Obama Is An Arrogant Self Deceiving Idiot

President Obama accused Republicans of threatening to shut down the government unless Obamacare is defunded which will prevent 30 million Americans from getting health insurance.

This is one of the stupidest statements I’ve heard Obama make in some time.  It also shows that he had no clue what’s happening to Americans, nor does he even care.

Even though the employer mandate to provide health benefits to all employees working 30 or more hours wasn’t supposed to go into effect until January 1, 2014, employers began cutting workers hours and laying off staff last year.  Yes, the employer mandate has now been moved back to January 1, 2015, but you still don’t see employers hiring workers back.  They are still laying off workers and cutting workers from 40 hours per week to less than 30 hours, a 25% cut in paychecks.

By cutting hours to less than 30 per week, employers will not be forced to provide health benefits to their employees, thus saving them a ton of money.  The end result is that millions of Americans are losing their health benefits and 25% of the pay and Obama thinks this is a great plan and that it’s helping millions of Americans.

What’s worse is that the cost of buying their own individual health coverage will be more expensive than what they were paying under their former employer provided plans.  With losing a quarter of their income, few Americans will be able to afford the exorbitant prices of the health plans offered through the Obamacare exchange programs.  Residents in a number of states will find the cost of those plans will be going up as much as 30% to 70%.

If Obamacare is allowed to be fully implemented, it won’t provide coverage to 30 million Americans.  Instead it will cause 30 million Americans to lose their coverage and then be penalized for not being able to afford to purchase the government mandated programs.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget that the government just ruled that the 535 members of Congress and thousands of their staff will receive a government subsidy, paid for by us taxpayers, to help them purchase the same Obamacare exchange coverage that you and I are mandated to purchase.  It’s not enough that we can’t afford to pay for our own coverage, but now we have to pay for Congress’s coverage as well.

I don’t care if the men in black suits and mirrored sunglasses show up at my front door, President Barack Obama is an arrogant idiot if he expects us to believe the lies that are spewing out of his mouth.



  • Screeminmeeme

    ''Obama Is An Arrogant Self Deceiving Idiot''
    I would like to add a few more colorful adjectives to that but disqus wouldn't let me.

    • babsan

      I will add MUSLIM PLANT,FRAUD to that

  • painterkk

    Right on!

  • Mark Tallman

    Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a moron with the IQ of a walnut! He has more hubris than any CEO on the planet. He is arrogant, out-of-touch and all the stupid whore to whom he is married needs to say is "Let them eat cake". That would complete the picture.

    • grassroot

      But, as he has big money men at his back, I feels


      • Screeminmeeme

        No doubt about it...he's Soros' man. Bought and paid for.

    • ICOYAR

      Don't insult walnuts like that.

      You know better.

  • allen goldberg

    Suggestion: Obama is doing all of this on purpose...rather than a self-serving arrogant idiot..he is a truly evil, focused, Soros inspired person who is determined to destroy the USA. Idiot? No....

    • $9913635

      He is just a sissy negro who can strut. Apparently the Indonesian negro Muslim is fooling even you.

      • allen goldberg

        Not fooling me at all. Heard this POS while he was a senator...not for a moment has he changed...Alinsky's teachings are well integrated...as far as his eligibility goes..his own document disqualifies him as does so many other facts

    • 848484

      IDIOT, YES.

      • allen goldberg

        I think otherwise. His agenda, methods and determined actions are not that of an idiot....but instead a truly motivated evil guy, hiding behind the 'blame game'...who is bent on doing every thing he can to disable this country..look at his Czars, his cabinet and his actions....Soros's influence is everywhere...remember George Soros hates this country...Obama is a disciple of his demands, and a Alinsky sycophant.

        • sick of crap

          The question is why are people just too lazy to stop it?

  • TheSunDidIt

    The whole employer/employee dynamic has and will continue to change to match the draconian and evil federal feral dictates. These guys make neanderthals look like highly evolved humans; like liberals.

  • grassroot

    Liberal Fascism and Marxism. As Obmer said in his ,"memoirs",
    Of which there are two., When he went to colleges," I sought

    out Marxist professors, and etc." Not to mention Bill Ayers and
    that Weather Underground" Radical revolutionaries.

  • kathyd

    Well said! The only thing I would have added is that this lying piece of dog crap is a complete jacka$$.

