Stephen King on Assassinating Presidents

Stephen King is known as the “King of Horror.” I’m not much of a fan. As of 2011, King has written and published 49 novels, including seven under the pen name Richard Bachman, five non-fiction books, and nine collections of short stories. Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile are two of my favorites. Most of his other works are disturbing. I’ve heard The Stand is good, but I just couldn’t plow through it.

King’s latest book is 11/22/63, a time travel novel. Here’s a short synopsis from the editors at USA Today:

Jake Epping of Lisbon Falls, Maine, is whisked back to Sept. 9, 1958, giving him five years to make his way to Dallas and prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Can Jake keep Lee Harvey Oswald from squeezing the trigger from the sixth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository?

I wish actors and writers would keep their mouths shut about politics and religion. I was seriously considering reading 11/22/63 until I saw his interview with Chris Matthews.

According to King, as reported on News Busters, “conservative ‘hate’ of Barack Obama is similar to the anger that led to the assassination of John Kennedy. Appearing on Friday’s Hardball [with host Chris Matthews] to promote . . . his new novel, the author compared” the assassination of JFK with political rhetoric against President Obama: “Here is where hate will get you eventually. This is what happens. Finally, it's the barrel of a gun.”

Chris Matthews was incredulous: “Yeah, but it was a communist sympathizer. It was Lee Harvey Oswald, a man of the most extraordinary Left by our standards who killed him. So, how do you put that together with the right-wing mood of Dallas?” I know it’s hard to believe Matthews would say this, but as they say, a broken clock is right twice a day. Here’s the exchange:

STEPHEN KING: And I started to think about it again in 2008, because there are a lot of parallels between John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama: The age. They're both young politicians. They both spent a short time in the Senate. They both have beautiful wives. They both have beautiful kids. And also, there's also been this sort of atmosphere of real hate and obstructionism that surrounded both men. So, I began to think history repeats itself and at that point I thought to myself, "You know I really would like to write this book." And one of the things I that I'd kinda like to say is "Here is where hate will get you eventually. This is what happens. Finally, it's the barrel of a gun.”
CHRIS MATTHEWS: Yeah, but it was a communist sympathizer. It was Lee Harvey Oswald, a man of the most extraordinary left by our standards who killed him. So, how do you put that together with the right-wing mood of Dallas?

Where was King when horrible things were being said about George Bush? George Bush is probably the most maligned president in American history. There were wanted posters on the internet. One says “Dead or Alive.” Another says, “Wanted for Crimes Against the Planet.” There’s a “Kill Bush” T-shirt. The earth worshippers had a sign that read “Save Mother Earth, Kill Bush.” How about, “Hang Bush for War Crimes” “Bush is the Disease, Death is the Cure,” “I’m Here to Kill Bush,” “Bush: The Only Dope Worth Shooting,” “Death to Extremist Christian Terrorist Pig-Bush.” Then there’s the promotional photo from the mock-documentary film “Death of a President,” showing Bush being killed Jack Ruby style. Here’s a description of the scene:

Held up by a secret service bodyguard in his dying moments after being shot in the stomach, this is President Bush being assassinated.

Surrounded by a crowd of panicking onlookers, the American leader is pictured just seconds after being gunned down by a sniper following an anti-war demonstration. . . . This scene, which was created by putting the President's face onto an actor with digital wizardry, shows him being gunned down just hours after driving past an anti-war demonstration while doing a talk in Chicago.

It goes on, and on, and on, but Stephen King waits until 2011 to make his claim, when there is a very liberal Democrat in the White House. The Tea Party demonstrations can’t compare to the Occupy crowds where there have been acts of violence, rapes, tons of refuse, drug use, threats, destruction of property, liberal use of excrement, and one or two deaths. King should be more concerned about these Occupiers than conservatives. As one protester said, “This movement is still young, and we're not going away.”

One more thing. Who is Stephen King to address the subject of violence? His books are filled with murders . . . lots of murders. High school kids are murdered in Carrie. There’s “REDRUM” – “MURDER” spelled backward — in The Shining and several other King novels. Let’s not forget Misery, Christine, Pet Sematary, ’Salem’s Lot, It, Secret Window, Secret Garden, Thinner. Need I go on?



