Illegals Hunting US Border Patrol Agents with Intent to Kill

On December 14, 2010, four US Border Patrol agents were patrolling an area a few miles north of the US-Mexico border in southern Arizona.  In the dark of night, they happened upon five illegal immigrants.  The agents spoke Spanish when they identified themselves of law enforcements officers.  Using thermal binoculars, US agents could see that at least two of the illegals were armed with rifles.  When the illegals failed to drop their weapons, two of the agents fired non-lethal beanbags at the illegals to stop them.  The illegals opened fire on the US agents resulting in the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

Information surfacing from a grand jury indictment reveals that the illegals were intentionally hunting US Border Patrol agents for the express purpose of killing them.

At least two of the illegals were carrying AK-47 semi-automatic rifles.  When the illegals opened fired, agent Terry called out to his fellow agents that he had been hit.  A moment later he said he couldn’t see his legs.  Terry had been shot in the back by one of the illegals and the bullet severed his aorta.  Agent Terry bled to death in a matter of moments.

After the illegals fired at the Border Patrol agents, two agents returned fire, hitting one of the illegals in the abdomen and leg.  Manuel Osorio-Arellanes was captured and arrested.  The other four illegals escaped into the desert darkness.

Osorio-Arellanes admitted to FBI interrogators that all five illegals had been armed as they were on the hunt for the Border Patrol agents.  Records reveal that he was convicted of a felony aggravated assault in Phoenix, Arizona in 2006 plus he had been picked up twice in 2010 for being an illegal immigrant and had been returned to Mexico both times.

The federal records on this case have now been sealed along with the records of the judge who ordered them sealed.

With documented evidence indicating that illegals have taken to hunting US Border Patrol agents with the intent to kill should be understood as an act of war by the drug cartel against the US government and people, especially since it is occurring on US soil.

Unlike presidential candidate Ron Paul who believes that we should end our war on drugs, if I were president, I would take swift action to secure our borders and take military action against all those involved just as the US did with 9/11.



  • Clsmurph

    First off, Ron Paul has already said that he would strengthen America's defense by bring our troops home, they can be put on our borders. 2nd. The guns that these illegals were using were practically given to them by the BATF themselves. This was for the purpose to exacerbate the gun violence at the borders to that new gun laws could past through Congress (this is what big governments do to gain more control over the people). 3rd. Decriminalizing drugs would shutdown the drug cartels. If we can grow it in our own backyard, there would be no need for them to smuggle it over the border.

    • Millicent

      A typical Paulbot. Ron Paul is dangeous for America.

    • Dave Langdon

      We are dealing with drug cartels that murder police chiefs in Mexico, why would they not think twice about killing border agents, and of course Mexico does not have a death penalty for these butchers.

    • cluv

      So lets just forget about the addiction,and overdoses. and make it legal. The pot these days has much more T.H.C. in it,And i wouldnt want anyone driving around killing people because you think it should be legal.

    • bob jones

      Right on all counts, and it is wrong for the article to state that the cartels are at war with the US government and its people, we have seen countless reports, documents and interviews that have clearly shown that at least parts of our government are working with, not against the drug cartels, arming them to the teeth.This has been going on long before the current administration as we saw the Bush administration give immunity to illegals dealing drugs to testify against our border agents that were trying to stop them.

    • Gary

      Clsmurph, I raised 4 kids. 2 of which did drugs. There attitude got bad, they got librial, disonest and distant from my wife and I.1 ended up doing 4yrs in prison the other had to join the Army or go to jail. As far As I feel Ron Paul is the worse one out there. If he won, we'd all end up being Muslims, because of his weak stand on defence.

      • DonJ

        You are one nut-case and a lier to boot.

      • chris

        is ron paul any than that idiot janet nepolatano that said the borders are as safe as they have ever been? and here we are now reading about mexican thugs murdering border agents. what is your choice?

      • Clsmurph

        Gary, that's not the fault of drugs. I think it's safe to say that you have sent your kids to a public school. I'll let a quote from Joel McDurmon explain it to you:

        "People worship God on Sunday, speak of God and family—then willingly herd their children into largely pagan asylums all day for five days a week. In these prisons of Statist corruption and vice, children are desensitized to everything about God and family. Christian parents willingly render their children to Caesar." -JOEL MCDURMON

    • guest

      Live in AZ. and beanbags are a sick joke. They use live ammo at our guys. They hijack our cars. Invaded our homes. we have whole miles too dangerous to enter. bean bags?? The Germans had it right. Militarized wall with orders to shoot only way to stop the insanity.

    • Rickoff

      Ron Paul is the only candidate who will say what needs to be said, and will do what needs to be done to end illegal immigration. Ron's American Sovereignty Protection Act will accomplish the following:

      - Secure our borders by increasing the number of border patrol agents. It makes no sense to spend trillions policing international borders when our own backdoor is left unlocked.

      - End Birthright Citizenship, which is the single most causative reason why illegals pour into our country. Did you know that at Parkland hospital in Texas (yes, the same hospital JFK was taken to after being shot) there are 16 thousand babies born each year to illegal aliens? It's a fact, and that is just ONE hospital. The cost to provide free hospitalization to illegals is staggering, and once these illegals have an "anchor baby" the whole extended family is allowed to stay here legally and claim welfare benefits for housing, food stamps, fuel assistance, medical care, and you name it. As Ron Paul says, "If you are here illegally, and therefore not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, your children are not automatically U.S. citizens. It is a bad misreading of the 14th Amendment to say otherwise"

      - End ALL welfare for illegal immigrants, including taxpayer-sponsored tuition, education, and health care.

      It is only by ending Birthright Citizenship, along with ALL handouts and benefits to illegal immigrants, that we can END illegal immigration once and for all. If illegals had nothing to gain by coming here then they would not come, and those who are already here would voluntarily leave if they could neither find a job nor claim any benefits. Liberals would have you believe that illegals only fill lowly jobs that Americans would not consider working at, but that is not true. In cases where illegals have been forced out of illegal employment, Americans have quickly swooped in to fill those vacancies. At a time when the "official" unemployment rate is over 9%, and the actual rate is nearer 20%, don't you wonder why Congress is doing virtually nothing to end employment of illegals, and why our Department of Homeland Security is now offering amnesty and work visas to at least 300,000 illegals who have already been slated for deportation? It is high time to end this insanity.

      • Straight Talker AL

        Well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until this country wakes up andstops giving the illegals everything they are going to keep coming. What is needed is a new law THAT ANY ILLEGALS CAUGHT COMING ACCROSS THE BOARDER BE SHOT ON SIGHT. It wouldn't take but a few being shot and they would stop coming.

      • Bud

        thats Right Rick
        these goofs must clean the wax outta there ears
        Ron Paul is the only guy talking any sense on all the issues
        Ron Paul is the rule of law ...always has been
        Better wake up or your dream land will soon be gone

      • Doc

        Hey you're crazy man. They hate us for our freedom.

    • Larry F

      RIGHT ON Clsmurph! When will all the idiots sit up and take notice? We are being led to the slaughter by a bunch of greedy politicians that have no idea what they are doing. That along with the brainless idiots that keep electing them is what's killing America!

      • DonJ

        Just realize that 70% of our elected are liars and card carrying Socialists. It's not stupid to believe liars or those that omit the facts. I think we will be smarter this time around. Elect Ron Paul 2012

    • Guest

      First of all active duty soldiers cannot operate on American soil, only National Guardsmen. Second of all let the border patrol and such do their job thats what we pay them for.
      Oh and yeah grow your own weed, then Bob down the road will make Meth, and Charlie down the road will grow coca plants in his green house and make cocaine.. YEAH decriminalize drugs THEN your son can cook meth for him self.
      How about we make it so sever for people to USE drugs they decide NOT TOO. Put a few hundred junkies on a chain gang for a year or two,,,,might think twice about abusing drugs. Dealers, do the same, murderers, well depending on the severity of said crime from life in prison to gallows, worse the circumstances, hand till dead, other versions, make it quick, snap the neck.
      Ron Paul will get US attacked and our citizens attacked or killed if out of country on vacation.

      • DonJ

        Yours is an old dead argument.
        The only reason we have meth is because it's cheaper than the also illegal pot. A pot smoker will not smoke meth. Pot is illegal because it's made with hemp, hemp is illegal because anything that can be made from oil can be made from sustainable hemp. Get it? The only thing smoking and driving will do is put a lot more slower, safer drivers on the road, ask any pot smoker that drives.

      • big wyo

        Respect your position - however the war on drugs has and is failing.
        We have the death penalty and people still commit murder. Even if drug use were a capital offence some would still use drugs.
        Some try drugs to see what all the fuss is about.
        Others and many of the worst fry their brain huffing paint.

        The example of PROHIBITION is the perfect example of what legalizing might do. Take the big money and organization out of it and tax it without making it the forbidden fruit.

        It is certain that what we are doing now is failing. Should we continue full throttle ahead over the cliff or make some changes and try save this country

    • Carol Goodwin

      I could not havce said it better! Our troops armed with whatever body armor they require to ward off AK-47's or whatever these Mexican criminals have as weapons. Out military has some very specialized equipment to use against them.
      Once we decriminalize these drugs, control and tax them, the Mexican Mafia will have to settle for their other activities.
      Our enforcement, military or border patrol should never be charged with anything particularly when they 'wound' any oe these scumbags! If they have assault weapons, there shouldn't even be a shadow of doubt as to whether they should fire and I believe our protectors should have assault weapons as well.

    • JJM

      Yes, and Ron Paul the Consistent Constitutionalist does believe that the primary intent of the fed gov is to protect the US and citizens from foreign and domestic enemies. He is the only contender that I can believe would continue to protect our Constitution, Freedom and Liberty without selling out or being threatened off. Main concern that I have is that he must have the proper VP to take over the fight when he is JFKed.
      Bring home half of our foreign deployed assets and redeploy them on our borders. Declare Open Season with Live Lethal ammo when the order to surrender is ignored........

    • LGB

      Think of how many special forces people have been trained over the past decade, how beautiful their abilities are with the .50 caliber sniper rifle...
      How many people could you think of in Washington, that could line up single file, and have the right person holding your target, the results would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
      Then we could send "SF" down to the border to finish the task, but reach-out and touch Washington first...
      How much more do you think the silent majority will take, when a peaceful man has his/her freedom torn from our gasps, we're about ready to take your "last breath" with prejudice!!!

    • Esek Hopkins

      Having spent a very large chunk of my life as a DEA agent stationed in Mexico and San Diego, your statement that decriminalizing drugs would shut down the drug cartels is really quite infantile. CA produces a very large quantity of marihuana that is of a much better quality than Mexico, yet the grass continues to move north. And that doesn't speak to coke or heroin. To suggest that decriminalizing drugs and let the "government" tax and regulate it, is like suggesting the government can regulate home sales through Freddie and Fannie. How's that working out for you? I have a much better solution. Take away the buyer and there will be no market for the seller. Let's do as we used to do and put users in jail for a mandatory 5 years. Not enough prisons? Build more and stop lavish welfare.

      • Guy

        I agree in a lot of what you say but put first timers road cleanup or what ever need to be done and make wear prison cloths after that tent prisons like the one in Arz.. illegal coming across get sent back 1 time after that tent prison 5 years no trial they have no rights like we have none in Mexico kids get sent back to nearest kin

      • big wyo

        You were DEA with a grow the government slant. Astonishing ????

      • DudeinTX

        As most ex-govt employees, you don't think anything through to the end result, only what you perceive. If you really think about it anything in history, the ONLY way to fix a problem is to create a market for it. If you legalize and tax drugs of all kinds, it becomes a market. You take the enormous profits out of it and thus, the incentive to continue in the trade. The only ones that would continue with it would be the legal corporations that can find a way to turn a profit from it. Yes, there are those that will continue to use & abuse, but those are lost to society already. Others will continue on with their lives not using and watching others have to pay for their vises.
        It will absolutely destroy the Cartels and any illegal organizations because there will be NO profit in it any longer. I don't understand why you can't see that. Take off your govt blinders and think for yourself!

      • The Federal Farmer

        Or, we could honor the Founders and create a government that respects the People's God-given right to do any stupid thing and pay the consequences of his actions.
        So long as a person is respecting his fellow travelers' God given rights and not using force or fraud to accomplish any personal goals, there is no tort, and therefore no crime.

        Now those who wield arms against peaceful people (who may be smoking pot or shooting crank,) those folks should be lined up against a wall and sent home to their maker.

    • Lou

      First of all, there should be an inquiry about the fast and furious with the guns being given to the cartels by the BATF and idiot Holder. Try them for treason and get rid of them, then work on the corrupt officials in the WH, and do the same for them. Then get someone in there who has a pair of balls like sheriff Joe,and let him show washington how the job should be done. Let's get a leader in there that is actually for the real American people. Anyone who doesn't like or defend the people of this country, should be shipped out of here including the corrupt officials.

    • Mayflower Decendent

      I think it's about time to make the drug cartels deal with our Military! Let the freaking Marines go in and wipe out the whole dang lot of them! They won't be so quick to build up their control again!

    • Michael

      Certainly agree with one and two!

    • Bus Driver Elizabeth

      You (& Ron Paul) cannot "occupy" both sides of an argument! Please allow me to elaborate--it would be wonderful to be
      able to have all of our troops out of harm's way, but in order to do so without bringing our country to the brink of ruin, we
      must first unleash American energy resources & allow the exploitation, extraction & processing of our own bountiful
      fossil fuels here on our soil rather than to continue to allow ourselves to be tethered to the most volatile, violent & un-
      stable region of the world for our energy needs!!

      • DudeinTX

        Bring our country to the brink of ruin...where do you think we are now with our military being so stretched around the world??? We can not longer afford it. Bring them home! We are not the world's police and we have no business in most of the countries we have bases in. It would save billions, if not trillions of dollars closing down those bases. They were all created to fend off our enemy at the time, which was the USSR. They are hardly a world-wide threat today. Today, our primary enemy is a rag-tag group of people that have no base or military. How can you fight them with conventional warfare? you can't. We've learned that over the last 10 yrs. How long will it take before we wake up to that fact?

