Supreme Court May Get Second Chance to Kill Obamacare's Insurance Mandate

The last time Obamacare went before the US Supreme Court, they ruled that the insurance mandate was legal because it was a tax and not a penalty.  The hopes and financial well-being of millions of Americans was dashed down on the rocky shores of bankruptcy when Chief Justice John Roberts betrayed the American people.

Now, Congress is fighting over whether or not to fund Obamacare and use it as leverage in the stalemate on the federal spending bill.  If the stalemate isn’t resolved by October 1, the federal government just may have to shut down.  Some conservatives believe that could actually be a good thing, but the liberals want us to believe that it will spell the end of the world.

In the background and hidden away from the general public, the lawsuit Sissel vs. US Dept. of Health and Human Services moves forward and is one step closer the US Supreme Court.  President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid and the liberal mainstream media don’t want any of you to know about this lawsuit that could remove the very heart of Obamacare – the insurance mandate.

The lawsuit is based upon Article 1, Section 7 of the United States Constitution, commonly known as the Origination Clause, which states:

“All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.”

Once the Supreme Court ruled that the insurance mandate was a tax, that meant the bill violated this section of the Constitution.  The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Matt Sissel by Pacific Legal Foundation, contends that the bill that became known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act originated in the US Senate and not the House, as required by the Constitution.  They claim that Sen. Harry Reid used procedural gimmicks to launch the bill and therefore Obamacare violates the Origination Clause.

A district court dismissed the lawsuit on June 28 at the motion of the defendants.  In other words, the pressure of the federal government forced the district court to ignore the US Constitution.  On July 5, PFL filed an appeal with the US Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Washington DC.  Opening briefs are due on October 24.  If this court dismisses the lawsuit as the lower court did, PLF is prepared to appeal to the US Supreme Court.

If either of the courts rule that Obamacare did violate the Origination Clause, they could choose to nullify the entire bill or just the section in question, which is the insurance mandate.  If the insurance mandate is ruled unconstitutional, that would eliminate the need for millions of Americans to purchase healthcare policies they can’t afford, saving many of them from having to file bankruptcy and/or lose their homes to foreclosure.  In essence, it would gut the heart out of Obamacare.

I know the Pacific Legal Foundation could use your support, both in prayer and financial help.  If you wish to help them in their effort to legally kill Obamacare, you can contact them here.



  • undunder

    CJ John Roberts is a dweeb suck up. Or else the obama machine threatened him in some manner. I certainly could believe that the obamanites would use blackmail or threats to get what they want.

    • jb80538

      Death threats have been used in the past to have people comply with what the liberals want.

      • 5live5

        They can threaten me if they want but I'll be more than glad to call their bluff!

    • pennysca

      I agree completely . Either way I can't trust Roberts on anything he judges. Obama is just a Chicago thug.

    • chuckster

      Obutholes whole administration is getting paid by us and all they do is 24/7 is constantly trying to dig up stuff on anyone that is going to play a role in going against him in anyway. How do u think that they come up with the dog on top the car of Romney's so fast, they had been searching for anything against him that they could find and he was so squeaky clean that is the only thing that they found.

    • Pam Dunn

      Well, They ARE being led by a Chicago Thug in the White House; Chicago has been know for its crooked politicians for years and years even before the Original Mayor Daley.
      Thugs and the labor unions, Both full of crooks and thugs.

    • id2nv2nj2ca

      Have you ever thought that CJ Roberts knew exactly what he was doing, and knew that this would come back around based on this part of the Constitution, and it will be dealt its death blow then? I know, wishful thinking, but it is possible, no?

  • Igor

    Support the effort to drive a stake through the heart of the (un)Affordable Health Care Act, people!

    "You can pay me now, or pay me much more later". (paraphrased)

  • patriotusa2

    I hope someone, somewhere, has the means to defeat this sword of Damocles hanging over all our heads.

  • Centurian2010

    Kill this bill! 0blundercare will bankrupt all of us.

    • victorbarney

      Folks! Wake-up! That's the plan! Again, Watch!

      • peggyc41

        Bankrupt and disarm us. That is always the beginning of an end down the road.

        • victorbarney

          Couldn't be said any better...

  • docmccarthy

    Can't just blame Roberts - half the court is populated by socialists who snear at the Constitution. Roberts problem is more personal - he just wants to be liked by the left. That's pathetic.

    • pennysca

      I could not believe Roberts and what he did. Obama either had something on him or corrupted Roberts some how. Roberts and Obama created this mess and it is illegal . I will never trust Roberts judgement again .It's pathetic if Roberts did it just to be liked and he should resign.

      • Ted Crawford

        NSA Probes and IRS intimidations are powerful weapons in Obama's toolbox!

    • Albert Maslar

      Yes Roberts can and should be blamed as it was his singular vote that upheld ObamaCare. The other half is the other half. Roberts was the Ace of Spades and threw it out.

  • Albert Maslar

    By Supreme Court definition, ObamaCare is unconstitutional since Chief Justice Roberts self-determined that the mandate penalties were in fact a tax, and therefore constitutional. A second look might point to the fact that the tax is levied unequally with arbitrary exemptions including those exempting unions, Congress, corporations, and other favored insiders. Defunding supposedly is improbable, impossible, and unworkable, so maybe going back to SCOTUS might drive the silver bullet through the heart of this monstrosity.

    • victorbarney

      If only he would indicate that again...

    • 5live5

      Supposedly improbable, supposedly impossible, SUPPOSEDLY unworkable, We'll see!

      • Albert Maslar

        House Speaker John "the Cave-In Man" Boehner is Obama's ace, and hope your hunch "We'll see," is right. There have been too many Boehner disappointments whose famous words are that "I want to go along to get along," and "I want to live to fight another day day day day day."

    • Ted Crawford

      "Silver Bullet" Why? Has John Roberts resigned as Chief Judicial Legislator? If not, whatever the findings of those NSA probes was, is still out there!

  • jimmyapendix

    obamashould be tied up and dragged behind a prius

    • dad666

      You couldn't reach Kenya with a prius.

