Dead Black Woman at Capitol Building Blamed On Republicans

You knew it was going to happen. It had to happen. Miriam Carey, the Connecticut woman who drove her SUV into barricades at the Capitol Building and was shot and killed by police, is being used as a political tool by some Democrats. Here extremist actions are the fault of Republicans and the shutdown of the government that she did what she did.

Here’s what tax-cheat Charlie Rangel (D-NY) said:

“Listen, people are so frustrated and angry with members of Congress, particularly Republicans,” Mr. Rangel told Politicker today. “My first thought was that frustration ignited somebody already imbalanced and caused this type of thing.”

It’s always your first thought to blame Republicans, Mr. Rangel. The facts be damned.

How was this woman from Connecticut affected by the shutdown? She had a good job as a dental hygienist and was driving an early model Nissan Infiniti. This is an expensive car. It’s often described as a “luxury car.” While I can’t be sure, I bet she had employer-paid health and dental insurance.

She was described by her lawyer as “financially responsible.” Her sister said, “She works, she holds a job.”

According to an ABC report, Carey "believed President Obama was electronically monitoring her Connecticut home in order to broadcast her life on television." In addition, she "believed she was the 'prophet of Stamford' and was capable of communicating with Obama."

Again I ask, how was she affected by the shutdown?

Here’s Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) using the tragedy of Miriam Carey for political purposes. Does this woman have no shame?:

“God knows, the tragedy of this poor person who came on the Hill in a black car — no one knows what drive [sic] this person to do this — but what I would say to you is, let's get our wheels back on, serve the American people, bring them back, vote for a bill today that will open the government, I will stay here until we get that bill on the floor, piecemeal is undeserving of America.”

Take a look at this Tweet from the New York Times. Note the reference to “Fiscal Crisis” in a report on the shooting death of Miriam Carey:NY Times_Fiscal Crisis



  • RockyMtn1776

    He forget to mention it was also racist. EVERYTHING is racist with this old crook !

  • gvh

    Who dunnit? Republicans hang blacks, Democrats shoot or jail them....that's what I heard....what color was the Cop....? Black? ,maybe a little brown, or just one Cracker

    • williaml

      The Cop had to be a Republican working for Bush

    • Centurian2010

      Huh? Ahh, demokkrats hung blacks.

  • Poodleguy

    Just more proof most Negroes are intellectually inferior!!! No, I am not a racist, I am a realist............

    • williaml

      Just be truthful, he is angry because they took out a Democrat.
      That is just like abortion, the only babies that will get aborted
      would be the democrats babies.
      It hurts but it is the truth

    • Fazeman

      I totally agree with you. They play a blame game extremely bad. I guess it's the whites fault that they were born Black. Gawl, we are such horrible people for being white, but what does that make them?

    • anoesis

      This Negro woman was well educated from this report. She was also a nut case. She was so full of herself that she thought her business was of any importance to anyone else? Much less the trouble-maker-in-chief!! If people KNEW she had these delusions the proper actions should have been taken to make sure she didn't hurt anyone or herself. Republicans are trying to make the people of this country SEE that the policies of the dumocRATS are going to DESTROY us. There are many Negroes that are highly intelligent, respectful, RESPONSIBLE, caring, courteous, hard working, tax paying PROUD TO BE AMERICAN citizens. BUT the ones you hear about the most are the ones who are absolutely worthless, trouble making, murdering, govmint handout deadbeats. This so-called president has done more to divide and destroy this nation than ANYONE or ANYTHING that has come before. If you liberal idiots keep backing him up he is going to SUCCEED. Try reading some of the works of Negroes such as Walter E. Williams, Thomas Sowell, Star Parker and Dr. Ben Carson. Listen, truly listen to Herman Cain when he talks about how to run a business or country. Sheila Don't know how many last names she has and Charlie Rangel are always trying to cause hate and discontent among the people BECAUSE of COLOR. They rank among the useless trouble makers.

      • Poodleguy

        Every black person whom you identified are all heroes of mine!! Had you paid attention to the context of my post, you would have noticed I stated "MOST NEGROES" & that is a statement of fact. If the great Dr Benjamin Carson runs for pres & I pray he does, I will vote for him in a heartbeat!! Additionally, I was speaking of Charlie "tax cheat" Rangel & Sheila Jackson Leigh, not the poor mentally disturbed woman who got killed by the police in DC............What I stated was fact, not racist.

        • anoesis

          If you didn't want to be misunderstood you should have explained your hate filled comment more plainly. You got caught making a generalization that said EXACTLY what you think.

        • The happy warrior

          Slave master libs just keep storing the pot full of hate. The black people are your biggest victims if only they would realize it. Oh how libs love to see angry blacks act as their plantation slaves. Please black folks with your great moral historical characters rebel and follow your free black conservative brothers to real self respect and freedom.

  • Driver_S

    The idiocity of the left is unimaginable for sane people to comprehend. I can't believe they haven't gotten racism in there twisted blame game yet. She was, after all, black and even driving a black car. Surely they will think of something to bring racism blame on the Republicans too. How do these deuce bags even get dressed in the morning by themselves?

  • Harold

    According to the news; 'She was unarmed" The brown shirts with the guns shot 17 times before killing her. Why was they shooting at all, SHE DIDN'T HAVE A GUN.

    • darylj46

      Your so right and I said this when I heard she was unarmed. The other thing is she was driving a car not a SUV. Why on earth does it take 17 rounds from supposedly trained and talented law enforcement. Also, there is no way she would have made it on the property of the capitol. The law enforcement could have fenced her in with their cars and she would have been taken alive. For the liberal fools to use this as a political move is so disgusting and it makes them look stupid and ignorant. What a bunch of fools.

      • John Cherish

        unless it was staged for this purpose. never let a good crisis go to waste. Isn't it amazing how congress was patting the police on the back for murdering an unarmed black woman

        • darylj46

          And condemning an Hispanic man for defending himself against a thug, just saying. I know that the officers didn't know she didn't have a gun at first but this was done and not the fault of republicans

      • 5live5

        With 17 rounds fired, it's a wonder the 18 month old child wasn't killed as well! God was definitely watching over it.

    • ProudPilgrim

      If Travon had a white brother from his white-african-american-black mother that looked like Obama's half-white sister she would have been carrying an empty shotgun that she got from her uncle's, sister's,close friend's brother, Joe Biden. The real question is , why did Joe Biden's wife shoot the only two rounds in the air off their deck when she heard that the government shut down meant her unessential husband the VP wouldn't get paid and would thus run out of 12 gauge shells? Yikes things are confusing without funding Obamacarelesscare. I wonder if the market will fall. Man am I glad that transgender democrats cannot drive Prius' before the changes are permanent.

    • tionico

      in their "defense", sort of, and unwillingly, a vehicle IS considered lethal force, thus
      justifying" lethal force being used to stop it. However..... having watched some of the video of the "car chase" it does not seem their use of such force was wholly justifiable. Again, in their defense, sort of, they did not KNOW whether she was armed or otherwise. However, opening fire as quickly as they did is, again, extreme. With so many cops on the scene, all armed, all weapons drawn, they COULD have taken a more conservative path. Borderline, but it does reveal their first reaction is to shoot, then figure out what was up after the one who couyld tell them the most no longer is able, being dead and all..........

      you'd a thunk this was the Bengahai embassy under attack..... oh, wait, they used far MORE lethal force on this lady than they did against all those mozzie attackers there. Shows what our priorities are.

    • Centurian2010

      Oh, I'm sure the democrats or their media lap dogs will claim she had an AR and maybe a few assorted "assault rilfes."

      • John Cherish

        Or they will plant one, along with a pistol, and a shotgun all to further an agenda

        • 5live5

          don't forget the IED!!

    • $27564770

      She had a car. They will outlaw those next

      • Harold

        If it would bring more control as in any dictatorship, you are right!

        • $27564770

          That is what's on their minds.

  • Jakebrake

    Another Black racist in Obombnic payoff. WAIT< WAIT, WAIT:: damn I thought Sharphead and Jacko$$ would be on this by now.

  • grandaddy

    black on white crime

  • mtmountainman

    Once again, a stupid, uninformed, lying Democrat. Charlie should check his facts. The woman attacked the White House--not Capitol. She's another casualty of the Obama economy. She had just lost her job and probably found out how expensive her FREE BarryCare coverage was going to cost her. But for the record, she went at the White House--NOT the Capitol.

    • metheoldsarge

      Once he makes up his mind you can't confuse him with the facts.

      • Graywolf12

        The ONLY facts are those spouted by libs. All other is lies, damn lies, and tea party trash. The low info voters fall for and believe the swill poured out by their idols.

  • $14832922

    Look up the n-word and you'll find pictures of Rangel and Jackson Lee right there with Sharpton and the rest.

  • Colo43

    The whole of the left is Wacko!

  • buck45

    Charlie Rangel's explanation is the most nonsensical thing I ever heard. He's just the gift that keeps on giving! The woman had mental issues and decided to take on the wrong people. The police thought she was trying to get to the President to harm him and you know the Secret Service would never allow anyone to do that. Even if they have to shoot to kill. And that is probably all there is to it. Its a tragedy and misery for her family and child. Thank you MJ

  • chuckster

    Well he can say what he wants but I for one think it was that dam George Bush's fault. He knew this woman was unstable and did nothing about it all eight years he was in office

    • Brenda

      And what could Bush have done? She was elected by the people in her district. If it is anyones fault it is theirs. As for the eight years he was in office, what about the five obama's been in office?

      • dixie68

        I really think chuckster was being a little facetious. Lighten up.

      • 5live5

        Brenda, he was being SATERICAL!!!

    • 5live5

      yup, he should have sent troops into Connecticut and arrested her. just like he should have gone into New Orleans without being requested so the liberals could have hung him out to dry under Comitas law. These lobbies are so dumb. Not YOU chuckster.

  • bowtonoone2

    Hitler manipulated the (low info) general public in the same way.

  • lorlan4

    Maybe Charlie R. will get mad enough at the republicans to take a bribe or steal some money. No telling what he may do if he gets mad enough!!!

  • Nick Hinton


  • Lostknyt

    Isn't it funny that they're not happy with you thinking that they're idiots, they insist on opening their mouth and PROVING it!!

  • Brenda

    Yes, Shelia, why don't you "get your wheels and SERVE the Ameican people" instead of sitting on the side and defending obamacare. But, then again, even the dems that object are afraid to stand up and join in the fight to repeal this monster instead of telling us were going to love it. Yes, Shelia, millions of Americans are eagerly waiting for there insurance preminums to increase, just for the opportunity to pay for the deadbeats that can afford insurance but choose not to get, our congress that we already pay75% of their insurance but wants us to subsidize it too, the added burden of increased taxes, the IRS intimidation; yes, Shelia we can hardly wait.

    • dixie68

      If you ever heard this woman open her mouth, you would understand. Just another affirmative action attention seeker.

  • ProudPilgrim

    But she wasn't on top and didn't have any gum. If Travon had a white brother from his white-african-american-black
    mother that looked like Obama's half-white sister she would have been
    carrying an empty shotgun that she got from her uncle's, sister's,close
    friend's brother, Joe Biden. The real question is , why did Joe Biden's
    wife shoot the only two rounds in the air off their deck when she heard
    that the government shut down meant her unessential husband the VP
    wouldn't get paid and would thus run out of 12 gauge shells? Yikes
    things are confusing without funding Obamacarelesscare. I wonder if the
    market will fall. Man am I glad that transgender democrats cannot drive
    Prius' before the changes are permanent.

  • Harold

    When brains, morals, conscience , integrity , and truthfulness was passed out, Charlie Rangel was absent that day, he was busy that day applying for food stamps, welfare, and campaigning for a government job or running for office. And he found enough empty headed fellow welfare and lazy people of his culture to elect him.

  • ffajaz

    All the cops are union Democrats they are the one who killed her but they missed her child not they were not trying to kill the child also, they just keep shooting till she was dead. But the Democrats started the problem an one of the main is Harry Reid and Mr. Rangel and his partner in crime Al Sharpton

    • 5live5

      ffajaz, there are still a few good cops out there. some of them have outright stated that they will NOT confiscate guns even if it means their job.

  • Igor

    If, I say *IF* what I am hearing is correct (72-hour rule, remember), then it was just another fruitloop that was on {insert antidepressant drug of choice here} and couldn't handle the stress of running into something with her car. Most especially with a few dozen incompetent DC police swarming her.

    Incompetent cops + fruitloop driver = somebody innocent dead.

    Let's face it, the DC is a sewer and the rats are winning...

