If President Obama 'Didn’t Know,' then Who's Running the Government?

President Obama will not take the blame for anything his administration does. Of course, he’s the first to take credit even when there’s no credit to take.

How many times have we heard President Obama tell the American people that he was unaware of what’s been going on? He didn’t know about Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, spying on journalists, Benghazi, NSA spying on foreign leaders, or that people could lose their insurance once the so-called Affordable Care Act kicked in.

Even the liberal media are beginning to grow anxious that their political messiah is turning out to be a fraud. Here’s an example from Chris Cillizza who writes for the liberal Washington Post:

“In response to reports that the National Security Agency had spied on world leaders — including Germany’s Angela Merkel – the response from the White House was a now-familiar one: President Obama didn’t know about it.

“NSA chief Keith Alexander ‘did not discuss with President Obama in 2010 an alleged foreign intelligence operation involving German Chancellor Merkel, nor has he ever discussed alleged operations involving Chancellor Merkel,’ said a spokeswoman for the agency. ‘News reports claiming otherwise are not true.’”

A similar “the President didn’t know” strategy was raised by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

If the President didn’t know about his own policies, then who is running the government and by whose authority? Is there a government within the government?

I would like to ask President Obama who actually wrote the Affordable Care Act. The same question needs to be asked of every member of the Senate and House of Representatives who voted for what is now known as Obama (lack of) Care.

We know that Nancy Pelosi never read the Act she voted for. Her response has become six seconds of liberalism stripped naked: “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.”

So if our elected government representatives don’t know what they voted for because they did not write the bill, then who did? Who’s really running the government?

Jennifer Rubin also wants to know if the President knows that

  • His is the weakest economic “recovery” since the Great Depression.
  • The top 10 percent of taxpayers account for 70 percent of the income tax paid.
  • The Iranian breakout time for a nuclear weapons capability is now as short as a month and new sites are still being announced.
  • He did not “end” wars in the Middle East. Sectarian violence is mounting in both Iraq and Libya.
  • Millions of people may eventually be dropped by their current health-care insurance plan, dwarfing the number who have signed up for Obamacare.
  • Our allies in the Middle East — virtually all of them — are shaken by U.S. timidity.

I have to agree with Rush Limbaugh. The reason Obama doesn’t know is that he doesn’t care. He has it in for America while he and his family live off of America’s largesse that is rapidly being depleted by his purposeful destructive policies.



  • Monte R Stamper


    • jb80538

      Don't forget..."You're racist"

      • podunk1

        The prime issue is oath, duty, responsibility, and culpability. Obama is responsible for whatever happens in his organization. He hired progressive Marxists to destroy the Constitution and the USA. They're cunning, like at the finish line before the race starts. What a person says is like a promise. What they do is what must be judged, good bad or whatever. Lying in an office of trust is cause for impeachment!

        Obama doesn't mind being called an idiot, because every time he says he "doesn't know anything about it", the progressive republican establishment changes the subject to incompetence instead of Constitutional violations, sedition, theft, usurpation of power, and various criminal activities. After 5 years of $7 trillion debt spending with no proper budget and criminal scandals one after another... Obama hasn't been held accountable for anything, and his staff continues a legacy of mega-lawlessness!

        Bottom line, I don't think progressive democrats & progressive rinos are that stupid. They're busy gutting the Constitution and finishing the exodus of productive infrastructure. Are they getting ready to take over with Chinese communist style kennel factories & a Mau style motivator to crank up the production lines & give the peons a chance to work or live in a rice paddy.

        • jb80538

          So they ALL should be tried and convicted and possibly executed for being complicit in the crimes against America!

        • podunk1

          ALL would be ANY properly charged and convicted according to Amendments 4, 5, & 6. If citizens are jailed for lying to congress or the courts, the same or greater penalty must apply to government officials who lie to citizens.

          Millions died or sacrificed greatly creating and defending the Constitution. An equal or greater penalty must apply to officials who undermine to outright act to destroy the Constitution and country. Any lawyer would know changing the Constitution requires a properly ratified amendment. They also know what treason is!

          Everywhere one looks, one finds "progressive soldiers" dismantling and desecrating the Constitution and freedom. Is it any different now, than when they progress to burning our cities, raping our women, and blowing up innocent citizens just for the hell of it?

          "Greater" penalty is earned by those in positions of honor and trust who dishonor and desecrate that which they swore to protect. A good example is Holder, a maggot who uses his position of law enforcement to foment and protect lawlessness.

    • real talk 1

      Oh well now what?

    • philipsquires

      Obama is starting to sound like Sgt. Schultz. "I know nothing!!!!!!!!"

  • mark

    ok, the facts are evident:

    1. BO is an absolute LIAR.

    therefore, there doesn't seem to rehashing his old rhetoric proving he is a liar.

    we need to formulate a strategy on how to remove him and throw his corrupt behind in the big house and out of the white house.

    any ideas? can't ask congress for help, they're cowards, ignoramuses, and frauds.

    we need a leader, someone with Mr. DeMar or Mr. Savage's brains, who can see right through it, knows their history, and won't be dissuaded by fear, money or man. Gary, please start thinking on how this impostor can be removed, or should we pray even more?

    • Karll

      Hearings and subpoenas until somebody high up cracks and becomes a whistle blower.

    • real talk 1

      What we need is to prepare for civil war all else is behind us the liberals had fifty plus years while the republicans were off playing golf the liberals are ready to kick the conservatives from office for good ,And they are also ready to turn your own children against you in time of war after all you have been ordered to pay for their health care and they have food stamps they really could careless if ordered by Obama to take you into custody if you don't conform .

