Blacks File Articles of Impeachment Against President Obama

I’ve written for a couple years that Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of high treason according to the US Constitution and that he needs to be impeached.  Once impeached, he needs to be removed from office and imprisoned for the rest of his life without any of the retirement benefits that retiring presidents receive.

Obama and his fellow liberal Democrats consider me to be a right wing conservative, radical and to be honest, I don’t mind the description at all.  But be prepared for a black organization to be referred to as Uncle Toms and other racially derogatory terms.  Why?  Because they have seen the true Barack Obama and what he has done since taking office in January 2009.

The National Black Republicans Association, headquartered in Sarasota, Florida have done exactly what I’ve been advocating someone in Congress do.  They have filed articles of impeachment against Obama.  They list a number of high crimes and misdemeanors that he has committed.  Their document reads:

“We, black American citizens, in order to free ourselves and our fellow citizens from governmental tyranny, do herewith submit these Articles of Impeachment to Congress for the removal of President Barack H. Obama, aka, Barry Soetoro, from office for his attack on liberty and commission of egregious acts of despotism that constitute high crimes and misdemeanors.”

They specify the impeachment power and articles of impeachment, followed by the list of crimes.  Under each article, they give the details supporting their accusations.  Included in their articles of impeachment are:


He has covered up, delayed, impeded and obstructed the investigation of the Benghazi Battle….


He has disclosed secret grand jury material by exposing the existence of a sealed indictment of one of the Benghazi attackers in violation of  Rule 6(e) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure that clearly states: “… no person may disclose the indictment’s existence except as necessary to issue or execute a warrant or summons.’’


He has authorized and permitted the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, a division of the Justice Department, to conduct Operation Fast and Furious, wherein guns were sold to Mexican drug trafficking organizations that were used to kill innocent Mexican civilians and two rifles sold to a smuggler in January 2010 ended up at the scene of the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in December 2010.


He has authorized and permitted confidential income tax returns information from the Internal Revenue Service to be provided to unauthorized individuals, organizations and agencies.


He has caused investigations and audits to be initiated or conducted by the Internal Revenue Service in a discriminatory manner, including harassment and intimidation of conservative, evangelical and Tea Party groups applying for non-profit status between 2010 and 2012….


He has (1) authorized and permitted the National Security Agency to conduct or continue electronic surveillance of over 300 million average Americans; (2) given access to National Security Agency surveillance data to other intelligence units within the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Secret Service, the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security in violation of the law; and (3) conducted the surveillance of average Americans unconstrained by Congress, the United States Supreme Court or the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court which has, to this date, functioned as a rubber stamp, having approved every request made of it in 2012 and rejecting only two of the 8,591 requests submitted between 2008 and 2012.


He has authorized and permitted the Department of Justice to wiretap and secretly obtain two months of telephone and e-mail records of Fox News Reporter James Rosen and over one hundred Associated Press journalists.


He has thwarted Congress by (1) failing to enforce all or parts of laws duly enacted by Congress, including the Defense of Marriage Act, the No Child Left Behind Act, and the Affordable Care Act; and (2) after Congress refused to pass his Dream Act, unilaterally issuing an executive order directing immigration officers to no longer deport an entire class of illegal immigrants who came here as children, regardless of individual circumstances, and to give them work-authorization permits.


He has violated the Constitution when, on January 4, 2012, (1) he bypassed the U. S. Senate to appoint three members of the National Labor Relations Board, actions that were ruled unconstitutional by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit which affirmed previous decisions by the Court of Appeal for the D.C. Circuit and the Third Circuit; and (2) he bypassed the U. S. Senate to appoint Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


He has intimidated whistleblowers and brought twice as many prosecutions against whistleblowers as all prior presidents combined.  Egregiously, while refusing to prosecute anyone for actual torture, he prosecuted former Central Intelligence Agency employee John Kiriakou for disclosing the torture program.

Wherefore Barack H. Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, by such conduct, warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office.


Frances Rice, Chairman

National Black Republican Association

4594 Chase Oaks Drive, Sarasota, FL  34241”


To their list of charges, I would add the charge of treason in aiding and abetting our enemy.  Obama bypassed Congress to free up hundreds of millions of dollars to the Egyptian government run by the Muslim Brotherhood.  He also provided them with weapons and fighter jets.  A live camera feed from a meeting of the Egyptian counsel clearly recorded them as saying that the United States was an enemy just like Israel and needed to be destroyed.  Since they consider us an enemy and Obama continued to provide them with money and arms, that constitutes treason according to Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution which reads:

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

An additional charge that should be included would be his refusal to comply with the US Constitution and election laws by refusing to provide proper and authentic proof of meeting all of the requirements necessary to hold the office of President of the United States.  In my opinion, this is the most egregious crime of all because if Obama is truly not eligible to hold the office, then he has illegally acted at president and none of these other crimes should have taken place.  He would be an imposter and fraud to the highest degree.

The ironic part of this is that the articles of impeachment are being filed by blacks.  Obama’s mousy little puppet Eric Holder can’t holler racism like he usually does against any non-black that criticizes Obama.  Instead, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him use terms like Uncle Toms and other derogatory terms.  What I call them are honest Americans trying to stop the gross injustices committed by a man who should never have been allowed in the White House to begin with.



  • Sandra123456

    Filed where? Good for them but where did they file them...with Congress, I hope?

    • Screeminmeeme

      I had the same thoughts. I couldn't find the answer but discovered this about ''Jefferson's Manual' which explains how this can be done.

      Jefferson's Manual is a sort of interpretive guide to parliamentary procedure, and is included (along with the Constitution) in the bound volumes of the Rules of the House of Representatives. It is ratified by each congress (including the current one), and has been updated continuously through the history of our democracy. It lays out the rules making it possible for Americans to do what our representatives have been unwilling to do.

      Before the House Judiciary Committee can put together the Articles of Impeachment, someone must initiate the impeachment procedure. Most often, this occurs when members of the House pass a resolution. Another method outlined in the manual, however, is for individual citizens to submit a ''memorial'' for impeachment. Memorial: "a written statement of facts accompanying a petition presented to somebody in authority"

      Apparently this has been done in the past by individuals who submitted articles of impeachment to the House of Representatives and were successful in their objective.

      • douber1

        i dont think oreo worries about that because he has all the bases covered
        one way or another

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        I agree with their entire document except the "Black American citizens" part in the first sentence. I know it adds some credence, but it's way past time to get past the racial aspect.

    • YouHaveBeenFleeced

      Congress' main responsibility is to fund the government. Don't distract them. Wait until they pass a budget.

      • mjritter

        It's the republicans that's holding up the budget. The dem senate called their bluff and passed their budget.. It's the republicans, after all their crying about no budget now won't meet!! It's called HYPOCRISY.. Or is it that they are cowards.. They no how to complain, but not lead..

        • Marlin208

          Yeah, not like you all you know how to do is suck in air

        • Centurian2010

          LOL what budget.

        • YouHaveBeenFleeced

          I don't care which side is holding it up.
          I think Congress needs to stop ALL other business until a budget is passed. I also believe that they should stop receiving paychecks & whatever they are given to pay their staff. They should stop getting airline and travel benefits too. This has gone on long enough. Get to work you bastards.

          We the people should sequester their asses. I understand that the Senate is the one that has not passed a budget in three years. But we should de-fund BOTH houses until they do their job. As soon as it's passed, paychecks can resume. They don't seem to care about deadlines or the consequences of their inaction for the country or it's citizens. Let's see what happens when it is affecting their own bank accounts. (and those who work for them).

          I bet they won't take a five week vacation while that is going on. (like they are doing now)

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          LOL, "no how to complain". When you can't spell a simple word correctly, your argument goes out the window.

        • Garry

          It would be nice of you knew how the Government works according to the Constitution. The House has passed a budget every year. It is the job of the Senate to take the House passed budget and either pass it, or amend it and send it back to the House. The Senate passed a Senate bill which creates revenue, which is unconstitutional. All bills generating revenue must ORIGINATE in the House. That's why the Senate bill has not been addressed.
          That's the same reason the Senate Immigration bill has not been addressed. It generates revenue, and would be "Blue Slipped" if it ever were submitted to the House for passage. You won't hear it in the MSM, but Harry Reid has never submitted that bill to the House.

      • pfbonney

        That won't happen. The Senate (Harry Reid) hasn't signed off on any budget for many years. If we waited for them to pass a budget, Obama will already be out of office.

  • patriotusa2

    Kudos to them all for having the courage to stand up for their convictions knowing full well the consequences of it all. It's incredible that a Black organization would have the intestinal fortitude to follow through despite the end results. I hope they filed this article of impeachment with congress.

    • mjritter

      It's almost laughable.. The "articles" are so absurd that most Americans would just shrug it off as just crazy people, and that they are..

      • patriotusa2

        I doubt if they believe they could get anywhere mjritter - they just put their mind to paper in the hopes that it would bring some publicity. Indeed it did.

