Republicans: Stop Helping the Democrats Fix ObamaCare

The Republican fix for Obamacare isn’t repeal or defund. The House Republican fix that Fred Upton floated a couple of weeks ago  is, "If you have an individual healthcare policy that was effective as of this year, January 2013, that policy in fact is grandfathered in and it allows you to keep it for another year. You're not going to be subject to a penalty. You're not going to be forced to find something else."

Wow Fred. Way to go out on a limb buddy! That's like a Governor giving a death row inmate a one year reprieve. We'll just kill you next year. Awesome!

I agree with Glenn Beck’s description of what is really going on. They (Republicans) also want national healthcare. Don’t believe the lies that they are against it.

The Republicrats want a Republicare or a Romneycare version of ObamaCare or some other derivation, yet we hear them speak glowingly of the free market. Progressives don’t want a “free” market. Just listen to them. Even when they speak of repeal, it's never just to repeal it. It's always "repeal and replace." Replace with what? Another government program.

Now we're supposed to believe that the republicrats are outraged over Obamacare. Riiiight!  And now there is a scramble on to try to suspend it and somehow rewrite the “Law of the Land” to allow for people to keep their existing plans ... for a little while longer. The problem is that once those private insurance plans have been cancelled, as millions already have, you can’t just turn back the clock. It doesn’t work that way.

Yet even Sean Hannity is buying in, touting and celebrating the Republican insistence of a Friday deadline, that if Obama can’t come up with a fix by Friday, the Republicans will demand that consumers may keep the plan they currently have. Sean thinks it’s great, Upton's, “If you like your plan you can keep your plan” fix.

What do they think will happen in the upcoming year? Nothing! The same as what has happened with the debt ceiling and the continuing resolution. Give up and promise to fight later.

It’s been estimated that Obamacare requires a minimum of 7 million people to sustain the program. If everyone is able to keep their old plan, how will Obamacare get the 7 million?

It won’t, but that’s great, right? That means Obamacare, like many Republicans and pundits have said, will collapse under its own weight and go away, right? Sure; that’s what will happen.

No, like every other loser government program, it will live forever under the protection of more deficit spending. If it can’t fund itself, the government will print the money it needs. It is the "Law of the Land" after all.

Now, when they have some real momentum to repeal and/or defund efforts, spineless Republicrats would rather take the gutless, easy and way out.

I contend that the Republicrats believe they will win the midterm elections, possibly even take the Senate, and as I stated before, they don't really care about the Unaffordable Care Act." They just want to be in charge of it.



  • Ferd Berfle

    Fixing the PPACA to help those about to lose their insurance is the right thing to do. Letting the whole nation know how the dems almost screwed them royally is also the right thing to do.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      So what happens in a year (note: after the mid term elections)? Will these people lose their insurance then? Postponing the inevitable is Congress' specialty.

      • podunk1

        His ship is afire & he he won't bail out! GOOD!

    • Mikebark

      NO! Didn't you read the article? Standing back and letting this program sink into it's own quagmire is the right thing to do! When the libs have had enough THEY'LL scream for it's repeal. In the meantime do not help and refuse to participate!

      • DWinch

        You're expecting the lib's to learn something from this stinking mess and I don't believe they will. They would rather die than say they were wrong on anything.
        They would also have to admit their savior is wrong.

      • Ferd Berfle

        Making your fellow citizens suffer to prove a political point is absolutely wrong! To allow these folks to suffer and take joy in the pain that will follow proves only a lack of compassion for those in need of a solution. If winning a political point means more than avoiding a horrible loss of insurance coverage, then you have become the embodiment of the liberal thought process.

        • Mikebark

          We are all suffering because of this idiotic creation of the dems. The sooner it ends, the sooner we can get back to the way it was and stop the suffering. Trying to help is only prolonging the agony!

      • podunk1

        If it wasn't for Cruze, Lee, & a few others, we wouldn't know any of this! "cnbc-sick Matthews" would be telling everyone they signed the whole country up! ALSO the house must become keeper of the law & purse again - no abdication of duty!

        It's afire - can't stop it - take lots of pictures & interviews so nobody ever does it again. Let Darwin settle the argument.

