US Born Al Qaeda Terrorist Wants Bounties On US Ambassadors In Arab Countries

Adam Pearlman was born and raised in California.  In 1995, at the age of 17, he converted to Islam and changed his name to Adam Yahiye Gadahn.  Today, he in on the US most wanted list with a $1 million price on his head.

Gadahn became a media advisor and senior operative in al Qaeda and is believed to have been the inspiration behind some of Osama bin Laden’s videos.  In 2007 Gadahn called for al Qaeda operatives to target US embassies and diplomats around the world, especially those in the Arab countries because of the US involvement in Iran and Afghanistan.

Now he is making waves in the Islamic terrorist world once again.  Gadahn posted a 39 minute video on a number of terrorist websites calling on wealthy Muslims to start posting rewards or bounties for anyone who kills a US ambassador anywhere in the Arab world.  He cited the bounties set last year on the US Ambassador to Yemen.

In his video, which aired in Arabic, Gadahn said:

"These prizes have a great effect in instilling fear in the hearts of our cowardly enemies.  They also encourage hesitant individuals to carry out important and great deeds in the path of Allah."

Let’s not forget that President Obama no longer wants us to use the terms like ‘Muslim terrorists’ or Islamic extremists.’    He also left our Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens and the other American’s at the US Consulate compound to die at the hands of the same people he doesn’t believe are terrorists.  I wonder if Obama would use the words ‘terrorist’ or ‘Islamic extremist’ when referring to Adam Gadahn?  Or would Obama just refer to him as a poor misguided California man who’s confused about his values?

I know one thing, the way our State Department failed to protect Ambassador Stevens, I sure wouldn’t want to be an ambassador or their staff at any of the embassies that region of the world, would you?




    Be a good guy for once.

    Put a bounty on everybody who is a part of the Obummer Administration.

  • Screeminmeeme

    An enigma: Having been born in a country that is free, why would anyone choose to follow a belief system that controls every area of your life, including your bathroom habits, what to do if you pass gas during prayer, and what rituals to follow after you've had sex with a child or an animal?

    Such a person is most deserving of our scorn and strongest condemnation, and a life in bondage to Satan.

    Adam Pearlman Gadahn can't get to his 72 virgins soon enough to suit me.

  • Peter Guild, Quincy, MA.

    May the price on Adam Yahiye Gadah's head be paid.

  • Proudamerican

    The solution to dealing with these throwbacks from caveman days is really pretty simple. Drill for our own oil right here in our own country and stop buying from the ragheads! Of course oblama simply cannot let that happen to his fellow muslims but a REAL President would make that decision and not even think twice! They instantly become nothing without our purchases of oil. They are scared poopless we will do exactly that!

    • WereWolf1966

      Former American or not, the heck with political correctness, time for another drone strike. a good AGM-65 Maverick suppository will cure his hatred of the USA. Just because he was born here doesn't make him an american, Just a Traitor. AND since we are waging a war on terrorism, well treason is punishable by death in wartime............

      • Daniel Spickard

        Maybe we should have a drone strike on the white house then. Obama is just as much a traitor as Adam Pearlman is!

        • gary rose

          No put all of him (OBAMAS) gang Holder Black Panthers Larazas BRownBerets Its Army in U,S.A.Why? U.S.A.Taxpayers Pays Their Salaries Their Schools And Hate America Brainwash also The RAdical Muslims

      • SAM

        I agree whole-heartedly !

    • lilolady

      Oil from Arab Nations must first be sent to the US to be refined and then shipped from here to wherever it is to go. The price reflects the fact that the Arab countries have no refining capabilities of their own.. Where would they be if be if we refused to help them refine their oil? That gate swings both ways. But only one way if we accessed our own resources, refined our own oil, and lower the price of oil. Jobs created? You bet.

      Let's forget about them and their barbaric hatred of the US. Let them muddle through their dark ages for the rest of eternity.

      • jimjames

        dont worry the french will help them out and be glade to get there oil

        • John Vivier

          What do you know about the French?