      • Marlin208

        I think YOU are laughable.

      • pfbonney

        You must watch MSNBC. No, you wouldn't have heard of ANY of this. They report only about negatives/perceived negatives belonging to the Right.

        But it's good to see that, at least, you are now coming to a conservative website to catch up on the news.

    • Jimmee41

      My My MJ...and you call yourself an American?????

      • patriotusa2

        It's incredible how anyone could make a racial issue out of my comment. I was only surprised that they had the courage to come forth because of the consequences. To even suggest that I am un-American because of my post is really silly.

        • Jimmee41

          Pat...I said MJ...Ritter!!!

        • patriotusa2

          Your comment was in my inbox in response to my comment. If you didn't actually mean me, then I apologize.

        • Jimmee41

          Not you Pat...MJ Ritter. I Placed my comment under his note to you. I will be more explicit next time. Sorry for the mixup.

        • patriotusa2

          That's okay. I had received another comment that had a bone to pick with me over the racial issue. I assumed yours was the same thing, and I didn't notice the MJ. I'm sorry I misunderstood.

    • Walter Luffman

      A minor nit to pick: black-versus-white has /nothing/ to do with this matter, it's liberal-versus-conservative. Chris Matthews, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and most of Obama's very vocal defenders as about as white as they can be. Patriotism and common sense come in all colors.

      • patriotusa2

        Of course, you're right, and I didn't mean for it to sound as though it were meant to be anything racial. Frankly, I was surprised that any black would have the courage, as there's only been a few that have spoken out against Obama. That's all that was meant.

        • Walter Luffman

          Understood; that's why i called it a "minor nit". Bigots come in all colors -- but so do sensible people.

      • texan texan

        You forgot Rev Al and Rev Jessee. Those are big on your hate list. Very black supporters of the black/white Muslim, gay, commie, fascist guy.

        • Walter Luffman

          I didn't exactly forget them. They're black (a matter of heredity, and irrelevant) and liberal (which is very relevant), but my point is that color has nothing to do with politics. The whitest cracka can be liberal, just as the blackest American can be conservative. I believe Martin Luther King would probably be a Republican if he were alive today. Too bad Jesse Jackson, who worked with Dr. King, didn't share his beliefs more completely.

          Personally, I consider both Reverend Al and Reverend Jesse closer to circus-type clowns than the rodeo lifesaver-in-costume at the center of that particular ruckus. Unlike them, a rodeo clown's job is to help keep a very serious situation (keeping a bull or bronc from attacking its former rider) from becoming even more serious, while entertaining the spectators. When have Al and Jesse ever tried to keep a bad situation from becoming worse?

        • Garry

          Martin Luther King was a Republican. The Democrat Party refused him the right to register to vote. Look it up...

  • cyclemama33

    Now how can the liberals won't be able to play the race card on the Black oh my, what WILL they do? You can bet ABC, CBS, NBC or any of the liberal news (?) stations will not even mention the impeachment actions by this balck organization.

    • mjritter

      It has nothing to do with race.. A black republican organization that hardly anyone has ever heard of.. Their "articles" would be funny if they weren't so stupid. I wonder if the crazy unAmerican Alen West is a member??

      • Marlin208

        Oooohhh, and YOU are the real American. Who BTW doesn't know his a&& from a hole in the ground.

        • texan texan

          I doubt they attracted someone as prestigious as West but what about Cain. Yea. We actually do know facts when we see them.

    • texan texan

      They actually report news but sure Fox can find some time. Maybe that hot new babe who is taki g Hannity time slot.

  • TheSunDidIt

    I pray they send a copy of this to EVERY member of Congress and WE'LL ALL DEMAND that Congress begin the trial IMMEDIATELY.

    • texan texan

      And at will do to it, most likely do,the trick...I'm sure...for sure. Have sheriff Joe deliver on horseback. Or did you plan a highly effective FAX BLAST. YOU guys are awesome at those FAX BLASTS.

      • pilars

        Go away...take your meds or take a nap...just go away!!

      • TheSunDidIt

        As I'm sure you're a troll, I won't get far in the mud with you. However, as long as it stays peaceful, you should remain happy. As long as it stays political and NOT EGYPT, you should be happy. That's part of the American system. Be glad you're not there.

  • bobk90

    Even if the House of Non-Representing Representatives brought the Charges against Obama, this how the rest would be played out:
    1. The Democrat controlled Senate would try the Case which would be useless!
    2. One of the Weak Kneed Supreme Court Justices would be the Judge in the Case!
    3. If they Convicted Obama, which they NEVER would, that would give America VP Biden as President!

    • texan texan

      But why not try. Just ranting is totally senseless. I've on or do something. 4+ years of ranting is pathetic. You control the House. I'd say your group is DOOMED.

    • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

      Inch by inch, step by step we go forward with this. This move by the National Black Republicans Association is a step in the right direction. Its purpose is to let the public know it's okay to push for impeachment. And its likely to get at least some publicity on the radio and o the internet just as it has done so here.

      As for the logistics of convicting Obama. Fine, let those who vote against Obama's impeachment and conviction go on the record with their vote.

      • bobk90

        Clinton got Impeached for abusing an Intern in the Oval Office and he didn't get Impeached, so what in the World makes anyone think Obama will get Impeached???????????

        • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

          I don't have a crystal ball nor do you. It's important to bring the law against the law breaker rather than letting him think he can do anything with impunity. If nothing else, maybe he'll stop committing a new high crime each and every day.

          PS. Clinton's so-called crimes were barely worth more than a day's headlines. Obama's crimes are bringing this former Constitutional Republic to its knees.

    • pilars

      If the Republicans "play their cards right" the Democrats will no longer be the majority in the Senate. Honesty no longer works in Washington...SAD!

  • mjritter

    I had a good laugh at this. It truly needs to be on Comedy Central. This has to be one of the dumbest posts ever on this board. I won't waste any time taking down each article simply because they're so outrageously stupid.. but the last part by the author about treason, only demonstrates his ignorance to what constitutes treason. I guess someone forgot to tell the writer we are not legally at war with the Muslim Brotherhood, not did we give the money to the Brotherhood. Egypt has been an ally. Morsi was the duly and freely elected leader. There is and was nothing illegal in giving aide to Egypt. The article makes for a good laugh, but to take it seriously is both juvenile, and absurd. It means nothing, is going nowhere, and only demonstrates the idiocy of the far right wing looney tunes. Have an awesome weekend!

    • bobk90

      Morsi is a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood which is a Terrorist Group!

    • tomyj1

      TROLL D.A....

      • Hoodoo H

        The guy and his other buddies are trolls to make you mad and take you off subject.
        Ignore them.

    • Dagwood

      Love to see you "HET UP",,, means you read the TRUTH somewhere

    • Richard Litten

      The charges are largely true, and highly actionable. Unbelievable that even left wing fools like you cannot see the truth about the criminal exploits of Mr. Obama!

      • texan texan

        When y can't prove anything after millions of dollars, countless hours and years its pretty hard to believe. Poor Darrell Issa tried his best and failed. So show me the money, guys. You can make as many allegations as you want. Worthless as this article.

    • Marlin208

      Too bad you didn't laugh your head off.

    • Panicazi

      Republicans had the same laugh when Nixon first came under scrutiny, Democrats guffawed the charges and investigation of Clinton, but in comparison Obama has been so over the top that any charges do seem incredulous. How could anyone take such charges seriously, because just one of the "looney tunes" charges is insane. Except, of course, Obama has done each and every one of the charges levied in this article. The only reason treason would not be on the table is for the same reason the Northeastern elite and half of the FDR Admin were not charged for their support of Adolph and Benito prior to 1939, we are not in a declared state of war with our antagonists. We are infiltrated by our current antagonists far worse than during the years leading up to WWII, however. Largely due to Obama Admin encouragement and "fraternal" efforts. Hope and Change were great ideas as seen through the lens of our gullible Left, but like the Mensheviks of 1917 the Left of 2008 didn't see the co-opting that transpired and the endgame that we are in the middle of now.

      • texan texan

        Aw. The Hitler card. When in doubt that's a good one. Still have t addressed how any of these awesome seven articles addresses the legally defined treason. Wonder if we can I peach FDR and Joe Kennedy tried for treason. If y do read history, look up who supported and enabled Hitler...wasn't those commies, liberals or labor. It was the conservatives who closely resemble Tea Party...substitute Muslim for Jews. But hey defendi g your case by bringing up WWii is creative.

        • Lady Liberty

          Re: your reference to that maniacal killer, Hitler ~ He had the same type followers as does Obama...they fear for their well being & are desperate to be 'included' in this demagogue's entourage...they will meet the same end, I'm certain. And, by the way, Tex, in light of the tactics which are being used by these moronic puppets and their ignoring of the results of same, the 'substitute' word is Christians, not Muslims. Don't ever forget the phrase: Christian Soldiers!
          P.S. Why isn't Obama condemning the burning of Christian churches & cathedrals in Egypt? Why isn't he condemning the murder of Christians there...and elsewhere? Maybe THAT's where we should apply 'Muslim', no?

