That's Why They're the One Percent

By this time most people are bored of the Occupiers around the world. They smell, their chants are idiotic, and the crowds who repeat every phrase of what a speaker says remind me of a very bad zombie movie.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s a lot to protest. “Crony capitalism” is not capitalism. Governments that promised to back up bad mortgages that Congress forced lending institutions to make is not the definition of a free market.

But too many of these protestors don’t have solutions. Some advocate wealth redistribution. Not only is it theft, but it doesn’t work. Then there’s the problem of people just not wanting to work hard. Here’s a perfect example from a 38-year-old protestor from Toronto:

“It’s weird protesting on Bay Street [Toronto’s financial district]. You get there at 9 a.m. and the rich bankers who you want to hurl insults at and change their worldview have been at work for two hours already. And then when it’s time to go, they’re still there. I guess that’s why they call them the one per cent. I mean, who wants to work those kinds of hours? That’s the power of greed.”

That’s right. If you want to succeed, you have to put in the time and effort. There is a payoff for hard work. Of course, not every protestor thinks this way, but there are a lot that do. And that’s scary!

By the way, not every person who works in a bank or a financial district is a one-percenter. But you can bet your bottom dollar that the way to become a 1-percenter or even a 25-percenter is not by protesting against them. Get angry if you want, then drop your sign and drums and get a job. Take anything that you can find no matter what it pays. Learn everything you can about that job. Then move on to the next one. Get to work early and be the last worker to leave. Become an expert in one thing. Make yourself indispensable.

When I graduated from college, I started out stocking shelves in a grocery store. I worked 70 hours a week. The manager offered me the assistant manager's job at a new store they were opening. At the time, I had a bicycle for transportation and was living in a one-room apartment. I declined the offer, because I knew I needed to go to graduate school. I worked my way through graduate school. When I graduated, I took a teaching job that paid me $10,000 per year with no health insurance or retirement program.

I took what I could get. Saved what I could save. Spent only what I had earned. Didn't envy anybody or protest against those who were better off.

No one ever became prosperous by complaining and protesting unless your Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.



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  • MR2

    If you want to know the truth, it turns out that the so-called "99 percent" is really the 1 percent ...

    ... namely the loud-mouthed, whiny 1 percent trying to blackmail, steal or expropriate the wealth of the rich 1 percent by boldly and falsely claiming they represent the untapped power of the nation's 98 percent who are staying home ...

    ... minding their own business.

    • Chris

      How are they supposed to fight the people who came by their millions by deception? Goldman Sachs is a machine. You cannot not buy their products.

      • MikeC711

        Please provide statistics of what % of the rich got there through deception and document the deception. I do know of an extremely rich man who got rich by marrying a woman worth $30M. Then he divorced her when he was able to marry a woman worth $500M. Oh wait, that rich man is John Kerry ... you guys don't want to hate him. How about all those guys who got rich and used tax loop-holes to avoid taxes (oh wait, that is Bono and Alec Baldwin ... again, don't want to hate them). So please provide non-anecdotal info on all these greedy rich and you might have some credibility.

      • gabriel

        they make it possible for you and i to have access to all the services and amenities that we have come to get used to

    • 1599

      This is where you are wrong. The protesters know that they have been had but lack organization and leadership. It is the Chamber Of Commerce crowd who they are protesting, the ones who like illegal immigration, sending our jobs overseas, welfare, etc. and have targeted Wall Street.

      • Tom Morofski

        1599 - You're Right! But their abdsolutely best and correct targets should be 1600 Penn. Ave. AND the U.S. senate office building.

        • 1599

          You are absoutely right. Washington is where they should be camping out until they get strong enough to push that bunch clear into the bay.

      • MikeC711

        And the Chamber of Commerce did what to deserve the protests? I've talked to many of the protesters, they don't want to work, they don't want to pay off the debts they voluntarily took out, they want it all given to them for free. That's not what this nation was built on ... and when the president (well into the 1% by the way and holding $38,000/plate fundRaisers which only his other 1% buddies can afford) is now looking for the taxPayers (who he's already used to bail out the banks, the unions, the auto industry, etc..) to bail out the college kids who are not willing to work hard ... I'm nowhere near the 1% ... and yet I'm going to get nailed here too. I'm ready to stop working 70 hrs/week and just start protesting, demanding everything for free, and pooping on police cars. Yeah, that's the ticket. That's how to get this country working. And I'll do what all the 99%-ers are doing and proudly show my brotherhood with the Communist Party, the Nazi Party, and Radical Islam. Woohoo!!! Here we go.

        • 1599

          Get involved in local politics and you will see the roll that the Chamber of Commerce plays in your community. It's not all positive.

        • Voice Of Reason

          Amazing that you can't properly spell a four letter word. The proper spelling for the meaning you to express is "role".

        • Liberty's Advocate

          Maybe he meant "roll" as in "rolling someone for their wallet ..."

        • TooToo

          Spelling nazi!

    • Maynard Merrell

      During my life time I nevr worked a job I didn't like. I wanted adventure and excitement. I have always felt that people should work at jobs they enjoyed, not jobs just for the money. So, I never got rich spending 23 years in the army, 18 years as a policemen, 15 years ans an investigation for the Ohio Bureau of Motor vehicles, and 3 years as a private detective. But I sure did enjoy my work. When I first became a cop I was paid $320 a month. As a soldier I started at $52 a month. As you can see I was not guided through my life by money. Maynard Merrell

      • Drew Page

        Maynard -- Good for you. You did what you enjoyed doing and didn't concern yourself with making more money.

        I paid my own way through college. When I started out, there were things that I wanted to provide for my family that I couldn't affford. It was then that decided to work as had as I could in my chosen field to maximize my income so that I could do a better job of providing for my wife and kids. I missed a number of birthdays, anniversaries and vacations I would like to have taken and spent a lot of weekends and evenings working and sitting in airports and hotel rooms in between sales calls and appointments. But I paid for my two daughter's college educations and their weddings. I have always given to various charities, not great amounts, but always something. I never thought anyone owed me anything but the wages and benefits I agreed to work for. I don't consider myself as anyone special, millions of Americans did the same thing.

    • evermyrtle

      What to me is amazing all of these Occupiers are screaming at socialists and others, about their riches that hey didn't earn. If I were a betting person I'd bet that they would take every cent these "socialist " and others own, not earning it and "live happily ever after!!!!!!!!!" Now what would we call them???

    • Neal

      I find it absolutely amazing that you people see absolutely nothing wrong with those who have everything think they need to have to even more. You are siding with the cancer, not the body.
      You act like GLENNN BECKKK is actually sane. HE IS PERFECTLY INSANE.
      SHOW ME ONE PLACE IN THE BIBLE THAT SAYS LET THE GREEDY NEED TO OWN EVERYTHING THEY WANT. Don't you understand that an economy needs money to flow through it like blood flows through the body? Our students are in debt for $1,000,000,000,000 at the same time that their futture jobs are being shipped overseas because those in the top 1% want it that way! They are not on your side. You really don't count. They don't care about you so why do you care about them? Minding their own business?
      You mean the ones that they won't have, right?

      • Maynard Merrell

        Your wrong about beng prosperous and productive. You had better go to the Bible and read about Caen and Able, and the Cane killed able because he was productive and prosperous.

        • daves

          Now there was a certain rich man, and he was clothed in purple and fine linen, living in luxury every day. A certain beggar, named Lazarus, was laid at his gate, full of sores, and desiring to be fed with the crumbs that fell from the rich man's table. Yes, even the dogs came and licked his sores. It happened that the beggar died, and that he was carried away by the angels to Abraham's bosom. The rich man also died, and was buried. In Hades, he lifted up his eyes, being in torment, and saw Abraham far off, and Lazarus at his bosom. He cried and said, "Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue! For I am in anguish in this flame."

          But Abraham said, "Son, remember that you, in your lifetime, received your good things, and Lazarus, in the same way, bad things. But now here he is comforted and you are in anguish. Besides all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed, that those who want to pass from here to you are not able, and that none may cross over from there to us."
          – Luke 16:19–31

        • jdangiel

          This parable does not teach socialism, wealth redistribution and is not a biblical excuse for shaking some rich people down so you can live for free.

        • Ardnas

          Since you want to throw Bible verses out there - Let's try this one from 2 Thessalonians Chapter three. "Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that you keep aloof from every brother who leads an unruly life and not according to the tradition which you received from us. For you yourselves know how you ought to follow our example. because we did not act in an undisciplined manner among you, for did we eat anyone's bread without paying for it, but with labor and hardship we kept working night and a so that we might not be a burden to any of you: not because we do not have the right to this, but in order to offer ourselves as a model for you, that you might follow our example. For even when we were with you, we used to give you this order. If anyone will not work, neither let him eat. For we hear that some among you are leading an undisciplined life, doing no work and acting like busybodies. Now such persons we command and exhort in the Lord Jesus Christ to work in quiet fashion and eat their own bread. "

      • James

        I love how Greed is ungodly but abortion is a right.

        • jdangiel

          I love how someone from this site is making sure I can't respond to Daves. The parable he is quoting has nothing to do with promoting wealth redistribution and is not a biblical proof that he should be able to live for free off of other people.

        • daves

          You are correct, it does not. It just teaches that wealthy people cannot get into heaven.

      • zach

        Jesus also gives people the freedom of choice. Let him deal with the people that choose to keep their own money. Protest unnecessary fees and corruption all you want, but capitalism made this country what it is. Socialist programs are tearing it down.

    • Jstarusa

      And now the BAD police are trying to stop this destruction of property, which the protesters could care less about and they are getting hurt!. If we had any kind of decent president he would be making an announcement to these groups to disperse and go home! We have heard their complaints and are duly noted. So before anybody gets really hurt or killed, go home now. The police are trying to do their jobs, but have no backing whatsoever. They are accomplishing nothing, but looking like fools and acting like the same. Yes, they have a right to protest, nobody says they dont. But when is enough, enough? There should be a beginning and an end, period. Why are they not having to get a permit to be in the streets with a start and a finish required? Makes you wonder...

    • Tim

      "the nation's 98 percent who are staying home ...

      ... minding their own business."
      You forgot that they also go to work, provide for thier families, raise thier kids, love and are loved. These are the real people and the so called 99% do not represent them in any way.

    • BRH

      Who is most likely to start a new business and hire people to work, The man in the nice suit or the one with the sign (will work for food)?

  • MR2

    The Tea Party is against big government while the Flea Party is against big business.

    The biggest difference is if you choose, by withholding your tax payments, not to support the government, you will be subject to serious penalties, even prison. If you choose, by not buying their products, not to support big business, the only penalty is loss of enjoyment of those products.

    • Chris

      How can you "stop buying their products" when you don't have the money in the first place.

      Republicans keep showing that they are clueless about reality.

      • buddha12

        Do you have a cell phone, laptop, etc? If so, then you had money to buy that, or did you steal them? Maybe you got them with the money you got from the government. I see the protesters yelling about greed, and their lack of money, but at the same time, they have IPODS, IPADS, new cell phones, etc. They ALL cost money. Seems like priorities are off some.

      • RageFury

        If that was the case you all would be dead of starvation and or thirst. Perhaps you people need to get back to work and earn some cash so you can live...