    • 5live5

      Next to Chicago, it has the highest violent crime rate in the US per capita.

  • Old1946vet

    WHY oh WHY do people like Rangels get to be noticed when they open their mouths. Treat this TAX CHEAT like an ass! It's just another FART!

  • $27564770

    On the other hand, she may be a progressive Moslem jihadist. It's what they do. Only she missed the class where you blow yourself up the old fasioned way ... redefining to fit the situation as progressives do, having scapegoats to blame in place as all the president's men have been working hard to establish.

  • Rachel Guess

    Piecemeal and funding 1 department at a time is exactly what AMERICANS DEMAND.

    • dixie68

      It should always be funded one department at the time. That way, maybe we could hear a debate on the worthiness of some of these inept and completely worthless agencies.

      • Rachel Guess


    • TheBitterClinger1

      While de-funding one at a time would be nice too, huh?

      • Rachel Guess

        O YES!...:)

  • Gaines Bruce

    hell what does anyone expect from Rangle?

  • LittleMoose

    Again Democrats start talking before the facts are in and make asses of themselves. It has been reported that the woman who was shot and killed thought Obama was stalking her. Now where could she have gotten that idea? Does the NSA conjure up any ideas?

  • Indiana Conservative

    This idiot "THe Dinosaur" rangel is a mentally derranged racist for making such stupid assinine things

  • Ide-Clair

    Rangel acts and speaks without engaging his brain.

    • rosemarienoa

      He doesnt have a brain to engage!!!

    • dixie68

      What brain? His skin color is his only election tool.

    • TAM44

      charlie rangel has had his head up all his entire worthless life and his brain cell has depleted because lack of oxygen.

    • TheBitterClinger1

      He speaks to New York's 13th congressional district just fine. Stirring the pot of racial animosity and victim hood suits his vile purpose just fine. Almost all the Black Congressional Caucus plays the race card to the extreme. They rejoice at tragedy and human suffering for it is opportunity to blame, rant, rave and shakedown 'whitey' just a little more.

      And when it does come to a tragic explosion someday all the wrong people will be hurt first while the Jackson-lees, Rangels, Jesse Jackson, Sharptons and Calypso Louies are safely in their opulent mansions.

  • casper

    OMG I can not believe the democrats are using this for political issues .Mr Rangel and the others are incapable of the jobs they were elected to do .They are childish and uncivil . They have shut the govt down and blame it on the republicans .The dems OWN this incident and the govt shut down .!!

    • TAM44

      Nice to hear from some one who does not buy into the DEMONCRATS lying BS.

  • Proudamerican

    What??? it isnt racism that SHE DID WHAT SHE DID???? There are literally no limits as to what these idiots will resort to or say. Truth is NEVER a part of it although I have noticed quite a parallel between what they say and the truth and it's always the same-EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE !

  • CombatBoots

    That's really great liberal logic... If she was mad at Congress for supposedly shutting down the government, why did she ram the WHITE HOUSE gates??? He obviously can't blame HER because she was black and her car was black. She had a job, so it was not the government's UNDERFUNDING of a couch potato lifestyle that caused it. It's obvious to the rest of us -- she was just one more LIBERAL LUNATIC! But do we shoot to kill all liberal lunatics? With a baby in the car alongside her? Look at how many people were sent to protect the government from this one lady. And how many were sent to protect the Benghazi victims?

    • TAM44

      This stupid idiot had no regards for her child's safety, and I don't fault the men and women who done their job and put this sick B where she belongs, at room temperature.

  • Mort Leith

    I want to know why Rangel isn't in JAIL for Tax Evasion and Lying to the IRS about his little hose-bage rental in the islands ? ? ?

    ANY other non-black non-politician would be in jail asap ! ! !

    • wishonastar

      look at the colr of his skin.....oh just read the rest of you answered your own question

    • TAM44

      Got to remember, DEMONCRATS gets a free pass as they are the most corrupt in DC. The IRS is as crooked as the Nile river and they are AKA Illegal Redistribution System run by spies liars cheats and DEMONCRATS.

  • Mort Leith

    Sounds like the libT ard kool-aid wore off !

  • killer63

    And let's not forget that Sheila Jackson Lee was the rep who took a phone call during a town hall when a women was asking her about her cancer condition during the first health crap discussions three years ago. Lee took the call, completely ignoring the constituent and her questions.

    • TAM44

      sheila jackson obama lee is another a hole that stinks up the government, and is not worth a crap walking riding or flying.

    • TheBitterClinger1

      Class is not one of her strong points is it?

      • killer63

        She was absent that day.

  • Ree

    The last ass H--- I would listen to is Chuckles Rangle, a worthless huma being and I am being nicei, he wouls blame WW2 on a Rebublican if he could stretch his neck far enough. Wrangle is nothing but a race bater and and overall a wierdo, his color has nothing to do with him being stupid, he ould have been bad either way

  • Shirley Crowfoot

    These 2 BCC members engage tongues first and brains seldom if ever.

  • jpatton346

    Obama should not have been stalking her.

  • DustyFae

    May be she made a wrong turn and then seeing all those aggressive police officers scared her into wanting to just escape... You can see she was trying to flee and to me that shows she was scared.

    • jimbo124816

      She tried to ram the barricades in front of the White House. She was going to attempt to assassinate Obama.

      • DustyFae

        With what? She had no guns , no weapon , nothing...

  • wishonastar

    If only Nagel could end up like this woman.....???????,,,now there would be some poetic justice

  • bbyank

    I am so sick and tired of the BS by these Liberals/Democrats. You know what? I blame the American people who listen to this garbage from these elected officials. The American people get what they deserve and I for one can careless about their sorrows and suffering.

    • grammy23

      I think it's time to flood the MSM with e-mails/twitter, they are to blame. If they would report un-biased news stories the Democrat Party would have gone down a long time ago and Obama would have never been President. The Repubican's aren't saints but nowhere near the level of these thieves. Blame the Media.

  • hankster6

    Hey, I am a conservative, but if something bad happens to me, maybe, I should, also, blame that problem on the republicans. They cause things to happen to people who are not related in any way to politics, not related in any way to what is taking place in Washington, but since the liberals see fit to blame everything bad that happens on the republicans, I need someone to blame for all my problems and they are easy pickens! We just can not blame the democrats because they just don't do anything wrong. They are not corrrupt, they don't lie, in fact, they apparently, are very honorable people, according to them because they always blame the republicans. Wow, those republicans must be the worse people there are because they get blamed for everything. People don't, usually, get blamed for everything unless they have don't something wrong. Of course, I have been watching them very closely. They listen to the people and try to do what the people want and yet they get blamed as if they are not listening to the people!! That tells me that there is a problem with the accusers!!

    • John Cherish

      "Thou shall not bear false witness" but then again Rangle does not Obey any commandments from God

      • hankster6

        In case you didn't catch it, I was being sarcastic. Unlike the democrats, I admit when I am wrong or if I have made a mistake. They seem to think that they are perfect. There was only One that was perfect and He is with believers in Spirit, but certainly not walking around in OUR white house.

        • John

          I caught it! Obozo is not the real problem anymore! It's the 52% of the Entitlement Generation and the Lazy Ass so called Americans that won't work! The more you give any Lazy SOB the less he/she will do. They have the Welfare Couch with Remote Control and REAL WORKING[mostly white] AMERICANS to Feed off of! They have no Pride,Sand,Morals,Substance...Nothing! Just Free Loading SOB's that NEVER had,nor will have any Character!

        • John

          FYI! That Iranian,Communist,Muslim,POS Valerie Jarrett has been running the show since Obozo was elected in 08' He's just a figurehead in the Brown House! He's just a Boy that does what he's told,when he's told,nothing more! He like's us to think he has Power,because that's what he craves! He has none,until she ok's it! Boy never worked a day in his life! He can't ride a Mans Bike,throw a ball,open an Umbrella,swim,nothing. Never had a blister unless he burned his fingers while doing a doobe.

    • douber1

      NO they are arse kissers
      and do not care if their noses get brown

  • jas1019

    Everything that happens which is bad will be blamed on the Tea Party, The Republicans, the NRA, The Conservatives, Christians or George Bush.
    It's just a matter of how the narrative will be written.

    If she had been a conservative, tea party supporter they would have said "see, this is what the Tea Party movement is". or do what Rangel did.

    You know the media was salivating at the prospect of this having something to do with white, christian, tea party supporting republicans and once again, they are left with egg on their faces.

    The sad reality is we still have a measure of shame; liberal, marxist, alinsky following, progressive democrats never do.

  • TAM44

    Well, if I had my way your tax cheating obama butt would be in jail you DEMONCRAT from hell. I do know we now have one less obama supporter with this stupid idiot gone. Yes tax payers will have to feed the child like we do the rest of obama supporters. America knows who's at fault, it the two a holes named barack hussein obama, and harry obama reid. Stand tall John Boehner for the American citizens are behind you and obama and harry reid are the ones who the threat to this country going bankrupt with this obamacare CRAP.

  • James E. Huddlestun

    She is probably right about Obama monitoring her home.

  • Maccabeus

    The Dems like Charlie Rangel are shameless. The deceased did not accuse the Republicans of anything. She did think, however, that Obama was stalking her! And in a way that was true: ObamaCare is stalking all of us.


    Rangel is one STUPID SOB, of course he makes oBOZO look smart and believe me that's not saying much. How is it all these demoCRAP clowns think the republicans had anything to do with this poor ladies death. I would bet she's a demoCRAP pissed off at oBOZO for wanting to pass her off her great health insurance to the oBOZOcare and that makes me mad enough to do the same stupid thing. I'm waiting for oBOZO, Biden, Reid, Feinstein, Boxer and Pelosi to pass a law against automatic and semiautomatic cars because they can be used as weapons, they kill twice as many people as guns so why aren't they banned like some guns. I bet more than half of the guns the C.I.A. gave to the drug dealers along the Mexican border are back on the streets of Texas, California, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona, the demoCRAPS put them in they're hands.

  • TheBitterClinger1

    Damn Charlie Rangel (D-NY), tax cheat and hypocrite extraordinaire, to hell for using this women's tragedy for his own political gain.Damn him for adding to the grief those policemen must be feeling. I have never had too much stock in the political class-they could often be loose with the truth and arrogant.But almost across the board their integrity levels seem to have fallen into the depths-collasped. There seems to be no shame, no sense of proportion.I would like to think it is only progressives but sadly that is not quite correct (but I still hate the progressive/fascist more). But again Damn Charlie Rangel (D-NY) to hell.

    Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is but a cartoon character.

  • Alexander Scipio

    So an Obama voter goes off, drives hundreds of miles to DC to break the law, and gets shot (AFTER she had already stopped) by Democrat unionista cops.. and it's the GOP's FAULT?!?!?

    • John Cherish

      yeah isn't it so screwy, wonder what they are trying to distract us from with this crisis. What is the left hand doing? Smoke and Mirrors

      • Jenny

        They have no idea what they are doing except to play the blame game.

  • Jenny

    I watched the video about this terrible situation and I have a couple of questions and that is since the police were close enough to see that there was a child in the car then please tell me why couldn't they shoot out the tires on the car and then eventually she would of had to stop which then she could have been arrested and the child would not have been put in harm's way. What was the reasoning behind so many cops shooting so many damn bullets? Why? Those cops made a very very wrong decision to do as they did.

    • jimbo124816

      And what if the woman's car had a trunk full of explosives, and she was ready to push a button to blow up the White House or Capitol Building? You have to assume that when someone tries to ram a vehicle through a barricade in front of the White House or the Capitol Building, there may be a bomb in the vehicle.
      The police had no choice but to shoot to kill.
      Those police didn't put the child in harms way, the woman put her child in harms way.
      This woman was a perfect example of the mentally ill people who voted Obama, Rangle, Reid, Pelosi, and Sheila Jackson Lee into office. Liberalism is a mental disease.

      • Jenny

        I'm sorry but your comment was very wrong. The DC cops could have stopped her without killing her. The video says it all, no assuming needed. Don't try and assume that all of us voted for these crooks as I didn't bother to vote as I didn't trust anyone that was running for any office. Maybe in 2014 things will be better and I will vote.

        • John Cherish

          Jenny maybe in 2016 Ted Cruz will run for president. At least he stands by his principles 21 hours speaking on the senate floor without sleep for what he believes in, and also for what the voters sent him there to do. But by all means scrutinize him with a fine tooth comb see if his actions justify the trust to be placed in him. That is something we must do with all Politicians. I did not vote for Obama in 2008 or 2012 because I did my homework I knew what he was all about and knew his communist upbringing. Plus being from Chicago and that political machine of corruption I knew he was bad for the country. And quite frankly I did not think he was qualified. 2014 is coming lets see if we can get some responsible new blood in both houses

        • Jenny

          John, I agree with you totally. We all should do our homework so that maybe we can get it right in 2014 and 2016.

