20 Reasons Why Paul Ryan Was a Good VP Pick

I expect the worst in life, that way I’m not disappointed when the wheels fall off the truck. If things turn out better than I expected, then I can breathe a sigh of relief. So while I’m cautious going into to November with Mitt Romney at the top of the ticket, there are some positive signs that we’re nearly done with President Obama.

Trying to put the best face on the Romney campaign, I’ve come up with 20 reasons why Paul Ryan was a good VP pick. I’m sure there are those reading this list who will come up with a list of reasons why Ryan was not a good pick. I’m trying to be positive, which is against my nature:

  1. Paul Ryan is not Joe Biden.
  2. Romney Ryan sounds like Ronald Reagan.
  3. Liberals hate him.
  4. Democrat political operative and CNN contributor (naturally) James Carville was critical of Paul Ryan because he didn’t wear a tie during the VP announcement. You know the Democrats are worried if a news segment was devoted to what Ryan was wearing.
  5. He’s making liberals go insane. Russell Simmons, who is worth $340 million and owned a 49,000-square-foot home, tweeted: “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, two men who will destroy our people.”
  6. Romney/Ryan raised $3.5 million dollars in one day after the announcement. Money is an indicator of voter enthusiasm.
  7. More than 10,000 people attended a campaign rally In North Carolina. This wasn’t a union “rent-a-mob.”
  8. More than 10,000 people turned out to welcome Paul Ryan back to Wisconsin. Neither Romney nor Ryan wore a tie.
  9. A fundraiser in Chicago for Obama resulted in a half-full room.
  10. Obama and Co. immediately went on the attack. I think they’re surprised that Romney made such a bold move with a conservative.
  11. He knows how to debate.
  12. He’s not a wimp.
  13. He’ll stand up to the liberal media. Not a hard thing to do if a person decides to do it.
  14. He drove the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile and worked at McDonalds. This shows that he can relate to people who work for a living and that he had more private sector work experience than President Obama.
  15. He’s pro-life. He co-sponsored the Sanctity of Human Life Act and Right to Life Act.1
  16. A National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) “press release being circulated by Democrats and women’s groups” accuses the Catholic, pro-life Ryan with “extreme” anti-abortion views.
  17. He’s against homosexual marriage. “He has voted in favor of the Marriage protection act, twice in favor of an amendment to the Constitution to define marriage, and against the repeal of the military’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy.”
  18. Libertarians should like Ryan for this statement: “I grew up reading Ayn Rand and it taught me quite a bit about who I am and what my value systems are, and what my beliefs are. It’s inspired me so much that it’s required reading in my office for all my interns and my staff.”
  19. Hopefully Ryan will help pull Romney more to the right.
  20. The Tea Party is enthusiastic. “This absolutely brings excitement to the ticket,” said Debbie Dooley, co-founder of the Atlanta Tea Party, who said she her reaction was “Wow!” when she heard the news. “This gives us something to vote for rather than voting against (incumbent Democratic U.S. President Barack) Obama.”

Bonus 21: The New Republic reports that “Paul Ryan Kills Off Moderate Republicanism For Good.”

  1. Ryan does hold to the exception clause in the event that the pregnant woman’s life is in danger. As anybody familiar with this topic knows, there are few if any such dangers today. Any good doctor would attempt to save the life of the mother and the unborn baby. []

403 thoughts on “20 Reasons Why Paul Ryan Was a Good VP Pick

  1. They keep calling him an extremist , that is too funny..DWS she really hates him, her head was spinning and she said extreme , ten times..My favorite reason is , he is one of the only people in Washington doing what we put him there to do..Trying to save us from bankruptcy..That’s what they really hate, they think their job is to trash republicans on the senate floor, waste money in Vegas, pay for other people’s stuff.ask for more taxpayer’s money to pass out to their friends,.and blame everything on the people they are asking to pay for other people’s stuff..

    1. Since you mentioned Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (who IS an insane extremist), did you hear her on Fox News Sunday claiming she did not know the “political affiliation” of the group that did the ad implying Romney was responsible for the death of that woman with cancer?!? I am convinced that the Left is so concentrated on hate that it rots whatever they have for a brain.

      1. Irma,assuming they had a brain to start with,they have to have a great socialist/communist leader to follow because they don’t have any original thoughts.

        1. Mitt Romney is losing in every state! Obama is up in polls to 53%. Save your BS for someone else.

        2. Keep dreaming! Mitt Romney your rich snob is just another John McCain LOSER! Many voters feel Mitt Romney is out touch with the common man. And he is!

        3. You seem to be the one that is an Obummer lover !! Which way is your shorts on ?? Backwards I would bet !!

        4. I don’t know about you, Mickey but I’m having a ball working on jazzpast !! I might have hurt his feelings !! He brings out the best of me !!

        5. jazzmouth, I don’t know what polls you are seeing, but they are not in line with better polls showing Romney ahead of Obama or so close there is no statistical difference.

        6. Ronbigmouth, FOX NEWS just reported the other day if the election was held now Mitt Romney would be the LOSER! Obama is leading in every state lie all you want it won’t change reality.

        7. If you didn’t see it with your own eyes or hear it with your own ears, don’t invent it with your small mind and share it with your big fat mouth!

        8. You need to pay a lot better attention when you turn on the TV. The truth is that Obama is NOT leading in every state. In fact, he is not even leading in half the states, and today would only secure 217 electoral votes of the 270 needed to be reelected (blue states either solidly or leaning Democrat). Many states are still a toss-up, and Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan may even put Wisconsin in the Republican column.

        9. jazzpast is a good user name you have chosen for you. Today is August 14. You are way behind the times, and a coward hiding behind your online anonymity. You don’t dare use your real name of call me a liar to my face. Fox, btw, is not the only polltaking group and certainly not the most reliable.

        10. If we could get rid of Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and all you Socialists supporting both of them America would be so much better off. Romney supporters are no better than the scumbags in the White House now. Oh I could do more than call you a liar to your face. Why don’t you use your real name puss.

        11. I am using my real name while you hide behind your user name anonymous Internet hero and make your empty threats online warrior.

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        14. jazz your posts reveal you are quite insane and a blowhard of the first order.
          FYI I am not a Mormon, Socialist or Nazi, and as for your killing me, that is at the top of the list currently of your outrageous and ridiculous statements.

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        19. Barack Hussein Barry Obama Sotero Davis and Joe Biden cowards with no military service as if it matters. Here’s a little homework assignment for you: Read the bios of past presidents and VPs, including the present two, and learn how unimportant it is to winning an election that the president or VP have served in the military, especially in combat. So your little shot is a non-starter.

        20. Talk about a know-nothing, that is you. You are living your life on false
          assumptions with a demonstrable inability to read English with comprehension,
          and in great anger.

          There is no need for you to shout – “DRAFT DODGER” and “AZZ” – or use obscenities and childish namecalling – “dipstick.”

          I served our country also for 21 years on active duty, 36 total in uniform,
          and two combat assignments – the Southeast Asia War from 1965-69 and in
          Grenada. I thank you for your service whether you served in combat or not. If
          you are getting VA care or not you can get help for your anger issues from the

          If you are an Obamaniac, Biden had to draft dodge too, and Obama said
          he thought about joining the military. I doubt he could have done so for many
          reasons, among them, he would have to have been a U.S. citizen, shown a valid
          birth certificate and not had such a serious problem with excessive alcohol and
          illicit drug use.

          If you are a rabid Paulite, Ron
          Paul was a flight surgeon who skedaddled to the safety of the National Guard
          just as the Southeast Asia War got underway.

          Now to reading with comprehension, please get someone who can do so to read
          my post and explain it to you with particular attention to this phrase: “learn
          how unimportant it is to winning an election.” I prefer to have a President and
          VP with military background too, but the majority of U.S. voters never have
          consistently and certainly do not now. So those raising the issue are raising a
          non-starter as an issue. It doesn’t matter to enough voters to make a
          difference, and is an empty attack of no consequence.

          Good luck on getting some help with your several problems.

        21. Sorry I made you mad. ha ha ha I have never voted for Ron Paul so you can stop telling that LIE! I wouldn’t vote for your RINO Socialist pig if he was the last LDS, mormon CULT leader in America. ha ha ha

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          Now you are calling Romney a cult leader and laughing hysterically. I was
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          suggestion if you are really a U.S. military veteran.

        23. Obama has drug and alcohol problems? How totally unfounded does a claim have to be for you not to take it on faith because some Consie hack dreamed it up? He’s also gay, Martian, and a bowhunter? LOL

        24. Obviously you have not read Obama’s purported autobiorgaphies or believe what he has said publicly about himself. Newsweek magazine called your pretend president the first gay president of the U.S. You are the first I have seen to call him a Martian and bowhunter, and I don’t believe a word you say.

        25. I’ve never been so diversified !! You have managed to label me with sooo many different labels that I am getting a split personality !! Seriously, please take some meds so your bowls will settle down !!

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        28. Your DRAFT DODGER Mitt Romney is a COWARD! I use Mitt Romney’s face as a urinal target in my bathroom stool. That’s what I think of your LDS, mormon CULT leader.

        29. Whether Gov Romney is a “draft dodger” is not germaine, What matters is to hire a Commander in Chief who will SERVE the country’s interest,. Protect our borders, and have the courage to stand up to radical muslims and Islamic fundamentalists. The current occupier of the oval office is caterting to the Muslim Brotherhood. Celebrates the festival of Romadan, and takes out the National Day of Prayer. I see Romney returning us to the right path, and STOP this assinine war on Christianity which O’SkankButt has waged. WE have a so called president who has nothing to run on except class warfare and negative lies as ads. Romney doesn’t need a Tele-prompter for his addresses. Have you ever seen (or heard) O’SkankButt without one?? He’s speechless

        30. Mitt Romney has spent his entire career as the most PRO-ABORTION PRO-GAY RIGHTS left liberal across the nation. Romney as Governor even refused to define marriage as one man one woman. Romney said that was to extreme! Mitt Romney is the Father of Gay marriage in America! Romney sticks his big foot in his mouth every time he opens it. In London they call him Mitt the lying TWIT!