      • Ted Crawford

        No, but according to the TV commercials you could with a Chrysler, ah...err.. I mean Fiat!

      • jimmyapendix


    • Dave

      Careful. Now you are sounding like a Lib. Name calling and threats are all they have left. We are above that.

      • jimmyapendix

        you have to hit back Dave and hit them very very hard

    • flawshark

      Prius?!!!! NICE TOUCH :)

  • Gaines Bruce

    Too bad we have a court system that can only use the words of the constitution to twist to support a political agenda.

  • gerald scott

    quite simple the American people must opt themselves out of the ACA law by merely not participating. Will they try and jail or fine all the folks who don't want this legislation.

    • jackrussell

      They don't have to jail them all. Merely jailing and criminalizing those who have the most to lose will deter millions of others from participating in any boycott. It would be nice if there were lots of martyrs in our country to stand up against the tyranny, but a majority of the staunchest objectors to this law are not situated where they can afford to lose their entire life's work over a protest. Even one as noble and necessary as this.

    • Ted Crawford

      There is no need for them to jail anyone, in any case it would be counter productive. They will simply have IRS force the Employers to take it out of our wages!

  • monacall

    remember this people come election time.....people go stupid around that time........

  • Proudamerican

    What does that matter?? john roberts is still bought and paid for?? What will change??? Our country will NEVER change until we get rid of this dem cancer!


    Look, we all know that Roberts was gotten to. But I have a hunch, in the recesses of his crafty mind, he knew all along that this would happen. We just better all hope that the Majority on the Court can sweat it out until Obama is gone!

    And HOLY MOLEY!!! Look at the Lefties flipping out!!! Now we are anarchists, terrorists, arsonists???? Professors calling for the deaths of children of NRA members!!! These people are just plain scary!

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Roberts has something big to hide, how do I know this? No one but someone with a big something to hide, goes around constantly with a smirky smile on their face 24/7.

  • chuckster

    Waiting on the supreme court to do anything is like when ur a teenager and waiting to get 21 to buy booze. We waited before to find out that it was illegal and guess what we got slapped in the face with a dirty diaper. I have no respect for the supreme court anymore

    • RPW

      when I was a teenager back in 1974 they lowered the drinking age to my age 18 When I turned 21 they raised it up again to 21. Ya never know, the courts cold still slap Obama down on this one.

  • James Foley

    Don't worry. Roberts will pull his lips off Obama's ass long enough to save Obamacare.

  • victorbarney

    If only? Too little and too late! I've just come finally to the only logical & rational conclusion that I can make common sense out of at this time in our history and that is that both or Republic & our actual freedom ended together in 1913 when the Feds came into existence! All of you too will soon learn that same thing too! Watch!

    • 5465vick

      Exactly true. If only there was a to rid the country of this terrible plague the elite thrust upon us. Monetary policy was the responsibility of the Dept. Of Treasury. It should be again. Through the Fed the elite continue to steal money from hard working middle class Americans. It should be abolished now!

      • victorbarney

        The German's themselves had a better chance of overthrowing the SS & Gestapo in Hitler's reign!

        • Cin

          Well if they had known what was going on... I believe education is the key and the more people learn the true nature of the Fed the better chance we have. We should repeal the Legal Tender laws and then we could watch the federal reserve banking cartel die.

      • Cin

        Absolutely... repeal the Legal Tender Laws and watch the federal reserve banking cartel die.

  • rank

    We the people can defund Obamacare. If you do not want it, or can not afford it, simply do not buy it. Then let's see them provide all of the people that were due subsidies that special government funding, which they (Obama and his progresssives) believe will be paid for by us taxpayers. No money, no funding, no Obamacare!

    • sick of it all

      Amen Rank! I have not had insurance for years...I pay cash and negotiate price with my doc. I refuse to sign up and give non vetted hacks any personal information. I will gladly pay the penalty......

    • CJM2

      pelosi and reid have promised that those who refuse to buy the insurance will go to jail/prison. If they do that, they will have to let the felons go free so they would have a place to detain the legitimate law-abiding citizen---or perhaps they will use their 'secret' fema camps. Why are these camps necessary anyway; sort of reminds one of the concentration camps in germany.

  • 5live5

    May Pacific Legal foundation be VICTORIOUS!!!!

  • Lorraine E

    If Obamacare is sent to the Supreme Court again, please ask Chief Justice Roberts to relocate his wife and two daughters someplace outside of this country before the court rules whether Obamacare is legal.
    Also the last time the government was shut down due to a stalemate on the budget it only affected "non essential" government services. I'm still asking why our government needs to have "non essential" services and departments. Aren't we having a financial crisis?

  • Conchita

    Here is a link with phone numbers and Facebook addresses for Senators. I posted on all of the Facebook timelines and there were 100's of people who had posted. That will get to them>

  • Cuz

    If they screw it up again then we should vote for term limits so we can limit the damage caused by their failure to follow the laws the way they were written instead of their liberal interpretations.

    • icemancold

      Good idea only it will never happen those who rule will not allow it.They would say such a vote is UNCONSTITUTIONAL the only time they use that word is if it will benefit them.

      • nannymm

        Such a vote would be unconstitutional. It would require an amendment to the Constitution to place term limits on SCOTUS justices. And there is no way that will ever happen. The founding fathers gave lifetime tenure to the Supremes precisely so they could be free of political influence and could act without fear of repercussions. For people who claim to be so devoted to the Constitution and constitutional principles, you people clearly don't seem to understand that document and the founders' reasoning at all.

  • icemancold

    The Supreme Court already ruled that OBAMA CARE was here to stay. The Supreme Court Justices will not go against BARACK OSAMA HUSSEIN OBAMA because he has threatened the families of the Justices. Remember he has the New Black Panthers,The Muslim Brother Hood,AlQuada and the Taliban backing him and the Justices only have 911 who do you think would prevail?.

    • pduffy

      No need to 'threaten' somebody wearing a black robe. They are in on the gig together.

