Obama Fans Threaten Sheriff Joe About Birth Certificate Investigation

Last week I told you about Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation into the birth records of Barack Obama.  Arpaio has been not only investigating the authenticity of Obama’s birth records, of which three different ones have been released by the White House, but he is also investigating the reports that Obama is using someone else’s Social Security Number.

He has told the White House that they need to authorize the Department of Health in Hawaii to open up all of the original paper and ink documents concerning Obama’s birth to an independent court-authorized forensic examination.  Then and only then can the matter of the authenticity of the birth certificate and eligibility of Obama be resolved once and for all and put all rumors to rest.

Arpaio has always been tough on crime and criminals and as such as always received death threats.  With Maricopa County being so close to the Mexican border, thousands of pounds of drugs are trafficked through the county on its way to dealers throughout America.  Arpaio’s law enforcement agency has a special drug task force whose sole purpose is to stop the flow of drugs through the county.

The drug task force has been quite successful and is regularly arresting suppliers, traffickers and dealers and removing tons of drugs from the streets.  With the success of the task force, Arpaio regularly receives death threats from the Mexican drug cartels.  He turns all threats he receives over to his office to investigate and keep track of.

In addition to the drug cartel death threats, Arpaio has been receiving threats from loyal Obama supporters.  When asked about the threats he’s been getting lately, Arpaio said he was shocked at how vile the threats from Obama fans have been.  Then he said, "I've got the drug cartels from Mexico sending me death threats, and now I have the Obama supporters sending me death threats. I'm not sure which are worse."

But what does surprise Arpaio the most is how little national media coverage he has been receiving concerning the investigation.  He admits that he’s a controversial figure and that he is regularly surrounded by media for one thing after another.

However, he has noticed that once he launched is investigation of Obama, the bulk of the national media vanished like cockroaches in a spotlight.  Arpaio believes the media has the out of sight out of mind mentality concerning his investigation.  Sheriff Joe said,

“Getting death threats is nothing new for me.  But why has the media has decided to black out all news of our Obama investigation? That's what I don't understand.

"I'm a controversial guy and usually the media is all over me, but when I decided to investigate Obama, the media has suddenly gone missing in action."

"If the mainstream media thinks our investigation will go away if it remains unreported, they're wrong. The investigation is proceeding, and I fully anticipate we will publish a report early next year."

While the liberal media can’t get enough of Herman Cain and the accusations that have been leveled against him, their glaring absence in the Arpaio investigation of Obama speaks volumes.  Their loyalty to their chief liberal in the White House runs stronger than their desire to cover what could be the history making news of the decade.  And/or, the White House goons have also threatened the media if they cover Arpaio’s investigation.

Regardless of the liberal media’s aversion to the Obama investigation, there are other media outlets that are following Arpaio’s actions and they are eagerly awaiting the results, as are all of us.



  • JIM 28th Reg.

    I'd love to be on Mr. Arpaios team even at my age which maybe a problem along with my pointy finger that itches every time I come across some dunderhead that's bent on destroting my country like illegals drug pushers and those who are so dumb they threaten our loyal citizens.

    • Sandra

      The media never reported (that I'm aware of) that during Obama's Senate time in Chicago, he allegedly had sex with other men. On you tube, many men have come forward during his campaign telling Americans about his drugs and sex with them. One man made an official statement with dates and times. What else is he hiding in his past besides all of the other stuff??

      • Ell

        And what about hisalleged gay lover, murder victim Donald Young from Chicago? Why isn't THAT front and center news?

      • sid

        the problem is that bama is a socialist, and not conservative!!! the media only reports bad things(even madeup) by the right. so therefore, if you don't report bad things on the left, they must be good!!! "GOD BLESS JOE"!!!

      • Gunner48

        I really don t care if Obama is on the Down Low, or not! I take umbridge that his administration reads like a play book out of the Marx Communist Doctrine......Trying to take our Guns, Supporting 11 million illegals to make Democrats, Socialist medicine which is crap in every country it is tried.confusion,and anarchy every where you turn. And the Socialist/Communist movement A failure everywhere its been tried. I will die before I ever wear a Red Star,or Hammer & Cicle. 24 years in the Military and 2.5 yrs riding river boats in Vietnam taught me one thing. I will never live under a Communist Flag!

    • mike

      don't think they want to f--k with joe or they'll be sleeping in a tent. or better yet with the fish

    • Carol Gerber

      Sheriff Joe Arpaio Is The Sheriff Of The USA And You Have Chosen A Real Tea Party Patriot. Plus He Saves Arizona Millions Of Dollars In His Tent City, If You Get A Chance Check It Out. Oh Yes They Get Two Meals A Day, Ham Or Cheese And They Get One Channel On TV, The Weather Channel. And For Some Reason Once They Get Out They Never Want To Return. God Bless America And Sheriff Joe For POTUS.

    • russ

      We can only pray that sheriffs across the country are o f the same mind as sheriff JOE!!! Not only this instance, but also protecting the general public from out of control destroyers of our constitution.

    • russ

      My comment disapeared--- so here it is again---- I hope all sheriffs across the country will protect the people against the out of control socialists that want to destroy OUR constitution THANKS SHERIFF JOE

    • guest

      In AZ., we all know where to find the 35 sq. miles Obama has posted for all Americans to STAY OUT! Only drug cartels allowed. true. Your itchy, pointy finger is a national asset. exercise helps. try target practice is a restricted area where no innocents exist. Gun shops abound here. Like spirits too. you will be among friends.

  • JIM 28th Reg.

    That's destroying ---- ain't no sech thing as that there destrot stuffin.

    • ahb1

      Jim == you need to start looking at the problems and stop being such a jerk because someone's fingers hit the wrong key. Maybe, if you paid attention to what is going on in front of you, you might be able to have a clear thought.

      Sheriff Joe is a true patriot and a very brave man. He is the best of us at trying to keep America the country it was meant to be when it was founded.


      • ahb1

        Hey Jim, sorry I did not realize you were spoofing your own writing

      • Larry F

        @ Jim. sorry also I didn't realize your second post was by tyhe same person as the other.

    • Gerd

      I thought you meant Detroiting the country. That fits. Look what the liberals, socialists and unions have done to that city and industry over they years.

    • Larry F

      @ Jim Learn to talk right! Who would ever listen to someone who seems as illiterate as you do?

    • Scott

      And here I thought we had witnessed the birth of a new word, a combination of destroy and rot. I was fine with it. I'm a dunderhead and even I could figure it out! Keep scratch'n that finger Jim, for the rest, judge the point, not the author!!!

    • msbets123

      Don't be an @$$$, We all got the message, he just got the pointy fingers mixed up, ya dolt!!!

    • http://www.charliecoombs.com/checkpointcharlienet charliecoombs

      I think rot is contagious, Jim. "Destroting" would be "destroying through rot." I have a masters in English, so you'll have to accept this as God's truth

    • Robert Wayne

      Obviously an Obama asswipe. Scum like JIM 28th Reg. are the reason this country is falling apart. And sooner or later it's going to come to a civil war where it's either us or these left wing communists and their muslim pals. Sheriff Arpaio is a hero.

    • LarryAndy

      Perhaps you cant understand his message, I think it very clear and numbed fingers or spelling errors are not the issue, perhaps you need to get an education in understanding purpose and direction of conversations and not nit pick.

    • twoX4

      Who the ell cares. We knew what he meant and totally agree. Stop using Ain't. You sound like a wanna be rube.

  • George

    Am sorry I go along with Mr.Arpaio that Mr. Obama is not a Amercian citizen as he state he is I don,t care when the White House said or the State of Hawaii said . As for him using some one else social Security number that is hightly unlikely that would be the dumbest thing that any one could do am sure MR Obama is smart then that. If the sheriff can prove what he saying them power to him.

    • Christian

      The negative vote is from me, and I meant to hit the one above, but hit yours. Sorry. Because I agree 100% with Mr Arpaio and yourself. I feel Barry is a Kenyan and is not qualified to be President and should not because of many reasons! As for the SSN, nothing would surprise me at this point. I think that Mr. Arpaio should be President. Would clean this country right up!

    • Shel Rama

      There is also the problem of his registering as a FOREIGN STUDENT at Occidental College under the name of Barry Soetero. That just won't go away either.

      • The Punisher

        Speaking of BARRY SOETERO.. his LEGAL NAME at that time.... is there a COURT RECORD, showing he LEGALLY Changed his name to BARACK OBAMA?? Or is That just ANOTHER in his string of "illegal" actions.....

        • June

          Punisher- -Strange you should ask about a "court record"; earlier this year, a book was published by an attorney - -wish I could remember his name. Said attorney was interviewed by one of the bigger name hosts at an online news website - -and I can't remember his name either (cause I've slept since then!. Anyway, said attorney has done a lot of digging and came up with the name "Barak Mounier Oubyad" (as a "foreign student") who changed his name, legally, to Barack Hussein Obama, back in 1982, or '83; this was done in some little no-name camptown, up in Alaska, so it WOULD NOT be "noticed"! Originally, I had made a note of the radio host, show and the attorney, but, because I want it NOW, I can't find it!

        • kibitzer3

          Radio show host: Rich Wiles; interviewing attorney Stephen Pidgeon about these assertions in his book 'The Obama Error'. The name change was done in British Columbia, in '82, and the original name was, I think, spelled Barak Mouner (or Mounir) Ubayd. All very interesting stuff - and more.

          Obama's original BC may or may not show that he was, in fact, a NBC, because his real father may well have been Malcolm X (Obama 'Sr.' and Stanley Ann never lived together; philandering Obama, according to this story, was just a convenient cover, so that the boy wouldn't be ostracized as the son of Malcolm X. BTW: Check out the resemblance). The record seems to fit: Stanley Ann went to New York City to see Castro visit the UN, and Malcolm X was there as well. There's more to this take on this story; Stephen Pidgeon has done a good job ferreting out more info on this mystery man. The point: His original BC could well confirm that he is a NBC, just not the way he would like the American people, and the world, to know about. Fact after fact might start coming out: Why he was given cover stories and documents, eg, in a way that the CIA does for its assets. And he DID work at a CIA front business after leaving Columbia; if he was ever actually AT Columbia... curiouser and curiouser... the truth - the whole truth - really needs to come out. Go Sheriff Joe.

        • http://www.undertherainbow.us Ralyn Schraceo

          Interesting question. I read an article in the Canadian Free Press that he changed his name in Canada, a British ruled country. Obama is a dual citizen at the most, which is not natural born, btw. And to make matters worse, his father that he claims was a British subject, making Obama also a British subject - this is in no uncertain terms forbidden to have any British allegiance either past or present for the Presidential office.

    • Jack

      No, I don't think he is smarter than that. He is a puppet on the strings being pulled by George Soros. Even Soros cannot control EVERYTHING this idiot does.

    • pj

      Dear George the apostrophe ( ' ) is above the comma ( , ) under the quote ( " ) symbol next to the colon ( : )

      Love your comments. Why is it that the light of day i.e., the media, cannot see truth as well as untruth? "Tell the truth and shame the devil" I was told. With the glaring errors on the published long form birth certificate, I am amazed that there is even one person honestly believing it. Besides Obama not being ready for Prime Time, I believe he is carrying around too much baggage. The people have to stand up to banks and lies and money grubbing politicians or we will regret it big time.
      Take Feseral funding out of elections. I really have to laugh at Carter running to different countries seeing that their elections are fair and we have fraud up the cazoo.

    • sumo

      Agreed !

    • http://yahoo.com Thomas Martin

      George, why have all your records sealed if you've got nothing to hide" obama sure spent a lot of money covering his foot tracks.

    • dragonfFIRE01

      the Social security number in question is on obama's selective Service form and it CAN'T PASS E-VERIFY AS BEING OBAMAS

    • Alpha Male

      I am not sorry, I have said even before he was elected, he was annointed and NEVER has been vetted properly. With all of the Soros MAchine behind him nothing will ever come out until he is out of office or dead.

    • John Williams

      At least 40% of the American people are behind Sferrif Joe . Why on earth would Obama fight release of the original if he is not hiding something . This could be the news story of the last 50 years if it is true . The MSM is determined not to shine their lights on the truth . Go Joe !


      George ... you must have head your head up your ass for a very long time... the information is out there for anyone intelligent enough to comprehend it!
      Obama was never vetted by the media like EVERY other pres candidate in the history of our country!
      Obama does not stand with Israel ... he's a muslim... When are you and all the other libtards going to get a clue!?
      I'm and independent and was no fan of Bush either... LEARN TO THINK INDEPENDENTLY!!!

    • Martha

      I still say EVEN if by chance he was born in Hawaii, he is not a legal candidate for the Presidency by our Constitution. It says they HAVE to be offspring of American citizens. NOTE: PLURAL...citizenS. His father was an African Muslim.