  • Craig Stock

    The only modern equivalent to JFK would be Ron Paul (and of course he isn't president yet) when it comes to being assassinated because he is the only one trying to do the same thing as JFK by exposing and ending the corruption and fraud of the federal reserve.

    • clsmurph

      Are you kidding me!? JFK was a Kennedy! You know, linked with the mob and liberal. How can you compare JFK with Ron Paul?

      • The Punisher

        Bobbie Kennedy was wanted by THE MOB, because as AG he was PROSECUTING Them...LEARN HISTORY, before OPENING MOUTH!!!

        JFK,and Robert K.. were NOTHING like today's libs, OR their P O S Brother TED!!

        • The Punisher

          further, JFK, pasted Bush style TAX CUTS..... the Democrats on 1963 were NOTHING LIKE the COMMIECRATS of TODAY!! NOTHING!!

        • The Punisher

          passed.. my bad

        • E.Blake

          JFK was just a DEM with a concience, and he had to die to stop him from exposing the truth. And I don't believe for one second that oswald was the killer.

        • Thomas Martin

          Johnson had him offed.

        • clsmurph

          The Kennedy family got their money from bootlegging during the prohibition, they were in bed with the mod... You may now open your mouth and insert foot.

      • Mayflower Decendent

        Now I see one of the reasons for the problems in my beautiful State. This POTUS and JFK are soooo different in nature to compare the two is ridiculous. Didn't realize SK was so far off his rocker! It has been rumored though that he does sleep with a nightlight!

      • Jim

        John Kennedy was a reluctant president. He was only there because his dad, Joseph Kennedy Sr., was running it from behind the scenes. Kennedy didn't like Johnson and Johnson despised Kennedy. Daddy Joe Kennedy forced John to take Lyndon Johnson as his running mate because Johnson had a lot of political clout, thanks to his wife Lady Bird. Johnson made a fortune off the Vietnam War, that's why he kept escalating it. Kennedy was killed because he wanted to get our advisers out of Vietnam. He saw it for what it was and decided the U.S. had no real reason to get involved.

    • 007

      It's not just the federal reserve. It's all of DC and the politicians.

    • thechristiansolution

      Craig, you are more right than you know.

      JFK wanted to force Israel to honor the non-proliferation treaty. -- He needed assassinated.

      Ron Paul does NOT want to be the one who keeps Iran from non-proliferation. -- He also will need assassinating.

      Jews stole America's nuclear secrets and gave them to the Russians, who then had 30,000 nukes pointing at us.

      Israel and the Jewish Lobby are not being honest with Christians in America.

      How exactly did Russia get Nukes? --

  • clsmurph

    I thought the crew of the Red Dwarf insured the assassination of JFK by getting the future John F. Kennedy to kill himself from the grassy knoll?

  • Cheryl

    Well yes Oswald was a Communist however, I feel Obama is too, so he gets to kill America

    • Jim

      Oswald was a fall guy. JFK was killed because he wouldn't play ball and he started talking about getting our advisers out of Vietnam. Johnson was in on the whole thing, he was the dirtiest politician that ever came from Texas. Jack Ruby was part of the scheme, he was hired to shut Oswald up. Oswald was a willing dupe originally, but he had a change of heart when it all started going down. That's why the footage of him at the Dallas Police Department features him yelling, "I didn't shoot anyone! I'm a patsy!" Obama is a Soros puppet who is being told what to do from behind the curtain, so to speak. As soon as his usefulness is exhausted, he will simply disappear. Obama believes in what he is doing and is fully committed to the destruction of America. However, he is not as much an ideologue as he is an egomaniac. The Soros group keeps him compliant by stroking his ego. Obama thinks he's going to be king, won't he be surprised when he realizes that he has just been a pathetic puppet for George Soros.

      • Dragon

        Soros will have Obama quietly led away from D.c., to an obscure place in Illinois, or Wisconsin, where Obama will live out his days left, as a mentally challenged person; while his wife and kids live high on the hog, attending Soros (and company), as "slaves".