        People like you always show a complete ignorance of reality...

    • Maynard Merrell

      The freedom of the individual and any enterprise he enters upon is one of the bases of our Constitution. Government is not to take from us anything it doesn't earn. If a robber stops you, shoves a gun in your stomach and tell you to hand over your money or suffer the consequences, is this not like the government we now have, that violates the Constitution? The government has no more right to tell us to hand over our money in the form of taxes or go to jail, then a robber has the right to steal our money or be shot down. A collection of individuals has no mor rights than the rights of a single individual. Americans have foegotten this, or so it seems. If you want to bust your butt to honestly earn a million dollars I'm all for you; but if you bust your butt to dishonestly steal a million dollars, then you should go to jail. This would include alot of corrupt politicians and businessmen as well as common thieves.

      • daves

        Who told you that?

        Section. 8.

        Clause 1:
        The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

    • JIM 28th Reg.

      The Tea Party is not against big business stop believing the liberal lies. Tea Party people are against corruption where ever it's found Government or big business and yes even Wally Street. Who do you think pays our representatives to hand over lucrative contracts or or wash taxpayer funds to one party or another like this Solly affair. Hand out a billion and they go belly up just after donating a few million to the party. Wake up.

      • Steven

        MR2 Did not say the TEA party is against big business. He(she?) said the FLEA party, aka, Occupy Wall Street, is against big business. Please make more of an effort to understand what a comment is saying before disputing it.

  • @Kevin_byDesign

    The answer is always a balanced between government and business. Banks currently have a fail safe deregulated system set up for themselves . This guarantee of profit (win or lose) =The exact opposite of a free market
    Smart small effective regulation for the banks would be: When the Banks failed they should have been Nationalized, broken apart and downsized. Instead
    99% of the Toxic assets held by the banks are still hidden on their books....any profits they show are fake.
    The Banks are like a prescription drug addict that owns the Pharmacy & has double insurance on the building if it burns down.
    The next time a Bank Fails....they should have a standing order, " Do not resuscitate"
    OWS ,Teaparty, Democrat , Republican, independent Ur country is run by the Banks and they are Addicted to Profit at all cost .... The middle class is what's dying.

    • stephenfroweblog

      Kevin, You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Banking is controlled by the government through regulation. It is the most highly regulated industry in the country if not the world. Banks are told that they must make loans to people that they know have no chance to repay the loans. By who? By the government who has decided that it is unfair that people who do not earn enough should be denied that ability to purchase their own home. So who pays for these defaults? We do. The people who pay taxes.

      Government has decided that it will pick the winners and the loosers. If there were less government interference there would not be a necessity or even a reason to bail the banks out in the first place. The only people who might loose in the situation of a bank failure would be the owners and employees of the bank. After all, if you have money in the bank, it is insured by the FDIC.

      • daves

        Banks were told that if they wanted to get into the securities business that they had to give more loans in riskier neighborhoods. They were never told to give loans to people that could not pay them back. The biggest problem is that they sold adjustable rate mortgages. The people could have easily kept up with the house payments if their rate hadn't jumped so high after a couple of years.

        • Steven

          They WERE told to give loans in areas where NO ONE could pay them back. They WERE told they could NOT refuse loans to people with NO ability to pay. These REGULATIONS were NOT related to entering the securities business.

        • daves

          In the fall of 1999, Senators Christopher Dodd and Charles E. Schumer prevented another impasse by securing a compromise between Sen. Gramm and the Clinton Administration by agreeing to amend the Federal Deposit Insurance Act (12 U.S.C. ch.16) to allow banks to merge or expand into other types of financial institutions. The new Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act's FDIC related provisions, along with the addition of sub-section § 2903(c) directly to Title 12, insured any bank holding institution wishing to be re-designated as a financial holding institution by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System would also have to follow Community Reinvestment Act compliance guidelines before any merger or expansion could take effect.[57]

          In conjunction with the above Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act changes, smaller banks would be reviewed less frequently for CRA compliance by the addition of §2908. (Small Bank Regulatory Relief) directly to Chapter 30, (the existing CRA laws), itself. The 1999 Act also mandated two studies to be conducted in connection with the "Community Reinvestment Act":[60]

          * the first report by the Federal Reserve, to be delivered to Congress by March 15, 2000, is a comprehensive study of CRA to focus on default and delinquency rates, and the profitability of loans made in connection with CRA;[61]
          * the second report to be conducted by the Treasury Department over the next two years, is intended to determine the impact of the Act on the provision of services to low- and moderate-income neighborhoods and people, as intended by CRA.[62]

          On signing the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, President Clinton said that it, "establishes the principles that, as we expand the powers of banks, we will expand the reach of the [Community Reinvestment] Act".[63]

        • jdangiel

          The key is the community reinvestment act. That is the hammer that was wielded to make the banks loan to people who couldn't pay it back, causing the bust in the market. You just made the other poster's point. Case closed.

        • stephenfroweblog

          daves, The Community reinvestment act had the intent and was meant to make banks loan to people who otherwise, the banks would not loan money too. Prior to that time the rule of thumb was easy. No bank would lend you money in excess of 5 times your annual salary or more than 75% of the value of the property on a 30 year loan. Simple. Of course the property was your collateral on your loan. The Democrats, at that time said that it was a racist policy. To this day I do not understand how a mathematical formula is racist. I digress. There were not actually any neighborhoods where banks would not loan money. As proof I ask you if you can name any neighborhood in America, either past or present, where no one owned property or where all property was paid for in cash. It does not exist. So, someone in fact helped someone purchase property. The problem was really, there were many neighborhoods that were dominated with apartments. Carter was intent on having every family in America own a home regardless of their economic circumstances. He said as much.

          The banks in fact opposed the Community Reinvestment Act. When it was passed in to law the banks asked for guidance from the government and were told to be creative. It started with the banks developing 5, 8 and 10 year ARM's. This allowed people time to bring their income up or sell the property prior to the ARM coming due. That an the fact that there is a large portion of America that moves every 3 - 5 years. Clinton extended the reach of the Community reinvestment act and things really went haywire as we got into derivatives, etc. This was all initiated, blessed and pushed by our government and quasi government agencies. (That can be read as Freddie and Fannie)

          Are the banks guilty of greed, yes, but no more so than those people who are now sitting around protesting that they want the banks money. Who is the real culpable party, our grand and glorious federal government who was warned about this by the very same banks when they passed the community reinvestment act.

        • daves

          Your argument makes little sense. Of course someone owns the property - that doesn't mean it is the people who live there.

          It is hard to blame CRA for the mortgage meltdown when CRA doesn't even apply to most of the loans that are behind it. As the University of Michigan's Michael Barr points out, half of sub-prime loans came from those mortgage companies beyond the reach of CRA. A further 25 to 30 percent came from bank subsidiaries and affiliates, which come under CRA to varying degrees but not as fully as banks themselves. (With affiliates, banks can choose whether to count the loans.) Perhaps one in four sub-prime loans were made by the institutions fully governed by CRA.

          Most important, the lenders subject to CRA have engaged in less, not more, of the most dangerous lending. Janet Yellen, president of the San Francisco Federal Reserve, offers the killer statistic: Independent mortgage companies, which are not covered by CRA, made high-priced loans at more than twice the rate of the banks and thrifts. With this in mind, Yellen specifically rejects the "tendency to conflate the current problems in the sub-prime market with CRA-motivated lending.? CRA, Yellen says, "has increased the volume of responsible lending to low- and moderate-income households."

          It's telling that, amid all the recent recriminations, even lenders have not fingered CRA. That's because CRA didn't bring about the reckless lending at the heart of the crisis. Just as sub-prime lending was exploding, CRA was losing force and relevance. And the worst offenders, the independent mortgage companies, were never subject to CRA -- or any federal regulator. Law didn't make them lend. The profit motive did.

        • stephenfroweblog

          daves, My statement makes perfect sense. You stated, "Banks were told that if they wanted to get into the securities business that they had to give more loans in riskier neighborhoods. They were never told to give loans to people that could not pay them back." Now I point out that the banks were in fact making loans in those neighborhoods, but not to the people, who could not afford to pay back those loans. If the people could afford to pay back loans, they would not have been living in depressed neighborhoods. So the purpose was, as Carter himself stated, to allow the opportunity to those people to buy homes, even though they could not afford to.

          The CRA in fact is what changed the way banks make loans. It was a fundamental shift from one of proved ability and security to one of, "be creative." So in fact it was our idiots in Washington who created the circumstances that brought this about. It was, in fact, the fundamental shift in the way banks do business, based on the changes enacted by the CRA that lead to ARM's, derivatives, the housing bubble and the subsequent failure. I am assuming that you are too young to remember how the banks did business in the 1970's and before.

    • MikeC711

      Why don't we instead try something that has not been tried in over 100 years ... a free market. A market where gov't gets out of the way and let's people work. Let me choose if I want to use a bank that offers FDIC protection, or one that does not. And I cannot get "bailed out" if I get scammed. Let me decide if I want to go to a gov't licensed physician or not, and deal with the consequences. Let me choose whether to where my motorcycle helmet, but let my insurance company charge me more if I don't promise to wear it all the time. Please enumerate the industries and businesses that gov't runs well. Then I'll enumerate the ones they run poorly and the ones they've regulated into oblivion.

      • Juris Doctor

        MikeC711, this was tried all the way up into the 1980's, and it was call the S&L Scandle. Remember when all those S&L's that did not have FDIC Insurance went under in the 1980's and took millions of people life saving down with them! Free Market GOOD, no Insurance BAD. The individual savings customer should have some protection against the banks making bad investments espically in the case of forced house loans from the Government to individuals that can't afford the home loan in the first place. The individual savings customer does not know what the Bank is investing in and if they did, most would would not know a toxic asset from and electic bill. Protections are needed or no one would out there money in any bank. I wouldn't.

      • daves

        Since the Constitution specifically give Congress the right to regulate commerce, I doubt there has ever been a time in our history where there has been a truly unregulated free market.

        • stephenfroweblog

          daves. Actually it allows the government to regulate INTERSTATE commerce, not all commerce. They tend to ignore that in there effort to control everything.

        • jdangiel

          The government did little if any regulation of commerce through the late 1700's and the 1800's. The stuff we're seeing now is a 20th century product.

    • Maynard Merrell

      Banks and governments at all levels have been in collution for far too many years now. In may communituies, if you want to sell your home, it must first be inspected by a building inspecter. He tells you what you must do to put the house into what the building code says is a living condition. The cost of repairs cuts into the profit the home owner desires, so he raises the price. A bank forecloses on a home it is not required to put the house into a living condition. The bank sells "as is."

      • Maynard Merrell

        Regarding my first reply: When a bank forcloses and repossess a house, it hires cleaning people to clean up the mess left behind by the previous owner, but doesn't have anyone watching over the cleaning people. Many cleaning people steal everything they can from the house, like copper tubing, wireing, appliances, cabinets, etc.. Building codes don't require banks to recondition the house and it is sold "as is," but the buyer is compelled to recondition it by building inspecters. The buyer may then have to borrow money from the very bank it purchased the house from to recondition the house. The bank gets an interest on the loan. Justice is when a law applies to all people equally. Where's the justice here? Where's the corruption?

