Homosexuals Battle for Control of Houston

The following is showing up in email boxes of voters living in Houston, Texas. Thought you might like to know what's going on in one of nation's largest cities. Your city could be next.

The vote for Houston’s next mayor is on the line. November 8th is V-Day – Get out the Vote Day. I know you have important things to do. Time is precious to you. That’s what the other side is hoping you’ll think. They don’t want you to show up at the polls.

Let me tell you what else is precious: Your children and grandchildren. I’m sure you’ve noticed how visible homosexuality is in our culture. It’s everywhere because most Americans are afraid to speak out on the subject for fear of being labeled a “hater” or a “bigot.” Don’t you believe them. You know better. Don’t be afraid vote for what you know is right.

Not only is self-professed homosexual Mayor Annise Parker running for reelection but a man who thinks he is a woman is running for city council. His name is Jenifer Rene Pool.

Young people are influenced by these very visible role models. They will think it’s OK to experiment sexually. Why not? The mayor is a homosexual. That’s hard enough to explain. What will you say to your children when they ask you this question: What’s a “transgendered woman”? You can tell them, Mr. Pool had his sex organs removed.

The homosexual community will tell you that it doesn’t matter what people do sexually. Tell that to your children. You know it does matter. The people in Penn State might be able to fill you in on the subject if you don’t already know. Former Penn State football defensive coordinator Gerald “Jerry” Sandusky was arrested Saturday and released on $100,000 bail after being arraigned on 40 criminal counts of sex with teenage boys. “This case is about a sexual predator who used his position within the university and community to repeatedly prey on young boys,” said Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly. Why would a teenager think that the advances of a respected man in the community were wrong considering that homosexuality is said to be OK. “If it’s OK for him, why not for me?”

You can read all about the sordid details here. You better be sitting down!

In addition to the mayor’s office, there are other positions up for a vote that the Houston Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered Political Caucus endorses. Here’s a list of candidates that are supported by the homosexual community in Houston and homosexuals across the nation (http://thecaucus.org/index-4.html):

Mayor – Annise Parker

City Controller – Ron Green

City Council Races:

District B – Jerry V. Davis

District C – Ellen Cohen

District H – Ed Gonzalez

District I – James G. Rodriguez

District J – Mike Laster

District K – Larry Green

At Large Position 1 – Stephen Costello

At Large Position 2 – Jenifer Rene Pool (Man who had his sex organs removed.)

At Large Position 3 – Melissa Noriega

At Large Position 4 – C.O. “Brad” Bradford

At Large Position 5 – Jolanda “Jo” Jones

HISD School Board Trustee Position 3– Ramiro Fonseca

HISD School Board Trustee Position 4 – Paula Harris

HISD School Board Trustee Position 8 – Juliet Stipche

Money is pouring in from homosexual groups around the country who want Houston to become the San Francisco of the South. Here are some of things that they have planned for the great city of Houston (http://www.massresistance.org/):

  1. Legalize same sex marriage
  2. Mandate public acceptance of the homosexual activities
  3. Teach homosexuality to school children, starting in kindergarten, as an acceptable, alternative lifestyle. This is known as multi-sexualism. This enables homosexuals to recruit children to their lifestyle.
  4. Lower or remove age of consent laws leading to relaxation of laws prohibiting pedophilia. See www.nambla.org/
  5. Elevate homosexuals to a minority class, leading to affirmative action for homosexuals in the workplace. Cross dressers could force employers to accept their actions at work.
  6. Prohibit any speech which opposes homosexual activity. This would be considered “hate speech” and have criminal sanctions. This would destroy 1st Amendment free speech rights for those who oppose homosexual conduct, including pastors who preach from the Bible.
  7. Require employee benefits to be provided to same sex partners.

Conservative groups in Houston, who do NOT support the homosexual agenda and do NOT want Houston to become another San Francisco, are recommending the following candidates:

Mayor – Dave Wilson or John “Jack” O’Connor

City Controller – none

City Council Races:

District A – Helena Brown

District B – Phillip “Paul” Bryant

District C – Brian Cweren

District D – No endorsement

District E – Mike Sullivan

District F – Al Hoang

District G – Clyde Bryan

District H - No endorsement

District I – Leticia Gutierrez Ablaza

District J – No endorsement

District K – Pat Frazier

At Large Position 1 – Scott Boates

At Large Position 2 – Elizabeth Perez

At Large Position 3 – Chris Carmona

At Large Position 4 – No endorsement

At Large Position 5 – Jack Christie

 Let your voice and vote be counted: VOTE November 8, 2011.



