IRS to Restrict First Amendment Right to Free Speech

Have you ever thought of the IRS as Obama’s Darth Vader?  There is one scene in the Star Wars movies where Vader is speaking with the Emperor and he says ‘What is thy bidding my master?’  The Emperor tells Vader what to do and Vader sets out to do his master’s bidding.

When the IRS scandal of targeting conservatives, patriots, Romney supporters and Christians broke, it was soon learned that then IRS Director Douglas Schulman had made the most visits to the White House than any other member of Obama’s cabinet.  Schulman made 157 visits to the White House while the next closest Cabinet visitor was acting Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank with only 86 visits.  Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez made 83 visits, Penn Pritzker, nominee for Secretary of Commerce made 76 visits and Obama’s puppet Attorney General Eric Holder only made 62 visits to see his puppet master.

One has to wonder why Schulman was such a frequent visitor to the Obama residence, especially making 71 more visits than any other cabinet member.

The obvious answer is that Obama gave his Darth Vader specific instructions to target the Tea Party, patriotic and Christian organizations seeking non-profit tax exemptions.  Many of these organizations took 2-3 years to receive their non-profit status while Obama’s half-brother with links to terrorist organizations only took 34 days, and that was after illegally operating as a non-profit for over two years.  Not only did the IRS harass and purposely delay granting non-profit status to these groups, they illegally sought personal information such as membership lists and tried to extort them to agree to be silent concerning political matters.  Additionally, the Vader led IRS began unreasonable audits of many people who were big donors to Romney and various GOP related super PACs.

Now it seems that Obama has sent his Darth Vader to trample out the First Amendment rights of many conservative and Republican related non-profit groups.  Most likely at the request of the evil Emperor that’s enthroned in the White House, the IRS is considering new rules and regulations that will muzzle some non-profit groups and basically undermine their principle goals.

The new rules, if adopted would bar non-profits from endorsing or giving any advice on which political candidates or issues to vote for or against.  It would also establish a blackout period before the elections where none of them would be allowed to speak a word about political issues.

Mat Staver, Chairman of Liberty Counsel Action commented about the new rules being considered, saying:

"Now what we're seeing is even worse because the proposed regulations would silence 501(c)(4) issue advocacy organizations, such as Liberty Counsel Action and others," warns Staver. "It would not only silence them but also silence anyone who works for an organization even when they are volunteering on their own time apart from the organization."

"Literally this is a complete shutdown of organizations that have historically been able to engage in issue advocacy and political activity – organizations that have actually been approved by the United States Supreme Court as having the right under the First Amendment to engage in expressive activity, including religious perspectives and political viewpoints."

In America’s colonial days, the vast majority of news, especially political news, was told to the people from the pulpits of churches throughout the colonies.  Pastors spoke about the British tyranny and spread the news about the war to gain independence from Great Britain.  The clergy of the day were often referred to as the ‘black regiment’ because of the black robes they wore in the pulpit.

One Lutheran pastor, John Muhlenberg took the pulpit one day wearing his black ministerial robe and told him congregation:

“The Bible tells us there is a time for all things and there is a time to preach and a time to pray but the time for me to preach has passed away, and there is a time to fight, and that time has come now. Now is the time to fight! Call for recruits! Sound the drums!”

He took off his robe to reveal the uniform of a Virginia Colonel.  He picked up his musket, put on his colonel’s hat and marched to the doors at the back of the church.  Over 90% of the men at that church joined him as they marched off to help win America’s freedom.

This is what Obama and his liberal Democrats are afraid of.  They don’t want the conservative pastors and leaders to stir up the people against them.  They don’t want to see another American Revolution that fought against the same kind of tyranny then as we have today.

So Emperor Obama is trying to get his IRS Darth Vader to silence his opponents any way he can.  Like Vader’s use of the force, the IRS wants to force the silence of all those who oppose the Emperor.  We can only hope and pray that there is a Luke Skywalker somewhere ready to stand up against Vader and the Emperor and destroy them in real life as he did in the movie.