        • Panicazi

          My first question to you is how di you become such a racist and bigot? Then, creative? Only if you are completely ignorant of historical fact. You are a complete fool to put your ignorance out here for all to see. History is clear, the books are written and heavily footnoted for those who did not live through it such as myself. For those who did live through the Depression and WWII, like my grandparents on both sides, their historical perspective is equally clear. The lampooned idiots that supported every Marxist originating thought, from the Wilson Admin idiots through the New Dealers, all were DEMOCRATS, "college educated types" of the Northeastern or Upper Midwestern variety. There were NO Conservatives in that lineup. Conservatism was heavily out of Vogue, yes I do mean the pun, the allusion to the magazine. Because that is the only historical source you need to go to see the love affair of the Liberals ala 1933 with Fascism. That Fascists were the "saviors of us all" was heavily propagandized by the US media in the 1930s. And as far as attacks on Jews then, Jews were openly derided by the biggest American publications of the time and none were run by Conservatives. The concern voiced about the Muslim community now is continually re-invigorated by the Muslim community itself when an act of Islamo-fascism occurs in one of our major cities or is reported thwarted by our anti-terror efforts. No such problem has ever emanated from the American Jewish community, so do not even defame that community to make your feeble point. Why are you such a racist and bigot, anyway?

  • ronbos63

    obviously there are low intelligent morons here that disagree with this article of truth and that treason also means taking an oath of office without valid documentation!

  • Farmgirl

    Yay!! Thank you guys, you will save us all... But you have to clean out the Republican Party as well!

    • RonWillison

      Farmgirl. It has to go even farther than cleaning out the republican party. The Rep. Party will never gain credibility until one. The Bush Family, Rumsfeld, Cheney, wolfowitz and his cohorts, Bernanke,Greenspan and all former board members and stockholders of the Federal Reserve, the top dogs in both the RNC and DNC, Our Mainstream traitoredia, all CIA Type agency top feeders and those holding duel citizenship AIPAC types are taken to the woodshed for a good thumping. Pretty daunting task. I know. 911 is the ticking time bomb that all of them fear. Also the real motivations for all the attacks against our constitutional rights and protections. Only time will tell which bomb goes off first. 911 or the Petrodollar collapse.

      • Farmgirl

        Wow! I hate to think WHAT would lead to THAT!?!

  • Arizona Don

    Actually I do not believe this. I do not think any blacks would file impeachment articles. And if they did it would go nowhere and they know it!

  • LuvUSA2

    How much damage will he do before someone takes this Muslim, American imposter out. He needs to be removed and tried for treason. He struts around and is having the time of his life, while spreading his cancer in the America that men and women have died for. They didn't die for this. SOMEONE, PLEASE!!! GET ER DONE!

    • texan texan

      Rev up your scooters, get some pitchforks, march on DC - all several thousand of you. Being a spare battery and plenty of water. Hot out there.

      • Centurian2010

        Your posts are so obscure. Not sure if they are meant as comedy or out of anger.

        • Hoodoo H

          Ignore him/her/it

    • shannon853

      the real question is just how and why did so many vote for him a second time???

      • ladybug

        The fraud, voting machine screw ups, no military votes, Disney characters, dead folks illegals, Somalis bused to polling places, people who needed help in the polling places cause they could not read or speak English, and many who voted more than once, and on and on.................. REPUBS could not contest anything because of a stupid paper they signed stating they would not till 2016 (I think) WHO signed it and what was it called?

  • cae973

    Black american citizens need to wake up to the fact that obama simply does not care what happens to them. He supports the illegal aliens who have stolen all the jobs our black citizens used to do to feed their families and send their children to college. He has reduced our black american citizens to lives of hopelessness and has shown their youth that the only way they can make money is illegally. And sadly because he was the first black president many white voters will hesitate to vote for another black man because of obama s lies, law breaking and total incompetence.

  • texan texan

    You busy little Reps, including the awesome Darrell Issa, have spent millions of dollars, hundreds of people to testify, thousands of documents and have proven ZERO. must be what Rummy said "you don't know what y don't know". Pretty amazing you can be so powerless. If Obama is that strong, y are doomed, with a capital D. Ironic you post impeachment by blacks. So many of them. Where Herman when y need him. Almost but not quite very comical. LOL as they say. Rev up those scooters for a real march in DC with pitchforks demanding impeachment. That'll do it. Or just FAX BLAST AWAY. SO EFFECITVE.

    • Elton Robb

      Hi Texan Texan, I know you. you want to control and dominate others. You watch Record of Lodoss War and you lust for that Sceptre of Domination, don't you?

    • Centurian2010

      Wait until the full effect of 0bama hits us, it will be after he is gone from office and for many years to come. Then those blind supporters like you who are in denial will whine and moan and blame anyone but 0bama. Unfortunately we will all pay for 0bama's sick agenda. By the way, 0bama has many offenses against the Constitution, but unfortunately our Congress is not willing to go up against him, probably because Reid would block any attempt at impeachment.

      • hpinnc

        You would have all these freebie nuts out in the streets looting & burning the cities down.Then is when you would probably have another civil war,just like what's about to happen in Egypt.You have the good,decent people who wants to just live & work & raise their families up against a bunch of radical,muslin punks who wants to take the country over.They are known as the "Muslim Brotherhood".They are the same crowd causing all the trouble in Syria,yet our distinguished potentate,BO,supports them all the way,by giving them money & arms.What else can you expect when he's one of them himself?

    • MarcJ

      This retired commie government employee union goon calls us "busy little Reps" - and that is a racist attack!

      • Hoodoo H

        Ignore the turd and others that show up in the posts...
        They are always hanging around because they have nothing better to do.

        • MarcJ

          Thanks for your comment. Far-left racist "turd" - how appropriate!

  • Tinman Jones

    There is a trainload of anti-American/anti-Constitutional acts to impeach this human being from our highest office. But as long as the "obama phone" crowd is still rampant in our urban cities, this 21st Century Pied Piper will be laughing all the way to the bank as he depletes/destroys American ideologies and makes us constant "Joke of the Day" for the other countries of the world. Gotta wake the "obama phoners" up.

  • Beverley

    No one can file articles of impeachment except a member of Congress. This article is nothing more than a headline catcher! Sounds good even though it is not legal to do.

    • pilars

      It's a first step...and not a baby step!

      • Dagwood

        Giant LEAP for America------------OUST him and his regime

    • pgson

      It shows they have the guts to tell the truth. Yes, we'd need Congress, most of whom also need impeaching, to officially file it. The majority of the Government needs to be rebooted, not just him, but he's the cancer focus where all the rest has spread farthest.

    • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

      Inch by inch, step by step we go forward with this. This move by the National Black Republicans Association is a step in the right direction. Its purpose is to let the public know it's okay to push for impeachment. And its likely to get at least some publicity on the radio and o the internet just as it has done so here.

      As for the logistics of convicting Obama. Fine, let those who vote against Obama's impeachment and conviction go on the record with their vote.

      • garyrose

        This is Amazing the People that more less put Him In ? Actually trying to get Him Out Amazing Amazing. Amen Thank God>>>>>>>>

  • Alfred William Derosier

    Copy and paste to a email to your senator and congressman and demand action, every day until they get the message. the more who will do this the better it becomes.

    • Hoodoo H


  • egalicki

    Wow - a group of blacks that have not - apparently - declared war on whites, but on the traitor in chief. I wholly and completely support this. Too bad there are so many idiots in this country who were bought off so cheaply by the free stuff given out and the empty promises we can't really expect justice here.

  • del

    Great news when his target base go against the ahole! Maybe they are beginning to get it!

  • Indiana Conservative

    This will never,never happen.So don t hold your breath.Hell will freeze over before this happens.

    • Dagwood

      where theres breath there's HOPE

      • Anthony Alexander

        Hope is not a method it is an emotion and a poor one at that....I agree this will never happen. There are too may levels of protection from the mainstream media, to his lawyers, to Holder...the list is endless...It is like trying to remove Hitler in WWII. Alot tried, but in the end Hitler had so much protection that no-one could get near him. It was ironic that Hitler did himself in the end.

