Obama a Member of Muslim Brotherhood -- Egyptian Media

Al Gore may regret selling his Current TV to al-Jazeera after this.

Al-Jazeera, the Left's new favorite news outlet, has reported that an Egyptian newspaper ran a front page headline naming President Obama as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Previously, the vice president of Egypt's high court had said publicly that Obama's brother Malik is an international finance officer for the Brotherhood.

According to al-Jazeera, Brookings Institute  Doha Center Director of Research Shadi Hamid tweeted about the story printed in an Egyptian newspaper.

Hamid in his Twitter feed seemed to express skepticism about the story, saying the Egyptian media were being "creative."

But News Agency Anatolia in Turkey recently reported an interview with Saad Al-Shater, the son of imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat Al-Shater, that said he had incriminating evidence against Obama.

The elder Shater is the subject of U.S. State Department efforts, that included Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham, to get Muslim Brotherhood prisoners released.

According to the news agency, the younger Shater said the reason the U.S. had sent a delegation to Egypt to negotiate a prisoner release is because his father has "in his hand" evidence that could put Obama in prison.

Saad al-Shater said the evidence had been distributed to trusted people both inside and outside Egypt and that the only way to keep the information from being revealed was to get his father released.

He said the U.S. was warned through intermediaries about the release of the information and that this may have caused a change in the U.S. position on Egypt.

The interview was first printed in early August, so the reference to a U.S. delegation seems to have been to a mission by McCain, Graham and U.S. Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, during which McCain and Graham called the jailed Muslim Brotherhood members "political prisoners" and said not releasing them would be "a huge mistake."

The delegation was rebuffed by Egypt's interim president.

In an Aug. 6 CNN interview, McCain mentioned Khairat Al-Shater as someone who could be key in negotiating a future Egyptian government.

Whether the story about Obama being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood is true or not, the Obama Administration is believed by many people to be infiltrated by numerous Brotherhood agents, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's top aide.

The Administration is clearly sympathetic toward the Brotherhood, having welcomed the presidency of Mohammed Morsi in Egypt, and having backed al-Qaeda-connected "rebels" in Syria. Much of the reticence of allies and U.S. politicians to support intervention in Syria has to do with the known terrorist connections of the people Obama wants us to support.

If Obama's not an actual Muslim Brotherhood member, he's the next worst thing, a supporter and enabler.




  • Anne

    Extremely well written...is there a "Benghazi" connection with Obama & Clinton running illegal guns, through Turkey, to the Syrian army that was responsible for the death of four Americans?

    Why is this administration so "hell bent" on supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, when they are looking forward to the destruction of this country?

    • Denna Miller

      Because the muslim brotherhood is a part of destroying America.

      • http://yahoo.com Thomas

        That's so very true and the DEMONCRATS and RINO'S AKA closet DEMONCRATS are all in to see their lying sissified muslim boy barack hussein obama succeed in destroying America and our Constitution.


        • Mobyjake

          So tell me, why is this Muslim horses arse still occupying the white house and still retains the title of potus? Why is it so hard to get rid of him?

      • http://yahoo Val
    • looneytoonsindville

      Most likely, Ambassador Stevens was collecting heavy weapons he had provided to the Libyan opposition during their civil war an shipping those heavy weapons to the Syrian rebels via Turkey. A ship loaded with 600 tons of heavy weapons left Benghazi for Turkey about two days before the attack and the last person Amb. Stevens met with the night of the attack was the Turkish Consul General. It is believed that Obama conspired with President Morsi of Egypt (Muslim Brotherhood) to arrange the release of the "Blind Sheikh" (mastermind of the 1993 WTC bombing) from US prison. This was a Morsi campaign promise. However, Obama couldn't just release the sheikh. So Morsi paid some Ansar al Sharia fighters linked to Egypt to attack the US compound in Benghazi with the plan to take the Ambassador hostage. He would then be exchanged for the Blind Sheikh. Unfortunately, their was some sort of foulup and the terrorists couldn't find the Ambassador for several hours. When they did find him, he was suffering from smoke inhalation. If they wanted him dead, they would have killed him but, instead, they took him to one of their own hospitals for treatment (where he subsequently died). Since that happened, there are those who claim that they have knowledge of Morsi paying the terrorists. There are those who heard the terrorists in the compound saying Mr. Morsi sent them. There was a CNN reporter in front of the US Embassy in Cairo who said the protesters in Cairo that day were calling for the release of the blind sheikh, not protesting some YouTube video that nobody had ever seen. The list of circumstantial evidence goes on and on. Only Obama & Morsi know the truth. But believe it.