      • Wrighton63

        They are trying to pass "COMMON CORE " it is said to be loaded with socialist theories, to try to sway young children away from traditional values. It also praises Islam, and their values. They are planning a total take over of this country.Excuse my spelling please.

    • RatedBestComment

      Well, don't they say the scum rises to the top?

  • carlton goodson

    Pelosi was hidding it from him. Duh! Oh whate bush did it.

  • Lowell Mahler

    In a word.......Satan!

    • real talk 1

      You're right but he gets up every day and dress up like the preachers on sunday morning and he wears his disguise well.

      • $ocrate$69

        The god of "light!" It's scriptural!

    • $ocrate$69

      Very close relationship, I'm sure! Almost End Times talking!

  • Ted Crawford

    It's indeed possible that he didn't and doesn't know. Valerie and Michelle probably don't tell him very much. With good reason , whenever thay do tell him, he still doesn't understand it!

    • real talk 1

      Either way he gets away with playing the fool that he is.

  • Annette Rose Giesbrecht

    Oh he knows all right. He just wants to blame everyone else for his failures.

    • real talk 1

      No failures just none commited.

    • fatman45

      It's not a failure if failing was the plan all along!

  • yennikcm

    Clearly.....Jabba the Jarrett is running the Show......

  • Macjamm

    Is there a government within the government?
    Does a bear sit in the woods (!YES!)
    “We have to Destroy the Country so you can find out what we are going to get.”
    Now lets play some golf.

  • Wrighton63

    He has the media backing him. That's all he needs for the uninformed voters to drink the kool-aid

  • Gaines Bruce

    There are more than likely a few former federal employees out there involved in writing the law that are now doing consulting work to tell us what it says for say about $1000 an hour.

  • Strawberry

    I have ASKED so many people, whom I thought should know - governors, newscasters, national well-known figures - but alas NO ONE answered as to who actually put pen to paper AND wrote obamacare... "it just appeared, like a stray dog"... somebody had it before it appeared at my house, BUT no one has stepped forward to claim... (maybe aliens from outer space, makes for a good theory...) just sayin' nobody knows????

  • http://wp-admin.info John Mauldin

    Obama was "out to lunch" when he stepped into office. Instead of focusing on the matters at hand, like employment, etc., he threw money at big banks and special interests that would further his campaign. And he obsessed about Healthcare for those who did not have it. Already, with the time and money already spent on Ocare, they could have given the health care for free to those who did not have it. And it is obvious that if those who "couldn't afford it" before all this, they aren't any closer to affording it now. So what was all this about? The ruination of our health care system and another move toward cementing the dictatorship he has created. He is still clueless! When does all this end? .

    • John Beam

      He isn't clueless. He's deconstructing the United States as he's being instructed to do by his communist overlords. We're witnessing The Manchurian Candidate in real life.

      • http://wp-admin.info John Mauldin

        I suppose the "clueless" statement was more tongue in cheek as I totally agree with you.

        • John Beam

          To answer your question as to when it all ends; it either doesn't, and the powers-that-be end up making the US like the rest of the world, or someone "high up" in the chain of command grows a spine and a conscience, and blows the whistle on the whole diabolical scheme. The Egyptians are seemingly on the road to sanity (hence, Obama has stopped sending money to them), and nobody saw that coming, so perhaps it can happen here.

      • Pendy1

        See "The Manchurian President", by Aaron Klein

      • RatedBestComment

        SO, he is a SLAVE afterall. NO wonder they are called progressives. It's PROGRESS!

        • John Beam

          Born free, chose to be a slave, thanks to his communist up-bringing. He does hold the most powerful office on earth, but he'd be utterly lost without those telling him what to say and do. That is why he spends so much time vacationing, fooling around on the golf course, and campaign-stopping. Truth be told, he really hates presiding over anything. He just wants the adoration.

  • real talk 1

    Does it look like any body is running Washington last I heard nobody knows who is so nobody is at fault.?

  • DWinch

    You can only expect so much from a politician who only voted "present" his whole short career as a senator.

  • Bill Catering

    What does he know about? Liar!

  • Wrighton63

    Maybe he is just the dumbest president ever, we will never know. All his records for school, birth, etc. were sealed, remember. He was not vetted by the Press or anyone.

    • John Beam

      Yes, he's president of the United States, and yet nobody REALLY knows who he is or why so many people want to continue carrying him. Ironically, those who support him the most really know who he is the LEAST. No other president has been such an enigma.

      I will never understand why so many in the media are comfortable to be so solidly behind (or rather UNDERNEATH) this guy, unless they are also brainwashed Alinskyites as he is. All I know is that had a Republican administration been as completely incompetent in all areas of domestic and international policies as this one as been, he certainly wouldn't have won a second term, and he'd probably have been impeached before he ended his first.

      • Wrighton63

        Perhaps Obama's people have dug up dirt on key people by using the NSA as spies to black mail these key people. Perhaps the head of NBC, CBS, ABC, etc. He apparently got the goods on General Petrious and the Marine General who resigned by using their affairs. Several Generals and other high ranking officers have lost their jobs recently. Justice Roberts surprised everyone with the ruling on Obama care, when the general consensus was that this Affordable Care Act was unconstitunal.

  • jaxtom

    "who's on first?"

    • $ocrate$69

      Nobody, King O hit a grand slam to clean the bases for his cousins in the sands of the Middle East!

  • mbpalapa2000

    r u all dumb and stupid, Valerie Jarrett is the capt of this ship

    • jaxtom

      til Hillary offs her...

      • mbpalapa2000

        or gets some one to do so

  • Wayne

    Jarrett and Soros are in charge.

