Facebook, Homosexuals Try to Shut Down Boy Scouts Alternative

A group of conservative Christians upset by the Boy Scouts of America's decision a few months ago to allow openly homosexual boys to be Scouts has formed a Christian alternative group called Trail Life USA.

The group this past weekend held its well-attended first leadership convention, at which some 1,200 people, including former Scouts and scoutmasters, attended.

According to a press release, "Trail Life USA will be inclusive of boys, regardless of religion, race, national origin or socioeconomic status, and accept boys who are experiencing same-sex attractions or gender confusion. However, it will not admit youth who are open or avowed about their homosexuality, and it will not admit boys who are not 'biologically male' or boys who wish to dress and act like girls."

Within days of announcing the group's kickoff, logo and program outline, hundreds of people have already joined, and the group was becoming a hit on social media.

Then Facebook, whose executives consider themselves the guardians of everything socially progressive, pulled the plug.

A story on the Washington Post site included a link to the group's Facebook page, which had received over 6,000 "likes." But shortly after the story was published, the link instead went to a dead page that announced the offending group had been removed.

The Google link to the group's Facebook page was also dead.

This is far from the first time that Facebook has shut down conservative pages, while it allows liberal groups to freely post all manner of material that an average person would find offensive.

It's clear that Facebook, which is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, has once again stood up for the cutting edge of moral nihilism that is the norm in many corners of the Bay Area.

In past incidents, conservatives have been able to have their pages restored, with Facebook executives usually blaming overzealous underlings pushing their own brand of liberal "tolerance," meaning traditional values are verboten.

The liberal media are already lining up to kick Trail Life. The Huffington Post characterizes Trail Life as "anti-gay," and the Washington Post blog asked, "How do you teach young men to be leaders when some of them aren’t able to be open about their authentic selves?" meaning homosexual.

There are alternatives to Facebook that won't shut you down for believing in the Bible. One such is teapartycommunity.com, a conservative site that operates similarly to Facebook for refugees who've become used to the Facebook operating shell.

Meanwhile, Trail Life USA needs the support of good people everywhere. While its activities and organization are all Christian-based, boys of all religions are welcome so long as they agree to follow the rules.

With American culture going down the tubes and the Boy Scouts courting its own end as an organization, parents need something like Trail Life to help their boys grow into responsible, moral men.



  • nonya

    Sounds like you need to form a new Facebook too.

    • http://n/a Jerry

      Tell O'Reilly about this - he'll likely put it on National TV!!!!!!!! Which I'd applaud !

      • mary

        Another is Scouts of St. George....there are many other organizations springing up throughout the country. Thank God. The misguided boy scouts of America may in fact become extinct....how sad!

        • http://retired Krazeehors

          You know, the fact that the gays in this country -- the radical ones anyway -- as well as FB are NOT about gay rights as much as they are about ANARCHY within the private organizations in this country. They got their way with the Scouts, both boy and girl. Okay, so let them have the Scouts.

          We have "Freedom From Religion;" American Atheists; the American "humanist" Society.

          Enough is enough, Tell these losers to stick it.

        • Neal Avery

          I am an Eagle Scout and I support The Royal Rangers, because they do not compromise their Christian Values.

      • http://kjnf.net jimmimac

        Actually Hannity is better so is Laura Ingram

    • Picachu

      It's called teapartycommunity.com

    • henryknox

      Why would they complain when they have the Boy Scouts. Why is the left so intolerant of diversity of choice? They are never satisfied, even after taking down an institution as big as the Boy Scouts. This is something I hope everyone understands, you can't placate them. The only option is to fight them.

      • Tom

        They don't want to live and let live, they MUST destroy anything resembling Christian principles before the progressive utopia can come to full existence. As long as there are even pockets of conservative resistance to their narcissistic desires, they will continue to attempt to destroy them. Plain and simple...they hate God and anything that suggests that they are sinful or deviant in their activities.

      • http://wahrheitmacher.blogspot.com/ Most Rev. Gregori

        They(the homosexuals and their supporters) are just like the Muslims, they demand, demand, demand, and the more they are given the more they want. Actually this is exactly how everyone on the left are, they don't want their share of the pie, they want the whole thing.