  • BraveNative

    All real Republicans (if there are any) need to stop patching this sinking ship. Defund it and get to the real problem with healthcare. The cost at the doctors office and the hospital! If healthcare was priced within reason we really wouldnt need insurance. Big pharma pushing the doctors to push the drugs and hospitals charging over 2K a night to stay in a room. Procedures costing 10 times what they should. Regulate the doctors and hospitals NOT the American people.

    • Vince Fox

      Your mistake is thinking in terms of Republican or Democrat. You need to look at it in terms of Progressives vs Conservatives. Most of the Republican leadership is not conservative, they're progressives just like most of the Democrats.

      • Mikebark

        I prefer to think of it as patriots versus communists.


    The only fix of this boondoggle is to tie a cement block around it's neck and throw it into the ocean. This program will become the 21st century reprise of Social Security, and those who need healthcare the most will be denied it because of expense. Kill the old people; they aren't productive anyway. If you think we aren't headed that way, just wait...

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      obamacare kills two birds with one stone (no pun intended). By killing off the elderly it costs the fed govt less in healthcare and SS.

  • gmhunt4

    Does the GOP like to LOSS elections?????????????

  • Vince Fox

    It's a one party system. The Progressive Party. Yeah, the Progressive Republicans argue with the Progressive Democrats on how to impose upon our lives, but the one thing they agree on is imposing in our lives. They're not debating should we be doing this, they're simply debating how to do it. There are a few trying to penetrate the Progressive party in both the Democrat and Republican factions of the party, but they are far outnumbered.

    • Josiah Victor Hoffman

      You are correct sir! It is all the boys club on the Hill! Nothing more!

  • Isschade

    If you believe what Obumble feeds you then you deserve what he dishes out. His promises are empty and he's only telling you what you think you want to hear. I lived many years with an abuser and the story was always the same. "I'll do whatever you say just don't leave".... over and over and as long as there's a "honeymoon" stage things are fine... the WHAM ! The trigger goes off and the abuse starts all over again. CUT the ties completely. REPEAL..... DO NOT fall for this BS. Because that's all it is. It's a ploy to sucker punch We the People again. REPEAL OBUMBLECARE... don't defund, don't fix it. REPEAL it or we're just headed for Phase II of the agenda...Government controlled healthcare... ALL of it.

  • kenhowes

    The year postponement is more significant than you let on. That pushes it past the next election. That means that people can vote one more time before their choice becomes Obamacare or no care, before premiums start being taken directly out of their paychecks and they start feeling like there's no alternative. In November, 2014, they get one more chance to sink this thing.

    There's one bloc of voters who may shift politically. That's the young voters who supported Obama in 2008 not only because he was young and "cool" but because they were getting a free ride on their parents' insurance policies for a few more years. Those young voters are now over 26. They now find that they, as healthy young people, are subsidizing the premiums of the elderly, the chronically ill, the poor, etc., in a way they would not have had to do under the old system. Suddenly it doesn't look so good any more.

  • Caulfieldgirl

    It seems that June of 2010 the Senate found out that there would be
    no "Grandfathered Clause" once obama-care went into effect Jan. 2014.
    The Republicans tried to make a law to grandfather existing policies,
    but the democrats voted it out on Sept. 2010. So when you hear on of
    those Senator say they did not know or a president say he is looking in
    to see what can be done it is all a lie. Here is an article explaining
    and listing all the Senators and their vote. Also I have included the
    original Congressional Record and who besides the democrats were against
    it like the American Cancer Society Action Network, American Diabetes
    Association, AARP, Small Business Majority, SEIU and many other unions
    and government organizations. If they ask for a donation like they do
    this time of year, I will not give a dime. The Republicans were warning
    the current HHS regulations would result in canceled policies and
    violate President Barack Obama’s promise that people could keep their
    insurance if they liked it. The HHS own regulatory rules were
    predicting this outcome.
    Congressional Report on file:

  • just a thought

    There is no "FIXIN" a disaster, there is only clean up the mess and move on...

  • Anthony Alexander

    Helping these DemoRATS solve the problem THEY created is both naïve and STUPID…Now is the time to really put the pressure on and let them fall on their faces. They made their bed now they must sleep in it………the damage is done there is NO WAY the insurance companies are now going to take BACK those who have been dropped. The gorgon Pelosi stated” Lets pass it to see what’s in it” proves that they either they do not care about the American people or they are plain STUPID……… EITHER WAY they are all at fault. It also reinforces the fact that they have not read it, but you can bet your ass the Insurances companies have!