    • 007

      He and a few others only think he gets to kill America. Americans will take so much and then all hell will break loose.

    • zagozana

      BUT, you are the guys with all the guns, fear and venom. Obama is not as left as you wish he was. By the way BUCH and CHAINY made America an enemy to most countries of the world. They killed how many thousands through their discusting projects. The war in Iraq was a criminal act and a poorly run war whose only purpose was to make huge profits for Helburton, Exxon/Mobil, Black Water and their likes. Iraqi oil was suposed to pay for these wars, but that never happened. Now our country is sinking under the weight of coruption and greed directly created by the deregulation of the banks by Reagan and Buch and other federal agencies that only benifit the top 1%.

      • Highsider

        Better grab your 5 gallon bucket and get back to the park, zagotroll, you're not accomplishing anything here.

  • Silas Longshot

    Only lib "logic" can try anc connect together a bunch of dots that are not even on the same page. One item he missed in his 'parallels' is the fact that 0bama is tearing the country apart with class warfare, corporate cronyism, and a fast pace towards the socialist state. Was Kennedy anything like that?

  • Dusty1

    To compare John F. Kennedy with Barack Hussein Obama does a great disservice to the memory of John F. Kennedy. Kennedy was an American and former military. America itself was a bettter country when Kennedy was president than it is today. Obama was raised in Indonesia and communist. One thing the two men have in common is they both were elected as Democrats. Kennedy would roll over in his grave if he could see what the Democrats of tody are up to.

    • 007

      obama is a traitor and a threat to our country. Kennedy was not. Comparing them is like comparing Christianity and muslims. THERE IS NO COMPARISON!!!!

    • thechristiansolution

      JFK would roll over in his grave if he knew what Israel did to him and then his country.

      • GDC

        YOU are mentally sick!

    • mikey

      JFK was raised to be elected to High Office as were his older and younger brothers Joe Jr. and Bobby by their father who was in Politics among other things. It looks to us all that Barrack was raised to be a left leaning Liberal. JFK was a true brilliant man, his school records say so. With a lack of school records I would say Barrack did worst than Bush Jr. I could go on but I would be preaching to the Choir, and we are at the least familiar with the Kennedy family story. And then there was Teddy, but let us not go there.

  • Rick Eastlund

    I used to be a King fan, even met him once. Then he decided to get all political. Now I'm not a fan.

  • GDC

    Stephen King IS mentaly sick, psychotic! Only a very sick mind could make up the things he does.

  • JimB3

    When you advocate totally changing the American system of government, you have committed treason. So, the OWS crowd is now guilty, by their own admission, of treason against the United States of America. So, they should be going away for a VERY long time. Bring criminal charges and don't wait.

    • E.Blake

      Let's call it what it is SOWS (STAKE OUT WALL STREET)

    • MajJohn

      Treason is the seeking to overthrow ones government or Leader. These would be acts outside of the elective or other legal processes.Impeach Obama is not treasonous but killing him would be. What many accouse the OWS bunch of are written is these blogs. Looks like plenty of treason to go around on both sides..

  • judy

    could not come to soon in my opinion.

  • Bee176

    My advise to all of you....DON"T BUY THE BOOK; simple as that.

  • Xenianancy

    In King's new book,"Full Dark,No Stars", he makes nasty comment about Sarah Palin in the afterward. There was no reason to do this, it was completely unrelated to anything in his book.Shut the hell up and write, we don't need or want your left political philosophy,Mr.King!

  • Bev J

    I used to like Stephen King????? Guess that was when he was on drugs(heavy) Now he is a big jerk can't write & has no sence of whats really going on just wants to hear himself!!! ASS Go back on DRUGS!!!

  • Highsider

    Stephen King is Michael Moore ‘s twin brother they just work in separate medias. They get rich selling their product in a nitch market and think that makes them political Einsteins.

  • Thomas Martin

    I heard there is a new pest controll on the market, it's called obama begone.

  • mark ex-calif

    This why i read dean koontz and not s.k.

  • plainscary

    Stephen King is a has been, why he is news now, is only because of his political views.