  • Tex

    This is S T U P I D!

    • Houston Conservative

      This is a lame article. Why are people still worried about the LGBT community? I mean it is obvious that people will always hate, and I hope people in Houston are intelligent enough to not buy this crap. Annise Parker has done a great job. I am sure the others on the first list will continue or do a great job. "If you children ask" you should parent them the truth and not teach ignorance or hate. Plus why bring up Penn State? Still using that excuse is so lame. That kind of crime is played on both sides of the field (more so on the hetero side), but who's counting? It is okay to be gay. You were born that way. Enough already with this hate!

      • http://godhatesfags.com Kathy Witmeyer

        You are dealing with people who do not believe in Science and think people road dinosaurs around. No kidding; they have a whole amusement park devoted to creationism where human had dinosaurs to ride and use to toil in fields as well pets too! Talk about some good acid and a weird trip they must have had!

      • Daniel US Special Forces Vet

        Sorry Chuckles... but there is not medical evidence showing that anyone was born gay. And I dare you to point me to one respected test showing same. I wont bother waiting as you cannot do it. And the reason that it was brought up is because of idiots like you that continue to try and say that we should accept this lifestyle as normal. As for another reason..check with Arkansas. They have two admitted homosexuals in prison on death row right now for the rape and murder of a 12 year old boy that they raped after they tied him up and then stuffed his underwear down his moth and he suffocated, all while they went and made themselves lunch and then came back and raped the kid again while the kid was dying. Thats why you need to keep kids away from homosexuals. So until you can show one test that proves the existance of this mythical gay gene that the AMA-JAMA-CDC-WHO-JHO-EHA has YET to be able to find...then you need to stop lying to yourself and face facts that this is not and never will be genetic.

  • HoustonVoter

    What is stupid? That the mayor's higher managment appointments are gay/homosexual, that she issued an executive order tha allows men dressed as women to use the women's rest rooms and a woman has no right to complain? Or is it her appointment of George Grenias who was caught watching porn on the job - rentboy.com? and she refused to fire him, and only gave him a week's vacation as punishment?
    Or is it her Houston First program that is stupid? You know the program she promotes with tax payer money where she claims to be putting Houston businesses first yet she spends her own campaign money in San Francisco?
    Or...is it the reason she touts about her election having national significance? You know where she says... my election had national significance for One Reason... I Am A Lesbian!

  • HoustonVoter

    Or is it the fact she refuses to deal with the city's financial deficit as she keeps saying she's balanced the budger? (How can she balance the budget when all the expenses are not included - the one billion dollar pension expense?). What about the red lights? Is that stupid? She's only waiting for a second term to turn them back on. She'll say the contract forces the city to turn them back on.

    I don't agree that all this is stupid. It's real. Voters should reject the media effort to downplay the election. The media wants voters to believe there is no chance of beating her. Even the Houston Chronicle has joined in the promotion of their agenda. When has anyone ever heard of an Editorial Board in a major city rescinding an endorsement of a candidate because that candidate said publicly my opponent is gay and his community service has not been for children but for advancement of the gay community? Why did they do this? on a Sunday afternoon, no less!

  • HoustonVoter

    What Editorial Board of a newspaper in a major city reacts (knee jerk!) to complaints by the gay community? Are they delivering the message that anyhone who does not agree with the gay lifestyle does not have a First Amendment right to free speech? You may utter pro-gay statements only, anything otherwise, and you will be ostracized. There is an answer to all this. It's called Voter Turnout! Now that's Not Stupid!

    There's one person who has not been afraid to stand up to the hate spewing hate accusers and that person is Dave Wilson. He's a successful, a businessman with the experience and guts to put Houston back on track. It's stupid not to recognize what is happening in Houston, Texas

  • Bob Hopeless

    Just proves the stupidity of the Radicalized Evangelical Taliban whom live off hate and delusions through cherry picked Bible passages taken out of context ,while ignoring other passages that does no fit or meet their agendas; shows they are more than willing to miss use and abuse the Bible to promote a sick minded and depraved spirit upon others and deny rights to all who are not just like them, as they want to try and control peoples lives with forced draconian laws and pure ignorance of which not even God has chosen the level of control over peoples personal choices which do not harm others.

