Like a 'Monkey With a Hand Grenade' -- U.S. Policy in Mideast

It's just convenient -- awfully convenient. That's all I'm saying.

It's convenient for U.S. Mideast policy that after three years of covert support for the al-Qaeda mercenaries who lead the Syrian "rebels," the Obama Administration should suddenly be gifted with an attack on civilians, attributed to the Syrian government, by means of one of the most despised weapons ever devised by mankind: poison gas.

This attack by the Syrian government comes with good timing, just as support was wavering for a publicly acknowledged U.S. military presence in the region.

It also takes attention off the Administration's mess in Egypt, in which it supported the Nazi-spawned, terrorist Muslim Brotherhood against the Egyptian majority, despite broad evidence of a stolen election. Now that the military has taken over, the Administration has compounded its errors by cutting funding for what may be the best hope for a reasonably moderate democracy in the land of the Pharaohs.

Stepping up the rhetoric about Syria also serves as yet another distraction to keep America from thinking about Benghazi, an attack that occurred not because of an anti-Muslim YouTube video but because the Administration was once again collaborating with terrorists and smugglers to get heavy weapons and personnel into Syria by way of Turkey. Something went sour on that deal, and we wound up with four dead Americans.

As Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said, the U.S. is like "a monkey with a hand grenade" in the Mideast.

It's strange to think, after what happened to Saddam Hussein in neighboring Iraq after the world thought he used nerve gas against Kurds, that the Syrian government that has been wrapped up in civil war for three years would suddenly throw caution and international opinion to the wind.

The Syrian government had to know that chemical weapons would be a guaranteed way to get the nations of the world to beat a path to its door.

It's curious that the Syrians would invite such trouble.

On the other hand, anybody who had an ax to grind with Syria but who wanted to appear worthy of his unearned Nobel Peace Prize would have a lot of incentive to stage a phony attack. ... Perhaps someone with delusions of carving out a reinvigorated Muslim caliphate under his personal control.

Yes, such an attack would be very convenient indeed.



  • http://MSN John

    Makes sense to me. I thought right away that it may well have been the rebels themselves who were behind the gas attack. What better way to get Assad out of office and make themselves look like innocent victims.

  • jake

    They have Obombnic pegged. But the stupid takers and freeloaders that voted for him don't get it. This is what the world thinks of your so called President.

    • Joanne Mortensen

      To Jake .. there are a bunch of us that know what a fraud this "pres is .. don't you wish Congress would get the message .. he's going to start a mess over there that will do nothing but kill our finest and best and innocent syrians

      • Nathan51

        Our finest and innocent Syrians? This bumbling fool may stumble and fumble his way into WWIII. The idiot helped undermine a stable, sane government in Egypt. He supported the wrong side there. Ditto for Libya. He has systematically been undermining our best ally in the entire Middle East; Israel. He has insulted and stabbed in the back our best ally in the Western world; England. Then the moron supported the most radical Islamic organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood and indirectly Al-Qaeda. I have little doubt that if Adolf Hitler were still alive he would probably support him too. Never has there been such a complete, blundering idiot to occupy the Oval Office. All the stupid moves Jimmy peanut Carter made with Iran king bo is repeating many times over with the entire Middle East. This idiot is Neville Chamberlain on steroids!

        • Deborah G Flynn

          The reality is he is a radical extremist in sheeps clothing and if the morons haven't figured this out yet LOOK OUT America is oin the path to destrution with him

        • Diva

          Well said!!!!

        • Larry K

          Nathan, I agree totally with your post. No doubt, however, you have taken the opportunity to look at Obama's feckless record through his eyes. While Carter was a true bumbler, Obama is purposefully executing his agenda. So, I'm sure he is quite happy as he checks off each and every nefarious action that he is able get away with. This is what happens when megalomania and narcissism collide between those jug ears.

        • Jordan48

          Great article! Both provocative and concise in its' conclusions. Obamanation has long been a well publicized supporter of the radical Islamic group we have come to call the Muslim Brotherhood! Not only was the Egyptian election, which saw Muhammad Morsi (Murci)rise to power, ripe with fraud but Morsi used the same deceptive political jargon that Obamanation used in his first bid for President. Once elected, Morsi made a power grab in an effort to establish strict Sharia Law upon the citizens of Egypt. The people of Egypt have been far less tolerant of Morsi than the citizens of this nation in their tolerance of this man of deceptions we call Obama (I call him an Obomination, for he is an enemy of Christ and all who call themselves "Christian", howbeit many are merely "luke warm" followers who give lip service to Almighty God, not rightly discerning the truth)!

          They have eyes, but refuse to see. They have ears, but they stop their hearing of the truth, lest it convict them of their sins! For they have gone after other gods, who are not gods at all, but lying spirits bent upon their destruction.

          This man of sin has deceived many! He shall continue to seek the will of his father Satan! Repent, all you who call yourselves of Christ, for soon, that which restrains evil shall be taken out of the way!

        • Irma

          I can only deduce that Obama has orchestrated this Middle East crisis behind our backs, cozying up to what most would consider our foes to undermine and harm our allies (Israel and England in particular). What he says to the US public is just what "sounds good to say" while he has already had very private conversations with our foes - like telling Russia he would have more flexibility after he was re-elected. He's already told the other side what the "script" is.

        • glock 19 fan

          Obama's true goal is, and has be for his adult life, the destruction of America. His fraudulent election gives him the opportunity to do so from the inside; the ultimate "Inside Job."

        • [email protected]

          You portray everything that is happening to Obama's incompetence. I don't believe that.

          I think they know exactly what they're doing & who's side they are on.

          And it's certainly not ours.

        • http://n/a Anna

          I have said from the beginning of the debacle, it's set-up by obama and his administration. No good will come of it!

        • TruthWFree

          Don't you think he knows exactly what he is doing? If stupidity, IMPEACH him, if TREASON, a firing squad.

