Penn State, the Catholic Church, and ‘Glee’

The Penn State sex scandal has rocked not only the sport’s world but everybody’s world. As the story unfolds, the specifics get worse and worse. Jerry Sandusky, a former defensive coordinators for Penn State University's football team, is rumored to have been “pimping out young boys to rich donors,” says Pittsburgh radio host Mark Madden. The scandal has led to the resignation of 84-year-old Penn State football coach Joe Paterno and the school’s president. Paterno has coached the Nittany Lions from 1966 through November 9, 2011. More heads are going to roll.

When parents of these sexually abused children contact their lawyers, there’s going to be a steep price to pay. If those who knew what Sandusky was doing to these teenagers at the athletic facilities of Penn State had immediately contacted the civil authorities, it would have been heartbreaking but it would have been over. Sandusky would have been stopped, no more children would have been abused and corrupted, and Penn State would have been lauded for their diligent efforts. University’s have a long history of moral autonomy. Historian Gary North writes:

[T]he Penn State crisis is representative of the West’s deep-rooted confusion over what constitutes justice and how justice conforms with a society’s institutional success indicators. The coverage also relates to the West’s misplaced trust in tax-funded bureaucracies. . . .

The mark of the university’s claim to legal sovereignty is the black academic gown. Judges wear them. So do graduates and professors. So do clerics. From the earliest days, universities demanded equal sovereign status with church and state. It was an illegitimate claim, but it has stuck.

College professors got their money from students in the old, old days. Students would not pay the flakes. Students’ standards prevailed. They established the success indicators. The substandard professors – always in the majority – hated this. It forced them into a free market. They changed the rules. Students henceforth paid the college. Mediocre professors run the college: majority rules. “He who can, does. He who can’t, teaches. He who can’t teach, administers.” This has been true for 800 years of university life.

Sandusky’s behavior with the boys was known for more than a decade, but because the university saw itself as a sovereign institution, equal to that of the civil sphere, it believed it could legitimately mete out justice or not. Here’s what Madden wrote in April of this year:

Allegations of improper conduct with an underage male first surfaced in 1998, while Sandusky was still employed by Penn State. That incident allegedly occurred in a shower at Penn State’s on-campus football facility. No charges were filed.

There was a grand cover-up to protect the school, the athletic department, the football team, recruiting1, and protecting the reputation of Joe Paterno. In the end, it was about money and moral autonomy. “The mark of this autonomy was the university police force. The professors and the students claimed near-immunity from city councils and city police. The university police’s #1 task was to keep city police off campus. Only secondarily were the university police to establish order on campus.”

The Catholic Church has been heavily criticized for its “sex scandals” and the cover-ups, as it should have been. It was the Catholic church’s failure to act swiftly and decisively on the matter that disillusioned and enraged faithful church members. No one likes a cover-up, especially religious devotees who believe the church is a means of salvation.

Like the Catholic Church, Penn State has a homosexual problem, as do most colleges and universities in America. The administrations capitulated a long time ago. See the “University LGBT/Queer Programs: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual Queer Studies in the USA and Canada” website to see how pervasive the normative study of homosexuality is, and this doesn’t count the number of LGB Student Unions.

Is there a correlation between the normalization of homosexual acts and the practices of men like Jerry Sandusky? Remember, Sandusky was molesting these boys on the campus of Penn State, and people in the athletic department knew about it. I found this statement from a Penn State student quoted in the New York Times interesting:

Chanel Lange-Maney, a sophomore, said that in her gay and lesbian studies class on Wednesday, students debated whether a gay and lesbian students’ group should make a statement about the episode. No, they decided, to avoid associating homosexuality with child molestation.

First, it’s no wonder graduates from college are having a hard time getting jobs when they are sitting in “gay and lesbian studies” classes. That’s an area of study that every employer is looking for on a college transcript.

