Sodom and America

In Genesis 13:13 it describes Sodom as: ‘Now the men of Sodom were wicked, great sinners against the LORD.’  Then in Genesis 19 we read where every man in Sodom surrounded the house of Lot demanding that he bring out the two men that Lot took into his house.  The men of Sodom wanted to have sexual relations with the two strangers, but Lot protected the men and even offered up his two virgin daughters, but the men of Sodom did not want the daughters and continued to press in on Lot’s door.  Eventually, the two strangers, who were actually angels from God, caused all of the men to go blind.  Then the angels warned Lot to take his family and leave the city and not look back.  As Lot and his family fled to Zoar, the Lord rained down sulfur and fire destroying Sodom and Gomorrah and all of the wicked men therein.

This should be a powerful lesson and warning to America, but like the men of Sodom, it seems to be falling on more and more deaf ears.

Homosexuality, a sinful lifestyle that was punishable by death in Leviticus 20:13, is spreading across the land like a plague.  It has permeated television, movies, Broadway, literature, comics, public schools, universitiesmilitary, businesses, benefits and government.

Now in the latest US census report, there are now 650,000 gay couples in America.  Last month they reported the figure at 901,997 gay couples but have revised the figure because of what they called ‘coding errors.’  Yet, the figure is undoubtedly higher than the 650,000 as a number of gay couples are not yet willing to publicly admit their relationship for various reasons.  Of the 650,000 gay couples, 131,729 of them checked the ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ box for their partners.  Researchers believe that the actual figures of gay couples could be as much as 15% higher than the 650,000 being reported.

I can’t help but wonder how much longer it will be before God utterly destroys America as He did Sodom and Gomorrah for the wickedness of men and women in their abominable homosexual lifestyles.



  • danielh35

    So many problems in the world and yet we choose to focus on the unimportant ones.

    • Ray

      Sure it's important if you are a Christian and believe the bible is the infaliable word of God. God tells what is right and wong, it's in the Bible. If it is in the bible then it is important. Believe what you will, accept what you will, go your own way... but be sure.... we will all stand before our Lord, our God and savior to answer to what we have done both good and bad... for our thoughts and for what we accept or deny... "For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God." romans 14:11

      • Martha

        Amen Ray...but it's thinkings of people like danielh35 that is destroying our country. I agree with Steve Burri...I too have wondered just how much more God is going to put up with. Not only with our Nation...but with the whole world. Planet earth is just about 100% Sodom and Gomorrah, and whether you want to believe it or not...Christians know what God did to those two cities. And lest we forget, since they didn't mention it, the ones that 'pretend' to be Christians, as Lot's wife did, they too will be severely punished. Remember, she looked back on the cities because she liked that life, and was turned to a pillar of salt.

        • TheEkstaza

          Exactly WHAT does allowing someone else to love who they want to love have anything to do with what you do or how you live your life? Nothing!!! I'm glad to live in a nation where people like you get to speak their mind, but mainly because that's how I know what kind of ridiculousness there is in the world. Let me tell you this, any god that would destroy innocent people because of the wickedness of others isn't worth worshipping in any way. Of course, I don't believe any god ever did anything, but that's not the point. The point is that you place you trust in an imaginary being that would kill women and infants and animals for no reason at all. If that's what it means to be christian, I am certainly glad that I am not one. The god of the bible is a sick, twisted, masocistic, infantile being whose psychopathic behavior should be denounced by all.

        • Ron

          Unfortunately for you, you will answer for your unbelief. Those people you call innocent are NOT innocent. Imaginary? Science has proven the Bible's accuracy. You have no idea what it means to be a Christian. We are all praying for you.

        • TheEkstaza

          Please, by all means, let me in on this scientific proof for the bible. I'm not going to hold my breath. Also, do you believe that there would not have been any children at all in those two cities? Really, with all of that fornicating going on??? Give me a break.

        • The Truth

          LOL! Not if all the men were only fornicating with one another. Kinda hard to have children that's that biology thing. Since evolution only favors those which are most successful at surviving and procreating, after 2.4 million years of human evolution (give or take), why would a gene as counter to species survival as homosexuality still be expressing itself so robustly in the human population? You would think that such a gene would rarely, if ever, be passed on to succeeding generations due to that little biological gender-bias problem. Logically, after some 600,000 generations of human propagation, with fewer and fewer copies of the gay gene in the human gene pool, we should have few (if any) people who expressed this gene in present times. However, the opposite appears to be true. We have more mass expressions of this gene than ever. Is this a gene we're witnessing - or a meme?