        • Ed in Florida

          This president used the U.S. Military to bomb and over throw Libyan President Muammar Gaddaffi the least threatening Middle Eastern leader. Gaddafi was not a threat to anyone. He surrendered his weapons of mass destruction to the USA and usually minded his own business. But Obama had him removed which led to the Benghazi incident. Obama had his hands in the Egyptian debacle where the Muslim Brotherhood took over Egypt. The Egyptian military had to step in and rescue Egypt from these Obama supported Muslim Brotherhood terrorist. Now Obama is set to screw up yet another Muslim country by supporting murderous Islamic terrorist organizations in their attempt to take over Syria. Russia has it right this time.

        • CHIP

          Obama is not an idiot. He has too many of us convinced that his destroying The United States is a good thing. He's lying to us and too many people don't know it. He's telling us exactly what he's going to do to destroy this country and too many ignore it. He promised the poor and the Blacks and he's screwing them. Obama IS Hitler with a decent tan. The Republic of Germany didn't believe that Hitler was capable of doing what he did and he did it. We are now in the same situation.

        • lucitee

          It is hys-durn-terical how he has painted himself into a corner! With super-glue! Putin no longer sees him as an asset, because he already has from him (and US) what he wants! 0'Bama has played both sides against the middle (East) and now neither side trusts him! If he goes after Syria seriously, the MEMBH will "call in their IOU"! If he doesn't, the world will know he's the coward he really is! When it isn't even HIM in the drivers seat! Russia is! Meanwhile, Val is the one in the hot seat! SHE is the one making the final decision via ?????! If she loses, the Republicans will take the fall! If she wins, 0'Bama will take the credit! Immediately!

        • usmadgirl


          I couldn't agree more with everything you said except for O'Dumbo being an idiot. He IS an evil, drug-fried fool & he isn't very intelligent but with help from his conniving, radical, and manipulative Communist thugs, he has taken advantage of every possible resource to systematically & precisely, in the exact order necessary, & followed to the letter, the Saul Alinsky & Cloward & Piven guidelines to INTENTIONALLY collapse our entire system of government for the explicit purpose of bringing about Global “Social Justice” & to eliminate all the people of the world who are unnecessary to their agenda for a Global “Utopia”.

          ALL these sub-human revolutionaries are crazy as h***! I'm disgusted & sickened that WE've allowed a mentally ill, evil minority to totally destroy our Republic!

          PLEASE watch this documentary while it’s still FREE.

          This is the full movie EVERYONE should see. If you haven't seen this, please watch!

        • http://Mennella [email protected]

          Denesh Da Zauza was right on the message with the movie 2016! Watch it again bring it home invite friends! Make popcorn and weep!

        • Annie Oakley

          What you are saying as to the outcome you are totally right. As to the fact that he is stupid or naive you are wrong. He is doing all of this stuff with a definite purpose.
          This man was raised a Muslim. He claims to be a Christian but in Islam it is perfectly ok to lie if it serves the greater purpose. He has been told that if he bombs Syria then Asaad and Iran will set Tel Ave on fire. Of course Israel is not going to sit by and let that happen. Israel will go after Syria and Iran. Now then, we should back Israel, however, Obama will either throw them under the bus actually or just lollygag around to avoid helping them. Either way the end game is the same. (I believe that Israel will eat their lunch but they should not have to alone). If it doesn't start WWIII it will be a very large mess.
          In addition this crap that he has started will take the heat of him over Benghazi, IRS, NSA, Fast and Furious, etc., etc., etc.

          No matter what happens it is not going to be good and I haven't even gone into the problems he will start with Russia and China.

          Bottom line I hope God is paying attention and giving us a hand at stopping the mess that Monsour Bis-tard is doing to our country,

        • patriot9

          Nathan it couldn't have been said any better.

        • Nathan51

          To the ones that have said that king bo knows what he is doing and is no idiot I wholeheartedly agree. He is an idiot only in the sense that because of his hatred for this country he has done nothing to think through what he is doing to the future of the world, this country and his two kids. He is so self absorbed and consumed with his Leftist and Muslim ideology he is unable to see or care about anyone or anything else. This is narcissism to the max! Before you destroy or break something you better have a pretty good idea of what will replace it and the long term ramifications. Nature abhors a vacuum.

        • DrSique

          Well, at least you didn't attempt to make a conspiracy out of that which can easily be explained by incompitence.

        • Richard

          I fear he is not bumbling - I believe it is planned and intentional.

        • Arizona Don

          So you think obama is a fool huh, well I do admit for a while I did as well. However, I have since considered he is not. Everything he is doing is calculated and intentional. I am not exactly certain what his final goal is other then he wants to see the United States brought down and no longer a world leader. That, I think, was the reason for his apology tour when first taking office. I had never heard of a president doing something like that before. So I believe he was just setting the stage for what was coming. Think of all the havoc he as created, the debt, the divisions among the races and between the rich, middle class and poor. No leader, let alone a president, who is trying to do good things for his country would do such terrible things! They have to be intentional.

          george soros said it best which should give us a clue to obama’s intentions. “The US is the only thing standing in the way of a new world order.” I think obama dances to the soros tune. He promised fundamental transformation and everyone cheered but no one asked into what? And then he was reelected to finish his destruction and we call him stupid? That’s a stretch!

        • Truth Seeker

          Just as the Babylonians were sent to punish Israel, so has God sent Obama to punish US for our perversions.

        • http://yahoo walt jones

          This half breed muslim is not stumbling around with regards to the middle east, he knows exactly what he is doing. He is destroying the USA from within. He is a Muslim in sheeps clothing and he is bringing AMERICA to its knees. We are watching this and doing nothing to stop it. His plan is to support the Muslim brotherhood, incite the blacks in this country to riot and run roughshod over the whites, fire our best Generals, eradicate liberty, justice and the AMERICAN way. He has already trashed the Constitution and who do we have slobbering in the wings , waiting for 2016 and the 20 million illegal democratic votes........