    The Modern Republicanism of the last 30 years you call freedom, is only for those who meet GOP's narrow minded ways and warped interpretations of the Bible and are of the same cut of cloth of those whom used the Bible to rationalize/explain away Slavery, Jim Crow'ism, Separate but Equal etc. Of course the American Taliban GOP are the same who harp and focus on 6 possible references to homosexuality in the Bible of which has nothing to do with today's understandings or definition of homosexuality which is between consenting adults. The 6 Bibles references used to vilify GLBT has to do with sex slaves, boys used for sexual release by warriors, eunuchs and as well Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing to do with it being homosexuals but was about unwelcoming and abusive actions through which included forced sodomy. Also Fundamentalist ignore how Sodomy is common in heterosexual relations and so are many other activities such as eating with unclean women (menstruation), shell fish (Red Lobster) and lets not forget that we are to stone to death our disrespectful children and sell our daughters as well. Now the Fundies will say that is out dated and does not apply today. Yet this is the very same group who claims the Bible is incorruptible word of God and 100% true; which Bible, one chosen by at Nicene where the Books of The Bible were chosen of which many were discarded and many are now in The Apocryphal and many were totally discarded since they did not fit the agenda that the men wanted during the rule of the Emperor Constantine who mixed Paganism with Christianity to solidify his control of his Empire. Lets not forget that Revelations was almost discarded do to it did not fit with the New Testament God and was more reminiscent of the Old Testament God; of course the Right Wing Evangelical Fundamentalist just 3 years ago were wanting to redo the Bible because it was to liberal for them.

  • Bob Hopeless

    Jesus said nothing on Homosexuality; he sure did on many actions of the Radical Right with its Pharisaical Life Styles with its Love of Money and Promotion of Selfish Greed; lets not forget Christ said "Last Shall Be First and The First Shall Be Last " and how a "Rich-Man has as much chance getting into heaven as a Camel does to go through the eye of a needle"! Oh what about how the 600 Biblical References to Heterosexual Sins that is never or rarely head of, which is passed by quickly and only noted to make sure lip service preachers can claim we mentioned it, from their pulpits. When did serving the Lord become a job vs a joy; why do they think they should be paid for doing what they claim is a calling from God? No where in the Bible does it say that a Minister is a paid position much-less one to self-enrich with so that ministers live in palatial estates, flying on private jets or first class and using helicopters to commute from estates to estate and to church campus to church campus of the Fundamentalist Cults of that promote hate and of which Jesus warns us against things like your Revisionist Prosperity Preaching you seek for those Itching Ears that fill the Apostate Evangelical Pharisaical Cults that submit to their true God Baal (Wall Street / Golden Bull).

    The fact Pedophilia is not about sexual orientation and most pedophiles are gender neutral means nothing to this group of nut-wads; as does the facts that show the majority of pedophiles identify as heterosexuals and are married to the opposite sex and have children of their own. Of course they are the same type that use to blame women for being raped if they were un-escorted, wore clothing they felt were to sensual and that rape is about sex and violence is secondary; when in reality rape is violence primary and sex is just a tool used, same as a knife is a tool used to do violence and kill. Got to love the NAMBLA throw in; that disgusting organization of criminal perverts has nothing to do the GLBT Community and is thrown in to inflame the ignorant and if you did your research that the majority of NAMBLA Members are Heterosexual Married Men. Boys have been a target of heterosexuals males in most societies for many reasons; it is not considered homosexual if they sodomize or receive gratification by a boy, not seen socially as adultery in many societies and they are easier access since parents tended to think boys were safe from such and only girls were at risk for sexual abuse and as well when a boy is abused he is seen as guilty of letting it happen just as in Muslim Countries they punish Women who are raped and not the men. Do not think that is Muslim alone; look at the Fundamentalist Christian and Catholic Priests who molest boys and are not reported by the good members of that Church or Faith/Sect of Christianity; yet the boy was ostracized, seen as a trouble maker, and denigrated for not being man enough by the good Right Wing Apostate Christians whom are more worried about how it will look publicly and how it will affect the coffers if such got out!