  • regulus30

    and the answer is;;;;;;;;;;;;;;george soros and valerie jarrett

  • mbpalapa2000

    I don't know about you troops but I think we have a new "over the rainbow" cast! this is OZ isn't it?


    The weakness of the BO Unaffordable HC Scam is coming to full light, it is monumental and will damage this nation and it future as no other bloodsucking entitlement could. The policies of this horrendous C- administration of academic failures, communist and socialist have tried to make their agenda of transformation and malicious intent a success at anyone's but their own expense, wanting only to claim any credit but shedding all blame...the seams are tearing, the smell ripening and the end is now in sight but the fight to remove the left and their supporters is going to be a a nasty down in the dirt battle.....The left has little left to use, some of the indicators is the increase of another billion rounds of ammo for DHS and the badgering of our ranking military people to reshape it's loyalty...I look to see a administration attempt to instill martial law, maybe this time the MSM won't be their friend....

    • Hoodoo H

      Yes. And, that completely explains why he is firing many high ranking officers in the Military.

    • John Beam

      It's possible. The media helped create him, so I suppose that they can destroy him too. The problem with that is they've committed too much of their time and effort to simply turn their interests away from what Obama is doing. His agenda is their agenda. Also, there is a sizable number of people who still believe that he dwarfs all of the presidents combined in his utter greatness, and they won't stand for anybody "dissing" the man. Whatever happens, it's going to be a very messy result.

  • barb patton

    The latte one is actually the VILLAGE IDIOT dressed up in the drag costume of a man's suit. He really knows nothing because he is the fool and idiot that is supposed to be a "president"

    • Karll

      Nobody can parrot leftist dogma like resident 0. He knows that "Rules for Radicals" playbook like the back of his hand.

    • $ocrate$69

      Fools & Idiots are the ones who start the wars! He's fighting for the other side! Just ask Assad, Amahdinejad, Faisel, the other Hussein, et al!

  • $ocrate$69

    Oh, I have always thought it was King Abdul and his 72 virgins. Only Hussein Obama, of all our presidents, would assign his authority over to his Allah! Even Kennedy didn't sign over to the Pope!

  • djw663

    Obama allows all his minions to do his bidding and take the blame; plausible deniability! The only problem is that he looks like a complete moron to the world because he doesn't know anything about what is going on in the country he is supposed to be running. We all said that Obama was leading from behind.

  • mbpalapa2000

    Charles Krauthammer might say "narcissistic megalomaniac" along with Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot

  • Proudamerican

    george soros is the one pulling the strings because it's HIS money that goes to the dem/libs/commies!

  • Denise


  • rockyvnvmc

    This traitorous Puppet needs to be not only Removed from the Office that he has Unconstitutionally Usurped (with Help from Both sides of the political spectrum), but Punished, for his plethora of Crimes against the Constitution and the American People.
    This will all begin with the Appeal of Obama's Eligibility, to the Alabama State Supreme Court, scheduled to be heard, later this session.

  • grandaddy

    you ask for it you got it at least 52 percent of the people God help us

  • JoyceA

    Who runs the goverment instead of Obama, the muslim brotherhood!

  • anestat

    Obama is a serial LIAR. He either lies or blames someone else.

    • Abinadi


  • Chuck

    I know I am being repetitive, but the Kenyon Keystone Kop is nothing but a stooge, a prop, a puppet for Valerie Jarrett and George Soros. They crank up his teleprompter and send him off to do their nation destructive bidding. He is too stupid to run a lemonade stand, is a socialist, a Muslim and a raciest. . A review of his academic records, which he will not reveal, would confirm his stupidity. We all know from what has happened that he flunked Econ 101. His election, twice, only shows that liberals are suffering from a severe mental disease--aided and abetted by racially guilty RINO's. MLK must be turning over in his grave. Get your hand basket ready as we are going to hell in one.

  • Josiah Victor Hoffman

    Who actually running the Government? Not Complicated......Bilderberg Group, New World Order, with the United Nations and the Shiites and the Chinese working to drive the
    world into two classes "Elite" and "desperately poor"! As the old saying
    goes...."Follow the money and you will know!"

    Most of the post here are referring to symptoms and effects. The New
    World Order group has been pulling money out of circulation for over a
    hundred years (1903) to keep economic progress at "controllable levels".
    I could go into a long essay.....But it is easier to ask a question
    instead....The NWO has three Major Bank accounts.....The one in a
    European Bank has this amount in it ($ 4,452,000,000,000,000,000,000
    USD) This number was pulled off of a US Treasury transfer tear sheet.
    Referred to as an E-Signal / Quotrek Data transmission. If you know what
    a grey screen is then maybe you will understand what this is! By the
    way this is one of the smaller accounts......Now maybe you will begin to
    realize we have been betrayed by both political parties?
    Governor of the Central Bank, Maurice Strong, George Soros, the
    Clintons, Al Gore, the Obamas, and all of the world leaders coupled with
    them are all puppets on a string following the lead of the New World
    order.....George Bush Sr. even told you so after the first Gulf War
    engagement.......But nobody was listening! 6% of the funds listed above
    could solve the worlds problems if invested properly! But the NWO and
    the powers that are want to drive us into two classes "Elite" and
    "desperately poor" and then kill off 1/3 of the worlds population.
    Are you ready?

    • http://americaisboiling.com/ frog-out-of-kettle

      I can't count that high. Is that 4.4 bazillion?