        • TheEkstaza

          I guess it always has to be one way or the other with you, huh. Just one big city filled with gay men. How very simple your thinking is. IF(big if there), there was such a city, it would have had men and women, such as Lot and his wife, who had children, much like Lot's daughters. Those children would have been murdered by your god, and you are just fine with that. And you think the bible teaches you morals!!! I have no idea if anyone has even claimed to have found any "gay" gene. But I'd be willing to bet if they did, it would be what's called a recessive gene. They are very common. Blue eyes for instance, are recessive traits, and yet, I have blue eyes. Also albinos result from parents passing on recessive genes. Your argument is BS.

        • Upfront

          In a way which might be difficult for you to accept, God views the physical death of His saints as precious! Children are pure! God is pleased when death releases one of His loved ones from the pervasive presence of sin in the world and Sodom and Gomorrah were wicked. If you truly seek the truth you should be able to figure the rest out. I will pray for your troubled soul. Sincerely, May God bless you!

        • AKHomeschoolMom

          Ekstaza - if you reject God, if you refuse to confess and repent from your sin, that's a choice you have made and will one day be held accountable for. What motivates you to attack others who trust and obey this so-called "imaginary being?" You must hate God so much it is not enough for you to simply deny His existence. Your hatred for Him moves you to convince others they, too, should forsake Him.

        • TheEkstaza

          You are really funny. Please get it through your head. It is impossible for me to hate something that I do not consider to be real. I talk to others about reality because I love people and I want them to live productive lives based in the real world.

        • The Truth

          It's interesting to me that your rant about God makes any sense to you. In a sense, it's funny because the very standard you are using to judge God as "sick", "twisted", etc is not one of your own devising. It's actually a borrowed standard...borrowed from God, claimed as your own, and then misapplied.

          If there is no higher source of "right" and "wrong" then, inevitably, we devolve to "my opinion" versus "your opinion" - and what makes "my opinion" of any more value than "your opinion"? In reality - nothing. Certainly, nothing is ridiculous because this implies that my thinking is somehow "righter" than yours. But, what makes that opinion more right or less wrong? Is it because more people agree with me or just because, since it's my opinion and it makes a lot of sense to me, then certainly it must be right. Does popularity or my own deep convictions make my ideas true? Certainly not.

          What everyone here (including you) is appealing to is some bedrock understanding of "True versus False" or "Right versus Wrong" - otherwise there would be no way to have this debate. Your reference to God "destroying innocent people" implies that you believe that there is such a concept as innocence and that it is somehow "wrong" to harm that which is innocent. But, I have to ask, why is that wrong? If someone says "I love to kill innocent people. Nothing makes me happier", who are we to say "That is wrong/sick/murder"? Isn't that just another perspective which as just as valid as any other? If not - why not? Is it the government or laws that make a thing "right" or "wrong"?

          You might say that but a part of you would know that, deep down, that is a lie. You didn't post this because of some abstract understanding of a civil law. You posted it because this offended your inborn sense of right and wrong - your inborn sense of "fair". You felt compelled to raise an argument against an "imaginary being" because that being is inherently unfair. You used very strong language to get your point across - I mean, we don't "denounce" something unless it is truly bad, right? The problem is, almost the entire Western understanding of that which is good comes from...The Bible. But, worse, that fluttering thing in you that "FEELS" outrage, joy, pain, and indignation, that which made you respond here, is utterly convinced of Right versus Wrong because it was placed in you from before you were born - by the very One you claim you don't believe "ever did anything".

        • TheEkstaza

          We get our understanding of right and wrong from within our own minds. Some of us just call it god. The men that wrote the bible did exactly the same thing. They just lived in a time when might meant right and they gave those same attributes to their god. It is very easy to see why god is described the way he is. The men that made him up had a very poor imagination. They conjured him up as weak and imperfect as they were. They made him jealous. They made him murderous. They made himtempermental. THEY MADE HIM UP!!! If you want to know where my sense of right and wrong comes from, the best description of it would be from Sam Harris. He described it as preventing the worst possible misery for everyone(something like this. I can't remember the exact quote). I'm sorry that you are unable to recognize that it is a good thing to prevent misery for all. You are not alone, though, and that is why our world is an imperfect place. I pity you and all like you.

  • Steve Burri

    I have wondered the same thing myself about this issue, abortion, the 'sexual revolution,' every attempt to vainly separate the 'secular' out from under God's authority, and 'churches' mirroring the culture more than Christ's body.

    My recent post Rebuking the Modern American Gospel

  • @pussiologist

    Who wrote this utter nonsense?

    • technogranny25

      God! It's His Word!

      • technogranny25

        7 Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. 8 For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life.
        Galatians 6:7-8 God's Holy Word.

    • LGA

      A truth teller who knows God's Word!!!!!!!!!!

    • MarieJackie

      There is nothing on earth more important than God's Word.