    • brenda copley


    • Judy

      His father was born in Kenya!!! So none of the other stuff matters!! Two natural born parents!!! That is the qualification!!!

    • Bob

      @ George...It's been reported that over the years that Obama has been "gaming" the system, he has used as many as 35 differant false/stolen SSN's.

    • Jay

      And yet another joins in support of Sherriff Joe; we need to get this man out of office and into jail where he should be for all the fraud with the birth certicate and the stolen S/S number and God only knows what else!! GO Sherriff Joe! you have a lot of support.

    • http://yahoo.com Allan Chamberlain


    • robert williams

      robert says people just think for yourselves what name is on your Original Birth Certificate myne says robert c williams so therfor that is not robert Mitchem so therefor the Obummers birth certificate wold read barry saterreo our whatever it is it wold not read Barack Obama your name on your True Birth Certificate dose not change Just Because you Changed your name to suite Your own Religion.Nore dose it Change your Orgin Of Birth.

    • LarryAndy

      If the report of illegal use of a SS number is true, that should be the easiest issue to prove, so lets see the proof of that one way or another.

    • twoX4

      Please open your eyes.

    • Carol Gerber

      Right-On George However If You Want The SSN King Obama Has Been Using SSN 042-68-4425 Which Belongs To A Dead Man Born In 1890, Plus 042 Is A Conn Number, A Place He Has Never Been. Now I Will Give You A Number And Name That Has The Complete True Story, Susan Daniels Private Investigator 15 Years In Chardon, Ohio Tel Number 440-286-4072. God Bless America And Susan Daniels.

  • Dawn

    Hang in their Mr. Arpaio. More are for what you are doing then
    against. You have true courage. The dummies on the other side
    are just that. DUMMIES! Do not be intimidated!
    Thanks for your work.

    • Carter Hall

      Sheriff Arpaio: Blessings! I am HAPPY you are conducting this investigation!! I have and have circulatede, aN AUDIO/ VIDEO in which Obama ADMITS 'i AM NOT AM AMERICAN BORN; I WAS BORN IN KENYA".
      if you want me to send it to you, please send your personal e-mail to: rcm02@charter.net

    • Sam Crisp


    • Marian

      What is it that Americans don't get? There is so much cover up about Obama's birth certificate you all must know by now that he is not an a American, Not only that but. his actions tell me he is out to destroy our country. He has to go.

    • ron yurchak

      We need a lot more Joe Arpeios in our country.

  • TTT

    Joe Arpaio is no angel. I lived in Phoenix for 18 years; and he was investigated by the FBI several times and found responsble if not guilty and had to pay back the county couffer. He had the inmates wear pink boxer shorts to save money and also created TENT CITY where the inmates slept in tents in 110* weather, however, after the lights were out at midnight; the drugies would go and toss drugs over the fences to the inmates. This is not just my ideas; it was publshed in the papers many many times. Joe loves the publicity and loves to brag about himself.

    • Shel Rama

      Don't you ever run down Sheriff Joe - TTT!

      • Nik

        Sheriff Joe is a Nazi clown. He's too busy chasing headlines and law abiding people he thinks look Mexican to serve the 40,000 arrest warrants that are piled up on his desk. you know? Robbers, rapists, murderers thieves and muggers? You think thats good law enforcement do ya?

        And who do you think ends up paying the million dollar settlements for all the people whose civil rights he's busy violating? Maricopa County taxpayers.

        I'll run down the Nazi clown any time I want.

        • wayne74467

          "Nazi clown" ? Nik, you are warped.

        • Bruce D.

          Sherrif Joe is doing his duty exposing corruption. I am sure you and your buddies would like to see him go away. No surprise there. The Nazis sort government control over private business and property through regulations giving them the power to do so, similar to what the left has been attempting to do here. Sheffiff Joe is not doing that nor does he desire to do that.

        • retired postal

          Some people must like him. He keeps getting re elected. They must not think he is costing the taxpayers too much money. Go Joe.

        • boomer8

          whatever gets you through the night.....

        • A_Nobody

          Just shows your ignorance.

    • The Punisher

      If Joe is GUILTY.. why isn't he in JAIL??? YOU LIBTARDS have been after him for YEARS Now..... WHY, do Liberals always side with CRIMINALS, and ATTACK the Law???

      • nik

        He's just another prima dona playing to the rubes (that would be you) and the press while real criminals roam the streets and Maricopa County taxpayers foot the muulti-million bill for this grandstanding and failures.

        • wayne74467

          From a redneck rube, Nik, you are seriously warped.

        • napensnake

          Interesting how his "failures" have led to a lower crime rate in Maricopa County compared to the surrounding counties. They get out of Joe's Jail and they leave Maricopa County. His "failures" are making Maricopa County safer. Of course these numbers would be even better if the Phoenix government didn't avoid their duty to protect the citizens. But they seem more intent on attacking Sheriff Joe instead.

        • A_Nobody

          Sounds more like your one of the whiny prima donnas that Joe's treied to straighten up but liberalism's ignorance and arrogance has no boundaries. If you don't like it there,move to San Francisco. Should be more your speed.

    • Jonathan Gartner

      So your sources are liberal papers that hated him to begin with. If we was so bad and illegal he would be in jail. The reason he has not gotten media attention is that like cockroaches when you turn on the light they have a tendancy to dissapear

      • nik

        And your sources are rightwing newspapers that always loved him. There are plenty of crooks running around free and plenty of clowns playing to the audience. Joe the clown is just one of them. The pitiful thing is how the hicks fall for his cheap grandstanding every time.

        • Jonathan Gartner

          Nope sorry I have friends that live down there. Oh by the way one is Border Security I hear it from the horses mouth you must get it from the other end

        • patriot

          VERY GOOD !!!!!

        • retired postal

          Nik, you are just jealous. He keeps getting re elected and you keep making excuses. Get a life. Maybe join the comedy circuit. Maybe you could somebody to listen to you there. Doubt it.

        • skipfoss

          This NIK jerk sounds like one of the occupy freaks that are stinking up AND I do mean STINKING up the towns and cities they illegaly move in and trash up parks that belong to cities that they don't belong in why havent they moved into Joe's area ,they know they whould end up in a tent after he makes them batheHe will get to the bottom of where this half breed son of a white trash muslim communist whore was really born. This is one guy that Soros ,bulderbergs and muslim brotherhood can buy. I hope he finds enough to have this communist muslim freak hung or shot for treason,preferibly the latter

      • nik

        The reason why the media has ignored Joe's ridiculous and expensive birther fandango is just that: Its ridiculous and a farce and the only people who don't know that are tinfoil hatters like you.

        • JohnC. Freeport, NY

          Nik......You are nothing but an obama lacky. Jerks like you are the reason the Country is in such a mess. Go hang yourself you Commie.

        • crewchieff

          Hey Nik I got a real newsflash for you, people who have to do the toughest jobs, are not the nicest, they can't afford to be, sheriff Joe is doing something that all the gutless Senators and Congressmen don't have the balls to do, not to mention the other law enforcement agencies who also don't have the balls, because everyone is so busy running around trying to win the nobel peace prize for being the most "Politically Correct"...and it's Obozo's lackeys like you that are contributing to the problem instead of the solution....Personally I admire Sheriff Joe, so if you really dont' have anything intellegent to say don't say anything spare the rest of us your libtard rhetotic that is nothing more than a parrot's cry from the refugees from Haight/Ashbury masquerading as College professors who don't want to work a real job and are still preaching their hippie ideals!!!!!!!

        • patriot

          Seriously Nik, why don't you look into this a little more. The fake birth certificate lists him as afro-american. They
          didn't even call black people that when he was born.

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      The FBI always investigates people or organizations that make the FBI look stupid; This sheriff has shown the FBI, DHS, ICE, ATF and all the other federal jerk organizations to be wholly inadequate and full of graft and corruption. The fact that he FBI paid attention to Arpaio's activity is a kudos to his current efforts. GO JOE!

      • A_Nobody

        And that isn't hard to do. Once you look at their leader it all becomes clear.

    • Pre-Boomer

      Yes, those pobrecitos out there sleeping in tents - I'm sure that they were all as innocent as angels, just as pure as the driven snow! Get real, if you think that the media crapheads in Phoenix will ever do anything to support a conservative. By the way, just how old were you when you crawled across the border at midnight?

      • nik

        After reading this post I'd say you were more a pre-brainer. Nobody with a brain would describe the Arizona Republic as a liberal paper. Sheesh. They're somewhere to the right of Mussolini.

        • sandykramer

          Our Fuhrer sure has spent a great deal of money defending himself from such a "ridiculous" "farce." I wonder why... Nik, I bet you think the "New Times" is to the right of Mussolini also.

    • Denny

      TTT, you remind me of something my Dog dumps on the front lawn and I have to pick up with a shovel.

      • VT Patriot

        That's the true extent of the obozo "shovel ready jobs".

    • Juan

      What is so wrong with criminals wearing pink boxers and living in tent cities? They are criminals. What do you expect them to get, special jammies and a room at the Ritz?

      • retired postal

        The room at the Ritz is what the liberals think they deserve. I say, "Keep up the good work, Joe." If more county Sheriffs would handle things like Joe does there would be a lot less crime.

    • Nellie CA

      No one is perfect but I like the tent city for the illegals! I don't like the tax payers paying for illegals and Welfare for illegals. I live close to the border and I know what is going on and how many babies these women have so they can get on Welfare and stay here because they have a baby that is a citizen. This has to stop! CA and other states need a birthright law! There is agencies that bring women here from foreign countries "so they can have a baby and the baby is a citizen". This is fraud! Illegals coming here with out papers is fraud. Go get the Joe!!
      My grandson was not able to get into college, no money and he was on the bottom of the list after the grants to illegals. He is in the military protecting our country and the illegals.

    • Richard Holmes

      Tent city was legal you dolt. These criminals don't even deserve that.

    • Mona

      who cares what these criminals sleep in, pink or no underwear they're criminals. most of these guys get better treatment than our soldiers do......think about that.....our guys who fight for real, sleep in mud, eat dust. don't get food when they're hungry....get a life. I think the way Joe handles the criminals is too good for them......chain gangs......

    • Capt Gene

      You forgot to mention Sheriff Joe also only allowed Disney channel programming. Gee, it’s not a country club Sheriff Joe’s running? Wow! Imagine that! Sheriff Joe is running a JAIL!! By the way, the prisoners you are so teary eyed about had to sleep in a tent city because they set fire to the jail. Get a life!

    • Nitrobud

      OOH, what a bad man. Making criminals wear pink shorts! Next thing he will start making them earn their keep. I think the inmates should sleep in ANY weather that they do not create the energy(electrical etc.) to control. If they want to stay cool give them bicycles to ride that generates the electricity to run air conditioners. Same for heat. Let them support themselves. Tired of paying to coddle criminals.

    • lfodf

      Hey TTT you must have been a "guest" at on of his jails. The law abiding among us think TENT CITIES are a great idea for inmates. Our soldiers live in tents in 120 degree heat, so that worthless pieces of crap like you and the others, can live in a free society and protest how badly you are treated. Hats off to Joe and to hell with the scum he is protecting us all from.

    • http://Visiontoamerica.com notassmart

      I think its excellent he made inmates wear pink undies. I also think the Sheriff is right that if our troops at war can sleep in tents in the desert, then so too can our scumbag inmates. TTT, you don't seem to have your priorities straight. Unless I misread what you wrote, you seem sympathetic to the inmates and care nothing that O's cronies will not only stoop to threats of violence, but against law enforcement officers. I'm generally no fan of cops, but I love Sheriff Joe. He's a true patriot.

    • Bonnie

      Awe, the convicts have to wear pink. I think finding out if Obama is legally fit to be President is far more important than pink boxer shorts or tent cities. Wake up, the media has total control of your mind. Also, believe it or not, this administration clamps down on everyone that tries to reveal who they really are and the FBI, DOJ and the media are willing participants.

    • arthur wager

      Mr. TTT,
      You must of been a guest of Joe's spending time in tent city. What's wrong with pink shorts and as far as the inmates sleeping in 110* temps, so be it. They in some way must have earned the right to live under such hard conditions. So Mr.TTT life is tough all over especially in prison. I for one if 40 years younger would volunteer to work for the Sheriff free of any gratuities.