    • Bus Driver Elizabeth

      Beanbags--yes, this is all part & parcel of the Rules of Engagement that have been decided by the higher powers behind
      the scenes & foisted upon those like Border Agent Terry, who have to confront evil forces in their defense of our borders
      each & every day!!

    • Drake McHugh

      The war on drugs is beyond idiotic, it's turning Mexico into a failed state on our southern border, the consequences will be catastrophic. Gingrich is too smart for his own good, doubling down on a failed strategy smacks of the invasion of Iraq all over again. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. Legalization of all drugs gets the crime out and ends the corruption of cops, judges and especially politicians. Schools, employers, anyone wanting to screen out drug users can still screen if laws are written right. Of course, the CEO better go first, for a change. America's ready to dump the drug laws and legalize individual freedom, for a change. That's change we can believe in!

  • Clsmurph

    5th. The drug cartels are in Mexico, I suppose that you are all for violating their borders to get to these cartels? Finally, we are already at war with drugs. How we can declare a war on pharmaceutical products is bazaar at best and a waste of taxpayers money at worst.

    • Clsmurph

      Oops, where 4th. lol

    • VT Patriot

      Wow, brilliance... Why don't we just re-classify them as "undocumented Pharmasists?? That way they'd be welcomed, be able to collect bennys, and be assimiliated into the US.

    • Bobseeks

      Pharmaceuticals? By whose definition? In case you are just ignorant instead of malignant, pharmaceuticals are used to cure or treat medical conditions; not to get high. All smugglers of illegal drugs should be shot on sight and all users of illegal drugs should be deported because they are worthless parasites who cost us billions of dollars in added taxes and other costs.

      • HRobert

        I agree 100%. On top of that, hunting squads should be deployed throughout government lands to ferret out those who are in this country illegally and growning marajuna on out land...and ruining it in the process.

      • William

        I agree with you Bob. We should be able to hunt down illegals shoot first and ask questions later. Since the feds aren't willing to do anything it will be up too the people too take care of this problem. Every one in states that border Mexico should have the right too defend themselves and their property.

    • Janet

      If you think the cartels are only in Mexico, you have your head in the sand. This week in Houston, a sem-truck full of pot was ambused by four Zeta cartel members. If you will read the 2011 FBI Gang Threat Assessment, you will discover that just in Greater Houston we have 225 gangs, 10,000 known gang members (gangs like the Zetas, MS-13, Azteca Barrios, etc.) all with ties in some form to the cartels and committing such minior offenses as home invasions (of which we've had 4 reported in the last two weeks), drug, human & weapons smuggling and trafficking. And the cartels are forming ties with international terrorist organizations. You can download the report, unless you're too afraid of the truth. Congressman Michael McCaul had congressional hearings last month in an attempt to designate the cartels as terrorists. Of course he's catching flack from the pro-amnesty thugs. You can also download that report.

    • Tim BAH

      We sent Black Jack Pershing into Mexico for much less. Then again there was a President and US Congress that loved America.

      The Chi-coms have been backing these "drug cartels" for 30 plus years. Have a candid conversation with anyone that has served with Southern Command. Recon in force is the military term every one is NOT using.

      Can we expect any of the self serving politicos in DC to actually work in the best interest of the American people on any issue?


      A war on drugs is a throwback term to the 1980s. In this country any president can declare a war on "_________"; thereby extending his war powers authority, via the war powers act. That is why we have the war on poverty the war on the economy, or the war when anything. As all the president has to say "I declare a war on _______". The war powers act allowes a president to do anything he's jolly well pleases bypassing Congress and the judicial branch. But Dr. Ron Paul is still the best candidate out there.

      • david peacock

        Ron Paul is good;; hope he fixes the FED RESERVE.

    • Robert

      you hunt these animals anywhere and any time.Anyone who believes that there are rules in a firefight is DEAD.
      We are at war with animals not civilised people so treat them accordingly.
      You come across the boarder at night , armed ,and looking to kill Americans there is only one right thing to do . KILL THEM FIRST!!
      Remember the old dead or alive wanted posters bring them back at $1000 a head we would put Americans to work and slow down the build-up of Obama shock troops and future Democratic voters .This would also put money into the economy where it would do some good.

    • Lou

      It's hard to be in a war against drugs when the government is in bed with the cartels. They make way to much money from selling drugs.

    • cowm

      Clsmurph, you are right and I say America is being druged by so called legal drugs on every other tv comerical nation wide.............Charles of Waveland,MS.

    • The Bob


    • MaryinMission

      You betcha I would. Just like we went into Columbia, after the drug lords, and just like we went into Panama and drug Noriega out. Put our military men and women on the border to protect our own.

  • Airportbum

    Beanbags? Really?

    • Dave

      Beanbags??? Isn't that what the politicians armed our military in Viet Nam with? And I think that's what the militaries of the countries of North Korea, Russia, Mexico, Iran, China, Iraq, etc, carry. ONLY IN AMERICA!!! We are the laughing stock of the world!!! But, we keep trying to police the world and sending money to any country who will take it. And, then when we need support in the United Nations, the keep stabbing us in the back. When will the politicians wake up and take care of AMERICA? Whenever you look at the forehead of a politician.........look closely and you'll see it says, "Does this say stupid??????" YES IT DOES!!! Vote every one of them out! Vote in people who will take care of this country first!!

      • jonrod

        Who ever ordered the Border patrol to use bean bags as a deterent is a ass. Just as Dave said we arwe the laughing stock of the world. Cone on people its timwe to rid ourselves of people like Holder. Oh and don't forget that do nothing possitive person who hold the office that should be reserved for God Fearing Americans. Even his thrill down his leg Cris Mathews is complaining about his do nothing President. He has become of Traveler-in-chief spending so much time traveling around the world instead of occupying the office he was elected to. How in hell can he do his job if he doesn't take his leadership to the legislature. He should be constantly in touch with them on a day tio day basis. And demand action not inaction and Blaming his predessor for their inactions.

      • ekim

        We have people in office now who do not need a salary and some who definitely do not deserve a salary, so why not vote people in who would work for the American Taxpayer and not for the money they can steal !

      • Don H

        Dave, nice thought, but what makes you think the voting is not dishonest the way it was with Oboma? Do you think the vote this time will be honest? Its sad isn't it to see our country slide into the one world dictatorship with us as the peasants.

      • Jack

        The United Nations are pressing Obummer to institute a Gun Ban..

        • The Bob

          Jack, you're only a tiny bit right. Old 'Fat Calf' Hillary and Oscuma are pressing for a 'so-called' arms treaty that would disarm all of us. That's the "gun ban" you've heard about.

      • fiddler

        This is why we must have term limits in Congress. You will always have bleeding hearts in Washington who want to handcuff our people. Somehow I guess it "evens the score" when we are given a "handicap". These people don't know that the objective of any war is to WIN, decisively. No more "measured responses". Words like that are widow-makers and the blood is on the hands of those who pass such laws.

    • 1599

      Yes, it is nonsense, isn't it?

    • T Lady

      Yes, really. Pathetic as all get out. The Secretary of Homeland Insecurity has basically turned U.S. Border Patrol Agents into moving targets for the the Drug cartels.

    • Bus Driver Elizabeth

      Beanbags--yes, this is all part & parcel of the Rules of Engagement that have been decided by the higher powers behind
      the scenes & handed down to those who are expected to implement these idiotic policies in the face of imminent danger!

    • The Bob

      Sounds to me like we need to swap out the idiotic beanbags for a helluva lot of 'BUCKSHOT'.

  • joesixpack31

    If I were a betting man, I'd wager that US government "higher ups" have a heavy financial interest in Mexican drug trafficking into the US AND overseas. For example in the whitehouse and on capitol hill democrats and RINOs both enjoy big big paydays in the form of laundered campaign contributions from Eastern European islamo-marxist criminal interests engaged in drug trafficking, kidnap/murder, human organ piracy and trafficking, prostitution, trafficking in kidnapped women. These capitol hill democrats and RINOs are basically in partnership lobbying on behalf of any criminal syndicate that buys them. They are whores for sale to anyone with the $$$'s. How else do newly elected congress persons come to Washington with little more than a knapsack of their belongings and leave as millionaires a few years later? The corruption and abuse of the public trust is monumental.

    • Dave

      Duhhhhhh!!! And the idiots in this country keep voting them back in to office. KEEP THOSE FREEBIES COMING!! WE LOVE YEARS OF UNEMPLOYMENT MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT, FOOD STAMP WHICH HAVE MONMUNENTAL CORRUPTION GOING ON (which the politicians don't care about stopping), KEEEPING THE BORDERS OPEN FOR FUTURE VOTERS (go to Iran or Mexico and sneak'll find your butt in prision or shot.......and it won't be with beangags!!). Who says that opportunity is dead in America? They don't know what they're talking about. The quickest way to becoming a millionaire in America is to become a politician. They make their own rules for themselves (of course they make the rules that we have to follow as well), they use insider trading information to fill their pockets (Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner.....of course they've denied this, but won't pass legislation to stop it either), they get kickbackS from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (Obama when he was a thug politician in he's just a thug politician in the White House). Vote him back in..........He's just getting ain't seen nothing yet!

    • Heyoka

      I remember reading a comment that went like this, "When the legislature controls the buying and selling they will be the first to be bought".

      Well Haleluja!!!!

    • loco

      So right on the money!!!!!

    • THOMAS


    • FinaBiscotti

      Yep, Obama INC - that is how the Christmas Day bomber got through - without showing a passport.

      • DonJ

        He was a plant. No death so no trial. He was used to make us "more secure". What a joke.

    • Sandta Parrott

      Until 2010 no newly elected congress person went to Washington with "little more than a knapsack" We have allowed our election process to become so corrupt that it is no longer possible to even mount a campaign without millions of $$$. They have to be rich to get there in the first place, and become much richer as they stay. Only now, with the Tea Party and groups under that umbrella can we send real true representatives to Washington to save our country. We really must get behind this effort and help in every way possible. I don't know why we don't just stop paying taxes? Then they will have to go home and live off their own money.
      I hear people say that if we take away the benefits, the illegals will stop why not reduce the inflated goodies they get for going to Washington? Then, and only then, can we elect people who really want to save and serve our country.

  • tod

    Dr. Ron Paul 2012 for the ONLY PROVEN HONEST(for Well Over 30 Years),Intelligent,God Fearing,Patriot running for President,PERIOD !!! Ron Paul will protect Our borders ,and Our Constitution ,and all Our Freedoms,he's the ONLY ONE THAT WILL !!!

    • ekim

      If you come into my house unannounced, you might not like the treatment you receive !

    • Millicent

      Ron Paul is one of the biggest a%sholes I have ever heard speak on international politics. He must be taking some of the dope he wants to legalize. Thank God this nuisance doesn't stand a chance.

      • VT Patriot

        Don't worry about tod above, he sits in his basement extolling paul all day long, drives everyone else nuts and is doing more damage to his 'chosen one' than he can imagine. Of course, imagination isn't his strong suit..

        • Don H

          Yeah on tod, its called brain-washed from our so called school elites. But don't wake him up; he may become human and believe in the truth of liberty?

      • LocalYokel 35

        International politics have been corrupt as long as US empire expansion's 100 years of existence. Ron Paul is the only candidate that recognizes and discusses the issue with offered legislation for exposure of its treasonous roots. Only constitutional misinterpretation and greed have allowed it to continue at the expense of future generations.
        Ron Paul's historically anchored conclusions are the only ones that can initiate remedy for the metastasized stage four cancer of government over reach that offers only national death and tax slavery. Restoration of constitutional protection and national redemption from the 98 year old conspiracy bleeding every one into complete submission when parasites completely out number their hosts from DC to county should be evident to all that inquire. Why else would media conduct such platform misdirection and electability fear to a dieing republic? Their agenda of omission and whitewash is only effective on those willing to submit to tyranny.

      • Boletero

        Prohibiting liquor did not work. So, what the Sam Hill makes you arse holes think that prohibiting drugs will ?????????????????????????????????????
        Arse Holes.............

        Saludos, Vatos..........

        • John B

          I would have to disagree with that. We are probably much worse off, overall as a society, today than we were when liquor was harder to come by (bootlegged). Alcoholism is a MAJOR problem costing us billions and tearing apart families. So how can we brag that lifting prohibition was a "success"?

      • Don H

        OOp's Tod,sorry it was for Millicent, I guess I not a wake as yet, guess a nother coffee might help?

    • Rev. Jim

      Sounds like Ron Paul is JC!

    • Anonymous

      Ron Paul? Really? Seriously?

    • John

      And if he doesn't just like the last 6 or 7 presidents what then? I remember back in the 70's when hundreds would simply walk up to the border then run enmass across some would get through &* the rest would go back to mexico only to try again the next day with the same tactics. We need our troops to secure the border with shoot to kill orders & that will free up the INS & Border Patrol to make sweeps of entire neighborhoods & towns that these greasy little sneaky thieves have taken over. If they want to fight being deported they should be taken to a camp somewhere in the middle of the desert far enough away from any town that they could not walk there without gallons of water & if they try shoulod be left to suffer the co0nsquences In other word F^#& them all

    • retirednavy

      You must be nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ron Paul is a nut case and an ahole.

      • okole

        Please explain mr. rtardednavy

    • Carol Goodwin

      Absotively and positutely! He is being over shadowed and ignored by the media at debates but wht he does say is being heard and more and more people are paying attention to what he is saying when given the few seconds they do allow him. He must win this nomination no matter how we do it. All I want to get is a running mate's name so that if it doesn't happen I can write it in on the ballot. RON PAUL is the only candidte who can and will win over Obama! There is no one out there to try to slander his name and no one who can buy him off. This is what makes the media and all the ones who are filled with corruption so dead set on keepng him out of the spotlight.