  • zanografix

    Americans with dark skin face it under Obamacare you will be limited to twenty-eight hours of employment because companies do not want to pay your insurance. This is a ceiling for your labor imposed by the government and a reinstitution of economic slavery. Fight back #IMPEACHOBAMA

  • MarcJ

    President Obama is a Marxist Muslim born in Mombasa, Kenya. It is now confirmed 100%.
    1) Both birth certificates were forged by clever computer imaging – the short form one and the long form one. The long form one was issued after the short-form one was shown to be a forgery and lists the hospital’s new name from 1971 – ten years after his birth.
    2) His Selective Service card is a forgery with a forged date; all SS cards show US Postal Service date with 4 numbers for the year; his card shows only two numbers – 80 – obtained by cutting out the date 2008 and reversing 08 into 80.
    3) Airport immigration records for the week of his birth are missing – destroyed; all such records are complete for at least the last 70 years – except for the first 10 days from August 1 to 10, 1961, when he was born, and when his grandmother and mother returned to Honolulu flying from Kenya with the baby.
    4) His Social Security card belongs to a long-dead Connecticut man by the name of Jean Paul Ludwig who died in Hawaii; Obama never lived in Connecticut. His grandmother worked for the Honolulu Social Services where she stole Mr. Ludwig’s Social Security card.
    5) His grandmother had said to the newsmen that she had accompanied her daughter, Obama’s mother, on a trip to Mombasa, Kenya, to give birth there. Within a week after that the grandmother suddenly died; the official explanation was that the grandmother was losing her mind due to old age.
    6) His records from the Occidental College in Los Angeles show that he had received its scholarship as a foreign student from Indonesia. The same “Foreign Student” is read on his student card from the Columbia University. Those records were then expunged.
    7) He was sent to Pakistan in 1981 by his Muslim stepfather to study 3 months in a Muslim madrassa there, traveling with his Indonesian passport.

    8) All his schooling records are sealed: Occidental College records, Columbia College records, Columbia thesis paper, Harvard College records; also his Selective Service registration (now shown to be a fake); medical records; Illinois State Senate schedule and records; his law practice client list; baptism record; his passports. ALL SEALED.

    9) Another nail in the “Hawaii-born” Obama saga was found in the first edition of his autobiographical book “Dreams from my father”, where he proudly stated that he was born in Kenya. That sentence was purged from the following editions of the book. His father was a tribal communist, ending his life as an alcoholic in abject poverty after he had failed in his political aspirations. There is no doubt any longer. Except that we all wonder – a President of the United States should have been able to secure services of more professional forgers.

    10) Congressional testimony by the outgoing FBI Director Mueller in 2013 shows the consequences of Obama’s “Outreach” program, whereby the massive capture of all our phone calls and e-mails exempts specifically American mosques, their mullahs and imams, and their membership from such surveillance. That is how, for example, the surveillance of the two Boston Marathon jihadist bombers was eliminated back in 2011 – and these murderers were left in peace to plan and execute their terrorist attack from their local mosque.

    11) And I would appreciate if our liberals, progressives, commies, sozis, eco-Nazis, Democrats, and other bottom-feeders and scum of our dying society would not answer the above 10 points by their usual invectives and nasty name-calling – but by point-by-point documented answers.

    • pilars

      Unfortunately # 11 will never least not at an adult, mature level.
      Good, interesting information though!!

    • Hoodoo H

      Wasn't very clever; was actually a ROOKIE PHOTOSHOPPER.

    • organicroseski2

      The date stamp the P.O. used for them came with 12 removable months, days (1 to 31), and one piece with 4 numbers for the year (example: 1986).

  • sunnyblues

    Bravo to The National Black Republicans Association for their wisdom and their courage. Perhaps they will open the door for more and more blacks to boldly speak out against his majesty and prayerfully his house of cards will crumble sooner rather than later.

  • jong

    And of course these are only a few and what we know now. The total crimes of this fraud once all records have been unsealed will be enormous and will by what has happen cause a Constitutional Crisis of the highest order. For instance all his orders will have been both unlawful and illegal. That does away with both Kagan and Sotomayor and all decisions that have been made with these two. It however must be done otherwise it will happen again.

    • Hoodoo H


  • beijingyank

    This is really cool. Barky can't use the racist card. lol
    These Americans doing this are Patriots. I'm proud to call them my friends.

    • Hoodoo H

      PRAISE GOD !

  • RonWillison

    I'm sorry folks but sooner or later all of you commenting here will have to come to terms with the fact that We the people have not actually voted in a president of our choice since 1913. Our 2012 elections made that crystal clear. Believing that a majority in either house will do anything to rock this boat ride to hell that has been set in motion by the one worlders is sheer folly. America and indeed the world at large faces extinction because of the pukes that began this insanity 100 years ago. The really sick part of all of this is people still address these people with titles like LORD Rothchilds.

    • Dagwood

      I guess if you live in the US, your just going to have to put up with it. (SI)

      • RonWillison

        That will be the case for awhile. The people left in America that can still feel outraged at outrageous events will eventually reach one of two states. either critical mass, or sucumb to apathy.

        • TheSunDidIt

          Only those without a soul will fall to apathy. We didn't serve our country to watch it collapse. That's why ozombie hates former military so much.

        • Dagwood

          MOLON LABE

        • RonWillison

          Obama is nothing more than just a willing accomplice. A puppet like all the other presidents we have had since 1913. We live in a scripted world. The script writers live by the law of the jungle while the people are conned into living by the rule of law. Until humanity at large wakes up to and really grasps that simple fact. The Chess Masters will continue doing what they have been doing for thousands of years. There really is nothing new under the sun. A question for all readers and commenters. While I have no way to vet this info. It is thought that the Rothchilds family alone controls half of the worlds wealth. In the Trillions at least. WHY? Could any of you be comfortable with yourselves in your own skin holding that much wealth and power after watching a report showing children in third country's with fly's crawling out of their noses as they lie on the ground perishing from starvation? Does leaving this earthly experience with the most toys really mean that much? I would think that none of you here are guilty of that kind of callousness. Those with that mindset wouldn't be here in the first place. They have no empathy within.

    • grumpy3625

      Then I guess we should just kiss our asses goodbye, is that what you're saying? Don't even try? Let's all just shoot ourselves and get it over with, how about that? We can write letters to the one worlders telling them that we we're raising the white flag and want to be screwed. Why don't you personally drink the Jim Jones kool-aid my friend. We don't need people with a defeatist attitude in these critical times.

      Instead I would suggest us flooding the internet (and any other kind of communication) with creative ideas on how to defeat this enemy. I've come up with suggestions and I'll continue to do so. Your turn, go for it--The National Black Republicans Association have.

      • RonWillison

        By no means is surrender in my mind acceptable. Those of us that don't think allowing the status quo to continue have just got to be smart in our approach to resisting this deceptive crowd of despots. Anyone that thinks sitting in these comment boxes preaching to the choir is allowing the traitors to continue the age old divide and conquer game. Being in denial because the reality's are too hard to handle is why the world is in the state it is in. We The people blew it 100 years ago. I should say. our Great grand parents blew it back then when they bought into the Central Bank snake oil fraud called The Federal Reserve Act. We the people that now know what that abomination has done both good and bad are confronted with a conundrum. Do continue to allow this ongoing criminal activity. Or do we figure out a way to end it? To let the International bankers and thugs finalize achieve their global designs which has been the root cause of most of humanity's woes just so we won't have to face the pain that setting a new course would bring about for the short term? Or do we convince ourselves that these underhanded ruthless ego maniacs will be good guys once they have realised there goals which history tells us has never wound up being the case?

        • Dagwood

          And you are suggesting???????

        • RonWillison

          Throw a brick through your neighbours TV screen. Cut his cable wires. Do something to get his attention. Be active. The fact is. I want my self esteem back. Letting the misguided neocons that stole America and much of the rest of the world 100 years ago go unchecked or at least responsible for their mistakes intentional or not makes me guilty of murder. What has been done for whatever motivating reason in our name in the middle east for instance makes those who have even an nagging suspicion that our government is doing all the underhanded things it is for our benefit when it comes to using brute force to get control of oil and the like makes me culpable. I would rather turn my car into a yard planter than have one person die so I can drive it.

        • grumpy3625

          Mr. Wilson: I've read your posts here and I'm not going to pretend that I understand what you're saying. I do not think that talking to neighbors is going to be the silver bullet. Have you tried? I have. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The trouble with talking to your neighbors is that they don't want to give up what they think they have. I would suggest a more eye opening approach: I think that a million man march on Washington would attract attention. I would be willing to be a part of that event. I think that we need to find hackers that can cause a great deal of trouble for our domestic enemies. There are other tacts that we can consider that I would not mention here. These are desperate times and they are getting more desperate as I write. Suffice to say that the Constitution illuminates the fact that we can employ remedies in any way that the situation calls for it.

          We do need to establish a way to go dark on the internet and find another way of communication, one that can't be tracked so easily by government snoops. We need to organize and mobilize. I'm not an organizer but I'm certainly one who will become part of the effort.

          I'm getting tired and impatient of all the whining that we do with no follow up. We still have a good chance of organizing and mobilizing before the door on that closes completely.

          In the meantime we can put together a million man march as a start. I'm putting it out here for everyone to read. Let's get some input on putting that together and developing a way to circumvent the snoops. Let's think about our communication getting more visceral instead of this detached internet commenting.