    • harvey5050

      Why is it that you liberals always complaine about the people thats trying to enforce the laws instead of the trash breaking them.Why is it that you always stand up for Obama when its plain hes out to destroy America.How can you people turn your backs on the Country thats gave you the freedoms you enjoy so much and join with obama and his Marxist.I tell you one thing,if they are successful in bringing America down you wont be takeing up for the fool then,you will be wondering how you hero did this to you.If America falls you people thats helping Obama will be trash to him

    • John

      Yes & the tents were equiped with swamp coolers A& or air conditioning just like our troops use so with his reasoning if it's good enough for our troops is is good for the inmates. Thje courts would have been on him real fast if he put them in un airconditied tents in hot weather & heated in the winter

    • Art

      It takes a crook to catch one, so what, so what ever the FBI has on him, it would comes back to the same thing, It takes a crook to catch one. Joe has the right to perfrom this investagation being a Elected Shrieff no matter where he comes
      from, He alone has the b---- to do it, where we should have Senators, Congressmen fighting the day it was all exposed.
      So he's a loves publicity and brags about himself, ask your self this, does that crap really matter? if he can do the job
      for America and get rid of this #@&)#!$*+= who wants to destroy Nation any way he can. Goooooo Joe

    • retirednavy

      And you are an angel??????Do you personally know the Sheriff???? Maybe you are a smuck...............

    • DefendConstitution

      Joe may not be perfect but he is one of a few who are doing SOMETHING to reduce the drug flow into our country. If he needs someone armed with a Sig P226 and an AK 47 to help protect his back, give me a call.

      • skipfoss

        Ditto my freind keep up the support for the man

    • boomer8

      so what were YOU in for? and how long??

    • michael8495

      It sounds as tho you would believe anything that is thrown at you about a man that is doing his job. Why is it that if a person who is doing good things for a county, city, or whatever, and it has put him in the spot light, where he is keeping everything dress right dress, I would imagine that if are doing good things that steps on city, or county officals feet, you will find those who may not be on the up & Up being investigated by him, & they don't like their business being looked into, so they start doing things that relates to Arpaio job description in order to making him look shady,hoping that they will be able to make him look guilty of illegal activity's himself. So I ask, have they proved without a shadow of doubt that whatever it was he was suppose to have done, that he did it?

    • grandmaliberty

      Please publish your source of information so that we may check it for ourselves.... I think pink shorts and tent city are great ideas... i don't agree with inmates having tv, computers , gyms, etc... they are being punishedllll

    • catman

      Well TTT, if you lived in Phoenix for 18 years, then you should know a couple of things, like
      #1. No one will run against Sheriff Arpaio because they can't beat him. The majority of the citizens of Maricopa County agree with what he is doing.
      #2.. Sheriff Arpaio is a "cops cop". He is a honest as the day is long and any BS that you heard about the FBI investigations and such is just that, B.S.
      #3. If anyone were dumb enough to attempt to make good on a death threat to Sheriff Arpaio, I can only hope their life insurance is up to date. Sounds like there are a bunch of nitwits out there that have a death wish.

    • Guest


    • Jon Weiss

      If the inmates don't want to wear pink shorts and don't like trying to sleep outdoors in 100 degree weather, here's a solution for them. Don't commit crimes and don't go to jail.

      As for the actual physical harshness of the living in a tent in such weather?

      I did it when I was in the military, and I survived . . . you'll get no sympathy from me.

    • Remington 870

      What the matter with inmates wearing pink shorts and living in tents? Make these convicted criminals live a life style while serving time where they will never want to return again. It takes a man like Joe who goes against the grain to get things done..ie...where is the birth certificate and the validity of the Obama SSN. We do not need a choir boy trying to find the truth about Obama.

    • Paul

      The poor babies had to sleep in TENTS
      You mean like our soldiers overseas in some god forsaken land who probably feel lucky if they are in a TENT at night

    • Herbert

      Buddy, nobody is perfect, but I think we should have 10,000 more Joe Arpaios in this country to clean up the mess we are in, starting from the White House down. People like you always look for dirt on the good guys, just like the media is and the liberals are doing now with Herman Cain. Just keep your opinions to yourself and don't lay them on other folks.

    • twoX4

      We all know Arpiao has been investigated because the present and past establishment in the state and Washington resent him. I agreed with the pink underwear. This is no vacation to be in jail. He is not there to entertain prisoners. He had a tent city because he was rounding up lots of illegals and the establishment did not like it. I say Go Arpiao. If there are threats on him or his folks then that must be investigated. We will not tolerate our police force being threatened.

    • aunt jo-jo

      I always did like pink!!!

    • Marvin

      they are criminals! Soldiers live in tents in desert and your worried about the savages?

    • FinaBiscotti

      @ TTT:

      I am qure sure - that IF what you are saying is true..... there would be videos of it to prove it - especially if the FBI - as you claim - was constantly conducting investigations against him.

      However, there is EXACT evidence - though emails acquired though Freedom of Information Act requests -that Eric Holder as US AG - of The Department of Justice - has been colluding with ACORN and ACLU to file separate lawsuits againt ARPAIO. http://www.JudicialWatch.org

      The latest from Judicial Watch is that Eric Holder as US AG - has been "conspiring" w ACORN and its affiliates,Project VOTE to prevent States from purging their voter rolls of deceased people and invalid voter registrations of non-existent people lined up for voting purposes.

      • FinaBiscotti

        Hey TTT:

        Sheriff Joe Arpaio has told the White House that they need to authorize the Department of Health in Hawaii to open up all of the original paper and ink documents concerning Obama’s birth to an independent court-authorized forensic examination. Then and only then can the matter of the authenticity of the birth certificate and eligibility of Obama be resolved once and for all and put all rumors to rest.


        Seems like that is where the problems are coming from = our US law enforcement authorities are ENFORCING the law - other than what Obama and Holder are doing - w their THUGOCRACY - breaking the law and concealing criminal activities.

  • Lynn

    For a bunch of self-proclaimed, peace loving, I wanna be one with my fellow Man liberal/left thinkers, they sure seem to always resort to the use of violence and intimidation 99 percent of the time. If there is nothing to this, then why the threats? Why the secrecy, why hide all paper trails to Mr. Obama?

    • Lou

      Can you say terrorist? that's what his supporters are, plain and simple. If a republican supporter threatened violence they would be arrested and marked as a terrorist. They are scrambling now because the truth will get out about the birth certificate and he will be impeached. Keep on going with your investigation sheriff Joe. God is with you and He doesn't like ugly. They have nothing compared to you. The ones who threaten violence are indeed the racists because if it were happening on the other conservative side the media would be all over this. GOD BLESS YOU SHERIFF JOE. You are the one needed in the WH, not them.

    • http://www.travelightgame.com Lynne Jones

      We'll never get the answer to those quesrions because Obama is a Muslim and a fraud. He never graduated from Harvard. I double dog dare anyone to prove it or his fake BC and SS#

    • sid

      99%??? i live in phoenix, and am waiting for that 1%!!!

    • johnsnare

      Absolutely correct. This will eventually be exposed, and America will finally see, that we had a real live Manchurian Candidate running our Country. It will also be revealed, how the power brokers,(George Soros, and the liberal left) perpetrated this hoax on America.

  • guest on this planet

    Joe, enlarge your tent camp and go after the sobs

    • Joan

      The amount of time Sheriff Joe had to look into the birth certificate fiasco he should have found out something by now!!!!!!
      instead we hear he's being threathen what took whom ever so long with the threats????? Just asking!! I'm sick & tired of this person in the W/H destroying this country and hes not done yet!!!!!

      • Ell

        Probably harder than it sounds, being stymied at every turn by government minions.

  • E.T.

    Sheriff Arpaio should start tracking down and prosecuting the Obamagoons that are making the threats...Jail 'em...and then then when the MSM start rearing their ugly heads (you know they will when the Obamagoons will claim they're being prosecuted for "exercising their 1st Amendment Rights)...Sheriff Arpaio could then refer to the ongoing investigation of Obama's illegal use of SSN, falsification of Government documents and then slam-dunk them on their LACK of coverage!

    • Richard Holmes

      obumbob needs a tent.

  • Ronda

    Well, I wish they were just dummies -- the "other" side's leadership isn't dumb, but thugs out of Chicago who perpetuate violence. These folks will do ANYTHING to protect Obama, including violence, if necessary, and they'll pay the uninformed citizens who support him to carry out their dirty work. Look at the deaths in the "Occupy" bunch, and that's just the beginning. And .. it's going to get worse, if Obama is not re-elected. If you think the L.A. street riots were bad years ago, you haven't seen the riots, looting, and violence that will occur. They're out of control and empowered by an illegal administration with tax evaders and criminals as friends, all of whom are thinking they have the power to do whatever they please and not suffer any consequences. Try to remove them from that park in NY, and see what happens. What a bunch of filthy, drunken, druggies and rapists they are, and they will have NO respect for ANY authority. God help us, we've allowed them to take over the country, with our apathy.

    • Shel Rama

      Ronda - I agree with you 100%. When anarchy does occur, and it will withing the next 18 months, we will be ready. There will never be any riots again, as there were in the 60s. The majority of this country will not stand idly by and watch a bunch of welfare recipient thugs try to take over our businesses and our streets. There are 60,000,000 armed Americans, many of whom are veterans, who are aready. Are you ready? Buy more guns, more ammo, and practice with your weapons at least 3 times per week. Buy you guns at garage sales, from newpaper ads, from gun shows, or from your neighbors who have extras and there will be no paper trail when they try to confiscate your small arms. The liberal communist bunch are trying desparately to take away our guns.

      • Tracy

        I sure hope you're right, Shel. I am starting to lose hope in the American people. This should have been a battle fought and won by now. I can just see the gutless wonders giving up their guns quivering in fear. I tell you, we haven't seen nothing yet. Wait till the thugs start acting on their threats. I just hope we finally realize that we cannot stand back anymore. We are quickly running out of time.

      • VT Patriot

        Only problem I see is obozo 'deciding' that there is a nationwide state of emergency or disaster. and we can't afford an election during the middle of same. When and if he declares his 'state of emergency' and decides to postpone the elections by martial law, I for one will pick my most accurate guns (lots of em here) and practice my hunting skills. At least I KNOW I can depend on our fantastic military to be on our side. Having befriended many Nat Guard troops here in the last few months, I can tell you for sure, they're on our side.

    • Scott C TX

      It would be wise to have plenty of fire arms and ammo on hand to protect your home after the 2012 November elections. I suspect that the thug culture will respond to Odummer's defeat with violence like we have never seen. This violence will be wide spread throughout all neighborhoods. I do hope that I am wrong, but I doubt it. I know my home will be safe.

    • Joyce

      So, Ronda, just what do you expect us all to do? You say "It's going to worse, if Obama is NOT re-elected". Do you want us to vote FOR that America-hating muslim terrorist slug just so things DON'T get worse? If so, you're out of your mind! If we ever want to salvage our freedom, things HAVE to get worse and all-out war will have to be fought , if necessary, to get our country back. Remember the saying, "to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs."

  • Roy

    There is a video I found real interesting and thought I'd share it with you. It is from an attorney named Stephan Pidgeon Re: obama's name change. ***** http://wtpotusresearchblog.wordpress.com/2011/06/... ******

    • Jackie K.

      If no one has listened to this it is a MUST HEAR!!!, I am keeping the site and sending it off to others on my list that think something funny is up with this administration. Thank you so very much Roy

  • Roy

    Ever wonder Just How Far Obama would go to stay in office. Read this website, look at the videos, and do your own research, Keeping in mind that Bland and Young were MURDERED EXECUTION STYLE less than forty days before Obamas' nomination. ***** http://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2010/07/25... *****

  • FED-up

    That would be SHERIFF Joe Arapio, not Saint. In the mean time, I'd rather stand beside, or behind, as opposed to in front of him (facing the wrong way). "Walk softly but carry a big caliber" - me. Keep fighting the good fight Sheriff Joe.

  • jack stuart

    let them threten the border patrolman as they are threaten alll the time and can deal with it EFECTIVELY ...com on in and get yours!!

  • spxz

    Joe Arpaio is a tough old SOB. Now, if he could only clean up Washington DC the same way he has cleaned up Maricopa county... wishful thinking. Here's something you will never see or hear from the media. People who have served their time in Sheriff Joe's jail not only RESPECT him, they support his program. The rate of return to Sheriff Joe's jail is so low, none of the media will mention it, for fear of being considered a Joe Arpaio supporter. His program works.

    • Another Veteran

      Now there's an idea, send Sheriff Joe to DC and turn him loose, h would clean up the crime and take a few politicians downa s well-maybe several politicians-starting at the top.

  • http://gospelcenter.us dan

    If you check into eauclairejournal.com and find their first edition, it spoke of the sheriff being the most powerful
    authority in a county, even over the president. I wish we could get back to that . I am glad for Joe Arpaio

    • http://www.undertherainbow.us Ralyn Schraceo

      Our last Sheriff's election I discovered that a Sheriff is actually a county governor and has lots of authority over the county. They can deem laws unconstitutional and refuse to comply, legally. More people need to be aware of that - Sheriff election is much more important than people give it credit for. They are not just the boss of the county police.

  • June

    Oh, BRING IT ON - -then all the "mental political retards" could be thrown in jail (for life); we could get them off the streets and OUT OF the voting booth permanently! At age 74 I'd be more than proud to stand with Sheriff Joe AND his posse if it would help obliterate the radical element! It is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE to threaten the lives of any law enforcement officials!

