Muslim Extremists Joining Occupy Wall Street?

It seems that every wacked out group has been jumping on the Occupy Wall Street bandwagon.  There are anti-taxes, anti-Wall Street, anti-financial world, anti-capitalism, anti-employer, anti-work, anti-black and anti-Jewish groups all joined together for a supposedly common cause.

There have already been complaints filed concerning anti-Semitic and racial statements and signs used by the Occupy Wall Street movement.  The Anti-Defamation League’s national director, Abraham Foxman said, “While we believe that these expressions are not representative of the larger views of the OWS movement, it is still critical for organizers, participants and supporters of these rallies to condemn such bigoted statements clearly and forcefully.”

Now, the organizers of the OWS have extended an invitation to a Muslim group that has ties to Islamic extremists, radicals, anti-Semites and terrorists.  The group is part of the Council on American-Islamic Relations – New York.  The parent organization located in Washington DC has had former employees and some current employees that have been deported or jailed for terrorist related offenses.

As liberal as Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer from New York is known to be, he has criticized the Council on American-Islamic Relations in the past for their associations with Islamic terrorists.

One of the OWS organizers, Matthew Bralow believes that reaching out to the Muslim community would help diversify the protest movement and make it stronger.

It seems that they don’t care who they invite as long as they can get more people, more numbers and more press coverage.  Perhaps they feel that they may one day actually represent the 99% if they add enough different groups and organizations to the protest.  However, I for one will never claim to be one of their 99%, nor do I belong to the 1% they are supposedly protesting against.  I continue to be part of the 54% of Americans who pay their taxes and disagree with the OWS movement.



  • MR2

    Don't forget anti-common sense, anti-soap, anti-etc.

  • TOM


    • Alice

      Obviously, the creed of these losers is "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." However, if the Muslims gain the ascendency, the liberals will not be spared. They are infidels just like the rest of us in the minds of the Muslims.

  • GDC

    ALL Muslims ARE extremists.

    • billb

      all muslims are born to lie and allah intercedes for any thing the do wrong -- they are this way because the quran tells them to be this way -- Lying is not lying if you’re a Muslim. Islam has a doctrine called Taqyyah (Sp?) that requires Muslims to lie in defense of and for the advancement of Islam. Any relations between a Muslim and non-Muslim could be interpreted as defense of Islam, so a Muslim is free to lie to non-Muslims anytime they are so inclined. That isn’t to say secular Muslims practice this, but religious Muslims do all the time. That’s why it is ridiculous to look to religious Muslims for intelligence regarding Jihad. Don’t believe it, look it up yourself.

    • ARMYOF69

      ALL Muslims are excrements


    Time to clease america of these muslims and these dumb kids are falling for thier crap.

  • MARYP912


    • JACK L


  • Rick

    Known as: Other Wasted Slimballs!

  • Stephen

    All their to support and chaos for Obama, the head Muslim. Chuck Schumer is so anti American he gets what he deserves in New York......Maybe even some of these idiot Democrats will figure out Obama is not good for America....
    Wait till the pot smoking idots in the park get close to some real Muslim terroists......Hey Dorothy & Toto we aren't at Berkley anymore....!

  • Eric

    "Muslim extremist" is a redundancy at best. Muslims in general are a great threat to our society. The media turns a blind eye, but they are destroying our freedoms and imposing a Muslim supremacist system through a combination of fear, intimidation, and collusion of the mainstream media and political left. We will all be learning soon enough of the fruits of our cowardice.

    • Bob in Dallas

      Excellent Eric ... you are 100% correct.

    • JACK L


    • billb

      all of the main stream media is owned by the muslims already through blind held corporations -- they have no other choice than to slant the news the way the owners request it to be --

  • Ted

    The Muslims have much time on their hands since the majority are on some type of government assistance. They seem to shy away from work. All they do is "TAKE" but give nothing in return. And of course we like fools cater to their every needs.They offer nothing to society or the country they reside in but breed like _ _ _ _!

    • letitsnow1

      so true!

  • Joanne

    Imagine any other President other than OBAMA standing behind protesters with the likes of these LOSERS! Bloomberg who runs the city with No Smoking, No guns, and No Trans Fat tolerates them. Who would want to live anywhere near these radicals and put up with the disruption in their lives?

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    It is telling that China, Iran, Muslims are on the same side as other OWS supporters
    like Pelosi, Reid, Frank, and Obama. Isn't this an indication that something is very
    wrong in America when our enemies consort with our enemies?

  • rjh25

    It's becoming a regular circus.

  • Jerry B

    While historically it seems to require 10 to 15 years to obtain a nonbiased evaluation of any presidency; yet, it will take much less time to evalute a pro muslim president(which bows physically and financially to muslim political and financial leaders), to evaluate an anti capitalist president which replaces the leader of GMC with an appointee whom the media ignores (in the headlines and in the commentary pages) about his salary and performance, to evaluate a president which claimed change and povides higher unemployment to those which would work as legal tax paying citizens and propvides higher guest citizens for those illegal immigrants which are not paying taxes (federal or state) and which are law breakers by their very existence in the United States of America --- which are not united about embrancing the volumes of Obama Care that was made law with out the lawmakers even reading the document. Wall Street is just another political event which the media twist around its own spineless neck or publishing half truths

  • Richard

    I have been saying for years now that MUSLIMS, ARE A HUGE PROBLEM AND A HUGHE THREAT,but naturally Obama will not do anything about the problem here in america because HE SYMPATHISES WITH THEM BECAUSE HE IS ONE OF THEM

    • rbentrdr

      And he sympathises with homosexuals because he is one! One of his past "lovers" was a choir leader and he was murdered right before obama started getting ready to run. There is a book out by one of his consorts who said that obama gave him cocaine. What a great leader of our country. How can ANYONE be so stupid as to vote for this scumbag.