    • nannymm

      You have absolutely no proof that President Obama threatened anyone, least of all the SCOTUS justices and/or their families. Likewise, with your crazy allegations regarding the new black panthers,the Muslim Brotherhood, all Queda, and the Taliban. Finally, "Osama" is not part of President Obama's name.
      Do you really think you can just make stuff up and tell lies like these without people realizing that you have no idea what you are talking about?

      • Patriot from the nanny state

        do some research on his brother,you'll be amazed, if you bother.

        • nannymm

          President Obama is not his brother. You can't hold him responsible for anything his half brother says or does. It is you who needs to do some research. Maybe then you would stop making false and inflammatory allegations against the president.

        • Patriot from the nanny state

          Malik is a radical Muslim just like obama put in place by the nwo ,mentored by kissenger!why else did he just sign an executive order so he can fund terrorists like al-cia-duh! Al Nussra,odingo,and his brother! You keep believing msm propaganda and drinking your gmo gov't kool-aid and wait for martial law!

        • nannymm

          He isn't funding terrorists, didn't sign an executive order to fund terrorist organizations, and isn't doing any of the insane and preposterous things you dream up. As for your mention of the "nwo", if that stands for new world order, you are just nuts. There is no new world order. I suggest you find a good psychiatrist because you are batshit crazy.

        • Patriot from the nanny state

          Washington examiner Sept 17 2013 obama waives ban on arming terrorists!

      • icemancold

        WELL: He is MUSLIM and He is Destroying this country just like OSAMA wanted so the title fits. Show me proof otherwise LIKE a valid Birth Certificate,College records Passport Records Etc. as it stands there is no proof to the contrary of what I say.

  • carlton goodson

    I hope they kill this bill. Its a poison pill for the USA.

  • James Maxwell

    Where was TED CRUZ when we needed him to argue on behalf of All Americans? Definately
    one of the few Republicans with enough courage and ability to present a logical, legal an
    defining argument on behalf of the American people.

  • Hannah

    I've often wondered if this was what John Roberts was aiming at when he called this a tax. When the government was promoting the bill - they kept saying it was not a tax.

    • bill

      Oddly enough, the branch of government re-wrote the legislation that is supposed to only come out of the Congress!

  • homer1057

    While Ted C. has proven to be a Patriot: he is not the one this nation needs, as much as it NEEDS Jesus Christ! This nation was founded upon the principles of the KING JAMES Bible (it was the 1st book printed in the u.S.A.) and our laws and the constitution and bill of rights are in direct contact and copy the Bible! Blackstones Commentaries on the Law are based upon a KJV bible and our 10 commandments come from a KJV Bible Ex 2O When a nation foresakes God,and the Bible, it foresakes the standards for righteousness and greatness! It is either get back to the Blible or get back to the jungle! Light (John 14:6) rejected becomes lightening, and darkness! Every nation that will not serve God, and will reject Jesus Christ, shall be destroyed! Psa 9:17/Phil 2:10-11KJV

    • 7PastorCarmine7

      The kings James Bible was not in print as Yet the Founding Father's used the Geneva Bible.

    • rodschmuland

      Well, homer1057, you will have to do a write-in on the next election ballot. I am a believer, and patriot; you make good points.....but that doesn't work in this government. In fact, JC is only allowed in government in swearing mode these days!

  • elton123

    O and the Dems will get everything they want if they vote "yes" to defund obamacare.

  • formerrepublican

    "... would eliminate the need for millions of Americans to purchase healthcare policies they can’t afford, saving many of them from having to file bankruptcy and/or lose their homes to foreclosure."

    How can anyone say that with a straight face? Healthcare bills are a leading cause of bankruptcies! Not having insurance is way, way, way more likely to ruin someone (or kill them!) than having it. It's like refusing to use a seatbelt because "liberals" told you to. Single payer healthcare is one of the most thoroughly proven win-win's in the world today (with a few "adjustments" to our robber baron healthcare system.)

    In fairness, it remains to be seen how much insurance is going to cost. The last private insurance I was able to get, years ago (I can't buy it at any price now) was over $10,000/year; I've been quoted $12,000 by my company, for lousy coverage. I will still be investigating paying the fine/tax and buying a policy only when I need to; that's still way better than what I have now.
    I hope OCare fails quickly, but only because I (and most others that Obama disappointed) wanted single payer and that's the only way we're going to get it. It's not just better for us, but better for the country at large in just about every way except for insurance exec's bonuses and congressional lobbying payments.

    • bill

      Wake up dude.. Single payer = Government Control. Not cost savings. Lets hope you had a vasectomy and aren't passing on those genes!

    • pduffy

      Go to Cuba. They have 'single payer' and Fidel decides if you get treated. History has proven that all forms of communism/socialism have failed miserably, yet you STILL want to try it? Nobody is stopping you from moving to a communist country to get your 'single payer' that Barry so dreamed to get. I am sure Fidel will put you strait to work in the tobacco fields. If a doctor does not want to treat you for free, why do you think government can force him, or some other taxpayer to do so?

    • ratamacue76

      We all should be using insurance for what it was originally intended for, a catastrophic health event and not every little thing that tickles our throat. We have abused health insurance to the point that everything is unaffordable as a result. When a large company is paying the bill instead of the person receiving the care the costs rises significantly and more money is charged for what should be affordable procedures. We need to go back to paying for our own visits out of pocket and saving insurance for significant health events. Some doctors are already no longer accepting insurance of any kind and they are offering the same services at prices that are affordable. This is the only thing that will make health procedures affordable. Making the gov't pay everything will only make things skyrocket even more and then we are all on the hook for it, just like how insurance premiums have exploded ... the same thing will happen again. This does not fix the root of the problem of "why" things have become expensive. This only changes who pays and the same problems will persists. Plus, single payer puts a level of control and oversight over my care and wellbeing by the gov't that I'm simply not comfortable with.

  • MikeyParks

    Seems like an open and shut case.

  • bless2live

    Shut down these congress thugs wanting obamacare ! They want to destroy our health care system,and ride dictatorship over America! Impeach and arrest to remove these un americans!