    • themtnman

      Yes and even at 84 and a UDT veteran of both WW2 and Korea, still armed and in practice fully able bodied and ready all he would need to do is ask and I will be in Phoenix in less than 24 hours.

      I lived there for about 20 years after I got out of the Navy in 1955 and still have a couple of people there that I could stay with.

      JOE Just email me at themtnman@toast.net, leave a code number so I can confirm your request through your office Yes I have your number and be right down.

    • VT Patriot

      Can we younger guys (only 72) get in on the fun too?? I'm getting tired of shooting holes in paper targets..

    • Pathos 11

      June, you got it, I'm 74 also and just as upset as you are and support Sheriff Joe 100% 24/7.



    • sumo

      All O'rielly cares about is his books & his popularity He Sucks !

    • Anne_PA

      Good question!

      I suspect O'Reilly, like so many others, simply accepted what they saw without questioning.

      The question is, WHY would O'Reilly or anyone (including Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck) do that?

      • charlie buck

        ANNE-why would oreilly do that? for the same reason he licked OBUMMERs boots in the enterview he had with OBUMMER before the election! if you saw it he was trying to be cute and jovial with him and then -had the nerve to say he was HARD on him! he sure got a load of email for that lie includeing mine! i have VERY little respect for either of them because -i watched and saw it first hand and was sickened by the out and out LIE oreilly tried to feed the people about it!!

    • Bluedresser

      O'Reilly tries too hard to be on obummers side. I, for one, am tired of hearing the sameo sameo from him

  • change in 2012

    Sheriff joe should just round up those trouble makers making threats, give em pink undies, put em in tents, and feed em peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for awhile

    • Mike

      I hope he arrests the trouble makers from Chicago and the Unions and puts them in pink and puts them to work on the chain gangs. We could get some infrastructure work done at a minimal cost to the taxpayers.

    • Jonathan Gartner

      Sounds like OWS

    • John

      He has to identify them first, them find them, Then he will lock them up & do all the good things he is required to do

    • catman

      Sheriff Arpaio had it square on the money when he was chastised for "keeping these poor inmates in tents during all the hot weather". His reply: "If these tents are good enough for our troops in Irag, they are sure as hell good enough for my inmates".

    • oldsalt

      Don't give them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That costs too much. Give them refried beans and tortillas. Have them save the gas they expell to heat their tents at night. Bill Mexcio for the cost of the pink undies.

  • Dave

    To bad the rest of the Sheriffs in America don't have the courage or the intellegence to do what is right for We The People. Sheriff Joe is a man of Honor and is obeying the Laws set by the Constitution. He takes his Oath of Office and We The People at the Highest Regard. Hats off to you Sheriff Joe, keep going after this worthless liar and idiot in charge.

    • John

      So is the clown going to be on the ballot. If the sheriff (the highest police official in the state, even over the FBI, if proven illegal & on the ballot & what if he come to Arizona (Maricopa County) Is the sheriff going to arrest him? & with all of the secret service around this would be very interesting, although I don't thiink the secret service really cares for the obama family I think it was 4 of them that requested a change of duty & remember the military swears allegiance to the constitution not the POTUS so if push comes to shove will it be all of us against few of them bet he gives up immediately Just wondering???

  • Carol Fryer

    And just like the elderly conservatives, Joe is probably on their terrorist list. These violent thugs have already gotten the go ahead from Obummer as far as I can see. He loves the division and violent atmosphere hes creating in this nation. Keep it up Obummer. 2012 cant come fast enough.

  • Ernest Stull

    Go Sheriff Joe.

  • generalk

    i back you to the hilt as i have been after obumob since he stole the offie as a usurper. I want him tried for treason and shot for his sentenace. ill protect you jo keep up the good work glad some one has balls like brewer

  • ALEX


    • Jonathan Gartner

      Ah sorry most of the anti-soviet stuff was done during the Reagan Administration Obama was not there I know an aquaitence of mine was the gentlman who extinguised the candle in Pakistan when the Russians left . If you know anything you know who I mean.

    • European Girl

      New article about the Secret Life of OB" appears at the National Examiner - a must read.

    • FinaBiscotti

      Very interesting Information, ALEX!

      Keep up the Good Work. Share it - everywere.

  • victorbarney

    You mean a bunch of marxists, anti-christs by definition, would do this? Imagine that...

    • citizen


  • Link Hogtrob

    "Obama Fans Threaten Sheriff Joe About Birth Certificate Investigation."

    Bring it on! There is nothing more fun in life than pissing off a lib. Obviously this matter is getting under their slimy skin. Time to step up the program!!!

  • Guest

    You are a brave man Sheriff Joe! it is not just the President who you are battling, but those who would protect the cartels and arm them as well. Fast and furious is the most incendiary bomb perpetrated by the DOJ. There is not any good reason for the transfer of weapons to Mexico, and there is no proof that the guns actually went there. How many are unaccounted for? You have a very hard job without any interference from the government. It would be nice if the Washington folks were more in tune with the laws and the obligations of the Federal Government like border control. The US is now under the control of Chicago thugs and unless we vote Obama out in 2012 our country is just debris in America's future.

    • George

      Sound like you realy did your home work there buddy

  • shavager

    Doesn't really matter if Obumbler's born in U.S. or NOT, it's a felony for sitting president to present FALSIFIED documents to hide the truth. It's also felony for him to serve in his position ILLEGALLY--not meeting Article 2 Sect 1 of Constitution's requirement of "natural born citizen" disqualifies him. "IF" he were a natural born citizen, when he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro of Indonesia and became an INDONESIAN citizen, his path BACK to citizenship MEANS NATURALIZATION--hence he's DISQUALIFIED since "naturalized" citizens don't meet Constitutional standards. He holds a Connecticut SS number despite NEVER living in Conn, his mother NEVER lived there and since his father WAS NEVER a citizen, he can't receive it through any pretended residence there from his father.

  • James Andrews

    If they come after Sheriff Joe, then I hope that good Americans will GO AFTER THEM. We stand with Sheriff Joe-he may not be perfect,but at least he is a real American who is trying to do what is right for the nation.

  • Don

    I noticed the Herman Cain accusers are from Chicago as is Obama, Al Capone, Frank Nitti, Dutch Shultz,The Daleys and the rest of the fine up standing citizens. Where oh where is Elliot Ness when we really need him.

    • Ed Williams

      Google ("Herman Cain"+"Lie detector"+"Daily Mail") Copy and paste without parentheses. Voice analysis more accurate than polygraph reveals: 95% probability Cain telling the truth & 95% probability Bielik is lying. See for yourself, then spread the word. Sorry this is off topic a bit, but it's important. Another page in the same old story, folks...

  • Leviathon


    • George

      AM SCARE THAT YOU MAY BE RIGHT THERE Joyce if thing don,t get better and the GOP find the right man to beat Obama then were in trouble in 2012 am charing my vote s to ind.

  • Joyce

    I am so dissappointed in the government, of this once great nation. Obummer has single handedly destroyed everything our nation represents. He is nothing but a low classed, lying, stealing, cheating, illegal immigrant. The key word is ILLEGAL. He has no right to be where he is. One day he will be caught. Joe, hurry we can't take anymore of this. The unions and Soros are going to buy his next 4 years. May God bless and keep you safe Joe.

  • Sandy

    All my praises and support for this sheriff! He's got guts and cares about our Country. Unlike the idiots that are running our Government. How sad that the USA is being ruined by greedy , cocky, overbearing morons!!

  • Eli Jones

    Help us prosecute Holder for his F& F crimes and it will help us to impeach and prosecute Obama for his crimes. Because of Eric Holder's and Barack Obama's gun running, US border agent Brian Terry and US immigration customs enforcement agent Jaime Zapata were killed by those guns. Also over two hundred of Mexico's citizens have been slaughtered by Holder's and Obama's guns. Obama and Holder used 10 Million dollars of our tax money to finance their deadly Fast And Furious insanity.



  • Carol B

    Apperantly, his loyal fans must know that he is not a US citizen, that should confirm to many that there really is a problem with this untruthful president. Would love to see Donald Trump join Joe and finish what he had started about Oboma's birth cerificate. I think he trully is a muslium why all the changes with the National prayer day, but, he did have a pray day with the musliums. My thoughts and prayers are with you Joe, maybe one day with your help we will find out that he should have never been allowed to be President of the United States, he does not respect it any way, the left wing radicals got him in there to change the US to a muslium country. It will not work OBOMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leviathon


  • mat cab

    If I was covering a lie I would send out death threats. So Obama and your supporters keep on track cosz come 2012 we are going after you the legal way and we will charge you are for treason, the USA will hang you like a pig.

  • Texan

    Lets see, Mexican cartels or obummer supporters. Which is worse? Appears Sheriff Joe is not worried about either. We need more Heroes like Sheriff Joe! TTT, was that the voice of experience?

  • Max

    my comment was deleted by the administrator. Guess we know who pulls your strings jurk

  • Chuck

    We could join up with Sheriff Arapio and help him take out the trash couldn't we?

  • oldwhitehair

    I hope they get in Joe's crosshairs and he blows them all away.

  • Malachi McCarthy

    It is very hard to accept where our country has gone in the last few years. We are truly an Obamanation. The President has not laid to rest the birth question. It really makes one wonder why if he really was born here. How did he get to Pakistan at a time when American citizens were barred from going there. He must have gotten there on a Kenyan or Indonesian passport. If he has definitive proof, why doesn't he show it. Why have all his records been sealed? College records, business records, all of them? You would have to be an idiot to think everything is OK here. You can no longer believe minstream news like CBS, ABC, NBC, The Times....they are all in the tank for this fraud.

  • Dennis

    I think anyone with a brain knows something is up and Obama is hiding something but honestly ,nothing is ever going to come of this and it is now becoming a distraction from other matters.Im beginning to wonder if this is intentional.So other more important things are being detracted from.

  • Vatol

    God Bless you Joe. We are with you. Sure do not understand why the Supreme court cannot remove him. They surely know by now that he was not born in the USA.

  • george

    Add me to the posse............................guns and ammo are readily available...............that's the only thing that wil keep us free.

    Just remember you only have two cheeks to turn...............after that it's off with your head.

  • Douglas PANNEBAKER

    Sherrif Joe in the real world not the make believe fantasy land of liberals, is every single law abiding citizen in the US is our hero.
    Obama should be forced to prove once & for all that he is a valid citizen of the US. Meaning the birth certificate, his nationality after his mother up & fled the US for yet another communist.
    He & the worthless so-called judges locked down all his records from the Anerican people for what reason? Treason!!! A real American would allow all his/her records be known to the American public with pride of being an American.

  • msbets123

    Go to H!ll ttt and that pos in the whitehouse with you

  • voice of reason

    Most of the occupy crowd would stain there shorts if they saw Arpaio coming towards them.
    Most liberals are bed wetters. They make threats from afar.



  • Bob Hutson

    I am on Joe's side. I saw a video of him(obama) giving a talk or addressing the matter at some university talking about we the birther's,saying he is not an American. When he went on to say that he is not a American and was not born in Hawaii.This came from his own mouth...so what else do we need? And many more have seen it also. You hang in there Joe i am with you all the way. They are ticked off because he is their god, they pray to him every day and night and would die for him(just they did for Hitler).

  • IQ 180

    There once was a Sheriff named Sheriff Joe, he was Strong and Brave and he fights for the American People and the American Way. Truth and Justice guides Sheriff Joe so he can fight the evil that seek to take us all down low. The Evil from Obama and the Democrats won’t prevail, Sheriff Joe got them by the tail! We all support you Sheriff Joe the man that stood against our foe. Remember, Truth, Justice and the American Way, that’s Sheriff Joe’s motto and he will win the day. God Bless You Sheriff Joe.

  • real patriot 1

    Obama Soetoro is a very EVIL man. there are many who do know the truth about him. i ask that they do not be afraid and come forward. he cannot win in 2012. America is at stake. millions have died for its freedom. Obama is muslim and his primary goal is to destroy it and all christian people. the koran tells him he must do this. his SS# was taken from a dead person. he is anti christian , the koran tells him he can lie to achieve his goals. read it.

    • European Girl

      please read an article about "The Secret Life of Ob" in the newest issue of The National Examiner.... very inteesting and a must read.

  • Guest

    I sent O'Reilly a copy of Obama's real birth certificate from Kenya - it can be obtained on the internet along with a copy of a statement made by a man born about the same time as the POTUS. He tells it like it actually happened. But, of course, it remains hidden, probably because Fox News is now owned by a Saudi Arabian.

    • Kathy

      Fox News is owned by Rubert Murdoch, not a Saudi Arabian.