        • WhiteFalcon

          From the postings I have read, I think you folks have pretty well hit the nail on the head. To bad it wasn't Ovomit's head.

        • Jan

          This idiot is Neville Chamberlain on steroids!
          That is the best description I've seen yet. I do recall some thing about Chamberlain. Frightening.

        • Robert Richey

          We must remember that hussein obozo is a muslim.

        • Iceman47

          Nathan, obama is not stupid and he is not ignorant, he knows exactly what he wants to accomplish and how to go about accomplishing it. These things in and of themselves make him a very dangerous individual. Kind of like giving someone with a serious mental disorder the ability to push the button, but wait, he already has that. Do not ever dismiss this sociopath as being ignorant or stupid. That my friend would be a very serious error.

        • darlene

          Did you see the pic floating around facebook with the Nazi symbol, Obozo dressed as a Nazi, hair and stache like Hitler? The caption said " If Hitler Had A Son."

      • Tony

        That ILLEGAL POS is keeping our troops overseas so they won't be here to arrest and execute him.

        • usmadgirl

          A gigantic AMEN!

        • Mojo

          I totally agree with your statement, while our troops are over there he has been organizing his own army, buying up all the ammo manufactured, and doing his best to seize all our weapons. He wants to silence anyone that may disagree or oppose his agenda.

        • bargal1

          There are enough in CONUS to do that if the Congress would only go for it but they are on his team, or so it seems

      • upsetvet

        I'm not buying the accusation that the Syrian regime is behind the gas attack. This is obvious another Obama lie to try and move things in his direction and take eyes off of all his blunders and frauds.

      • lucitee

        And for those who have known that from day ONE to those who are STILL blind, deaf and dumb: "We told you so"!

      • Miko

        Or is it the intention of our government to destabilize the region. Remember the Marxist rule is to create a problem ( which our congress has done) and then claim you have the ability to fix the problem ( there is no real intention to fix anything. Marxists run on antagonizing and dissent). My claim is our gov is really a Marxist front. slowly dumbing us down, feeding us poinous food, pumping us up with pharmaceuticals, creating division where division was not such as blacks vs white problem, stirring up the middle east getting ready for a world wide confrontation where the winner will be the global planners.

      • bargal1

        I really believe Congress knows just about everything Obama has done in the last 4and a half years and he has been given free passage.


      Perfect description and indicative of the total lack of respect the entire world has for our Fraudulent president and our horrendously duped U.S. voting public ! We are the laughing stock of the World and it is a gross insult for us to allow The Fraud to utter a word on the anniversary of MLK ! Obama - the worst president in U.S. History - and his dumb-ass illiterate, school drop-out fans thinks he greater than Jesus ! What pathetic ignorant Schmucks !

      • pilot007

        In a way they are used by God to bring on Armageddon.

        • BohdanUke1

          Armageddon is and has been waged against humanity since the Usurper-in-Chief was "elected" in 2008. Open your eyes...

      • Ted Crawford

        Worse than that. Obama is an egomaniacal despot! With a Forum and an Agenda, armed with Congressional Progressive Democrats and Quisling Republicans! He and his egregious Administration are far, far more dangerous to American Liberty than Soviet Russia and Communist China Combined, and supported by over 40% of the delusional Electorate!
        November 4, 2014!

    • guestimate

      Yes, everyone who was rendered unemployed by globalists like Robmoney or free-trade agreements voted yea by Ryan,
      are takers and free-loaders, same goes for all those people taking out student loans, trying to better themselves while they survive. Why not just shoot or starve all the "useless eaters," seeing how morally superior you claim to be.

      • pilot007

        guesstimate, your aka, is rather appropriate and fits your comment

        Don't look at the man behind the curtain again??? Blame everyone that preceded your wondrous illegal in the W'house. Don't look at the truth troll. You cannot handle the truth. No need to reply. Writing more than you have would tax your useful idiot 'brain'.

      • Svence J

        You mean importing illegals into the country to undermine it from within and vote for a fraud like this complete moron?

        Or do you mean Bill Clinton - who pushed hard for and signed NAFTA, as well as calling in congress in a special move to push forward with - and sign the WTO treaties.

        You don't know what you are talking about (shocker).

        BTW - I am completely for free trade - but when idiots like this fraud overburdon the environment with zillions of illegals who breed exponentally, as well as imposing regulations, taxation, and restrictions on US companies - while permitting the competition to do as they please, and enable them to sell into this country - this is called hypocrisy.

        Then again - he is a fraud schmuck - with a shallow understanding of anything (he could not run a 7-11 - and I don't mean to offend the business people that run a 7-11 - good for them), and aside from him being a complete zero - has no ability to communicate beyond a teleprompter. He is a low-iq'ed alleged intellectual. He is an imbecile.

      • PainesGhost

        As for "shoot or starve all the useless eaters" we won't have to. When the end results of the past 50 years or Administrative, Judicial, and Legislative TREASON have their final impact, the system will collapse. The truly "useless eaters" will likely be rounded up by the government and taken to the "relocation facilities" where basic services can be provided. One small carry bag per person, please, step to the back of the train. Everyone will be cavity searched to assure the protection of all.

        Those of us who have managed to avoid massive government debt (such as by borrowing $100,000.00 from the government for an advanced degree in Caligraphy or allowing back taxes to accrue)and who have escaped the dying megalopoli will likely develop an alternate economy where paper money will be useless, and if you don't have a SKILL that is useful to others, you will likely not be welcome unless someone in the community will take personal responsibility for you.