    Of course got to love the Sexual Predator Herman Cain who leads the GOP as this groups top pick as a Presidential Candidate. If not guilty why settle; that's what you said about Michael Jackson, who was most likely guilty as Cain is to? If innocent why have a gag order in settlement and not just open up about it; the victim wants to let the information flow, but hands Herman does not? If innocent why does he not want to address and speak on the issue? Why does his facts change as the truth is revealed; what is it version 5 now?

    Funny how those who want government out of their lives and dislike government the most sure want government jobs through elections and nepotism and as well are first to try and legislate whom can and can not have access and rights; if it is civil marriage of 2 adults, regulate which intoxicants are okay and illegal without regard to scientific facts to risks, decide which belief is a legitimate religion and acceptable and which is not and as well if and which religions are allowed to get special rights and not be held to same standards as any property owner or income generator, how when the court rules their way it is rule of law and if it is against their wants then it is judicial activism, how we are a democracy when the majority does not like a rule or law but are a republic when the majority goes against their wants, how they love to rail that the Constitution is the Rule of Law but seem to ignore that the US Post Office is a Constitutional Requirement as well why the USPS is having trouble making a profit of which by the way is not part of the Constitutional Requirement for USPS.

    • The Godfather

      Jesus didn't say anything about rape, child abuse, pedophilia, bestiality, etc. So are you saying that because Jesus didn't say anything about these practices that they are morally neutral? Homosexuals use the "Jesus didn't say anything about homosexuality" argument all the time. It's bogus.Once you go there, all types of behaviors become normative. The definition of marriage and what constitutes a moral and normal sexual relationship is heterosexual. Jesus confirms this when He addresses the issue of divorce and the creation account of Adam and Eve. Heterosexual relationships and heterosexual marriage are the norm. Jesus references Genesis 2 in Matthew 19:3-5: "Have you not read, that He who created them from the beginning made them MALE and FEMALE, and said, 'For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and the two shall become one flesh'?" Anything that deviates from this norm is sinful.

      • Bob Hopeless

        Love the procreation retorts. So if you are to old to breed, intend to not breed or can not have kids do to deformity or medical issue I guess they are abominations if they marry so then you best not marry!

        Is is not normative for races to mix either; so should we go back to your 1950's wonderland of pure goodness; of course as long as you were not black or a woman who wanted to work, it was not so good!

        What about Hermaphrodites; they are not normative as you claim, so should we destroy them, not allow them to marry or let them marry themselves?

        What about all the centuries where marriage was a financial arrangement's (daughters were property and the groom or his family had to buy her (diary) and that is why her father gives her away at the alter!

        What about the centuries of political marriages or arranged marriages?

        How about all the men whom were married and had sex and children with their slaves for thousands of years!

        Where does the Bible say a marriage is between one man and one women?

        Its was not normative to be single either for thousands of years and still is not!

        How is a marriage holy when people get married in a drive through or while jumping out a plane?

        Where is your concern and focus on keeping people married and stop all the divorces?

      • Harris County SD

        Divorces are not normal in the Bible but you vote and your party has knowingly elected several adulterers of which you GOP God Reagan got Nancy pregnant while married

        to Jane Wyman and Reagan while Governor was the one who signed into law and began the no fault divorce! and your GOP leader Rush Limbaugh is a known drug addict and

        proven liar who ran to the ACLU of which he railed on for decades prior till he needed his rights protected and wallah nothing ever said again by Rush on the ACLU.

        How man Divorces has he had and why does he have no kids but his Passport is littered with countries where child sex slavery is rampant and not tourist spots for

        anything other than deviant access to victims which are usually kids (boys). Why did Rush have a man Viagra in his luggage while coming back from one of the infamous

        sex slavery country he had gone to and the man who the prescription was not even with Rush so he knew he had illegal drugs again and it was not a accident!

        Also I though your ilk hated government involvement in peoples live; so who are you and your ilk to force your religious beliefs upon others in a secular country?

        Also your interpretations of the Bible is not agreed upon by many long established and large protestant faiths who do marry same sex in their church's; but the married

        couple does not get same rights and a contract does not carry the same weight or rights either as well precedents of committed relationship have already been

        adjudicated on several legal questions of rights and restriction of marriages!