  • bobindallas

    God bless you, Joe! Go get him. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE BRAVE ENOUGH TO SPEAK UP

  • B. kelley

    people in general are great at cutting their own throats, so few realize what is going on at every level, the 2 party system is actually one party, and candidates are "put" in not elected, by the powers that be, this has been the case for many decades now. Ron Paul is the first and only person of truth and integrity that I have seen in my lifetime of 58 years, why the hey do not people see this, why are so many easily fooled by these lying, deceitful manchurian candidates??? what has happened that has resulted in peoples ability to judge decency and think for themselves has been so impaired?
    most realize "all" the mainstream media is run and ruled by the elite and telling people only what they want you to know or not know yet most still do not know how to find the truth, the internet has it, one just has to know where to look, build a foundation of knowledge and truth and filter the news from these great sites on your own.
    wake up, wake others up and go to Rense.com, read the true history, this will be a start: http://www.iamthewitness.com/DarylBradfordSmith_R...
    get this documentary, watch it, share it, it opens today: http://thrivemovement.com/

    the truth of the matter is, the human race, the entire planet is being hit from every direction, money-wealth destruction, weather control/warfare, food destruction and control (gmos), pharmaceutical industry/vaccines used to destroy our health which takes more of our money, loss of freedom and privacy ...........this should be abundantly clear at this point.
    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-28153201... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qF1dRiqrR1Y

    the above has been going on so long, this planet, the soils, the water, all life is now contaminated, it is a fact, watch out for all the trolls and operatives on line trying to discredit the truth, they are pouring millions into keeping this quiet.

  • A Loyal American

    This reveals how deep the depravity is among the liberal and those that support Obama. They don't care about law or the Constitution, they care about themselves and their "cause." Apparently they are too dense to figure out that what Obama has done affcts everyone in the country, not just a certain group. Before it's over even the 50% that don't pay taxes will be paying something-after all, everone should pay their 'fair share."

  • john

    Vote Pierce For US Senate To Impeached all The Traitors In The White House.

    Now We The People Must Now Demand A No Confidence Vote Against Obama & The White House & The Democrats Congress & Senate.

    The No Confidence Requied 47 Republicans vote in Senate & 248 Republicans Vote to Throw Out The Traitors Out Office & Nulled & Void Obamacaee & all Of Its Illegal Unconstitutional Laws & Policies to Restore Common Sense & Fiscal Responsibility The Constitution & exxecute The Traitors to Save our Nation

    Call your Republican Congreesman or Congresswoman & Republican Senate to push for A No Confidence Vote To Ousted Obama & The White House Administration & Czars & Biden, Clinton & The Democrats in Congress & Senate Out Of Office for Treason & High Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity on The American People & Nulled & Void all Illegal & Unconstitution Destructive Laws Of America including The Illegal Obamacare nothing but a fraud Ponzie Scheme Illegal Redistribution Of Wealth To end Tyranny & Communism In America Forever Under One Chrstian Nation Under God. Oust Muslims & Islam out Of Our Republic The United Christians States Of America. VOTE ARAPAIO FOR SENATE


  • iceman



    lets back this man and get to the bottom of this bu ll poop obama has not shown us thr truth and it is about time we find out ,what the hell is the problem about coming forward ref ssi card,birth certificate,and all the other issues he has lied to us about .A TRUE AMERICAN AND A BELIEVER IN GOD

  • mackie66

    I live by the "Zombie rule". If you dont have enough ammo to kill 5 thousand Zombies, then you dont have enough ammo.

  • phere

    The libs don't want to lose their loser chief of marxism. Just like the media blackout of Ron Paul, they're afraid the general public (that doesn't pay attention to everyday events), are unaware of the attrocities this repulse is inflicting on put country. This is a very dangerous Islamic dictator and deeserves to be rtteated with the same comtempt he annd his cohorts use.

  • Blaze

    ...and this surprises WHO exactly?? The snow job the American people have experienced since Obummer even ascended to the Illinois Senate is without precedent. No one ever recalls they were at UNIVERSITY with the guy and how come no women have EVER been dug up as his former GIRLFRIENDS, EVAH?? The powers that be assume we are REALLY A HUGE FLOCK OF dumb sheep....& that's what we look like to the rest of the world I guess. Can't even demand that a candidate that will be CIC of the most powerful country in the world be vetted properly. All our laws have been subverted, our authorities and officials corrupt and gov't run completely amuck. We might as well be Mexico in the 60's...only to the 14th power!!!!

    • European Girl

      A must read "Secret Life of Obama", in the current issue of The National Examiner. This will answer mahy questions.

  • marliio

    Of COURSE, the national media is a missing in action. They all suspect obama is an illegitimate president and are afraid if the birth certificate records are opened, this fact will be proven. MOst of obamas supporters are low lifes, imo, and will stoop to any level or tatic to insure that he is re-elected. So make sure you send copies of all your records to three different entitites, incase the Men in Black break into your offices and steal your records. Dont put anything past this Administration; have your bases covered.

  • marliio

    I do not think you will find a birth certificate, because I think it was destroyed, when he was adopted by Lulu Soetoro and have heard this is standard procedure, (from somone who was adopted). Look for a Birth Certificate that has the name Barry Soetoro on it and you will probably be successful. However I do not think he has either Birth Certificate, because I dont think he was even born in America. I have heard he is not using a Social Security number, that is even in the system, which means he has not been paying social security, for years, if ever. I also doubt he ever attended Harvard or Columbia, though he professes to have degrees from there. He may have a degree in law from Columbia, but not the knowledge, since I doubt he ever went to class. He also says he has knowledge in economics, but by the way he is handling the economy, that certainly is dubious. I believe Obama, HIs wife and their children are all a plant!!

  • Joe

    GOD BLESS OUR MEN AND WOMEN IN UNIFORM! Including State and Local police.

  • jake5150

    Wish every county in the US had a Joe A.

  • colt lane

    Thank God Sheriff Joe Apiro is protecting the United States from all criminals including Obanna , if he is guilty so be it. Prosecute him and throw him in federal prison. Crazy people making threats are just blowing hot air, that will not protect you from the rope of justice in America. They really are stupid for making threats, just makes the guilt of bannana worse. terroristic threats against the sheriff joe is a federal crime. They will all swing from our ropes of justice, Keep up the good work joe. Sheriff Joe is a natural born loyal dedicated citizen of the United States doing his job and duty to protect America from treason amd all traitors.

  • Stephen

    Truth is like Krptomite to a Liberal, If anyone threatens Joe, then they are "Against truth, Justice and the American Way....."

  • lusia

    Sheriff Joe is right. Why media keeps quiet when Obama violets, because some body pays a lot of money to keep them quiet
    Obama's birth certificate is very suspicious. They can threat Sheriff Joe and maybe OPbama heard about, but they cannot force all American's to find out about Obama!

  • Elwood

    I expect Sheriff Joe's comment is brief, i.e. "Okay you so and sos, bring it on!

  • Eileen

    I am very disappointed that Governor Jan Brewer did not sign the bill that would require all presidential candidates to prove they are American citizens in order to get on the ballot in AZ. This could have thrown a wrench into Obama's plan to run for president. I guess she couldn't take the heat, especially after supporting tougher laws on illegals.

  • No Tax Max

    The double standard is a glaring statement about the liberal media and who it supports. If this were a sitting republican president with no legitimate birth cert & a fraudulent SS number - he would be lambasted by every media outlet - print, tv & internet. Sheriff Joe will and must expose the a..hole potus - obumnuts, for what he is - A muslim, Kenyan born liar. We have been duped by the democrats - and the game will be over for them soon. Boot the a..hole potus to his favorite socialist country - and restore the US to a true American leader & historian like Newt Gingrich.
    It's time for us to get our country back ! Go Sheriff Joe - we are with you!

  • gary

    0bamasan suupporters are surely nutcases. they want our country to be destroyed because they think they will get rich along with all the other crooks in our government. they will all be judged at the endtime and will be found not liking what will happen to them. May the Lord Jesus Christ BLESS our nation and get us away from these blowhards!!

    • Ed Williams

      The Lord helps those who help themselves... Work for the best & prepare for the worst... Keep your powder dry...
      Joe, we've got your back.

  • http://yahoo.com Thomas Martin

    obama hates this country and the liberal media gives this liar a free pass on his birth certificate.

    I love America and I hate obama for what he has done to it. When that POS went over seas to foreign countries and called us arrogant and said we were not a Christian nation I thought to myself, millions of idiots put this muslim white hating anti America a hole into the oval office.

    Lets vote this sicko out 2012 and send his sorry butt packing, michelle obama is a racist too and she's also eleven eggs short of a dozen.

  • citizen


  • zoomer165


  • zoomer165


  • A Texan

    Doe she need any volunteer help?

  • Moonshine

    BHO's Birth Certificate will not be produced by the White House because it would confirm that BHO is the illegimate son of an arrogant, black Muslim. He is not a natural born citizen of this country, and should not be its President.

  • pete

    Would you vote for Sheriff Joe for president of our USA????? Any day in the week and twice on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine the cleanup in D.C. RUN JOE RUN.

  • Glenn

    When you can't get the courts to make a justifiable ruling against health care, how are you going to get a ruling on his authenticity. When you appoint the foxes to the hen house, The foxes will beholding to king fox. Good Ole Chicago politics, you rub my back and i will rub yours. And the same goes for news media.

  • 1599

    He must be an honest sherriff. How many counties in the country can say that about their own sherriff?

  • http://MSN.COM Mark

    Maybe "ovomit" will have Seal Team 6 take him out ?

    • Ed Williams

      Um, most of Seal Team 6 got killed in a chopper crash very shortly following their little mission in Pakistan. Things to make you say "Hmmm..."

  • gongdark

    Are these post NAZI brown shirts

  • RiverKing

    Can I watch when the first 0 supporter threatens Sheriff Joe to his face? I promise I'll have a video camera going so y'all can see it, too. I don't expect there would be more than that first one.

  • mimireco

    Obama Supporters are nothing but brain dead, ignorant, uneducated ghetto welfare people that have no clue to what is really going on in our country. All they want is something for free. Don't they get it yet? Obama is going make slaves of them and they will get nothinbg free. WE NEED TO PROSECUTE AND IMPRISON OBAMA. HE IS A SNEAKY ARROGANT SNAKE DETERMINED TO DESTROY AMERICA AND OUR FREEDOM. WAKE UP STUPID OBAMA SUPPORTERS.

  • BOB

    The press has always been blind when it come to any democrap doing anything. They don't do there job anymore. They only report what they want to. The news anymore is nothing but a stupid talk show, if it wasn't for the weather i wouldn't watch any news.

  • Brian in Tennessee

    Sure would be nice if they could run down those threats and arrest as many of those folks as possible just because your a libatard or a left wing or one of the protesters out there on Socorro's payroll being paid to protest your not above the law.

    Put them under the jail but I'm sure Barry would file some injunction that would release them.
    Keep up the good work Sheriff if you need any body guards hit us up in Tennessee some of us good ole southern boys who hunt all the time could come give you a hand you dig for that pot of gold that will impeach and reverse all that he has done and will take care of the protestors who show up or illegals either one we need the target practice.

  • gongdark

    li'll bet dollars to donuts that if there was a raffle to dig a hole, one shovel full at a time, there would be about 60 million volunteers for just one shovel full each.

  • mike

    Joe, you have the support of millions of Americans. For all those that disrespect our Counrty called United States of American, they all need to be deported back to their homelands on a one way ticket. Once they all get back to their respective countries they can work on problems they ran from. It's time we stop giving entitlements and deporting never to return.

  • windrunner

    He's a 'Mans style' law enforcement official, and many of us know there aren't very many of them around anymore! Witness the negative comments from the criminals, and girly men who are so afraid of authority that they rail against its presence whenever possible. Obama supporters are the very lowest forms of 2 legged beings in our society at present time, and should be considered a singular enemy of America.

  • bill russell

    hey all i am not a birther, however, when it comes to Boama what does the american people know, what and who is he.. Doesn't it seem strange that no fellow students have come forward to talk about him, no school or college records, no grades,. no information on what he did in school or college, no college thesis, which should be public information to read and review. I sit back and say to my self Obama seems to be like one of those people who is put in a protective identity program, with no traceable pass information and a whole new life created. It just seems that it is all strange to me.

  • http://www.brezz.com bressler


  • Mack

    Joe: Have you considered being available for the Attorney General's slot after the 2012 election? At least consider the head of the FBI or ATF... Go get 'em!

  • joe

    Defend yourself Joe and SHOOT 'EM ALL!

  • Holly

    If Obama has nothing to hide then they nothing to worry about.

  • blackindependent

    Sheriff Joe should just worry about the drug cartel. The Obama supporter are all just full of mouth. All feathers and no chicken.
    I don't think a bunch of liberals in Arizona would be able to do much other than vote for Democrats and whine like babies when they don't get their way. Joe can hire a couple of illegals to take care of that light work.