    • Deb

      I was wondering the same thing, the writer that was going to let out a big scandel hit a tree and his car blew up, but the video shows his car blowing before hitting the tree, seal team 6 all dying after the Bin Ladin raid, does it sound like we have a murder in the government? Maybe the girl wasn't CRAZY, just SCARED!

      • Jenny

        Deb, I would have to agree with you that she could have been scared. This was a senseless shooting that should have never happened.

  • rank

    Well, she was a Black woman driving a SUV that had an automatic transmission, and a 20 gallon gas tank. Therefore, had she been white and a Republican it is probable that today Democrats would be introducing legislation to ban weapons like she used which was a large caliber, automatic tactical weapon that had a storage capacity of more than 7 gallons.
    Rangel is the best example of a politician that should have been forced to resign, and not simply censured!

    • DWinch

      We're all lucky she didn't have "AR-15" spray painted on the side of her SUV.
      The liberals would of gone nuts.
      I should say nuttier!

  • mom2marine

    That "person" SJL doesn't seem to have even a basic elementary education. It is difficult to understand what she is trying to say...
    Rangel....another rat that should be in prison but fits right in with the D.C. mob.
    This is really tiring...

  • Frogman17

    Always basically the same liberal crap, only this time it wasn't a gun that caused the incident, it but an insane black woman who chose a black Infiniti. If blamed on the actions of our government, I'm sure there many others out there who might need watching. Wonder if anyone will hold the government liable for damages? Gangsters and thieves doing their thing before the whole world, but apparently no legal way, the courts are a large part of the problem, to remove the many guilty from office. Amazing that a few colonists took on The King Of England when threatened, but now 310 million Americans aren't able to reel in their out of control government representatives???

    • John Cherish

      She used a car as a weapon so lets pass laws that ban cars or regulate who can own one

      • delong003

        Please don't give these idiots any more ideas!! They would probably try it...........

      • Frogman17

        My point exactly, and appears things won't change any time soon unless the "people" take "whatever" legal, not necessarily defined by the Supremes, steps are necessary to correct the problems of lawlessness in the District of Corruption and Confusion, as specified in our Constitution, or what's left of it. You pay now or more later, but you always pay the price.

  • Samurai_Sam

    Charlie Rangel needs to pull his head out of his racist ass. People are frustrated all right but not with Republicans. The people are fed up with incompetence, arrogance of guys like himself that put themselves above the law, break the laws, and rewrite the laws to suit their own needs while telling the taxpayers that they are just going to have to suck it up. Rangel is a moron of epic proportions. But then again that doesn't say much for the ignoramuses that vote him into office year after year.

    • Deb

      Why not add Sharpton, Rev.Wright, and the commies that raised O'Bama.

      • Samurai_Sam

        Because if I added every corrupt politician pseudo reverend and every Commie in Washington the list would be unmanageable.

  • Fixthatgigline

    Do people not find it a little bit curious that this is the second person recently that has flipped out and claimed that the government was monitoring them or controlling them in some way? TV's with cameras built in, video game consols with two way communications? It's time to unplug America!

  • John

    Just another obozo voter gone! No big deal!

    • wishonastar

      not enought and not quick enough

  • Jack_Reacher

    It appears to me that this poor woman realized that she was black and that a-holes like Rangle and Obama had diminished her ability to ever succeed in America not only for herself but her children.

    So in one quick moment, this woman decided that she was going to be better off in heaven than stuck in America with Obama at the helm and idiots like Rangle holding her and millions of other blacks down in the mud. And ultimately it was Obama's police forced that accommodated her.

    • wishonastar

      Rangel and Jessy and Sharpton and ovomit are the new slave masters...just that their slaves do not yet recognize it......remeber, they are low information voters.

      • delong003

        Yeah and some of them think that Obamacare & the ACA are two different things!!

      • Deb

        Even the lady that was thrilled with her FREE O'BAMA PHONE, isn't happy with him anymore!

  • terryk

    Everything is the fault of the Republicans just shows how deranged the democrats are becoming

    • wishonastar

      You think they finally stoped blaming Bush....I still get some saying it is Bush's fault.

  • 57girl

    The Government has had me thinking evil thoughts, too. And like Ms. Carey, I wouldn't mind driving a car though Capitol Hill myself, if I thought it would be of beneficial value to my Country. But you'd better believe it I ever did do anything so stupid, my baby (if I still had one), would not be in the car with me. Surely, the woman could not have been so stupid, not to realize, she was committing suicide. I have zero respect for Ms. Carey, and no sympathy whatsoever, for whatever her problems and/or reasoning may have been behind her desperate actions. The woman put her own child at risk, and for that, there is no excuse. Somehow, I suspect the child is better off without her.

    As far as the Republican/Democratic thing go ... what a crock that is. If there weren't two parties, whoever would Congress and the Senate blame for their non-existent leadership? They wouldn't even be able to run for office, given the fact that 9 times out of 10, their whole Campaign is based on belittling their competition, rather than addressing any issues that might concern the people.

    • Deb

      THE TEA PARTY and they are already at it. When my sibings had a fight Mom made us sit at the table until the problem was resolved, we hated it but we did it, too bad old time Mom's aren't around to slap a few idiots in the head!

      • 57girl

        My mother sent my sister and I to the Forsythia bush to pick out switches to use on each other. And, believe me, my mother knew how to captivate the 'sting'. LOL. I had the greatest mother in the world. She didn't go overboard with those switches, but when she did resort to them, there was a reason for it, and we suffered the consequences.

        • Deb

          My kids liked my method, after they grew-up. I ASK YOU, I TELL YOU ( with what would happen) THEN I FOLLOW THROUGH. This way they could make the decision is it worth it.

  • lite_n_bubbly

    maybe this dead black woman was looking for democrats to blame on govt shutdown???

  • lite_n_bubbly

    hey, don't blame conservatives for black guy shooting at people at the navy yard and now black this black woman ... just saying.....

  • RJohnston

    Seems to me that she was mentally ill and a follower of Obama, but I am being redundant.

    • TheSunDidIt

      Thank you. Third chuckle for the day.

  • Mark Kuykendall

    Tax cheat Charlie with a thought?? Impossible.

  • looneytoonsindville

    They called her a "shooter" but the only ones shooting were the police and Secret Service. The poor lady was schizophrenic. She probably thought someone was out to get her (paranoid). She deserved to have her tires shredded but not to die. The Secret Service folks knew she had a baby in the back of the car. Since when do police shoot into a car with innocents on board? Someone should go to JAIL over this one!!!

    • Poodleguy

      I totally agree & I am a hard core conservative. They blew the opportunity 2 or more times to block her in with the rolling cop equipment...........

    • CombatBoots

      She was UNARMED!
      Why not direct all that firepower at terrorists instead?

    • TheSunDidIt

      Been saying what you said since this broke. SOMEONE needs to be FIRED at the least and probably go to jail. DEFINITELY they NEVER need to have access to a firearm again.

    • repubnut

      This was a crime by the police yet the Democrats are blaming everyone but the police..She should be in a mental institute instead of a grave !! God bless her soul because she didn't know what she was doing and she didn't realize that the police at the capital was expecting someone to attack this congress and president because of such hatred !!!

  • Roy Mallmann

    This poor lady was mentally ill and did not deserve to die. To have Charlie Rangel or any other Democrats to use it as a political attack against the Republican Party is beyond common sense and shows that he and they are out of touch with reality. She was communicating with President Obama in her mind. May she rest in peace.

    • Poodleguy

      The dumbocraps are like a drowning person, they are grasping @ straws because they know they are going to get slaughtered on Nov 4, 2014..........hide & watch!!!

      • Jenny

        Oh, let's all pray that you are right.

        • delong003

          Ditto, ditto, ditto!!!

    • Deb

      Where is Al Sharpton? At least I can't understand half of what he says so I can only get half disgusted.

  • GQ4U

    Rangel & Lee are obviously public school prodigies -- I have a rotting tree stump in my yard that is smarter and far more interesting than either of these "elected" officials.

  • gnafuasusual

    All of the good for nothing's on Capitol Hill can blame themselves for this rotten economy and the tearing down of American Values! I don't give a hoot that some liberal blames blah blah blah! Every elected official who does not use the Constitution for guidelines is guilty!

  • Juan Motie

    It looks like the extreme leftist and their scribes in the lame stream media are at a total loss as to what to say about this woman as there was no AR–15 semiautomatic "assault rifle" found on her or in her car. Statistically speaking, this woman was most likely a leftist herself who voted twice for the occupier in chief in the white house. So they desperately had to search for new villain, which for the extremist on the left will always be some republican or republican policy regardless of any factual basis. These extreme leftist politicians no longer represent the people who voted them into office. What they represent now is big government and enriching themselves at the taxpayers expense.

  • jimbo124816

    She was a crazy woman who tried to ram the barricades in front of the White House and the Capitol Building, ran into several police cars, injured two officers, and was taken out by the police.

    Then we found out she was black, so now she is a victim.

    Does that tell you something?

  • WatchDog

    WOW - One of their own got pissed and showed up - and - paid the price of Obamas' commie regime.
    Well mr rangle - FUG YOU and the rest of you black bastards who blame the white people for your BS - You should be next

  • Gman

    I finally understand how these idiot congressmen get elected and re-elected. You hear these same brain dead fools saying the most ignorant and stupid rants about any and everything and haven't a clue of what they are talking about. The reason that these stupid people get elected and re-elected is that the people have to be more stupid and brain dead then these idiots. I understand the lazy, mooching brain dead American need representation but it just seems the numbers are growing by leaps and bounds.

    • Rhonda Renee Sessions

      Yep. Thanks to the indoctrination centers (aka public schools), none of these people can think for themselves.

  • Elizabeth capecod

    It's a good thing she wasn't white, or Charlie would have called her a racist teabagger gunning for obama..

  • anniebakerandmurphy

    Can you imagine their sick tune if the shooter had been white? The POS in Chief would have been on all networks blaming it on lack of gun control, the shutdown, George Bush, global warming, the poor woman's lack of Obama care, Putin, the Republican congress and the Damn Tea Party. charley rangel is one dumbass who just happens to be smarter than his constituents.

    • Ann Rand

      In the "Land of the Blind, a One-Eyed Man can be KING "

    • Rhonda Renee Sessions

      What shooter? The only shooters I know of in this incident were the multitudes of cops that shot the hell out of her car, miraculously missing the 1-yo girl in the car. I would say God was watching out for that baby.

  • PLW

    Charle Rangel is just like Obama, just stirring the pot to keep the Minorities in line and keep them against the Republican Party. The Chicago Way, always taking advantage of terrible disasters and circumstances....

  • Maureen Gore

    I don't like the president, I don't like the Democrats, but I would NEVER kill myself over any of them!

  • sammy13

    It never takes Rangel very long to to stir the pot.

    The PPACA/Obamacare is an abortion of a bill, law or not. Countless businesses have either laid off some of their work force or cut their employees hours because of this bill, or partially because of this bill. If folks who were not insured and were working full time and could not afford health insurance, how are they going to afford it now with either no job, or reduced pay as a result of reduced hours?

    Obamacare makes perfect sense to me, if you are trying to de-stable a nation and divid the people.

    So Rangel wants to blame the Republicans for this woman going off the deep end. That is irrational, just like the Democrats propping up a weak, very weak President and trying to give him some sort of legacy. We are looking more and more like a failed nation, much like Egypt and others who elected who they wanted and have had disastrous results.

    • John Cherish

      I would hope he falls in that pot

    • Rhonda Renee Sessions

      Rangel thinks he's on a par with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Sr., and Louis Farrakan. All idiots.

  • JS

    Message from Obama and the Democrats - Please roll over and play dead Republicans. Pass all the Bills the way we want it. Or else we will sick the Main Stream Media on you.

    • madman

      That should be Lamestream Media.

  • madman

    They are idiots. It seems that this woman was completely out of her mind.

    • 2War Abn Vet

      Doubtless an Obama voter.

      • Ann Rand

        They will dig up two more to take her place.

  • get-it-on

    Why in the hell do the Republicans allow the SOB Democrats to go on offense every F'ing time there is an incident like this? Instead, Republicans should mount a per-emptive first strike, associate her race with her political affiliation (i.e., Democrat) and the fact that 99% of Blacks voted for Obama. Therefore, this liberal nut bag is another example of the constituency of the Obama camp who is probably upset that her freebies haven't arrived fast enough.