        • David

          That is why you do not negotiate, Jesus said" those who are not of God are of the devil"" .
          You see, we(Christians today) have taken the wrong stance. We have negotiated and vacated our teachings from the Holy Bible.
          It is never too late, but we must be willing to fight or even die for Christ.
          Remember the sermon on the mound, Jesus said, "Blessed is he who is persecuted for my names sake".
          Does anyone know what persecuted means???????
          Imprisonment, tortured or death that's what it means.
          Being Christian doesn't mean we should be weak or submissive.
          Scripture says that we must obey our authority on earth until they go against scripture and then we are to respectfully disobey.
          David killed Goliath because Goliath was blaspheming God.
          David was blessed by God.
          I'm just saying, stop being weak, stand for Gods word and be willing to fight for it.

    • Bob Wood

      We are of course doing the usual and looking at this issue completely backwards. The alternative group is needed for the homosexuals, not the Boy Scouts that have been around forever. The gay folks are the ones who want to abandon everything the Boy Scouts stand for.

      • [email protected]

        The queers can start their own scouting organization. They can call it the Rump Rangers.

    • http://godfatherpolitics.com GrumpyBill

      I am in total agreement of starting a new website to compete with Facebook!!

      And when I was growing up, any queers would be publicly SHAMED, and at times, they would get their asses kicked for trying to push their b.s. on us. See what political correctness has done to us???

  • suzanne

    what happened w/freedom of choice? america was founded on that. there should be something for everyone. ladies only, men only, gay only, straight only. the american way.

    • Gi

      They do have gay clubs of all sorts and churches who perform same sex marriages... but not sure if the gay organizations openly allow straight people to join... so there you have reverse discrimination... as far as other businesses who are Christian based in belief and operation of their business, it seems lately that the gay community has deliberately sought out to demand service from these businesses or file a discrimination suit... or somehow try to harass or put such businesses out of business... So yes some in the gay community have an agenda [not all gays- just like all straight people are not homophobic or bigoted]but there are some who are strident in their demands and expectation that our society and culture view their lifestyle and practices as a natural part of accepted family/marriage standard.

      • http://wahrheitmacher.blogspot.com/ Most Rev. Gregori

        Why in the world would a "straight person" want to join a gay club, gay church or anything else gay?

        • http://None dstudie

          To do to them what they do to the rest of us normal people.Try to joint, get turned down, file a discrimination suit against them.

    • Picachu

      They want you to have the freedom to chose a libtard way of life. It's ok if you join nambla,lgbt,dem party, or mothers for abortion, PETA to name a few but pick a Christian way of life and your freedom to choose is to be curtailed.
      They try to attempt to limit your choices by shutting down alternative life styles(to this I mean a normal frigging life).

    • Catherine

      Here, Here...the US has turned into a "need's of the one outweigh the needs of the many. No wonder groups have a hard time getting Like Minded members.

  • Kalli

    Facebook is a gov't entity. The dictator's regime has proven that point many times as shutdowns like this one become known, users have their posts removed like AZ's governor and Pam Gellar, or men in black suits show up at your door with handcuffs. Does the gov't spy on you? Get a clue. This social sleaze pot is just another method the regime uses to spy on Americans and shut down those who disagree with them and their dip-stick dictator.

    • Backgammon

      Rush Limbaugh still has a facebook page

      • Picachu

        I never did and never will

        • BillBoy Baggins

          I used to say the same thing.

      • sn

        And the link? Or do I have to search? Or is he harassed by these unfortunate fools that believe in
        same sex love?

  • steamdwarf

    facebook is in Dear Leader's (and Holder's) back pocket. Reason enough to stay away from it. Why on earth would any self-respecting conservative organization set up shop on that degrading site?

  • Jesse

    They're no anti-gay. They are pro-heterosexual. I left Facebook some time ago and glad of it. The left can and will go to hell. Leave us alone who have and stand for moral truths! Keep your godless derelict lifestyle to yourselves!

  • Carla Virga

    Just like the recent FB censorship of my comments when I used the word dyke. Feminist dykes are offended when uses the word that accurately describes them -- for accurately calling a pot a pot. The indoctrinators have no qualms about abrogating our First Amendment rights.

    • Tionico

      so, what wingle word can I use to describe a tool that resembles a pair of pliers but is designed to cut wire? I've known this took as "dykes" since I was about five... and that was a few years back. Some people are just plain stoopud

      • Ohio Veteran

        It's the spelling. Dikes is the tool, dykes is the morally corrupt females.

      • http://none Taos Trapper

        So what DO you call a pair of "dykes"??? How do I cut wires??? What do I do with which and to whom???