    If a health care initiative and change was warranted you would think that the people who drafted it would have include a caucus with ALL the stakeholders including the Insurance companies in on it BEFORE DRAFTING the legislation. This proves either one of two points. Either they already had motivations of dusting off this old piece of Marxist legislation and could care less what is in it other than having more victims and control over those victims for votes OR…….their egos and arrogant behavior would allow them to read it and fully understand the implications of what they are doing on both the American people and the insurance companies. EITHER WAY it demonstrates how destructive and a threat to our security both financially and health wise they have become.

    Moreover mixing a Marxists piece of legislation in hopes that it works in a free enterprise capitalist country is like mixing oil and water. Now these DemoRATS are finding out that the number one thing they forgot about was to include the insurance companies in drafting this Marxist piece of legislation. They left out the insurance companies for two reasons either they are way too arrogant or their egos won’t allow someone else to change it or they have bigger motivations of creating more victims and votes to maintain their career politician status…….with all the perks, backroom deals and money.

    The politicians are not held accountable; the insurance companies are through their shareholders and corporate structure ARE held accountable. You can bet that the insurance companies had many people and lawyers read this ridiculous piece of legislation, than the Marxists who dusted it off of the shelves of the Marxist library, and forced it on the American people, without reading it or care about what is in it.

    The insurance companies have read I and analyzed it over the few years it has been out they formulated a strategy LONG BEFORE it became law here in the last few months. So now the insurance companies are exercising that strategy, protecting their companies and stockholders , dropping high risk people, dropping people to make quotas, etc. …… they should……………. and making Obama eat his words and look the ass he really is. So I say let em sink……Just like Charles Krauthammer said…This will spell the end of the Democratic party because the working taxpaying American people are fed up……..They work for US we don’t work for them….it’s that clear and simple……Next time read what is in the legislation you AS_HOLE… Obama and his minions should be dragged out of office, tarred and feathered and excommunicated to Bikini Atoll….

    • DWinch

      "excommunicated to Bikini Atoll"
      Good idea! Give each of them a shovel and tell then to fill in that big glow in the dark hole that's there. With any luck, it's still radioactive.

      • Ed Shick

        Another choice might be Wrangle Island , it was an Island that Obama was going to give to Russia ,, Lot's of Oil ,, it's closer to Russia than itis to Alaska , location about 50 miles off coast of Russia , Temps as low as 80 below,, just right to cool of the Obama crew ,, Tribe ??

    • Ed Shick

      It would help if these congress men would tead the Bills , most were Lawyers ,, but no now they have lap tops and can plat solitare till happy Hour, And how much are we paying them to do a Job,, 179,000 thousand a year , If only they would wake up and get rid of the Communists in The White house , and get a Budget ,, Oh that might be Harry Reid's Job only 5 years behind ,, of course if he could tie an Ear mark on it he might be able to steal more of our Tax money,, #1 is get Obama out of office evenif he goes with Rope burns !

    • Josiah Victor Hoffman

      Can I get the contract on the tarring? ....You will allow for hot applications of tar will you not? Can we tar and feather them in Washington and then transport them to Bikini Atoll?

  • Marie Kalivas Devine

    God warned against debt, interest, insurance and seeking riches and honors. Insurance has problems on both sides; it takes monthly payments from our people; and it puts the insurer in a dangerous unsustainable position similar to a ponzi scheme. In God's world economy, insurance is counter-productive; it produces the opposite of what we desire. We sow our monthly payment as a seed to produce a payment when we have a medical bill. We must first reap a medical emergency or need to get a payment for it.

    Galatians 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.

    People of God are commanded to trust God, not man. By the stripes of Christ we were healed. We must believe it; no insurance needed for those insured by the word of God. That is our First Amendment right in the US Constitution. No one can force us and prohibit us from trusting God instead of man.

  • ahandout

    Yes the Republicans will sell out and compromise with the Democrats as they always do. Just look at RINOs like McCain and Christie, they are progressives at heart.