    • John Cherish

      She was employed as a dental hygienist, driving a $50,000 car seems a bit expensive for her to be driving one based on what dental hygienist makes but who is to say that has anything to do with it. So she wasn't receiving freebies from the government. Living in Connecticut that is a fairly wealthy state as far as median incomes go. Maybe she was just pissed at Obama and went off the deep end.

    • DoawaywithBO

      You gotta understand something here that most do not, unless you have ever lived with someone who has mental issues. Things that seem real to them seems outlandish to us, but they are unable to work it out in their mind. I know, because I have been there with a family member.

    • Rhonda Renee Sessions

      I would gather that you didn't bother to read the article in its entirety, but skipped to the Comments section. Which does nothing for the cause, because it makes you and everyone connected to you look like idiots, as bad as the ones you're ranting about.

      As the article states, the woman was basically a nut-case... she had money, had a job that paid really well (enough that she could drive a luxury car, was raising her daughter alone (she wasn't married, since a reference to her boyfriend was in the article), lived in Stamford, CT (a wealthy area), etc.). Her mother (from a newscast that I saw earlier today on a non-MSM news source) even states that she thought that her daughter suffered from post-partum depression, the same illness that the woman in Texas suffered from who killed her four kids, saying "God told her to do it". This woman had voices in her head, like the woman in Texas. She was psychotic, not someone who felt that she was entitled to "freebies".

  • regulus30

    keep the government shut down and let these ignorant progressive fools expose their ignorance;; it is working; WE THE PEOPLE KNOW WHO SHUT DOWN THE FED.

  • Debra JM Smith

    I said it before the news even knew who was shot, that one way or the other, conservatives would be blamed. --And now that we know it was a black woman who had been upset with Obama for at least roughly a year (according to her boyfriend), it will be interesting to see how many news reporters report the truth of what was really upsetting this woman.

  • junkmailbin

    you cannot have a black woman trying to attack the black man in the white hoiuse without her being brainwashed by the white biggots in the tea party

    • Frogman17

      Do you mean the "white bigots" are to be blamed for her mental condition, or that the libs wi always blame whitey/conservatives. Easier question might be to ask where you stand in this mess?

  • CalPaul1949

    If Obozo and his goons have a tummy ache, they will blame it on Republicans

  • drattastic

    Disgusting race baiting azzholes doing what they do best.

    • seravo

      They play to their strength. Ignorance.

  • Doski

    This "Blame Game" is boring and becoming more ineffectual (useless or worthless) every day just like the progressives !

  • TBI

    Even his own kind can't handle the truth.

  • Brian Robinson

    This is just another case of a person with mental issues trying to kill people and the Libs blaming everyhting else except the woman and her illness. Maybe I'm being picky here but It wasn't an SUV.

  • seravo

    "If I had a crazy-assed daughter who went off on violent rampages against her President, she would look like Miriam..."

    Barack Obama

  • Ken

    The party without God (Demonrats). That to me says it all.

    • CelticRune

      The party without a soul.

  • Ann Rand

    She had mental issues, just like most mass killers do.. It's a good thing she was unarmed ... If she had a gun, we all know that the gun would have made her go on this tirade... Guns can't be trusted, but apparently, deranged people can..... If they were a problem , I'm sure Rangel and Jackson- Lee would take care of it....

    • Taskmasterendgame

      Let's Ban Automobiles
      Automobiles kill people just like guns kill people !

      • Ann Rand

        Right on... And take away everybody's knives, too. That seems to be the minority's weapon of choice...Turn in your steak knives and butcher knives for they may go on a rampage any time.... But don't mess with the mentally ill... They have rights just like you do.

    • Samurai_Sam

      Your absolutely right! Guns can't be trusted! Just the other day I left the house and when I came back my gun and my wife had gotten loaded and taken off with my car and my dog. They can not be trusted! I'm gonna miss my dog!

      • Ann Rand

        That's funny.... Same thing happened to me.. Best day of my life.. LOL

  • southie55

    I am sure I know whats coming next the far left morons will be saying fifty years later the JFK assassination was the Republicans fault.

  • jd1958

    The black woman driving a black car trying to run through the barricades of the White House in which a 1/2 black "president" resides is RACIST!!!!!!!!! Where is Sharpton and Jackson?

    • DSmith6605

      Charlie Rangel is taking care of the racist thing this week if it was a white cop that killed her than Sharpton and Jackson will jump in give them F ing N ers time.

  • paulrph1

    You see that is why they will never fix the problems they create because they are always blaming the other guy. That serves two purposes it makes so the other guy looks bad, at least in their eyes and make so they do not have to fix it. That way they are not responsible period.

  • Doski

    Knowledge is simply the understanding of both cause and effect.
    Morality is the PROPER application of knowledge.

    Not much of either is circulating or being applied by DC politicians these days !

    • CelticRune

      Isn't out public education system wonderful?

      • Doski

        Trying to get me wound up ? LOL

        Bravo for your brilliant and insightful quere.

  • casper

    They are really desperate .And while being desperate they are showing their trues colors Make you ask yourself if they are Americans .

  • DSmith6605

    Charlie Rangel is a F ing moron N er get a life you F ing N er.

  • Incredulous

    "Piecemeal" is how the budget was passed for hundreds of years. This catch-all, continuing resolution junk is the easiest way to hide all the bridges to nowhere. Sit down and shut up, Sheila.

  • KJ

    Given how intrusive Obama has allowed the NSA to become, maybe we all should be concerned about how the government is monitoring our every call, text, Tweet, voicemail, phone call, and computer keystroke.

    But was her concern and her actions any reason to kill her? Charlie Rangel should think about how his messiah in the Oval Office is beginning to look more and more like Robert Mugabe than Desmond Tutu.

  • snytz

    Is Rangel blaming all republicans or just "white" republicans

    • Samurai_Sam

      He is only blaming white republicans just the same way as he choses to ignore the fact that 33% of the Tea party members are intelligent blacks when he chooses to call Tea Party members racist. I think it breaks down this way. 33% of tea party blacks hate the White half of BO and 66% of White tea party members hate the black half of BO. That leaves at least one percent of us who hate both halves of this halfwit. Or using the new Rangel math that would figure out to 50%-50% and 50% and "I didn't know I was supposed to pay taxes on that income", but so what I'll just pay up now that I've been caught!

    • Pablo Descartes

      Thanks for the pic, will add to my collection.

      • snytz

        Your welcome! spread the pic around

  • bob machaffy

    Actually you can place this woman's death on obama who in her mind was stalking her according to her mother. Yeah but go ahead blame the gop, t-party, thats what liberals do best, blame everyone else.

    • be12345

      Really surprised it wasn't blamed on Bush.

      • Doski

        Or Rush, since they both contain 4 letters.

    • Samurai_Sam

      Obama couldn't possibly have been stalking her! He's been too busy stalking the American taxpayers

  • e1313ruth

    Mr Rangel and all democrats who support Obama are respnsible for the hundreds of thousands of Christian deaths caused by Obama and his muslim terrorists and the Arab springs ploy. God will judge them soon....

    • e1313ruth

      She was an innocent unarmed woman that was terririfed because many policemen were pointing their guns at her, so she ran..The demoncrats will now lie about her and try to make her look like the bad guy and looney tunes..
      All the police will drawn guns terrirfied her...Democrats are the crazy ones...

  • be12345

    My g_d!! The Democrats have really hit new lows, what a bunch of children!! They sound like a three year old telling his/her parents the dog wet their pants.

  • wildjohn

    She was actually just mad about Charlie being allowed to serve out his term in congress instead of prison.

  • dangkids

    Charlie Rangel and you are a piece-o- $h^t!
    Ms. Jackson, just STFU!

    All this coming out of Charlie 'live off the taxpayers' including blacks, Rangel.

    Charlie Rangel needs to take his racist 1/2 black @$$ and stfu too!!

  • $2398599

    Hey Charlie, the one who IS IMBALANCED is YOU.....go bury yourself somewhere where bananas grow.

    • Pablo Descartes

      wtf? bananas grow... trees? south america? hold on, no... what? (Lmao, but what?!)

  • servant1jkb

    Everyone knew it would happen, that Angry woman, who used her car as a weapon, did because of her anger at the Republicans, who offered many many attempts to move the Dems who refused to even talk about negotiations, yet the shut down is their fault. Including Katrina, and all earthquakes right P.L.D's?
    Or was it still Geo Bush's fault?
    NO, the Mr. M.T. Suit in our White House is to blame for the murder of the U.S. economy! With all his Caesar like regulations!

  • anestat

    That is the reason she was murdered by 0bama's people. So that they can blame the republicans. The democrats are the ones prolonging the shut-down. I think she was scared to death, knew they were stalking her, tried to get away and was murdered, just murdered.

    • illannoy

      Is it just me, or are the "police" killing suspects and thus saving the country the expense of a trial when, of course, we can all see that the perp was guilty? From the two interrogaters who killed the Russian brothers' friend whom they were questioning, some other shooters before the guy had a chance to off himself, to men and women in suspicious situations, they're all much more apt to be killed instead of arrested. At least it seems like that.

  • 57girl

    Think the Republican's are bad? Listen to what Archie Bunker has to say about the Democrats ... not much has changed either. LOL ..

    • Jenny

      57girl, This video is so right on but the sad truth is it is still happening. Thanks for the laugh though.

  • EdChoate

    Didn't we all became a little crazier since this islamic socialist president took office?
    What crazy thoughts, dreams and plans you had last night regarding washington and this president? We know better, BUT if we become weak and stupid we can always plead insanity saying: Obama made me do it!

  • You Knucklehead

    They that voted Rangel back into office have to be functionally illiterate. This guy is nothing but a snake oil salesman.

  • Benjamin Fox

    Rangel couldn't find his tail with both hands and help and needs to get his head out of that place where he can't find with both hands.

  • onelordwon

    Sheila, enema's are a cheap fix for what is wrong with you and Mr. Rangel.

    • Jerry39

      You can't give an enema to an enema.

      • onelordwon

        I think that's a douche bag

  • Libya21

    How low can we go? Charlie, the Scumbag, Rangel and Sheila Jackson Lee. Maybe even lower. Let us hear from Harry the limp d k Reid, Nancy the plastic princess Pelosi, and bloomer girl Schumer. Let's leave the best for last - - -liar, liar your pants on fire Obama!@

  • ste1021

    These black racists are appalling.

  • Judicious

    I read that she was having nightmares about being stalked by Obama, and in her mind she was trying to flee from him. This is conjecture, but it is entirely plausible, since Obama and his Party-of-Swine comprise a much bigger nightmare than ANY Republican…!!!

    • Vernon Davis

      If she thought she was being stalked by Obama how in the hell can dumbass Rangel think
      it can be connected to Republicans. The folks that elect this crook must be dumber than a
      rock, and do about as much work as a rock. I guess she had gone to too many Tea Party

  • LLinLa

    In all cases in this thread, the following equation works out to be true: Liberalism + Lying = Mental Disorder. Thanks, Savage, for the equation . . .

  • kent

    Rangle get your head out of your ass. Ray Charles could see your , BULL Talk. Help for once, don't keep stirring the pot

    • Doski

      Do you really expect him to abandon his favorite Hat Rack ? He really does LOVE that particular Hat Rack !

  • cdansreau

    i am not surprised by this. I was kinda expecting rangel to blame it on zimmerman.

  • infidel1375

    "Piecemeal is undeserving of America." Shiela Jackson Lee is a cretin. This statement is obvious subject-object inversion. I can think of two ways to fix this statement easily, and I'm not a $220k/yr. so-called "legislator."

    "Piecemeal passage of this budget is unworthy of America," or "America is undeserving of piecemeal," if she wanted to keep it pithy. Yeah, colossally stupid, she is. {end snark}

  • Sasquatch40

    Charlie Rangel has no credibility.........he should resign immediately.......he is a disgrace.

  • joe

    Rangle your constituents are very loving and kind, they keep electing a senile, old babbling fool, who keeps making an ass of him self.

    • johnsnare

      His constituents are his tenants in the slum housing projects he owns.

  • Doski

    If they hate "Piecemeal" maybe it would be easier for them to accept a 25% reduction across the board CR. It Works for me. Even better if they apply that strategy every time a CR is required.

    I do believe that would get the US on the correct path. Of course I expect the parasites to whine loudly as they can't thrive in such an environment !

  • Kenneth Duncan

    So is Lee still there, Actually. I doubt it.

