Common Core Student Survey Wants Parents' Political Affiliation

Parents of high school students in Montgomery County School District in Maryland were outraged recently by a survey given to sophomores under the new Common Core education standards.

The survey asked numerous intrusive questions that a school has no business asking students.

Among them were questions like "what is your sexual orientation," "what's your religion," "what's your parents' political affiliation" and "should assault rifles be banned?"

Angry parents notified the news website The Blaze about the survey, and shortly after a Blaze reporter began to ask about it, the survey disappeared from the Poolesville High School website.

According to The Blaze story, school officials at first denied such a survey existed, then when they were presented with evidence that it was on a school website, they denied that students were not given the right to opt out. When presented with evidence to the contrary, the district apparently took down the survey. Eventually, the district's public information officer admitted the survey had been on the site, but insisted that it was a student project, not something put together by teachers.

It appears that students presented with the survey had to log in with their usernames to a school support site called Edline, where they filled out the blanks and multiple choice questions on the survey.

In addition to the questions mentioned above, the survey also asked who was to blame for the government shutdown and how students felt about Obamacare. There was also this question: "If President Obama were Caucasian how much more or less criticism do you think he would he receive?"

The school district's line on the survey is that it was created by students in a government class who were studying polls, and that the survey was strictly voluntary. According to parents, however, students in at least one class were told to take out their smart phones, log in to Edline and take the survey. Reportedly, one student who refused was "forced" by the teacher to comply.

The district also maintains that students taking the survey were anonymous, but a system operator who spoke with The Blaze on condition her real name not be used said it would be impossible for students to remain anonymous if they logged in to the Edline system.

At least one parent has claimed to have direct knowledge that the survey was not a voluntary student project but an assignment and that most of the questions were written by one teacher.

This is just the latest in a string of outrages from "Common Core-compliant" schools. The nationwide push for a  uniform curriculum is fast becoming the education system's Obamacare.

Although the federal government is prohibited by law from creating a national curriculum, the Obama Administration has gotten around the law by pawning the job off on the National Governors Association. The NGA in turn pawned off the job on a private firm, which dumped it on the desk of a fellow named David Coleman, who has never been a classroom teacher.

To make things even scarier, Coleman is now the president of the College Board and has promised to rewrite the SAT that most students take to get into college so that it conforms to Common Core. The story in the rumor mill says that the plan is then to have Coleman start writing standards for the nation's colleges.

There is a lot to criticize about the Common Core mold being forced on students, but one of the most pernicious aspects is the gathering of student information. This isn't the first intrusive survey that has surfaced under this program, which is an Obama Administration program, no matter how they try to disguise it.

It won't be the last outrage to come out of this program, either.




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  • hollander

    The loons are in charge of the asylum.

  • Randy Harod

    Where is the ACLJ suing this school like the ACLU did the school over a portrait of Christ?
    We must fight back and make them start paying for violating our rights or trying to indoctrinate our kids instead of teach them properly and well.

  • lokiswife

    "We, the angry people" are refusing to put up with stupid stunts like this. Isn't it strange that when angry people complain and air the problem on the internet, that the guilty parties issue an "oops, we made a mistake, we'll fix it" and take care of the problem? If you see an story like this and post it, put names, website info and phone numbers into the post. Amazing how many angry people will read the story, pick up the phone and give the culprits a piece of their mind - it does hurry up the "oops, we made a mistake" part and gets the problem taken care of. We, the angry people.....

  • John Gallion

    Heil Der Furher!!! Hail the Commisar!!! Long Live the King!!! Blessings to the Dear Leader!!!

  • GinoMachiavelli

    "If President Obama were Caucasian how much more or less criticism do you think he would he receive?"

    Easy. He would never be one.

    • Brenda

      That is a stupid question. What has his color have to do with anything. He is an incompetent, meglomanic, who disregards any rule or law that he considers goes against his agenda. Everyone points the finger at bush, but seriously, is anyone so stupid to believe he would be allowed to get by with this abuse of power.
      I know a lot of you do not like the Tea Party, and mistakenly believe that it originated with the obama election; but, it actually originated under the bush administration because of the excessive spending in DC.

      • GinoMachiavelli

        "He is an incompetent, megalomaniac, who disregards any rule or law that he considers goes against his agenda."