    • okole

      100% agreed

    • Tom

      Unfortunately, you're wrong. Ron Paul WOULD NOT protect our borders. I agree with much of his domestic agenda, but NOT on this because he's an "open borders" person. Even friends of mine who support him even admit, much to their chagrin being they disagree with him on this, that he would do little to nothing about the illegal immigrant issue because he believes is free flowing people and products. He would legalize all drugs and tax them, thereby making our government a pusher -- addicted to the taxes its gets from drugs. No thanks! !

      • Tom

        Between his isolationist policies on national security and his laze faire across the board policies, I can't support him for president. While some people seem to think he's use our military to defend the border, they don't realize that first he'd be cutting the military in half. If he had his way, he's completely withdraw from around the world, shutting down all overseas bases, withdrawing all forces back to the USA and abandoning our allies, and then he'd cut the military in half. He's said as much, noting he'd trade with all countries, and fight no one.

        It should be noted that his policies were pretty much put in place by Truman after WWII and caused the Korean War

  • Smoking Dan

    Any armed resistance should be met with deadly force !

    • ekim

      ANY INVASION should be met with deadly force !

    • Upaces

      1) Have those that are already here -- register (just like our ancestors did at Ellis Island);
      2) Background checks are a MUST;
      3) After they register, they MUST attend classes to learn to read and speak English (most community colleges offer classes);
      4) They must learn the Constitution; Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence (and be tested);
      5) They must then go before a judge to be sworn in as an American Citizen.
      6) The men "must" join the Military if he is under 30 years of age.
      7) They must have a health Check

      The adults will NEVER receive Social Security benefits because they have not paid into it.
      They are NOT to receive food stamps for the same reason. They have never paid into the system to warrant receiving food stamps.

      8) Put the Military on the border. Place signs at every major path where they come into the U.S. Also run ads in all the major newspapers; and give a press release to every major TV station in Mexico.
      IF shot crossing the border "illegally, any lawsuits will not be accepted in any U.S. court.

      • lindairish

        One of the questions should be "are you a criminal?" That should eliminate most of them.

    • gunny

      hey dan i was in the corps for 35 yrs and i think we should form a group to hunt these ppl and take em out ,,,fyi i was a recon/sniper it could be some real fun

      • Jack

        Semper Fi Gunny, Thanks for your service and the example you left behind for us to follow!

    • mike

      U.S. military men should be posted on the U.S./Mexican border with orders to shoot tp kill. Then we should give Mexico 6 mo. to clean up drug cartels with the under standing that if no improvement ib 3 mo. the U.S. marines would be sent in to do it with shoot to kill orders.

  • dave

    Ron Paul in 2012!! get the truth at

    • Millicent

      Oh God forbid Ron Paul an idiot for the ages.

      • VT Patriot

        Millicent, you notice the intelligence exhibited by the paul-bots? Thats it, you've got the whole enchilada. I guess they believe that throwing this out (or up) on every site will work as well as the 'hope and change' thingy did for the moron we have in office now.. So, lets get another fed to us by the paul zombies...

      • LocalYokel 35

        Don't worry. There are plenty more silver tongued orators in both corrupt parties to supply you with another catastrophe by any other name. You can explain your flawed media directed candidate analysis with an epilogue on your tombstone to alert the next generation. All media misinformed voters deserve what they get. But their kids don't. Perhaps they will correctly conclude where you have failed that biased MSM is a greater enemy of free national survival than either corrupt party and not worth of consideration except for purpose of recognizing the extent of the growing cancer of subtle treason and boycott of products and services they advertise at consumers expense.

    • Anonymous


  • Julie

    Of course beanbags! If they shoot them with bullets, the agents will be imprisoned! It's either do your job and risk imprisonment, or do what these agents did and die!! Crazy effin' world we live in!!!!

    • ekim

      You're right on Julie, it seems that things have taken a serious turn for the worse ! Whatever happened to the difference between RIGHT and WRONG, GOOD and EVIL or TRUTH and FALSEHOODS !

      • LocalYokel 35

        Simple! It went out with dueling. But the aroused spirit yet lives to resurrect honor with equal results in horizontal dispersion. The lines being drawn in the sand will designate its proximity if you should desire more "discussion".

        • Pissed off VET

          Dusting of the old heater and oiling it down at the line and waiting for the signal to go.

    • HRobert

      Nobama pardoned drug dealers...he shold have pardoned the two border guards that were imprisoned a couple of years ago for shooting a drug transporte/dealer.

    • pattz15

      You are right, and that part makes me sicek. Our Border Agents don't have a chance. These politicians are so satupid.

      • OldNYFirefighter

        It's too bad we couldn't require all Congressmen to spend a week on the border paroling with bean bag arms before their term starts in DC. They would either get shot, hide or change their mind about arming our Border Patrol with the proper equipment with a shoot to kill attitude. Will that stop invaders? You betcha!

        • Maynard Merrell

          Give them a back pack full of toilet paper. Those cowards would need it.

    • Maynard Merrell

      When Fox News says that it is fair and balanced, it makes me laugh. To be fair and balanced means that both sides have got to tell the truth. The same with our boarder war. It isn't fair and balanced. One side is allowed to shoot to kill, and the other side has to use bean bags. That's absolutly crazy. Worse, it shows the stupitidy of American voters.

      • Maynard Merrell

        That's liberalisim for ya!

    • JimB3

      How would you feel going into situations where you KNOW the bad guys are armed with LEAD bullets and your boss gives you a BEANBAG? We tossed those as kids to "kill" our friends while playing "ARMY". I don't think the cartels are "playing". Get rid of the BATF COMPLETELY and arm our border guards with REAL LEAD.

  • Dave

    These politicians give payoffs to people who supported their election (Solyndra....a half billion dollars after being told that it shouldn't be done.........oh, yeah, Obama didn't know anything about the fact that most everyone was saying not to do it...........but, HE WON'T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING HE HAS DONE TO THIS COUNTRY..... IT'S ALL BUSH'S FAULT FOR EVERYTHING and, buy the way, he had someone in place to take the fall and say Obama didn't know anything about it................put that guy on a gurney and hook up the needle and he'll sing about everything he knows..........OBAMA KNEW EVERYTHING.....HIS LIPS WERE MOVING!!!, Eric Holder din't know anything about "Fast and Furious"????? Anybody who believes that, I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.........and I only take cash!!!., and many more examples too numerous to mention. AGAIN......And, the idiots in this country keep voting them back in to office. And if you're guilty of that, go look in the mirror. You'll see, "DOES THIS SAY STUPID???? YES IT DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TXoltimer

    You're correct. It would take less than 30 days to fix the borders if we really wanted to. And about 15000 to 25000 infantry with the night optics and full dress battle gear would make Juan and Carlos a bit less aggressive about crossing over.

    • Duke

      Just ask a bunch of Ole Nam Vets!! We can play the game for keeps. I'll even bring my OWN GUNS and AMMO. I'll almost bet it would start making a dent. This REDNECK has things along with others that could reach out there and touch someone. Come on Sheriff Joe, Ask for us and you will receive. We don't shoot "Bean Bags"..............

    • aubrey bollenbaugh

      It's the ONLY way we'll get our borders secured. The same goes for any illegal.

    • david peacock

      i THINK IT CALLED oil.

    • loretta

      can any one say LAND MINES?

    • Patriot

      Don't forget all the Abrahms tanks we should bring tank every 2 miles along the border. Preventing ILLEGAL ENTRY into to the U.S.A. would be easy.

    • MaryinMission

      Yeah and my husband and I live on the border, and we know what goes on. Gov. Perry has requested 10,000 boots on the ground in Texas alone, and has been ignored on several occasions.

  • MK McMillion

    A couple of comments accompanying this article are right on:

    Any armed resistance should be met with deadly force.
    ANY INVASION should be met with deadly force !


    The article calls them illegal immigrants. This has nothing to do with immigration.The correct term is illegal aliens, which they are not. They are armed invaders from Mexico in USA territory. An AMERICAN President would call this war and would secure our border; our border with a hostel nation. This is not an isolated incident!

    Bean bags?? More Holder bull crap.
    And the weapons used by the invaders? Holders "Fast and Furious? Why is he not in jail? Why is Obama not impeached?
    MK McMillion

    • mr bad example

      simple, i have been writing to my congresswoman, Judy Biggert(R), IL-13 for 2 years demanding impeachment proceedings be initiated on Obama for stated reasons, all i get back is crap letters about the environment or she's stopping some flight tax nobody has ever heard of. they are all stonewalling US! it's 100% crap, everyone is afraid of Obama!!!!!

      • butterfly lady

        I have been doing the same in my state and the last 3 letters were exactly the same!! enough of the them all out when their time is up!! let them know how I flelt.......I thought they worked for "the people"....yea...righ, just interested in filling their own pockets full and getting a fat retirement check....and their own presonal health ins.
        clean out the swamp in DC!!!

    • Carol Goodwin

      How about "neighboring enemies of our country" 'NEOOC'??

    • Gustyj

      Fast and Furious was treasion and so is not closing the border Obama and Holder should both Hang.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      To answer your last question first. No one with sufficient funds to make it happen has balls enough to make it actually happen. Pt.2 The Monied interests in the Pending new world order implementation would be highly pissed if their boy were ousted prematurely and not replaced by another one of their boys, specially trained to destroy America financially, moraly, politically, and completely. Thus allowing the new world order a free pass to the 50 united states and the rest of the world.So far the only thing preventing the implementation of new world order control, is the soverign states with
      state Constitutions and those states are being "Sued" one at a time for enacting laws contrairy ot the current administrations plans for "vote redistribtion and wealth redistribution. (all in preparation for new wordl order by 22 Dec 2012 {just incase the myany calendar is no tthe actual end of the planet just lie as we hav become acustomed to.

    • DOC


    • greyhawk

      You are so right MK. These folks are armed enemies of the USA and we are being invaded. We now have over 20 million of these Enemies of the USA in our country and I am sick and tired of hearing our mealy mouthed politicians, including Newt Gingrich, who says that they are just peace-loving Invaders who come for a better way of life. What their ultimate end game is is to Occupy The USA and supplant and overthrow the Legal Citizens of this once-great and proud nation. It is time to return to our roots and begin cleaning house in the USA and round up these illegal invading hordes and their offspring if they have mulitiplied while being here illegally. Then, we need to begin the indictment and arrest of U.S. citizens who have aided and abetted this criminal invasion.

    • stormy

      NO, NO, NO IMPEACHMENT TREASON FOR ALL INVOLVED!!! Impeachment allows them to walk free.Unacceptable!!!

    • MaryinMission

      Pray hard for the safety of those of us who live oh the border.

  • boomer8

    Judges, or anyone else, should not have any authority to seal records.

    • somaval

      these judges were appointees, that should stop too! how 'bout term limits for these appointees? how about kagans' supporters? just what we need, another liberal, to "socialize our country" , Maxine waters knows all about that, i betcha.

    • PhaedraDragon

      Depending on the case in question, and what may happen after the case is closed, any judge, at any level, (City, County, State, Federal), may order the records of said case sealed. And it doesn't matter if the Judge was appointed, or elected. All judges have this power, although most don't use it. It is usually worked when there are ramifications about a case, in which the Judge believes may pose a substantial risk to those involved; as in sealing records so that repercussions against defendants families, or witnesses, or whom ever, may result in injury to those involved.
      If you'll note, however, not only did the judge seal the case records, but even his records were sealed as well.


    It is completely anathema to a "free" society, which operates under LAW, for records to be sealed!!!! CORRUPTION CORRUPTION CORRUPTION!!!!

    • Guest

      You are correct about the Corruption and I wonder if the records were sealed so that all of the info does not become public knowledge. They may be trying to make a deal with the "Drug Terroist" to keep info about "Fast and Furious" and all who were involved from comming out! Remember the "Drug Terriost "several years ago that was shot by the Border Agent.......made a deal with the Govt. and the Border agent was put in jail!!! I hope that American Citizens will hold the DOJ's feet to the fire and demand answers! Bryan Terry and his family deserve better than this Govt is willing to give!

  • jb80538

    Frankly it's time to start hunting illegals. There should also be a bounty on them with unlimited bag limits. They need to go NOW!

    • Anonymous


    • canemah

      You're right. Manhunting is a two-way street. The hunter can become the hunted in the blink of an eye, and the technology and assets available to the military and BP should remove any advantages the cartels may have.

    • Mark

      This site and it's administrators suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You cherry pick what you post.Bite Me!!!!!!!!

  • Mad American

    What the hell boarder agents armed with bean bags against armed illegal's carrying AK 47's. what is wrong with this picture. Maybe stupid ass Obama can enlighten us all on this matter

    • Anonymous

      There's a hell of a lot that's wrong with this ugly picture!

    • FinaBiscotti

      It is like his RULES Of ENGAGEMENT - on the battlefield - to have UNLOADED weapons - so that the short time it would take to fire off a shot - would place our American Troops and US Border agents in absolute peril.

    • CitizenArrestNow

      ocommie doesn't want his comrades to get hurt.

    • patriotgamer

      because Obummer WANTS us to lose. He is anti-American. I judge him only from his actions. I could type all night with examples that Aren't political...

  • MontieR

    The problem is that those in power actually believe they will keep the power they have when they GIVE authority to the UN.

    • DonJ

      No they don't, they have already sold out to the UN and NWO.

  • screaming eagle

    First, why were these records sealed unless they coild implicate some of those in DC? Second, don't expect odumbo, the impersonator in chief to do anything to make the USA safe. He's in "cahoots" with calderon and God only knows who else. His goal is to destroy the USA, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our freedoms and our sovereignty. He has got to go, period!!

    • Upaces

      Screaming Eagle, actually Obama stabbed Calderon in the back. He made an agreement to help with the problems in Mexico if he would speak out against Jan Brewer, AZ Gov. So, Calderon Flew all the way to D.C. to keep up his end of the bargain; and Obama basically, dropped him like a hot plate.

      • FinaBiscotti

        That is why we should contact the Mexican Government - to demand for Eric Holder as US AG to be prosecuted - by Mexico - to place these matters on the fast-track.