  • Deb

    If your insurance didn't change anything you could keep it, this was the fraud, O"BAMA insisted the policies change to his rules, so you couldn't keep any plans and this is the insurance companies fault, PLEASE! They thought they would make a lot more money by buying into the FRAUD and gaining all the people forced into the policies, and now O'BAMA will put the screws to them, IT'S THEIR FAULT they cancelled you!! He is such a lying freak and if anyone beleives this crap they deserve to pay out the butt!

  • HowardLast

    Why should anyone be surprised at Sean Hanity? After all he has a big Friend in Karl Rove. Rove while Bush the Younger's adviser gave us the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, TARP, Incandescent Light Bulb Ban, pushed Amnesty for Illegal Aliens (oops undocumented workers), etc. Hanity calls Rove the architect, yes the architect of defeat.

  • KDS

    I think since they flubbed up they need to give us all a refund not just an apology!

  • CaptTurbo

    I agree, they all have the same stench.

  • Mikebark

    Everybody spread the word: There is a forum on the net that tells you how to hack the Obamacare website to get credit card#'s, ssn#s, acct#'s, etc. They can even get this stuff if you phone it in cause it all goes through the same website! Everybody needs to know this!

  • Igor

    RINOs and Donks and Progs, oh my!!

    Toss 'em ALL in gaol...

  • R.L. Nelson

    Does anyone know what makes Obamacare affordable? Premiums went up, Deductibles went up, out of pocket expenses went up. But OUR beloved government will subsidize our premiums, Glory halalua ( or what ever) Yes they will subsidize using our own TAX dollars wow what a savings. Those that make too much money will have to deal with the increase in premiums and paying the rest of the subsidizes for everyone else. Thank you

    • harleydavidson

      yeah, just like, what is progressive about being a progressive?

  • D'Bak61

    Too many republicans and every RINO have been Dem-Lite for far too long. It is exactly how we've 'compromised' ourselves into 17 trillion dollars in debt. And yes, 'compromise, is a dirty word when if comes to DC politics where 'going left' is the only compromise in town.

  • Josiah Victor Hoffman

    When will people wakeup and see that the Democrats and Republicans are all in this together? The simple fact is the average working, law abiding, tax payer, homeowner citizen has no representation in Washington DC! If you are Government dependents, gun grabbing lunatics, social aid program beneficiaries, section 8 housing recepients, abortion patients, homosexuals, lesbians and the fictional bi-sexuals, illegals, terrorist or Shiites, drug and gun runners, as well as anyone else who is destructive to the American way of life...You are clearly represented by both parties! Follow the money trail...they invest in what is important to them!!!

    • Josiah Victor Hoffman

      Who is the clown with the hat in the video with the chicken bone around his neck?

      • Josiah Victor Hoffman

        Look Bozo! This is not a religious forum site! Neither it that the subject at hand in the forum! Your presentation and comments are without question a total display of ignorance! I for respect to other people who are "real" Christians do not come to expose how ignorant you are!

        Our forefathers and our patriarchs have been attacked by your kind since the beginning of do not think you bother me with your qouting of writings out of context! In fact you should be gravely concerned because this is a sin even above Idolatry and murder!
        If you want to argue such matters..find you a religious forum site to do so with people who seek these matters......otherwise "Yahmach shemekha! Atah veh kol yeledekha! Good riddings!

  • $2398599

    All politicians will do whatever will be good for THEM.

  • SSMcDonald

    Stupid is as Stupid Does. REPEAL Obamacare is the ONLY acceptable solution.

  • Xman3

    Have Americans not learned, if you want cost to triple, more regulation, inefficiency, and benefits/results to be half, get the Federal Government involved. It always happens, but is supercharged under Obama and the Democrats.
    The Federal Government needs to do what the Constitution requires, like control and protect the borders and provide for National defense.

    • hookemowls

      No kidding!!! The Federal Government has failed at every program they've run....unbelievable. Why would any moron trust ANYTHING to the Feds....give power back to the state.

      • DWinch

        We have the Postal Service, the DMV, Am-Track, EPA......
        All these fine examples of what the government can do when they get involved.
        You can bet Barry-care will work just as good.

        • hookemowls

          None of those are making money, the EPA is a joke killing job creating businesses, and batty care speaks for itself...educate yourself...big government cannot do anything better than the private sector...aka free market
          Sent from my iPad

        • DWinch

          In case you missed it, my point is everything the government touches turns to crap! Anything they purpose for the future, we can expect more of the same.