        • Maynard Merrell

          Regarding my reply: Before I purchased a house in Euclid, Ohio, the neighbor say the cleaning people stealing from the house. she told them to put the stuff back or she was going to call the police. They put the stuff back. I know for a fact that all I said above is true. Bankers are like the proverbial used car salesman.

    • Mattwm

      the country is run by the politician we elect and sent to Washington DC. Banks live in the world they create. If you have a problem with banks, then look to the government who created them and allows them to do what they do

    • orientphil

      "Planning (gov't direction of mkts/competition) and competition (free mkts) can be combined only by planning FOR competition, not by planning AGAINST competition. The planning against which all our criticism is directed is solely the planning against competition." Hayek. If not for the failed policies started in the '90s by Andrew Cuomo (HUD) and by congress' repeal of Glass/Steagall we MIGHT not be in this situation. Socialism and individual freedom can't be combined.

    • Steven

      The fail safe IS regulation. Deregulation means if you fail, you go away. Bailouts don't exist.

    • Jstarusa

      Yes Kevin, and most are too blind to see that the middle class is being thrown under the bus! It does not look good for the old USA any more. And when these same protesters say "What happened?" We can answer "YOU!"

    • ekim

      Wow ! You do not have a clue as to what a bank is ! Maybe the federal backed banks can get away with faulty business policies but the neighborhood banks have investors who expect a return on their investment. If there is no return, guess what they move their money and the bank fails ! THE MARKET WORKS !

    • umberli

      If there were no banks, it would stop our society. We all rely on the banks for transactions. For example: If truckers are not paid truckers would quit delivering the goods. If the truckers stopped delivering the groceries, the Grocery stores would close. (Take a look at the pictures of Thailand right now. Folks, the shelves are empty, because of all the flooding.) Without the grocery stores there would be a lot of starvation, including the OWS, who think they deserve the best food, and are not willing the share with the homeless and the poor. Whining hypocrits are what they really are. Is this simple enough for all you liberals to understand?

    • DudeinTX

      Never, Never "nationalize" banks! This is what they want, to control every aspect of society.

      Banks should continue to be free-market "businesses" left to succeed or fail on their own. Bail-outs should never have happened in the first place. The federal govt has no buisness in business, period. Every regulation that they've ever put in place, whether with good intentions or not, has failed! Every single one of them. The federal govt does not have ONE successful program. How long would a business last with this kind of record...we have to stop the insanity.

    • John

      I disagree that the banks are running the country, at least not completely. We are in an economic mess because of government; forcing banks to make loans to people who couldn't pay them back, and having so many laws and regulations that force companies to do business overseas. The biggest regulation and one of the most costly and job destroying is" Obama care". That has already cost me more money and it hasn't even been fully implemented yet.

  • Guy Josserand III

    You just contradicted your main point.

    "By the way, not every person who works in a bank or a financial district is a one-percenter."

    Certainly most of the people putting in the hours are the lackeys and wannabes. Few middle class people are strangers to hard work and long hours. And the chances of them entering the one percent is far less than winning the grand lottery. Which is really ironic because much of the trading activity that captures fortunes adds xero value to society or to material wealth. It is just speculative gambling. It raises prices and skims fortunes off the top of other peoples money.

    Capitalism is great under regulations. But to observe what it looks like without regulations watch the Mafia, drug cartels and organized crime. That is the profit motive not held in check except by itself.

    • Les

      Personally, from having worked in and around the federal government for over 35 years, the "Unchecked" is the federal government. Even the mafia doesn't spend money it doesn't have cause that puts a bullet between your eyes and a life time seat under some stadium. Who was fired or demoted for any of the intelligence failures over the past 20 years?

      Doesn't matter anymore since the federal government has reached critical mass. It is so large and so out of control that nothing but the total collapse of our great nation will shut it down. There are too many agencies with way too much self-prescribed power to take back control. See you in the bread lines.

    • John

      You couldn't be more wrong. You have swallowed the lie hook, line and sinker. Capitalism works best when governments stay the hell out of business, remove obstacles meant to protect favorites and eliminate regulations designed to placate special interests. In a truly free market almost everyone wins. In a Crony fascist capitalism you get the worst of everything and everyone - except that tiny 1% loses.
      America doesn't have Capitalism. The Flea Party isn't protesting Capitalism. This is abut Crony Fascistic Capitalism. It's a failure because it always is. The secret to fixing things is more Freedom and less government involvement in ANYTHING the Constitution denies it. I've seen freer markets in Poland than I do in the USA. It can be done but it must be done at all levels of society: Town, County,m State and nationally. We need to re-shackle Government to the Constitution again. It seems to have broken free and ravaged our nation.

      • nik

        And what planet were you on when unregulated American capitalism raped the American middle class and stole their pensions, homes and jobs, then had their hirelings in the white House (both of them) and Congress bail them out with the tax dollars of they very people they've assaulted. This mindless Tea Party mantra of no regulations and no taxes resonates exactly nowhere these days with anybody. Disgaree? Go look up the public opinion polls on Occupy and the Tea Party, then come back and tell us y'all are anything but a bunch of kooks, lunatics and losers bloviating about being revolutionaries when you're too cowed and chickenpoo to jaywalk. America views you clowns with utter contempt --and thats the best hope we have.

        • Voice Of Reason

          The OWS crowd, aka the Flea Party, consists of the lazy, the loutish and the loathsome. The reason they can spend weeks encamped in parks is because so very few of them are employed.

          On the other hand, the people at the Tea Party activities I have attended--and which lasted only a few hours at a time--were either employed or retired. The majority of people there were employed, and they all had to go to work later that day or the next day.

        • RageFury

          Care to name some dates of this supposed "unregulated" Capitalism? I am willing to Guarantee you that there has not been any such thing since long before your birth...

        • Boogies daddio

          When was "American capitalism" unregulated?
          I am not nor ever have been a Tea Party member. However I do listen to what the members are actually saying and, unlike the Wall Street Squatters, their message is clear (when not filtered through the media) that Tea Party types want less restrictions and regulation on SMALL business in order to spur growth in the job market. Deregulating banks has NEVER been in their mantra.

          And by the way I do not recall seeing ANY T.E.A. Party gathering where a single voice or sign was asking for bank bailouts. But the Squatters want us to bail THEM out.

        • Steven

          You have NEVER seen unregulated capitalism, It is the regulations that ALLOW favored companies to 'rape the middle class' by prohibiting COMPETITION that would give CONSUMERS the ability to not do business with them.

    • stephenfroweblog

      Actually there is a much greater probability of making it to the 1% than winning the lottery, but go ahead and keep giving your money to the government that created the housing bubble in the first place. They do such a good job, don't they.

    • MikeC711

      U have shown that you don't know the difference between corporatism and capitalism. The gov't has done to you what it has done to the rest of the "99%"-ers. It has caused the problem, and convinced you guys that others caused the problem and they are the solution. Consider watching this video, but put the kool-aid down first, you will certainly spill it if you actually choose to watch this video and not just spout what you hear from George Soros thru his mouthPiece "":

    • Juris Doctor

      People - We are far from the point of no return. If We the People can win next year like I am sure is going to happen, we will force the GOP and the new GOP President to do the will of the people, or they will be out, and not in 4 years either. If they start screwing up again and not listen to the People, We the People will by force if need be, remove those from Congress and the White House. And I have spoken with several Service Men and they said they would not side with the President against the American People they have sworn to protect. They did not sworn to protect the White House, but the American People and the U.S. Constitution.

    • Mattwm

      it's regulation that create the banks and what they do. all this regulation has gotten us nowhere. let banks fail if they do, but you can't blame them if they are following the laws that politicians put in place

    • Maynard Merrell

      No freedom is absolute. All freedoms must have limitations. For the good people having a good government, like of Constitution and Bill of Rights, the government limitations (should) protect them from evil people with very low moral values, if any. In a bad government, like an authoritarian government, like comunism or Nazism, the limitation on freedom are laws designed to protect the freedom of the government from the people, who have no freedom.

  • Mach

    So you're saying that there's more than 1 percent chance of winning the grand lottery?

    • evermyrtle

      Maybe like .01%.

    • Maynard Merrell

      Success depends upon ones own ambition and faculties. No one else. However, in all fairness, a collage grduate is most often chosen over someone who may be better qualified. I once took a course on Sanitary Engineering from a correspondent school, so as to learn to design and install the water supply and sanitary systems in sky scrapers. It was a part of Civil Engineering. I learned hydraulics, stresses, and could do drafting and trig. With that knowledge I did surveying for three years. I hated working outside in the winter so I applied for a job a Bailey Meter in Wickliffe, Ohio. I was told that sinceI didn't have a diploma from some college they wouldn't hire me in their engineering department. I said, "You mean I could be an Einstine and tyou wouldn't hire me without that piece of paper?" The answer was yes. I took a job there constructing control panels. Later I was asked to assit in the engineering department doing drafting because they had a back log. My education counted then. It had some value when needed badly enough. There was a time when companies promoted people from within the company. Now it's get them fresh out of college.

  • The Godfather

    There is no contradiction. The contradiction is with the Occupiers.To compare the free market to drug cartels and the Mafia is ridiculous. If someone extorts or forces someone to buy or sell something, that's a crime. There are laws on the books covering such "transactions." Stealing is still a crime. It's the government that is acting like organized crime. I'm foreced to pay into Social Security, Medicare, and now Obamacare. My companies are overrun with regulations costing me money that could go to hire more people.

    The comment that "the chances of them entering the one percent is far less than winning the grand lottery" is stupid. The people these malcontents are protesting are not the one-percent. They may be in the top 25 percent. How did they get there? Most of them started out working long, hard hours. Steve Jobs started out as a middle-class kid. Like Bill Gates, he never graduated from college. I started out as part of the lower-middle class. My grandparents immigrated from Italy and knew almost no English. Between the two sides of the family, there were 23 children. My father and mother had a high school education. My father had his right leg blown off in the Korean "war." This limited his employment opportunities. I worked my way through college and graduate school. There are millions of us out there.

    • sanderson

      Many, many millions of us out there. WE ARE WORKING, though, not camping in government provided tents!

      Jobs and Gates were not college grads, and yet, look at what those capitalists did for themselves, and the world.

      Cain was the son of a poor black man, who was smart enough to know that it isn't so much what you MAKE, but what you save and do. DO, FOR YOURSELF.

    • Steven

      stephenfroweblog actually said the chances of entering the 1% are far BETTER than winning the lottery. Those of you complaining actually AGREE with him.

    • jdangiel

      Gates and Jobs left college voluntarily to start their businesses, which only goes to show that college is not necessary for everyone or for everything that you want to do. Jobs and Gates are one percenters.

    • Jstarusa

      Then I think its time for THOSE millions to speak up! I for one have worked those long hours and hard labor, gradually bringing myself up the ladder. No, Im not rich, just did not expect any help and none was given except my parents in emergency situations and then I gave back what I could to them. Seems these people want everything handed to them free of any obligation of any kind! It doesnt take a genius to know what will happen if we do it that way. Read your history books, get your faces out of the texting on those cells and think what you are saying! We need a leader in this country, not a golfer wannabe dictator. A strong leader would have laid down some game rules by now, for every bodies good!