  • Dilbert

    If there is nothing to hide then why are they worried? That's pretty straightforward to me!

  • Prairiegram

    Heard bho's ss# was some guys from Connecticut that was dead!

  • Jamie

    I'm sure this has been answered somewhere on the web but I haven't seen it. If the current POTUS is "legally" found to be non-illegible to have been the president in the first place, would this nullify the laws and policies he has put into action while in Office?

    • Ed Williams

      Great theory, but by the time this could happen it will be too late. Thank the Fed- their handling of our money is about to end the US Dollar's reign as the world's reserve currency, at which time we will be "officially" broke,because no one in the international community will any longer honor our currency, except perhaps as bird cage liner, and the whole house of cards will be blowin' in the wind, and self sufficiency, common sense, and Sam Colt will once again rule the roost...

  • Ray

    Typical liberal mode of operation. This should have become an issue, and could be easily dealt with if this president didn't have anything to hide. Instead of the right way they try to intimidate with threats. I believe that they are threatening the wrong guy this time.

  • alan

    God Bless America,ask the KGB they probably know if Obama is for real! pray that we wake up in time for the next election and don't elect Jimmy Carter with a tan ,back into the whitehouse. Herman Cain that's my man!

  • George_S

    We all know that the libs can be among the most foul. They should, however, exercise a little care if they truly have any intent to undertake violence against Sheriff Joe. Not only is he one tough bird, but here in Arizona you never know who's packing, and a good many would be ready to come to his aid.

  • No Tax Max

    The double standard is a glaring statement about the liberal media and who it supports. If this were a sitting republican president with no legitimate birth cert & a fraudulent SS number - he would be lambasted by every media outlet - print, tv & internet. Sheriff Joe will and must expose the a..hole potus - obumnuts, for what he is - A muslim, Kenyan born liar. We have been duped by the democrats - and the game will be over for them soon. Boot the a..hole potus to his favorite socialist country - and restore the US to a true American leader & historian like Newt Gingrich.

  • gongdark

    I know this is far fetched, or maybe not, but the government we have in place now, bo and cronies, could have been targetting Sheriff Arpaio by having the drug smugglers use the weapons that were "walked" into mexico, against him. What better way to strip away the 2nd amendment and killa thorn in ob side and kill a serious investigator/investigation of obama's legitimacy. This administration it so F-cki-g stupid and delusional thinking that they could get away with something like this. That is of course, if i'm right

  • alan

    Sheriff Joe is cool! If He needs a retired n.y.p.d. officer that still can shoot and deal with all folks tell him to e-mail me! ready and willing to do Romans 10:13(living Bible translation)

  • Carol

    Does this surprise me not in the least why this is why.

    I guess nobody on this web-site saw the interviews before Obama or maybe Barry Soetoro or maybe Harrison J Bounel got into Our White House with these girls that went to high school with him. It was on ABC NEWS before he bought them and they stated he was drug dealer and drug user in his own home and anybody crossed him like trying to sell drugs in his area that was the last time they did it because he made very sure they didn't. They were scared to death to think he could become president of anything much less the USA and it looks like they were so right but nobody seems to have seen those interviews and they disappeared as well.

    I wonder what happened to Obama's or Soetoro or Harrison J Bounel girl friend he had when he was in the Senate she just seemed to disappear and she had a very good job but she disappeared who knows where.

  • John

    obama shows his respect (lack of it) for the constitution every day he is left in office is a travesty why isn't the FBI & every other branch of the government investigating him? Why have they let this lie for three years?

    • Beegee

      Because the Communist, Islamist, one world government cabal that's responsible for electing him has been slowly and fastidiously infiltrating every branch of government responisible for investigating and removing him from office. He's just their puppet face for a president. They just forgot about the constitution's emphasis on the state's law enforcement, (ie sherriffs) quite completed the take-over, thus the do-nothing congress' stalling tactics so they can gut the military!

      Has anyone heard how many patriots and oathtakers showed up for the DC Rally at the Washington Monument yesterday! godfather politics, that'd be a good movement for you to follow! Led by the Patriot's Union and the Veteran Defenders of America, and the rallys yesterday are just a starting point toward impeachment!

  • Robert

    Impeach Obama!

  • dragonfFIRE01

    i REALLY SUPPORT SHERIFF JOE . HOPEFULLY the truth will be known

  • Larry

    The SOB Barrack Obama is having his friends in Organized crime go after the Sheriff and many of them are the Union thugs that are carrying out Barrack Obama's orders.

  • Coldcowboy

    The silent majority better wake up or they are going to be silenced FOREVER!!!!!

  • Republicrat

    I've been saying all along that it doesn't matter about his nationality. It doesn't matter if he is a Muslim or not. It only matters if he is a Communist as many think he is. NDA'S or not, prison or not, those who know will come forward to protect this country. The shame of it all is that he will probably get his 2nd term. The Kremlin has invested billions to insure that it WILL happen. All we can do is VOTE. All he can do is rely on ACORN and the "cemetery vote" to win. GOD is watching! GBA!!

  • Walt

    Dont rush. Remember only Congress can charge or indict a president in office; which they shown they will not do. Vote him out and then he can be arrested and prosecuted for fraud like any other person. When he is out of office; I dont think there is a single state that he can reside in without being charged with something.

  • colo43

    Another Soro's Funded renegade group.
    2012 can not come soon enough to wipe the slate clean of all these pukes!


    Hussein Obama doesn't care about OUR COUNTRY or It's people he is a Traitor to AMERICA & It's people, he should be sent back to HELL were he came from, the LYING weasel. LORD HELP US AMAN.

  • R

    I thought the drug cartels and obama supporters were one and the same.

  • Dan

    Good for Joe !!! I hope we can get Obama impeached asap !!! I think we all know Obam is not American.. If he was he would not be destroying our Country and Freedom. If you don't agree..soooo be it !!! I think the reason Obama went to HI. this week is because of the Birth Cert. problem..He's afraid someone is going to get the proof..and I hope they do !!

  • Robert, TX

    I think ole Joe has enough ammunition to deal with the "obama supporters." When he is finished, California and Texas should send him a thank you note for reducing their welfare rolls.

  • max

    it is painfully apparant that the american people were duped by the media.the best way to get revenge for this is to hittem where they live.start by not even turning your tv on for as long as you and your family can stand it .also the media probably dont realize how vulnerable they are out there in the streets of america reporting on local news.boycot abc cbs nbc cnbc msnbc cnn and all other liberal channels,also the advertising products on these shows need to knowyou wont use them untill the lyin media starts truthin.we americans can vote with our feet and our walletts too.

    • Beegee

      Replaced my TV with VCR months ago, the grandkids only notice they can't watch their sporting events here. Also, theirs GBTV out there, understand it's great if you have a roku device(under $100) and you can get it for $5-$10 a month.

  • Rose

    If Obama was what he claims to be, he wouldn't have waited so long to disclose his birth information. He's not a citizen, and I'm sure he's a Muslim. I want to know why it's taking so long to prove it.

  • http://impeachobamacampaign.com Raymond

    Orville Smith, a store manger for Best Buy in Augusta, Ga., told
    police he observed a male customer, later identified as Tyrone
    Jackson of Augusta, on surveillance cameras putting a laptop
    computer under his jacket. When confronted the man became
    irate, knocked down an employee, drew a knife and for the door.
    Outside on the walkway were 4 Marines collecting toys for the
    Toys for Tots program. Smith said the Marines stopped the man,
    but Jackson stabbed one of the Marines. Cpl. Phillip Duggan in
    the back; the injury did not appear to be severe.

    After the Police and an ambulance arrived at the scene Cpl.
    Duggan was transported for treatment.

    "The subject was also transported to the local hospital with
    two broken arms, a broken ankle, a broken leg, several missing
    teeth, possible broken ribs, multiple contusions, assorted lacerations,
    a broken nose and a broken jaw...injuries he sustained when he
    slipped and fell off the curb after stabbing the Marine." according
    to a police report.

  • Ed Orr

    Only terrorists and idiots telegraph their intentions to do harm. Remember that sheriff Joe is a Vietnam Veteran and listen up Obamagoons...WE Vietnam veterans are not afraid of blowhards. Kick their asses Sheriff Joe and make em wear pink underwear.....better yet.....make them unconscious objectors....PERMANENTLY unconscious!


    Bring it on mfs.

  • Guy

    Why my comment is being deleted ? too much truth in it ????

    • http://impeachobamacampaign.com Raymond

      Those who control this website are a force for evil....

  • Mitchell

    I am not an fan of Obama, I am a supporter of the Ariz Sheriff.I know he is an American born citizen.The Obama fans, that are threating the Ariz Sheriff,don't care if Obama was born in a foriegn country,I will support Sheriff to the very end.

  • Guy

    Moderators , you are despicable !!!! you need ti be occupy by the Naziz for 4 or 5 years for you to understand

  • Guy

    Sorry I will not post anything else on this "Godfather crap " cause ? the moderators are a bunch of idiots, imbecile, cretins morons .

    • Beegee

      Bye, Guy!

  • john

    That violence crap can go both ways Joe, I for one am on your side.

  • Miss Kelli Taylor

    My comment has been deleted by the administrator. Thanks for nothing stupid idiots


  • Miss Kelli Taylor

    Obama needs to get the hell out of the Oval Office and Obama needs to get the hell out

    of the Whie House permanently (100) percent. Obama needs to get the hell out of

    America and go back to his father's home town in Kenya, Africa (100) percent.

  • Donnamohler

    They can threaten Sheriff Arpaio all they want but that doesnt stop me from remembering the news in 1959/1960 and 1961!! All i will say is "BRING IT ON!!! NOT to the Sheriff BUT TO ME!!! Obama is a FRAUD!!!!

  • L. J. Middleton

    Want to help Joe Arpaio and America here is what you do: http://www.mcso.org then go to the "Contact Us" and then to "Send Us Your Comments." Tell Joe to run for President with the Republicans or the Tea Party. He should win election hands down.

  • Jerry

    True Liberal Logic

    Break your head

  • Keith K

    The self-proclaimed "most transparent administration" in history is anything but transparent. Obama has made a sham of the Presidency by tacitly or overtly covering up the truth surrounding his birth, the loans to Solyndra, and Operation Fast and Furious.

    Sheriff Arpaio is merely doing what the media and Nancy Pelosi failed to do--correctly vetting the qualifications of Barack Hussein Obama. And for his efforts he should receive support and praise rather than scorn and death threats. I see a Presidential Medal of Freedom in the sheriff's future, whether or not Obama is eligible to hold the office of President. Sheriff Arpaio has demonstrated the best of American virtues in the service of his county, his state, and the citizens of The United States.

  • eljefe

    Two things come to mind. First if Obama fans thought he has nothing to hide and if there is nothing to be uncovered, why would they threaten Sherrif J.? Second, if it turns out he is not qualified to be president according to the Constitution, it seems everything he signed to make law would be invalid because when he signed them he was not a real president. Just saying..

  • Drew Page

    Sherrif Joe has been dealing with death threats from Obama supporters for years. These supporters are known as illegal aliens.

  • william r. bailey

    Sheriff Joe must know he has got to be destroyed in the same fashion as Sarah Palin, Cain, Ken Starr, and many others. The way Obama got elected to the Ill senate was to destroy his oposition to the point they had to withdraw. He was esentially unopposed. There is nothing Joes enemies wont do to discredit him, lie about him, and maybe even harm him phisically. Whatever the outcome, he will be made to suffer forever. Hope he has the strength of character to stand up to the strain.

  • Jack

    only low life would threat the3 shiref!

  • Jack

    obomber is really low life!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    Obama the traitor is on a mission to change our Great Country into a third world cesspool like Mexico. He believes that he is The Messiah. He actually is a Chicago type THUG who hoodwinked the American public in 2008 into thinking he was something else than a liberal progressive anti American red diaper doper baby Islam loving CROOK! Obammie should be tried for treason for the crimes he has committed against our country. As a God fearing person who loves my country, Obammie has shown his comtempt for EVERYTHING America stands for! OUT with OBAMMIE in 2012. Kenya (his birthplace) loves him and most citizens of that country believe and rejoice that He was BORN there and the Americans (dumb asses) elected him to be their President! OUT with Obammie in 2012!

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    It's not personal. Just politics.

  • brian

    If our leader would enforce his own oath, these "supporters" would be in jail. I wonder what part of :"to protect our country against all enemy's both forgin OR DOMESTIC" I do believe threatening a law enforcement officer is a crime and sulrly makes one and enemy!
    SO wheres the beef? BO?

    GO JOE! WE LOVE YOU IN Alabama too!!!!!you are one of a dyeing breed! LET FREEDOM RING!!!

  • StevenI

    Those liberals making hte death threats against a police officer need to be arrested and sent to jail.