    • Don Swancy

      Carla, I was removed from FB for 24 hours for using the word 'dyke' a few months ago. Apparently, one of the DYKES at a keyboard in palo Alto decided it could violate my free speech rights at her whim. The fact that they're so willing ( and gleeful)to do this tells me all I need to know about dykes AND liberals.

  • kds

    The GAY SCOUTS are afraid of the BOY SCOUTS.

    • Picachu

      That's because they are so gay!

      • charlie

        they are not "gay" means happy and carefree. they are just queer

  • Nathan51

    This is how Leftist bigots show their tolerance. They are tolerant of anything and everything as long as it is corrupt, perverted, twisted and furthers their warped agenda. If you do not fit into their sick world you will not be tolerated.

  • jb80538

    I knew it would only be a matter of time before the fags tried to kill that one too! It just happened a little sooner than I expected. They just have to ruin everything normal and moral.

  • Chad

    Americans with morals need to voice themselves more often and repeatedly.
    Facebook and other need to hear from the "Moral Majority" on a regular and consistently growing basis.

    This is how the "LBGT" group got their way and they make up only 1% of the population. Incredible that ONE PERCENT of the people can push around 99% of the country.

    Really, people we need to take a stand against this idiocy and the current administrations lack of support for the actual majority of the country.

    This sickness must be stopped and the only way is to speak up and often.

    • Proud texans

      The actual majority aren't gay but the actual majority support gays and gay marriage. You are a minority who are entitled to your beliefs as long as y stay out of enforcing your minority views. Don't be gay. We are fine with that.

      • Picachu

        So you cite polls as your actual majority. How has these polls done during elections; not so well. Until they poll every living American than these polls are simply not accurate.
        As for me I do not care if you want to be in your house and screw your dog. Just do it in your house. Now me not caring what you do in your house is not the same thing as supporting a gay life style. So in some instances it's dependent on how a survey is worded.

    • Proud texans

      Fax blast everyone, often, every day. Down with gays. Don't be gay. We hate gays. Gays are bad, etc etc.

      • Picachu

        Really dumb!

    • Carol

      I do speak up often. I told my boss if guys in black suits come to the office looking for me, it's because I tell my political leaders my opinions weekly! If I am their constituent, then they need to listen or be voted out! Moral people need to be verbal and not afraid. God has your back!

  • Michael

    The homosexuals , the government along with the courts and collage aged children are dead set against Christianity and the bible , choosing to make it what they want Gods word to say. They have made themselves little gods with the power of the government to over throw our religious freedoms.

  • oh no

    Why don't they have the girly scouts? Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Girly Scouts. Problem solved

    • Proud texans

      Gay men aren't girly. You are a certified homophobe. You are outnumbered. Hahahahah

      • http://immigrationbuzz.com Gary Rose

        If Gay men are not Girly Girly What are they referred to as in Their Mixed up Relationship( Man ? Women ? Its? Those? What are they called?????Just a Normal Person trying to address theGays or Gayettes what ever. Thank you ALL>>>>>>>>>

  • cliff

    As you are born physically....you are! Anything else is purely immature!

    • John

      Yessir. I get a kick out of how some will think a sex change does anything. It is cosmetic. In reality you have the same set of chromosomes afterwards, and that makes you male or female despite of how you may have mangled yourself to look differently.

      It's all a big lie and a refusal to accept one's self.

      • EltonJ

        For some people, I agree with you. Others, not so much. Depends on the spirit that occupies the body. Every spirit has a gender identity. A spirit is made male or female for a reason.

        It's hard, very very hard to judge someone if you haven't met them. So, I'll say you're right, but not 100% of all cases of transgender.

  • singlepayer

    The only way to beat the fags is 1) find out which of your senators and representatives voted for the hate crimes bill a couple of years ago. 2) do not vote for them. Eventually you"ll get some anti perverts in office who have the balls (so to speak) to call a fag a fag.

    • glock 19 fan

      I hope the ACLU gets some cojones and sues to have hate crime laws ruled unconstitutional because there is so much wrong with them. They are discriminatory as applied so they violate the American principle of "Equal Justice Under Law" designed into our Constitution; By applying extra severe penalties they enable government to violate the Eigth Amendment protection against excessive punishment and from what I have read from accounts of enforcement the law and the media coverage encourage taking short cuts and circumventing due process.

      • Neal Avery

        Sorry, I think ACLU invented "Hate Crime Laws."

  • Dan

    Who needs Facebook? I dumped it a long time ago when I realized how insidious it was. Besides I don't like being "poured" into a vat of humanity which strips each person of their dignity while promoting openness.
    What voyeurism this wunderkind generation has developed - all to their demise. GET OUT, while you still can!!!