    • catnip24

      kathyd i really resent you calling obama a lying piece of dog crap and a complete jacka$$. you should show more respect for dog crap and jacka$$es.

      • kathyd

        Yeh, I know. I have 2 mini-schnauzers. They didn't like me comparing him to their poop either. I could have said piece of $hit (or P.O.S.) but that usually gets bleeped. As for jacka$$, he is a DEMONcrat after all.

  • tirmite

    These remarks here remind me of the Libtard comments about Bush either being inept or a mastermind. You can't have it BOTH ways. Either he's an idiot or he's very smart. He may be a fool, but I don't think ZeroBama is an idiot. Even if he has to be told or instructed what to do by his handlers, he knows full well the purpose and consequences of his actions. Empty suit, yes. Mindless puppet, no. This team is out to destroy the America our Forefathers created and the one We (Constitutionalists) believe in. Certain things they screw up, like foreign policy because of their misguided utopian beliefs. Others are deliberately laid plans. I believe Obamacare from it's inception was designed as a trap. More government control, more dependency, more oppression.

    • http://Bravemind.blogspot.com Greg Bowman

      Well done Tirmite. I subscribe to the "Inteligent & Evil" position on Obama and his "comrades". Dinesh DeSousa and Rep. Curtis Bowers nail Obama in their films, "Obama 2016" and "Agenda" repectively. DeSousa's book "The Roots of Obama's Rage" (available in Mp3) is a deep study of who Obama really is and what shaped his world view. Dinesh, by far has the most coherent diagnosis of the the Obama Psychosis.

      • $9913635

        He is just a negro. You make it sound like he is a genius of sort. He cannot even talk without a teleprompter. Can you imagine then how he even thinks?

        You two are laughable!

    • 848484


  • silverzone

    Long goal is a single payer system, not providing private insurance to 30m uninsured. Medicare for all, which will lead to what medical procedure you can or can't have and long wait for anything. Also will lead to higher taxes and bankrupt nation.

    • Paul V Sutera

      Uhmmm, medical for two-50-somethings is up to $15K a year already. That's my death panel. I don't fear government more than I fear corporations. I fear them both but need Obamacare since I lost my 30 year career at IBM this June, last day september. After the medical bridge wears out, I'm screwed. If Obamacare cost $5K a year that would be a massive improvement. Not all states have health insurance for $300 a month. Florida doesn't have any health insurance for over-50 unless you were never sick.

  • frankenbiker

    Lets not forget about the tax revenue lost by cutting back all those hours. Good job libs.

  • Phyllis Spradley

    Maybe the night of beingazi this low life was having a (party) and no one was allowed to interrupt him with his Islamic GAY Brothers of maybe his Chicago GAY Brothers, a puppet !!

  • http://Bravemind.blogspot.com Greg Bowman

    Way to Go Dave Jolly! Well written with a clear point. Bravo. You are ready for a larger readership. I applaud your development as a writer.

  • Traditionist

    He says it mildly. Words can't explain the damage this minion has caused this country along with those that are pulling his strings making him dance. 2016 is going to be the most critical election year this country has ever faced.

    • Kram

      Sorry Trad but the critical year was 2012 and nobody should be surprised about any of this. It may already be too late.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    It's not about health care, never has been. It's about CONTROL of the people, as Dingle said in an interview. http://hotair.com/archives/2010/03/24/dingell-it-will-take-a-while-for-obamacare-to-control-the-people/ He also claims that Al-quaida 'is defeated and on the run'. And his low information voter base believe both statements.

  • ezekiel22

    I am still amazed at the lengths the media goes to cover for this fool. Unemployment is up and yet that is good news??!! Of course with the jobs being offered mostly part time they do make less but that won't matter to the media or politicians. Of course they do not come up with the under employed numbers or those that have given up looking for work. They are busy deceiving those that want to be deceived.

  • MIKE6080

    Maybe it will soon be better in mexico and we can all go there

  • posthuf

    Let's not forget the 30 million seniors whose coverage was sacrificed on the altar of 'equality' so 30 million people who didn't want coverage could be forced to buy it.

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/CfsINEYDoex3fXYF.FLFCPOcXaFQros-#f30f8 jong

      Its a lot more seniors than that. But, after the first year of Obama care it will be a lot less.