  • CARLjr

    If you can't follow the rules regarding non-profits, don't become one.

    • RussGl2

      That is, unless you are a Democrat!

      • Jan123456

        Excuse me Russ? Please look up how many Right wing groups were denied and how many left wings were. I think you will be surprised.

        • RussGl2

          Jan123456, the issue is not the number denied but the number delayed. In the majority of cases, Conservative groups were delayed until after the 2012 election thus inhibiting their ability to raise funds to "get out the vote". While liberal, left groups were also scrutinized the delay was not as significant. But please, live in your dream world (or is it just propaganda?)! In addition, non-profit religious groups were told that public prayer is educational and therefore not allowed, but apparently the acts of blocking traffic and trespassing are.

        • Jan123456

          You don't need IRS approval to start collecting money...

          Can I start receiving donations and contributions before my Form 1023 is approved?
          Generally, yes. The IRS recognition is usually
          retroactive effective to the either the organizations legal formation or
          the start of its programs. If you have any pending grants or large
          donations awaiting the IRS exemption letter, provide us with a letter
          from them to that effect so we can have the IRS expedite your

        • RussGl2

          The hearings demonstrated that procedure was not followed. Several groups testified to the trouble they had collecting funds due to the delay in approval coupled with the IRS' lack of cooperation. Again, in a rabid political fight, you are living in a dream world! Go ahead, destroy the Constitution and see if you are one of the survivors!

        • Jan123456

          If they don't need approval to collect funds, how can a delay prevent them from collecting? The problem was that the IRS "procedure" should not have been necessary. According to the law itself, organizations that in any way shape or form are for political purposes (see postings above about law vs rules) are not permitted 501(c)(4) status.

        • RussGl2

          You obviously are not acquainted with tax law. In order for the donations to be tax deductible to the donors, the non-profit must have 501c4 status. If the application is denied, the donor must file an amended return withdrawing the deduction and paying taxes on the difference (usually ~35%)! But then again, decisions are being made by the uninformed.

        • jong

          However you miss the point is that the IRS never was going to approve them in the time allowed. Left wing groups were approved with in that period.

        • Jan123456

          What is the "time allowed"? From what I read you don't need the IRS's approval to start collecting or accumulating money. No right wing group was denied. Only lefty groups got denied.

        • AirFrank

          Ignorance is bliss and you're all kinds of blissful.

        • Jan123456

          Gee, your comment sure added to the discussion. What are you aware of regarding the law on 501(4)(c) that you think I am not? Not IRS rules, the actual law passed by congress. As I said above, they are different.

        • jong

          Incorrect. And I do believe it is two years that they are able to collect however if not gotten all monies are taxed and with penalties. As for you saying only left groups got denied please your ignorance is as bad as Ole jug ears hubris and ego. Go back to the huff and puff

        • lilolady

          The 'critical reading' part of me says there are a couple of problems with the answer you provided. " Can I start receiving donations and contributions before my Form 1023 is approved?" Only at your own peril. "(GENERALLY,) yes".
          Not if you have to give them all back after the IRS has reviewed your situation and DENIED it! "... The IRS is (USUALLY) retroactive effective to EITHER the organizations legal formation OR the start of its programs."
          Once denied, your organization is illegal. Once denied you can be prosecuted for Illegally soliciting funds and All funds may be confiscated, especially if .."... you have any pending grants or LARGE donations awaiting the IRS exemption letter."

          'Oh what big teeth you have, grandma.' 'The better to eat you with, my dear.'

    • Jan123456

      The law says 501(c)(4) organizations must be EXCLUSIVELY social welfare. The IRS modified this to read "primarily" rather than "exclusively". I wouldn't be surprised if the new rule just made the IRS rule match the law.

      • jong

        Ah another shill come to blather. Just like the Churches are not suppose to involve themselves in politics. Black churches do it every Sunday. No Black church has ever been brought to task for it.