        You arguments were used against interracial marriages since it was said and believed by the majority of Americans and Christians that such was not Normative as you

        call it and was all so a threat and harmful. That is why we do not allow mob rule.

        Marriage in the US is a Legal Contract that is bound and covered by laws; if not you would not have to go get a license to marry and must be married by government

        sanctioned person if minister or judge and you have to court to get divorced!

        Let marriages that are recognized by the courts and law to be a secular act as it is and if you want a religious event that is your choice. No one makes religious

        entities to marry someone they find does not meet their tenants; such claims are lies. I have 50 years of working in the Church of many Faiths and am a Minister

        myself, We have refused several couples the right to marry in the church or to allow our ministers to marry them. It is our right as a religious institution and just

        like we do not have to baptize someone who is not at age of accountability or has not meet our requirements!

      • Bob Hopeless

        It hurts no one if gays are allowed to marry; you just do not like gays so want to do anything you can to make their life difficult; just as occurred with blacks and

        other non whites. Just like I am sure you are one of the people who is upset a Mosque is going to be near WTC site (You know that sacred site where Dirty Book Stores,

        Bars and Stripper Clubs line the block and all through the area where the Mosque is going to be built!) and many other locations in the US where bigots like your kind

        want to make a religious war with Muslims and may them pay for the sins of a few nimrods who perverted the interpretations of the Koran. I am sure you have no ideal

        how Islam came about what God said would occur nor do you know that there is extensive information on Mary in the Koran; more than the Bible has.

        Fundamentalism's ignorance is so pervasive! I bet you can quote scripture at ease; but you do not have the spirit of the Lords Words in your heart! Bible is like

        poetry and many of its books of which you can not read literally to get the meaning and spirit of what God is conveying to us. The Literal Reading of the Bible is

        relatively new; prior generations understood such, but literal reading is legalistic which was the Mosaic way and how Pharisee's abused such and that is why Christ

        came because man was abusing Gods Laws through shrewd actions which thwarted his true will and spirit; actions were technically lawful in their sinful minds and were

        following the laws in a very legalistic way and ignoring the spirit of the Lords Words.

        The Bible is not a Weapon!

        God said that No Sin is Greater than another and if you had lust in your heart you have sinned and are guilty adultery.

        He also spoke on if you do wrong and know it is wrong bs know it not! As well if you have murder in your heart you are guilty of murder!

        I know it is hard to get the plank out of your eye while you are looking at the splinter in mine; may I help you?

  • http://thecaucus.org/index-4.html Gail Windblower

    Thank you; I did not know which were gay! Now I know which are gay and support gays so I can vote for them good moral candidates who are not bigots!

    Mayor – Annise Parker (Fiscally Responsible)

    City Controller – Ron Green (Gets Job Done)

    City Council Races:

    District B – Jerry V. Davis

    District C – Ellen Cohen (Never Defeated)

    District H – Ed Gonzalez

    District I – James G. Rodriguez

    District J – Mike Laster (Made Sharpstown Safe Again and Revitalized Business)

    District K – Larry Green

    At Large Position 1 – Stephen Costello

    At Large Position 2 – Jenifer Rene Pool (Pretty Hot Babe & Sweet Gal!)

    At Large Position 3 – Melissa Noriega

    At Large Position 4 – C.O. “Brad” Bradford (Top Cop)

    At Large Position 5 – Jolanda “Jo” Jones (Stands Up To Police Abuse of Citizens! God Bless Jolanda!)

    HISD School Board Trustee Position 3– Ramiro Fonseca

    HISD School Board Trustee Position 4 – Paula Harris

    HISD School Board Trustee Position 8 – Juliet Stipche

  • Guillitine

    At the very least Mr. hopeless that was a long winded,hate spewing barrage against anyone that disagrees with your point of view, Gay people always tend to use the "those without sin,throw the 1st stone" quote and then throw their verbal stones at sane, heterosexual people. Trying to show everyone how tolerant your side of the 1% of the total population will be if homosexual activists have their way ?

  • Joe studio

    Grow up Houston. This is childish nonsense.

