Down with the Tea Party, Up with the Wall Street Protestors?

Have you been paying attention to the way that liberal commentators and politicians are praising and giving validity to the Occupy Wall Street protestors? These are the same people who described Tea Party members as being undemocratic, obstructionists, and terrorists. For example, Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.), at a two-hour, closed-door Democratic Caucus meeting, said of the Tea Party: “We have negotiated with terrorists. This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.” Vice-President said something similar: “They have acted like terrorists.”

Joe Nocera of the New York Times expressed his journalistic “objectivity” with these comments about the Tea Party:

You know what they say: Never negotiate with terrorists. It only encourages them. These last few months, much of the country has watched in horror as the Tea Party Republicans have waged jihad on the American people.

It didn’t stop with these guys. Rep. André Carson, an elected official from Indiana’s 7th District, believes that people who are involved in calling this present civil government (both Democrats and Republicans) to account are similar to Islamic terrorists. Here’s an exchange between Washington Times reporter Kerry Pickett and Carson:

KERRY PICKET: Do you think the people outside are generally dangerous or no?

REP. CARSON: Oh absolutely. I worked in homeland security. I’m from intelligence, and I’ll tell you, one of the largest threats to our internal security…. I mean terrorism has an Islamic face, but it really comes from racial supremacist groups. . . . It’s the kind of thing we keep a threat assessment on record [for].

PICKET: From groups like this?

REP. CARSON: Oh absolutely.

Let’s not forget that Jimmy Hoffa, Jr., the famed union boss, who said of the Tea Party, ““Let's take these son-of-a-bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong.” When asked to apologize, he said, “We didn't start this war — the right wing did,” he said in a written statement. He didn’t say how his union people would finish it.

The unions may have found their guys. While Hoffa and his fellow liberals denounced the constitutional actions of the Tea Party, they have no problem getting behind the Wall Street crazies. Consider these laudatory comments:

In New York City, several unions endorsed the Occupy Wall Street movement and plan to join the protesters’ street theater on Wednesday, labor leaders said.

“It's really simple. These young people on Wall Street are giving voice to many of the problems that working people in America have been confronting over the last several years,” said Larry Hanley, international president of the Amalgamated Transit Union, which has 20,000 members in the New York area.

“These young people are speaking for the vast majority of Americans who are frustrated by the bankers and brokers who have profited on the backs of hard-working people,” Hanley added in a statement. “While we battle it out day after day, month after month, the millionaires and billionaires on Wall Street sit by — untouched — and lecture us on the level of our sacrifice.”

What? It’s OK to protest against millionaires and billionaires who actually create jobs, but it’s not OK to call politicians to account for their laws and regulations that impact every area of our lives. Politicians take money from us. Politicians put up obstacles that make it difficult for busy owners to operate.

There is no doubt that banks and bankers have benefitted from government perks. Going to Wall Street won’t solve the problem. Congress is where the action is. Durbin, Frank, and Schumer have to go. And if we can't get rid of these guys, then we need to dilute their strength by throwing out more of the lesser known bums.

Congress has been making sweetheart deals with the banks through the Federal Reserve for decades. Here's something we can all agree with: "No more zero percent money from the Fed to banks." It’s hard, however, to blame bankers when the government is giving away free money. The gravy train must stop. That means changing Congress to get people in who will audit the Fed, get our nation on a sound money basis, and stop subsidizing failing companies and failing policies.

  • adrianvance

    These are both movements of people that are unhappy with America today. History says they will take out their anger on the present Administration. With 84% of the population unhappy with Congress this election is going to look and sound more a big flush than a political process.

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  • American for Americans

    Im very proud that the people are taking a stand against our corrupt system. if I could be there I would!!! Those people sleeping on the streets are today heroes. and you call them crazies??? They are standing up and making sacrifices for all of us. whoever said that needs to get off their high horse. shame shame

    • Borders

      I dont know. I once seen people do that stuff at a Star Wars premier. Me. I just go to work.

    • Danj

      They are uninformed, misguided, frustrated young people following the mantra of the Democratic Socialists in Washington Their heads are full of mush from all the bias education they have received.

    • El_Loco

      What sacrifices? Very few of them have ever held a job (except for the union employee ringers) and ever paid taxes. None of them have ever created a job or even benefited our society. They are ignorant, stupid deadbeats who want something for nothing. They are jealous of success and too lazy, physically and intellectually, to try and create their own "wealth". If any of the ever do go to work., I would love to be there when they get their first withholding statement. What a shock that will be when they find out how much of their earnings go to support the new generation of deadbeats who want to live off them.

    • Tsarina1

      So pooping in public makes you a hero? That should make you a mental hospital or prison inmate. They don't seem to know what acceptable behavior is.

  • Doug

    They are paid SEIU protestors...

    • Observer

      That is probably closer to the truth than the comment above by "American for Americans". Basically they are people who have no clue about the way politics work in the USA, that they can be conned by smooth talking agitators, Wake up fools, you are the tools of those who follow Marxian principles of government. They will wise up some day, and kick themselves in the ass for their remaining days because of their terminal stupidity of this moment.

  • patrick stanley

    Crediting the wall street protest as a spontaneous movement is naive or calculated. It is a Liberal/progressive planned event. Soros has money in it, the unions are in it, the rich Michael Moore supports it, etc. Giving it the same credibility as the tea party demonstrations is misleading and , I suspect, deliberately done. The media went out of its way to discredit the tea party and doing the opposite for this sham.

  • Kate

    Would like to know how all of these Union supporters have so much time to protest. Don't they ever work?

    • El_Loco

      Obviously not. They are living off somebody else, parents, family members, spouses or the government. If they had to work for a living they would have neither the time or inclination to make such fools of themselves.

  • samtman

    The myth that Millionaire and Billionaires create jobs has been broken because it does not exist, demand creates jobs. The TP is on the side of Wall Street and corporate America who want to ship more jobs overfseas to utilize slave labor in China and other cheap labor countries, this is what this protest is all about. In 2012 a real peoples congress will be elected to stop this insanty and bring jobs back to the US.

    • El_Loco

      To quote Hermione Granger, "What an idiot". You are either ignorant, stupid, lying or criminally naive. How many "poor" people "create jobs"?. The answer is none. Job creation requires capital investment. That's where millionaires and billionaires come in. The Tea Party's main goal is more individual freedom, smaller government and lower taxes. You can't cite a single example of the Tea Party ever supporting shipping "more jobs overfseas (sic)". In fact, the Tea Party supports lower corporate taxes and less regulation so companies will keep and create more jobs in America. Get a clue! Do a little research and find our how wrong your are about everything. The Wall Street protesters are nothing but spoiled, self centered, whiny opportunists who haven't a clue about economics and how our economic system works. They want things like "a guaranteed living wage" for people who don't even work. That's called welfare and think for a second (if you are capable) what that would mean if we gave it to everybody. When you pay people not to work, they do if very well. Nobody would work and there would be no goods or services to buy with our worthless welfare money. Then what would we do? If you ever have to work and support yourself, you are in for a rude awakening and a horrible shock.




    Soros and the unions are behind this using these kids as useful idiots.

  • CDriver

    Exactly Sean, I couldn't have said it shorter or more truthfully.

  • jimmyjo718

    The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. -- Thomas Jefferson

  • jimmyjo718

    I wonder if these kids realize they are protesting against the very same people that are supporting them?