Who Do You Blame? Wall Street or Washington DC?

For the past month, the news on TV and online has been flooded with the Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Chicago, Occupy, Occupy, Occupy.  We all know that this movement blames Wall Street and the wealthy for all of our economic woes.  We also see that most of those joining in the movement seem to be more liberal leftists, socialist and those that have always wanted the government to provide everything for them.

But who do you blame and who do you think the average American blames?

In the latest USA Today and Gallup survey, more Americans blame Washington DC for the economic conditions of our nation.  When asked to pick between the big financial companies or the federal government, 64% of the people surveyed said the federal government was more to blame for the current state of the economy while only 30% said it was the financial industry.

One of the main issues raised by the Occupiers is that all of America is being treated unfairly by the financial world.  Yet when that question was raised in the survey, 54% said they believe the economic system is fair while only 44% said it is unfair.

When asked about their opinions about the Occupy Wall Street movement, 42% of the Democrats said they supported it while only 9% of Republicans say they support the protest movement.

The survey, conducted one month into the Occupy Wall Street protest demonstrates that the 99 percenters should only be calling themselves the 44 percenters.  The majority of Americans do not agree with the Occupy group’s target of blame nor do they feel they are being treated unfairly by the financial world.  They do not represent even half of the American people as a whole.

It always seems to be a vocal few that create so much trouble and controversy for everyone else.  They always claim to be saying what all of America wants to say, but that has never been the case.  From the free love and anti-war protests of the 1960’s and the anti-Christian and anti-Bible movement that started in the 1960’s and continues today to the pro gay rights movement of the past decade, it’s always a loud minority that insists on having their way shoved down the throats of the sadly apathetic majority which results in changing the course of history and our nation’s path to eventual destruction.

I fully support the right to protest of the Occupy movement, but I absolutely detest their claim that they are representing me in blaming the wrong people responsible for our current state of economy.



  • Pat Henry

    Look Washington understands the business climate. It is just that it is in Africa now for African's, not the US citizens,
    now you asked are you joking? No, of course not the secrets of the Mayan civilization's cold not reveal this !

    Ask your elected official if he voted for these budgets



      • Bruce

        Well, the administration DOES understand the business climate. It's this administration's motivation to crush the US, and by crushing businesses by regulations/taxes, they can achieve their goals.

        • paulrph1

          Oh Washington understands all to well. You do not pass 320 anti-business regulations without knowing what you are doing. Their intent is to destroy the old America so they can bring in the new. Have you heard of the term liberal.

      • Pat Henry

        Please it was a pun not showing they are pro business
        I wanted you to see this is good for business in foreign countries not good for us?

      • Pat henry

        Your clueless !
        Read the pun joker

    • Marko

      Democrats are to blame ... the only unanwsered question " is it by design or just our stupidity ? Everything the Democrats do to help low and middle income folks backfires. It makes the Rich Richer and the rest of us poorer. I used to think the Democrats were stupid and then I heard that " Wall Street and Big Fat Cat Bankers " gave 85% of their political contributions to Obama and other Liberal Democrats... So the question is ? are the Liberal Policies by design making Wall Street and The Fat Cat Bankers Richer and the rest of us poorer ? That's The GD Question

      • fordman

        If you don't know the answer to your own question you haven't been paying attention. Yes the democrats and rinos have been doing it by design. We need to vote all conservative and tea party into office and do away with the democrat and republican party.

    • Everhen


      • Willy

        Get off the narco milk read it again

    • daves

      So who is to blame? There’s plenty of blame to go around, and it doesn’t fasten only on one party or even mainly on what Washington did or didn’t do. As The Economist magazine noted recently, the problem is one of "layered irresponsibility … with hard-working homeowners and billionaire villains each playing a role." Here’s a partial list of those alleged to be at fault:

      The Federal Reserve, which slashed interest rates after the dot-com bubble burst, making credit cheap.

      Home buyers, who took advantage of easy credit to bid up the prices of homes excessively.

      Congress, which continues to support a mortgage tax deduction that gives consumers a tax incentive to buy more expensive houses.

      Real estate agents, most of whom work for the sellers rather than the buyers and who earned higher commissions from selling more expensive homes.

      The Clinton administration, which pushed for less stringent credit and downpayment requirements for working- and middle-class families.

      Mortgage brokers, who offered less-credit-worthy home buyers subprime, adjustable rate loans with low initial payments, but exploding interest rates.

      Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, who in 2004, near the peak of the housing bubble, encouraged Americans to take out adjustable rate mortgages.

      Wall Street firms, who paid too little attention to the quality of the risky loans that they bundled into Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS), and issued bonds using those securities as collateral.

      The Bush administration, which failed to provide needed government oversight of the increasingly dicey mortgage-backed securities market.

      An obscure accounting rule called mark-to-market, which can have the paradoxical result of making assets be worth less on paper than they are in reality during times of panic.

      Collective delusion, or a belief on the part of all parties that home prices would keep rising forever, no matter how high or how fast they had already gone up.

      The U.S. economy is enormously complicated. Screwing it up takes a great deal of cooperation. Claiming that a single piece of legislation was responsible for (or could have averted) the crisis is just political grandstanding.

      • Mitchina

        Thank you Dave. That pretty much sums it up. Even Greenspan couldn't wrap his head around derivatives, those securities and what that would have produced - but the efin banks did - they just wanted more money so once the gvt (in total) allowed the pathway for all this risk and pushed them out on the ledge to lend irrationally to unqualified buyers - the banks ran with it as far as it would take them for the quick buck without so much as a glance at the future .


      you make no sense at all

  • Willy

    The new Democrats and the polls on OCCUPY

    • The Punisher

      WHY the NEGATIVE thumbs down?? Did you BOTHER to even READ the story on the LINK he provided?? He's 100% RIGHT on this, and DESERVES thumbs UP!! Don't ACT LIKE A LIBERAL.... READ the STORY, before you "comment" with an up or down....

      • Willy

        What did I thumbs down?

        I just posted for you to read !


    Remember the sounds of Philly ? The great tunes of the 70's
    The Spinners , The O Jay's take out that old cassette and play MONEY MONEY MONEY MONAY !

    Obama says we have no money , and need to create jobs

    Hillary is a job creator ! My fellow American's our next economic Czarina !


    • The Punisher

      Again..he is being SARCASTIC... did you READ what he linked to?? WHY the NEGATIVE votes on his SHOWING you truthful light on Clinton??

      • Vietnam Vets

        Thank you

        Can you believe no one knows about the agency blowing billions?

    • fordman

      Hillary is a communist and in ways worse than Obama.

  • Jeepster


    "Yes we could have" But we did not vote for McCain

    • 760barry

      now you have to live with it

    • ray13666

      McCain did get the popular vote by a slim margin, the electoral college is what got odummy elected. We need to get rid of the electoral college, the EPA, the dept of energy, the dept of education, et al.

      • fordman

        McCain is a liberal and a member of the NWO.

        • j.j.

          that may be true--but he would have been a 1,000 times better that the naked marxist that is now in the white house--------especially with Palin as v.p.

  • mickey

    Blaming the banks for lending losers money to buy homes they know they can't afford is like blaming the soup line for your overeating.

    • Brama

      Love it! Right on!

    • frank O

      You can't blame the banks for lending the money,but were they not coereced into doing this by fannie May ,Barney Frank et al.

      • ConscienceCit

        not coereced - no they were MANDATED!

    • Michael

      Losers is an out of line statement!
      The people responsible are the same ol' same ol' who have been controlling our purse strings for centuries.

      • E5HMFIC

        This comment has been deleted by the administrator.

        Read more: Who Do You Blame? Wall Street or Washington DC? | Godfather Politics http://godfatherpolitics.com/1585/who-do-you-blam...


      • JUDY

        and that would be the liberals

      • j.j.

        michael-------if you know that you are not able to afford the loan that the bank is going to give you,so as to comply with the feds,what would you think you are?????? I guess you would think your a genius !!!!!!!!!!!!! guess again

    • James

      The banks were required to loan money to those that couldn't afford much of anything because then President Carter and several other Demoncrats had this big idea that it would make America 'better place'.
      What a concept, huh?!?!?!

    • http://www.monster-island.net kushibo

      I'll blame those who took dangerous loans and toxic loans and mixed them in with the quality loans and sold the whole bundled thing as quality stuff.

    • Susan Lueckenbach

      The government FORCED the banks to make the risky loans. The housing bubble and collapse is completely on their backs! Until they learn that you can't legislate "Fairness" we will get more of the same.

      • MikeC711

        Susan, I 95% agree. Once the gov't started backing the absurd loans, banks did get overzealous ... but none of this would have happened had the gov't allowed the market to operate. Supporting your claim though, here's a nice clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivmL-lXNy64

        • j.j.

          mike c---we have good ole SLOBBERING BARNY THE FRANK to thank for this

      • daves

        The banks have always made me pay mortgage insurance when my equity is less than 80%. That insurance doesn't protect anyone - it's just more money for the bank. Supposedly it is there to protect the banks but It hasn't worked very well.

      • daves
      • DanBritt

        Was it the Government of United States, or the Democratic Party ?

    • Rich

      That may be right. But should that give the banks, which own the Federal Reserve and by extension Washington DC, permission to steal 27 TRILLION from the tax payers? That is most unrealistic comment. Do you really think that if you go to a woman on welfare that has no choice but to live where the Government puts her and tell her she could buy a house in a nice neighborhood, good schools, well public schools that are the lessor of two evils. Anyway, no money down, she shouldn't take it? Just because you are giving the banks a free pass, doesn't mean that they aren't going to screw you to. They will get all of us, we aren't in the family, we are their servants, and you are their "useful idiot." Enjoy your servitude.

      • j.j.

        hey rich-----if it wasn't for such people as barny frank,chris dodd,and the rest of their cronies (who by the way made MILLIONS off of this) the banks would not have been able to do the nasty deals-----and by the way,why is it that the libs are always saying that they are just helping the poor with their rules,regulations and taxation on the people who create the businesses/ in the private sector,and it always turns out that the poor are always the ones hurt the most-----and then the brainwashed poor VOTE them back into office ????? stupidity rules

    • RogerCannon

      Great reply Mickey.

    • David Betts

      The government forced them to any way you look at it and it was the Dems that kept it going. In 96 Rep tried to stop them but the Dems won out and here we are with a glut of empty house being foreclosed on. The Dems were in charge and this is what we got.

    • Marian

      Barney Franks in Oversight did nothing to discourage Freddie and Fannie from making loans to people they knew could not afford them.
      We did have a Democrat house, if you remember, at that time. Bush was president but, it is hard to put anything through when they stand in your way.


    Hey Washington You spend 4 trillion minimum a year and you collect 2.5 trillion even with a tax increase.
    Any idiot knows what will happen. Don't BLAB OUT "FAT CAT" WHEN YOUR THE BIGGEST PUSSY AROUND.

    • Mitchina

      LMBO! How true that is!

  • jaydee1958

    Remember the year we had Ronald Regan as president. We also had Bob Hope and Johnny Cash. But now we have
    MaO'bama: no hope and no cash......... We go to the zoo to see an African Lion. We can to to the White House to see the
    Lying African.

    • MICKEY

      you can also see the lying african on TV almost daily

      • Brama

        Kenya see the writing on the wall?

    • Cabby-AZ

      Have you heard the latest update? We had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope, and Johnny Cash. Now we have no jobs, no hope, and no cash.

      • sagewise

        Yes, no doubt that Steve Jobs was a job provider, but he was also a staunch liberal contributor...kind of an oxymoron. Another Occi-moron is Obama.

        • Jonathan Gartner

          Yes it is strange he bit the hand that fed him(Jobs)

        • The Punisher

          Even, a BRILLIANT Visionary TECHNO GEEK.. can also be a POLITICAL IDIOT!!

    • Full Patriot

      You put it so well! Thank you:) ROFLMAO

    • Jonathan Gartner

      Very nice now do you have one to go with his Indonesian Passport and his religion being muslim (I think this is how he got his student grants and he also has done business in chicago with the name Barry Soetoro)

    • gILBERT

      Obama reminds me of Forrest Gump favorite saying!!!! STUPID IS STUPID DOES.

    • Phil

      Wish I had thought of that line. Way to go jaydee1958 from Phil1956.

    • B. Lynch

      Is that spelled "OWEBAMA"?

    • pete0097

      I sure hope Kevin Bacon lives a long time.

    • cheryl


  • Greg

    Washington is the problem. I do not like Wall Street going after bail outs, but it's Washington that has to say no.

    • Joan

      I blame Washingyon for the chaos on wall street. Remember Obama was there not too long ago when he was funding raising for his campiagin!!!

