Black Kids Video Themselves Bullying 3 Yr Old White Girl Then Post Video On Facebook

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson need to get their sorry butts to Minneapolis now because of an atrocious racial attack.  They won’t need to make up anything about racism because it’s all caught on video and then posted on Facebook with a racist title.  It was 4 against one, the victim was younger than her attackers and completely defenseless.

So why are Sharpton and Jackson so silent about this hateful racist attack?  Could it be because the victim was a white girl and the attackers were black?

The video, taken by 12 year old Ray Wright, a black kid, shows the 3 year old white girl on her Hot Wheels in the middle of the road.  There are two black girls in front her.  They are at least twice her age and they are yelling at her and calling her ugly.  The two black girls then grab the 3 year old’s hands and start hitting her in the face with her own hands and asking her why she’s hitting herself.  The 3 year old starts crying and Wright yells at her to shut up.  Another black boy, slightly younger than Wright, comes into the scene and you can hear him say:

“Watch me beat up this little kid.”

The video goes on to show the 3 year old standing on a lawn with something in her hand.  The two black girls turn their attention back to the 3 year old and one of them can be heard telling the other one:

“Hit her hard. Hit her in the head like this.”

The one black girl responds by hitting the 3 year old in the head.  Then one of the girls take an object the 3 year old is holding from her and Wright tells her to throw it on the ground and she does.

When it was all over, Wright posted the video on his Facebook page with the following:

“When white people piss black people off.”

After the posting of the video, Wright began receiving unpleasant responses from other viewers.  He got into verbal confrontation with one person who Wright accused of being a snitch. Before long, Wright and the accused snitch were threatening to kill each other or to send someone over to do it.  Eventually, Wright’s Facebook account was shut down, but the damage was done.

First I want to know what a 3 year old is doing riding her Hot Wheels in a street without parental supervision.  That in itself is negligence and child endangerment.  Had the parent or whoever was looking after the 3 year old been present, none of the bullying and torment would have happened.

But happen it did and it is a clear example of what kids are being taught these days.  Who taught these black kids to hate white people?  I contend that it starts at home with mom and dad.  Kids learn from their parents and then from other kids who learned it from their parents.

Wright’s mom, Ranika Wills, defended her son and the actions of the other black kids.  Responding to the negative reactions her son was getting, she commented:

“It’s not like they f***** that little girl up.  She’s fine.”

“It’s a joke, he’s just a kid.”

“What I seen was two little girls hitting her.  That’s just what little girls do.”

“I dealt with the kids.  But kids fight. Know that.”

I wonder if she would have had the same attitude had it been 4 older white kids picking on her little black girl?  I bet Wills would have been the first person hollering racism and hate crime.  But since it’s black kids tormenting a white girl, it’s just kids being kids according to her.

Some years back I worked as an electric meter reader for a utility in the greater Phoenix area.  One of the routes that I had took me into a very black community in south Phoenix.  I always felt uneasy and often heard comments about the whitey or honky.  One day, a boy that could not have been any older than 3 years of age, came up to me and called me a ‘M F honky’ and told me that I had better get my sorry white ass out of his hood.  Two adults, I assumed were his parents, were sitting on lawn chairs in the front yard, laughing at the racial profanity coming out of the mouth of the toddler.  I knew right away where he had learned it from.

Yet, Sharpton, Jackson and others remain silent when things like this happen, and then they wonder when a white kid reacts and attacks a black kid.  I have said it all my life, but if blacks truly want to end racism and racial prejudice and hatefulness, it needs to start in their own homes and communities.  They have to change their attitudes before they can expect others to change theirs.

It’s just like a marriage relationship.  If one partner is constantly trying to get the other one to change their behavior and attitudes, they first have to start with themselves.  If not, it will only result in tension, anger and divorce.  When it comes to racism, those hollering the loudest have to be the first ones to change themselves. Then and only then will they be able to influence others and end racial hatred.  But as long as they keep hollering and pointing the fingers at others, things will only get worse.  If Sharpton and Jackson really want to make a difference, they also need to start condemning actions like those caught on the video and calling it what it is – racism and prejudice.  Once they show that it’s a two way street, perhaps traffic will start to flow better, tensions will ease and racial attitudes will go the way of the dodo bird and 32¢ per gallon gasoline.



  • TV

    Typical blacks, two on one, both blacks much older and larger, and not just bullying ,but actually HITTING the little white girl. I am sure their parents are so proud of those two black b.itches.

    • albertpike

      sorry blacktrash in that video.
      wheres a rope when ya need one..