  • Maverick777

    Sheriff Joe, I hope you keep the Obama name off the election balot as until Obama is proven to be a ligal citizen he is not eligable for re-election in Arizonia. Obama should not have been allow to run in the first place but that goes to show how the criminal Democrates have hidden a trosan within our government. Keep up the good work Sheriff and I'll be at your side at any cost.

    Have Gun Will Travel

  • PatriotBob

    You Obuma fans have got to be BRAIN DEAD!!!!!

  • BobVelon

    Obama is nothing but a Chicago thug... All he knows is force and threats. I would love to see Sheriff Joe expose him for what he is, We know, or at least think, he was never born in Hawaii. He is not a natural born citizen even if he was. Is he even a naturalized citizen? Barry Soetoro was his adopted name, was it ever changed back to Obama? He needs to go.....

  • Lloyd

    The Communists are hard at work, and the liberals in our government are right there along side of them. If we don't stand up and fight back pretty soon, the gangsters and thugs among us will ruin everything we hold dear. If our freedom and independence is worth fighting for, we need to stand up to these people, and get out and help the ones who do.

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    Do they want to whack him?

  • DemocRATS

    Sheriff Joe, you are EXACTLY RIGHT!! obama is NOT a U.S. citizen!! KEEP UP the GOOD WORK!! It WILL COME OUT and we'll ALL say, "TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • paulrph1

    Why is it the low life all want Obama or you may say some high life also. But the high life are just low life that are made high life the his majesty king Obama. Heaven forbid we should ever know or have the truth. What I love is one of Obama's czars is selling our secrets to China and China is helping Iran and now Iran is going for the nuclear weapon. Some will never learn.

  • DemocRATS

    (some of YOU NEED to "pruuf reed!!" UNLESS your a democrat and THEN I UNDERSTAND!!)

  • http://righthereontheleftcoast.blogspot.com/ Ishmael137

    Barack Obama was absolutely born in Hawaii. Of that there is no doubt, as the newspapers of the time recorded the event. But is that the same person who now occupies the White House? Bumping off a kid and replacing him with a ringer is infinitely easier than falsifying any number of records.

  • Rudloph

    I think that a sheriff is the primary law enforcement police, elected elected by the citizens in his county. As such, his opinion reflects the basic values of citizens in his county. It would be absurd to attack him as a politician. He or she is the basic law enforcement official of the citizens.

  • kibitzer3

    I think conservatives need to face some facts on this matter of Obama, and who he is really, and what all is going on (and why it is so important to support a county sheriff like Joe Arpaio in an independent investigation).

    The immoral Right (not the moral, constitutionalist Right) want a fascistic New World Order, and have been planning for it for some time. (That's the bankers/corporatist crowd: the money-laden powerful families of the Earth - whom the Founding Fathers warned the American people/the fledgling American Republic about.) Part of that planning has been to take over the MSM in the U.S. Thus the reason why they won't touch this question of Obama's eligibility with a 10-foot pole - he's an asset to the CIA.* It APPEARS that he is an asset of the camp that wants a socialistic NWO - ie, George Soros & Co.; but the CIA & their Masters of Deceit know how to accomplish their ends: by creating an enemy, and out of Action-Reaction comes Solution - their Solution.

    Obama, then, is an asset to the ultimate Masters. America does not have a true two-party system/opposition. A lot of the takeover of America was put in place under George W; and it is now up to Obama to play his part. All is going according to plan... - and then a character, a county sheriff from Podunkville comes along, and starts to throw a spanner in the works.

    All you true Constitutionalists out there: give him your full support. And if other county sheriffs see that The People will, indeed, rise to the occasion, of their nation's need, they too might grow a pair. So gird up your loins, and give'em hell, these fat cats with their smart suits and arrogant ways. They need to know that the best-laid plans of mice and men can oft go awry. Don't give them the satisfaction, of taking over the last, best hope of mankind.

    America has a higher destiny, than to succumb to the machinations of these spiritual midgets.

    * And the reason why the Republicans in Congress won't touch it either: the people who bankrolled them into office have them on a short leash, and if they know what's good for them - and they do - they will just shut up and go along to get along.

  • ScarletDove

    For all the fools who support this thug and his merry men in the WH, I wonder if any of them have any brains or morals. This sickly adoration is becoming nauseating............Keep up the good Sheriff Arpaio, you havwe every right to pursue this investigation.

  • Butch

    I'm with Sheriff JOE all the way. I'm 69 years Young would Join his posse any time he would need me. OBAMA is a JOKE. Anyone that can't see that by now, has blinders on.

  • Paul Alexander

    Roy I went to that site you listed and listened to the video which ran about 1 hour. I have to say that it was one of the scariest interviews that I have ever heard. I am still trying to digest everything which was said by this lawyer. If this is true and not the hysterical ramblings of a loon, then the world and the USA has been the victim of one of the most unbelievable plots (for want of a better word such as conspiracy) ever hatched. The very fact that no one seems to be interested in a more complete investigation of Obama's background and history seems to dictate there is truth in this madness. The questions about the birth certificate errors takes a back seat to possibilities presented in the interview. Very Omenesque when you take everything into consideration. The term anti-Christ doesn't sound so crazy anymore.

  • Bill Zehner

    Instead of the birth certificate, I would start with Obama's college records. And I would start with Occidental College. Had he received any Fullbright scholarships, he would be exposed as a fraud. Worse yet, he would have defrauded the same taxpayers that he claims that he represents.

  • John Neish

    For a week (or more) you've allowed scurrilous left-wing anti-Scott Brown adverts onto your site.


  • Gloria McCrane


  • VTX1300R

    Joe For President is all I can say. He should replace the panty waste thats in there. He's tough on crime, which in reality is not tough at all its only following the laws that are already on the books that the Liar in Chief refuses to enforce.

  • SittingMooseShaman

    ...be wary...these libs are beholden to billionaire NAZIs. Obama's a, "Made Man" He owes...FOREIGNERS- and he's paying them our futures!


    Hi Joe.... If you want to form an army, just post it on this web site. I live miles away, but would love to be under your command...

  • Mollyeee

    All you ppl making these patriotic comments really want Obamao to go away? All you have to do is join your Republic which has been restored... Listen to the wkly update http://dev.republicoftheunitedstates.org/republic...
    & then go find your free states Republic> http://patriotsoath.com/restored.html

  • BullKrapper

    Is there really any difference between a Mexican drug cartel member & an ObamAHole supporter? GO JOE!!! --- Stay Well/Stay Safe

  • Stephen

    I wish there was a way to find out how many of them that are doing this come from the DNC, NAACP, moveon.org,, ACLU, etc., directly.

  • grandmaliberty

    so much for transparency... come on Obama... if you are innocent... unseal the records including college if indeed you went... listening to you grammar in you speeches leave me to wonder ... you folks, gonna... this from a harvard educated man... get real!!!!!

  • Gunsmoke

    Sheriff Joe should be commended for what he is doing and keeps doing with Illegals..... Obama, we know he is an Impostor, what has been shown as supposedly being Proof, has been proven to be nothing more than False Documents..... Besides, If Obama has nothing to that anyone can discredit him in any way about his authenticity, then WHY is it that he is hiding from the TRUTH..... Simply put, it's cause he does have something that which will verify him as an Impostor and for NO OTHER Reason..... Anyone foolish enough to challenge this to say that Obama is anything but an Impostor, must certainly be a lunatic.....or has been so Brainwashed into thinking like a Sombie......

    If I were Sheriff Joe, I would tell the Idiots making the Threats to bring it on and see just how fast you will be joining the others in his Tents and Pink Underwear doing time just like all the others...... Go Joe, don't back down for nothing and keep up the good work.....

  • Stan Lee

    I believe the good Sheriff will be ready for all confrontations. Those who threaten harm to him had better be prepared to feel pain. And, it couldn't happen to any lower form of beings!

  • Bob

    16 Latin American and Caribbean nations are filing papers to join litigation filed by the U.S. justice dept. to challenge the S.C. immigration law. In the complaint, federal lawyers asked the court to stop the state from enforcing a law that takes effect in January. South Carolina's law also mandates that all businesses use an on line system the U.S. government runs to check on new hires legal status. If they knowingly violate the law, they can lose their business license. It also makes it a felony to create fake ID's or harbor illegal immigrants. Who's justice dept. is this anyway, ours or some other countries ? The justice Dept. is also challenging similar laws in, Alabama & Arizona and reviewing them in Utah, Indiana & Georgia. The state laws would not be necessary if the Federal government would do it's job. The governors job is to protect the citizens of S.C. and that's what she is doing, and she isn't going to stop no matter who decides to sue her, whether it be the Unions, ACLU, DOJ or anyone else. This is the kind of president we need, unfortunately we are stuck with a socialist muslim president that is doing his best to destroy our country.

  • Bob

    Why was my comment not posted ? I never use profanity or immoral language, just the truth. Did I step on someones toes ?

  • JimmyB

    On a recent trip to Kauai, Hi. I asked a store owner, "how come I only see 1 TEE shirt of BO as the big Kahona"? Her reply was " You mean the Son of A B---h that claims he was born here? Only the Dead beats like him, he is bad for business. We wish he'd go back to Kenya for Christmas, we loose $200,000.00 of business when he comes here". We liked that fysty woman.

  • Pappy

    It seems that the media are not willing to look any deeper than a White House press release when it come to the authenticity of Obama's qualifications for office. In fact, their look into anything he does is nothing more than a sham. Keep up the investigation and I am sure Fox News will put out your findings. They are the only ones who seem to come close to meeting their journalistic responsibilities to this nation.

  • al brunner

    Sherif Joe: Keep up the good work, Wish we had someone like you running our Socalist Rebublic of Calfornia!! Lets impeach that Presiential pretender now in office. He ia not for America nor for what America is all about.

  • Co-opted Confederate

    Sheriff Joe has got an up hill battle going on with ththe birth certificate thingy, not to mention a war on drugs that Arizone has been fighting for years with out much help from the fed. I suprised tha the entire stae of Arizona has not been surrounded or invaded by Union thugs, occupiers, middle aged anchor babies and other DNC cretans bent on impinging Sheriff joe's investigation.

  • Steve

    However, he has noticed that once he launched his investigation of Obama, the bulk of the national media vanished like cockroaches in a spotlight.

    Maybe the media fears the chief cockroach.

  • Co-opted Confederate

    Some one needs to distribute "Go Sherrif Joe";" Investigate till you puke", or "jail him soon sheriff Joe" Bumper stickers, T-Shirts, Hats, Belt buckles, banners and beer stiens, or even a Support Sheriff Joe Beer (ala " Billy" Carter beer) a sheriff joe for president campaign button would help too and Soon. in order to raise funds to hire more deputies for him and to help pay for the cost of the investigation. .

  • 20/20visionary

    PRAY for our Families, our Country, our Military, our Tea Party Patriots, PRAY for Arpio, Babeu, Dever, PRAY for CAIN, the best MAN to run this Country, to get us back on track as a CHRISTIAN NATION NOT A MOSLEM ONE, Obama/Soetaro the FRAUD has done his best to Destroy/Dismantle/Discourage ALL Americans - he HATES America, he is PSYCHO. We are dealing with Spiritual Forces as in the Bible. PRAY, Daily, PRAY, and SUPPORT our Godly leaders. Walk the Talk and we'll make it.

  • Hunter C.

    These pussies won"t come out in the open. If they do we will sic the TEA Party on them and run them back under their rocks

  • http://twitter.com/HommerJSimpson @HommerJSimpson

    hes going to hawaii then his home country Indonesia . Odd?? ...My theory is Hes going to disappear with trillions of OUR tax money and WWIII will start and he has the football. So hope im wrong. But Spending rest of live in Fed Prison does not sound like a like he would like. So how is he going to get out of it,?

  • http://netzero so cal grandmother

    Better watch it Sheriff Joe is an American Hero who we all love and even if the media does not let the public know what is going on, the people behind the harrissment may just open up a can of worms they would not know what to do with. Joe is a much loved law inforcement officer and we love him.



  • LiNDA

    If Obamination had nothing to hide there wouldn't be a problem. God Bless Joe Arapaio. I wish I had more money to give to him for his efforts.
    Anyone who was legal would show the proof......so that is proof enough that Obaminable is not an American citizen. I hope Joe proves it soon ON PAPER so we can delete all the crap legislation and executive orders that he has shoved on us for 3 years.

  • George

    Sorry to say this Obama is never going to tell us the truth about his birth He is part of the anti- Christ and will do any thing in his power to bring this nation to its knee unless some one stop him in2012 so he not reelected for a second time to finish what he has started this last 4 years in office. This may be removed by the people who run this web sit but I don,t care one way or other the truth is the truth. There are men out there who would love to destroy American and its constitution and all that she stand for.

  • JerryM

    What could a man have done in his past that he is so ashamed of as in Obama's case? He has spent millions to cover up what must be some nasty stuff. We can only assume what vile things he's done but will someday find out.