        For all your railing against Romney, about whom you obviously know nothing except the leftie O-bot talking points you simply have no idea WHOM has actually committed TREASON time and time again against the United States and her People. (Hint: the monkey with the hand grenade, plus Pelosi, Reid, Holder, Geithner, the list goes on and on)

        The Monkey with the Hand Grenade has a whole box full, and has been using them on our economy, our society of laws, our morals, and our religious freedom. Take your troll talking points and gargle with them.

        If and when you actually have anything that contributes to the ongoing conversation please feel free to post on HUFFPO where they will think you are brilliant. Here you are known to be a troll, and generate nothing but noise.

    • Thomas

      obama is our number one terrorist and he will destroy this country if not impeached for treason.

    • 5alive5

      now what do the Russians have against monkeys that they would insult them like that???

    • The Bobster

      But, but but the libtarded media have been telling us for years that the world loved Obongo, even giving him a Nobel Prize.

    • http://GodfatherPolitics Rick

      As the Alinski-Marxist-Maoist-Nazi-Manic Narcissist, Socialist Obama the Worm turns in his massive web of Lies
      and Incompetence, He might just be dragging the entire
      world into the Final War.....I am not a Bible Thumper,
      But this is a good time to read "Revelations" and a little
      "End Times Prophecy". Of all the right things to do to get
      to that final chapter, this "Lying Fool" in the Oval
      Office is doing all he can to make it happen.

    • ADM

      I thought it was Putin who said "like a monkey with a grenade" - pity it was just referring to USA as a whole... but Obama is like a madman with a grenade, and wanting to destroy America from within, by allowing unbridled sex deviations to go unfettered, which as many historians can telly you, is the 1 subject that has destroyed ALL dead nations in the Past... And stupid pretentious "Christians" and "Jews" fall into the pit by helping America to destroy itself. They did that from the beginning, by following old wrong ideas of what The Christ (Yeshua) taught, and insulted God by saying He gave us the wrong message... USA must feel like idiots for following such errors, even while revelations warns them of this in the words "come out of Babylon My people" (also name of a FaceBook page: IE: whomever wishes to follow): But if we do not ACCEPT what He said was TRUE, then we ARE NOT "His people", and have no GIFT to receive, of Eternal Life! - THIS is WHY all countries refusing to follow God, will suffer the "curses" of the 2nd. Commandment (Ex-20), and its people forced to remain on a self-destroying planet of rabid, depraved, deviate, sick, humanity. ONLY YOU can change that! - And that means confession to God, request forgivenness, and active REPENTANCE... GO TEST this from only the scriptures! (and not from some fat walleted, self-interested pastor)

    • http://[email protected] Howard R. Lowe

      Not a monkey with a hand grenade - just a monkey. A dangerous neophyte who draws dotted red lines, draws wrong conclusions 100% of the time, sees himself as an emperor.
      I had lunch on Monday with an old Arab friend who maintains contacts with the Saudi princes. He visited with some of them in Morocco three weeks ago. In summary - America should stay out of Syria, Obama was a fool to stand by the Brotherhood, Obama has created one Middle East crisis after another and is no longer credible.

      In my opinion, if Dr. No fire some rockets into Syria in hopes that that will deter Assad he is NUTS. In fact, it may result in the Syrians firing some missiles at our DDs. It could cause problems for the Israelis. Obama does not recognize that the Iranians are a serious problem - in Egypt, in Iraq, in Yemen, in Libya, in Lebanon. It could cause big problems for Turkey, the Saudis, the Arab Emirates. It is beyond me why Obama is lighting matches to throw on dripping gasoline. The Middle East and North Africa could be aflame before much longer, so why add to the issues. History tells us that 3rd parties that enter a civil war are not going to win. Of course, Obama and his groupies do no believe in history anyway. They write their own.

    • darlene

      Putin has Obozo pegged, Obozo wouldnt last 1 round with Putin.Obozo has been picketed, boo'd, made fun of by numerous countries.

  • Randy

    This is scarey. The President of the United States waging was on foreign countries to limit freedoms. What is next?

    • BMWSID

      YOU are next! Your and my freedoms are next!

      • msbets

        this cretin is already 3/4 of the way thru the process,we just keep sitting here waiting for last tyrannical boot to drop.........but ya gotta love the Russians.......they got it's number,LMAO

    • G.D. Ogan

      Something even more scary, Obozo waging war upon the American people to eliminate our freedoms. THAT IS WHAT IS NEXT (it's already been going on for almost six years).

      • usmadgirl

        G.D. Ogan,

        And even MORE scary is that they've done it with VERY LITTLE resistance from those of us who have sense enough to SEE & UNDERSTAND what's going on. I don't know what the crap we're waiting for! This junk should've been stopped 5 years ago, but here we are, still complaining about more & more unconstitutional actions from this bunch of radicals every single day!

    • http://GodfatherPolitics jaxtom


    • Marc Jeric

      Video of a Russia Today news report originally broadcast on June 16, 2013, shows testimony from a United Nations panel that demonstrated that the Al-Qaeda led Sunni rebel groups – not the Assad regime – were responsible for the use of chemical weapons in general, Sarin gas in particular, in order to force the West to retaliate against the Shia Assad regime. It appears that the rebels obtained several casks of that chemical poison, placed them close to population gatherings in heavily populated streets, and then from a distance the Al-Qaeda sharpshooters hit those casks with bullets thus releasing the poisonous gasses. Those casks of Sarin gas came originally from the Saddam trucks evacuating them before the rush of the US troops in 2003. That was the gas Saddam used against his Kurdish opponents, and before that against the Iran’s troops and general population in his aggressive war against the Iran’s Shia government.

  • DWinch

    You can't say that about monkeys, what's wrong with people?