    Do what I do. I boycott every writer, actor or actress that annoys me. No more movies, no tv shows, no books. No concerts either. And, some networks fit in to this category too, I might add.


    Steve king should stick to witing science fiction not politics.

  • Jim

    I have always been a huge Stephen King fan. I am saddened to learn what an empty-headed boot-licking tool he is. I guess I've read my last King novel.


    King and Matthew is trying to put the idea in the head of some deranged nut, and will point their pointy fingers at conservative before the verdict is in. Not gonna happen.
    It will be a black muslim that will end it for obama, no gun needed, they have their own method.

    • 007


  • John Stark

    King is half right. If Obama does not win the 2012 election, the winner will be killed by a "right wing fanatic", and it will be used as excuse for declaring martial law and suspending the swearing in of a new president until "the country must have order before we can have a new election", and the order will never come. Obama will then be president as long as he wants/can hang on to the office. Remember this in December 2012/January 2013.

    • 007

      Don't bet on that.

  • screaming eagle

    Administratot, the truth hurts, right?

  • oldwhitehair

    I would not want to be Chris Mathews when the revolution starts.

  • thechristiansolution

    Iran's missile king was assassinated today, so of course, every should remember that JFK was wanting to inspect Israel's Dimona nuclear power plant. Israel's founderm David Ben-Gurion had just resigned.

    And nothing and nobody was going to get in the way of Israel's ultimate survival by stopping her from developing nuclear weapons.


    • thechristiansolution

      Not even JFK

  • Yurin

    Wake up people, Assonating him would only make him a MARTYR.

    • lensc

      Then every town would have to have an OBAMA street, and his birthday would be a national holiday.

  • James

    Why would anyone who thinks anything of himself associate with Chris Matthews. Just the act of Matthews breathing perfectly good air should be against the law. Matthews, Rachel Madcow and Kieth Sloberman should be locked in a padded room together for life.


      Now THAT'S a scene I would love to see, James! :)

  • Steve

    There were at least 2 shooters 11/22/1963, Nicolleti was in the DalTex building and James Files was in the grassy knoll behind the picket fence with a Remington XP100 chambered in .222 Remington, Nicolleti and Files fired 1/100th of a saecond of each other, Files was firing special mercury tipped bullet, Files bit the bullet case he shot Kennedy with, that bullet case was recovered in 1987 by a gardner in Dealy Plaza by the name of Rademacher, LHO did not kill Kennedy or JD Tippit

    • Allison

      The issue is not who pulled the trigger but who set the stage that allowed Kennedy to be shot. It took many people to make the arrangements. The orders came from higher up than the peon that Oswald was.

    • GDC

      You have been using to many drugs.

  • TexasJester

    Thechristiansolution - your liberal anti-Semite stockings are showing. If you were a true Christian, you would be supporting Israel against Palestine (and the rest of the Islamic world), and supporting her right to defend her borders. Remember - if the Muslims disarms, there will be peace; if Israel disarms, there will be no israel.

    Jesus Christ was a Jew.

    John Stark - ok, you just scared the h*** out of me. I have been thinking all along that the OWS was a practice for civil unrest to take place next October - was thinking it was a bit early for the traditional "October Surprise". I've been thinking that Obucky will declare martial law and delay the elections until the unrest is quelled, for "the safety of the voters". To think that it would be the replacement of Obucky to be assassinated ... YIKES.

  • carl

    What we are all missing here is that Kennedy was not connected to the New World Order parasitical elites. obama IS! They would not kill one of their own until they acheve the objective. This has been a slow communistic take over of the U.S. and the world to benefit a small group of non human parasites starting in a big way in the 1450's. They are evil.

  • RMF

    Gee King, why don't you tell us what you really think.
    Any more ideas for the mentally unstable.

  • ken

    Have you noticed that the Tea Party and essentially ANY conservative rally left the place they were meeting at in at least as good condition if not better then they found it, yet every liberal rally has left it trashed? It seems they are doing it to everything they touch. The Midas touch.....the liberals trash everything they touch.