      • Josiah Victor Hoffman

        Your guess is as good as mine! Tony it is insanity at its best...but it is the actual figure from two years ago.....I personally can´t even comprehend that much wealth but the documents and figures are real......It reflects to me more than anything just how cold hearted and cruel at those who claim they are (those we elected to office) representing us, because no small amount of officials in high levels know! But what are they doing about it?

        • http://americaisboiling.com/ frog-out-of-kettle

          Could we get a link so we can do our own research?

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman

          If you can get access to a Central Bank Grey screen then this is possible with the transaction codes and everything if you can get them! Yes you can do so! However slim chance of that....... I have limited access from time to time due to my work...otherwise it ain´t happening. If you want to do some research on the web then just do some studying on central banks and the federal reserve of which not many people really understand much of anything....Like they are autonomous and do not work for the country they are assigned to!!! And that a Governor of a Central Bank cannot be arrested or prosecuted while he is the Governor....Maybe this will explain why the Mad man in the Federal Reserve cannot be touched and the Congress and Senate are powerless to do anything about his policies...and if you can figure who George Soros is connected in all of this picture then you will have no problem to understand and verify my comment above.

  • RBlakeH

    Pelosi was the speaker of the house at the time he was elected and was the person responsible for the vetting process of verifying all of his credentials to include his birth certificate. I believe Pelosi should be brought up on charges now to testify on how she vetted him and how she verified documents that are not public record and have been sealed from everyones eyes.

    • DWinch

      She had to pass him to find out what was in him!

      • CDD

        Besides, are you really expecting accountability from a Democrat??? REALLY????????????????????

    • Sam

      I think she used Magic and Mirrors to pass him along. Always knew she was/is a Witch. Ooops, was that a typo; eg should have started with a "B"

  • llellc

    It's not bad enough to have the scum of DC forcing us into a life of stupidity and serfdom, but the dumbass won't even admit to knowing about it. These people are destructive jokes, all of them.

  • Abinadi

    Who is running the government you ask. His name is Satan.

  • FSHNT21

    This is easy....
    It's George Soros.
    Why do you think he's already attached himself to Hillary, the Democrats next anointed president ?
    He simply wants to continue his reign...

  • del

    He pretends not to be involved with the crap going on because of his and soros's agenda to destroy america....that way he can claim he is looking for solutions to solve all these problems caused by (take any one of who he blames,,,,,bush, congress, the world, We the People....you know anyone he can think of to place blame on) what an ugly piece of filth is he and so is the surrounding scum

  • madman

    Valerie Jarrett as the surrogate of George Soros is running the country.

  • Mys77

    Go figure... the dems claim Obama is smart and articulate and inspiring.... and yet....he claims he doesn't know, it isn't important, or it isn't his responsiblity. But yet ask him about his golf game, a Hollywood star, Trevon Martin, or anything to blame the Bush administration or the Republican or Tea Party.... and you can't shut the guy up. So which is it dems??? He is smart and doing this on purpose, or dumber than dirt and is an incompetent liberal dog????

  • http://americaisboiling.com/ frog-out-of-kettle

    I am just shocked at what this president does and gets away with. Sometimes I think he is "poking the bear" so the country will rise up in protests and revolt so he can declare martial law. What other reason could there be for such blatant acts of defiance and treason?

  • graphsmith

    Obama needs to pull his head out of his backside and take responsibility for his actions. Unfortunately, no one has told him that he HAS is head in his backside.

  • Annette Akerman

    Right! And he didn't know anything about the nuclear bomb that was exploded 600 miles off the coast of South Carolina either, but he was real quick to place the blame on 4 Generals and dismiss them! Isn't is nice to know how concerned our toddler-in-chief is of the American people? Why, I'll bet he doesn't know anything about the 100-plus UN-Marked MRAPS's that were deployed to Camp Grayling in Michigan either! What are MRAP's? Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles.
    Why he's so uninformed about everything that is happening, I'd bet he's not be able to find his own rear end without help!

    • http://batman-news.com shortitalian

      He does'nt have a problem finding his rear end,she is always with him on one of their taxpayer funded vacations.

  • http://batman-news.com shortitalian

    Nixon was a saint compared to the muslim in the White House.I have a real problem with Obama and all his executive decisions,I guess it would be considered Racist to try and stop him.

  • http://lenbilen.com/ Lennart Bilén

    Train-wreck, train-wreck, I despair. Train-wreck is Obama-care.

    Website broke beyond repair. It is Obama-scare.

    I’ll be lost without health-care, Go without I would not dare

    My old plans don’t have a prayer, too good to be deemed fair.

    Cost is more than doubled too. No, Sebelius, that won’t do.

    But her attitude comes through: “I do not work for you”.

    Crony-ism to the sky, Obama gave his reason why:

    “No-one is more mad than I.” Wasn’t that a true reply?

    Train-wreck, train-wreck, I despair. Train-wreck is Obama-scare.

    Common sense was never there. This is Obama-care.

    From the blog of lenbilen

  • http://americaisboiling.com/ frog-out-of-kettle

    if obama was a child, he would be in therapy. Habitual liar and can't take responsibility for his actions. Of course that would put him on the fast track to be a politician. Any novice therapists out there that could diagnose his disorder?

  • calmandcents

    What's more significant than the "inmates running the asylum" is the acute indifference and lack of resolve by otherwise intelligent and responsible persons. We are all falling victim to these troubling times.

    It is time for all of the conservative bloggers and spokespersons and other media moguls get together and hammer out a single American Agenda that accurately reflects our values and principles, and then screen the candidates for consistency.

    See Bobby Jindal's "America Next" project.