Second, pedophilia, contrary to what the psychiatric world thinks, is a type of homosexuality. The reason Sandusky is being charged with molestation is because society has not made it legal for older men and women to have sex with teenagers. In order to satisfy his innate urge, he has to break the law, the same thing homosexuals had to do before so many laws were changed. If the laws were changed, lowering the age of consent as homosexuals at NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) want done, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

It’s important that a high wall be built between pedophilia and run-of-the-mill homosexuality. Here’s an example:

In a blatant attempt to intermix homosexuality, an innate trait fixed at birth, with pedophilia, a psychological disorder, LaBarbera flouted his ignorance and bigoted hatred through none other than the decades-​old Christian News Wire.2

Did you catch that? Homosexuality is “an innate trait fixed at birth” while “pedophilia [is] a psychological disorder.” I suspect that Mr. Sandusky would disagree like most pedophiles would. The homosexuals at NAMBLA might also want to get in on the discussion. Homosexuals have bullied the various psychiatric and psychological associations to change their views on homosexuality. This is why homosexuality is no longer considered a form of behavioral choice by mainstream psychologists and psychiatrists.

There are gradations of sexual desire and practice, as the homosexual community acknowledges. It’s not just “gay” anymore; it’s LGBT: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. Polygamists are next in line to add a letter to the already long sexual acronym.

There’s another factor to consider. Many homosexuals will tell you that when they very young they had been molested by an older authority figure. Chastity Bono (who is now the transgendered ‘Chas’), Anne Heche, and CNN anchor Don Lemon are just three examples. Peter LaBarbera’s extended comments on the Penn State scandal are instructive:

  • Many openly homosexual (“gay”) men, like CNN anchor Don Lemon, were molested as boys or experienced abnormally early sexualization. Yet many of these same men do NOT see their boyhood victimization at the hands of homosexual male predators as causing their homosexuality. (This is due partly to the success of the modern “gay” movement that falsely ascribes “gayness” to a person’s (innate) identity, and emphasizes the ambiguous notion of “sexual orientation” as opposed to behavior that is sinful, destructive and changeable.)
  • Thus, how many boy victims of homosexual predator Sandusky will end up believing that being homosexual (“gay”) is “who they are”? How many will struggle with sexual identity issues? And how many will be told by LGBT advocates and liberal-minded people just to “accept being gay” as “who they are” because they were “born that way”?
  • Because the media and academia have largely become apologists for the modern homosexualist movement, they downplay or ignore obvious causative factors in the formation of “gay” identity — including pederastic molestation. CNN’s Lemon is a case in point: he is now an “out gay” celebrity, yet few question the absurdity of him not associating the molestation of his youth with his later embrace of homosexuality as a positive identity.

The media, academia, and the entertainment industry have led a moral assault to “define deviancy down” by indoctrinating young boys and girls to believe the myth that homosexuality is a legitimate sexual choice or an innate condition. Remove the taboo and the stigma of homosexuality by an appeal to tolerance, choice, and diversity, and the game is nearly won.

This is being done at a rapid pace. Homosexual propaganda pieces like It’s Elementary and That’s a Family! have been specifically designed to desensitize children to the abnormal nature of homosexuality. Helen Cohen, the producer of That’s a Family!, is unapologetic about her goal: “Now that we have this [film], we have an incredible opportunity to reach millions of children in this country through schools and community service organizations, family service organizations, and many, many other venues.”3

For an even more shocking propaganda push, see the article that appeared in the Boston Globe and Massachusetts News that describes a workshop that was sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Education and was held at Tufts University. The target audience?: Teenagers. “One could see children as young as 12 or 13 at the conference participating and receiving “information and materials.” At one point in the workshop, a teacher “informed her adolescent students that it is okay if an older man approaches them for sexual gratification.”4

Then there is the attention-grabbing episode of Glee where two teenage boys “consummate” their love for one another by a sexual romp in the sack. Even a writer who does object to homosexuality had problems with the episode:

Gay, straight, lesbian, or bi, when did it become appropriate for teens to have sex with each other on prime time TV? Is this really the message that we want to send to our kids? . . .


Teenage sex leads to depression and other crappy stuff. Why is Hollywood trying to romanticize teenage relationships? Yeah, two couples (one gay, one straight) on the show gave themselves to one another, but will they be together in ten years?

Probably not.

Gay or straight, Hollywood should not be romanticizing sex amongst teenagers.