      • Libertarian Soldier

        Why do you say, "Most likely..."? This is documented fact.

      • Chuck

        Wow. At last a comment that is directly in line with what I have proposed. I wonder what the source of your data is.

        In the absence of information there is a yawning gap and nature abhors a vacuum, so right or wrong, this comment is what I, myself, have inserted into the vacuum. I feel validated to find someone on the same page as I am.

      • pd

        "some sort of foulup" was the marines that refuse the order to "stand down"

        • Jeff

          I agree with you 100 percent. And that makes total sense at least more sense than the official story.

      • Robert James Frias

        I have thought of things happening as you have stated them but I had not read it anywhere until now!! A kidnap gone bad and therefore it robbed Obama the chance of being a hero, just before election, of being Mr. Stevens savior!!

    • looneytoonsindville

      "This Administration" is heavily infiltrated with Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers and includes some members. Hillary Clinton's former Deputy Chief of Staff (and wife of former US Rep Anthony Weiner), Huma Abedin, is a Muslim Brotherhood rep as are her parents.

      • Hawley

        Yes, its's shocking! As Jon Stewart has said"Oh my god, it's the perfect cover! An America-hating, Muslim extremist gets a high-profile, stringent background-check job with a former First Lady, marries a pro-Israel Jewish guy and begins producing Muslim-Zionist terror baby armies. Has 9/11 taught us nothing, people?" In the same segment Stewart also exposed Michelle Bachman's much closer ties! to the Brotherhood"

      • Peter

        Is this really a surprise to anyone besides the liberal fool Obama sheep who believe every lie? His policies prove this is true, always pro muslim terrorist, anti Christian, anti Israel, anti American. The truth will all come out someday, the "useful idiot" sheep elected a muslim plant terrorist to the White House. I've said for years, the only difference between Obama and terrorist pilots on 9/11 is their method of destruction...

      • Marty S.

        Yes, if you look at Obama's actions in the middle east it is plain to see that he sympathies with his Brotherhood. Every thing Obama does must be seen through the prism of his loyalty to the Brotherhood with no loyalty to the American people or the United States. His aim is to be one step toward a Muslim rising in the United States.

        Little does he know us...

    • Libertarian Soldier

      He's not just a member; he's their emissary! Believe it!

    • John

      The main reason this Administration supports everything about the scum bag brotherhood is because they are another tool that can be used to destroy the United States. From day 1, that has been this traitors' position and goal.

    • http://yahoo.com Thomas


      That's barack hussein obama's calling card as he does all he can to destroy this country. To bad we have the most corrupt government since he was allowed in our white house by fraudulent means. The DEMONCRATS and RINO'S AKA as closet DEMONCRATS are all in th help obama destroy our country.

      • Jeff

        And it is about their families secure future. They will all be elitists and there will be no middle class. The rest of the unarmed people will be treated as their slaves. That is the ultimate goal for the world. Not just these united states, we are what is in the way of the world domination. By the few that have money and power. Glad I'm 60 these young people have been brain washed in our school systems.

    • Grandma Dorothy

      Anne, do you think possibly it has something to do with the New World Order? After all, it is not only Democrats but many Republicans administrations as well that are and have been trying to get it setup for decades. I know it was being pushed back in the 1940's when I was just starting to notice such things, although I admit I didn't have proper understanding. Of course this is,
      Just my opinion...

      • amagi

        The U.S., being the only country conceived in liberty, must be destroyed before a New World Order can be established. Infighting between various factions may delay the process.