        31. So let me get this straight – a polygamous Mormon whose US citizenship is in doubt and a Papist who’ll take direct orders from Rome are better? LOL
          By the way, unless you’re part of the 1%, the class war is against YOUR class. LOL

        32. OK !! OK !! I have received so many emails chasising me I have to apologize to the community organizers for saying that you were one of them !! They don’t want you, you looser !!

        33. Offhand I’m not aware of any place to report abuse. His lack of maturity kind of made me a bit embarrassed in out “debates” because it was very clear he was a very immature person and had a bunch of uninformed and falsehoods in his replies. Believe me, he will overstep the line very easy if he is questioned even in the slightest. At this point I could only guess by his posts that he was a liberal but he still might have supported Ron Paul. I really got bored with his rants after a short while but choose to throw a few eggs just to find out for sure on a few things like his “20 years” military experience. He didn’t have what it takes to make it thru boot camp and should have recognized I do have military experience and combat experience at that !!

        34. You are a couple days late on this blog. My whole ploy was to get him off others cases and expose him as what he is—a liar and liberal. I don’t know just how much of the dialog you read but the intelligence separation was way in my favor. At no time did I feel intimidated or angry. Also I never stated my military experience which dates back to Vietnam and the Marine Corps. He claimed to be a retired military person and his attitude stated to me he was never in the military. Also never really committed as to who he was backing !! I back the R&R team because to back any other names still in the hat would be like backing Obama ansd wasting a vote !!

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        39. Do you realize you have never posted anything on WHO you are for in November, just who you are against ? Now that seems to beyond duh and into grunting !!

        40. Now that you metioned it I guess i’m voting for me. Cause i’m not voting for Romney or Obama. If the people in the United States would stand up and be counted for a change we could put the country right. I’t’s to bad because I love America and it’s people. To bad we always have to be at each others throat. I won’t ever support a Socialist America. So it’s on.

        41. Jazz.

          A vote for you is non vote. Might as well not vote at all…How can we right the wrongs with people like you that want to be counted, but won’t be counted at all?

        42. Mitt Romney is a copy of Barack Obama. If Romney gets in you will find out. Doesn’t help switching one dictator for another. America isn’t going to last that long anyway. We are headed toward a third world country. We are partly there now.

        43. I disagree. Romney is Not a copy.

          Romney has experience running a company, and knows the pitfalls and hold backs of making one successful…He was governor, and as such has more experience in a Leadership/Managerial role-unlike the current occupant of the WH.

          You know, I’ve seen him come back at people at town halls and stuff like that, and he doesn’t back down. He isn’t a socialist-he does not want to take the wealth of our country and redistribute it, and keep only the people in high office in charge.

          There is a difference in the men.

          And, you may be right. If Obama gets re-elected we are Most Definitely on the road to 3rd world-dom (I don’t think that’s a word). He could make it happen…the way I see it, is we elect Romney, and put up a real Conservative in 4 more years-the old guard GOP (Cheney, Bush(es), Snow et.al., still control the party, which is why the Tea Party is wrenching control of it from their Cold, Dead, Fingers.

        44. I’m the wrong stuff? What kind of stuff you talking about hillbilly? You have lost me now? You have made even me non-plus? Duh?

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        50. Since you are so big with draft dodgers, just when did you serve? And please notice, I don’t call people names. Except for friend.

        51. He was section eighted out!! Before he made it thru boot camp !! It was found out he peed in the bed nightly. Too much fear of getting an owie !!!

        52. If he is afraid of posting his branch, he DID NOT SERVE or is ashamed of his branch, which I highly doubt he ever served but is a wannabe by his rants !! Military folks as a rule are pretty thick skinned .

        53. I think his “20 years of service ” is more like his age !! I am a Marine combat vet and certainly have a more civil mouth and brain this looney has or ever will have in his lifetime.

        54. Medivac. Thank You also for your combat service…

          I just always wonder at the people who start barking stuff like “draft dodger”. And, you know. reading the posts back and forth between you two, not so sure jazz is a liberal…

          For that matter-Romney is who we got, and I like Ryan. However, I will say that this election cycle, Romney was not my first choice. But, we all take our lumps…Ryan is a signal to the conservatives and Tea Partiers that we (the GOP) are serious about fixing our budget issues, unlike the current administration.

        55. BTW, which branch of the Russian military did you serve?? Or are you claiming to a Nazi storm trooper ??

        56. You were never in the military, you liar. RonMar, jazzy is a homo who is dating an old black man named Lucious who lives about a block from me. I’ve always wondered if Lucious was jazzy’s pimp but I don’t know for sure. I was just wanting to let you know that he is lying about being in the military. jazzpast’s real name is Jeff.

        57. Kennedy? Of course we had men running for office back then.
          Driving a weeniemobile or NOT flying a plane stateside is as close as we get today.

        58. You are wrong, sir. Why would you bring this up? Afterall, Billy Clinton had no service nor moral aptitude. I would rather trust a person who can demonstrate leadership, decision-making and financial acumen that “hope and pray that I can do this” is no longer a concern. I heard Mexico is a pretty low cost of living opportunity….maybe you should explore it.

        59. Mitt Romney is a dirty stinking DRAFT DODGER with over 4 deferments. No your wrong sir. Lot’s of people have no military service. A DRAFT DODGER is something else all together. Maybe you should BLOW ME!

        60. Original thought: Put guys who got rich by taking money out of your pocket in charge and think they’ll take care of you. Duh

      2. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is the reason blondes have the bad name of “dumb blonde.” She is ALWAYS so set on her talking points, SHE NEVERS answers the questions and the moderators, whomever they are, can’t get her to shut up long enough to answer the questions. There must be a way that her mic can be shut off when she just keeps rambling on and on with her talking points. Ever notice how true that is of all the dummicrats when they are asked to be on one of the Fox programs? Boy, they never shut up and listen and the moderators seem to be trying harder to shut them up but boy, it’s not working too well.

    2. Watched the paulbots going wild trying to smear his record yesterday! They just proved they are there to assist b o in keeping our downsizing and destruction on track.

        1. Ron scares me as being a bit unstable but Rand?.. He’s a keeper… As stated earlier, me and a few million other voters gave an election to Clinton by voting for Ross Perot. I realize that MY one vote change wouldn’t have change the outcome but I still regret that action over 20 years later. Anyone that votes for Paul will carry that burden if Obama gets re-elected due to that split vote.

    3. They have a convenient memory. It was Obama and his associates who turned the Democrat Party from being Liberal to being far Left and more radical. They are the extremists and even moderates are treated as being not left enough.
      They have moved the notion of compromise to giving in to their demands overlooking the facts that they have forced their ideas through Congress and that Mr Reid has denied the other side even a hearing in the Senate.
      That the Republicans have pushed back was necessary to correct the Obama and other excesses. The one thing he might have done to help the country is that he made the issues more clear. This election is about two visions of our future and many of us like Mr Ryan’s and are afraid of Mr Obama’s.
      By the way, the uncertainty factor is mostly fear of what Obama and his associates will do next. People are not afraid his actions will be undone, but rather that he will further run us off the cliff.

      1. I couldn’t agree more, had he not become President people would not of gotten a clear view of where it is they want to take us..and it’s not a good place..

  2. I am through-the-roof thrilled with Paul Ryan. I believe he is an honest, conservative young man who says what he means, and means what he says and has proven it over his years in Congress, despite harsh criticism from the left.

    He’s a family man, a Christian,……sharp as a tack, a quick study, a whiz at numbers, understands how the government works, and has no problem standing up for what he believes. From all accounts, someone who is qualified to be VP or the President, God forbid, should the need arise.

    Romney’s choice for VP has shown that just as in his successful businesses, he has the ability to astutely analyze a problem, determine its solution, and then choose someone qualified to help him solve it. An excellent quality in a President.

    As for those Christians who have doubts about Romney because he’s Mormon, they might want to review the Samaritan Principle from Scripture taught by Jesus in Luke 17:11-19, 9:51-56, 10:27-37, John 4.

    The Lord described certain scenarios in which God’s people, the Jews, were expected to do the right thing, and though given the opportunity, it was NOT those professing believers so proud of their lofty position in the religious community who did what was right, but it was the Samaritan, whose beliefs were not all in line with Scripture……..the ”mongrel” despised and ridiculed by the Jews….. who did it.

    This story was the Lord’s rebuke of those who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. He used the Samaritan as an example of righteousness to be emulated. Imagine yourself, as a fine, upstanding Christian, being told to follow the example of a Mormon in righteous acts. Would that prick your heart?

    In John 4, while all the religious leaders were waiting for news of the One who would save them from their oppressers, Jesus identified Himself first as that Messiah to an outcast….to a woman, no less (something not done by an orthodox Jewish man)….an ostracized, fallen Samaritan woman…….a rank sinner..

    Imagine the consternation among the male religious leaders when news of this reached them. Their response was: It’s untrue….He’s a liar….He claims to be God….Lets kill him.

    Instead of being convicted for the hypocrites that they were and repenting, these religious people doubled down and defended their indefensible actions.

    Lessons taken away from this:
    1. Examine yourself. Make sure that you WALK as you TALK.
    2. God works in mysterious ways, often using the unexpected to carry out His will. So….. expect the unexpected.
    3. God looks not on the outside…but on our hearts. (1 Samuel 16:7)

    The Apostle Paul wrote:
    1Co 13:2 And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have ALL FAITH, so that I could remove mountains, and have not CHARITY…..(love)…… I AM NOTHING.