    • Tim k

      Your right there is more of us then them and we know it, the vote in 2010 told them to stop but they said no the VOTE in 2012 well send them OUT the DOOR and they know it too,,,will there be a 2012 vote????makes one wonder don't it,

      both party's are as one for the most part if not all we tell the we have a Constitution and they say WHAT what's that ow hell that thing we call the Constitution NO longer works for them! look at Obama "NO buddy" is Stopping Him form taking A Crap all over it for all to see,,, WELL?

    • Pineapple

      I worked in a fertilizer plant as a manual laborer to help me get through college. I also borrowed money, which I repaid.
      I have no sympathy for the "gimme" crowd. They are no better than I am.
      I worked for what I have, and so can they.

  • Jonathan Gartner

    It seems by the Flea-Party that work is bad. Success that you get while working (profit) is even worse. Sooner or later they will have to get back to whatever work they may still have. The rest that are left will be the ones that we will have to worry about can you say violence sure you can for it has already started

    • Chris

      Nicely misrepresenting their attitude. They don't think work is bad. They would like top have some to do. Getting paid millions of dollars for no real work output is bad too. The guy at McDonalds working hard is entitled to reasonable pay to survive - why does a banker who just manipulates money get paid a fortune? That can be done by a computer.

      • MikeC711

        Chris, are you the one who will set the wage for everyone? Assuming we're not going to let the market decide, who makes these decisions. When a town cannot afford to pay teachers and fire and police as much as you edict ... what happens?

      • Tom

        That is what is wrong with the minimum wage laws...they artificially raise the threshhold for the least valueable labor job to a point that makes it to costly for an employer to pay the he fails to hire additional people until he knows he will be able to pay the higher price. In order to do this, he will likely have to raise the cost of his product or service resulting in the viciously destructive "Wage/Price Spiral" of the late 70s under Carter.

        Reasonable pay for flipping burgers is, in the real world only worth about $5 per hour at the most. No, one cannot work 35 hours per week at that rate and live get another job paying $5 per hour for another 20 or 30 hours a week if you want more income. Generations of people have done likewise over the past 200 years and nothing bad ever happened to them. The point is that you have that freedom to decide here, but don't try to blame everything that you don't see as fair on greed. Truth is, you are more greedy that any Wall Street banker. At least they are willing to work for their money.

      • Tom

        The bug in the ointment is the "reasonable pay to survive" question. Poverty stricken people are those who don't spend money on big screen TVs, fancy cars every three year or less, air conditioners, etc. and most of those who are within the government poverty classification based on income have all these things and more. What these clowns in the park give no validity to is the argument that it only takes a certain amount of skill to flip burgers or mop floors and therefore the pay should be commensurate with the value received for the wage paid.

      • evermyrtle

        You have to know how to do it the computer. If you don't know the computer inside out, you won't be able to do that. Most bankers work honestly with their brains, something all of us can't boast of. Don't knock what 90% of Americans find very useful!

      • Joanthan Gartner

        As a whole I would say that they have a problem with "real" work many are professional rabble roursers the Unions love to stir the pot. As for those with a college degree they only have 4% unemployment. As for some the rest they will not work a minimum wage job they think it is below them. As for reasonable pay if your burgers are not in demand they will not sell and you might as well eat your product the market will decide. If the truth hurts get out of the kitchen

    • ekim

      Put these fools up in the FEMA CAMPS and let them till the soil and grow their food, perhaps they will gain some knowledge as to why capitalism is the best form of society !

  • Scott Olsen

    We are all Scott Olsen.

  • invest

    It kind of hard to become rich when you live in Obamaland..A place where your legs are tied together if you make a certain amount of money and where everyone wants to reach into your pocket and take what you earned...


    • Rikem9984

      Unless you are a Hollywood actor, George Soros or Michael Moore.

  • Mike

    You don't get to be a 1% by using "your" instead of "you're".

    • Rick Griffith

      Agreed, Mike. Godfather articles bring up good points, but they have the worst grammar of any online articles that I know about.

      • Carl

        Then you have not read many online articles.

  • Chris

    What a load of rubbish. It has a lot to do with luck, where you were born, your innate ability, how rich your parents are and a host of other factors. The other problem is that the rich can manipulate with their money - like the Koch brothers in a way that the poor cannot. The Koch brothers manipulate elections.

    Pleas could you explain too how one person can spend/waste millions? Do they eat that much more food or does it just go to waste. Pity if you weren't born with talent - the Republicans think you should just go away and die like the Christians that they are. NOT.

    • RDS

      Laughable. It's the Republican's fault. The load of rubbish is what you just posted.

      I started out at 16 making 1.00 per hour getting paid 90 dollars a week. Do the math, genious. Now, at age 65, I make considerable more and still work long hours, earning every penny I own. My father worked more hours than I can imagine, and made a mere pittance, yet here I am, happy and upper middle class.

      Your theory just went down the drain.

      • evermyrtle

        RDS, you are dead wrong!!Everyone of us have to share in what the country is today, Democrats, Republicans, you and me. We have gone along as if in a daze not noticing what was going on around us until it maybe too late. It is all too easy to blame somebody else with what is wrong but will quickly snatch up the good credit, when given the chance.

        • Boogies daddio

          I second RDS.

          A true life account beats theoretical arguments every time.

    • A Publius

      EVERYONE can work hard, "talent" or not, rich parents or not.
      Show up to work earlier and leave later than your co-workers, no matter whether you work at McDonalds or Wall Street, and you WILL succeed. Don't want to do that? OK, accept the fact that mediocre work yields mediocre returns.

      Don't want to work? OK, you're free to do that as well. But please quit whining that others have advantages you don't, and quit pretending anybody ever told you to go off and die. And the Christian reference? - makes even less sense than the rest of your post.

      • evermyrtle

        That is what we do best, whine and blame someone else for our problems.

        • daves

          I know - just about everyone on here wants to blame President Obama and the Democrats.

          According to Herman Cain, if you don't have a job it's your own fault not the bad economy. It's just that many people who have worked hard their entire lives now find themselves scraping to get by.

    • Tom

      And George Soros doesn't? What a naive fool. There will always be people who use their money to influence things. Get over it. It has been happening since before the birth of Jesus Christ and it will continue until he decides that there is no one left to save. I would be willing to bet that nearly 75% of those in the park seldom or never exercise their right to vote because they think it "doesn't do any good." Perhaps that is self-fulfilling prophesy? And of that 75% I would further venture a guess that over half of them base their vote on what they guy looks like or which party he belongs to without listening or trying to learn what the person has DONE that will provide an idea of what he will do in office. Don't cry to us that the system is bad unless you are willing to invest the time and effort needed to change the system. If enough did so, we would not have the pathetic problems we have in this country. There is only one Messiah and he had bigger things in mind that making you feel good about yourself. You have to do that for yourself.

      • john crawford

        Touche' ... exactly. Those not willing to say what's right (NOT these boneheads who don't even have any answers), or stand up and try to change the system from the inside out (See Tea Party)... should just shut their pie holes...... they are part of the problem, not the solution. The rich will always have too much influence. All we can do is to try to make our government ACTUALLY transparent, and get rid of the cronyism within it so they truly represent the best interests of all of us, and not just their rich and powerful friends. I say not JUST their friends, because for anyone to believe that money can be stopped completely from influencing policies is foolish or naive.

    • Elwood

      Chris, you are absolutely right! It has a lot to do with luck, but usually the harder a person works, the luckier they get! Oh, being honest and dependable has a bearing on the outcome, too! In other words, if they can't depend on a person, it doesn't make much difference how many degrees he/she has. So, unless you are too sick to go to work or something like a death in the family occurs, be there, not on time but early! Got it?

      One more thing, I know what I am talking about. I started to work for 85 cents an hour and worked for one company 35 years, got married and we had 3 children while I worked full time and got a Business Degree going to night school.

    • evermyrtle

      Luck or fortune comes from Satan, Blessings come from GOD. I am not rich in money by a long sight but I am very rich in GOD'S Blessings.

    • JACK L


    • Jstarusa

      Really? Go away and die? Reminds me of the so called death panels brought up by Obamacare! There you go, in writing no less! How was the cool-Aid, still chugging it down I see!

    • ekim

      Chris, chris, Chris ! No one can learn you anything ! That is a personal thing. You have to necessarily learn for yourself. The good news is that, just like those 1%'s you despise, you have the opportunity to learn anything you please, BUT if you kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, NO ONE in the world will ever have that freedom again !
      UNLESS the seed of our Constitution is plantedin the minds of those who survive the onslaught you and your kind choose to force on the world !
      Sorry Chris, maybe I misread what you were trying to say ! Join a TEA PARTY near you and learn what TRUE PATRIOTS believe needs to be accomplished to save you and me and our Gountry !

    • SoCalStar

      The Koch family is from humble roots. Here is info on Charles and David's father from Wickipedia:
      Fred C. Koch was born in Quanah, Texas, the son of a Dutch immigrant, Harry Koch. Harry began working as a printer’s apprentice in Workum. He worked over a year at printers shops in The Hague and in Germany before coming[3] to the U.S. in 1888, and owned the Tribune-Chief newspaper.[4][5] Fred attended Rice Institute in Houston from 1917 to 1919,[6] and graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1922, where he obtained a degree in Chemical Engineering Practice.[7][6]

      Grandfather, father and sons Charles and David after them made sure they GOT A GOOD EDUCATION and then applied their smarts to business (probably worked more than 40 hrs. a week, too.) And they are LIBERTARIANS who support Libertarian education and causes, along with substantial donations to medicine and other humanitarian causes. I suggest you look up LIBERTARIAN. It has to do with pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps rather than asking for government handouts either for yourself or your business.

    • Mary Kay

      Chris- If you spent more time working instead of whining, perhaps you too would be someone.Luck is for those who earn it!

  • Tim

    The protesters of Libya, Egypt, and Syria don't necessarily have all of the answers about how to run a democracy,either.
    They did know that what they had was not right. They got action at any rate.

    • A Publius

      Yeah, they're going to get an Islamist theocracy. You actually think these were spontaneous?

    • Tom

      So now they have Sharia and another dictatorship. The only difference is that the leaders get richer but they hide behind Islam as the justification for rape murder, and mayhem based on the preachings of an insane narcissist.

    • TooToo

      Those people shouting "democracy" have no idea what that is. Freedom from a dictator and institution of sharia law is far from from being a democracy.

    • evermyrtle

      Sorry, I forgot to say, "GOD'S Blessings are free."

    • Jstarusa

      Maybe, and guess what? Think the Brotherhood will be any better? It will be interesting to find out, wont it? Guess womens rights and some children rights do not matter. If you think for one minute the middle east is going to be peaceful, you are sadly mistaken! They have been Waring for centuries and will continue to do so. I would hope for their sake it doesnt! But chances are very slim if at all.

    • Tim Smith

      From Tim to Tim...

      And then along comes the 'Muslim Brotherhood'. NOW WATCH WHAT HAPPENS!!!