        • RonWillison

          grumpy. I know the power that a million man march on DC would manifest. Where the rub comes in is getting that kind of momentum. The Americans that are hard working with families to raise and worry about just don't to face the challenges that a reboot would create. Even the sleepers are aware of the fact that something is creating an overpowering stench in our nations capital cities. I see thge resignation in their faces everyday as I go about my life struggles. The waiting for the other shoe to drop look is commonplace even in affluent communities. When someone like myself who for health reasons (ie heart attack) winds up prematurely retired on an ever so small fixed income. The idea of just hopping a plane to DC is logistically not doable. I'm 64 and in my wild and bulletproof youth I hitch hiked across this country 3 times from SF to DC. in order to send old tricky dick a msg. Was there in Dupont circle during the Nov 4th and 5th moratorium that prompted the admin to surround the WhiteHouse with the City's Busses bumper to bumper. The tear gas was thick those nights. I was more fortunate than four of my high school pals that cam home from Viet Nam in body bags. I volunteered for the draft as all good patriots did in those days. But was rejected, also heath reasons. (ie Rheumatic fever as Child). Shortly there after I started looking at what was going on both home and abroad and concluded that there were things in play that were not what I was taught to believe.And that really pissed me off!.How dare my government be involved with criminal activities. They / we were supposed to be the good guys. If you've studied American history where the last hundred years is concerned. Our behaviour towards other country's has not been stellar.Watergate, Iran and the Shah, and on and on. to the present day.Sure its a complicated world. The communist threat was real. I've made allowances for the stupidity and insanity that the nuclear mushroom cloud minds eye picture caused. The kneejerk reactions and solutions to real or imagined outside threats and etc.Its really sad that Joe McCarthy while looking for communist infiltrators in every closet didn't realise the the pukes he was looking for were the ones telling him where he should look.If only he had known that the coup took place back in 1913 by the very people that were were and still are running the show from behind the Those that are old enough will remember how our once trusted news organizations brought the horrors of the Viet Nam war right into our living rooms at prime time. At least three times a week we would be presented with the plane loads of flag draped coffins arriving here in the states. What did our masters and their owned and controlled media give us during the Iraq invasions? Imbeds that sanitised and presented only the picture that we were allowed to see. Juniors Shock and Awe broadcast was treated like The Super Bowl. The pregame hype with talking bobbleheads and all the trimmings. The only thing they left out was how much the minute advertising costs were.The sheeple bought it. And frankly speaking pal. Until the roof is actually falling on peoples heads. They will buy into anything these out of control delusional one worlder banker types have to sell. Ben Swann was one of a very small handful of journalists that had the temerity and backbone to go against the from on high ordered hit on Ron Pauls campaign. For that America owes him a great deal. Going dark on the net is not the answer. Going loud and unafraid on the net is. Anyone that cares about their childrens futures have got to spend the time looking deeply into when, who, and how the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank was birthed, The subsequent power that Trojan Horse gave to those responsible for that biggest crime in recorded human history. How it was used to bring about almosrt every boom, bust and war with the ultimate successful goal being to bring about the creation of The Nation State of Israel via the Rothchild/ Rockefeller sponsored Frankensten called the United Nations. What we the people have been supporting via our lack of knowledge and willingness to just TRUST our elected Officials is contrary to everything the founding fathers advised us against doing. And that behaviour is why the world ius in its current state. As long as we allow Netanyahu and thugs to run roughshod over those whose land, homes and businesses the UN Resolution To Partition the lands and territories known as Palestine brought about. There will never be peace in the world. And as sad as that is. There are scumbags that don't want there to be peace in the world under any circumstances. In their minds its bad for mother earth. And those not part of their small cadre are wasting the precious resources they need to power their 500 foot long motor boats and Jets. As long as they can maintain a sufficient number of country's in poverty. There will always be children available to exploit when they feel the need to get away from their spouses on business or holidays. When people are so much in denial that unlawful mayhem and death are just accepted as business as usual all in the name of national security. These soul lacking heartless monsters will sit in their ivory towers and laugh at us stupid humans that believe the nonsense they sell us like the rule of law which means nothing to them..

        • grumpy3625

          Thanks for the reply-it explains a lot. I'm 70 and my retirement mirrors yours except I took an early retirement so I wouldn't slit my own throat going to that job day after day, year after year. I'll drive myself to D.C. and I have family in VA who may put me up, but no guarantee. I'll survive. I understand your position, though. By the way: I was living in D.C. during the time you were there; it's my place of origin. I also understand now what you are talking about, it's not as obtuse as your earlier comments. I've read "Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man" and it really helped me to understand the pickle that America has gotten into at the manipulation of the banking cartel. That is why my main focus is Auditing the Fed or just plain getting rid of it. JFK IMHO was killed by them and I have a few United States Note currency to support my story on that event. It's telling that the first thing that LBJ did was to sign an executive order recalling all those notes. It's also telling that JFK was murdered about three weeks after issuing that currency.

          Talking to people including Patriots is difficult when I start to talk about Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man. I have a son who is very much a conservative but will not read that book and he will not accept the idea that it was our meddling and downright thievery in other countries that lit a jihadist fire. To him it's a simple explanation of religious doctrine. Every now and then I will include a link to a interview that Alex Jones did with Aaron Russo. I ofter wonder if anybody takes the time to look at it. They should watch this chilling interview if only to peer into the minds of the bankers, our masters.

          Anyway, Ron Wilson, your comments do seem to be defeatist and I suggest that you use your talents to cheerlead the people who are in a better position than you and I to organize, mobilize and put into action a plan to dismantle, defeat, at least slow down the grey men that Taylor Caldwell spoke of. It can be done and it has been done before, right here on this soil. If the only thing that we can achieve is to slow them down, that's a real victory. We may not win the war but we can win significant battles that can offset their advance for a few generations until they regroup after we go to sleep again.

          I have ideas that I regularly share on these comments about effective ways of throwing nuts and bolts into the machinery to grind it down and bring it to a halt. It has to be ground swell; it has to come from from people like you and me and it has to be commented on over and over until people catch on. It originates with ideas.

          Focusing on Obama is not the answer. We need to see the war, as well as the battles. Start changing your own back yard, if you know what I mean.

          Your experience is very much needed.

        • RonWillison

          grumpy.. We've a lot in common. I will taken a closer look at my communication skills. A defeatist I'm not. At least I don't think I am. Pragmatic and a bit cynical for sure. I haven't read the book but I have seen many of the video's both he and others have put on Youtube. Over 4 years with nothing but the web has given me the luxury of time to research anything I wish to learn about. History from ancient to current has been no less than 4 hours per day. Politics and related events like economics and the effects that the four main faith based organizations have had over time at least 3 hours per day. During the republican primary's average of 12 hours a day campaigning for Ron paul in these comment boxes. Needless to say. That experience is where much of my accrued data intake was validated and most of my cynical outlook on things spring from. In a perfect world with a majority of our Elected Officials actually being honest and not on the take. I could invision not only ending the FED but arresting both current and former board members and their associates, Charging and convicting, jailing and confiscating all assets for return to the treasury. That would also mean that congress would have to start earning their pay by fulfilling the duty's that the framers put in THEIR job description. That being the proper management of America's wealth and monetary system.. Our Elected reps are responsible to We The People. They don't have the lawful right to operate and give billions to friends and associates all over the world in complete secrecy that the FED and THUGS enjoy. While the audit the FED is a start. Who will be auditing the auditors? To put that in perspective. I recommend to everyone. Take the time to goto to your local states Lottery website and look really hard at who is running it. How it is structured, and WHO is doing the audits. Then google the auditors. Californians who fought getting the lottery tooth and nail would be surprised at how the original laws and regulation that the state legislature worked so hard to set in place to make sure that it would remain an honest unrigged solvent house game has morphed into a clouded opaque investmant risk taking banking venture. All it took to allow that to happen was one sentence in the approved legislation that read something like this. These rules, regulations and etc made law in this bill can only be changes by the "DIRECTER" who will be appointed by the acting state governer. And the five board members appointed by the director after his appointment. And therein is a snapshot of America's and indeed the worlds problems.

        • grumpy3625

          Keep swinging, my friend. "It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing" - Duke Ellington. May as well have fun while we're doing it.

        • RonWillison

          You too guy. Stay in touch and let me know if the million man march idea gathers some steam. It is actually a great idea. Without mainstream support or reporting and/or at least no active negative actions by them. it will be a tough field to plow 'Unless There Is Some Catalysing Event Like a New Pearl Harbour"

        • RonWillison

          Just a quik reply to the "circumventing the snoops" statement. Since the Prizm software much like all the inet Advertising rely's on routines that parse for key words. One can only imagine what would happen if a couple of hundred creative people scattered about the globe in small individual groups could do with scripted theatre. After all actors do have to practice their lines. Think "Plays" and made for snoopers TV" if you will.

    • sunnyblues

      Yes, yes, but real HOPE springs eternal and evil only triumphs when good men do nothing!

  • John Hough

    I am with you all the way.