    • Pam McD

      According to wistleblowers who were in Tripoli at the time, there is a connection between the Benghazi arms and money deals with Turkey and the Syrian rebels (Al Qaeda and Al Kafur), which is the reason Chris Stephens was captured and killed. It was a deal "gone bad", and all involved had to be eliminated. You do understand the deal took place in the CIA "safe house" and not the consulate, which had been used by the Ambassador. He never actually worked in the Benghazi consulate - but always in the CIA facility. The chemical weapons were originally from Iraq, and hidden outside of Tripoli and locations unknown in Turkey until the Arab Spring began.

    • Esther Egan

      I am concern right now about 9-11 and the Muslims going to Washington. I think we need to be in prayer for the bikers going to Washington in protest. I know they said they are not going to take guns but I am wondering if that is a wise thing to do. Obama and the Muslims are not going to play according to Hoil.

    • Marie Brown

      Ann: I believe we had almost 5 years of Obama supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and I have never heard him express his love for this country. Obama was not brought up in the states and his mother's ideology of being a non-believer has always been evident. His mother Ann was raised up in a communist school in Washington State. The Democratic Party is now the new Secular/Progressive Party who took the word God out of their platform.

  • DWinch

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, craps like a duck....You know the rest!

    • centermass

      I concur. Sounds like an arrest, quick trial and public execution is what this country needs right now.

  • TV

    ASSAD's regime , at least protected the Christians. The current crop of anti Assad people, are murdering Christians and burning the churches.
    And, I have not heard a word from Obama with regards to protecting them.

    • notosharia

      Why should he? He is the enemy ---He tells us this- He
      shows us this, time and time again, and still people here are into BIG DENIAL that the liberals and their low-educated minions have elected a disgusting MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD backed TRAITOR! When are you going

    • [email protected]

      You are right! Obama do not care about Christians, If they were killing homosexuals or members of His "Brotherhood" He'd be defending them left and right. This Government as anybody can see is against anything that's Christian or Moral...

      • darlene

        You're right,when he campaigned on hope and change a lot found out that it was only meant for his Islamic brothers. Certainly NOT for Jews,The state of Israel, Christians,Hindus, Buddhists, traditional families, weapons owners,legal citizens, ppl with strong work ethics etc

      • Barbarrrannn

        What I don't understand is that Muslims are not particularly fond of gays. So how do we connect those dot?

    • Grandma Dorothy

      TV and anyone else that may be interested... may I ask why we always expect (or hope) someone else will protect those in need when we have the most powerful of all weapons ever known to man? Faith in Jesus Christ to answer our prayers.
      Could I be the last Christian that has a Bible that tells me to obey His Word and to Pray for the Government and Pray for the people, Christian or not? Of course not, so why are a majority of churches not filled with the glory of answered prayer today?
      By what unwritten law has the church been excused from obedience to our Lord? Had the churches been united in prayer all these years we may not be going through this horror that has been inflicted on all of us in one way or another, now!
      As for the future, if Pastors don't stand up and be counted faithful before God and "teach" their congregation the actual facts of the Bible, I hate to see the end results. They will all one day have to stand before the judgment seat of God and answer for their laziness and disobedience to Him. Do they think so highly of themselves they believe they are above His wrath? That would be darn prideful! You know, the thing that caused the devil to be thrown out of heaven and caused hell to be his end. I suggest you Pastors think on that seriously. And it wouldn't be a waste of your time to read again what He has to say about that day and double check the words some of the people try to use for their benefit before He says, "I never knew you".
      You see, I believe the Lord is giving me the "heart" of my comments, not my uneducated mind. I believe He is giving warning to all and the only way I fit in is that I told Him many, many years ago that if He could use me, I wanted Him to, no matter what the cost it would be to me. (And that's the truth because I have little else to give for His Kingdom - except myself.) These thoughts are not mine tonight, especially about Men of God! I would never in my whole life think I knew better than them, or really, know better than others in the church!
      Yeah, I know. The Pastors think they can skip reading and teaching the parts of the Bible that upset people but near the end of the book of Revelation, God warns all not to remove or add to His Word. If they do so, He says He will do the same to them. Okay all you Christians that think you can live however you want but will still get to heaven anyway - what? On a wing and a prayer? Whose wing? Whose prayer? The Pastors were given a big responsibility when God intrusted that office to them. Not even the job of President of a country could possibly be more important! Maybe the Pastors that have gotten off the straight and narrow have forgotten that.
      I don't know about others and can only answer for myself but I love my Lord. I don't want Him to be disappointed with the person I am. I want to try and do something to make Him a little happy in this ungodly world if I can.
      Speaking up now and trying to ring a warning bell is what I seem to be required to do. I sure haven't seen the answer to prayers for the government and world. That really makes me wonder how few true Christians are still in America.
      Nevertheless, I will keep praying and believing in Him for I know He is with me every hour of everyday. He has given me love, joy and all that I need to endure whatever comes. I will gladly give my life before I will renounce Him. Salvation and heaven is the best offer I have ever been given and I am going to hold on for dear life!
      Just my opinion...