  • scientist5

    Why should Obama not know about the screw-up in ObamaCare's computer system? He doesn't know about Benghazi, IRS scandal, EPA outlandish regs, or anything else. He is a messenger, not a receiver, leader, or decision maker. Everything goes to the handlers who put them on a teleprompter for him to read. I've never heard him answer a question - he spins, offers some comments on something entirely different, but usually just plain lies. He is useless!

  • MIKE6080

    valerie jarrett is the communist in charge

    • liberty49

      I noticed that Obama's 'handler' Valerie Jarrett tweeted how Obama felt about Obamacare this morning!

  • southie55

    Obummer has a condition called (Selective Memory) the cure for this problem is by telling the truth instead of lying.

  • sgtshel

    We only know of the lies that the the news has told us! How many more lies has the President MasterLiar told that we DON'T know about? And who has he told them to? England? Canada? ( I can't think of any other countries who might still like us!!) How many more czars has he appointed? We haven't heard about that is a few years! Probably over 400 by now!
    Hey-to all those people that voted for Barry--how's that ObambeCareLess heathless plan working out for ya??

  • donl

    Who's running the government? Misfits, idiots, and Communists, just like the people who voted them in.

    • TBI

      Muslims and fags

  • rog363

    What in hell is wrong with our politicians? When I was working, before retiring, if the president of our company was asked a question and responded with an I didn't know or an I didn't do that, he would not have been the leader of our company very long.We expected our leader to know the answer to our questions or to answer us with I don't know that answer but I will find out and get back to you quickly with the information you've requested. I, for one, am sick and tired of Carney and Obama answering us with their version of political speak. We want, no, we demand to be spoken to truthfully and we are sick and tired of being spoken down to as if we are to stupid to see through their lies. Obamas ultimate goal is the destruction of our Capitalistic system and replacing it with his version of a Socialistic Society where the people are ruled by big government. Obamacare is just the beginning of this takeover.

    Nixon's biggest mistake was thinking the people were to stupid to see what he was doing, Obamas, mistake is in thinking that he is so much smarter then Nixon and the American people that he will get away with doing much worse then Nixon and lie his way out of it. Everyone in America, as the rest of the world now does, should see him for not only who but what he is.

  • suzeeqbl

    For the smartest man in the country, he sure is dumb about a lot of things. What is scarier is that there are many who look up to this guy.

    • cmjay

      Who says he's SMART? None of us have seen his SCHOOL RECORDS and he can't deliver a SPEECH without his TELEPROMPTER.

      • Jeanne Stotler

        What do you mean speech, he can't answer questions without stammering, and he's definetily not smart, I believe his whole bio was made up, so records needed to be hidden, one funny thing, is no one seems to remember him at any of the schools.

  • JerryMc

    King Hussein is probably building two mansions, one in Kenya and the other in Indonesia. Of course we are paying for them even though they are being built secretly. There is probably over a trillion dollars in his hidden and closed accounts. In Kenya he can and probably be the real king after he ruins the US.

  • RatedBestComment

    LOL! You Americans are learning what life is like when you let Negroes and butches run your country.

    They are more effective than brain-dead communist!

    Women and Negroes:
    Don't invent or build anything, are looked down upon in society and because of this both have developed a inferiority complex that makes them incapable and ineffective of leadership.

    I have seen this time and time again and they are simply UNFIT to do this. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. You heard about the ol' bare feet and pregnant thing? Well, one should be kept pregnant and the other bare foot so they don't run away.

    • Russell Smith

      Shhh, be quite or we will pull down the shades on your cage and isolate you and you will not be allowed to associate with normal folks. The only troll here is you, So simmer down, behave and you will be allowed to watch the world pass you by, keep misbehaving, and the shades come down and bye bye time. The you will only be able the hear, but not see.....

    • Josiah Victor Hoffman

      You Americans? So what might you be? I am sure many of us here would like to know.....FYI Women and Blacks both have played important and prominent roles in society! Ever heard of Deborah (Judge of Israel) or Bat Sheva, or Golda Meir.....What about George Washington Carver? Do you have any knowledge of the accomplishments and contributions of these people?

      • RatedBestComment

        Yes, I have heard of them. Like Margaret Thatcher you failed to mention. But most played minor roles, put or mentioned as if to keep people like you happy.

        But most, if not all these great Negroes ye speak of, most don't look true negro at all and I suspect a huge amount of "whitey" in them.

        I have even seen pictures of so called negro inventors. And it was entirely laffable because I had a hard time telling if these were Negroes at all!

  • Russell Smith

    "I didn't know" didn't work too well for those who used it as an excuse at the Nuremberg trials, and I dont think it will work very well for Obama when he tries the very same excuse at his. History is not going to be very kind to this fool when it records his legacy of incompetence and corruption. His family will forever need to watch over their shoulders in fear because of corruption, pitiful, but I feel no pity for him.

    • RatedBestComment

      LOL! You wish. That will never happen. His story will treat the negro with kindness and forgiveness because they feel sorry for the negro.

      That means they really do look down on them. For no one ever feels sorry for a whitey president even though history is not kind to them.

      BTW, are you a gubmint troll designed to mitigate hate of the negro?

  • http://www.il-ccw.com/ Paladin

    Reminds me of a time when my kids were growing up and one of them had done an obvious wrong.

    When questioned, each in turn responded...

    I don't know...

    It wasn't me...

    Anybody could have done it...

    Anyone could but Somebody did...

    So we don't know except that it wasn't me and anybody could have known but somebody didn't tell anyone.

    So while I have 4 kids now. I am claiming a total of 9 deductions on my taxes....

    There are my kids, and then I don't know, It wasn't me, Anybody, Anyone, and Somebody because since my kids were little...

