Federal Government Jails Border Patrol Agent and Threatens Family

Not only has the Obama administration sided with illegal immigrants over US citizens, they are now jailing US Border Patrol Agents for doing their job as they are trained to do and then threatening the agent’s family.

Border Patrol agent Jesus E. Diaz Jr. had arrested and detained a teenage Mexican national who had entered the country illegally along with 75 pounds of illegal drugs.  The detainee had been handcuffed but continued to resist the instructions of the agent.  Per official training that all agents receive, Diaz pulled and lifted on the arms of the young man to force him to comply to their orders.

After the arrest, the Mexican consul in Eagle Pass, Texas, filed a complaint with US authorities.  The US Justice Department caved into the Mexican demand and filed criminal charges against Diaz for his actions.  Worse yet, they offered complete immunity to the illegal Mexican drug dealer to testify against Diaz.

Diaz was found guilty in the District Court in the Western District of Texas.  US District Judge Alia Moses Ludlum sentenced Diaz to 24 months in jail AND a fine of nearly $7,000.  After Diaz was sentenced and taken to jail, he received notice that he had been officially terminated as an agent of the US Border Patrol.

Shortly thereafter, Diaz’s wife, who is also a Border Patrol agent, received a Notice of Intent to Offset.  The letter stated that the total sum of the fine must be paid in full within 60 days.  The letter stated,

"We strongly urge you to pay this debt immediately.  If you do not pay your debt, federal law allows agencies to refer debts to the United States Department of the Treasury for the purpose of collecting debts through the Treasury Offset Program."

The Treasury Offset Program allows the government to go after any federal or state income tax refunds, federal salary, retirement pay and federal benefits to acquire their payment in full.  Since Diaz’s wife is also a federal agent, that means the feds can and probably will take it from her salary.

US Representative Duncan Hunter, a Republican from California has written to Attorney General Eric Holder asking for an explanation for the actions taken by the federal government in this case.  While this may be the proper channel to follow, why would anyone expect Holder to do anything to correct the gross injustice in this case?  Holder and his liberal DOJ comrades probably provided any weapons the illegal drug smuggler had with him.

Andy Ramirez, president of the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council, is working closely with the Diaz family on the matter and released the following statement,

"It is outrageous that the government, having already prosecuted and convicted an innocent agent of the U.S. Border Patrol, continues to persecute this family in the form of these imposed fines. We do understand that this is a common practice given successful prosecutions. However, this case was a miscarriage of justice as the transcripts and 'discovery' demonstrated to our organization, which was why we accepted their request for assistance in the first place.

We call on the American people to assist us with this effort so that the persecution of the Diaz family ends. What is the next form of persecution, a suit by 'MBE' the narco-terrorist whose criminal acts were granted immunity from prosecution, while his perjury was ignored by the Justice Department and district court in the Western District of Texas? The persecution of an innocent agent and his family must cease immediately."

The actions of our government and the Justice Department are beyond reproach.  They are traitorous to US citizens and especially to duly appointed federal officers in general.   If the feds did this to one federal officer they are bound to do it to another.

I not only urge everyone to contact their Senator and Congressman to intervene on the behalf of Diaz and his family, but I also urge every federal law enforcement officer including Secret Service agents that protect all of the DC politicians to go on strike until this matter is resolved.  If the government won’t protect their own agents then why should the agents protect them?




  • MR2

    Just a small example of the tyranny coming down the road.

    • The Punisher

      No, this is yet another example, of how slime like OBAMA, passes "letting Illegals in" the back door way..... if he can't congress to ok it, make it where the BORDER AGENTS will NOT WANT to enforce the border laws out of FEAR.... OBAMA WINS either way, tho THIS tactic, is more "by stealth"...... the act, of an ENEMY......NOT an OPEN and TRANSPARENT LEADER....

    • J Pro

      All I can muster is: W T F. When any illegal enters the USA wrongly we Americans should have the right to detain them and if force is needed, then it should be used. Since when do illegals have rights and Americans do not ? Reading this made me sick. At this time I am no longer proud to be a citizen of the USA.

    • evermyrtle

      The Federal Government needs to be completely outlawed. It is the most criminal organization in the country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Put by ignorant American citizens blind voting habits.

    • alnga

      you are right, but the time it must be stopped. We cannot simply remove Holder as Attorney General but we must go after Obama on down. We need a attorney who can lead like minded others to force him out of office civily, without violence.

    • letitsnow1

      i only read the first couple of lines. this is so dam discusting, soon we will have no one to get these scums. thye border patrol and his family should be under protection, or removed to another location. the us should just tell the mexican what ever GO TO HE--.............. this is just so dam discusting.

    • gregory

      Yes isn't this how the NAZI's operated....

      Heil obama or is the 'salaam obama' ,

      Please notice I won't captiolize certain unworthy 'words'...

    • Mike

      We should ask the Mexican Govment to address congress about the murders ,with fast and furious weapons. Oboma gave them access to our courts over the immigration laws of the states . We should let them be part of the investegation into Eric Holder for his crimes against Mexico . Also give them access to Sec. of State Hillary . How many laws were broken ? Both American and international laws ! If Holder didn`t know anything about the operation in his Dept ,Then he`s at the least and incompetent fool . If he did know ,then he`s a criminal !

  • grannysmith

    We need a Department of Justice. We do not have one now. This country is losing liberty and justice for ANY CITIZEN.

    • JIM


      • evermyrtle

        These federal judges are part of the Federal Government that should be outlawed. They are destroying the freed of the country!!