    • Joanne Mortensen

      Where is this childs Mother and where are the "Black" kids folks .. obama is causing this with his racist rants ! And jacson and sharpton always have to put in their 2 cents worth

    • Joyce

      These little tormentors are lucky I wasn't there. Their little bottoms would get an ass whipping. Then I would turn myself in!

    • ray suter

      I hope that WHITE TRASH FATHER get his ass kicked by his BLACK BROTHERS

      • guest

        YA THUNK?

    • mona

      THANK YOU GOD THIS was not my child being abused. any child I would see going through this heaven help those who were doing it.....these kids that did this are animals....and I would treat them as such....I put down mad dogs this is no different to matter what color they are....

  • Tristy

    Lucky that wasn't my little girl.

  • albertpike

    sorry blacktrash. wheres a rope when ya need one..

    • DWinch

      At least a collar and a leash.

  • chris

    Had this been reversed, we'd be talking about riots.

  • John Brown

    This is the end result of abortion and the destruction of society. This is exactly what many early 20th century "progressives" wanted and exactly what Bill Ayers wanted.

    Civil War is coming.

    It would do well for white Christians to read

    "► Curse of the Zeroes – Part 3 – America Judged to be Murderers by God"

    What is left of the country will devolve into a race war as easily discerned lines are drawn and blacks will lose. Why? 12% of the population, not as well armed as white people, not as educated, and they eat their own. PLUS, God is not going to be on anybody's side that voted for Satan possessed Obama and that includes the so called white Christians.

    When all is said and done, the slag of America will be burnt off and refined silver left behind. That and a one world government like Soros and Satan want.

  • Joanne Mortensen

    Where is this childs mother ? and where are the folks of these two tormentors? Between obama,jackso, and sharpton and their racist rants, they have given to go ahead to this behavior !

  • http://[email protected] bill

    black attacks on whites are not going to stop. The attacks are only going to get worse as more blacks are born and grow up to be taught to hate white people. I have noticed only this month that black attacks against white people have started to surface on various forms of social media. Most white people have not known about how much blacks hate white people. Now that the cat is out of the bag, white people not in situations where they would know of this racial hatred against whites will become informed. This can only spiral out of control as more information is released about black on white crime. We are looking at more division, more violence, and possible civil war. Where will the police be when civil war erupts and black militant youth are attacking white people in their communities? When the Watts riots exploded the cops ran! Liberals don't want whites to have guns because they can defend them selves when the attacks come. It would help, for your life and the life of your families, not give up your guns, buy more and stock ammunition. Have a one year supply of food and water hidden in preparation of closed stores, no electricity, and absence of police.

  • Kathryn

    MLK would be so proud...

  • Wake up

    Put the parents of these black kids in jail for a few months then see how the kids react

    • DWinch

      They probably are in jail, that's the problem.

    • disgusted

      These incidents are far from isolated - they happen in public school all the time and seldom do we hear a thing. School buses are favorite places for assaults, bullying, and muggings it seems. One question: of the children shown in this video, how many have a father who is married to and living with the mothers of the children?
      It is high time for the taxpayer to stop subsidizing failed parenting. A good start would be to end welfare after 6 months for single moms who were never married.

    • guest

      kids?? these are niglets!

  • Ken

    Judged by the content of their character... and the characters of those responsible for bringing them into this world and developing them into human beings.

    These bullies are sub-human as displayed by their character.

  • Tionico

    Whatever happened to neighbourhoods where any child was safe to roam outside the direct line of sight of parents? I grew up in such a place.. yes, we had "issues", but learned how to work them out, sometimes with help from parents. We learned how to get along, tolerate each others' "wierdnesses". (we were ALL "wierd" in one, often several, ways). The kid who posted the video needs to be severely disciplined... how did a 12 year old even have a Fb account? Thought you had to be older than that. Glad Fb closed it. This stinks of an early version of the Knockout Game..... beat up on whitey, tape it, and post it. Sicj that these little kids are already getting off to a start in that trash. And they wonder why they have so many problems? The lame excuses made by the mom of some of the kids is disgusting. They sound just like Trayvon's mama.... "not MY innocent little angel", you know, the angelic choirboy twelve year old in the photo the press spread far and wide? Sorry, mama martin, THAT kid is not the one got his sorry self shot. No, the kid got shot is the product YOU put out by failing to teach him to respect other people and their stuff. Where will this 12 year old be, and doing what, in anoher five years? He's pointed in a great direction already...... he'll be looking for his own 115 grain jacketed hollow point, .380 inch diameter, if he keeps this trend. But HIS mama won't wake up... till he's been taken care of like Trayvon was.