  • bill

    Hunt the little animals down and kill them without mercy. Take no prisoners so that no border patrol agents will be prosecuted for mistreating the little SOBs by the dumbommer administration and his lap dog Holder.

    • klesb

      Sadly, the Bush administration also prosecuted our Border Patrol agents! Vote for no Republican candidate who has not pledged to defend our border from invasion, armed or not! Yes, we need a signed pledge, because, obviously, THEIR SWORN OATHS TO DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION ARE WORTHLESS!

    • Barbc

      I forget which of the Asian countries, but when a driver hits a person they will back over them until they are dead. The person can not sue for any kind of compensation. The driver gets away with murder.
      Make sure to have extra AK's to leave with the body.

    • Duke

      Bill, No way you could be mistreating a dead person or game............After a few hundred, they would start to slow down working up to a thousand, pretty much controlled!!!!! Then you could begin to watch the results. If it turns into another Alamo, We won't be shootin' Black Powder..............This use to not bother me that much but I woke up. It's getting like flies on a Dead Carcuss!

  • Anonymous

    I hate what's happening here! This makes my blood boil with rage! And it's all the fault of Obama and his inept administration! The lot of them are idiots!

    • FinaBiscotti

      more than idiots = the ENEMY in the White House.

    • pearl

      They are NOT inept, they have been highly successful in what they set out to do--destroy America. It is time we recognize the enemy who has covertly set himself up as a dictator. He needs to be tried, convicted, and punished for treason.

    • somaval

      the american voters who voted this guy as prez are the idiots, hope and change, has become despair and digust.....

    • Co-opted Confederate

      I'm glad you call your self anonymous! It is not obama's fault it is the fault of the morons that elected him!. get it right or shut up 99% of those that did not vote for the great impostor knew or suspected such shennanigans would bwecome commonplace by the Feds. .!

    • OldNYFirefighter

      He isn't inept, it is his plan. Haven't you figured out yet that he hates the USA & all Citizens in it, except of course, Muslims living here.
      He hates our freedom, Individualism, Culture, Religions & form of Constitutional Government. He wants to destroy not only our economy, but our whole structure. He hates whites because his Mother & Grandparents were white & probably figures his Mother abandoned his Father rather than Father abandoning them. He wants restitution for his perceived injustice to himself. His allegiance lies with Islam, not the USA. Lets hope the Obamabots have a schizophrenic attack & hide in the closet rather than vote in 2012.

    • Maynard Merrell

      It started with Clinton and Gore who allowed it all to happen to get votes for democrates. Now Obanma, who is doing nothing to secure our boarder except to issue bean bags, and probably slingshots in the near future, wants Clintor as his next VP. Since a lot of repiublicans voted for Clinton, Obama may get enough votes to be re-elected. That scares the crap out of me. It worked for Clinton, why not for Obama? Lets be offensive in this election, not defensive. Lets show courage and vote our principle, not what someone else says we should do. I'm for Cain, Paul, and Bachmann.

  • Ron Powell

    They catch them, send them back, recatch them, send them back, etc. This is stupid, the first time they trespass they should serve a stipulated time in jail and deported, the second time should be a felony and three years in a desert prison and their country of origin should be fined to cover expenses of incarceration and deportation. One illegal had been caught 26 times and was carrying a strain of tuberculosis that was highly contagious and immune to most antibiotics. He should have been deported to the White House and quarantined with the Obamas.

    • Barbc

      Give them to Sheriff Joe. He can have them in a jail just for illegals. The chain gangs were used extensively way back when. Hard labor was a good deterrent to prevent repeat bad behavior.

    • John

      I would prefer that he be shot where he stands it would save taxpayers lots of money & no need to tie up the courts with this BS. I don't get it when they have no papers to say they should be here why they give them hearings before deportation
      or in some cases allow them to stay????? big question as far as I am concerned

      • butterfly lady

        afer being caught the 3rd time/ silver bullet no less - let them get the message! we are too soft with them, they are illegal...treat them as such!!

    • C0-opted Confederate

      thy should have their achilles heel tendons and their hamstrings severed , tossed over the Fence and left to rot where they land! cause they sure as hell could not walk across the border ever again!

  • Tag

    The moral to this story is to shoot first and ask questions later, if at all. Why on earth does everyone tiptoe around illegals? The bottom line is: they should not be here! There are enuf Mexicans they can rebel against their dictator and make their own country livable instead of invading this country with their unwanted ways and certainly their invasion of our cities and jobs. They should not be here! If they have that kind of ambition then take that ambition and use it to beat down the government in their own country and make it better instead of fleeing like a bunch of drowning rats deserting a sinking ship. Its their own fault if their country is the way it is - they have no backbone in protesting against their own tyranny! They take it out on US instead! Go back home to the wetbacks - we don't need you here, that's for danged sure!!!

    • John

      mexico is a democracy & have many of the same rights we have. They are onloy economic immigrants as mexico pays about the same per week as America's minimum wage, that is why they come here they can send money home after they take an
      Americans job they live like pigs wiith 5 to 10 families crowded into a three bedroom house & splitting expensives then when they have enough money they call some relative to come take their job & return to mexico & open a business. One of my customers has just found out the hard way one of the bad things about hiring ilegals the first few times they got slow they ola9d them off (they cannot get unemployment benefits) so now they get these mysterious ailments like "oh my back or oh my shoulder" so they can draw work mans comp & pray for the big settlement. They dro0ve his workmans comp up tp0 $90,000.00 per year lol. How's is that for these "good, honest" little slime balls?

      • butterfly lady

        the jerk should not hire them!! we sure would not get the same treatment as we do the illegals here in the US, just talkt to any American who has to work in Mexico for an American company!! Not a pretty picture!!

        • DonJ

          E-Verify is the answer that the elected fear.

    • Mountain Man

      I've heard the motto "Shoot, Shovel, and Shut Up!" as the answer, and it makes sense. There's a lot of open space along the border.
      "No sir, we didn't see anyone crossing the border"

    • Desert Yankee


      Right on most accounts...except... the poor average Mexican does not have the same freedoms and rights as we in America do - specifically - THE 2ND AMENDMENT!! They have no way to "beat down the government in their own country. They would be machine gunned by their government. Still, they don't belong here and I feel sorry for them, but not enough to let them INVADE us!!!

    • Ken

      How about : SHOOT, Period ! No questions Shoot ! Kill ! Dig a hole and bury them where they fall. No questions. No body knows. It's called wetback population control. Then impeach the entire Democratic administration and send them to Gittmo for life. Every one of them are worthless do nothings.

    • Guest

      No other Country.......especially Mexico would allow them to do what they do in our Country! There is so much Corruption in that country that many of the Police, Mayors, Govt officials, etc. are recieving kickbacks! If Americans went over the Border and did what these scum terrorists do they would be either killed or jailed and never see the light of day! They wouldn't give American's a ride back to America time and time again! They also would not give "Amnesty" and provide health care free, food stamps, college educations to the offspring etc.
      Our Country should treat them like they would treat American's in the same situation!

  • Patriot7

    This is now an undeclared war just as in Afghanistan with the enemy now being on the southern border of the United States. How many more border patrol agents will have to die before there is action taken to secure the border between the U.S. and Mexico?
    The governors of Arizona and Texas have both declared that the Federal Government is failing to assist them in this war and have taken steps themselves to try to gain control of this dangerous situation. If this problem is allowed to continue for another year, how bad will it be until we can elect a new President who will actually do something to help the border states? We need to bombard Congress with faxes, letter, emails, telephone calls, and personal visits until some action is taken. We need to do something now before another brave border patrolman is killed.

    • grandmaliberty

      Janet should be put on the border with a bean bag gun... see how she likes it... I think the agents have a right to armed with real guns and ammo and allowed to defend themselves... under the second ammendment anyone can have a gun... guess I would carry and say they shot each other......

    • pearl

      Mr. Soetoro doesn't care how many Americans die, because he hates America and Americans. He is the enemy of our country and our citizens and must be stopped. We have all the legal means necessary to stop him as he is guilty of breaking countless laws. It's time our criminal justice system is invoked to protect our laws and way of life.

  • Rich

    It is out of control, that is the border. If we had a real American in office with real Americans in congress, then maybe things would be different. As it is now, If anyone with a weapon, Should be give one chance to drop it or the agents should shot to kill. Then the Un-American judges that want to imprison our Agents for defending themselves should be tried and jailed as well.

    I also believe we could put a division of soldiers on the border to shoot to kill if any illegals found with weapons.

    Of course this can all be improved with changing out of all the crap in DC and replacing the so called judges that don't rule by law, but on their own opions. We need to act this Nov and get rid of all the crap. God bless our real American Troops and Law Enforcement.

    • Ken

      Rich, I couldn't agree with you more. That is exactly what should be done. We have troops in the Army, and Marines to handle aggressive countrys such as Mexico. They can easily be deployed to the borders and shoot to kill as they would if they were overseas. This anti-american scum that is running this country needs to be put somewhere where they will never threaten us again. That means from the top right on down through the house and congress to any and all sympothizers on the local level. I'll bet that after a fer ended up dead, the drug traffic would slow to almost a stop. But when you have a leader that's an illegal himself, he breaks the laws of the land to protect himself.

    • Chris P

      Yes you too can be an ignorant moron. You Christians seem to love killing people.

  • Tag

    They shoot beanbags because they are not supposed to do harm to 'the helpless ones' wanting a way of life better than the one they have in their own country - they want OUR way of life. Weak ninnies that can't defend themselves in their own country so they invade ours because the know the USA is a bunch of wimps and have a prez like the current nutcase that kisses their brown rearends for them - nah, built electric fences, put dogs on patrol (mean ones) and let the border guards shoot to kill! That is the only thing that is going to stop the illegal entry.

    • Maynard Merrell

      We fought our war for independence from a tyrantical King. Let the mexicans do the same in their own country instead of running to ours and causing a lot of crime and murder.

  • Insurgent

    Bring home the troops, the fighter planes, and the tanks. We'll play modern tech "Cowboys and Mexicans" and see how much longer these illegal beaners want to try and sneak into this country.

    All this politically correct garbage is not cutting it, especially when there is an illega. lying,l Kenyan chigger still campaigning from the White House steps.

    • bob

      It is not the Mexicans you have to worry about , but worry about the Muslins.

      • Barbc

        It is both.

        • marysteeleyorktownva

          We also have to worry about the people that are letting it happen! Time to raise hell and get our laws enforced before it totally collapses under the financial and lawless disasters which are 95% preventable by putting those crooks, obstructionists and illegals is prison to send a clear message, obey our laws or go to prison like everybody else!!!

  • Ralph

    So, since live here in Phoenix AZ let me try to update you as to the number of murders in the USA by missing Fsst and
    Furious Guns now stands at 11 and counting with six in Obama Sanctuary City of Phoenix AZ & 43 missing Fast & Furious Guns have been traced to these new murders and over two dozen other shootings. However I do want to add
    that like an ever growinmg number of voters frankly it is time all you Ron Paul Cultists go away and stop spamming all
    the internet you goofy Ron Paul nonsense as well.

  • Sovereign Soul

    You wrote: "
    Unlike presidential candidate Ron Paul who believes that we should end our war on drugs, if I were president, I would take swift action to secure our borders and take military action against all those involved just as the US did with 9/11."
    Part 1 ... see part 2 (and 3) below...

  • Upaces

    1) Have those that are already here -- register (just like our ancestors did at Ellis Island);
    2) Background checks are a MUST;
    3) After they register, they MUST attend classes to learn to read and speak English (most community colleges offer classes);
    4) They must learn the Constitution; Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence (and be tested);
    5) They must then go before a judge to be sworn in as an American Citizen.
    6) The men "must" join the Military if he is under 30 years of age.
    7) They must have a health Check

    The adults will NEVER receive Social Security benefits because they have not paid into it.
    They are NOT to receive food stamps for the same reason. They have never paid into the system to warrant receiving food stamps.

    8) Put the Military on the border. Place signs at every major path where they come into the U.S. Also run ads in all the major newspapers; and give a press release to every major TV station in Mexico.
    IF shot crossing the border "illegally, any lawsuits will not be accepted in any U.S. court.

    • Sergio Sr.

      The only thing that these people want is to work and earn money to send back to the mother-land. They have no interest in antything else. They want no part of the American way of life. Any kind of "comprehensive immigration plan" is simply ANESTY. Send then all back!

  • Sovereign Soul

    Part 2: With this mindset; we can only assume that you would be an advocate for the return of prohibition and all the gang activity that it fostered. Opiates, drugs and marijuana have ALWAYS been available! WHY do you suppose that we have only had a problem with their abuse in the last 40+ years? I'll provide the answer because it's obvious that you can't think this one through ... or, your prejudices are blinding you. When the government makes anything that has market demand illegal, the cost of the producers goes UP and the price to the customer does ALSO -- THAT makes it VERY PROFITABLE to the suppliers. With so much money involved they PROMOTE their products to increase CUSTOMER DEMAND! Then, because they are outlaws, they squabble with each other -- using AK-47s and explosives to eliminate the comptetition. Please dwell on that sentence and then write a column in rebuttal. Thank you. VOTE RON PAUL !!

  • Doug Rodrigues

    What the article doesn't mention is that the Border Patrol Agants aren't allow to fire bullets unless shot at first. The Agents are required to use bean bags only first! Oh, I shouldn't have mentioned the bean bags. It may give Barack Obama the idea to impliment that in the middle east! Can you imagine a war zone where Americans had to fire bean bags first in Iraq? The Mexican border is turning into a war zone. Anyone crossing the border with a firearm should be fair game to be shot! Of course the idiocy of political correctness requires that our Border Patrol Agents risk their lives unnecessarily. When I was in the military, we had a name for those idiots in the rear who made stupid decisions that only we personally had to live and die for: We called them Rear Echelon Pukes. Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder are Rear Echelon Pukes. Everybody under them has to live and die because of their stupid decisions. They don't have to personally stick out their necks and get hurt. Why? Because they want the US to appear to be the "Nice Guys." Sick, really sick.