    You can know the Bible inside and out…..go to church every time the door is open…..talk constantly about God……have ”Christian” tattooed on your forehead……and YET……if you have not love for your neighbor (who could be an atheist or a Mormon) and SHOW it, instead of despising him for not believing as you do…….God says…You are nothing.

    I suspect that what I’ve written will not be met with air pumps and ”amen”s from my Christian brethren but that wasn’t my expectation anyway. My comments were more in the vein of a cautionary tale about not being impressed so much with what people say about Christ, but whether or not they emulate him in their daily life…and whether or not they truly care about people.

    I understand well the distinctions between Mormonism and orthodox Christianity. I take Romney at his word that he is a Christian, and while I can’t see his heart, I can see the fruit of that committment…..and I see that he holds to values like decency, honesty, compassion, generosity, and self-discipline which IMO are desirable in anybody who would be President.

    I do NOT believe Romney is perfect. Nor do I believe he’s the devil either as some do.
    I DO hope that he truly knows Jesus Christ as his Savior…in spite of the teachings of the LDS church.

    And I think that at this time in our history, he is well qualified to begin the restoration of our country’s economy and reputation before the world….. and that, unlike Barak Obama, he’d do it with integrity and honor and love for America.

      1. Everyone’s entitled to at least ONE mistake, even Paul Ryan. Yours was voting for OWEbama, Rhonda, now get over it and vote correctly: Romney/Ryan 2012!

      2. VERY SAD, Rhonda – maybe one day you’ll be able to think for yourself instead of following the pitiful ‘party line’ of O & cronies! All seem to be nothing but liars and whiners! .. It should be very amusing to see them with mouths filled with feathers – all that from eating so much CROW!
        Do some homework and join – truly – with the WINNERS!

      1. Do you think no wealthy Democrat uses off shore accounts? It isn’t tax dodging if it’s legal. Put down the Kool-aid and wake up and smell the coffee.

        1. suze13…..If I were wealthy, I’d be looking for loopholes, and stash my money in Swiss Banks and the Cayman Islands…or in my mattress….just to keep the damnable greedy hands of Congress away from it.

          This is done by the rich all the time…..by Obama….Hollywood elites…..wall street brokers……..Pelosi and Wasserman-shultz……..and is legal.

      2. you would do it also if you had the money. Don’t be a liar. If you can shelter some of the hard earned money he has legally this way why not? Bet you have a few hidden bucks some where, may not be millions but they call that mad money. As I said nothing illegal so get over it.

      3. Tax dodging according to whom? – Obama and Reid? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! They accuse Mitt of “tax dodging” on the basis of some rumor Reid “claims to have heard somewhere”, while Obama has his entire history locked up tighter than a drum at the expense of millions contributed by Soros! He won’t let us see his college transcripts, so that we won’t see his foreign student loans; he won’t let us see his passports and visas so that we won’t know whose passport he used to travel to Pakistan in 1981 when U.S. travel to Pakistan was not allowed; he doesn’t have his name on the Cook County tax records for his mansion in Chicago; he won’t let us see his Illinois Bar application on which he reportedly stated that he has never been known by any other name; he won’t let us see his adoption records by which he became an Indonesian citizen; he denies knowing Bill Ayers, in whose house he kicked off his run for the Illinois State Senate, and whose Glen Ellyn parents took care of him while he was in college – Of course Obama and Reid are going to make us look for something that Mitt may have done wrong, so that we won’t have time to look at where they’re coming from!

      4. Why don’t you ask Obama’s guy Warren Buffett that very same question, Rhonda?! And let’s not bring up Treasury Secretary Tim “tax cheat” Geitner! And what about Charlie “tax evader” Rangel? And Maxine “steering federal funds to her husband’s failing bank” Waters!
        So before YOU start lecturing Americans about Romney’s financial situation, why doesn’t your party of corrupt cronies and crooks in Washington D.C. start cleaning up theirs!

        1. Jane Nielsen….Exactly my thoughts, also. Good questions which I’ll bet the left would never answer…..since they are such liars and crooks.

      5. Taking legal tax deductions is not “tax dodging.” Most the democrats who poke their fingers at Romney have offshore money accounts themselves. Have you ever claimed tax deductions? I am sure you have. You are just jealous that Romney is successful. Your man Obama is part of the “one percenters” himself. But I know your thinking..it is okay when anyone that supports or is part of the marxist machine is wealthy but no one else is allowed to be wealthy.

      1. It’s not that intelligent if he says he hopes Romney knows Jesus Christ as his savior. . . in spite of the teachings of the LDS church. I’m not a Mormon, but my daughter once dated one and the name of the church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I don’t understand the concern.

        1. Ron Mathis……..I know Mormonism well and have had a ministry to those in it for over 35 years. Most of their doctrine contradicts the Bible which is the authority for Christianity.

          Most Mormons (except for people like Hairless Reid and polygamist felon, Warren Jeffs) are ”good”’ people with great values and strong families.

          You can call yourself anything. Having the name of Jesus Christ in the name of your church means nothing if you believe things that go against His teaching.

          Walking into a church doesn’t make you Christian, either….any more than walking into a garage makes you a car.

      1. You’ve heard the saying “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing”. Well, let’s talk about your guy in the White House who was caught whispering sweet nothings in Russian President Medvedev’s ear ” that he would have ‘more flexibility’ to negotiate on the delicate issue of missile defense after the November election, which Obama apparently feels confident he will win”.
        So instead of siding with America AND our allies, this White House Occupier conspires and negotiates with countries and terrorists who want to destroy the United States and our allies.
        At least I know where Romney and Ryan stand. You call them “war hawks”, well Rhonda you better thank your lucky stars that these war hawks will stand up and protect your life and your country! Not like your Conspirer-in-Chief.

      2. And Obama is giving our military secrets to Russia and denigrating our armed forces, not to mention reducing the defense budget to pay for his Marxist programs and policies. He also plans, if re-elected, to develop a massive banking system that is under total control of the government, and will be eliminating retirement, SSI, Medicare, and medical attention to anyone over retirement age. Is this what you want for the future of our country? Total control via the government? You might also take a strong look at all of the executive orders he has passed, most are for the elimination and distruction of our constitution. I, as a Christian, know that God is in total control and the outcomes will be by His design, but it doesn’t hurt to give Him a little help along the way, and vote Romney/Ryan in and the distroyer out.

        1. Y forgot the radio chips and FEMA Interment camps. I thought commie Marxist loved those things like socialized medicine, pensions. Maybe Barry is a fascist. Y guys do get confused sometimes. And a militia run by old a d new Black panthers. Go old geezers. Y are thankfully a dying breed. RIP.

        2. ”Jane”…….Go old geezers?? You mean the ”Greatest Generation”? The one whose courage and self-sacrifice made it possible to defeat Hitler, Stalin, and other despots so that ingrates like YOU could live in liberty?

          If it weren’t for them, YOU’D be speaking German and under the boot of totalitarianism, you little piss-ant.

          Show some respect.

        3. Pebbles….Right! Those who support Obama are brain dead. They have got to be the most clueless group on the face of the earth. It never occurs to them that if he wins in November and does what he’s planned to do for a long time, THEY will be just as affected by his evil as you and me.

      3. Rhonda Reichel….Thank you for the kind words but I’m a war hawk also. What that means is that I believe in the Reagan doctrine of peace thru strength.

        I was against both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars but you don’t want to hear what I would have done after 911 instead.

        Ryan is a great choice.

        BTW: the ”violent” US Empire is no more violent than any other Nation….less so than some. And we’ve done more good for more people than any other Nation on this earth…and thats a fact.

        1. Did ya catch Shimon Perez’s comments before the UN Council when he was asked about the US liberation of Iraq?… There was expectations that SP would condemn the US action but instead said something like this: “America, America…….Throughout the history of mankind, wars have been waged between countries. Wars waged for the acquisition of lands and the dominance of it’s peoples. America had sacrificed tens of thousands of it’s sons and daughters for neither but for the spread of individual freedom”…. Not an exact quote but close enough to give the overall theme.

    1. I loved what Glenn Beck said he was told by one of the Preachers in the Black Robed Regimen who met in Dallas last month as part of GBTV’s Restoring Love Weekend, he said he was told, “We knew what we were supposed to do and didn’t so God raised up ‘A Mormon Alchoholic’.” (GBTV Restoring Love) Actually the Bible says, He raises up the foolish to confound the wise! To most of Protestant Christians, Mormons are anathema so God is using them mightily right now to show us He looks upon the heart!

    2. Amen screemin…..his salvation or lack of even is not my concern when running the United States. My only concern is where his heart lies concerning the love for America and restoring this country to it’s strength and power and I believe Romney desperately wants that as much as any Christian conservative!! Go team Romney!!!!

      1. Barbara….I agree. I think its obvious where his heart is…and just as obvious is Obama’s black heart when it comes to America.

    3. 1st John 4:7-8 Beloved, let us love one
      another: for love is of God; and everyone that loveth is born of God, and
      knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

    4. Well said. Romney’s choice of VP shows me how astute he is. No wonder he has been a successful businessman. He’s super smart. I’m sure he’ll be able to turn our country around after he becomes president. Paul Ryan will also help him do just that. This is the Economic Dream Team. Go Romney Ryan 2012.

