Cleavage, Piercings, Tattoos & Sagging Pants Banned By Texas Schools

Cleavage, Piercings, Tattoos & Sagging Pants Banned By Texas Schools

Over the last 40 years, school dress codes have reflected the moral decay of our nation.  When I attended high school back in the late 1960s, we had to adhere to a fairly strict dress code.  No shorts or t-shirts were allowed, girls dresses could not be any higher than 2 inches above the knee and no facial hair for guys.  Basically we were expected to dress in the manner fitting of many work environments.  It was done to prevent appearances from becoming a distraction to others.

If you’ve driven by a public high school in the past 10 years you may be shocked and appalled by the appearance of students.  Boys walking around in tattered t-shirts and baggy pants that barely hang on their butts revealing 4-8 inches of their underwear.  Hair in many colors and styles along with pierced eyelids, noses, lips, tongues and I dare not mention where else.  Girls walk around dressed like hookers waiting for a guy to rape them.  In some locations, gang colors, bandanas, hats and shirts are proudly worn.  Other shirts have profanity and display lewd and perverse images.

In general, too many of our young people dress in a manner that reflects their lack of respect for themselves and others.  They have little modesty, decency or moral standards.

At least one school district is taking steps to reverse this trend and try to instill some self-respect into their young people and prevent their physical appearance from detracting from the educational process.

Keller Independent School District in Keller, Texas has a new dress code that they will be enforcing this fall semester.  The suburb of 40,000 people just north of Fort Worth is dead set on making a difference in their children.  The new dress code starts out saying:

“The Keller ISD dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards.”

Then it addresses hair, clothing, general appearance and accessories.

On shirts and tops, the dress code forbids the wearing of half-length, tank top, strapless, cut-off, halter, bare-midriff, see through or sheer, tops that showed cleavage, too low cut or had plunging necklines.  All undergarments must be completely covered.  Shirts may not display swear words or sexually explicit material, no gang related colors or symbols, or anything that may be offensive to others.  No clothing that could be classified as pajamas will be allowed.

On pants, they must be worn at the natural waistline and if necessary a belt must be worn to keep them at the natural waistline.  No form fitting pants like leggings, tights, yoga pants are allowed. Lengths of hemlines, pants and slits in skirts were limited.

On appearance and accessories, no tattoos – temporary or permanent, no piercings other than earrings.  No teeth grills, ear gauges or any jewelry with sharps points or edges.  No hats, visors, bandanas or head scarves.  No sunglasses or extreme styles of contact lenses.

Any student wanting to wear religious articles of clothing must obtain the approval of school administrators.

Dr. Randy Reid, Superintendent of the school district commented about the new dress code:

“The goal obviously is to have well dressed modestly – well dressed students in our schools.  We want to focus on education.”

At least one junior high school student seems to think the new dress code is appropriate saying:

“So many of the clothes were really inappropriate.  Shorts way too short – form fitting clothing – it was like you were naked but your legs were a different color.”

One high school senior also commented about the new dress code saying:

“We don’t really get to choose what we wear now.  We would rather just have uniforms.

I know a number of people may not agree with the steps the school district is taking, but I think it’s a great idea especially with high school students.  A high school administrator once told me that one of the main purposes of high school isn’t only to educate teenagers, but to help prepare them for the real working world they will be facing after they graduate.  Most businesses have a dress code and would not allow employees to dress the way many of today’s high schoolers dress.

I’m curious to see just how the enforcement of the new dress code will pan out.  Will there be challenges and if so, from who and for what reasons?  Who will prevail, the school district or the challenger?


  • MI Patriot

    My son goes to a charter high school and they have a dress code. Bottoms are either khaki or navy blue. Shorts/skorts on girls have to be level with the fingertips, but they can wear skinny legs pants. They tops are poloes, either navy, white, light blue, or burgandy. They can have long sleeves or short sleeves but MUST ben tucked in. Pants have to have belts and shoes are all one color. No colored tennis shoes, or Crocs, sandals, etc. Of course no hats, tats, or piercings, etc.

    I have no problem with uniforms of any kind at all. You don't have to worry about somebody coming to school with designer names on their clothes or shoes and you don't have little wannabe hootchie mama's and wannabe gangbangers wandering around and distracting everybody.

  • Norwalk Spectator

    I've seen the way some kids dress for job interviews. Unbelievable.

    When did flip-flops become acceptable footwear for interviews? I must have missed that memo. And put away the freakin' phone. If you can't live for a half hour without checking Facebook, you're not working here. Speak clearly and in English. When you are taking the orders from the customer, listen carefully. It's okay if you can't tell the difference between the salad fork and the dinner fork, we just want the order to be placed correctly.

    These are all skills that the students should have (operative phrase...should have) learned in school. That why students need to take notes during class, and turn in homework that is actually complete (including answering the very first question which is...What is your name?).

    Okay, okay, okay. I'll get off my soap box. I'm just tired of going to a fast food place, being greeted in a foreign language, trying to place a simple order for 2 breakfast sandwiches and being greeted with "Huh?" or asking for a black coffee with no sugar and being given a regular coffee with milk and sugar.

  • BillWhit

    Good for Texas! If a kid isn't intelligent enough to pull their pants up, they should be home wearing diapers! Idiots!

  • slickzip

    If kids can't dress like humans , keep them locked up at home ,,,,,,

  • Ann Nassour

    Just common sense.....all of Texas needs to do it! Maybe other states will follow.