      • posthuf

        I have no doubt about that. I used '30 million' because that was where dems began when they sold the obamacare bill. All those poor, uninsured people who were going to die of terrible illness and injury if the party doesn't take care of them.

        • https://me.yahoo.com/a/CfsINEYDoex3fXYF.FLFCPOcXaFQros-#f30f8 jong

          I have no problem with numbers because I understand they are there to help make the point. Not the point themselves.

  • jaxtom

    You're listing his good points...

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/CfsINEYDoex3fXYF.FLFCPOcXaFQros-#f30f8 jong

    At this point just eliminating say 30% of the budget of the IRS would cripple Obamacare. No one to implement it. As for barry he is a child in need of a can of whup ass opened up on him.

  • msbets


  • $2398599

    Obama is a puppet, but we do not know who is pulling the strings. Probably his dog, who might well be an alien. You know how he loves aliens.

    • sick of crap

      Hollywood producers! The BIGGEST liars of all time are telling the president what to do and say! The astonishing, pure insanity of the way the elite destroy this nation from within itself!

  • Steve Tanton

    We have found the fool and he is us. We now have more low-information voters on the take than the make...

  • http://cia.americanspecialops.com/air-branch/ NASA

    "President Barack Obama is an arrogant idiot if he expects us to believe the lies that are spewing out of his mouth."

    A man of little value to this country and those who have served to protect it.

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/CfsINEYDoex3fXYF.FLFCPOcXaFQros-#f30f8 jong

      Or one gave his all for the country and one took all for himself.

      • http://cia.americanspecialops.com/air-branch/ NASA


  • jdbixii

    You've got that right, but it is the idiot Americans who put the jerk in office that deserve to get their butts kicked.

  • $9913635

    You put the negro in, you get' em out. You should of known about negroes America. You foolishly believe the left all the time and you get what you deserve.

    The Indonesian negro is neither legal or qualified to be president. The Democraps do whatever they need to stay in power. Even reaching under a gay skirt if they have to.

  • Paul V Sutera

    Uhmmm, medical for two-50-somethings is up to $15K a year already. That's my death panel. I don't fear government more than I fear corporations. I fear them both but need Obamacare since I lost my 30 year career at IBM this June, last day september. After the medical bridge wears out, I'm screwed. If Obamacare cost $5K a year that would be a massive improvement. Not all states have health insurance for $300 a month. Florida doesn't have any health insurance for over-50 unless you were never sick. I have friends who can only buy catastrophic because they live in Florida and have high-blood pressure.

  • Paul V Sutera

    You already pay for medical coverage for the uninsured, it's included in your bill. However Obamacare does not provide coverage for undocumented folks, so that will still be included in your bill. You already pay for the uninsured. It's already factored into the price you pay.

  • Ann Rand


  • Freedomforall

    Kick out every single member of Congress. They are thieves. They are corrupt and think of themselves first before the people of our country. They cater to 20 million illegals as if they have a voice or say in what is going on in our country. They continue to cave in to an ineligible WH occupier. I would not weep if all of them were lined up against a wall and given a choice to work or be removed from planet earth.

    • garyrose

      Disagree there are a Very Few that think Build America Very Few. Now start with all in Government Positions Senators School Boards Police Chiefs Mayors City Councils take all ??? From your Hometowns thruout the White House along with Their Partners in Crime that got them Their Positions. Just a Birth Certificate Voteing Taxpaying Legal Citizen>>

  • USA Retired

    You left out the fact that he is an illegal immigrant and criminal!

  • babsan

    Add Muslim Plant and FRAUD to that

  • rick0857

    The LIAR in Chief keeps espousing this lie right along with his democrat co-horts because they know just as I do that the STUPID PEOPLE IN AMERICA who vote will believe that republicans don't want them to have health care, that we want them to get sick. So as more and more peoples hours get cut and their benefits reduced they will finally succumb to the beatings from the democrats and just accept obama-care. Which has been the plan all along. Now if the democrats can only figure out a way to bring back those lost hours of employment and lost jobs...no wait they want no one to work and the RICH (who are rapidly abandoning the ship) to pay for everything.
    So what happens when we run out of RICH people?

  • Jack Parker

    Just goes to show how much an anti_American, arrogant self deceiving idiot, communist can get away with when he has the entire MSM shilling for him.