      • Joan


    • madgater


    • Lois

      I believe it is Washington. Washington allowed Wall Street to do what it has done. It removed safeguards. It is government that has opened our gates to people we have nothing in common. It is government that has encouraged dependence on government. Multiculturalism is being used as a weapon against us. The government opened the gates to dependent people.

      The criminals in Washington, and Wall Street are redistributing Americans wealth, they're stealing from us.

    • Jack the FAC

      We have seen the "Arab Spring" destroy Egypt and other Arab countries. Now we are watching this dispicable bunch of 21st Century anarchists bring in our "American Spring" and destroy this country and its economy, that is what is left of the economy that Obamanation and his disastrous policies haven't already destroyed.

    • cmbih

      I'm not sure all of wall street wanted the bailouts. All the banks had to take the money because the FRB didn't want people knowing who was in trouble and who wasn't so everyone had to take money. That was unfair and FRB caused therefore Washington DC caused.
      Once a swamp, always a swamp. Time to dredge again. Ron Paul 2012

  • Marvin McCardle

    People are pissed at not only the rich or wall street or gov't, they are pissed because we are paying for representation and getting nothing from Washington. I say do not apy politicians until they come up with a sound plan to correct years of abuse

    • Marvin McCardle

      I meant to say Pay

    • Doofus

      We have the best politicians that money can buy. That is the problem.

      • fordman

        These are not politicians they are crooks and communists.

  • Brama

    There's no hesitation: Washington. Wall Street has been doing what it has always been doing. It's only when the current Administration and Liberal Congress got involved that the economy nose-dived. By the way, has any liberal millionaires been out there with those protesters? If so, not many. And considering the list of those in Congress that have benefited from this economic downturn, you would think there would be more of them. But you see, it's not about fairness, it's about being poor. And being poor is not about fairness in this country, because we're the best country for the poor to take advantage of the opportunities our economic sturcture to better themselves,... it's about jealousy.

    • Nanette

      What that evil person Obama and his liberal lying left really have in mind for all of us, is underclass for all, except elitist ruling over all the lower class, soon there will be no middle class! He id driving out the job creators, he is a divider not a President that ever wants to be strong and together!

    • wwjdsfcj

      You are so right. And the green eyed monster is the biggest part of every single person on earth. Well that combined with ego and the, "I deserve it" mentality.

  • Grace Stanley

    I blame Washington for the mess we are in, and we need a President who is not a politician like Cain!!!!!

    • guest

      DC IS CORRUPT, greedy and weak. The protesters are not protesting the right cause but their own political-like Self-serve interests. A bunch of selfish hippies like Hillary. The ME generation.

      These people have no idea what our reps are doing to bring down the USA. And Obama who is an unfit, lying and paranoid non-leader. He has only his own wars on free countries and Socialism make the Constitution to fail. His lates ts to repeal the second ammendment. Take our right to protect ourselves and family and friends. Another Hitler copy.

      REPEAL OBAMA CARE...........................PLEASE

    • olinda moore

      You wrong,the Congres is working on jobs,but Obama wants werever he has and do not give a chance to the republicans to see what they intent the public see; he wants money for campain no for jobs,we have already 14 trillion to pay to China,and we lost the three stars that keep USA up ,the Republicans have to keep the money and not to expend,no more,we have Rick Perry,he know how to focos on jobs,can you see texas people move over here becouse him.I said Rick Perry is the person and one thng on him ,he is telling the tru.

      • j.j.

        olinda----I guess his idea of giving the illegal aliens IN STATE TUITION FEES,the LEGAL CITIZENS of the other 49 states are not able to get that,is O.K. with you???????????? what part of ILLEGAL ALIEN don't you understand???????

  • FadingFreedom

    BOTH!!! They are one and the same! Just like there is hardly any difference between most Republicans and Democrats. All owned by the same demons!

    • Mitchina

      EXACTLY.... the public front that they are enemies and the behind the scenes back scratching to help each other over the backs of the American citizen for their sole benefit is completey transparent to anyone with a single active brain cell.

    • cmbih

      If DC didn't play crony capitalist, this wouldn't have happened. I worked on Wall street for many years,and it was the regulations that got us every time. I totally blame DC.

      • hamebone

        Well as the saying goes, one hand washes the other and here we are.

  • chuck broad

    washington dc and many state capitals are the probelm....a combination of democrats bent on destroying the constitution and republicans either lacking the balls to fight the democrats or republicans kissing democrats ass

    • slicric

      BALLS and ASS should be capitalized !

  • Bill

    I blame them both because 1 supports the other

    • Lois

      I agree.

  • charleydan

    Who to blame? Well, big business goes to D.C. with coffers for campaign in exchange for rule changes or additions to make it easy to do that which they could not do otherwise. Sounds like both politicians and business are to blame.

    Truth be known. Without most of the regulation created. Including the Federal Reserve. Big Business would not be big but ma and pa operations for the most apart. Even the rail road got its original start, via Federal Regulation and still supported by the same. Just like solar and wind energy.

    Since President Wilson announced the new deal and said that business would now be taken care of and prosper. No one asked at who's expense? I leave tthe rest up to your analysis.

    • bill stone

      I totally understand how you could have that view since I had similar ones my whole life. There's a book entitled "The Creature From Jekyll Island". I assure you that it'll shed light on things, and reveal some shocking, harsh truths about the "federal reserve". To sum it up, it's not federal, and there's no reserve. Never was! Read the book, I really think you'll enjoy it.

  • http://www.ignoredrealityblog.com Tony

    I blame Jimmy Carter for selling out the future of America's youth by accepting a few million dollars in campaign funding in exchange for allowing the marxists to set up the Dept. of Ed so they could control our public schools and turn them into nothing but indoctrination centers for teaching communist socialism. If that had never occured we more than likely would not be seeing this rabble of lazy, give me everything for free anarchists littering our streets displaying their stupidity for all the world to see.

    • JUDY

      Just watch Jay Leno's J-walking segments to see just how well our current school systems are doing. That would be abysmal.

      • joyce

        judy i could not have said it better than you just did . we need to remove the fed. education and put it back into the hands of the states and the parents as this is where it belongs. we as parents are not doing our kids any favors by continuing to let this go on. if the parents wants their kids to learn the things that they should be learning they will get it done. government is the problem. let's get the government out of our business and back to the constitution and our freedoms.

    • http://www.MADEinUSA.org JRBeaman

      Yes, I forgot that one. and don't forget the Affordable Housing Act that Carter started, where those that could not afford home loans were taken in by the banks because of new federal regulations, which led to the housing crash and bank problems. It was a setup by the socialist peanut farmer and we are all paying for it today.

  • dingbat36

    The title of this piece is a STUPID QUESTION! Who thinks this crud up anyway?

    • cheryl

      Your name fits your comment

  • Marvin McCardle

    People are pissed at not only the rich or wall street or gov't, they are pissed because we are paying for representation and getting nothing from Washington. I say do not apy politicians until they come up with a sound plan to correct years of abuse

    • joyce

      we have allowed the government take over how we live and now they want to tell us how to live, what to eat and what is or isn't good for us. wall street and the government are to blame for this mess but we must take part of the blame for allowing it to happen in the first place. we can not pay them altho i would like to do just that but they are the ones who says when and how much they are going to be paid. us seniors just barely get by and some of us do not get that much. people pay into the social security all of their lives and get squat while the government gets fat checks this is not fair on any level but then life isn't fair.

  • jake

    That's a no brainer. WASHINGTON, Congress, the President past and present for not controlling Wall street and the dept's that are paid to enforce the laws and regulations. They are protesting in the wrong place, they need to march on Washington.

  • http://www.ignoredrealityblog.com tony

    I blame Jimmy Carter for selling out the future of America's youth by accepting a few million dollars in campaign funding in exchange for allowing the marxists to set up the Dept. of Ed so they could control our public schools and turn them into nothing but indoctrination centers for teaching communist socialism. If that had never occured we more than likely would not be seeing this rabble of lazy, give me everything for free anarchists littering our streets displaying their stupidity for all the world to see.

    • Old1Glory

      So glad there are people out there who see through all the schemes of the Left, Progressive, Socialist, Marxist, Communist group that have infiltrated our country for years, especially the Democrats Party. Look where our schools have gone, family values, religion, etc. All in the plan to bring America down. And . . . . whatever planet this President arrived from, it certainly was not from the USA.

      The Communists have been working on a "plant" for years, and the opportunity presented itself during the last election while hatred was high for Bush (that this group set the stage for) . When Obama said it was only a few more days before he transformed America, I don't think many of people who voted for him should have ask "into what?" I hope they see that their vote and ignorance helped put thid Marxist, Communist in office to destroy this country. No one could do this much damage through stupidity! It's all in the plan with the vision of George Soros. Let's unite to take this man and his cronies out of the White House by our votes and voices that "tell it like it is"!

    • Patriot Niki

      Thank you Tony, you are so correct. The schools are not teaching American History, Civics, and certainly NOT English.
      We MUST get the Washington people OUT of OUR Schools. We as citizens should attend school board meetings even if we have NO children in school. We need to STOP the liberals teachers from their garbage. We MUST speak English FIRST in the United States. That should be LAW. No thanks, to any POTUS that we have had in power. What are they afraid of. Do we want ENGLISH 1 2 or 3? This is pathetic. Get government out of our schools. GET UNIONS to do what they should. FIRE teachers that do not do their JOBS. Instead of moving them and continuing to pay them.

    • joyce

      so let us the american people make it go away we have been letting this go on far too long. everybody needs to stop fighting each other and start working together to change our country back to where it is supposed to be one nation under GOD and remove all who do not want to be free or whowants to have a free lunch on our dime. the bible says if you do not work you will not eat. in other words we are expected to work for our food and not expect someone else to feed us. now we have too many who want others to take care of them. they are lazy and are so because the government made laws to keep people from raising their kids to work. i worked as a kid and i know that that is what is needed today. we need to teachour kids to stand on their own two feet and to help those who are less fortunate to take care of themselves this is what our country was made of and that is where we should go. this is what we need to do take back our country from the commies,muslims radicals, and the american nazi party out of our country. we have been sleeping for far too long.

  • sb36695

    First Washington, then Wall Street. Where are the Paul Reveres when you need them? We have become a Banana Republic.

    • Edward


      • joyce

        you nailed it right on the head. that is exactly where we are and i say it is up to we the people to get rid of them all. we need to name names and let everyone know who they are. no one seems to pay attention to what is really giong on in our country. in some states the muslims are telling us we can"t say this or that and judges who are using sharia laws in our court rooms we have our own laws and we need to stay with our own and our constitution these judges needs to be disbarred from the bench forever. there is a place that was going to hold a meeting @ the hyat i think it was is texas and because the muslims didn't like what was going to be said they threatened the owners saying that they would not be safe if they allowed the meeting so they canceled it..this is not what our forefathers and all of our solders fought and died for. we are now in of our people standing up to these types of people do not be afraid to fight back,. the muslims are not going to tell me what i will or will not do. lets get this done.

  • http://www.ignoredrealityblog.com tony

    I blame Jimmy Carter for selling out the future of America's youth by accepting a few million dollars in campaign funding in exchange for allowing the mar xists to set up the Dept. of Ed so they could control our public schools and turn them into nothing but in doc trination centers for teaching com mun ist soc ialism. If that had never occured we more than likely would not be seeing this rabble of lazy, give me everything for free anarc hists littering our streets displaying their stupidity for all the world to see.

    • Grecko

      Also ;Jimmy and Rosie Carter have totally ruined south Florida,Fort Lauderdale and Miami. when they opened the Gates for Cubins Africans,and spanish. I double dare you to visit and see for yourself. Bring a gun. And we pay for the thousands of their babies through welfare. They are spreading like cockroaches. What a mess!!!!!!!

      • fordman

        You should be protesting Washington not wall street. The democratic communist are the problem.

    • bill stone

      No doubt that was certainly a great contributer. He's also still active on the world stage putting things in place that have not served america's interest. We home schooled our children, and it has served them well. They graduated 2 years early, worked for two years, and are now finishing up college debt free with jobs already in place. All as a result of keeping the government influence out of our lives as much as possible. Don't get me wrong, we take our civil duties very seriously, and work hard to be, not only informed voters in federal, state, and local elections, but to hold them accountable once they are in office. However, it's getting harder, and harder to maintain confidence in our system because it's so corrupt, and such a large percentage of people have the entitlement mentality.

  • Antoninus

    Actualy the problem began when Woodrow Wilson and congress passed the approval of the Federal Reserve Banking system in 1913. It gave foreign powers and finaceers power over the USA economy. Thus, the cash cow, the American people are burdened by the greed of the Federal Government and the IMF. Our governent has become the puppet of the World Bank willingly and happily.

