Trail Life USA, New Alternative To Boy Scouts Will Also Admit Gays

Earlier this year, the Boy Scouts of America decided to lower their standards and Christian values due to the relentless pressure of gay activists.  They voted to allow gay scouts into what started out as a Christian organization for boys.

Not long after, a group of men, some of which had spent years with the Boy Scouts, announced that they were forming a new scout-like organization for boys that would be Bible-based and Christ centered.  This new organization recently held a convention in Nashville to officially launch their group – Trail Life USA.  Their motto is ‘Walk Worthy.”

The auditorium was packed with 1200 people, anxiously waiting to get in on the ground floor of the new organization.  Men from 44 different states were in attendance and like the leaders of Trail Life USA, most of them had been involved with the Boy Scouts and left when they opened the doors to homosexuals.

Randy Sharp, Director of Special Projects was in attendance and told OneNewNow:

“It’s exciting to see that these men and these boys are saying, We’re going to stand on the truth - and when the organization we’ve been aligned with for so many years varies from God’s Word, then we’re going to move on.”

“It’s God-honoring. It’s very Christ-centered.  We got a sneak peek at some of the curriculum, some of the handbook material, and we were amazed to find that on the edges of the pages were scripture for the boys to learn, to read, to meditate on, and to memorize.”

This all sounds great and promising, but I caution you to tread lightly and do some investigating into Trail Life USA before getting involved or allowing your sons to join.  As much as Trail Life USA claims to be Bible based and Christ centered, they, like the Boy Scouts will allow gay boys to join.  Earlier this summer when it was announced that the organization was forming, one of the men involved, John Stemberger, Founder of OnMYHonor.Net, said that they will not question a boys’ sexuality nor will they refuse to admit gays.

John Green, another man involved with the group stated earlier this summer:

“In addition, the organization’s membership policy will focus on sexual purity rather than sexual orientation.  The policy will read, in part: ‘the proper context for sexual relations is only between a man and a woman in the covenant of marriage.’”

So what makes them any different than the Boy Scouts?  The Boy Scouts publicly admitted that they will admit gays, while Trail Life, who will do the same thing, is being more quiet about it.  How can you leave one organization for doing something that you will be doing also?  How can they teach biblical doctrine and then turn around and admit homosexuals into their midst?  How are they going to handle verses like Lev. 18:22 when they admit gays:

“You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.”

They say they are going to teach sexual purity, but how can a homosexual be sexually pure when their desires are an abomination to God?  Are the leaders of Trail Life being hypocritical in their words and actions?  Just like a spot of yeast in a batch of bread dough, one compromise with Scripture will eventually infect the whole organization of Trail Life and harm their Christian witness and their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Whether Boy Scouts or Trail Life, your son could find himself in a tent with a homosexual who just may have impure desires on your son.  Do you want to expose them to that sort of temptation or situation?  Before you get too excited over Trail Life USA, check them out and tread cautiously.



  • Dr. John E. Russell

    Boy Scouts and Trail Life will have a gay time with your children!
    Why not choose a church organization that has a similar program without being preyed on by homosexual leaders and older boys?

    • Derek

      Because we all know that priests and other church authority figures would never molest a child, especially in a homosexual manner, right?

  • Neal Avery

    Support, The Royal Rangers, They are Bible Based and don't allow gay boys or gay leaders.

  • Ken Haynes

    Jesus hung out with sinners, tax collectors, and prostitutes. He didn't advocate their life styles but called them away from their sinful lives to a new life found in Him. You can't impact the world by isolating yourself from it. Neither can you show the love of Christ to homosexual people by refusing to associate with them. This new organization makes clear the fact that ANY sexual expression must be within the covenant of marriage between one man and one woman. Sounds like they are on the right track to me.

    • jjkrjw

      They will soon be attacked if they say that sexual relations should be confined to "a marriage between a man and a woman," as they clearly state.

    • dnav

      This is what is right on! Thanks for stating it.