      • Joseph Slabaugh

        How about we just use alternative energies? That way Big oil and the middle east would have no money at all.

    • Voncile

      Israel,has plenty of oil that we could get from them but Obama will not deal with them

  • Mark K

    Gee, I thought al Qaida was dead.

    • Jim

      It must be true because obama said so.............

    • Lunch Kitagawa

      Al-Qaeda was created by the CIA in the 70s. Back then they were called the Mujadeen. (Spelling error?)

      So not only does our government negotiate with terrorists, they also create terrorists.

      • Joseph Slabaugh


  • Steve

    This guy has to be an embedded agent. He was born Jewish as Adam Pearlman. I guess there are mentally unstable people in every culture but this one just doesn't sound right to me.

    • DrSique

      Yeah, apparently you have forgotten about John Walker Linde(sic) whose father suggested that, after he was brought home, he was going to get a stern talking to. The fathers' permissiveness, and possibly homosexuality, are exactly why these unhinged narccisists go off the rails. "My kid took up arms against his country and I am going to talk to him about it" says it all.

    • MrLogical

      Secular Jews are some of the most hate-filled, self-loathing anti-Americans that ever walked the face of the Earth. (The Communist party is FILLED with Jews - beginning with Karl Marx.)

      Do not doubt for a minute that simply because he was born and raised as a Jew that he is somehow immune from hating America - even so much that he would join forces with a bunch of camel humpers devoted to our extermination...Jews especially.

  • notoislam

    With a turncoat-traitor like this one needs a few drones to take out the s.o.b. We need to turn his little speech around and instill fear in his jihad group. Unfortunately we have BHO working for the Brotherhood and the enemy within so go figure!

  • Will

    you have my permission to hunt this guy down and turn 'im to dust...

  • DockyWocky

    If it was actually feasible, I would like to have a contest to place a personal message on the Hellfire missile that eventually has this schmuck's heinie in it's cross-hairs. It can be printed on a sticky label, or come from an armorer's Magic Marker penmanship - just as long as it is a personal message on the missle tip to kick off this traitorous scum eventual trip to islamic paradise, aka, hell.

    Heck, I don't want him to go fast. I want him to linger for days in pain with just most of his hind end blown to smithereens.

  • John Rooney

    Adam Pearlman is "fake al Qaeda" and the Jewish grandson of Carl Pearlman, who was on the Board of Directors of the Anti-Defamation League, a left wing organization run by Zionists. He is a disinformation agent to stoke more fear of terrorism and encourage gun confiscation.

    Jewish whistleblower informaing on the ADL -

    I hope the right one came up : )

  • Fred

    How do I collect the $1M pricetag on his head? Is that dead or alive?

  • Douglas

    He is an example of why this Nation should stop this madness in Immigrates having babies and being called America. If both the Mother and Father are say Mexican (example), then the baby should automatically be considered Mexican....and they can after so many years file for Citizenship!

    And this should hold true for Property (like in Mexico) you Can Not own property in Mexico unless you are Mexican!!! This is true in many nations....but America!!!

    • lilolady

      Your comment and Mine,too are both off subject. Pregnant Illegal
      women's babies should take their Mother's Nationality if born on this soil. So often the sperm donors get lost along the way. We need to change the Constitutional amendment that says any baby born on this soil is an American Citizen. Very little thought went into that one, or... perhaps it was deliberately written in such a way to purposely bring us to this current situation ....... They do plan years ahead don't they?

  • Gary Comer

    Somebody give this slob a shave and a shower and use the towel he has on his head!

  • Adrian

    Don't we have a drone available to whack this idiot. Or maybe we have an Air Force fighter pilot who could drop on his location. I am sure NSA must have it.

  • David Harper

    Obama has openly stated that al Qaeda was dead after his "I killed bin Laden" statement - there is no al Qaeda anymore - some organization has to be masqurading as that dead body.

    Was that just another lie that the Liar-in-Chief told?