  • 68Truthseeker

    BREAKING: Egyptian Media Says Barack Obama Is Muslim Brotherhood Member


  • Don

    And the House Republicans sit around doing nothing like constipated toads.

    • http://yahoo Val

      They are busy collecting their pay checks.!

  • Simon Jester


    • Ken

      He should be arrest, just like any common Criminal. You can not impeach a Impostor in Chief for he is not an American President.

      • http://[email protected] [email protected]

        our military is charged with the job and it looks like they will soon arrest him. we pray that that mus-slime imposter will soon be in jail and the when convicted publicly executed as required by USA law/

      • constitutionalpatriot

        It will do congress no good to try and impeach him because the senate would stop it. Eric Holder already said he will never let impeachment pass and congress knows this!

    • gretchen

      The Congress cannot impeach without the Senate approval and you know that will never happen. They are waiting until we elect a republican
      Senate then they can impeach!

      • Mike Travis

        The gop will not control the Senate in the near future as the rulers won't let them, and the gop is a bunch of incompetent traitors.

      • Grandma Dorothy

        Gretchen, I think you are right about them waiting - but probably until 2016 as they know it would be little different for them with with Joe Biden sitting in the oval office. You see, they have had no control over the WH with them in office!
        Oh, and if you think I am wrong about that, just watch. Whoever is nominated to run for the GOP will surely be weak as water and a pretend to be Christian. If that wasn't what they wanted, then in 2008 they could have nominated a true Christian and one that knows law and much about government. Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore. The Judge that lost his job because he refused to remove the Ten Commandments from in front of his court house. Yeah, so who in government wants a man of integrity to occupy the WH nowadays? Just "We the People", I am afraid and our power with man/government is very limited. We sure haven't gotten anywhere by expressing our feelings, have we?
        My faith in the whole of our government has been such a disappointment over so many years now, I have almost lost all faith in them.
        I believe the only hope for them or us now is to obey the Bible and pray, pray, pray. God can still do what man cannot but it is up to us to obey His Word. Otherwise our country is going to go the same route that the morals of the people have. Of course this is,
        Just my opinion...

  • Harold

    Nothing, and I mean nothing surprises me about this fraud and pathological liar (Obama.) He is # 1 enemy of the United States of America.

    • Vet67

      A perfect Manchurian candidate. A double agent which has been fully demonstrated over the past four years. He has shamed our country by continually endorsing the homosexual lifestyle over addressing more pertinent matters such as national security, has placed us in debt-and we have nothing to show for the debt, has increased taxes via Obamacare, caused insurance rates to skyrocket, spent millions of dollars o vacations while subjecting the rest of us to the sequestarian draconian measures, overrides the majority and pushes his agendas. Uses NSA to spy on legal citizens, lied continually-lied about Benghazi etc, etc, etc.

    • Byron Mullet

      Barak Obama, is a delusional "it was a video" morally perverted liar. It wouldn't surprise me if he is Muslim Brotherhood too, since his policy's support them. He is "outing" himself now by forcing, in spite of international resistance, the Syrian bombing to help the Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate building rebels. He lost Egypt and so seems highly motivated to make up for it. He is dangerous and a threat to our rights, our Constitution, our national security and world sanity and peace.


    I find it unbelievable that people are just now realizing this. He has numerous members of the Muslim Brotherhood on his staff in his administration from the very beginning.

    It's the only possible explanation for some of his actions and it's inconceivable that the American people would not see the inconsistencies in his behavior.