    • Hawk

      Welcome to America, Land of Departments and very little Justice. There is and never has been a Force strong enough to attack our Borders and defeat the USA. But Folks you are seeing the destruction from within on a daily basis. The question now becomes, how much of this country will be left by the time 2012 elections get here.

    • MSM Sucks

      Bring back Butch Reno.

    • King David

      BHO HAS appointed islamists and THEY ARE NOT ANYTHING TO BE PROUD OF. They are doing all they can to break down the laws of the land. They are not there to uphold our CONSTITUTION BUT TO break it down. Look
      what is happening to the armed forces, our borders, illegals and the crimminals that are here that are illegals?
      Unfortunately there are the liberals -and sheeples blindly following----
      Why is Congress allowing this sitting illegal president to make changes on his own--that is not his right-is it??
      These islamists have set in motion these exact problems that are taking place on the borders-yes or no????

    • SweetOlBob

      Hey Granny: You are absolutely right. Obama makes his rules by fiat thet circumvent the constitution and Holder, the lying racist, sees that they are carried out by persecuting and prosecuting our own law enforcements for doing their job.

      These guys and all their Czars and henchmen need to be prosecuted and jailed !

      The Justice department has turned into, at Holders direction, a "Just Us" department that ignores black crime and punishes innocent people.

  • ObamaIsIneligible

    From Ramos and Campeon in the Bush era to Diaz today. Officers are being punished for doing their jobs. What a sick and self serving government we now have.

    Fight political correctness, make it your daily goal to hurt the feelings of every progressive with whom you converse.

    • shearsoil

      The way Ramos and Campeon were treated is a shameful example of what I believe was a sweetheart deal between George Bush and the Vincente Fox when Bush was in office. Bush didn't lift a finger to promote justice in this case.

    • David

      I make it a point to offend at least one liberal individual or group per day.

    • eagle1

      when he found the drugs he should have shot and killed him and burnt the drugs and he would't be in jail now.... but something need to be done with this gov and the drug dealers

  • http://adrianvance.blogspot.com adrianvance

    Looks like they made the Obama Administration for all the guys who missed the Third Reich or USSR. This is a total disgrace and only another version of the ideas that created operation "Fast and Furious.". That was a conspiracy to kill enough American agents to infuriate the people into letting them trample the Second Amendment and take our guns.

    The Two Minute Conservative at http://adrianvance.blogspot.com has political analysis, science and humor. Now in the top 3% on Kindle.

    • uzi

      The Third Reich and the Soviet Union were progressives who went out of control. The only difference is that their 'progress' into tyranny and genocide were faster than what we have here. This is a total injustice worse than the railroading of Compean and Ramos.

    • evermyrtle

      If we don't keep our guns we can sy goodbye to freedom or what little is left of it.

  • WAyne


    • andy

      If he is not re-elected can you imagine what he would do as a lame duck president,and the riots that would happen.The country as you know it would be done neither way...andy

    • SC Gal

      WHO in their right mind voted for him in the first place? Morons that were misled & brain-washed by the liberal media!

      • evermyrtle

        My sister and her ignorant family in SC.

  • Charlie

    Time to appeal to the military for martial law and get these people out of power.

    I don't know if the Army would really be an improvement or not, but something needs to be done, because quite frankly, I don't think this country can even survive the rest of this jerk's term, never mind the brain-dead slobber-buckets he put into his cabinet.

    • one of many

      THINK the president is the commander in chief of the armed forces ...... martial law is what dictator pres. WANTS!!!!!!!!

    • Susie4Liberty

      Well, seems to me that's exactly what the prez wants... Martial Law...Posse Comitatus...FEMA activated.

    • jb80538

      We don't want martial law. If that were the case, Obama would stay in the WH as long as he wanted. We need him out of there!

      Maybe you're suggesting a military overthrow of the current government.

      • dowgyco

        And we will be in FEMA Camps!!

  • 1599

    Cannot help but feel sorry for Diaz. This is just one of several similar stories regarding the Border patrol. Who would want to be one?

    • Gee

      Do You Know Another Government that has so little regard for it's citizens as the ole-buma administration?, just socialism at work to it's finest. when will American's wake up?. Semper Fi

  • oldtimer

    We have a corrupt government that needs to be replaced. We may never survive the damage that Obama has already done to our freedom and industry.

    • bob jones

      Don't forget the Bush administration, this went on then too. They put law enforcement officers in jail who did their jobs and rewarded those who shredded our constitution. The Ramos, Campeon and Johnny Sutton travesty was just as sickenng. The good people in law enforcement need to step up and stop this from happening, now.

  • David

    Big Brother. Read Animal Farm and Orwell's 1984 again.

  • JIM 28th Reg.

    I would like to see each and every border agent get off their butts and walk off the job or start handing a note to each illegal giving the judges' address and requesting they stop by to thank him. Let their supervisors do the guard duty. Leave the keys in the door of the stations and ignitions of the vehicles.

    • badegg

      Problem with that is that zobama would replace the officers with the Palestinians he recently imported...they would guard the Gateway to America..don't you just love Democrats ???

  • El Cid

    2 in the chest, 1 in the head, always leaves the target unable to seek immunity and file suit...

  • Keith

    Stop this talk of re-electing the traitorous Obama, he should be immediately impeached, arrested, charged with high treason.
    while his underlings and associate conspirators, Holder, Reid, Pelosi and Boehner, should be recalled, arrested and charged with aiding and abbeting Obama in high treason. The american people need to take back their country

    • JIM


    • yank

      You forgot to include Biden in your list.

    • Andy

      As I've stated before, Keith, there aint a testicle among them or they are just afraid that they will be out-voted and it will go nowhere. Either way I think that it should, at least, be brought up and show the country that they have a pair.