        • Jan123456

          OK, stay in your bubble and never accept information from sources that don't support your viewpoint. I just don't want to be guilty of that - which is why I read both left and right news postings. Please tell me where this statement is wrong factually. I don't deny that some non-profit groups engage in political speech when they are not supposed to. That's not the point. This article over-dramatizes what is happening. The IRS rules changed "exclusively" to "primarily" years ago when it did not have authority to do so. Once again, my guess is that the IRS is now changing to follow law. No one is being denied free speech rights.

        • jong

          Hardly but, then that is the liberal mantra. This has been on the news for some time and has provent that the left was not affected while the right was. Of course you and your ilk would marvel at ole jug ears cloths while he has nothing on. Either your lies or once again your ignorance is transparent.

    • ezekiel22

      There is a slight issue of constitutionality involved here. Can you spot it or do we have to show you?

    • rick0857

      If these rules are applied equally across the board then fine. However they will not be. Unions will still be allowed to speak, moveon notorg will too as will all of the other liberal, progressive, communist, socialist, Marxist, dumb a$$es that enjoy their minority status in the democrat party. The only minority the stupid party (the left) doesn't recognize is the smallest minority in the world and that is because they don't believe in this minorities cause, the INDIVIDUAL! You must FIRST and FOREMOST belong to a group then a minority to receive recognition from democrats. After all it is all about the "COLLECTIVE" to them!!

    • teamdawson1

      How about trying this one on for size: The Constitution and Declaration were written by people infinitely more intelligent than the worthless piece of protoplasm presently putrifying the White House. (I know-that's a lot of pee)

    • disqus_5432112345

      Kim Jong Un is missing his uncle. I am sure with you would make a great fit.

      • CARLjr


  • RBlakeH

    There is no way under God's green earth Nobama or the IRS or any fool will stop me from using my freedom of speech. That is mine, I fought in a damned war to protect it for my family, myself and others to include their nasty butts and I intend to use it.

    • Spectre7075

      AMEN, Brother!!!! I did, also; and I will keep exercising my right to free speech until I die!!!!

  • madman

    Hitler & Stalin would be proud.

  • Employed101

    Ok so we organize and speak without a taxable organization. F them

    • rick0857

      That's what I've been saying for a long time. Most of your expenses can be written off in taxes and with the right lawyer...well you get my drift.

      • kal1and2

        haven't seen ovomits deductions but I bet there are some good ones LOL

  • Spectre7075

    SCREW THE IRS!!!!!

  • 49ersGiantsnumber1fan

    The IRS does not have the power nor the authority and heres why. The IRS is a private British corporation who was hired by the Roosevelt administation to collect taxes for a period of 4 years during the depression. The government decided to keep them on. And continued to collect taxes. But since that time there has been no official act by either Presidents nor Congress making the IRS an actual government agency thereby they are still a private corporation working for the US government.

    • americanjoe

      So whats your point ?
      Is anything this govenment does have any legal footing ? Nope....and what can we do about it ? Nothing.
      Except it or revolt. Which are you ?

    • DefendConstitution

      better check Amendment XVI which was ratified on February 3, 1913.

  • teamdawson1

    Taxation without representation. Sorry Mr. Obama ... That pesky Constitution keeps getting in the way of your progressiveness!

  • RandyRose

    Violation of the first Amendment. 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the Freedom of Speech, or of the Press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.'

  • geezertomnc

    It would be helpful if the difference between non-profit tax exempt and non-profit taxable were defined. If it's related to disclosure of contributors, then it's obvious what the IRS wants. Otherwise a non-profit tax exempt is the same as a non-profit taxable as there is no tax on no profit. Big Government makes all these distinctions- like angels on the head of a pin- to justify their existence and hire more lawyers.

  • DefendConstitution

    I am not a lawyer (I am soooo glad) so I don't know the true reason that lawyers are trusted less than used car salespersons. How many lawyers are in the irs? Where in the Constitution does the irs get the authority to do what they do? The answer is they don't have the authority but nobody in congress will stand up to ANYBODY. With very few exceptions, the representatives are a bunch of eunuchs who are afraid to stand up to bho for fear of being called a racist. GET OVER IT, CALL A SPADE A SPADE (literally as well as figuratively). When you speak the truth, nobody can argue with you without making a fool of their self.