    • Lori Gibson

      Im sure Glenn Beck would agree with your comment about Woodrow Wilson and his bad policies that damaged our country!

  • Siegfried

    This all began with the Clinton administration when they pressured Fannie Mae to make risky loans. Check this supporting NY Times article -- http://www.nytimes.com/1999/09/30/business/fannie...

    • Ed Orr

      RIGHT and the real proof is in the repeal of the Glass -Stegal act by none other than Billy boy Clinton and his cronies. The banks were forced to make these loans but this is only a small part of that problem.

    • wbliss

      HAHA I wrote my message about Freddie and Fannie and then noticed yours. So funny.

    • forparity

      Indeed Siegfried. Andrew Cuomo was the man - Clinton's HUD Secretary.

      They created the housing bubble, from the ground up. It was off and running by late 2000, with home prices going well thru the top of the historic price channel - result of over demand, little supply. Then following the recession Bush inherited from Clinton, Fed policy of pushing interest rates to the floor, supercharged the already over valued market - making it all too appealing for the masses to jump in on the move-ip to a larger house, equity out schemes (cars, boats, remodeling, ertc).

      Without Clinton/Cuomo's plan and regulations to implement this mess - Wall Street would have had nothing to play with, here; would have had to look for something else to replace the dot.com bubble of fraud and corruption of the Clinton years.

      Here's a bit more for you:


      Countrywide, Fannie Ink Pact National Mortgage News and SourceMedia, Inc., July 9, 1999 -- http://www.nationalmortgagenews.com/dailybriefing...

  • rayz

    it's becoming clear the pres. is inciting a divided country. he is on a soap box to promote the dem. agenda. he is not a leader of the united states. god help us if he gets elected by the 35 % in 2012 . we truely need to come together in this next election. please get us back to a united states by having a less obtrusive government

  • Woolfy

    These "Occupiers" are sooooo misguided. The Top 10 CEO's in the Corporate World receive on average $50M a year LESS than the annual earnings of the Hollywood/Celebrity Stars that are ENCOURAGING this Occupy Protest against Wall Street.
    What a bunch of half-wits that don't recognize that they are being used by the very people that make MORE money than the people they are protesting. They should be in Hollywood protesting the Celebrities to "share their wealth"!!

    • wwjdsfcj

      Absolutely. But don't forget the "stars" of the NBA, NFL and other such organizations.
      Let's face it, we want entertainment of all kinds and we are willing to pay for it,.even those collecting from the government. Irrational.

  • Jim

    The fault lies with Washington. For years the system work well lending mortgage money under clear defined terms. Then Sen Barney Frank ,Sen Dodds and Clinton decided everyone should own a house. They had the guidelines eased which opened "pantora's box" allowing unscrupiuos mortgage companies such as Countrywide take advantage an issue bogus mortgages.President Bush who Obama blames for all this actually tried to stop it and have the regulations tightened . I believe it is record he tried to get congress two or three times to take the necessary steps needed to correct the problem,and nothing was done.

  • Eli Jones

    Government is the problem. Especially Barack Obama's Marxist / Muslim government.

  • mjs


  • Mattwm

    Washington DC is definitley to blame. Wall Street just does what the government allows them to do. Obama gets more money from wall street than conservatives do, so there you have it

  • Malachi McCarthy

    If you understand how it all works, the problem is Washington...always has been.

  • Steven G Poyzer


  • Willis

    Can we be honest, and blame who is really to blame?

    The Federal Reserve.

  • Tauraso

    Watching the debates this past evening almost made me vomit. Many on the stage forgot Reagan's 11th commandment: not to speak ill of another Republican. Santorum, Perry, and Bachmann were the chief sinners in this regard. Romney responded only when attacked. And, of course, Gingrich was supreme in trying to get others to calm down. Gingrich is the most qualified and most intelligent of all of them. Ron Paul is like St. John the Baptist -- a "voice crying in the wilderness." Romney was presidential as was Cain. Bachmann sounds like a "perra" most of the time. You can look up the Spanish word. I think the candidates would do well not to criticize each other but to tell their own vision of what and how they would perform and do.

  • invest

    I blame it on the democrats for the simple FACT that Bill Clinton took the United States most valuable technolgical resource and gave it away to China ,India, and Russia.. What resource you may ask did he give away -- US Super Computer systems at this..
    What was the result of this simple transaction and it's effects on the economy and the United States in general... It allowed India to develope it's economy and also build nuclear weapons.. It allowed China to have a space program, and gave them the ability to design products that they NEVER could before without these computers system.. Russia was able to fix it's economy and also moderize it's military..

    Most people just don't see what this simple transaction had done to destroy America and it all was done by the democrat party because they not controlled the White House and congress at the time...

    Democrats sold America down the river of doom..

    A. B. O 2012

    • Jonathan Gartner

      I am not disagreeing with you however the Chinese and Indians have copied the tech but cannot perfect it. China's aircraft are 20 years and more behind. As for the GOD computer at Meade they can not get inside and they certainly can not copy it . An example is the latest crash of a "modern" military aircraft in china recently the other is they have the money but, still cannot build an Aircraft Carrier(they had to buy an old Soviet one they would have been better off to buy an old Essex class(1950's) the one they got from the soviets could not even launch regular air craft only VSTOL . In the end however we should really stop teasing them this way one day they might get it right. And for Clinton his crimes go much further than most people would believe including the betrayal of Jonas Simviba in Angola he diamonds for that one.

  • Patrioticnut

    Yes, yes, honest article. Please OWS stopping using my person as one of your percentage points because I do NOT agree with you. I do not fall into the wealthy class by any means and probably make less than a lot of those protesting but they are not allowed to claim the 99% status, it is a lie flat out and needs to cease being used. They look to be more like the .05% to me. So, please refrain from further use of the 99% claim, since that would include myself and many that I know who disagree completely with you.

  • soldiermom11

    I blame Washington and the leadership (or lack thereof) in the White House. This is just plain communism. Unvetted czars with radical ties from the 60's, inept bureaucrats making military decisions, constant repetition of toxic lanquage of "millionaires and billionairs" , instigating class warfare. Everyone should see the link on the KGB agent who escaped to America. What is happening to this country is right out of the KGB handbook for bringing down a country and it's people to assume control and power. This agent recites his training and tactics.

  • joe


  • Jill

    Those on wall street are only guilty of accepting the perks that the government has set up for them to work with and pass on to employees. What about the government unions, we pay for that and it is escalating beyond belief. People will take what they are given, as long as they feel they have earned it. The government is WRONG !!

  • sanderson

    Washington. They are stoking these fires. Instead of UNITING the UNITED States, this president and his administration is doing everything possible to create divides.
    People need jobs, not banter. Wall Street creates jobs, folks. The Occupy idiots only see Wall Street and taking and controlling, but without them, this country would be lost, or MORE lost than it is.
    Wall Street is back to business as usual, which is wrong, too. Credit card companies are handing out cards to people who will be unable to repay them, as banks did with mortgages in the 1990s and 2000s, and when these people cannot repay, they will be charged SKY HIGH fees. That is wrong. If Congress wants to do something good for ALL people, regulate credit card fees so they aren't in the neighborhood of loan sharks.

  • soldiermom11

    Here's the link o the KDB agent http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJ2fMeer5Mw

  • Keepyourpower

    US Government...this corrupt government..of course!

  • Yeshua Friend

    The radical Muslim we have in our White House doing his best to bankrupt our Nation, and overthrow it by creating insurrection and division of our people. Shalom!

  • Gerald

    Our politicians of course being bribed with lobby money. won't stop until the bribery stops.

  • James

    Both are to blame. The government along with the big banks, Freddie, and Fannie created this. Government then tries to fix it by bailing out their largest campaign contributers, at the taxpayers expense. People are also to blame for not living within their means. Greed all around is what we have come to know and love. Government even tried to go a step further with the Dodd/Frank bill to regulate their buddies. Keep in mind Dodd and Frank created the housing mess, they were in charge of overseeing the disaster however; the Dodd/Frank bill makes no mention of Freddie and Fannie and people are still losing their jobs and their homes. People think the bad guys are the banks that made the bad loans (they were forced to by the government and pressure groups like ACORN). If the government had stayed out of this business most sound operating banks would have never loaned a lot of people the money, and for those that would have anyway, let them fail. Don't forget also we have a Federal Reserve printing money out of thin air which is worthless. It is all debt based and cannot stand.

    • Glenda Herring

      Right on! Absolutely. There is plenty enough blame to go around for DC, Wall Street, Banks, and people wanting more than they can afford.

  • kategray

    This is shades of the 60's

  • bob s

    wshington dc congress is to blame...not wall street... it goes back to the clinton era and the everyone needs to own a home mind set.... fannie and freddie .... and the democrats were the ones that told the world that they were okay..... take those congressmen out and hang them in public...maybe the rest will understand that Americans are fed up with the crooks in washington..... and they either get it right or take a hike......

  • Guest

    When arguing raising the debt limit, they should have let the government shut down!

  • james travassos

    dodd, and frank should be arrested, jailed, prosecuted, fined, sentenced, then the previous treasury secretary, the present treasury secretary, and all of the other conspirators, that bailed out wall st. should also be arrested, jailed, fined, and sentenced. THEY STOLE TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM THE AMERICAN CITIZENS, NOW, AND IN THE FUTURE!

  • Joanne

    No contest, the Occupy crowd wants things handed to them, they think they're entitled to everything. Our country is broke so they have to GROW UP!

  • Fran

    It is BOTH the government AND the financial systems that are to blame for the crumbling economy, not only evident in the USA but also in other parts of the world that are experiencing the same problems. They are both so corrupt and selfish and we are seeing the results of that. That is why they need to be REPLACED by God's kingdom, the only hope of government for mankind.

  • southernpatriots

    The Wall Street crowd overwhelmingly voted for Obama. Bankers were forced to give risky loans to people who under time tested requirements did not qualfiy before. Banks were threated by Barney Frank and the nut case Dems to make the risky loans or face possible investigations and delays to their licensures. The government and its supporters in Wall Street brought this horror on America. Normal safeguards were removed to accommodate more people to accomplish the "war on poverty" philosophy that home ownership was good for everyone. The biggest problem to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for our citizens is the government.

  • Jake#2

    Fist of all african lion-lying african, HILLARY-OUS!!! I almost choked on my tacos. In the case of dog eats cat. Is the dog responsible for eating the cat, or is the cat responsible for allowing the dog to eat it, Knowing very well the dog would eat. Its the dogs fault for developing an appetite for cats. The dog in this case is WALL STREET. THE cat is WASHINGTON. The appetite is the bailouts. WALL STREET (the dog)) developed an appetite for the cats generous gesture to feed itself to it. So is it the dogsfault for eating the cat or the cats fsult for clumbing intp the dogs mouth.

  • http://www.monster-island.net kushibo

    The answer is that both Washington and Wall Street are to blame. Asking an either/or question is just simply wrong from the get-go.

  • Spyder Dalton

    Occupy Wall St. Is another O-BLAME-O blame game on steroids. We need to ask ouselves why a President is siding with
    Jew haters, communists, nazis, drug users and illegals and why this doesnt constitute treaso and a violation of his oath of office. Even bigger question is why this is going unchecked.

    • European Girl

      George Sorrows (George Schwarz) was a Hungarian Jew and later joined the Nazi Party.

  • Edward


  • Joe Luton

    Washington is to blame.

  • wbliss

    What started this whole economic chaos in the first place? The housing bubble. What started the housing bubble? The idea that everyone should be able to own a house even if they cannot afford one. Doesn't this sound familiar? What political party wanted this to happen? I think you can guess. What political party controlled Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae during the Clinton administration when the first bad risky loans were being given the triple A ratings? I think you can guess that too. Which party continued to control Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae during the Bush years? I think you can guess that too. Lets start putting the blame where it belongs. Lets call a spade a spade. Lets start voting these spades out of office.

    Now Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are getting investigated for their malpractice and guess who will have to bail them out? I expect the taxpayer will have to bail them out. The taxpayers have been b slapped.

  • Don C

    The word politician should be stricken from the dictionary. No one should have that kind of excuse to lie>

  • Jim

    Washington. Can't stop their overspending. Now want to send money to Libya to help them through the bad times. Do we get any oil in return? We should have rolled in there with tankers and trucks and deducted the oil for the price of the air cover and bombs that we used to bail them out with.

  • stunned

    DC is definately the bolame as they have abused borrowing and currency printing yet still they percist in paying those power mad politicians.

  • Ted Reinmiller

    Both! Wall Street bought the Congresscritters and Senators they thought they wanted. They ended up getting the deals they wanted, but they also paid a severe price in the form of threats or audits, rules and regulations that brought them down. Congresscritters, like the cockroaches they are, are now scurrying from the light of discovery in an attempt to hide their interference or lack thereof from the public eye.