  • Edwin Radler

    This IS a very important issue as God destroyed twin cities utterly for this sin. If people dishonor their bodies this way, God will judge them. But, if this sinful behavior is sanctioned by the government, God will destroy the nation. I think the only reason judgment hasn't come down yet is because of God's GRACE and He's not willing any should perish(2Peter 3:9), and because of our support of Israel(Genesis 12:3). But, one day soon He's going to take His Bride, the Church out of the world(1Thessalonians 4:17) and then judgment will come.

    • David Farrow

      Minneapolis and Saint Paul were destroyed? Why was I not informed?

      • barbip

        You are a real jerk!!

    • ARMYOF69

      God WILL take care of the PEOPLE who insist on doing what they believe is right and not God's dictum.
      It's the PEOPLE involved who will be punished, not the nation as a whole.

      • TheEkstaza

        Many of your theist friends don't think so, and they are perfectly happy to let the baby be thrown out with the bath water. Most people are content to sit back and feel rightious, but there are far too many that want to be their "god's" instrument of rightiousness.



      • TheEkstaza

        Because then they wouldn't get to be annoying to the rest of us who don't care. Because they believe that their god will punish them for allowing "wickedness". I'm not a homosexual but I worry about them because they are human beings. I worry that one day some mob of nutjobs may get into a position of authority and start a witch hunt against people that cannot be any other way than the way they were born.

    • Luke Dubya

      Edwin when God spoke to Lot he asked if he could find ANY people worth saving, if Lot could he would spare the City...There are many Good people is in this world, so there is a reason God hasn't rained Fire and Brimstone down on the Earth.

      I would however suggest that any Good people still living in San Francisco, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE! That will be where God starts! That place is soooo corrupt and morally Bankrupt!

  • Emily

    Since America was never mentioned in the bible...I do wonder what position our people think we hold. The sad part is that the loudest voices are heard here. The best dressed, the best looking or the richest. Yet...Christians outnumber any other group. My answer is prayer...a simple one...Father, remove the wicked from office & power. Father, expose the unjust. Let the light of Your holiness spread across this country. In Jesus name. Amen

    • gary122548

      Ah, Emily, America IS mentioned in the Bible... so many times, it is not funny. You, and millions of others, are looking for it by the name we know it today. You have to understand that the Bible was written when the 'landscape' was vastly different than today. The Bible is basically a history of the 'nation' of Israel (NOT the Israel that we know today) from its inception to the end of time. Just like trying to figure out how the 'end times' will play out, you have to know who the "players" are. Start studying the book of Genesis, especially where God gives Abraham the promise of 'national greatness" and how "a nation, and a COMPANY of nations" will come out of him.

      • gary122548

        Check what kinds of blessings these 'nations' are to receive and, that by the end times, they will 'number like the grains of sand on the seashore, and like the stars in the heavens"; in other words, too numerous to count. These nations will DEFINITELY 'stand out'. Put two and two together: what nations "stand out", even today as they are going downhill? The "company" of nations has already seen better days and is almost "third world" in status. The great 'single' nation is being dismantled right before your eyes! That being said, you may want to crack open your Bible again and see if "America" is mentioned.

      • Maranatha Mark

        Actually you are wrong Gary122548. The U.S. is not 'Israel' of the Old Testament. But this isn't the place or the time for an indepth study on the subject. The Church and Israel have similar but separate purposes in the Bible, and have separate rewards awaiting them in the Millennial Kingdom and Eternal Order. The Abrahamic, Davidic and Palestinian Unconditional covenants all pretain to the Hebrew people, also known as the nation of Yisra'el, in the Old Testament and New Testament. While we (the Church) are a part of Spiritual Yisra'el, our unconditional covenant is the New Covenant. The Yisra'el of the Old Testament was the wife of YHWH, the Church is the Bride of Yeshua Hammashiach. Our future dwelling is New Jerusalem, the nation of Yisra'el's is the Promised Land. The replacement theology mantra doesn't work in scripture.

        • Susan

          You are absolutely correct in your very last sentence, Mark.

    • TheEkstaza

      I hope you keep doing just that. Nothing fails like prayer.

    • frank

      Emily,America is not mentioned by name in the Bible but the Eagle is an America is the Eagle ,if a person really knows the Bible Isaiah chapter 48 and 49 also Ezekiel chapter 38 it gives names of each city that will come up against America, and Israel and at the end China that will make up the great army in the Battle of Armageddon.Daniel also prophesied things that was going to happen.Matthew 24 tells you things to look for in his coming.I could go on and on with scriptures and we have another Judas making comments uttering non-sense because of being a non-believer,The Book of Revelation tells us everything the past,present and future.I do not believe it will be long because of the wickness in man that God will call His Saints up to glory and the Tribulation will began,part of it has already started and my belief is that is why Obama was elected because he is a for- runner of the anti-christ because I know the signs and they are here and more will come

      • frank

        In John 3;16 God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son and whosoever believes in Him shall have everlasting life

  • L.J.