    5. I think the thumbs up counter only goes to 99 and restarts at 0…I suspect the “odometer” has turned over more than a few times… Great post… What a welcome relief from the likes of Jizzpass

  3. Ryan’s budget plan would raise the age at which people become eligible for
    Medicare from 65 to 67, even as it repeals the health reform law’s
    coverage provisions. This means 65- and 66-year-olds would have neither Medicare nor
    access to health insurance exchanges in which they could buy coverage
    at an affordable price and receive subsidies to help them secure
    coverage if their incomes are low. This change would put many more 65-
    and 66-year-olds who don’t have employer coverage into the individual
    insurance market, where the premiums charged to people in this age
    group tend to be extremely high — thereby leaving many of them
    uninsured. People of limited means would be affected most harshly
    because they would not be able to afford private coverage. In
    addition, many 65- and 66-year-olds with a pre-existing medical
    condition would not be able to purchase coverage at any price. Once seniors reached the age of eligibility for Medicare, they would
    receive a premium-support voucher to help them buy coverage, with the
    voucher apparently rising in value from year to year by the rate of
    growth in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita plus one-half
    percentage point — which is below the rate of growth in health care
    costs in recent decades. Seniors who couldn’t afford to spend more
    than the voucher amount likely would have to purchase insurance that
    covered fewer health services as time went by, since the voucher likely
    would not keep pace with increases in health care costs.

    the four major new tax cuts in the Ryan plan —cutting the top income
    rate to 25 percent and creating a lower tax bracket of 10 percent,
    cutting the corporate income tax rate to 25 percent and exempting from
    taxation the profits that U.S. corporations earn overseas, repealing
    the Alternative Minimum Tax, and repealing the tax increases in health
    reform — would cost $4.6 trillion in lost federal revenue over the next ten years (not
    counting the overseas corporate profits exemption). All four
    revenue-losing measures would disproportionately benefit wealthy

    1. First of all Ryan’s budget was also written by a democrat! It will not impact anyone over the age of 55 only younger individuals! If you check the Obamacare bill it is already cutting millions out of medicare! I want to know how many poor people have hired you. If you cut taxes and put people to work then you have higher revenue into the federal government……Surprise I know how to handle my money much better than Washington!
      Drink more kool-aid!

    2. Scare, Scare,Scare! That is what the left will do at every turn to try and diss creddit Romney/Ryan.
      Guess what! Medicade and SS will be gone in a matter of years anyway. I have no hope of expecting to get my Tax Dollars back from Witholdings. The SS/Medicade money has been put in a General Fund for a long time and it is paying out to far more people that have actually put anything in it.
      We have to wake up as a nation and bight the Bullet. If we do not fix things now our children and grand-children will not recover.
      Take Action Now, Vote out all the politicians that refuse to take a stand. America needs a Ballanced Budget. Who can do this better a Lawer or a Buisiness Man?

    3. Keep drinking the Obama Socialist Kool-aid buddy, keep drinking that Obama Socialist Kool-aid. It will never sastify your thirst, it will only make you more deranged. Not that you aren’t seriously deranged already.

    4. You are making a lot of negative speculations here! First, what insurance coverage do those 65 and 66 year olds now have before they reach these ages, which is the situationwe have today. They will just continue as they have been for two more years. I would assume those who currently don’t have employer coverage or private insurance will get their healthcare as they always have—through charities and hospital “emergency” wards. Perhaps, there should be some special coverage for big ticket items in that “donut hole” you are stressing, but Ryan’s plan, with some short coming that might need fixing, is still far more “merciful” than what that god awful ObamaCare will do to seniors as they grow older and face those “Quality of Life Remaining Years” board decisions that will ration and restrict expensive treatments for these older folks (after all , it is a zero sum game, add 20 to 30 million to the healthcare rolls without correspondingly increasing the healthcare providers, hospitals, etc, something has to give elsewhere, and that appears to be the seniors with $500 billion cut from Medicare, etc).
      As far as tax benefits for the wealthier ($200,000 to $ one million range), you need to get off that “rich are bad” mantra. These people ARE the investors and small businesses that DO create the large portion of jobs in America. So what if they benefit from job creation? You forget, THAT is what made America GREAT!!!

    5. ‘Ryan’s budget plan would raise the age at which people become eligible for
      Medicare from 65 to 67, even as it repeals the health reform law’s
      coverage provisions.’ WRONG!!!

      These provisions would NOT involve ANYONE currently ON the system nor ANYONE UNDER the age of 55. In addition the retirement age would be raised in two month increments – so as not to go fully into effect in the year 2027.

      Folks would be allowed to A) CHOOSE to stay with the current system or B) CHOOSE another private insurance by voucher.

      ‘All four revenue-losing measures would disproportionately benefit wealthy
      Americans.’ WRONG AGAIN!!! Another wealth redistribution/socialist lie.

      Ryan’s plan DOES AWAY WITH loopholes now enjoyed by the rich…AND corporations BEFORE lowering the rate. Historical FACT – more money in people’s (even the e-e-evil rich people’s) pockets = a better economy for ALL.

      Government CREATES NOTHING… like a ravenous beast, it CONSUMES. People create jobs – not government…. I don’t know about you – but I’ve NEVER been employed by a welfare recipient.

      The lower rate would relate to the 49% who NOW pay ZERO in federal income tax… don’t you think it’s WAY past time that they had SOME skin in the game?

  4. We all die one day. You don’t get to choose. If you haven’t been to a funeral you are lying to yourself. I want freedom not government!

  5. The Republican Party has
    chosen another big-government fake conservative to run on the ticket
    in 2012. Looks like they are gearing up to have their base stay home
    (again) this year likely causing Obama to get reelected. Perhaps in
    2016 they will learn that only a real conservative as their nominee
    will allow them to win the White House.

    are the facts
    about Paul Ryan:

    Ryan’s Awful Voting

    Paul Ryan’s
    Budget Is Similar To

    Think Twice
    About Paul

    Paul Ryan
    Is Worse Than Bill

    Paul vs

    Ron Paul
    Slams Paul

    Watch TARP Republican Paul Ryan Begging
    Congress To Vote For The Bailout – Home – The Daily Bail


    Ryan’s Budget:

    It led to 10 more years of deficit spending

    It added between $5-11 TRILLION dollars to the national debt

    It spent a total of $40 TRILLION over the next 10 years
    – His plan
    REQUIRED the debt ceiling to be raised
    – It was an obviously
    unbalanced budget (in fact it doesn’t fully balance until the year
    – It increased spending over the next few years (it merely
    slows the rate of spending, not actually cutting spending anytime
    – It was was bigger than what we had under Bill







    Ron Paul Would
    Beat Obama: Why Romney Must Be Replaced
    If the GOP Hopes to Win in 2012


      1. now make a list about obama and biden…ohhh wait….you can’t write 200 pages….just alot of bull!!!!! klickey mouse…a 4th grader is better than obama……..out with the old in with the new!!!!!

        1. One would think the whole shooting match is between Romney/Ryan and Paul/??? rather than Romney/Ryan and Odummy/Biden !!

    1. Don’t you find it unusual that Rand Paul, Ron Paul’s son, endorsed Paul Ryan ?? I live in Paul Ryan’s district and have voted for him several times in his current capacity because I thought he was well suited for that job. I have never voted for him to represent us as a POTUS candidate !!

        1. No, Ron Paul only endorses his RINO attitude on gender based abortions. Check the 2 conservative names that voted with the liberals in March !! And an M.D. at that !!

      1. Ron Paul is history…time to get over it. You are exactly the reason why Libertarians will remain a tiny minority for the forseeable future. They lack the common sense to realize that the only way for them to have any influence on the future of America is by joining with Romney and Ryan and having a seat at the table. Their “scorched earth” theology will never be anything more than a “telephone booth mob”. Wake up the choice is between Obama and Romney…Gary Johnson is a nice guy and I agree with him on many issues but frankly, is not even serious candidate. I refuse to throw my vote away on such an important election for a Quixotic Quest…

    2. Ron Paul is not a viable candidate in 2012. Even you RP fanatics must recognize that. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama. Not voting is a half a vote for Obama. So, put your emotions aside (something liberals can’t do) and vote against Obama. You might not like it, but the alternative is Obama. It’s that simple!

    1. It’s actually kind of fun to watch all the liberals foam at the mouth. I can almost – almost see their blood pressure rising.

  6. On Wisconsin! As a fellow Wisconsinite, I couldn’t be more proud of my state! First Scott Walker and now Paul Ryan – two really smart guys, young, enthusiastic, and handsome!

    1. It’s been years since the rest of flyover country has been so proud of Wisconsin. Loved that crowd that turned out to welcome him home, and no reports of destruction of property, no Dr’s handing out Missed Work Excuses!
      That “Bonus 21” is a Dream! Please don’t pinch me!

    2. As a man, I can’t say the looks has much to do with my vote. I’m sure the Dem males would vote for a handsome face if it was a liberal since they are the Gay Party !! But if Paul Ryan’s face has the effect on women that JFK had, more power to him !! Vote R&R in November !!

        1. No but you will, there is no difference between Mitt and Barry, both are pro abortion, both are anti gun and both are pro mandated healthcare, where is your conservative?

      1. The team looks presidential. Most Republicans are good looking. The Democrats esp. the women are UGLY. No inner beauty coming to the surface there. However, versus the JFK days, the liberal women who will vote in this era against this wonderful team don’t care about looks. All they’re interested in is getting their Sandra Fluke $7.99 birth control pills free. Disgusting.

        1. LOL !! I find it very hard to believe Sandra Fluke needs as many birth control pills as she said !! I mean just how many guys on her campus would want to go at her !! Her price she put on birth control pills was way more than $7.99 !! BTW, no outer beauty has surfaced in the dems corner either !! I wonder where they found enough corners to park their brooms in D.C. !!