    • livefreeordiehard

      She's like a stink that we can't scrape off of our shoes. Too many stupid blacks keep voting for her, plus the voter fraud there is rumored to be.

  • Doski

    Even the Hollywood crowd knows when one is being tracked and/or monitored one should dispose of their "Obama-phone". Simply give it to another, less fortunate than yourself, so they can be tracked or monitored and you can delude yourself into believing that you are somehow being "Charitable" by giving away something you didn't pay for in the first place. It's the Progressive way.

  • livefreeordiehard

    How come 'piecemeal' is bad right now, but never when the democrats stick something sneaky into or onto a bill??

  • Doski

    But isn't piecemeal how Gun-Control is being passed ? Damn sure it ain't happening on its own merits.

  • $53697879

    A pathetic black loser being carried by the government for doing nothing in return but getting in the way,..should be in jail besides.

  • Henry

    Why is this still reported as a shooter, the police were the only ones shooting, and I would say they were very unprofessional in this. rangel is a criminal, so why listen to him,sheila jackson lee is on the same intellect level as a tree stump.


    JACKSON should be using obamamcare but Barry let her off the hook and makes you pay for her cadillac plan, this is his way of telling you your not as good a citizen as a lunatic elected to a public office and your tax scam he wants for you is equal misery for all.....even Barry won't use his own obamacare, he's Barrycaded the door...

  • Doski

    QUICK, QUICK, QUICK, tell the Dept. of Energy to build a bubble over DC and while these children wallow in their ship (Misspelled just for the moderators) the DOE can collect the Methane and get America on the road to energy independence.

    How's that for solving the issues of Feral Politicians and semi-clean Energy simultaneously. Heck even Education could see a benefit. Don't you just love "Green" solutions ?

    • Pablo Descartes

      I nominate Doski for the "Most Clever Post" award!

  • cmjay

    This woman is right to believe that someone [ the NSA } electronically monitors her home - hers and MILLIONS of AMERICANS'. She is NOT hallucinating like the BRAIN DEAD and CRAZY pair - RANGEL and JACKSON LEE..

  • jdbixii

    You can't fix "stupid."

    • Ellen

      Or being fools either.

  • TrueGrit

    I we really paying sheila jackson lee for outragous stupidity like this . We most definately must take away the pay to these liberals when the gov't. closes down like this. From now on I.Q. tests for politicians and no ifs, ands, or buts. They should give the voters who voted for these losers I.Q. tests as well.

    • johnsnare

      Rangel, and Sheila JacksonLee.. Need we say anything.? Dumb and dumber. Is there anything that these two professional racist will not comment on.?

  • Anadara

    Liberal mantra.... If the facts don't fit the narrative, make something up. Our voter base will believe anything.

  • ezekiel66

    Rangel? Jackson Lee? Nuff said. If it wasn't for bigots they would never have been elected in the first place. They are nothing more than Nancy's pocket votes.

  • Nikita63

    All the fraudulent reporting in the world and all the attacks on Republicans, conservatives, the Tea Partiers , veteran's groups, the elderly and hated cancer ridden children and autistic people, direct or indirect cannot change the FACT that the democratic party is ANYTHING but principled and also anything but, AMERICAN! THEY LIE CHEAT AND STEAL THEIR WAY TO HOPED FOR GOALS BY STEALTH , CLANDESTINE BACK DOOR DEALS AND DUPLICITY AS WELL AS OUTRIGHT LIES. THEY ARE MOSTLY UNFIT TO BE IN OFFICE AND THEIR DISEASE HAS SPREAD TO MANY OF THE RINO VARIETY OF REPUBLICAN. They are ALL domestic enemies with no concerns or consideration for the constituencies; only their effete elite and privileged positions. You do not see them making any attempt to repeal Obamacare when no sane person wants it and they have not lost a cent of THEIR pay or an iota of the privileges , nor will they EVER endure what their actions are FORCING you to not only endure but to pay for many times over in both human suffering and quality of life. They are Scum and we need to remove them all in the mid Terms in 2014 and following that, in the next 2 national elections to remove ALL who are currently sucking the blood from us like the vampires they are! Ids that a clear enough message for even the most indolent and indifferent to sit up and take notice? Oh excuse me, THEY are the people I am talking about REMOVING. Think well, on the implications and: VOTE ACCORDINGLY! CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENT ARE THE CAUSE OF ALL THESE EVENTS THEY WILL NOT COMPROMISE AND WE DON'T HAVE A PRESIDENT; WE HAVE AN EMPEROR WANNABE WITH DELUSIONS OF GODHOOD BUT IN FACT , FEET OF CLAY AND WHO IS AT BEST , A PSUEDO-INTELLECTUAL WITHOUT ANY ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND AN UNEARNED NOBEL PEACE RIZE. WHAT A BAD JOKE! And, they have the temerity to talk down the REST of us? What credibility do ANY of you see in that?

  • Bill

    But then again, who's listening to these a$$holes anymore?

  • refuse2lose

    You want to pin the blame somewhere, pin it on the psychotropic drugs she was taking... seems that lately every person who has done something like this has been on some kind of drugs... forget banning guns and ban these drugs that are altering the minds of those who take them...

    • Kelly Osburn

      Actually, her NOT taking her meds as described is what more than likely caused this. Its called an episode, and people who take psych meds, usually bipolar and schizophrenic patients, will have these delusions when suddenlybstopping their meds. So NO, banning psych meds would be a BAD idea. You obviously know very little about mental illness or psych meds, so please shut it and let the grown ups talk. Your omment is not only false, it us DANGEROUS, should anyone actually consider it.

      • dondehoff

        Kelly, I am sure you are sincere , but I don't think you are looking at the "bigger picture". There has been a recent rash of very violent psychotic episodes and significant loss of life---there might be a new drug on the market that is involved or there might be someone, who is manipulating the drug and or the sick people. Let us hear from some of the "experts" in these two areas.

  • LeeP

    This isn't merely stupid, but evil as well. But, that's what the lib-turds have become.

    She thought UmBeebWe was going to HELP her, not kill her.


    It's a damn shame she didn't hit Rangel or Obama.

    • Ellen

      Hitting Obama would have been more than enough. There are no Democrats in Congress or the Senate, that is why everything that happens, only the Republicans are responsible.. The losers and the cowards.

  • CajunPatriot

    Rangel and his Obama sycophants are responsible for ObamaTax/Care and for putting this nation in the most huge debt in history which our children and grandchildren will pay dearly for. Shut up Rangel, you are racist and fear monger, an idiot.

    • hadenuf

      And all out for his corruptness, himself.

  • Pablo Descartes

    What i don't understand, did the police HAVE to shoot her? She could have been a lib rep.

  • joshuasweet

    "she "believed she was the 'prophet of Stamford' and was capable of communicating with Obama."
    that makes her a Republican for sure!

    • johnsnare

      She probably worked at Rev,Wrights church.

  • Dale Hogue

    This poor woman is now beyond our help. That she was mentally sick is a given, but she didn't have to die because of this sickness. One of the policemen shot her dead. Why? I don't know, but I'm sure that he believes that he did the right thing. If it was possible for this woman to comment on the shooting, she would probably say that she meant no harm, that she was confused by what was happening to her. She probably panicked when she saw all the policemen aiming guns at her. Like most animals, she ran from that which caused her feeling of panic. She is dead and Barack Obama isn't. She was shot by a gun and Harry Reid wasn't. She is dead and she will be missed by those who loved her. Somebody will take the time to research her life and write about her problems, her loves and her achievements. Many of us will read about her life in the newspapers and we will understand who she was and how she got to be her. Many of those who read her story will feel sad because a good life was taken in such a terrible way. The child in the car may or may not have been her child, but that is not the point of what I'm about to write on this page. This child, when she is no longer a child, will eventually forget this experience and go on to live a good life full of good experiences. That may take a great deal more experiences than I wrote in the last sentence, but you can believe me when I say to you through this post, she will survive because she has the ability to forget what happened. Many of us won't be so fortunate.

    • dondehoff

      Let us not try and second guess the Capital Police. They had to anticipate the possibility that she had explosives, or who knows what, in her car. If I were the "on-scene commander" I would have given the order to shoot. Stop and think what would be the public's reaction had she blown up a building or killed several people, and the police had not used deadly force----they were forced to look at the "bigger picture".

      • Dale Hogue

        I didn't second guess anybody - least of all the policeman who shot her dead. My post was about the woman, not the policeman who killed her.

      • hadenuf

        Some people always blame the police, no matter what, but guess who they call when they are in need? That 2000# car was a weapon, which just proves you do not need a gun to do your ugly deeds.

    • Albert Pike

      i think you're reading a little too far into the situation.
      and i do not see or comprehend how someone elses death, whom you have never met, has had such a profound impact on your life. your life must be totally boring.

    • americanjoe

      Hey Dale, do you watch " Days of our Lives" and sleep with a teddy bear? ?

  • johnsnare

    Of course the Democrats will blame the GOP. Hell, the republican Party is totally responsible for my dogs bad breath, my failed first marriage,chronic diarrhea,bad complexion,my wifes unfortunate breast cancer,and probably World War 2. Geez, can't these GOP guys get anything right.?

  • dondehoff

    People of all parties, look at the bigger picture. I am sure most of you can see the storm (riot and/ or war?) clouds on the horizon. Do you really want those babbling Democratic congresspersons in office if we go to war? They cannot even reason their way through far less complicated issues. Also, they appear to be completely incapable of using logic, deductive reason and plain common sense, as they place party politics above the welfare of this country and its people----oh, to be 30-40 years younger (I am 81 years young; I would give them a run for their money.

  • peter1589

    Et satan conduit le bal. And NO one ever thinks of him, his legions, his denizens, nor how to fight against him. Instead, EVERYone fall prey to his deceits. Pray the Rosary, for this woman and for everyone living and in purgatory.

    • $27564770

      Of course we do. Do not pray rote prayers. Satan loves those. Rather have a conversation with God the Father in the name of Jesus the Messiah and leave satan out. Do not let him in.

      • peter1589

        Rote prayers? Oh, like Jesus did in the Garden of Gethsemane when He did so as described in Matthew:

        26:42. Again the second time, he went and prayed, saying: My Father, if this chalice may not pass away, but I must drink it, thy will be done.

        26:43. And he cometh again and findeth them sleeping: for their eyes were heavy.

        26:44. And leaving them, he went again: and he prayed the third time, saying the selfsame word.

        The selfsame word. See? Even Jesus engaged in repetitive prayer. As did the woman against the unjust judge, who said,

        18:2. Saying: There was a judge in a certain city, who feared not God nor regarded man.

        18:3. And there was a certain widow in that city; and she came to him, saying: Avenge me of my adversary.

        Avenge... That is, do me justice. It is a Hebraism.

        18:4. And he would not for a long time. But afterwards he said within himself: Although I fear not God nor regard man,

        18:5. Yet because this widow is troublesome to me, I will avenge her, lest continually coming she weary me.

        18:6. And the Lord said: Hear what the unjust judge saith.

        18:7. And will not God revenge his elect who cry to him day and night? And will he have patience in their regard?

        18:8. I say to you that he will quickly revenge them. But yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?

        Why was she troublesome? Because she repeated her complaint over and over with severe demands. This the judge found troublesome and settled in her favor because he feared injury from her. If we "elect" cry out to Him via the Blessed Virgin, whose appeal to Her Son led to the first miracle at Cana and the inauguration of His worldly Mission, then why should we not have hope for our prayers being answered?

        Oh, I know, don't worry, the Blessed Virgin has no power in your protest-ant mind, and that's fine. We Catholics know Her power and influence with Her Son, have explored Her apparitions at Lourdes, Fatima, La Salette, Guadalupe, Beauraing, Knock, Medjugorje, Akita, and Garabandol, amongst hundreds of others, done what She has asked of us, had supernatural changes of fortune in our lives, and know for a fact that She is triply crowned as (a) the august Queen of Heaven by God the Father as His beloved Daughter, (b) by God the Son as His dearest Mother, and (c) by God the Holy Ghost as His chosen Spouse; the most perfect
        adorer of the Blessed Trinity, pleading our causes as our most powerful and merciful Mother.

        In short, we understand family and theological unity, while you protest-ants (note the root term of your theology? PROTEST?) can't agree one with the next, believe you are already saved which one can know ONLY when one enters Heaven, and certainly not in this sinful cesspool we call mortality. We have all the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist, which you lads and lasses disdain, all struggling with the dictates of the Bible, strenuously attempting and failing to find something in Holy Writ to justify your own, personal, Popes-unto-yourselves, caveats, never agreeing on a single tenet, and yet, amazingly, believing yourselves saved?? No Catholic believes that, understanding that life is warfare and sin must be atoned for in suffering.