  • frankenbiker

    Nothings going to happen to this Teflon muzzie, negro. He's embarrassed the United States in ways that make Jimmy Carter look like a genius. The people that pull his strings and control him will never allow this to see the light of day, much less make it to Congress. Theres enough votes to impeach him now, but what would be the point? The senate has the final say.

    • TheSunDidIt

      If your Congressmen will not impeach, RUN AGAINST THEM in 2014. If your Senator won't CONVICT him, run AGAINST THEM in 2014 and every other election until they're all GONE.

      • Dagwood

        It takes a little age and experience for the younger generation,,,,,,,,,,,,,,they'll eventually get smart

    • ladybug

      Because he is illegal, he cannot be impeached. ARREST, chain and drag him and his thugs OUT of OUR WH!

  • 7PastorCarmine7

    Go get him!

  • Robert


  • sigeleagle

    Although I highly laud these efforts, impeachment is NOT an option for an illegally sitting president any more than if you or I were caught impersonating an officer and were taken in front of the review board and asked, "Can this person keep this job."
    Sadly, 0bama is not just a traitor, he is further a usurper and fraud as seen by the following: 1. His Selective Service card is a forgery.
    2. His birth certificate is a proven forgery and has been agreed to by the very people who initially said that was not true. Further Hawaii has come forth, finally, and said there is no birth certificate on file for him there.

    3. His Social Security number comes from a state in which he has never been a resident.
    4. E-Verify does not recognize him as even qualified or legal to hold so much as a job cleaning bathrooms, much less hold the office of president.
    5. He holds more than one Social Security number.
    6. He is NOT a natural born citizen according to the Constitution of the United States.
    Therefore; impeachment is NOT an option. The only true option is to arrest him and then impeach Joe Biden for aiding and abetting the impostor!

    • Redag

      And Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton, and Eric Holder and the list goes on and on and on. More criminals run rampant in DC than in any prison

      • sigeleagle

        It is specifically because of these people, and many lilly-livered congressmen, not to mention the Secret Service who should know better, as well as the judges, etc. who should be thrown out of DC completely. Our country is lost because at this point there will be no getting it back. It's a pipe-dream to think we will. Secession and a total reconstruction later (if there is to be one) is our only option as I see it. I could be wrong, but it would be a much better path than the one we are on now.
        Consider this: In 2009 about March or April, 0bama got a rider through on a bill that was passed that allowed for $30 million to be used for "refugees from the Gaza strip". That would be mostly members of Hamas. About to begin is the import of 30,000 "refugees". That does not mean 30,000 people. In the Arab world that is 30,000 men w/ their families. That also means each family will be receiving $100,000 in aide from that allocation for the year.
        Combine that with this heavy push for amnesty and you should have a very clear picture of what is "really" being set up to happen in the near future. Feel comfortable giving up your 2nd Amendment rights?

  • Tom

    Bravo!! This gives me faith once again in our wonderful Black fellow citizens. They are the good, decent, honest, good values oriented, ingenuous, minds of their own, core valued, real life loving, intellegent people that are still standing even after the brainwashing, emdocrinating and enslavement of the others by the democrat party.

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      Now we just have to educate the young black mob crowd.

    • ConservaDave2

      The problem I fear is they are in the minority and also will get no play in the national press. So how are they to reach out to the others who aren't sitting at their computers on sites such as this?

      • SpudPicker

        We need to make so much verbal ruckus that the lame stream media is out-shouted!

  • James Sarafin

    The reason the Republicans have made no effort, with the present exception, to stop the constitutional violations by the Obama administration is because a precedent will have been set and the Republicans want the ability to similarly violate the constitution should they ever regain the presidency.

    • Dagwood

      If you want to get your Libertarian or 3rd party to get elected, you best storm the primaries, cause I and ALL the REpublicans I know will be voting STRAIGHT R's on the National Ballot------------------go recruit the Damrats--------Oh I forgot-------half the nay-sayers ARE Damrats nwith a Libertarian Jacket

      • organicroseski2

        I bet you have no clue what a Libertarian is. Can you say "for the Constitution."

  • General "Bull" Krapper

    Frances Rice gets my vote to replace PinocchiObama. He not only gets it, he's not afraid to press the issue. Not like the elected a-holes that are supposed to represent us, while honoring & protecting The Constitution", but don't. --- Stay Well, Safe & Free

  • ConservaDave2

    This article quite accurately spells out the case against Barack Obama. Sadly I fear, it might also be used by future historians as they try to explain how a great nation like the United States, formed on the enlightened principles spelled out in her Constitution, could have so lost her way, descended into such unprincipled darkness and collapsed so quickly amidst a sea of corruption.

    • MARYANN33

      Our lawless King Tyrant signed a new law in today while the Congress is out.

  • M. Fazio

    Now if the Conservative Blacks can stand up and warrant a change, Why can't the Caucasians do the same thing? Get the RINOs out and let's go after of Country and take it back before these fools in Three Branches of Government; The Judicial, Legislative, and Executive really ruin our government.

    The Judicial Branch is making Laws via Legislative Fiat.

    The Executive Branch making Laws via Executive Order.

    The Legislative Branch not doing the job at the will of the People.

    ObamaCare can be overturned. That's is the Truth. The Legislative Branch is telling us this this because they want to rule U.S. by Tyranny. They tell US things that aren't TRUE. IF WE don't like a LAW, WE the PEOPLE can CHANGE the LAW. Congress just has to make make decision, listen to the People or the PACs. Guess which one has more POWER? We the PEOPLE!!

    This go back to the Constitution because all three Branches are "Scared" of it and the People.

    Tyranny IS HERE, and it's time to take back Government. If we don't "START" Term Limits for all these Fools in Government, We are headed down the road to Socialism.

    I just hope that you wake up and see that we have more control of this Government.

    Using the Military or Secret Police Action (NSA, CIA, FBI, IRS, or other Law Enforcement Agencies) is Tyranny!!

    Stand up and tell your Senator and your Representative and let them know they are on NOTICE, and We the People won't take the Promises (the Lies) these Men and Women told US during their Campaign lightly anymore.


  • D'Bak61

    This gives me hope but I expect that it has to go to any 'court' for jurisprudence they will be found not to have standing. Ridiculous, I know, but we see it time and again when it comes to calling question anything The One has done.

  • Tinman Jones

    hpinnc, You're right. How can you change people addicted to food stamps and
    laying on their couches and watching their free U-verse and getting
    their education from Oprah's stupid network and other
    (non-discriminatory) race, er, culture-based television channels. At
    least some of them are English-speaking channels. But, what a problem
    we have. Go back and re-read Animal Farm by George Orwell and you get
    an idea of what will continue to happen. Happy trails, hpinnc. Romans

  • perfectlyaged

    Rather than say "I fear"...let us stand strong with the National Black Republicans Ass'n and meet the opposition head on! There are a lot of us that would follow if we had a leader to lead us and tell us what to do. Obama is treating all of us Americans like cesspools and we sit and gripe rather than fighting like the Egyptians are doing.

  • organicroseski2

    Good for them!

  • kabulgeorge

    At least these patriots have started a process which is way nore then I can say for the current Republican leadership that just want to be Rodney King 'Can't we all just get along?' pushovers. Time to put an end to all this crap these progressives have inserted in our arses. I don't like being used and abused by someone that thinks nothing of flying his stupid dog on my/our nickel! Had enough yet?

    • Sam

      Why couldn't the dog fly with obamy and family. They are all the same. All one big happy family and long as they are on vacation.

      • Redag

        Mulsims don't believe in the dog in their aircraft. Every trip they took the dog flies separately. Americans have ignored this since he took office and took his first trip where the dog flies solo

        • Irma

          Maybe the dog has higher principles and doesn't want to fly with them!

        • MARYANN33

          He might get their fleas....Who suggested they get that dog...Not fair to the dog.

        • Irma

          It was none other than Ted Kennedy - who was also responsible for foisting Obama onto the stage. Ted Kennedy=the curse that keeps on cursing!

        • MARYANN33

          Yes, now I remember...Two POS....poor dog.

        • Loyal

          You're right! People need to wake up!

      • Whackajig

        The dog has stated that he cannot tolerate the smell in the plane where there are so many blacks.

  • ReconVeteran

    Well there you have it. Now, will the rest of the true conservatives get up and help by not letting this die somewhere in the mass paper work in Washington DC, or let some DOJ lawyer kick it out some how? Don't know how much good it will do, but I'm calling my Congress people and let them know how I feel about this. Probably will call two or three times a week until I get an answer if I don't get one right-off.

  • Gary

    The sad thing about these Americans(who happen to be black) will not be heard through the lamestream media, unless they are ridiculing them. I applaud these people for taking a stand! We must all stand together and mend this massive rip, between the races, that Hussein Obama has caused!

  • Fred_K

    I will stand beside them.

  • Doug Roy

    Articles of impeachment must be filed in the House of Representative. All others have no authority.

  • Howard A Milor Jr.