  • Deb

    What is with the Republicans will be blamed if obamacare is defunded, we are stronger then those whining sissy liberals we can live through a shut-down, bad things have happened,how many since this wanna-be dictator has come into office? Isn't that a divine sign we need to get rid of him? Stand strong against the lame street medias drooling over O'bama and their LIES about GOP

  • garyrose

    Unless something Happened while a sleep ? The Supreme Court is Bought and Paid for by Obama and Soros also BIG BUSINESS. Just Pray and Hope they want to build America not Destory it. Like whats being done RIGHT NOW>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • pappap42

    It has been a very long time since I trusted any court.

  • Rosebud15

    Nothing surprises me. All their actions are underhanded and wrong. If the people knew what was in this bill, it would've been voted down. Government is way too big.

  • CQQL33

    Well, well, well.....could it possibly be that We the People may actually see something going our way for a change ? The will of the people for once, it would be a minor miracle that somebody may be listening to the majority of the people for once, over that of a corrupt government.

  • pduffy

    So all of a sudden, the black robes will notice the constitutional requirement of tax provisions? Why didn't they just rule Obama-care unconstitutional using this argument the first time? They KNEW they were going to rule it was a 'tax' because they did the exact same thing with 'social security' which was also not originally passed as a tax, but was later ruled 'a tax'. It was the exact same bait-and-switch that the progressives used to get 'social security' which is also unconstitutional. Don't get your hopes up that MAN will ever rule righteously, as this court has proven time and time again, they don't have a righteous bone in their bodies, and no wonder, they wear BLACK robes.

    • Fratta

      Scalia had it right in his Dissention paper.

      • pduffy

        I am skeptical that any 'dissent' is written by opposing judges. They all sit in a smoke-filled room, and agree on how to tyrannize the people, and then pick who gets to right the 'dissent'. They are ALL acting in concert, as we found out when the so-called 'conservative' Roberts came out of the closet.

  • TBI

    The problem is the Supreme Court is rigged.

    • Billy Bob Johnson

      It seems it's only rigged when you lose. That Roberts guy is a real left winger. I suppose it was rigged in the Citizens United decision too.

  • del

    What a boondoggle....these aholes who voted for the crapped up bill didnt even read it but know enough about how bad it is to request exemption. A law should be if the aholes in congress cant understand/ and or cant read the bill then it is NOT to be passed unless all of them abide by it....that includes the phoney piece of chit squatting in our white house!

    • 4USA2

      Just wanted to say in addition to your wonderful sentiments, that the Obamacare bill now has "thousands and thousands" of additional pages of regulations and amendments added by Kathleen Sibelius and none of the AH's that pushed it through seem to be able to answer the question "what is NOW in this bill?" I keep writing and asking since they didn't know what was in it when it was passed.... how about now? No answers from my State Senators... or for that matter, any others. The bill started with 2,500 some pages that required cross referencing page after page, section after section, article A,B,C, etc.... and even, cross referencing with things in OTHER BILLS that have been passed. The original pages are so confusing, VERY few have even tried to figure it out; and now it's around 15,000 pages longer (I've even read it's over 20,000, so we do know it's a "zinger" obviously full of stuff THEY don't want us to know YET! I did not do this to be disrespectful BUT I e-mailed Max Baucus, Senator from Montana and asked him "why he didn't vote for the bill until he got a special deal for Montana". Obviously I'm not on his "friend list". (: But there were 8 or 9 who didn't vote FOR the bill until they got "bribes and special deals" and I was just wanting to know "why"?

  • metheoldsarge

    Don't hold your breath on this one folks.

  • DebraJMSmith

    They need to take the entire health care law to the Supreme Court, not just a section of it. --One of the judges made a comment to the meaning of that they had only ruled on what was brought before them, not the constitutionality of the entire health care law.

    Basically, the court said that if there is going to be a health care law, the government can tax people in accordance to it. The court did NOT say that the law itself was (or is) constitutional.

    Informing Christians Journalist

  • 4USA2

    The Obamacare Bill was pushed onto the American people by Democrats with the phrase "Healthcare is a right, not an privilege".
    The definition of "Healthcare is a right" is: You have "the right" to purchase health insurance coverage but if you don't, then you have "the right" to pay the fine (now called a tax) on your income tax return which will be enforced by the IRS .... AND THEN, it get's better ..... the Government has given themselves "the right" to determine if you will have "the right" to get treatment (by decision of the 15 member death panel in Washington D.C.) if, say, you are an older person and the government rules you are too old for care based on longevity data OR you have a condition that is costly to treat and the prognosis might not justify the cost, you can be denied.
    So to be clear: The Obamacare Bill gives you "the right" to buy coverage but if you don't, then you have "the right" to pay a penalty fine/tax and "your right" to receiving treatment is superseded by the "government's "right" to determine if you can, or can't, have treatment. The "right" thing to do, is to put this bill to bed and write a health care bill to "help people have access to medical care" not punishes them if they don't pay up, or aren't "allowed to be treated" because the government says NO.

    • 4USA2

      Oh, I left off one more of "your rights" and that is, apparently you have "the right" to pay the bribes and special deals cut to pass the Obamacare bill, by paying for those with your TAX DOLLARS.

  • CJM2

    The statement: "... the pressure of the federal government forced the district court to ignore the US Constitution" is erroneous. The government can put pressure on any person or entity, but it cannot "force" them to do the government's bidding. The word should have been acquiesced since the judges involved did not want to bear the brunt of the antagonisms brought on by DOJ, ovomit, and their henchmen. The Federal Courts are charged with interpretation of the US Constitution, The Law of the Land, and to ensure that there are no violations--regardless of which branch is providing the pressure to make illegal changes in the law. That's what the system of checks and balances is for and to prevent anarchy, tyranny, etc. Ever since ovomit entered the White House, we have seen our judges capitulate and ignore the US Constitution. What they fail to consider is that the people still rule and the people can, and should, demand their expulsion via impeachment procedures provided in the Constitution. Many of the so-called laws are illegal because they did not originate in congress. Those "laws" are from government agencies, who have no business making laws. These can be challenged in courts as unconstitutional--and there are thousands of these so-called laws forced upon the people who were not represented by their elected officials in congress. EPA, NSA, Dept of Edu, and other agencies have inundated the American public with frivolous "laws" and are making a killing by virtue of the hefty "fines" collected from citizens. Either congress gets busy with doing government business as provided by the Constitution, or the people put their money where their mouth is and vote them out of office (or even by recalling these wayward ducks).