    • 49ersGiantsnumber1fan

      The Amendment you referred to was ratified in 1913. It only gives Congress the power to levy and collect taxes. The IRS didn't even start until the depression. FDR and Congress hired (key word here) a private British corporation, IRS, to collect taxes for 4 years to help get the US out of depression. It worked so well that the government continued to collect the taxes thru the IRS. But, again, to this day neither Presidents nor Cogress has ever acted on any legislation making the IRS an legitimate government agency. Only Congress has that authority.

  • truth and facts

    obama and the democrats have broken the Constitution many times. The entire white house is against the middle class. We should fumigate the white house and start over with people who Love America...

    • Hoodoo H


      Moderator, can you kimdly help delete second larger image. Thanks.

  • cornbread01

    I'm almost sure that all this stuff, as well as the monetary influence ,& lack thereof by us common folks has come about due to the RINO McCain & Commie boy Feingold's "Campaign Finance Law". We are seeing the results as elections, the results, & the aftermath unfold, with agencies like the IRS more involved with "We the People" & our basic rights than ever before. Those like Feingold have always been Marxists & probably will be until their final rest in hell. They could not, however, exist without backstabbing RINOs like John McAmnisty.

  • thestormy

    This will go beyond non-profit rules,it always has under this regime. They are already tracking us with google tracking on cell phones. Listening to phone conversations. Monitoring comments on websites like this one. To many people say,"as long as I am doing nothing wrong,I don't care as long as they keep me safe." That is the attitude that got us to this point!! How many freedoms are people willing to give up? When you give up freedom for safety,You have nether.
    The average person is not aware of the fact that the Communist Party backed the Democratic Party in 2008 & 2012. That's why the Democrats turned down fruit gift baskets from local Church's at their 2012 convention. They told the Church's,"we do not agree with your views," as the reason for rejecting the gifts. Both party's.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    The IRS has never been for freedom of speech or any of the bill of rights! IRS has never been for equal justice under the law, and have always considered a person guilty until proven innocent! IRS has always frozen assets while a person defends himself, IRS has always enforced the 16th amendment except for illegal aliens, The IRS has always charged interest after April 15th should a person not be able to pay, The IRS has always been a large army delegated by the various presidents to hound, nag, arrest, and force a defense for thousands of dollars on a taxpayer. The IRS may have you arrested to show cause why you shouldn't be incarcerated for the crime of not paying your tax bill as they know it! IRS is the go to place for a president to get even with his enemies!

  • Insurgent

    Didn't even realize that bho and the cabinet of clowns knew that America had a Constitution, Bill of Rights, democratic form of government, etc.!
    With the Dick Tater in Chief, America has a fine taste of Germany under AH !!!!

    • colsooonscoorner

      They don't care, it's cheap toilet paper to them. The SCUM.

    • AirFrank

      WE AREN"T A DEMOCRACY. We are a Constitutional Republic. Please learn the difference.

      • Insurgent

        With the current administration, we are just FUBAR!!!!!

  • M. Fazio

    The way the IRS acted was UN-Constitutional. So Obonzo (the Chimp) should be up fpr articles of Impeachment. And Congress should pass a LAW to have a FLAT TAX, and then Abolish the IRS.

    The IRS is the only Agency that is Tyrannical in their so called enforcement, especially if they have a boss like the Chimp (Oops, Obonzo).

    • $87984699

      A consumption tax is a better choice. A flat income tax can be changed. The original income tax was a flat tax. The states can collect the consumption tax and send it to Washington.

      • colsooonscoorner

        I bet they change the flat tax too. You'd have to have a Constitutional amendment to protect that, & the Constitution has been changed before.

        • M. Fazio

          I am Wrong, A consumption Tax IS what I meant. It's Fair and everyone and every business pays it's FAIR SHARE.