    • bob jones

      Kind of like our rules of engagement in the Iraq/Afghanistan wars, the enemy had to shoot first before our troops could fire back and we couldn't shoot if they dropped their weapons and just walked away, they've made targets of our military and border agents.

  • Upaces

    Sovereign Soul, I like Ron Paul; however, he does NOT understand the minds of Muslims. To be fair, he spoke out for the Mosque to be Built on Ground Zero.

    What he didn't/doesn't understand is the Muslims build Mosques on Grounds they CONQUER.

  • DoctorBob

    God Bless the Border Patrol agents, and protect them. Obama's government certainly won't. They'e the ones arming the cartels! If it weren't for the Border Patrol, we would have armed gangs of cartel members roaming American streets. I wish there was some way we could bypass Ozero and help the Border Patrol to do their job. Vote WISELY in 2012, people! We may never get another chance!

    • The Blue Collar Man

      Doc, we already have vicious Latino gangs roaming America, large numbers of them. They even in some cases run things "outside" while in jail. A known legal problem, but we are "so nice", cops can't take them out, or arrest them, even tho they are tatooed to the point of being attached to a gang, plainly visable markings from 100 feet. The "open border" just makes things worse

  • mr bad example

    well i know where i'll spend my next vacation, not schlupping up beer in a las vegas casino, i'll go to the mexican border and plug illegals! sleep in a border motel during the day, lay in the desert at night with my rifle and a box of ammo. make videos if i can find a camera with low lux capabilities... hello youtube!

  • americanadvocate


  • Martin Fee

    Lets hunt liberals and illegals as bpth pose a clear and present danger to the US

  • Dan

    Did Obama call and tell the parents of the illigal how bad he feels haveing kill the illeagle trying to cross the border.

  • AnyoneButObama

    It's time the border patrol were equipped with helicopter gun ships. They bring a knive, we bring a gun, they bring a gun, we bring a gunship. STOP using bean bags when they are using real bullets.

  • 1599

    Why aren't druggies treated like the terrorists that they are?

  • Sovereign Soul

    Part 3: RON PAUL does NOT favor abortion, but, because he does not -- as a Representative in Congress ... a FEDERAL office, see where our Constitution gives the FEDERAL government ANY authority to make such decisions. HE, himself, is an obstetrician and has delivered over 4,000 babies and NO abortions! The same reasoning -- a foreign activity to many who comment and write articles in blogs -- and, deep understanding of our Constitution compells Ron Paul to strictly conform to the RESTRAINTS placed upon our government by OUR Constitution. Our Constitution is ALL ABOUT FREEDOM! It's about INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY -- that means also, "responsibility" and the COST to the individual because of NOT taking responsibility. EVERYONE has the FREEDOM to drop out of school and do drugs IF they want to PAY THE PRICE. Ron Paul is the ONLY Candidate not beholden to the CFR, the New World Oder or the unions. Any choice BUT him will guarantee must more of the SAME!

  • Larry

    The Illegals should think hard before they do because pay back is hell but sense when did the Mexicans ever think ahead they are only capable of thinking about what they can screw up.

  • AU H2O Conservative

    Many people were duped in 08 into voting for this creep. If they vote for him in 2012, it will show how stupid they are.
    If they had really listened to him in o8, he told us what he was going to do. His administration is the worst and most corrupt in our history. It makes the Teapot Dome" scandal look like a Boy Scout Campout. (look it up)

    The Dems/Marxists have no conscience at all. They are involved in "insider trading" and a host of other illegal and suspicious practices (Pelosi, Kerry, Barney Fwank, Holder, BHO, "Fast and Furious" et al)..

    Unlike his Thanksgiving message to Us, I am not afraid to say "God Bless America"

  • Glenn

    If i were president, i would take the returing soldiers and utilize their trainig. And place them on the south border. It would take care of the problem for the United States and Mexico both.

    • http://aol kilburna

      Our soldiers should have been sent to the boarder instead of over seas. We would have alot less dead and hurt soldiers, and Americans would be better off. The world wouldn't hate us as much.
      Bush was worst president ever, but obama is tring to be even worse. If he gets relected he will be.

  • Bacon

    The border war isn't a "war on drugs" it is a war on ILLEGAL immigration. The "war on drugs" is something else entirely. It is a perfact slap to the face of freedom. It is the "war on drugs" that makes drugs such a profitable business. The war, the millions spent on enforcing the drug laws, imprisoning the drug criminals, the lives lost... all in the name of governmental control and criminal profit (closely related). Every speck of this drug war absurdity would evaporate the moment drugs were legalized and Americans given true freedom. On this one Ron Paul is absolutely right! It's about liberty!

    • The Blue Collar Man

      You want the "Drug Wars" to stop? Simple. REAL punishmnet for dealers. Dead dealers sell no drugs. Death sentance, without years of wrangling and costing us billions of dollars in housing and legal fees.
      If you deal, you can, or have, cost lives, ruined familys. Why should they be kept alive? Why should they live?
      Typical politically correct wrong headed decisions, no resolve to stop the problem.
      Got experience using drugs? Usually, people like you never did drugs, so have no idea what drugs are all about. They just "Bray" political talking points, as if the rest of us would be happy with drugged dope heads running our streets.
      Ron P just doesn't get "IT".

  • Lee Schmidt

    When is the US going to stop playing games (Bean Bags) Why not (Paint Ball) When we shoot , we mean business so use real guns.
    Every Illegal should be out this Country!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rocky Frisco

    What a stupid comment about Ron Paul. Who the Hell are you? Can't find your name on the article. If you're Herman Cain, then say so.

  • september

    Here in Ariz. every time we try to protect our borders we are told by our comander and chief Obama to just look the other way. When we try to enact laws to protect us from illegal entering this state or when we enact laws to remove illegals we are sued. We even have org. here that recall our elected officals who stand firm on removing the illegals that are here. "Citizens for a Better Arizona" just ousted Russel Pearce the man responsible for crafting sp1070 in which we could ask to see I.D. now they are going after Joe Arpaio the sheriff well know for rounding up illegal aliens. We have no defense in Ariz. and once in the U.S. we can't get rid of them. Maybe we should just start deporting all the liberals.

  • skipfoss

    Since these lowlife wetbacks firing on our border agents ,it is time we declare open season on anyone trying to cross our border illegaly. The best thing we can do to close our border is to set up over laping fire zones that completely cover every foot of it have M-60's set up to fire about 18" above the ground conroled by ground sensors set for a human weight to protect the animals this way our agents just have to check to see what sett off the guns. Be sure to cover ALL of the border and keep Holder and Obama out of it unless of course they want to check out from the Mexican side

  • ROY

    Sounds like a far fight to me: AK47s against bean bags. Anyway, I'm sure Attorney General Eric Holder will find a reason to compensate those two illegals for the expenses of their ammunition, plus any other inconveniences they had to endure.

  • pwr11

    Man, whats up with this site Administrator??? Guess you can't say anything on hear without the Social Police's approval!!!

  • Upaces

    Roy, Don't have to worry about that -- Holder ran away sceered to keep from facing the music.

  • Tiredoftheblamegame

    Why not put all supporters/sympathizers of illegal immigration (government and civilian) on our southern border assigned to sectors and unarmed to shoo away those entering and breaking our laws and ruining our way of life. If they allow any illegal to pass through their sector they will be fined and bear the cost of returning the illegal deep into Mexico. It irks me that our agents have to be fired upon first before they are allowed to protect themselves, remember the illegals are lying in wait for our agents to approach them in hiding.


      Hey when i went to nam they gave us the same kjnd od crap. they did not apreciate my answer.

  • Robert Swartz

    BOB !~.

  • djl

    I find it funny that the only one running that has said we need troops on the borders and drones in the air plus other things to stop the flow of drugs is the way to go has been rejected by so many. Paul will do nothing as he is a 'do nothing' person. He wants the states to do it all. Well, newsflash the states cannot afford to do the policing for the entire USA. It has to be done by ALL states and the Federal government is the one that can and should do so. Then to stop the drug cartels once and for all we need to ask, no tell, Mexico either stop those drug cartels or we will put a stop to them once and for all. It is time to put some backbone in our country and make Mexico do the same and for them to understand, if your people come here illegally then expect them to be hunted down and treated as invaders of the USA and that they will be tried as invaders and sentenced according to their crime.

  • MIKE

    they have the right to protect them selves. bean bags what a joke. obama wants to kill our men and women. remenber he is no chistian. like it or not we better shoot to kill and quit playing the politically correct game.. never play by their rules. unless you are determined to get shot at or worse. stupid. try comming in my house or stealing from me. I just have no sympathy for any of this.the president wets his pants with glee when he hears his drug pals killed. he secretly wants no one to be stopped. wake up and call the congress men yu voted to help yu. where are they now?

  • OAHS

    Shoot Obama with a non lethal beanbag! What a bunch of crap! Our government sucks!

  • bob

    Ron Paul had the right idea 20 yrs ago but now Obama and Soros have all of us knee deep in a divided war with
    ourselves. We need someone that will get us back in good grace with foreign goverments not someone that wants to dump them.

  • jd1958

    Cover up?! There is no cover up that is why I the judge in this case ordered all records sealed. I ordered all my dealings with the subject sealed. Nope there isn't any cover-up as far as I can tell. Then we have:

    Eric Holder: He "knows nothing of Fast and Furious since last year" He just recently learned of it earlier this, er no last year. Yeah I learned of it earlier this year. Never mind the tapes that say otherwise-Eric Holder. There is no cover up here folks, go on about your business. Leave the destruction of this country to those in charge.

  • djl

    The present administration stopped the 300,000 illegals in the state of Texas from being sent back to Mexico and so nothing can be done about that for now. So we don't have anyone in Washington that is going to do anything about our country being invaded. Newt, Willard who says his first name is Mitt when it is really Willard,, and some of the others would just open the way for all of these to become citizens down the road. Gee, now how many more of them will flood our country thinking if they got away with it so can I! So here comes the rest of the world as fast as they can get here!

    • Eileen

      Those are 300,000 more votes oblamer is counting on in 2012. He needs every vote he can get. He's a desperate individual.

  • Thurman J LeNormand

    We are very rapidly being overtaken by foreigners and it will continue until we close our borders, begin workforce raids to remove the illegal Mexican workers,, remove the foreign rabal rousers that are here legally and illegally, pass and enforce mandatory E-Verify, pass a constitutional amendment to stop anchor babies, stop chain migration. A great first step would be to impeach Obama, and prosecute our Attorney General, Eric Holder and his cohorts for refusal to enforce our immigration laws. The federal government should be assisting the states like Arizona and Alabama that have had the courage to take on this war against the invasion themselves since the federal government won't do anything instead of bringing lawsuits against these states. This is pathetic!

  • frederick bronson

    when are we going to smarten up, when are wew going to say enough! we need to treat mexico and these illegals as our enemy, out to distroy our way of life, and drive these invators back...........................
    frederick bronson nc

  • Pissedoffwhiteguy

    It just goes to show you "DON'T BRING A KNIFE TO A GUNFIGHT!!" The rules of engagement need to change! If we are really declaring war on these wetbacks, then dammit let's go to war!

  • julian

    First records are sealed usually to protect the guilty, probably the judge included. The power to seal records was never meant to be used the way it has been ever since Kennedy murdered Kopeckne.
    Next look up how many people in prison in the last ten years for drug trafficking have been given Presendial pardons, that will tell you allot about what is going on.
    Last since the overzealous prosecution of border patrol agents who have embarressed foriegn envaders has become so common I am suprised they were not afraid to even fire beanbags.

  • FinaBiscotti

    Remember when the Mexican DRUG Cartels - had called to the media - to inform everyone that they would KILL anyone in the USA who reported their drug activities, kill any law enforcement authority that interfered in their business - by stopping them while on US soil - or arresting anyone involved in their drug or weapons trafficking.

    IF at no other time - This was the TIME - Barack HUSSEIN Obama was required to control, close and enforce our US Borders = HE didn't -
    refusing to protect US citizens, our US Border Agents and other law enforcement authorities - being overtly threatened by the Mexican drug cartels.

    What we did not know - at that time - Holder and Obama were supplying these Mexican drug cartels - with weapons from Operation Fast and Furious - at the very same time these scumbags were making these death threats against our country - and US citizens!!!!.

    More reason for Obama and Holder to be dragged out fo the White House - and arrested - thrown in GITMO w the rest of the Terrorists.

  • Jim Baxter

    The Obama I.Q.Test:

    "Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other."
    - Ben Franklin

  • Tinman

    If you are not here legally, you have to go. Anyone born to an illegal should not be granted US citizenship. As it is, pregnant women are brought in to have their babies so they can have back door amnesty by having a "new" US baby. It is an industry and the taxpayers are footing the bill. As to the border, we have radar that will detect within several yards all intruders. We should be using it. Special forces and sniper teams should be working our borders and get time off or pay grade for every illegal they catch. If it is unarmed, hold for ICE and fine and imprison. If it is armed, kill it. AKs are not carried to shoot snakes. This is a warning. A country without secure borders is not a country at all. As to Ron Paul, like many of his positions, but no way in hell he gets elected. If he runs third party, he gives the election to the socialists that want government to take care of them for life. Wake up people. If you voted for Obama, OK. Everyone is entitled to a mistake. If you vote for him again, you are beyond stupid. I personally do not care which GOP candidate winds up as the candidate, the GOP needs to get a super majority in the Senate and hold the House. Then we must hold them accountable . Cast your vote wisely. This just may be your last chance to make a difference!