  • Kitchen10

    Kill the damn thing it's unconstitutional ! It will bankrupt us all it will cause a stalemate in businesses it's not what the American people want! Companies are cutting hours of hard working Americans!! Americans making minimum wage! The stupidity of it is obscene!

    • Fratta

      Some are really trying, like Cruz and the House, but some Repubs and a majority of the Dems are are the gadflies that are making this difficult.

  • Kitchen10

    NO SOCIALIZED MEDICINE! We won't comply!

  • Upaces

    He OWNS "3" of the Judges.

  • frankenbiker

    I was always curious how this bill was legal since it originated from the senate and worked its way to the pez heads desk. Now we're stuck with this crap and no appeal or filibuster is going to change it. Yes I'm being pessimistic here gang, but the truth is the truth., regardless of hopeful thinking.

  • Ray - Jesus is the Son of God.

    I don't always talk to Obama supporters..

    But when I do, I ask for large fries.

    • Pete Ortiz

      very clever,Lol

    • Doski

      Most folks just ask for their EBT card !

    • Maya

      That's hilarious--I needed that, thanks!

  • Delores109

    When a law enters your Court, it is for you to determine whether or not it is Constitutional. You rewrote the law by calling it a tax. Your job is NOT to legislate from the bench or apply Judicial Activison to any law that enters your court. Chief Justice Roberts, your ruling stated that it would be unconstitutional to pass the law under the commerce clause, but "you could call it a tax." This allowed you to pass the law. It is not your job to rewrite the law. That is why we have the House of Reps to legislate and fund laws. In essence you rewrote the law, and took the authority to fund it. This is illegal. Americans want to defund this illegal law....the Affordable Health Care Act....which is unaffordable. Obama wants this law to fail, and it would, so that he can give Americans rationed
    government-run, health care. Mr. Roberts, speak out against your unlawful ruling.
    Delores Smith

    • heroay

      Arguments and counter-arguments, on a NON-arguable postulation. Or, ''law''. Obongo is an illegal alien usurper installed by the Zionist Occupation Gov. in the DC Latrine. ALL his whims and rules are de facto null and void. With additional constitutional punishment for his daring. Let the People's Grand Jury dictate as soon as possible.

      • Delores109

        Thank you for your great comment, heroay. I agree with you all the way. Take care.
        Delores Smith

        • heroay

          DELORES!!! Wow! what a record you are carrying around!! 4487 comments and 11844 votes?!?!? i really hope you have been NASTY with the zionic trolls polluting every thread online.......

        • Delores109

          Where did you get those numbers? My work is mostly to let Obama know that even Hitler lost, and I am keeping my guns. I guess I would be willing to give up one of my Glock 23's that fit in each of ten purses, but the way.
          Delores Smith

        • heroay

          Hi, Delores, your FORMER numbers were taken by pointing the mouse at the 'avatar' or picture representing you... today, 4496 & 11854... and growing by the day... Congrats. As for your Glock's, you shouldn't turn any over until you run out of bullets in them... if there is anyone standing to take them... :-)

        • Delores109

          Thank you for your info. I will do as instructed. No one can take my Glock 23, or any of the other guns. You are great. Thanks again.
          Delores Smith

  • Grumpy

    The Constitutional issue brought up in the suit is correct, will the courts care, I doubt it? On the other hand, if Boehner really wanted to stop O'care, he could have brought in up in a way Reid would not dare disagree with.. The Chief Justice effectively redefined the words penalty and tax to make the law sorta fit into a stretched to the limit, very elastic interpretation of the Constitution

    Boehner's argument would have been simple,

    Dear Chief Justice

    The Affordable Care Act passed by the US House contained a penalty, not a tax We believe the words have totally different meanings.

    Neither the House nor the Senate intended the penalty to be a tax, it was called a penalty in the law we passed because we intended for it to be a penalty and not a tax.

    Congress understands the Constitution, we would not have considered a tax bill that originated in the Senate.. Harry Reid understands the Constitution as well, he would have never allowed a tax bill to originate in the Senate (Reid would have been unable to say anything without looking like a fool)

    We can only guess as to why Boehner didn't do the right thing

  • Fazeman

    Now let see if these Black Robe Elitists can do their job! It all falls on the Turn Coat Roberts.

  • Rachel Guess

    Folks I think that the true issue is being forgotten here. SCOTUS can only rule on US Constitutional issues. The government's Constitutional question in the obamacare case was if they were legally allowed to claim it fell under the commerce clause, and if they could not claim the authority under the commerce clause, would it be legal as a tax. The SCOTUS ruling not only declared that it could not be claimed under the commerce clause (ie Scalia's 'broccoli' argument'), but it also put strict limits in place on the commerce clause. As to the second question, could it be declared a tax, the court answered that the ONLY way it COULD be legal would be as a tax, but just because the federal government declared it a tax did not make it a legal tax. Even after the SCOTUS ruling that the only way it COULD be legal is if it was a tax, the feds still insisted constantly that it wasn't a tax, clearly indicating that this scares them because they know it isn't a legal tax.

    The original House Bill was a six page bill that was supposed to provide tax credits to veterans when they purchased a home for the first time. It was not a revenue generating bill, but the bill iteself predated the Senate passed obamacare bill. The Senate realized their mistake and recognized that what they had passed in the Senate was not Constitutional due to the origination clause. At the time the House was under the Democratic control of Pelosi and the Senate was under Democratic control as well (Reid). She took the house bill, completely gutted it and it's original purpose, and then added all 2,000 pages of the Senate obamacare bill. Peraonally I think that just the issue of deleting the entirety of the original bill would be enough to challenge obamacare as being an 'amendment to the bill'. Even with having all three branches of the federal government controlled by liberals it still was not enough to get the votes that they needed to pass obamacare, so instead they resorted to bribery to get the votes for it, including the 'Cornhusker Kickback' and the 'Louisiana Purchase' in order to convince those state's representatives to vote in favor of it. This is the only bill that I recall where not one single conservative voted in favor of the bill. The election in 2010 showed the public's anger over the vote with the mass crucifixions of liberals that voted for the bill in the House. With the way things are shaping up, it is expected that the 2014 elections to be a repeat of 2010 for the Senate liberals up for re-election. Further challenges would also include the fact that 1. it has already gone over the amount allotted for it in the bill mulitple times and they are still requesting more, 2. that although the implementation deadline is 10-1-13 it still isn't ready, and finally 3. even the democrats now recognize it as the 'train wreck' it is. Personally I am all in favor of doing whatever it takes to prevent the horror show of obamacare from ever seeing the light of day.