    Each got what they thought they wanted. Neither was happy with the end result. In the end, everyone suffers. These are the unintended consequences of government interference. This is what happens when stupid people vote. This is what happens when there are no term limits.

  • http://www.fairtax.org/site/PageServer Dragon

    Yeah, you can see the Republicans in youtube trying to make some headway against the Democrats. Democrats adamantly opposed any idea that there were flaws, and said everything was find and dandy.

  • chuck

    Plenty of blame for both....abolish the fed, get
    career politicians out of power, would be a good start to fixing the debt problem

  • Charles Martel

    Some, such as The United West, are suggesting that the Muslim Brotherhood is involved with the Occupy Wall Street protesters in Orlando. Not so far fetched.

  • stunned

    sorry that was meant to be persist and blame as I was typing angry

  • Rene Bosworth

    The fact of the matter is that Obama, that is to say Washington D.C.. is to blame for the current state of affairs regarding the economy and everything else.

  • KimP

    Washington and especially this administration, he's got a socialist agenda for America and that's not what we are or what we need, it doesn't work. I mean, why strive for excellence if your hard work pays the lazy bozo down the street to sit on his ass?
    I don't think so, without free commerce and competition this country will fail. It's like no child left behind, no failing grades no matter what so how will this kids know the thrill of accomplishment if they never fail and work their way up to success?
    Ahhh, this makes me so angry!

  • Guidepost

    Dodd/Frank and the Democrats are the cause for the financial difficulties in America. Obama overfilled the cup with his planned Socialist policies in order to destroy America's financial institutions. Don't get me wrong, the Republicans are allowing this fiasco to continue every day. It seems no-matter whomever we vote for, we true American's lose. I personally believe the damage is so far gone, it will takes many-many years to undo Obama and the Democrats damage to this country. One more point, I list Democrats, however they are no longer Democrats but counterfeit Democrats such as fascists, communists, and socialists, Now they label themselves "progressive". These people are very-very dangerous to the free world. And remember fellow blockheads, Hillary Clinton admits she is a progressive. The last true Democrat you had in the White House was Harry S. Truman! Wake-up America, it's just about too-late!!!!

  • Hiram Davis

    Politicians are to blame. The sad truth is that no one will be held accountable. They hold the citizens in contempt because they know they can get away with whatever they choose. Oh sure, they may have to sacrifice a lamb or two but all in all, there's no one in charge of the lunatic asylum.

  • msbets123


  • judy

    washington dc, namely,clinton,pelosi,dodd,franks,reid and everyone else that forced the banks to give home loans to people they knew could not afford a home.

  • Dr. Robert N. Schwartz

    James and southernpatriots said it best, as noted above.

  • sharo

    Wasbington a.d Obama Reid Pelosi Bernanke Biden islamic bfotherhood

  • spxz

    Clinton was the one who pushed Barney (slobbering wacko) Frank's idea that everyone gets a house, regardless of whether they can pay the loan. Banks were fined $10,000 for each 'mortgage refusal, but were tole they were insured for whatever they wrote. So now, the few hard working people are paying for this stupidity. How about this one - I know someone who has not paid mortgage OR property tax for 9 months, and is renting the house for $1800/month. And a lawyer, expert in this field, says "yes, it is LEGAL". Now, since I am working, even though I am past the age to collect Social Security (because I can't afforn NOT to work), why are the few of us who work paying for this nonsense? Washington needs an enema, to get rid of the turds who make this possible. that enema is 2012. Help deliver it.

  • Mike

    It all started with the Feds on the Affordability Housing Act when they started forcing banks to loan to people that could not afford a house payment. Fannie & Freddie caused the huge bubble by taking all these bad mortgages and hemoraging loans. What are the into us for? A Trillion, 2 Trillion? Politicians, who have been successfully lobbied by Special Interest groups to do these things should be in jail. Barney Frank & Chris Dodd are at the head of the line followed closely by Nancy & Harry, Chuck Schumer. The banks that bundled all the bad loans knew the government would bail them out because they were too big to fail. The whole system is completely corrupt. They were bailed out by TARP and they are still not making loans to legitimate consumers. So what if interest rates are still low. Houses don't get sold unless they are in foreclosure and monied people pay cash for them and use them for rent houses. What a travesty!

  • tod

    Dr. Ron Paul 2012 for a Smaller Government, and for a God Fearing Honest Patriot for President for a change.

  • rannan3


    Listening to Rush's show today, and Mark Steyn made a point that emphasizes our current situation --

    WE would have to pay off 15 Trillion dollars in debt to be FLAT BROKE !!!

    Think about the enormity of that, and the president wants to spend another HALF TRILLION ??

  • Bernie

    We are all Wall Street one way or another.....ortgage underwriting, 401K;s, Mutual Funds etc.,.the problem lies with the current administration that does not see a money source it does not want to a) regulate b) steal from the individual.................

  • lynn tems

    I see that washington DC is problem no other.

  • BSCTexas

    If we are going to preach personal responsibility, as we should, them we must look at ourselves in the mirror. As conservatives, we have been called the "Silent Majority". It is precisely our silence that has brought ills to this desperate place. We have been silent as our liberties have been plucked from us one by one. Of course, it is human nature to look for a place to cast blame. But the truth is, we are here because of our own decisions. Just as it angers us to see these radicals refusing to take responsibility for the actions they have taken to create their station in life in this OWS movement, we need to take responsibility for our inaction in the political process. We see what we can accomplish when we, as the majority, are no longer silent. Job one, my fellow Americans, is making certain that President Obama is voted out of office in 2012. We have a stable of candidates, though none of whom are perfect, that can accomplish that goal for us. Please stay focused, and begin with the end in mind. We can and will take this country back, but we're going to have to eat this elephant one bite at a time.

  • RightAsUsual

    clearly: soros / obama, hellary, peelosi, reid, ayers, schumer, holder, sustein, pevins et al are ring-leaders
    of the occupy & should be charged with their various independent crimes, ie., treasons NOW & after the 2012 elections when defeated ...

  • bill stone

    I'm not at all convinced there is a difference between wall street and washington anymore. From what I've been able to learn these past few years wall street has had a dangerous influence on washington for a long time, and I think it's gotten much worse since Clinton repealed the law (in the 90') banning investment banking. This law was put in place after the great depression to prevent something like it from ever happening again (Can't remember what it was called at the moment (I think it was; (?)-Seagull act)). It's been my observation that our economy began it's decline within a few years of Clinton's executive order lifting the law. I don't remember ever seeing it on the news. I know about is only because I happened to be working within the white house at the time. I believe it was lifted to lead the U.S. into the global economy. People thought it was great at first, then they began to reap the real benefits of it. My dad lost over $80,000.00 in his "portfolio" in one day during the late 90's. When he called his agent he was told that his money had simply disappeared. I don't claim to be an economist (or anything close), but I'm smart enough to know that money doesn't disappear into a dark hole. Someone fleeced my dad's pockets, and he never was able to understand how it happened. I tried to warn him about wall street investments, but he was too excited, and caught up in the momentum it had gathered in the 90's. Someone, somewhere is controlling this stuff. I have no idea who it is, but I'm reading a book entitled "The Creature From Jekyll Island" that (so far) has been very enlightening, but hard to understand.

  • David Barber

    It is my opinion that Washington government needs to change! Two that needs to be protested is Mr. Barney Frank, and Mr. Dick Durdin. I think its obvious that the U.S. Is going in the wrong direction.

  • juan

    The banks and lending institutions followed the law, the laws passed by congress! Congress passed the laws and encouraged bad loans along with the president. Policitians are at fault for all of our problems in our country! They were looking out after themsleves and not the United States and we as taxpayers have the honor of paying off the national deficit-and Obama wants another half trillion!

  • Edwardkoziol

    We all know the liberal socialists in our government are to blame and the ringleader is that big eared buffon they call the president.Obummer was told by George Soros what and how to create a class civil war pitting the poor who love welfare and the people who work to get ahead.Now Obuma and Grape Ape(Michelle) are pretending to like the military what a a kick to the groin that is considering he wante them to pay for insurance because they volunteered.

  • patrick stanley

    Both Wall Street and Washington are corrupt. However, the root causes of the corruption began in Washington. Clinton's red-lining, Barney Franks' protection of Freddie/Fannie from oversight, political pressure on the FED for easy money, campaign finance, etc. There will be no investigations of the financial collapse because that would require Washington to investigate itself.

  • http://none Kyle

    Both, The government for deregulating Which allowed Wall street to do whatever they want. Too many monopolies

  • paulrph1

    This is just a shift by the White House. You know the same old game Obama has been playing for three years now and it will never stop. Have you not figured that one out. The problem is Obama thinks we are just dumb enough to swallow his verbal accusations. Some are and especially the liberal media. But then they have an agenda to fill. Why do think Obama is behind the protestors. Oh, that is right he is just a Soros puppet. And to think some of them are getting paid by Soros.

  • frick

    The question; "Who Do You Blame? Wall Street or Washington DC?", seems to be misleading to me.
    For fascism is corporatism and government hand in hand.
    Thus, they are both to blame, Wall Street and washington DC.

  • A happy worker

    Blame is a harsh word; however, we need a President and some in Congress who are interested in keeping America strong. Get rid of all the regulations that keep businesses from growing. Quit promising all things to one-half of the population. Be happy for those who succeed!
    I grew up very poor - but worked hard to become a teacher, an administrator and a mayor. Get up off your duffs and get to work - even if you have to scrub floors and flip burgers. Quit asking for handouts - This is how we make America strong again! I think the sit-ins are taking our country down a path of no return if we do not stop some of the nonsense we are seeing on our doorsteps. Americans stand up for America!

  • phillyfanatic

    It seems that if one adds up all the fiscal, cult.soc. foreign policy failures of the Obama Admin. and the Dems since.....2006 when Dems had Congress, and then in 2008 where they held it all, that one has to blame the Obama policies for making all of our problems worse by TRIPLICATE. I cannot see how Wall St. passed ...Dodd-Frank, or Sarbanes-Oxley, even the Pubs aided on that one. So blame the Dems mostly with some Pubs too. The pols seem not to understand our free enterprise system and Obama on purpose wants to destroy it. Yikes.

  • floyd

    obama is my shepherd; I shall not work.
    He keepth jobs out of the hands of the people,
    Which leadeth the country to class warfare and polarization.
    He encourageth sloth; he leadeth the government to new heights in deficit spending.
    Yea, though I walk in the shadow of Economic collapse,
    I shall fear no depression: for Obama is with me.
    His handouts and monetary indiscretion supplement my income.
    He maintainest spending increases in the presence of insurmountable debt;
    He punisheth businesses with excessive regulations;
    And giveth the hard-earned fruits of labor to the unproductive.
    Surely, handouts and stimulus payments shall follow all the days of his administration;
    And I will stay unemployed forever.
    Lack of leadership, the first-ever federal credit downgrade, a failed debt deal, unemployment nearing record levels, fresh warnings of a double-dip recession, and the most toxic political climate in Washington history . . . can you trust President Obama?

  • John

    The whole mess statred with Fannie May and Freddie Mac with Barney Frank's blessings. Where was the SEC....like all other segments of the Federal Govt. ie. Homeland Security, etc. etc., our congressional members, along with our illustriuos appointer of all the commie czars asleep on the job. Look at Washington and the broken process when you want to point the finger of blame for this very dangerous position our country is in.

  • ajja

    This did not happen with Fanny mae. This occured because of the greed of wall street

  • Peggy Brown

    I wholeheartedly agree! The majority of these occupiers admit they didn't even vote in the last election! They have no concept what Obama did to bail out the banks and Wall Street to cause this economic and jobs and housing crisis to start with! The Bible says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom! Could it be that some have lost their fear of the Lord; thus have NO wisdom?! Hmmmm

  • Charlie cINNAMO

    It sounds like we all know who is or was the problem. The question is how do we hold them accountable. As well as what can be done to keep it from happening again.

  • Irma from MA

    I am curious: do the OWS idiots think it's "fair" that they are COSTING taxpayers (the "real" little guys!) for their destruction of property? OBVIOUSLY, IT'S D.C. AS THE ORIGINATOR OF THIS MESS! Why oh why do the taxpayers have to pay for the OWS idiots AND the Democrats on the Hill. Also, is it "fair" that Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Cher, etc. have MILLIONS OF DOLLARS but are NOT SHARING it with me or the OWS??? Is it fair that Sen. John Kerry and several DEMOCRAT lawmakers have millions but do NOT check the box on the 1040 tax form to give more in taxes? Is it fair that Democrat politicians have become wealthy while "serving" in Congress (see especially Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer). I will be very happy to see a heavy downpour "rain on the parade" of the OWS people. I will also consider it "poetic justice" if, because of the filth the OWS is generating, there is a plague that wipes them out!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jeff clark

    98% Washington, 2% Walstreet

  • http://www.brezz.com BRESSLER



    Obama the great American FAILURE is the problem and the main one to blame. The Occupy folks are aided by the far left, communist and muslims who long for the fall of the U.S. which Obummer is destroying right now. Say goodby to freedom as we knew it, America is falling. THANK YOU OBAMA AND LEFT WING SOCIALISTS.