    Dirty Diaper Head Obama is going to go down in history is not only the first president Of Color but more importantly is the man that hold of the biggest con job in world history. In a way it's going right now you may also be the last elected president of the United States.

  • Proudamerican

    Oblama is simply the worst enemy of our country and if you believe different, you must be one of the useful idiots he is using to accomplish his task of destroying the USA! He is trying to get us in a war we dont want; not to protect our interests but rather to further overwhelm our resources so as to bankrupt us! wake up!

  • Marlin208

    I haven't a doubt that this is true. From the start he has done everything he could to bring this country down. He doesn't abide by our laws and for the life of me I can not understand why the Congress hasn't done anything with him.
    McCain and Graham are as bad.
    I am wondering just how many Muslim Brotherhood there are in this administration.
    This is why McCain is also pushing for war with Syria and you have to ask yourself why did he have pictures taken with known terrorists.
    Something is rotten in Washington and boy how I wish the papers would come out about this scumbag.

  • Tony

    It's past time for our military to arrest and execute this ILLEGAL POS and his wife,Hillary,Reid,Pelosi,Holder,Jarrett,Sotomire etc.etc.etc.

    • Mike Travis

      They must be tried first or we are no better than they are.

  • http://yahoo.com francis

    this man has been a muslim all along. he pretends to be a Christian and there's a lot of killing going on in Africa and no intervention has been spoken or nothing...

  • http://GodfatherPolitics Stombut

    And this is news!?!?

  • Jean

    Then why is McCain and Graham supporting the president with wanting to go into Syria?

    • Mike Hughes

      Because they are closet Muslims?

    • Rachel Guess

      Because they are RINO brown nosers that want to ingratiate themselves with the current administration rather than doing their job of representing their constituents.

    • Grandma Dorothy

      Jean, it sounds to me if what we have read is the honest to goodness truth, that McCain and Graham like the idea of having the President in their pocket. Or else the President has stories he could tell on them. ?
      What good does it do to keep getting this type of information? Nothing is ever done and until this Syria deal, we have been kept pretty much in the dark about most things. This President has given us less than any President before him. It's no wonder there is so much trash out there about him and this administration. No one can figure out the truth and so they keep grabbing at straws. At least that is,
      Just my opinion...

  • vistacharlie

    not surprised. he might even be one of it's founding members.

  • TV

    The rebels ARE supplied, trained by the obammy government AND soon the ussa will provide direct military support (bomb the Syrian women, children and other CIVILIANS)

    Syrian rebels beheaded a Christian man and fed his body to dogs, according to a nun who says the West is ignoring atrocities committed by Islamic extremists.
    The nun said taxi driver Andrei Arbashe, 38, was kidnapped after his brother was heard complaining that fighters against the ruling regime behaved like bandits.
    She said his headless corpse was found by the side of the road, surrounded by hungry dogs. He had recently married and was soon to be a father.(Christian Andrei Arbashe, 38, was kidnapped and beheaded by rebel fighters in northern town of Ras Al-Ayn on the Turkish border)

  • GramE

    Sen McCain now seems to be more ;ft of center than his old friend Sen Joe Lieberman

  • http://GodfatherPolitics Perfectlyaged

    Read the following...We have brave service men/women who aren't afraid to act.

    U.S. Military Revolts Against Obama

    A military revolt against the Obama administration’s plan to launch a potentially disastrous attack on Syria is gathering pace, with both top brass and regular service members express their vehement opposition to the United States becoming entangled in the conflict.…

    Google and read the entire article.

  • Simon Jester


  • http://survivingurbancrisis.wordpress.com/ Silas Longshot

    Good morning world, this is old news. Stuff that has been suppressed by his loving media since the days of the Illinois senate. The history of his muzlim upbringing in Indonesia, a CITIZEN under the name of Barry Soeato, in his early school years. Ya think mebby it's coincidence that everywhere king zero has 'helped' in every sandbox country over there, that shortly afterwards the bro'hood seems to be the top dogs? A 'member'? Maybe not, but for damnsure a well connected inside player.