    • ekim

      Tim, we have the best, longest lasting, government by humans that has ever been conceived and if we can return to the founders ideas and documents we will again be great ! You are taking the appropriate step in the fight for real government change by speaking out !
      The" SILENT MAJORITY " has engaged the situation and is now addressing the problems in their communities, you can join them! Just search for a TeaParty rally nearyou andattend, you will besurprised at how much you have in common with these Patriotic Americans and perhaps join them in the move to restore the values of our founders to government !

  • Dave

    Godfather.........................You and I came up the same way. Hard work and few amenities. There were things expected of us in those days. Unfortunately, there is little expected of these young people today. It's a normal thing today to see a father or mother out in the yard working their butts off while their kids are inside playing video games or on their expensive cellphone. I'm afraid this country is pretty much on the way to the toilet. When these worthless individuals are in the majority, which is not in the too distant future, a responsible government will be an impossibility. They will vote similar to how they do with Dancing with the Stars. It will be a popularity contest where ability has no place.

    • ekim

      Dave, it is easy to throw your hands in the air and cede the power to those who would rob you of your hard fought victories ! DON'T ALLOW IT !
      You and I may end up fighting BACK to BACK someday, LET ME KNOW I can count on you !
      Join others who think the same, form your own group, DECIDE to resist TYRANNY ! YOU ARE NOT ALONE and IT IS NOT TOO LATE ! GOD Bless America ! Your Pal, Ekim


    It's funny. The last time we saw the OWS types it culminated in brain dead children of upper income families joining everything from the Manson Family to the Symbianese Liberation Army, to Jim Jones' People's Temple. What do we have to do to get these cretans to go straight to the Kool-Aid this time? I wonder if we brought a vat of it to the protests and passed out Dixie Kups, if we couldn't just "chant" them into taking a swig?Funny how in about 15yrs and three kids later these will be the modern day version of what we called "Yuppies" in the 1980s!!! I bet their parents are soooo proud!

  • Brama

    Exactly. Wealth Redistribution is nothing but theft... actually, it's grand larsony. But hey, who's counting? Then there's the viral email story of the teacher who decided to grade his class in the same manner. All the kids who were studying hard were giving the kids that slacked a boost in their grade. Finally, they got sick of working so hard if they other students were able to fare ok. Soon, the whole class failed because nobody tried. How much you want to bet that if you took away welfare, you'd find A LOT of people actually making an effort to work instead of mooching off the system... which is really the taxpayer, namely you and me.

    • captelaine

      What these 'useful idiots' as Sol A. called them don't realize is that wealth redistribution is NOT from the rich Bankers to them... oh no no little boy with your iPhone in your hand, it is from YOU, you LAZY RICH AMERICANs to the poor starving...[insert third world nation here]... Obama and his minions don't want to give YOU the wealth, they want to TAKE your wealth (and yes you my fine Flea bagger are wealthy) and give it to tin pot dictators. The goal is to ENSLAVE us all.

  • cheryl jessup

    I think most of the mafia love this country. Obama is destroying it. Why don't they get their best hit man and put hiim to work.

    • Tom

      Because we would wind up with another year with Biden at the helm. They the real trouble would start.

  • Jenny McPhee

    Are you advocting that someone kill the elected President? Why do you hate this country and the Constitution?

    • Andy

      Jenny, I'd be happy just to see Obama leave and maybe get a job somewhere else that he can do because he sure as hell can't do the one he's got now.

      • evermyrtle

        Jenny, I believe that Tom is not the one who hates the Constitution. If you will go back almost three years the Constitution has been trampled since then, constantly in the mud almost completely destroyed. Tom had nothing to do with it. It was our esteemed Senate, Congress and the Prez.

    • david

      I consider your president an enemy of my country and a repeated violator of my constitution. It is in the constitution to defend your country against enemies both foriegn and domestic. Otrama is both. And Otrama hates your constitution, that is unless it is convenient for the advancement of his agenda which is on rare occation. Otrama is a musslime. And like ALL muslime scum bags, He wants you dead if your a jew, christian or white.

    • Jstarusa

      No killing of the president! And the constitution is being strangled to death by this president which should be the crime of the century! If he doesnt like what the constitution says, he goes around it with the liberals blessing! But let a conservative ever try that and watch the sparks fly! Hate this country? No the elected? president does and proves it every day!

    • Potawatomi13

      "WE" do not hate this country and our Constitution. But WE DO hate the Godless traitor in the Whitehouse who is doing all he possibly can get away with to turn it Socialist. If the congress hasn't the courage to try him for treason then he needs to be taken out. and along with him pelosi, biden and reid.

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    Let's make the other 47% pay their fair share.

    • ekim

      Now, that resembles a sound remark !

  • http://www.patriot-americans.or James E. Mahler

    The whole system as it is is a complete tragedy. We need someone with a testicular fortitude to end the illegal Federal Reserve ponzi scheme that has looted dozens trillions of our nation's wealth and that of our citizens throughout the years. We also need to end banking cartel between wall street and federal govt. and give back the financial system back to the private sector. End EPA and TSA (arm the pilots) and the Dpt of Education and Health. reform Commerce laws completely and ENFORCE THE LAWS we already have. And also teach our children to be patriots again and not a bunch of little pussies brainwashed into a global agenda.

    • smitty

      well obama isn't it he's still looking for his testicles...left them back at trinity church where the 3 murdered gay guys attended

    • Rhondar

      FINALLY... the voice of Sanity....thank you James

    • evermyrtle

      To be outrageous, I thought such things came from brains. I never dreamed that testicular or what's the other word? never mind, had anything to do with making sensible decisions.

    • Jstarusa

      From your lips to Gods ear!

      • evermyrtle

        I don't think GOD heeds the rambling of heathens, such as are those who think they have all the answers.

    • ekim

      James, we have the elected folks in place that are supposed to be doing just that, problem is, we have been silent for too long and allowed them to sit back and enjoy all the funds the have appropriated from us without having our thumb on the reset button !
      NO MORE !
      The " SILENCE " is now deafening, the sleeping giant has awoke ! We sent a message in 2010, there will be another STRONGER MESSAGE in 2012. JOIN your neighbors, they are engaged, if they are not, ENGAGE THEM ! The fight has been shoved to the back burner for too long ! It is NOW on the front of OUR AGENDA ! JOIN US @ a Tea Party in your area !

  • Not a Farmer

    It is time for all the fire trucks to come in and spray down the protesters. Get them out so the cleanup crews can come in and clean the area up. Then the protesters can come back from 7:00 a.m - 7:00 p.m. AT 7:00 p.m. the fire trucks will be on site to do another clean up job with the city cleanup crews. Then mabe the protesters will learn to protest civically.

    • sanderson

      Fire trucks? How about SWAT or Special Forces? How about VETERANS who gave their lives and limbs so these cry babies could camp in the city?

      They disgust true Americans.

      • Boogies daddio

        I'm still waiting to hear from the environmentalists. All that raw sewage has to be bad for the squirrels in the park....if any have survived the beastboinkers.

    • evermyrtle

      The law should deputize good honest people who need a job, go in and force every last one in there to clean up their own mess. The cities where they are nesting should not be left to clean up the mess. Of course the fire trucks could provide the water needed to get the filth off of the streets.


    The OWS crowd is still crying about the haves and how they want this and that. Confused group and nothing like the Tea Party. The tea party had realistic goals. OWS does not know what it wants except for someone elses money. 99% bull - they are more like less than 1/2%. Obummer is supporting them for only one reason. Votes for obummer - he will go to any lengths to win. I would say obummer is the equal of any of the worse dictators in the world.

    • ekim

      Silus, theTEA PARTY HAS GOALS and they will not be satisfied with compromise any longer !

  • Maynard Merrell

    The reson most protesters don't have solutions to what they are demonstrating against, is because they are just following the orders of their superiors or from those who paidthem to demonstrate. Most demonstrators know nothing about what idiology they are following, supporting ignorantly.

  • stephenfroweblog

    Chris, First of all, who are the 1%. I would argue that Hollywood has more 1%'ers per capita than any other industry in America. Why do I not see any protests against them? Second, those on Wall Street who are actually among the 1% not only employ hundreds and even thousands of employees. They also give more to charities and non-profit community organizations than any group in America. And it has nothing to do with talent, it has to do with sacrifice. I think that if you were able to mirror one of these people for, say a month, and see what they do as well as what they give up in order to do it, you would not want to trade your life for theirs for any amount of money. Also, there money is not wasted. While they may spend more, go to better restaurants, etc. Their unused money is actually invested in things like the business where you work, the factory that perhaps employs your neighbor. Without these investments you and your neighbor would not have a job. So they took a risk and invested in a business. They risked their money, assuming the business succeeds, are they not entitled to a reward?

    Go study business, economics and government. Go out and do it for a while. You will be surprised at who the real culprits are and how good the system would work if the government would quit putting barriers in the way so that they could decide who wins and who looses.

    • Rhondar it turns out they didn't risk their money.....they risked all of ours. You act as if there wasn't TARP and they didn't reward themselves with millions of dollars in bonuses while the taxpayers paid their bill.

      • stephenfroweblog

        Rhondar, now you are speaking about the banks, not the 1%. Look at the Forbes list and you will see that a vast majority of the 1% are NOT bankers, but industrialists such as the late Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and many more. They had nothing to do with TARP, yet you want to blame them! But let us look at the banks and TARP. First, their business is to invest which means to risk money. That is the difference between a 7% loan and a 12% loan, risk and only risk. They risked their money. It was not them, but the government who decided to bail them out and give them money. If the government said that they were going to give you $100 million dollars you are saying that you would turn it down? I hope you win the lottery. That is government money taken from the taxpayers after all. You need to do a little research as well as looking at yourself in a mirror.

  • Glenn

    I had a foreman one time to tell me it''s not what you make it's what you save. And i found that to have a lot of merit. When i was working most of the time i had two jobs. The way i feel i don;t want a handout if i can keep from it.
    And as you say if you want something better work for it. You can always get a job, it may not be something glamours that you can sit atround and brag about,but it's a job helping to put food on the table. And you are not taking away from a person who has worked for what he has.Why should someone support you sitting on your buns.

  • PastorCarmen

    HELP! America we must stand up against this Trash.

  • 1skeptic

    Years back I wanted to live in a certain area with my family. Newer technology shut down my business and I was faced with the prospect of moving or taking a job where I traveled most of every week. My kids were almost teenagers and I was home weekends. Yoy make a choice for the sake of your family and take what you can get and do the best that you can with what you have.
    This is an old saying, but true, the cream always rises to the top and you will be recognized for loyalty and hard work.
    Watch your pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves is also a true old saying. Another is waste not, want not.
    The writer of this article has it right.