  • Tom

    Who taught these black kids to hate white people? I would say the current administration promotes such hate. I do agree a 3 year old should not be on her own and that should be looked into. But the reality is for the last 35 years blacks have been showing the ugly side of racism from people like the crack smoking Richard Pryer all the way to Chris Rock. And then we have characters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Racism against whites has been promoted for many years.

  • Gary

    Im sorry for what happened to that little girl, but at least the liberal fuktards in this country can see first hand on video that blacks are sub-human from the time they are born! Theyre lucky this wasn't my daughter, or Id have taken them ALL out on my boat for shark bait!

    • disgusted

      No. Kids are taught to behave in this way, black, white or whatever. Lack of parental supervision in the entirety here. And where is the 3 year old's mother or father? Older kids have been picking on younger kids since forever... but what we see here is a total disregard for civility and the knowledge that no adult is going to intervene.

  • Charlotte

    You white people spouting your racial crap are no better than the blacks that do THE SAME .Both sides are to blind and to stupid to see what is happening.IF we all don't stop this hate crap WE WILL destroy our country ourselves. The government or some other country want have to.WE ALL ARE THE SAME.WE ALL WANT THE SAME THINGS IN LIFE.We can ether work together and accomplish our dreams together or destroy this country together A HOUSE DIVIDED CAN NOT STAND.

    • El Lobo Solo

      "If American is to be destroyed, it must be done by Americans, we must be both the authors & finishers of our fate"
      Abraham Lincoln

    • TV

      NO, we are NOT all the same. You blacks voted for the black guy 92% of you...THAT move alone makes you extremely RACISTS.

    • Garrett

      No, we've been turning the other cheek for the past 50 years, treating black people equally, and we are rewarded with an entire group of people who think theyre entitled to something theyre not. You've been given The NAACP (We have no NAAWP), The united Negro College Fund (We have no United Caucasian College Fund), BET (no WET channel on my lineup) and a bazillion other fringe benefits the rest of the people of this country don't get. And still black on white crime is 8 times higher then the other way around. We taught our kids to respect everyone as being equal. You taught your kids to hate white people. You taught your kids that because some black people 200 some odd years ago were slaves of white people, youre entitled to something youre not. Regardless of the fact that it was white people who fought and died to free those same slaves. Ever see a rich black neighborhood? I haven't. Every black neighborhood I see is a slum riddled with crime and drugs. A place you don't want to go in the day time let alone the night time. I know, I work in the ghetto! I went to school in the ghetto! But I sure as hell don't live in the ghetto. My parents didn't teach me to hate blacks. You guys did a great job of that all by yourselves. With your gangsta crap music, with your actions, with ALL THAT TRAYVON BS, and god knows with the current president. Ive been robbed 4 times in my life. All by blacks. When I was in school, I had my locker broken into and robbed blacks. When my car stereo got stolen in college and my window broken, who do you think the police caught with it? Yep, a black dude. I can go on and on. So when some white guy locks his car doors when a black person crosses the street, you know why!

    • nancy

      no we are not all the same & want the same things. Lib blacks want everything handed to them & don't want to work. The black power elite have convinced these blacks that the white man stole all their stuff & have to pay it back thru redistribution of wealth thru force.

  • katie bershinsky

    All hell would have broken loose had the rolls been reversed. It's easy to say it is typical of blacks to do this. And Obama is adding much more animosity between whites and blacks. and we can all say that it's time they've gotten over their history. and it's also easy to say, "they fought to be equal, now they are the ones separating themselves," which is all true. . .
    but the fact of the matter is, people don't discipline their children anymore. Where the hell was this "time out" bullshit when I was a kid? Kids need to be taught right from wrong. And ass whoopings are much needed.
    Just add that to the list of bullshit the liberals have "graced" us with.


  • jojo

    What's so wrong? It's just preparing the 3 year old white girl for the real world when she gets older. Isn't that how the world works and how the liberals and No-bama supporters want it?

  • LittleMoose

    The black children learned this from someplace. If it wasn't from their parents then the parents better find out from where before they have a major problem on their hands.

  • kyle

    Why do white people allow their childern to be left alone around these people? We know exactly who and what they are. Obamas childern are doing exactly what he and his kind have taught them.

  • miko

    This is the end result of integration. I am sure the mother of the poor girl is white trash. She is probably sipping margaritas from a old plastic water bottle and smoking cheap cigs in the house while watching charmed or jerry springer on tv. Wait, I'm describing some white trash I know......