        • hookemowls

          My bad...

  • scootersbikeshop

    Demsocraps will lose the senate in the 2014 election. At that point, we can repeal obamacare and impeach obama. Why do you think they are so scared

    • Josiah Victor Hoffman

      From your lips to Gods ears! However we better get busy and fix the voting system and make a three verification voter ID and no absentee voting without prior approval by a panel! Otherwise it is lost!

      • DWinch

        We need to stop all those dead people from voting too!
        Shoot them zombies!

  • jerimiah69

    why are you, republicans, trying to fix Obama's problem..The question is rhetorical, I know you also want Gov. controlled health care..You can bet your stupid ass that I will not vote for you..And, your name will be posted...

  • barry1817

    another kick the can down the road solution that is no solution.

    Either the law is the law of the land, as dems told us, and it isn't fixed, or the law is bad, wrong and needs to be repealed.

  • barry1817

    so now, after B.O. and Harry Reid shut the government down, they want to do what Sen.Cruz asked for, and was vilified for saying.

    • jenna

      They are scared of Cruz!

      • barry1817

        Sen.Cruz a man of principle, and he is being shown to be right.

        B.O. a man of expediency and a chicago thug politician, is being shown to be the lying unpatriotic, irresponsible, affirmative action hired failure that he is

  • Samurai_Sam

    There is no fix for Obamacare the Republicans would be ill advised to enter into any attempts at "fixing" it. The bastards that created it own it, and let's keep it that way.

  • elton123

    The "established GOP" are ignorant idiots

  • shannon853

    the gop just can not understand you can't fix stupid! total repeal, get government out of industry period.

  • MrLogical

    The Dem's 'own' this. Let 'em twist in the wind. Don't lift a finger to help untangle this mess.

    Instead, offer up another bill to repeal it, then let the Dem's double down.

    This time, even stupid people (i.e., most Democrats...) will finally figure out what an Obamanation this is.

    • jenna

      They knew. They are afraid since people couldn't sign up and a lot won't. They misjudged citizens thinking we are all sheep! All they care about is being in control.

  • Bob350

    dear leader needs to be impeached and removed from office over this and just about everything else he has done. That the gop tries to help this guy is beyond stupid. The gop wants the power once the socialists are out of power. The only answer is complete repeal of this mess and remove dear leader from office.
    Who will do this?

  • fdleupp

    Right on all counts!

  • hollander

    The problem with health care is that government is involved in it in the first place!!!

  • klsparrow

    100% of the democrats voted for Obama care and now they are worried about their job and want help to fix it and cover their butt. This is the democrat holy grail. They wanted it so let them live with it. Republicans should do nothing to bail their ass out.

    • jenna

      THEY ARE trying to take advantage of a bad situation. Its called strategy! Wrong kind though if they help them fix it.

  • Jo Johnson

    Who in hell is dumb enough to accept a 1-year "fix" for the obscenity called "obamacare" the demo-slimes that flaunted it in our faces for the last 5 years.......can get "re-elected" next fall by the same dumd-ass, black, low-life welfare-suckers as before !
    TELL THEM ALL TO GO TO HELL !!!!!!!!!!

  • Jo Johnson


  • ActualConundrum

    Obamacare needs to be gone. Fixing it is not a solution. You can't fix it. You can only slow down the damage. The damage will continue . Jobs and lives are being destroyed. Slowing it down helps nothing. It needs to stop. Abolish Obamacare. America had the best healthcare in the world and Obamcare is destroying it.

    • jenna


  • jime1

    Does anyone even have an honest head count of Red,White and Blue Republicans in D.C. ?? Last time I looked real hard seems to me at least half are actually not elephants, but are RINO's. Actually, that's actually to kind. Those so called RINOs are really Progressives who drank from the same kool-aid stand as the progressive democrats. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts, BEWARE and be very afraid.
    The elephant enclosure is way overdue for a good cleaning out !!!

    • John OMalia

      The term "RHINO" is thrown about as a derisive term. We have a third party called TEA. They have enough sense to realize you can't win a three legged race and so have tried to reform the Republican Party from within. They are the true RHINO's. The Republican and Democratic parties are the same in that they are full of establishment progressive elites who want to maintain and grow government power verses the few moderates. So I feel you have it backwards but your heart is in the right place. Look at the demonstrations of the TEA Party members, hardly progressives. They want lower taxes, regulations and smaller government.