  • Guest

    Yeah if JFK was alive today he would be seen as a middle right wing conservative when compared to Obama.

  • Danee Lee

    It was two french hitman that killed JFK not LHO
    Hired by a syndicate and authorized by labor leaders and politicians taking bribes
    Politicians from both parties and it happened pretty much like Steve said...
    Chris Mathews has no brain of his own, why do people listen to the point of view from news reporters?
    People waste their votes based on what media people say! So yes the media can pretty much kill anyone they want to.
    The perfect crime I would say. They never have to pay for their crimes. They need to shut up and report the news and keep their ignorant comments to their self as should anyone in Hollywood, entertainment or a person with fan base or power.
    They have a right to free speech but they also have a responsibility to speak truth and not hearsay on behalf of their fans who trust them. That means they should do what they do best and leave politics to the people who slave away making a living and paying taxes.

  • Danee Lee

    I actually like though when an actor or writer or entertainer sticks their neck out and ruins their career by taking a stand on an issue.

    It discredits their talent by proving they are just stupid lucky people who were in the right place at the right time.

    Look what it did to the Dixie Chicks! and so many more... Ouch! I think they just like sports figures are way over paid anyway.

    I would rather hear patriots like Ron Paul talk than any of them! Go ahead and ask me why?????

  • Ronaldmellish

    I always thought King's books sucked.  They are clearly the product of a DEMENTED MIND (like King). Too bad that the auto that struck him in that woe begone state of Maine didn't put an end to him and his SICK fiction. GO TO HELL KING MAY YOUR MIND CRUMBLE AND YOU HANDS BECOME IMMOBILE SUCH THAT YOU NEVER WRITE ANOTHER SICK BOOK AGAIN!

  • Jim Fairbrother

       Dean Koontz outsells him. (One Koontz theme is writing (and warning) about big, snoopy, intrusive, terrorist, controlling government). 

       King is the best, there's no one close. I have read all of his book, many of them 3-4 times. 
        But I find it quite upsetting when, like 300 pages into "Under The Dome" he inserts a paragraph abusing Senator Lindsey Graham (who, Mr. King, isn't much of a Republican). How Lindsey Graham figures into this story is quite a stretch.
       Another 200 pages, this line: "...he smiled, but it was a Republican kind of sneer..."

       And another dig or two at evil Republicans farther on (a 900-page tome).

       For me, I read fiction to escape my USSA  humdrum everyday life. It's getting so you can't go outside without breaking a law. The 19-year-old kid wants me to buy him beer. I'd be jailed for being a child predator if I did that. So I spend a lot of time overseas, where I can (Horrors!) carry an opened bottle of beer while walking down the sidewalk.

        So when King inserts his personal political opinions into what is otherwise a great book, it dumps me out of the pleasant time I am enjoying in his alternate universe, with a rude thud, into the now and and here. THUD! Lindsey Graham? What the hell?

        King's mind is still in the sixties, when gays were called queers, and not honored and put on a pedestal. When blacks were mistreated, somewhat. When women were abused (not as badly as King writes). The evil white man is the main character in all of his books.

        King was doing non-stop alcohol and cocaine while writing throughout the 80's and I think this chemical abuse "froze" his brain in that time. He still thinks (or at least writes as if) most white men beat their wives, ambush blacks, and beat homosexuals.

        King is a great writer, but a Mickey Mouse actor, a terrible director, and a political clown. King has only good thing he can do, anything else he tries is a joke, a failure, and he comes off as an idiot.

        If you want to read King without paying him, there are Russian web sites where you can download his complete works. Just don't download "The Plant" - it's half-done, a great tale, and King never finished it. He refuses to discuss why he won't finish it. 

  • Jim Fairbrother

    Still, the lengths to which King goes to twist reality (JFK's and RFK's assassins were a communist and one of the first American Islamic terrorists) to blame everything wrong in this country on Republicans, in this book 11/23/63, it sometimes overwhelms the dear reader's (my) interest in the story itself. I was shaking my head a couple of times as I plowed through this one - LOL, how can an otherwise intelligent person be so brain-dead when it comes to contemporary America, and American history?