Young people are being told that sex before marriage is OK – any kind and with anybody. Their being told that marriage needs to be redefined. What moral compass does a teenager have today? How does he reject the advances of someone like Jerry Sandusky? You can imagine what was going through these young boys' minds: “I mean, he’s a football coach. He’s married. He’s doing this to us at Penn State University in the hallowed locker rooms of the Nittany Lions. He had an office on campus and exercised on campus.Some of the employees know about what he was doing. The school has ‘gay and lesbian studies’ classes. What could be wrong with it? Yes, I was uncomfortable and feel ashamed, but that’s only because I've believed the stereotypical propaganda about homosexuality."

This isn’t about hate. It’s about moral reality.

  1. A Fox News story states that "A standout high school offensive lineman from Colorado has turned his back on his verbal commitment to attend Penn State, becoming the first recruit the school has lost because of the ongoing sex scandal that has rocked the university to its core, the Coloradoan reported." []
  2. I’m not going to link to the site because it's disgusting. []
  3. Quoted by Beverly LaHaye, “Dear Friend” letter, Concerned Women of America (March 2002), 1. []
  4. Brian Camenker and Scott Whiteman, “Kids Get Graphic Instruction in Homosexual Sex,” The Massachusetts News (June 200). The entire article can be found at It’s shocking. []



  • Edie Wiske

    "Second, pedophilia, contrary to what the psychiatric world thinks, is a type of homosexuality. The reason Sandusky is being charged with molestation is because society has not made it legal for older men and women to have sex with teenagers. In order to satisfy his innate urge, he has to break the law, the same thing homosexuals had to do before so many laws were changed. If the laws were changed, lowering the age of consent as homosexuals at NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) want done, we wouldn’t be having this discussion."

    So are you actually saying that you WANT to have the laws changed as NAMBLA wishes??? If so, I can NOT see how this would help our society at ALL.. legalizing abortion only caused it to INCREASE, not decrease! God's law says pedophilia, homosexuality and every other type of sexuality other than heterosexual, within marriage, is PERVERSION. Changing the laws in accord with what YOU call "reality" (and is it? I cannot believe that homosexuality is as widespread as the LGBTs say; they will pump up the numbers to support the agenda they are pushing!) is only hastening both the demise of the lives affected by such laws, and very shortly, the demise of society itself, as you cause the JUDGEMENT of God to fall on it!

  • The Godfather

    What? Apparently you missed the point.

  • B_tekk

    Considering that half of all babies born to teenagers are father by men over the age of 21, lustful interests in the young would seem to be more a reflection of the lack of sexually morality men are taught in America. Theres nothing homosexual about it, and if you had actually talked with a Psychologist or a Criminal Psychiatrist, you'd understand that molestation is an act of power by the offender, equal to the raping of an adult. Penn State is guilty of covering things up, but to attempt to link the gross abuse of power to your own anti-homosexual agenda really is your own attempt at abusing power. Thanks for showing that al the bigots stopped wearing white sheets and instead setup webpages like this one.

    • Nik

      I think your problem may be that you think a Phychologist or a Criminal Psychiatrist is an authority. Sexual predation is about sex. All this phyco-babble is de-braining people. So the dirty old neighbor who tried to grab my little sister by her you know what was acting out a power trip, nay-nay- he was trying to get off on little girls. Sandusky and other homosexual pederasts are trying to get off sexually on little boys, because people are now confused by name calling of intolerant, bigot etc, these demons are getting away with it and the children of America are vulnerable. Where is my authority-in God. Life gets quite lovely when you stick to the basics. God-good-glory.

  • @SSBohio

    "Second, pedophilia, contrary to what the psychiatric world thinks, is a type of homosexuality"

    Really? So, when a father rapes his eight-year-old daughter repeatedly, it's "a type of homosexuality?" I'd love to see you connect those dots.

    "The reason Sandusky is being charged with molestation is because society has not made it legal for older men and women to have sex with teenagers"

    Sandusky is accused of raping boys as young as nine or ten years old! This is not even related to the question of sex with teenagers. However, even if it were, you have your facts wrong: The most common age of consent in the United States is 16, so, rightly or wrongly, in much of the country, it is legal for adults to have sex with teenagers.

    Finally, here's the main idea that you need to comprehend: homosexuality is a practice involving consenting adults into which the government has no business interfering; Pedophilia is the criminal sexual assault of children who are incapable of giving their informed consent.

    The government therefore seeks to stop the practice of pedophilia for the same reason it seeks to stop rape or murder: the person being molested, raped, or murdered does not consent. One of the roles of government is to stop people (called criminals) from doing things to other people (called victims) without their consent.