          Thank You for the Correction, I knew that is what I wanted in the first place.

        • colsooonscoorner

          What worries me is congress is so used to $$$ that they'd start it at 10% and then keep raising it. Someone tried to limit the income tax to 10% and was overridden, cause no one would ever raise taxes above that. Famous last words. I wasn't correcting you. Just gobmint is just prone that way. They'll never get over it.

        • danstewart

          Isn't a consumption tax what Europe has? If I recall correctly, on a manufactured item, each step is taxed, so by the time you buy it the tax is very high. Btw, any tax can be changed.

      • AirFrank

        Send it, or not. If Washington pisses off a state too much the state could just withhold forwarding the money.

        • Keith

          And that loss of control is why Washington so despises it.

        • $87984699

          True. That would help to level the playing field between the states and the fed as well.

  • John

    They all can kiss my a**. How's that for Free Speech?

    • petroskhan

      Sounds perfect to me.

      • $87984699

        You really want them that close to your ass?

        • John

          They have to wash their mouth out with Clorox first,then it's on them! lol

        • petroskhan

          Only so I can crack one off in their faces, but yeah...LOL

  • jong

    Many Lutherans of the LCMS (Conservatives) still hold to the same principles as Mulhenberg and we stand ready for that day that we will be called upon. May it be soon.

    • $23154113

      Lutherans are the ones sponsoring all the muslims in the midwest thinking they converted them and bringing them here.

      • jong

        Evangelics yes. Lutheran Church Missori Synod no.

        • $23154113

          They do in my state, I researched it myself...thats why I dont contribute to them anymore.

        • jong

          First of all the vast majority of muslims coming in are in the Detroit Area. Secondly my Father is LCMS minister and the circuit minister for the Western Michigan area. IF they were coming he would know. The other "hot" spot is Minneapolis and they are also not supporting them there. He asked

        • $23154113

          Listen jong those are the facts here like or with it or close your eyes like a vast number of people who dont realize they are indirectly sponsoring their own demise. Here is a link to a story of such sgenanigans:

          ...I've known this before this story came out...BAM! reality bruise huh.

        • jong

          You obvious have no facts or you would have referenced them. Then again we have to be careful of shills that only wish to spread terror and fear as you obviously doing.

  • Ralph

    Yep; Jesus was the Son of God and Muhammad was a murder, rapist, thief, pedophile and the worst man to ever walk the earth...
    Now to some of the IDIOTS that are expecting 72 virgins in paradise; that will only be a "HOT TUBE" in hell, so find a thermostat to take with you.

  • Red55bird

    FREE Speech being taken away by this King. Makes my blood boil just thinking about it, my Grandfather served this nation in WW I my father WW II and I served my country in 1965 thru 1968 to protect freedom of speech from those who infringed on world peace. What will Obama orders be when we have rally's this coming spring and summer, bring out the I.R.S. army and beat us all up or even shoot to kill protesters. Ronald Reagan said that freedom can be lost in just ( ONE ) generation. Folks we will fight back for I feel were not that generation to give up on freedom period.

    • wildeagleone

      Split a Magpie's tongue and it learns to talk---------------- split a humans tongue and he/she stops talking

  • petroskhan

    Dear IRS,
    Please, please PLEASE pass this new set of regulations. I desperately need the money that I will easily get from suing the ever-loving carp out of you, in a massive class-action suit against you, for violating the rights of every single American.


    A Citizen & Free Man
    Molon Labe, bishes.

  • John

    Hope IRS has invested in many body bags as their agents risk getting shot if they follow the orders of Obummer. Personally I am tired of this anti freedom regime.

  • pupster40

    The progressive disinformation version, this sounds like Kristallnacht part zwei, or "if you're going to talk, it had better be for me than against."