  • Vesuvius13

    This is a disgusting action by our gov't but it follows along with prosecuting our troops in combat situations following orders and defending themselves. Both the Bush administration and the Obama administration have favored foreign nationals over our own troops and law enforcement officers. We saw this coming when the Obama administration sued AZ and other states for passing laws to give their law enforcement officers the power to enforce federal immigration law.

    We better start standing up for our freedom or it will be taken away from more of us.

  • El_Loco

    Yes I can spell o-u-t-r-a-g-e.

  • andy

    that should be" either"way

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    This isn't the first time, and certainly won't be the last, either.

  • Mac

    This is a tyranny unlike anything we've seen in the past: most despotic governments rely heavily on their military and police forces to maintain order. Which is why gross abuses are covered up. This is something more akin to insanity: punishing those who maintain law and order while expecting law and order to somehow continue. It's either incredible self-destructive behavior by people too ideologically driven to see it as such, or it is intentional. Either way, we, the American people, can no longer sit by and passively watch.

  • twix

    There are no words left to describe what this country is
    becoming. Does anyone even care? Stand up people!
    We do not want a communist U.S.A.

  • T A #1

    This is a perfect example of why each of us should introduce a law enforcement officer and military person to the Oath Keepers organization. The LE officers and military personnel are not safe now and surely won't be as the Obama regime progresses unless each law officer and military person will honor his/her pledge to uphold the Constitution.

    • Susie4Liberty

      I'm so glad you mentioned Oath Keepers T A #1, Was telling that the Head of Homeland of INSecurity put this Organization of her list of "Characteristics of Potential Domestic Terrorists". Went quite 'nicely' with the unbridled SECRETIVE powers granted our Fed Govt by the extension of the UNPatriotic Act, spring 2011...It only requires we give up our Freedoms and Liberty for their 'pledge' to protect us... And I screamed a the TV as I watched the Debate/Vote, BUT WHO WILL PROTECT US FROM OUR GOVERNMENT?!

    • badegg

      Comrade Nepolitano has already declarecd that the Peacekeepers.org is a potential terrorist group...would that be the pot calling the kettle black...????

  • Rhonda

    Although we may feel it is futile, we still must do our duty and raise our voices to our elected representatives. We have to keep working the system to make the system workable again!

  • RobinPC

    Mexican illegals have more rights than BP Agents? Muslims have more rights than US Citizens (Dearborne, Michigan)? Al Quada has more rights than a national leader (Libya, Egypt)? Muslims are more important to the president than allies (Israel)? How is this insanity allowed to keep going??

    • SC Gal

      Easy answer: The Democrap party & the Liberal media has brain-washed millions of Americans into believing that Socialism / Communism is a "good thing" for this country. They might also wake up one day & find their children and grandchildren on their little rugs, reading the Quran, and at the dinner table discussing which infidels (Christians) they plan to kill or behead the next day. I'm not really worried as much about the Mexicans, because the Muzzies will wipe them out, too. Keep voting Democrat America! It's good for the illegal aliens, no matter what South of the Border or middle east country they're from.

  • dowgyco

    If this adm. will do it to a border patrol agent, WHAT WILL HE DO TO OTHER LAW INFORCEMENT OFFICERS and the ciitizens?? We are headed for Natzi rull. This PIG has got to GO!!!! All should go on STRIKE including those in DC!!!! Yet he wants them to protect HIM!!!!

  • http://www.godfatherpolitics.com Rose Caruana

    This is a TRAVESTY! The UNITED STATES Border Patrol & UNITED STATES Citizens need to be protected & backed by the U.S. government! What is America coming to when we protect the CRIMINALS against those who are defending us & our borders! STOP this INSANITY NOW!!!

    • George2

      Children of illegal immigrants are allowed to display their flags, etc, AND abuse American citizens...illegals are allowed to enter WITH their drugs "for sale" and sue officers of official law organizations doing their duty...the DOG is allowed to transport arms and ammunition to drug cartels in Mexico...I read where it says, "of the people, for the people, and by the people" ...Just exactly HOW...do "we the people", draw up the petition and pass it around to get this administration and it's "SOCIALIST COMMUNISTIC" ...so called "politically correct" regime removed? Our CONGRESS are not doing their duty, so we are going to have to do it.....somehow!

  • Buddy R.

    While I think this is ridiculous, what the article didn't state was that officer Diaz was sentenced for perjury. It was "determined" that he lied during the initial investigation into the claim of abuse by the illegal. Fellow officers actually testified against him in the trial. The serious injustice is how the drug dealer received amnesty.

    • Patrick Duffy

      Perjury? Really? Then why is Bill Clinton not in jail?

      • Buddy R.

        Yeah really! Just stating the facts. As I mentioned, the idea that the government would actually want to prosecute him on perjury charges is beyond me. As for Bill Clinton, I think you could probably make that case against half of the people in Washington on both sides of the aisle.

  • DanStewart

    Why do they kill a good American like John Kennedy, but let this communist, socialist muslim PIG stay in power ???? Have congress persons and / or their families been threatened ?? I do NOT understand how this slime of a president can break more laws than all the previous presidents combined and still be in office. He should be on death row for TREASON, along with those who knowingly let him be installed as president. soros should be executed, his life has been nothing but a continuous crime from the time he was a teenager turning in his fellow Jews to go to the death camps. Which, by the way, he said he felt good about doing. I think these people came straight from hell & we need to send them home.

    • jaydee1958

      Unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg. This is going to get worse. Much worse. All predicted 2,000 years ago.