  • Betty


    Guillitine - I had no intention of reading Bob Hopeless until I read your comment; so I read his response.. He made some valid and factual points of which either you can not debate nor apparently able to refute with truthful reality based facts with versus your ginned up distortions and obvious biased bigotry you so obviously and are filled with regardless of truth.

    While "Bob Hopeless" did have some harsh statements which appears to be based on personal hurts and frustration with the unrelenting ugly behaviors of many people as yourself and sites like this that spread lies and purposefully attempt to promote stereotyped falsehood to scare the weak minded and support the already ignorant bigoted types that are unfortunately still very common in the south. Yet fortunately such people of your ilk are slowly being weeded out; some learning truth and softening of their once hardened hearts, education and as well plain old attrition since many like you will never change your old ugly ignorant ingrained ways. But just as most the old sad stagnant embittered ignorant people whom refused to accept Blacks and Non-Whites as equal have died off and their Jim Crow Ways, Demonically Possessed KKK Lifestyle and Other Racist Bigoted Oppressors have all but died off totally, so shall you and your kind and the world will be a better place. Of course if you choose to soften your heart and ask God to help you change your heart and understandings from ugliness, hatred , fear and ignorance; and make a honest effort to understand the GLBT Community the world will be a better place. You will be happier and you will be surprised of those around you who will feel safe to disclose what they currently hide from you out fear; of it is gay, interracial attractions or whatever they are handling alone in a deafening silence do to fear they will be rejected and ostracize.

    You never know softening of your heart could save a child, best friend, mentor, favorite uncle or whomever that could really use a safe secure place to land; it is all up to you. We are all called to he such; if you are a Christian and know if you know the Spirit of Gods Word and not just quoting of verses. Never know it might be the difference between life and death for someone you really care about but felt all alone, isolated and thought you would reject them so they make a very bad but permanent decision! Christ always made time for those whom are broken; in fact we are all broken, that is why Jesus came and allowed himself to be sacrificed!

    Being this article is a blatant and obvious hit piece or "Modern Day Media Lynching" of Political Candidates who happen to be gay as only one aspect of whom they are of which often they do not disclose such or run on such as a platform because that is not the defining identity of whom they but just one aspect of which has no bearing on qualifications; yet such issue is dredged up by bigots as yourself and/or sleazy political foes . Also this articales hate filled attack on Political Candidates whom are brave enough to refuse to lower themselves to the cheap political shots and easy brownie points one gains by demonetization of the LGBT Community in such a backward hostile environment and demographics as so many are unfortunately in Politics these days. As many of the Right Wing Anti-Gay Christians now love to try portray themselves or are that delusional to believe their self induced "Persecution Complex" is reality. love to try and portray in a attempt to paint themselves as some oppressed victim who is struggling I can not blame Bobs response nor could I find area where the person is not right in many ways. He came across angry; but I can see why, calling and associating Gay people with NAMBLA is such low blow and is typical for the Extreme Right Wing Politics which will do anything to win regardless of truth or varacity of thier outlandish claims and lies!

  • Oak Ridge

    how can such a ugly piece of tripe be on a website with the name G_dFathersPolitics dot idiots!

    the Site should be sued for libel or slander!

    I will never come back or forward the site to anyone so that there is not any page clicks and their ad revenue is not generated...

    will have IT begin working to make the site lose search engine placement,,,,,

    starve the ugly spread of hate and violation of human rights

    notify the HRC and ACLU so they can also address this hate mongering site legally as well....

    • The Godfather

      So you want to stop free speech? Homosexuals have been attacking anyone who disagrees with their agenda. People have been fired and harassed. Now you want to go to the ACLU. I thought the ACLU was about free speech? The article doesn't state anything that is not factually true. It's an opinion piece. All the information can be found on other sites.

      • enough bs

        oh stfu! that's why Houston is coming down because of conserative clowns like you the Godfather!

      • http://gay.com Truth Hurts GOP

        Retarded Fool this is a Private Site and you have no 1st Amendment Rights here! Always the whiny victim-hood of false persecutions as someone earlier noted!

        Also speech has consequences as the Court has decided long ago! No yelling fire in a crowd unless it is a real fire!

        Second Son of Satan Wing-Nut; if you wrongly defame a persons character or harm a person with malicious lies with your wagging tongue or petty poking fingers on your media device, you an be sued for damages.