  • clearsheep

    The main thing Obamacare does is increase mandates on policies, which is one of the things true conservatives addressed as needing to be reduced. The results are already showing-reduction in companies offering health coverage as we go the way of single payer system.
    The website is only good for those needing subsidies. The list is long, the whole thing is wrong.

  • harleydavidson

    I've always said to let obamacare roll out without any resistance. Then if
    it is really as bad as the GOP says it is, then obamacare will sink itself.
    There is a saying, do not interfere with your enemy when he is in the
    process of destroying himself. Seriously, the GOP has been so stupid to keep
    interfering. The recent govt shutdown only helped obama by covering the
    stench with another stench. Makes me wonder where are the brains of the
    GOP leaders. If they are that stupid, how can I feel confident they can
    run a good government? We need a 3rd party.

    • jenna

      I disagree since it could back fire with Obama saying we need to have a government ran plan. That's now a real possibility and lets face it not enough people (libtards) care about the citizens so that's another reason why Congress was basically forced into signing with Obama saying we have to get this done now! IT SAT on his desk for 2 wks.! Pelosi we need to approve it then find out what's in it! YEA RIGHT! CRUZ AND the conservatives don't have enough followers I'm afraid even though they are the only ones that stick to their guns. The shutdown was caused by Obama and if one can't see that he is dumb and blind. Confidence is something that they have to earn and I don't see it for a democrat and some republicans.

      • harleydavidson

        you have to take statistics into consideration....currently there are only 4% of the population who really understand what the government is doing. so while you and I know not to blame the GOP for the shutdown, 96% are not sure....and half of that hate GOP. it's marketing. you have to win the minds of the majority. sometimes winning the battle does not win the war.

  • sikathelibsheet

    Fred Upton is a worthless tree hugging RINO. You can also thank this POS for getting rid of the incandescent light bulbs. He owns that honor.

  • carlton goodson

    Shut it down kill it dump it its junk its DO DO.

  • pysco

    You can't make a Rolls Royce out of a Yugo, Scrap Obama Care, and start over again, only this time put it on a ballot.

  • CelticDenise

    HA! Perfect!

    • $25283000

      Finally, a current picture of yourself, Denise B (above). The only thing missing is a swastika on your forehead.

      • axmickl

        No, the only thing missing is a similar pig with a Nancy Pelosi face.

  • sammy13

    If the president can sign the ACA into law, without most of congress reading it (one side backing it/party loyalty and the other side condemning it/party loyalty, and a supreme court ruling that it is legal (and did they read it?), then we have a much bigger problem than broken promises. We had a small contingent of elected Republicans stand up and shout, and they were demonized by not only most Americans, but by both parties. They took a stand, which is what they were elected to do. Not one democrat running for re-election in 2014 deserves to be re-elected, nor any Republican who did not publicly speak out and support Cruz. Party loyalty cannot trump doing what is right.

    What else (law/bill) can a president (party immaterial) force down the throats of US Citizens because he/she says it will be good for us and knowing that few, if any elected officials will bother to read the details of? With all the data collected by the government thru the NSA, the IRS, and now the ACA which requires personal data BEFORE you can pick and choose, I doubt that there is one living soul in the US that our government does not know in a most intimate manner. The data base must be complete. Does the ACA truly contain an item regarding RFID tagged medical implant devices? Yes it does. Does it contain a vague description? Yes.

    So what else may be in store for America, a year or 10 years down the road? No one knows. But one
    thing is for sure. The public will always align with their party and do no research on their own. And few in Congress will actually take a stand for what is right, and face ridicule.

  • gonzo731

    RINOs are no better than the leftist lib liberals. We He People need to overthrow our oppressive government! Why do we need to change healthcare? If people are too poor to pay for insurance, then they should just die in the street. It's the Christian thing after all.

    • jenna

      They go to the Community Hospital. I saw them there all the time. No its not Christian to let someone die in the street so get real!

      • gonzo731

        Oh, I'm sorry. So they go to the Community Hospital to get stabilized then die in the street because it's the Christian thing to not have a decent safety net set up to provide adequate funding to take care of these people, gotcha.

        • Eileen37

          If they are poor they get welfare and free medical care.