        2. I did the math on Sandra’ claim. $1,000 per year. WalMart BC cost 108 per year… Trojans on Ebay at 18 cents each. She’d be using a condom at a rate of 13.5 per day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year…. I’ve got to tip my hat to her boyfriend even though he has to be the cheapest MF’r if he won’t chip in!

        3. It would take way more than one boyfriend to keep up at that rate !! Even a street walker at $5.00 would be pushing it pretty hard !! That would make her the biggest slut in the whole east coast !! Probably in the western hemisphere even !! She wouldn’t have the time to put her clothes on !! Much less go to school.

        4. Yea.. I was wondering where she found the time to study law at the prestigious Georgetown lawschool… SO.. If she’s a hooker, she’d be able to write off the condoms as a business expense which would enable her to purchase almost 5 more per day…. or.. the other alternative is that she’s screwing 13 different guys a day… So.. perhaps Rush’s comment that Sandra “ACTED” like a $lut is dead on!

        5. “Acted” isn’t the exact word I would use for her if she did this amazing bit of humping !! LMAO !!

    3. ON WISCONSIN !!! I haven’t been to my birth place in about 10 years but proud of what they have been doing politically Great for our nation too!!

    4. One sunny day in January, 2013 an old man approached
      the White House from across Pennsylvania Avenue,
      where he’d been sitting on a park bench. He spoke to the
      U.S. Marine standing guard and said, “I would like to go
      in and meet with President Obama.”

      The Marine looked at the man and said, “Sir, Mr. Obama
      is no longer president and no longer resides here.”

      The old man said, “Okay”, and walked away.

      The following day, the same man approached the
      White House and said to the same Marine, “I would
      like to go in and meet with President Obama.”

      The Marine again told the man, “Sir, as I said
      yesterday, Mr. Obama is no longer president and
      no longer resides here.”

      The man thanked him and, again, just walked away.

      The third day, the same man approached the
      White House and spoke to the very same U.S. Marine,
      saying “I would like to go in and meet with President Obama.”

      The Marine, understandably agitated at this point, looked
      at the man and said, “Sir, this is the third day in a row you
      have been here asking to speak to Mr. Obama. I’ve told you
      already that Mr. Obama is no longer the president and no
      longer resides here, he went to federal prison.
      Don’t you understand?”

      The old man looked at the Marine and said,
      “Oh, I understand. I just love hearing it.”

      The Marine snapped to attention, saluted,
      and said, “See you tomorrow, Sir!

        1. Mitt Romney has been the most PRO-GAY rights PRO-ABORTION liberal across the nation. Romney campaigned for Governor of Massachusetts as PRO-CHOICE and was endorsed by PRO-ABORTION groups! Mitt Romney spent millions of state tax dollars promoting GAY-LESBIAN-BISEXUAL-TRANSGENDER agenda to promote homosexuality right in our public schools!

        2. I was a base conservative. I can’t stand RINO Romney. I have never voted for a liberal. That’s why i’m not voting for Romney can’t stand him! He’s a liar and a fake establishment, phoney. Romney supporters hate real conservatives.

        3. Stay home on election day,& you automatically cast your vote for the most liberal POTUS we have ever had.No, I don’t agree with Mr Romney on everything, & if he is elected there will be more things that I don’t agree with him on, but to stay home is just plain childish in my opinion.

        4. Now jazzy, that’s not a nice thing to say, with you being a good Christian and all. The other day you were posting scriptures from the Bible and now you’re posting garbage. What do you think Lucius would say if he heard you talking this way? How old is Lucius, 60 y.o.? You’d better be careful because he just might dump you someday then you will have lost your sugar daddy. Then you will have to find a job and I don’t know if McDonalds is hiring right now. So, jazzy, which is more important to you, going out and earning your own money or continue sleeping with a toothless old black man? The choice is yours to make.

        5. The GOP is not the party of conservatism anymore they deserve to lose this election. I’ll just have to get use to the idea that the Republican party is dead.

        6. you are in reality a mole for the demorats we see you get out from under that rock and crawl away

        7. The Republican party is gone. They don’t differentiate themselves from the Democrat party anymore. These RINO supporters are left liberals.

        8. Romney’s campaign made the statement that Sara Palin cannot be trusted. That’s why Romney’s people never asked Palin to speak at the GOP Convetion. See that’s what pisses me off they take over our party and think they can run the real conservatives off. They are saying they don’t need us. I’ll never vote for Mitt Romney! Romney never was a conservative.

        9. easy man your to hard on youself catch the latest gov palin is 100% behind Romney and Ryan and will activly travel the country for them see interview on fox aug 13th

        10. Sara Palin shouldn’t be behind Romney cause he could care less for her! Romney’s going to lose anyway. Bet you $10.000.

        11. The Daily Kos? Take over your party? You’re not a Conservative, jazzy. You’re a Paulbot. That’s the same as being called a Liberal.

        12. Nice try,,Mr Jazzpast. You are reading from a Obama talking points script. Tell us why you support Obama.

        13. Why doesn’t this blog just block people they don’t want to allow to post? I mean that’s what’s going on. You don’t believe in Freedom of Speech! Anyone that isn’t supporting your liberal skank Romney isn’t allowed to post here. RINO Romney never was a conservative anyway. Keep sending them see if you can force me to shut up! Romney and Obama should have been on the same ticket. To bad the Republican party is DEAD!

        14. i am afraid boy you are in the wrong area yur comment fell flat and is totaly garbarge so go tell obuma that junk our prez loves gay and abortion news

        15. ha ha ha I have no prez. Mitt Romney is the FATHER of GAY MARRIAGE that makes you the Queer! Hey,—wanna BLOW ME!

        16. I was told by one of you Mitt Romney supporters the other night on this blog that if I didn’t vote for Romney they were going to come to my home and Blow my face off with a gun. I think that detracts from your message!! I did turn that threat into the police. I’m not going to be strong armed by Mitt Romney thugs on this blog!! That’s the type of thing the Brown shirts did to get Adolf Hitler elected. Mitt Romney supporters are worse than the people we have in the White House!

      1. a professor at a liberal college who professed to be an open atheist stood in front of the class and boldly stated that as he stood on the podium if god was real then god to prove to be real to knock him off the podium as the professor stood there with his eyes closed a marine in the class went up to the professor and punched him and knocked him off the podium.shocked he said to the marine why did you do that ?the marine said God was busy and he sent me!

      2. Ohbummer should be deported to the country of his birth and his estate confiscated and sold to pay for his crimes against the country. Deported means HE pays the bill to get the hell out of Dodge and not saddle the American tax payer for his bills. And no benefits for being a treasonous dog or ex- president he gets nothing but a standard orange jump suit so the sharks can see him while he’s swimming back to Kenya.

    5. It means that Wisconsin men have backbones! I saw Paul Ryan went after Obama on C-Span. Wow, he was smart and articulate. I am sure anyone listening to him speak can see and hear that.

    6. I had the fortune to work in J-ville for almost 10 years as a consultant!… Spent about a week each month… Sometimes I’d fly into Chicago and drive up, other times into Madison and drive down. It’s amazing the difference in the folks in J-ville and Madison… A bunch of nutcases up north! Sad to say, never made it to the Dells.

    1. “..pretty pathetic reasons…”? Really? They seem like compelling reasons to me. Folks who keep fighting the Ron Paul battle remind me of folks down here in the south who are still fighting the Civil War. Move on, people, JOB #1 is getting rid of President Moonbeam in November. If you don’t get that, you’re not paying attention.

        1. A game changer for which side, though. Our primary need right now is to get ride of the Steve Erkel look-a-like and his chimpanzee looking wife !! Without a doubt, the R&R team will have the best chance for winning ion November. That fact has already been proven in the past. All the extra vote distracters are not needed in the conservative corner. Besides, I don’t want a man that voted for gender based abortions as Ron Paul did. I know his record because he is my U.S. Rep. !! He is the RINO in this case.

        2. Ron Paul took money from CAIR, Hamas, Hezbollah and who knows what other terrorist group. Oh, I forgot, you Paulbots are Israel and Jew haters. No wonder he took these terrorists blood money. I wonder what Paul promised them for their support? A job in our government, probably.

      1. One would think the whole shooting match is between Romney/Ryan and Paul/??? rather than Romney/Ryan and Odummy/Biden !!

    2. Unfortunately, you Ron Paul fanatics cannot wake up to reality and may well give us four more years of Obama. Something about “cutting off your nose despite your face.” comes to mind, but …

  7. Go ahead and vote for Romney. The people will get the government they deserve. Just ignore your principles and vote out of fear. If this is the way it is, then America is already gone -we have no constitution and we should start acting like we live under a totalitarian government.

    1. go to this link below and click on memo to read…note on page 79 it talks about how delegates can vote their conscience and are not bound

      wow….conservatives are calling for Romney to be dumped at the convention….we can only hope they nominate Ron Paul instead

      A lot about mormonism being a cult in this….and these people sent this to over 20,000 delegates. I think it may have an impact on the nomination. Romney doesn’t have it yet.

      check out that picture of Brigham Young in drag….didn’t know one existed HA HA HA


      1. Rhonda: Are really a Ron Paul supporter…you sound much more like a LINO (Libertarian In Name Only). I’m beginning to smell a little CREEP (Committee to Re-Elect the President) in Chicago to your posts. I really do hope I’m wrong and you are as advertised a “misguided Libertarian.”

    2. Charles Murphree Jr ,wake up,we’re already there.obama lies so much you swallow everything he says.if you want real communism at home he will gladly show you if he is re-elected.I don’t want him to get that chance.

  8. Paul Ryan is not a Tea Party supporter. He has no military or executive experience. NOTHING. He is just a white guy. He never says anything about pro life issues or family issues, NOTHING. NIKKI HALEY 2016!!!