  • cheryl

    You go Joe! Don't these pansies scare you!

  • SlyFox

    Just heard something else about Mr.Obama, aside from being a member of the new world order, a member of the Muslum Brotherhood, and giving vast amounts of money to those guys, as if thats not enough, but he had a name change, which took place back in 1982. This incident happened in a small town in British Columbia, Canada, the town's name is Skookumchuck. And oh, by the way...it looks like he didn't go to Columbia University as he and "others" have stated.
    ....................Will, the real free loader in the rent free residence @ 1600 Penn. Ave , call Mayflolwer Movers, and go back to , well where ever you came from!......................................................!
    Floks, were in for a mess, if we don't get that guy out of the WH, trust me!

  • Don Vaughn Sr.

    Sheriff Joe is a really good man. I would summize that he is probably a God fearing man also. Don't need to ask him as we are known by our deeds. So allow me to thank you ,Joe. I wish I was powerfull enough to scatter your enemies all about the earth, But as always I'll let God the Father have his way with them as He will do a much better job in punishing them than I could. If the enemies of America, and we have many of them right here in our country, only knew the extent of their fruitless efforts and the sorrow that goes along with it, they would fall to their knees in begging for forgivness. Unfortunatly they will all learn a hard lesson, one I would not wish upon anyone. God Bless Joe and God Bless America.

  • A. Terranova

    Why is Sheriff Arpaio "surprised" at the violent threats from Obama supporters? Why, after over 50 years of this escalating assault on Americans, our value system, guaranteed freedoms under the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law, is ANY American still surprised? Stop listening to the talking heads from both cable and the networks and pay attention to historical facts. This revolution began in the '60s. These are the same people who instigated the riots in the '60s. The only difference is that they are now running our government, our economy, our teaching institutions, our churches and they are making the rules! They are systematically destroying us and we're still surprised?

    • Beegee

      Amen, and Americans have been in denial led by the Psychiatric Community since the 60's. Is it any wonder that most of the present Psychiatric Think originated in America hating countries? It's really, "anti-God, led by the Aniti-Christ!


    Which supporter was it ? Was it the tall one or the fat one ? Or was it both of them ? This bozo doesnt like jews so there may be hope for him.NUKE THE jews!

    • Beegee

      If it was the Tall one, The Death Panels would have Sherriff Joe at the top of the list, If it's the Fat one, Look for a movie about the evil carbon emissions of the Maricopa County Jail Tents, while ignoring the ows tents all over the country.
      Why Nuke the Jews? I'm sure the administration has it's hands on Hitler's Ovens plans, and rumors are the first ones built at a FEMA Camp in Indiana at the end of a railroad spur! Didn't you read about it in your e-mail newsletter?

  • Jeff Ducummon

    I wouldn't worry too much Sheriff Joe. Zero-bama's supporters are just as gutless and clueless as their messiah.

  • Patricia

    I know how to absolutely drive the liberals out of America. In 2012 when Obama is forcibly kicked out of office, the new Republican President will have important positions to fill in the brand new, decontaminated Administration. If the new President finds positions for all the other Rep. Candidates he ran against, the Liberals will break their neck getting out of American and/or crawling back into the cracks they crept from in the first place. A lot of diapers would have to be changed.
    I've been wishing there was a way we could roll all the candidates into one for a SUPER CANDIDATE and since that's an impossible task I think this would do. Each of them are proficient in different ways. Let's use the best of all of them.

    • Beegee

      +Sarah Palin for either National Security , Homeland Security of Secretary of the Interior (or whatever they call it this week.).

  • Patricia

    Now, back to Joe. He's all American and I say Go Joe. I loved the pink shorts and the tents. We need more like him.

  • berengaria

    I would love to see Sheriff Joe run for president of this once great country, because we need a mature person, not like the swishy little- man in the whitehouse. Yes, certainly, Obama's goon-thugs are after Sheriff Joe for daring to revive the truth about him, and that would include the goon-thugs who work for the lame-stream media. The media is no better in this country than in the late USSR, so just keep up the good work Joe. thank you, Berengaria

  • William

    Enter text Obama fans means his little acorns, black panters and union thugs. e!

  • Venerable

    Bravo Arpaio! Keep going on the investigation! I pray, and will keep praying that you will be protected from any and all loyal Obama supporters who have threatened your life. You are courageous, like the early Patriots of this country during this time when our very country is being threatened with annihilation and a take over by the radical Muslims, of which Obama is a puppet.

  • weaver517

    First guns and than this Let's send obama over to the drug trafficers and let them rip him a new ass hole.keep up the work sheriff

  • berlinerbear

    People that dig for truth are always being pursued obstructed especially when it comes to the potus.

  • ELI


  • manotas

    Joe Arpaio for DOJ, replacing Holder and things will be better in the USA, he will not be taking any crap from the Illegal in the White House.

  • Bob

    When I grew up in the 40's and 50's the president was next to God, he was someone everyone looked up to with respect. What has happened to our country ? The childern of the 60's drug culture are running the country now and have no respect for the law or the constitution or anything else. We have evolved from a great nation to a nation of criminals running our government and courts. When a nation cannot secure it's own borders and the government no longer works for the people it is no longer a Republic.

  • Southern Bell

    When this came out a couple of weeks ago, I said I hoped Sheriff Joe just didn't disappear like some of Obamables opponents, as well as family (His grandmother died shortly after she said he was born in Kenya and she was there). With Obamables Mafia connections, I hope Sheriff Joe lets his friends and family know where he will be at certain times of the day incase he does come up missing. We already know how shady this president can be, what is another life to him? We're with you Sheriff Joe and hope you can accomplish what has so far been swept under the rug!!!


    I don't see why they are threatening poor Sheriff Joe, after all the Democrats & kool-aid drinkers swear the BC obama released or at lease one of the 2 or 3(?) is the real true BC of their leader-liar-in-chief-dictator.

  • johnjohn

    Sheriff Joe for President has a nice ring to it.

    he seems to be one of the very few that is really doing his job, ill vote for him. we need to get rid of the politicians anyway, they all lie like weathercasters on the weather channel.

  • Daryl

    Sheriff should not have much problem investigating Obama. If everyone took time to look at the certificate he showed after 2 years of asking. First why 2 years. I took a lot of time looking over the certificate. There is so many changes and faults info on the birth cert. Obama is not a citizen of the USA. Wake Up America.

  • sonnieC

    Our country the United States of America cannot prosper with this so call president Obama at the helm.

  • Eli Jones

    We Patriots are being shoved in a corner. We must clean out the lib rat's nest.

  • http://impeachobamacampaign.com Raymond

    In honor of the 44th President of the United States , Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream has introduced a new flavor: “ Barocky Road .”

    Barocky Road is a blend of half vanilla, half chocolate, and surrounded by nuts and flakes. The vanilla portion of the mix is not openly advertised and usually denied as an ingredient. The nuts and flakes are all very bitter and hard to swallow.

    The cost is $92.84 per scoop...so out of a hundred dollar bill you are at least promised some CHANGE..!

    When purchased it will be presented to you in a large beautiful cone, but after you pay for it, the ice cream is taken away and given to the person in line behind you at no charge.
    You are left with an almost empty wallet, staring at an empty cone and wondering what just happened. Then you realize this is what "redistribution of wealth" is all about.

    Aren't you just stimulated?

    • SouthernBelle

      Love it Raymond! A little levity amongst a serious conversation is what we need from time to time.

  • Ridge Runner

    Maybe iran will get their shi* togather and nuke the rat hole and then we can just put some pavement over it and make it a parking lot.Then we can make iran into a glass bowl.I don't know who onumb nut's daddy was and don't care henjustneeds to be removed from our white house and the country any way possible and as soon as possible.

  • http://impeachobamacampaign.com Raymond

    In another sad capitulation to the Islamization of America and the suicidal polices of political correctness, a Wal-Mart in Westminster, California is now allowing Muslims to proselytize right in front of their store. According to Wal-Mart policy, the display would have had to receive prior approval.

  • Ken

    Deleted by the administrator ? Good for you. Delete it if you want. Remember, GOD saw what I wrote.

  • Marcus

    I live in Southern Mexizona ,But even down here we love Sheriff JOE !!! , Unlike these spineless weasel politicians that sell us out oh so easily ,Sheriff Joe may not be perfect ( Who Is ?? ) But the man has a spine and a huge set !!!!! Get those Criminal Liberal Spineless Weasels !!!

  • Mike

    Obozo fans shouldn't be worried about the investigation, unless they think he will find out that Obozo is not elegible to be President. In truth, I bet they know he isn't elegible and just have so little respect for our country and our law that they don't care. Everything about this guy and his "fans" disgusts me.

  • katie

    Sheriff Joe may not get alot of attention from the media now, but he is all over the internet. He will get plenty
    of coverage, when he finally proves that Obama' s birth certificate is really a phoney and he has held the office illegally.
    What a bombshell that is going to be.

  • W Smith

    Call the bluff! I know that is easier said than done but the cruel bigots and monsters issuing these threats will only gain strength if not confronted.

  • jcavala

    Once Obama is out of the White House, he will no longer be able to threaten anyone with agencies like the FBI and the IRS.
    Some news hawk with balls will start digging up the truth about Obama and earn at least a Pulitzer for his work.
    When this does happen, I hope you're prepared for the big Barf that will surely happen..

  • Korean Vet

    The President's-Name is "Dunham"--not "Obama"-! Obama Sr.--while married to his 1st wife "Kezia" back in Kenya--made sure the Pres. was a "Illegal Son" --when he promised marriage to Ann Dunham to keep her silent about a beer-party "DateRape"! ("Bigamy" isn't "Legal" in the USA & this "Fraud" "Voids Ann's marriage-license'-! So, she has no "Legal Husband" & the Pres. is born on Aug 4, 1961 as a "Illegal Son"--I If Ann can't get that "Obama Surname" by "Legal-Marriage"--then a "Illegal Son" can't"Inherit" a " Title" to the ("Obama-Surname"--Either) 1st Wife "Kezia" retains "Full Title-Rights" as "Mrs. Obama"--& She's NOT our President's Mother-! So, He gets given 'His' Mother's Legal Surname--"Dunham"-! It's "Fraud" to "Misrepresent Yourself"

  • johneeboy

    At the APEC conference O'bama instead of saying I'm pleased to be back in my home state like any normal official would have,instead says I'm happy to be in asia.But of course he might have been confused as to where he was being that there's 57 state to keep track of,almost like Heinz 57 varieties,how can you remember them all?,can you imagine if,a decent man and patriot like GW.BUSH had said that.

  • cowm

    We should start watching only the news medias that report truth and stop watching NBC<ABC CBS<CNN<CNBC and any others that report propaganda do not report this story. Those small medias reporting truth will become the main stream medias. Obama's supporters are all socialists and marxists. Now that IS TRUTH..........Charles of Waveland,MS.

  • Anne

    Just look at the occupy crowd and union thugs and you can see how low and vile the dems can be. They are everything they preach against plus they are angry all the time.

  • Skeeter

    Wow!He must be makeing all the right moves!Hey! Joe! isn't threatening a LAW Officer agaisnt the law?

  • Joe Carreiro Sr.

    Whomever is sending death to Joe Arpaio should come to Arizona and present them face to face instead of sending them from behind a rock.Do you think they would have the balls to confront him face to face? I doubt it.

    • Speedy7201

      No they wouldn't. If Sheriff Joe need's backup, just call  "We The People" and we'll be there. And of course the left wong media isn't going to cover anything possibly negative about their almighty master.You know, I've alway's considered Democrat's Idiot's but during Obama's term, I've found that they are MUCH worse then I thought. Another sad fact that I've found is that many OLDER Democrat's still believe the Democratic party is what it used to be. When you mention to them now what Liberal's believe in they can't believe it. When you tell them what Republican's believe in, they finally realize that they are really Republican's NOW.

  • Joe Carreiro Sr.

    January deadline for some kink of answers,good or bad they are coming quickly. Just open your eyes and ears and listen to the upcoming results of this current investigation. It should be very interesting.

  • Paul

    Velly Intelesting: When I got the software for my tax business this year there was the following "Release Note":
    "l Due to changes made by Social Security, TaxWise no longer verifies Social Security Numbers during diagnostics. For more information on these changes, referred to as Social Security Number Randomization, please see IRS Publication 1693."

    On further investigation I learned that the Social Security numbers will no longer be identified to the place of issued. There is probably no connection to Obama's Connecticut SS number that has somebody elses name attached to it, but it sure is suspicious that this change has taken place at this time.

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  • Outrider

    "When you control the media you control the people". A rough translation from the original Ruissian as quoted by Stalin.

  • Amazedamerican

    The liberal media are nothing more than low life idiots. People whom subscribe to their jabber are idiots as well, whom live with their heads in the sand.