  • Bunjione

    Let's not be so hasty to apply blame to the Syrian government. I'm not saying that are not responsible for actions in their country, in fact, I strongly believe that they are the primary distributor of the majority of the atrocities. However, I know with about a 90 percent certainity that the al-quaeda backed rebels are just as culpable for the chemical weapons release inside the country. Honestly, I believe if one or the other are responsibl, or even both, we should retaliate against both of the culprits. Let us just make sure that the HOR oks the action before it is taken. Unlike Libya. By the way, that is what the Constitution dictates. Semper Fi and Fair Winds and Following Seas.

  • Ed

    This article and this writer have the truth and obama totally correctly characterized. ...except for one thing these are not "errors" by obama. These actions of obama and his cronies though entirely misguided are actually very well planned. obama thinks by destabilizing the mideast and the world with on-going war and divisive conflict he will gain even more control and be king of the world. His arrogance and hypocrisy deludes him in believing this will happen. He has many useful idiots at his disposal including the state run media and hollywood.

    • John The Baptist

      I'm willing to bet you that if "and only IF" he keeps up this kind of B.S. he will be sining his own demise. Hope he keeps it up.

  • SFS444

    Thats what I said...Lol! Except the grenade part...Lol! The whole world is laughing at us...Lol.

    • Nathan51

      We could only hope that he crawls in a bunker with nutty Nancy, crazy Uncle Joe and many more of his thoroughly corrupt buddies and pulls the pin!

  • PBM

    I'll be we could positively establish the natural born citizenship status of a monkey.

    • http://GodfatherPolitics jaxtom

      We did...and he got elected...LOL?

  • [email protected]

    It is quite likely that the Syrian military officer who use the gas is working for a Muslim extremist group who wants Syria to succumb to the Sharia Law/Islamic Caliphate group. Syria was once the intended center for such a Caliphate not too long ago. Our leadership is truly behaving like a Monkey with a hand grenade. Lots of power but no brains on the proper use of it.

  • George

    If the Syrian Army was going to use chemical weapons,why wouldn't they drop them on the rebels instead of civilians?

    • john

      Same thing, in any insurgency.

  • sunburnspecial

    We are being setup! This president's foreign policy is exactly like a Monkey with a handful of hand grenades.

    • Klaus

      Yes, we are being set up. Obama is having problems controlling all his scandals, so this is to take the media's attention off them, not that the media is doing all that much. The Russians have him pegged.

  • mutantone

    He relishes the chance to attack in Syria so Iran and the others will attack Israel. Even now he is calling for the attacks but not to disrupt the current regime. We should be asking what was Obama doing in Pakistan with his boyfriend after college?

  • Barry

    It seems over the top to suggest that an American leader would "stage" an event to further his political situation and distract the world from his problems in other areas. I agree, it does seem so... if one forgets the Gulf of Tonkin incident used by Lyndon Johnson to take the nation into a war in Viet Nam. That incident, questioned as flaky even by those closest to it at the time, was never backed up with any solid evidence that our two destroyers supposedly attacked (or "menaced" or whatever) ever even saw Vietnamese patrol boats, let alone being in any real danger from crafts described even by the administration as meager when compared to the fire power and speed of two fully armed destroyers.

    Just sayin'

  • Jon

    You can't say that the Russians don't call it like it is. Obama is certainly a leader for the "end of the age".

  • Lochlyn Grendelsson

    " It's convenient for U.S. Mideast policy that after three years of covert support for the al-Qaeda mercenaries who lead the Syrian "rebels," the Obama Administration should suddenly be gifted with an attack on civilians, attributed to the Syrian government, by means of one of the most despised weapons ever devised by mankind: poison gas. "

    Just like Libya!

    But, you really should not bad-mouth monkeys so.

  • John Mauldin

    To begin, there is no solid proof that the use of poison gas was committed by the party in power.
    I tend to believe that an Al Queda led opposition did this and is blaming it on those in power.
    Military leaders have suggested for a long time we should first send people to Syria and see what if anything that can be done besides war.
    One must ask, why in the world would we aid on removing those currently in power to enable Al Queda? Hell, we have sent hundreds of thousands of men to war to defeat them! Duh!
    This "leader" is no leader at all! WordPress Resources

  • newyorker

    the Russians are right on this one big idiot monkey.

  • CaptGene

    Give the devil his due: One thing vladimir "vlad the impaler" putin does is call a spade a spade.

  • colo43

    My thoughts exactly. How convenient !

  • Charlie

    Randy, it may seem over the top that this President would plan something like this. Would you believe that Benghazi was supposed to be nothing more than a "kidnaping" of the Ambassador and that just before the election, Obama would send in a "rescue mission" to "rescue" the Ambassador and American "hostages" ?? Know why MOST of the people from Benghazi are in hiding, refusing to talk? Any one in our country who is not afraid of Obama, YET, is just not paying attention. It's almost midnight, America and you have over slept.

  • mike austin

    yes. Very convenient. Just like the so-called embassy threats that AQ denies having anything to do with. I smell a house full of rats...

  • [email protected]

    Our mideast hmm our mideast policy huh e have one
    I have a policy er solution A fist fight between Obama and Putin winner take all!!

    • vistacharlie

      Why yes, we do have a mideast policy and a logic diagram to troubleshoot action.
      1. in case of military intervention needed to save american lives => fall asleep.
      2. in case of nuclear dirty bombs=> blame Israel or bush.
      3. In case of military action needed to support terrorists-> ignore congress, support the terrorists.
      4. if egyptian government now condones slavery-> give them gifts (f16's)
      5. if sryian rebels using chemical weapons=> blame the government for gassing their own troops.
      6. if a nation complains about out policies -> blame bush.


    Our mideast policy err huh sure yeh really how about our policy they are working on it, i think.
    My idea an anything goes fight between Obama and Putin, the winner takes all...then we will have policy.

  • dismayed

    Did Russia make a racist comment?

    • ezekiel22

      No, they insulted monkeys. LOL

    • vistacharlie

      I do not think they mentioned monkeys and obama in the same sentence.
      they did say that US policy in the middle east was like a monkey with a hand grenade. i guess you could imply that they were complaining about obama setting bad policy.