  • http://misssionoutreach.org Ray Downen

    It's good from the comments to see that many are aware that Obama is a Muslim enemy of the U.S.A. Membership in any organization wouldn't prove support of it, but his actions surely prove that his goals match those of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Basil BuddhaCat

    Here's less of a shocker :

    "Godfather Politics author a Member of the American Nazi Party"

  • Basil BuddhaCat

    Here's less of a shocker :

    Godfather Politics author found to be a member of the KKK and American Nazi Party.

    • Mike Hughes

      Good thing your accusations are backed up by solid, substantial evidence, eh? How are you enjoying your Muslim Brotherhood membership?

  • W_R_Monger

    This is all part of the master plan to ensure sharia becomes the law worldwide. First eliminate the only real opposition, the Christians throughout the middle east. Europe is already godless so all that will be left of Christianity will be mostly in the US. The judges and congress are already hard at work destroying Christianity here so by the time "they" turn their attention to what is left of the Christians we'll be mostly unarmed sheeple...

    • Grandma Dorothy

      W.R.Monger, NEVER!!!
      They cannot destroy us because we are united together in Christ! However we are very capable of doing that to ourselves. Think about it. Instead of becoming stronger in Christ through these troubled times, often we feel we can't do anything and our faith weakens. Dear, remember we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! Don't leave a door open to the devil. Whenever you feel alone in the fight, just give praise and call upon Him. Would you believe there have been times in my life than I stayed awake all night, sitting in the dark of the living room just talking to Him and asking for His help or direction. At the beginning I didn't always walk away feeling any different but knowing that I'm not suppose to go on emotions I refused to claim unanswered prayer. It really wasn't long before He put peace and joy in my heart and I knew answered or not He would see me through.
      God's true children are His sheep alone.
      I admit that it looks like the true Christians are few and far between but don't fool yourself. He knows His own and He is with us and is our protecter. As long as I have breath I will believe in His abilities.
      Once my other comments are posted I hope you will read them. Maybe it will build your faith. I pray He gives you the strength He has given me my friend.
      Just always bewilling to stand up for Him and the rewards are blessings (with me usually of spirit)abundantly. Of course we are not all cut from the same cloth and our pain differ so He deals with each of us in the way He knows is best. Not everyone believes the same but the important thing is to believe.
      Just my opinion...

  • Norm Todd

    Obama admitted in Arabic at the closing of the address on his apology tour:
    In Cairo, Egypt: He took approx. 10 members of the Muslim Brotherhood with him…and finished his speech in Arabic with (translation)” I am one of you.”
    Did you all miss that?

  • Venitar

    Of course he is a Muslim!! Whether he was born in Hawaii or Kenya, he was raised in Indonesia. His upbringing was Muslim.

    • Mike Travis

      His biological father was a muslim which my muslim law makes Ovomit one too.

      • darlene

        According to his dna that was run, Obozo is 8/16 white,7/16 arab, 1/16 black.His unleashed dog Moochelle has white Irish ancestry.

  • william spires

    As so many have already commented here, why would anyone who has watched what Obama is doing instead of what he is saying, be surprised by the Egyptian newspaper comment ?

  • Marc Jeric

    American people failed to appreciate the genius of Sarah Palin; she proposed the ideal solution for the Syrian conundrum. “Let Allah sort them out” – she said. In fact, the wars between the Sunnis and the Shias have been going on ever since the 7th century, starting right after the death of the Prophet Mohamed and concerning his rightful heir. Right now there is a civil war between the two not only in Syria but in Iraq as well. Muslim Brotherhood is of the Sunni kind, but Hezbollah is a bunch of Shias as is the Syrian dictator Assad. Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are of course Sunnis, as is our own President Obama. This explains his plan to ship our ground-to-air missiles from Benghazi via Turkey (also a Sunni religious dictatorship). Obama’s support for the Palestinian Sunni terrorists who intend to destroy Israel and thus perform the definitive 2nd Holocaust is also easily explained. Iran is ruled by a Shia religious dictatorship which explains their support for Assad. As for the use of Saran gas in the ongoing Syrian civil war there are two different reports with more or less credibility – on one side there are indications that the Assad’s Shia military used it, but there are other reports which state that the Saran gas was used by the Al-Qaeda led rebel forces (Sunnis) in order to provoke the US and its western allies to intervene – since the Benghazi operation had failed due to the misunderstanding by an unruly and ignorant part of the Obama- installed Libyan Sunni jihadist government there. The ongoing civil war in Iraq between the Shia-dominated central government on one side and the Sunni provinces on the other now involves the Iran’s Shia government supporting that central government. All of these developments have been in the making ever since Obama’s 2009 apology tour of the Sunni Arab countries and since his “Outreach” program specifically excluded American mosques and their members from the NSA-FBI terrorist surveillance programs. That was the reason, as explained the outgoing CIA Director Muller in his sworn congressional testimony, that we excluded the Boston Marathon bombers and their mosque from any further surveillance after 2011. The US Navy will now be serving as the long range bombardment system for Al-Qaeda. The English are feeling the pinch in relation to recent events in Syria and have therefore raised their security level from “Miffed” to “Peeved.” Soon, though, security levels may be raised yet again to “Irritated” or even “A Bit Cross.” Now with all that in mind – can anybody fail to appreciate Sarah Palin’s genius?