  • jocoseness

    I don't see how this is any different than when Christian businesses refuse service to homos because of the message that they want to support. The ACLU is hot on the trail when gays are being refused service, but where are they when Christians are refused service? Probably finding some hole to fill.

    • DWinch

      The Anti Christian Liberty Union is just doing their job!

  • Ron

    It always amazes me that it isn't enough for the Lefties to live the lifestyle that they wish; but, they have to always try to force it on other folks too!

  • Fred

    IF the homosexuals do not like Trail Life then than can join the Boy-on-Boy Scouts. They already have what they want there.

  • Proud texans

    Why would good Christians want to support the cutting edge of nihilism. Amazing. It is a corporation that provides people with a free service. y sign terms of agreement when y sign up. You agree to not post anti gay, porn, violence, etc. they retain the right to close down. Whomever set up this page, signed that. Whether they support Obama is irrelevant. Can't see why you guys would use such Commie, nihilist. Look at Mark Z. Gotta be gay, of course.

  • Ranchman

    We've been taken over by sleaze. Pretty soon, all that's left will be decadence and corruption, and the elites will move in to "restore sanity." They caused the problem, all the while having the "solution." The problem is, their solution is tyranny and total control. Nobody will have civil or natural rights. The elites will control everything. Soon, the only way left for us will be open revolution, which many are already calling for. How many American Citizens will stand with those wishing to restore this Republic to its former self, its original way of life? If we had 5%, like they did in 1776, we would have over 16 million people! Think about that for a second. With an army that size, this fraudulent govt could NEVER stop us from the restoration of this once great nation.

  • Deb

    This should prove to everyone that homosexuality is a lie and perversion created by Satan.

  • Tionico

    Seems this group is a good thing, and I'm glad to see them come along as an alternative. BUT.. rather than specifying details such as "not openly homosexual", why not simply make, as a requirement of membership, that the boys adnere to a biblical form of sexuality.. specifically, that the boys involved are not sexually active.. at ANY level, as sex is reserved for marriage. Leave it at that, and no one discriminates against the quires. That would also preclude a fifteen year old boy who is fornicating.... with ANYONE or thing. No discrimination there. One of the "a Scout is..." characteristics is "clean", "moral", adding "chaste" to that list should be no problem.. and if its a requirement for everyone, no discrimination against a particular form of sexual conduct.

  • http://N/A Barry

    Fantastic idea,I sure did hate to see the BSA go down the drain. But admitting openly gays made the failure inevitable. Part of the scout oath: "a scout must be morally straight". This is impossible if you are gay.

    Thanks for picking up the ball and running with Trail Life USA. Our young men need this.

  • Keith

    On major reason I don't have anything to do with Fagbook.

  • Mark Spencer

    You know, it shows how evil these people are. What would happen if the pope came over to the U.S. and did everything possible to close down Protestant Churches? That he would call Evangelical Christians bigots and criminals, would the E.C.'s have a right to fight and resist. Would it be wrong that there are people in the E.C.'s that don't want to be catholic or sit under the control of the head catholic priest? No, so why is it that we can't be opposed to a lifestyle that is very wrong and that we don't want our kids to be influenced by that lifestyle. We have every right NOT to accept the gay lifestyle. Even Nature would be considered homophobic, as nature does not make concessions for two of the same sex even to reproduce. In fact, the natural realm would pretty much take out that lifestyle. Put 100 gay men on a totally isolated island, to which no one would be able to get to in a hundred years. Guess what the population of that island would be in 100 years? Nature would not allow such a thing to continue. So, too, the God who created us has said that it is an abomination. If it were natural and normal, don't you think our Creator would have worked it out in our design to accommodate this lifestyle? They may put things in places where they were never meant to be placed, but it still is not good nor is it normal.

  • http://Yahoo Jerry

    Why don't these freaks get their own planet& leave us alone

  • [email protected]

    What I can't understand is why these bunch of gay folks had to ruin a great organization like the Boy Scouts, why they couldn't have just started there own organization. They are really just a bunch of messed people.

    • Matt Graham

      Funny thing is...if they had, no one would have cared. They would have been to conduct their group as they wished. But if we (who don't agree with them) try it... it's "CALL THE ACLU!"

  • pysco

    It was never about equality, its about the gay agenda, The TL USA doesn't need Facebook backing, it just shows Facebook's intolerance of all opinions. Some of us just aren't going to buy, putting 3% of the population in front of the other 97%, being gay is a choice.