        So, enjoy your luxurious existence, and pray you don't EVER meet up with the demon God introduced me to one night in NYC while praying the Holy Rosary. Padre Pio, the main stigmatist of the 20th century once said that if the demons in the world had corporal bodies, they would literally blot out the sun they are so numerous. And you and most Catholics have no idea how to even begin to combat their influences, saturating, as they do, the media. PRAY THE ROSARY!

        • deltamary

          Sorry. I do not understand this comment. I did see a documentary once about Padre Pio.

        • peter1589

          What exactly don't you understand?

        • $27564770

          If she is Catholic...nothing.

        • peter1589

          If she is Catholic, a lot more than your unique, sola scriptura mess of a holier than thou PROTEST-ant, one in 59,000+ sects, indefinable, mess of a scriptural mind wrestling with epistles to your own destruction, per 2nd Timothy.

        • $27564770

          Still chanting the thoughtless mantra of the Catholics. Christ will shut the door in your face when you come to the feast, because nothing you do is remotely related to what He taught. Your "mass" whatever that is that which Christ never had any hand in originating, is all smoke and mirrors, a performance to hide what the priests do to the altar boys. Were you an altar boy?

          Once again you miss the mark. Not a surprise coming from a man who knows Pope Pius and Hitler. I hear the Pope is a "Saint" now that the congregation has forgiven him for empowering Hitler. Now who is right? Clue: Not you. If there is such a place as hell, that is where "Pius" is, and not with God the Father no matter how much mumbling you do over the heinous, "infallible" man.

        • $27564770

          LOL, well, she did watch a movie. That makes a difference.

        • deltamary

          I'm not Catholic is probably why.

        • $27564770

          Luke 11:1-4 is a template. It is simply a recipe. When you do your own, think about what you need to discuss and go from there. Praying rosary is repetitive and satan loves it because he gets total control when the mind is empty which is what it is when you are not thinking just mouthing a rote template. God the Father deserves more. ALSO, worshiping a woman like you do a God is WRONG.

        • peter1589

          Yeah, the Lord's prayer, which we Catholics invoke numerous times per day as well as in Holy Mass, in obedience to Our Blessed Lord's explicit instruction. It's how we mean the words, and the impact our hearts, filthy as they are, have on the words, not just the vain repetition. There's a wonderful Catholic prayer book called "Blessed Be God," which has a marvelous introduction as to what constitutes proper prayer, entitled How to Pray Well. "Prayer means simple, loving converse between the soul and God, as between a child and its father, yet it is quite obvious that certain dispositions of soul are indispensable to this holy exercise. The Sacred Scripture admonish us, in the first place, to prepare ourselves: "Before prayer prepare thy soul, and be not as a man that tempteth God" (Ecclus. xviii, 23). This preparation is not difficult, consisting simply in humility, sorrow for sin, a wish to improve our lives, confidence in God and His mercy and freedom from hatred of our neighbor. During prayer the chief things required are: a realization of the presence of God, attention to what we are saying, sincerity and fervor. If, while praying, we are purposely or consciously distracted we become like those irreligious worshipers, of whom our Lord said: "This people honoreth Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me" (Matt. xv, 8). Finally, for good prayer it is necessary that we pray with entire submission to the will of our heavenly Father who knows what is best for us, and with perseverance, which means that we should continue to implore God's help and grace as long as we live. Christ the Lord has said, "We ought always to pray" (Luke xviii, 1). Our prayers will be greatly enhance din value and efficacy, if we add to them works of charity and mortification."

        • $27564770

          There is no such thing as a "Catholic" bible.

          Pope Pius whom the Catholics just recently canonized w/in 10 years or so is an embarrasment to Christians everywhere.

          The King James Version is the most correct but even it has has some issues but nowhere near as bad as the "Catholic" one.

        • $27564770

          Also, tempt not little boys.

        • $27564770

          You are not and will never be Jesus the Messiah

        • peter1589

          I believe that's your job as a Pope-unto-yourself, PROTEST-ant whose self-designated, wholly unique, individual and personal interpretation of Sacred Scripture comforts your ego. I never said I aspire to be Jesus the Messiah, so are you engaging in the human psychological ploy of projecting your neurosis on me?

        • $27564770

          You are the one with neurosis. You told me your religion. I did not tell you mine. You GUESSED wrong and I am absolutely positively 100% sure that you have no idea of the presence of the Holy Spirit. It is absolutely foreign to you even though you babble about it incessantly.

        • ChildofELOHIM

          In all do respect, everyone is not a protestant! Baptist were never apart of the Catholic denomination!! Baptist descended, directly, from the original church!!

          As far as Mary, when 'the veil of the temple was rent' it not only ended the priesthood but allowed believers to pray or petition directly to the FATHER, in Jesus's name! So, who has more authority, CHRIST Jesus WHO is and will always be GOD or Mary, a chosen vessel, and human being, to bear GOD's humanity into the world??!!

          Furthermore, I understand that Catholics really believe that they are able to actually "work" their way into Heaven! If that is so, please provide for me Book/Chapter/Verse[es] that list the number of works that one must perform and the nature of these works to obtain redemption!! Also, to what degree of perfection that these works must each be done??!!

          Likewise, when GOD said from the cross that ' is finished!', what do you or Catholics believe that GOD, HIMSELF, may have overlooked??!! Additionally, I understand that Catholics wish to believe that Mary was GOD, or at least, her birth was the same as Jesus... no involvement of any male seed!!??

          Moreover, I understand that Mary, herself, 'had to seek her salvation in the upper room [by the power of CHRIST]'! Since only sinners need a redeemer, why was the Catholics' Mother Mary even in need of "salvation"

          Finally, in closing for now, why do you think GOD would ever leave one's eternal condition in doubt??!! Moreover, according to the Apostle Paul, one becomes one of GOD's "saints" by the acceptance of CHRIST as one's Savior and repenting of one's sins; and not by election by any board or group of men! Also, if you will, consider that that demon may have never shown-up had you not been "praying" the Rosary!!!

  • Hans

    Charlie Rangel is an idiot like almost all of the DEMOCRATS. No BRAIN AND FULL OF LIES !!!!

    • TJefferson

      So true!

  • fatman45

    <sarcasm>Let's see: Single black woman with a child from Connecticut. Yep, that fits the profile of a Tea Party person perfectly! There's no way she could have been a Democrat.</sarcasm>
    Oh, and she's mad at the Republican Congress, so she tries to ram a gate at the White House? Sounds to me like she was mad at Obama for something!

  • pysco

    They must of been racist white cops that killed her (Sic),

  • John

    Obozo is not the real problem anymore! It's the 52% of the Entitlement Generation and the Lazy Ass so called Americans that won't work! The more you give any Lazy SOB the less he/she will do. They have the Welfare Couch with Remote Control and REAL WORKING[mostly white] AMERICANS to Feed off of! They have no Pride,Sand,Morals,Substance...Nothing! Just Free Loading SOB's that NEVER had,nor will have any Character! FYI! That Iranian,Communist,Muslim,POS Valerie Jarrett has been running the show since Obozo was elected in 08' He's just a figurehead in the Brown House! He's just a Boy that does what he's told,when he's told,nothing more! He like's us to think he has Power,because that's what he craves! He has none,until she ok's it! Boy never worked a day in his life! He can't ride a Mans Bike,throw a ball,open an Umbrella,swim,nothing. Never had a blister unless he burned his fingers while doing a doobe.



  • hadenuf

    What else is new. We republicans didn't expect any less, since we are to blame for all the liberal ethical challenges. BTW, from what I've read, the dead woman blamed Obama. She thought he was stalking her electronically with waves, to put her life on TV, but that's the republican's fault, don't you know? Guess that's why she headed for the WH. Ridiculous, I know. BTW, why is Rangel still in gov't given the trouble he got himself into, ethically challenged as he is.

    • snowmaggedoned

      Maybe it was the same microwave voices that the Navy Yard shooter was hearing......maybe from Obama??

  • Albert Pike

    rumor round here is the woman had obummas baby, he wasn't paying child support, and she had problems securing a birth certificate for the little rascal.....

  • johnnywood

    Charlie and Sheila are both idiots. He is senile and she is just plain stupid.

  • ATLDave

    I would expect nothing less frm these jokers. They think they are the cream of humanity when in reality they are scavengers feeding off the dead meat of their own race. I expect Sharpton and Jackson to be sitting at the table any minute now.

  • HappyG

    It's that never let a crisis thing once again...In their defense, these dems are playing to a very dumbed down base...

    • lithic

      Yes, you are right that Rangle, et al, are playing to a dumbed down audience. But, one place they beat out all the republicans is that they demo--commies know exactly what to expect from their dumbed audience, and how to play them every day.

  • HappyG

    In other news twenty years from now, it was reported today that Miriam Carey was not mentally distraught, she really was being monitored by Obama and his comrades for running off the reservation...

  • 848484


  • Silas Longshot

    Well, now that's a shock, huh? Meatheads like Charlie NEVER say anything stupid, now do he?

  • FSHNT21

    Well, Rangel was right about one thing. She was a Democrat and that in and of itself confirms she was mentally unstable as are all other Democrats. And since part of their indoctrination is to blame everything on Republicans, this comes as no surprise.

  • 5live5

    Why am I not surprised tha Good ole' Charlie would say this??? The man that took a rent controlled space to make an office of it??? That control is for LIVING QUARTERS CHARLIE!!!

  • Sterling Wulff

    Rangel is a filthy Ni66er anyways.... HE killed her !!!!

  • 5live5

    Just got a text from my daughter that some guy set himself on fire at the National mall today. SICK WORLD!!! Visions of VIET NAM!!

  • The happy warrior

    What if she turns out to be a black trying to free herself from the tyrant slave master. Of course we would never hear about it. Maybe she was shot when they traced her license plat and found out she broke loose from the lib plantation.

  • Larry

    Charlie talking about Unbalanced People. How about people who are just tired of you stinking rotten politicians!

  • monacall

    Ya know this is awful to say but I pray everyday for the revolution to start, everyday!!!!!

    • EdMallory

      The sooner the better.

    • frankenbiker

      Amen. I also pray that one day I'll awaken to read that people have taken up arms and the battle has been joined.

    • govtrumbull

      I agree. We either need a revolution or the Second Coming. I would prefer the latter, but at this point we can't be too choosy.

      • Whackajig

        I understand you Trumbull. Many citizens want someone else to do the job for them, it has become the American way.

    • ChildofELOHIM

      I pray everyday for every voter to realize that as it was stated long ago, '...the price of freedom is eternal vigilance...!!!

      The main or lame street media is no ones friend! They are merely continuing to mislead all of us into believing that that Utopian state that many fantasize about will be accomplished with the next bill out of the Senate; and it won't!!

      One need only look to a tragic young man that actually supported Obamacare!! His premiums will be something like $180/month... partial coverage... 18% of his yearly income!!!! According to the story I read on Yahoo News, he could have gotten pretty much the same coverage for something like.... $40/month!!?? So, where is the big savings that everyone was promised???????!!!!!!!

      Finally, the obvious.... our Congress... the one we pay for... wants no part of these outrageous premiums, and instead, many are planning financial compensation for themselves to off-set the cost!!??

      In closing, this young woman may or may not have had emotional problems... because again, we can't trust the national media! But, I sincerely doubt that "deadly force" was even necessary... especially since her 18 month old daughter was in the car and the law enforcement officer had to have known this and before he shot this young woman!!!!

      • Marilyn Z

        I think it dawned on Congress that it was going to cost them an amazing amount of money to buy into this and that was when they started backing out. Doesn't it depend on how much your income is? Wonder what it will cost Donald Trump? 😉

    • jenna

      Why so our President can call martial law?

      • Marilyn Z

        He is desperately looking for a good excuse, but only for the rest of the world. Seriously, I am convinced that this is his ultimate goal. The Trayvon Martin affair was run up the flagpole repeatedly and he couldn't get anyone to know he wanted the Watt's Riots to happen again, but in every city in this country. He wants us worked up We need a revolution where they quietly come and remove him from the premises.

      • monacall

        Did you know that when the first revolution started only one third wanted. I want to be one of the one third it's obvious that you would be in the two third portion and correction Your president I didn't vote for the traitor.

  • James Crawford

    Personally, I think that this death (and any more that follow) rides directly on all that excess 40 cal ammo purchased by Homeland Security...just waiting to be unleashed at every turn of events. Napolitano did her boss's dirty work and then everything went academic.