    Wouldn't it be amazing if the very people who our nation for years treated as second class citizens were actually the very ones to save our nation? God Bless them and support them in their efforts!

    • Whackajig

      We did not treat them as 2nd class people, they ACT as 2nd class people. They are treated with far more advantages than humans and still act like the animals they are.

      • nickcollins

        I find that statement to be totally inappropriate. Yes, certain minorities are given special treatment, rather that truly fair treatment in many cases. However, to classify them as animals and not human is wrong. They are human, made is God's image just as the rest of us are, and we are all descendant from the same two people, created and loved by God.

        The behavior of which you speak is not a result of being born of a particular race, but rather the result of the environment which they are brought up in. Unfortunately, that environment is all too often devoid of anything even remotely resembling the structure and plan that God has laid out for each of us. Each of us has within us the capacity for the same behavior, but it is only by God's grace and mercy if you are brought up in a FAMILY that teaches, intentionally or not, God's principles, such as personal responsibility, a good work ethic, honesty, integrity, and the sanctity of human life.

  • charlie

    We'll see.

  • Dale Hogue

    It's about time that true American citizens charge this illegal immigrant with impersonating a legal American citizen. There's no doubt that Barack Hussein
    Obama will be impeached by the House of Representatives. If there are honest Senators in the Senate, Barack Hussein Obama will be found guilty of all the
    crimes he has been charged with by the House of Representatives. If there
    is to be true justice in this case, this imposter will spend the rest of his life in the
    federal penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas.

    • MARYANN33

      Gitmo would be fine,,,he could find fellow Muslim lovers there...

    • Bill Dunn

      Check out the Constitution: Article 1, Section 3: The Senate Shall have the sole power to try all impeachments....When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside....

      • Don't Even Try It!

        We must start the impeachment proceedings in the House and mark time until the trial in the Senate can occur AFTER the 2014 midterm elections. Hopefully, the Republicans will gain control of the Senate and hold on to the House. Come on Republicans! Don't SCREW this chance up! Get your sheeet together and impeach bho (the fraud)!!

      • Whackajig

        False............... The Senate tries cases of Criminal Contempt and Civil Contempt of Congress but has NOTHING to do with Inherent Contempt of Congress.

        • Bill Dunn

          So I will throw away my copy of the Constitution, eh?

    • Whackajig

      Why does everyone whine about the Senate? It must be that most of our posters are totally ignorant of the process of "Inherent contempt of Congress", where a person can be charged, tried and sentenced all in the House with no involvement of the Senate.
      What we should be whining about is the fact that a method of redress is readily available and not being used.

      • Gale

        Because the Speaker of the House has no backbone or whatever is required to stand up for what is right. He is a coward.

  • barb patton

    Great there is a God. It is to be hoped that there application will be successfu, although I very much doubt it as the DOJ is corrupt so nothing will come of their attempt to impeach this swine

    • Lowell

      Impeachment is not up to the DOJ, it is up to the house of representatives.

      • theoldstoryteller

        Thank You!

      • bonnieblue2A

        Article 1, Sec. III of the US Constitution

        The Senate shall have the sole power to try all Impeachments.

        • firstdingbat

          your are absolute right, but with this Senate do you really think they would do the right thing?

        • Lowell

          Correct, The House impeaches -- the Senate tries the impeachee.

        • makrov

          But it starts in the house and until the conservatives control the senate it may not happen. Congress R & D's need to stand for the Constitution rather than party lines.

    • SpudPicker

      If it could be proven that he does not have the Constitutional qualifications ( as being a "natural born U.S. citizen....) it might become a military matter and they could send the military police in to arrest and remove him. I'm sure they have room for him at Gitmo until a trial!
      Seems like all they would have to do is prove a treasonable offense!

      • nickcollins

        There is more than adequate proof, the problem is that he has the Supreme Court in his pocket and they are choosing to look the other way and modify definitions to make his presidency okay.

        SCOTUS ruled years ago that a natural born U.S. citizen was defined as one who was born to parents who were both U.S. citizens at the time of his or her birth. Since Obama's father never even was a U.S. citizen, and nobody is even disputing this fact, that would rule him out right there, irregardless of whether his Hawaiian Birth Certificate is real or not. The authenticity of his birth certificate is irrelevant when it comes his qualifications because of his father's citizenship status.

  • disqus_Ki3yt4g0EM

    Lets hope this generates traction and all people in America hear it over and over and over. This would be the answer to my PRAYERS!

  • Irma

    My prayers are being answered!

    • Whackajig

      Mine are not, he is still there in the White Mosque.


    Perhaps these are the heroes. They need to do something about Oprah and all the other of the hate white gang.

  • RhettButler1

    When you have integrity, you need nothing but freedom. True Americans ask for nothing more. True Americans are not of any race other than children of God. We see here the truth in it all.

    • Edward Ebersole

      I agree with you there.

  • harley93

    I pray to God this action is sucessfull.

  • Flo/AZ

    Lets continue to pray and only the almighty will help us get through this tough times. We can't afford to have this evil man take us to third world country. I already have been there on the American Indian reservation. It took education to get me out of the rut and now Obama wants to keep his thumb on us with his resentment, anger, and disclaim for anyone of an opinion or view other than his. He is a bitter man and Opra is out there helping him. She forgot the horrible time she had as a child living in poverty. Capitalism has helped her become the richest women. I don't see the correlation here in using the race card. She has to live that life with much bad karma accumulating.

    • Whackajig

      You can pray and it might help but if you get up off your ass and actually do something, I know that will help.

      • Loyal

        Amen! We're told to put legs on our Prayers. Flo/az if a truck is coming head on, at you, don't try to avoid the truck, just take out your Bible, (You know the one you've never read) and Pray about it. Bye so long, good riddance, the world is over populated.

      • Marty

        Fight the fire first, then pray.

  • Brendajanetorres

    FINALLY! Someone is going to DO something and not just talk about it! These are Real American's that want to save what is left of Our America...Hero's, I would hope that there are at least some Real Men and Women with enough guts to stand behind them!

    • isabel sanchez

      I may not be a black American in color, BUT I AM American and I
      will stand with them...... Tell us how to help ?????

      • Brendajanetorres

        ME TOO! I am (what some calls) a Heinz 57, a little bit of everything....Married to a Hispanic...So, my kids are mixed breeds too....Like you said "We ARE American"....and it is about time we start acting like it! Huh?

  • Whatzrname

    I'm so tired of people paying lip service to us about impeachment but no one does anything- and the mainstream media is guilty of malfeasence for not shining the light on all crimes commited by the hitler wannabe in the w.h. Of course, they're all owned by george soros-shame on you mainstream media.

  • Nathan51

    I certainly wish them luck. It's long past time for king butt crack to be impeached and put on trial for treason.

  • Denise

    If impeachment and subsequent imprisonment actually happens, there needs to be a new national holiday adopted in America, a second 4th of July.

  • gvhparkridge

    Black Republicans had a annual dinner, both showed up

  • Chuckbr

    Democrat Senate will never vote to remove Obama from office.l

    • chrisplumber

      well that's why its so important for the Rep's win big next year

    • Whackajig

      If ovomit is charged with "Inherent Contempt of Congress", he can be tried and sentenced in the House without the Senate ever being involved.

    • victorbarney

      Make that "Marxists"(GATHERER'S) or our SUPER MAJORITY OF WOMEN & BLACKS! At least 74% of our current population! Did I even mention that "MARXISM" is written to be the "ONLY" UNFORGIVABLE SIN...because it even denies the existance of a spiritual world??? Again, Watch, because 72,000 of each Anglo-Saxon SEX left alive IS 100% DESTRUCTION OF ALL ANGLO-SAXONS within the STANDARD ERROR OF MEASUREMENT! Please do NOT SAY that YOU were NOT WARNED!!!

      • Marty

        Uhhh, whaaaat??? "Standard Error of Measurment??" Is that a statistical operation of genocide?

  • [email protected]

    This is mis-leading article. They did not file articles, they just requested congress too.

  • Septemberswhisper

    I posted this a while ago, but worth repeating:
    We should be very grateful that the black groups are rising up. I'm not sure if this organization is connected with a group called Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA). But that group organized a great turn out for a protest against amnesty about a month ago, seems like more than the whites are doing. I commend their efforts. I think their opion and protests speak louder then other groups. We need to stand with them, and end the racial divide this administration has created. Together, we will all be stronger.

  • WayneOvolcano

    Oil always comes to the surface. I agree, he has not and refuses "to provided proper and authentic proof of meeting all of the requirements necessary to hold the office of President of the United States." On top of this he continues to use monies to thwart attempts to reveal the truth. This man acts as if Congress will not do it's job.

    • victorbarney

      CAN'T! The MARXIST(Anti-Christ's) control it, which mostly includes Women & blacks, our "gatherer's, or 74%er's, or our SUPER MAJORITY! p.s. Welcome to Adam's world 6,000 years ago! WATCH! COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!