        • southern tom

          ...AND THAT'S one of the reasons for the spiraling cost health care and insurance...

        • gonzo731

          Yeah, about that free medical "care"...

          Also they have such a good life living on welfare

        • southern tom

          ...WE'RE NOT a socialist country (yet)... we've already found out that we CAN'T afford to give free and or subsidized health care to 60 million FULL welfare recipients, plus 30 million on medicare and another 30 million illegal squatters...

          ...NOW THAT you know WHY health care is so expensive, maybe you should take some time and figure out WHY people are poor...

        • gonzo731

          So we should let them die in the streets because they can't afford care. That's what you're implying.

          You don't have any sort of coherent argument. You haven't even begun to show why healthcare is expensive. I'll give you a hint why people are poor: it ain't because they're lazy.

          Anyone who throws about socialist in my book is just ignorant. We all were at that point. It's your choice to become educated, and then you would learn what is and isn't socialism (and may even be able to argue why parts of socialism are good *gasp!!!!!*)

        • southern tom

          ...PUT TOGETHER a coherent question, or answer my question... ranting will get you nowhere! In the meantime, you should consider moving to Canada... I'm sure you'll fit right in up there...

        • gonzo731

          What question did you ask? I don't see one, just the incoherent ramblings of a sociopath.

          I'll show you a rant, though.

          You are a very good example of what is wrong with this country. You want the less fortunate to die on the street if they get sick because they can't afford health care. That much is evident from your bile.

          You have no tolerance or any desire to make this country better. You really don't deserve to call yourself an American, much less a member of civilized society. So maybe I should move to canada, though you need to move to Somalia first. Their 'government' is more apt to your particular brand of idiocy.

          I used to be like you, so maybe there is still hope. But based on your severe lack of empathy and intelligence, I doubt it. At least people like you are disappearing, and maybe we can finally have a federal government that accomplishes something instead of what we have now, thanks to the teahadists like you.

    • barry1817

      I don't see any republicans that voted for this bill. That makes them much better at this moment in time

  • oledriller

    Make Obama and his brain dead illiterate voters wear this POS legislation as a medal of shame around their necks for next century. If Obama tries to modify this law via executive order he should be impeached immediately. Attention all conservative congressman and RINO's as your constituents we will be watching what you do closely and will vote accordingly the next election cycle!

  • bbarnicle

    Hegelian dialectic.

  • Nathan51

    If you find yourself adrift in the ocean and one person in the boat was trying to sink it, why would you throw him a lifesaver after he fell overboard? Throw the idiot an anchor and cheer as he drowns!

    • John OMalia

      I wouldn't throw him anything, just row away as fast as you can. I might need the anchor later on, although I believe life boats don't have anchors.

      • Edward Ebersole

        I agree with you, barry1817, and Nathan51. You all made some good points.

  • barry1817

    I seem to be missing all the libs telling me how vile and evil I am, and how is the Law of the land, as senate dems, and even Bill Clinton say that the conservatives such as Cruz and Lee were right.

  • Doski

    "It’s been estimated that Obamacare requires a minimum of 7 million
    people to sustain the program. If everyone is able to keep their old
    plan, how will Obamacare get the 7 million?"

    It requires 70 Million "PAYERS" not parasites. Fifty million Welfare Recipients and Illegals who pay little or nothing can't be supported by just 7 Million.

    Just one more in a long string Obama Miscalculations / Lies.

    • DWinch

      Basic math is not one of obama's strong points. Destroying America is.
      And that has been his plan all along.

  • ginjit.dw

    This health care reform should go the way of the dodo bird, it should become extinct. This exchange system is nothing more than a redistribution plan, a ponzi scheme. It can't work. It won't work.

    Wasn't the stated purpose to get uninsured citizens affordable coverage. These people will never be part of the exchange that pays for insurance.

  • axmickl

    These idiots are working harder than the democrats to save Obama from himself. STOP giving him ideas of how to save his party. Stop giving him ideas on how to save himself. Let this stupid law bring down the democrats and then we can sweep it into the trash bin where it belongs.

  • Average Joe

    Sounds about right. A 1 year exstenshon aint helping anybody because in A year we have the same dam high rates that are shoved in our face now.

    • Billy Bob Johnson

      So you're saying you'd rather have the old way where rates go way up every year and benefits go down every year or they kick you off cuz you're sick. Ya that sounds REAL good.