  • Youron

    You may not like what I'm going to say but her it goes. #1 We the people votes for these idiots. #2 We the people belived all their C@#P and allow them to take over buy loaning money to the States with strings attached will bale you out but you have to do this that and the other). # 3 We the people having been butting our way of like a risk but purchasing all this C@%$P from Cars to everthing. Sure we all would like thing cheaper but we the people still love our Unions (which help us get better living standards) but also make the cost of items out of the peroples reach. So #4 yes it is Washingtion's fault along with all of the people in this Country we fall for their C@%$P and allow them to do as they please and one by on they have taken our rights away. So lets Celabrate the new beging, by protesting and lets give the people in charge another reason to take more rights away and soon we will not have to worrie our little heads about who what were and when the will do it all for us and guess what the Uions will disapear, and the Billionars will work with the Head Dictator in controlling the little people US. God Bless us all we will need it.

  • Ray13666

    Most of the blame lies in Washington DC (AKA District of Corruption). The politicians started this whole mess and now are blaming each other, wall st. (who are no angels either) and the tea party. Dowd from CT and Barney Frank from MA are the ones who started the fire with their crusade to have everyone own a house with little or nothing down and no income verification. Wall St. put the worthless mortgages into worthless securities and sold millions of $ worth. When the new homeowners discovered they could not pay the mortgages - the house of cards came falling down, This is a fact. No one will own up to their errant ways, the perfect solution is to get most of them out of Congress, Senate and get a new Pres, one without teleprompters and without a secret socialists agenda.

  • Bif

    The government has been playing top role in this all along. Our small businesses are being run out of business because Obama has been placing hardships on them. The big businesses have been sending our production overseas and ruined our country for manufacturing. But also if you check around when wanting to purchase a product see where it is made and surprisingly you will find some products are being made here in the US, but we need to seek them out and purchase them. I check first to see if it is made in China, I don't really need it. If I do need it then I check elsewhere. That is why internet is good for somethings. Check it out and see for yourselves. China is hurting because we aren't buying their products, so now they want to take us over.

  • Big PaPa

    I blame both parties there two peas in a pod it is so clear that this being done on purpose to destory America. Both groups support UN Agenda 21 which uses this climate change bull to take away our freedom.

  • Shamus McQuade

    There is NO ONE that can shoulder the blame here. They all have some level of responsibility and both shoulder the blame, Washington and Wall Street. Washington is blamed from entrenched career politicians who do provide any real tangible results for the American people for years and Wall Street for flaunting their golden parachutes retirements, high salaries, mismanagement and greed that has been pervasive for the last 20 years. They are ALL WRONG.
    The main stream media just fans the flames just sell newspapers and increase their bottom line. Remember they are a corporation too that must report to their stockholders and make a profit. They could care less about the American people. They instigate by siding with controversy and going against the grain every time to stir up the population to sell more newspapers. Obama rise from nothing to POTUS is a prime example.

  • Shamus McQuade

    ( con't) The American people better quit believing everything they read and what is put in front of them by the main stream media, feeding the average American garbage similar to the average American’s fascination with the slow death of fast food. Wake up and quit being so credulous and naïve. Question EVRYTHING and any politician. Dig deep. Beyond papers and your “stupid phone” Research where they come from and their track record at PROVEN performance, similar to any employee one would hire. Quit being dragged around by the nose. The real issue is to walk down the middle of the road and quit all the extremisms that exist from the far right to the far left and get back the middle of road and get the economy back on track.

  • Holly

    I think there is plenty of blame to go around. The Republicans insisting that it was all the governements fault, and the Democrats insisting it is Wall streets fault is getting us no where. The truth is somewhere in the middle. The other truth is that the longer the players spend pointing fingers and trying to blame the other parties the richer the lawyers get and the poorer the middle class gets.

  • John Wayne

    Actually Carter set all that loan crap up. Bill Clinton pressured the banks to lend money to people he knew couldn't couldn't repay it. Wall Street isn't stupid enough to do that on their own!

  • Owen Barnes

    Both are to blame!!!

  • Bob

    I posted this weeks ago. The demonstrators are in the wrong city, they should be in Washington D.C. where their problems origniated.

  • Ron Homan

    Anyone that ahs the mental appitude to think knows the blame resides in congress. They make the laws that results in regulations. Barney Faggot and Chris Doodle Dowd were instrumental in setting up and orchestraing the fiasco.

  • Colorado

    DC is out of control with spending. We cannot afford to cover the shortage with taxes. up to 1.6T or more taken out of the economy even if some makes it back with spending by the receivers of the handouts it will kill our economy even worse.

  • Carol

    BOTH because they work together.

  • Walter

    all of the OWS should move to Obama street. That the person in charge who got everything so screw up. If OWS Protester would get off the dope and take there head out the sand they may be able to see who and where the peoblem is. It very plan to me and should be for them.

  • Jonathan Gartner

    You are right Siegfried however you dont go back far enough this all started as far I can find to Jimmy Carter and his senile administration. The banks finally had problems with it (you would to with a 5-8 trillion dollar toxic sandwich put down your throat) they threatened law suits (Reno, Clintons hand puppet) to banks make the bad loans or get taken to court because you are racist.

  • Granny

    I find it most ironic that some of these fools are protesting clad in their designer jeans, and texting on their Blackberries or iphones! What hypocrisy !! The movement is of course pushed by socialists and communists; now a "Lynch-Mob" mentality has taken hold, and like a Red Tide, it has spread to those who know not what they are even fighting for!! Who's to blame? Washington warped politicians, of course, and those that support [read $$$] their crooked deals...[read Unions]. The whole stinkin' mess should be flushed [it might take two or three tries!] down the drain!!

  • CLG

    DC is the problem. Term limits are the solution.

  • The Eagle

    I think the picture on "Godfather (picture) Politics" would benifit us all, if he paid them all a visit. HUrrraahhHH !

  • Rick Litchard

    This is a totally ridiculous question. With half the administration appointees former Goldman Sachs employees and both parties of both houses bought and paid for by Wall St. I would have to say they are all one. It's the banksters,who are robbing the people, against the people who are getting robbed. There in a nutshell is the situation, folks. All the Lefty vs. Righty politics is nothing more than smoke n mirrors to cover ALL the felonious acts committed, in Washington and on Wall St. Wake up people before it's to late.

  • Edward

    What people don't realize is how many of us working people are putting money into a retirement program that is directly tied to wall street. I wish someone would post this statistic. My retirement plan was tied to wall street and grew to 180,000 in just over 20 years. Today, many of us depend on wall street doing well and We DON"T WANT TO SHARE IT WITH LAZY BUMS.

  • Alfredo

    I blame Washington for all this mess. These idiots should had been demonstrating in front of the White House not Wall Street.

  • http://http/aol.com sean murrey ILLInio

    I think these kids are in the wrong city Washington DC is the richest city in this country they should be there protesting not wall street.

  • Downs1

    My comment was deleted by the administrator, but no reason given. I guess my ideas don't count. Have a great day!

    • Bob

      Those evil rich people that Democrats are always wailing about are actually - Democrats.
      Infact the top 4 on the list: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, Christy Walton are all Democrats.

      The top 20 richest people in America from Forbes top 100. 60% are Democrats. If you eliminate the duplication of people from the same family that widens the ratio even further 25% Republicans, 75% Democrats.

      The top 20 groupe of Democrats have a net worth of $263.1 billion dollars.
      The Republicans have a net worth of $143.9 billion dollars.

      Democrats are a lot more stingey with their money. Contributions: The Republicans coughed up $5.2 million and the Democrats squirted out only $2.1 million dollars.

      The Democrats are those evil rich people.

  • James

    The financial industry has been calling the shots for the last 50 years--they literally bribe Congress into voting FOR them and AGAINST us! So BOTH are to blame! But the root cause is the greed of the bankers and business owners in that industry--they simply cannot get enough money to placate themselves. All of the income gains in the last 30 years have gone to ten percent of the population; the other 90 percent have LOST in economic terms. Something is very wrong with the way this country is being run. Biggest problems: the GOP is in the pockets of Big Banking, while the Dems only cater to gays and other minority groups.

  • Insurgent

    I blame both.

    I am getting screwed out of tax dollars because the greedy jerks in DC are not earning their paychecks.

    I am losing money on my Wall Street investments on a quarterly basis.

    Washington, DC and Wall Street have one thing in common:

    They are both overran by liars, whores, and thieves !!!!!!

  • Glenda

    This is certainly not a trick question and one to be taken very seriously - what does our current administration and Geo. Soros have to do with occupying Wall Street...we need to be awakened to this answer we all should know. Transparency is not transparent in this lying administration hell bent on destroying our nation. Not under God, but under their own lust for greed, power and communistic dictatorship. Wonder why there are so many unemployed students aged protesters? They grew up in our schools being indoctrinated from kindergarten on and through all higher level academics. THEY ARE BRAINWASHED! We need to try to open their eyes to the truth of why they cannot find jobs, and who is truly responsible. There are many good reasons noted in these opinions and all ring some truth - but my obvious guess is the grand illusionist and liers, Obama and George Soros and company. It takes BIG BUCKS to do what they are doing in DC, Chicago and elsewhere...we must not look back but to the current administration for being responsible for the new great depression coming to the U.S. Just what they planned!

  • teaman

    Who do I blame? DUMMYCRATS, DUMMYCRATS, DUMMYCRATS, AND CRUMMYCRATS. Their history proves they have been trying to make our nation into a socialist state, and to a certain extend, they have succeeded. It is time they were stopped. It is time we undo all the damage they have caused and it is past time we get rid of all RHINO's who constantly pet, pamper, and appease these idiots. It is not the governments responsibility to take care of the individual needs of it's citizens. The number one responsibility of the government is to keep us safe from all our enemies, both foreign and domestic, and in doing so, take care of all military, active and retired, for these folks are responsible for keeping us safe. Nothing is to good for our military!!

  • Chuck Seitter

    I blame both. The market is trying to influence the election and Washington is too busy worrying about the election and is not doing anything but arguing about whose right and whose wrong.

  • http://yahoo Bob H

    Most of the people who are prostesting wall- street are paid between $300 and $600 dollars to protest on wall- street, now we come to fine out that their is $300.000 dollars in the bank to help feed and buy tents sleeping bags and other thing for these people to stay as long as it takes to bring down wall-street, can you say George Soros is funding this left wing extreme- crack heads and pot smokers, now we can see Obama connection with these people and it all goes right back to George Soros. Folks better buckel up for this will get ugly before winter sets in, the city should have taken water canons to these law breakers four weeks ago, but politics step in and the mayor is letting them stay, if I was a tax payer of NY city and had to pay over time for police wish is close to $ 5 million dollars now, I be standing in front of the mayors house protesting him for not doing his dam job as mayor, if we the tea party were protesting and occuopying this park they would have had dogs water canons and rubber bullets and horses to break us up. To the Socialist and commies of this country if you don't like the U.S.A. then leave and don't let the door hit you has you are going out thank you.

  • heylittlefox

    No way they are even close to being the 44%. What percent of that 44% stated above - those who believe "the economic system is unfair" - feel this way because of the "unfair" squandering of their tax dollars for bailouts, tarp, epic fail stimulus, etc. but would NEVER identify themselves with the OWS clown and thug parade. LIkely at least 43% of the 44%.

  • JerryM

    ■Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.
    ■Master’s degree in Computer Science.
    ■Mathematician for the Navy, where he worked on missile ballistics (making him a rocket scientist).
    ■Computer systems analyst for Coca-Cola.
    ■VP of Corporate Data Systems and Services for Pillsbury (this is the top of the ladder in the computer world, being in charge of information systems for a major corporation). All achieved before
    reaching the age of 35. Since he reached the top of the information systems world, he changed careers!
    ■ Business Manager. Took charge of Pillsbury’s 400 Burger King restaurants in the Philadelphia area, which were the company’s poorest performers in the country. Spent the first nine months learning the business from the ground up, cooking hamburger and yes, cleaning toilets. After three years he had turned them into the company’s best performers.

  • Greg

    Politicians signed the "free trade agreement" which encouraged business to move factory jobs to other countries for cheap labor and no tax, which means more profits for the company. Now we in the USA make nothing. Want to boost the economy?, reopen factories here?, make it more expensive for those companies to make their products in other countries. Stop The Free Trade Agreement !