  • John

    I hope that if this keeps up that the border patrol be given orders to shoot to kill, that will be a good start of keeping our borders secure maybe the beaners will think twice before crossing the border,
    also why not ask for volunteers with the same orders I will be among the first to do s,but will not go down to just report them crossing

  • Sienega

    First of all, I feel for this and his family. My brother is an agent in the BP. Why were they shooting them with les than lethal munitions. Kill those sobs. I think the BP screwed this up too. They probably ordered them to use non-lethals. No where in law enforcement does the officer shoot someone with a weapon, who has the opportunity and intent to kill, with a less than lethal. Also, Ron Paul is a drug friendly, war opologizing to our enemies, fool. He is not right in the head. He's like a suped up Carter.

  • DavidED

    How can a bean bag be loaded into a rifle? Or are the bag just thrown?

    • Daniel from TN

      Bean bag is a nickname for a certain type of non-lethal bullet that only hurts about as much as a bean bag.

  • jake

    If you can read this and you still think Obomba, Holter and Homeland boss are doing their job than you need to move to the middle east and you will fit right in.

  • John P. Centonze

    Oh my God! I was never so relieved as when Janet Napolitano declared recently that our borders have never been so safe as they are now!!!! Don't you feel relieved also? John P. Centonze, D.D.S., Waterbury, VT

  • jennifer

    .Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe for President and Vice President!!!

    • Upaces

      I would vote for her/him in a NY Minute!!!!

  • David in MA

    Part #!

    Most Americans have no idea America is being invaded.
    The muslims are using the drug cartels as cover.
    obama & holder know this.

    If I were President, I would promise to:
    1. Bring the troops home & post them on the border,
    with orders to shoot to kill any person not legally there,
    most of the area is federal land, post it no tresspassing.
    2. Refuse to prosucute land owners for killing any illegal aliens/immigrants.
    3. Form a grand jury to investigate and prosicute Holder, after arresting him.
    4. Form a grand jury to investigate and prosucute obozo, after arresting him.
    5. Form a grand jury to investigate: Nasty Nancy, Dirty Harry, Rham Emanual,
    Hag Hillary, Slick Willie, Bite Me Biden and others to be named at a later time, after arresting them.

  • David in MA

    Part #2

    6. The Speaker of the House & President Pro Tem of the Senate ask for and enforce
    the resignation of all congresspersons who supported the obozo administration
    and their islamic socialist agenda.
    7. Impeach those responsible in the Supreme Court for violations committed against the Constitution.
    8. Congress: re-affirm and return to the U.S. Constitutional Republic form of a sovergien government.
    9. De-fund the U.N.
    and more.
    In other words, take names & kick ass!

  • Pathos 11

    To repeat from prior comments, that criminal politics are putting the border patrol agents at risk by tying their hands to do the job they were hired to do, nothing more nothing less. The only way to solve this problem is to get a legal constitutional adhering president in office that cares more about Americans then the globalist bankers who are trying to control the world through phony derivatives and bail out loan amounts that could never realistically be paid back.

    The definition of America is rapidly changing to an out of control menace to world peace by its actions in the Mideast and other parts of the world under the umbrella of NATO, our not so silent partner.


    It is hard to comprehend the actions of the federal gover4nment agencies that are charged with law enforcement. The nor4m now seems to be selective enforcement. The sad t6hing about this is the selecection process seems to be " friends of my friends are let go or ignored and friends of my enemies are charged or harassed as much as possible"
    Political decisionsw have replaced the "rule of law". The Obama administration is probaqbly the most corrupt in history and there has been an awful lot of corruptio0n at tyhe federal level. The bigger and more involved the government is allowed to become the more and more widespread the effect of corruption will spread to destroy our society.

    We must vote out most of the encumbent politicians and carefully saelect and elect more honorable replacements.
    Lord give us strength to accomplish this difficult mission!!

    • Guest

      Thank you Jimofct!! You hit the nail right on the head!

  • David in MA

    6. The Speaker of the House & President Pro Tem of the Senate ask for and enforce
    the resignation of all congresspersons who supported the obozo administration
    and their islamic socialist agenda.
    7. Impeach those responsible in the Supreme Court for violations committed against the Constitution.
    8. Congress: re-affirm and return to the U.S. Constitutional Republic form of a sovergien government.
    9. De-fund the U.N.
    and more.
    In other words, take names & kick azz!

  • David in MA

    Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly.

    this is BS!

  • d.mather

    I do belive we will end up with a war with Mexico or Civil unrest here if the Border is not closed and Oboma is not thrown out .. His two Judges and A.G. also in the next year?? The congress must impeach all of them NOW>> Dont wait for election as there will be so much Vote rigging that no Honost man can get in???

  • samtman

    As the story turned out, these Illigals were drug smuggles protecting their drugs, also conslider that the Border Patrol fired first.Poor Illigals don't have guns, they just want Jobs.


    Did you know that Obama has been indicted for fraud and treason in several states. They say we can help if everyone goes to their local police department and files a citizens complaint and arrest for Barack Obama for fraud and it will be a case pending. Check it out

    • Guest

      We need to submit a complaint with pages of signatures! If we go in one or two at a time, I'm afraid it will be in ghe waste basket before we get back in our car. Lots and lots of pages, with a good number of people submitting it will make a difference, as you will all stand there and watch the complaint being filed.



  • DrBillLemoine

    What I don't understand is why a convicted felon wasn't put in jail so he couldn't return later armed to kill. Plus if the records of this 'attack' on the USA were sealed, how can this article contain facts about the case? I'm for protecting the border, but we must not rush to judgement about isolated cases. Actually border incursions by anybody are decreasing lately. Let's not ignore joint action with Mexican officials negotiated at the highest levels, not vigilante or border patrol vengeance including private citizens. If commenters are clean--not doing drugs of any kind themselves--I could see some paranoia. I keep thinking there would be no problem if Americans didn't buy and use ILLEGAL drugs in the first place. We have seen the enemy, and he is us.

  • Eileen

    Tag, you are right on. I was stunned after 9/11 that George Bush had no intention of securing our borders. I live in a border state plus I was a big Bush supporter and I believed in him. Now with oblamer in office, I have ZERO hopes that a border wall will be built. It should have been done years ago. We are the greatest nation on earth but we can't build a simple electrified border wall??? Both houses of congress are WORTHLESS CRAP! Please everyone vote all encumbents OUT in 2012. They are all incompetent wussies who can't get the job done even though we have told them what we want done over and over and over again! They say they are scared because their lives are being threatened??? Sorry, no one made you run for office, you did that on your own!! If you can't do the job the right way, then step away and let a real man show you how!

  • Az Native

    I blame this administration for not closing our borders, but they didn't start it, we've had people on government payrolls for years that have been negligent in their duties, dereliction of duties, aiding and abetting illegal invaders of our nation....they should have all been fired long ago for not upholding our laws and protecting this nation's sovereignty period. But this current administration is the worst, many of them should be charged as conspirators in the crimes committed by these illegal invaders.....come in the right way and become an American, but don't cross our borders illegally and expect to be welcomed with open arms, it is not fair to the rest of those who have done it the legal way and honor and respect our nation. The lack of respect for our country, even by our top officials just amazes me......very shameful!

  • beezer

    ATTENTION. !!!! Look at the border of North and South Korea. ???? How many get thru. !!!! .... DUH

  • Yeshua Friend

    As Utah's Governor and Attorney General marching to the orders of the LDS Church, welcomes the Illegal Aliens one and all with open arms and a fist full of money. If Utah's Governor and Attorney General had there way, the U.S. border with Mexico would cross about fifty miles north of Salt Lake City. That is what you get when you have a Church and its member Politicians only interested in there own personal gains. Shalom!

  • John P.

    Let's just secure our borders. What the hell is the matter with this administration? I can't wait to vote them out.

  • R. Ward

    It is really frustrating to me that non lethal ammo was used by the Border Patrol, yet the invaders had AK 47's. When is somebody with GUTS going to be in a position to confront these illegals with power that will trickle back to others who are anticipatirng a journey to the states.This is a sad time for the family of the Border Patrol Agent killed, as well as fellow agents.

  • Eileen

    Newt Gingrich will be more of the same CRAP! I'm sorry but he comes across as very two-faced. Posing with Pilosi and other democrats for a global warming commercial???? Are you kidding me???? And now proposing amnesty for illegals??? (of course he won't call it that, but that's what he means.) He must think we are all a bunch of brain dead voters. I don't trust him. No more RINO's!!! No more LIARS!! It's time for a TRUE CONSERVATIVE!! We need Rush to run, he's the only one I'd trust.

  • Gregg Weber

    There had better be a very very good reason, and not because someone fears that someone might get upset enough to hurt someone else, a very good reason to seal this evidence about a deliberate attack, and aimed, on our border guards on our side of the border.
    One could error in judgement by starting with one extreme view and finding evidence towards the truth. This is how our law works. We are all innocent until proven guilty. One could start by saying that there is no White House/Cartel et al Secret Combination and work our way basing everything on evidence. (Including what the captured person said.) For me, it is getting harder and harder to say that there is nothing to this axis of tyranny.
    We need a modern Captain Moroni and a Title of Liberty.
    End of part 1/3

  • Gregg Weber

    I am at a loss to see any advantage to this Secret Combination in purposefully going after border guards. The most I can imagine is to provocate the conservatives to do something, anything that they can use as an excuse, in order to take absolute power to themselves with either no Constitution or a spineless and conniving Congress. But that can mean that I don't see something in the fog. If there is a link and President Obama (or his handlers/leaders) are conspiring against the Constitution then Civil War can only be averted by real elections which kick him and others like him out.
    There is three other ways that President Obama might be able to save the country from another Civil War. Getting the people to be either apathetic or beholden to tyranny.
    The third way is the way of seppuku or of Hermann Goring but I am not demanding those.
    End of part 2/3

  • Gregg Weber

    If there was a civil war, can you imagine the precedent of the modern version of the Praetorian Guards following the Constitution and getting rid of a domestic enemy. I wouldn't like to see that happen. (That method could also be used by his handlers (if there are such) to get rid of him (What is the first law of assassination? Get rid of the assassin who can testify against you.) and blame it on the Conservatives.
    These are some methods in which the conservatives can be provocated to so something "forcing" the tyranny to take power. We must be very careful.
    End of part 3/3

  • johnee2

    Did you expect anything less from this slug in the white house or the liar at the justice dept or the buffooness at homeland security.The only way these pigs are going to be stopped is to bring the tanks and two divisions to the border and start shooting.because the joke in the white house is trying to turn the country we fought and died for into a third world debacle for all his comrades.

  • publius2012

    Declare war against the cartels as they have us. Militarize the border using defensive tactics such as a double razor wired 12 foot fence with deterrents, vibration and doppler sensors to detect tunneling and breaching attempts. Armed invaders should be shot. Human traffikers and drug mules should be photographed, fingerprinted and immediately sentenced to 5 years hard labor without parole in the desert maintaining the border fence after which they are deported and any and all expenses deducted from their country of origin's foreign aid payment.

  • Patrick Henry

    MILLIONS of Illegal Trespassers causing American Citizens to pay high health care and school costs, crime, overpopulation, drugs, diseases: get them out now and NEVER an Amnesty!

  • themarine1944123

    The goverment has ordered these new bombs, they weight 30,000 lbs. Just drop some of those in citys along the border. Will hurt the cartels and illigals semper fi

  • jerry

    Yes, we should bring the troops home and use them to attack and annex Mexico. Do unto them as they would do unto us. A La RAZA. Could solve a lot of problems taking the oil and other wealth. I guess the biggest problem is our govt. is as corrupt as theirs.

  • Mac

    I am 60+ and in bad health but I will be glad to stand guard on a hill top over seeing our borders. Just give me night vision equipped rifles with some of our special ammo and one more friend to cover my back. Then let the games begin. Bet we could last for years as long as our cover is not blown from the inside. But let me see trator jacks true colors bet we would have one less leak in the boat. Just tell me the cords an I will be there with my dancing boots on :)

    • Guest

      God Bless You Mac! You are a true American. I have the feeling that there are many many more "soldiers", just like you that would be willing too, when and if we need them. Right now, however, with this administration, you would be the one put in jail, not the illegal crossing the border. Pretty sad, huh??

  • Vatol

    Was talking to a deputy from Ohio about protecting yourself against a home evader. He told me you have to try and get away from the invaders. He said you would be charged with murder otherwise. I agree the people that try to patrol our borders would be charged if they killed someone. Has anyone out there heard you can not protect yourself in your own home? I intend to protect myself no matter what.

    • Peter NJ

      Yeah,here in Jersey it's called the "retreat law".You're supposed to get as far away from the intruders and call the police.You know how that would work!!!

  • Robert

    I agree with Ron Paul, we've learned nothing form proabition. Proabition made the criminal gangs and dishonest cops wealth, illegal drugs are doing the same to day, both our criminal government and drug gangs are wealthy beyond imagination because of the drug traffic. Make it all legal and tax it just as legal, like supposed recreational drugs are. Problem is the drug lords will pay the whores in congress to prevent it and our shadow criminal government will kill to prevent such laws being enacted. The supposed Drug War was a lost war from the begining.

  • Carol Fryer

    If my people....... Thats a big IF. Ive often immediately gone back in my mind though, to the book of Revelation , chapter 20, verse 4. The souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus. How many now even have the witness of Jesus? How many are lost in worship 24/7? How many love Him with a passion that Hes actually #1 before all else? How many will loose their heads for Him? That being said, and identifying the real people of Jesus, we will end up eventually in the book of Revelations, chapter 20, verse 4. We can see with the state of the earth now with so many fake preachers and phonies making Jesus look bad, and with all the hate against REAL Christianity, I can see this happening now. People will call a real worshipper nuts and fanatic and turn the other way and maybe even cheer when they die. All I see now is political correctness to the point where its reverse discrimination and people become poster children with poster issues to push a global cause or a politically correct cause on a smaller scale. A remnant will be HIS. And a remnant will reign with HIM. People are not even willing to speak of Him in public places anymore because its against the law and you will loose your job. And we know how hard it is to find a job right now. Its getting tighter and Romans 8 is coming more into focus, verses 22 and 23. All things come to a head. Verse 6 says allot but most people thing just going to church makes them a Christian. Like Keith Green once said, not everything in McDonalds is a hamburger. There is a huge difference between Gods definition and a nominal christians deffinition of what is a christian. Now that Ive totally bored most of you, your heart is revealed.

