So, do I have this right? We have a perverted tyrant married to a Muslim Brotherhood Proponent running for office wearing the Democratic Cape of the left?

    AM I close?

    America will never wake up .

    • babsan

      Not just close,RIGHT on.Remember,Clinton's and Muslims have a cozy relationship and Huma has too many insides from both the Brotherhood,Billary and Hill so this is a "sticky" situation.

  • Dan

    We must cast out all those who wish us ill will:

  • raccman

    Corruption personified - and we continue to Twitter and play with our phones. . . . .

  • groscoe

    Muslim and a Jew married? It ain't for love I'm sure. And how about Huma holding a part time job paying her $335K a year while classified as a Special Govt. Employee. I wonder if Huma found out that Hillary roomed with a lesbian for four years while going to college and perhaps some of it rubbed off on Hillary as her and Bill have gone out of their way to take care of Huma.....

    • jong

      So both Hillary and Bill got something out of her. (I know sick humour)

    • Devasahayam

      "Muslim and a Jew married? It ain't for love I'm sure" -- although you're probably correct in the case of Crybaby (literal translation of "weiner", actually pronounced in German as "whiner") and Rielle-Hunter-as-mohajir (Abedin), there was one marriage (total) between a Muslim and a Jew(ess) where there was love (from one side, the woman's), that of Porkistani spin-bowler (cricket position) later-turned-politician Imran Khan and Jemima Goldsmith (lasted long enough for the spin-bowler to spread his rotten seed legitimately -- and died after his answer to 1997 CA conviction of being deadbeat-dad, "I don't have time, energy or moneys to defend myself on such cases worldwide").

      • Bundoker

        No offense intended but is the German pronunciation with a V or W?

        • Devasahayam

          "w" in German is pronounced as "v", and "v" more like "f".

        • Bundoker

          My mom was an accent free US born Hollander but her mom (grandma) spoke that way ... she and her 13 brothers and sisters spoke both languages ... Grandma and came to America in 1863 as a teen.

  • PBHayes

    I agree completely with this writers assessment of Abedin. Just looking at Weiner makes me wonder why any woman would have interest in him. Like Hillary this enemy of our nation is only interested in political power. Unfortunately the USA is in such dire straits we likely will never recover from the likes of Clinton, Bush and Obama.

  • DockyWocky

    Edited for content, the article could be rewritten as follows:

    Strange bedfellows

    In 2009, Weiner, a Joo, got engaged to Huma Abedin, a moslem, and an aide to the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They got married in 2010 and now have a son named Jordan Zain Mohammed Weiner.

    Now, Huma Abedin is a devout moslem from a powerful moslem family. She bows and scrapes toward Mecca 5 -6 times a day - most likely when Anthony Weiner does most of his tele-texting.

    Huma's mother is Saleha Mahmoud Mohammed Abedin, a professor and dean at Dar El-Hekma College in Saudi Arabia.

    She is also a prominent official in the Moslem Sisterhood, the female counterpart, and likely the brains of the Moslem Brotherhood.

    Although Huma married a Joo, Joos being onsidered mortal enemies of all moslems, she is still accepted by her moslem family and friends. No word about how Weiner's family accepts Huma.

    Normally a marriage of a moslem to a Joo would have resulted in her being disowned by the family and becoming the honoree of an honor killing.

    Its nice to have a moslem Sisterhood mole in the U.S State Department.

    • Bundoker

      A very cool reply. But maybe the mole analogy might not needed anymore ... they now can operate in plain sight, unreported by the MSM with the general public oblivious to what's happenin'.

  • jong

    Well done and factual article. However I have information that Wiener gave up his being Jewish in order to marry this hag. It came out during the first time he revealed his oscar meyer to the world. If he does not win the first time he may be granted by his wifes family another try at it. However by that time it should be come well known what she is and what he has become and even liberal Jews will not vote for their own demise.