    • Stan

      The bottom line, though, Ken, is that a private organization should have the right to restrict its membership as it sees fit, without the government dictating such things. In a free country, at least. And that's the sort of country that America needs to get back to. The statists have gone too far; are turning America into a socialist nation. The world needs an example of a free country, to give it a choice, and see how things work out in such a climate. It worked out pretty well here for a long time. And that includes the free speech to be able to criticize your government. That doesn't last long, in a socialist/communist/fascist/statist system. 'Political correctness' is breathing down our necks, and turning into controlled speech by law. We need to be very careful of this stealthy step-by-step approach to overthrow that is going on. THAT'S why we need to resist any push by the state to control a private organization's membership requirements; not just say that such-and-such "association" is good for people. It is especially not so if it it is forced association.

      Let people breathe free, AND give them a set of morals to live their lives by. But enough of this statist nonsense that has been going on. That's the real issue here.

    • rikems4848

      Ah yes, they are going to try to convert the faggots, they're going to let them in using a "don't ask, don't tell" policy (Oh how well that has worked)! Trail Life is making the same mistake as the BSA, compromise faggots don't want compromise, they want blanket acceptance! Why can't you people get this through your heads?

  • Nano9

    The B.S.A. will allow leaders that are queer to have control over your child. That is the difference of the two from what i have read.

    • Ray Downen

      The Boy Scout organization does NOT allow known homosexual men to be scoutmasters. They haven't in the past. I'm sure they don't now. And they've never prevented a scout from joining a troop by asking if the young man was a homosexual and barring him if so. The question wasn't asked. If in recent years it's become necessary, then any youth organization will take whatever steps they can to keep the organization worthy of support by other citizens.

      • Kevin

        You forget that the boys are the leaders in a healthy troop. If a gay boy is a leader, such as senior patrol leader, they are being led by a gay male. How is that different?

        • dnav

          Kevin is right--my son is in scouts and the older children lead everything -- but they are watched by the adult leadership and I am watching very closely to protect my child. So far, no homosexual infiltration into our troop. But I am waiting for an alternative organization that stands on Biblical principle like Trail Life -- and there is a big difference between Trail Life and the Boy Scouts -- the Boy Scouts now openly "accept, honor and applaud" the homosexual lifestyle as a choice a boy may make in life. Trail Life wants to teach these boys the truth that the only true and proper context for sexual relations are between a man and a woman in the covenant of marriage -- this gives these boys an opportunity to hear truth and be delivered of their affliction, be set free in Christ. What's wrong with that?

    • Jsisso

      That is a lie!

    • jjkrjw

      Then they will soon at the target of the gays, too, just like the Boy Scouts.

  • John P

    The difference between Boy Scouts and Trail Life is huge. Trail Life opposes all sex outside of man-woman marriage. Using that standard, if we start excluding boys based on the sexual temptations they face, no one would be included.

    • gblatham


  • John P

    The difference between Boy Scouts and Trail Life is huge. Trail Life opposes all sexual activity outside of man-woman marriage. Using that standard, if we exclude boys based on the immoral sexual temptations they are facing, no one would be included. Having strong leaders, a biblical standard and a tight rein on conduct is the right approach.

    • gblatham

      I completely agree, John - and thank you for your comments.

      Garl Boyd Latham

  • Beano

    If that is the case this organization is not worthy of anything.

    Christian sites should label this organization as STAY AWAY!

    • dnav

      Get all the facts, Beano -- this organization is speaking the truth in love and giving gender confused boys an alternative to homosexuality and an opportunity to be delivered of it and live a morally straight life. Isn't that why Jesus Christ died for all of us -- because we are sinners and needed cleansing?

      • Beano

        He said if you love me you keep MY commandments. Jesus certainly did not say to commit abomination. How? He came to MAGNIFY the law.

        And the law states it is an ABOMINATION for a man to lie with another man. That is not what HE DIED FOR.

        Do you think he died so you can keep sinning. The law defines homosexuality as SIN.