    Your insistence on using the suffering of the children in this case as some kind of Trojan Horse through which you can justify government intruding into the most personal part of our lives is beyond immoral; it is plainly reprehensible.

  • The Godfather

    Many men today who wear the moniker "gay" were molested as children. Their guilt feelings were assuaged by older homosexuals telling them that it's OK to be "gay." Homosexuality is all about power. Notice how homosexuals bully anyone who disagrees with them. Your last sentence proves it. Homosexual groups get people fired for expressing their opinions on the subject, donating to Proposition 8, and attacking Carrie Prejean when she expressed her opinion on marriage. There have been attacks on Chik-fil-a because they donated lunch to a traditional family conference. A letter writer to the San Francisco Chronicle who supported Prop 8 was intimidated when Internet search engines were used “to find the letter writer’s small business, his Web site (which included the names of his children and dog), his phone number and his clients. And they posted that information in the ‘Comments’ section of — urging, in ugly language, retribution against the author’s business and its identified clients.” Here's a statement by someone who had his house fire bombed for speaking out against homosexuality: "All of this violence, vandalism and rage is to be expected from the gay community. One protestor’s placard said it well, 'Gay Rights or Gay Riots.’ They have shown time and time again that if they don’t get their way, they will resort to any kind of civil disobedience that they consider necessary to achieve their goals. The gay political movement is not kind and gentle; if you oppose them, you can expect to have your life and family threatened, your job security threatened, your property vandalized, and your character vilified.” ((McIlhenny, When the Wicked Seize a City, 221.))

    • thechristiansolution

      I thought that the prime conditioner for homosexuality was the total lack of a same sex role model in your life. I didn't think that just a one time encounter will change a person's sexual orientation as the article implies.

      If a girl is missing a mother role model (rare), she is at risk to become a lesbian. If she is missing a fatherly role model, she becomes at risk of being highly promiscous. She has no man in her life who loves her just for herself and can easily believe sex is the only attraction men see in her.

      For a boy, if he is missing his mother (rare again), he tends to be hyper-sexed. If he is missing his father, he is at risk of being a homosexual.

      In other words, we tend to want what we don't have and the best environment is a healthy does of both seual role models.

      • Nik

        Prior to the pre-puberty age, children have a natural repulsion against the opposite sex, nature does this so that they do not engage in sex before they are physically or mentally able or prepared. Children prior to puberty are primarily homosocialized. If they are sexualized at this stage, they can become homosexual, that is why so many of the homosexually molested become sexually confused. Actually humans can be sexualized to a shoe. Homosexuals will deny that this childhood molestation has interferred with the natural sexual growth. However they seem to agree that girls molested by adult males have been seen to become promiscous and acting out. I fear that with the rabid political push of the homosexual advocacy groups more children's lives will be destroyed.

  • @SSBohio

    I'm having trouble deciphering your non sequiturs: How does what I said have anything to do with homosexual politics or "gay bullies?" Where did I stick up for those homosexuals attacking people who disagree with them? That said, if you take a public stand, you cannot then complain when you face public approbation for taking that stand. That goes for pro-homosexual activists as well as anti-. I didn't support any of the anti-free-speech actions you intended to tar me with. I raised two overarching points:

    1) The issue of pedophilia & other forms of rape is not a rationale for further government intrusion into the private lives of consenting adults.

    2) Using the abuse that these children suffered to advance that agenda is reprehensible.

    Now, you avoided speaking to either of the points I raised while also trying to tie me to positions I don't support. If you'd like, I'd be interested in hearing you address the issues I raised, rather than the ones I didn't. If nothing else, it's more responsive.