  • JerryM

    Herman Cain cont'd
    ■Godfather’s Pizza CEO. Was asked by Pillsbury to take charge of their Godfather’s Pizza chain (which was on the verge of bankruptcy). He made it profitable in 14 months.
    ■In 1988 he led a buyout of the Godfather’s Pizza chain from Pillsbury. He was now the owner of a restaurant chain. Again he reached the top of the ladder of another industry.
    ■He was also chairman of the National Restaurant Association during this time. This is a group that interacts with government on behalf of the restaurant industry, and it gave him political experience from the non-politician side. Having reached the top of a second industry, he changed careers again!
    ■Adviser to the Federal Reserve System. Herman Cain went to work for the Federal Reserve Banking System advising them on
    how monetary policy changes would affect American businesses.

    • Bob

      Herman Cain is Playing a shell game with the voters and taxes. His 999 plan shifts the tax burden from the wealthy and upper middle class to the poor and seniors on S.S. Many seniors pay little or no federal tax but, they pay state sales tax and real estate tax. Sales tax in some states is 9% add another 9% federal sales tax and you have an 18% tax on just about everything you buy. The states are not going to lower their sales tax if the 999 plan passes congress. Stop spending money we don't have. I liked Herman Cain until he came out with his 999 plan, now I won't vote for him. It took 3 years to get a COLA from congress all the while congress was getting a raise every year. I guess the cost of living only effected them.

  • JerryM

    Herman Cain cont'd
    ■Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank. He worked his way up to the chairmanship of a regional Federal Reserve bank. This is only one step below the chairmanship of the entire Federal Reserve System (the top banking position in the country). This position allowed him to see how monetary policy is made from the inside, and understand the political forces that impact the monetary system. After reaching the top of the banking industry, he changed careers for a fourth time!
    ■Writer and public speaker. He then started to write and speak on leadership. His books include Speak as a Leader, CEO of Self, Leadership is Common Sense, and They Think You’re Stupid.

  • JerryM

    Herman cont'd
    ■Radio Host. Around 2007—after a remarkable 40 year career—he started hosting a radio show on WSB in Atlanta (the largest talk radio station in the country). He did all this starting from rock bottom (his father was a chauffeur and his mother was a maid). When you add up his accomplishments in his life—including reaching the top of three unrelated industries: information systems, business management, and banking—Herman Cain may have the most impressive resume of anyone that has run for the presidency in the last half century.
    Herman and his wife, Gloria, have been married for 43 years
    and Herman has a
    U.S. Birth Certificate

  • Rowdy

    isn't that kinda like blaming the dog for wagging it's tail?

  • Patrick Henry

    Obama & the Liberals got us into this Multi-Trillion debt and he wants more!!!? It started with the Democrats sub-prime loans and then a Trillion stimulis. Uninformed people on the streets fall for the Obama class warfare and blame the rich, when it's the failed BIG Federal Government that is making all opur lives miserable, and almost beyond fixing.

  • Guest

    Incompetent politicians and mindless bureaucrats. The Congress regulates U.S. industry to death, but dishes out billions in aid to Russia, Iraq, China, Japan, and various other countries that we have no way to control

  • Ole Vet

    It isn't one or the other, it's both! And it's one hand washing the other! Some D.C. doofus makes some stupid law which Wall St. clown decides he can make money on.

    He then donates to D.C. doofus to ensure he stays in office, either so he can make other boners Wall St. clown can utilize, or to prevent someone ELSE from taking his place who might correct the juicy prize D.C. doofus gave him!

    Worst case, Wall St. clown ensures D.C. doofus is able to partake in making obscene profits, too, or gives cash outright (under the table, of course)! This guarantees D.C. doofus wants to continue association with Wall St. clown!

    Other D.C. doofuses (doofi??) sees how this could line THEIR pockets, and approve all sorts of complicated deals, as suggested by Wall St. clown(s)! Our loss is their obscene gain~!

    Until we clean the scum from D.C., we will be saddled with the scum on Wall St., as well!

  • Larry Owens

    The Real American people are smart and know the score,its just the occupy wall street crowd that don't get it. Of course Odumbo is after the Millionaires & Billionaires money and his crowd/cronies follow his Dumb Lead. Bunch of Losers!

  • dave CS

    Its Washington. Wall Street makes money from the inventiveness of the American citizen when that citizen starts making money. Washington does not make a f--king dime[it makes(prints) money]; it taxes Wall Street and the American citizen who earns money. See when one WORKS and EARNS money he has a great chance of getting FILTHY RICH and Wall Street builds from his riches. Washington only comes in when they think someone is making to much money from WORKING for it. The Founding Fathers are not happy with the breed that is screwing this great nation today.

  • Stephen

    No Contest....It is Congress and the White House.....They have enabled Wall Street to do whatever they wanted. Justice Dept looked the other way. and still does...Same government let tuition increases sky rocket and gave out government backed loans to the kids who fell into the support the Teachers Union Pensions....Kids got screwed by government and unions....Liberal professors brainwash the kids into believing it is the capitalistic system....all evil...The kids are to dumb to know Socialism does not create jobs......good luck paying back the loans....

  • garry

    01/20/2009 will go down as one of the worst days in American History

  • Irwin C. Gemlich

    The truth is that we are living under a communist totalitarian dictatorship, but most people are unwilling to consider this truth!

    We do not have a constitutional government anywhere in the USA! We have a political mafia! Democrats & Republicrats -- not a nickels worth of difference between them -- they are all on the take! The are in the business of peddling influence to the highest bidder and repaying their masters with tax payer dollars! Washington and every governing body (from top to bottom) is a welfare program for politicians!

    The Legal system is a welfare program for attorneys -- They don't even know what justice is! From municipal to county, state, federal and supreme court -- they are all bought and paid for and owned for the mutual benefit of attorneys! The only way they have of getting money is getting your!

    The sick-care delivery system is a welfare program for insurance companies (who are in the business of collecting premiums -- not paying claims), pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals! Doctors are simply sales agents for the pharmaceutical companies!

    The corporate board rooms are ruled by greed! They pay themselves as much as they can, and when they fail to perform successfully and there is not enough profit to justify keeping them around, there is a golden parachute and multi-million dollar severance package to give them a soft landing and a luxurious retirement! They have sold out this country for the last fifty years and now there is very little left to sustain a viable economy! It is not just the fat-cat bankers, it is the fat-cat CEOs that will fight a blood lust battle to avoid paying anyone a decent living wage so that they can collect millions in bonuses. There is no virtue in selfishness!!!! Under our self-serving culture, it is everyone for themselves!!!!! If you want to blame someone -- look in the mirror! Our world is the way it is because we allowed it to happen!!!!!

    Now! What are we going to do about it??????????

    • awakenow

      Wow! This is an excellent analysis because, in the end, the people DO GET the government they deserve.

      We The People are guilty of caring more about going along to get along, keeping the status quo, than actually paying attention to what our federal government does and whom they actually serve ... which is definitely NOT US.

      Their masters are the elites who have been running the show ever since the power to control our money, created in the Constitution, was taken away from Congress back in 1913 with the banking cartel creation of the ultra-secretive and private banking system called the Federal Reserve.

      We The People have allowed the Fed to control our money with absolutely zero accountability to the people. How do you like that??

      Read about how the Fed was created, by whom on a tiny island off the Georgia coast all those years ago, in the book called "The Creature from Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin.

      This is long but it is well worth your time to watch. We think nothing about watching a movie or an hour or so of our favorite TV shows but some of us think they are too busy to watch something as important as this video. Please do not be one of those people. The truth is there and we must learn it. and tell other about it.

      I promise you, all these economic booms and busts, the constant states of Recession and Depression, will all become clear to you.

      They who control the money, control everything. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu_VqX6J93k.

  • D Craze

    Obama and the Democrats are to blame for this mess, Frank - Dodd bill and Obama care are designed to run this country into poverty. The longer Americans support this crap the worse off we will be

  • TFB777

    Ultimately, it is Washington that has the moral obligation to put the country first. As elected representatives they have the fiduciary duty to represent what is in the best interests of the people, not Wall street. I do not excuse the immoral and near criminal (in some case criminal e.g. Madoff) behavior of Wall Street. However, it was Clinton & Company who willfully lifted Glass-Stiegel to let the foxes into the henhouse. Wall Steet just did what it was "allowed" to do by Washington. We need a president that is beholden neither to Wall Street nor any other special interest groups such as Unions.

  • manotas

    Blame President Obama, Pelosi, Reed, for supporting this Lazy Scums that don't want to work.
    They should demostrate outside the White House, that is where all this thing started. by supporting these people, one of this days they will knock down the fence and will eat all the vegetables that Big Mama is growing.

  • Patrick

    This whole fiasco is nothing more than lazy potheads from my generation who refuse to grow up and be responsible citizens of the greatest country on Gods Good Earth.It's to bad they cannot put all this misguided goobldygook and instead begin to Serve their. Fellow Countrymen as volunteers instead of forcing the mostly honest workers to fork over their hard earned money. Quit the handout BS and take a job that will not ne perfect but will give you self respect and possibly a new found faith in Jesus Christ who loves all of us and when we meet our end we will hear him say Welcome Good and Faithful Son or Daughter

  • http://twitter.com/DrDrywallWylie @DrDrywallWylie

    Someone made a sound, instead of roaches running away the occupiers hear something good.

  • Jim Mosteller

    The federal government has imposed so many regulations on businesses that they have shipped jobs to other countries to succeed, make a profit and keep people employed. Incentives for business [mostly small] could do wonders for the unemployment problem. Businesses [small and large] are the ones who provide the majority of all of the jobs in USA. The federal government employs relatively small number of people in relation to the total employment in our country.

  • Neatnana

    I blame the liberal teachers of America and over-indulgent parents for the mess on Wall Street. The Wall Street mob feels entitled to everything and responsibility for nothing. All other problems are laid at the doorsteps of what we laughingly call the Congress of the United States. If they weren't so busy fighting with each other and making deals to increase their personal wealth, they might have time to listen to those who actually elected them and correct our out-of-control problems.
    And while we are in the Blame Game Mode - For those who can't think of anyone to point fingers at, there is always "Blame Bush" at least that is who Obama blames for everything, and the liberals seem to buy it.

  • pierce

    90% of the blame is Washington. My perception is they don't know what they are doing.(That includes the president, and both Houses of the Congress.)

  • Patrick

    And nu the way Moss Susan Satandon has lost all credibility. On her. Off the wall statement that Pope Bemedoct XVI IS A nazi shows her brain OS no more than a pea on lsd

  • Jeffersonian Liberal

    This works both ways and we Tea Partiers, Conservatives, Libertarians need to reengage with the same vigor as we did in 2010. We must avoid direct conflict with the occupy crowd as when attacked we will be blamed. We need to put our feet back on the ground in DC and state capitals across the country but most importantly turn out to vote not just in the general election but also in the primaries so we are not stuck with another John Mcain.(Mitt)
    Our founding fathers represented only 1/3 of the nation at the time but brought about the creation of the greatest system of government ever devised until it was corrupted by the statists just as our founders warned would happen.

  • Mike

    OWS go home and get a job. The only thing you are accomplishing is making a mess that someone else will have to clean up. When the unions are through with you they will through you to the curb or under the bus. We are all tired of your liberal socialistic crap that doesn't work just like you. You don't represent 99 percent and never will.

  • paperpushermj

    If you give a Thief a Gun he will use it. Do you blame the Thief for using it or the person who gave the Gun. In this case the Gun Metaphor where the changes in attitude and rules coming out of Washington.

  • http://twitter.com/DrDrywallWylie @DrDrywallWylie

    Funny how some candidates claim a plan to create a million jobs as if that would have any impact on the estimated 12million illegal workers with Obama kicking the border door wide open. Most of Americans forget, in almost any system it's who you know more then what you know, unless it's one of the 5% highly educated jobs leaving the remaining social, function jobs, lost to illegals who progress right on through. Money can buy your requird papers, ask Obama.

  • Bob

    Finally after 3 years congress has approved a COLA for S.S. But most of the increase will be eaten up by Medicare increasing payments.

  • John

    Has any one seen th Go Movement ? Google the " GOOOH " Get out of our house
    I wish we could; we need to ; WE GOT TO GET THIS MOVEMENT GOING BEFORE 2012 ELECTION!!!!
    Godfather Politics Can you help ; will you help; We need your help if this is legit ?
    G.P. Can you verify. I don't know enough about computers or have the contacts to do it. Please help us common folks.
    Thanks in Advance.
    John in Texas

  • Roger Lambert

    Thats what happens when you transplant the crooks from chicago to the white house.

