Big Money – Republican or Democrat?

Ever since I can remember as a child, which was a long time ago, Big Money has always been associated with the Republican Party while the Democrat Party has been touted as the party of the poor and working class.  These themes have been heavily promoted in the past few years and especially in the growing Occupy everywhere movement.

But is that really the case?  Is Big Money still predominantly Republican?

If you have been watching the presidential races, President Obama has raised more campaign funds than all of the Republican candidates combined.  With all of the polls showing Obama’s approval ratings being the lowest ever and that he will likely lose to a strong Republican opponent, one has to wonder from where all of the money is coming from.

From January through May of this year, the Democratic National Committee raised $11 million from contributors who donated $30,000 or more.  During the same time frame, the Republican National Committee raised a mere $3 million from donations of $30,000 or more.

One possible reason for the difference in fund raising could be due to the Republican field having so many different candidates.  If this were true, then you would expect the total for all Republican candidates to be at least close to the amount Obama has raised, but that does not seem to be the case.  Additionally, the RNC still has $14.5 million debt from the 2008 campaigns that it is trying to pay off, while the DNC has no such debt to pay off.

It’s already common knowledge that two of the wealthiest men in America, Warren Buffett and George Soros are strong Obama supporters.  These two men own and control billions of dollars and have a strong influence on a number of other wealthy individuals.  They are just the tip of the wealthy iceberg supporting Obama and Democratic Party.

While it seems obvious that Big Money may be more Democrat oriented than everyone is led to believe, Obama and his Big Money people want it that way.  As long as they can make the public believe that Big Money is Republican and that they are behind all of the economic woes of the nation, it will help them place blame on others for what they are doing to the American people.

The Democrats continue to support and endorse the Occupy Wall Street movement who is blaming Big Money and Republicans for everything while the Democrats are the real Big Money people responsible.



  • Willy
  • Willy

    Corporate greed?
    Why is it no one mentions the costs to run a campaign with ads on corporate networks?
    Are the protester's are not aware of the costs? Has anyone thought how much would be saved without TV ads?

    If you have more money saving ideas reply to this post. I am sure you do.
    We can start with Term limits, and let them eat cake too

  • adrianvance

    Where the prototype American millionaire is a guy who made it and did not inherit it, he will tend to be Republican, but many are so focused on business they really are apolitical and only go with the flow to be popular. The often turns out to be Democratic as they make a big thing of "being for the little guy and downtrodden." But that is all BS.

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    • SoCalStar

      Adrian, Here is one of your own wonderful quotes:

      Socialism has two flavors: Communism from the bottom up, “the downtrodden,” trade unions and professional victims. Fascism is from the top down, big money, old money and old institutions.
      Adrian Vance, The Two Minute Conservative, 9/24/2011

  • Thomas Martin

    Well, most of the working people are republicans, because the democrats loves to take other peoples money and give it to the welfare breeders to keep up they're voting base to keep them in power.

    I love rich people as I've never gotten a job from a poor person, God bless them...

  • Juozas Vasiliauskas

    Gentlemen : __With no connection to the esssence of the article I am sorry to come to the conclusion the N th time: when the US elects it's President -not ideas -not beliefs- not actions are of value -MONEY_MONEY & once more money. So to me it is the question : is the US the COUNTRY OF DEMOCRACY or just the territory where MONEY RULES ? __It is a pity , the latter seems to be the case...__Juozas Vasiliauskas__Lithuania


    i never had a job from a poor person but from a rich person as for the demo commies they get hier money from soros and other commie outfits.

  • Richard Holmes

    Big money goes to all politicians, left, right and down the middle. They want the money, the power and they will lie, cheat and steal to get it and keep it.

  • Len

    The Dems are using a another tactic out of the Sal Alinsky book again. Keep throwing these false truths about Obama getting reelected and do it enough where people start beliving it. Their only hope is to demonizing their political oppounets and keep doing it till people again start to belive it just like they did to Palin. The only way to deal with Obama is to play down and dirty with this guy and beat him to the punch because that's their way of dealing with the GOP.