    • Barbaracvm

      even liberal Jews will not vote for their own demise. Then why do they keep voting for them? and Obama??? I don't get it. The liberals have never been friends of the Jews, not even FDR.

      • jong

        You are right. However even they will not vote for a out right muslim.

      • Baltimore48

        Most non-Orthodox Jews have been brainwashed from birth to be "liberal" and to vote for Democrats, which they do like non-thinking automatons. As an Orthodox Jew, I am extremely frustrated by this non-thinking and stupid approach.

  • notislam

    If the Brotherhood doesn't want him he might have an accident--could it be a
    fatal accident?

  • Devasahayam

    One of two possibilities:
    (1) till they can torture him and make him turn to the malefactor-founded cult, and then kill him in a manner similar to how Fur/Teda/Daza/Masalit/Zaghawa in Darfur get murdered today
    (2) till they can arrange for him to be grotesquely murdered on video in manner similar to Dan Pearl

  • FireMall

    Evidently Huma was Allowed to marry a Jewish man even when the Jews are Muslim's sworn enemies as long as Huma is getting aid , info etc for the Jihad from her Lesbian partner Hillary.

    I was under the impression that
    #1 a Muslim marrying a Jew #2--and being in an adulteress relationship #3--along with being in an adulteress lesbian relationship that any one of the three sins would be an automatic death sentence under sharia Law .

    WTH is wrong with this scenario that I cannot quite figure out ??

  • Alfred Neuman

    Thought the same thing about why "Huma" would be allowed to marry a Jewish person. Have no doubt that it's seen by the Islamofascists like the Brotherhood and Sisterhood as a great ploy to get closer to the centers of power in the U.S. (something they've been able to do very well in an Obama administration--check the famous inquiry into the White House visitor log!)

    And no doubt same reason the Hillary job must have been a boon for Huma. Big question is why Hilary would have hired a radical Muslim?

    Shouldn't be forgotten, like Benghazi, when Hilary starts her inevitable run for President.

  • USA Retired

    Since she would not be illegible for a government security clearance, she must have been bought and paid for by Hillary!

  • Ariviste

    Michelle Bachman called for her to be investigated, but everyone sided against Michelle, so Abedin was never vetted for her position.

  • susanwho

    I totally agree with this author. Muslims are taught to show one face to the infidel, another to the Muslim.

    • Bundoker

      A guiding precept is one should say or do anything that will advance the cause ... world domination.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Called, al taquiyya.

  • Ann Rand

    Looks like the rats are deserting the sinking ship.. Weiner's campaign mgr. resigned yesterday.. !!! More to come ???

  • Shane

    Will their child be raised as a Muslim or a Jew? If Weiner allows his child to be raised as a Muslim, he should be banned from all Synagogues. Nobody hates Jews more than Muslims do.

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    With all the connections the Clinton's have, it's no wonder Huma got her security clearance. Do the Clinton's hate America so much that they would allow a Muslim Brotherhood connected traitor to know state secrets to take back to her family? Apparently they do.

  • $2398599

    That was a marriage made in hell, for sure.

  • blancojoe

    Very, very interesting. But I am sure Hilarity Clinton would have rung the alarm bells, right? We are surrounded by deceit at all levels of government ... especially at the top. Poop floats in this administration.

  • Carl Stevenson

    Remember, it's only a conspiracy THEORY if it's not true.

  • geneww1938

    Please, read and re-read this article and understand who Hillary had as her chief aide! These are evil people!

    Please try to visualize our family, social and political problems as rooted in the war of 'Evil' versus 'righteousness'.

    Most of our elected [and neighbors] have sold their souls for the corrupt "American Dream" of wealth, power, fame, and lustful satisfaction through greed, drugs, booze, infidelities, lies, thievery and whatever else they desire.

    Please find a Bible teaching friend or church.

    • Michael Mitchell

      Let me tell you, I grew up Jewish. Maybe they started out nice and "Kosher" but they're evil people too.