    • mathis1689

      A sinful choice but certainly a choice.

  • gblatham

    I just received an e-mail from Trail Life U.S.A. which said, in part, "that Facebook is currently merging the 'On My Honor BSA' and new 'Trail Life USA' Facebook pages, which means you may receive an error message if you go to either site."


  • http://none TheBulldog

    For your information, Facebook is a company that is trade on the stock exchange and has nothing to do with the 'guvmint'. As a business, they can remove anyone they choose for any reason. Just like in Right to Work states, your employer can terminate you for no reason or because of the brand of car you drive. You can boycott Facebook if you want, but with hundreds of millions of people world-wide who could car less about what the BSA did, you'll have no impact.

    You right wing Nuts are no different than the Islamic Jihadists, demanding that your world view is the only acceptable one.

    • libslie

      Except for the beating, raping, torturing & SLAUGHTERING of MILLIONS of INNOCENT people.

      YOU want to CONTROL EVERYTHING, what we eat, what religion we can practice, where we are allowed to pray, what we are allowed to say, read & even how we parent our children. Then you try to call US haters & control freaks, really??

      Leftists HATE America, HATE Christians, HATE light colored races, even when they are light skinned themselves & HATE FREEDOM. They are, without a doubt, the most MENTALLY ILL, CONTROLLING, HATE filled people on earth.

      Crawl back to the KOS, brain dead leftist troll, where your mindless drivel is appreciated.

  • BillBoy Baggins

    Facebook won't even send notifications to my reagan.com email address! Fargin iceholes!

  • Eric

    Why so much fuss over creating new groups when the Royal Rangers program is already in existence? Why compete when you could join a existing Christ based Royal Rangers outpost or start a new one? Royal Rangers has been around for 51 years and is the second largest scouting organization in the world and the gay crowd will never touch us.

    • Geoff Whittington

      I think Trail Life will remain non-denominational and is off to a great start. I'm not sure if the Royal Rangers are attached to a single denomination or not.

  • Petra

    It sounds more and more like the whole gay thing isn't as much about being accepted and treated as equals, more more about forcing everybody to be just like them.

  • BillBoy Baggins

    since the article mentions TeaPartyCommunity, for those who are members, or once you become one, please sign my petition, "Petition TPC to link directly to news sites". "I suggest TPC actively pursue getting news providers to add a link connecting readers with their TPC wall, to their company's web sites. Virtually every on line news source, (GOP USA, News Max, WND, etc.), has a link with each article, allowing the reader to share that article on various social network sites, such as Face Book and LinkedIn. Never have I seen a link with an article, to share that article on one's Tea Party Community wall. Getting the major, and even minor news providers to add the TPC link would gain TPC national exposure as readers will check out the new link they don't recognize. The, Oh, what's this? effect. "

    We can lobby news outlets, ourselves, as individuals. Let us start with Newsmax. This is their contact page: http://www.newsmax.com/contact

  • glock 19 fan

    I knew that there was a reason why I don't have a Facebook account. Well, that in addition that it means sacrificing privacy.

  • Ron Powell

    Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is a flaming liberal and may be a limp-wrist homo too. He will go along with Obama's band of thieves as a good commie comrade. I got off Facebook long ago, I consider it a public billboard with private information.

  • Beano

    They may not admit gender confusion or same-sex attraction but maybe they can test it out on the trail with the boys?

    Doesn't make sense. I'll take a wait-and-see attitude on this new group.

    Or make it a rule any attempt at abomination and they'll will be sent to the police or charges made, maybe?

  • http://[email protected] ChiefBull

    The Boy Scouts are God Damned; I did not damn them. They God Damned themsleves before God. I do not wish evil upon them; they have wished evil upon themselves. Then, let evil be on their house; let them and their children be confounded to the third and fourth generation. They all shall die fouled in their own evil,
    in their ignominy, and be forgotten.

  • mathis1689

    Facebook can drop dead as far as I'm concerned. There are people where I work who stay on it for most of their workday-when they can get away with it that is-and then go home and get on it some more. Facebook might have started out as a useful tool but it's more than outlived its time and the sooner people realize that it's nothing more than a combination of spying tool and marketing agency the better.

  • Lorraine E

    Not too long ago the Boy Scouts used to be about hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, learning all sorts of useful skills, and receiving badges to prove how much they had learned. They used to be allowed to honor God and country. However, in todays perverted society the government and corporate media are demanding that all activities involving children be changed into a never ending forceful sexual orientation into every imaginable type of sex irrespective of the age of the child.
    I say let the children be children. Don't destroy their happy childhood days. Let them play and have fun. They are not sex objects and they deserve a happy CHILDHOOD!