      Other than supporting the muslim brotherhood and getting rid of Israel i do not know what obama's policy is.

  • Carl Stevenson

    I doubt that Assad used the gas. It's more likely, and there is mounting evidence, despite the Obama regime's attempts to fabricate evidence implicating Assad, that Obama's al Quaeda allies are theo es that used the gas.
    The Turks recently caught some of the, inthe border area with canisters of sarin gas ... Probably supplied to them by the Obama regime through CIA channels, just like the hundreds of surface to air missiles they've acquired as a result of the arms smuggling through the "consulate" in Bengazi.
    The Russians have a good picture of Obama, but it's a shame they have to insult monkeys with the comparison.

  • Lunch Kitagawa

    A monkey? He's no monkey. According to evolution, humans evolved from monkeys. But on the other hand, cats were supposed to have evolved from a smaller, less-developed, rat-like species.

    If you called him a monkey, he'd take that as a complement. He's a rat with a land mine, if anything.

  • ladykroft

    HA HA HA!! Have to agree with Russia, except he doesn't necessarily need a hand grenade.
    We had a "stolen election" in this country, too. Two of them, back-to-back. What have we done about it? NOTHING!! We're all living under the thumb of this impostor monkey.
    "The administration" cut off funding to Egypt because obama wanted the Brotherhood to win and they didn't, which left the military in charge and obama didn't want to send money to the military.
    It wouldn't surprise me if obama invented a nerve gas attack to gain the sympathy of the American public and to stage a reason to go into Syria.
    Beware of the forked tongue of the deadly obama cobra.

  • Anthony Alexander

    Know this....Osama Obama is going to get ALOT of people killed between now and 2016.....You know its coming, things cannot maintain peace and balance at this point. Too much opportunity has been thrown away by an inexperienced administration that has ZERO foreign policy experience. George HW Bush was the BEST QUALIFIED to understand and negotiate foreign policy. The community organizer is just that community.....

  • william spires

    Does anyone else think it's strange that Obama wants to cut funding to Egypt only after the Muslim Brotherhood was kicked out of power by the military ? Obama's chosen ones are apparently the Islamists who seek America's destruction. I know the community organizers and "obamaphone" group don't mind but come on people, the monkey with the hand grenade also has access to the nuclear button !! Talk about people with a death wish, that describes Obama supporters perfectly !

  • Scott Ezell

    Another Obama step towards a one world governmant

  • northbrook

    Another war in the middle east just what the US does not need. It does achieve one thing it gives the news media something else to feed the public rather than the scandals that erupted in the Obama adminstration. We should not get involved in another middle east conflict it gains nothing. Let the Arabs settle this themselves if they want to kill each other it is fewer jihadists for us to contend with.

  • http://yahoo john

    We are very close to the truth here. It is likely obamma sett the gas bombs off, using some witnesses from his bengazzi massacre
    to help eliminate them!

  • Fazeman

    The Russians are right about Obonzo, but he's more like a Chimp with a Hand-grenade', much more Dangerous. I can see the new movie coming out, "Obonzo goes to WAR" Starring Joe Biden, Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton.

  • NoRINO

    Lost in translation, Kenyan baboon with a drone grenade.

  • northbrook

    The Russians have our middle east diplomatic policy right. Obama started it off with his apology tour, Hillary followed with a do nothing policy and now Kerry is in the same trend.

  • TW

    Of course the Ruskies have him pegged. This is all contrived for the very purpose of taking EVERYONE into war. Could this be the prelude to the BIG one. God have mercy!

  • looneytoonsindville

    All the libtards in the US will be saying this is a bigoted remark. I don't think the history of Russia indicates bigotry. They are just being rational human beings. It's too bad the Obama Administration isn't capable of listening to them!

  • SpiderMike

    Obamamonkey with a hand grenade. Gotta love Putin's Russia.

    "Political correctness? We doan need no stinkin' political correctness!"

  • anonymitty

    Not every incident is manufactured. The notion that al Qaeda, in a conspiracy with the Obama administration, (and the Freemasons and the Yakuza?) could put together a nerve gas attack against its own side in the Syrian civil war and nobody would talk? This, from an administration that leaks like a sieve with the wires cut out?

    Maybe, just maybe, the Obama administration is faced with the extremely inconvenient reality that it drew a big thick red line in the sand and Assad crossed it with everything he had.


    How come the NAACP, Sharpton et al are not accusing the Russians of racism for using the word "monkey"?

    • USA Lover

      Give it time they will

  • Harry

    America has been led down the “false flag” scenario before........Is Obama doing it again? Is the United States being duped by our own NSA intercept, set up by a third party perpetrator to present the “false flag” chemical attack on Syria?

    What are the potential consequences of US attacking Syria?

    The US hits Syria, Syria decides to lob a few rockets, shells, etc into Israel, Israel responds.......Iran doesn’t like Israel shelling Syria and responds along with Hezbollah.
    The US hits Syria, Hezbollah hits Israel, Israel hits Hezbollah and Iran doesn’t like that, hits Israel........
    The US hits Syria, Russia doesn’t like one of her lackey’s getting hit, so Russia hits Saudi Arabia, Obama’s friends (some reports say Putin has indicated he would), the US does what?????????
    These are not the only scenarios that can create a Middle-East inferno...........

    All these scenarios are plausible and a WWIII out of the whole mess is more than plausible..........Obama had better have his sh.t together before he commits America and the world into Armageddon.

  • Mark

    Wonder if 400 surface to air missiles actually got "lost" in Benghazi? Could put a pretty big kink in any planned attack by Obammy. OTOH, what would happen if he just stayed out of it, other than possibly postponing WW3.