  • VERN

    Hey All Please go to the and take a bit and watch the movie Molon Labe it's a free showing till 01/06/14 you won't be sorry.
    It's something that desperately needs to be seen in Our time.
    And please get it out there!
    We Must" Stand OUR Ground Aganst Tyranny in the New Year

  • NASA
  • homer1057

    There is ONE, of whom Obama knows not, that Obama will have to answer to, and HIS Name is: Jesus Christ! All of us will but Obama just thinks he is god, but, there is the TRUE GOD and whose Name obama doesn't know and yet denies! He will answer to HIM! On his knees begging for mercy!

    • peter

      but what happens to us in the meantime?

  • CARLjr

    Great. NOW how am I supposed to launder my money?

    • bahndon

      in a maytag.

      • MyronJPoltroonian

        Don't worry, it'll be lost in the Whirlpool of inflation anyway.

  • allen goldberg

    I have news for the scum in the government. This country was started by revolution. This is a tipping point...and when it is reached.....they had better brace themselves...the tradition is not lost on this generation.

  • D. Guardian

    both parties are involved in the downgrading of America to third world status. Both parties have declared war on the citizens that elected them to their positions of power. The same citizens will finish the job of giving the country away in "14 & "16...

    • Redwhiteblu


      • Mitchina

        I cannot recolect a time when they actually did do something they campaigned on.

    • Robert

      they will get the War they want until our General Comes down from Heaven with his war machine then watch the so called Elates Run like Hell and Be live it or not that is Exactly where they will Be for Eternity and that word in case you don,t .know its Meaning let me enlighten you it means Forever never Ending.

  • dumbvet

    i am thinking that during all these meetings all they talked about was golf and b-ball,

  • Cliff Lindsay

    If you want to see the ELITES plan with Obama in charge download Humanist Manifesto 1-2 . We have abortion, obamacare euthanasia, same sex marriage, promoting homosexuality, killing young people by the thousands in no win wars, chem clouds with resportory diseases increasing twice fold,
    Etc. Let us put the dots together and download the ELTES built Georgia Guidstones 90 miles east of Atlanta , Georgia. There are ten rules at the Georgia Guidstones for living In this world. The NUMBER 1 rule is to reduce the world's population to five hundred million people, they want to wipe out 97 or 98% of the world's population by using the methods above. Obama is helping them because Marshall Davis his real dad (compare pictures) and the leader of the communist party and his mentor along with his mother who Obama said in his book was a Secular Humanist trained him well. What is the purpose of all this. The purpose of all this is that the ELITES want to create a UTOPIA ON EARTH, A HEAVEN AND THEY CAN CONTROL 500 MILLION PEOPLE.. Pray for the USA.

  • wildeagleone

    If the CS Congress would just do their job, Obama would be gone to prison and maybe, just maybe we could get this country back on the right track to leadership in the world

  • Jeanne Ballard

    Are we just going to sit down and say "Oh darn"?

  • david murphree

    No one has the right to restrect free speech its one of basic right and our forefathers fought for. The IRS is only to enforce are tax codes not be Nazi Gestopo.

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      And I have some ocean front property for you in Idaho. FDR, LBJ, WJC and now BHO have all used the IRS as their personal "Enforcer'. Nixon tried to but was rebuffed.

    • Robert

      the only way to stop us from Talking is to kill us or Cut out our tong.that wont be hard for Obama to have done After all He is a Muslim Brotherhood Leader Undercover.

  • david murphree

    Obama is nothing but a little Hitler

  • patriotrick

    What I don't get is if these initiatives are not legal or constitutional why is no one calling them out?

  • pysco

    Its hard to tell who breaks the laws more crooks or the government...... PEOPLE: THE CONSTITUTION WAS WRITTEN TO PROTECT THE CITIZENS FROM THE GOVERNMENT.

  • ErnieLane

    One or more of these organizations needs to take the Administration on in court. These guys won't stop their thuggery, their tyranny, their criminality unless someone stands up to them.

    • Mitchina

      lol.. it will be their own that do it, just like they are going up against him now. I do believe there will be an attempt for his 3rd term. The dictator doesn't give a ratsazz about either side, just his own backside.