  • Jack Reacher

    TRAIL LIFE, eh? I have a feeling that "TRAIL" will turn into "TRIAL" when the pervs are ferreted out and charges filed.

    I would never have believed that the Boy Scouts of America could be literally put out of the business of guiding and directing young boys. In it's place are the "New" Boy Scouts along with some outfit called "Trail Life", that are guaranteed to show the young boys another side of life ... The low side.

    I'm just hoping that mouth to mouth resuscitation doesn't turn into something much different.

    • dnav

      You are speaking without the facts.

      Trail Life is designed to teach the truth in love and give the confused boys an opportunity to be delivered by God's love and grace. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, bud.

  • Jack

    I was at the convention and you, Dave Jolly, are trying to spin this into something that's not true. Trail Life USA is a Christian boys adventure group and all are welcomed with the understanding we follow God's word. Especially that "love thy neighbor" rule. What we are not going to do is give an application to every boy and ask them if they are homosexuals or normal. If a homosexual boy does join and starts to promote his lifestyle they will probably be asked to leave. My guess is they would also be asked if they would like to discuss their problem with the church minister. I can guarantee you the group would pray for the boy to be healed from his sickness. Unlike the BSA, Trail Life USA will be able to pray to the one true God without some atheist committee member, like the AT&T CEO, punishing the troop.

    Trail Life USA is a GREAT group and I KNOW they are going to do good things.

    Dave Jolly, you should find a new job. There are enough bad reporters in this world we don't need another one. Especially reporters that hate and spin the truth. Get a life.

  • Jsisso

    That is a lie! Get your facts straight!

  • S.S. McDonald

    This is not the first time I have sent you this same message; you people are deliberately being part of the problem:
    People like you play into the hands of the liberals by using their politically correct euphemisms.
    In this instance, the use of the euphemism “gay” helps to spread their unacceptable terminology by glossing over what it really is; (homosexuality) making the term "gay" acceptable in the thinking of the uneducated masses.
    ALWAYS use the correct terminology: pervert, homosexual, deviant, queer, or sodomite. CEASE using their perverted terminology, “gay;” you only promote the spread of their agenda.

    • rikems4848

      Exactly, its long past time,we are too soft on these perverts and that is a form of appeasement. No more appeasement, no more don't ask don't tell...

  • Allison

    This is a complete falsehood and I am ashamed of you for printing it. If you took the time to check the membership standards statement on their website you would see it says this:

    "The basis for the program’s ethical and moral standards are found in the Bible. In terms of sexual identification and behavior, we affirm that any sexual activity outside the context of the covenant of marriage between one man and one woman is sinful before God and therefore inconsistent with the values and principles of the program.

    Within these limits, we grant membership to adults and youth who do not engage in or promote sexual immorality of any kind, or engage in behavior that would become a distraction to the mission of the program.

    We welcome boys whose parents are seeking a faith-based outdoor adventure program that places an emphasis on character development, leadership, and moral purity, and who aspire to live in accordance with the values expressed in the program’s Oath and Creed.

    - See more at:

    Do your research before you post something that is going to harm a Christian organization that is trying to give us a wholesome alternative to BSA.

    • dnav

      Right on -- Trail Life is speaking the truth in love and giving these boys an opportunity for deliverance. That's why Christ died for us -- to free us from sin and bring deliverance to those who want it.

      Trail Life is courageously taking a stand against the homosexual lifestyle and giving people an opportunity to abandon sexual sin and live clean.

  • dnav

    Dave, I normally like your stuff, but you are being blind on this. There is a HUGE difference between the stances of these organizations.

    Jesus Christ came to make deliverance available to those sexually lost as much as any other group. He cast out unclean spirits - some of which were homosexual uncleanness and he saved and healed the adulteress when they were ready to stone her.

    What kind of gospel do you follow when people who are confused and lost are not allowed to get help?

    The REMARKABLE and stated difference is that the Boy Scouts are allowing gays as an "accepted and honored" lifestyle choice.