    I have thought about this subject for the longest of time. Perhaps God will lead the righteous out of cities like San Francisco and them destroy it with a fireball never to be rebuilt. And let's not forget the other cities and states which give refuge to and condone homosexual perversion. Oh yeah, and the corporations like Hom(o) Depot (which all Christians should be economically boycotting and avoiding like the plague).

    • John

      L.J., I rather like that image of people at last walking out of those locales that have been utterly overtaken by wickedness. That said, I believe we, as Christians, must work hard and pray hard to turn the moral tide in all places back to Godliness, and reserve a full-scale retreat as a last ditch option. But who knows? It is certain that God does not hold off His judgment forever, and even now America is stumbling and falling, the chains of her sins having finally begun to drag her down. Let us pray for national repentence and political leadership that will again fulfil their duty to uphold and enforce the Law of God, and let us pray that other nations, many of whom have strayed even further into wickedness than America, too wake up and take notice, and repent.

    • Texas Granny

      I don't do business with Homo Depot or any other company who promotes this horrible behavior.

    • Beebop

      Do not leave out Pepsi and Frito Lay and Ford Motor Company when you categorize homo-lovers and gay-gulpers.

    • Bob

      WAIT! Stop shopping EVERYWHERE! I'm pretty sure you don't know this, but gays are catered to in EVERY advertisment for EVERY store. Why? Because they really are just people who shop in stores.


    Thanks for running this. How can journalism be any means of sharing and exposing truth unless God is at the core of information. No one needs to be shocked when retribution is consistent with the character of God. He makes the rules; thank God !

  • Clive

    Will they be drawn committing buggery? Or just fellatio?

  • http://outlookexpress pokey

    Man is allowed to condemn himself and has done so with the likes of electing Obama and our liberal thieving government doing away with DADT and the many things passed or banned by our liberal courts. None of this is possible without mankind wanting it and voting for it. If the moral fiber of this country goes, so goes the country.



  • Richard B.

    Folks, ultimately, we need to make a constitutional amendment that declares legal marriage to be between a man and a woman.

    The gay movement is an aggressive and hateful group that will not stop until all kids from age 5 and above are naturally experimenting with homosexuality. I debate in internet forums a lot, and I even heard one gay man say it is "good to tell kids about homosexuality, but it is better to show them". What the hell??! I retorted to that gay pervert by asking him whether he is planning on live fellatio sessions for kindergarten kids, but he never answered.

    The gay movement is the most virulent and depraved minority this country has ever had, and it seeks to pervade our educational system, seeks to ban religion, seeks to oppress and trample on people's first amendment rights under the guise of fighting for their own. Wake up America! Satan is on the offensive!

    • frank

      before Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed we know what was going on in that city ,sodomy now Obama signed into law to bring it out of the closet.well to all Homo's God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve,and hell does await.America will fall.I am so glad I will be caught up in the Rapture,Jesus will stand on the Mt.Olives and every eye from the north,south,east and west will see Him and the anti christ will come on the scene.31/2 years of peace and 3 1/2 of hell 7 years of tribulation ,starvation,killing and the mark of the beast 666 God help these sinners because it's to late for the lost after the church is gone out with the Holy Spirit.we did not come from Israel they are Jews ,God turned to the Gentiles but we are descendents of Abraham and as far as man's theory it's man made God made His commandments and gave them to Moses and God could speak the word and shut your mouths every human on earth makes mistakes and man made theory is just that and Ez 16: is not in the New Testament it is in the old testament and Jesus,was speaking to the Jews not the new testament Gentiles God destroyed that city because he could not find but 8 people that believed and that was Lot and his family he brought the flood to earth and destroyed it and that was a new beginning just like when He destroys this earth again it will be by fire and we will have another beginning but this time there want be any wicked people in it no death,no pain nor sickness and we live live forever and forever amen

    • Bob


  • samtman

    There one thing that Evangelical Christlans and Muslims believe in common that the end is near, science tells us the sun will burn out in about 5 billion years and the earth will turn into an ice ball. I don't think we have any thing to worry about unless we nuke each other to extinction or global warming will choke us to death.

    • lyudmila

      Do you believe in Creation or what? Wake up from your evolutionistic "illusion" that somehow by random collisions and mutations the Mankind was developed... Theory based on belief that God does not exist. Still by definition "religion" only of the worst possible there is no moral or other grounds under such ssystem of belief...Why is it so difficult to try believing in something good? God is good, and evil is bad, and that is the reason to think hard and repent for anyone who has any self-respect and ability to self-assessment...Repent and accept Jesus as your personal Lord and will be amazed at that "peace of mind" which otherwise you can never have...Praise the Lord. In God we trust. That is how America was established and that is why the United States still the best place in the globe...Hurry up as Time is nere and be afraid of being "left behind"...Jesus is the Light and the Way and the Truth. Praise the Lord.