  • EdMallory

    Rangel is the poster child of Unbalanced People

  • JOE

    Why didnt they call the department of public works to pick up the black roadkill.

  • govtrumbull

    I was wondering when the goofball liberal Democrats would finally come up with an asinine comment about Republicans being to blame for this tragedy, even though it was Obama's Secret Service policies that caused the incident. We haven't from Sharpton or Jackson yet. If Rangel and Lee came up with this ludicrous idea, can the two mighty civil rights champions be far behind?

    • Taquoshi

      “God knows, the tragedy of this poor person who came on the Hill in a black
      car — no one knows what drive [sic] this person to do this — but what I
      would say to you is, let's get our wheels back on, serve the American
      people, bring them back, vote for a bill today that will open the
      government, I will stay here until we get that bill on the floor, piecemeal is undeserving of America.”

      Am I the only one on the planet that is wondering what Jackson Lee was burbling on about in her statement? By the way, is she still on the floor?

      • govtrumbull

        As far as the shutdown is concerned, it really doesn't bother me if it stays shutdown until the Millennium. The concern about the National Parks? Give them back to the States and let them get the revenue from them. Obamacare? We don't want it anyway. Let it languish. Non-essential employees and government agencies? If they are "unessential," we don't need them anyway. Shut down the agencies that are not critical to operate the country such as the Department of Education, Commerce, etc., and furlough the employees permanently. Let them find a legitimate job in the public sector.

        Our country is being overwhelmed with Bureaucrats and agencies that take away our freedoms, liberties and sustenance. When government does that, it is tyrannical and need to be eliminated. Except for a handful of Senators and Congressmen and Senators, we need a house cleaning. We would do better to choose these folks by using a lottery to pick our representatives as long as they had a level of knowledge, intelligence and common sense, to do the make wise decisions about the proper role of government. Most of the people running the show are professional politicians who only care about maintaining their seats in Congress. Ninety-percent of them need to be retired.

  • rmwayne

    The ONLY Republicans I'm mad at are the ones who won't stand up to stinking Obama and the rest of the left wing commiecrat thieves who are using this Obamacare debacle as another tax grab. But then when it comes to taxes the only thing that jerkoff Rangel cares about is evading them while hiking taxes on ordinary working people.

    • jenna

      DO YOU call them? I DO! OR do you just gripe?

      • Whackajig

        It would appear that those who only gripe have achieved the exact same results as those who call and write letters........NOTHING.

        • Marilyn Z

          There is something a bit wrong with what you nasty faxes and emails to the WH got me a request for a donation for the muslim president's last campaign via snail mail and a bumper sticker and recently a lovely email on WH stationery telling me why we should send missiles into Syria. He thinks we are buddies. Wonder what he considers an enemy since I have asked him many times if he was nuts or had just lost his mind.

          All you have to do to get his attention and be his friend is send him nasty emails.

      • jorgaone


      • rmwayne

        Believe it or not I have called McCain's office to complain of his siding against Tea Party conservatives. Of course the only ones people like me are allowed to talk to are staffers who don't give a damn anyway. And just who did YOU talk to or are you just another one of these neocon RINOs who votes Republican but doesn't care what the candidate or office holder's political platform is as long as they have an R after their name?

  • James1vc

    President Obama was electronically monitoring her Connecticut home in order to broadcast her life on television." and he made her do it , it was NOT the Republicans.

  • larryincamden

    Maybe Unions and Democrats should be blamed. The police that killed the woman were Union members and Union officials are all Democrats.

    • Whackajig

      Do you honestly believe that what the police did was wrong?

      • larryincamden

        I don't know, I was not there.
        My comment was about blaming Republicans

      • jorgaone

        YES--they were NOT "police" at the time, but illegally parading AS POLICE. They were furloughed, and subject to arrest. They were civilians, who discharged their firearms without regard to the people or cars in the way...

  • 1josephg1

    It is always someone else that is at fault. If it is not George Bush's fault or tea party republicans fault it does not matter. It is always someone else to blame. Never mind the fact that the foreign exchange student will not negotiate the health care bill that a majority of people don't want. Never mind the fact that this spending must be curtailed. Never mind the fact that the tea party members are standing up for what the people want. ( I am not a tea party member) This land is no longer the United States of America. The divisions are so deep hey run to the core of our souls. The left will not relent. The right will not relent. East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet. Time to start a new United States once again based upon the precepts found in our founding fathers.

    • tagdogs

      Easier to get rid of a bunch of braindead liberals one way or another!

      • Whackajig

        Yeah? Many of us would love to rid the nation of liberals, but we seem to be having a bit of difficulty.

  • tagdogs

    You really want to see what the obama administration thinks about citizens in general, call the number they give for sign-up for obamacare. I called it and it is legit. Keep in mind there are no corresponding letters for the number 1. The number is: 1--800--3(F) 1 8(U)--2(C) 5(K) 9(Y) 6(O).
    What a bunch of arrogant aholes.

  • Mike_Travis

    That man is a disgrace to the human race. Since the commiecraps have no dignity, he can't shame them. Madame SJ Lee is another piece of work. She is the most racist, hateful woman I have ever heard speak. She probably doesn't know that her dear friends at Planned Parenthood were founded by another racist, Margaret Sanger, who interestingly enough promoted abortion as a way to eliminate the black population! More proof that Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

    • Whackajig

      Black abortion might not be all bad. One black abortion = one less welfare rat = one less democrat voter = one less street criminal

  • $39132868

    Yes yes yes, simply EVERYTHING is Whitey's fault.
    Why don' they stay away from us, if we are so horrible? They follow us where-ever we go. They pass laws, so we can't redline 'em. Yet they blame us for everything.....

  • carolchristine

    Charley Rangel should not be weighing in on anything. He should be in jail instead of the congress. If anyone of us did what he did,we would be in jail.And here he is is congress yet.

  • byronmullet

    With all our technology, police have to shoot a scared young, black woman with little baby inside? Shoot first and ask questions later? Marines in a war zone, have more restraint, than police do here one block from a Nobel Peace prize recipient, president.

    • Whackajig

      Police did not shoot until after the jig struck a cop with her car. Perhaps byronfishy is unaware that an auto can be a deadly weapon.

      • byronmullet

        byronfishy, ha ha. Your right a car IS or CAN be an extremely deadly weapon. So why do we allow people to ingest judgment altering chemicals (alcohol) at sporting events or bars knowing full well they cannot get home without driving them "under the influence"? Or, allow and or prescribe the sales of beer or prescription drugs to people emotionally, mentally/ spiritually challenged? Speaking of fishy, how about a culture that does this? Ok, back to Miss Carey. I wasn't there, but it is typical for police to just blast away. You know, the Romans used to capture lions, tigers and bears, elephants etc in the wilds of Africa with primitive, by our standards, weapons and tools for use in the coliseums. There are ways to disable cars either by doing things to the tires, hooking them with modified police cruiser's, electronically disable the ignition system, all kinds of engineering ways if we cared to do them. We could throw nets over drunks with knives, shoot tranquilizers, spray their windshields with goo, lift there car off the ground...just brainstorming a little, obviously my imagination is in "overdrive."

        • Andy Buglione

          Why waste anymore time and energy on wackjobs like this? Just so we can jail/house, feed and clothe them for untold years, not to mention pay for their attorneys? These nuts are obviously on a SUICIDE mission; I say we accommodate them in that endeavor. No muss no fuss.

        • byronmullet

          Well Andy, there is a certain logic to your comment. However, what if your mother, God forbid, in her elder years, became confused behind the wheel because of the wrong medication she just got from the Dr... increasingly desperate to get out of this maze, especially as she sees angry shouting men with guns chasing her...? A one size fits all, Swat in the (execution) Squat, approach maybe isn't what the situation calls for...

        • Telman

          Yu are a franking idiot! Go away!

        • byronmullet

          Do you drink at sporting events then drive home? Just curious, why your calling me an idiot? You offered no solutions, I did and I put my name on them. Where's yours?

      • jorgaone

        Frankly, I've watched the video several times--ALL I saw her strike was the barrier bump (it was SLIGHTLY out of line from the two on each side); the slight bump to the police car behind her on her first attempt to turn around; AND the police officer JUMP OUT OF THE WAY on her last swing into an escape path. I saw NO ONE hit by her car...

  • teamdawson1

    To Shiela Jackson Lee
    A grammatical lesson. Here's a follow up statement, Ms Lee Jackson orJackson Lee or just plain Shiela:

    "Know won nose wise dis poison want two brang Herr Kahr two ran in two the brigade. May bee sum won like da Conservationists cuda works with BamBam Babama to revolve da miss they brang up on"
    Revised statement by Ms Lee, Ms Jackson and Ms Shiela (the name choice doesn't matter-it's only there to allow her to vote THREE TIMES!

    • Ronald E Wagstaff

      What Jive talk

  • Charlie

    Obama Uses Own Money To Open Muslim Museum Amid Government Shutdown - See more at:

    • Opinari

      Went to site. This certainly was a slap in the face of all Americans and to Christians in particular. Obama is such an ass and so disrespectful to his own country (beginning to come around to the argument of birthers).

      • danstewart

        The US is NOT his country.

  • Marilyn Z

    I think all the left thinkers need to get some tin-foil hats so they can deflect the influence the right has on them. Charlie Rangel is beyond hope....he and that poor woman have something serious in common, delusion.

    How sad that the police went after her knowing there was a baby in that car. She should have been allowed to proceed, safely, I hope, to her home where she could be arrested and the baby would be totally safe.

    What a legacy she has left her child and the lawsuits should be doozies.

    • Telman

      Are you kidding me?? So, because she had a child in the car warrants to let her do whatever she wants? The Police acted accordingly! And in case you missed it, some of them weren't even getting paid! Your first paragraph is dead on but the second paragraph is totally incorrect!

      • jorgaone

        The police were not legally ALLOWED to be there--and subject to arrest. They were furloughed. THEY decided on their own to pursue this poor woman, and MURDERED her--since she hadn't done a darn thing that should have elicited the kind of response she got for bumping a barrier. They used their weapons against an unarmed mother illegally--and I STILL haven't heard where they have been arrested for murder...SHE, on the other hand--had CONTROLLED mental illness; according to her ransacked apt. search.

        • Tony Donaldson

          Seems more like an uncontrolled mental illness. Would you want someone with any mental illness working inside your mouth? Hell No! But essentially you are correct. Overkill. Way too many guns for what needed to be done. She was murdered.

    • Opinari

      Where did it say they knew beforehand that a baby was in the car?

  • Roger

    This man is so out of focus. Just think about his constituents. Geeze!

  • TalofofoTom1

    come on now it is obviously the fault of the GOP. then G.W Bush-or Richard Nixon's or Ronald Reagan" s fault or sun spots.....maybe it is B Obama's constant babbling about his problems his ideas his his his his....

  • Cogito

    Actually, the lady voted for Obama because he is black, but Obama has betrayed her.
    She took the only course of action she believed she had...end her pain and misery one way or the other. Our tactical police squad with their fully automatic, military style, assault weapons, put her out of her misery.
    Rangel, like all lying Leftist, will always exploit poor blacks like this lady, and Trayvon for campaign contributions and votes.
    Charlie "I did not know I had to pay taxes" Rangel is just another Leftist criminal that has escaped accountability for his crimes.

  • pananjali06

    Everything bad that happens in this administration is somebody else's fault. Hey Rangel - you did not pay your tax for decades - is that also the fault of George Bush or the Republicans!!!!! - silly man. You are not fit to be in your seat. What have you done that is good for the Americans and your party so far, other than just warming your seat and widening your girth!

    • Tony Donaldson

      Another affirmative action placement. C. Rangle. The poster boy for a non-essential government worker. Did he get furloughed?

  • Dave Snyder

    Right, completely ignoring the fact that the GOP has repeatedly sent up spending bills that if not funding the entire government, absent Obamacare, then individual departments ie: NIH, Medicare, the military etc. and it is the Democrats that insist on taking an all or nothing stance that is really responsible for the shutdown. Mr. Rangel you of all people, especially given your black heritage, should be the first to realize that American citizens refuse to be SLAVES ON THE GOVERNMENT PLANTATION. Maybe the supreme court should reexamine Obamacare in light of the 13th amendment which for those uninformed readers of this is the antislavery amendment. To paraphrase Edmond Burke; An American is the unfittest person on earth to argue another American into slavery.