    What Roberts did with his decision on obamacare was genious. He limited the federal authority under the commerce clause which has been used for decades as a means to constantly expand government powers, and with the majority opinion that he wrote he provided people with a road map of instructions on how to bring the obamacareTAX down. The monstrosity known as obamacare is going to be nullified. It may not be today or tomorrow, but it will die the painful death it deserves.

    • drattastic

      Why in all of Roberts supposed genius didn't he just do his duty the first time around ? I call it cowardice.

      • Rachel Guess

        I am sorry you feel that way. The federal government has been using the commerce clause for decades to increase their power dramatically over both the states and the people. He used this opportunity to put strict limits on the federal government authority to use the commerce clause, and that is a massive win. While none of us were overly happy about odimwitcare not being thrown out, he did the next best thing, which was to provide, via his majority opinion, the correct procedure on how the law can be challenged. It's a gimme. He also avoided mass rioting by the coolaid drinking liberals and a massive swell for the 2012 election with his decision. Now the liberals are 'finding out what's in it' and they aren't happy about it either. The unions have bailed on it, many of the dems have bailed on it, it faces legal challenge after legal's going to go down, you just need to have a little patience. The vast majority of lawsuits haven't even started yet. Since it was declared a tax, taxes cannot be challenged by an individual in court until it has been imposed and enforced, which means that once they start imposing those fines on people, there are going to be thousands of class action lawsuits against it nationwide. The taxes will start being enforced as of January 1, 2014. That piece of garbage bill is going to end up in the round file where it belongs. The lawsuits haven't even begun yet and with people bailing on it right and left, plus elections coming up next year, it actually bodes well for retaking the Senate, keeping the House, and officially repealing odimwitcare completely.

        • heroay

          "...and officially repealing odimwitcare completely."

          .And....ask Obongo the illegal usurper, WHICH clause of Constitutional punishment he...'prefers'...?

      • paintinc56


      • heroay

        Maybe he is afraid, understandably, of ''sudden heart attack syndrome". It HAPPENS. To the enemies of Zion.

    • paintinc56

      Lower courts will just keep dismissing the case & the SCOTUS doesn't have to hear it unless they want to. Do you really think Roberts & his leftist cohorts will revisit the issue?

      • heroay

        The last word on this illegal usurper has not been written yet. And the History pages are yet to be printed on this whole scam on the American Republic.

    • heroay

      An illegal alien usurper Does NOT dictate to Americans. Period. Yet, since 1776 on, the Constitution dictates HIS sentence for such usurpation.

  • johnsnare

    Great story. I personally believe ObamaCare will remain, but they will eliminate the insurance clause. Many Democrats will be up for reelection in 2016, and we should see a major overhaul in the removal, of many left wing liberal Democrats. Good riddance. Major corporations and small business owners, like myself, will go to part time employment to avoid the cost.

    • Steven

      Without the 'insurance' provisions, there is no Obamacare.



  • fliteking

    Might just happen this time, I heard Roberts is p*ssed because the top of his head keeps hitting Ob*ma's desk .

  • Jack Combs

    muslims are exempt. I wonder why.

    • mathis1689

      Because the Hypocrite-in-Chief doesn't want to make his fellow Muslims mad.

      • heroay

        Tell me the one about the 3 Lil' Piggies, rather. ''Mooselimb'' Obongo?? His MOTHER (still alive and hiding in NY, working for Zionist Ford Foundation) is an ashkenazi by DNA, not 'white'. And ObbieWan is therefore a dark Ashkenazi, by interbreeding. And, finally, ashkenazis are NOT Islamists, they are Talmudists. The 'Mooselimb' tag is just a put-on to distract the sheeple away from the REAL threat to this country.

    • rollervic


    • xoxozo

      I am a Libertarian and HATE Owebamacare BUT I looked this up on numerous sites and it is not true....these statements without FULLY checking data is what makes us look foolish

  • klsparrow

    This is an exercise in futility. Roberts has already been bought and paid for when it comes to Obama care. Siding with the liberals the second time should get him a nice pay day and he will still be able to hang with his liberal BF at the country club. Nothing will change the fact the Roberts was intimidated and changed his vote. Look k at all the ruling that have come down since then. They have all be favorable to Obama and the liberals. When history looks at his court they will see a chief justice that did not rull on what the law is but on what certain people wanted like Obama and liberals.

    • flawshark

      Remember the huge grin on his face? Roberts also provided a way OUT of O-care by calling it a "TAX." As a tax, the bill violates the origination cause--and should fail accordingly.
      Stay tuned.

      • Amfer Ferg

        That was my original thought - however, the District Courts have caved everytime a legal case was presented. So, in essence, the District Courts (due to threats!), are to blame!!

        • heroay

          That's passing the bucket. The WHOLE CON-gre$$ is to blame for allowing an illegal aline to Tar the White House. PLUS, ALL the Letter Soup Agencies in charge of 'security', for FAILING to X-Pose the Zionist scum at the D.C. Latrine.

      • grassroot

        Hell, Obmer himself violated the " origination clause."

  • Steven

    I still think that instead of trying to avoid blame for a government shutdown, Republicans should try to take CREDIT for one.

    • Amfer Ferg

      That's exactly how I look at it also! Shut it down, Republicans, and then take a bow.

      • heroay

        Wet dream? Wishful thinking? Or pre-programmed CHIP? Figures. All over the threads. Stinks a mile away...