    I don't know ate the cookies.

    It wasn't me that broker the glass.

    Anybody could have fed the cat but didn't

    Anyone could have taken $10 from my wallet but Somebody most certainly did.

    I've applied for Social Security numbers for them since they are obviously living somewhere in my house.

  • bob

    Sorta like,"who's on 1st?

  • Craig Melin

    Amazing, with O-Dumbo's ears the size Kenya he can't / won't listen to what the people want.

  • chuckster

    Every time they catch him , he always says he didn't know but we are going to get to the bottom of this and find the responsible people and make sure it doesn't happen again. The only person that has ever been found responsible is the innocent guy that made a video and the last I heard he is still in jail. Obammy has lost all his credibility, he has lied so much and so often that people don't want to hear him. most either turn the channel or turn him off. Even a lot of dems. and libs are turning him off now. U can cry wolf just so many times and then the people don't want to hear u anymore. I guess the senate and close relatives and of course 95% of the blacks still have confidence in him, they just don't want to see their hero fall

    • TBI

      97% of blacks

  • TBI

    Don't worry, that loser knows, it's his agenda.

  • Josiah Victor Hoffman

    To Marie Kalivas Devine: I admire your comment and personally I do and believe much the same in particular things you said.....however you evidently do not understand
    who we are dealing with! Just like Nimrod who Seth cut up into four
    pieces and sent his body to the four corners of the earth! They are
    extremely evil....Both Democrats and Republicans. While you are bowing
    your head to pray these luggers will place a bullet at the base of your
    head! God will only be able to act in our behalf once "WE" reinstate
    capital punishment, denounce all forms of sodomy, homosexuality, and
    reclaim our God given rights! How can anyone expect God to respond on
    our behalf when we have violated as a nation the most basic commandments
    he has given? When people focus on being productive and providing a
    living for their families, and the family being the center of their
    lives with their lives being guided by Biblical principals then and only
    then will God even hear our prayers and we can witness a change! When
    God Almighty is the inert source of power and motivation of our lives as
    nation then God will touch the hearts of men and change what we see as a
    great evil in front of us! This example is given time and time again in
    what Christians refer to as the Old Testament......repentance is not
    enough it has to be followed by life changing actions, done through the
    acknowledgment of your mind and the compassion of your heart having
    seperated from evil. This is done by studying Gods law and comprehending
    what is righteousness and seperating from evil.....I am sorry to say it
    is not "knowing" who we want to replace anyone.....That and everything
    else is in God´s hands! Personally I am perfectly happy God does not
    give me the things I pray for always, if I had gotten them I would
    really be miserable! We are at war, and the people you see in this government do not take prisioners and "WE" have to reinstate God and retake our nation...this has happened not by some invasion that landed on our shores but rather by us not taking the necessary action to prevent it as a nation and therefore it will take our actions to correct what has been done, and nothing short of that....anyother thought is actaully contrary to the scriptures and teaching of the Bible! It is in our hands to seperate from evil and to be subservient to His divine law! Everything else is in His hands...as we say in Hebrew...."HaKol beh Yadoh! Beh Azerat HaShem!"

  • ste1021

    My God. the guy is such an incredibly small person! Preview of coming attractions - "The Incredible Shrinking President".

  • Patricia McGehee

    Obama knows who is doing what. BUT, he still behaves as a Community Organizer and has been so arrogant as to believe he could organize the US Gov. He points his finger and says do this or do that, then leaves it up to them and he leaves for golf. Valerie Jarrett does the real work of the government that a true leader would be doing. Obama is just the slick tongued snake oil salesman, that's why he has spent billions running around flapping his lips and telling lies.

    • opelske

      He's just a figurehead. His job, and a well paid one, is to round up the sheep.

  • icemancold

    Obama uses I didn't know about it to cover his lying ass. OBAMA figures that if he says I did not know about it he is INNOCENT of the garbage that is being pulled on the people.

  • LDM

    I can't wait until 2017 when this joke of a leader is long gone - a forgotten page in history. We need a real leader that doesn't sale-out allies and force the American people to buy things that don't want.

    • Old_Gringo

      agree, but we certainly don't want Obama in a pants suit. Hitlery would be Obama on steroids.

  • AlRetd

    Why doesn't somebody ask the President's National Security Advisor if Obama was briefed on NSA Spying, go back to the Marine General who was his first!

  • Sylvia Sparks Simpson

    I think we can now call Obama Sgt. Shultz as in the old "Hogan's Heroes" tv show. "I know nothing."

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    Classic narcissistic behavior......incessant lying, totally self centered and will NOT take responsibility for anything negative.

    • opelske

      Nature of the Beast

  • cmjay

    Dr. EMANUEL, Rahm Emanuel's brother is the ARCHITECT of Obamacare. I bet he wants to distance himself from this AWFUL WASTE of paper it was written on.. The EPA should be after him and Obama for wasting so many TREES. I hope they don't forget to recycle it. - toilet paper will do just fine.

    • rick0857

      Are you kidding the stupid Dr.Emanuel is the bas tard who came up with the IPAB's you know the death panels, it was his idea. He absolutely loves this.

      • Ted Crawford

        Spot on , as they say! Zeekie boy laid out his Ideal Health Care Plan in the Professional Journal "Lancet", I believe in 2009! He claims it should be based on a "Priority Curve"! In essence those roughly between the ages of 15 and 40 recieve access to complete health care assets, those younger and older recieve "Attenuated" access!

  • Nellie2

    I thought his very first speech was too good to be true so I didn't believe it and never believed anything he said after. He sounded too much like a used car salesman trying to sell me a lemon. Guess he was selling a lot of expensive lemons.