  • http://kjnf.net jimmimac

    maybe we need to dump facebook!

  • Cathy Giovannetti

    There is freedomtorch.com the Christian conservative alternative to facebook!

  • Linda

    "In past incidents, conservatives have been able to have their pages restored, with Facebook executives usually blaming overzealous underlings pushing their own brand of liberal "tolerance," meaning traditional values are verboten."

    There's an easy, obvious solution for that: FIRE THEIR IGNORANT, BIGOTED REAR ENDS!!!

  • Byron Mullet

    Good. Now how about an alternative to public education which teaches all of your kids worse things than the Scouts do every day, from kindergarten on up?

  • paratrooper

    There's nothing wrong with being anti-'gay'.
    We all have that right. We can be anti anything we want.

    Though, I think it's absurd to call queers gay.
    They're homosexuals.

    Gay people are just happy.

    It will always be that in my lexicon.

  • Nancy F. N. Drew

    How stupid are you? Read the On My Honor Page. The Trail Life USA page was closed to merge with On My Honor. This has absolutely nothing to do with homosexuals. Idiots like the ones posting on this page are why this group gets labeled anti-gay.

    • Geoff Whittington

      Well, the MO is correct for the LGBT group so it seemed possible to some. I check both pages daily so I knew it was because of a merge but I also don't put it past the LGBT activists. They are ready and willing to do such a thing and FB leans at least a half bubble to the left.

  • Matt Graham

    There is no making the SSA agenda people happy and there never will be. They won!...Yes they just can't stand that some of us still don't buy their nonsense. Trail Life will do fine without farcebook. It's like the rock man said... people see what they want to see, and hear what they want to hear.

  • Ursus Magnus

    Athies suck.

  • http://MyOwn Jean Smusz

    How about them there Apples? This is ridiculous. Good for "Trail Life" in pursuing young boys and men to join an organization that adheres to the teachings of the Bible and to the morality to which we have been brought up to believe.

  • libslie

    Leftists OWN every form of POPULAR media & have exempted themselves from the constraints of our Constitution such as FREEDOM of SPEECH. We do not have freedom of speech or religion or the right to peaceably assemble unless you are a violent, radical, mentally ill leftist.

  • dnav

    All organizations and individuals who have been dissed by Facistbook for conservative values or views ought to get together and file a class action against them for discriminatory business practices in allowing certain select groups to function unhindered while obviously hindering the freedom of other groups to enjoy the same business responsibility and service from them.

  • Charles of Waveland, MS.

    No one is born gay. So when and where did they first start their sick lifestyles ?

  • John Bazen

    Can anyone tell me, why with less than 10% of the population this segment, is able to dictate it ideals to the rest of us, as if this was a dictatorship and they rule?
    Since when does a minority dictate to the majority, unless it's known as P.C? In which case remember the old joke about Hitler? "When they came after the Jews, since I was not a Jew, I remained silent. Then onto all others and when they came after me, 'there's none to defend me"!

  • v steve

    The government shouldn't make special laws for homosexuals. The government should let society deal with them.

    Saverin is one of the founders of Facebook. Facebook owners support amnesty for illegal's for low wage work

    Eduardo Saverin has lived in Singapore since 2009 and renounced his U.S. citizenship in 2011.

    I say if Saverin doesn`t want to be an american and live here then piss on his face book I have dropped my facebook site.

  • JIM

    I don't like the name of this new org.but I'm glad they made one,I strongly disagree with Rev. Gregori most people on the left are not that way,both party's have serous flaws.

  • Ralph Filicchia

    Here we go again. Why doesn't Trail Life just sue Facebook for a million dollars for discrimination? What is so hard about that? How could you possibly lose? FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE STOP BEING A PACK OF WIMPS. All the good guys do is complain. Fight back! If the Huffington Post calls Trail Life anti Gay, why doesn't Trail Life go on record calling the Huffington Post a pack of Gay loving Asses?

  • underthewire

    I think the staff of Huffington post needs sexual consulting.

  • underthewire

    How can anyone love a gay ass?

  • williaml

    Those Homos keep pushing buttons and they are going to get a backlash they cannot handle

  • Tigress for Liberty

    When people start reacting violently to these gays forcing their lifestyle on them they will only have themselves to blame. Enough is enough!!!