  • Adrian

    Why would anybody be surprised at Obama being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? If anyone cared to read either one, or both, of his books prior to the election, they would know without doubt that Obama is without doubt a Muslim. Since he has been in the WH his actions have proved beyond doubt that he is a Muslim. He has cancelled the National Day of Prayer. Congress let him get away with that. He held a national day of worship for the Islamic religions, in the WH, Congress let him get away with that. He bowed to a foreign leader, and said America was no longer a Christian Nation, a lie, and Congress let him get away with that. He has consistently failed to salute the United States Flag in public, and Congress has let him get away with that. McCain and Graham are two RINO's they are traitors.

  • Adrian

    What happened to my comment?

  • hanginjudge

    So this is a surprise? ------------------------ to who?

  • hanginjudge

    so this is a surprise? ---------------------- to who?

  • Arch Light

    Al Qaeda is finally in charge of the White house!

  • Rich

    Today Graham, McCain, and Boehner ate the Bama line and came out to attack Syria. You have to ask yourself why they would do this being Republicans. It may be the Obomba has some dirt on those guys like he had on John Roberts or he is just plain threatening them. Mccain is just plain dumb and graduated last in his military class. The only reason he graduated is his dad was an admiral. The other guys are just dogs getting off on rubbing Bamas foot. They don't give 2 rats azzs about the USA and are as corrupt as they get. They stand for nothing and have no standards.

  • Mike Hughes

    Now if this story WERE true, it would explain Obama's rush to enter the fray in Syria AND explain who he sympathizes with, would it not? I guess being the leader of the world's most powerful country is not enough to satisfy his ego, he REALLY wants to be the imam that the Muslims have been waiting for as head of their world-wide caliphate!

  • Chuck

    The author of this article claims that the Administration MAY be infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. I would have to disagree. An earlier article on another patriotic website gave names and affiliations of a substantial number of Muslim Brotherhood members and enablers that are present in the Administration. Unfortunately, outside of Huma Abedin I cannot recall the specific data. However, it is quite apparent to me that the author of this article should not be using the word "MAY".

  • pysco

    to be a member of a subversive organization, explains a lot about Obama's actions...When he puts the membership in such an organization, above the interests of America, we should be impeached immediately, and put on trial as a traitor.

  • Pastor Carmen

    Does this really surprise anyone?

  • jerry

    Certainly BO is a muslim. Born a muslim, raised as a muslim, schooled as a muslim. No, he is not a traitor. He is an enemy agent placed in charge as a Caliph to bring America under Sharia law. Michelles strange trips to Spain and Africa were diplomatic missions to the islamic hierarchy to make reports and bring back orders that likely have impact on the Syrian situation. Imagine the data transfered via a microSD easily hidden under the eyes of her security.
    BO is aided and abetted by muslims like Keith Ellison and dozens of others in the Govt. Should Syria erupt into nuclear holocaust islam will rejoice and welcome the 12th Madi.

  • snytz

    I'm not surprised to hear that Obama is a Muslim. Obama is a communist and traitor, why not be a Muslim too.

