Dems Using Occupy Wall Street for Socialist Agenda

What originally started out as a peaceful protest by a group of people that are frustrated with America’s job market and economy is turning into a movement to help promote and sell the Democrat’s socialist agenda.  Early on, a number of those gathered in front of Wall Street spoke out about how the financial sector received so much government bailout monies and then gave huge bonuses to their top execs.

One protester interviewed said, “Wealthy individuals who own the giant corporations have bought off our Congress and bought off our government and the people no longer have a voice anymore.”

Another protester said, “I think the message if very obvious.  I think that the wealthiest one percent has benefitted by taking advantage of working class people.  They’ve been selling us faulty financial products.  They’ve been taking huge bonuses while depending on society to bail them out.”

And yet another said, “Ninety-nine percent need to be prospering, not just the top one percent.  Every community knows they’re hurting.  What’s going on is wrong and it’s time to stop this and make a difference and do things that allow all people to prosper.”

I agree this is a travesty, and should not have been allowed.  I also agree with their frustration about how the economy is going and how ineffective the federal government has become.  But I am also growing concerned by what I am hearing three weeks into the movement.  A growing number of protesters are blaming the top execs of all businesses as being the culprits.  They want the wealthy and successful business people to fork over their wealth and distribute it to the populace.

Spreading the wealth has long been a primary platform for socialism in any nation.  It penalizes the business owners and operators who have been successful in their careers by taking away the rewards of their hard work and effort and give it to those who are less successful and who don’t even try to be successful.

Socialism has two classes of people: those in control and everyone rest.  If you look at most of the socialist societies in the past one hundred years you will see that the working class does not enjoy the prosperity being sought by so many of these naïve protesters.

This past weekend, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said, “It’s anti-American because to protest Wall Street and the bankers is basically saying that you are anti-capitalism.”  Cain went on to explain that the task of businesses is to make money and if they can make more money working overseas then it’s an unfortunate reality for many Americans because businesses are concerned about their bottom line.

In response to Cain’s comment, former Democratic Senator Russ Feingold went on the Early Show to defend the socialist agenda of the Democrats when he said, “There’s nothing more un-American than a person like Mr Cain trying to intimidate people from exercising their right to protest.  There’s nothing more American than peaceful protest and if people are being hurt and they can’t get a job and students go to school for five or six years and take out student loans and come out and see that they’re getting no job and no opportunity and people in Wall Street continue to get whatever they want and are not properly regulated, that’s the time to protest.  This is the time to protest, it is the most American thing you can do.”

If you notice, Cain was addressing what the protesters were saying about distributing the wealth and making the wealthy give what they have to everyone else, whether they deserve it or not.  That is the American free enterprise system that has been one of the mainstays of our rise to greatness.  Many of the protesters are protesting free enterprise and capitalism and Cain was addressing his remarks to that, not to their right to protest.

But in typical Democratic fashion, Feingold turned what Cain said into something totally different and accused him of being un-American and wanting to gag the protesters and violate their First Amendment right to free speech.  Feingold went on to condemn the current system from stripping away the collective bargaining rights of citizens in various parts of the nation and condemning businesses for taking their business overseas and not taking care of their workers here in America.  He also condemned America’s wealthy for not being more passionate and caring and helping the rest of the nation.

In reality, Feingold as well as other Democrats are supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement in hopes that it will force Obama’s plan to increase the taxes on the wealthiest people to help distribute the wealth.

Some unions are also jumping on the bandwagon to support Occupy Wall Street.  Yet some of the complaints being made by the protesters concerning businesses taking operations overseas, can be directly attributed to unions and their higher wages and benefits demands on employers.  In a depressed economy when profit margins have dropped in many sectors, some businesses have no alternative but to either move out of the country or close their doors.  Perhaps some of the Wall Street protesters should be taking their protests to union offices and headquarters around the nation instead of Wall Street?