      • geneww1938

        Yes, no race, religion or people group is is void of evil and sinful people ... Even the most fundamental Biblicists.

        Yet there is a huge difference, The Judeo-Christians tenets were authored by a loving and forgiving God [and do not confuse God's wrath for disobedience and those who spiritually war against God and His Chosen people]. On the other side, the Koran was authored by Satan and hates everything that God loves, including His scriptures, those who believe in them and the societies that endorse His principles and tenets.

        Read the Koran and tell me if you find any hint of 'agape love' or 'forgiveness for transgressions'. Mohammed order the hand cut off of a women who stole [condemnation to starvation without working hands] while Jesus told the accuser of a woman caught in 'adultery' [punishable by death] to cast the stones if they were without sin and after they walked away, He forgave her. Who would you want to judge you for eternity.

  • Marie Bethamn

    Get ready, America. Either have an exit strategy ready to deploy or retreat from the cities with arms and ammunition. The enemies within have destroyed our country.

  • grannylake

    Weiner has lost his usefullness to the Muslim Brotherhood but it doesn't matter if Abedin stays or leaves because she's still hookup with Hillary (probably in more ways than one).

    • FireMall

      There is No Probably to your assertion that Huma & Hillary are lesbian partners.

      I ain't the Smartest nut in the tree but the one time I saw a video of Huma & Hillary together , It is really Ovbious theat Hillary is hopelessly giggally in Lust with Huma.

      Of course , as a single man , I wouldn't mind a romp with Huma , IF she was a real woman & wasn't a certified Muslim Lesbian Biatch.

  • Rmic

    Hope they choose their next patsy just as wisely

  • Harvey817

    She is a spy and a traitor to the USA. Clinton is a disgrace, fool, idiot and communist Both of these females are destroying our country.

  • RayfromNY

    Oh so true! I will not patronize a muslim business. As a christian and an American, I know that no muslim can be trusted. They, by their so called creed, are permitted to lie and who knows where any money they have or earn is going? They will sell us the rope to hang us with. We will sell them the weapons they will use to kill us.

  • kabulgeorge

    The funny thing is that the MBs don't care because they consider women to be property and as such, must remain faithful to this little Yankee perv since she has no say in this or any matter.

  • toddyo1935

    From 1950: At the present time, the hatred of the Islamic countries
    toward the West has become hatred against Christianity itself. Statesmen are
    now taking it into account that there is a grave danger that the temporal power
    of Islam may return on a broad scale, and with it, the menace that it may shake
    off a West which has ceased to be Christian, and affirm itself as a great
    anti-Christian world power. Muslim writers say, "When
    the locust swarms darken vast countries, they bear on their wings these Arabic
    words, "We are God's host, each of us has 99 eggs, and if we had 100, we
    should lay waste to the world and all that is in it."

    Guess who thinks he controls the 100th egg?

  • DukeDiesel

    I am very relieved to read this article. I was so confused about whether his wife was a Muslim or not because Jews and Muslims(especially) are not suppose to marry. I kept asking myself "how could this be?" It makes complete sense especially within this administration and the state of the Dem party today. The cracks keep getting deeper and deeper. I have to stop reading these articles, all they do is keep me up at night....

  • Elseebee

    Every voter in NYC needs to stop and think before they vote- do we want a mayor whose wife is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and who would be in a position to give the muslims NY's security plans?


    I concur! 100% Once, in the mid 90's, a Muslim from Lebanon tried to use me too. Though he claimed to be soooo in love with me, when he couldn't get,what he wanted as fast as he wanted, he just vanished. The fact that I never heard from or saw him told me his true motives. After 911 I found myself looking at the bomber pics and other terrorist profiles to see if he was one of them. You don't just vanish when you're really in love even if your 23 year old girlfriend just wants to waite a while longer to marry. After that, I always had the feeling that I had unwittingly "dodged a bullet"!

  • larry 1356

    She will leave him as soon as doing so is useful to the Hillary presidential campaign.