      1. I think they are just people sitting in the CREEP (Committee to ReElect the President) Chicago headquarter paid to get on Conservative blogs posing as Libertarians to try to split Conservatives. Last I heard they are paid by the post.
        And he actually had the chuzpah to pose in his picture in front of an American flag. Sad, really sad.

  9. EIther this will be a Do or DIE moment for Romney. Some are suggesting that this will sink his campaign, Other say it is a good thing. I pray for the later.

    1. If that crowd had been on board the SS Wisconsin, sinking may have seemed more likely. With crowds like that, Hope they don’t go together to New Orleans, It may go a little lower!

  10. Ryan’s history hasn’t been tough on illegal and legal immigration. Both are #1 on my list and imperative that they must be stopped.

    1. Talltrees•,still a lot better than obama,who want’s ALL of them here & on welfare.they are high on my list as well,along with the second amendment without which we wouldn’t have any way at all.

    2. NumbersUSA gives Ryan a C on immigration issues. Obama gets an F. To me Ryan has simply not put enough thought or energy into immigration because he has so many other hot issues on his plate. His courage in developing”The Path To Prosperity” is unprecedented, at least in the last 3 decades.

  11. We were at Mooresville yesterday morning in NC – What electricity! What a turnout! This is truly the beginning of the end for Obama.

  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBhdXfCdaA8 & watch again

    are you taking into consideration what the old plumber was saying? SS is not an entitlement….and regardless they had no right to handle him so roughly

    that old plumber is right…Ryan is wrong….the states are broke….state vouchers will have your mom eating cat food then tell me what a great guy Ryan is

    Ryan is a smart alec and a big govt. spender

    1. Amen, tofubamboo, not like Pelosi, Biden, Sebelius, Napolitano – CINOs – Catholics In Name Only. A REAL Catholic! Whoohoo, bring on November. Romney/Ryan 2012!

    2. Why did pukelousey’s daddy run her out of Maryland.She’s a looney toon, hears dead people talking in her head .Too much alcohol.

  13. Ryan would be a better choice had he been chosen by a true conservative and not a RINO. “Bonus 21″…. Does that mean he will be trying to defeat Gov. Romney lol???

  14. i like them without ties…they look more normal..that tie crap is just that crap…who cares…as long as they don’t dress like mooshee..she is pathetic!!!!

      1. You have shown your true colors…only the Obama people attack people for looks and fashions. Libertarians are usually more intelligent than that. I hope you’re not getting paid much for the nonsense you are putting out…because it isn’t changing anybody’s vote. You are totally harmless.

        Romney/Ryan 2012

      2. You’re just another Paulbot name caller, Rhonda. It is the Ron Paul supporters like you that have turned most of America off to Ron Paul. Sure, Paul had a big part in his failed bid for the nomination but it’s his loony supporters, like you, that has ruined it for him. Dr. Paul only has you idiots to thank for his demise.

  15. lets look at two points here. First this medicare reform will not effect anyone 55 or over. Theyl will be able to keep this plan. More inportant is number two. Medicare and #ss are broke. We must do something to keep it for future American. Lets just saly you bought a house brand new and diidn’t do anything to the unkeep and inprovement for 20 yrs. Would you be able to get more for it. NO NO NO. It’s inportant to look for ways to say it. What’s obama doing about entitlements. Let’s see, more food stamps, tell people on welfare they don’t have to worry about worrking or get trained for working. Of course , the more dependent you are on Gov. they more votes they get. Well if you want on welfare just forget you are only going to be existing. No new homes, cars just stay at barely being able to exist. Sorry but I will work for more.

    1. Medicare and #ss are broke.”

      I agree. I heard somewhere that it takes at least 3 people paying into SS to pay for benefits for 1 person.

  16. Paul Ryan is a great choice for V.P. as a conservative with a strong moral Catholic foundation, who opposes abortion, and same-sex marriage, both of which should be repealed.
    He beleives in the sanctity of holy matrimony, and so do I, having been married to the same woman for 55 years as of next September.

      1. Yes you little libtard….and your Messiah Obama is continuing to take us deeper and deeper in that direction. It is sad that you liberals are such sheep and will follow this dictator over a fiscal cliff!!

      2. Thanks to YOUR President, Rhonda, more people are on welfare and food stamps than ever before. And thanks to YOUR President, he continues to bankrupt this country by spending trillions of dollars on failing companies like Solyndra.
        Millions of Americans can thank the Ineptitude-in-Chief for spending our way into prosperity.

      3. Hey Rhonda, I was talking to some people who ran into you at the fair the other day. Seems you ran them off with all of your ranting and raving against Bush and Romney. You were trying to get them to vote 3rd party for Ron Paul.

  17. I was surprised .. I thought this was going to be a PR campaign ticket. All cosmetics. Instead, we’re seeing a ticket based on principles, and a VP who can articulate and defend those principles.
    Romney proved he isn’t an RNC business as usual RINO wimp when he picked Ryan.
    He’s serious about leading this country.

  18. Bonus 21: The New Republic reports that “Paul Ryan Kills Off Moderate Republicanism For Good.”
    I wouldn’t be too confident of that. If it comes, I’ll take it.

  19. Romney absorbs information and Ryan is a numbers guy. That combinsation should stand out will in debates. Obama and Bidon can’t allude to anything positive that has been accomplished in 3-1/2 plus years. Should be interesting when the Cook County attack machinery finds out Ryan swam with his dog in a muddy water (not a real activity). Frank Gregg

  20. Not an extremist, just a fiscally respnsible person. He knows America is broke and wants to fix the problem. So unlike Obama. Obama said the tickle down economy has never worked and constantly condemned Bush. How’s come the unemployments was about 5% under Bush and has been over 8% almost ever since O took office. Obama better check up on history, because we have had many economy boons since I have been born. I graduated in l958 and no one in my class had a hard time getting a good job.

  21. He is a good pick for VP. This gives me more motivation to campaign for the TEAM. Talk to friends,family,neighbors and liberals to come aboard the train=ROMNEY-RYAN. TOOT! TOOT!TOOT! here we go to the WH.

  22. This is a very good choice; I’m glad we have a conservative–with an actual plan. I saw a lot of e-mails
    “help Romney pick a VP”
    “guess who Romney is picking for VP”–etc.
    and I said who cares! But Ryan is a great pick!!!

    1. You are obviously a Kool aid drinking welfare recipient and probably an illegal alien…….Sad that you can’t see how SELFISH you are to not want what is best for the country and MILLIONS of Americans………

  23. Go for the jugular. the RR ticket should now have
    Obama record vetted once and for all to see. Obama is a fraud has been and will
    always be a fraud. His whole
    life has been built upon lies. He knows nothing else. For him lies are like having
    breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is his staple. The truth is foreign to him. To
    him its normal behavior. His liberal following is willing to overlook that fact
    that he is a fraud and stand there to be
    Bull_s__ted into believing what Obama is shoveling. Liberalism is a DISEASE. Common
    sense is the cure.

  24. Obama promotes class warfare. The old have and have nots war that
    has been raging for centuries. his entire
    re-election campaign centers upon this war which is fostered in
    laziness, unions, liberal thinking and wealth distribution. In order to keep
    the masses distracted Obama creates diversion into class warfare. Specifically,
    President Obama has taken to calling
    Mitt Romney’s economic plan “Robin Hood in reverse” or “Romney
    Hood.” The charge is that even though Mr. Romney is proposing to cut tax
    rates for everybody across the board, Mr. Romney will finance this by imposing
    a tax increase on the middle class. His evidence is a single study by the Tax
    Policy Center, a liberal think tank that has long opposed cutting income tax

    The political left always says Daddy Warbucks gets all the tax-cut
    money. So this is hardly news, except that the media are treating this joint
    Brookings Institution and Urban Institute analysis as if it’s nonpartisan
    gospel. In fact, it’s a highly ideological tract based on false assumptions,
    incomplete data and dishonest analysis. In other words, it is custom made for
    the Obama campaign.

    What the Obama
    campaign and its acolytes at the Tax Policy Center are really saying is that
    tax reform that reduces rates and makes all income groups better off is
    impossible. This is a far cry from what Democrats used to believe, going back
    to Jack Kennedy in 1964 and in the 1980s when prominent Democrats Bill Bradley,
    Dick Gephardt and Don Rostenkowski helped to write the 1986 tax reform.

    The Obama Democrats,
    by contrast, favor income redistribution and raising rates on the wealthy for
    their own partisan political sake, no matter the damage to growth, the cost in
    lost revenue, or a less progressive tax code as the rich exploit loopholes.

    The great irony is
    that the candidate most likely to raise taxes on the middle class is Mr. Obama.
    He could raise every tax on the rich he proposes and still not come up with
    enough revenue to finance the increases in spending he wants in a second term.
    Where do you think he’ll turn then?

  25. This will be a very interesting election. With the mitt and the paul doubling down on the combo of austerity for the 99% and tax cuts for the 1% America will decide whether the 1% or the 99% will win.

  26. I liked the line…………….
    Romney Ryan sounds like Ronald Reagan……………………OH MY GOD, what a comparison………a 3rd rate movie star…….who lived the remaining years of his life after leaving the film industry……………a dreamer, a waster, a man who only looked out for himself

      1. Come on let me play, I promise that I wont mention that Ryan has German blood in his veins………..I would of that man, Germans have been known to do some very nasty things with people, selection for special camps and stuff like that

        1. Socialist trash like you is worthy of no further comment. I have been to your country and everyother country in Europe, believe me your stupid snobbery is ill founded! My ‘trailer’ excedes any flat you ever lived in and my estate is probably larger than your town in area. We are fortunate not to have to live on top of each other. Is that what makes you a jeolous prick? You did not offend me, your ignorance offends mankind to include a lot of people that are worth more than you could ever know, you are the trash!