        And how, excuse me, you'd expect a true communist to do otherwise? Why all so surprised?

        Ah yes, lack of reading and there always "A Ball Game on Tee Vee", always.

        • Brenda

          That is not a true communist, it is the discription of a dictator. Furthermore, I do not care for "a ball game on tee vee" nor commits that have nothing to do with the subject.

      • Christi Augustin Smith

        Just making sure...You do realize Gino is quoting a question from the students survey???

        • Brenda

          Yes, I realize that is was a quote, I also realize that it was an attempt at indoctrination. Plant the seed that opposition to obama is the color of his skin in the young and it will grow. Just look around at the number of adults that believe "You don't like him because he is black"/

      • Laurence Almand

        Keep in mind that Bush himself was nothing more than an incompetent inheritor who rode on his father's coattails - and was also a corporate pawn who tried to eliminate health standards.

        • Brenda

          And what does bush have to do with this conversation, other than your fixation on blaming him for all ills. Not to mention, the falicies of one does not excuse the facicies of the other. Bush had his faults, but obama has just as many if not more. At least I cannot recall any instance when bush wanted to be a dictator.

    • LisaCBrown

      If he were Caucasian, then criticism of his policies would actually be taken as such... & NOT called racist every. single. time.

      • GinoMachiavelli

        Actually, he'd get any criticism at all, because he'd never become a POTUS and no one would have heard of him.

        He'd be a "typical white person" moonbat...

    • Christi Augustin Smith

      That's a funny question...he is more "Caucasian" than any other race.

    • Dead_Right

      "The world has already had it's Idi Amin."

    • K.Hope

      Personally I could care less what race/color he is. I care most about what comes out of his mouth, his mind, and his heart. (The jury is still out as to which he really even has the latter.) Quite frankly I really wanted to like him, even though I didn't vote for him. So far, I haven't heard anything he's said or observed anything he's done that would make me feel that way. I have gotten to the point that I have less than ZERO respect for him; he has denigrated the office of POTUS to a level that is disgusting; he has lied more times than can be counted, starting with his oath to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States"; and it has become clear that his main agenda is to destroy this country as we knew it. What I find amazing is how many people in this country are totally blind to what he's doing! What a bunch of sheep our country has become!

  • Todd

    If you quote a story it would be nice to have the link to the story so someone can follow up on the original source. here is the link:

  • Brenda

    Every parent in every state that uses Common Core should have it taken out of their schools. This is not education, but indoctrination. Stop, and think, why would a school want to know personal information about your family?

    • K.Hope

      No reason that could be good, I assure you. It would only be used against you in more ways than you know.

  • Randy131

    Welcome to the USA's version of Nazi Germany, Red China, and the old USSR! This is about taking control of the American people through their children and instituting dossiers on families. What would these dossiers be used for, one could only imagine, for we know what dossiers were used for in Nazi Germany, Red China, and the old USSR. The American people have been allowing Obama and the Democrats to make Obama's promised 'CHANGE' to the USA, which is a step in the direction of Socialism at first, and eventually into Communism once the US Constitution has been made irrelevant, or at least parts of it, such as the 1st & 2nd Amendments, by the institution of no-free-speech zones by government agencies, and Obamacare forcing the violation of peoples religious beliefs and their attempt to live by those beliefs. 'CHANGE' always starts by the first step, but is also always followed by many more, until it is too late to step back or go in a different direction. The problem that complacency entails on those who are guilty of it, is that once they regret what they allowed, it's too late to do anything about it, for by then it had went to far to be reversed. This is what is happening to our educational system and to our most precious assets, our children, and this incident in this article proves that we have reached the point where if nothing is done by the parents to take back their children's educational system from the federal government, it will be too late to save the USA and the future that we leave to our children as their heritage. Americans better wake up and do something 'NOW', or it will be too late.

  • oleinwi

    This is only the beginning. Between Obamacare and Common Core..welcome to end of Democracy and the Republic as we know it. "I will fundamentally transform this nation..." - BO

  • tnetcenter

    The COMMONunist CORE curriculum is straight out of the Socialist play book that Obama is using to destroy the country!

    • Florence Smith

      I really don't think you are correctly informed about Common Core. It is a set of standards such as finding the main idea or deciding what a word means in context. I would challenge you to quote me one statement that is communist from it. As a teacher of struggling students in grades K-8, I use it and it is an excellent set of standards that has much potential for improving the education of many students.