    • American Patriot

      Dan - They are letting Obummer stay in office because they do no want to be called RACIST.
      I reckon they have forgotten the old saying 'Sticks and Stones may break my bones, BUT NAMES WILL NEVER HURT ME".

      • Robert Wayne

        I've gotten to the point where I consider being called a 'racist' by these left wing scumbags a compliment. Whites need to start having enough sense to realize that these word games are just an easy way for the enemy to get their way.

    • evermyrtle

      To get him like they did Kennedy they would have to be in outer space to get a shot at him.

  • JCA

    This country is going to Hell in a handbasket, for sure! I agree with all of you who are aware Obama and hie henchmen are traitors to our nation. Now, instead of just complaining, let's go ahead and do as this article asks; write to or call your congressmen and Senators and demand this travesty be reversed and Obama be impeached. And, as Gingrich suggested, insist Congress fire the judge who presided over and authorized the criminal actions against Diaz, an honorable American who was doing his job to protect other Americans. Do this today without fail. Our future depends on action, not just words!

  • Jonathan Gartner

    No surprise look on how this administration has done everything backwards. It is time for Perry as Gov. if he wants the nomination to take a hard look and either if he can by law get the man out of jail or get him a job when he gets out. The great state of Texas also may want to loan the money to the wife so that she can pay this fine (pay it first then argue it in court) It seems that Obama and his thugs care more about law breakers (illegals) then he does for those who uphold the law

  • screw osama obama

    If there is a next time, just shoot the little wetback sob!

  • Renelle

    Pretty good showcase of how the Left feels about Jesus.

  • DanStewart

    I have found another site with a liberal admin. Why, when you speak your mind & don't use dirty words, your comment still gets deleted if it doesn't agree with the lib slant?? This is my last post to this lib site..

  • Dingle

    Does the word "WE" mean anything to anybody? When thugs take over the government, it is our duty to restore it to its rightful ownership: [We the People.]

    They do not own the government nor us. In the military, we swear an oath to protect this country from all enemies outside and "within" the country. That oath made me think deeply while saying it because at the time it had not occurred to me that the enemy would be within the country.

    I think that many people don't give it a second thought. If the enemies began to take over and occupy our houses, would we just move out and just give it to them? Wait a minute, that is what we are doing with the real estate market right now....they are stealing our equity and forcing us out! Wake up Call!!!!

  • George_S

    This is disgraceful. We should jail the entire Obama administration.

  • reginald zenkewich

    This government Under Obamanation is criminalizing Americans who are doing the job they were trained for and now this Obamanation is prosecuting law inforcement agents for doing their job. It is time People to demand the Impeachment of this lying,, deceitful, Social/communist and throw his ass out now! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Renelle

    Hey, Mac--- I am sure you realize that Communist countries rely heavily on thugs and criminals doing their dirty work. Communism of course being a criminal enterprise. The gunwalker/runner scandals prove that this is intentional. An attempt to justify disarming Americans. So far, still on course--- due to Eric Holder's obfuscation.

  • jake

    This is Leftist-socialist Obombnic at work. Destroying this country from within. And still 45% of the people think he is doing a good job. Wake up America!

  • screaming eagle

    What's it going to take for the American citizens to say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" of this tyranny going on in DC against our own citizens? Illegals entering OUR country, which is a FEDERAL offense, yet those who are SUPPOSED to be adhering to the Constitution and the oath they took to PRESERVE, PROTECT, AND DEFEND the United States of America against all enemies FOREIGN and domestic. Obviously these persons lied then and are continuing to snub their noses at our Constitution and our laws which has served us for over 200 years. They are also, in so many words saying, " we will do what we want and screw the American citizens". Is it going to take a revolution to get rid of these low lifes? Will it end up like the middle east countries and all hell will break loose and people die? Those in power (at this time) need to remember that we, the American citizens, have the ability, knowledge, and determination to fight back against those who are trying to make us a socialist/communistic country.

  • juju

    the judge is a fuc#$%^ing mex

  • Renelle

    Plus, like Hugo Chavez, Obama indicated that he plans on having a civilian police force as great as our military. He is making Americans think twice before serving with loss of benefits, now. 401 K's instead of pensions and loss of all benefits to soldier's with a single unexcused absence. Something that needs to be tried on himself and Congress!!!!

    • T-Texas

      The liar in chief is nothing but a saturaday night sand dune black and I should really call him what he is.



  • Joy Chessher


  • Darby

    who can feel sorry for them " border agents" if they chose to work there. They see how it's going down now. What is this like the 4th one to be busted for doin his job. They all should up and quit! or coast at the job till after the revolution! Then is when we'll need em.

  • Renelle

    I told my husband about this. He said, "This is a Golden Opportunity for Rick Perry. What is he doing about it?" Let's ask him. "We have the commandment, "Remember me in chains as if you were there with me." (the other Jesus.)

    • DrSique

      Rick Perry doesn't want the border protected anymore than Dubya did. Remember, there were Border Patrol Agents prosecuted under his administration too. The most villianous of them all are the prosecutors, like Johnny Sutton, who have also sworn to uphold our nations laws and then commit a travesty like this. Every poll shows that 70% of Americans want the border secured and our immigration laws enforced. The only question remaining is why neither party has the will to do it.