But what if you started a small company in your garage thirty years ago and it cost you dearly to do so.  You put everything you had into that company.  You ate Ramen noodles, macaroni and cheese and perhaps splurged on a hotdog once a month for several years because you couldn’t afford anything else.  You kept your old car running with bailing wire and duct tape and sat on an old blanket because the seats had worn through, because you couldn’t afford anything else.  For several years you were on the verge of complete bankruptcy and ruin, but you sacrificed everything else possible because you believed in your dream.  Then slowly your business starts to take off and grow.  You’re finally able to buy a reliable car and eat real meat and veggies.  Your company continues to grow until thirty hard years later you’re a millionaire and you now provide jobs for several hundred people.  Then a group of individuals, such as those occupying Wall Street along with the Democrats, want you to take your hard earned money and give it away to complete strangers just because you nearly killed yourself to become successful and they didn’t.  Is this the American way you want?

This is exactly what many of the protesters are demanding and this is what Democrats having been trying to do for some time now.  It doesn’t matter that you worked so hard to become what you are, they are demanding that you be penalized for your success.  And if they get what they’re demanding, then what is the incentive to work hard, to create a successful business if you know that all of your efforts and success goes to others and not you?



  • Bill

    To all posters, these people do not want your opinions unless it fits their agenda!!

    • Full Patriot

      What originally started out as a peaceful protest by a group of people that are frustrated with America’s job market and economy
      This originally started by Steven Lerner of SEIU calling for his troops to cause chaos and take down the American Financial System! I see the video! It was called for months ago!
      NEW WORLD ORDER is what it is all about, without America at the top any longer.
      Wallstreet protestors are nothing but useful idiots for those who wish to destroy us and are destroying us!

    • Lucy

      Listen!!!! You people who are here to Occupy Wall Street, DC or any other area. WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING THIS FOR?????????????????? Don't you know "JUST WHO THE REAL ENEMY IS"??????? It's our so called "PRESIDENT OBAMA"!!!!! Go and look up "AGENDA 21"!!!! He has been planning this for years and years. He WANTS ALL OF YOU TO DO JUST WHAT YOU ARE DOING, to cause riots, say whatever you want, do what ever you want. His friend Mr. Soros is the "BIG FINGER" behind the scenes. He is the one buying off all the Big Wigs at the TOP!!! STOP CREATING A HUGE MISTAKE!!!!!! All you people are doing is bringing this so called "DICTATOR" to surface FASTER!!! You are doing exactly what he wants you to finish off this Country!!!!! This Country was founder on God, and NO it might not have been perfect, but with this President, NOTHING is PERFECT!!! So PLEASE read up on Agenda 21 and you will find everything about him is true!!!! HE IS NOT A GOOD MAN!!! HE IS THE "DEVIL" IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!! HE NEEDS TO BE "IMPEACHED ASAP"!!!! I WILL PRAY FOR ALL OF YOU.........

  • enough

    Once we get back control of our government, we need to ban unions, democrats, socialists and communist from living among us. They all need to be shipped to what ever far left country will have them and tell them if they come back here, EVER, they will become fish food.

    We also need to strip the federal government of whatever powers it has abused, that got us where we are today. The commerce clause as well as the promote the general welfare clause come to mind. Also the ability to coin money.

    • Full Patriot

      Yeah, because there is no general welfare clause in the Constitution! It was made up by this admin and people follow along like the good little sheep they are!


        Actually, General Welfare is mentioned twice in the Constitution - once in the Preamble as one of our founding principles, and again in Article 1, Section 8 as a justification for the laying and collection of taxes, a power the Constitution provides to Congress.
        So, basically, you are just plain wrong.

  • Dale

    Ask the eite who promote Socialism and redistribution of wealth to throw their money into the "pot" and watch, 'em. You always go by what people do; not what they say!

  • Don T

    For some reason my comment was "rejected by administrator" - what's up with that??

    • ARMYOF69

      You didn't know???? You have to swear allegiance to Obama first. I thought we all knew that.

  • Kei Graves

    I have no agenda to fit into, but it is very clear you don't see who is walking with you on the streets. What you are asking for is social justice. You people are asking for the same problem with a different name. The elite communists will promise you equal justice however there will be only two classes the rulers nd the followers that will swallow what they are told to swallow whether you want it or not. Apparently you haven't done your history assignments. Your standing on the streets chanting words from Richard a multibillionaire fat cat. Such hyprocracy. Wake up!

  • Ltpar

    Amigos, let's not pretend surprise here, because this is the platform that Obama ran on in 2008 and 53% of the American voters gobbled it up. Three years later, millions of those gullible voters have lost their jobs, homes and savings. In hindsight, one has to wonder if Comrade Obama is looking as appealing as he did before?