  • metheoldsarge

    What we know is that an unarmed black woman was shot dead by DC Police Officers. What I find extremely curious is that, as far as I know, we haven't heard a word from Sharpton and Jackson. As far as I know, her family hasn't even gotten a call from the President.

    • Tony Donaldson

      She was driving her weapon. I hope the child gets a good safe home.

      • metheoldsarge

        A weapon is only as effective as the user. In that video it looked like she was in a panic. There were other ways they could have stopped her before using deadly force. Deadly force is only a last resort. It looked like the police used it as a first resort. We only have the information the media want us to have. Let's wait until it all comes out.

  • 63Marine

    Oh, Boo Hoo!!! You poor libterds will look for ANYTHING to blame your idiocy on. When are you gonna grow up and face the music that your exalted leader is a total loser......And a fake!!!!

    • hdkennedy4355

      I am surprised they didn't blame it on Bush.........(: They are running out of names. They need to get rid of the one name OBUMMER!!!! Got it libs??

  • bless2live

    Being a liberal racist ( any form are party) empowers others to control your destiny! This bias, racist dividing regime has gravitated to this position! Corollary always follows this type of behaivor. God Bless America!

  • General "Bull" Krapper

    How is Char- lie Wrongo not in jail? --- Stay Well, Safe & Free

  • WrinkledThought

    Wow, they killed a black woman in a black car?? How racist of them!!!!!!!

  • Stand4theUSA

    This childishness within our government is like Donald Duck leading the Mickey Mouse regime.

  • Ree

    Chuck Rangle is far past his due date to retire, he is so full of BS that he has to blame the GOP if the sun don't shine on time. He is a worthless piece of crap when he has to blame the GOP for everything, so here goes its Charlies fault that it rained somewhere today and sun will set sooner than yesterday and ihe is sol into himself,he even thinks somebody likes him somewhere

  • Death2Unions

    Too bad Obummer wasn't in the car with her at the time.

    • jorgaone

      Just being in the car would have SAVED him, as it did her daughter. They shot at the driver, not anyone or anything else (including the car tires) Do you think he'd have thrown himself over the kid to protect her? HA!

  • Southern California

    I didn't know the woman was black until I read this article. My local news only reported her as mentally ill.

    What I don't understand is why she had to be shot in the first place. And why aren't the resident bigots condemning the shooting, instead of using this woman's tragic death to further their own racist agenda?

  • A concerned american

    No one knew she was Black until several hours after she died, this is the media withholding information again as well as the Democrats using her death to their benefit. Sad.

    • Tony Donaldson

      The media had to have time to spin the tale. They hate it when black people do crazy things. They think it makes their chosen one look bad because he's black. He may be half white but he's black. Acts black and will for ever more be Black. The natives are getting restless. Time to broadcast some hip hop bee bop music to calm them down. Or have a huge cheese giveaway on the national mall. Nothing buys a vote like a loaf of cheese.

  • Opinari

    I read her dental hygienist license expired Thursday. Whatever that meant. Charlie Rangel is a duffus. He's a crooked democrat, so of course he has to place blame on someone other than her. No one is responsible for their own actions.

  • Richard Holmes

    chucky rangel needs to swing like a piñata. Of course piñatas get whacked with clubs until they burst open and spill their insides. Is there any body that would like to swing a club at a piñata?

    • gepops58

      Can I but put ovomit up first then good ole harry then chuckie

  • williaml

    I hate to say it this way but there is a 90% chance they kill a democrat voter.
    Since she was a dental hygienist, she may have been a Republican.
    That may explain why they decided to kill her instead of killing the car

  • Mike

    I want to take you seriously, but when I see typos, it's hard to think much of the piece.

    • Telman

      What r u an English major? Just read the comments and stop trying to be a teacher or parent!

  • Progressive Republican

    Oh Gar', too many lies from you and too little time for me so I'll pick one...

    "She had a good job as a dental hygienist and was driving an early model Nissan Infiniti. This is an expensive car. It’s often described as a “luxury car.”

    Note the phrase, "early model Nissan Infiniti." Right? Early-model Infinitis can be nearly a quarter-century old. I drive an early-model Honda Acura. It's NOT an "expensive" car. One of the many things ol' Gar' has no clue of is when she bought that car, much less how much she paid for it. It was refreshingly (kinda) honest with his supposition of her medical plan.

    Then, ol' Gar castigates the New York Times for pulling the same kind of crap this and most other discredited FRWNJ disinformation sites pull by insinuating that two unrelated things apparently are; vis a vis the reference to “Fiscal Crisis” in the report on the shooting death of Miriam Carey. Discredited FRWNJ disinformation sites like this pull that [crap] all the time and NOW he objects?!

    Sometimes, dude, you just try too hard.

    • jorgaone

      Clearly--the phrase "LATE MODEL" was what was meant. LOOK at the video--it was a basically NEW car. The REAL problem here was simple. The police (3 in uniform and 1 plain-clothes) surrounded the car with guns aimed at her--for bumping a wood barrier! She paniced, did a y-turn, and fled. THEN--the cops SHOT AT HER CAR NINE TIMES!! Since when is it acceptable to SHOOT at a "suspect" who merely bumped a barrier? She was then followed, and killed in front of her 1-year old daughter. AGAIN--over-reaction by supposed "law officers" created this snafu...It hadn't a thing to do with race, political bent, or anything else EXCEPT cops being kill-happy...

      • Progressive Republican

        My point is that this is just one more in a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG line of examples in which ol' Gar' proves that he has little (if any) clue as to what he's writing about.

        Of COURSE they opened fire. SHE RAMMED A POLICE CAR!!! Then she took off at high speed! THEN they opened fire! Being pretty uncooperative by leaving her windows rolled up indicates something other than, "She paniced (sic)." Yours is the first time I've heard mention of her merely, "bumping a wood barrier". Is that anything like the way she "bumped" the police car she backed into? Where did you get that?

        The whole thing is a gawdawful tragedy and anyone trying to make hay of this is behaving reprehensibly; right OR left.

        • Alias47

          What YOU have to that she was shot while RETREATING from the scene. Since when is it acceptable for police to shoot someone who is fleeing and not threatening? It isn't lawful or is tragically accepted because it has been pushed into our society with the militarization of municipal police forces and the advent of the police state we are living in.

        • Progressive Republican

          Retreating? Have you lost your mind? Do you know the difference between the words "retreat" and "flee"? She was CLEARLY trying to avoid capture.

          And do you have irrefutable proof that she was not threatening after her having rammed a police car and run down an officer? How did you come to this conclusion?

          Of COURSE they opened fire! She was clearly behaving menacingly. How else should they have reacted? Give her flowers, tell her to be more careful and have a nice day?

          The best footage I've found is the raw video at There you'll see that police were already pursuing her before she turned and "bumped" what is clearly NOT your "wood barrier". Those are steel stanchions that are attached to bases embedded in concrete.

          I'm as unhappy with the thirty-five (or so) year militarization of the police as well, but under those circumstances they seemed pretty cool under pressure.

          And if you REALLY want to get technical on that subject, police departments have been having problems keeping up with scofflaws' superior firepower since the invention of the Thompson submachine gun. ANY increase in firepower on their part can be seen as an increase in their militarization. The only way THAT will stop is a significant increase in gun regulations, but it's FAR too late for that to be anything like a viable, effective remedy.

          So, what should they do? Retreat?

        • Alias47

          Ok, it was "fleeing"...which would indicate that she was NOT menacing, but attempting to remove herself from the scene. Trying to avoid capture is not a legal justification for police to use of deadly force in any jurisdiction that I am aware of. That is my only point. I am not saying she was right, wrong, or otherwise. I am saying she is dead and by the accounts given, I don't know that the loss of her life was justified...or legal.

          Police departments have and always have had far more firepower than criminals. The Thompson submachine gun WAS used by some criminals in the 20's...but there were far more in the hands of police. Even the Postal Inspection Service had them. One or two notorious crimes were committed with them. The proliferation of tales about these crimes in the media and in Hollywood productions, along with scare tactics used by anti-gun politicians is what fueled the National Firearms Act is 1934 (exactly like the hysteria being perpetrated by the anti-gun lobby against AR-15 style rifles today). You speak of criminals (I wouldn't dare to call people using firearms illegally and violently "scofflaws") as having superior firepower...but this is simply not the case...only an intentional misconception to allow the police to militarize. The VAST majority of illegal firearms use is by people with handguns. And the majority of those are small caliber handguns, which are still deadly, but you mentioned FIREPOWER so it is relevant. Many patrol officers have an AR platform rifle in their patrol car...whether issued or personal. Because they are LEO's, they are also allowed firearms that the public cannot purchase (current manufacture full auto weapons) or can only purchase with additional fees if their state allows it (short-barreled rifles, suppressors, some optics, etc). What needs to be addressed is the expanding divide between LEO's and the people that they have taken an oath to protect and serve.

        • Progressive Republican

          Wow. You've really twisted things around. The "Tommy gun" was in WIDE use by underworld gangs against each other (primarily) for YEARS. As of the St Valentine's Day Massacre, the Chicago Police Dept. has a whopping total of FIVE in their entire arsenal.

          Public outcry arose as the Depression deepened and these criminals began to include bank guards, police officers, and innocent bystanders as their targets. The increasing use of Tommy guns in kidnapping and bank robbery (both of which skyrocketed as the Depression worsened) caused a public outcry and helped generate support for the National Firearms Act of 1934. Your twisting of these facts as well as your parenthetical aside show you to be less interested in facts than reinforcing your agenda.

          As I stated earlier, "The whole thing is a gawdawful tragedy and anyone trying to make hay of this is behaving reprehensibly; right OR left," and here YOU are making hay. You twist and distort facts to suit your desires.

          You're reprehensible. I'm done.

      • Telman

        Let me get this straight. You are saying the police acted irresponsibly when an unknown driver hits a barricade and then panics and flees and in the process she hits a police car and drivers away is ok? Sh was art the Capital bldg and White House area! Sorry, but the Police had the right to assume she was a suspicious person!! Why didn't she stop?? How can the police analyze the situation if she was fleeing the scene? I think you need to re-evaluate the situation or don't comment on something until you have thought about it with an opened mind!

        • jorgaone

          Again--did YOU watch the video? She was being "held" by FOUR guns at her head! She just BUMPED the barrier (in the video--it is clearly showed as being SLIGHTLY out of line with the ones on each side) THEN--she paniced; & BACKED UP about a FOOT and BUMPED a police car in the front trying to do a y turn.THEN she hit the gas forward, still going about 6-7 MPH--and a policeman had the time to jump out of her way...she made a sharp right turn, sped around the fountain in a left turn (all in 50 feet) and THEN sped off. ALL FOUR of the "police" were furloughed--and NOT legally there. They should have been under arrest if they followed the law!. They were CIVILIANS at that time! They fired 9 shots at her car before she even got around the fountain! (well within 100 feet)
          I viewed the VIDEO with an open mind SEVERAL TIMES. I think YOU need to have done the same before spouting something stupid...Look at the video for where she ACTUALLY was...

        • ccannon

          Don't the fool cops in D.C. realize you can use a spike strip to stop a car or you can shoot out the tires? This was just out and out murder of a woman who also had a baby in her car. The lousy Democrats have turned Washington into a huge sewage lagoon! They have no morals and no common sense and they are totally corrupt! The people who authorized this killing need to be in jail!

  • Death2Unions

    Sadly, Booboma wasn't In the car with her...would have solved a lot of problems.

  • Howdy Doody Conservative

    well since they want to blame conservatives lets find some recent liberals in the news?

    • Deerinwater

      So the boy in the blue shirt is a democrat is he ~ well that sorry little sh1t!

      I think that perhaps you need to invest more time in your commentary and especially your support.

  • Ritchard

    One thing I have learned from all this is to stay away from the police. A wrong turn, a misunderstood statement, a wrong look, car trouble, or just putting you car in reverse by mistake could get you killed. Congress giving those cops who executed Ms Carey a standing ovation only condones and emboldens this sociopathic behavior; speaks volumes about the members of Congress.

  • Deerinwater

    Having worked as a peace officer and dealt with people, demented., delusional , and criminal minded, i offer you one thing.

    You can't expecting to rationalize insane behavior. ~ It's not required to make sense that you might hope to understand.

    These officers did not want to shot this person, she left them few options.

    But for anyone to attempt to tag blame to anyone other then the victim herself shares some insanity.

  • gepops58

    Once again the mental health care industry has failed and caused some unnecessary deaths in america...when will these control freaks in Washington take a hard look at these problems and put the blame where it belongs rather than trying to legislate this nonsense gun control that will accomplish nothing