      • TheEkstaza

        As a very young boy, I came to a clearity of mind about the complete and utter ridiculousness of the magical sky genie of the bible. Since I reconciled that belief and understood that people have been lied to for thousands of years simply because they didn't know any better than to pass the lie along to their children, I have been able to really know peace in my mind. I have no fear of death, because I understand that there is nothing after that point. I'm free to live my life without fear of reprissal from some childish absentee god who others have told me loves me but will torture me forever simply because I don't believe he exists.. If he was real and really loves me, he would show himself to me. But I'm rather certain that's not going to happen.

        • 2ndcmdr

          So, God has to do tricks for you like a circus clown? God has shown Himself to you MANY times but you never saw it. MY prayer for today is for you to have an epiphany.

    • Beebop

      Yea, and science also tells us that we came from apes. If we came from apes, why are there still apes swinging from trees. True Science recognizes God as the Creator. Satanic inspired scientists will burn in Hell as non-believers.

      • TheEkstaza

        WRONG!!!! Science says that we evolved from a common ancester as apes. Much like you came from your parents but aren't exactly like them. Sort of like that but over a much longer period of time.

        :HINT: It took WAY longer than 6000 years.

  • compugor

    Dispensationalism (as espoused by Marantha Mark and Susan) is the majority report among evangelical Christians in America today. Tens of millions of Christians are committed to this perspective on the Bible and history. Sadly, they are generally so indulgent in this view that they seem little aware of alternative evangelical approaches to Scripture.

    In this devastating critique of dispensationalism, noted historian and biblical scholar John H. Gerstner, Ph.D. (Harvard), focuses on several of dispensationalism’s leading errors. He demonstrates that dispensationalism not only provides a prophetic scheme for interpreting history, but a whole new theology that makes serious alterations to evangelical doctrine.


    • Beebop

      Why would I want to read a book of lies and false prophecy?

      • TheEkstaza

        That's what I'm talking about. Now, go throw your bible away.

        • Hmmm

          The theological terms for this tension between grace and faith is Calvinism versus Arminianism. Calvinism emphasizes that everything is totally up to God. Arminianismemphasizes that you have a part to play, and that you can believe and receive, or doubt and do without. You can control the measure of the grace of God you experience by your faith. It’s the Calvinists who emphasize this term, “the sovereignty of God.”

        • Site for Hmmm
  • Mary Wright

    We have to remember to hate sin but love the sinner and witness to him or her. How? Depends on the person. Yes, a lot of gays have a hateful agenda, but not all. Christ died for them too. We do have to Take a Stand against this very evil force, but also reach out one on one to those gays who will listen.



    • frank

      Yes,God loves sinners because we were all sinners but there is a difference God give everyone a chance to repent of their sin but most gay or atheist will not except the truth so that will be the price that they have to pay sad but true

  • LibRep

    But what of the passage in Ezekiel 16:53 where God says He will restore the fortunes of Sodom? And you can't argue against the new testament where, in Romans Paul says "Any man that esteems anything to be unclean, TO HIM it is unclean." I personally don't care what 2 or more people do behind closed doors but that's where it should remain. I never saw the need to have a parade about it. Sexual orientation like religeon should be kept to ones self and not used to beat people ovver the head with.

    • meh-GID-oh

      Religion is mans attempt to please their god. Christianity is God reaching toward fallen man through Jesus Christ His only begotten Son. The Word of God instructs us to (Matthew 28:19) carry out the Great Commission...'go out and make disciples...' We are NOT to hide our 'light'. It is Satan's LIE to pass along the advice to 'keep quiet' and 'private'. Telling the Good News should be an expected result of being 'Born Again'. Ezekiel tells us to 'tell and warn' everyone about God's Word. * If they don't listen then their blood in upon themselves...If you don't tell or warn, their blood is upon YOU! See Ezekiel 3:18-19. God's Word should NOT be kept to oneself!

    • Nancy

      wrong on both Scriptures! Paul condemns Sodomy God does too!

  • rshel

    The old saying is true "If God doesn't judge America, he should apologize to Sodom & Gomorrah."

    • blackpowder

      amen, god will judge america, god never lies, his word is always true

    • Nancy

      wrong God will take care of all in the Day of Judgment. God cannot lie

    • frank

      You are so full of a wad of stuff in your mouth God don't have to apologize to anyone or anything he make you did He not but I think it grieves Him to know He created fools like you


    The gay thing pretty digusting how could a man be attracted to another they are mentall y sick.