  • BetsyB

    I think the Russians have my recliner bugged...Just this morning, watching the Syria updates on Fox News, I said "He's like a monkey in a room full of buttons, and some of them are nuclear launches." (Then I followed it up with a disclaimer that the monkey reference wasn't meant to be racist, just a behavioral comparison.) Still, I think they stole my quote.

  • calpaul

    Never thought I would agree with the Russians, but they are spot on.

  • http://msn mmzpalmetto

    I wish the deputy prime minister would limit this simile to Bo and his cronies. A majority of ;;We the people , are well aware of what our government is up to. As well as seemingly powerless to stop this outrageous behavior. But I believe there will come a day when justice will prevail. And who cares about the racial implications. Anything coming from a white race seems to end up in the, racially unacceptable lib_tard file these days.

  • Irma

    Obama has plotted and planned this scenario, orchestrating it to look like his hands are clean, but they are dripping with blood.

  • JVB5058

    Good to see Obama's agenda for UNITING the world with the USA is right on track. Is there ANYTHING Obama is actually competent in as A LEADER other than causing racial division (black activists call this JOB SECURITY)?

  • TW

    and in the meantime Obama will sign the UN Arms Trade Treaty that will do away with the 2nd Amendment. Our chicken-sh## congress will do nothing to stop either.

  • Clay

    The entire world knows Obama is a coward. Syria has no fear of him.

  • CaptTurbo

    Oh man what a great line! Monkey with a hand grenade. Perfect description!

  • Harold

    I was trying to see if anybody made a "thats racist" comment, but didn't see any.

    I [since I have had educational and job preference based on race] think folks should start replying; NO not racist, JUST OBSERVANT!"

  • CCblogging

    Obama's and McCain's so called freedom fighters "Al Qaeda" are killing Christians in Syria. Assad never persecuted Christians and he allowed them freedom of religion. Obama is using our money to arm Al Qaeda in Syria. They have vowed to destroy America. Where is our military when a president is guilty of high treason as Obama is?

  • edward

    I agree with the first four words of the statement...

  • DE Nav

    Monkey ~ ape ~ Obama ~ black -- no racism here, eh? They just don't care about political correctness in Russia. You know, sometimes we can even learn a thing or two from the old empire.

  • TruthWFree

    He knows what he is doing. It's TREASON.

  • dmcall

    Any one want to give odds that the whole thing is not a setup? I think I would have more trust in the grenade juggling monkey than Obama right now.

  • Charles Tilley

    I guess we know what the Russians and Putin thinks about Obama. He is not love here either . But he thinks he is loved in his own mind.

  • Don

    A truly accurate description!

    • Beel

      Next, it needs to be an INscription, doncha think?

  • chicago76

    Call the ACLU. Call the NSA. Call the FBI. Call the Civil Rights department. Call MLK. Putin is a racist. No more interviews on MSNBC. No more Talk Shows and Comedy Central for Putin. Call the Congressional Black Caucus. Call the SEIU. Call anyone you want. Maybe Obama can use Holders justice department to intimidate him. Maybe he can call out his core voters to twitter nasty stuff to him. Maybe he can have the IRS investigate him. No. What to do? What to do?

  • General Bullright

    Like a 'Monkey With a Hand Grenade' -- or without a Hand Grenade..........

  • Chuck Codling

    Just a total incompetent with an ability to launch missiles, but that only because he ignores Congress and presumes the authority that is not his anyway through the Constitution. The first hoax was apparently played on colleges who thought he had any inklink of understanding of the U.S. Constitution. He has little and now has the role that is enabling him to (illegally) circumvent constitution law. For this, he needs to be impeached. It does not matter whether it passes the Senate; it needs to be heard where it belongs in the House of Representatives and voted for Senate approval. At that point the party-line bozos in that chamber can show their true colors to the electorate!

  • Beel

    WOW, that is just hysterical! If an American called him a munkee the NSA, FBI and CIA would all being on your doorstep in full ballistic armor. Russia doesn't have and PC vulnerability. (Read "PC B.S.")

  • Maveth


    You need to go to WND, where they have an article discussing the fact that there seems to be evidence that the chemical attack was done by the "rebels", not the Syrian government.

    If true, this would fall in nicely with your discussion of the "convenience" of this attack to the O'Bummer administration.

  • Lawrence Brown

    If it walks, talks, act like it is monkey, it is monkey. Putin is correct. We have a live monkey in white house.

  • General Bullright

    Wonder what they think of Michelle?

  • General Bullright

    Just the picture of this "monkey with a hand grenade" makes me want to puke!

    God help us! Deliver us from EVIL!

  • Craig Bachman

    Monkey with a Hand grenade - perfect.

  • General Bullright

    I wish I had had a choice on my ballot: Monkey or Obama......

  • Attila

    Did Putin just call Obama a MONKEY?!

  • Ruth

    The Syrian government did not use the chemical weapon. The rebels did. It has been proven and even the UN said that's what happened. Why is Obama ignoring the truth? So he can help Al Qaeda topple the Syrian government.

  • James Moran

    This Zionazi AIPAC puppet is on thin ice and
    WAY over his head.A low IQ affirmative action
    "community organizer" POS.
    The unknown factor is Vladimir Putin.
    And,China also may defend Iran and Syria.
    ONE Russian Topol-M mirved 10 warhead missile means THE END OF ISRAHELL!
    And the world will say "good riddance"!

  • Mona

    Pretty funny. "Monkey with a hand grenade". Lol lol lol

  • Noni77

    Wag the dog in real life. Our last and worst President, dragging us a conflict ultimately with Iran, Russia, China to please his Socialist and Muslim Brotherhood puppet masters. The fool of fools, the Liberal ideal, the end of America.

  • RonMar

    I do not recall ever seeing a more apt analogy than Obama like a monkey with a hand grenade.

  • dfallis

    Notice the date on this article published in January and what it says. Yes, Obama planned this whole mess and it is timely as he is about to get caught in the mess he made in Egypt and Libya.