      • mechmorph

        The entire concept is Marxist. Instead of adapting education to children's individual learning styles, it crams them into a Procrustean mold built around passing pointless tests, all designed to produce unthinking workers who don't question government. Dr. Alison Rampersad, a Co-Chair of Eye on U.S. Education, pointed out earlier this year that Common Core 1) dumbs down all levels of education, 2) takes aways states' and local boards' rights to design their own curriculume, and 3) includes a 400-point data-mining paradigm that includes gathering information from students such as their parents' political affiliation. Looks like she was right.

        • Al Andy

          We evaluated new schools for our son. He was in 3rd grade, but attended 4th grade math and 5th grade reading classes, making As. The school placed the students in classes that met their abilities.

          The public schools said that in the next year he would need to attend 4th grade math class (and there would be a lot of 4th grade homework to complete) and the standards for what are taught are very much fixed. Of course he would be allowed to acquire 5th grade material after class if he wished. Additionally he would attend 4th grade reading class. It was all part of ensuing that all students are taught equally. Treating all students fairly.

          Now I understood the value of this new way of thought. This idea that each person be treated equally independent of their ability, previous effort and achievement. Now I understand that it would be unfair to give this child more education than he deserved based on the fixed set of standards.
          It would be a waste of money to give that student instruction that was well ahead. The standard specifies exactly what every child needs and going beyond that should not be done at the expense of the state.

          Having separate levels for groups of students at each grade, would cost more to have multiple levels for each grade rather than a simple straight forward fixed set of standards.

          Unfortunately, my wife does not have the same level of understanding, and won the argument for a private school, where our son is now different than other many other students. He is now in 7th grade and last year completed High School Algebra I, and is now at 94% GPA in High School Geometry. He also is in the highest level of the leveled English class, and writers lab.

          Possibly if he were at the other school he would have do the same amount of home work and he would be (as stated in the Common Core
          Standard) after this year “… having completed 7th grade and mastered the content and skills through the 7th grade will be well-prepared for algebra in grade 8.”

          Now if we change schools it will even be harder to find a school to teach Trig/Algebra II in 8th grade, and Calculus I in Freshman year. Where will we ever find a school that provides 4 years of AP courses of highly advanced math through all 4 years of high school? Possibly this was a bad choice.

          At this time I am confused. Is it better to have the child challenged with other highly skilled kids to higher levels than the other kids. Or am I correct that he be treated exactly like the other kids so that everyone gets exactly the same instruction.

          Is it communist though, in which everyone is treated very equally independent of ability, achievement and and effort. If it is what is the harm? Why not have everyone at the exact same level. It would certainly be cheaper to teach exactly the same thing at exactly the same
          grade levels.

          With one philosophy, people are stressed to work harder, longer hours and to more to place themselves differently with greater rewards. It can be very difficult for these people and when they meet those difficulties they get more rewards.

          The second philosophy people are not stressed and maybe are more healthy. In order to achieve this higher state of happiness, we need to eliminate rewards for achievement beyond that of the norm. We need to provide everyone with exactly the same goods as predetermined being needed for their happiness. This will eliminate striving and infighting among the people and everyone will be happier.

        • Dead_Right

          You have got to be kidding.
          My happiness is distinctly different from everyone else's. For me to achieve happiness, I am driven and like it. To be held back and told to relax would just cause all of that drive to pop out in some other place, perhaps the worst and least productive.
          School and I never got along. I am a kinesthetic learner with a high IQ.
          This is communism, to promise "happiness" while delivering the lowest common denominated definition of happiness.
          Let each pursue happiness. That is freedom. Any controls after that is tyranny.

        • Al Andy

          If we adopt the second philosophy, then maybe we could apply it to more than just school.
          In the second approach, everyone gets the exact education. Each grade has a well defined exacting measure and by having these standards controlled by the state everyone is treated fairly. (Common Core). After all why should someone smart be getting extra services when they are already ahead. Simply have one level and every on gets exactly the same thing.