  • Joanne Satmary

    And if this happened to go to court and the judge or jury found the black children to blame you would see those Black Trashy Sharpton, Obama, Holder, Jackson screaming that the three year old was to blame. We understand perfectly well what is going on and I hope to hell the day will come that we see some of these CREEPS imprisoned. And I do mean the one's I named!

  • http://aol John

    wake up America, The seeds of the wicked have been sown and the enemy is within.If it is not color of skin,then it will be religion,moral decency is at an all time low.If you think things will be better in the future pull your head out of the sand and view this video again.White trash giving a 3yr.old unsupervised access to a bunch of "animals" looking to victimize a defenseless little white girl.You mean to tell me the "animals" parents or other neighbors didn't see or hear the little girl crying being tormented by the pack of Jackals.I wish I was there.

  • Joanne Satmary

    Obama created this situation! He, Holder, Sharpton and Jackson should be imprisoned for all the damage they have done to race relations. Obama who was voted in mostly by whites and then the second election by fraud. He is not capable of being anything other than a thug! God help anyone who did that to my child. It makes me wonder if they will be punished by their parents. It just shows the meanness and hate that prevails since Obama took office. He has instigated it all.It lies at his feet. If that is what he call a Role Model he should be sent back to where he came from. They understand that in the middle east. We do not understand or put up with this behavior in the United States, at least until Obama came on the scene and promoted such hatred. And if the blacks are proud of their president they are showing a severe misunderstanding of decency!

  • george

    Nig gers will be nig gers, you've got what you get.

  • Elizabeth R.

    Mom is a fool. First...the children learned it from someone and even if it was on the street, mom should notice the behavior in the home. So...she sees nothing wrong with it. Two... the child is smaller.... mom must think it's ok for big kids to pic on younger ones. Three... if nothing else...she has taught the young white girl to be weary of black kids.... and who can say how that will pan out in the future. Mom knowing it or not...has allowed this thinking to be ingrained. The most unfortunate thing about this is that the kids don't see anything with it and therefore it is likely to happen again.

  • Cleric Preston

    Could somebody explain the 'benefits' of desegregation to me please ?

    EVERYBODY said this sort of thing would occur if we were forced to 'integrate' and 'assimilate' with the non-Whites.

    ONLY an Anti-White would oppose White people having our own living space so our children can be safe after seeing this video.

    Sadly, nowhere is an ALL White anything allowed, under International Law that constitutes Genocide.

  • Christopher

    on all the parents involved. For one, a three year old should never be unsupervised. Also shame on the black kids parents for teaching them to be racist. Kids aren't born racist, it's something that they're taught.

  • Greg

    The male shooting the video is old enough to torture this innocent girl sadly being raised around this scum.

    He's also old enough to be caught and "disappeared" after having a very bad time in the woods...same with his mother who excused this behaviour.

    Can only hope. At least abortion takes care of half the problem, it's up to us to work on the other half.

  • http://yahoo Dawn Hemmert

    To bad blacks don't know their own history. Everyone should read "Father of U.S. slavery was a black man". According to documents "Court of Northampton: Eight Mar, Anno 1654: Where as complaint was this daye made to ye court by ye humble peticion of Anth. Johnson Negro ag(ains)t Mr. Robert Parker....". this is in old English. Anthony, a black man, came to the U.S. as an indentured servant. He "bought" another black man, John Casor. From evidence foudn in the earliest legal documents, Anthony Johnson must be recognized as the nation's firs official legal slave owner. This is apparently the first legal sanction of slavery (not for crime) in the U.S. So the father of legalized slavery in the U.S. was a black man. You don' find that in Black History Month. Robert Parker was a white man who tried to defend John Casor. it is online.

    • John Brown

      Actually, the 1st trade center was Dutch, in Manhattan where the WTC stood as far as I can tell, and was there in 1613.

      Lincoln mentioned it in his speech and was part of the key to solving the Curse of the Zeroes and why presidents died every 20th year from 1840-1960. All according to Bible numerics.


  • oldtimer

    Parents should never let their children play outside when wild animals are around.

  • http://aol John

    These subhumans are very young to be doing this hideous,outrageous actions against this innocent poor white girl.Let's look in our crystal ball shall we,let's say 10-15 yrs. from now and what do we see.I see them doing time in prison for some violent act on, once again on a poor defenseless white person,probably elderly or female.I see the black community matching in the streets saying whitey has it in for them and they were justified for those violent actions.I say you are subhuman loafers who deserve your own personal hell.With the hand of justice stepping on your neck as you beg for forgiveness.