        Obviously you are the product of Fixed News Addiction and have become a Junkie for Right Wing Stupidity and Bush's No Child's Behind Left!

        • The Godfather

          If a person identifies himself/herself as a homosexual or "transgender," then how is pointing that out defamation? So now telling the truth about people when they state that truth is defamation? What has the world come to? I know, it's called liberalism. Only liberals can appeal to the free speech clause in the First Amendment. Anyone who opposes their view is "yelling fire in a crowd." Since the article tells the truth about the candidates, using a list from their website, it's hardly yelling fire in a crowded theater. I knew George Bush would be mentioned somewhere.

  • Harris County SD

    Notice the Article and even Site as well has no names of who the COWARD(s) are that run and make up these lies!

    Some low life who is ironing his pointed white hood and practicing infront of the mirror his NAZI salutes and his sister is his wife and she is cooking armadillo for breakfast on the hot plate they use to make bathtub crank.....

    Their poor 5 year old is still nursing but off the family dog and in diapers but they have not been changed in 3 years do the site operator is so messed up and fried all his brain cells and his poor kid has brain damage do to the bathtub crank fumes inhaled....

  • Hapless Harry


  • enough bs

    Godfather, enlighten me with your so called gay/homosexual agenda!

    • The Godfather

      Telling people that homosexuality is a normal and moral lifestyle.That's the agenda.

  • http://www.patriot-americans.or James E. Mahler

    Gays and homosexuals and the likes have always existed in every society throughout history. What the communists and fascists of the contemporaneous era did and still do is to modify the concept and use it as a weapon against the conservatives. They transformed homosexuality from a sexual preference to a way of life. So now this is what we have, a society were two "male" Marines, the elite of the world fighting force, pictured hugging and kissing, in their gala uniforms by the way, on the day of their wedding... nough said.

  • http://www.cristanwilliams.com/b/ gypsyrose1972

    You seem to be warning the public that 'teh trannys r tinkin der as good as u' - because that's a big problem for you, imirite? So, am I correct in understanding that the basic argument you've offered is:

    'Teh gays r bad, mkay + a str8 dude molested a kid = no 14th amendment guarantees for teh queers!!!!!!!!111'

    Since this whole 14th amendment equality thing is so hard for you to wrap your head around, I suggest that you save yourself and your family and immediately move to someplace like Uganda. You'll never have those mean ol' uppity queers thinking that they are as good as you.

    On the whole trans thing; this is how normal people view the issue:

    Overwhelming majorities of Americans agree that transgender people should have the same general rights and legal protections as others.

    Approximately 9-in-10 (89%) Americans—including strong majorities of all religious and partisan groups—agree that transgender people deserve the same rights and protections as other Americans.

    Approximately three-quarters of Americans both say Congress should pass employment nondiscrimination laws to protect transgender people, and favor Congress’s recent expansion of hate crimes legislation to protect transgender people.

    Three-quarters (75%) of Americans agree that Congress should pass laws to protect transgender people from job discrimination. This support persists across the political and religious spectrum.

    Approximately three-quarters (74%) of Americans also favor Congress’ recent expansion of federal hate crime laws to include crimes committed on the basis of the victim’s gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, compared to only 22% who oppose.

    - Public Religion Research Institute

    Hell, when FOX 26 News asked if folks were worried about trans folk daring to use the toilet, 84% said that it wouldn't bother them at all.

    According to the most recent CBS, ABC and Washington Post polls, more than half of the American population wants to see gay marriage become a reality right now. The same type of response is found when the question of 'teh homos' openly serving in the military.

    Your world view is not the view that normal people hold. Seriously dude; you're the one who isn't normal. I bet that really bakes your noodle, doesn't it? I bet Uganda is looking better and better, amiright? Hey, I hear that they even still burn 'witches' over there.

    Also, you know who else shares your view? Guess who said:

    "… the liberal government and its media encourage our young children to behave like primitive savages. Homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuals, sado-masochism, and every other type of vile perversion is applauded by the scum that control our country. [We] demand a return to sanity."

    Why, that comes right out of the political platform of the American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Apparently you and the Klan see eye to eye on the issue of 'teh queers'. That's some interesting intellectual company you keep there dude.