          Since this works well for education we should also apply it to jobs and products as well. Think of the savings society could achieve if all products are exactly the same. For example if everyone received the exact same automobile, then society could reduce the cost of all the competing automobiles. Additionally the stress reduction would be enormous if the designer knew that there was going to be no competing product, so the product being designed would be good enough (by definition). In fact the state could decide the car design needed to meet the needs of all people. That way it would be completely fair and measurable.

          I can see no reason why these Common Core concepts are so bad. We just simply need to promote them to more of our society.

        • Dead_Right

          Volks Wagen...
          Der Peoples car!

          The wickedness involved here is the "Johnny is perfect" mentality.
          By making the underperformers "special" we make all achievement worthless.
          Communism; lowering the standards for all, reducing all to the same bottom rung. Oh, and then just killing them because they are "useless eaters".

        • K.Hope

          Right on!!!

        • K.Hope

          I will say it a little more clearly than I did before. You are an idiot, and the way you think is what will bring this country to its knees. Our freedoms go out the window when everyone is "the same". H-E-L-L-O!!! We are NOT all the same. The cream always rises to the top, and it always will. Obviously you are not the cream, and I find it sad that your son has a parent that will more than likely keep him from rising to the top, simply because you don't think it's "fair". That poor kid!

        • K.Hope

          So you think it's better to keep your son at a level that is beneath him intellectually because it isn't "fair"? I don't understand your "confusion". This kid, if kept at a lower level than his ability, will be so freakin' BORED in that class. I knew how to read before entering kindergarten. Well, as we all know, they don't teach reading until 1st grade, so pretty much what I did for most of that year was get into trouble. I wanted to learn more! I couldn't go into first grade until the following year because my birthday is in late December. Later, in around 5th grade, I was a candidate to be skipped into the next grade, because, once again, I was bored because I wasn't being challenged enough. My parents made the unfortunate mistake of telling me that, so i got cocky and started goofing off in school. To my own disadvantage, the "skipping" possibility went away because my grades were slipping. My point is, it isn't "FAIR" to keep a smart kid back when they should go ahead to their level of learning. A child prodigy isn't kept in grade school if they have advanced college learning ability. THAT would not only unfair, but STUPID! I believe this Common Core BS is part of the Intentional Dumbing Down of America. Let's keep everyone at the same level because it's "fair". That, my friend IS communism whether you like it or not. What comes next is that everyone should be making the same amount of money, because it isn't fair that one person is making more, even if they worked their butt of to do it, and they're smarter than the "average" person. This thinking will turn EVERYONE'S MIND TO MUSH! This is exactly what the government wants, so that when they try to take us over in EVERY way possible, we won't resist because we'll be too stupid to know any better! Wake UP! Life isn't FAIR (at least, not YOUR definition) all the time!

        • Florence Smith

          You say the Common Core Standards will produce "unthinking workers." I think you have not read the Common Core Standards. They start with verbs like "Compare and Contrast," "Analyze," "Evaluate," etc. There is a lot of thinking going on in the Common Core Standards.
          I would disagree with all of Dr. Rampersad's points. It does not dumb down all levels of education. Having read previous standards and the Common Core Standards I can see much more critical thinking and analyzing of reading selections going on in the Common Core Standards. The Fordham Institute (a right leaning organization) evaluated all states' past standards with the new Common Core. There were only 3 (including DC) states who had had higher standards. That means that there are 48 states who have improved their standards or have similar standards. They found that 33 states had both their language and math standards improved by using the Common Core standards.
          It is totally false that states' and local boards' will have their rights to design their own curriculum taken away. People are confusing standards and curriculum. The Common Core is standards. The curriculum is decided by the local authorities. They can purchase published materials (over 100 publishers have Common Core material available) or they can make up their own curriculum.

      • Dead_Right

        So far from the content of your posts...
        You seem to be a truly gullible person that simply obeys government because it makes you feel more secure to have other people guide you through all of life's decisions. As a teacher you ought to know exactly why your students struggle and how to lead them to educational victory. otherwise you merely baby-sit them, not having helped one of them to become and independent thinker.
        So you are part of the goal and problem. Educate yourself on world history, the implementation of Marxism, and its subsequent failures. Then you will be able to understand the posts made here about the threat of tyranny through education.
        You ought to be reviewing past history standards and asking why common core leaves out the best of our founding and replaces it with simplistic drivel.