  • mark

    i put the blame where it belongs ovomitt ,leftist, and libnut dumborats why? this is their crap and the kind of society that they want a socialist utopia america that they control along with making every human being a slave to libnut dumborats and their force way of life down our throats it's their way or the highway.it is also their time to screw america with libnut dumborat policies.question why? people do we have death panels in the health care bill? think about it.

  • mesaman

    Hey Godfather administrator, I have a deal you can't refuse; I pee on your shirt collar!

  • Morning Glory

    With no bailout, financial institutions would have had to suck it up, correct the own mistakes and pay the consequences for being irresponsible. With the bail out, demos have spread the "debt""! I blame 1500 Pennsylvania Ave..........not Wall Street for our current economic quagmire. If you'll watch the news, the stock market hinges on whatever comes out of our current pretender-in-chief's mouth. Just like the rest of us, they're waiting for the other shoe to drop. NO MO BAIL OUTS, YA HEAR?

  • David

    Both D.C. and the Banksters (Federal Reserve) are to blame. In 1933, the government was declared bankrupt and insolvent and dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act of 1933 (March 9, 1933). The Congress was appointed the trustee to oversee the bankruptcy and the Federal Reserve was the receiver (they get the loot, the people and the country) and a new government installed. The War Powers Act, the Trading with the Enemies Act of 1917, was amended to include the American people as enemies. None of this was disclosed to the American people (gee, I wonder why?); although, it is readily available through searching and reading the Congressional Record for 1933. The Federal Reserve and its allies, such as Goldman Sachs (a founding member of the FED), run the government, maintaining the fiction that it is still the Constitutional government to avoid an all out revolution. They control Wall Street and all the major corporations. This unholy alliance is the cause of what is going on today through manipulation to extract all the wealth and concentrate it into the hands of the very few..
    For more information, sign the petition at https://www.change.org/petitions/78-years-is-long...

  • David

    Both D.C. and the Banksters (Federal Reserve) are to blame. In 1933, the government was declared bankrupt and insolvent and dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act of 1933 (March 9, 1933). The Congress was appointed the trustee to oversee the bankruptcy and the Federal Reserve was the receiver (they get the loot, the people and the country) and a new non Constitutional government installed. The War Powers Act, the Trading with the Enemies Act of 1917, was amended to include the American people as enemies. None of this was disclosed to the American people (gee, I wonder why?); but, it is available to those who search and read the Congressional Record, especially for the year 1933.

    The bankers and their allies run the government. So, who is to blame? The chicken or the egg? Both are just two different manifestations of the same creature.

    Go to https://www.change.org/petitions/78-years-is-long... read and sign and distribute the petition to everyone you know.

  • higley7

    "I fully support the right to protest of the Occupy movement,"

    I also support their right to protest, but not to misbehave, trash public or private property, or abuse others verbally or physically. I also cannot support their goals: the destruction of free enterprise, socialism, wealth redistribution just because others are more successful, and equal poverty for all. Marxism is not good. This is simply our fight against Communism, but this time it's from within.

    They should be called the SLOTH Party as so many of them obviously do not intend to be productive citizens and feel corporations are bad, when all they do is benefit from corporations. Corporations should not even be taxed as the taxes become part of the cost of the items consumers buy. So, to tax corporations is to tax ourselves.

    Sure there are some dishonest executives in big banks, but largely there's no problem. There is a very big difference between greed and profit. Greed is an evil love of wealth bordering on an emotional obsession (think of a grinning leer and wringing hands while saying "My Precious, my Precious!"). We give them profits when we buy goods and we profit due to the quality of the goods and the uses we put them to. Big corporations make billions mostly due to their size, not their profit margin. If their goods were overpriced, they would not sell.

    The healthcare industry was demonized by our Jobless Leader-in-Chief as they make billions each year, but their profit margin is miserable at only 1.5–3%. That's not greed, that's low profits.

    Corporations are one of the entities that help make many goods so cheap as they have the economy of scale. This is bad? I don't think so.

    These useful idiots are being manipulated by Marxist based organizations to push their own agenda, not the immature ramblings of these uninformed, relatively ignorant young "adults."

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Let me see if I understand it. Politicians gave (and sometimes forced) taxpayer money to banks. Now, protesters blame banks for taking the money, rather than the government for providing it.
    It seems a bit backwards. But then, I guess this is all par for the course since no politician was sever called to task for the Community Reinvestment Act that made it all happen.

  • John

    I blame O'Bama, and all of Washington for the mess this country is in. I wish we could fire them all, and start over.

  • W Smith

    EASY!!!!! Washington D.C.. No banker or private citizen would loan money that was unrecoverable unless regulatory shenanigans provided for back door revenue. Say for example hundreds of billions of dollars from the tax payers pocket. Let's give them a name..............Bailouts!...............No, that is so yesterday. How about let's call it a "Stimulus?..... Well I don't know but isn't that like a multi-millionaire Hollywood Star wearing the same million dollar get up twice? Can't do that. I know what; "a Jobs Bill" that will funnel billions of private sector dollars to Union Cronies. That's it!!!! Union wages are far higher on average than equal private sector jobs so why not widen the gap. After all much of their dues go to get Democrats re-elected. When a Democrat sits down with Union leaders it is NOT called a negotiation. It is called party time.

  • PastorCarmen

    OBAMA administration and Cliton.

  • robl

    I blame our government for not doing their job

  • Jack

    Sure, it is the politicians and the capital D.C. specifically Obama and the liberals except Bush started TARP and then Obama accelerated it with the stimulus and Obamacare etc. It all can be tracked at the govt web sight with dates/times when deficits exploded and who was in congress and president. If we would just go back to 2006 spending/taxes our deficits would shrink to $110 billion that is a lot better than $1.3 trillion. The lobbyists and special interests have bought our politicians through campaign donations. Outlaw all lobbyists/special interests and have campaign finance reform where the govt funds campigns after they have qualified that will get the lobbyists out of the picture. Next take on the trial lawyers and set limits on cases. Next term limits for all. Next no public unions and random drug screens for all politicians and govt workers,judges, etc. Next Next no foreign aid, or monies to the U.N., IMF.WORLD BANK,ETC. All govt workers and politicians get S.S. and medicare like the rest of us nothing extra. Those would be great starts.

  • Mamboinva

    Washington is 100% to blame

  • C Small

    Washington for Greed and Stupidity and Wall Street for Greed and Fraud. Washington made it all possible and Wall Street ran with the ball. Many should lose their jobs and many should be in prison for bribery, fraud and theft.

  • Charles Miller

    washington is completely broke and corrupt. vote out these fools and vote in someone who believes in this nation. our liberty and freedom must be defended. incompetancy is destroying this country. capitalism is our salvation and our foundation. communism and marxism is our mortal enemy. unfortunately there are a great many lazy and ignorant people out there.

  • Zues

    The 54% who believe the economic system is fair are those willing to work and pay taxes. The 44% that believe the economic system is unfair, do not work, do not pay taxes, and prefer to live on the backs of those that do.

  • Metalchemist

    Seeing as how they are BOTH intimately entwined at the wallet, I would have to say I see fault with both.
    Also I fault both political parties, for being complicit in keeping the American people hostage with the two party system.
    This is why I am a proud life long American Independent. I DO NOT trust either party.
    This country was led down the slippery path decades ago, DELIBERATELY ! By the banksters. Google Jekyll Island, see who was in attendance at the meetings to push the federal reserve act down the throats of an unsuspecting president, congress, and American people as well.
    The issue concerning the (NON) federal reserve , is undermining the dollar every second, wonder why food costs so much? It's being used as a weapon, just as another war criminal had stated it should be used as. (Henry Kissinger).

    The income tax act that soon followed.
    The National Firearms act that followed that etc etc...
    The (beyond) corrupt political system, with the scummiest lifetime politicians. Who are more concerned with filling their heavenly bank accounts than helping (doing their job) the Americans who worked all their lives to build this country up, only to be torn down by the greediest elitist (globalist) banksters that ever were born from inbreeding parents.
    The same elitist scumbags that are running this country into the quicksand, smiling all the while and they are doing the same in Europe also.
    With skankbags like George Soros and his minion follower's in exceedingly high places, like Hillary Clinton, and let us not forget that he (Soros) was one of the main contributors in funding Baaaaarak Obaaaaama's election, and has reaped many benefits from this taking place.

    America needs to do what Russia did to (the war criminal) Soros. Run him out of this country.
    Then there's the controlled MSM, ALL the governmental acronym agencies, etc, etc......
    Then theres the U.N. .....
    Now America is spread so thin , we are collapsing from within, assisted by (of course) the globalist banksters, waiting for the collective us to fall on our faces.
    All so they can buy up everything for pennies on the dollar, just as they have in the past.

    When Obaaaaama took office gold was around $800.00 an ounce, where is it today.......)
    Wake up America.

    (pardon my rambling.)

  • David in MA

    Washington DC

  • Zues

    Greed is the essence of the United States government. They will spend $3.8 trillion dollars this year, comprised of taxes and debt [ deficit is estimated at $1.3 trillion dollars]. Only China and Japan produce sufficient annual wealth to spend that much and it would certainly bankrupt Japan.

    We had to reform health care because it was the most expensive in the world. For the exact same reason we must reform the federal government. We must stop the 'fundamental transformation' of the capitalist economic model to the Communist economic model.


    Blame Washington, they got into the face of banks telling them they HAD to loan money to people to buy homes that they could not afford it so it was doomed to fail. Thats what happens when government tries to run your business.

  • http://yahoo joyce bracy

    Washington is at fault,the only ones marching and protesting are freeloaders that dont want to work,pay taxes and want the people that do work to support them.

  • Ray Willock

    Actually it was Barney Frank that put the pressure on Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac to make the risky loans. Thge loans were more than risky though: They were told to give the loans to anyone that applied that had disposable income whether or not they could afford them or whether or not they would pay them.

  • Savannah

    I blame DC all the way. And remember, banks were pressured to give loans to people for house who really didn't qualify. You know you can't afford a $700,000 house if you only have a combined income of $75,000 or so. So some people are also to blame, but I think politicians (Frank) pushed these banks (community reinvestment) to give loans to people who shouldn't have gotten them. They thought it was the "American Dream" to own a home. What's wrong with renting? My mother-in-law lives in NYC and she's been renting an apt. for 30 yrs. and loves it!!





  • JudyG46

    It's Washington for sure. Wall Street isn't guiltless, but it's Washington that is the worst offender in general for the overall economy. Wall Street just rigged a way to make money at the expense of everyone else.

  • Rob

    I think that wall st and Washinton DC are both to BLAME their both EVIL and that is that so don;t shove thi sh#% down my throat

  • deanwolf

    sponsor is GE . or to much truth for diet ??? Moderators suck !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pathos 11

    They are one in the same, just as plain as that. If we had an honest government they would have exposed the criminal activities of Wall St. a long time ago, get the picture? (Madoff's all over the place)

  • rebecca

    not only risky loans were made but banks were taken to court for not loaning to these people, Mr Obama was an attorney and sued the bank they had to cowtow to open a branch you either make the loans or no branches opened , that was in Illinois.

    • pete0097

      The banks were forced to give the subprime loans out by self interest groups like the NAACP (National Association of Always Complaining People) lobbying congress. If the banks didn't do those loans, the government would do bad things to them. The smaller banks that fell between the cracks or didn't want to follow poor banking practices are doing quite well. Look at PNC, BB&T, TD, these banks have been swallowing up the ones that didn't follow the NAACP rules and followed proper banking rules.

  • Mutantone

    Washington by and far giving special breaks to their wall street donators, ignoring illegal trade deals and then bailing them out and then not demanding payment in return.

  • roy

    Wall Street did what any one would do if they could take advantage of a sceme and make profit.. Give us a bail out and we will fund your reelection. The Demacraps, will do any thing to stay in power and push there Socialist agenda, and fund it with Tax dollars, and pay offs. The Goivernment forced the banks to loan to minorities that could not afford it (Political Correctness). Then every one bundled and passed it around until the Government was dumb enough to bail them out. The Demacraps did not go after the thiefs, because they were conplicit in the Thieveing scheme. And the Republicans didn't do any thing because they would look like racist Capitalists. And it's so easy to stick the tax payer with the bill, because they dont get to vote on it.

  • Ole Vet

    Wall St. is only interested in the bottom line. They will do whatever it takes to make money. Is anyone surprised? They know Congress will dance for them if they dangle the proper carrot on a stick. So Congress crafts rulings and laws of which the Wall Streeters take advantage. Congress reciprocates when someone rubs their tummy!