  • rmagnano

    If as seen these past 4 plus years, everything that goes wrong is not known by him. Than what is he doing to earn his pay? Arranging Golf games, Parties in the Rose Garden, Luxurious vacations? That's the job of a social events coordinator. He is over paid and UNDER Qualified.

  • runing


  • ATLDave

    Obama is lazy. You are talking about a man who when he was in the legislature, voted present because he didn't have enough smarts or energy to know what is going on. But most of all he is INCOMPETENT! Not black or Muslim or disadvantaged - INCOMPETENT. About the only thing he is good for is making Jimmy Carter look good

    • dangkids

      @6bff4d5acb1e03045e03f04394ad25fd:disqus DAVE,
      Exactly, and incompetence leads all the way up to failure! He is a joke and an embarrassment to our great America.
      Every time I see him, I just want to puke, that is how sickening he is. He still has the idiots fooled, but he knows the rest out here see him for what he really is.

  • mbpalapa2000

    Lets not loose track of what these "progressives" are trying to do. The first step in any "communist" takeover/attack of a government they wanted to change was to cause the people in that country to loose confidence in the existing system so they could put up a different one for replacement, a socialist/progressive one. What we are seeing here is a blatant attempt to cause they majority of the population to loose confidence in the "capitalist/republic" system. Remember this is the system that built this country. Causing the health care sector to collapse into chaos is a big step forward and is the result desired by the "far left" of the democratic party. Fundamentally change the United States was his exact words and what better way than to destroy the security of having a working if imperfect health care system, which , I might add, was the envy of the entire world.

  • dangkids



    Our POTUS looks so bad every time he opens his mouth. The lies have been so many, I wander if he can keep track of what he says. He sees NO EVIL, HEARS NO EVIL, SAYS NO EVIL---HE ONLY CAUSES IT-----and NEVER KNOWS ANYTHING. He is a sad person, but what is sadder is
    WE THE PEOPLE, because we watch him HURT US in one way or another and NO ONE does
    anything about it.
    ONLY CONGRESS AND WE THE PEOPLE CAN REMOVE THE POTUS. I don't know what the process is, otherwise I would do something. I don't want my Country to turn COMMUNIST and that is where we are headed. That's because we have strayed so far from God. Now, I speak for myself and as I see my family--we used to go to church as we were growing up. My elderly part of the family were very church going, church involved. Now---WEDDINGS/FUNERALS get me to church, how sad.
    I just have one thing to say to the POTUS. You need to start paying attention to EVERYONES ACTIONS, because ultimately YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE and by NEVER KNOWING ANYTHING,
    truly makes you look like the type of employee I would have fired a long time ago.
    I think if Obama cared about us, he would have been/could have been the BEST POTUS ever.
    I do have a question. How can people lose their jobs and you still expect them to pay these high
    premiums and penaltys if they don't pay. What will happen to the millions that cannot afford ins.
    Our citizens are in the condition because of false promises from Obama. Another question, Why don't you keep your promise regarding JOBS??? PEOPLE DONT WANT A HAND OUT, PEOPLE WANT TO WORK. YOU ARE CRIPPLING US. Another question----WHY????

  • saddlebroke

    Obama hates America and he has not run this country since day one. He is a puppet of Islam
    and listens to only Valerie Jarrett who is black, born and raised in Iran and educated in America.
    He stand s for only the bad elements in our society because he is a part of that bad part of our society that is destroying America.

  • TPS12

    Why would he know he's only the potus. Just more lies from the corrupt administration.

  • posthuf

    After 5 years of listening to obama drone on and on and on every time he speaks and say nothing, I've come to the conclusion that he wrote obamacare, which does nothing, himself, and very strongly suspect he wrote the 500 million lines of code that also do nothing!

  • Wayne

    This is how it works, the sitting President surrounds himself with people of like mind and when some dirty work has to be done he tells someone to take care of it, but don't tell me what you are going to do. That way when the shtf the Prez. sez, I didn't know about that untill I saw it on the news just like you. And he tells himself that he didn't lie.

  • peteyone

    We all know that this miscreant won't take the blame or accept responsibility for ANYTHING that goes on! WHY! Because he's a COWARD and doesn't have any! The only thing on his agenda is to destroy our country and could care less about anything or anybody except himself! He's a real SCROTE!

  • Mimi Schmaltz


    • jarradcvh059

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  • 1_NKEN17

    Ovomit is just a little weak muslim scum puppet. We all should be aware by now, it's george soros and valerie jarrett who pull the strings.

  • Chief47

    Absolutely none of this surprises me one iota. The man didn't know a darned thing except how to lie when he took office. What makes people think he knows anything more than that now. It's going to be interesting to see where he retires to (or hides out in) when he leaves office. It really doesn't seem like he would be very safe in this country with all the harm he had done to it.

  • metheoldsarge

    What did he know? How much did he know? When did he know it? When did he stop knowing it? If memory serves, liberals were asking the same questions about Reagan during the Iran Contra affair. Now the shoe is on the other foot.

  • Coffee49

    He lies like a good muslim, he is following his ideology like a good jihadist, that pile of crap involved in the boston marathon bombing is still alive he should his trial and death should have happened months ago, bet barry ensures he doesnt get the death penalty

  • Doski

    During his entire lifetime the only things this POTUS ever learned was how to lie and Lay the blame on others for his ineptness ! Pretty redundant, huh ?

    • Dave

      Just like he lied to get a get a foreign student scholarship to get into Occidental College...Which how we got are first birther and his name was Barack Hussien Obama ....