  • Barry

    This author does not understand the Constitution so his opinions mean nothing to me.

  • wildmann

    If the Dems are Wannabe Commies, WHY don't They treat Border Violators Like the Chi-Coms and Russkies Did and Do!!

  • Moose

    It's time to stop sealing the border of Afganistan and Pakistan and start sealing the border between Mexico and the United States. All persons, be they drug dealers or illegal immigrants, should be warned that they are in danger of being shot if crossing our border illegally.

  • JWE

    It's time to hunt down the illegals.

  • Old Sarge

    It is a waist of time and money returning these skumbag illegals back to Mexico, just shoot their sorry asses and leave the bodies in the desert, the coyotes and vultures will cleam up the mess.

  • William Clapp

    I can't believe how ignorant all of you are. Mexicans are in this country because your government wants them here. They are a convenient slave class to be exploited by corporations that have paid their dues to the politicians so they don't have to pay a competitive wage to Americans. This way there is always a scapegoat for the politicians to point to and exploit for votes. "Vote for me, I'll send the illegals home."

  • William Clapp

    The truth is there aren't enough Americans being born to continue supporting the SS ponzi. The Gov needs more workers so they can continue delaying the collapse. How many Mexicans do you know that pay their taxes every year with their phoney SS numbers and never get their check for overpaying, because the Gov knows they are not ligitimate and keeps the money? They won't complain because they will be deported. We don't hear that side of the equation. Secret funds are so much more exciting to play with don't you know. I know a few and you do too but just aren't aware of it.

    The illigal Mexicans are far more the exploited than the expoliters. And each of you morons is going to vote for the loudest politician who'll promise to close the border only to be dissappointed when he does absolutely nothing. Wake up people we need to vote them all out.

  • Nemesis of Empire

    The time has come to bring GLOBAL TOTAL RACIAL HOLY WAR to the MUD RACE SANCTUARY called MEXICO.


    Reply if you agree the US needs to protect its borders by putting a hundred-mile wide ZONE OF HOLY DEATH between us and the MUD RACE NATION OF MECCCA-CHO!

  • mitchell

    Our Border Patrol,are un-maned, unguned,and as long as Obama is in office,there will be no help forth coming.

  • orples

    Let's bring our troops home and put them on our borders with orders to shoot to kill. Let's cut off welfare and food stamps for anyone that is not a citizen, including the families of the millions of anchor babies born in our Nation. And finally, let's end the war on drugs so it will be safe for people to go back home. We cannot sustain the illegal population, unjustified wars, and foreign aid here and abroad any longer. It is time to get tough on illegal immigration once and for all.

    • Brian

      I agree with you except Anchor babies are a myth, it will not help keep there parents in the USA and they will be deported with the parents, however whenever they are old enough to leave there parents they are of course allowed to return to the USA

  • Ross Cooper

    Why are we still talking about this, declare a deceleration of war and get the cobras in the air.
    OB has declared war on the American people, what the hell are we waiting for?

  • James Ferro

    Appears it's time for volunteer americans to help our people down on the border. I'm available and ready on an instant notice. CALL ME!

  • taina2

    Cheap shot at Ron Paul? He just remebers how prohibition failed and the drug war is failing. We have to take the profit out of drugs, even more important in this economy.

  • Tony in MO

    I don't know why everyone is raising such a stink over this whole matter. After all, didn't our "Supreme Leader" of the DHS, Janet Napolarazatano just tell us the border has never been safer and more secure than at any time in past history?
    WHAAAAAT.........YOU DON'T BELIEVE HER? Geez, if you don't believe her or her co-partner, John Morton, you must be anti-American or something worse, according to her. Or, as Newt Gingrich recently said, "Where's your sense of humanity", when he proposed a plan to "legalize" all of the illegal aliens in the country without requiring them to go through all of the legal steps to become American citizens.

    • Upaces

      Tony, if you believe Obama & Big Sis -- you haven't been researching or even paying attention to any of the news stations who report "There is a War Going on on OUR Border."

  • Upaces

    Sergio, I live on a short block of about 12 homes. Out of the 12 there are 4 Illegals living here. They have been here for 4-7 years. So, please don't try to tell us that.

    They all want the American Dream. One of the families has 2 children and 3 SUV(s);
    They have no intention of going back.
    Yet they are received health care for their children and food stamps in a State they have never paid property tax to nor income tax.

    • Les

      And that's what makes Amerika great.

      "A government big enough to give you everything you need is also big enough to take everything from you" - President Ford

      and give it to someone else.....

  • judester

    Anyone entering the USA armed and by illegal means should be shot on sight as an enemy.

    • Ann Beal

      I agree we should shoot them on sight. That's what would happen in any other country, so why is it not happening here? Cross the border illegally into Mexico. Ooooo mama mia! You are done for. If you are not shot, you will rot in a damp, filthy, smelly Mexican prison.

    • Upaces

      I agree with you 100%

  • Ed Williams

    Legalize it all & let Darwin & God sort 'em out. 1.Price goes down, making things harder for the cartels. 2.US welfare costs go down- good for Americans that actually pay taxes. 3.Pool of lefty voters shrinks by attrition...
    Simultaneously, secure our border tighter than a bull's butt in fly season, and any armed aggression against US Citizens or military or law enforcement is considered an act of war by Mexico, and is met with "Shock and Awe", all the way into Calderon's and the cartel's living rooms, as required to render them harmless. Period. Or is the United States of America really over, but doesn't know it yet?... (What would Teddy Roosevelt do? Oh yeah, he already did...)


  • Thomas Martin

    eric holder and obama and that ugly janet napolitano is responsible for this insanity.

  • Jack Ward

    "READ MY LIPS." OBAMA seal the borders!!!!! Yeah right! And incidentally, what the hell were border patrol agents doing with bean bag weaponry? Napolitano go home. PLEASE.

  • squirrly

    If you come on our American soil Why spend more money than we spend protecting it every day,just as they come over send them back if not attacking us or if attacked on sent back dump on the other side of fence , will send message . we can not be like we used to be we are very vulnerable in todays times people take more and more men and women fight to protect for us everyday . It is a new world economic life we all live . Times are tough so be TOUGH we are AMERICANS don't forget it.

  • Ken

    That's what you can expect when stupid American voters elect a towel head lover as their president. He loves the drug traffic. He's an alien himself and I would not be the least bit surprised to find out that he himself is either using the drugs or getting a huge kick-back from the money received by the drugs. That is why I have been telling you we need to get rid of him immediately and kick him out of this country. I have some friends that are Border Patrol agents. I don't want to hear that ANY of the agents are injured. We need to get rid of that idiot and that usless thing they call VP. NOW !

  • whitesheperd

    Obama had the right idea only he was kidding....A canal with toxic waste and alligators...throw in some croc's and boa's too

  • Uncle Josh

    This article is all lies and propaganda. I live some 30 miles from where it was supposed to happen, and it never happened.

  • Uncle Josh

    The cartel members simply offer a bribe, and the agents gladly accept the money, and go about their merry way. Some of the agents are as corrupt as those in D.C.

  • Uncle Josh

    Many agents have been fired lately for getting caught with illegal merchandise, namely drugs, by helping the cartels. Just one month ago one was caught after giving chase in a Govt. vehicle. DO NOT believe this crap!

    • Emilio

      you know nothing Josh I live in the action in Texas right on the Rio Grande and I see the Cartel's cronies and teach their kids in the elementary school I hear things I don't want to know and I know many agents and US Marshals and most of them are as honest as any other man or woman out side of DC..... you say you live 30 miles away that is a long way and you don't see what is happening you know any agents? do you know any Illegals? I doubt it STFU if you don't know what that means google it.

  • Martifr

    It's past time that the tables were turned upon these vermin and they become the hunted. They need to be "dis-incentivized" in their wanting to be here.

  • Guest

    Of course the Federal Agents are corrupt. Could you turn down the money and other inducements offered by the drug cartels? Gov. Perry has said time and time again that the only way to shut it down is buy placing the U.S. Military along the border with strict rules of engagement which will allow the military to clean up this national disaster. The Muslim administration does not want the border closed, beacuse the terrorists are using it as a gateway into the U.S. and Holder has supplied them with weapons.

  • Upaces

    Hispanic Boycott Of White
    Businesses In TX Town
    From Curtis Maynard

    I don't live far from Victoria Texas, there is a real possibility that the above actually appeared in the local paper. Victoria was once a great place to live and raise children, but has been listed in the top ten worst US cities over the last decade because of the influx of illegal aliens.

  • frank a

    border patrol agents should be given orders to shot first ask questions later, than maybe the illeagles will get the message

  • yank

    YANK, Just last night(Friday) on the NBC national news, it was reported that local farmers need to protect themselves from the drug runners on their property by wearing bullet proof vests. WHAT?????????? They should have said, arm your selves with a minimum of two ak-47's and no less then 5 30 round magazines for each weapon. If it was my land they were coming on or thru, I would lay in wait with night vision and blast them to hell.
    This administration is the worst ever. Obummer the MUSLIM cares not one cent for this nation, and should be shot for treason. Among other crimes he has committed since he was elected.

  • Ken

    Who is the administrator that deletes out comments ? I thought this was a free country where we could speak freely

  • Keith

    Maybe it's time to put snipers all along the border and shot to kill anything trying to come across. Time to seal the border by any means necessary.

  • Mutantone

    "The federal records on this case have now been sealed along with the records of the judge who ordered them sealed."
    I wonder why they are sealed now? is the judge the one that let them lose the first two times and not proud of that fact or is the government in the process of a cover up, like Watergate and the others seal the records so the people do not know what really happened.

  • Richard B

    My idea of a border fence would be three chain link fences six feet high. The posts for the middle fence would be mounted on insulators and the fence energized at 2400 volts or more.

    • Daniel from TN

      Parts of the fence that is in place are electrified but the cartels have no no trouble getting over it. Time to try something else.

  • A Texan

    I t would be nice if the border patrol would see an illegal with a weapon, if a story is to be told to the grand jury, make sure it is theirs. I, as a citizen would like to demand federal judges, juries, lawyers spend at least a week with the patrols. That is of course, they can leave thier ivory towers long enough. They are too highly over paid on the tax payers dime and it appears, have lost sight of common sense and respect for our laws. The law school gin mills have done their job well to destroy our system and laws. It is nice for them to be so liberal, but, the fun comes in when they destroy the system that gives them that right. Where will they go for protection and these rights then

  • John Beach

    The great oversight of the 9/12/01 response to the terror attack of the day before is that it did not place troops on the Southern border and instate a total moratorium on immigration. As the Thanksgiving Holiday just past proved, Americans are hurting. We abort over one million babies every year. We are faced with massive debt and deficits and nobody in Washington can think of a way to reform it to say nothing of stopping it entirely so we can start taking care of the people we already have here who need jobs, help and responsible representation that will initiate the changes necessary to restore some kind of sensible order to the way we do business. It is simply absurd!

  • Ritchard

    The illegals are only looking for a better life for their families, so say the liberals who want to give them amnesty and free college educations. Mexicans are latent savages that were eating each other a few hundred years ago. White people have to wake up we are at war at a level that is not apparent to the average Walmart shopper.

  • John P. Centonze

    B.O. wouldn't go anywhere without massive amounts of security with the intent to use deadly force to protect this impostor!
    What do border guards get to protect themselves with when patrolling an area known to be extremely dangerous? Beanbags!!!!!!!! Beanbags, are you kidding me? I wonder who the genius was that came up with that idea.
    Let's arm the Secret Service agents surrounding B.O. with beanbags then if they ever have to do something to protect B.O.,just think how much better it would be for the environment without all that nasty gaseous discharge from firearms.
    John P. Centonze,D.D.S.,
    Waterbury, VT

  • racindavid

    I don't know why every US citizen along the border doesn't simply have a practice shooting range.... facing south. Once the illegals know there are bullets headed their way at random, I'm pretty sure they would avoid the area altogether. It's their land...they can do what they see fit with it...including target practice.

  • James

    Incas, Aztecs Mayans all now known as Mexicans against the white people to reclaim the land that was once theirs so they will do what ever they can to exterminate white peoople. We need our troops back home heavily armed to shoot and killl them on site.

  • screw osama obama

    It's time for open season on wet backs.
    See one S.T.K. , let them lay! If in dopubt, shoot them twice!

    • we are all GODS people

      I think that all racist ass people should be punished to the fullest of the law as well. Because they are no better than the people who are doing this hunting!!!!

  • patriotgamer

    It sounds like it's hunting season... That's unacceptable and the lethal threat they present to the border patrol agents should be met with overwhelming deadly force...

  • Fifi

    Maybe the boarder patrol should become one shot wonders for their own safety. They have families and it's not fair they aren't allowed to protect themselves while protecting our boarders. It's like they're in a war zone with a squirt gun outta water. Not fair to them!

  • marysteeleyorktownva

    For those going after the use of beanbags should know that Border agents are at serious risk for being sued by the illegals, put in prison, fired or reprimanded for doing their job by people at the top! In court, a judge thought he recognized an illegal, the agents had to get permission from their supervisor to arrest him, they did and soon after they had to let him go after word from the top ordered them to!! What kind of country do we have when illegals have more rights than legal immigrants and citizens? A broke one and one heading for disaster!

  • jon

    For those who don't realise we're at war with illegals and even our own FAILED government, we are currently loosing this war, but there is a solution-----shoot to kill and stop playing games, obama and HIS drug cartel buddies are not on our side, their on the side of crime, corruption and total control---they must ALL be stopped NOW

  • Curtis Bostic

    if you make it a crime punishable by fine and imprisonment to hire illegals then maybe we would have less of them

  • Reid Hyams

    Yeah, yeah yeah... blame it on the Black so called "liberal" president, when it's been going on for years before he took office. Close the borders, Yes!!! Blame it on Obama, lol! Bush and Cheney should have locked them down on the day 9/11 occurred. Huh? Well, how about the many years before that under the watch of all others? Blame it on whomever you hate, but the real problem is that all of you are the real blame - because this has been going on for years!!! Are you not American Citizens? Is this not the land of the brave and free? Is this not a democracy? Do you vote? You know the answer to all of these questions, and indeed... you are at fault, period.