  • Richard

    Upon learning about the Oct 23, 1983 bombing of Marine barracks in Beirut my first response was "someday we'll no choice but to kill all of them". My opinion has not changed. "No Muslims No Terrorists"

  • Ben

    Easy, 1 dead ambassador = 2 leveled American mosques, and their entire congregations deported.
    2 dead ambassadors = 4 leveled American mosques, and their entire congregations deported.
    etc etc etc.

  • http://yahoo ThomasGill

    "Islam in a man is as dangerous as rabies in a dog"Winston Churchill.Islam is a cancer on the world,and needs to be eradicated.One way or another.

  • newyorker

    let's just bomb the hell of all these radical basturd's

  • audq

    I read where this guy is in Pakistan and there is $?mil bounty on him.

  • Silas Longshot

    Don't forget, the US front for these ragheadz is starting up their cable "news" organization they bought from Al Gore in a few days. I'm sure they'll have an interesting 'spin' on American news.

  • Bringit On.

    "These prizes have a great effect in instilling fear in the hearts of our cowardly enemies."
    He is one to talk about someone being a coward. If he is so brave how come he is calling on others to do his dirty work?
    And as far as fear goes, he is the one that is in hiding.

  • Sgt York

    It's time to drone this AH and forget his turncoat speaches

  • James Maxwell

    Nothing like a Cali radical home grown terrorist who needs
    to be eridcated at the earliest possible moment with extreme
    delight. Good target for a Hellfire missile or two maybe
    along with some of buddies. He has given up his American
    citizenship a when he joined with our enemies and declared
    war upon Americans and the United States and our resources.

  • nam1

    Will Obama and Hillary split the bounty for the killing of Ambassador Stevens!!

  • Lunch Kitagawa

    So a CIA psyop wants the a bounty on the heads of US Ambassadors in Arabian countries, eh?

  • http://godfatherpolitics mike

    I would think Gadahn's offer would find a lot of takers. After all, Obama doesn't do anything to protect ambassadors. In fact, he sleeps and parties while they are killed. How easy can it get for the bad guys? With Obama in charge pretty darn easy.

  • Sandy

    If he is a known frickin' terrorist, why isn't he in jail instead of running around?????? What, did Obummer give him immunity?

  • ConservaDave

    Sorry, Rand Paul. Sorry, Pat Buchanan. Sorry, Diane Feinstein. Sorry, you other Congress people and senators who think we shouldn't kill Americans with drones. If the American has left the country, abrogated his citizenship by declaring war on the U.S., and is actively pursuing and encouraging acts of war against the U.S. then it is time to vaporize this piece of human excrement.

  • txlady706

    Osama is dead and that leaves a boogeyman vacuum. The CIA has certainly been creative in their operatives.

  • [email protected]

    Time to pack your bags ambassadors! No ones got your back that's for sure.

  • Scott Puckett

    Well why not? Obviously the State Department is not interested in protection of our Embassies overseas or the personnel there. Just ask those at Benghazi! Why should our enemies not take advantage of our gutless and politically motivated leaders.

  • Rip

    Wow, I wonder how many wealthy Americans would pay a bounty on Muslime heads in Amerika

  • govtrumbull

    Isn't the name "Pearlman," a Jewish name? I'm pretty sure it is. If so, just how did a young Jewish Lad, become a Muslim Terrorist? If he is a Jewish convert to Islam, his Parents must have been horrible people.

  • NASA

    Don't like this new format on Godfathers. The layout is horrible; the fonts silly and having to "check-in" each time is silly.

    On to another site.

    Have fun.

  • Michael J. Marsalek

    They say; " what's good for the goose, is good for the gander." Does anyone still believe that " they hate our freedom?"

  • John Vivier

    What do you know about the French?

  • Dempsey Coleman

    I wish they would post Bounties on Obama's Appointees in every Country they Control. Then and only then will Obama be FORCED to Admit we are At War with Islam

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    Drone this miserable inbred half-human out of existence and remove him and his progeny from the Human Gene Pool Forever.

  • craig

    Whatever the LIAR in chief says, you KNOW it's a LIE!!


    Speaking about the ambassador Stevens, I bet we won't learn from Bengazi when this Administration is too busy covering it up