  • Texan

    Hey Buddy, I guess you would tell the truth at all costs? What a prime example we have in the White House! He lies everyday and gets away with it. I guess the Border Patrol should treat the armed thugs coming across the border with kid gloves. Makes me sick to see an American citizen complain about the Border Patrol having to lie to keep from being prosecuted. But what can we expect because everytime we see a police officer lose his cool and slug or beat a criminal, then the cop is totally wrong regardless of what the thug did to him. We are all human and sometimes our anger gets the best of us so he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

    • Joel McGregor

      If Buddy's facts are accurate then what is wrong with what he said? 95% of the "law" enforcement that I've had any experience with was far worse that any criminal. I am totally against allowing illegals into our country but don't assume that our law enforcement growth industry is any less criminal. For the most part they are just like the Nazi soldiers. "I was just doing my job" without any thoght as to the legality or morality of what they are asked to do.
      Now before everyone flames me - I did say 95% and "most". I appreciate the few out there who really are interested in upholding the constitution. As for BP agents I don't know any so I can't comment on them but I do believe that they should be defending our border with lethal force.
      I have two sons in the Army.

      • Texan

        So I am assuming that if you think 95% of law enforcement are worse than the criminals then you would have no problem doing away with the police? Maybe 95% of your contact with law enforcement has been negative but to say there are only 5% of law officers doing their job correct seems a little absurd. You claim to have two sons that are soldiers, how would you like it if they were prosecuted for doing their job? Maybe they had to use extra force to detain some insurgent that wanted to kill his fellow soldiers? Is that deserving of criminal charges? Maybe being kicked out of law enforcement or the military would be more deserving?

  • SC Gal


    I want to see ALL illegal immigrants deported. All 12+ million of those welfare blood sucking, food stamp receiving, free apartment / house recipients, free education thiefs DEPORTED!

    We have American born & legal citizens that don't receive as much assistance! We have elderly people that can barely survive, and they've paid into Social Security most of their adult lives. Yet these illegal aliens can come over here, having NEVER paid a dime into our tax system or Social Security system & receive more money & benefits than our deserving elderly folks. It makes me want to PUKE!

    Our government officials that approve & allow this RAPE of American taxpayer funds make me want to PUKE! Who are they? Mostly Democrats! They want their votes. WHY would we allow ANY illegal alien to vote in OUR elections? Rick Perry, a Republican, can stay in Texas! That moron wants us to give them more support! I AM SICK OF SUPPORTING ILLEGAL ALIENS! DEPORT, DON'T SUPPORT

    • Joel McGregor

      Rick Perry is a fake Republican.
      If you receive money or assistance from the government you should not be allowed to vote. Anyone who allows illegals to receive any benefits, vote, etc should be prosecuted. That would include Rick Perry. He does & promotes illegal things he should go to jail.

  • lyudmila

    That is the answer why they allow that to happen and continue to keep him in the Office.
    Well said,DanStewart :..."along with those who knowingly let him be installed as president"....
    I just wonder where those brave Tea Party supported congressmen (> 75 claimed to be such) and newly elected Senators, like Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, stand on that issue.
    Courage to seek and expose the TRUTH and fight for it no matter what, that courage seems to be non-existant anymore among elected representatives of the We the People.
    God help America to awake to save our country from evil. In Jesus name. Amen.


    What a crock of crap.

  • Marvin

    The agents should carry a "drop" gun

  • Homer

    I for one am getting sick and tired of this crap. If you were to enter Mexico with 75 pounds of illegal drugs you would be lucky to ever see the light of day again.
    It is time our lackluster Congress gets off it collective ass and starts doing its' job. I like the one citizens idea, why doesn't the Secret Service and all other agencies that provide protection for the Congressman and Senators just refuse to provide them with protection until Diaz is released from jail. His job should be restored with back pay, apologies made to him and his family and Calderon told to stay the hell in Mexico.
    It is time we close our borders. If Obama and Holder don't with to uphold American laws then they should go also.

  • Mark
  • rpr0174

    What a dam disgrace. The Dept. Of Justice, The Oboner Administration, Neopolitan, Pelosi, and all of Oboner's dummies. How can you justify arresting a Border Patrol Agent because he is doing his job to support his family and supporting our laws. These effin morons with Homeland Security, Oboner should be thanking our Border Patrol Agentsfor tryinig to protect the citizens and their country. These traitors and commies should just resign and go back to Kenya where they all belong. You have disgraced yourself, your country and your treasonous ways should get all of you prosecuted and sent to prison where you lowlifes belong. You are not what we elected, you are all cowards, puppets, pieces of garbage that don't deserve to waste our oxygen. Release this dedicated Agent and beg for his forgiveness. That's the least you can do for betraying our country and our citizens.

    • evermyrtle

      Border Patrol People should be getting rewards for the necessary, dangerous work they are doing. Instead they are being prejudiced against and treated like criminals for protecting these worthless morons.

  • Robert

    How much more do WE THE PEOPLE have to take?
    How much longer will WE THE PEOPLE look the other way?

    In 2012 there will be no way around it . The grace period is about over . You will have to pick a side and live with what you chose. 2012 will be the year that America will pick it's future . WE THE PEOPLE will either save America or standby and let her burn. This so called president will make his move and if he is not stopped America as we know it we DIE !

    The scary part is that 99.9% of the people who speak out now on sites like this , wright letters , carry signs at the Tea Party get togethers , or have bumper stickers that this "Dirty Diaper Head " doesn't like will be in the same place as the Diaz family .

    Make up your mind and be ready to back up your choice .

  • Dennis

    The Department of Injustice has to lose Eric Holder and his constituents, but also Obumma because he directs Holder I am sure. They are, pardon the pun, thick as thieves!