      • Eileen37

        I would rather have a choice and not be forced to buy a product I don't want. What ever happened to freedom. If the goveernment can force me to uy healthcare then it can force me to buy anything. Is there no limit to government control of our lives. I thought we fought a war to get our freedom. I think our forefathers are rolling over in their graves.

        • southern tom

          ...FOLK like Billy Bob think government control is just fine... can't be all bad, Billy thinks, since most of the world lives under some form of government tyranny... why should the USA be any different...

        • Average Joe

          Mabey billys lives in russa or china

        • Billy Bob Johnson

          Then Eileen, your probably against government invading women's reproductive rights and invading their bodies to do vaginal ultrasound as the tea party wants to do. I am sure you would agree that's government overreach.

      • southern tom

        ...AS USUAL,YOU aren't addressing the REASON(s) rates go up every year...

        • WhiteFalcon

          You noticed that. Also, rates are going up much faster now and coverage is going down much faster as well as you are being forced to buy coverage that there is no way that you will ever have any need for. This entire mess should be de-funded and repealed and forgotten.

        • Billy Bob Johnson

          I didn't think I'd have to explain it all to you but here's the gist of it. Many people do not have insurance so when they get sick they go to the E.R. but can't pay so the hospital eats that cost and charges the insurance companies high amounts for those insured. $25 for an aspirin ect. which results in higher premiums. Ins. companies also pays their execs. huge bonuses. United Healthcare Co. paid it's CEO more that a Billion $$ (ya that's with a "B") in bonuses so far. Who do you think pays for that?

        • Average Joe

          So your saying get rid of ILLEAGAL IMAGRENTS NOW?

        • Average Joe

          Mabey you can exsplain why I have to pay for maternaty care. Since I'm MALE I aint never going to have A kid. But I have to have that coverage in MY health insurance. I'm also over 50 and my wife is fixxed. She aint never going to have another so why should we have to pay for it. And why do I have to PAY for condoms for hookers I aint never going to see.

        • Billy Bob Johnson

          So, you probably think you shouldn't have to pay property taxes to support schools cuz your kids are grown up and don't go to school, or pay for the fire department cuz your house is not on fire, etc. That's the way it is in a civilized society where people live together. There always has been and always will be stuff in insurance policies that some will not need or use. I'm sure you could buy a policy with just exactly what YOU want but expect to pay a pretty penny. Most intelligent people understand these things so try to get it this time.

        • Average Joe

          Well it seems you don't know squat! I pay property taxes so my kids and grand kids get the best education they can. (NO COMMIN CORE) And no I don't pay for fire service that cost 50 bucks A year (I'm A fireman in the department) Fire service is gratis. Thats the way civil people are. How ever your personal health is your concern. It is A privet matter. As is your health insurance. Its A privet matter. You know your needs A lot better than the IRS. You also know what you need for insurance the goverment don't. A one size fits all is not the way to keep medical cost low. If you don't beleive that look up your rates in obamacare dipstick Free enterprise keeps rates down.

      • Average Joe

        YES I would just as soon my inshurance did'nt jump by 250%!!!!!! If thats how you define cheaper your A MORON.
        OR IS THAT THE COMMIN CORE MATH YOUR LEARING IN SCHOOL? My insurance went up 2 or 3% A year so it would take abought 80 years for it to jump 250%

  • disqus_Eh7aK6ca5A

    Repealing is unconstitutional and not within the reach of the president. The Congress should smite Obamacare out of existence with a mighty blow, and they would if they had any cajones among them--that goes equally for Pelosi, Boxer, and Hillary.

  • $24539987

    This is why I think we need a third party. Republicans and Democrats have become one and the same. Just look at the Republicans who voted with the democrats when Ted Cruz tried to get the Congress to repeal Obama Care. I think he could have done it had not 43 Republicans voted with Harry Reid and the Senatorial Democrats to fullly fund Obama Care. Every one of those Republicans need to be voted out.

  • Marco127

    Those Republicans better NOT help Democrats "fix" Obamacare. It is an evil, diabolical law - even when Hillary tried to foist it on us way back then - and Americans need to feel the pain of it BEFORE the 2014 elections. It must not be "fixed" - it needs to be REPEALED, period.