    • Guest999

      I was recognized for loyalty and hard work by being laid off

  • Lloyd Revalee

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    The above was written by the leaders of the Revolution that gave us a free and independent government, where, for the first time in the history of the world, the people had the chance to control their own destiny, and choose their leaders. In the beginning the peoplle's voices were heard through those they elected to represent them in the House of Representatives. The people had no direct vote to elect Senators until 1913, and to this day, do not have the ability to elect their own President. No matter that the majority of the population votes for one of the candidates for President, he is actually voted into office by a group of electors from each State, chosen by the State Legislators thereof. iIf anyone noticed, during the last convention held to elect a President, the electors did not always follow the wishes of the majority of voters in their State. For example, Hillary Clinton did not receive any where near the number of electoral votes she should have, based on the number of States she had won. The chosen electors voted for themselves, not in accordance with the majority of the voters in their State. This must and should be chaged, if we are to keep our rights to control our own government. We must demand that those we chose to represent us, do what the majority wishes. We must demand that Congress does its job, and stop the Executive Branch from exercising authority it does not have under OUR CONSTITUTION. We must demand that the Supreme Court do its job, and declare actions in violation of OUR CONSTITUTION ruled on, and stopped. Our founding fathers, the leaders of the Revolution for freedom, and the ones that drew up OUR CONSTITUTION, took great pains to make sure that no one man had too much power. The Constitution vests all legislative, and everything doing with running a government of the people, in the hands of Congress. The President has limited powers under the Constitution, and the main function of the Executive Branch is to enforce the laws that Congress enacts. Remember, it a government of the people, not a government of the President. I'm sure that there are not many people in our country who would welcome a Czar or Dictator to determine what they can and can't do. That is why we must do what it takes to protect our own freedom and welfare. The leaders of the Revolution risked their very lives and their fortunes to give us this great country, and we can do no less to preserve it. God Bless America

    • Maynard Merrell

      Our Founding Fathers created a Republic, not a Democracy. When you wrote, "...we must do what the majority wishes," you are asking for a emocracy. In a Republic, enlightend voters elect representatives who are to apply there own common sence, based upon their knowledge and experiences, to do the right thing for the people. In a Democracy, the elected officials do what the majority of the people want. What is the elightenment of the majority? Do they repond to the indoctrination of subversives. In a true Democracy, the people would vote on all issues, and therecwould be no needfor elected officials. Thomas Jefferson said,"Yes, we did produce a near perfect Rpublic. Biut will they keep it, or wil they, in tye enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom. Material abundance is the surest way to destruction."

  • Dan Clamage

    Don't work hard, work smart! Yes, a former manager did say this to us once. We coulda lynched him.

  • 1skeptic

    No, I do not have a spell checker and made a mistake on the word you. I did not catch it before I posted...........My Bad?

  • Kevin

    I started working on a farm for 57 cents per hour, 85 to 100 hours a week, after school clothes and books what ever was left was mine, still had time for baceball and movies....Worked on cars through high school....worked 33+ years as an Ironworker. My 3 adult boys work 40 hours on the weekend so they can go to "Community College" . I want the best for my boys....The best we can "Afford". There are the "haves & The Have Nots". My family and I will take our reward in heaven. I will live in a cardboard box with Christ before I live in a Palace with satan. (small s deliberate)

    • Maynard Merrell

      Kevin, I remember thosecdays. When I was 12, back in 1942, I moded 3 lawns a day at 20 and 25 cents an hour. Later I worked on a horse farm for $2.00 a day, I thought I was 7th heaven. I could buy my own baseball glove.

  • Snookieookie

    If you 1%ers are willing to find out the truth, then give away everything you have, money, job, homes, possessions, business connections, people you know already, friends and start from O and see if you can create the same results today, starting from nothing, as you did before. Answer is, you can't. Reason, because today, you have to abide by the Government Regulations, you have be part of the "clique" of the big financial boys, and you have to have something to get something! The Truth is, that between the NWO proponents & factions trying to destroy America, the Government, AND the 1% who refuse to realize that they didn't get to be part of the elite1%, that they didn't get there without the 99%(taxpayers, bank deposits, workers, and consumers)! That's the Truth and while I can understand the 1% wanting to protect their possessions, that doesn't mean that stomping all over, ignoring, shutting up, putting in jail, and even eradicating the 99% will leave you, the 1% in a very precarious position. The media and all the subvergent groups who are jumping into the OWS movement while being part of America's 99%, are the only thing that is being talked about and pushed by the 1% in an effort to discredit the original core complaint of the 99%. Think about it!

    • Boogies daddio

      I am willing to bet that most of those who fought and worked their way to the top could beat you at the game again. There is a name for animals who won't work or fight to live: prey.
      I might not succeed if I had to do it OVER again because I am a bit old and physically worn to start over. But if I had to I would at least try.
      About 90 out of every hundred Americans are working today.....I see handicapped people on the bus every day going to work. Are the Wall Street Squatters really that unemployable?....outside of a circus environment I mean?
      Why should we workers bail out someone else's "student loans" when we sweat for every rung of the ladder.

      If the Wall Street Squatters have nothing it is because they have earned NOTHING!

  • SC Gal

    Chris - You are a moron! Nobody ever gave me ANYTHING. I worked hard all of my adult life, opened a business (Thank God it was under a Republican administration). With hard work & long hours my business grew. Since Obozo became prez I have lost more than 1/2 of the money I had earned & saved for retirement. Every time Democrats get into office taxes go up, profits go down & America goes to hell. Then we elect Republicans & they have to straighten the mess out.

    PS I blame the Liberal news media for running the economy into the ground in '08 just to get a Democrat elected. Why wasn't there an investigation into their lies? Oh, that's right - the Dems were in control of the House & Senate, then Dummycrap Barry went into the White House.

  • Southern Son

    Why should I be forced to pay for someone else`s house ,food, clothes and car just because they will not work ?

    • Maynard Merrell

      Because you're a slave to the government. Remember what Pre. Johnson said in establishing his Great Society: "We shall take from the haves who have so much, and give it to the have nots who have so little." That is the socialistic liberal philosophy, which was first spoken by the communist, and is the same philosophy spoused by liberal democrates today. Not by true liberals, but by subversive liberals. It is the duty of all cemocrates and republicans to learn who in their parties are true liberals and who are subversive liberals. True liberals are Constitutional Conservatives, but liberal in social matters and will not ignor the constitution and bill of Rights.


    Let me see if I got this straight; I worked hard for many years with long hours, sometimes I worked seven days per week to achieve my goal by providing for myself with a paid-up pension system... I never took money from any socialist government programs nor ever became a burden to others. Could all this be because I always followed the Boy Scouts of America's motto; "Be Prepared?" I did it the old fashion way... I worked for it! Does this mean I have to share my hard earned living with parasites that won't work? What percentage am I?

    USAF (RET)

  • hardscrabblemary

    Godfather, I don't know when it was you were making $10,000 teaching. But, even if it was forty years ago, that wasn't alot. And that was after graduate school. Then, you drop the timeline. So, whazzup? You inherited, you married it, someone gave you a break. What? And who woul want such small beginnings? You sound like me way back when, and, truth, I did OK, but not great. These kids might well not be able to put food on the table. Stop the charade. The jobs just aren't there. They are right! On the money! They serve a purpose out there. They are a living testimony to Wall Street's destruction of America. Let's think of how to get the jobs back. Let's reach out to these protesters. My normal, hardworking, educated son twenty-something, went to Zuccotti Park, and said they look like normal working class people. The only thing I don't like is that a portion of them, not all by any means, are crying for Communism, fueled by that terrible union, SEIU. We already have Communism-this is what Communism produces! They have to see that.

    • Boogies daddio

      They will never put food an any table by sitiing in a drum circle, summoning up whatever.

      They are living testament to the failure of the Department of Education and their parents failure at teaching them how real life works. Perhaps instead of spending their future on a degree in social science they should have considered an apprenticeship in plumbing.

  • 3levelsdeep

    The newly announced student loan aid "bailout" is a very cynical bo re-elction ploy to win back students or younger un-employed or under employed graduates. I wonder if they will be aware enough to figure out that in the long run they are just assuming their peers debt and visa- versa. More income re-distribution but this time between each other. How fitting, keep banging on that drum.

  • mlsv

    God save us from this chaos. Tyranny and anarchy have always been in conflict. Greed versus something for nothing. Come Lord Jesus.

  • dragonfFIRE01

    the OWS bunch should be staging a sit-in at the white house and the Capitol.

  • Joanne

    Why do they compare the Occupy protesters to the Tea Party? How many Tea Party Americans got arrested, how many stopped traffic and how many screamed disrespectful and anti-semetic filth? Again this is the media trying to make them look respectful and orderly. The bias is becoming sickening.

    • Maynard Merrell

      I would venture to say that most, if not all, reporters and those reprots who work their way up to editors, have graduated from college, majoring in journalism. The first communist cell in America was founded at the Teachers Collage of Columbia University. Teachers who fell victem to communist doctrin have gone on to be professors in other colleges and schools, all the way down to kindergarden. This is why so many people within the news media are leftis, and constantly attack conservatives of all kinds. Joseph Pulitzer wrote, "Our republic and its press will rise and fall together." We rise when we know the truth they give us. We fall when we believe the lie they tell us. Not the Plitzer recognized our government as a "republic" not a "democracy."

  • Rhondar folks are for TARP and want to support the Federal Reserve stealing YOUR MONEY TOO?

  • sanderson

    We're the 'One Percent' because we RISK everything to make ourselves, our business and this country successful.

    These 100 percent losers do not speak for me. They are far from patriotic Americans!

    Our staff and friends say tell us that we are lucky to be business owners because we can do what we want to do, when we want to do it. Sure, if that were true, but it is NOT. We work for our clients, for the government and for our staff. We are the first ones at the office, and the last ones to leave. We work nights and weekends.
    We pay taxes every week, and then pay payroll taxes the 14th of every month, and then pay our annual taxes. The IRS doesn't give a flying fig if we had a good month or not, or if we have money in the bank or not. We don’t pay ourselves sometimes so we can pay other obligations. We committed to those obligations and we are responsible to make good on those commitments.
    continued ...

  • sanderson

    We're the ONE PERCENT because we work at it and pay the price!
    The IRS wants 'their' money, regardless of our sales. Our staff doesn't care if we have a profit each month, they want their money on time, and in full. We committed, so we make it happen.
    We have gone without paychecks for 13 weeks at a time in this economy, so we can pay our bills, our taxes and our staff. We put off vacations when times are tough, as they have been for the last three years, while our staff vacations in Fiji and Paris.

  • sanderson

    We are the ONE PERCENT and proud of our accomplishments.
    We do not whine and protest and ask the government to give us more.
    We live and breathe this business, because we ove it and love our staff and clients, in good times and bad. Daily, we risk our savings, home and relationships for this business, because we made commitments to our clients, vendors, staff, and to us. We always come LAST on the payback ladder.
    AND, we would do it all over again because we love what we do. Our clients appreciate what we do for them. THAT IS WHY WE ARE THE ONE PERCENT. We work at it and for it EVERY SINGLE DAY, 24/7. We ask, what are the other 99 percent doing to improve their lives and pay ever increasing tax burdens? Trust me, people, this 99 percent is crap. It’s a much smaller percentage of whiners. If they put a small portion of these misguided efforts into a job or starting a business, they would be much better off. At least, they would be contributing to their lives, their communities and this great country.

  • Rhondar

    There are a LOT of legitimate protestors in that crowd too....not all are lazy bums. End the fed and end bailouts is very legitimate...we should all support those causes.

    Movements like this always bring in riff raff too. Every tea party rally has some fringe as well.

    Focus on the causes that are worthy....not on the individual nutcases in the crowd.