    • heroay

      How about DemonCreeps take all the blame for the downfall of this country? Especially, since THEY installed with their Ziotic masters' 'voting' scam machines, this illegal alien usurper of the Presidency. BTW, did you bring the flock from tel aviv behind your tracks?

  • TAM44

    No law should ever be passed exempting those 545, they work for us, well let me rephrase that, they are supposed to work for us. We now see just how hard they work against us and tax us into oblivion to fatten their bank accounts while emptying ours. The SCOTUS was dead wrong on obamacare and owe the American citizens an apology.

    obamacare needs to be repealed in it's entirety, socialist BS is all it is and will kill millions of jobs and also this country too.

    • Reader

      I think we need to push a lawsuit based on equal protection. When Congress exempted themselves, their staffers, the court, and the President from the law, we were denied equal protection before the law.

      • johnsnare

        Exactly my sentiments Reader.. If Obamacare is so great, why is the Washington politicians and their families exempt.???. It was supposed to be one size fits all.

        • grassroot

          But, this is hoe Socialism works, the rule makers dictate

          what the sheeple get and have to do, and they decide what
          they have to do. Isn't this what the uninformed voter voted


      • heroay

        "President"?? How about 'resident'? Illegal, subversive, UN-American, installed by the Zionist Mafia usurping also, CON-gre$$ and the Supreme Courtesan Whore Club.

    • grassroot

      Not only that, it will kill grandma, as the left accused the GOP of

      wanting to do. Obmer himself said, right after being "elected,"

      if Grandma needs a pacemaker, we should just give her an aspirin and

      let her deal with it. It would be a shame to bury a perfectly good pace
      maker." I heard him say this with his own Marxist mouth.

      • heroay

        "ask them how they want to die..." Rather, we can tell that homo imbecile HOW the US Constitution dictates punishment for usurpers of the highest SERVICE post in the Republic.

    • heroay

      illegal aliens do NOT dictate to Americans. But Americans WILL bring this Ziotic usurper to Constitutional Justice. And his installing crew behind him.


    I have seen many posts slamming Chief Justice John Roberts. I do not believe he sold out or abandoned principal at all in his position. He ,as Chief Justice is however interested in preserving the strength of the institution of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court was asked to rule on Obamacare in a presidential election year 3 months before the election. If he had ruled to strike it down, the Supreme Court would have become the focus as a political body helping republicans win what they can't win at the ballot box. He wanted no part of this. So he cleverly got every Liberal on the court to agree with him that it was a new federal tax. Now this case comes forward challenging the legality of the tax not originating in the house which is clear in the Constitution, and he has the necessary vehicle to broom away Obamacare in a non-presidential election year on clear constitutional grounds. "I already held that this court has no authority to tell Congress what it can or cannot tax, but they do have to follow Constitutional procedure." I believe this has been Roberts course all along, to keep the body from appearing to be politically motivated. In the end, it will work. Obamacare will be in total or in great part repealed, but the court will not face the political heat of appearing to reject it in the heat of presidential race.

    • JJM123

      That was my feelings when ruled as a tax. So what is delaying ruling on this unconstitutional TAX?
      I thought that when 1 portion of the law was rejected, the whole thing was rejected. Regardless, it cannot survive without the individual mandate forcing us to buy something only because we want to breathe. At least with car insurance, if you don't want to buy, don't drive.

      • Reader

        Congress specifically removed severability from the law. They did not want individual parts of the law stricken. There is technically no way the court can legally strike down a single provision of the law without wiping out the whole law. That does not mean that the court will follow this.

    • paintinc56

      Nice try but this brain dead P O S caved to leftist pressure & his judicial philosophy is that he should try his best to accommodate CONGRESS, NOT uphold our Constitution.

      • heroay

        because he is just another compromised agent for Zion, implanted by Z.O.G. into the Supreme Courtesan Whore Club.

    • heroay

      Or, Poly-Ticks... The MAIN problem with compromised HOMOSEXUAL Roberts IS, he INSTALLED illegal alien Obongo the Kenyan subversive for Zion. His credibility and trustworthiness is dubious at best, but these remarks about Obongo-Not-Care may put some Pennies in his 'patriot credit account' if his statements help the people revolt against that commie rapine scheme.

  • dlc123

    Chief Justice Roberts DID NOT think through in a broad spectrum way, that he gave the government permission to abuse their power! There are more derent penalties within the law! We all know in order for obama care to work EVERYONE will have to get on it! therefore it will become a ruled government monopoly! BAD BAD BAD!!! ASK YOUR PROFESSIONAL DOCTOR NEXT TIME YOU SEE HIM NOT A POLITICIAN OR NEWSPAPER ARICLE!! YOU HAVE TO GET PAST THE THEATRICS AND DOWN TO REALITY!!! SMALL BUSINESS WILL BE GONE!! HAPP Y OB!! MORE COMMUNIST LIKE STATE!! THAT IS NOOOOOOOOOOO PROTECTION FOR THE AMERICAN CITIZEN AT ALL!! DONT NEED TO WAIT TIL A DEATH OF A FAMILY MEMBER TO LISTEN TO MDS AND NURSES BEFORE REALIZES ING WHAT REALLY JUST HAPPENED HERE!!!!!!

    • dlc123

      In order for this law to be fair, it must go back to the supreme court!

      • grassroot

        Why? have'nt they done enough legislating from the bench?

      • heroay

        This is NOT 'law', it is a WHIM from an usurper at the Tarnished Hut. WHY is memory of such SHORT span among AmeriCones?? Think Aspartame, Fluoride, Aluminum, Mercury, and other 'vitamins' in their dumbed down brains. No thanks, to the sewer RATS from Shinar, owning every aspect of Americana. Pity.

  • GQ4U

    If we don't pay it will go away.

  • grassroot

    If it's a tax why then is it also a law?

    • heroay

      Because the rapine bandits MUST invent one scheme after the other to screw, ransack, destroy the United States and its citizenry. Most absurd, idiotic, criminal, treasonous, subversive scheme, where an illegal alien subversive for Zion plucks his thumb print on a piece of toilet paper, and a host of other parasite subversives back him up. Absurd, idiotic, stupid. Americans DO NOT take orders from an illegal alien usurper at the D.C. Latrine.