  • meh-GID-oh

    Luke 17:28 "It was the same in the days of Lot." The Coming of the Kingdom of God ... That this is happening should have the 'Believer' realizing that this is just one of the many Sign currently displaying. The Return is closing in upon the whole world. "Watch and Pray"

  • Cnutz

    When darkness rushes in like a flood...the Lord will raise up a standard against it. The more the darkness shows it's face the more we will be enlightened to see it and have the courage to stand against it. Satan is getting craftier inthese days because he knows his time is short and he's going to try and drag as many to hell as he can. He's a loser and he knows it. The minions of darkness are shakin all over...they know Christs return is upon this world and thier lease is up!! Like meh-GID-oh said...Watch and pray...but also have the courage to stand up and speak out. It's evil for darness to prevail..but it's even more evil if nothings done to stop it

    • frank

      we can't stop it all we can do is tell it and try to plant the seed into a person mind and it's up to them

  • James

    The picture says it all except the spelling is not correct. The m should be replaced with f.

  • twiceshy12

    America has come to a pretty sad state of affairs. We have ungodly people at the top of our government and we have allowed our children to be brainwashed in school, tv, movies and books. Shame on us for accepting perversion as a noromal part of life in America.

  • LiNDA

    I can't say anything nice about some of the folks who are doing this. My dad told me if I can't say anything nice, I shouldn't say anything at all. I trust the Lord to take care of it without my comments.
    God Bless America back to our core values and get rid of those who are destroying our country.

    • Pat78

      What your dad told you may be part of the brainwashing God's people allowed to happen to us. The Bible doesn't say anything about if one doesn't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. The Bible tells us to tell the truth with compassion. To be complacent in the face of evil, allows evil to flourish. I imagine bullies love when good people are silent. Just like we were fed a line about never discuss politics and religion. I read recently that that was another area of brainwashing we accepted. Check out "Agenda 21".

  • Mary Wright

    So don't accept perversion! But also remember that this didn't happen overnight and it's not going to go away overnight. We have to shine as lights in the world (Philippians 2:15) and make a difference as Christian witnesses, whether it's writing and praying for your Congressman and senators or speaking up on issues that take place either locally or nationally. But never any hate action--that's just what the devil wants, and we would be playing right into his trap!




    While I agree with the thoughts of the author, this article only tells half the story. The laws of God do indeed condemn homosexuality as a sin, and those who break the laws are guilty. Period. But the other half of the story, which never seems to get mentioned when this particular topic is broached is this: There is forgiveness for those who turn in faith to Jesus, throw all trust for justification before the Holy court into Christ's work on the crossand repent of their sins! It seems all too often Christians lobby, protest, condemn and preach against homosexuality, but that ISN'T the message we are to preach! Please don't misunderstand...there is nothing at all wrong with pointing out the laws of God. We should all do it, and do it boldly. But we also need to then preach the Gospel message immediately afterwards as we have been commanded to do. To just yell "Your'e gonna burn!" does nothing to bring about repentance, forgiveness, or proclaim the glory of Christ in what He has done.
    My recent post THEREFORE

    • Nancy

      The Scriptures do say."and such were some of you" they can be forgiven Acts 2:38 Mark 16:16 Acts 22:16 ,Repent and Be
      Baptized for remissions of your Sins.♥



    • Dennis

      I think you miss the point.These people are not going to repent.They in fact have an agenda.We are also told to not waste pearls on swine.They are following the lusts of their hearts and GOD is allowing this as scripture also says.These people will be destroyed for their wickedness.Side note.This wasnt just 2 cities but an entire geographical location as the bible tells us and those who allowed this and accepted were destroyed also.Food for thought.Sound familiar?


        I agree that they are indeed following the lust of their heart, and that God will turn them over to their lusts (which is one form of judgment) and also visit them with a more definitive and severe judgment after that. So I think in regards to that we are on the same page. But in Scripture we are told to preach repentance and the forgiveness of sins to all men, not just the ones we think worthy. There are indeed soundly saved Brothers and Sisters in Christ who have come out of homosexuality. If everybody had withheld the Gospel from them because they were "swine" there would be none! I hold that we dare not label a group (any group) as "unable to be saved" and deny them the Gospel. That is disobedient to our commission, and implies that we can see into the heart of men as well as fully grasping all the plans & movements of our Lord. I can do neither, so I will preach.

  • Ranchman

    I agree that it is a VERY important issue, especially when the radical gay lobby is shoveling this crap on ou kids in elementary school! The gays all scream "tolerance" yet are the most intolerant of all. They parade in our streets showing off their filthy lifestyles for all to see, complain that they're "persecuted" and demand special rights, and all kinds of ignorant behavior. This WILL end, the people of this great nation are not going to allow this assault on their morals and values go on much longer, we have had enough!!