  • SFS444

    Hope this is true so that we can go for the whole of the Democraps party too. They have been hiding something all along. This is getting crazy, no secrets will be kept anymore.

  • DaveR

    A good portion of our government is sympathetic with the Muslim Brotherhood because they are part of the One World Government movement. If the Middle East can be solidified under one government then it will be easier to control all the major regions of the world with just a few regional governors. Not is all what the mass media would want us to believe.

  • John Molloy

    Why am I not surprised? John Brennan may also be a member.

  • Gino Ventresca


  • John

    where's my reply !!!!!!

  • Pavelina

    Just a thought -- the gold ring Obama wears on his left ring finger, wore it even before he was married, --- I wonder if members of the Muslim Brotherhood wear the same kind of ring? If I have a chance to see photos of the members of the MB, I'll look for it.

  • ktuncia

    Obama said he would "stand with his muslim brothers" in his book. It was not even a very cryptic reference to the muslim brotherhood. It's an in your face reference designed to make Americans and other non-muslims look stupid. Kinda like releasing a birth certificate that a 5 year old with Photoshop could have done better on. These just a couple of his arrogant messages to his muslim homies sent out by mass-media so that they know he has enough contempt for America and is still on their side.

  • stainless

    Anybody surprised at this "revelation"? Not me.

  • http://yahoo Val
  • rev. ronald james coleman

    well all i will say is that i had a dream also and nobody wants to hear it

    • Grandma Dorothy

      Sorry Rev.R.J.Coleman, but how can you say no one wants to hear your dream when you haven't said anything about it?
      You have to give us something to go on buddy.


    What do WTP know about Barry?
    You cannot access his legally restrained credentials, school records, birth records and he cannot supply a valid BC to even qualify for being in the Oval Office...WE KNOW THIS..
    What we have found by investigation of some damn fine sleuths and record searches is revelations of his communist and islam associations, his questionable passport info, draft status info, video of his membership in the communist party and now information coming from MB records seized by the Egyptian army to openly state Barry is a member of the muslim brotherhood. This organization is a sworn enemy of the US and the people. So how can a louse like this, a virtual lie hold office, how can our Rule of Law be so corrupted as to allow this to take place?
    We are without real representation in DC, the country is being undermined by career politicians and appointees who are nothing more than incumbent elites, squatters with all the characteristics of a malicious parasite, they have been culpable in the devious use of malicious intent to overthrow this constitutional Republic and create a left wing regime to seize wealth, keep and hold power. It is more than time to reorganize, remove and pare down this government, to regain the representation of the people and restore the representative Republic as founded under the Constitution...

  • Buck O'Fama

    I knew Obama was an enemy of this country before he had the democratic nomination for his party, why is any of this a surprise? If his list of luminaries contains Frank Marshall, Alinsky and Cloward and Pivens, how can any of this be a surprise?

    It is nice however to see people getting a clue, took 6 years but still nice to see people figuring it out.

  • http://GoogleChrome Jim

    No surprises here. The Kenyan Klutz said in his 'auto-biography'that if push came to shove, he feared he would have to side with his Muslim brothers. Look it up, folks!

  • Buster

    No Kidding!!!? Doesn't anyone have a solution to the 'illegal alien' in the White House, seven million-dollar vacations for a woman and children which are not his, and demolition of the USA and it's economy as well???!

    Don't EVER call this Kenyan/Indonesian a PRESIDENT. He IS NOT.

  • John Bazen

    This is New or NEWS?
    Our M.T Suit's worst kept secret, and the the HOPE AND CHANGE boy wonder fooled many, but not all of us!


  • Mobyjake

    Please tell me why this Muslim horses arse is still in the White House and still POTUS.

  • http://godfatherpolitics Ken

    Ovomit a member of muslum-in-the-hood bro? Well duh? I knew
    this puke was in up to his neck in it right after his a** kissing tour to saudi arabia.

  • JoMama

    Yawn......this has already been brought to our attention......a long time ago......it's just NOBODY seems to be interested or cares.
    Please prove me wrong.

  • Oliver

    Obama being a member of the Muslim brotherhood is about as shocking as finding out the Pope is Catholic

  • ccgray

    Why were Michelle and Barack Obama disbarred from the legal profession?