  • http://gospelcenter.us dan

    It is true if a person opposes sexual immorality, they are in a minority in this day and age. My commendation
    to the author of this article for his courage to do just that. The smoke screens being pulled out - witches being
    burned - are inevitable. My guess is they don't know the history of any of the accusations. I have rarely met anyone
    more intolerant than the liberal or immoral. Read eauclairejournal.com for more sound commentary on such

  • http://facebook.com/Praise.God/ VRod007

    thx for the heads up Padrino! almost didn't vote until I heard of this article on the evening local news yesterday. Then posted to my FB acct... facebook.com/Praise.God/

    • Houston Conservative

      Seriously? If you praise God, then you should not praise hate.

  • http://www.cristanwilliams.com/b/ gypsyrose1972

    @Dan: "rarely met anyone more intolerant than the liberal" LOL! The ol' 'intolerance of intolerance is intolerance' argument? Really, you guys need to come up with new material.

    The Eauclairejournal you say? You mean the one that has the headline story of how Steve Jobs was a bad man who was rightfully judged by a biblical god? That's your source for the truth about all things liberal? *facepalm*

    @The Godfather: "Notice the Article and even Site as well has no names of who the COWARD(s) are that run and make up these lies!" While you sounded just like the drunk uncle who shows up at a kids party shouting incoherent rants, I think that you're perhaps attempting to complain about the fact that I didn't post the links along with the quotes. Is that the basic message you're attempting to convey? Also, Why ARE you randomly CaPitaliZing WORDS? It makes your sentences look like they were written by someone who was homeschooled.

    • http://www.cristanwilliams.com/b/ gypsyrose1972

      Look at you using a sock-puppet account... So cute! You made it look like I said something crazy. That's really clever. Unfortunately, you're still randomly capitalizing words in the way a poorly educated person might. So, I'm taking away whatever clever points you gave yourself for the sock-puppet statement.

      Do you often do stuff like this often when you can't handle the facts of a debate?

  • Houston Conservative

    YAY. The hate did not win!

  • Ben

    In psychological terms, the sexual predator who wrote this is projecting and deflecting.

  • A&M Aggies

    LOL; you nailed it! Several recent studies using FMRI's have shown specifically that homophobic people are overwhelmingly more sexually aroused by same sex imagery if pictorial or verbal, than those whom are non-homophobic heterosexuals!

    FMRI's have removed any possible subjective aspect in discerning scientifically if homophobic individuals are more sexually aroused by the same sex with the results repeatable. The more homophobic the person the more aroused sexually to the same sex that individual was than non-homophobic individuals.

    FMRI's along with many other advances has led to immense increased understanding of the brain which has revealed many remarkable new developments. We are now able to prove without any bias through objective evidence in a real time environment of what is occurring in the mind or not occurring as well as well how our brains have plasticity; which once was believed was fixed, as brief as just the late 1990's..

    It has been long suspected neuro-psychologically through empirical evidence that homophobic individuals were most likely struggling with their own same sex attractions; if it was just admiration of same sex or sexually desires of the same sex. Prior testing and research had been limited to the ability to measure sexual organ arousal while exsposed to same sex imagery and the exstensive psychological studies using oral questioning, cognitive therapy data, sophisticated testing methods designed to subvert attempts of participants in gaming the results. As well most all subjects were people whom had acted violently or made threats towards others whom they felt were homosexual and the subjects studied had either been convicted for assault or facing conviction if they did not get help and participate.

    Bottom line is the guy's in the back of a pickup truck screaming slurrs and threatening violence towards those they feel are homosexual are ones with the most questioning of thier own sexual feelings or attarctions to the same sex that they fear are suxual! The loudest one and most rabid homophobe is the one whom is haing the most difficulty in coming to terms to their own desires and strike out at others as a way to try and hide and rid themselves of thier desiress towards the same sex. The Prisons are full of males whom have violently attacked and often even murdered someone they felt was homosexual; yet saddly only after runing thier lives and that of a innocent victim(s) and as well the victims family, their own family and society too while incarcerated realise they are homosexual or bisexual. Often these perpetrators are exsposed to ingrained ignorance and hatred that they were feed and exspected to have; usually from family, community and religious affiliations.

  • Yea Buddy

    Can we give Texas back to Mexico?

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