    • Wingy

      Unfortunately, Rhondar, your legitimate protest movement has been co-opted by those with a different agenda...
      Get out more, look around you, and do something besides WHINE ABOUT IT.

    • Boogies daddio

      The Wall Street Squatters are dispropotionately nut jobs. A few people in tri-cornered hats does not begin to approach the amount of loons or the level of filth that in itself defines the inner nature of the Squatters.

      The T.E.A. rallys have been orderly and then gone (with their own trash) when their permit expired. The T.E.A. party members appear to be mostly people who have worked for what they have and want to keep it to use at their discretion. They don't demand what you have.

  • Rhondar

    banks got bailouts--- we got sold out

    You can't argue with that.

  • L.T.

    I can't agree with your about "drop the drum" As I've grown older, I've found much relaxation from taking my American Indian style hand drum to a drum circle, and having good times with my fellow percussionists!

  • Rhondar

    What nobody here mentions is even if you work hard and save the govt. and the bankers are working overtime to take it from you and they are in league with each other to destroy the middle class. I know a few people who worked all their life and had good jobs and now can't find one. Especially if you are in your 50's and they can hire someone half your age for half the cost. Let's have a reality check here...the govt. has made it profitable for corporations to offshore and outsource and industry has all but dried up in America....there aren't enough jobs for everyone to work....and then there are obligations that if you lose your job you might lose your savings and house as well so who got the short end of the stick...not the banks....Ron Paul said they should have been forced to file bankruptcy and sink or swim. Someone would have bought them and they would have been broken up and sold off.

    We didn't handle the S&L crisis with bailouts. Put the blame where it lies....with the politicians

  • KS boy

    Those who are pre-Occupy-ed with Wall Street often themselves may want to be part of the very thing they envy and protest. They themselves would want folks to honor THEIR self-interest.

  • berlinerbear

    There will be no breadlines for me... This the peoples' country. The majority has not spoken in many years at least not with the voice we are known for. There is no better time then now to remind the whole world what makes America great!

  • Honoria

    The actual 1% is in DC and Virginia! Check out THEIR average salaries and benifits packages!! The irony is that OWS is manipulated to be a Tea Party wanna be. The Sorros bunch knows no bounds, the MSM reports what Sorros wants them to and actually has them funded and feeds them and on a rotation schedule no less!!! Didn't you smell something funny when the Washington branch of Sorros got up almost in unison for this and support their trash talking?? What are YOU doing to make sure this TRAVASTY of an administration doesn't happen again!! Hold elected officials accountable. Pray like its all up to YOU!!

  • J. Trail

    Those who occupy Wall Street do not speak for all Americans and especially not for me. My husband and I started our business 27 years ago with bank loans cashed in retirement accounts and never looked back. Has it been easy , certainly not . But with hard work and very long days and week ends our company is a success. My employees earn a good salary, my vendors get paid and we pay a lot of taxes. If we can do it anyone can it just takes hard work and a commitment to doing for your self and not expecting the government to bail you out when things get tough. and you don't walk on the american flag or write on the flag and beg for communism in this country. Get a job stop your whining.

  • cgm

    @ Mach and Chris
    Life and earning isn't a lottery not is it luck or who you are. Look at the Forbes' 400 wealthiest and you'll find
    that it is about 5% or less who inherited their wealth. The rest earned it the hard way--by doing without, working long
    hours, never giving up...

  • vanzorge

    the OWS crowd needs to take a course in Statistics; they will find out that EVERYTHING, when measured statistically, assumes the Bell Shaped Curve............... everything. for example, height, weight, income and IQ are distributed along the bell shaped curve.

    so, if they are going to protest the distribution of wealth, they also need to protest the distribution of height, weight, etc.

    #OCCUPY IQ - it is very unfair that some have more of it than others!!!

  • http://sprint kittycat78

    These people out there disrupting the lives and work of others accomplish zero. They think zero. They are a pain in the neck. They won't cost wall street anything. They are a rude, disjointed bunch of sniveling humanity who's claim to fame will be the filth they leave behind everyday for someone else to pick up. Many are spoiled kids of parents too lazy to teach them pride and self reliance. Ohers are there not because they know or understand a darn thing. They have nothing better to do nor do they want to. It stops me flat to see out there two possibly three generations of youth with no aim no purpose just filling up space with dead unproductive time. If they were purposeful at all, if they have all this time, think of what they could do volunteering their time to help someone who didn't have much but needed help at home, or for an errand. They could walk a dog there are a hundred things that could help the elderly. I don't care how sane one sounds once in awhile. They are wasted lives. And biden thinks that's great and so does his leader who caused it all.

  • Jeff

    You cite an example of a stock broker in Canada? Non sequitur.

  • Elton R.

    Darn, no wonder I can't get a job. My specializations:
    Atlanteaology, Space Physics, Plasma Physics, Planet Formation, Egyptology, Astronomy, WORLD BUILDING, Star Formation, Free Energy, Graphic Arts and Design, 3D CG, Marketing, Geology, Theology, Politics, Geography, Environmental Science, Quantum Physics, history (see Atlanteology above), and a lot of others I don't have time to mention.

    I'm awfully over qualified!

  • Maynard Merrell

    This is a left wing non patatriotic American subversive: "I'm not rich, you have all the money, boo hoo! I think i'll help a bunch of other unAmericans destroy you. Boo Hoo!" Can't you guys get it through your thick heads, or stop and think for yourselves instead of those who want to destroy our country and change it into little Russia or little Red China, and ralize that there are good people and bad people among us all, including those you're hanging out with. Barnum, a master of deception, said that, " There is a sucker born every minute." You and your people are proving it, and the Reds are laughing upo their sleeves at just how big a suckers you are!

  • Charlie in Irving

    Bravo! Yay! About time someone from the 1% explained how you get that way!

    I speak as a 70-year-old, laid off (coincidentally just as my employer was opening a branch in India to do what I was doing) ESRD patient living on Social Security and a part-time, minimum-wage (well, in the interests of full disclosure, I did get a $.25/hr raise after two years) job, which I happen to like very much. In my spare time, instead of defecating on police cars in some New York liberal's park, I've been writing a business plan. Just finished the pro formas, plan to take it to a SCORE guy or gal to find out what I have to do to get it financed. Will this put me in the one percent? Hell, who knows? All I know for sure is that I'm having the time of my life to the wonderment and consternation of a whole bunch of young people who have found other uses for their spare time.

    I've worked my butt off all my life. But you know, it's fun to work hard. It releases endorphins. It makes you feel really good about yourself, and it makes people admire you even if you're not in the 1%. You learn stuff that you couldn't learn in any other way (I have a masters, know whereof I speak). Hard times taught me and forced me to use everything I'd learned up to that point, so I wouldn't forget. God could call me home tomorrow and I'd be perfectly happy, but as long as He lets me stay out and play, I plan to play.

    To the OWS kids and geriatrics like the ones I went to college with: God knows you're pukes, but you really should try to understand what people who aren't pukes actually do with their lives. Then give it a try. Bet it'd a lot more fun than sleeping on a bed of turds and having your precious I-Phones stolen!

    Oh, and you're not the 99% or anything like it. Maybe, if you strain and push with all your might, you could make 5%.

    Feel the love!

  • Don

    What ever form of government there is Capitalism will be there it is just a matter of who gets the profit (you or government) the OWS are the useful idiots that are being used to tear down this government instead of trying to change it back to what it was intended to be in the first place

  • Bruce

    Watch the groups that together repeat every spoken word. Movie zombies aren't that pliable. It is a technique used by totalitarian regimes as an indoctrination tool. The far left is adapting it for the same purpose. Why? It works very well on young and impressionable people.

  • sanderson

    Be all you can be.

    God gave us talents. Use them for more than camping in NYC.

  • Joyceann

    The Tea Party, middle class America, we are standing up. We are putting constitutionalist in place, even in states where they haven't been before. The Congress knows how we feel and they will not vote with Obama without fear for their jobs. We are now electing a non-politician who is a natural leader who is sharp in economics. With his help and our power we are changing this country back into an America to be proud of. We will change the educators too, and the next round of kids will be a little smarter. We won't go to sleep again, Freedom depends on each one of us. I'm starting by getting on the CAIN TRAIN. WE MUST REMOVE OBAMA

  • sanderson

    Every year, the IRS publishes their collections data, broken down by income category. Not estimates or projections. There are no adjustments, normalization or other statistical tricks applied. This is exactly what the IRS put into the US Treasury, broken down by income category. It is "money in the bank". It's like looking at the IRS bank book and looking at where the deposits came from.

    That data can be found at

    You'll see that while the top 1% of income-earners earned 20% of the taxes in 2008, they paid 38.02% of the taxes that were actually collected. That's almost DOUBLE their share, based on income. Their effective tax rate, after all deductions and exclusions, was 23.27%, while the bottom 50% paid an effective 2.59% tax rate, after deductions and exclusions. But what's worse, is that those who actually pay tax only amount to about half of the adult population.

    BTW, new tax collections data are expected out any day. They actually EARNED their money. No one gave them handouts. They EARN money. Isn't the USA the land of opportunity, not rip off artists?

  • mich

    their 99% morons half of them dont even know what their protesting

  • Ben Dover

    I loved this comment "I mean, who wants to work those kinds of hours? That’s the power of greed.”

    that says it all. we, the occupiers, hate these people with money, they work hard because they're driven by Greed. Yet, we want what they have, what they've obtained by greed and long hard hours of work!

    I guess they should just come out and say "hey, we're just as greedy as them, but we don't want to work for it, rather, we would rather have the government take it from you and give it to us!"

    Will this work? Talk about hypocrisy!

  • Ben Dover

    In France i was an artist, but here in America, I'm just an Occupier.... wee wee

  • Ritchard

    Gee! I guess everything is all right with America. All one has to do is work hard and keep your mouth shut and you will be successful. The country is corrupt from the top down, some people realize it and decide to protest and the sheeple turn on them.
    It is brilliant for the OWS people not to offer a solution, where would one start any way, offering specific solutions only gives the criminals in power talking points to cause confusion and distraction. All anyone has to know right now is that the system is highjacked and corrupt. When enough people are aware and a tipping point will be reached where change is inevitable then solutions will come about.

    • Elton R.

      The Tipping point is just before the Second Coming, Richard. After the Nukes fall and 180 million people die -- first from Nuclear Fire and second from FALLOUT! Then the 20 million who are left will obey the Laws of God, which are much better than Lucifer's plan of Communism.

      • Jay

        ... do people actually believe this? Never in recorded history has anything biblical-like occurred, yet people are SO SURE that what they read in a book written so long ago, translated so many times, even modified by Constantine, is reality? So much so that you base your one life around it? What happened that made all this stuff stop? In the bible, all kinds of fantastical stuff happened all the time. Why not now? Did God get bored and move on to another planet? He said, "Screw you guys, I'm out. This place is getting nutty." I guess the fear of mortality is too much for people.

        By the way, I don't know much about the whole Constantine thing so please don't use it as a focal point for any rebuttals.

  • boomer8

    Interesting that the protestors don't want the work ethic of the 1%, but are demanding their property (money)! One man's greed is another man's altruistic fantasy.