    • SamK

      So why hasn't God destroyed Sweden or Holland yet, where gay marriage is legal nationwide? Or why would God be more worried about an increase in gay couples than the rapes and murders that occur every year?

  • Berengaria

    How will the citizens of the United States be able to trust a Military that is composed of Homosexuals, Transgenders, etc. ? Would a Military of this ilk be willing to fight for this country at all? It is one of the most stupid, unforgiveable acts done by the muslim president squatting in the whitehouse. Whenever i go to a post, I don't know whether to say, "Yes, Sir, or Yes Maam. Because of the Pentagon and other Gay-prone government agencies, we now have a fourth rate Military. Thank you, Berengaria

    • Rev. Kort Greene

      Recently, in response to "don't ask, don't tell," the "Pentagon" gave military chaplains permission to "marry" homosexuals. This same pentagon that forbad them to pray, "in JESUS' name." I wonder if they are marrying homos in Jesus' name. Another nail in the proverbial coffin. Hello Sodom, hello Gomorrah, here comes America.

    • TheEkstaza

      I served along side gay soldiers when I was in the military. They served proudly and patrioticly. THEY servered to protect YOUR rights. The only difference now is that they will get to openly express their feelings toward their loved ones. A right you take for granted. They serve knowing that they are protecting your right to be a vile bigot. So what if you think their acts are gross. There's undoubtedly things you do that others find revolting.

  • snieg

    I would ask the homos show me where in the Bible it is written that God created Adam and Steve, instead of Adam and Eve and I will go along with homosexuality...homos get yourself a Bible and read it for you will find the truth there.

    • Bob


  • Bob Marshall

    My prayer each night is for God to bless American if we are deserving of his blessing and bring his wrath if we deserve that. Only God can straighten out America. Maybe his wrath would show just who is in charge. Millions have put their faith in men and where has that gotten this nation?

  • Questions?

    I hope this helps

    “Because that for His name’s sake they went forth, taking nothing of the Gentiles.” (III John 7)

    A great many of the church's problems today are a direct result of the church "taking" and actively pursuing a legal status that makes it inferior to, and a subordinate of, the civil government. The two most significant ways this occurs is by incorporation (state jurisdiction) and the tax-exempt 501c3 status (federal jurisdiction).

    Scripture simply does not support the notion that the church is an inferior institution to the State. Nor, for that matter, is the church a superior institution to the State. God has ordained both the church and the civil government as His "ministers." The church is the minister of grace, while the State is the minister of justice. Church and State are two distinct and independent spheres of authority (jurisdictions) ordained by God.

    These products are related to this subject! We encourage Pastor's and Church's not to get caught-up in a "herd mentaility" but to do as the Berean's did "searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so." (Acts 17:11)

  • Research

    I want to share with you a brand-new teaching I’ve entitled Christian Philosophy II. This goes beyond the theological issues I dealt with in the first teaching, and it expounds on a Christian way of thinking—moral and social issues of our day such as homosexuality and abortion.many Christians have bought into the belief that we ought to just stick with the Word and leave social issues alone
    If you saw my programs with David Barton on God and Country, you learned that America would not exist without the influence of the Bible and Christian ministers who spoke out on the issues of their day.

    For instance, many people think that saying homosexuality is wrong, is hate speech and have therefore adopted a tolerance toward the whole issue. Aside from the obvious scriptural teaching that says homosexuality and lesbianism is sin, consider some of these facts: Homosexuals average living twenty years less than their heterosexual counterparts.1 THINK OF THAT! The government mandates that health warnings be put on cigarette packages, and smoking, on average, takes ten years off a person’s life.2 That means that on average, homosexuality reduces a person’s life 200 percent more than cigarette smoking. If there was any objectivity on this issue, people would speak out against homosexuality twice as much as they do against cigarettes.

    the homosexual community tries to portray their lifestyle as normal, like the traditional couple next door

    MUCH more @

  • Wilkerson

    Wilkerson of Times Square Church

    Wilkerson carried a strong prophetic calling speaking to America and the church, many times and warning of many of the situations facing us today.

    In 1973, Wilkerson accurately prophesied the rise of homosexual religion and the gay christian movement. In a book called The Vision. He has said that God revealed to him a great calamity which was going to befall America due to increase in sins such as homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, and greed.

    1991 he wrote Is God Overlooking the Sins of America?

    The Ominous Rise of Homosexual Power

  • America

    When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked bears rule, the people mourn.

    Remember that many of the the Republicans in office are not as righteous as you would think.
    for if they were we would not be in the current mess.

    Also there are democrats that are decent people and some better than republicans.
    But very few. Galatians 6: 7 GOD is not mocked !