  • monacall

    See this is what upsets the wholly living stuff out of me. WHERE ARE THE CONGRESSMEN WHO WE ELECTED AT????? What the hell are they NOT DOING. I'm so sick of all of this I could scream. You people think were gonna get a fair election. U do your just as stupid as I thought u all were. We haven't had an honest election in 6 years. It's over people get your guns and food hidden. This little prix in the WH ain't leaving. U wait.

  • Mys77

    Come on people, you really think anyone can stop you from speaking your mind? How quick does it take you to say what you want...Five, to ten seconds.... and where is the IRS... stuck in DC.... Once you say it, it is out there, can't take it back, can't prevent people from hearing it, can't retrack it, there is NOTHING to stop you from exercising your free speech. We don't need permisssion from government....quit acting like we do. This is the number one problem I see.... instead of speaking our mind, acting and solving our problems, we act like children and run to the d... government to get permission and approval, both of which is not needed! Don't ask the government to get involved in anything in your community, because they will, and they won't stop. We see that more and more each year!

    • onelordwon

      Ask, well they are dead so you can't ask. However many have ended up in prison for their Free Speech, for their faith and right now you have the luxury, but that once taken for granted aspect of our lives and guaranteed Constitutional Amendment in America is going away...

  • Upaces

    Bean Counters and free speech?

  • david murphree

    Myron i couldn"t agree with more all president have tryed it except Reagan he believe in the american dreams,he believe in America!

    • Robert

      Until He Gave the Red light to China.Don't kid yourself ask anyone that lived in Calif when The Grate Reagen was the Governor Of Calif He Dubbed the Cost of Food Gas and Housing.then he went on to send Millions of Jobs to other Countries When He Made President Don,t Kid yourself .People its time to Revolt Before its to Late.

  • mogul264

    Unfortunately, Americans today are NOT as religious as were those in the Revolutionary War times, and preaching from the pulpit isn't as effective! The ONLY conservative organizations which CAN contact as many as did the churches, ARE THE 501(c)(4) types, or at least for the conservatives. About the only thing left is the Internet, and right-wing sites! And, lately, all these seem ever to be pleading and clamoring for supporting funds or vending t-shirts with political statements upon them!

    For the liberals, on the other hand, with zerobama having an automatic audience any time he chooses, the union leadership, the SEIU thugs for dirty work, and other 501(C)(4)'s legalized WITHOUT the IRS delays, there is an ENORMOUS amount of publicity, of course with the leftist media ALWAYS at the ready for support!

    • onelordwon

      Honestly mogul, it's not about being religious it's about being moral and loving the One who created us. Religion killed Christ. Bless you and I gave you the thumbs up

  • onelordwon

    My only comment here, which will be rare is: Pray that the country repents, grows gonads, gets the courage, integrity and character of our fore-fathers before it is too late. 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NASB)
    14 and My people [a]who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

  • Mitchina

    Would this not also shoot them in the foot as well? Probably not, the left agenda driven organizations would all get waivers by a simple suggestion on twitter by the Massiah.

  • jwright673

    It sounds like volunteers are considered employees of these agencies, just as volunteer firefighters are (for now) considered employees. Sure puts a damper on doing any charitable work, eh?

    • netandyawho

      You got that right! The big B O's ultimate plan is to eliminate all private charities and replace them with complete government handout agencies, thus silencing any person(s) who need government charity to continue living.


    Unless the basturdent croaks (if america is that lucky) we will see the tens of millions of christians rise up against the ignorant blacks satanists that elected this despicable fiend into office..........AND MILLIONS ARE INCREDIBLY WELL ARMED...........AND EAGER !!!!!

    • Robert

      the Blacks are not the only ones who Elected him to office all stooped people did all nationality's as well as the Foreigners the voters that are not Even U S Citizens through Acorn and others Even the unnamed Groups As we all Know Obama also Made Sure that the U S Military as well as the National Guard troops we Not Allowed to vote nor is the Governors of the Individual States letting there National Guard Guard the U S Borders to stop the Drug and Human trafficking and Border Murders take place Due to the H L S and the other Sorry Asses,s that is Supposed to stop this sort of unconstitutional Crossings I C E is another Group that has not Doing there Job as well as T S A Especially whin the only Part of a Muslim Gets Searched is From the Neck up.What Kind of Security is that. Grow Up Mr Dictator stooped N W O Groups.

