Egypt Should Put Obama On Trial With Morsi

On July 3 of this year, Egypt’s military, led by General Abdel Fatah al Sisi seized control of the country and promptly arrested President Mohamed Morsi and many of the other Muslim Brotherhood leaders.  The new regime is wasting no time in bringing the members of the Muslim Brotherhood to trial.

So far, forty-five supporters of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have been sentenced to five years in prison for opening fire on soldiers during riots last month that took place in Suez.  Three others were sentenced to fifteen years and one received a life sentence.  Some news reports have claimed that eleven of Morsi’s supporters received life sentences, but those reports have not been verified.

In addition to the sentencing of Morsi’s supporters, Egyptian courts have ordered the shutdown of Ahrar 25 TV, a Muslim Brotherhood station and Mubasher Misr station, which is an affiliate of Al-Jazeera.  (Remember that Al Gore is one of the parties who purchased and is running Al-Jazeera here in the US.)

Hesham Barakat, Egypt’s public prosecutor has referred former President Morsi and fourteen members of the Muslim Brotherhood to a criminal court in Cairo for trial.  Among the charges is the claim that they committed acts of violence and that they incited killing and thuggery.  These charges are based upon the confrontation between opponents of Morsi’s government and his supporters that took place outside the presidential palace last December.

Morsi is also being investigated and could face charges of escaping from prison.  Allegations have been made that Morsi escaped from prison with the aid of Hamas during the uprisings that toppled the regime of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Why isn’t the Egyptian court seeking criminal charges against US President Barack Obama?  Obama clearly supported Morsi, his government and his policies by giving him hundreds of millions of US dollars along with arms, weapons and fighter jets.  There is no doubt that some of these weapons were used against Egyptian citizens during Morsi’s reign of terror.  By failing to condemn Morsi and his tyrannical actions against his own people, especially the Coptic Christians, Obama should be held complicit to Morsi’s crimes and therefore should be put on trial for crimes against the Egyptian people alongside Morsi.  I think they should even share adjoining cells in whichever Egyptian prison Morsi is sent to.

In fact, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also supported and condoned Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood government and treatment of the Egyptian people.  Clinton is so quick to condemn human rights violations against others, but never once spoke out against the violations being committed by Morsi and his thugs.  Therefore, Hillary Clinton should also stand trial with Morsi and Obama and then sentenced to the same prison as the others.  If only…



  • kalli

    Hear, Hear! Additionally, it is high time our military uphold their oaths of office and act in the same manner as Egypt's to take down this regime for high crimes against America. Our greatest enemy lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the District of Corruption.

  • USA Retired

    Egypt says he is a member, in good standing,of the Muslim Brotherhood, and printed proof in the Egypt news, therefor he should be charged along with his brothers in crime

    • Honorary

      obama gave $1.5 billion annually aid to Morsi while America is broke and in debts of over $16 trillions.
      obama should be deprived of Nobel Peace Prize and put on trial with Morsi.
      President Mubarak is getting wiser now after be nice to obama during the 2009 let him made Muslime favor speech at Tahir Square and then got stapped from behind by obama. The Great Britain is sure wiser too and they rejected the war in Syria. The whole world realized that obama is a member of Muslim Brotherhood, an imposter-in-cheap of USA.

  • Betty

    we can only pray that GOD will step in and help these Christians and keep them safe from the likes of satan and his brothers.

  • Betty

    what is wrong with this page? a bold black line on each side.

  • mike88

    Agreed, Obama should be promptly Arrested using International Warrants, and placed on Trial for aiding and abetting Morsi by sending him United States taxpayers money, and military equipment. This is known as Treason he should have to stand trial right alongside of Morsi.

  • Fleur

    What a solid idea! I would love to see this trial become a reality. They are both traitors to their countries and should be summarily executed.

    A public hanging would be impressive to many.

    Might make an impression on those would-be criminals...

    Order and respect for the US Presidency is desperately needed. if not rectified soon, like NOW, I fear it may be to late.

    Further,NO ONE who has NOT served in the military should be able to run for the Presidency.

    McCain, as much as I do not agree with him most of the time, would have at least, been respected in the country and would not have dared pull the racist, negative tricks that this President has.

  • BetsyB

    To quote a friend of mine from the Impeach Clinton days: "Jail to the Chief"