      • Jacqueline Lynn

        No, the foreign aid was truth, his so called Natural Citizenship is the LIE! When did Barry Sotero denounce his Indonesian citizenship and Islamic religion?

        • Dave

          Then why seal his college records ? Also Barack got paired with a guy from Pakistan and Occidental College pairs foreign students together in their dorms... some discussions I've heard the Saudi's had bank rolled his college education...You do have a valid point..And the answer is never....Years from now it will all be brought to light of day....

  • Rachel

    Of course he knew. He's just a pathological LIAR and takes responsibility for nothing!

  • Mort Leith

    Iranian Valerie Jarrett, senior White House adviser to Barack Obama,

    THAT'S who's running our country.

  • docmccarthy

    ObamaCare contents:
    Remember when Nancy Pelosi said:
    “We have to pass it, to find out what’s in it”

    A physician called into radio show and said:
    "That's the definition of a stool sample."

    We're toast if the MSM doesn't start taking a position, independent of this liberal BM.

    • Dave

      Pelosi says the thing when she smokes pot with Barack and Dirty Harry Reid ....Pass it Harry , so I can see what's in it ....Then Obama chimes in puff puff pass beotch , I hope it's crack....

  • jennyp63

    I keep asking that question, but have not found anyone who cares to answer it. Does he really think that "not knowing" takes all the heat off him? The answer to that one is NO. What it does do however, is make him look stupid and inept. He is POTUS! The CEO of even the smallest company makes sure that he knows what is going on in that company. I think that the least we can ask from the president is to make sure he knows what is going on. Really, Mr. Obama, this is a tired and unabashedly irresponsible excuse. Stop using it!

  • Clint

    May I venture a wild guess? Valerie Jarrett who answers to George Soros? Speaking of plausible deniability, political appointees and financial backers sure have it.

    • CelticDenise

      Absolutely. OBummer is merely the House Negro of his Kosher Masters on Wall St. He does as he's told.

      • Jacqueline Lynn

        As a Christian Conservative I suggest you drop the "Kosher" from this discussion! Yes George Soros the multibillionaire was born into a Jewish family. BUT he sold Jews to the Nazis to start his empire. Soros has been the driving force for the NWO for decades. He finds and bankrolls the likes of Obama and Hillary based on their agreement to follow his directives!

        • Ted Crawford

          In addition to that, this disgusting caricature of an actual Human Being, uses his wealth and influence, to destablize smaller Governments and severely damage the Economies of larger Nations, such as the UK!

        • truepatriotintx

          Hopefully, the troll will die soon and then he & Satan can finish destroying the planet from the netherworld.

        • Tommy Tunez

          Jacqueline Lynn, Agreed. However, George Soros is only a lightning rod in the NWO. He is the guy that everyone can blame for the recent race towards world wide socialism. But George is only a hangnail. He thinks he is in the club but the joke is on him. The guys that really run the club (read: Rothchilds, Rockefellers) are so many times more powerful and wealthier than him that George is weak and poor by comparison. Just like Obowelma is George's boy, George is their boy. Obowelma and George will be thrown out with the trash when the Roth-e-fellers work is done.

  • WhoBeen

    Remember when Nancy Pelosi said: “We have to pass it, to find out what’s in it”
    A physician called into radio show and said: "that's the definition of a stool sample".

    See also: http://normanhooben.blogspot.com/2013/10/lisa-myers-blurts-out-truthdrives-nbc.html

    • opelske

      Ha ha. I bet this time she didn't know... that she knew what she was talking about. All joking aside, they are laughing at us, those horrible people whose job it is to protect us. The women in politics today are no better the men in politics of yesterday and today. They are equal.

    • truepatriotintx

      She will probably get fired.

  • jerryrip

    They used to label Ronald Reagan "out of touch." What's Obama's excuse? He distances himself from everything that's bad and takes credit for everything good (if you can find anything good that is). What a joke.

  • Remington 870

    Who is running America? How can a man... who still can't prove his birth place, has sealed all his college records, consorts with communists his entire life, never ran a business or managed a budget...how can this person who call himself president of the United States know what he is doing? He is a pawn on a giant chess board who does what his closest handler, Valarie Jarrett, tells him. Former Nazi collaborator, Soros, is Mr. Big and controls all America's ills and misfortunes.

  • gavinwca

    Who is running the government, the treasonous Muslim Brotherhood supporter Valerie Jarrett . She runs the government while Baracko Clause and Muchell golf and vacation with billions of our dollars.

  • jas1019

    You know who doesn't know?

    The morons that voted for him.

    • scientist5

      Perfect answer!

  • v steve

    In his mind he is not lying, he`s a real no where man and a unaware President. He is being controlled by zionistcommies. He is only a community organizer. He is in way over his head. His controllers are making all the decisions for him. So look towards his zionistcommies for all the trouble that he is causing, put the blame on those who are at blame.

  • scientist5

    Obama's handlers do not want him to know. Any time his teleprompter or a printed text is not in front of him he is bound to screw-up. He does not dare answer questions at news conferences - solves this problem by talking about something different for 5 or 10 minutes until everyone forgets what the questiion was.wai

  • WhoBeen

    Have you noticed where we stand in the eyes of the world? http://normanhooben.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-most-powerful-people-in-world-when.html

  • real talk 1

    The liberal party introduced Barack Obama as one of the most educated president to ever sit in the oval office and yet this guy knows nothing, he's always kept out of the loop I mean what a waste of talent he's been referred to as a genius harvard know it all well I have to say that i'm a pretty smart fellow as most of us are we at least know what lie to tell and who to tell it to and when to tell it.