  • Robert

    people Read the Declaration of Independence and Wherever you find the word He place Obama in it,s Place and pay close Attention to the 3rd paragraph the Part that tells we the American People that it is there Right it is our Duty to,throw off such other wards we the people Are to abolish Such a Government that Continues to take our God Given rights away through Treachery through Comforting and Abe- ding the Enemy such as the Muslim Brotherhood Iran Labia By Giving them F 16 fighter jets Tanks and other weapons chemical as well Face this Ty rent in the White house and both his Muslim Loving sole-list crackpots up there Must be removed as well as over 50 percent of all the Collective Beliving Bone Heads in D C By the Way what is a Texas Senator doing Wasting Tax payers taking trips over in places like Labia He works for one State the State of Texas we the people of the Other 49 States Did not Elect him to overreach his Boundaries we did not Give him the power to Represent us .period.the same goes for the Clinton's and all others that Are Has beans.

  • joyfulmom

    It'[s time "To make them an offer they can't refuse."

  • Keith

    In considering the aggregate of posts here, one thing I see, and it is common in many cases, is too many people can't see the forest for the trees. That is by design of course. Better to keep the masses bickering over the minutia so they lose sight of what is really important. Our founders designed a good government that operated from the bottom up, not the top down. In other words, the most power and responsibility was delegated to the people and the states. This is precisely why Amendment X was included in the Bill of Rights. The top, or federal government, was always intended to be virtually non-existent and still should be so. When operated from the bottom up as originally intended, each community could enact and enforce laws that seems good and proper for their particular circumstances. Our founders understood one size does not indeed fit all. This is one of the many good qualities Alexis De Tocqueville observed and commented on during those travels acros America at that time, documented in Democracy in America. We need to get back to the foundation that i the original intent of our US Constitution.

  • david murphree

    I've been ready to revolt ever since Obama became president he's been running this country like Nazi Germany and using the IRS
    as a Gestapo army

    • Nameless App 1989

      Obama does not run this country. The true masterminds have been around since December 23, 1913.

  • michael

    They "find our lack of faith troubling"

  • burtfisher

    Anyone who thinks this is all Obama's design is naive. He was as surprised as the rest of us when he realized that people were actually listening to him.

    He also was surprised when he got in trouble for going "off-script", that is, when he uses his own words instead of reading that teleprompter. Whoever is running things (and it doesn't matter much who that exactly is) probably showed him how easy it would be to have him replaced.

    I think that the recent Michelle-distancing and dirty looks, is evidence that she finally figured out that she did not marry the Messiah. She married a trained monkey skirt-chaser and just like Hillary, she is going to have to strike out on her own if she wants to achieve any greatness for her or her chilluns.

    • Truth Preacher

      She is a commie-rat, therefore she cannot achieve any greatness unless she totally repents of her wickedness and demonic ideology and gets right with God and repudiates the Left completely. She is as evil as her demented husband

  • MikeJoyous

    Wouldn't it be possible to sue the IRS and the White House over this? How about creating another Educational Institution, like Erhard Seminar Training did in the 80s? You point out to your contributors that they now have to pony up 30% more cash because of this.

  • paulwilson

    what Scott explained I am startled that anyone able to profit $8996 in four weeks on the computer. take a look at the site here

  • Down to Earth Thinking

    Only if we let them? It is well past time we all descend on DC and demand accountability from all of them, Dems and Reps alike ! Same screwing , just a different flavor ? Wake up Amerika before it is too late !

  • Truth Preacher

    Well the IRS can DROP DEAD! And we need to TELL THEM SO! We will say what we want when we want to whomever we want. it is high time to march over there is a large group and confront these lunatics and let them know what will happen to them. No more.