        2. Wow, you are in a bad mood this morning, didnt get it in last night…….and still you dont know where I live……………most likely much better than you, but then I dont brag as much as Americans do, so we can leave it at that

  27. Everone I talk to says the same thing….”We can not afford another 4 years of O.neB.adA.ssM.istakeA.merica(O.B.A.M.A.), so, let’s get it on people…it’s time to “rock and Romney/Ryan Roll” BYE…BYE…..X-NAVY PETTY OFFICER…..TERRY J. S.

  28. Mr Ryan will help unite the Republican base and finally show Mr Romney as a conservative.
    He is likeable, articulate, knowledgeable and passionate about his principles. He will appeal to both the Christian right and the libertarians who are still Republicans as well as many independents. He is capable of actually explaining the difference of visions. He spoke of a return to prosperity not only of negative cuts. We need to recall that it is the overspending and over regulation that have prolonged the slow recovery and that it was similar bad policy that caused it. A wise choice. I suspect many of us like Mr Romney better for making it. And I did not know much about Mr Ryan before Saturday.

  29. Mr. Ryan was someone who actually tried to tackle the budget problem, so kudos to him for that. But putting forth plans eviscerating Fed retirement or healthcare will hand the election to Obama. The Fed IS too big, but you start by getting rid of the redundant and unnecessary agencies. IRS is one we can abolish right after we implement a flat tax. Don’t punish the Feds who HAVE worked their butts off, don’t punish all for a few, put forth plans to cut back intelligently and fairly. Ironically, when the GAO stuff hit the fan, one of the first people to be axed was a woman who had been there only a few weeks and was busy slashing costs and wasteful programs when the guilty decided to “blame the new girl”. So, the people responsible for the abuses got rid of the solution to show they were going after the “problem”. Insane.

  30. My main comment here is since when did not wearing a tie make you a good person to be a “Top Notch” political leader or for that matter a person with common sense!! Which is what this country needs these days!!

  31. My prayers have been answered! Thank you, Gov. Romney, for having the intestinal fortitude to pick Paul Ryan as your running mate! Now we are really in ‘GO’ mode!
    “We the People” are now gearing up totally for our WIN in November!!!!! How sweet it is!

  32. S.O.S. – Same Old S_ _

    Conservatives are getting the shaft again by the Republican Party.
    (What else is new?)

    The neo-cons have struck up the bands, cued the
    choir, and began the process of brainwashing the masses through talk radio on
    what a great choice is now presented by adding Paul Ryan to the Mitt Romney

    They have put some lipstick on a pig and they’re calling it a
    movie star. If it is, it must be Frank Sinatra’s cousin, Ima

    The main thing these neo-cons crow about Paul Ryan’s
    “conservative credentials” is his “budget proposal” for America. Here are the
    absolute unadulterated facts about his proposal.

    – It leads to 10 more years of deficit
    – It adds between $5-11 TRILLION dollars to the national debt
    – It spends a total of $40 TRILLION over the next 10
    – His plan REQUIRES the debt ceiling to be raised
    – It is an obviously
    unbalanced budget (in fact it doesn’t fully balance until the year 2040)
    – It
    increases spending over the next few years (it merely slows the rate of
    spending, not actually
    cutting spending anytime soon)
    – It is was bigger than what we had under
    Bill Clinton

    down and dirty truth is there is nothing conservative about this ticket,
    government will continue to fester and grow, and debt will continue to grow.


    worse, there is no economic plan to restore the millions of lost jobs by cutting
    heavy handed regulations and taxes as manufacturing will continue to relocate in
    more business friendly countries. Obviously, with government continuing on it’s
    bloated path there will not be any chance to lure industries to return to this
    toxic business climate. (That means a
    serious “good” job shortage will not only continue, but get

    America’s death spiral for what was once known as “the
    middle class” will continue if this choice is given the reins of power. The top
    income bracket will continue to get richer, the poor will get poorer, more
    numerous, and more dependent of socialist government programs.

    political team leads America down the road to calamity. Obama and the Democrats
    will do the same thing only they will do it in a race car.

    More than ever
    there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between these two parties, and as Pat
    Buchanan said, “. . . they are but 2 wings on the same bird of prey.”

  33. Willie Brown (ex-Mayor of SF now a SF Chronicle Columnist)
    Sunday, August 12, 2012

    “Mitt Romney’s selection of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his V.P. running mate makes no sense at all. Ryan is not well known, has no national stature, is not a governor who can help deliver a key state, has never led a legislative body or any political organization of significance, is not a real favorite of the Tea Party, and his personality is Romneyish at best. What does Romney think to gain?”

    IF leading a legislative body or political organization or being a governor should be the criteria of a President OR Vice President, where does Obama fit in this?
    Before 2008, other than being an “unknown one-term Senator” Obama has:
    1) Never led a legislative body
    2) Never led any significant political organization (being a community organizer doesn’t qualify)
    3) Never been a mayor
    4) Never been a governor
    5) Never worked in or ran a business
    Paul Ryan on the other hand has:
    Earned a B.A. degree from Miami University in Ohio. Following his studies, he worked as an aide to United States Senator Bob Kasten of Wisconsin, as legislative director for Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas, and as a speechwriter for former U.S. Representative and 1996 Republican vice presidential nominee Jack Kemp of New York. In 1998, Ryan won election to the United States House of Representatives, succeeding Republican Mark Neumann. He is now in his seventh term.
    As a junior at Joseph A. Craig High School in Janesville, Ryan was elected class president, which made him prom king and gave him his first political position, a seat on the school board representing his high school. He was also a member of the Latin club; the History club; the Letterman’s club for varsity athletes; the Outdoors club; the International Geographic Society (open to those with an A in geography); the Pep club, the Ushers club and the Model United Nations
    Ryan was educated at Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio, where he often visited the office of professor Richard Hart to discuss the ideas of economists such as Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek, and the writings of Ayn Rand Hart was a libertarian who introduced Ryan to the National Review, a conservative fortnightly. He also studied at the Washington Semester program at American University. During his junior year at Miami University, Ryan worked as an intern in the D.C. offices of Senator Bob Kasten of Wisconsin,] a job he landed with Hart’s recommendation. While a student, Ryan also did volunteer work for the congressional campaign of John Boehner. He was a member of the Delta Tau Delta social fraternity. Ryan was awarded his B.A. in 1992 with a double major in economics and political science.

    Betty Ryan reportedly urged her son to accept a congressional position as a staff economist attached to Kasten’s office, which he did after graduating in 1992. In his early years working on Capitol Hill, Ryan supplemented his income by working as a waiter, as a fitness trainer and at various other side jobs.
    After Kasten was defeated by Democrat Russ Feingold in 1992, Ryan became a speechwriter for Empower America, a conservative advocacy group founded by Jeane Kirkpatrick and William Bennett. Ryan later worked as a speechwriter for Jack Kemp, the Republican vice presidential candidate in the 1996 United States presidential election, and later worked for U.S. Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas. In 1997 Ryan returned to Wisconsin and worked for his family’s business, the Ryan Incorporated Central construction company, as a marketing consultant for a year.
    Committee assignments:
    Committee on the Budget (Chairman)Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health
    Caucus memberships:
    Congressional Middle East Economic Partnership CaucusInternational Conservation CaucusRepublican Study Committee
    Awards and honors:
    2009 – National Association of Manufacturers Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence 2009 – Honorary Degree, Miami University 2010 – National Federation of Independent Business Guardian of Small Business Award 2011 – Fiscy Award for responsible financial stewardship and fiscal discipline in government. 2011 – Jack Kemp Foundation Leadership Award 2011 – Mason Contractors Association of America Freedom and Prosperity Award 2012 – Chair, Honorary Board of the Archery Trade Association
    So you tell me Willie Brown…based on POLITICAL record, Committee assignments, and Caucus memberships, who IS more qualified to hold the office of the VP? And based on your own opinion Paul Ryan IS apparently MORE qualified than Obama to be POTUS.

    1. Willie Brown is a fool. Thank God leftist do not get to pick our candidate! As a matter of fact liberals do not get to pick their candidate either!

  34. My VERY first thought on hearing Ryan was the pick, was my recollection of Obama’s angry face, coupled with his disguised one-finger-salute/insult to Ryan (as Obama tried to disguise the insult by resting his chin in his hand with ‘two’ fingers to the side of his nose) all while Ryan just BLEW HIM AWAY on how bad the Obamacare would be for our country. I knew then, that Paul Ryan got under Obama’s skin B I G T I M E and I loved it, because he had the GUTS (UNLIKE MOST OF THE ENTIRE GOP) to expose Obama for the harm he is doing to our country. Ryan also knows that our rights come from God and nature – NOT the government. THAT speaks volumes about his fundamental understanding and respect for both Christianity and the origins of our country. Way to Go ROMNEY/RYAN……. you have given us REAL hope – and that is GREAT, for a change :-)

  35. I’m not feeling so up against a wall with this great V P pick ! Barack Hussein Obama can only attack at this point because he cant run on his bad record ! which is no jobs and cutting medicare ! The elderly & not the dead or somebodys dog, will put these good intentioned men in our White House. Good pick Mitt ! We’re really with you to save our Republic from these Communists that studied well to put our country in a hole ! We in the United States really need some R & R from the BHO lies ! “We the People” can rest assured that the ball is rolling in our behalf with a great honest ticket like Romney-Ryan ! – NOBAMA 2012 –

  36. Trust me Dems are thrilled with Ryan. He presents a detailed budget that Romney smartly kept vague. Now we can present facts to those undecided voters. He is the obvious choice to rally the base, but they weren’t staying home or voting for Obama anyway. Besides the Medicaire attack, women can rally against his support of “personhood” which not only outlaws abortion but the easier to relate to birth control. Those birth control pills Sandra took so she could have more sex would be outlawed. Any sane woman would be against a guy who was for this. Reps need youth also. They really like having sex where they get to use effective birth control. They support gays and gay marriage. Latinos. PAUL does nothing to allay the perception as someone who will ship granny home. and Ryan took a lot of Fed money to help his town deal with shut down of the auto plants”. He went to school on SSI survivor benefits. A bit of hypocrisy. Next week Ryan and Mitt appearing with a former Muslim brotherhood terrorist who conveniently converted. Yea. palling around with terrorists. Gotta love it. So yea. Being it on. I’m feeling a whole lot better. Maybe next time y guys can pick your guy instead of the leader Karl Rove.