    Congress, to hide their shame, picks on corporations for taxes, knowing the corporations have an out! I wonder why NO ONE ever thinks that corporations are really just groups of people, and not alive? Charging them to pay taxes merely forces them to raise costs of their doing business, and charge more for their product. Any guesses who pays then? Yeah, eventually, the taxpayer. The TAX PAYER! People, that is US!!!

    Raising taxes on oil companies means WE pay more for fuel, etc. This is all coming out of our collective pockets! Why do we not FORCE Congress to subsist on ONLY an equal national sales tax? It SHOULD be done as a Constitutional amendment, to prevent Congress from re-instituting other taxes. This would ELIMINATE Congress' ability to favor special interests, a huge VACUUM for graft! It would also be a much fairer tax, the stated aims of politicians, supposedly!

    The poor, to save money, purchase fewer, ---and cheaper-- items, as taxes are lower on cheaper items. The rich purchase more, and much more expensive items. They also buy expensive 'toys', Lamborghinis, mansions, yachts, etc. They pay more taxes, but can well afford it, so they don't care.

    The PERCENTAGE of taxes paid is the same! Level playing field. AND, Congress' hands are OUT of our pockets every time they want to give money away (let'em use their own pockets)! Plus, you would know what Congress is spending, as any tax increases must have national approved by the voters!

  • KODI

    Everything being said, Washington by far is the culprit. -How about congressional term limits - as well as Supreme Court term limits. That would get rid of all the deep pocket self serving politicians.

  • John Lambert

    First - I blame washington politics not Wall street. Next I blame Obama for helping the protestors. Obama then
    says that the Tea Party is like the Wall Street protestors, when actually Obama is trying to use the Wall Street
    protestors to break up the Tea Party members. It will all back fire on the Demactarts next year in November.
    John In Leesburg ,Florida.

  • Diane

    Washington is to blame compleatly!!!!! Bail out billons were given to banks who in turn were suppose to work with homeowners and small business owners, instead we all know what happened. not one dime was sent to the american people so they could help themselves.

    Oh wait didn.t President G Bush send out a stimulas check to everybody so they could deside how to spend the money.

    And we were told by oblumer giving the money to the banks, GM, and several others companys that it would insure that our unenployment would not go over 8%. So hows that working for you.

    Quit blaming the rich, they are the ones who can create the jobs, I haven't ever seen a poor homeless person create any jobs, ever. It's not an insult, it's a simple fact

  • okole

    I blame the wop godfather

  • dragonfFIRE01

    i blame both. bailouts have been going on for a long time. Does anyone remember Reaganonomics? don't try to make a saint of that man.better get self sufficient NOW.

  • Eve

    I blame BOTH!
    DC and Wall Street are in bed together and they both have fleas.

    They are both corrupt to the core.

  • Sam Stone

    Way back when it was called living within your means.Today it is called give me give me. Someone owes me for gracing this planet with my existance.

  • G. Meyer

    Washington DC Is responsible obviously for the problems we have today. Since they cannot blame Bush or Republicans anymore, they are trying to find someone else to blame for their own incompetence and useless liberal policies..
    After taking God out of government, media, and our school system they wonder why everything is going down. Except divorce and crime. Those are flourishing. Would you expect any good to come from people who teach we are nothing more than mutant monkeys? Are you all enjoying the liberal socialist crap hole democrats voters have put you in?
    Can't blame Conservatives. The last true Conservative was Reagan, and he bailed this country out of the Carter mess.

  • THe Gizmo

    We should blame President Obama just because.





  • Lori Gibson

    Washington is mainly responsible for our current economic crisis , which by the way, bailed out the wall street banks ! Barack Obama accepted huge campaign contributions from wall street in 2008 , then repaid them by bailing out the wall street banks ! So Obama has true gall now to be villifying wall street with misplaced blame for the dire state of this country , taking the blame off himself in order to get reelected ! The wall street protesters should be camping in front of the White House , not wall street ! Yes, we need wall street bank reform , but Washington is clearly responsible for creating the current crisis with irresponsible overspending and failing to balance the budget !

  • StevenI

    I blame both but most of it goes with the politicians who created the mortgage crisis by forcing banks to make loans to people who could not afford to pay it.

  • Smiley

    Its one person whom kenya has been reporting missing! Guess who? You are correct if you said Barrack HUSSEIN Obummer the Communist leader of this marxist want to be country. Lets wake up AMERICA and get this ( thing or what ever he is) out of the whitehouse now!

  • william conner

    A lot of college's teach our kids the libreal crap about there owned something ,they push education hard to where if you don't have a degree in something you can make good money and the youth are taught one way there not taught to think for themselfs
    the whole problem is there are to many lawyers and not enough patroits in congress and the white house who believe in the people doing and thinking for themselfs we have to many mindless sheep who keep voting the idiots in

  • awakenow

    Please learn about the real problem that plagues our economy, undermines the Constitution and our freedom ...the secretive and private banking cartel created system called the Federal Reserve.

    This is well worth your time, I promise you.

  • Bill Weston

    Actually, I believe that our educators are the true culprits. I'm not talking about teachers on the front lines in the classrooms. I'm referring to the people who establish the criteria for education. The N.E.A. for example is a think tank, a teachers union, and a lobbying group. Their ideaology has been spread out in this country for 40+ years. The media people, politicians, economists, and capitolists are simply doing what they have been taught. Now think tanks, collective bargaining, (unions) and lobbyists each serve a limited purpose, they become a monopoly when combined. Break up the monopoly and get back to "We,the people...", not "the state of...."

  • Gene

    Response to Siegfried. That N.Y. Times article is for real, but you can bet that the N.Y. Times would never republish it and none on the Mainstream communist news organizations would EVER refer to it. Barney (Rank) Frank and Christopher Dodd should be in JAIL. They have cost people of the WORLD trillions of dollars.

  • david reid

    i blame the 435 congressman and senators

  • Michele

    Well I hope all the folks who written here? Vote in there Local elections that are upon us this Nov. & also go out to Vote in 2012. WE NEED A REAL LEADER not a Community Organizer in the WH. WE need a Commander in Chief to work with all our Military including Generals who are protecting our Freedom here. And not take it upon himself to send military to Africa without Congress consist!
    WE need a LEADER who believes in our Country, our People and our CONSTITUTION of the United States.
    I never wanted our United States Transformed or CHANGED! I want our United States as our forefathers gave it to us NOT what is happening today, it's a total TOTAL DISGRACE! All I can say? God Bless us EVERYONE!

  • wwjdsfcj

    People who respond,"Both" simply do not understand free market trade or capitalism at work.
    That would be because the Dept of Ed. has emphasized the teaching of socialism rather than either of the afore mentioned.

  • Joyceann

    Washington government - and we are more than pissed. We are apathetic no longer - hear us roar. We will take America back with Cain's help. It starts with one vote and continues until all the crap is gone. If socialists can invade us like they have, we can reverse it and bring America back. Boycott those who speak against us like Monday Night Football and Hyatt Hotels, and Waymaker Communications. Anytime someone rules who are not backing this great country will do it without our dimes.

  • Joyceann

    Government - and we are not asleep

  • Gary

    The question itself is wrong, it is not an either or question, one could not do without the other, they are both equally to blame for sure. Government is owned by Wall st. that much is clear, former Wall streeter's are in all key financial positions in Obama's administration, Wall St has bought and paid for the Congress and the presidency. Government acts like wall st's lap dog, not being able to wait to perform its next trick.

  • ezout

    100% - Washington DC.

    I expect for greedy people to act in a greedy fashion, and I expect that greed will always exist, just like all other human characteristics.

    We elect people to office in order to represent the interest of "we the people", however this has not been the task they perform for many, many years. These pigs are just professional politicians, rather than statesmen/women. They go off to Congress and magically their personal wealth explodes. Then they pass legislation that damages the economy, write bills that they don't want anyone to read, force banks to make stupid financial decisions, destroy opportunities for the "average Joe", villify the creators of wealth, etc.

    This is not a surprise...again human nature is human nature. Our apathy is where our fingers should be pointing.

  • ezout

    Here's a question for both rational thinking and intelligent people to respond to, and for the "useful idiots" to try and understand....so do your research and post an answer.

    How much capital would be generated if the government were to confiscate every single dime from every single millionair and billionair????

    • Jerry

      A resounding "NONE"!

  • catman

    Seems to me there is enough blame to go around about 50/50. Wall street for their collective greed and Washington for their accepting millions in political donations for the vote of the greedy. A thorough clean out of DC would be a good start to getting us back to the Constitution.

  • Patricia

    I had a friend living in Detroit when Acorn would surroud banks that refused to give loans to those that could not qualify. After the goverment got through with the banks the loans were made. Problems began in Washington with the Liberals and it's still there. The sad part is some of the Republicans are just as Liberal and we call them RINO'S. We need more firey Kentuckians like Paul and the other young Tea Partiers.
    The once proud Democrat party has imploded and is no more. It's pure Socialist or Communist. I can't tell them apart. All I know if if a Democrat votes with the President he's as contaminated as the President and should not call himself a pure Democrat.
    Gee, what's the name of the card carrying DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST in Congress? He's there and I bet he's not the only one carrying an unAmerican card.

  • Lora

    I did not vote for Obama...I voted for McCain...26 years in the Senate, I figured he knew something. I thought Obama would be a disaster...however, my imagination did not go far enough...he is even worse than I thought he would be. Impeach or vote him out. Or both!! The Wall Street problem exists because Washington enabled...may 2012 bring us new, effective leadership.

  • frederick bronson

    washington they just keep dishing out money without thinking, if wall street would have failed the strong would have come to the top and all would have learned you play you pay you don't collect a bonus like they did. frederick bronson ,, north carolina

  • gene

    i dlame washington d.c.the president and congress.gene

  • GENE


  • John

    The problems we have now are mostly at the hands of the present Obama Administration, all but one of the last six presidents. Of the last six presidents only one held the country by rolling back part of the bad laws that were be created by the former presidents and congress, and that Presidnt Ronald Geagan. We now have an interest situation, what we have is that the five worst president ever are all living and all still add to the damage they have done. The worst of the five living presidents is of course our current president Barry H. Obama, and the president that was next worst is of course Jimmy (Peanut Head) Carter. All five of the living presidents done all kinds of payoff the Wall Street and the very large money while crapping on the American people. Washington is the problem, not the answer.

  • Highsider

    Yes, the flea party has unleashed their occupy crash-ins in several cities. After the festivities were kicked off by their "Day of Diarrhea" it was plain that something was in the air. When they are finished I wonder how much it will cost taxpayers to cleanse and detoxify these putred pestilence colonies?

  • budman

    When one looks at this, they may see they have to choose between Wall Street or our current administration and Congress.

    What I see is a world wide effort by Socialists to gain the upper hand and as applied to the United States an effort to simply disrupt and divert attention from the real problems we have. It is no secret that the unions are joined by the Communist Party and that George Soros of the New World Order is funding it as well.

    It appears most of the public recognizes it for what it is and this administration is up to their necks in it as well because they own the economic situation we have now. Case closed.

  • FirstFox

    The hippies on Occupy Wall St. have to go to the source of the problem.......Obama! But I think they are naive and/or communist. But all in all they want a hand out the rest of their lives. Like the kid who has a trust fund but lives with his family so his parent's help can do his laundry, fix his bed, and feed him without spending any of his money or having to use his brain to make something out of himself.

  • William

    I don't believe in getting out on the street and showing my butt, but the eight balls in New York and other towns and cities are after the wrong people. They should be after the creeps in Washington and the WH. That were it all starts. Wake up dreamers.

  • Doug

    It is without question Washington! It started in 1978 and Washington a house for every American Act...Freddy and Fannie Mac's...and the GREED within Washington to capitalize on their Banking Committee (Todd/Frank). Once Washington opened the flood gates, endorsed by Clinton, Todd and Frank using Freddy and Fannie as a buffer to protect investment firms on bad debts.....401K, private and public retirement accounts and other investment vehicles added the HOT air to the Bubble we all are paying for today.

  • matt zweckbronner

    instead occupy wall street. it should be occupy gov't protest against what the gov't is doing to are country. i'm sorry but i'm for the tea party were for less taxes a balance budget. and no more bail outs for banks were tired of it no more. vote Obama out 2012.

  • Marian

    I blame the President. He has done nothing but campaign the whole time he has been in DC. I think he needs to take his campaign money and give it to the government to reimburse the tax payers who have been supporting him all along. He has done nothing constructive the whole time he has been in office. He should look around and see all the dictators that have been put down. He could be next.

  • Bruce Rubin

    To blame Wall Street for what happened is like shooting the messenger. If the geniuses in Washington had not allowed all Americans to have the right to own a home regardless of their ability to pay for it and then allowing the people at Fannie and Freddie and others to abuse the system we would not be in the mess we are in today.