  • rowleya

    Which is it? Obama Regime deliberate destabilization or critical vacuity?

  • ADM

    So WHERE did my LAST post GO? (2 minutes ago)

  • Cyberhackster

    Actually, The monkey is smarter......

  • Don

    That's a racist comment Vlad... but, you are right.

  • Hugh Lusignan

    Apt description from the deputy prime minister of Russia - "...monkey with a hand grenade..." I think we know who he is referring to, and it is not the people of the USA.

  • don

    Obama is just the puppet, the one government world rich are behind all of this. follow the money, it is difficult because these people have been behind the sean since Abe Lincoln was killed. It is all about the UN Agenda 21 being implemented through out the world. What they do not understand is Islam. Islam is not a religion it is a government of oppression, and control.

  • http://NA Bartxyz

    The above posts reminds me of Former Governor Jesse Ventura's of his TV Conspiracy Theory about what seems to be like NAZI type Concentration camps being built all around our country, with High Barbed Wire fences made so as to keep people from inside the facilities from getting out, as opposed to the norm use of Barb wire from keeping thieves from getting in, and with playgrounds for children, and large plastic boxes present that 'may' be used to transfer many dead bodies for disposal. This use is not a fact, just a possibility. Furthermore, Governor Ventura showed a map of dividing Canada and the U.S. into 9 Districts.

    I have no personal knowledge that these things reported by Jesse Ventura program are true.

    The signs and details of the coming Rapture from the BOOK I do trust:

    The Rapture - Luke 17:20-37 (New American Standard)

    20. Jesus, now having been questioned by the Pharisees as to when the kingdom of God was coming, He answered them and said, "The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed: nor will they say, 'Look, here it is!' or, 'There it is!' For behold, the kingdom of God is in your midst."

    Second Coming Foretold by Jesus!

    22 And Jesus said to the disciples, "The days will come when you will long to see one of the days of the Son of Man, and you will not see it. They will say to you, 'Look there ! Look here !' Do not go away, and do not run after them.

    24"For just like the lightning, when it flashes out of one part of the sky, shines to the other part of the sky, so will the Son of Man be in His day. But first He must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation."

    And just as it happened in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man [when Jesus Returns]: they were eating, they were drinking, they were marrying, they were being given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all.

    28"My return will be the same as happened in the days of Lot: they were eating, they were drinking, they were buying, they were selling, they were planting, they were building; but on the day that Lot went out from Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. So it will be just the same on the day that the Son of Man is revealed.31"On that day, the one who is on the housetop and whose goods are in the house must not go down to take them out; and likewise the one who is in the field must not turn back. Remember Lot's wife, Whoever seeks to keep his life [by rejecting Jesus by choosing to serve (obey) the false messiah - the anti-Christ - in order to avoid persecution and live longer on Earth - these will lose their eternal life], and whoever loses his life (by being faithful to Jesus and His blood atonement of all our sins) will preserve their eternal life, the true good abundant life.

    I tell you, on that night there will be two in one bed ; one will be taken and the other will be left.35"There will be two women grinding at the same place; one will be taken and the other will be left.36 "Two men will be in the field ; one will be taken and the other will be left."

    37 "And answering they said to Him, "Where, Lord ?" And He said to them, "Where the body is, there also the vultures will be gathered."

    I do believe we are very close to the fulfillment of what Jesus prophesied. I have prepped myself so that I will choose to follow Jesus very good advice:

    Luke 17:24 "For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake, he is the one who will save it."

    Our body is just our clothing for us, for we are living spirits who inhabit a body as the clothing of our Spirit.

  • Jesse OBrien

    What did you expect from a devout Muslem

  • Tom

    I agree with Don, well said! The sooner that the citizens of our beloved country wakes up and realizes that Obama is merely a puppet carrying out the agenda of the select few of the most wealthy bankers in the world, is the sooner we can restore our freedoms. Hasn't anybody else realized that the only institution and the people behind that benefits from war is the banks that fund both sides? It's clear as day to me why this is all happening......all this is about is greed, money, and control.

  • Netandyawho

    Remember the KGB? That was the USSR's equivalent to our CIA.
    Well back in the late 1950's the KGB capture an unusual gorilla in Kenya. They trained the beast to mimic a human college student. They then enrolled it into a college in Hawaii. There happened to be a white girl who lacked even the intelligence of a gorilla. She was very fond of turkey meat. And preferred the dark meat. She met the gorilla and without much left to one's imagination a superior gorilla/subhuman popped out nine months later. She named it the big B.O.
    And now you know the rest of the story as to why Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said, the U.S. is like "a monkey with a hand grenade" in the Mideast.

  • H

    The 'fear' propaganda being used to undermine American citizens speaking out has truly subverted freedom of speech. Today, I sent the following commentary to friends as I read/watched newscasts:
    I honestly believe my generation grew up in the Best of the 20th century...a blessed time that will never be on this earth again. The news today is horrendous. I think that narcissistic \\\\\\\ Oval Office squatter is going to give our nation up to our enemies. If determination of a valid birth certificate could be made, the squatter should stand trial as either a spy or a traitor and brought to justice upon the verdict. I would sign the petition for Impeachment that is going around if I had ever accepted that squatter as my president...but I never have considered that Thing as such. There is an aspect of justice to the con job shoved down American throats in that arrogance and greed and abandonment of Faith has created of this nation a monster child...but not one deserving of the ignominious ending that imposter is devising. If Congress votes a war, I could see our troops rebelling, and rightfully so. More of our youth into the maw of war?... let alone fighting a war amidst hostile nations given to endless quarrelling...never!!! This century the whole world seems but a ship of fools on a raging land in sight.
    Yet, deep in the heart of me a small flame glows and a whisper echoes: God is in charge; be not afraid; do not despair. Libera nos a malo...deliver us from evil...