  • Brad

    Our agents should SHOOT TO KILL any armed invader on sight!

  • Mitchina

    All the President's Men... we need someone that knows what being a reporter is and blow the covers off the entire gang of whitehouse rats.


    they better start carrying m60 machine guns not bean bags.

  • Chris P

    I thought the Border Control had some of those magic guns that Republicans like so much that guarantee automatic protection so that no crime can be committed?

    Oh - are they as useless as praying to your God to cure illness? I thought so - not so good.

    Some of your comments indicate that you people are really nasty and naive. So nasty that I have a tendency to ignore your rants.

  • Tag

    Mexico has always been a dictatorship - it will always BE a dictatorship because the citizens, even tho' they outnumber the government 20 to 1 or more, they don't move against them. It is easier to just slide over the border into the USA and let these gov. dopes take care of them. I'll bet not one gov. entity has ONE mex living next door to them. If they did maybe they wouldn't have so much sympathy for them and give them all the bennies that even Americans can't get for themselves? They learn quickly how to become welfare rats and get freebies that you and I have to PROVE we deserve them by tons of red tape procedures that a mex doesn't have to go through. Poor pitiful pearl is their song - downtrodden, etc. Sorry, but I don't feel sorry for them. Their plight goes all the way back to PonchoVilla and will always remain that way until they stand up and be counted. The military and gov. might have guns BUT they can't shoot everyone - and they gotta sleep sometime - get 'em when they are sleeping and take your country back - and we should do the same!!!!



  • john paul jones

    No way you can blame Ron Paul for this----but who or whom is to blame?

  • pistolero

    Well, we have been fighting this "illegal" situation since I can remember and that's a helluva long time ago. We used to bring them over the border in a legal manner to work the farm fields in the south. They were called "Bracero's". As a young police officer back in the late 50's early 60", I ran into them numerous times. They were hard working people. THEN drugs enterred the picture in a big way. The rest is history. NOW, if the cartels enter this country , armed anad hunting for Law Enforcement Officers to kill, I think it's about time we invaded their turf and gave them ONE chance to give it up. No second chance. They die!! I am sure with all our technology we pretty well know where their HQ's are located. A couple of F-16's armed to the teeth could wipe out their leadership and then we let the Mexican police take over what's left.

  • Sonny

    After reading this I must ask, Isn't our political leaders from both parties concerned from a moral posture and a legal stance? Why would any American stand by idle while men who fight this insane battle daily not stand up to them? Forget Obama and his cronies because everyone knows as long as they (illegals) are doing their thing, its a chance at more hispanic votes on the democratic ticket.

  • Ginger Durdan


    OBAMA MUST BE IMPEACHED NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • frank

    we need to load our guns with real bullets and shoot to kill these bstard,not shoot with bean bags how dumb can you get where you just let these crackheads do what ever it only shows obacrap is in distruction mode at all times,its kill or be killed,what the heck is going on ive never seen this before in my life and im watching the great usa sink for the first time in my life,i know one thing for all my late family who served our country are not at peace they are rolling over in their grave in anger,and so are the past american president,and many more from the past ,im sick to my stomach with this crap and obacrap and his friends,theyll loss their jobs in 2012,and they also should pay by going to prison for treason for the rest of their life.


    Not only should our borders be closed to illegal aliens and drug trafficers, but I propose that ANYONE caught selling or promoting the sale of drugs within our borders whether foreign national or a U.S. citizen should be executed on FIRST OFFENSE! That is Zero Tolerance. Everything else is permissiveness, the very thing that liberals have fouled this country with, and the thing that has destroyed our youth and is fueled by political corruption. Execution stops drug pushers, one at a time. Drug users should be rehibilitated during a period of incarceration, after which they should be placed in forced labor camps to repay the public costs of their treatment and incarceration.

  • john

    What was that quip at the end about Ron Paul. Dr. Paul has time and again said our troops should be patrolling our borders. He said the war on drugs is a failure. The only one they are fighting is the citizens of the US. Stop funding prohibition and the Cartels wouldn't be making the billions they are with prohibition.

  • Maynard Merrell

    Whose side is the adminstrator on. Our side, the Mexican side, the cartels side, tthe liberals side? Maybe the communist side There was no reason to censor my reply.

    • Maynard Merrell

      What were you cowards afriad of. That's the propblem we're having in this country. The press is afraid to tell the truth. It's braver to be a lier. Let the readers see what you censored and find out if they think my reply needed to be censored. If you don't, then it shows you do lack guts. or you're a bigot.

  • PES

    Unlike presidential candidate Ron Paul who believes that we should end our war on drugs, if I were president, I would take swift action to secure our borders and take military action against all those involved just as the US did with 9/11.

    Nothing like taking a totally bizarre line of non-reasoning to take an uncalled for potshot at your favorite villain; in this case Ron Paul. Why are they targeting border agents? Do they, "hate us for our freedoms"? No, it is the profits to be made in the drug war that is causing all this violence. It is also the drug war which has made it impossible to secure our borders. The honest agents are gunned down by guns given to the drug lords by our own government, and you can be sure a lo of money changed hands under the table during the "gunrunner" fiasco. You ought to read some history especially regarding the first war on drugs, AKA prohibition. A little common sense could go a long way here, but, unfortunately, as Will Rogers said, "common sense aint common."

  • George_S

    I think we need to organize a Beaner hunting party with sniper scopes and night vision goggles using military techniques.

  • Joy Chessher


  • Ted Gager

    Until a reasonable solution can be reached on January 20th, 2013 our boarder patrol agents and local law enforcement should SHOOT TO KILL any perpatrater entering this country with weapons locked, loaded and not willing to stand down when ordered to. Remember the Alamo. I don't care how the ground under foot was aquired. None of us were here for that aquisition. It was what it was and is what it is! We have to put up with sh!t like "Sinko Dismayo" and the distane shown for the American Flag by scum that would occupy our nation. We get enough of that from overseas! Stay the Fu(k out or if it's a fight you want then bring it on. We'll be happy to accomodate you. Bring your own boby bags to the ball.

  • theracefan

    We declared war on the taliban so why not declare war on the cartels. If any country has any objection declare them as assisting and go after them too. This nonsense has to stop. The very idea of our agents shooting beanbags is obsurd. Let them use live rounds to protect themselves. Maybe Miss Janet and her boss should do a night patrol on the border. And take Biden with them. Build the fence and top it with 40,000 volts. Dig a 10' deep moat fill it with alligators to stop the tunnels and let the border patrol shoot to kill. These are criminal not US citizens, theyhave no rights.

  • Link Hogtrob

    "Illegals Hunting US Border Patrol Agents with Intent to Kill"
    With weapons supplied by the obozo regime, no doubt. And if our border agents defend themselves, idiot holder will be on the scene instantly to prosecute them.

  • The Bob

    A smart government would put the military (no hispanic members) all along the border with Mexico, and shoot to kill anyone daring to cross it, and have the Sea Bees, Combat Engineers, and/or AF 'Prime Beef' Civil Engineers right behind them with bulldozers, to open the trenches and put the remains in them, and push the dirt back in place. Of course we'd have to replant the Texas scrub and mesquite trees, and the cactus further west. Needless to say, this would have to be done about a mile or so from the actual border. I don't imagine it would take very many of these episodes before word got back south of the Rio Grande' river.

  • William

    If we don't get a person in office in 2012 that will start taking care of the bordor problem we are in for a bigger problem then we have now. Qhy our goverment will not get off there duffs and do something is very bad. Our president thinks only of votes he can get by turning his back on this and congress is as bad. The american voters will have to do the job as the states are handcuffed by our goverment to do much.I believe Ron Paul would do the trick.

  • Donald

    I think we are we are living a smoke screen on this issue. The illegal problem is long standing, however the real problem is the impending financial collapse of our once Great Country. The handling of guns to the Mexican Cartels just fueled the drug wars and killings along the border. A lot of people like myself who have been entertaining jumping the border and escaping the mess this Country is destined for are now too scared because of the very real dangers that have been created south of the border and fueled by our Government. Coincidence? I really don't think so. Those who pay attention know that unemployment is really around 20% in reality and 51% of potential taxpayers (of the lower income and mid income ) pay No taxes or get back more than they paid in. There is a real reality disconnect in this Country and the present Adminisration with the help of the Communist Party and Unions are plowing us under to create their idea of Utopia.

  • real talk

    the whole problem is the united states refuse to take action against those crossing illegally but the illegals don't mind hurting the police on the border here in the states we are thrown in jail if we live for resiting arrest or shooting at the police on the border they get a pass we flat out kiss their ass period .

  • john

    It'a time Americans stood up for their rights. We need to impeach all politicians on both sides that do not uphold the constitution of the United States and we need to start NOW. Don't wait until the next round of elections because it just might be to late.

  • http://outlookexpress pokey

    Who's fault is this? It is the federal governments entirely. The only job ever given the federal government was the security of the country and now they are suing the states for trying to do their job for them. The public needs to demand they close all the racketeering departments such as the departments of education, energy, agriculture and etc. They are nothing but bureauracies of cronies and family living off the efforts of the working public.
    It's pathetic that one can read what percentage of each state population is composed of these people but our government say they don't know where to find them. They don't want to find them; they're counting on them as voters. Our laws say that they are criminals for being here but our government refuses to export them. You can blame the whole thing on the government in Washington as its their responsibility to deport them but refuse and use your tax dollars to feed, educate, incarnate, and provide for their healthcare. Do you now understand what a bunch of greedy scum you have calling themselves your government?

  • Screeminmeeme

    Solution: put the military on the entire southern border with order of shoot to kill when someone steps over the line. Also...give AMNESTY to the RANCH OWNERS whose property is on the border and permit them to handle trespassers however they want.

    Tough times call for tough measures

  • JudyY

    I hate to say it but I think it's entirely possible that Holder and Obama wanted the illegals to have guns so they could get rid of the border patrol. Since Obama wants open borders this would be one way of getting them. Just kill off all the agents.

  • John Kramer

    These hunters are becoming the hunted.

  • Carol

    We restrict our Boarder Patrols to using bean bag guns, while our government over saw trafficing an arsenal of guns to illegals??????? Are we all crazy!!!!?

  • GeorgiaRebel

    It's refreshing to read comments from like minded true American patriots. The country is gonna blow at some point and everyone needs to be ready, beans and bullets. As a Marine Corps vet, i am sicked by what is happening to our country and hope to god barry is run out of the WH next November. Just hope it's not a case of to little-to late. Stock up my friends, you very well my need it before this crap is over. Proud Oath Keeper and Sgt., USMC. Semper Fi.

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    Ron Paul's a moonbat.

  • Silas Longshot

    I want to know who the fumduck was that ordered these agents to accost visibly armed banditos with effing BEANBAGS! Are you freaking kidding me?! I smell politically correct procedures here.

  • County Guard

    Bean Bags?????????? Bean bags as their means of defending the borders? The Congress or whomever prevents our agents from firing back with full force are complete idiots and obviously traitors to our republic. If I were an agent, I'd simply tell this pathetic government to go to h--l if I can't defend myself, and THEY can take the stupid beanbag guns in for this Republic and defend the borders. Chicken s--ts wouldn't be able to handle even one tour...

  • jlmealer

    Want a realistic option backed by legit plans?

    JL Mealer

  • ghostrideraz

    Can you say"American_mexican Conflict( 1910-1916) As we increse security measures the Cartel will take extreme measures to deliver thier cargo. It will takea joint Mexican/American force to go in and take them out/ Brazil the Army is cleaning up the mess for the up coming Summer Oylimics.

  • september

    It amazes me that everyone didn't know about this already. I guess the media only lets out what it wants to. Here in Az. we knew this on the day this happened, but I guess the media just wants the rest of the county to think of Az as a bunch of racial crazies. We have no border defense here, and our border patrols are actually instructed to not approach those they believe are illegals. They have even been ordered to stop routine transportation stops. There are places here with signs to keep U.S citizens out because of the amount of illegals crossings in these areas. We have basically been ordered to do pretty much nothing thanks to our so called president.

    • jan

      Our "so-called president" who is under the control of Soros and whose goal is to destroy this country economically and establish his idyllic socialist state. The Republicans need to get their act together and put up a real candidate -- Condelezza Rice could beat Obama.

  • Pete0097

    That is why they want to ban US citizens owning guns. If gun ownership is illegal in Mexico, where do the cartels get their guns? If we were like Mexico, only the criminals would have guns and we would be safe, just like the Mexican citizens.

  • Steve

    Illegal immigration costs the US taxpayer hundreds of billions of dollars. Over $26 billion is sent out of the US each year in remittances primarily to Mexico but other countries as well. That is $26 billion that was earned in the US but not spent in the US that would create additional employment. The cost of providing medical care (hospitals can't refuse to treat and can't question residency status), education (since illegals don't pay income taxes), and other government services is borne by taxpayers. As to defending the nation, the United States' sovereign border is being violated daily with the complicit support of foreign governments. Think that $26 billion makes a difference in Mexico and other Central American countries? That means the Latin American presidents don't have to worry so much about unemployment and poverty in their country; they can turn a blind eye and allow their citizens to enter the US illegally yet crack down harshly on anyone doing the same in their country. When Pancho Villa invaded the US, attacked Columbus, NM and killed US citizens, the President sent Gen. Pershing and an Army expeditionary force to track him down. While not successful, the signal was clear that you can't attack the US and get away with it.

  • Gunner

    Duke is right. Gimme a ghillie suit, and I'll take my own AR-10T. After we pick off a few from a quarter mile away, they'll think twice about continuing on into defended territory. Leave'm where they fall, gather their weapons and check them against the Fast and Furious list.

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