        • Florence Smith

          The Common Core Standards published so far are Language Arts and Math, so I am unsure why you think these should include "the best of our founding." However, the Language Arts standards do have students reading seventeenth-, eighteenth-, and nineteenth-century foundational U. S. documents of historical and literary significance including The Declaration of Independence, the Preamble to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address. (RI.12.9) I would challenge you to find one standard in the Common Core that is Marxist. I have offered money to individuals who could back up their claim that the standards were communistic, Marxist, or racist. So far no one has been able to find a single standard to back up these (what to me is outlandish) claims.
          I teach Title I students, so that is why I say I have struggling students. They have to be in danger of failing or have scores that are below 35% on a test like the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. Most of them do make progress, but many have situations that make it hard for them to be successful (come to school without speaking English, have no reading material in the home, parents see no need for them to try in school)
          I think if you read through the Common Core Standards you will not see it as "drivel." It has some good phonics standards that many other standards did not have. There is a lot of critical thinking being done in all grade levels. I teach K-8 so I have worked with my state's (Arizona) previous standards and I feel my students will have more change of becoming successful with these new standards. They have been put together with the best of many inputs.

        • Dead_Right

          Sorry, but it is left wing propaganda filled with politically left offerings. the democrat party has had the cancer of the communist party USA within them for over 30 years.
          You talk about critical thinking and yet you seem most trapped by common core, which does not encourage critical thinking. but rather "learn to the test" learning models.
          I am concerned for these kids. They know enough to work, pay taxes and vote but not enough to go out and become the best they can be. Can you envision even one of them as being more valuable than that?
          Think Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, et al, for them all. Spark their interest, find out their dreams push them beyond what even you think they are able!
          Unless of course the curriculum prevents you....

  • $12994363

    I've been saying it for DECADES: Tear down the schools, fire all the teachers, do away with tenure, and cut off ALL public funding for schools.
    Let parents and communities create their own school districts and THEY hire and fire teachers, based on the education given and the results of proper testing.
    It worked fine, especially the National Testing that made sure that parents knew exactly where their kid stood when compared to a cross-section of American students in the same grade level.
    Now NO ONE has any idea of how or what their kid is learning. Until it's too late to block their indoctrination, that is.

  • loran

    The assault by the left is unidirectional. Hold on to your butts people.

  • John Williams

    There will never be enough money for schools or a public education system that is capable of providing a proper education until the following is done. First: eliminate the Department of Education, it provides nothing more than a conduit for social engineering by whichever party is in power in D.C.. Seconded: eliminate teacher unions, they are counter productive to the education of our children and are there for the benefit of the teachers not the students. Third: eliminate teacher tenure, any and all job retention or pay raises should be based on merit as it is with other vocations. Hire based on merit and job performance and then PAY A GOOD TEACHER ACCORDINGLY, you will then get the desired results.

    • londontubes

      Sounds like the way it used to be in the "good old days".

    • satelliter

      About the unions..."are there for the benefit of the teachers" ...should read "are there for the benefit of themselves".

  • William Richardson

    Why is it that EVERYTHING that involves liberals also involves the Alimentary Canal Assaulters? They could be giving you directions to the interstate and somehow attach it to the homos. Sick, sick people.

  • [email protected]

    Commie Core

  • tagdogs

    Do what I have done--take your kids out of public school and send them to a good private or parochial school.

    • londontubes

      Or home school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Florence Smith

    There is nothing in the Common Core Standards that asks for information gathering on students. When information gathering happens I don't think we should make the connection that it is Common Core's fault. The article itself points out that this was the brainchild of one teacher.

    • Mitchina

      Yes, but Core is just one more layer to obscure the lines of responsibility and just another tool the Alinsky teams uses to further their cause.

      • Florence Smith

        The "Alinsky team" had nothing to do with the creation of the Common Core Standards. The Common Core Standards were initiated by the states and their governors. Read any state's introduction to Common Core and you will see things like "Developing the new standards has been a state-led initiative, with states voluntarily choosing to raise the bar for students." (Illinois) "...written and developed by professional educators and education experts from across the United States and agreed upon in 2010 through a state led initiative by the National Governor's Association..." (Florida) "...a state led effort...The initiative was launched by state leaders through their membership in the Council of Chief State School Officers...and the National Governors Association...The process used to write the standards was designed to ensure that the standards were informed by the best standards among states and around the globe; the experience of teachers, content experts, states and feedback from the general public." (Alabama) Please get a copy of the standards and read them for yourself, because you are being very misinformed.