  • Marvin McCardle

    This protest is about change for everyone. I talked to a organizer of the Phoenix Occupy Wall Street movement. He had a full time job and wants change. You people need to get off your butts and do the same. I haven't used a credit card in over 16 years and I paid for what I needed but that didn't help when construction went under because of this financial mess caused by both parties and yes I am a babyboomer and I grew up in the 60,s. Without people protesting and letting our so called government know we are disgusted with their performance there would never be any change. So if anything comes from this and I am sure at some point it will, we as a whole will benefit. These are not hippies and all of them are not on unemployment.

  • Paul fornicola

    America did not become great by expecting handouts from those who worked hard,
    It became great by working great...
    Does any of us remember our grandparents not working and working hard ,come on....

  • W. A. Bullard Jr.

    Collectively these are the trash leavings and roppings of the 60s generation; remember them?. The ones who were all for "All American" until they found out that they had pay dues to "really" be in the club like their Dads and Granddads did. Then all of a sudden it was "make love not war", "...give peace a chance...", "...yellow submarine...", Charley Manson, sex , drugs, and rock and roll though not necessarily in that order. Now, they're grown, haven't saved a blessed thing, life was noithing but a big midterm drugs and "group sex" wife swap vacation at Fort Lauderdale; their moral balance is overdrawn; Viagra and Cialis are now their drugs of choice for a manhood they never had to begin with. I hate them, everything they stand for, the Amercica they believe in, and their droppings [their kids]. What you are seeing in OWS is the logical end result of the "flower generation". Largely White, over educated, lazy, greedy and fit for nothing more than to have soap bars made out of themselves so that we can supply the showers in our penitentiaries.

  • keith

    Boy don't we have a boat load of ignorance being posted tonight. Unfortunately, the vast majority of occupy protesters think if they do this long enough they will get some kind of extra large handout. Well, Obama is working on that $1 trillion student loan bailout. Isn't it nifty how he shifted that program to strictly government control? Now he can claim to be giving these occupy morons a break when he is actually doubling down on that noose he already has around their necks. By the time they realize what he has done, it will be too late for them. Yes, anyone with the drive can make whatever they want in this country. Sadly, we are witnessing pure laziness in these protests. I'm not averse to working as many hours a day as I need to to earn the money I need to pay my way. The last thing I need iny life is government. Given the option, I would certainly opt out of everything the government offers. Let me quit paying taxes and I'll never ask the government for anything. I can take care of myself just fine thank you.

  • W. A. Bullard Jr.

    What do "U" mean by "...a boat load of ignorance being posted tonight..."? Seems to me, once you get past the anger we are all basically agreeing with you [?Keith?] Why shouldn't the OWS droppings think that way, afterall it really worked for their parents who ":ran out" fifty plus years ago over VietNam. They kept at it long enough and gutless cowardly Repblicans and Communbist sympatizing Democrats gave them what they wanted,m afterall they had to be "reeleted". The VietNam flower children cowards were just a step in the logical prgression of Roosevelt's "New Deal" socialism. What is being seen is the logical end point of their de-evolution. To get what they want they will turn black against white, rich against poor,women against men, and children against their families. So again the question, "...why shouldn't they "demonstrate"? The historical record is pretty good and indicates that they'll get it.

  • ARMYOF69

    We can certainly do WITHOUT the 1%. Let's ship them out to their Fairly Land, or the again , maybe to Gitmo instead.

  • Jersey Bill

    I shouldn't even be adding my "two cents", as the old saying goes, but I've got to ask some of the protestors; when was the last time a poor person signed your paycheck? I prefer my checks from a "one-percenter"as is the case now. He started with ten friends, and their own money, took all the risks, fought for all the licenses for the then-new cable tv world. They laid it out, strung the calines, drive the trucks, etc. and now, in his eighties, is a billionaire. So what? It was his money, time and sweat. Now 20,000 people have jobs wiyj above-average wages (some are pretty "handsome") ALL get year-end bonuses - even in '09 - and the result is a grateful, dedicated workforce working for a gratefulm dedicated rich person. I wish you to be as fortunate. I'm a proud check-earner, not a check-writer. I guess he and I are both comfortable...

  • Libertarian58

    I especially admire people who work hard to make things of value useful to others, and even get rich or make fortunes doing it. Someone like Henry Ford or Steve Jobs comes to mind. Now tell me, What objects of value do bankers produce??

  • USMC0351Grunt

    I want to know jusy how many OCCUPIERS in this Flea Party that are protesting are also sending in their weekly claims for unemployment, "benefits", and committing fraud while they are sleeping in a park and barking at the moon rather than actually looking for a job?

    Isn't there a signature or acknowledgement that they place on those documents admiting that they are aware of the penalties for committing fraud on their weekly statements?

  • radjul

    I hope we have a cold Nov. lotsof snow and ice, then maybe even acorn wont be able to pay them to stay!

  • Billy F

    If the protesters fould a job that paid well, and worked as hard at the job, as they do at protesting; then they too might be very well off (if not rich themselves). They need to just Shut Up and go to work. Then, maybe; they'll think about desiring to keep the majority of their Hard Earned Money, like the rest of us do. Oh, I forgot. You can't get a performance from the naturally lazy.

  • rob

    you people are idiots their not looking for a hand out their there doing what you should be doing fighting to get our rights back their not setting around on their asses complaining its just like idiots they read something and right away they believe every word of it WAKE UP and do your homework and don;t put down some people who are at lease trying!

    • Tony Jacobs

      Learn how to write like an adult and you may be taken seriously. A grasp of commas and full stops would help.

    • Vince

      Wow, obviously another product of "public" education. Please don't vote.

  • Jay

    After reading these comments, I'm a little upset that many people fail to see the reason behind what's going on. It's not that people don't want to work for a living. It's not that people want a piece of what the 1% have. It's not even about the rich being rich. It's about lobbyists buying our representatives. I hear you people yelling about the corruption in government, but do you guys realize the CAUSE of this corruption? It's money! You know who's money? I'll give you three guesses but if you're smart (and I think you are), you'll guess it in one.

    Some people blame big government. Some people blame big banks. In the end, they BOTH work via the same model. The people on the left blame the latter, but government makes it worse by allowing loopholes to go unmended, by creating policy that help the banks and corps only to switch over as knowledgeable lobbyists, so on and so forth. The right blames the government but it's the banks and CEO's who drive these politicians to do what they do. There's no corruption without money, and the money comes from the CEOs and banks.

    Something needs to be done. If you think we can sit here and do nothing while thinking the government and Wall street will fix themselves, then by all means, do nothing.. but please don't criticise those who want to at least try. If we keep fighting among ourselves, and allow the media to widen the gaping divide that is the partisan system in America, we're heading for civil war.

  • Jerry

    Some GODFATHER, as in these protesters, never had a lesson in common sense! They will let some stupid person tell them how to think, which in this case, there's no thinking at all, that same stupid person can get over with criminal liguistics fostering stinking ideas to tear up some people! They say college people are very easily influenced, but I know that well-learned college people know the game when they see it! In a society like ours at the moment, one has to be solid as a rock! Believe me, there is nothing but game here in the USA but it takes common sense to master it. Not getting into something of this OWS crowd is a feat within itself!

  • Phyllis

    I don't understand. The protestors hate the so-called 1%; yet they claim they want jobs. Where do they think they are going to get jobs if the "rich" are taxed out of business? Who do they think creates jobs? If the businesses and investors are not allowed to make a profit, what is the point of being in business? My husband owned a small business, and he thoroughly enjoyed his work. However, if he had not made a profit with which to support his family as well as pay his employees, he would have had to shut down his business and find something else to do. If he had shut down his business, his employees would have lost their jobs as well. Penalizing the business owners and investors just does not make any sense. I heard a protestor spouting the other day that workers are disassociated from their labor. I wasn't sure what he was trying to say except that he was unhappy that employers were allowed to make a profit on the backs of their laborers. What drivel!

  • Jersey Bill

    How did he/she get more than me? How did he/she get to the top? What about me? This isn't fair! This is America; they talk about equality, and fair share, and we're all created equal. Why should THEY have all they have? Where's mine? How sophomoric. Nobody thinks "corporate greed" is good or acceptable. But it's magnified now during these tough economic times. There's not going to br gifts of handouts. We need to solve our problems, not add to them by camping out.

  • Jay

    Yes, it IS what makes America great. Capitalism works very well in this country, it has given a lot of people hope among other things.

    HOWEVER - and this is what most people miss... During any grassroots movement, you're going to get extreme views from people who don't make sense, from people who are ignorant, lazy, so on. From what I'm reading here, most people are taking cues from THESE people, but NOT the people who actually know what they're talking about. To respond to your post -

    Your husband REPRESENTS what these people are protesting FOR! Your husband sounds like he was fair, wasn't corrupt, and didn't EXPLOIT his employees. There's nothing wrong with making a fortune. There's nothing wrong with being a billionaire if you've earned it. The REAL issue is that in the largest banking and financial organizations in America, profit wins out above everything. These businesses are corrupt, we ALL know that from the recent bailouts, Enron fiasco, etc.. THIS is the real issue. It's not about not wanting people to be rich. It's NOT about wanting handouts or about getting something for nothing.

    Do yourself a favor and do some NON PARTISAN research (if you can still find any) about issues that seem to be one sided before making any judgement. People are SO quick to judge these days. I'm not blaming them because it's easy, but it needs to be pointed out.

    If all business owners were like your husband, we wouldn't be having these protests. That's the bottom line.

  • Bill

    Attributed to Vince Lombardi, "The only place where success comes ahead of work is in the dictionary."

  • Stupantakit

    I believe its your 'right' to have a dog, but if he poops in my yard, your both mine!

  • DebraD

    I'm all for hard work. I wanted to be a nurse, and I worked my way through nursing school, often working over 60 hrs/week, to accomplish that goal. I ended up working as an ICU nurse for over 20 years until health issues forced me to take a medical retirement. Hard work is the way to go!

  • flameinhair

    Great article! I love it! So many in this country 'think' someone 'owes' them something.
    The world don't owe you JACK-$HIT!
    The OWSFOOLS don't WANT to work hard, maybe they think, "If I protest about the 'evil' bankers, gold will fall into my pockets." I heard this from a young man, (not one of the OWSFOOLS), and he said, "I'm not gonna work, the govt. didn't do anything for me, so why should I work?'

  • Kimberly

    It doesn't seem to me that the you are all that hardworking, "Godfather", seeing as you couldn't even be bothered to validate your first quote's source, like a legitimate writer would. That column that it came from is clearly labeled "satire". If that word is unfamiliar to you, since you are likely too lazy to pull out a dictionary too, it means that the column is written in fictional jest. Your slacker Jeremy is an imaginary person, spouting of imaginary nonsense. Also, it's good to see that hard-workers like you respect the hard work of others, which is visible in how you neglected to even credit the people that you believed did the work to obtain that "interview".

  • no hippe chick

    @Ritcard (sp)
    Of course ALl is not right with the USA, but working hard and focusing on whatever goals you have (keeping your mouth shut) works. Try it its worked for all those I know

  • no hippe chick

    @Drew page
    Amen, I couldn't have said it better. Even when on the floor crying, I couldn't take it anymore. My kids are my pride, and TOTALLY worth it!