  • The Godfather

    Opposition to homosexuality is not about "intrusion into the private lives of consenting adults." Homosexuals are the ones who have made their sexual acts public. They have parades showing the world how perverse their sexual lifestyle is, Have you seen some of them? Search "Gay Pride Parade" on Google and click "Images." They push for anti-discrimination legislation based on a sexual behavior, attack people financially who disagree with them, and will sue an employer if he or she discriminates because of a person's sexual practices. Homosexuals have tried to hitch their wagon to the civil rights movement. Skin color and sex acts are not the same thing. Colin Powell said, "Skin color is a benign, nonbehavioral characteristic. Sexual orientation is perhaps the most profound of human behavioral characteristics. Comparison of the two is a convenient but invalid argument."
    Our nation has tolerated all types of deviant sexual behaviors -- from homosexuality to transgenderism -- and we're surprised when people flaunt their socially and morally unacceptable behavior right before the eyes of so-called professional men at a major university. I see a connection. There were people who saw Sandusky molest a 10 year-old boy and didn't contact the police. If they had seen someone rape a young girl, what do you think would have been done?
    So far we only know a few of the victims. The guy's been doing this for years. Some of them may have been teenagers. Would it have been OK for him to have sex with a 16 year-old? Sixteen year-old kids have sex all the time. I suspect that 12-year-olds are having sex. Why is it wrong for a 50-year-old man (Sandusky was in his 50s when he was fired) to have sex with a 16-year-old?
    Why is consent the magic word? If two people decide to kill themselves, is that a moral decision? There's the guy who advertised for someone to be killed and eaten. He found ten who consented. He killed and ate one of them. Is that OK. What if an 18-year-old daughter or son consents to marry her/his father? Is that OK? How about consensual sex with the family pet? What if the pet really likes it? Then there's polygamy.
    The modern-day homosexual movement has made the job of people like Sandusky a lot easier.

  • thechristiansolution

    I want to counter the perception in this article that the Catholic Church is alone in religions as to having problems with covering up adults abusing children.

    The Jewish community covers up as a matter of routine in Rabbinnical Courts called Beth Dins.

    For centuries, disputes involving children, marriage and business have been decided by rabbinical courts called beth dins, which do not report their findings to the secular authorities, even when they judge someone guilty. Taboos codified long ago during times of persecution discourage community members from informing on other Jews; violations can result in ostracism.

    -- Orthodox Jews Rely More on Sex Abuse Prosecution
    -- by PAUL VITELLO October 13, 2009

    I have written about this here -->
    and here -- >

  • 1389AD
  • The Godfather

    To TheChristianSolution: You're right; it's not just the Catholic Church. In addition to what you mention. I was going to include the following, but the article was too long already: "Don’t think it’s just the Catholics who have a homosexual problem among their clergy. It just so happens that the Catholic Church is the biggest and most despised target of liberals. I’m sure it goes on among Protestant and Jewish clergy as well. Give the anti-Christians time to get around to the others. The strategy for infiltration, demolition, and eventual takeover is clearly in sight. In terms of percentages, however, less than two-percent of priests are involved. The public schools have a higher percentage of teachers who use sex as a tool for exploitation and pleasure, and this says nothing about the easy access of drugs, reports of rape, sexual liaisons in the classroom, counterfeiting, stabbings, and murder that are almost a daily occurrence."

    • Rory T.

      You are correct about other religions, but understand the secular population is twice as bad (Penn state is the tip of the iceberg). The offenders within the Catholic Church, between the 1960s and 1995, was 3% and the John Jay report concluded 82% of cases were men on teenage boys. Keep in mind priests take an oath of celibacy which should have made their homosexuality a non-issue. The fact that molestations were common with these 3% seems to indicate they were to addicted to the behavior to control their urges. In the last 15 years the Church has cleaned up the priesthood to the point only a small fraction of 1% (.06% v. 3.0% pre 1995) have been offenders. Protestant and Jewish clergy had the same 3% the Catholics suffered with, but without the deep pockets or mainstream media enthusiasm to be sued. The really sad point is that public schools today have about a 5-6%% offender population making them 100 times more dangerous to children than today's Catholic clergy. Can you handle the truth?

  • Toronto Wine

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  • Tim from PA

    At no time did Penn State try to keep city cops off campus. In the 1950's under University President Milton Eisenhower (brother to Ike), the campus achieved Borough status. Basically the campus is its own town with its own police force and various services. Cops from the borough of State College cannot cross into the Borough of University Park without jurisdictional problems.

  • john

    "Like the Catholic Church, Penn State has a homosexual problem, as do most colleges and universities in America."

    You must have had some good reason for the first four words in that sentence - I searched the remainder of the article and found nothing to back up your assertion...A few bad apples has become a homosexual problem? I guess the other faiths have no problem at all, right???