  • Thunderbob

    The scriptures point out the rise and fall of nations is controlled by God. When a nation turns from him, he pulls the plug on that nation. I believe that the end of time will be based on the udder disgust of God on the world for the act of homosexuality or morality. This act completely defies God's order life. We have allowed the PC community to indoctrinate our children and us in to believing that homosexuality is OK! If you disagree, you are berated, belittle and name called. The first thing we must understand is that the Bible is looked at as nonexistent, or irreverent by those non believer. They know, right now they have the upper hand. Our nation is being judged for it's morality! In my opinion we are on the razors edge! We can't afford to be afraid or silent on this issue any longer.

  • D Ferry

    Yup the Demonrat Party has led this country down the path of evilness or Sodom Gomorrah. They have ruined this country. Hold all of them accountable.

  • adrianvance

    Does this mean an asteroid is going to fall on Washington, DC? Oh Goody! I want to read all about it!

    The Two Minute Conservative at has political analysis, science and humor. Now in the top 3% on Kindle.
    My recent post The Biden Code

  • Noni Mausse

    Quote: "If we and our posterity shall be true to the Christian religion, if we and they shall live always in the fear of God and shall respect His Commandments,... we may have the highest hopes of the future fortunes of our country, but if we and our posterity neglect religious instruction and authority, violate the rules of eternal justice, trifle with the injunctions of morality, and wrecklessly destroy the political constitution which holds us together, no man can tell how suddenly a catastrophe may overwhelm us that shall bury all our glory in profound obscurity." - Daniel Webster, 1782-1852, American Politician, diplomat, and orator. (Part I)

  • Noni Mausse

    (Part II) Note: a once every 300 years earthquake evidenced in geology in middle America is coming due or a little overdue now; what scientists are calling a "super volcano" is forming in Yellowstone National Park - they can errupt (and have in early American history) and smother all life within a 500 mile radius; a volcano in the Canary islands (off western Africa) is set to drop an incredible amount of rock into the ocean when it eventually errupts, which scientists say will cause a super Tsunami to hit the entire Eastern seaboard of the USA with a wall of water 300' tall which will wash over all of Florida and go far inland killing millions within 8 hours of the volcanic erruption.

  • J.R.

    Conservatives should stand up against homosexuality based on their religious beleifs. It would stop the liberal left in its tracks because the Bible speaks directly to the issues. This strategy, would minimize the lefts name calling such as "homophobe" since it is based on religion and not a social position.

  • Earl morgan

    Homosexauals can't reproduce. They can only recruit more into thier ranks. I pray for all of them to come to Christ!

  • Penny

    The most curious aspect concerning this issue is that by computing the percentage of homosexuals in relationship to the entire US population, they make up well less than 1% of the population. Taking into account those who have not yet been "outed" still would not raise this percentage over 1%. So, why all of this attention???!

    • Rev. Bob

      Actually, the Gay population is AT LEAST 10%. IF you factor in the number of men who are married to a woman but secretly have boy friends on the side, and the number of men who claim that they are just "Bi Curious", you'd find that the total is between 15 and 20%. This cannot be proven because of the secrecy so many men live by. If polsters could only get honest answers about the true sexuality of people I think most people would be amazed. Trust me, everyone who is reading this post has a male friend who has been in a sexual situation with another man. They would never admit it, but the have.

  • Codfish Lou

    I get the idea that not many of the posters on here has been watching A List Dallas on the Logo Channel.

  • SamK

    Hey dude, read your Bible! God said that in Sodom and Gomorrah, he couldn't even find 10 good men worth saving. If there are about 2 million gay couples in America, then that's only about 0.75 percent of the entire population (my mental math might be off on that, but you get my point). Why would God destroy millions of good people just because of a few gay couples - no where in the Bible did God ever do that - that's the myth right there. In Noah's flood, God clearly said that the entire population of the world, aside from Noah, wasn't worth saving. The same with Sodom and Gomorrah, aside from Lot and his family. Plus if God was going to destroy a nation because of homosexuality, wouldn't he pick a European country like Sweden first, where gay marriage is legal nationwide?

    Plus there are millions of sins besides homosexuality mentioned in the Bible, like gluttony. Over 50% of Americans are obese, so I think it's way more likely that God will destroy us over gluttony than homosexuality, maybe you should be concerned about that. Stick in the muds like you guys are the the reason that conservatives get marginalized, you take your own dislike of gays and the gay lifestyle to unhealthy and hypocritical extremes, and spout paranoid rhetoric about God destroying the world, almost as inane as Al Gore's movie. Hey I still respect you, but you just sound really, really old and stubborn.

  • Rev. Anony Moose

                           And they are trying to stomp out the Bible from the society!    But it won't work.   God's Word
    will last forever(Matt.24:35)