    The Trail Life is not. Period.

    Their stance is that correct sexuality is a man and a woman and so the homosexual lifestyle is not accepted or honored. They believe that those seeking answers and deliverance may find it in the Trail Life and abandon their homosexual ways, get delivered of unclean spirits and walk for God.

    So what will they teach the boys? They will teach them that "the proper context for sexual relations is only between a man and a woman in the covenant of marriage.” Who else is going to teach these kids the truth?

    The world will tell them to embrace their homosexuality, school will tell them to embrace it, government will tell them to embrace it, society and clubs will tell them to embrace it -- but at least one organization (in addition to churches)will be telling them it is wrong and what the proper context for sexual relations is -- and that is Trail Life.

    I think this is an incredibly bold and courageous move, an offensive move by an organization to take a stand on the truth in the face of the decay of society -- but to do it not by condemning people or judging people to be gone, lost, nonredeemable -- that's NEVER BEEN God's view -- God wants everyone to have a chance to be redeemed, to get delivered and to walk in the liberty that is in Christ.

    God does not hate people -- He hates or eschews the SIN. If God hated people, He would have never sent Jesus Christ to die on a cross after over 40 hours of brutal torture for all of mankind's sins.

    Let's love with the love of God, Dave, and quit judging lest ye be judged. This is a courageous and bold move to provide an alternative to the lies of the world -- truth, and an opportunity for gender confused youth to get delivered while young.

  • Sheri

    I was at the Trail Life convention and can attest that this article is twisting the facts! How disappointing - no wonder the liberal agenda is changing the culture so rapidly because conservatives are attacking each other with lies and distorted information. May God bless Trial Life USA!

  • Mary

    I am not sure how I stand on this new org. But I do feel confident of this: People who call Homosexuals names, like perv, queer, etc. will also be in judgement by Jesus Christ. The Bible says to hate the action but not the person and to pray for those people. How dare you judge them like they are any worse than anyone else committing sin? Some people have no idea what true Christianity is about!

    • Jeff

      I notice you left out the word sodomite, which is what the Word of God calls the homosexual. People who use "gay" and other PC newspeak terms for sodomite are part of the problem.

  • David S

    A high percentage of boys, at some time in their young lives, experience a brief period of confusion or even same-sex attraction as they grow up. This is very common and, after a time, they grow out of it. So, while Trail Life will admit boys who may be going through this same-sex attraction, they will not admit the militant "We're here, we're queer and we're in your face" non-repentant homosexual.

  • Tony

    The comparison you make between BSA and Trail life USA is accurate in some ways, but inaccurate in others. 
    The fact is BSA has always allowed gay boys into the program. The difference now is that they are free to publicize and flaunt that lifestyle. Before the policy change, BSA lived by the don't ask, don't tell policy. BSA chose to open the door to openly gay boys, not in terms of being allowed in the program, but in terms of how they are now able to express their sexuality within the program. 

    That is where Trail life USA will differ from BSA. Trail life USA explicitly upholds the biblical definition of marriage and defines heterosexuality within marriage as being the only moral sexual lifestyle, aside from celibacy. 
    Youth in the Trail life USA program will be taught these principles and why they are important to maintaining a healthy and Christ-glorifying life. 

    So in that sense, BSA and Trail Life USA are at complete odds with one another on this issue. 

  • Elias

    On the Trail Life Website it says,
    "The basis for the program’s ethical and moral standards is found in the Bible. In terms of sexual identification and behavior, we affirm that any sexual activity outside the context of the covenant of marriage between one man and one woman is sinful before God and therefore inconsistent with the values and principles of the program.

    Within these limits, we grant membership to adults and youth who do not engage in or promote sexual immorality of any kind, or engage in behavior that would become a distraction to the mission of the program.

    We welcome boys whose parents are seeking a faith-based outdoor adventure program that places an emphasis on character development, leadership, and moral purity, and who aspire to live in accordance with the values expressed in the program’s Oath and Creed."

    This article has false information.