    • evermyrtle

      What a wonderful idea, the best I have heard in a while. I love it!!!!!!!!!!After three hours you should have 197 votes!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Disgusted American

    I agree with Keith. Our country and the freedoms it provides under our Constitution are deteriorating only because WE the American people allow it. Each and every one of us has the personal obligation as a U.S. citizen to contact each of our Senators/Representatives and DEMAND that action be taken NOW against this corrupt government, and DEMAND the impeachment and/or recall of every individual who votes against and/or fails to carry out the laws of the land, as set forth by the Constitution, or carries out actions that favor illegal aliens over American citizens (that means YOU and ME). Right now, start contacting and pushing our elected leaders(?) in Congress to do the jobs they were put in office to do--represent the people who put them there.

  • Disgusted American

    Ohhhh, yes. I guess in Obama's case he is representing those who put him there--legally or otherwise.

  • Renelle

    Contact Governor Rick Perry about this:

    Telephone Information and Referral Hotline [for Texas callers] :
    (800) 843-5789

    Citizen's Opinion Hotline [for Texas callers] :
    (800) 252-9600

    Information and Referral and Opinion Hotline [for Austin, Texas and out-of-state callers] :
    (512) 463-1782

    Office of the Governor Main Switchboard [office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST] :
    (512) 463-2000
    Citizen's Assistance Telecommunications Device
    If you are using a telecommunication device for the deaf (TDD),
    call 711 to reach Relay Texas
    Office of the Governor Fax:
    (512) 463-1849

  • tom s

    Anyone coming into the USA illegally from any country should have absolutely no rights to anything that is guaranteed as a right to a legal citizen. Also we need a change in the constitution giving automatic citizenship to a child just because that child was born in the USA- if a parent isnt a legal citizen, the child isnt either. OUR govt giving the dope-smuggler immunity to testify against our agent is completely wrong & the official making that decision should be prosecuted & fired from his/her position.. As long as OUR govt continues to make it easy for aliens to invade our country, they will continue to invade.

  • guest on this planet

    Arrest Holder and Obama , the citizens should have occupied the jail and freed the agent

  • BillGrishamCPA

    "The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the State." Tacitus
    We have the most corrupt State we could ever have dreamed of. But then again, that's what fascism is and how it works.
    "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Lord Acton
    And just think your tax money pays for both sides of the stupidity.

  • Susie4Liberty

    Well, as for the GOP Candidates, none of them, save one, ever even mentions our rapid decline into tyranny/Police State - OR the Constitution...a Document that was so carefully crafted to protect us. And my Conscience dictates that I support this good man.

  • Greg

    The DEMONcratic party needs to be DISBANDED............. period!

    They are not American anymore, they are communist muslim Nazi's. They have gone away from freedom and liberties to power and control of every citizen to take away all our freedoms and liberties. All they want is our money, so they can spend all we have and put money into THEIR pockets from the backs of our citizens.

    They are for illegals and muslims and they only care for their selfish agenda. They are taking away our sovereignty to spread our wealth to our enemies, who are THEIR friends.

    We must impeach and fire everyone of them. Even the repubs who are far left and showing signs of communism. This is a cancer in our nation, and if we don't get rid of it, we will be a third world communist nation. The only ones with wealth will be these communist leaders. We already know of 70 communists in Congress, and there are probably a lot more who have not come out of that closeet. And they all favor illegals and Muslims over our citizens, and they protect and defend them over us.

    We, the American citizens of the USA, are citizens without a country now.

    • Joel McGregor

      I agree. The problem is 99% of the so called Republicans fit that description also. Texas is very illegal freindly and it's been supposedly Republican for ages. Democracy is a huge deception that has blinded the people of this country. Votes are supposed to be for electing the best person to uphold the constitutional republic that we should have by law. Democracy is about who can vote themselves the biggest free lunch. I think we should sent all the Democrats home with all the Muslims and see how they like those countries. If a people group defines it's self as our enemy why would we allow any of them to live here? Muslims want to kill us and Democrats want to do the illegal things they do so I say send them all somewhere else where what they do is legal. Don't pretend that what they do is ok and just ignore the law.

  • Don Rushing

    Barry and his entire administration defies the US Constitution every single day and will continue until the day he no longer is in the White House. To be honest, he is an abject failure in failing to uphold his oath of office. Make him a one termer.



    • Susie4Liberty

      Do you "think" there might be a strong possibility?

  • lizaz

    Holder's a joke, the DOJ is a joke! We are treated like criminals where illegal aliens are the heros???? The officer did what he was TRAINED to do in handling the illegal drug smuggler. This is outrageous....the "government" believes illegal criminals before their own citizens...you know this is not the first instance of BP officers being charged and convicted on the word of an illegal. This cesspool in DC must be cleaned out in NOV 2012, before all our rights are gone!!!!

  • Greg

    The obamination and his DEMONcratics have made themselves EXEMPT from all laws. They are ABOVE the law and cannot be touched because they make laws that protect themselves.

    They have a new law waiting to be voted on that will make the president exempt from any constitutional law. The DEMONcratic party is waiting on the right time to put it on a piggy back to another law and secretly pass it. The obamanation will be totally exempt from any law that any citizen is bound to. Neat, eah!? Total dictatorship don't you think?!!!!! Setting the stage for themselves to be exempt, too.

    If the people of this country don't wake up, especially the OWS idiots, we are doomed to a communist muslim takeover. And, without even knowing what they are doing, they are cooking their own perverbial goose.

  • Pete0097

    Where do we send donations to keep this family afloat during the appeals process and as a salute to his fine work?

  • mwood

    find out who was behind the prosecution of this officer and try and execute all as traitors

  • Greg

    We need to find out, Pete. That is a wonderful suggestion. I personally would love to donate to them. Along with my check I would love to write a letter of protest for them to turn over to Eric Holder and the obamination. We need to present this to GodFather Politics to send out to their partners and to us. Great, Great, Great idea!!!!