  • Doski

    There is a solution and it can be initiated in less than a year, but it is up to every one who desires it. It requires action ! If all who oppose O-care and the lack of true representation by politicians currently in DC will simply engage in informing and recruiting two more people to abandon their current political party and Re-register as Independents, taking their contributions with them the RNC and DNC die on the vine and the Media will quickly discover the statistical growth of Registered Independents jeopardizing the perceived Power of the "Establishment Parties they so willingly cover-up for. But, You must commit and Re-register as soon as possible. This is not fantasy. When Registered Independents achieve a 60 percent Majority and continue to increase that lead they will take notice and panic will set in for all Incumbents. That is when ALL OF US will discover that we really do wield "The Power" and know we can take America back from the "SELF Proclaimed Elite".

    It's really NOT that hard folks ! Re-registering is easy ! Putting fear in the minds of politicians is easy ! Believing again before the 2014 elections is but two simple actions away. Transfer YOUR FEAR to them. give them a taste of their own tactics / medicine. What have you got to lose, really ? NOW is the time to show them you are NOT paralyzed with fear !

    Want quicker results ?
    Post this to Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, etc. then implement it and watch what happens.

    • heroay

      Though i gave you 2 'ups', i must also ask why you didn't recommend DEMAND from these traitor subversives the constitutional PAPER BALLOTS. So long as these animals read us 'numbers' from THEIR rigged 'voting' scam machines, THEY have the upper hand, not the Sheeple. The Beast must be beheaded and cast into Abyss. For EVER.

  • david

    Good let's hope it works!

  • Iamacitizen2

    How is it that oscare is a tax and didn't follow the correct proceedures? LOL and how is that people don't get what Roberts did in his lengthy opinion that he opened the "barn door" for we the people to challenge this oscare bill and it was a GIFT from Roberts. But everybody then thought
    he was a traitor for doing this. I read and reread his opinion for three days and finally the
    lights went on that Roberts did a GOOD thing. Read the following and you will see too I pray.
    1. The bill was created behind closed doors, "you have to pass it to read it"!
    It was passed by a dem controlled U.S. Senate. So in essence it was crammed
    down every American's throat and basically we were shown and told eat the
    bill it will be good for you. I often wondered why they did it this way and now as of
    last week almost three years later I found out. The socialist regime's plan
    (per Reid on PBS's own words) were to achieve a ONE PAYER SYSTEM...
    in other words a socialist medical insurance program run by the socialist govt.
    just like in the UK and Canada. This insurance program is now declared a
    trainwreck by the originator (the guy that wrote it for the dem's) and he even has filed a
    lawsuit recently because the interpretation errors or manipulations of his verbage are
    tearing apart his original concept. Go figure huh? So the dems really know that oscare
    is a failure before total implementation and that's ok because this gives them the open
    door to flip the whole bill over to a One Payer System...get it?

    2. Now, when this new oscare bill was created and was passed in the U.S. Senate and it was challenged all the way up to SCOTUS and it was defined as a TAX and not a fine or a penalty and O went on national TV screaming it was not a tax (cuz he don't believe in dah Con sti tu tion) let alone following protcol of dah fed govt proceedures, etc. SCOTUS's ruling threw a huge
    wrench in the works. I have been saying this for years and no one has been hearing it.

    The ruling just made this oscare bill a violation of the Origination Clause see Article 1, Section 7 of the United States Constitution, commonly known as the Origination Clause which states:
    "All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may
    propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills."
    From what I can understand here is the U.S. Senate can add to or make amendments to a Bill that TAXES we the people and CREATED only in and by the House of Reps, but the U.S. Senate can NOT create a tax Bill. OOPS!!!
    3. The FIX: by the U.S. Senate was to capture a Bill created in the House of Reps (controlled by
    the dem's at that time), passed and voted on by the House of Reps and "after the fact that oscare was now considered a TAX Bill to we the people by SCOTUS" and had been sitting on Reids desk or somewhere in limbo in the U.S. Senate, I presume...well anyway...
    Reid and others in the U.S. Senate decided to take a Bill that was laying around and RENAME it from Vets Housing to (DRUM ROLL) ocare and also replace the contents of the Vet Housing Bill to oscare. Nice huh? Now to me that was horrible for the Vets and also that a formerly created and voted on Bill from the House of Reps which means to me that everyone that voted for the Vet housing Bill their votes were disenfranchised and the Vets Bill became non-existent.
    You wonder why NOBODY in the House of Reps went on national TV to discuss the above and oops someone did in a small uncovered way by the media and they asked Reid how about this? His response was: oh it's done all the time. So basically the media and we the people were told
    oh there's nothing to see here move on.
    But there is a lot to see here and in my opinion it is called corruption, tyranny to the HILT!!!
    Now there is a lawsuit going on with Pacific Legal Foundation and it has failed in one court already and they are praying it fails in the District Court too on Cotober 24th because this will lead them right back to SCOTUS and guess who??? Roberts whose written Opinion started
    this whole issue and again I will say (my opinion only) that Roberts did a GOOD thing making ocare a TAX which it apparently contains (23) plus hidden taxes in it!!!! So don't give up hope people things are happening behind the scenes that the DEMS and O don't want anyone to know about.
    God bless America

  • John

    Tell them to piss off if you can't afford it and quote:

    26 USC § 5000A - Requirement to maintain minimum essential coverage

    (2) Special rules

    Notwithstanding any other provision of law—

    (A) Waiver of criminal penalties

    In the case of any failure by a taxpayer to timely pay any penalty imposed by this section, such taxpayer shall not be subject to any criminal prosecution or penalty with respect to such failure.

    (B) Limitations on liens and levies

    The Secretary shall not—

    (i) file notice of lien with respect to any property of a taxpayer by reason of any failure to pay the penalty imposed by this section, or

    (ii) levy on any such property with respect to such failure.

  • Debra JM Smith

    They should kill the entire thing!