    1. You would not know the truth if it slapped your stupid face!You are a typical stupid parrot and rumormonger! The most obvious and most baldfaced lie, that Ryan ever proposed doing away with or changing medicare and social security for those already invested! He just wants to offer options for those not yet invested and not to stupid to consider change!

  37. Romney could have done a lot worse than Ryan. The liberal media kept floating Petreus, Rice, Portman, Pawlenty and none of them would help kick butt like Ryan will. Rubio was my pick, but he will be valuable in the Senate when that changes hands. His day will come when Romney steps aside.

  38. Ryan’s Fiscal Policy: Austerity for the Plebs, Bombs and Bullets for the Warheads
    “It really does not matter, of course, who wins come November. Both sides of the rigged game will implement the globalist plan for taking down America and turning it into another cesspool of misery, radically diminished expectations, and widespread poverty.

    Like kings of yore, the ruling elite like to keep the plebs hungry and desperate. In addition to stealing everything not nailed down, our hereditary masters want to make sure we are enfeebled and helpless.

    Obama, Romney, and Ryan – these are merely showtime cigar store Indians on the thorny path to our ultimate destruction. Vote for any of them and you are signing off on your demise and that of your children and grand children.”

    1. Get back to our fighting roots? Ron Paul doesn’t want to fight he wants to gut our military and let other countries take us over. And who knows what the heck Virgil Goode wants to do to us. Probably the same.

  39. I was so happy that Romney picked Ryan who is an accountant like me, I donated $5 to his campaign. It might not sound like a lot, but I NEVER donated to any presidential campaign before, and also since I got laid off and am still looking for work, every dollar counts.

    1. Oh and my husband donated another $25, but he’s still employed. He has donated before, too, like $20 to Romney a few months ago. But the news of the Ryan VP pick got him so excited, he wanted to donate again.

    2. You do not need money to get out the vote and every voter you get to the polls may be worth a lot of money in the end. Example, Al Franken the communist won election by 340 or so votes, over 1000 of the votes counted were cast by convicted felons who voted for guess who. If Republicans had gotten out just over 700 more votes to offset the felon vote Franken would be unemployed and the world arguably better off!

  40. Now we have to go to work and get them elected. Now is not the time to relax. Finally someone I can agree with 95% of which is a good thing.

  41. Agree 100% with you, Gary. (Psst: Is there any way you can get your shipping department to get their act together? Just trying to get your attention!)

  42. Paul Ryan is the perfect choice for several reasons. First and possibly most important, he’s not afraid to confront any of those liberals and those left-wing media with a sound mind! Secondly, he is a fiscal reformer with a business head far above any body in this present administration. There are several more important characteristics he possesses, too many to mention here, but the last one I’ll mention here is that he tells the truth, not like this anti-American person we have in the White House, Dingy Harry in the Senate, Scatter-brain Pelosi in the House, and one of the biggest liars on this planet, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, leader of the DNC, what a joke. This woman, like many other liars in the left winger demorats and media, can’t say anything else except lies because this administration has done absolutely nothing to put forth. Not only that, he said that if he couldn’t reduce the National debt, he would be a one-term president. Infact, the National debt has at least tripled since he too the office of president 3 & 1/2 years ago. Well, Mr. odumbo, when are you going to resign and quite putting out lies??? Also, he and others want Gov. Romney to expose his tax returns, but at the same time, this president and many dems in congress will not expose theres. Also, they are all outsourcers of which they blame Gov. Romney for doing that as well, but they deny that in themselves! How hypocritical or maybe two-faced would be better, probably both as well as big liars as I’ve already mentioned!!

  43. In case there was any doubt about the behavior of Obamaniacs the Des Moines Register and other media are reporting “protesters get physical” at Paul Ryan’s first appearance on the campaign trail in Iowa. The protesters shouted, fought with State Police, one struck a woman in the face, and others struggled with a State legislator.
    Looks like it may be a good idea to exercise our 2d Amdt rights when we go to political rallies and to vote this year.

  44. I loved the fact that Romney showed up with shirt sleeves rolled up and Ryan showed up without a tie which, in the business world, means they are ready to take on the work load. Great impression I loved it.

  45. Way to go Mitt Rommey. We finally have a presidential candidate who’s not afraid to have a running mate who will soon be a bonifide candidate for President. Obama doesn’t have this kind of courage. If he did, he would not have picked a dingbat like Joe Biden who puts his foot in his month, more than kids put bubble gum in thiers.

  46. Paul Ryan…yes to the bailouts, yes to spending on wars, yes to the Patriot Act…

    Paul Ryan = more of the same

    A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for 8 more years of Obama’s policies.

  47. In case there was any doubt about the behavior of Obamaniacs the Des Moines Register and other media
    are reporting “protesters get physical” at Paul Ryan’s first appearance on the
    campaign trail in Iowa. The protesters shouted, fought with State Police, one
    struck a woman in the face, and others struggled with a State legislator.

    Looks like it may be a good idea to exercise our 2d Amdt rights when we go
    to political rallies and to vote this year.

    1. FOX said that the protesters were likely Ron Paul supporters. Romney and Ryan were heckled by Paul supporters on Sunday and were thrown out. These nuts are violent. Just wait until Paul loses the nomination in Tampa…..the Paul supporters will start the rioting.

      1. Fox could be right. There really is not much difference between Obamaniacs and Paulites, both are insane and determined to give Obama four more years to complete the destruction of our nation and enslavement of all of us who stay here in Islamic dhimmi under Shar’ia law. Look up dhimmi, learn about it. Unless you are a Muslim or willing to convert I doubt you are going to like it very much.

  48. Let me make this CRYSTAL clear, ANYONE who voted for NAFTA, The Bailouts and the Patriot act is criminal trash that has already defecated on our constitution and trash not worth anything more than contempt.

  49. Steve Benen SEES IRONY in the fact that Mitt Romney’s announcement of
    Paul Ryan as his choice for a running mate was made aboard a U.S. military
    Romney and Ryan, who combined have exactly zero experience in the
    military, national security policy, and/or international affairs…found this
    appropriate, and faced very little pushback.
    I’d just add one related thought
    on this. Ryan isn’t just lacking in military experience, he’s also one of the
    very few politicians in Congress who has attacked the integrity of
    American military leaders……………God help the USA if these two novices get to run things

  50. “This man is in fact the least interesting person in America,” one Guinness official said, adding that Mr. Romney himself had held that title since 1947, or thereabouts
    Mr. Romney and the man made a joint appearance, after which the audience was advised not to operate heavy machinery.
    The man of the hour used his brief remarks to lay out his vision of America, saying that billions of dollars could be saved by eliminating food, clothing, and shelter.

    Read more http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/borowitzreport#ixzz23Uff3raD

  51. The lunatic liberals claim Paul Ryan will dismantle Medicare… really? What do you call the $$ One-Half Trillion dollar cut that Oba-Mao made to Medicare? It’s right there in the bill that “we have to pass to find out what’s in it.”

  52. This proves once and for all that the color of your skin does not qualify you for the job of President. This social experiment has been a unmitigated disaster from day one! Dump this bum!

  53. Yes, certainly Wisconsin is sheading light on the rest of the Republican “world” and they better take notice, The Tea Party is NOT going away and neither are us hard-working, God-fearing Americans!! God Bless Paul Ryan and his efforts!

  54. So Paul Ryan gives the GOP a slight appearance of being conservative when it has clearly earned its reputation as rino central. Now the question will be, is Paul Ryan a conservative or a rino? Will he even slightly address putting social security back into a private account or will he go along with the sherade???

  55. I keep hearing liberals saying that Romney and Ryan are closet liberals. I think that the fact that liberals say that, makes the opposite more than likely the case. In any event, I would vote for and support a fence post if one ran against Obummer.

  56. I’m not convinced! Paul Ryan went after Social Security and Medicare instead of Medicaid. Medicaid is State sponsored immorality. Our country has over 40% unwed pregnancies. The government needs to stop encouraging immorality – but that is unlikely with Paul
    Ryan as V.P. because he is Catholic and the Catholic stance is to preserve the Social Safety net for those who DIDN’T pay into the system, not Social Security and Medicare for the older folks who DID pay into the system.

    1. Ann writes “the Catholic stance is to preserve the Social Safety net for those who DIDN’T pay into the system, not Social Security and Medicare for the older folks who DID pay into the system.”

      What? Where did THAT come from? The USCCB? The Pope himself? What are you talking about?

  57. Every Romney/Ryan ad should clsoe with this:

    Where are the Jobs, Mr. O’bama?”

    Every conservative PAC ad should close with this:

    Where are the Jobs, Mr. O’bama?”

    Every conversation, possibly even non-political conversatoins, should include this:

    Where are the Jobs, Mr. O’bama?”

    If the subject is abortion, the message should add this:

    Where are the Jobs, Mr. O’bama?”

    If the topic is foreign affairs, the speaker should ask:

    Where are the Jobs, Mr. O’bama?”

    And I close.

    Where are the Jobs, Mr. O’bama?”

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