  • P. W.

    Where are these protesters going at night? They're not all sleeping on the pavement; they're not all eating at McD's - I'd like to know how many are being housed in local hotels and eating in the better restaurants at someone else's expense.

    • letitsnow1

      you can bet on it.

  • WilliamJW
    Read these two articles and you will see why America and islam cannot coexist. We need to start boycotting these businesses that cower down to islamic threats and intimidation. Stop giving them our discretionary income by not staying at their hotel chains. Stop spending money at muslim run businesses. If we don't stand up to them now, they will control us in the future. It's time to take a stand and show them this is America, run by Americans, not by muslims.

  • Brian

    This should come as no surprise to anyone who follows the commentators on tv. There is an underground radical front assaulting the freedoms of the United States and is not being acknowledged by its cronies in the major news media. Take a few hoses out, sweep the maggots out of their squatiing posts, clean their hippie germs up, and beautify this country.

  • Old1Glory

    I am frustrated by what has happened to America since the far Left Progressives have run away with our laws and Government. Another word for Progressive is Marxist/Communist. Who would have thought that our nation would be so inflitrated by these people that our schools are run by Union thugs dumbing down the students so that their minds can easily be molded to their way of thinking. There are no morals or right and wrong being taught in schools. Look at the losers who can't or don't care to graduate. Religion is being taken away from under our noses. Wise up folks, things are beginning to move rapidly to destroy America. That change Obama was so excited about is the take over of this country and handed over to our enemys. No one could be making all these stupid moves to help us, but only to destroy us. Why do you think all the pot smoking hippies from the 60's are Obama's Czars now? You know the ones who started riots on the college campus' and called our police officers "PIGS". They had no respect for this country then, nor do they now.

  • billb

    all muslims are born to lie and allah intercedes for any thing the do wrong -- they are this way because the quran tells them to be this way -- Lying is not lying if you’re a Muslim. Islam has a doctrine called Taqyyah (Sp?) that requires Muslims to lie in defense of and for the advancement of Islam. Any relations between a Muslim and non-Muslim could be interpreted as defense of Islam, so a Muslim is free to lie to non-Muslims anytime they are so inclined. That isn’t to say secular Muslims practice this, but religious Muslims do all the time. That’s why it is ridiculous to look to religious Muslims for intelligence regarding Jihad. Don’t believe it, look it up yourself.

    Read more: Muslim Extremists Joining Occupy Wall Street? | Godfather Politics

  • Bill Lee

    Because Western governments have divorced themselves from religion, they have unwittingly put themselves at a distinct disadvantage in the war between worldviews. You think you can just fight fire with fire and win. The only way the Muslim threat is going to change is from within Islam. Many think Muslims don't change. That's NOT true. Thousands of Muslims a day are turning to Christ and their lives and hearts and attitudes change with it. If westerners saw the battle for the hearts of Muslims as more important than trying to manage terrorism, then you would see results. I'm not saying drop your defenses and not go after physical and political threats, just put some effort into a thousand Trojan horses, and it will pay off.

  • Victor Barney

    Of coarse Islam is! After all they are identifed as being the "Beast" in the Book of Revelation, chapter 11. Did I mention that the other "Anti-Christ" in Revelation must be a Marxist, also anti-christ by definition, because he rides the "white horse" of war to destroy u.s. found only at the UN today? If you do not believe me, I suggest that you visit the United Nations building in NYC and witness that Gigantic White Horse standing inside the building as you enter! That's right, not a DOVE of peace, but a white horse of War! Again, watch because our day of doom is at hand! Man's age was started by Eve's "intellectualizing" and now is ending just as she began it! Again, watch!

  • adrianvance

    "Birds of a feather?" or "Evil taking in the naive?" Whatever, this is to be expected and we can only wait to see the outcome, but it should be clear we are not going to like it unless it can be made to backfire on Obama.

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  • Richard Holmes

    Hang these muslams and chucky boy with them

  • juan

    If I'm not mistaken we as taxpayers-thru congress partially fund CAIR. This is another congress expenditure that funds our enemies.

  • Wayne

    jaun, I believe we stopped giving grants to CAIR, although I'm not positive. As a retired analyst, I can assure you that the government agencies know all their connections. I know because, I was one of the analysts/writers/briefers that talked to just about every three and four letter agency the USA has. And quite a few congressmen/women. They still have all the information and nothing has really changed, they are imbedded throughout our American Society.

  • James from Texas

    Enough is enough. When people stop people from doing business that is a violation of their right to practice the free enterprise system. The police need to limit marches and move people along. To camp out in front of some ones business and stop them from working that is wrong. Of course that is what unions have done for years. Hold business hostage.

  • Gabriel A. King

    "Terrorism", oooooh, that's scary! Go to your main search engine and type in "illuminati" backwards. That will direct you to one of the major terrorist cells. Other than that, your more likely to die from peanut allergies or a bee sting than from "terrorism", statistical reality thus far.

  • http://MSN.COM Mark

    O HOMO
    O LIAR
    O GLIB
    O BOZO
    O Y VEH

  • Mutantone

    As can be seen by the Supporters of the "Occupy" movement they are not about America's best interest at all:
    “Local” supporters:
    Communist Party USA
    The American Nazi Party
    Revolutionary Communist Party
    Black Panthers
    Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan
    Some big names in the political world have also lent support to the cause:
    President Barack Obama
    Vice President Joe Biden
    Nancy Pelosi
    International Leaders and Governments:
    Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei
    Hugo Chavez
    Revolutionary Guards of Iran
    The Govt of North Korea
    Communist Party of China