        • mechmorph

          Yes, we're being misinformed by the likes of you. Common Core originated at the federal level. The Governors Association was used for cover of this illegal activity, and the states "volunteered" because the Department of Education first bribed them with grants for adopting the program, then when that didn't get everyone on board, they threatened to remove federal funding. How could Common Core be "led" by individual states if they've all adopted it? See that? That's called critical thinking. It's not on the agenda of the Common Core curriculum.

        • Florence Smith

          Governor Huckabee a few weeks ago stated on his program how he and other governors had brought up the need for such a program to the National Governors Association. I have personally called the National Governors Association to check out the beginnings of the Common Core Standards, because of the misinformation going around on many conservative websites. They state the federal government was not involved. Please call them yourself to check it out. Achieve has stated that no federal money was used in the developing of Common Core. States sent teachers, standards' experts, etc. to work on it. There were four drafts that were sent out for states to check, and two drafts went out to the general public. There were 10,000 comments received from which changes were made. As a conservative who has relied on conservative sites for truthful news, I am disappointed in the way the Common Core has been reported on. There seem to be few people who have read it as I have, but many people who are passing on untrue information.

        • Mitchina

          Under U.S. Constitution, the federal government could not set a national
          curriculum. Did this ever stop Obama and ilk? Nope. At the demand of THIS current administration, our federal government via blackmail tactics pushed this by withholding federal funds from opting out, the gvt once again is the dictator of yet another massive sector and controls the content taught in every school. It also secured the No Child Left Behind waiver (NeoCon Bush) as well. Much of CCSS was unknown at the time, you know, the typical "pass it to know what's in it" mentality. Because had it been transparent it would have NEVER been approved by MOST govenors... well, at least none of the conservative ones.

          No, that doesn't sound Alinskyish to me AT ALL. Then add in the main characters; Obama and his appointee Arne Duncan (chastised South Carolinians for even considering withdrawing), Bob McDonnell, Rick Perry (R), Mike Pence (R), Louisiana (R), Alabama (R 2010), are all against it. Even more states failed earlier this year in Kansas (R), Missouri, Alabama, and South Carolina (R) to stop it. More bills are expected to pop up in legislatures in 2014.

          If you don't know, and most of us do, the educational system is
          systemically liberal, hard liberal at all levels so when I heard the Council of
          Chief State School Officers (which the Gates Foundation - one of the
          many uniquely unsuccessful results of the hundreds of millions of Gates
          Foundation favorites (closet guilty white liberal) spent on advancing K-12 “reforms” in America - has awarded more than $35 million since Jan 2008 - the dawn of the Obama era) my instinct to presume they were mostly progressive liberals and republican neocon sheep was spot on. More Gates money went to Like Achieve, Inc. and the Fordham Institute, the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education were all funded for their standards work for the CCSS. Who are these people?

          Now who exactly is NGA? HA! Glad you didn't ask because now I can school you. Let me ask you, why would the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and the Innovation America Activities have to grant money to print the material for the NGA? Um because it really isn't an organization made up and run by just governors.

          The Executive Director of the NGA is Dan Crippen, a Washington policy
          bureaucrat who was director of the Congressional Budget Office from 1999 to 2002. The Director of the NGA Center for Best Practices is David Moore, formerly of the Congressional Budget Office. The Director of the Education Division is Richard Laine. And who supports the NGA? Well several other individuals and groups besides Innovation America Activities; The Pew Center of States, The Pew Charitable Trust and TONS of people ("contributors") that provides governors and their senior staff members with services that range from representing states on Capitol Hill and before the Administration on key federal issues to developing and implementing innovative solutions to public policy challenges through the NGA Center for Best Practices. Sounds like agenda driven Lobbyists to me.

          Have you done the research on them? Dr. Craig R. Barrett, Chairman of the Board, Intel Corporation, Dr. G. Wayne Clough, President, Georgia Institute of Technology, Dr. Michael M. Crow, President, Arizona State University, Jamie Dimon, CEO, JPMorganChase, Charles O. Holliday, Jr., Chairman and CEO, DuPont, Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, President, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Dr. Judith A. Ramaley, President, Winona State University, Dr. Mary Spangler, Chancellor, Houston Community College, John Thompson, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Symantec, Kevin Turner, COO, Microsoft, Margaret C. Whitman, President and CEO,

          So tell me Florence, can you be certain and make that claim that Alinsky
          ideology did NOT have EVERYTHING to do with this?