    Enter Obama's 2012 campaign strategy to use the unions and far left protestors to create chaos in the streets. In doing so, "deflect" public attention from his own miserable persormance as President. Since the "Race Card" won't work this time around, out comes the "Class Warfare" card. Right out of the Karl Marx playbook, Obama wants to pit the people who still have something, against those who have nothing. This is Obama's last chance to either hold on, or to start the new Civil War in America. My gut feeling suggests that it is going to get very nasty in the next twelve months before the election. This could well be a fight for the soul of America and whether the Republic survives or falls to Socialism.

  • FadingFreedom

    I find it interesting that Herman has the audacity to even comment. He has been a huge recipient of the illegal theft of America's greatness and now it's consequent demise through his Federal Reserve position. I don't support all of the occupiers positions, but the rape of this country and parts of the world through the Federal Reserve System, it's parent the IMF and Bank of Internatioal Settlements MUST be exposed and dealt with!

  • http://Godfather/politics Little time

    Talking to these occupiers is like shouting at the wind. They're "Useful Idiots" for "social justice"
    Who do not care about logic or facts. After all they've been under indoctranation by our educational system through out their school years. And remember they're educated and know better than their parents, Conseritives or any information to the contrary. They're used to taking, and do not realize they've been programed, individual thought is a foreign concept. Much more dangerous the the factions of the 1960's -- Bill Ayers and the Weather Undergrouds concepts have grown up to form and organize, of course with the help of Soros, Van Jones, Obama and his overt & covert cronies, Trumka Union Thugs, with their big money, etc. The tac is to devide America, class warfare.

  • Marlin

    I have tried to follow the news about these so called protesters but it is still not completely clear what their message is. Do they just want a bigger peice of the pie? Are they objecting to the way Wall Street operates? I would like to hear what their specific compalints are and the detaials of their suggestion on how to fix the alleged problem. Or is the agenda just to cause unrest leading up to the next elections?

  • FadingFreedom

    I agree that Soros, Obama, etc have been major contributors to this current uprising and MESS. People like George Bush I and II, McCain, Mitch Mcconnell, Boehner, NeoCons and all the RINO's in office have also done their fare share to ruin this once great country. They also were frauds and fakes and many of us voted for them. No longer true for me in the next election should we have one.

  • johnsnare

    They really do not have an agenda. They are college educated, so they are not stupid. They decry Capitalism, yet it is capitalism that has allowed their parents the opportunity and financial independence to send these misguided individuals to college. Perhaps, they should spend some time in a Socialist country, and see firsthand how they live. Ask anyone who has spent time abroad, and viewed firsthand how the common folks live, They literally kiss the ground when they leave the plane. God bless America, IS USUALLY THE SPOKEN WORD.

  • Bill

    What our myopic, opportunistic politicians are not taking into consideration is that mob action is more easily generated than curbed. How about when the protestors start marching by the politicians' home to complain because they did not vote "their way" or to coerce them into voting "their way?"

  • 65corkyw65

    I keep telling you all that obama wants this to get worse so he can declare martial law and then there won't be any elections...... He's wants to stay in the WH and he will do ANYTHING to do just that... just sayin....

  • allosaur

    A Dem is a socialist agenda on two feet.

  • Robert Bullock

    Occupy Wallstreeters is too hard to type and such, from now on that group will be refered to as Flea Baggers.

  • samtman

    Power to the people who dare confront the Military Corporate religion complex.

  • wbliss

    The answer to the question. Are recent actions of the Demorcratic party just a little socialist bent or are they actually trying to introduce Communism? Let's see, Communists like to take over a country by chaos and revolution. They have to break down a country before they can build it up as an authoritarian collectivist country. Check. First we had the housing bubble orchestrated by liberals. Then we had Acorn with Federal funding running around acting like Hitler's brown shirts. They were made illegal but parts of Acorn still get Federal funding. Now you have people on Wallstreet, funded by liberals, demonstrating against the bourgeois. Check. What is collectivism you ask? This is where there is no individual freedom. The individual is controlled by the state in every way. No more home of the brave and land of the free. Wake up people. Can't you see it? Don't be blind.


    These kids are useful idiots for the unions and the democratic commie party.

  • Walter