  • Spyder Dalton

    Holder is a criminal putting people away for doing their job is rubbing salt on the wound. Send holder to Mexico to be prosecuted for murder. Take back the Justice dept and hold him accountable. Free our agents!!!! Our country is under attack from within it's own walls. Fly your flags upside down until Obama is taken out of office!!!!

  • RivahMitch

    Holder, Napolitano, Ludlum, the Head of the Border Patrol, Ludlum and the prosecuting U.S. Attorney should all be hanged. If done by U.S. citizens it would legitimately qualify as self-defense.

  • Bernie

    Just keep this stuff up Obama ..............your administration is merely adding fuel to the fire of its' destruction

  • Ed Watson

    Welcome to the USSA

  • Lloyd

    This is a travesty of justice, of which our government should be ashamed. If the Agent committed perjury as stated, he more that likely did so to protect both himself and his family, as well as the Border Patrol from just such action as occurred. Considering the dangerous job they have, Agents should be granted some leeway in doing their job. He could have been severally reprimanded and fined for perjury, maybe even demoted, but that is all. And his family should not have to be afraid of any sort danger to them. As for the Mexican government taking action against any of our citizens, or demanding action by our own government, that should not even be considered.

    [Article XI.]

    The Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or Subjects of any Foreign State.

    • Texan

      Lloyd, I agree with you 100%. Killing or maiming an armed drug dealer crossing our border should not be a criminal offense. As you said, if he is guilty of perjury, it is only because he saw what happened to the last two border agents that got in trouble. Anyone that disagrees with Lloyd should go sign up for the border patrol.

  • Carol

    This is exactly what he did when he was dealing and doing drugs when he was in Chicago as the two (2) girls said when ABC NEWS interviewed them. They went to high school with him and saw all of this first hand so NONE of this is surprising and that is a fact.

    If anyone crossed him he would make sure they wouldn't do it again so this doesn't surprise me not in the least not at all.

  • Joel McGregor

    Say it... Ron Paul is the only one that is even slightly interested in protecting our country and citizens. I'm suspicious of the Tea Party's motives when they won't support the only true constitutionalist out there. We are supposed to be a constitutional republic not a democracy. Why can't anyone see that? (everyone wants a free lunch)
    The law enforcement growth industry took away our rights long ago. We have entire departments dedicated to illegal activity. Where should we start? ATF? IRS? ... We lost our rights many years ago and a few people are just now starting to notice. It's disgusting that it took an economic fallout to make people wake up.

    • Susie4Liberty

      Excellent post, Joel. (I was worried that the Tea Party Movement would be co-opted by the GOP.) And fact is I haven't strayed from the Platform the GOP once espoused; THEY HAVE! Or they would be supportive of having that fine man as the only Constitutional Candidate. And the ATF...and IRS?! Hard to know where to start, for sure. And Ron Paul SAYS it, and unless ppl do their own research, they will not understand... FEMA is a good example of an ABHORRENT Agency which should go away! AND the "American Citizen Secret Assassination Committee" - which he openly/eloquently opposed. And wonder WHY he feels the "War on Drugs" should be abandoned entirely? Good Heavens! If only ppl had read the interview with the head of a Mexican Drug Cartel as to their SOURCE of their product! Regardless, Joel... you must have access to the info, as do I... AND if I can find a reply to me from a true NeoCon, I want to post it....

    • Susie4Liberty

      Joel - please see the new comment I've just now posted...

  • Texas Pete

    I say to hell woth Obama and his admin! To arrest this agent for doing his job and side with an illegal drug runner is a heinous crime against those that serve us! I slaute the agent for doing his job and keeping me and mine safe from these folks! Obama you should be arrested and jailed for doing this to this agent and his family, YOU ARE A DISGRACE AGAINST THE US PEOPLE, THE CONTSTITUTION AND FREEDOM IN GENERAL!!!!!

    • evermyrtle

      Unspeakable unjust, deliberate crime of the USA government against a loyal citizen.

  • kay

    You are all outraged? how many of you have written or called you congressman or senators? It's OK to speak here and be heard, only if you call your representatives and speak louder, because that is where it counts.

  • john paul jones

    This is a horrible travesty. E mail your congressional reps and ask that they intervene on behalf of the Diaz family.

  • http://Yahoo.com Wyatt

    This is total Bull Snot . To arrest a Border Agent for doing his job ! And to take the word of the individual he arrested above their own agent is outrageous . An illegal lying about what actually happened so he can get off the hook for breaking our laws is nothing new . They are using the system to get away with their illegal activities and to extort money from the agents family . Maybe next time the agents should just shoot the illegals and avoid the nonsense all togeather

  • Susie4Liberty

    A friend of mine - a high school bud - retired Marine - has objected strongly to Ron Paul's 'Foreign Entanglements' stand. (And he knows that I am an RP supporter.) Thinking he 'bleeds GOP', he's moved thru the list, pushing one GOP candidate after another, as each was 'exposed' for whom they are/represent. BUT in a very telling email to me the past few days, he wrote, "I am actually supportive of the way the GOVT is handling our multiple Invasions/occupations at the present time. I am indeed a Neo-Con and a Warmonger. And I believe Newt will continue to toe the line."

    • Susie4Liberty

      To continue from above:
      Well, I am indeed NOT like this man. And I have carefully studied all the candidates; a little research made it easy to see those I would NOT support. And the ONE I will continue to support. Sick of voting the 'lesser of two evils', my Conscience demands that I vote for whom I believe offers the ONLY chance of restoring our Govt to its Constitutional form. And by the way Corporate Anything, it will be a cold day down South before you dictate my vote, regardless of HOW you've manipulated the coverage.... Ron Paul 2012 - only because Our Republic/American Citizens deserve a chance to survive...and I truly believe this IS our last hope.