        • Christy

          No Flo you are wrong!. Common core has socialist Bill Gates and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers all over it. It's designed for 45-50% of the kids to fail. Our good friend, a teachers union atty., hates it. When you have die-hard liberals opposing, you know it bad!!

    • mechmorph

      On the contrary, the Common Core program includes extensive data mining of students' personal information and that of their families. It's all "harmless" until someone starts correlating and forwarding select individuals' information to child authorities, a la the IRS's program to get conservative groups.

  • Mitchina

    My son's middle school has a new system as well called Edmodo... who the hell is the freaking Ed that keeps reaching into out lives?

  • Lummi

    Most education associations, i.e. "unions", are nothing more than thinly-disguised propaganda and fund raising arms of the Democratic Party, primarily controlled by ultra-leftists. They see it as their solemn duty to use any means at their disposal to indoctrinate students into their "brave new world" mindset. Anyone familiar with 20th Century history will recognize this the as same process that was used in totalitarian systems like Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Cuba, and East Germany. Parents had better wake up to the realization that the schools now have more control and influence over the raising of their children than they do.

  • Laurence Almand

    Such "surveys" are intrusive and a direction violation of privacy and confidentiality. Question: Just WHAT did the school intend to do with the informtion it gathered? The school administrators who even thought of such a survey should be dismissed.

  • Mary Butler

    I am a teacher that understands and dislikes Common Core, and I do not know of any teacher that likes the program. It is another example of BIG GOVERMENT taking over more of our lives. We do not need a Department of Education at the federal level, because states know their educational needs better than Washington. States may disagree with what the federal government mandates to them, but they will do whatever they have to for federal money. Common Core and many many programs get into our educational system in this manner. Doesn't this sound like the way big government is trying to take away our freedoms? Citizens of this country better wake up and stop big government, which needs to begin within our educational system. I would advise every parent ( without any kind of government help) to enroll their children in private schools. These institutions do not follow government mandates and can teach academic subjects in a moral and disciplined manner.Maybe that is why many of our highest achievers come from private schools at every level. Isn't it strange that Obama's children do not attend public schools?
    Today's youth do not see a need for education or work when big government will take care of their every need. Hard-working and educated taxpayers are tired of big government forcing us to pay for this type of dependency on the government. Our present administration wants complete control of every aspect of our lives. I am glad that I was educated at a time when government wasn't trying to destroy this great nation. I still fight the system and try to teach children in a way that will help them to keep our liberties and preserve this great nation.

    • Laurence Almand

      Mary - Good for you! I just wish there were more teachers in the establishment who possessed your intelligence, courage, and integrity. Many teachers are like other Big Brother Government employees - they just do as they are dictated to, so long as they get their paychecks.

    • CharlieFromMass

      Speaking as someone who used to teach (business) and still subs once in awhile, I'm glad to see that someone else is saying "no."

      I can say, based on your comments, that you're not alone. Most of the teachers I know- even the very liberal- the kind of people most people who read these columns dread- are dead-set against Common Core. As I've said a million times, when conservatives and liberals are opposed to one idea for largely the same reasons, you know it's a bad one.

      What do you teach?

  • Scott Garland

    say no.

  • Phil

    Stop the Commies NOW! It's right in our faces America WAKE UP!

  • Laurence Almand

    Another example of Big Brother control and programming. Read the good book BRAINWASHED to learn how college students are being programmed according to the Socialist agenda.

    • CharlieFromMass

      That book has been on my "read" list for a while. I've heard some very good things about it from conservatives and the occasonial thoughtful or intellectually-honest liberal (they do exist, really! They're just very rare) I've talk to who have read it.

  • CharlieFromMass

    This is very scary. Then again, Maryland, from what I've seen, has never exactly been a great defender of civil rights, so I suppose we should expect no different here.

    Bottom line: Common Core needs to be stopped.

  • madgrandma

    did anyone get a screen save of the actual survey?... it could be very useful...