    • Daniel from TN

      obama found a legal loophole. The Constitution DOES require the president to be a natural born citizen. However, there is nothing in the Constitution or federal law that requires a candidate to prove it, nor is Congress or any government agency or organization, including the DOJ, empowered to check the qualifications of a presidential candidate. Candidates who released their BC in the past did so VOLUNTARILY.
      On the other hand, states DO have legal authority to check qualifications, through the state attorney general. Until obama came on the scene there was no reason for states to exercise that authority: Only qualified candidates ran for office.

  • lauray

    I saw ALL of this happening 5ys. ago

  • i2luvmyusa

    Why aren't we hearing about this on the main street media? This will go no where until we force the bias media to start to report the news accurately an unbiased!

    • doximom

      Are you kidding? No way are the mainstream media (Obama's lackeys) going to report this!

      • Daniel from TN

        The mainstream media; aka, government controlled media, will not report this because the MSM is totally, 100%, GA-GA in love with anything Liberal. Reporting anything negative about Liberals or Liberalism might damage that love affair.

  • mdhawthorne

    Filed with who? Have they actually been submitted to a Congressional group?

  • doximom

    OK, now let's get it done!

  • victorbarney

    Encouraging article, confirming that not "ALL" blacks support this current Marxist(Only unforgivable SIN) takeover of u.s! Halleluyah! WATCH! Especially beginning this coming October 5th, the correct date for the NEXT Annual Feast of Trumpets(WAR)! I'm just speaking Hebrew-inspired written TRUTH! Again, WATCH!

  • Daniel from TN

    I applaud the efforts of these Black Republicans, but I'm afraid their efforts will fall on deaf ears. Congress will not impeach obama, even if he commits high crimes against the country in plain sight. Congress does not have the courage to do its job on this matter.

  • oledriller

    God bless the NBRA ! The original true conservatives of the " old school" GOP. Apparently they got the "cajones" that the GOP appeasers and RINO's lost long ago.

  • Susan Schneider

    I agree this needs to be done.

  • Anthony Thompson

    I suppose the media will call them all racist!

  • Craig Hill Phd

    It is best to leave the media out, as they will just make it so misunderstood Americans will become even more confused.

  • Jude O'Connor

    looks like Congress is getting a lesson on the Constitution.

  • Mildred

    Your all a bunch of idiots. Osama Bin Laden ... Obama Biden. Equals .. Bulls''t. You morons believe a bunch of Islamic extremist slipped under a floor crack in the cockpit door and re-constituted themselves. It's nothing but religious and biological propaganda. It's mean, cruel, rude , and downright disgusting the filthy lies that are spread on a daily basis. It's ruined a lot of good people's lives, broken up families, separated loved ones, and caused a lot of emotional damage. George Washington is rolling over in his grave asking the flight attendant for an air sick bag.

    • David Etenburn

      Before you call anyone you disagree with an "idiot", you need to proofread your spelling and grammar.
      All too often those who give others a piece of their mind don't have it to spare!

    • dragonfire777

      It is the filthy truth that we spread. You and a lot of other left extremist know the truth but can't bring yourselves to admit it. You have put all your hopes and dreams into a filthy, corrupt, lying, self-serving POS called Obama. To admit he is wrong is to admit you are surely wrong. George Washington is rolling over in his grave because of Obama and his cockroach administration!

    • 1digger

      You must be living in the la la land of liberal ignorance. I prefer to call myself and islamo-realist because unlike you, I don't have my head up my a_s and instead have my eyes open to what the radical islamists are doing across the globe, besides what they're doing here in America. The administration has muslim brotherhood in their departments, undermining our national security by being in bed with these terrorist sponsors. Even now, the administration went around Congress to arm the Syrian rebels (i.e. al Qaeda terrorists), the same people that attacked on 9-11. We've gone from President Reagan where the U.S. doesn't negotiate with terrorists to arming them and you sing your kumbaya songs all the way to the looney bin where you belong.

  • joshuasweet

    Charged him with treason eliminate all the hassles of trying to get congress to act.

  • David Etenburn

    It won't happen. It's game over, gang, and the liberals and their anti capitalist, anti, freedom and anti Judeo - Christian agenda have won the they think.

    No biggie. Jesus said it would happen, so bring it on. America is about to become a thing of the past; so stop fighting it. Beam me up Jesus; Scotty had his chance, and who is John Galt, anyway?

  • Rinda

    He needs to be impeached immediately. The Republicians in Washington DC are doing nothing and now I do not want to claim I am a Republician. I am so embarrassed by my party. The on e in Washington DC are just as guilty. The impeachment process cannot wait as our country needs to be saved, as well as the American people. Thank you for being so couragous to start the process. I hope it will be followed through and not just given word service and false hope.

  • http://godfatherpolitics mike ehrig

    everybody will too afraid to leave a comment knowing big brother is watching and will soon send the irs over to visit.

  • michaelsr

    While I am 100 percent behind ridding ourselves of this illegal alien, I would prefer he be found ineligible rather than impeached. Were he to be found ineligible, all the legislation he has signed, such as The Affordable Care Act and cancellation of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, would be instantly null and void. And, if I must, I will add that the odds of him ever seeing the inside of a prison cell are slimmer than me winning the lottery. Plus, he can still be criminally prosecuted for the crimes detailed above.

  • george

    what can i say, ditto! you hit the nail right on the head rinda. I also am a republican, & ashamed of our so called leadership!

  • Sue

    I agree, he must be ruled ineligible first then tried for treason in aiding and abetting the moslem brotherhood.

  • daledor

    BRAVO!!!! It is refreshing and encouraging to see people that can get past color and recognize a traitor and an insult to his own race like Obama. Add on Kissinger, and any other New World Order terrorist!

    If a white person raises a finger against Obama it is racism. If a black person raises a finger against Obama it is Uncle Tom's. This stupidity has to stop!!! Obama cares nothing about even the people that support him. A bus driver for Clinton-Gore showed how little some of these lowlifes esteem even their supporters. Clinton did the bus thing until president then he and all his buddies rode expensive jets like AirForce One.

    The bus driver said that when he drove up to a crown of admirers in North Carolina, Clinton told Gore 'what a bunch of idiots' and they both laughed. Hillary was in the back of the bus cursing up a storm drunk. The only one civil was Tipper Gore who apologized to the bus driver for their actions.

    If it is not to their advantage the Clintons and Obama would throw their supporters under the bus.

    Remind people that Martin Luther King Jr said that he looked forward to the day when people were not judged by color of their skin but by the content of their character.
    A marvelous man that I highly esteem.

  • Hipockets

    Whatever the way' Just get rid of him'

  • sally

    All of the people who have been waiting for a group like this to come forward to demand impeachment of Barack Obama, aka, Barry Soetoro, will be proud to join this effort. They cannot cry 'racists' when it is the black population demanding his impeachment.

    What's more, we should remind everyone that the majority of whites voted for this impostor. Being from Chicago and reading about his minor role in the Senate and his title as 'Community Organizer', I couldn't understand the mad desire to put this man in office and did not vote for him.

    Now, when I've read so much about ACORN and actually saw a black voter interviewed on TV who said he voted for Obama twenty times, I really wonder if he actually received the majority of votes. I truly hope he will be impeached. He has ruined our country and pitted the races against each other. A decent, honest president would not do this.

  • Theresa Ventura

    God's Will be done ! ! ! But perhaps God is allowing all these horrors in our government to continue - because most of America has forgotten HIM - they are morally corrupt & have forsaken ALL of His Ten Commandments - just peak at the news media - CORRUPT TV commercials & movies are NOT family-oriented. As for the evil Mr. President: he will NOT pledge the American Flag - nor will he allow any CHRISTMAS greetings, celebrations, etc. ditto fpr EASTER Why? Because he IS & will always be a MUSLIM before election 2008 he said "If the wind of wars in IRAN should take an ugly direction, I would HAVE to sid with IRAQ" Where is his birth certificate - Not a forged copy of a hospital in Hawaii that didn't EXIST until AFTER his date of birth - his social security number is that of a DEAD man-who happened to pass away several years BEFORE Barrack's birth. He & his wife HATE AMERICA.

    • spudpicker

      Yeah, looks like when we forget God, he gives us someone that thinks HE is god, someone who will LORD it over us?!

  • Richard Lester

    Im with you 100%

  • pjstevenson2001

    Add one more Article...Obama violated the Separation of Powers clause of our Constitution by unilaterally ignoring parts of the ACA. Yes, Obamacare is the law of the land, but a president does not have the power to make changes to any law. Only the Legislative branch, our Congress, can modify laws. Obama, by my count, has made over 14 changes to the ACA.

  • Peter Ortensie

    So are these guys racist?

  • shawn wenger

    In Jesus name bless those and give them energy and wisdom to continue this figh the wise men who found Jesus were not white and used astronomy and math to follow that star to his bed I pray this same wisdom will manifest in today in all Christians lives regardless of color we will be like iron sharpening iron only getting sharper with this turmoil