  • Doodlebug

    And the one with the 75# of drugs goes free. The arrognt ass is sitting there in all his glory hoping that by putting the border patrol agent in jail and giving him a healthy fine to be paid within 60 days will scare off other border agents from doing their job and there won't be anymore patroling of our borders. Our borders will be unguarded and all the trash can come in. I wonder if Holder has heard of this case and appologized to this family. This whole administration are a bunch of disgusting arrogant asses!!

  • Linda

    We need to bring our military home and place them at all our borders with orders to shoot too kill!

    • john paul jones

      Linda, that very thing is a part of Ron Pauls platform.

  • Gringo Infidel

    This is tyranny and must be reversed and the victim, the Agent and his family, duly compensated and reinstated.

    The true criminals - the drug runner, the prosecutor, and the political hacks who have corrupted justice for their own twisted, criminal version of 'social justice' must be made to pay.

  • robert l craft

    that is nothing new with our government,they do the same to the military,they try them and put them behind bars for fighting a war that they started.i for one don't have any confidences in our government one little bit.i know how the government thinks and feels about the arm services and the people of this great country.they think more of foreign country's and there people than the American people.if the people of this country don't get it together then we don't have a prayer.

  • james

    mexico is taking over TEXAS and they are after the rest of the nation,AMERICAN'S need to demand and vote in proper leader's in this country to stop this takeover the government are suppost to serve AMERICAN'S OR ELSE,SAVE TRILLION'S OF TAXPAYER DOLLAR'S,SUPPORT TO DEPORT ANCHOR'S AND ALL,outlaw the use of AMERICAN currency in mexico people may not know but that is the currency they use. thank you for your support.

  • Travis

    Thre is not enough information here to make a judgement.

  • Robert Wayne

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. The worst enemy Americans have nowadays is the federal govt. The Obama administration in particular is obviously on the side of not only the muslim scum who are trying to enforce their medieval sharia laws in courts, but they're also on the side of the mexican invaders who are also slowly destroying this country.

  • Wlmitch1

    For the FIRST time in my adult life, I am REALLY ashamed of our country...
    ... It is high time for us to take our country back!!

  • Guy

    I cannot and will not say what needs to be done and in this and previous cases

  • pinewoodsman

    We can not sit by and watch things like this happen. The next thing we will see, is anyone that speaks out about our crooked government, will be arrested and sent before some bought off Federal Judge and then off to prison. Does this remind you of another country's pass ruler and his government. (hitler and his crooks) We have one and only one chance to change and save this country, THAT IS THE 2012 ELECTION !!!!!!! SO PLEASE VOTE AND GET INVOLVED, Also PLEASE tell all you friends and family to VOTE and GET involved. If not we will have obama and his crooks as our future

  • VTX1300R

    I think the secret service should go on strike untill the Diaz family horror story is rectified and apologized for. Let Fuhrer Barry see what its like to have no protection from his own government and see how he likes it. He would probably never step outside the White House because he knows there are millions of American Patriots that would have him in their cross hairs from several hundred yards away. This piece of trash ain't even worth the cost of the bullet.

  • Tr

    Who owes who what? Like every other bubble that has burst, the american people are no different. All the injustice's that have been dealt is going to back lash on those who have dealt them. The whole thing smells like a bucket of dead fish.

  • Gwen

    This is way beyond outrageous!!! It's obvious that the worst criminal i we have in America is sitting on his laurels in our White House!

  • Bill From Middletown

    Diaz' wife has not been convicted of anything. The fine was levied against Agent Diaz, not her. They cannot touch Mrs. Agent Diaz' salary for a fine levied against another person. There is something funny about this story.

  • SlyFox

    As I read all of your replys, I have to think back to when this guy was running for this office, no one, I mean no one had a question, this dude, promised "HOPE AND CHANGE" and the whole country, went totally ape _ _ _ _, and well, again, I have to say....spend about 1 hr, and read about this gang of anti-Americans, and all of there designs that they WILL impose on this country.....if they are not stopped and, thats stopped cold and hard!. But for those of you who want to be the village know it all, don't listen to what I, have to say, don't spend that 1hr each day, and label me with any tag you want, but just wait and see what happens if he is not curtailed!. That hr can be listening to the radio, but LEARN about this gang of RATS!

  • mamabear

    I have to ask--why would Diaz's wife be fined, or her salary attacked. She was not convicted of anything. Her husband was, outrageous though it is. This was not a group or family conviction--this was not a "family debt" to be paid. You want $$ go get it off the border agent you threw under the bus for doing his job. Oh wait--he is penniless now because of your prosecution--so go pound sand.

  • Gud ol boy

    I thought Border Patrol Agents were ARMED LEOs so why would they allow some US Attorney or Judge to pull something like this. Time for the guys with guns to tell the guys with pencils to STFU and stop interferring with "Law Enforcement".

  • fred

    Just a taste of tyranny to come. Washington needs a good AK-47 housecleaning. Buy guns and ammo. You will need them.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/captainjimgreen James Carlyle Green

    It is almost time to take to the streets with our own guns and turn on our government. This is so outrageous that it boggles the mind! What are federal officials thinking. They obviously have been won over the side of Satan and are doing the bidding of the Dark Side. It must stop immediately! How can we sit back and watch evil reign?! I am embarrassed as an American and I want Agent Diaz and his family to know there are many out here who support him and oppose our wicked government. We appreciate him trying to make the USA safer and wish him a prosperous career eventually. We are so sorry for what he had to go through! It is completely wrong!